The Swamp and its Creatures

What is the swamp? In the 1950s, Senator Joseph McCarthy had a name for the swamp. He called it “the international communist conspiracy.” He spoke of the communist penetration of government, the subversion of U.S. policy, the betrayal of our servicemen on faraway battlefields. He pointed to communism’s nefarious domestic machinations. He wrote about our “retreat from victory,” the legacy of General George C. Marshall — the gifting of Eastern Europe to Stalin, the betrayal of Nationalist China to Mao, and the loss of our atom bomb monopoly.

A chronically misinformed (or disinformed) reading public is sure to dismiss McCarthy as a fear-monger. “There was no communist conspiracy,” say our mainstream pundits with a characteristic smirk. “McCarthy was engaged in a witch-hunt.” Meanwhile these same pundits have promoted a real witch-hunt. They employ tactics falsely attributed to McCarthy in their unprecedented campaign of slander against President Trump.

Who dares to notice that a reversal has taken place? Those who might be identified as communist infiltrators or “fellow travelers” now dominate the mainstream media, the commanding heights of counterintelligence, and the criminal justice system. It naturally follows that the witches are now leading the witch-hunts. The communists themselves, thinly disguised as mainstream liberals, threaten anticommunists with fabricated criminal charges and process crimes.

This is exactly what is unfolding, though nearly everyone refuses to see it. We are now reaping what we have sown. Long ago the left managed to convince the country that McCarthy was a demagogue and a liar, that fear of communism was irrational, that no such infiltration of the government had occurred, that the Rosenberg (atomic spies) were innocent, that communist spy Alger Hiss was innocent. And today, if you look at a typical high school history textbook, McCarthy is the villain.

Think now, friends. Who wrote those textbooks? Don’t you know? The communists took over education in this country, stealthily, patiently. This is why Johnny still can’t read. This is why we awake one day to find that America’s youth favor socialism over capitalism.

The communists have been taking over the country, bit by bit, little by little. Ask yourself why we built up communist China as an economic power. Why has our navy been shrinking? Why did we allow our nuclear deterrent to rot from old age? Why does the Democratic Party want to eradicate America’s national border?

None of this is accidental. The policies that are urged on us from the left are calculated to disarm and destroy us from within. Look around you. What do we find? Do you really think they want to reduce your carbon footprint to save the planet, or is it an attempt to sabotage capitalism? Do you think they really care about homosexual marriage, or do you think it’s a legal mechanism for persecuting the country’s anticommunist core? — Bible believing Cristians?

Do you think everything has been culturally aligned with communist goals on accident? If so, I have some swamp land to sell you. And it is full of swamp creatures.

What Will the Spider do?

“In a wilderness of mirrors. What will the spider do [?]”

T.S. Eliot, “Gerontion,” 1920

Twenty-five years ago a Soviet-era defector named Alex told me about a KGB office in the Soviet Union. They had all the desks arranged on the main floor, with one large desk in the middle of the office at which sat a nice, helpful, old man. He was everyone’s friend. He listened sympathetically to the personal problems of the KGB staff. He gave them advice on all matters, and he smoothed things over with the boss, whose office door was always closed and dark. No one ever saw the boss except the old man. One day the old man retired and they had a party for him. It was at this party the old man announced he had been their boss all along. Alex finished the story by making his fingers into walking spider legs and said, “The spiders are everywhere.” Then he winked.

Of course, it is true. The spiders are everywhere. They are set loose — as T.S. Eliot suggested — in a “wilderness of mirrors.” Sometimes, in a wilderness of funhouse mirrors. Take, for example, the case of Brazilian congressman Alexandre Frota. Last Friday, in an interview with UOL (news), he charged several persons with unleashing a sophisticated disinformation campaign on Brazil. According to Frota, “[it is] run by the … writer Olavo de Carvalho and journalist Allan Dos Santos, owner of Terça Livre TV, which is openly supportive of [President] Bolsonaro.”

An intrepid detective, Frota’s “investigation” has unearthed several tentacles of a vast “right wing” conspiracy:

I began to learn of these digital militiamen, far-right militants, who are today dressed as parliamentary aides. With their credentials they are receiving good salaries, working inside government offices. We already have some positive suspicions of where they might be sheltered.

Congressman Frota alleged that a “dirty service” was being performed by someone behind the scenes. “Everybody knows it,” he explained. There is a shadowy person “living there and supported by Filipe G. Martins [the special foreign affairs advisor to the President of the Republic].” It is someone who sits in a special room, near the President’s office. It is someone who is respected by “the old man.”

The journalist conducting the interview asked Frota the name of this shadowy figure; but he could not fully remember. The name was something like Jefferson or Jeffrey. “Yes,” said Congressman Frota, “Jeffrey Richard Nyquist…. He is a person we are keeping our eye on…. He was often seen in the House [Chamber of Deputies], and to my surprise, his name was already connected with ‘fake news.’”

According to Congressman Frota, Jeffrey Richard Nyquist has been loosed on Brazil’s Chamber of Deputies, “providing services” with a charge of “between $15 and $20 thousand” to manipulate social networks, to mobilize “digital militiamen,” to orchestrate a “far-right” revolution in Brazil.

Of course, Congressman Frota has named me — the author of this blog — of sitting at the center of a vast right-wing spiderweb. Indeed, T.S. Eliot was right to ask, “What will the spider do?” In the first instance, I challenge Congressman Frota to document these alleged Jeffrey sightings at the Chamber of Deputies. As a resident of America’s Pacific Northwest region he will find me as difficult to catch as my political associate, Bigfoot Sasquatch. The thick forests around Brasilia provide us with ample cover. Don’t be a little girl’s blouse, Congressman Frota. Lead an expedition into the real wilderness. Step away from that funhouse mirror. Set aside your paranoid projections. My flying saucer is parked in a clearing, covered in camouflage netting. I dare you to find me!

Happy hunting, Flota!

The “Impeachment” Fracas

No Apostle has ever doubted the future of his faith, and the socialists are persuaded of the approaching triumph of theirs. To the disciples of the new dogmas nothing appears more simple.

Gustave Le Bon

If socialism is a new kind of religion, if they must have power to save the downtrodden, if they are politically correct in word and deed, then they must have Donald Trump’s head.

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Little Red Riding Hood and the 2020 Election: Or, The False Grandmother

Once upon a time there lived a little girl in a village whose grandmother was running for President. Indeed, this grandmother was very political; so much so that she gave her beloved granddaughter a red cloak with a hoodie. Thus the girl came to be known as “Little Red Riding Hood.”

The grandmother liked the color red. In fact, she believed it was better to be Red than Dead. The grandmother was so fervent in this idea she imaged herself to be the spawn of Red Indians, which resulted in the grandmother’s political nickname — Pocahontas.

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The Joker Movie: When Evil Clowns Become Revolutionary Heroes

It is the story of a clown. He is mentally ill and creepy. He has delusions and is maladjusted. He can’t hold down a job. Of course, like other oppressed people he is literally downtrodden and mocked.

So he gets revenge.

He kills three Wall Street boys on a subway. They weren’t nice. He brutally murders a coworker. The coworker also wasn’t nice. He murders a comedian on live TV for trying to make fun of him.

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The Triumph of Provocation in Hong Kong

The principle communist method of manipulating political events is called “provocation.” It is a method that makes use of “agent provocateurs” who infiltrate noncommunist or anticommunist causes. These provocateurs initiate actions which lead to specific “reactions.” Through a dialectical calculus, sometimes employing a “scissors strategy,” the agent provocateurs set up a win-win situation by stirring up trouble.

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