The irony of Alex Jones … is that his behavior reduces the probability that an actual conspiracy could be uncovered. Like if Jones were in a hotel and repeatedly pulled the fire alarm when there really was a fire [so] nobody would leave.

Dr. Todd Grande[i]

There are people who know how to win a large audience. One such character is Alex Jones. Nearly every day someone sends me feed from Alex Jones, or an article from his site. His popularity is astounding. Arguing against Jones is almost useless. After all, in America you are not supposed to argue with “success.” Mr. Injury then asks the question, “Why not imitate Jones? Why not propagate a more thrilling narrative yourself? Let’s face it, writing about communist subversion is old hat. It is boring.” – To which I respond with a decided groan. – “Don’t be defensive,” says Mr. Insult after Mr. Injury. What?! Am I running a candy shop? My interlocutor then asks, “Why not use a spoonful of sugar to help that medicine go down? Remember the Mary Poppins song?”

It would be impolitic to argue with Mary Poppins, on account of her being a witch.[ii] One should never challenge someone who can turn you into a Newt, even if you get better.[iii] The political analysis of Jones, successfully wedded to the methodology of Mary Poppins, has attracted millions of Americans to the InfoWars brand. Everyone knows that in America sugar wins. And Alex Jones has not lost sight of this. If sugar is what the public wants – then sugar is what they shall get! After all, under capitalism, the customer is always right. An insight into the American palate is everything if you want a big audience. One ought to respect the fact that 39 percent of Americans are obese – including Jones himself – because of sugar. Let us be honest. Even those who are thin want more sugar.

That is why, in fact, one spoonful is never enough. Very quickly one spoonful leads to two. Then comes a craving for three, and so on. What we are left with, in the end, is a plate of sugar – with no medicine at all. But do not sell Jones short. He has cut many corners to entertain us with a metaphorical paradigm that may have value (depending on your point of view). What worries me, however, is that Jones may be leading his audience on a dangerous cosmological misadventure – toward fatal misunderstandings that come close to the truth, but miss the mark entirely. In that event, it all ends in a diabetic neuropathy that curdles millions of brains.

Last week, after being told that Jones had cracked the larger puzzle of the New World Order, I realized that my own approach has been “too narrow.” It seems I must extend my horizons by entering the extraterrestrial or inter-dimensional domain of InfoWars – where our world is characterized by Jones as a “Prison Planet.”

Are we, indeed, planetary prisoners? Is our world a gulag? For those who know the history of occult movements, the idea that our world is a prison belongs more to Gnostic theology than to right wing ideology. At Gnostic.Info we read the headline, “Prisoners of Earth Come Out.”[iv] This sounds like Jones. But is Jones a Gnostic? Politically, yes. Religiously, no; for Jones does not seem to be religious. Just watch him drinking whiskey with Joe Rogan while smoking funny-looking “tobacco” (wink, wink).[v] Nonetheless, there is a small “g” gnostic angle to Jones’s paranormal investigations, especially when he depicts the world as the plaything of an inter-dimensional demon. In fact, Jones sees himself as leading a revolutionary movement to overthrow the usurpations of that demon. Perhaps, at this juncture, it is premature to reach for a quote from Eric Voegelin’s Science, Politics and Gnosticism, but the occasion seems to warrant it. Voegelin wrote, “In the Middle Ages this movement [i.e., Gnosticism] could still be kept below the threshold of revolution. Today it has become … [a] world power.”[vi]

Is Jones trying to become a world power? Of course, Voegelin was writing about Karl Marx. But his analysis could be applied to Jones as well, for the following reason: both Jones and Marx oppose the same capitalist elite. Their formulations may be different, but the target of their revolutionary activism is the same. After all, when you have the same enemy the question must be asked: Are you natural allies? Furthermore, there is a structural similarity between eschatological thinkers obsessed with a “final” destructive battle. As Voegelin noted in his essay, “The Murder of God,” whoever wants to “create a new world” must obliterate the given order of existence.

Intellectual Marxists might well disparage Alex Jones. But if Lenin were alive, he would admit the revolutionary potential of Jones’s rhetoric. The average American is not going raise the hammer and sickle flag; and the average American is never going to read Karl Marx. But the average American just might watch and approve of Alex Jones. Despite Mary Poppins, a spoonful of sugar will never make the Marxist poison go down. That is why the Marxism of today’s political scene is not recognizable as Marxism. That is why the Marxists talk about sex and race and the weather! These things are understandable, even when you are confusing men with women and global warming with global cooling. Everybody knows about sex, race, and weather. The words are, at least, understandable even when inverted; but how many Americans will ever understand dialectics or materialist ontology? Here again, Jones is superior to the Marxists – and more effective than Lenin. This is because, as noted earlier, he is making use of Mary Poppins.  

Jones’s schtick is so cosmic, so grandiose, so chocolate-filled, that the average viewer is simply riveted. Compared to Jones, the Reds are boring. As an afterthought, that may be the secret of communism’s success; but then, I am drawing an all-too-subtle inference that few will grasp. Since 1991 and the fall of the Soviet Union, real Marxists have become too boring and shadowy for anyone to oppose them (or even recognize them). The Marxist catechism is abstract, Marxist methods are tedious, their slogans are shopworn. On the other hand, a narrative which references extraterrestrials or inter-dimensional demons immediately draws an audience of millions. While Stalin might have asked, facetiously, how many divisions the gray maneaters from Zeta Reticuli have, Alex Jones would counsel him on the sheer narrative power of an ET saga. Mention the little “grays” in a political context, and you win a bigger following which can later be cashed in for divisions. Face it. Aliens are sexy, even if they reputedly have no sex organs.

Before we demonstrate the star power of the fat-headed little alien with the buggy eyes, we ought to offer a definitive evaluation of the Red Bolshevik (communist). Such appears in the writings of the fascist philosopher, Julius Evola, who knew his enemies (both communist and capitalist), and made the following evaluation in his book, Revolt Against the Modern World: “In the leaders of the Bolshevik revolution it is possible to detect a ruthless ideological coherence. They were absolutely indifferent to the practical consequences and the countless calamities that derived from the application of [their] abstract [socialist] principles; to them ‘man’ as such did not exist. It is almost as if in Bolshevism elemental forces became incarnated in a group of men who coupled the fierce concentration typical of a fanatic with the exact logic, method, and focus on the most effective means typical of a technician.”[vii]

Unsurprisingly, this quote reminds me of the present U.S. Government. These vaccine-pushing scolds and climate change whores fit Evola’s description perfectly. The Marxists have done a tremendous job in America, to be sure. With the country asleep, Marxism has taken control of core institutions, including the media and big tech. But are Marxists interesting? Have they followed the Mary Poppins methodology? Is the public increasingly engaged and approving or silently enraged and ready to turn against them?

Perhaps Jones has found a way to galvanize a public otherwise rotted by entertainment – by making politics entertaining. The country may prove to be as rotten as an after-Halloween pumpkin, but you are going to have winners and losers when the candle goes out and the jack-o’-lantern caves in. And who will the winners and loser be? If Jones wants to overthrow capitalism, will he do the honors or will the Marxists? Or does it matter?

I know, I know. The country is comatose. I have said it before. We already live in a Marxist “paradise.” The communists have become the capitalists and the capitalists have become the communists just as women have become men and men have become women. It is all very disorienting. Indeed, as I have tirelessly pointed out, we started to go nuts after 1991 when the Soviet Union “collapsed.” Without an enemy, what was left to keep us sane? Fear of nuclear war was clarifying. Ask yourself: Did the Reds know we needed them to be our enemy? Had they guessed what would happen if they suddenly quit?

On Christmas Day, 1991, the Communist Party of the Soviet Union – the Party of the Socialist Motherland – told the world that they were “giving up power.” To impress our gullible rulers, they pulled down the red flag and announced their own surrender. And we must not forget that Alex Jones first appeared under this “new” dispensation, which George Herbert Walker Bush dubbed the “New World Order.” Jones made much of this. When 9/11 briefly refocused the American mind on the threat of militant Islam, Jones immediately said it was “an inside job.” He announced to everyone that our real enemy was in the White House and on Wall Street. Jones actually sounded like Pravda, like a Soviet newspaper; only he did it with a right-wing Texas drawl. He initially lost listeners, of course. But when the country went back to shopping and having fun, on the advice of President George W. Bush, Jones regained his popularity. Americans quickly lost interest in a war against people who were hiding in caves, hunted by drones, and whose most effective weapons had been airline tickets and box cutters.

To better grasp Jones’s Mary Poppins approach, let us dissect his core ideological position. In 2017 Jones gave Joe Rogan the keys to understanding the New World Order. This was, he said, his “deep research.” He explained, “I only go with what I can prove.” Jones then stated, “We are fighting a pedophile conspiracy; but beyond that it is a vampire conspiracy in that they are inter-dimensionally sucking the essence [out] of our youth, and they believe they are possessed by an off-world entity.”[viii]

“They do?” Rogan asked innocently.

“Joe, I’ve been on the air 22 years,” replied Jones. “I don’t get into aliens, metaphysical religion – any of that. [But] I’ve studied the elite. I also communicate with a lot of the top people; and if you want to know, I will actually break down right now the best knowledge of what is happening on the planet.”

The world according to Jones, goes something like this: “The elite are all about transcendence and living forever and [learning] the secrets of the universe…. Some are good, some are bad, some are a mix. But the good ones don’t want to ever organize. The bad ones want to organize because they lust after power….”

Turning to science, Jones then said, “physics shows there are at least twelve dimensions” and “we are like a dream or a whisp in a computer program or [in] God’s mind….” According to Jones there is a “sub-transmission zone below the Third Dimension” full of horrible entities that are trying to get at us. Things that go bump in the night. The astral parasites that inhabit this “transmission zone” have started a war to destroy humanity, says Jones. “We have free will so evil is allowed to come and contend…. And the elites themselves believe they are racing – using human technology – to try and take our best minds and build some kind of breakaway civilization where they’re going to merge with machines and transcend and break away from the failed species that is man.”

This is so intoxicating, who even cares if it is true? It is fun! Alex Jones is fun! And what are you going to do, Nyquist? Argue against fun? How can anyone resist? I do not believe a word the man is saying, but even I cannot stop listening.  

According to Jones, Google is building a super-computer based on the “activities of the hive mind of humanity, with billions of people wired into it.” This computer will have real neurons and, in some sense, we are all going to be inside this computer. It will be what Jones calls “a true crystal ball.” And once this thing gives you access to the future, you can “add stimuli” and make decisions to actually control that future. The human race will then lose its free will; but, says Jones, there are good guys attempting to block this strategy and “cut off the pedophiles and psychic vampires that control this AI [Artificial Intelligence] system before humanity is destroyed.”

Wow! This is so titillating! Why study that tedious communist stuff when you’ve got a cosmic soap opera unfolding out of Alex Jones’s “deep research”? Yet there remains one gnawing question that Joe Rogan had to ask: “How did pedophiles get control of AI?”

Jones replied with the following eschatological answer: “The Devil – or whatever you call it – this inter-dimensional thing that gives them advanced off-world technology … is giving them advanced knowledge.”  This knowledge will be used to destroy humanity. Eddie Bravo, who was also on this podcast, asked whether Jones was talking about Satan. Jones replied, “Satan is something the stupid preacher tells you about who is totally controlled, or something you read about in the news or TV; but this is an inter-dimensional force that wants to influence us to build something that absorbs us and kills us rather than the divine free will we’re given to build something much better that empowers the species, so the species is now making a decision about its entire future.”

Is this a Disney movie? Have we seen this episode before? Consider the elements: (1) inter-dimensional magic; (2) sci-fi technology; (3) a battle between good and evil. Oh yes, Mary Poppins must be very proud! But is this all sugar and no medicine? I am suddenly struck by what Jones’s divorce lawyer said a few years ago when Jones’s wife pointed to his fantastical outbursts. The lawyer said Jones’s rants are “an act.” In fact, the lawyer called Jones “a performance artist.” In other words, it is all about entertainment and not to be taken seriously.[ix]   

In terms of its intoxicating effect, however, Jones’s narrative surpasses David Icke’s 1991 announcement on BBC1 that he was “the Son of God.” On that same show Icke predicted that catastrophic flooding and earthquakes would happen later that year. Icke bizarrely alleged that our ruling elite are twelve-foot shape-shifting interplanetary reptiles. “There are lizards and there are lizards,” Icke told Jon Ronson during an interview. Ronson answered, “Because [the elite] are twelve-foot lizards?” Yes, said Icke, “Exactly!”[x]

Icke’s reptile story has been embraced by fans around the world. He has sold hundreds of thousands of books. Interesting, isn’t it? And quite a coincidence! In the Bible, the Devil takes the form of a reptile (that is, a snake or a dragon). Could it be that people resonate with Icke’s message because he stole an iconic metaphor from the Bible and ran with it? When a defunct soccer enthusiast aligns himself with an iconic story, like the Garden of Eden with Eve and the snake, or the dragon in the Book of Revelation, what are we to think? And when Jones is also talking about “the Devil” or “Satan” being an inter-dimensional alien, you have to wonder. Is there a metaphorical trick being played? Have these “entertainers” found a key to the post-Christian psyche?

The secret to having a big audience, it seems, is to take your game to the highest level. That means, combining Star Wars or The Matrix with the Bible. As much as Icke and Jones appear to be originals, they are actually loosely plagiarizing from very old texts. To have a big audience nowadays you have to go interplanetary or interdimensional. But you need something deeply, profoundly, iconic. You take an old story from the Bible and you put an extraterrestrial veneer on it. You have to Disney it up. You have to go the Mary Poppins route. This is the secret to the success of Alex Jones’s conspiracy theorizing.

Does Alex Jones care about the truth? Does he try to validate his premises? At one point in their discussions Rogan asked Jones: “Where are you getting this from?”

Jones replied, “From looking at all the data, researching it, studying it, watching the enemy…. You get some place, finally, in deep research, [and] it is what every culture already said, what they already knew, what they are telling you in movies like Prometheus, what the elite admit to believing in The New York Times…” The elite, says Jones, thinks we are an ugly fallen species that needs to be killed while they merge with machines and become gods.

Rogan interjected, sensibly: “That sounds so crazy, by the way.”

But this objection could hardly matter to Jones or his audience. Mary Poppins says you should use a spoonful of sugar, and it definitely works. But as noted earlier, sugar is corrupting. It corrupts your audience even as it corrupts your narrative. It changes people’s taste. It changes what they want to hear in terms of political speech. It reduces their tolerance for prosaic truths, however profound those truths might be. Alex Jones’s thesis is thrilling, of course. One might add, from a Hollywood sci-fi perspective, that it might” even be true. Why not? (We will explore this question next week.)

By way of admission: Several years ago I lost my slot on a radio station when the owner began praising Alex Jones. Indeed, my shocked reaction was all too genuine. I always try to be polite, but you have to draw a line somewhere. When something is truly egregious, and people think it is wonderful, you have to make a stand. Oh yes, people will punish you for it. But in the end, parting ways is always the better course.

America has declined over the last century, morally and intellectually. Writing in the late 1960s, Baron Julius Evola wrote, “the great majority of Americans could be said to represent a refutation on a large scale of the Cartesian principle, ‘Cogito Ergo Sum’; they ‘do not think and are.’” The American soul, he said, “is protected from any transcendent vocation by its optimistic, sports-minded, and simplistic view of the world.”[xi]

We have now come to a turning point. If we do not learn to think we will not continue to exist as a country. That should be evident. Just look around at these vaccine mandates. They want to vaccinate people with natural immunity. On top of that, the vaccines do not work. Yet the government wants no exceptions. The push continues for everyone to get the shots. What do you think that means?

For me the larger picture is very different from that described by Alex Jones. We are threatened by very real terrestrial enemies. These include Russia, China, North Korea, Iran and the other “communist” countries. Furthermore, our internal enemies are aligned with our external enemies; that is, the communists and fellow travelers and various dupes. This includes the advocates of climate change who want to lower our “carbon footprint.” This includes those who advance Critical Race Theory. This also includes anyone who advocates unilateral disarmament or defunding the police. Where does Alex Jones fit into this larger picture?

Jones supports the police, I think. But there are some problem areas in his thinking. In fact, Jones has been praised by Vladimir Putin’s chief manipulator of right-wing groups worldwide, Alexander Dugin.[xii] In fact, Jones publicly defended Putin’s 2008 invasion of Georgia. In February of 2018 Jones tweeted a picture of his Russian business Visa, granted by Putin for unlimited travel in Russia. On the tweet, Jones made the following remark: “Looking forward to Putin giving me the new hashtags to use against Hillary and the dems.” If that is not bad enough, the Russian government uses Alex Jones’s material in public tweets and messages.[xiii] In 2018 Alex Jones defended the integrity of Russia’s election process, when Putin supposedly won 76 percent of the vote.[xiv]

As a closing comment, I do not credit Jones’s claims about inter-dimensional demons or aliens. If readers want to read a more carefully reasoned analysis of strange phenomena, watch this blog for part two of this series. Unlike Jones, I can cite real scientists, journalists, philosophers and historians on inter-dimensional entities, UFOs, secret societies and the occult. My evaluations and conclusions will not be as sensational as Alex Jones’s narrative; but everything I write will be referenced so that readers can decide for themselves. I have touched on the paranormal in my book, The Fool and his Enemy, and I did so against the advice of a literary agent. Instead of taking a narrow view of such subjects, I have long taken the broadest view possible. I have read widely, I have corresponded with scientists, I have even participated in scientific experiments. I do not usually write about such subjects because people can get lost in them. Fringe science is intoxicating and we need to remain sober. Fringe science titillates and we need to be serious. Yes, we need answers to difficult questions. But we need to reserve judgment on things we do not understand – not spin amusing stories for the sake of getting a larger audience. I have no science fiction soap operas to present. But there are generalizations to be made and lessons to be drawn; So, watch for Part Two of this series. In the spirit of compromise, it will contain a half-spoon of Mary Poppins’s sugar with a double dose of medicine.  

Notes and Links

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162 thoughts on “Aliens vs. Reds, Part I

  1. Interesting, Jeff. My take on it is that Alex Jones is quite sincere. On occasion I’ve been very moved by his sincerity. He’s not an intellectual by any means, which is why he has trouble explaining this stuff in any way that doesn’t come across sounding totally kooky, but he gets a lot of it from his reading of the books of David Icke. In contrast with Alex Jones, David Icke presents the case for the esoteric element, rationally and clearly. Have you ever read any of his books? Check out “The Biggest Secret” for starters. Much of his stuff is off the wall, but a good-sized chunk of it merits serious consideration. He backs up his theories with genuine research that has to give any open-minded thinker, pause. Don’t knock it if you haven’t read it.

    There’s no reason both can’t be true: what you say about the Communists, what the Bible says about Satan, and what much of what Icke alleges about inter-dimensional entities. If you’d studied his work as I have, I believe you wouldn’t dismiss it so easily. His words have been twisted by a press that wishes to malign him (the whole “son of God” thing) much as Trump’s words were twisted in the “fine people hoax.”

    Perhaps our natural interest in these matters is not because they’re titillating, but because on some deep level of our souls they resonate as truth. The Bible tells us: we struggle not just against flesh, but against powers and principalities. The Communists are our enemy, but they are on the level of the flesh. There’s more going on than what we see materially — there’s a spiritual battle afoot. We can reference different cosmologies, but they all point to this same spiritual fact. To reduce our problems to Communism only is a mistake. So much more is going on underneath the surface. And therein, I think, actually lies our hope. Because just as principalities and powers fight against us, so do God’s angels fight alongside us. God is very much a part of the present equation, and it’s best we don’t dismiss the spiritual or esoteric element of it all, just because of the lack of intellectual prowess of one passionate, sincere, but often silly-sounding man. (I mean Jones, not Icke.)

      1. I have no way of being absolutely sure, except to watch both men and form certain judgments. I think Ronson is much more credible. He and Jones have gone back and forth on being friends, disagreeing with each other, then being friends again. Ronson is interesting as a writer because he has publicly defended Icke and Jones on occasion, though I am sure he does not believe in all their claims or share all their ideas. I give Ronson high marks for his fairness, especially because of his humane regard for Randy Weaver. You may think I have been too hard on Jones. I do agree that Jones is very passionate (as you say), but he is also very ambitious and has gotten ahead of himself on issues like Sandy Hook, or has been too supportive of Putin. This latter item puts me off, as you might guess. In the past I have fallen under personally damaging criticism from people won over to Jones’s theories. This taught me an important lesson about certain paths people take in thinking things through. Therefore I am unwilling to support certain theories that Jones supports because of their implications; namely, in preventing certain understandings from taking hold. I have researched conspiracy theories and see serious errors being propagated through that medium. This hurts us all, if I am not mistaken. Jones certainly has been ready to admit his faults, and that is to his credit. My wish would be for a more carefully considered position from him in the future. His claims about an elite conspiracy grounded in a demonic inter-dimensional vampirism/pedophilia are highly speculative. I cannot believe in such ideas without serious proof. I do not dispute that inter-dimensional beings exist. I only dispute that a our elites are demonstrably under the control of such a being. There is a record of interactions with “entities” that shows such are either directly harmful to the participant or a waste of time — with very dubious information acquired. So it seems like he is making unsupported assumptions. Even Joe Rogan, who believes in Jones’s honesty, cannot understand where Jones is finding his “proof” for all this. I am compelled, in this regard, to take Rogan’s position. I want to see proof.

    1. PS — Aside from Ronson’s book “Them,” I will be writing about Bramley, Keel, Fort, Vallee and others who touch on the subject Jones raises. A Very difficult subject matter because there are odd things that we cannot explain, and disturbing recent testimony of a very bizarre nature from two credible witnesses that you probably have not heard. Sincerity in terms of Jones is complicated by Jones’s dramatizing personality. Perhaps he could not help exaggerating the facts at Bohemian Grove. I do not know. But Ronson’s account of Jones’s attitude about having to mislead his listeners should be taken seriously (however much slack we cut Alex).

    2. PPS — I have listened to Icke’s presentation and know someone that knows him. I also have a story from a witness who claims to have seen shapeshifting aliens in person early this week, which actually prompted this piece. The key, I believe, may be in Karla Turner’s disturbing book touching on this subject. Yet, we do not fully understand the metaphorical side of the reality of mind and it’s relation to hysteria, or the degree to which there is a real dimension of mind interposing itself vs literal reality. Not to spoil things, this is my teaser.

      1. There is definitely weird and paranormal stuff on this world of ours. My auntie admitted within the past year or two that she and my uncle had witnessed a stereotypical 1950s flying saucer over Houston. She described it as a thin saucer shaped craft with a transparent dome on top. My uncle, according to my aunt, was scared stiff and had sworn her to secrecy since he didn’t want people to think of them as crazy. My uncle later verified the story independently.

        Was it a real alien? Since you mention Vallee, I’ll say that I agree with him (and probably you) that these are some sort of paranormal phenomena. Dr. Steven Greer, another dubious figure, can meditate and summon such “UFOs” apparently nearly on demand. I know this because I have seen it done by non-crazy people, and have heard it apparently works for… well, everything else, from bigfoot to specters!

        All that said, I don’t think there is a conspiracy of spirits directly controlling an Illuminati somewhere lol. Maybe the influence is, at best, subtle and spiritual. I think the book “Rules for Radicals” was dedicated to Lucifer, but I don’t think he had actual contact with the devil when writing it lol. Maybe whispering in his ears, as we all get whispered to.

    3. PPPS — I am definitely titillated by Icke and Jones. Besides that, I like Disney’s Mary Poppins. But I can no longer eat sugar except in very small doses. Half a spoonful is pushing it.

      1. “How can anyone resist? I do not believe a word the man is saying, but even I cannot stop listening.”

        Jeff, “A Spoonful of Bromide Helps the Pulse Rate Go Down.”
        Atomic Rooster

    4. I think Jones is fundamentally honest about being opposed to the globalists’ agenda, but he’s a sensationalist and a braggart, neither of which are endearing attributes. He’s also too quick to accept and promulgate dodgy theories, for example, his leaven about extraterrestrial beings, which (in the best light) shows the same gullibility as his misplaced admiration for the arch-Marxist Putin. He’s emotional, passionate and for me, a genuine conservative, but he’s also insufficiently methodical to avoid being an occasional, inadvertent pedlar of disinformation. He has, however, helped to awaken a lot of people out of their indifference to various threats, but it would serve him and his cause so much more if he would be humble (without – oxymoron alert! – taking pride in his humility) and rein in his haste to convey sensationalist stories.

      “Seest thou a man that is hasty in his words? there is more hope of a fool than of him.” – Proverbs 29:20

  2. THANK YOU for writing this article! Jones is and always will be a disinformation shill and a hack. His antics have disparaged and discredited Patriots for years. In all the years of monitoring his ‘show’, he has never addressed world communisim. This hack in his early years, hijacked the research of the John Birch society and replaced communism with ‘the globalists’. How can someone who was ‘deplatformed’ still have a vast audience and funding? As Bill Cooper would always say, “You never get rich by telling the truth.” Thank you for telling the truth, Your books, “Origins of the Fourth World War’ and ‘A Fool and His Enemy’ are essential reading for those who desire and love the truth. For those under the Jones spell, turn jones off and purchase Mr. Nyquist books.

    for those who sill believe in Jones, here iis a clip of his emergency Y2k report. To this date, he has never apologized or retracted the following:

  3. Were it only medicine that these hysterical “truth-tellers”, “info warriors”, and “dragon slayers” sugar-coat for maximum outreach!

    I once knew a lady who was totally into New Age “thought” and who was convinced that David Icke was a sort of “prophet”. She had been several times to one of India’s most controversial gurus, Sathya Sai Baba (the fellow who supposedly materialised Rolex watches and was also found out having a discreet interest for underage boys), and being an artist and painter herself, firmly believed she was the reincarnation of famous French painter Paul Gauguin (for which she even travelled to Peru and French Polynesia). In her countryside surrounding, far and wide, she was known as a “witch”, even though she was merely a complete nutcase. She didn’t hesitate to take money for “astrological readings”, although she had less than basic of an understanding of astrology, and her favourite, I think, was Shirley MacLaine’s 1987 self-realisation TV mini-series, “Out On a Limb” (complete, needless to say, with Mac Laine’s “guruma”, Chris Griscom, whose pretentious New-Mexico-based Light Institute she visited as well). She had one child out of wedlock, never got married, and all her “crystal healing”, Bach flower remedies, Tarot card, and “meditation” expertise couldn’t get her off her lifelong, massive nicotine addiction; neither was she ever able to rid herself of her colossal financial debt. She died in 2008, not even 60, as clueless as she had ever been…

  4. Alex Jones is a charlatan and a major liability to right-thinking, well meaning conservatives. I really look forward to Part II. I’m a little sheepish to admit I watch every documentary I can on UFO encounters and the like. I’ve come to the conclusion there is definitely something to it. There have just been too many credible reports from very reputable people.

    The only thing I can’t do is reconcile aliens with what I know of our Heavenly Father and his known creations. We are made in his image, and it stands to reason (to me) that all of his other intelligent creations (even those in other “worlds without number”) would be as well.

    1. Without intending to pre-empt the follow-up article yet to come, there’s a former sixties’ counter-culture poet and Sufi by name of Charles Upton who was once interviewed by one Tim Binnall on the issue of “Cracks in the Great Wall: The Demonic/Infra-psychic Aspect of the UFO Phenomenon”. Here is what he said:

    2. The subject area of UFOs is extremely difficult and leads us into areas of pure speculation which are nonetheless fascinating, though problematic. Jones’s comments on inter-dimensional entities are not entirely off-base in certain respects, as the inter-dimensional theory aligns with what some scientists have said about UFOs — for example, Jacques Vallee, whose theory was unveiled roughly thirty years ago in a book titled “Dimensions.” This theory is better understood after you listen to his more recent TED Talk on the “Future of Physics.” My own inclination is to agree with Vallee’s tentative conclusions. He is, after all, scientifically grounded. But that being said, the ultimate question then bleeds from physics into metaphysics, leaving us in a very curious position. In the case of Jones’s assertions, we can dismiss his past claims about Sandy Hook and his exaggerations regarding Bohemian Grove, and we can see that he is indeed an impassioned “performing artist” who has over-simplified and thereby falsified for the sake of entertaining his audience; but there is indeed an “occult” or inter-dimensional realm; and assertions by Jones about rich people dangerously playing around in this realm are likely to have some basis in fact. The question is one of analyzing such claims in the light of other testimony and information. Maybe Jones knows something, however garbled and crazy it sounds — as Gretchen has suggested. Being aware of the Mary Poppins effect, and the slippery slope of the entertainer’s mandate to entertain, we need analytical tools to cut away the errors and the bogus theorizing. Again — a teaser for next week.

      1. Wasn’t Jacques Vallee’ a Satanist? I thought that I read something once which said that he knew and/or worked with Anton LeVey. It’s the main reason why I refuse to read Vallee”s books.

      2. I never read that Vallee was a Satanist, since his perspective is that of rational inquiry and not religious partisanship. But you may know something I do not. Where did you read it? My guess is, if Vallee talked to LeVey, it would have been part of an inquiry. Vallee has been looking for answers, and he has been the one to scientifically validate UFOs as a supernatural manifestation. This is valuable knowledge in itself.

      3. @JRNyquist: I’ll have to get back to you on that. I read this information maybe a year or two ago. I can’t remember the name of the book off of the top of my head, but I will double-check the title & author.

      4. The name & the author of the book that I had described previously unfortunately still escapes me; however, p.13 of this (albeit different) publication shows what I had been trying to convey about Vallee’ & LaVey’s association with one another:

        Also, here is a book on a similar topic that I had read some months ago. It was fascinating, but of course I take it with a grain of salt:

  5. Spot on analysis Jeff! Alex Jones is a genuine counterfeit and always has been.

    On an unrelated note, what do you think about BLM New York coming out in strong protest against the vaccine mandate? I thought it was very telling of their true agenda that they did not go after the Communist Mayor of New York but instead (at least in the reports I have read) are targeting the private businesses that were being forced to comply with the enforcement of the totalitarian edict. Their true colors always shine through for those willing to look.

  6. Alex Jones isn’t perfect, and he admits that, but every doctor in the Unites States who injects patients with the deadly, mRNA Covid serum, and doesn’t object to the fallacy of masks, is a murderer. There is no credible press. Alex Jones does a much more thorough job the Jeff Nyquist, that’s for sure.

    BREAKING: DARPA FOIA Proves Fauci Tried to Frame the US for Creation of COVID-19

    Sep 23, 2021
    The Alex Jones Show

    Alex Jones breaks down how the DARPA FOIA documents proved Fauci tried to frame the US for the creation of COVID-19.

    1. Of course, Jones has a large organization and the money to cover more subjects than I do. This is true. But is his analysis correct? Or has he misread certain strategic trends? The use of “factional” conspiracy analysis is verified how? The interpretation is arrived at by what assumptions and predicates? What do we really know about the full effects of the mRNA vaccine? Fauci was doing what he did at whose behest? To what end? Clarity is needed.

      1. I’m glad that Jones goes with what he has, rather than to sit on a story as it develops. The full effects of the mRNA sludge will be know in ten years. That’s why FDA studies take ten years. Nevertheless, there has been speculation that autoimmune disease will occur in ten to fifteen years. People are dying already, and it’s not from Covid. There’s no proof there’s even any such thing as Covid. SARS has been around since the ’60s, and we’ve all got the antibodies which provide immunity. You want to give Fauci the benefit of the doubt for pushing obvious poison? It’s too, slow acting to be to put US all out of our misery. It would seem that the idea is to inflict, long painful excruciating debilitating illness before slow anguishing death. I say kick him in the nuts.

      2. I am questioning Jones’s approach because of the way his analysis is constructed; that is, around the unproven Illuminati conspiracy theory. He occasionally goes with things he should be more wary of — like his past support for Putin and Alexander Dugin. People should know that Dugin has called for our country’s destruction. And Putin is a very brutal dictator. I would like to see Jones take an approach that is consistently opposed to those who want to hurt our country. Like so many influential Americans, he may be missing the real danger — in Moscow and Beijing.

  7. It’s been sometime since I delved in the UFO phenomenon. Valle (French computer scientist) and Hynek (Physics professor at Syracuse University, IIRC) both said that UFOs were interdimensional and demonic. Given some of the stuff that Valee recounted, I reached that conclusion back in the 70s. There are many idiots that think the Greys (aliens that have been seen in UFOs and by people that have been abducted) are their space brothers, when they are quite malevolent.

    People think such things are nuts because of their lack of any spiritual attachments to the source of all truth. The spiritual state we see today was prophesied centuries ago. The “great delusion” predicted in scripture 2,000 years ago is here. The left, and the fake right (e.g. Alex Jones) have been taken in by the deceit.

    It will get far worse from here.

    1. Where do you find Hynek and Valle, asserting any such? I’ve never found them going so far in the conclusions to which you seem to jump. As a contactee, I myself most certainly do believe that the Orbs which communicated with me visually, and thereby demonstrated that they understood me telepathically, are both, interdimensional and demonic. I’ve also observed them demonstrate, bi-location, same as described by witnesses to St Catherined di Rici with St Philip de Neri. The speed of light, is irrelevant to light year travel. If these lights in the sky are actually physical craft, then they would seem to operate on the principals of Quantum Physics.

      1. I didn’t “jump” to the conclusion. It has been quite some time since I have read the stuff of either one, but both reached that conclusion. YMMV.

    2. How true this is. Aleister Crowley, the infamous occultist drew a picture of an entity that he had called up repeatedly by means of diabolic rituals, this demon took the form of what modern ufo enthusiasts call a grey. This was well over one hundred years ago now. I’m sure many readers of this site already know about this, but for those who didn’t it’s something to ponder. The devil’s agents have taken over completely, only God Himself can help us now. I think many of the depraved youth instinctively feel the lack of religion to be harmful; the thing is they don’t want anything to do with the true religion as it imposes morals. A new idolatry which would condone their perversity would likely be very appealing to them, think of the “spiritual but not religious” types. This might well be the generation of Anti-Christ. I remember reading in one of Solzhenitsyn’s books an account about a fellow inmate who though imprisoned was still a convinced communist. The interesting thing about this man was that he considered that communism would be much more successful if the communist authorities were to set up a communist civic religion complete with various rites & festivals. I don’t remember any details, I assume it would have been something rather like Comte’s humanitarian religion, though I can’t be sure. At any rate there’s nothing to prevent this idea being modified to include beneficent “space brothers” from Alpha Centauri or anything else for the matter of that.

      1. Dr Margret Mead’s contribution to the Brookings Report, based upon her living amongst primitive cultures in the South Pacific, and the work of other anthropologists, suggests that if disclosure of ET were made, that society would disintegrate.

        What if ET were to show up and say that the dictator of Europe were a clone of their king, and that they revere him as should we all, and that they are here to share their advanced technology with him, then might society become more cohesive, rather than less?

        Combine that with a one World religion; an amalgam of Catholicism and Islam, centered around Mary, based upon the old religion of Babylon, with the angry god child whom only the mother can appease when petitioned with prayer, and there you’d have it.

      2. God is still in charge and regardless of long Satan’s leash is, we know who wins in the end. There is a sifting coming, and the times will not be pleasant.

      3. Weeping Willie & other such Protestants (or perhaps I misread him & he is an infidel, I can’t say for sure) ought to read the works of the earliest Fathers & Doctors of the Church, many of whom suffered martyrdom, & think well on what their doctrine was & compare it to those who came 1500 years later. S. Ignatius of Antioch for example was a friend of S. Polycarp the Martyr, they both were taught by S. John the Evangelist who of course received his doctrine from Christ Himself. The writings of the Holy Martyr clearly demonstrate his firm belief in the Real Presence of Christ in the Most Holy Sacrament. S. Ephrem the Syrian who lived in the 4th century wrote prayers to God’s Most Holy Mother. Those who would call this idolatry are themselves idolaters by their own standard, as they’ve undoubtedly asked their minister to pray for them at some point in their lives. I suppose by doing so they made the minister equal with God. If you object “well that’s different” why should it be different? That is like the lunatics who would have the man who imagines himself to be a woman treated as such, but not the man who imagines himself to be Napoleon. Last but certainly not least Our Lord Jesus Christ Himself made a solemn promise that the gates of hell would not prevail against the Church He founded. If the Church was so thoroughly corrupted as to require its being replaced by a religion entirely different from that which had been taught for the previous 1500 years it would be much more logical to become an outright infidel than to continue to profess belief in Christ, at least the belief that He is the Son of God. Perhaps the Mussulmen are right & He was merely a prophet & the earlier Scriptures were corrupted; the Koran is God’s word to man. I don’t believe this, but it’d certainly be more logical than holding up the Bible against the Church saying that God was able to preserve it, but was not able to preserve the Church which determined its canon & preserved it down through the ages. The current pope is bad, so are many Bishops, but this does not disprove the truth of the Faith Itself any more than the treason of Judas disproved that Christ is the Messias.This is all I will write on religion, I don’t want to cause a long drawn out disputation which Mr. Nyquist will have to moderate. I only wrote it because I considered myself obligated to answer the attack on the Faith & God’s Most Holy Mother. I pray for the conversion of Mr. Nyquist & all men of good will, I know he is certainly not the sort of Protestant who is filled with hatred for the Faith, if he were he’d never have published prophecies from Catholics on his site. May God have mercy on all who are disposed to receive & co-operate with His grace & to do His will.

      4. Why pray that Nyquist convert to RC. Surely there is Salvation outside of RC right?

      5. Yes hes Red and scarlet. As pertains to the UFO question, let’s not forget Exo-Vaticana. Pope appointed his freind Brother Guy Consolmagno as head of VORG. Vatican Observatory Research Group. He’s got some disturbing things to say about ETs and so do other high level Catholics, they’ve not been censured or corrected by the Vatican. Youtube Exo Vaticana, anyone interested. Jeff’s read the book. Jeff, I hope you comment on it in your follow up.

      6. Hello, Solzhenitsyn might have been referring to Anatoly Lunacharsky or one of his followers, the ”God-Builders”, some of whom inferred that God is not yet in existence, but will be Mankind in the future.

      7. As long as the Holy Spirit is present on Earth in the body of believers, the Antichrist can’t come to power. Gradually today, The Great Restrainer, is loosening his grip, and The Rapture is eminent. The Church will be removed, as ambassadors before war. The Man of Sin will be revealed at the signing of a peace treaty, for the internationalization of Israel, by and between the Antichrist and the False Prophet.

      8. These are eschatological speculations designed to stop people from seeing, thinking and acting. I am sorry. But we all have a duty here — and it is not to sit and wait for the Rapture, or a flying saucer, or a savior on a cloud. Salvation happens AFTER you die, provided you have lived right. America is killing itself. The question is: How do we stop it? The answer is: We have to see what is happening, we have to think it through, then we have to act. I am still trying to get people to see and think, and I have a long way to go before there are enough of us to act.

      9. But Jeff, can we please have an argument about the Rapture? Pretty please. It will be fun😜

      10. That’s a different point entirely. I thought you were a Presbyterian. Don’t you believe in predestination? The Rapture is the destiny of Christians still alive when that occurs. Even though The Rapture is not to spare Christians any tribulation, it happens so that The Great Tribulation, can happen. While it’s true that the United States is conspicuous by it’s absence during The Great Tribulation, The Rapture might well be the reason why.

        Personally, if I were President, I’d take out all enemy nuclear submarines, simultaneously, in a first strike, right now, this very day. Then, let them bust a move.

        What’s your solution?

      11. The majority of enemy nukes are Russian. And the majority of those are on ICMBs, not SLBMs. Most are silo based AFAIK, but there are large numbers of “off-road mobile” ICBMS as well. During the Cold War the US had plans for a first strike but it’s doubtfull we would have used it. Plans are not policy though. And the US for a long time has been dishonest with itself about nuclear war. We never committed to incorporating nuclear weapons into larger strategy from civil defense to Foreign policy to Trade.

      12. In regard to the book by Solzhenitsyn, I misremembered. it was one of his novels The First Circle that had this character who wanted a communist civic religion; his name was Lev Rubin. Solzhenitsyn based this book & its characters on his experiences in the gulag however, so I expect he probably actually had encountered someone like this at some point. As for the Pope, this is part of the Great Apostacy foretold by S. Paul. I don’t mean by this to accuse the Pope of being an outright apostate I leave that judgement to God; his actions are surely not like unto those of S. Pius V or S. Pius X at any rate. The possibility of a pope becoming an apostate or heretic & what the faithful ought to do in such a circumstance was considered at great length by S. Robert Bellarmine in the 16th century in his book De Romano Pontifice or On The Roman Pontiff, it is excellent reading for those interested in this subject. The quotation from Lenin given by Mr. Nyquist in a previous article that there are decades where nothing happens; & there are weeks where decades happen is certainly true, it applies very much to the world situation as it stands now. Things are finally coming to a head. I think the best one can hope for is that if this is not the end of the world that God would in His mercy send some great cataclysm that will destroy all of the technology that man has built up only to use for iniquitous ends. That way the peones would stand a chance of escaping the tyrants & having some peace. If not I think the old Bolshevik bullet in the back of the head would be preferable to the living hell of scientific tyranny that the pieces of rotten pig dung who run things have planned for the herd.

    1. Dr Shiva the guy who did the analysis and delivered the results in presentation, is the same guy who INVENTED email.

      What happens now? Do we switch back presidents? Civil war? Stick it up our wazooz?

      1. Trump was cheated, but I’d like to see an immediate recall election to include new candidates, voter ID required, no mail in ballots. Suit needs to be filed with the US Supreme Court, post haste.

      2. Donald J Trump
        CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, and other Lamestream Media are feeding large-scale misinformation to the public about the Arizona Audit. The Audit was a big win for democracy and a big win for us. Shows how corrupt the Election was. Arizona State Senate hearing going on now and the information about what took place is terrible—a bigger Scam even than anticipated!

      3. His claim to have invented email raised a large red flag for me. In 1978 I was using a well-established email system run by the Canadian company IP Sharp Associates (fore whom I worked) for its time-sharing customers around the world. It had all the essential features of email as we know it today, and was used at one point by the Post Office Corporation here in the UK as a model for their own pioneering efforts.
        Dr Shiva’s other credentials seem to me to be plausible, but this one claim is sketchy to say the least. I knew some of the people who developed the IP Sharp system, and never heard any mention of him as a source of their design, which appeared wholly original. Earlier in the 70’s I’d been a very junior participant in the accessing first (D)ARPA link to the UK, and there was no email system in existence, or even a whisper of one, so the late-70’s timeframe is right. Why did Shiva not sue Sharp’s – they were at the time quite prominent for their innovation in this area?

      4. I believe Shiva was precocious – apparently he was born December 1963 so would have been 15 when he claims to have invented email..

      5. So he appears to me – intelligent and earnest, although a little self-seeking, but very few successful people are not.
        I have no explanation for the odd claim about email. Perhaps he is right, and I was just unaware of it at the time. However, the universe of discourse is definitely a hall of mirrors right now – cultists to the right of us, cultists to the left of us – and grifters, shills, opportunists and sharks, oh my!

      6. In 1978, as a precocious 14-year-old, after completing a special program in computer science at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Science at NYU, Ayyadurai was recruited by the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ) as a Research Fellow, where he developed the first electronic emulation of the entire interoffice mail system (Inbox, Outbox, Folders, Address Book, Memo, etc.), which he named “EMAIL,” to invent the world’s first email system, resulting in him being awarded the first United States Copyright for Email, Computer Program for Electronic Mail System, at a time when Copyright was the only protection for software inventions.

        Kid stuff.

        Interview him, Jeff.

      7. A short article about IP Sharp’s email system (which I used for worldwide communication with clients and customers from 1978 [when I joined Sharp’s] onwards, and knew as the workspace 666 BOX):

        Perhaps it is a case of independent and parallel development of ideas, but I wonder if Dr Shiva was aware of it when he applied for his patent?

  8. Thank you. I am chuckling whilst reading your very well written and witty blog. I wish I had more time to read it every time a new one is out, but then I don’t want to be seen as a stalker.

    No offense, JANELLE LATROUVERE 🙂

    I am buying your book: “The Fool and his Enemy” as Christmas presents for family and friends to spread reason and logical thinking about the threat of communism, instead of spreading sensationalized stories and information through entertainment marketing from Alex Jones, or Joe Rogan. Neither Jones nor Rogan are scholars.

    I missed a comment from LADYFROMLIBERTYGARAGE regarding my last comment about Asia, which I want to explain to her in two points:

    1) An educated Brit knows Pakistan was part of India (Hindustan) and even after Partition, Hindus living in Pakistan, albeit a smaller population than Muslims, consider Pakistan as with many Hindus still part of Hindustan.
    2) A well traveled person, having been to Cambodia would have noticed the Chinese signs on many of the buildings whereas twenty years ago, they were not as noticeable.

    I have neither the time nor the crayons to explain to LadyfromLibertygarage in further details.


  9. @Artemis: I never meant to come across as a weirdo or as a creepy stalker by the way that I post on these threads. I’m sure that if Mr. Nyquist didn’t want me to comment on his site, he would have ordered me off of it already.

    I try my best to keep my responses here, by and large, civil and brief. I’m not exactly an uninvited troll, unlike @WetWilly up there.

      1. Thank you, @Gretchen. I must say though that I am certainly not here to get my ego stroked.

        But yes, I can see how I might come across to others as a sycophant. There’s more to me than that, I assure you. By nature, I am a rather intense, and a rather passionate, person, so at times my enthusiasm can seem a bit excessive, I guess. Sorry about that.

      2. Janelle, that was a most gracious response from you to my comment. And I, from my side, did not mean to offend. I just wanted to point out why you might have garnered that comment from Artemis.

  10. America is in need of serious people, Shepherds and even Sheephounds, not fools and those Wolves who wish to skin fools like sheep;

    That being said, one must factor in the UFO phenomena into the world we live in, integrate what we can learn into our considerations today. And drawing on the work of men like Physicist and UFO researcher Jacques Vallee and John Keel of ”Mothman” fame, it’s clear to me we are not dealing with a phenomena having to do with non-existent ”Aliens” and ”extraterrestrials” expected by minds formed by 500 years of materialist and evolutionary cosmology and biology. There’s a good ”Strategic Deception” for you right there!

      1. I once had a copy of Vallee’s ”Passport to Magonia”, in which he shows that the UFO phenomena cannot be separated from the Fairy legends and other odd happenings.

        John Keel was likewise convinced that this was neither an Earthly nor an Extraterrestrial originating problem, but ”Ultraterrestrial”, transcending the materiality that we think we know and can utilize

      2. Carl Sagan was famous for saying, to paraphrase; ‘With all of the billions and billions of stars in the universe, there must be life out there.’ In the novel, Contact, he wrote, ‘otherwise it would be such a waste of Space’. Then his last book, a non fiction, The Demon Haunted World, he concluded that folk were reporting the same sort of phenomenon, of abductions by little people, as modern people regarding UFOs and aliens. He asserted this as a human psychological phenomenon, of projecting the same archetypes, but in context of whatever contemporary culture.

        He is correct in so far as it is in fact the same phenomenon. The only difference is that it’s not imaginary. The same demonic entities portray themselves according to trends.

        Contact, journey

        In the courtroom, nobody made mention of the physical effect of the machine on the sea ship it almost sank.

        Contact, testimony

      3. Did somebody get to Sagan? Or did he realize that he was building a foundation for a faux alien invasion?

    1. The Architects of Fear
      Outer Limits (1963) w/Robert Culp

      In 1987, in a unifying speech to the United Nations, President Ronald Reagan delivered an address without any precedent before or since. “Perhaps we need some outside universal threat to make us recognize the common bond,” Reagan told diplomats from all over the planet. “I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world.”

      This was far from the first time Reagan made such a reference. As chronicled in The New York Times, Lou Cannon — perhaps Reagan’s most acclaimed biographer — had learned that the 40th president …

      … was so stirred by the notion that extraterrestrial invasion would trump national differences that he floated the scenario upon meeting Mikhail Gorbachev at Geneva in 1985. This departure from script flummoxed Reagan’s staff — not to mention the Soviet general secretary. Mr. Cannon writes that, well acquainted with what he called the president’s interest in “little green men,” Colin L. Powell, at the time the national security adviser, was convinced that the proposal had been inspired by “The Day the Earth Stood Still.”

  11. The way Alex Jones presents certain people and info makes me think he wants to poison the well, he’ll get a serious person on his show, and the title of the video will be “This person uncovers a global conspiracy to take over the world!”, the person has said interesting things on the video, but my mind is wondering “are you trying to discredit them with this buffoonery?”, sure this helps to get views, but it also makes the show and the people who go on it to look like loons.

    Given his interest in talking about the occult, the satanic elites and so on, it’s interesting how he doesn’t really dive into the subject of communists and the occult, tovarich Dugin also seems to enjoy some of that occult symbolism, chaos and all that, bit weird for a truth seeker in Jones to avoid that elephant in the room.

      1. Anti-Chinese, yes. Good for Jones. But often pro-Russian. He should have read Golitsyn, Lenin, Mao. He should have noticed Putin’s many pro-communist statements, camouflaged as they are by Putin’s alleged Christianity — which is the same as Leninism. Yes! Putin is a Christian, we are told. A Leninist Christian.

  12. Mr. Nyquist, you asked me where I heard the story of the ”God=Builders” faction in Post-Revolution Soviet Union. They were a significant if not physically powerful faction of the 1920’s of what might be called ”Non Leninist Bolshevik” intellectuals by some. However, I am of the opinion that the real rancor Lenin and the Party mainstream had for them (leading to their being crushed) was that their theories on human evolution leading to Man creating and then thus becoming God (what a blasphemy!) was a little too close to the inner doctrine of some Bolshevik minds within the Party-reflected in the Necromantic Lenin Mausoleum, and this teaching was discussed publicly by the God Builders. It is a Satanic doctrine to be sure, but has echoes in the late-Tsarist Cosmism of the only non-marxist philosopher tolerated by the Bolsheviks, Nicholai Fedorov;

    This man believed that it was a sin not to try to seek to raise the dead (the ”common task”), make man immortal, and unite all things via technological/magical/theurgic means.

    This itself can go back to things Julius Evola referred to about Hermeticism and Alchemy, and also relates to the modern Transhumanism.

      1. Hermeticism is as old as Cain I’m thinking, and linked with his line and his nature. There are truths of a sort there, but it’s better to get those truths unalloyed with lies from elsewhere. I’ve read Evola, and I’ve read Fulcanelli, and i’ve read others, but I always come to that conclusion. The operation mentioned has results, but not any a good person would go for. Thus, ”god building” is something of a misnomer.

      2. I have noticed that you are very well-read, and that makes you a valuable asset in any discussion. Even in the midst of disagreement a well-read interlocutor can offer insights worth considering. What do you make of Evola’s esotericism? Was he completely mad, or did he see something we are missing? Some of his insights are prescient. Why? What did you take away from your reading?

  13. Well, Jeff, I have to say you tore that band-aid right off. I never thought of you as the kind of fellow who punches down, but as my father always told me, “son, anything worth doing is worth doing right.”. You certainly upheld that principle.

    It put me in mind of the bar scene from Tombstone when Ike Clanton slaps the mouthy bartender..

    “See? Slap a man on the beak and you get a little respect around here!” -Ike clanton

    Keep swingin’ Jeff!

    1. If we want to use a science fiction theme, as Alex does, let us make use of Robert A. Heinlein’s Starship Troopers — a didactic novel about corporal punishment. Is not the cat-o’-nine tails a “punching down”? — like a slapping down, as you say? Look at the crime rate in Singapore. How do you train a puppy not to pee in the house? I fear that our most talented, most effective spokesmen are not housebroken. Oh that they were housebroken!

  14. @Artemis
    I think you may have me confused with someone else. The comment that I made about Afghanistan that I recall was that we needed to study the map. Someone had commented as I understood it that Afghanistan shared a major border with China. When I looked at the globe, I didn’t see that. But when I looked at a more expanded map, lo and behold, I was wrong! It does share a border, albeit very short (47 miles). And what I am about to say is important, and Jeff may be aware of this. The Chinese are considering the takeover of Bergram air base in Afghanistan.

    President Trump was interviewed last week on the Glenn Beck program and he flat out said, the Chinese are taking control of that airbase. There are other sources that say the same…under the guise of infrastructure improvement. The airbase is not far from the Chinese border, although lots of mountains in the way… At any rate, I meant no offense to you. I am a zealot for seeking the truth.

    Regarding this discussion on Alex Jones, I agree with the commenters, especially Marcello and others that Jones discredits the people he interviews by the way he frames the story line. I don’t listen to Alex Jones at all because he is like the tabloid stories in The National Enquirer.

    On the UFO question, I have no personal experience but I can tell an interesting story. I know a man who witnessed a UFO hovering over his house. Then he heard a voice warning him that he would die if he looked up. The next night when he was asleep, he had a vision of turbine type wind machine that generated electricity. He was an electrician by trade and spent a few years creating it. It is now patented and can be used to provide electricity to single homes in isolated areas using minimum wind. He attributes this inspiration to his UFO experience.

    The Bible talks of giants in Genesis and angels throughout. The Bible admonishes against sorcery and dark powers. The occult is probably real but best left alone. We should seek to walk more closely with Christ…Nearer My God to Thee.

      1. Hi Jeff, I don’t know what it cost. I only saw photos of it on his cell phone. He told me that someone tried to steal his invention and he had to go to court to protect his patent. He lives in Marlin, Texas. But I found his patent. He has other inventions stemming from the same experience.

  15. Thank you for your article on Alex Jones. I turned him off years ago because his sensationalism and self-aggrandizement rubbed me the wrong way. Secondly, he insists on presenting his reports through what are to me long and boring videos. I don’t have time to follow him closely. I prefer to read tight, well-reasoned text.

    There are so many subjects that you touched on related to Alex Jones that if one explored deeply each one, it would take a book, not a short comment. As a group, they raise red flags—is he really a disinformation agent? The worst lie is one wrapped in truth such that one has trouble recognizing the lie. Does Alex Jones wrap lies in copious truth?

    Our real battle is demonic, even satanic. But it comes wrapped up in other forms, so that people don’t recognize it. Its wrappings include communism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, even UFO-ism where demons manipulate matter on a grander scale than the pointer on an Ouija board or a table in a seance, and other wrappings. People see the wrappings, they don’t see the underlying demonic battle, so we need to address the wrappings themselves and show how they are evil. That means show the evils of communism, how it threatens us and how its disciples plan to harm us. Describing that one threat is already a full-time job. Another full-time job is describing the threat of Islam and its adherents. And so forth.

    I want to touch on one subject—physics. It used to be that scientists made observations, then used math to try to explain their observations. But Einstein turned that on its head: he started with mathematics, then people since have been trying to verify his math. His math was close enough to reality that it seems to explain much of reality. But there are findings that contradict his mathematical model, or have equally valid explanations apart from his model. Ever since, theoretical physicists have constructed mathematical models, and mistake them for reality. Among such mathematical models are found string theory and multiple dimensions, based on math only with no observations. People who don’t understand the dynamic involved are easily persuaded.

    I look forward to your next article.

    1. RO,

      I fully agree with your comment, in it’s essence unhappy with Einstein, myself having looked askance with a jaundiced eye at the alleged results of the Michaelson-Morely Interferometer and Sagnac experiments, and the voodoo physics of the Lorentz transformation equations cooked up as a result of those experiments. Einstein came in to kick out the theory of the Aether, only to restore it to an occult extent with his ”cosmological constant”. People who know have serious questions, but nobody wants to upset one of the building blocks of the modern era; that there is no privileged inertial frame of reference in the universe, despite the fact that the Universe is allegedly a material object (containing all material objects!) and all material objects do happen to actually have a center….

      1. Ah yes, Rupert Sheldrake and his ”morphic resonance”, if I remember correctly, and thus having a differing conclusion on Time and Space and Action-at-a-distance than Einstein. Sheldrake is a forgotten genius, bears comparison to Nicholai Kozyrev;

        And his theory of Time. They think of men like Sheldrake and Kozyrev as being ”out of step” with scientific advancement. No, Scientific advancement is hobbled by false conclusions in experiments, which lead to ignorance of the Aether/ the Time Organism. Or rather, I think some are aware and take advantage secretly, while peddling fake Scientism for the masses.

  16. Your site is already the most sensational one I know of. And the most truthful. Nothing could be more sensational than worldwide Marxist-Leninist revolution. And nothing more truthful than that it is happening.

  17. Mr. Nyquist, you said;

    ”Suggestion: Look up the former Soviet Laser physicist Victor Kulish. His book is on Amazon. I have talked to him. He is mind-blowing. ”

    Ah yes, his discovery of God, being a true Scientist. What’s more, with his work I think John Milton and the Church Father Tertullian (and myself) feel vindicated by Kulish and his notions on Physicality and Matter in relation to God and everything else.

      1. Indeed he is. One of the joys of this life is knowing that all the pieces of the puzzle really do fit.

  18. Mr. Nyquist, you asked me;

    ”I have noticed that you are very well-read, and that makes you a valuable asset in any discussion.”

    Spasibo. I appreciate that.

    ”Even in the midst of disagreement a well-read interlocutor can offer insights worth considering.”

    As Yeats said; ”Do not wait to strike till the Iron is hot; but make it hot by striking”. I say that, but then I sound like a Dialectician, lol.

    ”What do you make of Evola’s esotericism? Was he completely mad, or did he see something we are missing? Some of his insights are prescient. Why? What did you take away from your reading? ”

    Evola was a Luciferian of the most profoundest sort (like Otto Rahn, Miguel Serrano, and Ernst Junger, among others), which is to say that he plumbed the depths of Gnosticism, Ariosophy, the Hermetic tradition, and Esoteric Buddhism and other teachings, like Alchemy, and discovered what it all means when it’s reduced to it’s fundamentals. He was far from mad, in fact quite coldly rational, but entirely turned from not only the Modern World, but Monotheism as well. I’ll note that Evola and the others do not deny the existence of the God of the Bible…

    There is a teaching and a tradition which informs all my thinking, by my total opposition to most, but not all of it. I cannot in good conscience give too many details of these teachings, because of responsibility to and for others. It’s like two men at a crime scene; one of them is the murderer and one is the detective who knows he’s the murderer. They both have many of the same basic facts, but little else in common, and definitely not their interpretation.

    Evola knows the facts which an Atheist as such does not, facts that a pure naturalist or materialist has no frame of reference for. So he is often right, as you say; ”prescient” because he does fully understand the decay which is the reality of Modernity.

    1. I would like to thank you Pilgrim & Mr. Nyquist for discussing the above books & personages, I shall have to look into them. I’ve read that there were successful experiments conducted in the Soviet Union in regard to telekinesis, that matchsticks & other small objects were moved by the power of the mind alone; do you happen to know anything about this? There is a book by an Austrian Abbot, Alois Wiesinger called Occult Phenomenon wherein he puts forth the idea that certain exceptional abilities, telekinesis, telepathy &c are vestigial remnants of powers posessed by our first parents before the Fall of man. It’s very interesting.

      1. And I would like to thank Walter for his spirited defense of Our Lady. I have worked hard to avoid comments that veer into religious debates, out of respect for Jeff. But the off-hand reference in an earlier comment to “Mary” in connection with Babylon tried my self-discipline sorely. Non-Catholics, and I suppose, non-Orthodox, need to get out more; their assumptions can be very narrow and provincial. I do not impute malice, only ignorance. These people talk about the Mother of God with less regard than they talk about the Lost Ark, made of wood. Mary is the Ark of the New Covenant. The Theotokos. A little respect please, if you worship Jesus, her Son.

      2. Hello Walter, I thank you.

        Sure, there were videos i’ve seen of such things. My personal take on such possible abilities being natural, is that it’s as you say, a vestigial remnant of our parents talents from the Fall. Somewhere I read that Bushmen hunters almost within living memory could still see the moons of Jupiter, and that Pythagoras was claimed by the ancient Greeks as being the last who could hear the ”music of the spheres”. JRR Tolkien would have differentiated use of these natural gifts as ”Art”, and so not necessarily bad in themselves to use, while ”Magic” he claimed was a power to force one’s will upon nature to extract what one wants out of it, like Machines. And he was not so defending of that.

      3. The is a book titled “Phenomenon” I read last year about U.S. experiments with parapsychology and Uri Geller. I personally knew one of the scientists decades ago and was interested. Absolutely bizarre. But quite real.

  19. OMG. Sorry! Apparently leaving WordPress app open in midst of commenting and putting my phone in my pocket to hastily board a bus had this effect. Oops.

  20. Mr. Nyquist,

    Please tell me your take on Lt. Colonel Theresa Long’s Affidavit.

    As a Gambling man; What do you say the Odds are that she will Retain her position as the Brigade Surgeon for the 1st Aviation Brigade Ft. Rucker, Alabama responsible for certifying the health, mental and physical ability, and readiness for all of the nearly 4,000 individuals on flight status on that post?

    1. I am having lunch with someone tomorrow to discuss this exact thing. We are facing a great crisis brought on by our own leaders with this vaccination madness. They must be held to account for this, because if this vaccination program wrecks the military we all could suffer badly. From what I hear, the idiots will push this to the breaking point. No odds, just brace for the worst.

  21. ”Deborah Cole” you said;

    ”Sheldrake, yes. And Wolfgang Smith.”

    Indeed, and Smith especially with regards to some of the ”framing” issues I mentioned earlier, about privileged position in an inertial frame.

    Along that line, are you familiar with Robert Sungenis and/or Solange Hertz?

  22. Jeff, not sure if you can comment in regards to the Grand Solar Minimum, here is a video released by another channel on Youtube that covers the Grand Solar Minimum, apparently the predictions on Solar Cycle 25, has been a abysmal failure:

  23. Mr. Nyquist,

    What do you think of Albert Einstein’s War on Dayton Miller’s Work…

    That is…

    Einstein’s War on The ETHER?

    “The effect [of ether-drift] has persisted throughout. After considering all the possible sources of error, there always remained a positive effect.” — Dayton Miller (1928, p.399)

    “My opinion about Miller’s experiments is the following. … Should the positive result be confirmed, then the special theory of relativity and with it the general theory of relativity, in its current form, would be invalid. Experimentum summus judex. Only the equivalence of inertia and gravitation would remain, however, they would have to lead to a significantly different theory.”
    — Albert Einstein, in a letter to Edwin E. Slosson, 8 July 1925 (from copy in Hebrew University Archive, Jerusalem.) See citations below for Silberstein 1925 and Einstein 1926.

    “I believe that I have really found the relationship between gravitation and electricity, assuming that the Miller experiments are based on a fundamental error. Otherwise, the whole relativity theory collapses like a house of cards.”
    — Albert Einstein, in a letter to Robert Millikan, June 1921 (in Clark 1971, p.328)

    “You imagine that I look back on my life’s work with calm satisfaction. But from nearby it looks quite different. There is not a single concept of which I am convinced that it will stand firm, and I feel uncertain whether I am in general on the right track.”
    — Albert Einstein, on his 70th birthday, in a letter to Maurice Solovine, 28 March 1949 (in B. Hoffman Albert Einstein: Creator and Rebel 1972, p.328)

    Debates with Einstein

    There are several newspaper accounts indicating a certain tension between Albert Einstein and Dayton Miller, since the early 1920s at least. In June of 1921, Einstein wrote to the physicist Robert Millikan: “I believe that I have really found the relationship between gravitation and electricity, assuming that the Miller experiments are based on a fundamental error. Otherwise, the whole relativity theory collapses like a house of cards.” (Clark 1971, p.328) Privately, in letters and in spoken words, there was a struggle going on for philosophical dominance, and occasionally this struggle surfaced into public view:

    FROM THE Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper, 27 Jan. 1926:

    Case Scientist Will Conduct
    Further Studies in Ether Drift.
    Einstein Discounts Experiments
    Speaking before scientists at the University of
    Berlin, Einstein said the ether drift experiments
    at Cleveland showed zero results, while on Mount
    Wilson they showed positive results.

    Therefore, altitude influences results. In addition, temperature
    differences have provided a source of error.

    “The trouble with Prof. Einstein is that he knows
    nothing about my results.” Dr. Miller said. “He has
    been saying for thirty years that the interferometer
    experiments in Cleveland showed negative results. We
    never said they gave negative results, and they did
    not in fact give negative results. He ought to give
    me credit for knowing that temperature differences
    would affect the results. He wrote to me in November
    suggesting this. I am not so simple as to make no
    allowance for temperature.”
    (Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper, 27 Jan. 1926)

    The above newspaper account is significant, as it demonstrates that Einstein was pushing the “thermal artifact” argument against Miller’s results as early as 1926. There are other accounts of Einstein’s discontent with Miller’s results in “Conversations with Albert Einstein” written by Robert Shankland in the years after Miller’s death. (Shankland 1963, 1973b)

    The Dynamic Ether
    of Cosmic Space

    Correcting a Major Error
    in Modern Science

    James DeMeo

    1. Well, here Miller in that discussion went schizophrenic and disoriented, but so did Einstein as a result of the interaction between the two! The blaming each other is actually quite ironic because they were both wrong and right. Miller’s initial error in his argument with Einstein was contained in his experiment that sought to bring the Universe to a lower level of abstraction. Basically Miller wanted to run away from using mathematical formulae like Schroedinger’s equation to describe the movement of the electron and instead keep with the “ball of electric particle orbit” model that was more concrete and of a lower abstraction level. Basically, Einstein was heading towards a higher level of abstraction but was also holding himself back toward more concrete with the mistaken adding of the constant hindering the Universe accelerated expansion etc. and his naive criticism of quantum mechanic as “God does not play dice”. In other words, the chickens come home to roost the minute Miller disappears from the place and Einstein now hesitates. This is entirely schizo-psychological. The same happen in religion and government, by the way. A cop is always the good guy until you witness the cop make a mistake or commit a crime, and then the constitution goes out the window, basically as I will explain below.

      Einstein was an iconoclast and so could not admit the existence of image representation (Judaism). Marx was the same way in his denunciation of the idea of virtue of government. Both Marx and Einstein, however, completely mentally broke down as a result of the paradigm shift that their thought experiment revealed. Marx was recuperated by the Communists who in reaction imposed the virtue or dictatorship of the proletariat in government, so called. Einstein was recuperated by the Uncertainty of Quantum Mechanics students.

      If I understand the concept of Simultaneity, which is the trinity revealed in 1. Love others as 2. You love yourself, but, after my crucifixion, as 3. I loved you. The system of reference here is Christ, much the way the US constitution is the Symbolic reference between the people and their representatives in government, The same sort of system existed in Newton mechanics, with the movement of one object with respect to another using an inertial frame of reference. Einstein did away with it by saying that physics is the same on Mars as on Earth, so the real reference was the speed of light to account for the differences in the clock tuning between someone traveling one way on Mars from someone on Earth. This is how GPS works, by the way. This lead however to an instability as Einstein started to look at other constants in order re-establish a form of frame of reference. In effect Einstein kind of had misgivings much like Miller.

      There is a discrepancy between the clocks, yes, but it seems quite artificial to reset them with “a computer” automatically of which the speed of light is the fundamental reference allowing the accounting for the discrepancy, It always was a challenge to synchronize clocks. The clock for trains inNYC back then had like 10 min difference with that of Chicago’s station. Which one then is correct?

      Well, this is where it gets crazy because with quantum mechanics the guys said that time itself is even uncertain. Basically, if you put a camera to look at the clock in real time from Chicago, the clock in NYC, they “behave” (they do not synch up, they sort of stay together), but if you remove the camera, then uncertainty comes in and they go awry. However there is a sort of reference which is by splitting paired particles. Basically without even looking at the half clock of Chicago now the clock in NYC, the other clock pair in Chicago would synch up at the same time with absolute “certainty”.

      What is very strange is that by way of quantum mechanics a sort of Ether was recalculated, which involves the creating of mass due to a particle’s interaction with the Higgs field. The verification of Higgs bosons at Cern seem to verify the existence of this ether. Basically a photon ceases to be a photon if it somehow interacts with a Higgs ether particle and becomes a slower particle with a net mass gain.

      So, the ether does exist, it just is that its interaction with light is uncertain, which is why light has no mass. Without that uncertainty light would have a mass as the certainty would make it readily interact and give positive results to Miller’s experiment. However, the minute an interaction occurs, it ceases to be light! And so does its paired photon at the same time!

      This complicates things for our idea of the structure of the trinity, because what sets a reference seems to be a set of abstract rules whose grammatical structure is akin to this particle interaction logic.


    COVID-19 vaccine boosters could mean billions for drugmakers:

    Billions more in profits are at stake for some vaccine makers as the U.S. moves toward dispensing COVID-19 booster shots to shore up Americans’ protection against the virus.

    How much the manufacturers stand to gain depends on how big the rollout proves to be.

  25. The sugar theme is so apt in terms of denial of reality and refusal to grow up as signs of schizophrenic disorientation. Add to that his extrapolated pseudo-concrete like “revelations” of topical low abstractions. It is as if he has the intuition that he could catch the attention of the vast swath of modern day barbarian schizos of the world, replacing Art Bell spectacular with political content. If we are not far off from the 1930s German disillusions with a multiplication of all kinds of crackpotted occult views by disoriented people, Alex Jones is indeed part of the problem. He might be schizo himself too of course and be “sincere”. Ironically one could also put GW Bush in that basket, except GW Bush was fabricated in college by obvious leftist scammers. Isn’t it grand, we have leftists scamming a disoriented idiot child Bush in college with visions of putting himself invested in the nitty gritty bureaucratic like leading/management of a global world that never really was to his reach, except one extrapolated from his shopping experiences, and then Alex Jones an agent of this same scam as its equally absurd opposition. It is like having Sesame Streets Headline noNews telling us what the world is from the local social wisdom of a street of NYC and celebrities visits. Devereux (Essays of general Ethnopsychiatry) seemed to have been right when he said that when the front page news is presidents attending football while the back corner is about an Earthquake in India killing 20,000, the world’s problem is not pandemics and dictatorships but schizophrenia. Even going pass Biden’s senility, he talks like he would his grandmother or someone at a table with the most inane reflections.

    Interestingly also the schizophrenic is hesitant because of his disorientation. It would explain the scientist building atomic bombs and all of a sudden becoming a world peace militant with misgivings. The whole Global Warming scare is also an example of something called science when in fact it is born of the same reluctancy to embrace science lest it destroys the planet – all schizoid behaviors. Note also that I expect that after the current vaccine craze, notwithstanding the schizo extrapolated utility of it to cart people like cattle, we will see scientists and our own government denounce the pharmaceutical advances and any other forms of progress, with a social negativism associated with orientation negativism of the schizophrenic as seen with ugly circus freaks like Greta Thunberg.

    1. I can’t stand Greta Thunberg–not only her environmental grandstanding; I just can’t take her seriously when she looks about eleven years old (I know she’s really eighteen), like Pippi Longstocking come to life.

      1. Indeed. It is one thing to say you have a choice in abortion, it is a whole other level of sublimnal message when Greta Thunberg posts on Twitter “none of your eff’in business, my body, my choice” etc.

        In some Pacific islands abortion was frowned upon, however, it was much like with marriage, it was a controversy. Marriage can cause a bride’s brother jealousy and abortion or keeping an illegitimate baby is are cause for consternation. So, in order to keep civility, those types of deeds were considered taboos. Abortion required respectful ceremonies of mourning, marriages required gifts to brothers and sisters, etc.

        The bottom line message of Greta is not about climate nor abortion, it is this wicked sociopathy, this social negativism, this pure hatred. Abortion is only a thing she has and can do between her legs and that thus she can use psychopathically as a bread crumb leverage against people, to assert her exclusive right to hate others.

        These people are deranged. What is more eggregious, however, is the inaction of Republicans, their complete surrender of governance and the keeping of social associations. All associations have been parasited and highjacked by democrats to make sure hate is in the media, schools etc, brainwashing thugs like Thornberg to push this atmosphere of denunciation and suicidal inducing nonsense

  26. Thank you Jeff for your review of Jones. I enjoyed watching his coverage of the anarchists in my Oregon college town when Trump paid a visit before his election about 5 years ago. All the crazies came out of the woodwork but I was still able to view it from the safety of my computer screen away from the riot. But it was always clear to me that one had to verify everything Jones said before believing it. At least the camera of the riot didn’t lie. These riots were a bit of a precursor to the later riots in Portland with Antifa and BLM.

    And given the reports of pedophilia, yes he was a bit far out on that subject, but such things do exist. I was checking out a Portland shop called Voodoo Doughnuts because it was mentioned in some other web comments on the subject of pedophilia. On their site they were selling clothing with their logo and to my amazement I saw what looked like abused under aged girl models showing off their panties with the lettering “The secret is in the hole.” No need to go looking, they were taken down about a year later.

    UFOs are also an interesting subject. While I don’t discount the possibility of ET, the Navy jet videos of them following UFOs was fairly well debunked. When I first saw the UFOs shooting off their sprites and rotating I was quite excited, until I saw some experts on airplane weapon systems discuss what they were really looking at. Those sensors can pick up the exhaust of another jet many miles away and the sensor has a lens cover that rotates as the camera and sensor pod moves around or the jet banks, and that was causing the rotation of the sprites on the “UFO.”

    Jones is not the only thing out there you need to verify before believing.

    1. Inn

      Robert Hastings, Ufos and Nukes. It’s real it’s material, it effects WMD. 100 witnesses at least as credible as Top Security Level posters on Nyquists blog. It’s easy. Read Valee sure. Get your feet wet. It’s almost acceptable to think or comment on this. It’s come a long way from that for others.

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