Everyone left and no one returned
Only, true to the promise of love,
My latest, at least you looked back
To see the whole sky in blood.
The house was cursed, and cursed was my trade;
Uselessly, a tender song rang out
And I didn’t dare raise my eyes
To my terrible fate.
They defiled the immaculate Word,
They trampled the sacred utterance,
So that with the sicknurses of Thirty-seven
I could mop the bloody floor.
They separated me from my only son,
They tortured my friends in prisons,
They surrounded me with an invisible Stockade
Of well-coordinated shadowing.
They rewarded me with muteness
That curses the whole cursed world,
They force-fed me with scandal,
They made me drink poison.
And taking me to the very edge,
For some reason they left me there.
I would rather, as one of the city’s ‘crazies,’
Be wandering through the dying squares.

Anna Akhmatova

Such were the sad words of Anna Akhmatova, with her references to ’37 (the Stalin purges), describing her own “terrible fate,” to suffer without being killed herself, to see the “whole sky in blood,” to witness the Stalin regime’s many crimes, taking her to the very edge. And here we are again. The real abomination is that almost nobody sees. They refuse to look. Militantly, self-righteously, with scorn for those of us who can see. Who see through the eyes of Akhmatova.

Here is a discussion I had with Trevor Loudon nine days ago about Ukraine and communism:

Trevor Loudon and Jeff Nyquist

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The translation of Akhmatova was from Judith Hemschemeyer’s extraordinary translation, The Complete Poems of Anna Akhmatova (Expanded Edition (Boston: Canongate Books, 1997), p. 699.

256 thoughts on “Ukraine and Communism: A Discussion With Trevor Loudon

  1. This is a breath of fresh air amidst unprecedented Russian propaganda. I had a hard time understanding though, what Trevor Loudon was saying. Could we have a transcript of this most interesting conversation?

      1. I did a little sound editing and did reduce the base. It is far away from being perfekt but better than nothing:


        Much is lost. What a pity. Next time he should definitely use a proper microphone for recording.

      2. He should get himself a new mic.

        I would personally recommend a Yeti Blue microphone.

  2. I would say next year is the world war, the Ukrainian delay the world war but I think 2023 is the year of WW3. I remember on the prophecy.

    1. Zelensky calls for World War Three, now! He demands the same status as Belgum or Canada. The US has been fighting a proxy war in Ukraine for eight years already. Putin seemed to tolerate that just fine until of late. Ukraine has been trying to embroil the US in a war with Russia for decades already. I’m incredulous how so many people are cheering for WWIII, as if they’d get to watch it from the safety of their living rooms, on TV.

      1. “I’m incredulous how so many people are cheering for WWIII, as if they’d get to watch it from the safety of their living rooms, on TV.”

        It’s surreal, isn’t it? Many people don’t know, but Washingtonians took picnic baskets and blankets out to watch the first battle of Bull Run near Manassas in 1861. Even Congressmen were among the group. It was a horrifying, eye-opening experience! History always seems to repeat itself.

      2. I know you were responding to Mike, but there really are people who are excited about this. They don’t have a clue what real war is like or how they’re going to be impacted by it. The young people are calling it “doom scrolling” as they read Twitter and other updates about what’s going on in Ukraine. Those are the ones I was referring to.

      3. Communist Antifa short for anti-Fascist accused Trump of colluding with Russia, which is Communist not Fascist while at the same time, colluding isn’t a crime in the first place, whereas conspiring would be, have influenced Americans to be in favor of going to war with Russia at a time when the US is least prepared. Many people are all worked up like they were during Desert Storm.

    1. God sees those free choices because he lives outside of time and is able to see the end from the beginning (Isaiah 46:10). Bible prophecy, however, does not say anything about 2023. I think WW3 has already started.

      1. There is something going on this Friday with the Pope that is making the news. According to some Catholics, it has to do with the Fatima prophecies from WWI concerning Russia. I am not Catholic
        don’t really know the details. but it concerns prophecies made in that time that affect Russia. We will know soon enough!

      2. I’m not Catholic either and I doubt we’ll see world peace, but here is an article about it:

        “Pope Francis announced Tuesday that he will consecrate Russia and Ukraine to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, fulfilling a 1917 vision purportedly revealed to Portuguese children that such a blessing would usher in a period of world peace.

        The consecration will take place on March 25 and will be done at Saint Peter’s Basilica. The blessing will coincide with the Feast of the Annunciation of the Lord, a Catholic feast day.”

        More: https://www.foxnews.com/world/pope-consecrate-russia-fatima-prophecy

    2. Excellent point, Janelle. And I’d have to grow more fingers and toes to count the number of times prophecies have been wrong.

      1. It is impossible to go by prophecies. A very unusual man told me three prophecies in 1981. He gave me a prophecy for 1990 and 2001 and 2011. Two of them came true, incredibly, and the third one DID NOT COME TRUE. Why? I have no idea.

      2. Maybe because prayer and repentance changed the circumstances? It happened a lot in the Bible. Jonah and Nineveh are a good example. 🙂

    3. Hello Jeffrey, thank you for all your help to better understand this situation. Since 2013, I study with prof. Olavo de Carvalho, but now that he passed away, you and few others are the only ones we can count on. Have a great day.

      1. Hi Luke, I’m not sure if this question is for me, but if you want to catch a glimpse of Olavo’s work you can Google this debate: “THE USA AND THE NEW WORLD ORDER – A Debate Between Olavo de Carvalho and Aleksandr Dugin”. There is a version in pdf format. Thanks.

  3. Ah, yes, Deb Haaland: the eco-terrorist tree-spiker. I had forgotten about her.

    Yet I do remember that a little less than a year ago, there were the Senate confirmation hearings for her nomination–you would think that Republican resistance would have been stronger.

  4. Jeff I was really looking forward to listening to this interview, but the quality of Trevor’s audio was so poor that it was unintelligible so I quit after a few minutes. Is there any way you can clean up this recording with an audio filter and re-upload? Please do insist that others wear headphones on interviews if you would.

    1. We spent quite a bit of ti e trying to fix Trevor’s audio and we were not able. I delayed presenting it and almost did not post it because of sound quality. I can understand what he says, excepting a sentence here and there.

      1. I’m glad you posted it! I like Trevor, and while a transcript would be wonderful for the parts I couldn’t understand, it doesn’t convey everything a video does. It was very interesting!

      2. I listened to it as I drove back and forth getting my stuff set up for a new job today. Seems like the last 15 minutes or so, I couldn’t understand most of what he said. The first half or better, I could hear him clearly enough.

      3. Thank you for posting it, Jeff. I could make out bits and pieces of Trevor, and even with this interview having horrible audio, it is like gold for those of us seeking truth. Thank you.

  5. I note that Putin’s speech in the stadium in Moscow at the weekend used the following slogans:

    “For a world without fascism”
    “For Russia”

    Right there, right in our faces, he channelled Stalin’s WW2 rallying cries.

    1. Did you all see the bizarre cut-away to the band during the speech? They called it a technical glitch, but I wonder!

  6. Thank you Jeff! I’m listening to the interview. I was wondering if you had any thoughts about Russia’s use of hypersonic missiles?

      1. They strike before motion detectors see them coming at mach 20. The US has one that travels mach 3. The question is, how many ICBMs and submarines can Russia eliminate on first strike, and how many US nukes would it take to effectively retaliate, sufficient to provide initial deterrence, and how much longer is their current shelf life.

  7. Jeff, I do respect your scholarship, but you have to undergo a huge learning curve. Let me point you in the right direction. Who invented communism? Marx, Lenin? Round up the usual suspects. If you do honest research you will find that it was the Jesuit order. You talk about the western Illuminati–who created it? Adam Weishaupt, a Jesuit priest. The Jesuits have been working full time since the 1500’s to take over humanity for Rome, the Vatican, the pope. And they inherited their commission from other similar orders before them that go back all the way to ancient Rome. I don’t know if you are Catholic, but the learning curve of this reality is really too steep for most non Catholics to wrap their minds around. I know it because I lived it. The subject is too vast to cover in a few short paragraphs. Here’s a reading assignment for you: Most of todays authors on the subject have their unfortunate issues, but if you disregard that and focus on their facts that they refer to in their research, then the light may just go off in your head. Read: Eric Jon Phelps, Johny Cirruci, Walter Veigth. The Seventh Day Adventists have done some great scholarship on this. That’s why the government murdered all those children in Waco. When you are over the target, you catch allot of flak. Good luck!

    1. The people in Waco were not Seventh Day Adventists. Koresh held some common beliefs with the SDA, but they were well outside of the SDA mainstream.

      Informed people are well aware of the Jesuit theory. Malachi Martin, a laicized Jesuit, has written a great deal about the Jesuits, and a lot of it was quite negative. “The Keys To This Blood” tells the story behind the RCC and the attempts to regain the influence it used to have in the middle ages.

      The Waco murders were the result of a PR stunt gone seriously awry. Instead of showing the government protecting people and rescuing kids, it showed them at their most murderous. The Ruby Ridge killings did so as well. They are not forgotten.

      1. Some of the old Jewish writers had a theory that such an assault on the Vatican would occur at the time of the Messiah and Alexander Hislop (Church of Scotland minister), writing in the mid 1800s, thought Russia would do it. However the Reformed / Puritan consensus was that the nations of western Europe would themselves do it at the time when the final beast system of Revelation is brought crashing down.

    2. Karl Marx was raised in Protestantism, not Catholicism. There has been various brands of communist thinking, and many schools of thought on the left. Plato offered up a brand. Marx had his own offering, among others. I call the whole thing “the new religion,” and like all major shifts in thought, we do not know exactly what it’s finished version will look like. But the version known as Marxism Leninism, which holds the bombs and missiles, and has the really huge armies of spies and terrorists, is what I write about. This is the communist bloc, which is is its own distinctive thing. The Jesuit order did not originate it, even if Marx stole some of their ideas. Marx formed his own unique organizations and parties. They took over Russia and China. These were never Catholic countries. My concern has been the study of Moscow and Beijing.

      1. Jeff, you need to follow up on the reading material I suggested. The Jesuit order is the capstone on the unattached pyramid on the back of the one dollar bill. It is the eye of Horus. Remember the true gods of the Jesuits–Isis Horus Set. Don’t be one of their unwitting stooges.

      2. The Catholic Church created Communism? Nonsense. It created an ideology that killed millions of Roman Catholics? The Catholic Church created the ideology that is respo nsible for the very infiltration that eroded many of its basis back in the 50s and 60s? The Jesuits were corrputed by communism in the 50s and 60s, and that’s what Malachi Martin denounces, all the same time praising the Order for its past good service to the Church.

    3. Who can forget those millions of Jesuit intelligence agents, Jesuit tanks, and Jesuit nuclear weapons. And I suppose Jesuits murdered Litvinenko as well, comrade?

      Here is your ruble for the day.

    4. Yeah, Marx and Lenin were Catholics. Put the pipe down, whatever you’re smoking is too strong for you, you calumniating swine.

  8. One of the best quotes I’ve seen today: “The West underestimated Ukraine’s bravery, now it’s underestimating Russia’s brutality”.

    How anyone could believe Putin is a Christian is beyond me. 🙁

    1. Far too many are gullible. It doesn’t help that many who think Putin is a Christian aren’t operationally Christian themselves. The ROC in Russia accepts him as Christian because he has checked a couple of boxes and goes through the motions. He helps the ROC because they have long been corrupted by the Russian regime and used as tool to rule. That is a common fault of the Eastern Orthodox Churches and started during early Byzantine times and is not a recent failure.

  9. Thanks for an insightful strategic analysis. It ties together the seeming opposing narratives in Russia’s takeover of Ukraine–Putin and the so-called global elites. If I understand correctly, would it be accurate to say that, despite the posturing, effectively THEY ARE ON THE SAME SIDE!?

    If so, was Antony Sutton correct when he said, to paraphrase, at the top echelons of power, it’s impossible to tell the difference between the capitalists and the communists? But as you have pointed out, Jeff, where Sutton got it wrong is on who drives who–it is the communists who drive the capitalists, through deception, intimidation, leveraging greed, blackmail, etc.

    Btw… Trevor’s audio isn’t clear, hard to make out all his comments, which are vitally important points.

    1. I suspect that Sutton had no real understanding of bourgeois sociology as it crossed from idealism to materialism; and he had a poor background in history and social science. His details are very good. It’s his analysis that fails. His methodology was an inversion of the correct methodology for political economy. I was shocked by his blunders when I read his books. He overtly stated these inversions as correct methodology, entirely discrediting himself as an interpreter of social phenomena. This may be why he was eventually discredited among political scientists. He did not understand what the capitalist class was or why they act as they do. Not understanding the larger social history, he did not see that they would always invest capital in a Stalin if Stalin convinced them that he did not really believe in Marxism. Sutton did not properly factor in the deception operations associated with NEP and how all the Western capitalists lost their investments in the USSR when NEP ended. Smart people do not let themselves be robbed. Sutton therefore missed half the story. If you do as he did, you misread what you are seeing. Sutton believed in capitalist power, and did not credit the power of the Bolsheviks as an independent force. Many have made that mistake, including Kaiser Wilhelm II, who was the man whose money put Lenin in power. Sutton nowhere reckons with this fact. The liberal elites in the West are turning against Russia in fright now. They dream of Putin being removed so they can make money again. They were fooled into helping their own gravediggers, and they will be fooled again if another round of kissy huggy follows — only I think this might well be the “last” round of deception before the Great Spoliation.

      1. I will never understand what Wilhelm was thinking sending the “sealed train” to Russia. The Russians were already pretty badly beaten. Sending Lenin in was no different than putting a cobra in the crib to keep the kid from crying.

  10. Two great minds, together.
    You must have a re-engagement.
    Another “MUST WATCH.”

  11. The communists are openly running Russia and China. Secretly they are running Biden, Klaus Schwab and the Great Reset, the EU, Soros, many in the US congress, the CDC, the UN, NK, Iran, Cuba, Canada, Bennet in Israel, the media, Global Warming theory etc. etc.

    Soon they will collapse the US dollar.

    Satan is alive.

    Our way of life is about to come to an end here in the United States.

    1. When the US offed that Iranian general when he stepped off the plane in Bagdad, Putin reorganized his government. Latter he stated something to the effect of that, ‘there is a new alignment of nation-states, now taking place’. Last year Putin declared: “The New World Order is dead.” In the mean time, China keeps buying ever more US Bonds.

      1. I believe that you Jeff, wrote of Putin’s reorganization of his government.




        Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced on Russian television that the New World Order has failed, and claims that the world is now experiencing the final death throes of a dying elitist regime.

        ‘This was inevitable. Attempts to create a unipolar world have failed. We are already living in different times. Russia has always clung to a point that we must respect the interests of others while defending our own ones. This is how we are going to build our relations with our colleagues,’ Putin said in an interview on Sunday.


      2. In January 2020, Putin changed his government in preparation for WW3. I think the advent of the pandemic was the real occasion, though I only saw at that moment the death of the Iranian general. I quickly realized Moscow knew the virus was coming. THEY KNEW. We must always adjust our view to accommodate the widest context. Even so, you seem to be justifying Putin’s rationale. You do not even begin to understand what Putin is working towards. You cannot encompass Stalin in a matchbox, or Putin is some shallow puddle of water.

      3. I don’t claim to understand Putin, but he is the one who makes the most sense. You don’t have like the idea of NATO reneging on it’s obligations to Eastern Europe, but NATO over extended and lost credibility, as Zelensky has as much as said, and Putin has made abundantly clear. I expect Zelensky to continue to sacrifice his people in futility, rather than to live like Russians do in Russia, which is about the same as Ukrainians have been living in Ukraine, until the past few weeks. Even the United States has greatly curtailed US citizens rights and livelihoods, arbitrarily for the sake of conditioning them to live like Russians. Who are the good guys? Biden? The CIA? Neocons? The apostate church? Zelensky? Putin wins the propaganda war, dishonest or not. It’s a sad day when Russia becomes the best bulwark against the New World Order. Ed Snowden’s wife has pictures of him, her and the kids at the beach in Sochi. Looks like Hawaii.

      4. What are you, a citizen of the world who watches all this without belonging to a side? We were all born belonging to a side here. If you are an American (which I doubt), then your country is America not Russia. But you have this idea that Russia is better than your own country. It is an idea that comes from Russia. So if you are an American, you are a very special kind of fool; for, you would rather believe Russian propaganda than recognize that there is a fifth column here, working for Russia. You call this THE NEW WORLD ORDER. And God only knows what confused notions helped populate this empty slogan in your empty head. Putin is not against the bad people in the West. He is THEIR BULWARK, even as they denounce him. And you are too simply to see that all these people are lying. They always have lied. And you never bothered to track those lies. And worse yet, you write as if this war is about blame, or some moral beauty contest. War is not about blame. It is about fighting and killing. And these moves in Ukraine are the opening moves of a much larger fighting and killing aimed at you and me. But you cannot see that. Perhaps you ought to join Snowden in Sochi, and sing the praises of a dictator who sends assassins for journalists like me. If a someone in Moscow writes that Russia has invaded Ukraine, there is a 15 year prison sentence waiting for him. If that’s the kind of country you want to rule the world, have at it. Break on through to the other side. Get out of America. Blame America. Believe the conspiracy narratives that were made to alienate you from your country. But I warn you now: The very communists in our government, who alienated you, are Putin’s chief allies.

      5. I didn’t vote for Biden and I didn’t vote for Putin. I would sure as hell not vote for Zelensky, either. It’s time for American citizens to get down to the border and start turning back Syrian refugees from Ukraine, before Biden can send any more of them to a town near you.

        As for hyper-sonic missiles, do you really think Putin’s going to need them? Half the UN sides with him, and Germany and France voted for the UN Resolution to invade Iraq, but then proceeded to criticize the US for following doing the heavy lifting. Will they resist Russia when it comes right down to it?

        I’m an American. I didn’t leave my country. My country left me. Just a few hours ago, a Fascist security told me to wear a mask.

    2. “Our way of life is about to come to an end here in the United States.”

      As I was sitting in church last night, I had a strong sense that this is the “calm before the storm”. 🙁

      1. Yes, calm before the storm. I also like your reply to Mike Stafford above, but it brings an interesting point to mind: I think most people have a default position in their thinking that forces them to look for “the good guy”.

        I have a fair amount of experience around the so-called elites in the US and Europe, and can tell you that they are not the good guys by most anyone’s definition. The Clinton’s are not the good guys, nor are the scores of other names we all know. Since they are not, many people default into assuming that Putin et al, are the good guys. After all, what kind of story would this be without good guys?

        The actual good guys are you, me, and other ordinary people who live by good values and would gladly help each other in a pinch. But who is the leader of today’s good guys? Who will enact our will to do good as a country or people? Such leaders are not present in this moment of deep degradation of society.

        Putin plays the part of being religious, but really only makes token gestures, and adds a few stories about his mother’s faith. But the need for a ” good guy” is so great for most people that nearly any symbolic gestures will do. Even degraded comedian Zelensky gets a standing ovation as hero for the congressional politicians.

        This is sad stuff, but the systems in most countries are so degraded that there is hardly anywhere for us to turn. In Brazil, the entire supreme court appears to be corrupt. In the the US, the winner of a stolen election nominates a supreme court candidate notoriously soft on pedophiles.

        The “good guy” vacuum is breathtaking and historic. Unfortunately, we know how such stories usually turn out.

    3. “Our way of life is about to come to an end here in the United States.”

      My question to each person reading this, and what have you done to prepare for this?

      I’ve perused the prepper sites, and what I keep hearing is guns and ammo, and store food. But if our whole way of life comes to an end, what happens when our stored food and ammo run out? Can you produce something of value to other people? What tools do you have? Do you know how to use those tools? How flexible are you in repurposing objects for other uses? For those on Social Security, can you earn your way when Social Security stops? Questions! Questions! Questions!

      As is said in Proverbs 30:19, after listing three actions which cannot be predicted, it ends with “the way of a man into the unknown” i.e. future. (“Virgin” is wrong here) Are you prepared to survive?

    4. It is a global conspiracy almost too fantastic. Nobody would ever believe it, and yet it seems as if we are living it right now in this moment in history.

    5. BB, one of those “B’s” must stand for “brevity” – concise, excellent!

  12. It’s kind of hard to see from so far away without professional journalism. “Don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes.”

  13. Is the Russian invasion of Ukraine, with old equipment and conscripts, setting up a trap for the West? I remember the Winter War against Finland—the Russians stumbled so badly that it actually encouraged Hitler to invade Russia. He sent in his troops without winter clothing, expecting a quick victory. Likewise, by having trouble overcoming a vastly weaker force in Ukraine, will it encourage NATO to think that should Russia (Soviet Union) attack NATO, that NATO can defeat Russia’s front line troops, when the opposite is true?

    The problem I see with capitalism, or I should put it in quotes “capitalism”, is that so much of true capitalism has been destroyed by our oligarchs. I remember when I was young (I’m now a “senior citizen”) it used to puzzle me no end why “capitalists” were supporting socialist policies and politics. I now realize they did so because they were not capitalists, rather socialists out to destroy capitalism. Which of the oligarchs don’t support socialism? Look at Amazon, Google, Facebook, and even some of the older companies like the the oligopolies that runs so much of industry, like the auto and steel industries. The “rust belt” was no accident. Which of the billionaires don’t support leftist causes? I don’t know of any. Where can I find information about them? The “crony capitalists” working for the industry/government cooperation are no different from the fascists who rule Russia and China today.

    I would love to see a return to capitalism as being the primary economic pattern in the U.S. Capitalism hasn’t failed, rather it’s been destroyed.

    I remember a story that my grandfather told: his mother was a widow trying to rear a family on a widow’s mite. Every time they read in the newspaper that Rockefeller made a “great philanthropic donation” they gathered every spare penny they could find to buy kerosene. They lived on the edge of town and couldn’t afford electricity, therefore depended on kerosene for lighting. They knew that in a few days that the price of kerosene would go up to cover the “great philanthropic donation”. In other words, Rockefeller paid for his “philanthropy” on the backs of widows and orphans. Rockefeller was an early example of an oligarch destroying capitalism.

    Trevor’s voice wasn’t clear, is there something wrong with his audio?

    Good interview.

  14. Yes, I’m having a hard time understanding Tevor as well. Poor sound quality on his end.

  15. Hi Jeff,

    That was a good interview and I could understand Trevor really well. I am a NZer by birth so that might be why. He does have an accent.

    Couple of thoughts. John Anderson an ex-Australian deputy prime minister seems to be of the same view as you (he has release two topical interviews recently). Which means at least within Australian circles there is concern about a resurgence of communism.

    Ultimately I feel the goal of this is to remove all genuine Jews and Christians from the world. Because if there are no Jews and Christians there can be no witness to the Lord Jesus Christ.

    A lot of people quote Matthew 24 but forget this part:

    9 “Then they will deliver you up to tribulation and put you to death, and you will be hated by all nations for my name’s sake. – Matthew 24:9


    1. That is not the main goal.

      The main goal is a worldwide dictatorship, otherwise known as global fascism.

      Or as they speak in their code language, world communism.

      An entire planet of slaves such as exist in China, Russia, and the other slave states.

      That is their goal.

  16. Brilliant talk. I think you guys are two of the best thinkers we have in the world. It’s fun to watch you guys talking together.

    A few thoughts I have in response to the video.

    At the end, Trevor mentioned maybe they will start accusing Conservatives of being Russian agents and locking us up. I already saw this. An old soccer coach of mine was posting on Facebook about how the FBI needs to find every Republican who supports Russia and arrest and kill them for treason.

    I wonder if the economic fallout from Ukraine will be like the fallout from Covid lockdown in a way. Assymetric results. As you point out the Kremlin doesn’t really care if Russians die or suffer. It could even be considered an opportunity for the Kremlin to destroy domestic opponents and increase their control(??). But in the mean time, if their economy suffers and they don’t care, and our economy suffers, the economic issues alone could prove destabilizing and catastrophic for us. Americans just are not in a place to handle this.

    Meanwhile, Conservatives on Twitter are high-fiving each other, super excited, as they point out pro-Ukraine propaganda coming from Ukraine. It is driving me crazy. It’s like, what do they expect Ukraine to do? Should they just say they are losing the war and lay down and die? When America is fighting vs Russia and China do these people want our leaders to put out videos showing our heroism in resisting and trying to bring in as many allies as possible, or do they just want to surrender?

    These people are pumped up to point out any pro-Ukraine propaganda Zelensky has, but they have zero interest in unraveling the anti-American disinformation coming from Russia. I dunno, it is just too stupid.

    1. Gateway Pundit has become a Putinist propaganda outlet. Many so called conservatives have really taken up Putin’s cudgels and are acting as gullible as leftists. It really is a shame.


        I totally agree with you and others about Gateway Pundit. I was liking their reporting on the election fraud. Very specific and factual.
        Now they are demonizing the Ukrainians and , it seems, being apologists for Putin. They did let in a good article by Lawrence Sellin. But in general they seem to be pushing anti-Ukraine propaganda. Maybe Trevor would know why Jim Hoft might be so anti-Ukraine. He seemed to have a good read on Carlson and Bannon.
        As things become more clear I am afraid that they will be very discredited and then have a large reduction in readership.
        I can’t stomach their website.

    2. Russia has a very serious demographic problem and the military age group is not that large. They broached the possibility of drafting minors, which will worsen their problem. Russia can’t afford to drown the Ukrainians in Russian blood Stalin did the Finns and Germans.

      1. Oh please, Russia has 65 million more people than Hitler had when he made war with the whole world. A shortage of men? World War I had smaller populations and raised larger armies.

      2. Oh please, Jeff. Look at the demographics. It’s not just about the total population, but the population of military age. In WW2, with a population of 120 million, the US had started drafting men in their 40s and the Soviets were drafting women. Take look at the demographic slice of Russia. The military age bracket is the smallest. Russia now has only 145 million people that is an old population.

      3. China, too, has a demographic problem. Not a problem of the total population, rather one of the number of military age men who are willing to become cannon fodder for the CCP. The one child policy also had a part in reducing their numbers. China also has an ageing population with a shrinking population of working age adults. Though the PLA is the largest military force for any one country in the world, is it enough to force an invasion of the U.S. where there are millions of armed combat veterans and hunters?

      4. All countries have this problem, except Muslim countries, and the Muslim countries are not going to be able to feed themselves soon. So it all takes care of itself.

    3. It’s why I do not call myself nor consider myself a conservative. They are incredibly stupid and reactionary.

      There are communists and conservatives, and then there are anti-communists.

  17. Powerful words!

    “Rebekah Koffler, who is a former DIA intelligence officer and author of “Putin’s Playbook: Russia’s Secret Plan to Defeat America,” told Fox News Digital that the Russians understand the conflict in Ukraine as a proxy war between Russia and the United States.

    “We are on a geopolitical collision course with Russia,” she said. “Our national interests are irreconcilable, the way that both countries define them.”

  18. I’ve been worried about Germany seeming ambivalent. Perhaps biding their time, or keeping their options open.

    1. Germany seems to have awakened. Much of their trouble is the left has acted as though they are scared that if they support the military like they should Hitler will come back to life and take over again. I saw the beginning of this in the late 60s just before the Socialist Coalition won the 69 elections. Many were turning against the US, when it was the US that kept Ivan on the other side of the iron curtain.

      1. How have they awakened? No military and they enslaved themselves to Russia.

        Germany seems completely taken over by Russian agents at this point. A completely neutered dog.

      2. They have started to provide for their military. They realize how stupid they have been. 100 billion Euros isn’t much for now, but the Bundeswehr is starting from a pretty low point and may not even be able to absorb that.

        They are also starting the moves to get off Russian oil and gas. Yes, they are in a corner, but they have to start somewhere and they now know Trump was right.

      1. Good point. And quaint that they only now are claiming to start spending on military. Kind of like the EU claiming they’ll be energy independent in a year.

      2. Putin wants NATO out of East Germany. Is that with or without a wall? He says that one day we all will have hyper-sonic missiles and that he does not abuse them. Is that to say that we will all be around to develop them, or that he will be happy to save some to send US?

  19. Not all “conservatives” are Pro-Putin; there are plenty of neo-cons eager to “escalate,” which seems to mean engage in the fighting in Ukraine, with some sort of “trick” to avoid calling it NATO engagement. Problem is, these blowhards are getting it wrong too. They talk tough – but only because they’ve discounted the possibility that Putin would ever “go nuclear.” They think the Cold War logic of mutually assured destruction still applies (discounting that Putin has openly reckoned that Russia has nuclear superiority). They scoff at the idea that Putin would attack a NATO country. They are just as dangerously clueless. The actions they urge may be more aggressive, but being aggressive while woefully underestimating the enemy is reckless.

    What would it look like if we had anyone in power who realistically assessed the threat? For one thing, we’d be ramping up energy production and every other sort of production we possibly could. We’d be figuring out how to configure a “war economy” immediately. In principle, we have the ag and energy to do it, if not the manufacturing base. Somewhere, we’d have military minds who knew how to play the hand we’ve got, gaming this out. But we have no one serious anywhere near the halls of power, it seems.

    1. Honestly, I do not know any professional commentators or experts eager to escalate to full blown war. Those who talk about a no-fly zone do not have a very realistic view of the strategic balance. We have a lot of ignorant people who are actually ignorant. Their ignorance does not make them warmongers. It makes them naive. Most Americans do not believe a nuclear war is possible. That is what makes nuclear war more than possible.

      1. Exactly. I should qualify “talk tough” as in want to send shiny equipment and other countries’ troops to prolong the war, confident that Americans could never actually have any real skin in the game except paying more for groceries and gas. They think “escalating” is essentially cost-free at least for the homeland. Meanwhile, their naive belligerence feeds the mill of China/Russia propaganda the the US are the real “warmongers.” Lindsey Graham literally scoffed at the idea that Russia would ever launch a nuke. It’s a game to them where the real damage will always only be elsewhere.

      2. In my opinion Russia could take Alaska from the United States, and China could take positions on the West Coast; yet our side is clueless. And it is not that the Russians are geniuses. It’s simply that we are so puffed up with nonsensical notions of our own superiority. Strategically, America has not had its on the ball for thirty years. Look at who occupies the White House. How does THAT happen? The enemy is inside the gates.

      3. Jeff, I see people don’t even have a clue on the true status of NATO forces. Here in Brazil, I see many “specialists” stating that NATO has enough power to defeat Russia. As I can reckon, even US conventional forces are reduced in size and in readiness. In 2019, in Germany, for example, out of their 128 Eurofighters jets, only 4 were ready to fly.

      4. NATO’s ability to defeat Russia depends entirely on the war being non-nuclear. Well, why would the Russians allow the war to be fought with mere conventional weapons? Once you introduce nuclear weapons the balance of power tips in Russia’s favor dramatically. Why is this so? Because they have built their country so that they can absorb nuclear attacks without losing tens of millions of people. They have blast and fallout shelters in all their cities. They have massive ABM defenses. Nearly everyone in America believes in Mutual Assured Destruction. I can argue until I am blue in the face, but your average American will never understand that Mutual Assured Destruction is an obsolete theory that our military abandoned in 1978. As a Russian general recently asked, “Why should the city of Kiev exist?” Indeed, why should the United States exist? No particular reason, really. Have you inspected your fallout shelter lately? Where are our ABMs? We have 70 or 80. The Russians have 10,000 – 12,000 dual purpose SAM ABMs — S300s, S400s, and the new S500 systems. For 35 years people have told me I need a more positive attitude. I am told that I am not giving my country the credit it deserves for its nuclear capabilities. We have nukes, too, they say. But we have neglected our nuclear arsenal. I know this because I have kept up with military developments and have talked with experts. I know how things have developed over the years, and I know the attitudes, myths and misconceptions people have. The truth is, we have not built defenses against nuclear weapons that amount to anything. Worse yet, America elected Clinton. They elected Obama, and now Biden is president. These “leaders” sabotaged our defenses before our eyes. They opened our border to terrorists and spetsnaz infiltration. You might ask: Are Americans blind? I have been writing this message for decades. And very few people are willing to listen. I have always asked myself if this is my own fault. Recently I was told it is my fault, and I need to do some soul searching. Of course, I have done a lot of soul searching, for 35 years. But in the end, you can only say what you believe to be true and let the chips fall where they may. People should have written their senators and congressman about this long ago. Almost nobody took responsibility. All we needed was a loud 100,000 people, but there was not even a loud thousand to yell and scream until the defenses were built. What did we do instead? We allowed Marxist treason into our schools, into our government and the media. We let our enemy subvert us and disarm us, intellectually and militarily. Americans want to be comfortable. They want easy and simple solutions that will not involve sacrifices. Too bad. The world does not work that way. Everything is hard. Now the sacrifices will be enormous, and we may not survive. Someone recently told me this was all my fault because I was not clever enough to sell my message to the people. That is putting an awful lot on me, and leaving nothing for anyone else; and I do not except the responsibility of correcting the grammar of the universe (to use a metaphor). I was told that I should have altered my message, made it more acceptable, more sugary, etc. But I watched several other people, who knew exactly what I knew, doing exactly that very thing. And it did not work. I knew it wouldn’t. As Marielena Stuart used to say in her amazing commentaries, “Somebody has to say the truth.”

      5. Thank you Jeff for speaking the truth. I’m glad you haven’t stopped! There is an interesting portion of scripture that talks about a watchman on the wall. (Ezekiel 33) You have faithfully warned and it will NOT be your fault, whatever happens to people, when things come crashing down. Ezekiel said their blood will be on their OWN heads.

      6. Jeff, like you said, all you can do is put the message out there. It’s up to folks whether or not they will listen. Them not listening is NOT your fault! You have made your warnings clear, coherent, and easily accessible.

        Unfortunately, it is like you said. Even as a teenager it came to my realization, that we Ameticans do not want to rock the boat. As long as we are comfortable, and *entertained*, most of us will not rock the boat.

        I’m glad you didn’t try to make your wake up call entertaining. We need cold, hard reality.

        Unfortunately, since most wouldn’t accept the reality of what you said when it could be dealt with, it appears that reality will now be forced upon us.

        Damn our overriding desire to be fat, warm, and happy. It is our downfall indeed. I have hated this mindset my whole life, realizing that most cannot be bothered to care what is happening in our nation.

        You are not alone in your frustration with the apathy of our countrymen.

      7. That’s part of the problem with the church today. They’ve tried to make it entertaining.

      8. Absolutely! This has deeply troubled me for years. As Kierkegaard pointed out two centuries ago. In Church, God is the audience. The congregation is performing.

      9. Little Miss Lindsey is not exactly the most intelligent man to be pontificating on foreign or military policy. His service was as a lawyer in the Air Force reserve and he never actually completed his service honorably. The USAF let him off because of his congressional service and they felt he was a good inside lobbyist for them.

        John McCain at least out his body on the line over North Vietnam, although he acted stupidly which played a large part of his being shot down. Still, he was a fool who knew only one thing to do in so many cases, just attack them and they’ll stand down and give us our way.

        Fortunately McCain is gone, but Graham has no business anywhere near the levers of power.

      10. Jeff, you’ve knocked yourself out stating your case with truly, most eloquent writing. It’s just that you can’t tell anybody anything. It’s not just you, that’s a general principal. Russia’s mach 20 hyper-sonic missiles could be a real game changer, as if US defenses weren’t deficient enough already. How viable will US farmland be for China after a all out Russian nuclear attack? Would the US have any significant retaliatory capability and what condition would it leave Russia and China? How would Europe be affected? How long after the elimination of the US would it take for Europe to fully recover with an economic boom of sex, drugs, and rock & roll? There’s a reason why I ask these specific questions.

  20. …I spent seventeen months waiting in line outside the prison in Leningrad. One day somebody in the crowd identified me. Standing behind me was a woman, with lips blue from the cold, who had, of course, never heard me called by name before. Now she started out of the torpor common to us all and asked me in a whisper (everyone whispered there):
    “Can you describe this?”
    And I said: “I can.”
    Then something like a smile passed fleetingly over what had once been her face.

    From Requiem by Anna Ahkmatova

    One of our problems in the west is that we are not even able to describe what is happening to us. It is too painful even to admit to ourselves what is happening.

    1. Another good Akhmatov quote. This poet described it better than anyone I can think of. She came up with the line, “New lies for old.”

  21. FYI in case you missed it:

    US Warns of Potential Cyberattacks From Russia

    The United States warned on Monday there was “evolving intelligence” that the Russian government was exploring options for potential cyberattacks, according to a statement from the White House.

    “I urge our private sector partners to harden your cyber defenses immediately,” President Joe Biden said in the statement, adding everyone needed “to do their part to meet one of the defining threats of our time.”

  22. Jeff-

    You seem to suggest that 911 was not an inside job. Presumably you didn’t mean to suggest it was an attack as advertised? Tower 1&2 falling from the top down into their own footprint, tower 7 falling at all, and the missile into the Pentagon, just to begin with are all unexplained by the narrative. Do you suggest that it was engineered by the communist bloc, with the help of infiltrated U.S. institutions?

      1. People are irrational about it because the official narrative is also irrational. There’s no way we can get to the bottom of it here while taking valuable time and effort away from what is happening today. I agree with Jeff not to discuss it further.

      2. The twin towers were brought down by the fires fueled by the crashes. Those long lasting fires are why they chose aircraft fueled for transcontinental flight. Improperly fireproofed steel weakens when exposed to heat, and the aircraft hit above the line where wet applied asbestos had been used on the steel. The combination of the curtain wall on the side of the building hit a by the AC and the fire compromised the structure to the point that the story where the AC hit collapsed. The rest was simply a result of the load being thrown on the lower stories which could not support the increased load. The huffing heard as the each story collapsed was simply the escape of compressed air. They did not fall into their own footprint.

        No explosives were used to bring the buildings down. I don’t know if that is the “official” story, but it is what happened. I’m a civil engineer and understand the structural issues involved. The stories about explosives, and other nonsense are simply stupid. I don’t blame Jeff for blowing off the question.

      3. What?
        Are you kidding?
        You don’t want to discuss it?
        Your the irrational one if you don’t want to answer my question.
        My question is imminently rational and you undo all you other arguments if you won’t answer it.
        I throw down the challenge and ask you to show me you understand that the evidence clearly undermines the official explanation. If you won’t do that then you expose yourself as a fraud for every other excellent effort you have offered humanity. You don’t get to negate the efforts offered in good faith of other human beings because your are kennel blind to your own limitations of intellect.

        I asked about what you said and published, and I did it with maximum respect for what I suspected your intent was when you spoke and published your speech. I’m waiting for an adequate reply to a valid question.

      4. I am a fraud for not wanting to discuss your hobby horse? Excuse me? I know an engineer who used to talk with me about this subject at length. He built many large buildings in his long career; and he debunked your “9/11 was inside job” theory. I also read a long analysis of both sides on this question, and your side came out very badly. But I am not an engineer and this is not my wheelhouse. Is that okay with you? While it is true you politely asked me to discuss it, I exercised my right to politely refuse. But now your polite facade has been dropped and your insults and threats are on full display. Given what you just wrote, I do not want to discuss anything with you. And why should YOU want to discuss anything with ME? After all, according to you I am a fraud and an intellectually limited person. Surely, you have better things to do than write insults to someone so far beneath your vast knowledge and integrity. Of course, when I have the time, I will eventually review this subject in detail (however much it bores me). So be sure to stop in then. I look forward to reading fresh insults from you.

      5. Jeremy Keller: Leave Jeff alone! You ask Jeff to be an expert in everything, and that is impossible. Nobody is able to do that. There are a couple of places where Jeff has spoken outside of his area of expertise where I think he is wrong on them. But I won’t badger him on them because I accept the limits on what a person can know.

        Jeff’s expertise is on the communist threat, and he knows much more than I on that. Let’s listen to him in his area of expertise, and cut him some slack elsewhere.

  23. Can someone please summarize the points of Jeff’s interview with Trevor for those of us who couldn’t understand it because of the bad sound?

  24. Jeff, I liked your comments on the supply chain which I see as a serious present danger. Even though COVID is now declared a non-issue, the chip supplies coming from Asia are not getting better. Almost all our industry runs using specialized control systems and the chips needed to replace broken parts are getting much harder to find. All it would take would be a little EMP and much of our food processing and delivery would be gone. Even if that doesn’t happen, if companies can’t buy new parts, or the suppliers can’t get new products out, many will go out of business in a slow death. It is affecting everything, from surface mount resisters to high end GPUs used for AI, with lead times currently going from a few months to a year.

      1. Almost all AI is done with NVIDIA GPUs in one form or another. There is a revolution in control systems going on as well as on personal computers for photography and on iPads and iPhones which all have AI processing. Siri is the main example, but the iPhone has specialized neural processors as a full blown GPU would use too much power. Check out the “NVIDIA GTC keynotes” by their founder on YouTube.

      2. Modern AI and modern computer graphics both benefit from massively parallel computing architectures found in GPUs. I believe this has been the trend over the past decade. Haven’t kept up with recent developments though.

      1. The latest GTC is going on this week and the keynote was this morning. Two things of interest. Pfizer used AI to help fix some problems with the COVID vaccine and also to design their new pill.


        Researchers are also working on an earth 2 model for global warming predictions. The amazing thing is that it isn’t programmed with physics like the current simulations, but simply learns the interactions of the earth systems by looking at past data. I saw through this ruse right away. If you train a model on increasing temperatures, then it will always see increasing temps in the future. What could go wrong, except more funding.

  25. “NATO’s ability …………… As Marielena Stuart used to say in her amazing commentaries, “Somebody has to say the truth.”

    Responding to this post by Jeff that is posted above.

    When one considers the pervasiveness of television and the total amount of hours watched by nearly everyone, and also that there is one type of conversation mode that is, again, extraordinarily common, that of the instant response to someone else’s comment.

    Not very good pre-television at a needed skill they were, then add a lifetime of television, and the other factors Jeff mentions frequently.

    Just a hypothesis.

    Most solutions begin with the breaking of a habit.

      1. “But how? How can the majority, since they have the advantage of numbers, be mistaken? Because the simplest facts are much more treacherous than we have heretofore realized. For facts must be placed in proper context, or else they will most certainly deceive us. And to arrange facts into their proper context requires a sensitivity and a skill which Americans seem to have lost. Perhaps our taste for facts has been spoiled by the manner in which we have been schooled; a manner which teaches that facts are boring and contexts should be dropped. We memorize many facts, cramming them into our heads in order to pass some silly test; and then, as quickly, we forget them. Facts are a game. Also, our wariness with regard to the meaning of facts has been undermined by television and newspapers. The essential lesson of the mass media has been that facts are discreet things: simple, unidimensional, and easy.

        “Origins of the Fourth World War” by J.R.Nyquist

        Requested of the Public, that copies of the above message fragment be handed out near the front doors of television companies, especially in New York City.

  26. I watched your interview twice with Trevor Loudon. This was very special…to se two of the most knowledgeable and articulate anti-communists discuss the current world situation. One of the main take aways was that Putin was using his old equipment and least experienced troops in Ukraine, holding back his more seasoned troops for later. Another key point was that Putin wants people to see the terror and havoc he is wreaking so they understand what’s in store for them. He does not want a clean easy war. A third takeaway is that if I heard right, Tulsi Gabbert and Tucker Carlson are focused on the wrong things regarding Russia and Ukraine so have come to the wrong conclusions. They are not necessarily KGB operatives.

    I do have a question though. You did mention that Poland decided not to send their Mig 29s. Why do you think that is? Also, I have this conundrum in my mind. If we help Ukraine more overtly, we will be in WWIII at once. If we wait to see what Putin does next, see how the world’s sanctions affect the Russian people and move them to stop him, we also take a big risk. Which is the bigger risk? And what about our military industrial complex? Aren’t they gunning for war? How do we restrain that impulse so this doesn’t become a profit driven war? I am also nervous at wanting anything that Obama, BIden, and Hillary Clinton and their ilk want. Any thoughts?

    1. We have to be careful about taking Biden’s words at face value. There has been a lot of pretending out there; and the pretenders cannot afford to expose themselves, especially now. The Clintons and Obama are people who have been pretending a long time.

      1. The thing about you, Jeff, is that you negate yourself, creating a state of ambivalence in the minds of your readers. On the one hand, you say that the US Government has been subverted by Communists. I don’t doubt that to be true, but you make vague generalities, and then when your readers cite examples, you call your readers, Communists or conspiracy theorists. What this accomplishes is for you to cover for the Communists that you assert dominate the US Government. If you won’t tolerate for your readers to objectively criticize observable behavior of Government officials, and/or recognize the effectiveness of Putin’s behavior and propaganda, then you are working on behalf of the Progressive, ‘Cancel Culture’. You accuse US of falling for Communist Propaganda, while not allowing US to discuss in order to analyze it. We get cut off at the knees at broaching the topic before we can delve into the topic.

      2. You slander me pretty severely, Mike; then you attack me for not allowing readers to “discuss in order to analyze.” I did not disallow a discussion. I just do not have the time to dig up all my previous research on 9/11 right now. I am a little overwhelmed at the moment. If you had been cut off at the knees, as you claim, I would have deleted all your comments, especially these latest slanderous remarks. But here I see something vaguely relevant to this thread. You seem to be seconding Vladimir Putin’s cause, which is where your kind of narrative inevitably leads. Do tell me about the virtues of Vladimir Putin. I am eager to read your views.

      3. It is you who mischaracterize me. I’m not singling out 9/11. I agree with what Sranick has said about you. Until recently, you were the only forum discussing the Russian/China threat to any significant extent. Okay, now is your fifteen minutes. That doesn’t make your hysteria factual. Russia and China have nukes. So far, nobody’s solved the danger, and nuclear weapons continue to proliferate. The hyper-sonic missiles can strike before early warning can even detect their launch. The US is nowhere to be found in what the Bible describes to be considered as World War Three, bur Russia, China, and Europe are. You scoff at the Bible, but humor me. How could Europe be around for World War Three, with the United States already gone? These new newfangled hyper-sonic missiles might do the trick, but Russia doesn’t rule Europe prior to, during, or after World War Three, according to the Bible.

      4. Alas, an attempt to piece together a coherent worldview leads to fatal stab in the dark. Be careful where you point that thing.

    2. Ladyfromlibertygarage – you have well spelled out the conundrum! I think we knew there are grave consequences to having leadership that is compromised, but that doesn’t help with the question, what, then to do. I fear we’ve been checkmated, in that, we don’t currently have a chess move that solves our problem (ie, survival may well depend on military confrontation, but how is that a smart action under a president who’s every move turns out to be calculated for the worst outcome?). The key is how to change the dynamics, if possible. What I come back to is that all we citizens can do is ready ourselves, speak the truth, take what actions that we can as our fate is largely out of our hands. Also, be moderate in our thinking toward our fellow countrymen, because ultimately we will need solidarity to survive whatever hell is coming our way.

      1. Visitor, I truly appreciate the thoughtful response! I totally agree about building solidarity with our fellow countrymen. I recall after 9/11, there was great unity among us. It is said that In a time of crisis, people show their best (and worst) colors. But on 9/12, we were one united America. That’s what we need now. I now understand our very survival is threatened. Not just a way of life or a superior belief system, i.e., the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, but whether I am even here. It’s easy to say that our home is in heaven but in reality when life is threatened, instinctually, we seek to preserve ourselves. God has made it clear to me I have a duty to make my life on earth beautiful, good, and true.

  27. Well…an asteroid strike might help the situation, no? Now THAT would be a great reset!

    1. Your comment made me laugh aloud….thank you, William. I needed that laugh.

  28. “Somebody has to say the truth.” Yet, you should have a more “positive” attitude, Jeff.
    What is this Dialectical Insanity?
    The more I view “dialectic” the more confused I become.
    Logical Materialism? With a high dose of propaganda, deception, absolutism, the seven deadly sins, intrigue, confusion, and chaos.
    I, we, not you Jeff, need to go back and “figure this out” a bit more.
    Any suggestions for reading material? Under 1000 pages, please.

    You know, I do not need to understand the biological foundations of macropinocytosis to appreciate the Ebola virus can kill me. It may not even help me understand the lethality. Then again, in my case it did, but I’m a pathology guy, the rest of you, don’t waste your time. But this Marxism disease is way different, I’ve read you for damn near 30 years and I still don’t “get it.” I do get it will kill me and damn near everyone else.

    I liked your comments with Trevor regarding the schism between the “party” and the Russians.
    Hell no they can’t let this “5th column” be exposed now, despite dashing naked to the finish line.
    Did you see Biden saying we will have to lead the “New World Order?” Chilling.
    Seems like another politician/former CIA Director said this decades ago. Yep, more deception, and I am forming the opinion that the nuclear conflict wasn’t required all the way back then.
    For we had already lost.
    Just look at the current lack of “secrecy.” “Migs” and old Soviet “air defense.” Why would you broadcast this?
    Remember item #2 of the 45 goals?

    Sorry, but I just don’t see a path forward at this point.
    We probably won’t even order a “counter strike” because of “Global Warming.”

    “Just think of how hot it is going to get after the “nuclear winter” subsides, it would be morally wrong to exacerbate a global problem much bigger than the simple disagreements between nation states.”

    “Think of the children.”

      1. Suicide, “Death by Communism,” stupidity, perversion, corruption, mental illness, whatever.
        Judgedment: GUILTY.

        First Officer Spock : “Guilty party has his choice. Death by electrocution, death by gas, death by phaser, death by hanging…”

      1. Thanks for the readable link!

        This article is maddening for many reasons, firstly because it relies on Clapper who is both stupid and a known liar (he even admittedly lied to Congress over spying on Americans).

        More to the point – a massive first strike may seem like an option, but it’s more of a realistic option for Russia than the United States, and no mainstream outlet or analyst will admit this. A massive first strike against Russia is not a clear-cut option for the US, because Russia ostensibly has developed the ability to defend against our first strike, while executing its own strike against us by SURPRISE. In other words, credible analysis implies that Russia has first strike capability against the US, but not vice versa.

        Also, the article states that “a global race for the smaller arms is intensifying” while leaving out the the US currently is way behind.

        It seems the point of the article is to normalize the idea of tactical nuke strikes by Russia against Europe, without highlighting our MASSIVE exposure to attack by Russia on US soil, and without highlighting the fact that we’re truly at a disadvantage when it comes to both tactical nukes (Russia has us beat by thousands) and strategic nukes (ours are aging and we don’t have Russia’s technology to pull off surprise or defense).

  29. I think this video may be very relevant at this time. War 2020 Russia’s Information Aggression

    Off by 2 years but covers a lot of topics ( Made in 2016 but important now ) :

    -Russia’s information warfare capabilities
    – threats to Ukraine and the Baltic countries
    – in depth information on the various aspects.

    I’ve probably mentioned this video before, but I really think it is an eye opener.


    1. “Weaponization of information”. Wow! It truly was eye-opening! Thank you Tom.

      1. PRAYINGINOK :

        You’re welcome.

        I like the handle “prayinginok”. I think you’re inspiring me to pray more often. My grandma was excellent with prayers and devotions.

        The world could use a lot of prayers right now. So keep up the good work !

      2. That was very sweet! Thank you, Tom. I bet I would have liked your grandma. 🙂

        I will definitely keep praying and seeking God’s face. (2 Chronicles 7:14)

  30. Thank you Jeff for your excellent expertise. I do combine your infos with those of Joel Skousen and the picture gets quite clear. Also Dr. Stewart A. Swerdlow said, that there are three centers of power competing for world dominance, the Western globalists, the Russians (covert communists) and the Chinese (overt communists) and ALL three of them have signed on to the basic principles of the New World Order. The Russians and the Chinese just want to a different version of it and want to have more say in how it should look like. Swerdlow said, that they are all three like the board of a company, work for the same goals, but each of them wants to become the CEO/boss. I assume, that Russia is allied with China to bring down the Western globalists, defeat them, occupy the U.S.A. and then go to war with China to determine, who will be the dominant power.

    Xi Jinping, China, July 7th, 2016
    “The world is facing radical changes. We see the EU gradually collapsing and the US economy collapsing. This will end in a New World Order. So in 10 years we will have a New World Order like never before and in which the key will be the union of Russia and China,”
    (found this in 2020, but it seems to be no longer available on the internet, translated from German to English)

    I also remember, that Putin said many years ago in speech, that he wants a different New World Order, he did NOT reject it in general, just the Western version of it.

    1. The term “New World Order” refers to the post-Soviet world order and all our Western (liberal) delusions about that order. Liberalism is the old ideology of the West. It is the ideology of democracy, of parliaments and congresses, of the free market and even the welfare state that would undercut Marxist agitation among the workers. This was the primary enemy of the Communist Bloc. The KGB spent decades infiltrating the plutocratic centers of the Liberal Order. They spread their agents and their poison, their sabotage, everywhere, so that what we have in Washington, in Brussels, in Davos, is no longer liberal. We have been tenderized before the barbecue, with barbecue sauce covering us. A tasty set of morsels for Russia and China. This is my analysis. And we are very close to the closing chapters of this long game, the game of the Eastern Bloc, also known as the Communist Bloc. They did not go away in 1991. Our elites fell into their trap. That is what you need to know. It is not the case that our elites want to wipe us out. It is not the case that our elites want to pauperize us. Our elites are the capitalists. They have always been the main target of the communists. Read the Communist Manifesto. Read Lenin. Read Stalin. Only now the communists have gotten almost everyone, right and left, to hate the capitalists. So we are on the verge of seeing the final overthrow of capitalism. And it will not be pretty. Most of the world’s population will die off. And I am telling you, as I have watched their strategy unfold, that the communists are the authors of this strategy. They have set it up. In this analysis, therefore, I am not in full agreement with Joel Skousen. And I do not think Russia and China will attack each other while we are still a country. That is not something we should expect to see.

      1. Maybe one clarifying question is, do we have “our elites” left? As in, capitalists who are NOT trying to pauperize and wipe us out? Most have fallen into the communist trap – so are you saying they can fall out of it, and maybe wage a legitimate defense to the communist takeover? Or are you saying that at least a few remain who still do champion the liberal order? One difficulty with seeing an existing “liberal order,” which is different or better than communism, is that there aren’t any obvious champions of it currently on the world stage. It feels like the main drivers in the West are communists, communist stooges, or otherwise useless. Not putting you on the spot to name names, but perhaps let us know if you seen any strongholds left.

        I’m not challenging your thesis, but trying to get at the apparent “snag” for a lot of people, which is that all they/we see are communists everywhere, which makes it seem like the West has been reduced to “controlled opposition.” When you’ve pointed out that even Klaus Schwab has a bust of Lenin, it sounds like you might be at least implicitly endorsing that notion, ie, the “face” of what brands itself as the Western Liberal Order (WEF/Klaus Schwab) is actually another communist front, which in turn implies that the WEF/Great Reset actually serves the broader communist purpose, even as it purports to represent the climax or final iteration of a distinctly Western “new world order.” So in a sense this comes full circle, to imply that even the direction of the West is controlled opposition of the Communist Party in the East. Put simply, the West swallowed by the East, the West accelerating a rush toward a distinctly communist version of “globalization” (because that is what the “Great Reset” really is) even as it masks and obfuscates actual imperial aggression from Russia and China against the United States and the vestiges of Western liberalism.

      2. Thanks for demystifying the term “New World Order.”
        Many folks, and probably most on this blog, reflexively see this term as a spooky, globalist conspiracty but…not necessarily.

      3. Adding to my note above, for those taken in by the WEF so called “New World Order” – consider that a preoccupation with a threat that is “global” in scope has the effect of discounting threats by real-world enemies (ie, Russia, China, Iran, North Korea) as “unreal” or “managed” or unstoppable. One manifestation of this is conservatives who think the Ukraine attack is a “globalist plot” to destroy the economy, and nothing more.

        The key point here – underlying the debate re communism vs “great reset” – is that it is a HUGE, SELF_DEFEATING DISTRACTION to view the world through the prism of “global puppet-masters.” We are a world comprised of nation-states that wield power backed by violence. While we muse about “puppet masters” pulling strings to create a “transhumanist” world through social engineering and depopulation – actual nation-states have amassed real armies to set about attacking the United States on our soil to obliterate us, not at the behest of central banks or ancient bloodlines (whom we could never literally defeat, and that is the point of the fantasy), but by the design of mortal governments that fight with weapons which we surely could defeat, if we focused on doing so.

      4. There are real enemies and make believe enemies. And there are misunderstandings about classes of people. The conspiracy theorists target rich Western elites. So do the communists. That is not coincidental.

      5. Too many of us remember the little guy with a funny moustache talking about “Die neue Weltordnung”. It was caught on video (film). So when we hear the English translation of that phrase, we think not of the post soviet world order, but of fascism (a type of leftist socialism).

        It doesn’t help when we see almost all of our major economic elites supporting fascism and not capitalism. On the economic front, since when is socialism, both of the Marxist Leninist variety and the fascist variety, not a marriage of big business with big government? How is it that our so-called “crony capitalists” are not socialists? That our elites are trying to destroy capitalism, not defend it?

        Does that not make the present war a civil war between different visions of socialism? One in which many of our elites are already on the enemy’s side?

      6. Question, Jeff: Speaking of our elites, it’s hard to understand how they do not want to pauperize or rule over us with an iron fist, not as brutally as a Stalin, but given the degree that they seem to follow a communist-type rule over its citizens, e.g., the draconian COVID lockdowns, vax mandates, vax passports said to be coming with Chinese style social credit type applications (according to Reggie Littlejohn on Secure Freedom Radio today), the 2020 election theft, the Jan 6 protestors locked away in prisons, beaten, awaiting trial without due process, Trudeau clamping down on the truckers protests by freezing bank accounts, the out of control Austrian police acting like CCP police in Hong Kong on it’s citizens over masks and vaccines, the off the chart, in-your-face corruption of US politicians, eg, the Clintons, the Bidens and the fact that according to the Hunter laptop contents and various experts besides yourself, like Sam Faddis, the sitting U.S. Pres, along with his entire cabinet, appear to be bought and paid for by the CCP and possibly Russia. It’s very difficult for ordinary folks over 50 to understand how we got here? Granted, we’re not the Soviet Union or even Russia, but what has happened to basic American values of freedom according to our representative gov? Is it all this the result of over 100 years of CCP/Russian covert influence ops? Or are the elites doing this on their own. Maybe both? Thanks!

      7. People generalize too much. The “elite” is a complex group of people. There are different kinds of elites and many unique personalities. You go by what you see on television. But reality is more complex. The economy is complex. The degenerative forces are part communist, part liberal, part hedonist.

      8. Yes, I agree on your last point. Their alliance will probably hold until the U.S. would be occupied by them. I have found the original English version of the Xi Jinping speech.

        Xi Jinping, 01.07.2016
        “The world is on the brink of radical changes. We see how the EU is gradually crumbling and the US economy is collapsing. This will end in a new world order. So, in 10 years we will have a new world order unlike anything before in which the key will be the Union of Russia and China,” said XI.

  31. Jeremy Keller!!!

    Moscow was informed about the attacks in advance

    Another indication of the Kremlin’s involvement in the events postulated by Freeman is the fact that warnings were circulated in Moscow several months before the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, that an imminent collapse of the American financial market was to be expected. For example, the Russian daily Pravda, citing Kremlin advisor Tatyana Koryagina, published a report on July 12, 2001, that the U.S. dollar and the U.S. financial system would collapse on August 19 or shortly thereafter. Koryagina recommended that the Russian people immediately exchange their U.S. dollar reserves for rubles. At the same time, meetings were being held in the Russian Duma to prepare Russia for America’s economic collapse. The collapse of the American economy, Koryagina said, would be triggered by an attack from an invisible and unstoppable “powerful group,” from “international mystical-religious forces.” Asked how the U.S. economy could be brought down other than by war and without missile or bomb attacks, she replied that there were other kinds of weapons. The U.S. had been chosen as a target because the financial center of the world economy was located there, she said, and in the wake of the U.S. collapse, the ruble would become the most important currency in Europe and Asia. When interviewed again after the 2001 attacks, she said new strikes would follow, both financial and otherwise. America, she said, would be hit in the back and thus brought down.

    1. The testimony of Tatyan Koryagina before the Dume in July 2001 gave the whole game away Exactly right, Heike. Good catch! I had forgotten all the contextual proofs of Moscow’s involvement. I wrote about all these things at the time. But who took it in?

      1. Jeff, I don’t remember what you wrote but I’d love to read it if there is still a copy somewhere? I remember Benjamin Baruch dreaming about the planes, though. Wow! I have a feeling the rest of his dream (the mushroom clouds) will come to pass as well.

      2. A lot of us, Jeff.
        Solid evidence. Along with 200 thousand tons of glass, concrete and steel turning to dust, an impossibility considering the kinetic energy available which was about an order of magnitude less than what would be required.

      3. Wow!!! Russia really DID know something was about to happen to the US.

        Thank you Edwin for finding that article.

      4. That is amazing! Something else you said that jumped out at me:

        “It is interesting to note that in Russia’s 1998 default and crash, the
        U.S. financial system was (by some reports) almost dragged down in the
        undertow. In other words, an economic chain reaction begun in Russia could
        affect us here.”

        How can people not see that what is happening today is going to financially impact us in a MAJOR way?

      5. I remember, back in 2001, Olavo de Carvalho was the only Brazilian journalist to mention this curious event of Russian government suggesting people to replace dolars for gold on the eve of 9/11 attacks.

      6. I did find the UAF Institute of Northern Engineering re-evaluation of the collapse of Building 7 quite compelling. It is a good read.

        I also had a former associate who was waiting outside in DC with a view of the west side of the Pentagon and its approach that morning purely by chance. “No airliner, I don’t know what it was but it wasn’t an airliner, absolutely no way, full stop.” he told me several years later, the first time I had talked to him in almost 2 decades. Zero reasons to doubt his “testimony.”

        “It is our conclusion that the collapse of WTC 7 was a global failure involving the near-
        simultaneous failure of all columns in the building and not a progressive collapse involving the sequential failure of columns throughout the building.
        Despite simulating a number of hypothetical scenarios, we were unable to identify any progressive sequence of failures that could have taken place on September 11, 2001, and caused a total collapse of the building, let alone the observed straight-down collapse with approximately 2.5 seconds of free fall and minimal differential movement of the exterior.”


  32. Hi Jeff,

    I remember you mentioning a few times last year that China was stockpiling wheat. Could’ve been Russia giving them advanced warning to stockpile food prior to their planned invasion of Ukraine as it turns out China is the number one importer of Ukrainian wheat. Do you still think it’s still because of global cooling or could it be both?

    1. China is not warning Russia. THEY ARE ALLIES WORKING TOGETHER. That should be apparent by now. Do not believe what they say. Watch what they do.

      1. For sure they’re working together and always have been even after the supposed “Sino-Soviet Split”. I agree, we should watch what BOTH China and Russia do regarding this war or anything else they do looks like they’re working oppositely but towards the same goal (the scissor strategy). They took hostage a good chunk of the global economy, via Russian energy and Chinese industry. They’re slowly snipping away at the limbs of free capitalist countries. It’s really sad and frightening to see.

  33. Russia claimed over the week that it used a hypersonic missile in Ukraine. Head of the Pentagon, U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, said alleged use of such a missile is ‘not a game changer,’ but Putin expert Rebekah Koffler disagrees. Koffler, author of ‘Putin’s Playbook,’ tells Glenn Beck it’s ‘totally an escalation.’ She says Putin has been climbing the ‘escalation ladder’ throughout this entire conflict, putting the world on the ‘trajectory to nuclear warfare.’ In this clip, she details more of Putin’s potential tactics, strategies, and actions he may take if ‘cornered’ by the rest of the world… https://youtu.be/XSop6YODNo4

      1. Russia has, by some counts, 20,000 tactical nukes, with almost 2,000 moved onto their navy. But there is a difference between modernized and non-modernized. I am a little unsure which source is correct.

      2. OK thank you! I did some looking around and found 2 articles that seem to confirm her numbers. I don’t know how credible they are, but I’ll share the links:

        Russia’s Small Nukes Are a Big Problem

        ‘All bets are off’: Russia has a massive arsenal of battlefield nukes, and there’s heated debate about whether a desperate Putin might use it

    1. I would believe her over Lloyd Austin any day! Thanks BB. Glenn mentioned his first hour was about rising food prices and being prepared. Did you listen to that part?

      1. PrayinginOK, yes, I did. And I am working like the devil to get ready for heaven.

      2. Your terminology made me laugh, Lady! LOL! Was it a good podcast? I’ll go see if I can find it. I’m already finding some interesting shortages.

      3. No, just the interview. I’m well stocked and well prepared and praying. Something wicked comes our way.

  34. Around 13:30, when you mention the staff of the KGB being a million strong, did you mean only the KGB, or all of the intelligence services, GRU, etc.?

    After that when talking about the banksters, did you say “secret agents, secret squirrels”? I’m trying to figure out what word you used there.

    If you’d like help with the transcript, I’ve done some in the past. This conversation was important at this time because we’re watching the right completely wander out into the weeds on this, they are going for every possible bizarre and anti-American theory that’s fed to them.

  35. Thursday, March 24 is now there a threshold of the potential day of infamy like we’ve never seen. NATO is holding their emergency meeting in Brussels with the leaders of all the NATO countries gathering together and now on yesterday Tuesday, The Kremlin explicitly stated that sanctions & arm shipments by the West are acts of war now that Russia is openly saying we are at war with him what better way to gain a supreme upper hand I launching decapitation strike of the NATO leader ship it doesn’t even have to be with a nuclear weapon Kinzhal hypersonic missile while having an alternative conventional 500 kilogram warhead, it speed of Mach 10-12 (7600-9120 MPH), traveling at 2 miles to 2.2 miles a second; The kinetic energy of the Kinzhal missile when it hits its target is the equivalent of 9000 pounds of TNT type explosives.

    There are three historical markers for For March 24 one is minor one is an odd and the third one is much greater importance in addition there could’ve been a coded signal to NATO by a specific Russian airstrike last week.

    March 24:

    *1794 – In Kraków, Tadeusz Kościuszko announces a general uprising against Imperial Russia and the Kingdom of Prussia, and assumes the powers of the Commander in Chief of all of the Polish forces.

    * March 24th is the 365th and last day of the year in many European implementations of the Julian calendar.

    *This upcoming March 24 when the NATO summit takes place just happens to also mean the 23rd anniversary NATO’s start of its war with Yugoslavia.

    Free coded signal possibly by the Russians towards NATO last week the Russians launched a missile strike on an Ukrainian Military base that was only 12 miles from the Polish border during the strike the Russians fired 30 missiles against targeting the base why is this significant? number 1: There are currently 30 countries that are members of NATO number to the upcoming emergency NATO summit on Thursday, March 24 is the 30th summit NATO meeting to take since 1974, if you don’t county the first one in 1957, for which afterwards there was not another one until 1974. And the one that was held last month on February 25, also an emergency NATO meeting, involved the defense chiefs from all the NATO countries yes it was technically a summit in it but not really.

    I know they’ll be those who will scoff at this, but since I got a bull’s-eye on my prediction last month, we will know the answer in about 36 hours from now

    1. That’s a half axed measure which would invite immediate retaliation. Better to launch a barrage of nuclear armed hyper-sonic missiles sufficient as effective all out first strike on all enemy targets simultaneously. Putin is rather building a criminal case against NATO and the United States, for the World wide bio-warfare Covid attack, with pathogens captured from 35 labs in Ukraine.

      1. I see that you are here to support Moscow’s point of view, Mike. You present a few facts, assuming that these facts prove a conspiracy theory. It is very difficult to know what such facts actually signify. Do you want NATO to collapse? Tell me what will happen to you when NATO goes away. Do you think you will live happily ever after? Do you think China and Russia are the good guys who will bless us and leave us in peace?

      2. I’m not a cheerleader for that tactic. I’m just saying that NATO got greedy and now as you yourself have pointed out, is having their bluff called. It’s too bad that Russia puts the West on trial for genocide, but there’s plenty of evidence to support it, and the jury is the Third World, a majority at the United Nations.

        You might advocate for NATO creeping up on Russia and fighting a proxy war in Ukraine for the past eight years, including with bio-weapons, unleashed on the World, but I don’t remember voting for that, myownself. Just because the Soviet Union dissolved, was no excuse to encroach on a loaded for bear, wounded bear.

        Economic development of Eastern Europe is one thing, but having them join NATO was a big mistake. Lies have no legs. Ukraine is none of our business. Mexico is our business. Let’s conquer Mexico, and let Ukraine be Russia’s problem.

        Spheres of Influence, kept the peace all throughout the Cold War. The US needs to respond to Putin’s written concerns, delivered prior to the troubles in Ukraine, instead of ignoring them as if they will go away. Here’s the deal, NATO withdraws to the pre ’97 boundaries, and so does Russia along with China; they respect the Monroe Doctrine, while China and Taiwan, recognizes Polynesia Formosa. East European members of NATO can remain in NATO, but NATO troops and weaponry, are withdrawn. It becomes a club house like the one that Putin just obliterated in Western Ukraine.

      3. Mike: Very strange moralizing from someone who advocates conquering Mexico. It’s untrue that NATO or America is plotting a biological war against humanity. If you were Polish or Romanian you would feel very differently about “spheres of influence.”

      4. Mike: what you suggest is what Norway tried to do after World War I—“If we disarm, other nations will respect our neutrality.” Look at how far that got them in World War II.

        The communists consider a disarmed country “fruit ripe for the picking.” Countries run to NATO to protect them, because they have experienced the Soviet’s tender mercies.

  36. Gary D. Barnett has summed up the Great Reset (Communist World Order) and Ukraine in a nutshell.

    “At this point, it is not strictly a war of bombs and bullets, at least not on any grand scale; it is a war consumed by deceit, lies, propaganda, and fear. It is a war against the individual at every turn as well, and it is a war meant to solidify the capture and control of the planet under a technocratic one-world governing system.”


    “Many governments are involved in this madness, including the U.S. and its NATO partners, Ukraine, and Russia, among others. They all have the same agenda, and that is one of destruction of the entire world monetary system, creation of a fully digitized and cashless financial system, total control of all, and the implementation of what is now referred to as the “Great Reset’ of society.”

    “How can any not figure out that this Russia and Ukraine situation is staged, and is part of the ‘Great Reset’ agenda?” (Several comments above have said the Ukraine War is odd; not of the norm. The sanctions on Russia are hurting the allies moreso)

    “Freedom comes at a price, and that price can have risk, but without paying that price and taking that risk, there is but one consequence. That consequence is slavery, and with slavery comes poverty, starvation, war, domination, rule by force, destruction of life and property, and hell on earth.”

    Another great resource is Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset pdf book: (know thy enemy)


    1. Thanks for the pdf link!

      “If just one thing were to be singled out to explain this astonishing increase in VELOCITY, it would undoubtedly be the internet.”

      Yes, I was thinking of another velocity, 2750 feet per second.

    2. I object to the Lew Rockwell site. They present a seriously distorted and erroneous view, which removes Russia and China — the prime movers in all this — from the picture.

  37. I’m not the biggest fan of the Gateway Pundit, I was even banned from commenting on their Discus board several years ago for correcting an error they made concerning Cory Booker, and I’m no Booker fan which should be obvious, and I am banned again since they are back to Discus, but, they did have this article:

    ‘Your Warsaw Will Disappear in a Split Second” – Russian Talking Heads Threaten EU with Nuclear Strike – Threaten Invasion of Poland and Lithuania”

    Vladimir Soloviev: “If you decide to prepare NATO peacekeepers and bring them in, this will mean a nuclear war. This was told to French journalists on February 8. Brave Poles, your Warsam will disappear in a split second. Brave Germans, brave Estonians, brave Baltic states. By the way, brave Baltic states, I know there are big problems at the border in Kaliningrad. Maybe it’s time we think about a corridor to Kaliningrad? A land corridor to Kaliningrad. Why not? If we are making one to Transnistria, why not?”

    “Putin’s highest-paid propagandist Vladimir Soloviev & his “experts” at Russia’s largest TV channel send new threats:”

    1. Nuclear strike against EU
    2. Invasion of Poland and Lithuania
    3. Creation of a permanent land-bridge from Belarus to Kaliningrad (attack on the Suwałki Gap).

  38. Russia could never win a nuclear war? Really?

    “NATO took on two of the world’s superpowers Wednesday and condemned both Russia and China as the 30-member alliance looks to counter the growing threat of a biological, chemical or nuclear attack.

    “Russia must stop its nuclear saber-rattling. This is dangerous, and it is irresponsible,” NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg told reporters.

    “Any use of nuclear weapons will fundamentally change the nature of the conflict. And Russia must understand that a nuclear war should never be fought,” he continued. “They can never win a nuclear war.”

    1. Stoltenberg just encouraged Putin to use nuclear weapons; for Putin can now see that Stoltenberg is clueless. What a dumb thing for him to say.

      1. No, that’s the exact opposite of what he said, Jeff. I think you meant to say what the implications of what Stoltenberg said are, without knowing what if any secret weapons that NATO has. You may be right, and you may have some evidence to support what you say, but you have not presented sufficient evidence to prove your assertion.

        I just spoke yesterday to a former employee of a defense contractor, who was snooping around some dusty old boxes in the back room of where he used to work. He found a dusty old book from the 1960s, with pictures on the cover of the F-22 and the F-35.

      2. I just attended a seminar with several people with security clearances on this subject. Dr. Peter Vincent Pry was one of them. He said that in strategic weapons and missile defense we are thirty years behind Russia. As I have known him twenty-three years, and he is one of the country’s leading experts in strategic warfare, I must defer to him. Plus, the other experts all seconded what he said and added more details I did not know, some of them more frightening than anything he said.

      3. Yet you advocate for NATO to get in Russia’s face, expecting what?

      4. The only thing I advocate for is the defense of my country. I want my country secure. That has been my interest for 35 years. I have no exact idea how we get out of this mess except by being honest about it. We have to name the threat, understand our enemy, to solve the problem. We need to know our own faults and missteps. Feet on the floor. Common sense on our lips. Clarity on our minds, charity in our hearts.

      5. Well that’s where we differ, then. You are as a deer caught in the headlights, and It’s clear to me that unless we have some secret weapon that Dr. Peter Vincent obfuscates, that NATO had better withdraw it’s weapons at least, if not it’s Mason’s lodges, to the pre ’97 Sphere of Influence, and secure the US borders with Mexico and Canada. Then as soon as we are able, we need to enforce the Monroe Doctrine. Hopefully the US has sufficient deterrent capability to survive a first strike. So far – so good.

    2. I held a Q clearance for over 10 years, Jeff. I know things on this topic that I cannot share but wish I could, and I can confirm that Dr. Pry knows exactly what he is talking about.

  39. That was forty years ago and you can see, as I explained, why I left all that behind back then. Such experiences are not so easily understood and remain a puzzle. Damn me as you might, it is autobiographical. I went back to church and read serious books. I have always wondered about these experiences. I went back to school and left that far behind.

  40. Off topic (sort of) but I’ve been reading about the new digital dollar the Boston Fed is working on with MIT. It will handle 1.7 million transactions per second! They are now in the second phase. Does anyone have any information about when it might be completed? I’m wondering because I have a feeling they will implement it following a financial collapse… and we certainly seem headed toward one of those.

      1. Is Dr.Pry the expert who wrote a book about surviving a nuclear blast?

    1. At the end of WW2 spooks went to the president and informed him that they were in possession of all the looted Japanese and Axis forces treasure, which is equal to the rest of all the treasure in the World. They put in the hands of nobody knows, but Catherine Austin Fitts, who worked on the campaign of George H.W. Bush and was appointed as Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for Housing in the Bush administration, where she was charged with repairing the department’s reputation in the aftermath of the savings and loan crisis, says that those funds are used to manipulate financial markets.

  41. Russia has launched a satellite today featuring the letter Z, I have no idea what technology is on it, but I’m sure it will help tilt the odds drastically in their favor whether it’s for media misinformation purposes, jamming, or reconnaissance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VoW1WwQZqso

  42. Russia and Iran have been trying to get off US petrol dollars for decades, but now with sanctions, Russia has nothing to lose, so Putin now demands gas payments in Rubles. Germany says it doesn’t know what to do, so will consult with the rest of Europe. Looks to me that first thing they are going to have to do is to buy Rubles.

      1. Chevron ought to make even greater windfall profits, and states will profit from increased tax revenues. Congress is talking $100 per month gas stimulus disbursements.

  43. Jeff, not sure if you can comment in regards to the Grand Solar Minimum, David DuByne (Adapt2030) released this video today, he is mentioning that the official information from Ukraine is that they won’t be growing or shipping out any grain this year:

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