Four reformers met under a bramble bush. They were all agreed that the world must be changed. ‘We must abolish property,’ said one.
‘We must abolish Marriage,’ said the second.
‘We must abolish God,’ said the third.
‘I wish we could abolish work,’ said the fourth.
‘Do not let us get beyond practical politics,’ said the first. ‘The first thing is to reduce men to a common level.’
‘The first thing,’ said the second, ‘ is to give freedom to the sexes.’
‘The first thing,’ said the third, ‘is to find out how to do it.’
‘The first step,’ said the first, ‘is to abolish the Bible.’
‘The first thing,’ said the second, is to abolish the laws.’
‘The first thing,’ said the third, ‘is to abolish mankind.’

Robert Louis Stevenson, “The Four Reformers”


What a devil wants, in the greater scheme of things, is to destroy. There is, in the cosmos, a creative principle. There is, opposing it, a destructive principle. Thus we find, two opposing tendencies behind everything. And you cannot have one without the other. Look at the policies of any leader and ask if these policies tend towards creation or destruction. Will his policies bring prosperity or bankruptcy? Will they bring peace or war?

Now let us consider, again, the socialists and their New Religion. The first socialist country (the motherland of socialism] was the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics, otherwise known as the Soviet Union. Was this country a destructive or creative formation? Under its founder, Vladimir Lenin, millions were killed in the Russian Civil War and the Red Terror. We don’t even have an exact death count. What was then built? Everyone was poor. There was no money. So Lenin embraced “state capitalism” under the New Economic Policy (NEP). In other words, he destroyed the country for the sake of his power, then he rebuilt it with capitalism.

Of course, Lenin died in 1924 and Stalin took over. And once Stalin had built something, he began selectively destroying again; first, destroying elements of the Communist Party itself; second, by destroying the more prosperous farmers (the “kulaks”); third, by instituting a terror famine in Ukraine; fourth, by preparing a massive military buildup in advance of World War II. Stalin killed between 30 and 60 million human beings. Again, we do not know the exact number.

Then, to unleash Hitler on the world, Stalin signed the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. That begin what Stalin called the Second Imperialist War. Moscow and Berlin partitioned Poland. The West declared war on Hitler and the communists under Stalin gloated. They said to themselves. “The fools have given us Europe. All we have to do is wait for the combatants to exhaust each other while we build an arsenal of 30,000 tanks.”

Hitler was too successful in this early phase, defeating France in 1940. Hitler then realized what Stalin was up to and turned on his “partner,” attacking the Soviet Union on 22 June 1941. Tens of millions died. But Stalin was saved by the West. And he invaded what is now China and helped the communists come to power there. And once this was accomplished, he contemplated a war with the West. But then he died, or perhaps was murdered by his associates.

These associates developed a long range strategy that involved re-enacting Lenin’s New Economic Policy. They wanted access to technology and money. They wanted to build in order to have a better means of destroying. They wanted also to subvert the West by becoming the West’s partner. And China would play a special role in this.

Now let us consider where we are today. Like Lenin, Gorbachev began a New Economic Policy back in the 1980s. The USSR gave up its empire for the sake of rebuilding itself, for the alleged sake of creation. Thirty years later, President Vladimir Putin has the largest nuclear arsenal in the world. In other words, creation was placed in the service of destruction.

Despite what people are saying, Putin has a potent military. And we have only seen a small part of it. Naturally, it is not perfect. As Viktor Suvorov has argued, Moscow’s army is paradoxically strong and weak, effective and ineffective. With every apparent defeat it will move forward. It will win hard-fought battles. This is the pattern. This is already the way Russian history works.

And in this current military scenario, Putin has aligned his country with China and the other communist countries. He has not done this because he is a Christian. Oh no. He is a fake Christian even as he was a fake democrat. Putin is a communist, and his goal has always been to paste the Soviet Union back together – which is why he invaded Ukraine.

Putin stated in his pre-war speech that the breakup of the Soviet Union was illegal. That means he is not actually the leader of Russia, but the leader of the Soviet Union. His objective, therefore, is to lead the communist bloc to victory over the imperialists and capitalists. Therefore, the war in Ukraine is part of a much larger project.

Of course, Putin says he is liberating the Ukrainian people from American imperialist control. But everyone can see that the Ukrainian people are already free, and they are willing to fight and die for that freedom – because they do not want to be ruled by Moscow. And so, Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has met stiff resistance. The weather in February was warmer than usual. The Russian tanks and vehicles have been largely road-bound and limited in their ability to maneuver. So Russian casualties have been higher than expected.

So what does Putin do?

He bombards Ukraine’s cities. He destroys and he destroys. Last week the mayor of Kharkiv said one third of the city – Ukraine’s largest city – was rubble. Mariupol has been besieged and its 400,000 residents are said to be without running water or heat. Kiev faces the greatest offensive of all. Elements of four Russian armies are gathering to the north and east of the city. Their objective is to surround it, to bombard it, and to wipe out Ukraine’s center of government.

The suffering in Ukraine is unimaginable. Yet the people bravely fight on against difficult odds.

President Zelensky, addressing the British Parliament, received a standing ovation when he said, “Ukraine has not wanted to become great, but we have become great in the course of this war. We are the country that is saving people despite having to fight one of the biggest armies in the world. We have to fight the helicopters, the rockets. The question for us now is, ‘To be or not to be.’ Oh no, for the last ten days this question could have been asked. But now I can give you a definitive answer. It is definitely ‘yes, to be.’ And I would like to remind you, and the world, what you have already heard, again: We will not give up. And we will not lose. We will fight to the end, at sea and in the air. We will continue fighting for our land whatever the cost. We will fight in the forests, in the fields, on the shores, in the streets…. We will fight on the banks of different rivers … and we are looking for your help, for the help of the civilized countries. We are thankful for this help, and I am very grateful to you, Boris [Johnson, Prime Minister of the U.K.]. Please increase the pressure of sanctions against this country. And please recognize this country [Russia] as a terrorist state. And please make sure that our Ukrainian skies are safe. Be sure that you do what needs to be done, and what is stipulated by the greatness of your country. Best of all to Ukraine and the United Kingdom.”

How can the West resist this plea? Can the civilized world stand by and merely watch? The alternative, of course, is to risk nuclear war. The Russian government has sternly warned the world to stay out. They have put their nuclear forces on alert. They are ready to launch their missiles. And here is a moral dilemma. Does the West remain comfortable and safe as it watches an entire nation destroyed?

I am afraid there is no happy answer here. If we do nothing, I must tell you my honest opinion. We will be bombed and attacked when our turn comes. This is something I came to understand long ago. Putin and his communist allies are destroyers, and they seek America’s destruction even more earnestly than they seek Ukraine’s.

Putin has shown that he is a destroyer, not a creator. The destruction we are now witnessing appears quite insane to us. Yet Putin is not a madman. Destruction is a choice open to all. It is the choice, I believe, of all the totalitarian countries. And we have refused to recognize this. War with these countries has always been in the cards. And if by some miracle we avoid a great war now, it will yet come.

And for that matter, we have communists right here in America, facilitating the work of destruction, aiding and abetting our enemies in Beijing and Moscow. Watch the death and destruction unleashed on Kiev. There are even more destructive Russian weapons aimed at New York and Washington. If the leaders in Moscow are willing to level the cities of their brother Slavs, do you think they will fail to level our cities?

We have no idea how much danger we are in right now. And we have no idea how much our own survival may depend on the survival of Ukraine.

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281 thoughts on “The Abolition of Humanity

    1. O no, much more, probably close to 100 million souls in the 20th century

  1. Do you knew the theory about the german dynasties and the secrect rule of the nobility.

      1. No, i mean the theory from a German author with the name Alexander Benesch that nobilty familie has own intelligence, for a long time. Like the Britisch Empire they controlled India with only hundret thousand men against a three hundred million people. The most member of the tsar family escape, and the bones from the last tsar can be contamined with DNA. I don’t think that the britisch monarchy betrayed their relative.

        A brother from Lenin had hang for an attempt to kill the tsar, but i think they didn’t kill his brother.
        The Ochrana controlled and infiltrate the communist movement, they could kill or ban everyone to Sibieria. So i think the revolution in Russia was to destroy the normal nobillity in Russia and the resistance against modernisation.

        Do you know the relationship in the european monarchy, and that most of this are German dynasty?

      2. Max, most of the European royal houses are related through Victoria’s kids and grandkids. Victoria’s offspring are of Germanic extraction through Albert and her descent Hanoverians. That’s about all. the rest is sheer bunk.

    1. Most of the nobility in Russia had foreign blood, descendants of Tsar Peter and his broods mercenaries. In time the Romanovs were entirely German, Royal House of Oldenburg, cadet branch Holstein-Gottorp

  2. I have heard stalin was an informant for the ochrana, the intelligence of the tsars, do you know something about this?

    My problem with the theory of a world wide communist conspiracy is, that intelligence for a long time exist and that on the start socialism was a resistent against feudalism.
    For the nobility is was a logic step to infiltrate movements like this. Marx married a woman, which relative was chief of the secrect prussian police.

    I think is it dangerous only to concentrate on one side and ignore the danger from the western elite.

    The people who think the west is a danger for the world like many lefts ignore the danger from the east,
    but i think a free man should see problems worldwide and don’t ignore the risk of every side.

    1. There has been speculation that Stalin cooperated with the tsar’s secret police. Communism is real, the other conspiracies you hear about are theories. The proof is not there. The communist bloc is not a theory.

      1. While Khrushchev was general secretary, evidence was uncovered that suggested Stalin was a Tsarist agent. Khrushchev is reputed to have told them to bury the evidence as, if true, they were ruled by a provocateur for 30 years and they didn’t want to hear it.

      2. Regarding the Rurikid lines origin, 19th and early 20th century ethnography cannot be trusted. The other working theory is that Rurik and his brothers were Wends from what is now eastern Germany.

    2. I too think that it is more than a Communist situation, but they are not nothing. In any case, white Slavic and Russian Orthodox unity is absolutely necessary

      1. Ha, communism has done more to divide the Russian Orthodox Church than any other single factor — those that followed Sergius and the state and those who refused to recognize an atheist philosophy that denies God or, at least, makes His existence irrelevant since it provides a purely humanistic and materialistic solution to all the problems of humankind, as well as the Russian Orthodox Church abroad, etc. Nothing in recent history has caused more division within the Russian Orthodox Church. A tree is known by its fruit and the fruit of communism is a giant wedge that has split the Russian Orthodox Church and left millions dead. One can see the handiwork of Satan in the communist ideology. Rather than accepting one’s lot in life, it appeals to human greed and all the baser passions (by encouraging divisions along socioeconomic lines, etc).

  3. Thank you Jeff, once again. I must say your previous article about the Russian Strategy and European migrant crisis was very important for us. Communist divide and conquer the best they can. Here in Finland many of those who understood the dangers of covid policies and the creeping authoritarianism have been influenced by Russian propaganda, mainly the claim that mainstream media is lying about everything.

    And yes mainstream media is lying about some things, and I know there are also ideological factors, some in the media might really believe they are doing the right things by manipulating their readers for the greater good, in order to prevent global warming, racism, or something other terrible threat.

    So I think many of the media were deceived as well. Now the general public here has awakened to the Russian threat, yet many of those who questioned covid measures believe Putin is fighting against some evil Western globalist plot. An expert was interviewed in the media here and he stated that Russians have different kind of propaganda for different target audiences, but I wonder how many of the readers really paid attention to what he said.

    One other expert, a retired intelligence officer, said Russians have both “clumsy propaganda” and “clever propaganda”. Or “clumsy influence” and “clever influence”. Clumsy is meant to be found to make us feel good about ourselves because we noticed what they tried to do. Clever is supposed to stay under the radar.

    So the situation is that now some people here think that everything media publishes is all lies, so they are unlikely to listen. And there is a Western plot of course, but it is the communist of the West who are plotting for power. Good propaganda is as I understand it, a clever mixture of truths and lies.

    Communist are very flexible with their approaches because they really don’t really have any principles and they only care for power. For them everything is allowed, if it is for the sake of revolution. It is hard for people to grasp, but I hope learning about the history of the methods they have used over the years can help people to see through it all.

  4. Hi Jeff, maybe you have seen this, but I see a lot of people with a large audience sharing this and it being spammed in YouTube comments. There is a man going around recording dead bodies in Ukraine, saying that Zelensky is doing the killing. I am not falling for it. Feel free to delete this message if you don’t want others to see this video, but your audience should be smart enough to see the propaganda.

  5. Hello Jeff,
    I have not kept up with your recent writings due to time constraints; you may have touched on this in your previous articles…I have read many reports that state Putin’s main objective in Ukraine is taking out bioweapon labs and military installations. There have been comparisons drawn to the Cuban Missile Crisis and that Putin has in fact been warning for years that he will ultimately take military actions against anyone setting up shop right on his doorstep (i.e.: nuclear/biologic weapons facilities). Is this a plausible explanation, at least in part, for Putin’s actions to this point? Thank you for your valuable work and insights Jeff, you are a true beacon in the storm for many people.


    1. It appears that the nature of these labs has been misrepresented by the Russians. These labs were part of the USSR biowar program at one time. We paid the scientists to work on other research so they would not go to Iran or North Korea to make biological weapons.

      1. You don’t know that for a fact. NATO had a club house in Western Ukraine. Putin didn’t attack it until Poland, 12 miles away, offered it’s old MIG fighter jets for NATO to repaint and send to Ukraine. The US government has deleted information about those bio-weapons labs from the website where it had been acknowledge. Let’s give kids cigars so they won’t start smoking cigarettes?

      2. Read the footnotes in Robert Kennedy’s book. His sources touch on this system of labs, and whenever our people get involved with Soviet apparatchiks, who are always playing tricks, funny things happen. Our people are routinely recruited, set up, and used by the communist side. Be very careful not to fall for the enemy’s disinformation, and please keep in mind that Russia is the international capital of biowar research and treaty violations. Russia does not need to level Kharkiv and Kiev is this is about a few labs. You are falling for the wrong interpretation here.

      3. NATO and the United States must certainly have a clue by now of the foolishness of encroaching upon Russia. All during the Cold War, it should have been just as right as it is today, for all countries and peoples of the World to visit and trade with everyone anywhere they choose. Just because the Soviet Union dissolved, veneer notwithstanding, does not mean that Russia is going to forget that it is a nuclear power. Getting in Russia’s face, just because it’s the fair thing to do, isn’t going to convince Russia. It’s the same old dilemma of Realism versus Idealism. Ultimately though, it’s Realism which invariably dominates viable options. Even if the bio-warfare labs only make Silly Putty, the US shouldn’t be making Silly Putty in Ukraine. Why not make a deal with Russia, as with China, to make Silly Putty in Russia, before seeing if Russia wants to partner in making Silly Putty in Ukraine. After the Soviet Union seemed to dissolve, the US did nothing to help the Russian economy to recover. Maybe it would have been a good idea, to build a more cooperative relationship on which to build?

      4. The problem with making a deal with Moscow, is that the Russian leaders lie, cheat, steal — and they commit murder. How does one do business with such people? If we had kept them isolated until real changes occurred in the USSR/Russia, we would have been safer. The danger we are experiencing now is because we took counsel of our fears. This is what we have to acknowledge. There is a logic to this thing that now tends toward very dangerous directions — no matter what we do.

      5. Then they don’t have any dangerous pathogens there, which could be used offensively against innocent Russian citizens? This isn’t provocation of Russia?

      6. Your local doctors office has dangerous pathogens in the patients who walk in for treatment. All biological labs study pathogens. That is what they do, otherwise why do they exist. Calling a biological lab a weapons lab is a semantic trick. And there is more, besides, because the Russians and Chinese have infiltrated our labs, have worked to hijack our science, God only knows what role their agents have played — through their fifth column “friends” in other countries, including America and Ukraine. Then to blame the United States, a country with poor counter-intelligence, takes the cake. America is at fault for allowing people like Obama and Biden into the White House. People who have worked as fifth columnists for the Marxist cause most of their adult lives, whether for ideological reasons or money.

  6. As always, well done Mr. Nyquist.
    Your finishing statement ” we have no idea how much danger we are in right now” is a chilling one. We all need to awaken to our awful situation. but I am afraid that so many are so thoroughly fooled by Russian propaganda and disinformation that they can’t see it. “It’s easier to fool a man, than to convince him that he has been fooled”. And so the useful idiots on both the left and the right continue to aid and abet the communists, to their mortal peril, and jeopardy of our republic.

  7. What an awesome blog, Jeff! Your writing style reminds me of some of the great poets from the past. Seriously!

    You said, “What a devil wants, in the greater scheme of things, is to destroy.”

    You are absolutely correct! Even Jesus said in John 10:10 “The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.”

    “Look at the policies of any leader and ask if these policies tend towards creation or destruction.”

    I will be giving a lot of thought to that question. It’s obvious our current administration tends toward destruction as well.

  8. If only the societies of the West were unified and protected under governments sincerely dedicated to the positive and creative side of things! Given the obvious fact that this is not so, we find ourselves in a truly asymmetrical situation where unprecedented weakness, owed to incompetent politicians and even Trojan Horses, is inviting the dark and destructive side to dare, as we Westerners like to view it: “the unthinkable”. Well, we will soon find out that such had only been unthinkable to us…

    1. In this context, here is a quote from Mr. Nyquist’s so marvellous reference work, Origins of the Fourth World War (which everybody should read!), Chapter III: East and West, page 73, note 73:

      “If we dare to think about nuclear war, then let us do so in the context of the sixth to seventh of November 1917. This is when Bolshevism seized power in Russia. What is interesting about this first episode is the character of the power that was being overthrown. I mean the Kerensky government – that epitome of flabby moderation. It was a government in the COMING style: impotent in the face of Bolshevism. It exemplified the incomprehension of the propertied classes in the face of the Red samurai; that is, incomprehension in the face of infiltration, propaganda, deception, and demagoguery. It seems to have been of no importance whatsoever that the Bolsheviks were unpopular and outnumbered. What counted was their ruthless energy pitted against the slipshod complacency of the Kerensly liberals.”

  9. So, do we wag war now, or do we wait for it to reach our shores?
    Have you been watching Mark Levin? Do you agree with his assessment?
    Thank you for your analysis.

      1. Thank you for your reply. Here is a link to Levin’s most recent commentary:
        And here is a quote from that page:
        Levin predicted further aggressive action worldwide by Putin if he is able to kill President Volodymyr Zelenskyy or take over the former Soviet republic.
        “Why is it that the Ukrainians have to have their cities destroyed? Why is it that we’re all sitting and just waiting for the Russians to go in and take out Kiev and kill their president? Why is that? I’ve never seen anything like this in my life,” he said.
        Levin said Zelenskyy urgently wants the U.S. to supply him with MiG-29’s or F-16s, despite the latter’s aging technology.
        He said the Pentagon can easily supply a few to Kiev, and that that can be done without engaging in a “no-fly-zone.”
        “Why do people think that this coward Putin, who’s hiding out in some bunker, is going to use nuclear weapons? I don’t get that,” he added.
        “If he was going to use nuclear weapons, he doesn’t need us to provoke them. He can use nuclear weapons tomorrow. He can use whatever he wants to. But he hasn’t, and he’s not going to — And neither is that Lavrov, that long in the tooth crackpot foreign secretary.”

      2. Levin does not realize that all wars have to be justified in the eyes of your people, your soldiers, and your colleagues. You cannot attack a country, let alone unleash a nuclear war, without good reasons that will sound convincing to your followers. The number one thing Soviet military strategy underscores is preparing the mind of the people for such a war. Right now the war in Ukraine could be used to explain an escalation to full nuclear combat.

    1. Understand that i do not like what needs to be done, but it must be done to prevent worse later. We need to go in now. If we wait until later, we will still have to fight, and we would find ourselves fighting against far greater odds than we would if we fought now. No matter what, the risk of a nuke exchange is real. Bible prophecy says there is going to be one. See Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39. We can wait like cowards, or fight like men. The choice is ours.

      1. Figures you’d buy into ” Russia is Magog” a-historical and theologically dubious lunacy, it explains a good deal of your hateful racism and fanaticism that tries to shoe horn everything to do with Russia into your paranoiac fantasies.

      2. God has to pull Magog like a jackass with a hook in it’s jaw against Jerusalem. Does that sound like Russia want’s war?

      3. Serious comments are appreciated, but rhetoric touching on sectarian religious views has no place here. These are not ideas I discuss, so I would appreciate it if you kept this subject off site.

  10. “There is no happy answer here.” Exactly my concern. We can’t directly intervene, we’ll likely get nuked, but it seems that leaving Ukraine to the wolves is immoral. And once Putin takes Ukraine (assuming he does), who’s next? Poland, the Baltics? And are these sanctions going to make him desperate and feel like he has nothing to lose anyway? Not that we shouldn’t sanction him. So much worries me here.

    1. We seem to be confronted with an alternative: Either we surrender step by step or make a stand. It is not a pleasant reality to wake up to. And our leaders are untrustworthy, too. So it is even more complicated.

      1. Who are “We”? As far as Americans are concerned, we can’t fairly even vote. Protesting in the street is for Communists. We can take a stand at home, pursuant to The Second Amendment. Let them come to US.

        In the meantime, read The Bible. Show me where it says to vote for the biggest egomaniac who aspires to be President. Near as I can tell, it says to find the Man best suited for the job and to press him into service. Maybe We can form a parallel government and ignore the fraudulently elected politicians?

        We were never meant to work for corporations. We are supposed to be farmers and crafts folk, trading amongst ourselves, rather then living over our heads buying cheap Chinese crap on credit.

        That might be a start, but now that we’ve let the Camel under the tent, how do we keep from being trampled?

    2. Every minute that the West waits, they will grow weaker. An economic crash is brewing on the US horizon. The dollar weakens. The military weakens. The arsenal weakens.

      The US must move into a war-footing against Russia immediately. And one of the biggest things they should do is drastically increase domestic energy production.

      And yet they aren’t. Biden refuses to. Now why would an Obama-connected administration refuse to do the ONE thing that would hurt Russia the most?

      This energy price increase, coupled with interest rate hikes, coupled with quantitative tightening, coupled with coming food price hikes, are going to lead to a recession and possible depression in the US and West. And the only thing that we could do – explode energy supply to push down prices – the Obama/Biden admin is not doing.

      So who are they truly working for?

    1. I have heard that Joel Skousen said that the USA have many secrect super weapons. Like space-based missile defence?

      Do you know something about this Jeff?

    2. Seems to me that the limits of conventional warfare will be exceeded by the losing party, if not by the most likely succeeding instigator, but I doubt if anyone really wants to have to struggle through the aftermath.

    3. We now know that Russia was not prepared for a peer to peer war. People sometimes wonder why Brezhnev didn’t order the Red Army west in the 70s. Our army was weakened by the Vietnam war. I went to Army flight school in ’76 and there was still a shadow over the army at the time. It was a shadow I had not seen in the Navy before I got out in ’74. The Army and Air Force suffered most because of the political diddling in Vietnam. My father got sick of it in ’71 and retired from the Air Force.

    1. Joel was one of the few to sound the alarm about the communist deception in staging the USSR’s collapse and thereby actually alerted me to Jeff’s writings. That said, I can’t help but suspect his trust in the dodgy Mormon predictions of a coming nuclear war has tainted his own position on when it will happen, which he says will be circa 2028; in my own view, it’s more likely in the next 12-24 months, and sooner within that timescale than later.

      1. Skousen doesn’t think China’s Navy is ready yet (hence his belief we have a few more years), and he doesn’t think Ukraine could trigger a world war — his assertion is N Korea will trigger WW3 by bombing US troops in South Korea). He’s been very adamant about this. But recent events would seem to show his certainty to be unfounded.

    2. He is not a fan of Jeff’s for some odd reason and has even accused him of stealing his ideas, a bizarre and preposterous claim. Jeff has literally been writing about this threat for his entire life.

      Additionally, Joel believes that “the globalists” are intentionally going to allow the West to be nuked by Russia and China and will then marshal a UN government to beat them back. He does not believe a land invasion will follow. It is one of the reasons his book, while excellent, has gaping flaws. A land invasion is a very real possibility.

      His book only focuses on the threat from “refugee flows” and not at all on a foreign occupation.

      1. Has he accused me of stealing his ideas? But I do not share his ideas. He is a conspiracy theorist. I write about Moscow and Beijing, real enemies that actually exist.

    3. I have listened to Skousen probably half a dozen times. He has never explained his basis for believing we have secret weapons. Or his basis for believing that, ultimately, China will turn on Russia and side with the U.S. (though, one might guess it would be on account of our alleged secret weapons – side with strength).

      It would be interesting to hear a discussion between Mr. Nyquist and Mr. Skousen, if only because they are among the very few who long have warned that the fall of the Soviet Union wasn’t real. I would like to know if Skousen has evidence about US weapons and China’s true intentions, though I have to think we’d have heard his evidence by now.

      1. I have had discussions with Skousen before. He believes in some kind of occult conspiracy. But none of the facts or evidence seems real to me.

  11. Much of my thinking keeps returning to how we, the US and NATO countries, have allowed ourselves to be deceived and infiltrated. That being said, we need to move forward.

    On one hand we have hawkish leaders who do not understand what they seek. I believe they are under the illusion that America is invincible and right is one our side. These illusions have superseded skill, strategy and readiness. We are not going to win anything based on our good looks and smooth words. I will not even speak to the rampant immorality, lawlessness, and repulsive leadership. Destruction abounds.

    On the other hand, we have an apparently smaller group advocating isolationism. Not our war. Not our business. This ostrich approach could get us all killed.

    We needed level headed leaders before this invasion occurred and even more so now. As we dally, the Eastern alliance builds, strengthens, and spreads…even adding South American countries. I expect there will be shock at their strength and parallel financial system…eventually. Meanwhile, America has been busy weakening the alliances we once held dear and destroying our economy.

    No, we are not in a good place. Yes, we are in grave danger. Take cover.

      1. We can hope, but, honestly, that is a slim hope. The political situation is grave and we are being weakened even more by the idiocy of social engineering which began during the first Bush administration.

      2. People can always surprise you — either by being better than you thought they were, or being worse. War brings out the best and also the worst in people. Look at the Ukrainians. One has to admire them.

    1. There are decent people on the left and the right who are *legitimately* fed up with the lies and savagery of our corrupt military adventurism over the last 20+ years. It is understandably stomach churning to see these same charlatans and chicken hawks – always the same people – engage in the same emotional, belligerent, hypocritical saber rattling that has already diminished our great country.

      That is the painful paradox: decent people who *could* be rallied to the righteous cause are burned and jaded; while the people in positions of power to rally our nation to war footing have long since burned through any credibility or respect. The heart and soul of our country, whom we desperately now need to step up, are rightfully done with them. It’s a Gordian knot.

      Think about it. the very people who actually listen approvingly to Lindsey Graham and Adam Kinzinger and Jake Sullivan are the zombie democrats and RINOs who likely answered that Quinnipac poll saying they’d flee before defending our nation. All they do is emote on cue. Sadly, those ready to fight for our country cannot stomach the degenerates in office who, if anything, appear to be deliberately undermining our country, even as the saber rattle.

      We so desperately need a reckoning. We need a national politician to publicly acknowledge we have been sold out to enemies by elements of BOTH PARTIES and then say, nevertheless, we HAVE to understand the war is here and we have to fight. Explain why. Decent people will get it – but not from the same liars and traitors who now rattle for war.

      Because even if the painful conclusion of this column is true and unavoidable – how do we act on it, how do we go to war, with Biden, Blinken, Austin, Milley, Sullivan … how do we go to war with THEM in charge? The ones who executed the Afghan withdrawal? I fear they want to take us to war for all the wrong reasons, and if/when they do, it will be Afghanistan on steroids. On what basis should we hope it would be any different.

      I wonder if our only hope is to try to make it to another election. Even then, do we even have elections any more? In January 2020, when they wheeled out a ghoulish-looking Lady Gaga at the inauguration, to a bizarre, empty Capitol lawn, surrounded in fencing for the first time in my lifetime …. I just felt such a deep foreboding. Something great was gone, and something very sinister had taken its place.

      I pray for the unexpected. Because as my mind works the angles … I don’t see a way out.

  12. Hi Jeff, I am from México and right now I don´t know what to think. The Kazarian Mafia (Deep State) are from Ukraine and Kazakhstan (capital ASTANA, which is an anagram for SATAN), the US has been under DS for a long time, as well as the British, China and Russia. Who are the good guys? Putin Kicked off the Rothschild from Russia, so you can think that he is fighting the DS. If Putin is a bad guy, then I think the world is totally in danger. How the USA can clean its house and help Canada and México to clean the DS?
    The World needs GOD’s help.

    1. Putin originated in the KGB and is as deep state as you can get. He used to in with the WEF, but was just this week kicked out. The deep state has reared its ugly head because evil is rising and has come into the open.

  13. Yes, it’s no secret what the communists want to do — the same thing they have always wanted to do, which is to destroy society. Or, to quote Marx: “The Communists disdain to conceal their views and aims. They openly declare that their ends can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions.” You cannot get much clearer than that, and that is what they have done in all the societies in which they have seized control. They decide who lives and who dies, who is “worthy” and who is not; in short, they have appointed themselves as gods over the rest of humanity. Communism is a satanic ideology. For Putin, the bombing of cities is art; it is “creative destruction.” He is simply doing what all good communists do — to destroy society. Good essay.

  14. “Russia withdraws from Council of Europe”

    Was that to avoid being kicked out? Or to give Putin more ‘flexibility’ in his actions?

    1. It seems to me as if Russia is accelerating a complete disconnect from the West and reverting to its’ USSR posture. Soon, all Westerners will be banned from Russia. This is a realignment Russia actively wants and is ahead of the other communist nations in implementing.

      The time for stealing from the Western democracies is over. Now it is time for war. The communists believe they are strong enough. The others will follow soon enough, but some may stay dormant if the communist strategists deem it beneficial.

    2. He tried to withdraw, but PACE kicked Russia out. In doing so, PACE acknowledged that an application to withdraw had been filed.

  15. NATO member nations will likely be attacked sooner or later regardless of any actions taken or not taken by NATO; for this reason, it seems to me to be the wiser approach to give more active support to Ukraine while the momentum is there and before state actors (acting on behalf of Russia or China) have an opportunity to set up a false flag event or something along those lines to cause further internal division in the nations that belong to NATO. The threat of nuclear war is there regardless of what NATO does (if the modernization projects undertaken in both Russia and China with regard to their nuclear arsenals are any indication).

    1. Why not simply launch an all out first strike against both China and Russia before our nukes expire? That’s what they ought to be worried about.

      1. Such an act is utterly immoral. Such an exchange is coming, and it will have serious consequences for the entire world. The man who starts it is condemned forever.

      2. That’s what they’ve been threatening to do to the West all along. However, a no-fly zone is not unreasonable under the circumstances. Russia could just as easily nuke the US because it has been funneling arms to Ukraine. They’ve shown they don’t really need an excuse to act aggressively. Ukraine was certainly no threat to Russia.

      3. I am glad that the decision is not mine. We need very good strategy, good military expertise, and wise political plays. Right now we do not have the best people leading the West. Let us hope each leader rises to the occasion.

      4. Ukraine hosting a NATO club house along with bio-weapons lab is a serious threat. You may poo-poo it but Pooty-poot, don’t. If NATO were to attempt a no-fly zone over Ukraine, Russia would eliminate NATO from Eastern Europe with hyper-sonic missiles, and would further launch on warning against an inkling of retaliation.

      5. You are trying to make America guilty, and Ukraine guilty, in this war. You are doing this by looking at allegations that are unproven, that are pure propaganda. Are you for Russia in this war? Surely, you cannot approve of what he is doing to the Ukrainian people.

      6. Nah, there are bioweapons labs all over the place, including the US. I don’t like the fact, but they pose no serious threat to Russia. Russia has more of a history of using these types of weapons than the US — Alexander Litvinenko poisoning, use of chemical weapons in Afghanistan during its invasion of that country from 79 to 89, etc. Russia is a closed society and there is no feedback loop to check the leadership as exists in the West, which is why they get away with pretty much anything they want. No free press, no right to peaceful protest, etc.

      7. It should have happened in 1948 when Winston Churchill and other American leaders first suggested it.

        Since then, the odds of America winning that exchange have only declined.

    2. Putin has been taking measured actions. He stated his concerns up front, which were ignored by the United States and NATO. I don’t see Russia attacking NATO or invading member nation states unless they take actions against Russia, first. Russia has appeared to me, to be on the defensive from the beginning. Arguably, if Zelensky has ceased attacking ethnic Russian Ukrainian citizens as Russia advised, Putin would never have unilaterally recognized two new independent Republics in former Ukrainian territory.

      1. Considering Putin is a spiritual and operational descendant of the Cheka, who committed a genocide against the Russian people, he does not stand with them. He is diametrically opposed to the Russian people’s interests and bears the historical blood of their ancestors on his hands, ever since his criminal allies brutally murdered the noble Russian dynastic lineage

        Keep your mouth closed before you claim to speak for the Russian people..

      2. Zelensky never attacked Russian speaking Ukrainian citizens. Putin has been doing so for more than 2 weeks. Putin invaded without provocation in 2014, and has re-opened the invasion. There is nothing defensive about the invasion. It is an act born of imperial lusts to reassemble the USSR.

      3. [ On February 17, 2022, US Ambassador John Sullivan, invited to the Russian Foreign Ministry, was given the following reaction to the previously received American response on the Russian draft treaty between the Russian Federation and the United States of America on security guarantees. ]

        [ The thesis repeated in the US response that Russia allegedly “ignited the conflict in Donbass” is untenable. Its reasons are purely domestic in nature. The settlement is possible only through the implementation of the Minsk agreements and a set of measures, the sequence and responsibility for the implementation of which are clearly defined and unanimously confirmed by UN Security Council Resolution 2202, including by the United States, France and Great Britain. In paragraph 2 of this resolution, Kyiv, Donetsk and Lugansk are named as parties. None of these documents mentions Russia’s responsibility for the conflict in Donbas. Russia, together with the OSCE, plays the role of a mediator in the main negotiating format – the contact group – and together with Berlin and Paris – in the Normandy format, which formulates recommendations to the parties to the conflict and monitors their implementation. ]

      4. This leaves out the fact that Russia orchestrated the revolt in Donbas; that Russian troops were used to support the “revolt”; that it was military aggression ordered by Moscow; and that the whole Minsk process was diplomatic smoke screen behind which the Russian government could commit cynical violation after cynical violation.

      5. Putin did not unilaterally recognize Donetsk and Lugansk. They are acknowledged in the Minsk Accords, by the United States, France and Great Britain.

      6. Marjjie: This statement by you is completely false. The Duma asked Putin to recognize Donetsk and Luhansk’s independence, formally, more than three weeks ago. And he formally recognized them. That recognition opened the way to this war. That recognition also drove a stake through the heart of the Minsk accords. Obviously, you know this. And I do not appreciate you wasting my time with Russian lies. I will be deleting all your future comments. I have no tolerance for your obvious insincerity. Bye.

      7. MARJJIE, the intention of the Minsk accords was to weaken Ukraine. Putin claimed to not be a participant, but he was as he had troops in the Donbas and supplied to so-called separatists, which were actually just Russians that had been placed in the Donbas. If anyone got out of his lane, Putin would have them offed. That’s what happened to “Motorola” and another of “leaders” of the Donbas. The others knew what happ4ened and got back in line.

      8. Manferd, what is it about this website that attracts so many Putin apologists and trolls like you? Like flypaper.

        The Ukraine is a sovereign nation — not some vassal state of the Russian Empire — and can choose whatever damned DEFENSIVE alliances it wants to. Hitler, too, justified his attack on Poland and other neighboring countries based on trumped-up allegations of threats and insecurity.

        So what?

      9. I am deleting all Frank Manferd’s posts and the posts of several other of these people. Why? Because at some point the lies they are promoting are too tedious to keep refuting. And their posts grow longer than my original article. A liar deserves to be blotted out. This site is for thoughtful discussion ONLY. Once someone lies, or I recognize the poster as an enemy, I delete immediately.

  16. Watch everybody go to the polls and vote on those same old Venezuelan Internet voting machines again, expecting a different result.

    1. It’s not a perfect system, no doubt, but it sure beats what goes on closed societies such as Venezuela — speaking of Venezuelan voting machines. I know people that currently live there and just surviving from day to day is a challenge. Forget about voting. Eating takes priority there.

  17. As evidenced by many of these comments, we really are in a massive information war! Sad to see “conservative” voices like Tucker Carlson and Tulsi Gabbard and even Stew Peters parroting these Russian propaganda and misinformation. We need more solid truth as well written in this article. The West has never understood Soviet intentions, and Putin is not just a Soviet devotee but a mafia boss at the same time. We have averted this war for many, many years, and now we are at the crossroads. God helps us, to have the leadership we need. On an interesting note, Putin included Hillary Clinton on his sanction list today which says a lot. He knows who is still very much controlling what goes on in Washington. And those two can’t stand each other. I’m praying every day for our nation and our world and the Ukrainian people.

    1. You have posted far more on the site than I have, and a great deal of it obnoxious, poorly argued nonsense. Nothing you write is honest. You are not interested in my writing so your only reason for being here is to troll for your favorite dictator. Get off my site.

    2. Tulsi and Tucker are not wrong in their observations – they just don’t see, or believe, what those of us gathered here understand to be the full picture. I see them motivated by, and honed into, the fact that we have degenerate scum leading our country – which we do – and it seems counterproductive to characterize those who point it out as “parroting Russian propaganda.” Tulsi, Tucker and others have legitimate historical reasons for not wanting to send our country to war, and better to debate the merits than simply label earnest opinions “Russian propaganda.” There is a difference between failing to appreciate a threat, and deliberately valorizing an aggressor. Some on the right do that latter; but some are really the former, and I put Tulsi and Tucker in that category.

      I get the frustration. But I worry more that so many cries of “Russian propaganda!” only encourage censorship, which is the last thing we should be playing into. The antidote to propaganda is reason, persistence and good will. People can be persuaded – but usually not if they’re written off as spouting Russian propaganda.

      1. The problem of “not seeing,” turns out to be a problem of wearing an ideological blinder. Nothing truly intelligent comes from that.

      2. I didn’t see for a long time, but when I did, things changed fast, but it took a lot of re-education. Literally going back and re-reading or re-examining things I thought I knew a certain way, but actually was totally wrong. In hindsight, there were a lot of things I noticed but inexplicably ignored, or didn’t weigh properly. Or things I assumed to be true, but hadn’t ever really scrutinized. I did have an ideological barrier, but also had a BS detector. I know those things sound contradictory – but I think a lot of people must have that, it’s how we bring people around. Eventually, the barrier cracks. Perhaps the best that can be said is that, at least when people are sincere, the learning curve can happen quickly when that final straw is breaks.

      3. Another antidote is to simply check a variety of sources even those with which one disagrees. The Internet makes it very easy for people to only plug into those sources which tend to support their preconceived notions while ignoring others that do not support them. I used to have a tendency to do this, myself, but I think it’s important to seek a variety of sources and not completely trust any one source. For example, while I don’t agree with Vice News on a host of other issues, they did a good job of proving that Russia was, in fact, sending troops from Russia proper into eastern Ukraine to aggravate the situation there in the period between the start of the conflict in 2014 and the present (which is not to suggest that Russia wasn’t meddling even before this, but only that their reporting concerned the period after the conflict in eastern Ukraine began in earnest). They were able to establish the presence of Russian troops by using social media photos and comparing them to photos of soldiers taken in the Donbas region. On the other hand, I have met a few conservatives (but not the majority, luckily) who simply refuse to see Putin and Russia in anything but a favorable light. Now that the naked aggression of Russia is plain for all but the most deluded conspiracy theorists to see, the excuses for this sort of pro-Putin slant on the part of people like Tucker Carlson are beginning to wear thin to say the least.

  18. Some interesting comments from Colonel Ken Allard that I received in an email newsletter:

    “Vladimir Putin and his fellow conspirators in the new Axis nations are not desperate! Instead, they have concluded – correctly in my view – that America suffers from catastrophically weak leadership, that it has abandoned its core spiritual values, as well as the world-beating confidence that our country once took for granted. While conceding that American martial prowess can be painfully recovered (or at least not entirely ruled out) neo-Axis leaders believe that the timing will never be better for a basic re-ordering of the global order. That new order will naturally reflect non-Western interests and dismiss any weaker set of values.

    Ukraine is already one major stake in this game, Taiwan is surely next while NATO’s newly-minted Baltic states might not be far off. When measured against the potential stakes, who cares if Russian logistical problems persist, if they lose a few tanks or if they sacrifice a few more generals trying to recapture the morale of their troops? As my friend LTG Jim Dubik wrote recently, “Like other raw realists, Putin has no intention of stopping with Ukraine…Raw realists (like him) take what they can, when they can, until someone stops them.”

  19. Jeff, have you read Joel Skousen’s book Strategic Relocation? Do you agree with his analysis? He focuses on refugee flows a lot, but his analysis does not include a land invasion at all.

    Do you think there are any regions in the US that are safer than others?

      1. Thank you. It really stresses me out. I’m in a blue state, don’t have a well-established community here (moved here in 2018), closer than I’d like to be to potential military targets. Also, as a practical matter, I sadly don’t have the abilities and know-how to live an hour’s drive from Tractor Supply, Home Depot and major-chain bulk stores. If I could rewind 10-15 yrs, I’d have started earlier.

        So, when I pencil out the costs and unknowns associated with moving, I keep landing at the decision to stay. Part of it is emotional, to stay close to family. I’m at least out of a major city, in a medium-sized semi-rural city. But I’m not tucked away from the fray, by any stretch. Honestly, this is something I think about constantly – what can I do to fairly quickly build like-minded community. Doesn’t help I’m an introvert, and the “vibe” where I live is sort of weird, and not in a good way.

      2. Remember, “sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.” Dont fret. Dont borrow tomorrow’s troubles today. Just do what you can day by day, and trust God with tomorrow. Like Mr. Nyquist has pointed out many times, anything can happen to change things up for a time. Many things we fear never take place, or aren’t as bad as we thought it would be. Only God knows the future.

        I’m certainly not downplaying what is going on, and what may happen. Just trying to help you not get obsessed with worrying. Each of us can only do so much. It’s best to do the small things we can, and trust God.

        I myself sometimes feel fearful and anxious, thinking of all the big things I should do to prepare. But I dont have the time or the resources to do all those things. I remind myself of what the Lord said in those last few verses of Matthew 6.

        I remember a saying I read when I was a kid: Worry often gives a small thing a big shadow.

        And something my dad always said, “Dont sweat the small stuff…and everything is small stuff.” He passed away after suffering from Lou Gherigs Disease when i was in my early twenties. And he continued to make that statement even then.

        He also became known for one other statement during his time of sickness: “Life isn’t fair, but God is good.”

      3. Ps, I dont know what “small things” you might can do every day or week. Some of my small things: have a few months of canned and dried foods on hand, keep my guns in working order with sufficient ammunition, stay fit, got a German Shepherd to help watch around the house and protect my wife if something happens to me, keep a garden (it doesn’t have to be big), keep some chickens for protein from meat and eggs. But the most important preparation is spiritual. I spend time in the Bible and prayer daily, and go to a good church.

        Also, dont look at all the news items everyday. Read some other books. I just started reading a physical science book, just to keep my mind from getting in a rut looking at current events. Memorize Scripture. Memorize poetry. Spend time with your loved ones. Invest in their wellbeing, encourage them for the times that are coming.

        Hope this helps, or gives you some ideas.

      4. Love your post! I would add: get out and enjoy nature! It will “restore your soul.” Psalm 23

      5. Most definitely. Also, it’s a good idea to get one or two of those Berkey water filtration containers, and some extra filters. If you have to, you can pour water out of a mud puddle in it and it will clean it up.

        Another small thing we can all do is pass along Mr. Nyquist’s articles. Especially try to include influential people you know in who you share them with. I have sent the last two articles to twenty or 30 people. I include my county D.A., probate judge, investigator for the sheriff’s department, some pastors, along with every day folks like myself.

      6. I love my Big Berkey! I use it every day and yes, I have backup parts and filters. 🙂

    1. Relocation is a tricky subject. I think what is going on in Mexico currently with its very far-left leader, AMLO – Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, could have ramifications for the US in many different ways. The fighting between rival cartels is completely out of control, and even though we are just 3 months along in the new year, there have already been nine journalists/reporters killed in that country. Whole communities have been evacuated due to the fighting between these cartels. Meanwhile Mexico’s leader does nothing to stop the killing of these journalists, and refuses to impose sanctions on Russia, criticizing other western nations for doing so and for “censoring” state-controlled Russian media (that’s some rich irony considering that being a journalist is one of the most dangerous occupations in Mexico). These armed groups in that country could easily adopt political objectives under the right circumstances and/or be used by state actors acting on behalf of other nations hostile to US interests. Although there was formerly a measure of stability imposed by the rule of one political party (PRI) for around 75 years, there are currently dozens of political parties all vying for power in an increasingly unstable situation. It certainly necessitates close watching by those in the US.

      1. Interesting. I do know there have been some instances where the cartels have sent ‘hitmen’ to the US and they also work with the local gangs in the US, supplying these gangs with sophisticated weapons and so forth. I’ll have to check out Zeihan’s information. In Mexico there have been over 80 politicians or political candidates killed since 2020 in addition to the killing of journalists. I believe the latest was Armando Linares, his case being the ninth murder of journalists just since the start of this year. It is rapidly spiraling out of control.

  20. A friend of mine in Kansas just told me they may be getting an Iron Dome (defense battery) at Fort Riley. She was a little disturbed thinking about the implications of such a move. Apparently they’re considering various locations: “Fort Bliss, Texas; Fort Hood, Texas; Fort Campbell, Kentucky; Fort Riley, Kansas; Fort Sill, Oklahoma; Fort Stewart, Georgia; and Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington.” I know most of us are not clairvoyant, but any thoughts?

      1. We know military bases are possible targets for our enemies, but we tend to think of attacks being on the east or west coast…. not in the heartland.

      2. Praying, While naval forces are on the coasts (the largest naval base in the world is at Norfolk, VA), all services have bases in the interior, particularly the Army and Air Force. They are all nuke targets. Those areas with ICBM silos are also nuke targets. Those are scattered, but I think are mostly in Wyoming, Montana and the Dakotas. Places like Barksdale AFB, near Shreveport, LA, have nukes stored.

        Iron dome systems in those locations could not defend the entire country. I think much of the Russian nuke force will be “counter value” rather than “counter force.” Much of the force would be gone shortly after a nuke strike from the east were detected. Killing the population is more in the style of Russia and China.

  21. Jeff, not sure if you can comment, Adapt2030 (David DuByne) just released this video, looks like there is a dire food situation coming:

      1. Both China and Russia have stopped exports of fertilizers. Both are major producers of all three types, and there was already a shortage in some areas of the world. Without those, Africa will starve. Without grain exports from Ukraine, the middle east will starve. Instead of fighting, Ukraine would have been harvesting wheat.

  22. @JRNyquist: What do you think of news outlets, including Fox News, calling V. Zelenskyy the “next Churchill”? IMO, that is a pretty staggering comparison to make. I think it’s short-sighted to call him that, and is way overblown, in terms of an epithet. I’ll admit, the guy is admirable, is brave, and is very inspiring, in the way he’s led his country, and his people, during this heart-rending time, but Churchill, he is not.

    1. Churchill told better jokes than Zelensky, and he drank more. They cannot be compared, except that both men led countries through their finest hour.

      1. On a serious note. Having lived in Germany I learned that much humor is culturally based. My family was required to live “on the economy” for the first year in Germany, so I made friends among Germans. American jokes tended to fall pretty flat because they did not understand enough of the background to see the humor. I had the same experience with their humor as well.

    1. That’s an attempt to re-establish the old Final Phase board, which went through two incarnations before William Wallace shut it down.

      Frankly, there is no safe areas. In the case of nuke exchange, the entire country will become unlivable. Anyone that has dealt with explosives on demo ranges also know that no explosive charge is completely burned in a deflagrating explosion. The same happens with nukes and many of them are made with PU239, which is a serious cancer causing agent and burns on contact with air. The oxide will lodge in people’s lungs.

      Our experience with depleted Uranium penetrators in Iraq does not show any great hope if the fissile material is Uranium.

      1. I’ve dealt with explosives on demo ranges and also studied nuclear engineering and weapons while in Engineering school.

        A study was done, and parts were placed on you tube as to what the global effects of a nuke exchange between India and Pakistan. The upshot is that it would affect the rest of the world. A full nuke exchange involving the US would not be survivable for most of the population of the country within a very few months. The rest of the world would follow suit over the next 8-24 months. This is also what I saw while in the military.

        I have no idea what studies you are alluding to. The effects of depleted Uranium dust in Iraq has not had good effects on the population.

  23. I just stumbled upon this blog…I am not one who is schooled on political things.
    The thought of Russia & China attacking US are frightening. My Trust is in Jesus, & I am trying to not be panicked about the current world situation, but what can I do practically to make the best of things for my family, my small children? How could we ever prepare practically in this short notice for the electric grid to go down? Or Worse? Do we all try to learn the way of preppers? Where does one go from here in addition to Prayer?

      1. There is no way to thank you enough for your work. You are one of the few sane voices left.
        In case things get out of control and NATO and the communists start nuking each other, what do you think may happen to South America and Africa in the short term? Will these places be nuked too?

      2. I do not see nuclear attacks against countries in Africa and South America. Economic difficulties in South America, and food shortages in Africa, could be severe — along with civil wars, local wars. Perhaps some new and interesting countries will be born out of that.

    1. Prayer is a great place to start because Jesus will give you His peace. 🙂 If we react out of fear, we don’t usually make good choices. Jeff gave you the basics. Begin to work on those as you are able…. one step at a time.

  24. 7.3 earthquake just occurred in northern Japan. 2 million in Tokyo without power.

    1. TOKYO — A powerful 7.3 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Fukushima in northern Japan on Wednesday evening, triggering a tsunami advisory and plunging more than 2 million homes in the Tokyo area into darkness.

      The region is part of northern Japan that was devastated by a deadly 9.0 quake and tsunami 11 years ago that also caused nuclear plant meltdowns.

    2. PRAYINGINOK, you sure on top of stuff. Seems like half the time I get the breaking news through you! And lots of little-known news, too. 🙂

      1. Awwww. Thank you Gretchen! I love news. I wanted to be a journalist when I was a teenager. 🙂 It grieves me to see what has happened to the industry, especially in the past few years.

  25. Well, well. We certainly are in a pickle. Again.

    It is interesting that the default setting for everyone is apprehension at what may come. What must come, frankly. And I applaud all of the comments in this thread; they are the best I’ve ever read. And of course the article is fantastic, and quite accurate, emotionally. If we allow ourselves to, we always feel what is coming.

    The greater premise, however, that most are working under is flawed. War is the natural state of mankind, at least since we left the hunter-gatherer consciousness. When this war “officially” began, my mother cried in desperation, “I can’t believe this is happening!”

    Really? An astute observer of human nature has difficulty grasping this sentiment. War is much like sex. It takes time in between orgasms to build up the desire to re-engage, but the carnal impulse ALWAYS returns. So the question is, which is the natural state? I assert it is the climax which is always re-sought, not the intervals in between. In fact, this is rather indisputable, as the small number of human beings who pursue chastity (the interval), do so only with tremendous effort and a high failure rate. The interval is not our true nature. The climax is. I fear that this is what the communist mentality has thoroughly grasped and harnessed, and they have yoked the desire in most of mankind for this not to be true. Peace and tranquility ever lasting are sweet tasting fictions and nothing more. To be blunt, we did not manifest as physical beings here in 3D to “get along”. Obviously. Or can anyone provide a perspective of history or of any scripture that disputes this? Some may attempt to invoke Buddhism, but this is simply ignorant. Read up on the results when the Buddhists collectively snap. It is nothing short of “awesome” in its verocity.

    Understandably, this is disturbing to us. But it serves no productive purpose to deny it or wish it weren’t so. War will not be avoided. However, how we war is an open question. And if anyone is struggling, wanting answers from Creation as to why this is so, I offer this: war is the ultimate in struggle and suffering, and in a theatre of struggle and suffering we are forced to choose. Some of us choose our higher angels, and some of us…

    Without hunger and starvation the wolf doesn’t hunt. We are headed back to war because we have not figured out how to not go soft without it. Our video game culture has necessitated our return to it. Jeff and others have noted the bravery and the heroism of the Ukrainian resistance to this onslaught. But it would not be such without an attack to repel, no? All the great art of the ages is the condensing into physical or auditory form, the sufferings and the resultant triumphs of the people, No?

    I find it curious, Jeff, that you bandy around the phrase conspiracy theory as though it is a small minded endeavor. Man, by nature, is conspiratorial, meaning he joins forces with others to plan something hidden from the view of others. Normally we think of it as being associated with criminal intent, but the definition is simply “two or more people planning privately in the attempt to deceive others, i.e. to cloak their true objective.” Communism is the ultimate criminal conspiracy and probably the most complex, which is why so few understand it or truly recognize the magnitude of its threat. Hell, Jeff, you have spent forty years wrapping your mind around it!

    I do appreciate your caution with theories that you cannot support with “hard data”, but that is the primary weapon of a conspiracy, to “conceal the facts that illuminate it”! Fortunately, we don’t need elaborate narratives to understand how dire our current situation is. “Power does what Power wants to, and the weak suffer what they must”, will suffice.

    And Power is getting ready to rumble. Once again.

  26. Greyknight and Prayinginok: Thanks so much for your thoughts on preparing for the road ahead. Helps more than you know! (I couldn’t find a place to reply in that thread)

  27. I guess I am not surprised to see you focused on the big picture, but I am rather surprised at your lack of interest or commentary so far on Zelensky’s role in all of this. He is not simply a clown. All of his clownery so far has been to the benefit of Russia. Laughing and joking right up to the invasion day. Not mobilizing until the last minute. His queer background in television and comedy. How he came to power. His (and his government’s) constant lying and propaganda to push the west into war. He is clearly a puppet, but whose puppet? The reality is that he is owned by one of the two superpowers and whichever one is using him to evoke WW3…and that in itself is a terribly bad thing. The propensity of the evidence leans toward Russia in my opinion.

    1. I feel for Zelensky. Two of the people who are signatories of the Budapest Memorandum have shucked the agreement. What people learn from such things is that no country can be trusted over the long term. Some countries, Russia is a good example, almost never sign agreements in good faith and intend to keep them only so long as it seems to be in their interest to keep them. With Putin, no agreement can be concluded with any hope of him keeping it.

      1. Just a technical point: People have this general misunderstanding that the Budapest Memorandum obligated Britain and the United States to defend Ukraine. There is no such understanding in the agreement, or the U.S. would not have signed it. The signatories agreed NOT to violate Ukraine’s sovereignty if Ukraine gives up her nuclear weapons. We have kept the agreement by not violating Ukraine’s sovereignty. The Russians violated the agreement. There was no provision in the agreement for us to defend Ukraine. Read the treaty. Read books about it. This is universally understood in the world of diplomacy.

    2. So you think the West is provoking World War III on purpose? That would be totally crazy. The West does not even have a fallout or bomb sheltering system for protecting its population, and no meaningful ABM defense. You might as well say that our leaders are deluded crazy people who want to die. Being so hapless, how could they have orchestrated such a cunning and brilliant conspiracy? How could they have puppeted Mr. Zelensky? Your big picture interpretation is incoherent. Your ideas do not fit the facts. Reality is not so simple.

      1. No, I think Russia is provoking it. How do you explain Zelensky? Do you think he is just a clown in the wrong place at the wrong time? I honestly would like your opinion on him.

      2. I don’t have an opinion on Zelensky. I can only analyze what he does. And by the way — What is he supposed to do? If he did not ask for help — effective help from the West — we would have to conclude that he is a Russian agent. He is arguing for the survival of his country. This is the kind of president the people of Ukraine need. There is nothing here to explain. This is not a clown show. If there are bad things about him I do not see it in his behavior during this war. Actions are what count. Leave ideology and conspiracy theories at the door.

      3. Ok, so you would classify his laughing and joking and not bothering to mobilize his army right up to the day of invasion (when the Russian mobilization began when, back in October?) as not a clown show. If actions (or inactions) are what count, what was that then?

      4. A deception played on the Russians. They invaded under the impression there would be no resistance. Look at how that was turned around on them.

      5. Yes, and Zelensky was also trying to maintain a sense of calm in the pre-invasion days and to not cause an economic panic that could cause investors to pull out of Ukraine, etc. What else could he do? I don’t see that as a clown show, but rather as a strategy to keep his people calm. They were ready for the invasion to the extent that they could be as evidenced by their fierce and thus far successful resistance against a much larger military. Zelensky has done an admirable job so far as I can see. He has used the media very well to pressure the West to keep support coming in. He certainly has one my sincere admiration in that respect.

  28. What politicians on the right don’t realize, in terms of messaging, is they need to stop framing their appeal for war-footing by imploring that we “stand with Ukrainians” (I’m thinkin here if Stefanik, but it’s most of them).

    This sounds like whiny democrats who abuse citizens in the name of their pet causes, while dismissing and devaluing things that actually would help Americans. In fact it reinforces that they don’t really care if we have a nation at all.

    They need to stand up and explain precisely why engaging in Ukraine is vital to OUR survival and national interest. We are not obliged to give our lives for citizens of other countries. That’s the social contract. If they can’t define the national interest, they shouldn’t be asking us to assume the risks of war. Carlson is correct on that point.

    Really they need to admit that Washington collectively misjudged Russia for many years, to our devastating detriment. They must implore that this is not another war of choice on a far off land apparently for the interests of military contractors – Putin is targeting the United States, and will keep fighting until he is stopped – that really we already are at war, whether we like it or not, and the sooner we understand that, the better chances we have. Russia will hit us whether we mobilize in Ukraine or not.

    Frankly, if they aren’t willing to level with the country about our self-interest, they need to shut up, and just send covert missions. Because whining at us that we must help Ukrainians only backfires. Anyone with a heart wants desperately to save Ukrainians. It’s gut-wrenching. But to hear our degenerate politicians lecturing us, on emotional grounds untied to the national welfare, just stirs rage over emotional blackmail.

    1. VISITOR: I see you are a conditional patriot. You will only support your country’s interests if the leaders and representatives of your country are angels. You need to find an desert island to live on.

      1. I think you’re misrepresenting what I’m saying (which I may not have said perfectly). Our leaders need not be angels. But, it’s also not unpatriotic to worry that our leaders are actively undermining our interests, and would not lead us into war in service of our interests, but in service of something sinister. This is the tension in supporting leaders who are traitors.

        It is rather difficult that accusations of not being a patriot seem to be leveled so easily, seemingly for not agreeing on something.

        With respect to my comment above, I was expressing frustration with the “messaging.” That is not a reflection on what think should be done. It is an observation that the messaging is entirely ineffective, given the deep and legitimate suspicions our people have that our leaders aren’t just incompetent, but are actively working against our own country – especially in matters of war, but on virtually every issue of importance.

        We cannot just call everyone who does not trust current leadership to run a war treasonous or unpatriotic. It’s a fair question whether we should cheer on whatever war plans the current leadership has. It’s fine and perhaps virtuous to say Biden should declare war, enter the fray — but at the same time, we legitimately have no real idea who’s side he’s actually on. It does not seem intellectually honest to ignore that fact, and scold anyone genuinely worried about what catastrophe he’ll create.

        It’s 2 separate points. Browbeating Americans to support war, without defining the national interest, is bad messaging. Would that, by itself, stop me from supporting a war? No. But a profound distrust that our commander-in-chief may actively be helping our enemies? Yes, that gives me pause. That doesn’t make me unpatriotic. Sorry if I haven’t expressed myself well. But I don’t understand the vitriol to be calling readers/commenters unpatriotic. I’m not a troll. I’m someone actually with an open mind, who takes great pains not to condemn people, because I believe really very few among us are hopeless. It seems unmeasured and uncharitable to level such heavy charges.

      2. Yes. I agree with your concerns. I am very worried about the loyalty of many of our leaders. If we go to war, they can betray us in a number of ways. Our domestic Marxists have a history of supporting Russia and China. Also, we have this problem with some of our conservatives, too. This is a very sticky problem.

  29. I knew that about commies since I was knee high. They can barely feed their own people and why is it commies that always parade their military around in parades? You never see Western nations do this even though our equipment is 10x better.

  30. Ward Carroll, a retired Naval Flight Officer, has a piece on you tube about what a no fly zone would do for Putin. He interviewed a Brit specialist on the matter and dealt with the problems the VKS has faced in their operations and why they have done so poorly. The stuff at the start of the video can be skipped until you get to the beginning of the interview. It is a long one.

  31. Just for the record, here is a (partial) transcript I just did of an interview Condoleezza Rice gave on Fox television on February 27, 2022.

    It is a sad example of the overall cluelessness of America’s foreign policy establishment. (Nevertheless, I always liked Ms. Rice’s refined style – why isn’t she a Missis? – and of course her ever-neat pearl jewelry…)

    “Well, I met with him many times, and this is a different Putin. He was always, as Sen. Rubio said, this was an ex-KGB man. He once said you are always essentially a KGB man if you are. So, he had that tough veneer, he was always calculating and cold, but this is different. He seems erratic; there is an ever deepening delusional rendering of history; it was always a kind of victimology about what had happened to them. But now it goes back to blaming Lenin for the foundation of Kiev, in the Russian, and of Ukraine. So, he is descending into something that I personally haven’t seen before.” – “Well, I don’t know where he is in that dark world. But I will say this: We have to make sure that he really understands that the cost would be extraordinary to try to cross an Article-5 line: An attack upon one is an attack upon all. And so the Baltic states are indeed protected under that guarantee by the United States of America. If he meets the kind of resistance that he is meeting in Ukraine, if he can’t get an easy win, if it looks like he is not going to achieve his objectives, there is a chance that he pulls up. But I want to make sure that he does. I want to make sure that he doesn’t decide that Kaliningrad, which is a Russian territory that is cut off by the Baltic states, is his next way to connect Kaliningrad back to Russia. That would involve the territory of the Baltic states. So, what we are doing in reinforcing NATO forces in the Baltics and in Poland – NATO’s eastern flank, if you will – this is the way to make sure that he knows the cost would be very high.” […] “So, let’s concentrate right now on making sure that he pays the highest cost for what he has already done. And, by the way, if we continue to reinforce American forces – and these are not humanitarian that are going in; these are so-called heavy brigades, air power! – he also has to look at: ‘I don’t wanna take on the United States of America.’” […]

    1. What I notice in watching Secretary Rice, is a stylistic approach to Russia that misses some of the nuances. It is the Hoover Institution school of Cold War pigeonholing, showing that she never understood Putin was always going to arrive where he now is; that the Russian Federation is the Soviet continuation state. Putin’s future course was obvious from his earliest statements as Prime Minister in 1999. How much detail she has missed — so much so, that she has missed the Devil in all that detail.

      1. They are all cringe in how confident they are in our flaccid military abilities. As if Putin and the entire KGB hasn’t thought for decades about “the cost” of taking the US on. She prattles obvious facts as if they were deep wisdoms. It’s why I’ve never had much faith in our leaders, they truly think other leaders never contemplate nuclear war.

      2. In that regard, Rice’s comments involve a kind of self-congratulatory mirror-imaging. She is better than that. She could do better.

  32. “The Biden administration is seeking another $10 billion to help protect Ukraine against the Russian invasion and $22.5 billion more to cover pandemic-related expenses, two major additions to budget talks already underway.”

    Where is all this money supposed to come from? How can our financial system withstand all of this? Shaking my head….

    1. Jeff, I just saw a comment of yours above to someone else:

      “If they destroy the U.S. economy they can create a socialist America. Poor, starving, and afraid of the police.”

      Obviously that is the plan. 🙁 He who controls the food controls the people. I think I need to do even more shopping.

      1. Must be nice! LOL! Seriously, they tell us Social Security will run out of money in a few years. Will they just add some “monopoly money” to that fund as well?

  33. Jeff, if Putin and Xi’s goal is to take over the world, why don’t they just go and do it already? Why the big delay? They have the superior power, so why are they moving in slow motion? How does that serve them? Why not just nuke and invade the big countries right now that they want to conquer?

    1. They have to attack in a way that does not collapse their own economies, turn their own people against them, or get them killed by American precision weapons. Nobody really knows whose weapons work best until you actually fight with them. War is not as easy as you may think. Clausewitz referred to something he called “friction.” We call it “Murphy’s Law.” Moscow’s little stumble in Ukraine complicates their plans. Does it stop them? Maybe all of this forces them to follow through. By sometime in June we will know where this is headed.

      1. It is headed to the hilt, and Ukraine will survive. Putin has exposed himself as a moral fraud. This invasion will not succeed and it will be his end. Whether through a swift collapse or drawn out deflation, this conflict will massage the people of Russia into owning their future. As tragic and painful as war is, the world will benefit from the interspecial connections this one has allowed. People can now see war playing out in real time, as perception control tactics of the past are proven toothless. Tyrants will flail and pout while the heroes they create are followed. Champions of integrity like President Zelenskiy and Marina Ovsyannikova have already been calcified as human representatives of the new age. People are reaching their potential en masse. The power structures of might and fear that have always reigned are falling, being replaced by reason and temperance. Rejoice for what lies ahead.

  34. Russian ships are shelling targets in the suburbs of Odesa as naval activity ticks up in the Black Sea, the Pentagon said on Wednesday.

    “We do see increased naval activity in the northern Black Sea,” a senior defense official told reporters on Wednesday.

  35. Jeff, a P.S. to my earlier question: if the answer to “why don’t they just nuke and invade everybody right now?” is that they want to provoke the West into starting something so public opinion goes in their favor, my question then becomes: why would they care if the world approves of them or not if they’re plan is to take over everybody by force?

  36. Just the same way they murdered millions and are destroying whole cities, they subverted and destroyed the western identity and sense of reality. What today we name normalcy is nothing more than deep alienation.

    1. Very good comment. It seems to me that the destruction of the western identity has been very successful on the part of the communists and their fellow travelers, unfortunately. On this cultural “battlefield,” they have been very successful. Maybe some good can come of the unprovoked invasion of Ukraine if it serves to wake some people from their slumber and the false notion that “the pendulum swings back and forth” (as many of my conservative friends like to say). I think if the notion of a pendulum were replaced with a wrecking ball, the analogy would be more apt. The conservatives haven’t managed to conserve much of anything and the liberals have become deluded with the more extreme aspects of their own pet ideologies. The end result is a complete detachment from reality.

  37. Rhetoric is heating up after Biden called Putin a war criminal:

    A spokesperson for the Kremlin, Dmitry Peskov, responded by saying that Biden’s comments were “unforgivable,” according to the Russian media outlet TASS.

    “We consider unacceptable and unforgivable such rhetoric of the head of state, whose bombs killed hundreds of thousands of people around the world,” Peskov said.

      1. But let’s face it, it’s better that way, because any peace negotiated with the Kremlin would be unacceptable to Ukraine and would just set the stage for another invasion somewhere down the line.

        Now is not the time to be doves pleading for peace. Zelenskyy has masterfully forced the West to continue aiding Ukraine. Biden, beforehand, was refusing to send anti-ship missiles and was only giving the bare minimum to save face politically. With Zelenskyy beating the drums and the entire western public behind him (polls show a supermajority of Americans stand with Ukraine), weapons are flowing into that country and making life very difficult for the Russians.

        I have even come to believe that the No-Fly-Zone was, in fact, the correct move. A Ukrainian analyst noted that dovishness on the part of the west just encourages Putin to escalate, as it encouraged Hitler in his day. Dovishness would likely result in fresh outrages and even nuclear strikes on the part of Russia against the west, despite the dovishness being deployed to avoid such a war at all costs. An alleged letter from an FSB analysis, supporting this idea implicitly, claims (per my poor memory) Russia still has plans to unleash cyberwarfare and to up the ante by threatening (and actually carrying out) limited strikes on Poland and the Baltics and declaring their OWN No-Fly-Zone, only one purportedly meant to stop the US/NATO from arming Ukraine. Missile strikes would be announced beforehand with pleas for civilians to evacuate. Allegedly, we may see the foundation for these things begin being laid in the coming days (we will know if the letter is real then at that point).

        Whether that letter is fantasy or not, it shows that there is a lot the Russians can do to escalate if they assume the West will simply backdown with each threat made. Instead, Russia should be made to feel that he has underestimated western resolve. It appears he already has: Germany of all countries joining in on sanctions was shocking enough. And now all these countries are suddenly interested in rebuilding their militaries.

        We are in a death struggle here. Negotiation is not going to work. Russia has to win or they will be set back by decades. Ukraine has to win or Russia moves on NATO next.

      2. Or, thru some back channels to let the enemy know when, where, how they will be transferred to Ukraine, and they just happen to fall into Russian hands.

      3. If you watch the video of him saying that, it’s very bizarre. At first he says “no” but about 30 seconds later he comes back to it and says yes. If Russia is looking for “provocation” to spread the war, this might add to it.

  38. I’m reading this about persecution of the Jews from 1880s-1945. I didn’t realize how bad the pogroms in Russia were. They could rival the Nazis really. At least the Nazis kept their atrocities somewhat out of site. The Russians would turn it into a big party and all the Russians would just get together and rampage, killing, stealing, raping, torturing Jews, for days. It couldn’t be about Jews political leanings because when these pogroms took place Jews were barred from politics. Some Jews were more successful than some Russians and the Russians just couldn’t stand it. It was envy and resentment. What Jews were to Russia in the 19th century, America is to Russia in the 21st century. Before I was thinking of this issue as political, or maybe inertia of Russia. Now it makes me think this is a spiritual or emotional problem. Which if true(?) is worse and I don’t see how this showdown can be stopped.

    1. Other countries did it too. I have read of Poland and Ukraine carrying out pogroms as well. I’m not trying to denigrate those two countries, or paint Russias current actions in a good light, just saying it was common in all those countries, and very wicked. Poland was horrible even to Polish Jews who were fighting the Nazis.

      I’ve never been able to understand how Russia, Poland, Ukraine, other countries could do such things to the Jews.

    2. Antisemitism has always been a tool of state craft to control and redirect the anger of the ruled. It has always been fomented from the top.

    3. I have heard it explained that the serf system in Russia was extreme in comparison to other countries in Europe. It was essentially identical to slavery in the USA, with Russian peasants holding no rights despite what was on the law books (the law made it possible for peasants to sue for being mistreated, but actual instances of Russian courts holding in their favor are miniscule) and even being sold. Peasants were also forced into 25 year military conscriptions–a death sentence considering the extreme sadism of Russian commanders (still a problem today, with many Russian troops committing suicide each year due to systematic hazing and rape).

      When such an enslaved and brutalized people get the chance to brutalize someone else, I imagine it can quickly resemble a Hellraiser movie.

      1. Mr. Nyquist, you ask me what I think of all this: well, aside from any opinion on your theories, I think that if this has been a mistake, it’s the best ” mistake ” ever in the history of mistakes. You have seen nothing yet. This is the Great Divorce, the beginning of the end of the whole Russian Westernization project begun by Tsar Peter the Great. However, the needle will have to be threaded of not falling into the grip of undue Asiatic and Islamic influences, and actually being an influence on them instead.

        The conflict itself is a ” done deal”, looking past the liberal western rage and hysterical ” Baghdad Bob” level propaganda. Poland will be the immediate Western beneficiary, by the way, no doubt restoring Galicia to her dominion eventually, This is what I think.

      2. Strannik; I see now that you do not live in Russia. I had the impression that you did. And I am surprised that you see this as a positive development for Russia, accepting the destruction wrought on Ukrainian cities and the civilian deaths as justified. Honestly, I expected Ukraine to be won over to Russia with gentler methods, with more sophistication. But somehow this was not possible. The Ukrainian spirituality, which the West could learn from, is evident from their unexpected brave defense. And what benefit will this destructive war bring to Russia? I mean, the West is not involved in this war, are not really suffering like your people are. It is Ukrainians fighting against Russians. All the destruction is on the Slavic lands. This cannot be good, can it? And how can you regard Putin as a Christian, or as a legitimate ruler instead of a tyrant? I think you must be under a spell of delusion.

      3. These secretive meetings and groups have a logic that makes sense in Western socio economic and political system. Western politicians and big businessmen cannot speak their mind truthfully with each other in a public forum, particularly concerning difficult decisions that would not be popular to make if discussed openly.

    1. Loooong but interesting article. Thanks Sarah. This is something I’ve also questioned:

      “If the world media have so far been able to lie shamelessly on a matter of strict scientific relevance, spreading lies and hiding reality, we should ask ourselves why, in the present situation, they should suddenly rediscover that intellectual honesty and respect for the code of ethics widely denied with COVID.”

      Certainly makes you wonder…..

  39. Mr Nyquist, in response to your reply on this war: no, I do take this war as a mistake, a failure, even an abomination. But, it has had the effect of dividing East from West, has it not? This war, as with all wars, occurred because of our sins, and special attention should be noted that few are the wars which work out as intended originally by their planners.

    Ukrainians fight as befits Slavs, as the Russians they are, resolutely regardless of the right or wrong of their cause. We need to be united however, because enemies exist all around , and due to the Faith most of us claim. This is a civil war, you see, and like most civil wars, both sides have their point, and good men on either point, much passion and rhetoric, bad feelings and fratricidal bloodshed.

    No, I’m very close to situation, maybe too close

    1. I watched Putin’s remarks yesterday and became very concerned. His talk of purging Russia’s Western Fifth Column sounds like Stalinism. I agree with the concerns of former Russian Prime Minister Kasyanov, that this could be bad for Russia. It partakes of an ungenerous paranoia. Here in America we have a Fifth Column, too — of Marxists who collaborate with China, Cuba and even Russia. We have many facts to show this, but I would never recommend Stalinist methods of “purification.” War hysteria, of course, can produce such results. But it is always lamentable when the innocent are condemned with the guilty. A reign of terror is always counter-productive. You have to win people over with reason or you are lost. Right? I think Putin has taken a turn for the worst.

      1. @JRNyquist: I would also draw attention to a somewhat lesser-known historical figure, that of Mustafa Kemal, “Ataturk”. After WWI, a little more than one hundred years ago now, he became a patron of the “Young Turk” movement in Turkey, which sought to make a more ethnically- and religiously-homogeneous country, i.e. Turkic and Muslim.

        One has to remember that the land now called Turkey had for thousands of years, even after the Turks came from Central Asia, been home to large populations of diverse peoples, like Greeks, Armenians, Jews, and Assyrians, among others. Shortly after the “Young Turk” movement became really popular in Turkey, the Greek and Armenian genocides followed. That’s what Putin’s recent troubling words reminded me of.

    1. BB

      What Mr. Armstrong should say is : NATO attempts to defend against Russia, who has already started WW3.

      1. Hi Tom,
        Maybe the communists in the EU and USA leadership are urging NATO to go to war because they know they can’t win. Maybe they know Russia needs to be provoked before Putin unleashes holy hell on the US. Maybe there is a scissors strategy taking place. Armstrong doesn’t see that of course. Only those familiar with the Final Phase understand the depth of Russian deception and strategy.

  40. Much has been made of ‘Ukraine giving up its nuclear weapons in exchange for security guarantees’. As if they did us all a great favour and as a consequence we’re now in their debt. Isn’t it a fact though, that these weapons were under centralized (Russian) control and would have remained so regardless. These weapons never were Ukraine’s to use.

    1. Actually not true. “Possession” is nine tenths of the law. Terminating links to the Soviet command structure would be easy for the country that built SS-18 ICBMs. And returning the weapons to the Russians did us no favors.
      In retrospect, what should Ukraine have done? I would have suggested a call to the Israelis with a “deal they couldn’t refuse.” Of course, this would have never been allowed to happen, it was all probably “rigged” before the “fall’ of the Soviet empire.

      1. I’m no expert, but suppose Montana seceded, could they then have exercised effective control over ‘their’ missiles? Without the personnel,launch-codes,infrastructure ect. These after all arent scud-missiles you just point and then let go…The Southafricans dismanteled their weapons…Ukraine is something entirely different I think

      2. Nothing existed that would have prevented them from removing the MIRV (and other) warheads.
        It is unlikely they would have had much use for “intercontinental” missiles.

  41. Jeff, excellent post. The situation with us wondering what to do and the Ukranians fighting “to be” reminded me of a quote from Churchill. Winston Churchill once wrote, “If you will not fight for freedom when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”

  42. Jef do you think Russia would eliminate the European population or enslaved the people in country likes France or Germany?

    1. On your blog the article about the speech of a chinese General is about to exterminate the American people, but how Russia is protect against racial bioweapons? Most Americans are descendant from Europeans.

      1. Theoretically, I expect such a weapon would not be deployed until the U.S. mainland is isolated by some form of blockad, so that the virus could not leave this continent. Perhaps the Russians will be advised regarding an antidote, vaccine or other treatment. I am frankly skeptical of the genetic weapon idea. It may ultimately prove impractical.

    2. If a war became so destructive that the major cities of Russia were reduced to rubble, their objective would be to conquer Europe and move their population there — though that would not be easy, especially as Europe is waking up.

  43. In my seventh decade of life and my fifth as a Christian there is one thing that I have learned that applies here. Be very, very careful in labelling someone who claims to be Christian as a “fake Christian” . While that may or may not empirically seem true, you WILL have to answer for that to someone who knows for certain.

    1. You must judge a tree by its fruits as Jesus instructs. Communism’s fruits are death, destruction, and the wrecking of society. To the extent that Putin is a “former” KGB man who laments the fall of the USSR as a “geopolitical catastrophe,” it is hard to take the lip service he pays to the Russian Orthodox Church seriously. In the Book of Acts, there are many instances where the Apostles called people out for peddling heresies or trying to make a profit (in the material sense) off of religion. Again, the “fruits” of Sergius recognizing Stalin rather than standing firm against communism were manifested in the split of the Russian Orthodox Church with many bishops breaking communion with him as a result. While I don’t pretend to judge the man’s soul, we can certainly evaluate the fruits of this capitulation which resulted in deep and lasting divisions in the Church and also amounted to a tacit acceptance of the atrocities committed by Stalin in the name of his communist ideology. Indeed, it gave Stalin the perfect excuse to intensify his persecution of the catacomb Christians who refused to go along with communism and were either sent to the gulag or executed. To go along with evil is to become a partaker in the fruits of that evil. Again, it’s up to God to judge his soul, but his actions (Putin) show that he is a man utterly without conscience who is willing to sacrifice thousands of lives on the alter of ideology or his vision of a rebuilt USSR 2.0.

      1. A simple question, then. Why is Putin the only leader on the world stage speaking out vehemently against the homosexual agenda? Not even Trump would do that. Yet many are willing to accept his Christianity. As to what Putin is doing now, there is simple observation: Given Putin’s demands for a ceasefire both pre and post invasion; if Putin is wrong then so was JFK. There is more to this than we are privy to but you might lend an ear to Bishop Kirill or Archbishop Vigano. George Soros is demanding intervention in Ukraine… .

      2. Psychological warfare is a powerful thing. Seed the enemy country with corruption, then posture as a conservative who opposes corruption, Putin and the KGB gave this gift of homosexuality through their subversion, and now they want to bomb the Hell out of us to cure us. The word communism is an orphan, says an anti-communist friend of mine. Nobody knows what it signifies.

      3. He speaks against homosexuality in the same way that Fidel Castro did when he locked them up under his regime (and he imprisoned many homosexuals). He saw it as an expression of bourgeoisie excess and depravity, but he did not condemn it from a Christian standpoint and neither does Putin. Again, the propaganda puts a spin on this and makes it into something it is not. Putin is a divorcee, a murderer (of his opponents such as Alexander Litvinenko and many others and now of an untold number of Ukrainian civilians), and an egomaniac, all of which go against the tenets of Christianity. As stated in 1 John: “if there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed: For he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds.” How can one make this determination without “judging” a person’s sincerity as a Christian? To suggest that Putin is likely not a real Christian based on his actions, is not inappropriate, especially after his unprovoked invasion of Ukraine and targeting of civilians.

    2. See Putin denying God during a Larry Kinv interview. King: Do you believe there is a higher power?

      Putin (through translator): I believe in human beings. I believe in their good intentions. I believe in the fact that all of us have come to this would to do good things. And if we do so, and if we do so together, then success is awaiting for us. And both with regards to our relations as people to people, or inter-state relations. And most important, we will achieve the ultimate goal, comfort and joy in our own heart.

      King: Thank you Mr President.

      1. I wonder what “good thing” Putin thinks he is doing by massacring Ukr. civilians?

        I once heard a psychologist lecture that EVERYONE essentially tells himself that he is a good person. It’s the only way each person can rationally function. Self-delusion knows no bounds.

  44. Last night, the electronic control system to which most of the church bells of Vienna’s St. Stephen’s Cathedral are connected was hacked and from 2:11 a.m. these bells (not the mighty “Pummerin” though) were ringing like crazy for an eternity of 20 minutes!

    This is psychological warfare par excellence, and it doesn’t forebode well especially in light of the fact that, back in April 1945, when the Soviet Army was about to conquer Vienna, a fire broke out in the cathedral’s south tower, in the course of which the old Pummerin bell was destroyed.

    Listen to the complete set of church bells of St. Stephen’s, with the commanding sound of the new “Pummerin” (consecrated in 1952 and finally installed in 1957) setting in at 1:58:

    1. Correction:

      That incident had already occurred the night before, i.e. early Wednesday morning.

      1. Disturbing historical fact: March 16, the day earlier this week when St. Stephen’s bells rang for over twenty minutes in the middle of the night, until the Dean of the cathedral was able to turn them off, had also been the date, back in 1945, when the Soviets launched, out of Hungary, their great Vienna Offensive! They only entered Vienna, through heavy fightings against the remaining Wehrmacht units, in April, but the operation as such began indeed on March 16!

        So, we have here a very grim, very sinister and deeply intimidating reminder to Austria that it might soon be 1945 all over again – with tens of thousands of mostly super-rich Russians having already set up their residences. particularly in Vienna, many years ago…

  45. Something I’ve been looking at and wondering if I should upgrade a few items soon. Just an FYI:

    “Some 45%-54% of the world’s semiconductor grade neon, critical for the lasers used to make chips, comes from two Ukrainian companies, Ingas and Cryoin.”

    One company is in Mariupol, the other in Odesa/Odessa. Both are cities that Putin is very interested in controlling. Russia is the top producer of Palladium. also used in electronics. We already have a shortage of chips, so this could get very interesting. I’m wondering if Russia will use Palladium and Neon to secure help from China?

    “The stoppage casts a cloud over the worldwide output of chips, already in short supply after the coronavirus pandemic drove up demand for cell phones, laptops and later cars, forcing some firms to scale back production.

    While estimates vary widely about the amount of neon stocks chipmakers keep on hand, production could take a hit if the conflict drags on, according to Angelo Zino, an analyst at CFRA.

    “If stockpiles are depleted by April and chipmakers don’t have orders locked up in other regions of the world, it likely means further constraints for the broader supply chain and inability to manufacture the end-product for many key customers,” he said.


    “According to a Chinese media report that cited Chinese commodity market information provider, the price of neon gas (99.9% content) in China has quadrupled from 400 yuan/cubic meter in October last year to more than 1,600 yuan/cubic meter in late February.”

      1. Jeff, watching all of these addresses by Zelenskyy (to Canadian & German parliaments, the US Congress, etc), insisting that NATO impose a no-fly zone, I’m struck at how good his command of history is and how well he has tailored each speech to the history of the country he is addressing. (Apparently he wrote these speeches while evading Russian assassins and defending Kyiv.) I’m also struck by the fact that a) he is a trained actor, b) many people originally believed he was Putin’s puppet, c) he is asking us to take action in a way that might provoke a nuclear strike, d) we are being led to believe that the Ukrainians are almost winning (and that we might be able to help them win), and e) the Russian military is performing much more poorly than expected. Do you think this may be an elaborate scheme by Putin to appear weak, to invite US involvement? What happened to invading five NATO capitals in 48 hours? Do you think Zelenskyy’s speeches might have been written by strategists in Moscow, to convince NATO countries to enter into WWIII, a nuclear conflict that we have no hope of winning?

      2. Agreed. His anger may lead him to rash decisions!

        “The deputy chief of Russian’s National Guard was reportedly detained Thursday amid news that Russian President Vladimir Putin is cracking down on disloyalty within his ranks following the invasion of Ukraine. “

      3. US fears Putin may threaten use of nuclear weapons if Russia remains stalled in Ukraine

        U.S. intelligence officials believe Vladimir Putin may threaten to unleash Russia’s nuclear arsenal increasingly as Ukrainian defense forces continue to thwart his invasion of their country.

        Lt. Gen. Scott Berrier, director of the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency, revealed the concerns in a new report on global threats dated March 15 and obtained by Fox News Thursday.

        “As this war and its consequences slowly weaken Russian conventional strength, Russia likely will increasingly rely on its nuclear deterrent to signal the West and project strength to its internal and external audiences,” he wrote.

      4. Hello K. I am not following the popular narrative by the media that Zelensky is a “hero.”

        It’s interesting what you said: “…Zelenskyy’s speeches might have been written by strategists in Moscow, to convince NATO countries to enter into WWIII, a nuclear conflict that we have no hope of winning?”

        Instead of Moscow, what about Beijing?
        Could the Chinese be egging on both billionaires: Putin and Zelensky?

  46. The difference between those who create in those who destroy is wonderful and I thank you for sharing it Jeff. Reminded me of this verse

    Revelation 11:18

    18 The nations were angry, and Your wrath has come,
    And the time of the dead, that they should be judged,
    And that You should reward Your servants the prophets and the saints,
    And those who fear Your name, small and great,
    And should destroy those who destroy the earth.”

    1. He is closer to the conventional wisdom than I. He reckons with states, not peoples or authentic belief systems. Insurgences rarely win, by the way.

  47. More threats:

    “A Russian ambassador on Thursday said Bosnia and Herzegovina could face the same military aggression unleashed on Ukraine if the country joins NATO.”

    1. Russia warns United States: we have the might to put you in your place

      LONDON (Reuters) -Russia warned the United States on Thursday that Moscow had the might to put the world’s pre-eminent superpower in its place and accused the West of stoking a wild Russophobic plot to tear Russia apart.

      Dmitry Medvedev, who served as president from 2008 to 2012 and is now deputy secretary of Russia’s Security Council, said the United States had stoked “disgusting” Russophobia in an attempt to force Russia to its knees.

      “It will not work – Russia has the might to put all of our brash enemies in their place,” Medvedev said.

  48. Ukraine conflict: Putin lays out his demands in Turkish phone call

    By John Simpson
    World Affairs editor


    2 hours ago

    Turkey has positioned itself with great care to be the go-between with Russia and Ukraine – and this seems to be paying off.

    On Thursday afternoon, President Vladimir Putin rang the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and told him what Russia’s precise demands were for a peace deal with Ukraine.

    Within half an hour of the ending of the phone call, I interviewed Mr Erdogan’s leading adviser and spokesman, Ibrahim Kalin. Mr Kalin was part of the small group of officials who had listened in on the call.

    The Russian demands fall into two categories.

    The first four demands are, according to Mr Kalin, not too difficult for Ukraine to meet.

    Chief among them is an acceptance by Ukraine that it should be neutral and should not apply to join Nato. Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky has already conceded this.

    There are other demands in this category which mostly seem to be face-saving elements for the Russian side.

    Ukraine would have to undergo a disarmament process to ensure it wasn’t a threat to Russia. There would have to be protection for the Russian language in Ukraine. And there is something called de-Nazification.

    bbc .com/news/world-europe-60785754

  49. I have a feeling we are witnessing “The Ukrainian Deception,” to borrow a phrase. What if Putin is losing the war in Ukraine to win the much greater battle to come? The mistakes made by Russia throughout the invasion have baffled so many military analysts by their ineptitude, that I think it would be interesting to think through what are the possibilities if we are all being played. The ultimate Pawn Sacrifice.

    Some ideas on what Russia may gain by doing so:

    1) Get NATO to position more weapons in Eastern Europe that will be eventually used against us after the Perestroika Deception is unveiled.
    2) Russia now has cover to fully drop the petrodollar and adopt the Yuan. Perhaps the Saudi/China deal to price oil in Yuan is part of this.
    3) Lull the west into thinking Russia’s military is no longer a threat
    4) Grab all Western assets in Russia at a fire sale even if not nationalized
    5) Enhance China’s prestige in world as Peace broker if they step in

    Not fully wedded to the idea but interested in looking at all possibilities

    1. James Howlett, your ideas are intriguing, but Putin’s image has taken a tremendous beating. I don’t think the loss of prestige is something Putin or his government will tolerate. He cannot back down. Ricardo Galvan in the comment section said it well. “We are in a death struggle here. Negotiation is not going to work. Russia has to win or they will be set back by decades. Ukraine has to win or Russia moves on NATO next.” His pride and reputation is at stake.

      1. The entire Perestroika Deception is based on humiliation and lost pride, all for a greater victory in the end. I think Russians are far too strategic and cunning to worry about what we think of them.

    2. The perestroika deception is over. The mask has been dropped. The Soviet Union is being put back together again. What makes you think wars should always last only a few days. Russia will win this war as soon as the ground dries.

      1. The mask has dropped only for those with eyes to see. For others, Putin is just another totalitarian bent on conquest. The West still believes he is a capitalist and still believes Eastern Europe has given up on Communism and are on our side. Otherwise why are giving/moving NATO assets to them?

        It’s not the length of time per se but rather the reasons why its taking so long. There only so many self-inflicted wounds and mistakes one can witness without wondering whether something else is going on.

      2. Jeff, I’m a firm believer in the power of our thinking to influence events. If God hears enough of us say “Russia will win this war as soon as the ground dries,” or “A nuclear war is inevitable,” or any other statement that implies blanket acceptance of an evil outcome, perhaps He’ll just say to Himself, “Fine, if that’s what most people are expecting and envisioning, they can have it.”

        I think it’s imperative that we hold in our minds hope for a positive outcome, hope that freedom will win out, or as “Praying in Oklahoma” likes to remind us, it’s imperative that we pray. Making hopeless, negative statements only increases the odds of the worst happening.

        Let us ask God and His angels to save the Ukranians, stymie Putin’s ambitions, and protect the Earth from the threatened destruction. None of that’s too big for God to do, but we have to board with that intention, or our thoughts and expectations strengthen the other side.

  50. Jeff, I am confused. One, I have seen many stories about Russians actively protesting the invasion of Ukraine. Then I’ve read stories that the Russians are told that there is no war and they actually believe this. I have seen two stories where mother or father go as far as to tell their Ukrainian family members that the shelling the Ukranians are experiencing not coming from Russia. So, how do these two narratives fit together? Are Russians able to talk about this? Can they find out what is happening in Ukraine apart from State media. Does this mean the Russians are divided over the war? I realize that was many questions, but they all tie together.

    My last question is who stopped Poland from giving the Mig 29s to the Ukranians.?

    Thank you so much for your insights and your determination to speak your mind. I wish you still wrote for the Epoch Times.

  51. What do you say to that Jeff?

    Man In America:
    While more evidence mounts that Putin is clearing out Deep State threats in Ukraine, an important fact cannot be overlooked: the war is pushing humanity right into the hands of the Great Reset. Today’s show will be a sober look at what that means for each and every one of us—and what critical steps we can take to protect our future.

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