…in February 2014, Putin’s ‘little green men’ … seized control of Ukraine’s Crimea. Consistent with Putin’s information warfare doctrine, several days prior to the invasion, Russian intelligence services … leaked a private telephone call between Assistant Secretary of State for Russian and European Affairs Victoria Nuland and U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt. The two U.S. diplomats in the intercepted phone call discussed who would be the best candidate among the top opposition figures, to replace the ousted pro-Russia president of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovich.

Rebekah Koffler, DIA officer[i]

Nothing in the Nuland-Pyatt conversation proves that American officials orchestrated the Euromaidan Revolution. In fact, with all the resources available to Russian intelligence you would think Moscow could have come up with something more substantial than a diplomatic non sequitur. Yet many Americans, convinced of the wickedness of their own country, have treated the Nuland-Pyatt conversation as proof that America stole Ukraine from Russia (as if Ukraine is an easy country to take over).

In 2014, when Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych was overthrown, Barack Obama, a.k.a. Barry Soetero, a.k.a. Barack Soebarkah, was President of the United States. We have to ask ourselves: Why would Obama want to overthrow Yanukovych? Given Obama’s friendly policies toward Russia during his first term, it makes no sense. Obama was not interested in military competition with Russia. He did not build up the U.S. military and he was not interested in renewing America’s nuclear arsenal. Why, then, would he have bothered to take over Ukraine?    

It is important to remember that Obama and Putin had both been Marxists. Obama was mentored by a communist party member named Frank Marshall Davis, who was suspected by the FBI of being a KGB agent.[ii] Putin had been a member of the Communist Party and worked for the KGB. (We also know that Obama was a Marxist when he attended Occidental College.)[iii] And yet, none of Obama’s autobiographical books explain why or even when he abandoned his Marxist faith. And this is true for Putin as well. In fact, Putin has said that he still likes communist ideas. He has even said that Christianity and Leninism are basically the same, that communism comes from the Bible.[iv] So when the Russian special services present the private conversation of Obama’s underlings as a plot to take Ukraine away from Russia, what do they suppose Obama’s motive was? Why would he do this? Barack Obama was not Putin’s enemy. And yet, this is somehow what we are supposed to believe.

And now that a war has broken out, with Russia invading Ukraine, it is disconcerting to hear people say that the West is looking for an excuse to attack Russia. But the West does not want war with Russia. This would be madness and everybody knows it. In fact, the side that wants war is the side that is prepared to win. That side is only found in Moscow and Beijing.

NATO is not ready for war. America is not ready for war. How can anyone believe that the West is trying to start a war they are not ready for? It makes no sense. And look at our internal divisions? We are in no shape to be fighting a war when we are so divided at home. And so, looking back on Victoria Nuland in 2014, we do not find an international mastermind. We find a sorry excuse for a public servant making nasty remarks that are being taped by Russian intelligence. I submit that America’s diplomats lacked the basic competence required to organize a coup in Ukraine. And so, the masterminds of this present war are not in Washington or Brussels or Davos. The masterminds are in Moscow and Beijing.

It is sad to say, however, that many otherwise intelligent Americans mistake Russian pre-war propaganda for proof of American wickedness. Consider Ted Galen Carpenter’s 2017 piece at the CATO Institute, titled “America’s Ukraine Hypocrisy.”[v] Here, Carpenter suggests that two diplomatic blunderers, blabbing to each other over an open phone line for all the world to hear, inspired and directed a revolution in Ukraine. That really is an extraordinary thesis. Carpenter accepts Moscow’s interpretation of this call on its face and pours it through the sieve of his distorted political imagination. Carpenter’s final product confuses the antics of Senator John McCain with a vast revolutionary conspiracy even as he ascribes omnicompetence to Obama’s political boobies. What does Carpenter think our diplomats chatter about in private? Does he think they talk about the weather? A diplomat on foreign soil represents his government’s views and interests. Demonizing those interests is, of course, in the interest of America’s enemies. Carpenter, thus, does not know on what side his own bread is buttered. And he is not alone.

Regarding our country’s blameworthiness, let me clarify, so that nobody mistakes the message or the nuance. Are America’s leaders honest? Not entirely. It does not follow, however, that America’s leaders are the authors of all the mischief in the world, or all the evil, or that they have caused the war in Ukraine. And here is a word to the wise: if you want to talk about wicked rulers, talk about the leaders in Moscow and Beijing. Think of Russia’s gulag with its political prisoners. Think of China’s laogai and the killing of innocent people to harvest their organs. Did you know that the police in Russia and China use torture? Their citizens have no real rights. Look at the way in which China has crushed Tibet and Ukraine is being Crushed by Russia. Think of what has been done to the Uyghurs and the Chechens. Those who have no sense of history might pontificate on the corruption of America, but our worst politicians are tearful little girls when compared to Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin. The embezzlements, the muzzling of countless millions, the wholesale looting of countries, the killing of journalists and freethinkers, the poisoning of the human mind, and now the destruction of Ukraine.  

Americans who embrace Russian propaganda seem to think that if American politicians lie, then Russian politicians must be truthful. The corollary of this error follows: That if America is led by bad men, then Vladimir Putin is a good man. The correct syllogism, however, is found in Swiss historian Jacob Burckhardt’s statement “that power is in itself evil.”[vi] Putin is possessed of more unchecked power than any American politician. That is why Putin is more evil and more dangerous than the President of the United States. The corollary to this is that the Russian government has more power over Russians than the American government has over Americans.

 “Every power,” noted Jacob Burckhardt, “as long as its period of growth lasts … has no regard for the rights of the weaker.”[vii] Burkhardt’s associate, Friedrich Nietzsche, wrote that a state “is called the coldest of all cold monsters. Coldly lieth it also; and this lie creepeth from its mouth: ‘I, the state, am the people.’”[viii]

The state is a fearful master and must be crafted with many checks and balances in mind. And the biggest check on state power is the people. It is shameful, in this context, that so many conservatives are condemning Ukraine as a corrupt country when, in truth, the Ukrainian people have put us to shame. Please note: In December 2004 there was a crooked election in Ukraine; but the Ukrainian people did not accept it. They began what was called “the Orange Revolution,” which forced a revote. And then, after mistakenly electing a Russian stooge in 2010, the Ukrainian people drove him out of office with the Maidan uprising of 2013-2014. Meanwhile, the Americans have failed to correct a fraudulent election and to drive their Russian (and Chinese) stooge from office. Therefore, it hardly seems fair that Americans should be passing judgment on Ukraine as a corrupt country.

Furthermore, Ukraine has been bombed and invaded by Russia – the world’s premier nuclear power. Look how the Ukrainian people have risen to the occasion. When America is bombed and invaded, I hope and pray that Americans show the same spirit of resistance.  

Diana West recently wrote a column in which she quoted my remark about feeding Ukraine to the Russian crocodile so that we might be eaten last. She then suggested that America may have already been fed to the crocodile. But this cannot be the case. There is no gulag here, as yet. Our freedom of speech remains. If invaded, our troops would resist even as the Ukrainians are resisting. Perhaps my use of the crocodile metaphor was imprecise. Perhaps we have been stung by a snake whose venom serves as a kind of digestive juice; for America is too large a meal for swallowing without careful preparation. The communists behind the Russian and Chinese regimes have, indeed, injected America with poison; and this poison is tenderizing and dissolving us from within. No doubt! Yet there may be an antidote; and, as long we are not inside the reptile’s stomach there is hope.  

For those who think the leaders of the Democratic Party are genuinely opposed to Moscow and Beijing, please review the following linked videos. The first one shows Obama talking about his communist mentor, Frank.


Then there is this “hot mic” exchange between President Obama and Russian President Medvedev in March 2012:

Next watch Obama sharing a joke with Vladimir Putin, now returned to office as Russian president, during a June 2012 G-20 meeting.

Links and Notes

[i] Rebekah Koffler, Putin’s Playbook: Russia’s Secret Plan to Defeat America (Kindle edition), pp. 158-159.

[ii] Frank Marshall Davis – KeyWiki.

[iii] Interview: Obama Had Marxist Vision For US At Occidental College – Freedom Outpost (investortimes.com). Obama reportedly told one of his classmates, “There’s going to be a revolution, we need to be organized and grow the movement.” According to Dr. John Drew, “I know Stanley Kurtz’s book, Radical in Chief, that Obama had ties with the Midwest Academy. Kind of like the socialist training ground for America. I think that most Americans don’t understand that Obama has a longstanding tie to Marxism, that is even longer than his ties to Reverend Wright.”

[iv] Putin Says Communism Comes From the Bible, Compares Lenin to a Saint (newsweek.com).

[v] America’s Ukraine Hypocrisy | Cato Institute

[vi] Jacob Burckhardt, Reflections on History (Indianapolis: Liberty Classics, 1979), pp. 67.

[vii] Ibid, p. 66.

[viii] Friedrich Nietzsche trans. Thomas Common, Thus Spake Zarathustra (New York: The Modern Library), p. 49.

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375 thoughts on “An American Plot

  1. Hello Jeff,

    Thank you for your post.

    You write: “NATO is not ready for war. America is not ready for war. How can anyone believe that the West is trying to start a war they are not ready for? It makes no sense. And look at our internal divisions?”

    Surly you are right about NATO not being prepared for a war. Nevertheless, it seems that the western leaders try to ignite a war. At least, it looks as if they are using the repercussions of the war to foster their push for societal transformation according to UN Agenda 2030.

    This war will have sever consequences on food security (https://www.berliner-zeitung.de/news/spediteure-warnen-wegen-hoher-spritkosten-vor-leeren-supermarkt-regalen-li.216587), individual transportation due to insane inflation for energy, freedom of speech (https://www.reuters.com/world/europe/eu-bans-rt-sputnik-banned-over-ukraine-disinformation-2022-03-02/) and even the world financial system (https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/pozsar-we-could-be-looking-early-stages-classic-liquidity-crisis).

    In Germany the war is used as a pretext to again open the gates for unchecked migration (https://www.merkur.de/lokales/garmisch-partenkirchen/garmisch-partenkirchen-ort28711/ukraine-krieg-konflikt-fluechtlinge-ankunft-bayern-garmisch-unterbringung-hotel-frauen-kinder-91399748.html – it is comical). They use the same moral blackmailing as 2015/16. 10.000 people arriving each day in Berlin. And the only thing the politicians are talking about is how to delivery Covid shots to them. It is madness but it the whole chaos seems to serve the interests of the political class to further destabilize.

    I just don’t think the war is not wanted by western politicians. In so far I think it makes sense to start a war or to keep it going.

  2. Great essay, Jeff. I was relieved to finally hear from you. I was getting worried by the long pause. A few points. First off, thanks for that background on Obama’s and his Ukrainian “diplomats.” What you say about that makes perfect sense. Also, I think you made the case very well that the U.S. and NATO are ill-prepared for war. So, my question to you is why are they roaring like lions ready to pounce? It seems like Kabuki theater to me.One final side note. I saw your March 5 interview on Frank Gaffney’s show and your comments about how our fleets are in the Mediterranean so China may be thinking now is their moment to take back Taiwan with the world focused on Ukraine. To your point, I was talking to a lawyer friend whose family is from Taiwan. He says that 40% of the Taiwanese favor annexation, oops, I mean “reunification.” He also said that there is an enormous increase in flights out of Taiwan. People there are fleeing to Gwam, Singapore, and Japan like crazy now. He does not think given the technology assets of Taiwan, that the Chinese will fight a shooting war. His comment was all they have to say is “Boo!” and the scared Taiwanese will flee, and the rest will stay and be “happy.”

    1. Right now I am getting a lot of intel and much of my time is spent sifting it. A lot of disinformation is coming our way. The economic fallout is going to be serious. Taiwan is one of the other fronts the communists could advance on. But I think the domestic front could explode in the next two weeks. Watch for terrorism. Watch for the release of blackmail on people — especially those who turned down KGB and Chinese recruitment.

      1. It must be twice as bad as the “sifting” I have done with the Covid “intel” over the last 2 years.

      2. Yes, this economic war is lost. Putin has reserves, China has reserves. We have underestimated their economies, much of it underground. Our economies are in shambles. It is we who cannot afford sanctions. Many signs saw that Putin was preparing for a period of isolation and reliance on China.

      3. A lot of our derivatives market relied on Russian oil delivery as a substance. Banks will crash or cry uncle. The great trillion derivatives catastrophic debacle could occur very soon.

    2. Lady from Liberty Garage – would you (or anyone) by chance have a link to that March 5th video wherein Jeff spoke ? Thank you.

    3. Yes, many roar like lions but watch what they do in terms of less than noble acts (disgraceful as a Senator mentioned). The polish Mig29 flap and the begging Iran, Venezuela and even Putin for oil should tell you that their roar is only for “domestic consumption” as the whorish State Department knows well the drill (saying Iran only saber rattles for their own domestic consumption, not for our external intimidation…). For what else would a whore of Babylon do for the domestic husband consumption but express outrage at thugs? Meanwhile same prostitutes send love letters in secret to serial killers in prison, or asks them how to get the next cocaine sex trip in coded manner. (As an aside, I find it amazing that men these days must walk on eggshells around women and gays at work and have a hard time finding a woman minding them, but serial killers and convicts get hundreds of love letters every year with not a peep but complicitness from the feminine or gay contingent in that respect … signs of the times and leadership corruption). Even a merely “sincere” feminine person (man or woman) wearing make up would only express outrage as a cosmetic but never confront courageously the evil in reality. For beauty is only for the courageous and the chivalrous (foolish?) to defend, beauty in spirit as expressed in beauty in art form. Other people, the bourgeois, will not defend beauty but use church for their own looks and will only covet easy come easy go wealth of rent, and that degenerates in an ironically masculinist Marxism where beauty is then mocked in favor of “system” and “final solution” (because the sin of the masculine is to find solutions to virginity to lose and female help, instead of understanding and living with female contingencies), where chivalry is hated in favor of worship of the mediocre and the disgusting. And so it is that nowadays, what we call liberal, which includes both democrats and so called Independents, will often show a nationalist face the way the feminine will pretend lack of interest in withchcraft by both promoting her Christian full mindedness condemning whatever man would use witchcraft to understand her relations with it (which it is another form of cowardice in confronting the evil living in her), and the masculine will scoff at understanding women, witches and let alone communist plots in Beijing or Moscow.

      1. I have to explain what I mean by system. The man archetype mary the woman archetype as a system, to set their wife and life with a woman as a system, and then they do not mind their wife, could care less what she does reading the horoscope what not (horoscope she reads because she is too cowardly to see what is just and beautiful and seeks instead how her now secret hidden agenda she fears confronting men with will get accomplished without communication and just by luck of the strike). The same masculine archetype which believes in utopian solutions and system is the same that thinks that diplomacy and peace in the world only requires organs like NATO or the UN, and even socialist government of all types. The French man in particular likes his big government much like the Swede does. It is his choice of system. Marx, who I think was really a pimp, saw that accurately in his “hatred” of socialists. To him they lacked the proper investigative and surveillance acumen of revolution. It also removed the need for the worship angle he sought. The socialists do not want to mind the wife nor the Marxist pimp, just they be part of a convenient system.

  3. Finally I can ask you questions again, it’s been too long. You’re one of the few good analysts left.

    First, what do you think of the supposed FSB leaks? https://www.facebook.com/100002653071498/posts/4827475584017496/

    What do you think of Kamil Galeev’s lengthy analysis on the Russian economy and sanctions? For example, the more mafia like the leader, the simpler the industry he must control. So low status nerds may be in charge of machinery, but high status oligarchs are in charge of oil. https://mobile.twitter.com/kamilkazani/status/1501360272442896388?s=21

    Finally, I don’t think Zelensky trusts Biden. That’s in response to both this article and that tweet you sent. For example, he’s blaring about a no fly zone, but he’s really aiming to get more military hardware. So he’s using negotiating tactics, public opinion, and political cover to extract war resources from the west while looking like the good guy(Which I think he is). This was inspired by a very respected Reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/worldnews/comments/tc2ait/%2Fr%2FWorldNews_Live_Thread%3A_Russian_Invasion_of_Ukraine_Day_16%2C_Part_3_%28Thread_%23136%29/i0auutv/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3

    1. You can never trust FSB leaks. They can be cunning — with poison blended into truth. As for Galeev, the oligarchs are not really in charge. They are front men and contract employees of state security. There may be exceptions, but then they are MGB or Party apparatchiks. As for Zelensky, he is trying to save his country and is using his media skills. The West, being unready for war, are hearing stern warnings from the NATO and American generals. “Do not get into a war yet, we need time.” China is disturbingly quiet. Why? Moscow and Beijing want a widened war, but they want the West to start it. As soon as the right pretext emerges, we could be in it.

      1. As I understand it, Xi Jinping has the election in August to become leader for life. I suspect he will be rather dormant until then. But i suspect in September he will have little restraint when his leadership is secured.

      2. Do you think the bio lab disinfo is “the right pretext” China/Russia are using to build a case for invading the U.S.? At the very least, they’re seem to be using it to try to divide us from our allies, would you say?

      3. They are trying to create a new narrative. You will see them fishing around for justifications to escalate. This is going to evolve over the next three weeks. Wait and see. They dare not go too far, lest their own people turn against the war.

      4. Jeff, why would you say the CCP might “lose its nerve and collapse”? If everything going the way the communists, including the Chinese, want it?

    2. In May of 2020 Zelenskyy started an investigation involving Biden. There may be issues there he cannot bring to the forefront as he also depends on the US for aid. But no, I dont think he trusts Biden and his mistrust is likely well-founded.

  4. That thing about the diplomats talk is similar to the lies told by Brazilian communists, that US conspired with Brazilian Military to perform the 1964 coup. The “proof” is a message from the american ambassador in Brazil telling Washington about the coup that had taken place and saying that some action should be taken. From that came a conclusion that americans had plotted to overthrow Brazilian government at the time.

    1. Man proposes but God disposes. All this speculation against a larger unsaid backdrop, of a West that disconnects itself from inside Russia in protest, ending on both sides the whole Westernization project that has bedeviled Russia for hundreds of years, regardless of desires on either side for some form of union, of some kind of new civilizational arrangement whether in slavish imitation of the Wests modernity or in carrying the torch of a miserable Western heresy like Marxism.

      Both options are dead, and the West ( and the Russian westernizers!) itself is what set it in motion with all the volition of a sleepwalker. Dividing the cultural and spiritual spaces on either side of the Dneipr and Bug rivers.

      These things that are happening are beyond the strength and mind of mere men, most of whom are mere ciphers and non entities as far as these forces in movement are concerned. It doesn’t matter in this case if the persons in movement are blunderers.

      1. And RG, if you truly believe in God and love both Him and your fellow man, you would discern what I’m saying. And we all sin and fall short of His glory: no one knows Putin’s heart, or sometimes even their own for that matter, prayinginok.

      2. Let me break it down for you, ohengineer.

        According to Strannik, Western civilization is the most corrupt civilization to ever take up space on God’s green earth.

        If innocent, pure Russia embraced Marxism, it was forced upon her by the West.

        If dear, upright Russia fell prey to the evils of modernism, it was because, similar to an innocent babe imitating its parents, Russia was just trying to be like the West.

        If hardship befalls Russia’ if any Westerner were to ever speak harshly of the Russian communist leaders- it is because the West is hellbent on destroying poor, sweet, noble Russia, and wiping her existence from the face of the earth.

        We meet ciphers cannot evin begin to understand the nobility. Wisdom, and magnanimity that courses Putin’s veins with every beat of his bleeding heart.

        Those mere ciphers in Ukraine, cannot fathom Putin’s unsullied intentions as he destroys their homes and cities.

        All those mere Ukranian ciphers, must be driven from their homeland, and whoever resists must be bombed into submission. The evil Western influence that has infected those mere Ukranian ciphers, must be purged before it swallows poor, honest Russia.

        And who are we to judge? We who are such mere ciphers, equal to the nothingness of those wicked Ukranians. For only God knows Putin’s heart.

        Though God has taught us in His Word, that even a child is known by his doings. And that all our actions flow from our hearts. And that good trees do not produce evil fruit, nor evil trees bring forth good fruit. But our devout resident Russian Orthodox on this site, dear Strannik, would have us not believe the very Word he claims to adhere to. Nor can we believe our lying eyes when we see the bombed out Ukranian residential areas, or the Ukranians fleeing their land.

        No, we are mere ciphers, and unable to judge a man such as Putin, who clearly must be one rung down from the Lord Himself. How can we fully understand such a man as Putin?

        Strannik, all the veneer of an honest, good-intentioned-but-blinded-by-love-for-Russia man is gone in my eyes. You are either a completely blind toadie for Putin, or a troll.

        If you were truly an honest man, you would never post on this site again.

      3. Strannik may well believe what he is saying, and it is important to understand his point of view, even if it is tainted with Kremlin propaganda. As long as the discussion is civilized we can learn from it. Please avoid attacking or name-calling. Discuss the ideas and the factual claims. That will add light to the discussion and avoid the darkness. If people lie or play tricks, these can be exposed as we go along.

      4. I doubt if most Russian people believe in Marxism, and suspect that most Russian politicians have to profess to be confessed Communist, or be killed. Expediency is the name of the game, played by East and West alike. The game room for civilized nations has become the United Nations. The kinetic actions are winding down, and the fallout won’t be nuclear, rather political.

      5. Of course the Russian people do not believe in Marxism! That is why Putin has had to lie, and why they are spoon-feeding socialist thinking to all the people of the world, without telling what it is. They want people to believe, but people have a funny aversion to the old lies. Thus it has to be “new lies for old.”

      6. @greyknight, well said. I had to quickly protect my keyboard from the coffee in my hand (yes, really).

      1. Hello, Jeff! Why did Putin choose to invade in the end of the Winter? Weather and terrain are not colaborating, there are vehicles jammed on the roads. Putin certainly knew that, but chose to act anyway. Why such a haste? What does he see ahead? Does he intend to secure Ukraine and its wheat now, so that he can come for Europe on Summer? And being in control of Ukrainian granaries?

      2. There are two possible answers. First, Putin was misled by his intelligence and his generals about the prospect of successfully attacking under a soft ground conditions. The other possible factor is China. For some reason Russia has decided to begin the war in Europe, opening the way for China in the East. For economic reasons China must go to war soon or face a financial crisis that may well lead to an internal political crisis. War is a way out for Xi. China is probably delaying its mobilization until the Russians win in Ukraine and are able to take on NATO. Russia will win, but that will take time. All eyes to Russian moral. Can Putin hold his army together? I think so, at least for now.

  5. As long as the Democrats are led by the communist left pushing Global Warming our leaders are our enemies aren’t they? The EU wants a “Great Reset”. Klaus Schwab has enlisted his students, Trudeau, Macron, the New Zealand PM, Ardern etc., to crash the world economy by busting the fossil fuel industry. He (with Fauci, Gates and Soros), tried it with Covid lockdowns. It didn’t work. I’m hearing he/they want war to bring Russia and China on board. They think the US/NATO will win with their secret weapons I guess. Biden is being run by these leftist Communist greenies. These morons want to depopulate the earth and save it from the global warming rising seas. They are insane. So right now, yes, the American President and Democrat-led Congress are purposely running America into the ground thinking they are saving the planet. It’s not as ruthless and vicious as what Putin and Xi want to do to rule the world with a decapitation first strike on the US, but it is a plot, Agenda 2030. That is why NOW is the time for Putin and Xi to attack. They have idiots running these NATO countries. Maybe these globalist communist greenies are proxies for Russia and China but there is a plot to crush America in America’s leadership imho.

    1. I have a sense that things are not exactly what they seem. There is a much bigger picture behind all of this and you touched on some of it.

    2. Yes. The US now has more useful idiots and communist subversives than ever before. And the vast unaudited budgets of the US government subsidize all the many rackets of this undercover Comintern that now live here getting rich.

    3. We must always remember that a spy or infiltrator is a secret enemy. He acts as though he is on our side to fool everyone. If a spy is too obvious, he gets hanged. And a spy can be burned by his own side. The problem for us is proof. The problem for the spies is how to mislead everyone without getting executed. You had better believe they are feeling a rope around their necks when they dream. What is dangerous for us is the disinformation that is coming that will discredit patriots as it empowers traitors.

      1. I see what you mean by “infiltrator”. STRANNIK, PILGRIM, R.O., etc…

        Interesting how the Midwest is a training ground for communist supporters given most people think of California where in San Francisco according to some stats at the current moment, 60% of inhabitants are of Chinese extracts: Vietnamese, Koreans, Thai, Hmong, etc..

        Some Hispanics are communist supporters as well as Whites in America. In the 1970s, there was a massive migration of Turks, Russians, and many communists to South and Central America. Communism is “everywhere” in social media. Pop culture is nothing more than communist propaganda in America.

        I chuckle at times in public settings where I see Whites being extra friendly to Blacks, Hispanics, and Chinese extracts because they think “racism” only applies to those “special groups.” I remember when the norm was to have common courtesy to all in public settings. The overall American IQ is honestly not high anymore.

        The question is not if the communists will attack the U.S.A., but which states and which month? Will Washington, D.C. be the first city to be attacked?

      2. Anon: This is R.O. What makes you think I’m an infiltrator? Is it because I used to live in San Francisco? Is it because I speak Chinese? Is it because most of the Chinese immigrants I met oppose the CCP and came here to escape from China? That the majority of people I met in China hate the CCP and the PLA but because they are disarmed, they have no way to fight against their tyranny? Is it because I recognize that the CCP can’t send their whole PLA over here because they need to keep some back in China to keep a restive population under their thumb? Have you been reading what I write?

        As for your final question, are you not thinking too small? Think like the enemy! If you were Chinese or Russian, would you first attack a single city or state? Or would you send salvoes of nuclear missiles to take out almost simultaneously our land based missiles, our “combat ready” air force bases before they can get their planes in the air, our navy ports with the ships stationed in them, and whatever army and marine bases they can get? Our enemies are not dumb, which option would you take were you they and wanted to conquer the U.S.? Then prepare accordingly.

        As for the timing, I expect it this summer.

      3. “discredit patriots as it empowers traitors” is EXACTLY what the entire Government/Media/D.C./ Big Tech has been doing since Trump came along…
        Can you blame Patriotic Americans for being confused?

      4. There is no need for either Russia to nuke the US nor for China to invade. There are already plenty of Chinese nationals in the United States, wearing blue helmets in the UN Peace Keeping Force, ready to go door to door in a losing attempt to confiscate firearms. Russia will sue for peace against the US at the UN. Biden will plead no contest, and the United States will become internationalized, with freestuff for all. Just not much of it to go around is all.

      5. RO: your comments attack races, excluding the Chinese race. I believe in protecting the just and punishing the wicked. It appears that you are protecting and making excuses for wickedness.

        We are in a state of global turbulence in which the Chinese race be it Vietnamese, Koreans, Thai, Hmong, Mongolian et al are seeking world domination and truth is important to understanding their tactics against the West, not virtual signaling.

        No offense to you, but I do not trust what you write.

      6. Cornwall: “RO: your comments attack races, excluding the Chinese race.” What??? Where? Show me one example where I have done what you claim.

        Your further comments indicate that YOU are the racist.

        Further, it is not the South East Asians who look for world domination, rather the CCP—communists. They are working with other communists world wide of all races to accomplish that goal. Don’t be a racist—focus on our true enemy.

      7. R.O.: The racist one is you, actually.

        The entire SE Asian peninsular was never populated with your ilk and belonged to the Khmer Empire, whose race is not of Chinese origin, but native to SE Asia.

        Vietnamese, Thai, and Laos were formed as a result of invasion of Chinese (with French assistance). But then do the native brown people matter to you, R.O.? Of course not because you clearly view SE Asia as Chinese.

        You thinks it’s okay to be racist to other races except to Chinese extracts.

        You couldn’t care about the historical and native culture of those in SE Asia who have been invaded, massacred, and murdered by your ilk.

        GREYKNIGHT: you haven’t analyze R.O. well enough. Haven’t you see his comments against Swedes, or Indians?

        But then again GREYNIGHT, I don’t blame you for being deceived.

        R.O. pretends to be a friend of the West, but is actually a FRIEND OF CHINA. Here we see the DOUBLETHINK and deception at play. And when R.O. is pointed out that he has a BIAS FOR CHINESE EXTRACTS, R.O. naturally uses the race card.

      8. Cornwall: I don’t like what you are doing. Here we have an international enemy that takes men and women, and changes them into monsters and psychopaths. That is just as true in South Africa where they used to “necklace” opponents (do they still do that?), Russia where they torture innocent people and opponents, Cuba, North Korea and most widely known China with its lau gai and murdering people so they can sell their organs. Yet you are trying to divide us by race and ancient history. I deal with today.

        BTW, you don’t know which race am I. I prefer it that way.

        If I’m so anti-Swedish, why do I support Jeff Nyquist, whose name is so jarringly Swedish (pronounced similar to Nükvist in Sweden) that there’s no question from where his family comes?

        You mentioned Mongolian, which shows your ignorance. The Mongolian peoples spread from Korea and Japan to the east, to Turkey in the west, and many countries in between. They are not Chinese. Their languages, while related to each other, are very different from Chinese.

        We have an international enemy, and need to have an international opposition to it. There’s no place for racism and dividing by race in this fight.

      9. Hello R.O., I think what Cornwall is questioning is why you are loyal to Chinese people considering the Chinese people are guilty of abuses towards other countries, animals, and the environment. You make them sound like they are good and decent people against the CPP. But don’t the Chinese people make up the CPP and haven’t the Chinese sought the genocide and invasion of other countries even from a historical perspective, looking at the terminology: the Huns? Are they a peaceful and loving people you say they are?

        We can simply narrow down the Chinese race question to one very important question:
        When did it become racist to defend one’s country from destruction?

        I don’t think you can call Brits racist for hating Germans when London was being bombed neither can you call the Greeks racist for hating Turks originating from China/Mongolia for invading Greece.

        Jeff has provided to us the facts and evidences of the deliberate release of this Wuhan pandemic to the rest of the world in addition to Chinese motivation desiring American destruction. Some people want to know without bias or favoritism towards the Chinese people, what the Chinese are really up to…

        R.O., this is truly is not about you or your love of Chinese. But the greater issue at stake: Chinese hegemony.

        I hope this comment doesn’t upset you.

      10. Winifred: your comment didn’t upset me, other than its inaccuracies.

        I’m not more loyal to the Chinese people than to any other people. I just have more contacts and information about Chinese people and China than to any other country under communist dictatorship. So I relate what I know.

        I never made the claim that the Chinese are more peaceful and loving than any other non-Christian people. Anyone who thinks I have done so has made a logic error, adding to what I said.

        To be clear, the Chinese people are being oppressed by the same satanic ideology as have devastated other countries and peoples. That fact doesn’t ennoble the Chinese people as being something special. The CCP, as in all other communist dictatorships, makes up only a small percentage of the population and they oppress the rest.

        Finally, I keep warning people to expect a Chinese (CCP/PLA) invasion. This is not because I favor it, but because I want people to be forewarned and ready to repel the invasion. I will do what I can to repel it.

      11. R.O. I doubt you will “repel” those who you called “oppressed.” Thank you for the lip service, though.

      12. Winifred: the CCP won’t send in the civilians, whom they oppress, until after their PLA has pacified our country. The civilians would just get in the way of the PLA. I will do everything I can to keep the PLA (the military branch of the CCP) from pacifying our country.

        (The PLA is not the people’s army, rather it is part of the communist party and its main job is to keep the people from being able to revolt against the party.)

        Greyknight: when I see your name, I know that the following comment is worth reading. Thanks.

    4. Isnt that right! Global warming (and in the same vein nuclear winter hysteria) is a KGB academic paper to scare the west from industry and arms – one still wielded by Beijing and Putin. Yet Wired magazine has a recent most absurd article stating that Putin’s messaging is collapsing since the Ukraine war, including his making the right believe that global warming is false… wow, just wow. We have gone full circle in bull s.

      1. We see that Putin’s propaganda is so “bad”, that now Global Warming policies will be vindicated, says Wired Magazine… (facepalm). It makes one figure that their intel has at least a two level propaganda campaign: an absurd one in the war in Ukraine and a well deep crafted one at the UN that continues fooling everyone, which is uncanny. Me think thus that these Ukraine blunders are calculated to eventually put the west asleep, redirect and reconsolidate the socialist guns of global warming etc against the American people. The theme of Wired Magazine is still that Russia is not a threat but Global Warming and Trump voters are.

  6. You made some great points, Jeff! There is so much disinformation being put forth that it makes a person’s head swim! Reuters and USA Today said the information about biolabs in Ukraine was false, then Victoria Nuland seemed to blow that out of the water. It’s hard to know what to believe, but I totally agree with you that Putin is evil!

    1. These Ukrainian labs are left over from an old Soviet biowar program and we have been paying the scientists so they don’t go to work in Iran and North Korea. But who knows what shenanigans might have been encouraged by corrupt officials working secretly with Moscow. We must be careful about what all this means.

  7. Thank you for speaking balanced truth! I have lived in Ukraine and have top level connections both there and in Russia. The profound ignorance in the West and everyone being an ‘armchair’ expert has me deeply annoyed. Many of the ‘conservative’ voices are parroting the Russia narrative which blows my mind. The Ukrainian people are amazing, determined and fighting for their future. Yesterday I had a brief zoom call with one of my friends who is leading in the ‘resistance’. He told me they are determined to ‘burn Moscow’. From my time living there over years, I will say that so many of them have fought for years to have freedom and a democracy which has eluded them. This fight right now is just a continuation of one that has been going on in their souls for years. I watched with eagerness at the ‘evidence’ Russia was going to present at the UN Security Council meeting (being so disappointed at the conservative media pundits all biting the bioweapons lab narrative by Russia) and it was just awesome to see the council not only shred Russia’s gas lighting, but call them out on their agenda and the fact that they are the leader in all WMD including bioweapons. My heart breaks for the Ukrainian people to have the freedom and dignity they have and are fighting for so diligently.

    1. I am very worried about the Ukrainians, too. They are the one people who could, in effect, save the world from a larger war by beating the Russian Army the hard way —because Russia cannot use nuclear weapons against Ukrainians; and if the Russian Army realizes the truth the Kremlin is doomed. Our best weapon is the truth in the mind of the average Russian. But how does it happen?

      1. That is the $64 Trillion question. Putin is doing all he can to keep the truth form his people. It appwars, however, that some is still filtering through.

      2. Putin has told his people that the Ukrainians need to be liberated from the evil Americans. You do not use WMDs to liberate people. Those are weapons of extermination. He would be seen as a liar and villain if he used such weapons on the Ukrainian brothers.

      3. Thank you as always for your work, Jeff!

        Why can’t the Russians use nuclear or chemical weapons?

      4. Sadly, the Kremlin’s best assets are in the astate department. Lindsey Graham said it well when he said that Biden does not want Putin to lose. Everytime we have the upper hand, the stooges at State give it all away (Talebans, Vietnam rules of engagement, China trade etc).

  8. I still maintain the US claim of the 2014 “coup” was Obama’s “flexibility” that allowed Putin to seize Crimea since the government that signed the Budapest Memorandum no longer existed.
    How about the ZH article lamenting how the Ukrainian mess has delayed further “Arms Control Talks” !!??!!!
    Catch the AG article on M. Stanton Evans.
    Diana West with an important link:

    Are the Russians really that incompetent in Ukraine?
    Are the Americans really that incompetent in Washington DC?
    The answer to both questions is NO. This is all being executed precisely.

    1. The Government that signed the Budapest Memorandum was headed by Yeltsin. In short, the Russia that exists now.

      If Putin thought he would be able to reopen the 2014 invasion without consequence, he is quite incompetent.

      1. The Ukrainian Government “no longer existed” after the coup according to Putin!

      1. I don’t know who said it, but he was right: “No battle plan survives contact with the enemy.” Putin’s problem, that compounds the others, is two fold, a poorly trained and equipped army, and being totally disconnected with the people on the ground in Ukraine. He expected they would fall all over his troops as liberators. Boy, was he wrong.

      2. Putin exposed his weakest troops there . He did not go full in like Hitler expecting guaranteed success, he has kept his competent Siberian contingent back and his elite arms in reserve (nonuse of precision weapons, and no antiradar SEAD, just using ground troop attrition to get the SAMs). He probably overestimated a bit, but his was never meant to be a spectacular blitzkrieg. He was prepared for a grinding UFC style ground grapple eventual submission. It is just that while the submission is underway, the little rape victim is feistier than expected, which should eventually make his gopnik thug feast all the better. Communists love and strive on gopnik self degradation, it makes their motives for war and invasion even more acute, Whereas a western prostitute expects out of prostitution glitter and thus eventually commits suicide due to the huge risks she took (risks she would have never assumed to confront), the gopnik without a home, in total autophagy, becomes a dangerous rabbid dog. This is why Stalin kept eating lobster and did not appear to care when people were telling him Hitler was nearing the doors of Moscow. Only the last minute did Stalin get off his butt to organize a counter offensive.

  9. TUESDAY, MARCH 8, 2022

    U.S. Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland Admits There Are Biolabs In Ukraine

    Post Millenial: BREAKING: Biden official says US working with Ukraine to prevent bio research facilities from falling into Russian hands

    “Ukraine has biological research facilities, which in fact we are now quite concerned Russian troops, Russian forces may be seeking to gain control of.”

    On Tuesday, Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland told the Senate that the US is working with Ukraine to protect biological research labs as Russia continues its attacks on the Eastern European nation.

    “Ukraine has biological research facilities, which in fact we are now quite concerned Russian troops, Russian forces may be seeking to gain control of, so we are working with the Ukrainians on how they can prevent any of those research materials from falling into the hands of Russian forces should they approach,” Nuland told the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee in a hearing.


    WNU Editor: This admission by U.S. Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland that they are bio-labs in Ukraine is an eye-opener. Especially since the media has been denying these claims for the past two weeks (albeit with the qualifier they are not American) ….

    Fact check: False claim of US biolabs in Ukraine tied to Russian disinformation campaign (USA Today)

    False Claims of U.S. Biowarfare Labs in Ukraine Grip QAnon (Foreign Policy)

    Russia’s latest ‘false flag’: Moscow accuses US of helping Ukraine with illegal bio-weapons research on Black Death, anthrax and rabbit fever in frenzy of allegations to galvanize domestic support for Putin’s war and justify invasion (Daily Mail)

    Update: China wants answers …. US urged to clarify biomilitary activities, accept multilateral inspections as Ukraine found to have 30 biolabs (Global Times). More here …. China urges U.S. to disclose more details about biolabs in Ukraine (CGTN).

    The U.S. media is still saying it is a conspiracy theory China Pushes Russia Conspiracy Theory About U.S. Labs in Ukraine (Bloomberg).


    THURSDAY, MARCH 10, 2022

    White House Denies Russian And Chinese Claims That The U.S. Funded Biolabs In Ukraine

    Business Insider: White House says Russia’s baseless claim of US having chemical weapons in Ukraine suggests Putin’s forces may ‘possibly use’ them

    * Russian officials have baselessly accused the US of running a bio weapons program in Ukraine.

    * The White House described the claim as “preposterous” and Russian “disinformation.”

    * WH press secretary Jen Psaki said Russia may be setting itself up to use chemical weapons in Ukraine.

    Russia’s baseless accusation that the US has chemical weapons in Ukraine could mean the Kremlin is planning to use them, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said on Wednesday.

    “We took note of Russia’s false claims about alleged US biological weapons labs and chemical weapons development in Ukraine. We’ve also seen Chinese officials echo these conspiracy theories,” Psaki said in a Twitter thread. “This is preposterous.”

    She said the claim was “the kind of disinformation operation we’ve seen repeatedly from the Russians over the years” and “an example of the types of false pretexts we have been warning the Russians would invent.”


    WNU Editor: Tucker Carlson in his broadcast yesterday details from the US Department of Defense’s own website the Pentagon’s involvment in Ukrainian biolabs (see video below). Glenn Greenwald adds more to the discussion …. Victoria Nuland: Ukraine Has “Biological Research Facilities,” Worried Russia May Seize Them (Glenn Greenwald).

    Bottom line.

    Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland made it very clear in sworn testimony this week that she was worried that the Russian military may get their hands on the research that was conducted at these labs. She obviously is privy to a lot of information, and I think we all deserve to know what was being done at these labs, and why have these materials not been removed since the start of the invasion.

    Update: Here is Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland remarks that caught everyone’s interest (see below):

    More White House Denials

    US intel head rejects Russia’s claims about Ukraine biolabs — The Hill

    U.S. Spy Chiefs Reject Russia’s Claims of Ukraine Bioweapons — Bloomberg

    Russian Claims

    Ukraine war: Moscow says it has found biological weapons in Ukraine – but US dismisses claims as ‘absurd propaganda’ — SKY News

    Russia Accuses U.S. of Financing Bio Weapons Research in Ukraine — Moscow Times/AFP

    Kremlin Says World Must Know Truth About Ukraine’s Alleged Bio-Warfare Programme — Reuters

    China Wants Answers

    U.S. storing ‘dangerous pathogens’ at biolabs in Ukraine, China says — Bloomberg

    China accuses US of ‘biological military activities’ in Ukraine — FOX News

    Russia reveals evidence of U.S.-funded bio-program in Ukraine — CGTN

    China demands answers from US for ‘26 biolabs in Ukraine’ — Tribune


    FRIDAY, MARCH 11, 2022

    U.S. Funded Bio-labs In The Ukraine Is A Story that Is Not Going To Go Away

    WNU Editor: There is a lot of mix-messaging on this story. On the one hand we have the UN saying the following …. UN says not aware of biological weapons programme in Ukraine (Al Jazeera), and then on the other hand we have this UN agency raising concerns on lethal pathogens in Ukraine …. EXCLUSIVE WHO says it advised Ukraine to destroy pathogens in health labs to prevent disease spread (Reuters).

    The official US government policy and the media narrative is that this is all a Russian/Chinese disinformation campaign/conspiracy theories/etc. …. Russia’s bioweapon conspiracy theory finds support in US (AP).

    As to what is my take.

    I hope the Kremlin is 100% wrong about Slavic DNA tests and bio-warfare experiments being conducted at these labs. And as for these labs. All that I care about is that the focus from the West should not be on placing blame, but instead making sure that all information and bio-materials are collected and burned to the ground, and everything in the vaults are incinerated ASAP.

    1. I watched with great excitement the UN security council meeting yesterday on this. They just smacked Russia and gave stern warnings that they know how they work. They gaslight and blame what they are going to do on others. Truth is no one has more WMD including biological weapons than Russia so it’s ironic. As I understood it, they acknowledged biolabs but not bioweapons labs but then warned Russia that if anything happens in Ukraine it’s on them. I was glad to see Russian gaslighting called out.

      1. The Russians are suffering some unexpected rebuffs. This is encouraging to see. Decent people are outraged. The spies shrink away and must pretend they are outraged too.

      2. Half the World sides with Russia on this. The UN will ultimately put it to a vote. That’s where the media spin bites the dust.

    2. China is the only power that is trying to create a ethnic specific pathogen. Such does not exist now, and if someone thinks they have one, and releases it in the wild, they will find themselves enlightened quite harshly. It is unlikely in the extreme that such a pathogen will remain inside the boundaries that criminal scientists think they set for it. Viruses change much too rapidly to be able to keep them pinned in.

    3. I think Russia know how to handle bio-weapons as safely as anyone.

  10. As one who has lived in Ukraine and spent an enormous amount of time there, what most people fail to realize is the people themselves. I’ve been across much of the country and have friends and associates across the nation. The truth is that most Ukrainians just want freedom and they have been fighting for it for many years. The current fight is not something new, that is lost in a Western perspective. This is a moment of ongoing culmination for them and their freedom and a real democracy. They have had to fight corrupt politicians, outside forces (especially Russia) among many other things. I agree with Jeff that the Nuland phone call doesn’t have a lot of substance. I’ve walked the square in Kyiv with people who were there in 2014. Over 1 million people came to the square to demand their freedom – you couldn’t fit on a bus or a train for days. That shows you something. I’m sure the US meddled, we always do. But focusing on that or the small Neo Nazi size (we have the same here and wouldn’t want to be characterized with it) is just wrong. This war is a part of an ideology from Putin has that does not fit the narrative for many Russians. It’s personal for him. He’s not acting as a leader but as a thug and a mafia boss. I believe there is tremendous potential for a massive change in Ukraine from this. I also am proud the EU isn’t missing their chance as they did in 2014. Let us support the 35+ million people in Ukraine who have longed to see their dreams come true.

    1. @WhiteGloveWeb In past blogs and videos, Jeff has said that the Russians and the Chinese have been planning to break out of their borders for years. One reason the ground war in Ukraine is dragging on is because it’s too muddy for the Russians to advance or for the Ukrainians to retreat. It will be May before Russia can take the whole country. Which means you have to ask this. Why did Putin decide to invade in February under these ground conditions? Is it because China is going to start their campaign against Taiwan in March? Was that the Feb 4 agreement? Much of our fleet is located in the Mediterranean now so if China takes action against Taiwan soon, if we choose to respond, we will have to literally sail through the Suez canal…hmmm what’s that gonna be like? So, then, you have to ask why is the Biden administration doing what it’s doing? My Answer. They’re not smart enough or prepared enough to do anything else. I am sorry, my Ukrianian friend, this story is playing out like a Greek tragedy.

      1. I watched a man who was the advisor to the Queen for 40 years on Russian geopolitical issues. He corrected my words in saying that Putin is a terrible strategist and an impulsive tactician. I hadn’t thought about that difference but Putin fails at global strategy. However, there is a bizarre element that he has done most of his military actions around the Olympics. I also think he planned on freezing them out as their heating is centralized (former Soviet ideology) which means they can turn off the heat for everyone in Kyiv at any time. Very different from here in the US. But things haven’t gone according to plans. Xi Jinping has his election in August to become leader for life. My guess is he’s lying low until then.

    2. The Ukrainian people have fought long and hard, even before the Orange Revolution. Moscow has shown its ruthless determination, but they have had to close off the Internet so the Russian people cannot see the truth. We must never allow the Russian lies to prevail. Never.

  11. Try this on for ” coherence “: the prayer of Saint Ephraim the Syrian:

    ” O Lord and Master of my life, take from me a spirit of despondency, sloth, love of money and idle talk. But give to me Your servant, a spirit of sober-mindedness, humility, patience and love. Yes O Lord and King, grant me to see my own sins, and not to judge my brother, since You are blessed to the ages Amen!”

    He who hates his brother is a murderer, and has no share in eternal life

    1. And Greyknight, you assume a great deal. You think I’m talking about Putin? Its like your liberals with Trump: instead of him you have that cipher like Putin in your head. I’m talking about God being in charge, not man. I’m talking about all our plans and history taking paths that He wishes, not us. But you want this to play out like some Manichean cosmic drama, when it won’t and never will.

      1. I realized you meant more than Putin. But you also defended Putin, and always defend him, regardless of the evidence. You are very subtle, but you lie, Strannik. You are a deceiver.

      1. What are you, 12? I have never given indication that Putin is any ” hero” of mine, as I am an unapologetic Monarchist and he is most publicly and emphatically not a Monarchist. Plus he supports continuing abortion legalization. Nor do I support Slavic and Orthodox brethren killing each other, yet i also understand that Anti Russian extremists and terrorists have to be dealt with if the Ukrainian government is unable and unwilling to do so. My position is opposed to yours, as you have been an obvious supporter of Stepan Bandera, but my position is not the ridiculous strawman argumentation that you try to make it to be with your hateful and lunatic rhetoric

      2. A monarchist? We have seen what the Russian monarchy did to the people of the lands it occupied/annexed. What they did to minorities, particularly Jews, is documented. Anti-Russian extremists? The Ukrainian reaction to the continued repression, suppression, and oppression of their people, and interference with the sovereignty of their nation is understandable and expected. Hiding one’s condescending superiority complex, and discriminatory nature behind hypocritical religiosity bears reflection. Luke 18:11:8

  12. Why would Anglo-American imperialism want yet another comprador regime to exploit yet another country? A question too hard to answer for self proclaimed expert on Leninism Jeff Nyquist.

  13. Hello, here several sincere right-wing bloggers consider Russia the loser in this war, others as a paper bear and others “deceived” also consider Putin a Christian conservative. My question is: is this the moment that Russia and China are preparing to finalize the plan that the KGB defectors denounced and that you have already posted here on the blog in several texts?

  14. I heard it said that this batch of international leaders, baring Putin and Xi, is the most inept, historically uninformed and unintelligent (I believe meaning shortsighted, excepting the US VP who actually doesn’t seem too on the ball) group ever in power. What say you? Do you see promise anywhere?

      1. Her voice and demeanor signal to me that she’s a regular user, or is permanently damaged by long term use. Generational change is making this increasingly common in our leaders, look at former Mayor Bill de Blasio: it was said he smoked outside of the Gracie Mansion every night, then showed up to work around 10 the next morning. Drug addled communist running the economic and cultural capital of the USA.

      1. He happened to be right on Ukraine, but is clueless otherwise, he believes Russia could side with America against China. He ignores the class factor.

      2. COMMIT, in the videos, Mearsheimer spoke favorably of Chinese and blame the West. Perhaps Mearsheimer should read the Chinese general speech posted on Jeff’s blog.
        Although, I liked his book: The Israel Lobby and Foreign Policy, I think he might be somewhat naive about the Chinese.

      3. CORNWALL: he is naive, even compared to Jeff, never digs deeper, otherwise he would not survive long in academia. He sees countries as black boxes, ignores the class composition of the elites, ignores world’s division of labour. He is very naive on the so-called Israel lobby as well, yes, powerful lobby centered around certain families that control world’s financial capitalism exists, their direct ancestors started Zionist movement 150 years ago by funding Theodore Herzl and colonization of Palestine. Israel is dear to them, but not the main subject of their lobbying. American Congressmen are pro-Israel because of the fear of Israel’s backers in America and the UK, not because of fear of Israel itself.

      4. COMMIT: He is a reflection of many Americans virtue signaling and placing benevolent values on Chinese people that have a completely contradicting lifestyle, eating habits, and sanitation. Americans are too happy with a narrow view of the romanticized films and media propaganda.
        So it doesn’t surprise me one bit that he is naive about Chinese people.

        He like Chomsky will be welcoming Chinese soldiers with drinks on the house.

        Ashkenazi kowtow to communists whether they be from China or Vietnam and have gifted them access to financial, academic, and political powers, which have resulted in the detriment of world peace.

        There are more than 400K Chinese students studying in American schools. No doubt Mearsheimer have befriended them.

        Have you read Nathanael Rothchild recent statement regarding the Russian attack backed by the Chinese?

    1. Youtube started pushing that video on me and a yale video claiming that Putin is a creation of the West a couple of months before anyone in the media was talking about a Russian invasion of Ukraine. i often wonder if Amazon best selling trends and youtube algorithm can inadvertently predict global events, i really think they can. but more likely, in this case, YT pushing the vids claiming “this is all America’s fault” is part of the pre-war Russian information battlefield preparations.

    2. CORNWALL: Zionists don’t kowtow to communists, they are just generally unpatriotic, so they appear to side with enemy, whoever it is. Soviet Zionists acted like American agents, nowadays anti-war protests in Russia are led by Zionists.

  15. There is an inertia to events that, once of sufficient size, takes over completely until the banked violence dissipates across the chaotic debris field. Make no mistake, folks, we are in another of these “episodes”, and we are well beyond the point that cooler heads could prevail, even if they existed. At this point, the relative merits or evils of any of the teams in this Great Game, are irrelevant. Great forces are on the move, once again, and we are all about to be reminded that “we are spirits, not animals”. On this planet, as far back in history as we can be at all confident in our comprehension of, the only game that matters is the Game of Thrones. And this episode, as evidenced by the cascade of event swamping the World Politic since March 2020, can no more be stopped or effectively steered than can an avalanche after it releases. You can’t reason with an avalanche nor can you effectively face it, and understanding the relative virtues or depravities of any individual snow flake in it, is ultimately less than useless. Interesting, to be sure! But of no value. We yearn for the Why and the How, when what we always really need is the What and the When. Unfortunately, we struggle to accept this before first conquering the Why and the How.
    “There is no Why. Nothing more will I teach you today.”

  16. It seems a lot of people in the West are helping Putin. Those initiatives of punishing any Russian who’s living abroad, people pushing hatred on the average Russian, vandalizing Russian-owned businesses, it just plays right into Putin’s discourse that the West is evil and must be purged. I understand some Russians might be KGB assets, but people are not probing connections to the FSB/KGB but rather punishing all Russians for Putin & cronies’ sins. Russians have protested against the war in their home country, which is quite a dangerous thing to do. Instead of judging them all collectively,the West should point at how the honest Russians are also victims of the KGB-led communist dictatorship.

    1. I agree. We know our leaders lack conviction and courage, so would not do anything that will hurt Putin, but help him at every turn it seems.

      It seems to me as well that this process of denigrating and punishing average Russian people is an attempt to create/harden Russian resolve against whoever their government designates as enemies.

      1. May I also remind you Mr. Strannik, that the cleanup begins at home (per Our Lord, the log in the eye ). Russia has the largest population of neo-Nazis in the world. Currently, per Deutsche Welle, Jamestown, Israeli papers, and US artcles, Neo-Nazis world wide train in Russia, some for the Russian Nazi battalions, such as Wagner (Putin’s favorite and led by an actual Nazi with SS tattos, Dmitri Utnik). Jamestown has a 2 part article on the including how they venerate and celebrate Hitler. I can provide the articles and research in case you are interested. While Ukraine is the only nation to have a Jewish president, besides Israel. And just FYI, in my city in the US, one of the largest, Russians actively harass, beat up, and threaten Ukrainians, Lithuanians, and others who protest for Ukraine. They damage their cars etc. It happens to my kids at every protest. And its not just in my city.

      2. The comment below directed at Strannik, was one of a two part comment. Only one part is up. Just mentioning this as the comment by itself look odd.

    2. We have to be careful how we behave in this situation. That is why chivalry, decency, and good judgment are needed even toward enemies — because the goal is peace, not extermination. The Russians are human beings. At the end you want to be able to make peace with them. But you must defend, and you must use strategy. None of it is easy.

      1. Tell that to some of your lunatic lying Banderist ” friends ” who honor murderous “heroes ” who killed (usually civilian) not only ” Moskals” but also jews, gypsies, and even Poles-look up the Volyn massacre, where the OUN killed many thousands to help create their ” pure Aryan Ukraine “. These people are monsters as bad as Bolsheviks, and your ideas can easily enable their sick dreams.

      2. Here is a story of, if not chivalry, then humanity in a most moving display. Someone close to me, living in Moscow, was sucker punched by a celebrity athlete after crossing a street. A fancy car almost clipped him as it turned the corner in front of him. When the near victim of the auto contact knocked on the darkened window of the car to protest the reckless driving, the door opened and a punch was delivered to the audacious protester. His nose was broken. The victim and the car were immediately surrounded by dozens of concerned passersby, blocking the car from moving, providing handerchiefs to apply to the injury, offering all the assistance they could. By this time it had emerged that the victim was an American. In the flurry of commentary that ensued, it was clear that the Russians were mortified that this had happened to a guest in their country. Although my forebears suffered much in Russia, I have always had a soft spot in my heart for that people because of this episode.

        Yes, the Russians are human beings. And it appears that many of them are greatly distressed about what their country is doing to Ukraine.

      3. If we are saved from the worst of a major war, our salvation comes from the Russian people standing up against the Russian state.

      4. Re:
        Jeff Nyquist says:
        March 12, 2022 at 3:46 pm

        We have to be careful how we behave in this situation. That is why chivalry, decency, and good judgment are needed even toward enemies — because the goal is peace, not extermination. The Russians are human beings. At the end you want to be able to make peace with them. But you must defend, and you must use strategy. None of it is easy.

      5. First, Mr. Strannik, the issue began long before Volyn. Every nation is guilty of suppression of minority cultures. The Polish and Ukrainians had been fighting each other over cultural discrimination against the minority in the territory they governed for quite a long time. Poland had begun a Polonization program that the majority Ukrainian population in that territory objected to. Such policies never end well. For every action there is a reaction that is sometimes more than equal. Neither is justifiable. Like Katyn, among others. Considering the “Moskals”, the same applies here. Don’t keep occupying, destroying, GULAGing (happened under the Czars too) and artificially starving a people. Otherwise all that is generated is the desire for justice, revenge, and hatred. The Russian Empire imposed Russification on the minority populations. In the mid 1800’s Lithuanians smuggled books printed in Lithuanian, risking their lives. Pogroms, deporting Jews to the Pale of Settlement, discriminating against the Jews and Roma with various laws, conscription Jews to 25 years, longer than any other ethnic group, the serf system, those were Czarist..

    3. I personally could care less if some Muscovites miss their Big Macs. I also doubt that many of the citizens even know what they are missing. All the sawmills I’ve been to in the US and Canada have toilets. The one I know of in Russia only has a hole in the floor you get to squat over, but the sawmill manager had a nice modern house.

      1. Sure, so having anonymously told a tale of sub human Russian squalor, its morally safe for you and others like you to kill us. Got it.

  17. The US Constitution gives States the Right to determine Electors as the State decides to do. The Republican and Democratic parties have gone state by state and created a two party system which employs the use of voting machines designed and distributed by Venezuelan companies. The bugs were first worked out with the fraudulent election of Hugo Chavez.

    If the People of the United States, fail to eliminate the Internet voting machines, and re-establish voter registration by US Citizens only, and require proof of citizenship at the polls, in order to vote exclusively on one designated day for an election, then the United States will continue to be criticized by foreigners and Americans alike for being corrupt; and deservedly so.

    The original Constitution for the United States of America, along with the original, Bill of Rights, prior to Lincoln’s War, was the best shot people ever had for a decent government. If the people don’t uphold it today, tomorrow is already gone.

  18. Jeff
    “I submit that America’s diplomats lacked the basic competence required to organize a coup in Ukraine.”

    You phrased this America’s diplomats lacked competence. However, America Democratic party and the permanent DC state certainly does not lack it.

    We have had internal bloodless coups and the overturning of justice multiple times in the US within the last 15 years all with the help of growing monoparty of the Democratic monster and a feckless Republicans. I cite the following: 1. Obama and his birth certificate scandal and the Supreme and Federal Court systems refusing to investigate, weaponizing the IRS against conservatives and Christians; 2. The Obama/Clinton color revolutions imported throughout the middle east setting the region on fire; 3. the entire Trump collusion scandal and the weaponizing of the Intelligence agencies against Trump and private citizens and those associated with Trump; 4. The Nov 3, ’20 open in plain-site election malfeasance and the coverup by the states and Justice dept; 5. the J6 weaponizing and turning freedom of speech and assembly against the citizens of the US and the refusal of republicans to stand against this malfeasance; 6. The unjust and unlawful imprisonment of numerous innocent men and women who participated in J6 events; 7. Our refusal to prosecute Antifa and BLM and Congress’s refusal to list them as Domestic enemies; 8. the entire malevolent covid mandates and the immoral and murderous vxx and their protocols which has maimed or killed millions of individuals or perhaps vastly more around the entire world (these were all pushed by corrupt US scientific agencies and US pharma companies operating all within the approval of the Federal government).

    The above items show “the competence” of whom we are dealing with. I am willing to assent that the above shows earmarks of communist infiltration into the core power circles of our nation…we are in trouble. Thanks Jeff.

    1. Oh yes, there is massive communist influence; and some of them are very competent. Domestically, it is not necessarily that the Democratic operatives are so magnificent. The Republicans are incompetent. When you have corrupted the Republican side, it is easy to win.

  19. Jeff, over the last couple of weeks i have noticed the symbol Z all over the UKR war zone. Large white Z’s are marking Russian military vehicles (along with other capital letters such as O, X, V, but the Z seems to be more frequent)—whats strange is the Z letter is not in russian alphabet according to what I read. And there is the brazen Z symbol for AZOV Battalian Group in eastern UKR that is similar in feel to the SS Schutzstaffel symbol. Then there is the Z in Zelinskyy’s name itself. Is this a bizarre coincidence or is there is something else going on? Thank you.

    1. Z probably stands for zapad, means west. Zelensky’s name is also written in Cyrillic btw.

    2. The Z designates the vehicles that are assigned to the “special operation.” The U.S. does a similar thing when units are sent into an operation.

      1. Clearly, it’s a trademark violation of the most blatant kind. Zorro should sue. Actually, I was wondering about that myself and if it were being used to denote their participation in the invasion as I’ve seen all sorts of speculation about it online.

      2. Sure, but also a message to the West: ” Za Podremu”, ” for victory “

    3. The Azov symbol is not a Z. Its an N and an I. For the Ukrainian words for National Idea, glory to the nation. Peter the Great eliminated the N from the ukrainian alphabet along with others to bring the Ukrianian alphabet in line with the russian alphabet, Russification. Ukrainians have taken it back.

  20. Sam Faddis of And Magazine, suggested in an article linked below that Ukraine should consider negotiating a peace deal with Russia, using Russia’s 5 conditions as a starting point, the main ones being, recognizing Crimea as Russian territory, & Donbas and Lugansk as independent states (if there is such a thing). Do you see this as something Ukraine should do, to end the war? Not that Russia won’t invade again later, no matter what agreements it might sign to the contrary. But should Ukraine do this to end the war for now? Thanks!


    1. The problem with Sam’s advice is that Putin has one objective, and that objective was stated in the speech Putin gave prior to the invasion. Ukraine is part of the Soviet Union and Putin says the breakup of the Soviet Union was illegal. As soon as Putin said that, he was saying that his country is the USSR and his invasion is to put the USSR back into place. Putin did not go in to take Donetsk and Luhansk, as one might think. He went immediately to take Kiev. As for the negotiations, the Russians are demanding that the Ukrainians disarm. The Russians will not budge on this. Understandably, laying down your arms is surrender. With the treaty-breaking Kremlin on the other side, you know that the Russian side will not keep any agreement once you are disarmed. Look at the Budapest memorandum. Ukraine gave up its nuclear weapons. Do you think this would be happening if they kept them? Moscow has already broken its word. In essence, you cannot negotiate with treaty-breakers unless you are negotiating from strength. In this case, the Ukrainians might as well fight to the end. What do they have to lose? And since Putin is a totalitarian leader, his objectives are TOTAL. He wants the whole of Ukraine. Sam is thinking constructively, but he is assuming that Putin is “looking for an off ramp.” I do not believe this to be the case. Sam is not taking the nature of the Russian regime into account.

      1. Be that though it may, Putin expelled the second highest ranking US ambassador to Russia, along with a letter posted in comments a few articles back, here. In that letter, Putin stated that he had repeatedly been ignored, and then he reiterated his concerns and/or, demands, which he had patiently that far, not enforced. He had been cautioning Ukraine to cease and desist attacking ethnic Russian Ukrainian citizens.

        He waited until Russia became rotating chair of the UN Security Council, to unilaterally recognize, Donetsk and Luhansk and independent republics, which in turn, invited in Russian peace keepers. It was not until Ukraine attacked the peace keepers, that Putin invaded Ukraine.

        If the Soviet Union never really dissolved, then it would follow that Zelensky is a Soviet, and the meeting he had with Putin, prior to the invasion, was scripting the fake war, which brings Russian troops to the border of NATO, and away from Russia.

        The latest is, that Russia at the UN has presented evidence of US bio warfare labs in Ukraine, now under Russian occupation. This is a violation of international law. What is the penalty if the US is convicted? With the United States, become internationalized, under UN stewardship?

      2. This is not a violation of international law. It is perfectly legal to do biological research. These labs were part of Biopreparat under the Soviet period. We took them over and financed them at the end of the Cold War, so the scientists would not go to North Korea and Iran to make weapons. The Russians are now turning this into an allegation. Typical Russian lies. Why would we build weapons in a country that is crawling with KGB? It’s too stupid, really. As for as Zelensky being Soviet, I hate to break this to you, but this war is a Soviet civil war and it is as real as a heart attack. The Ukrainians have had enough.

      3. Frank, what you have posted is Russian lies. Ukraine did not attack anyone in the Donbas and OSCE repeated verified that Ukraine did not have heavy weapons within range of the line of contact to commit the attacks. In short, they were Russian false flags. The rate at which those incidents increased in frequency was predictable as Putin had already telegraphed his intentions for anyone paying attention.

        Zelensky is not a Soviet, but Putin sure is. He is a fascist through and through, and he is oppressing his own countrymen. It is hypocritical for him to complain Ukrainians doing the stuff he has been doing himself, and then oppress his own people. He is protecting no one, except, maybe his own position as the chief corruptocrat of Russia.

      4. News video ostensibly from war zones in Ukraine, as been found to have been old footage from China, and victims of bomb blasts, have turned out to be an Instagram artist, seen to be walking away after posing. Reports of victims have not been verified, and damage has mostly been to deserted buildings.

        This war is as phony as the Covid Live Exercise. Touché.

        The high price of oil benefits Russia along with the rest of OPEC, Ukraine, British Petroleum, and Chevron, equally.

        If Biden is a Communist, then he will plead guilty, and hand over administration of the United States, to the United Nations.

      5. Russia Releases Alleged Captured Documents Before UN Special Council Meeting Exposing Evidence of US Military Biolabs in Ukraine (VIDEO)
        By Jim Hoft
        Published March 11, 2022 at 7:45am



        [ On Thursday, the Gateway Pundit confirmed that there were biolabs in Ukraine, and Hunter Biden’s firm Rosemont Seneca invested in the firms building these labs.

        The World Health Organization (WHO) admitted to Reuters on Thursday that they had advised Ukraine to destroy their high-threat pathogens stored in the country’s health laboratories to prevent the spread of any disease.

        Then on Friday

        Russian Representative to the United Nations Vasily Nebenzya accused the United States of testing viral agents in Ukraine during Security Council testimony on Friday.

        Nebenzya accused the US was testing coronavirus in Ukrainian bats. ]


      6. Yessir. That has been my gut feeling. They might as well fight till the last man standing, because if they lay down their arms, they will surely be imprisoned, tortured, executed, or all three.

      7. China makes allegations against the US at the UN along with others, but evidence supports that they were in on it with Fauci. This could leave Russia the moral high ground. Therefore, he’ll get custody of Ukraine. Putin will probably make Zelensky, Governor of The Ukraine.

      8. Naturally the resultant humanitarian crisis will migrate refugees to Western hosts, embedding Soviet agents supported by generous welfare assistance.

  21. Great entry. I especially like your point about how silly it is for Americans to critique corruption in Ukraine, while they are fighting and dying to throw out enemies, while many Americans sit here and shrug it off as enemies rule us.

    1. The level of corruption in Russia is such it makes Ukraine look honest. Years ago Putin demanded a cut of the action from things his regime had to approve. One writer, who is normally reliable, said he demanded 50%. It is estimated by some sources that Putin has stolen 200+ billion in the time he has been running his operation. Ukraine has, at least, been trying to get a handle on corruption in Ukraine.

      Ukrainians need to round up a number of traitors, especially Medvedchuk, and if it looks they are going to lose their country, execute the lot of them.

      One thing I like about the combat is that the Ukrainians have had some good luck in killing some of the commanders. They need to keep that up.

      1. The Russian generals are leading from the front, and that shows they are committed and the leaders on the Russian side are solid. This is how you do it. To win you must have the generals — the division and corps commanders — in the fighting.

  22. Jeff, you mentioned economic fallout. This certainly won’t help. The higher price for transporting goods will be passed on to us, of course:

    Global stocks of diesel and other middle distillates have fallen to the lowest seasonal level since 2008, when similar shortages of these transport and industrial fuels helped to propel oil prices to a record high.

    Distillate fuel oil inventories in the United States are 30 million barrels (21%) below the pre-pandemic five-year seasonal average and at the lowest level since 2005, the U.S. Energy Information Administration said.

    1. We are going to have critical supply chain problems as the Chinese weigh in and being to play games. We are slipping toward war.

  23. Perhaps an performance evaluation for Russia?


    India says it accidentally fired a missile into Pakistan
    Story by Reuters
    Updated 12:17 AM ET, Sat March 12, 2022

    “On 9 March 2022, in the course of a routine maintenance, a technical malfunction led to the accidental firing of a missile,” the Indian Ministry of Defence said
    [Pakistani] official said it was possibly a BrahMos missile — a nuclear-capable, land-attack cruise missile jointly developed by Russia and India.

  24. In Shawn Hannity’s interview of Trump last evening, Trump said something to the effect that our nuclear arsenal was built up during his administration and now is very strong. On the one hand, he ought to know, if he was the man in charge. On the other hand, Jeff says our nuclear arsenal is depleted, and I respect Jeff’s knowledge and scholarship. Why is there this discrepancy? Jeff, precisely what evidence have you found that our arsenal is so depleted that we are unready for war? Do you think Trump’s just blowing smoke?

    1. I know you didn’t ask me but I can tell you that Jeff is mostly correct in his assessment of the situation.

    2. I have covered in previous articles the testimony of the head of the Strategic Command. He is the authoritative person on this subject, and he says he desperately needs money to fix our nuclear arsenal. Trump is a politician and takes credit for everything. Do not listen to Trump on this.

    1. I read that. I found this statement interesting:

      He also believes that the political consequences of the war could mean the dissolution of Russia.

      “Or, let’s say, the USSR. You feel like in 1991 the USSR was just wiped off the map, the political map, but I feel like it was just an illusion. I feel like in these 30 years the USSR in form of the Russian Federation was still alive. It’s still alive.”

  25. Apparently a ballistic missile attack has taken place on the U.S. consulate in Erbil (Iraq). The missiles were fired from Tabriz, Iran. Oh my!

    1. Fars News Agency, which is managed by Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), appeared to link the firing of the missiles to the killing of Qassem Soleimani, the head of the IRGC-Quds Force, in 2020.

      “Missiles hit the ‘Israeli-American’ bases at 01:20 local time; ‘that’s not a coincidence’. IRGC-QF chief Soleimani was killed in #Iraq on 7Jan20—01:20 Iraq time. #Iran,” Fars News wrote in a Twitter post, per a translation via journalist Khosro Kalbasi.

      Jason Brodsky, policy director at United Against Nuclear Iran, wrote on Twitter: “The Soleimani factor in the #Erbil attack tonight is important. Soleimani’s birthday was on March 11, pro-IRGC media are boasting the attack tonight occurred at same time of his death at 1:20 AM, the revenge attack on 01/08/20 also occurred at 1:20 AM.

      1. Thank you for this post Jeff. Your thoughts mirror those I have been having as of late, so it seems rather timely. As usual, I am late to the party again, so my comments will do little to contribute to the excellent conversation that has already taken place here.

        I would however like to make one comment in regard to the disinformation campaigns of our enemies. I told a friend recently that we need to be very careful in sharing divisive messages we find on the internet. Confirmation bias is a real thing that all of us are susceptible to and we need to look at reports and claims with a healthy bit ofskepticism, so that we don’t unwittingly help those who are undermining our country, and making us less able to mount an effective opposition to the acts of aggression planned and currently being executed by the Kremlin and Beijing.

        I really suspect that what is brewing here is a showdown between the western democracies and the totalitarian regimes of the east. Those who have the habit of “blame America first” need to do some real soul searching and decide which side they are going to take when the shooting breaks out. America, for all its faults and short comings is still a vastly superior place to the regimes of the eastern hemisphere.

  26. Is the narrative that is religiously believed and touted by many conservatives and libertarians, that the Obama admin via Victoria Nuland, George Soros along with various NGOs caused the ouster of Yanukovich strictly based on their public statements such as the one you led this article with? In other words, there is no real evidence or basis for this claim, correct? I ask bc there is this sense that to be against Putin or Russia is to be aligned with the liberal globalist establishment, like WEF, or some globalist entity. Is this perception a result of active measures? E.g., it’s often repeated that the same entities saying to be for Ukraine freedom and against Russia’s invasion are the same ones that perpetrated COVID tyranny–masks enforcement, unlawful lockdowns, business closers, vax mandates. Thanks!

    1. Yes, it represents a fallacious association in my view, since these oppressive measures — mask mandates, vax mandates, lockdowns, etc — were equally enforced in Russia and elsewhere so far as I know. I know, for example, in Venezuela the measures were even more extreme such as imposing curfews and forcing those caught out after the curfew to render service in area hospitals to help fight the “pandemic.” At least, so I’ve been told by people that live in that country.

  27. “Americans who embrace Russian propaganda seem to think that if American politicians lie, then Russian politicians must be truthful. The corollary of this error follows: That if America is led by bad men, then Vladimir Putin is a good man.” This is a logical fallacy. This fallacy is related to “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” when the truth is that the enemy of my enemy may still also be my enemy. Likewise Vladimir Putin is an evil man independent of how bad America’s leaders may be.

    That many “conservatives” fall for such a simple logical fallacy is scary, in that it hinders them from recognizing who is a true enemy. It also shows shallowness of thought—what else do they have wrong? Such “conservatives” then go around misleading others.

    Thanks, Jeff, for including that as a warning against following Russian propaganda.

    1. Not only is it a logical fallacy, it is simply not true that Putin is a “conservative” defender of tradition. Communism is, first and foremost, a tradition-wrecking ideology and Putin has said that the collapse of the Soviet Union was the “greatest geopolitical catastrophe” of the previous century. Additionally, the rise of communism in the previous century in Russia essentially caused the Russian Orthodox Church to splinter and divide — the official church, the catacomb Church and the different jurisdictions abroad such as ROCOR, etc.. Thus, Putin as a communist, is by definition opposed to tradition, since the communists consider religion and tradition to be oppressive structures used to maintain the status quo of class divisions and oppression of the proletariat. Unfortunately, there are many media pundits embedded in the “conservative” media that promote these unfounded characterizations of Putin, selectively emphasizing some facts while completely ignoring others.

  28. Off topic: I’ve been sitting on it for too long astounded by the media pundit’s inability to put the pieces of the puzzle together on the origins of Covid 19 until very recently but if you can, see if you can get a copy of the last ever issue of Eye Spy Magazine, “the China Conspiracy” issue. They laid out the entire case against China in Feb-Apr 2020 based on official US Government sources revealing sources and methods as a matter of “substantial public interest”. immediately after publishing this issue the magazine folded without explanation or refunds.

      1. Below “Subscription Options” it says:

        Unfortunately this title is closed! Subscriptions are not available and new issues will not be released.

      2. Download


        Eye Spy Magazine Issue 128 Back Issue

        First published in the UK, May 2001, Eye Spy Intelligence Magazine is the world’s only newsstand publication dedicated to espionage and intelligence. Described as the bridge between ‘officialdom’ and the public, Eye Spy is extremely popular with those who work in intelligence, security, defence and specialist wings of the armed forces. It is subscribed to by hundreds of official intelligence agencies, government training academies, military forces and security colleges throughout the world.

        However, its non-political – visual editorial and easy-reading style ‘demystifies’ the intelligence subject, making it equally as popular with people from all walks of life.

        Eye Spy provides a certain type of information that is not found in any other publication. Readers are assured they will always find something of interest, whether it’s the inside story of a lengthy government surveillance operation, an interview with a CIA polygraph examiner, MI6’s role behind the assassination of Rasputin, or the tradecraft used by those who ply their trade in the world’s second oldest profession.


        GOOD LUCK!

      4. The most interesting parts of the China issue (correction: 2nd from last issue) involve the NCMI report that cited satellite and traffic patterns as well as OSINT analysis pointing to WIV in Nov 2019. also, highly significant is the commentary on Professor Shi Zhengli, purportedly from a Chinese jail cell, if memory serves me correctly. After a stint in a Chinese jail, Shi is on record in other media sources making jingoistic/duress sounding statements like “i wish people [saying there was a lab leak] would shut their stinking mouths.

        Link contains an .epub version of the issue in reference as well as some powerpoint and pdf files given to me or recommended by someone certainly in Jeff’s rolodex, if not on speed dial. Note: Link expires in 24 hours. Note 2: pcloud as well as several other major cloud providers voluntarily do file content analysis for reporting to law enforcement and intelligence agencies.


        Of related interest: US Marine Corps Major Joseph Murphy’s Analysis Report to Inspector General of DOD and internal Marine Corps email link: https://assets.ctfassets.net/syq3snmxclc9/2mVob3c1aDd8CNvVnyei6n/95af7dbfd2958d4c2b8494048b4889b5/JAG_Docs_pt1_Og_WATERMARK_OVER_Redacted.pdf

        Maj Murphy’s testimony names the WIV employees behind the research while also providing salary data. Also of note in the DoD IG Report is the a) the existing ability to deploy contageous respiratory vaccines, skin contact vaccines, and edible vaccines b) the Covid 19 causing virus was ostensibly developed as an attempt to create a bat vaccine. c) Maj Murphy speculates that the virus might have served the dual purpose of culling the infirm. d) Peter Dasik’s initial “gain of function proposal” to DARPA was rejected on ethical grounds then moved to China to negate safety concerns.

        The Fox in the Hen House. Peter Dasik and WHO representatives deny lab origins of Covid 19: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=d7kRxmEgzbQ

  29. Never let the facts get in the way of a good story…
    The propaganda pantomime has moved on from the plandemic to crimson pastures, with an identical MO.
    I’m sure if there were any concrete facts to present in support of this desperate narrative they would have been force fed ad nauseum, but instead we have misappropriated fluff (aka wag the dog), appeal to authority, emotional appeals and concealed quantification.

  30. “The airstrike on a Ukrainian airbase Sunday occurred just 13 miles from the Polish border, marking the closest the conflict has come to a NATO ally.”

    Russia is obviously trying to draw others into the war. 🙁

    1. Yes, that’s my impression, as well. Also, one American journalist has been killed and another injured further exacerbating the overall situation.

      1. It’s very sad. It was clear he was a journalist/peacekeeper but they didn’t care.

  31. Do you remember your article from last year about prohecies? And the battle in Galicien before the third world war? Can you do a new interview with the author?

      1. I only know that there are several seers whose prophecies are very similar. I do not “believe” in the sense most people would use that word. Such things are not entirely straightforward and there are absurd aspects to the predictions that almost certainly will not happen. Some of these people were famous for their psychic abilities. One must always treat such things with reserve. But some seers get hits.

      2. What do you think about the prophecies/visions of Dumitru Duduman, the Romanian who lived under communism and handed out Bibles to people there and later claimed to have a vision in which he saw American cities being bombed? He also mentioned a conflict between the government and people in the midwestern part of the US going on simultaneously (or something to that effect). I may be remembering incorrectly as I saw him give a presentation on video many years ago, but I believe that was the gist of his message. I was just curious as his presentations were circulating on the big video hosting platforms several years ago.

      3. Yes, I agree. So far as I could tell, he was a very genuine individual who seemed to not have ulterior motives. I believe his grandson — can’t remember the name at the moment — has continued his ministry of making Bibles available to Romanians.

      4. The time frames of some of his prophecies have been totally busted. While I don’t doubt his sincerity, he was, after all, terribly tortured by the regime for his testimony, the spec of a prophet of God was not fulfilled in him. A prophet of God does not merely have a good record of accuracy. The record of such a man will be perfect.

  32. Could you do a new interview with him about the time the world war would start?

    1. In Europe the war starts in August, according to the various prophecies. In North America there is an unclear time line regarding China.

  33. I think about the video from Alex Jones from 2013 with Joel Skousen who warned about the third world war. He said that the war should start long ago but the they had seriuos problems, like the chinese with aircraft carriers. I think the war start next year, they need a year more to defeat the ukraine and they need more trouble in the western countries.

  34. The United Staates should divide in many parts after the wolrd war. After a revolution after the war as an American have you a problem with this prophecy?

  35. Averyleather, what was the third secret of Fatima? It was supposed to be opened by the pope in 1960, but I understood that it was never revealed.

  36. Explosions have been heard on the outskirts of the western Ukrainian city of Lviv after Russian forces launched an attack on a military base just 12 miles from the Polish border, killing at least nine people and injuring dozens more.

    According to Ukrainian sources, Vladimir Putin’s forces had launched a missile strike on the International Center for Peacekeeping and Security, also known as Yavoriv military complex, just before 6am this morning.

    The Partnership for Peace (PfP) is a North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) program aimed at creating trust between NATO and other states in Europe and the former Soviet Union; 20 states are members.[1] It was first discussed by the Bulgarian Society Novae, after being proposed as an American initiative at the meeting of NATO defense ministers in Travemünde, Germany, on October 20–21, 1993, and formally launched on January 10–11, 1994 at the NATO summit in Brussels, Belgium.[2] According to declassified U.S. State Department records,[3] President Bill Clinton characterized the Partnership for Peace as a “track that will lead to NATO membership” and that “does not draw another line dividing Europe a few hundred miles to the east.”[4]

  37. I’d like to comment a little on what was mentioned about the Covid-19 pandemic. I think that there were forces at work in 2000 and 2001 (and continuing today) working to sow division, distrust, and disinformation. I think that much of the covid skepticism, the anti-maskers, and the anti-vaccine rhetoric we heard was fanned and amplified by the Russians and Chinese. It has been documented that the Russians had been sowing anti-vaccine disinformation for years prior to the pandemic. The black lives matter protests were also part of this campaign. They were working to stir up both the left and the right to get us all fighting. This is all part of the 21st century hybrid warfare doctrine that preceeds the traditional kinetic warfighting domains of land, sea, air, (and space) with cyber and information warfare operations. I think these last two domains have been used in a preparatory phase, to soften up the target, similar to the way artillery has historically been used prior to the main assault in a major offensive. Our enemies are now moving to include the kinetic warfighting domains, but I still expect cyber and information warfare to continue to be employed. This is why we need to be very careful about the messaging we get on the internet and reshare. Personally, I don’t want to be made a “useful idiot” acting as a tool for our adversaries.

    1. You want to be a human guinea pig, instead of testing the mRNA lethal injections on real ones for ten years, like they were supposed to do, before President Trump exempted it from the FDA standard required protocols, go ahead, but don’t be selling that snake oil to me.

    2. That seems a bit vague, to me. Specifically, how is the anti-vaccine (keeping in mind that there are some of us who are not against vaccines in general, but rather against the new mRNA technologies being used without sufficient long-term testing) tied to Russian propaganda? The area of genetic engineering (GMO technology, etc.) is wide open and completely unregulated unlike many other industries. It seems to me that while humans fret about being destroyed by nuclear weapons, the more likely scenario is that we will destroy ourselves by means of this technology and the so-called Transhumanism movement. Additionally, I have religious objections to some of this technology and would not use it even if it were 100% effective. I would argue that the divisions were sown by the releasing of the virus, itself, since people quickly become hysterical when they perceive their health and well-being is threatened. As for me, I have several “comorbidities” and a serious chronic illness (chronic pancreatitis) and while I wear the masks (to respect those around me), I have not taken any of these experimental treatments, nor do I worry about dying of Covid. That’s in God’s hands, not mine. Being chronically ill has given me a very different perspective on the whole issue. Oddly enough, many of my family members who were “vaccinated,” became ill with Covid, despite all the precautions. I honestly do not see a connection between the lockdowns, mask and “vaccine” mandates and the Russians. I do see many divisions since the virus was released whether intentionally or not.

      1. The mRNA Covid serums include materials from aborted baby fetuses, for one religious consideration. It alters human DNA with Osterized, Hydra material, as well. The Hydra is a fresh water animal which when severed regrows two Hydras in it’s place. That’s not to mention the self assembling magnetic nano particles, and virus shell fragments from HIV and Ebola.

    3. Technically, there are many strange things related with how western nations addressed the Covid19 problem. First of all, in January 2020 they did not closed conections with China, even when chinese autorities were saying that China was in “a very grave situation” and millions were under lockdown. By that time, there were many videos showing chinese falling down on the streets, but the west was in total denial with the problem. Then, when the disease arrived to Italy and later to New York and London, health autorities just copied China’s reaction with very rigorous lockdowns, a thing that had never been done in world history on that scale. There was very little scientific background to support those lockdowns, but they did it anyway. Worse, they chased and censured everyone with a different opinion. It was also very strange that many scientists, like french infectologist Didier Raoult and Nobel Prize Luc Montagnier, were saying that using repurposed drugs, like hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin and zinc, was a safe and effectivie way of reducing the burden that this biological weapon could cause. But anyone who sided with those researches was also censured and chased. By no means, in 2020, being against restrict lockdowns and advocating for the use of reporpused drugs could be russian disinformation. Why were people chased that time for having a different opinion? Remeber that were Democrat party´s governors who were advocating restrict lockdowns and chasing doctors who were trying to save people´s lifes. In Brazil, the country I live, happened the same thing. The more conected with China, the more the politician was in favor of those public health policies. Why? How come our intelligence services did not note that?
      It was in this context that the vaccines were developed. In warp speed, with no time to really know what can happen to people in the medium and long term, not to mention the many side effects that VAERS show in the short term. And it was also in this background that many rightist groups started to share the crazy Idea that there is no virus, that masks have zero effect, that vaccines were magnetic and have nanotecnology that activates with 5G. A friend of mine almost died because he really believed there was no real virus. Another friend developed an autoimmune disease after his second Pfizer dose, he is not in a good shape too. Olavo de Carvalho, a brazilian philosopher, used to call this situation “diabolic confusion”.

      1. You make factual observations. My doctor told me more than a few years ago, that a surgical mask does not block a virus. That’s not what they are intended to do. He cited the Boy in the Bubble, as case in point. My doctor didn’t want to discuss why people get sick after Flu shots, saying that ‘immunology is a very complex subject.’ He didn’t deny that they do. The patents for the mRNA gene editing serums include what Fauci said to Congress is contained, and what Dr Robert Malone the inventor says is contained, in addition to other toxic substances, metallic particles, and parasites found by independent researchers.

      2. Fauci tells Congress some of the ingredients included in the mRNA Covid shots:

        [ The Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations of the Committee on Energy and Commerce will hold a hearing on Wednesday, December 4, 2019, at 10:30 a.m. in the John D. Dingell Room, 2123 of the Rayburn House Office Building. The hearing is entitled, “Flu Season: U.S. Public Health Preparedness and Response.”

        Streamed live on Dec 4, 2019 ]

      3. Very good points. We saw videos of people in China literally dropping dead in the streets and the US really did nothing to stop it (given all this), allowing people to enter from that country and so on. All of the policies eventually undertaken were definitely in the context of Operation Warp Speed and the development of these new gene-editing treatments. Incidentally, I have never seen a replication of scores of people just dropping dead in the streets as they purportedly did in China in any of the other areas (pretty much everywhere) where COVID was a problem. China has more than one strategy that it is using against the US apart from potentially planning to oppose us militarily. If they can promote a psyop and convince people in the West to limit their own freedoms, so much the better. I don’t deny that the virus is very real, but its danger was exaggerated from the very beginning by the Chinese (and others) to push various anti-freedom agendas. China also likes to invest in the US and build infrastructure close to US military bases so it can monitor what the US is doing — like the proposal to build a Chinese-owned corn processing plant in the Grand Forks area close to an air force base (if memory serves). It seems to me that China employs strategies on multiple fronts to oppose the West.

      1. From the article:

        “Before leaving Washington on Sunday, Sullivan warned China not to try to “bail out” Russia by helping Moscow to circumvent the sanctions that the US and its allies have imposed on President Vladimir Putin and his regime.”

        And yet….

        “With Russia now officially cut off from both the US Dollar and the Euro, Russia’s VTB Bank is seeing a surge in Chinese Yuan deposits, attracted by the bank offering significantly higher interest rates as Putin shifts focus to ‘friendly’ nations.”


  38. I don’t think this is the place to get into a debate over the safety of the MRNA vaccines, but I will say that I studied the matter out a lot before deciding to receive the vaccine. I was satisfied that whatever small risk that the vaccine posed was much smaller than the risk from the virus. But each person should do their own risk/benefit analysis based on their own health situation. One year on since receiving the vaccine, and my wife and I have had zero ill effects from it, so clearly it was the right decision for us.

    I find it a bit disingenuous that the same people who were ridiculing those who were concerned about the virus as “paranoid” and “living in fear”, are the same people making sensational and unfounded claims about the safety of the vaccines. This, despite the fact that the risk from the vaccine is orders of magnitude smaller than the virus.

    1. Guy, I agree that while the vaccine is risky, Covid is riskier. Ninety-nine percent of the people dying from Covid are unvaccinated. Vaccinated people can still get the disease, but they’re far less likely to be hospitalized or to die from it. To me, that’s the fact that tips the scale. It’s a question of which is the lesser evil.

      1. Yes, but it should be a choice, not a mandate. Since the mRNA “vaccine” does not prevent transmission, but only mitigates symptoms, the traditional herd immunity arguments applied to traditional vaccines do not apply here. I am only speaking against mandates, which run counter to basic notions of human liberty, especially in this case where the “vaccines” do not operate as traditional vaccines do. I don’t care if they are effective or not, because my objections to them are religious in nature.

      2. Yes, any vaccine has some risk to it, and there will be some small portion of the population that will have an adverse effect, but the overall risk to the general population is very small. Nonetheless, each person should evaluate amy vaccine against their own personal health circumstances to determine if the benefits outweigh the risks.

        My point for bringing this up however was to point out that there has been a deliberate campaign by the Russians to exaggerate and inflate the risk, to cause division, doubt, and mistrust of our institutions.

      3. Sorry about jumping in on Covid, because its not what Jeff’s piece is on, but Gretchen, you are quoting extremely wrong statistics regarding covid. Covid is by far less risky than the experimental gene therapy. the % death risk for vaccine death is 3% where as the majority of people its under 1% unless the person is obese or comorbid. As of now, 26K+ have been known to have died in the US within weeks of getting the vax–this if from CDC’s own VAERS data base. The majority are now the vaxed who are winding up in hospitals or falling over dead at a young age. Please do not get your science from the mainstream media–they have been lying on covid from day one.

      4. Gretchen,
        I don’t think calling the vaccine “risky” is quite right. It might be more appropriate to say there is some risk. But people need to have a sense of proportion. although there is risk, it is exceedingly small, notwithstanding the claims of many vaccine alarmists.

    2. Again, you speak in generalities. Not all people who are against the mRNA treatments and viral vector vaccines, which both use gene-editing technology, are against all vaccines. And, while not all people who want to protect themselves from COVID become hysterical, the declaration of a pandemic and so forth lends itself to creating artificial hysteria. As I said, when one suffers from a very painful chronic illness, living and dying become relative terms and you learn not to fear these things, since they are often used to manipulate people. I saw in my own community people yelling at each other — some because they weren’t wearing a mask and others because they were, and my overall impression is that people were doing things they would not normally do if they were not afraid. Some of the fear was justified and some of it probably not. As I said, I wore a mask when there were mandates to respect the fear of those who were convinced of their efficacy, but given the fact that no specific mask was mandated, it is ridiculous to think that some of the homemade “masks” that I saw would protect anyone from anything. Rather, it played into their fears and the wearing of a mask — any mask — helped to allay these fears. Russia spoke against the Pfizer vaccine to promote its own vaccine to other countries — especially Central and South America – which is also based on new gene-editing technology as a viral vector vaccine.

      1. EMILKC,

        I don’t really want to argue over the specifics of the pandemic. I’ve already had two years of that, and I think I speak for a lot of people that we are ready to move on. I only bring it up, because of it’s relevance to Russian hybrid warfare. They have taken various hot button issues, and fanned the flames of division, dissent, and distrust to weaken us. I don’t want to be manipulated by our enemies to hurt our country. We need to think big picture in the context of the coming global conflict between east and west.

      2. GUY – I really don’t necessarily disagree that Russia likely uses some of the wilder conspiracy theories to send people down rabbit holes, sow unreasonable levels of distrust against western governments, etc. — it certainly has a history of that sort of thing — but I just don’t see it specifically with regard to COVID. You could be on to something with regard to some of the broader agendas (anti-vax), etc. I think with regard to its hostility toward the Pfizer vaccine, it all boils down to competition with its own version, which it heavily marketed in Central and South America and elsewhere. Ultimately, it was based loosely on the use of similar technology, at least in the broader sense of gene-editing technology. Honestly, this sort of technology scares me more than nuclear technology or even artificial intelligence, because its evolution and development has the potential to outpace our ability to assimilate and regulate it.

    3. The safety and effectiveness of a vaccine takes ten years or more to ascertain, thus the FDA protocols. I a dozen dogs die, they don’t test on humans and the project is abandoned. So, far, hundreds of thousands of people have already died as a direct result of taking the mRNA lethal injections. There is a cognitive dissonance amongst those who so foolishly took the shots. Spike proteins will be continuously produced in the bodies of the DNA altered inoculated, causing prion crystals to abundantly be produced, resulting in Mad Cow or Alzheimer’s type disease, along with Parkinson’s. Those who survive that will acquire an auto-immune disease, similar to AIDS. The hope of those such as Fauci, is that ultimately there may be at least one subject who survives all of that to become a new, trans-human with superhuman abilites, and a computer overridden brain, to take over from the senile one with no reaming will to resist commands over 5G. Furthermore, modifications to DNA, or upgrades can be made to the subject, over 5G, too.

      1. Today, our best estimate of vaccine fatalities using the VAERS data is that the US Government is responsible for killing 388,000 formerly healthy Americans. For no reason or societal benefit. Under the guise of saving them.

        And we’re not done yet. Those kids with myocarditis? Half of them could die in 5 years. We just don’t know. Prion diseases… we don’t know. Autoimmune diseases… we don’t know. Reproductive issues… unknown. Original antigenic sin? Possibly. You get the idea.

        By contrast, the Vietnam War was a long, deadly struggle that took place from 1954 to 1975 between North Vietnam and South Vietnam. The U.S. National Archives shows that 58,220 U.S. soldiers perished over the 21 years. Here, we’ve killed more than 6 times as many people in a fraction of the time… just 11 months.

        No one in mainstream media will dare talk about this. They won’t even ask the question. Not a single reporter.

        Nobody in Congress will discuss it either. I tried to bring this information to the attention of Congressional staff, but they have ignored my requests.

        Of course the FDA and CDC have no comment other than they “disagree” with me. They won’t say why. Wow. We have a discrepancy of 388,000 Americans dead and they won’t even say why I got it wrong.

        I’m guessing that they can’t say why because I used their numbers (they maintain VAERS and CMS) and their methodology and there were no math errors. So they have to go with the “hand waving” argument that “we disagree” since they can’t go with facts, evidence, data, or methodology errors.

        As for all the bogus arguments about VAERS and causality that are used by the “so-called fact-checkers” to attack my work, I thoroughly dismantle those in my 63-page article. That is why none of the people at the FDA or CDC are willing to talk on the record to me: because I know how to dismantle their bogus excuses for looking the other way. They won’t talk to any of my associates either. They just don’t want to hear it.

        Let me know in the comments if you find an error.

        Finally, I know some of you are still unconvinced by all the data including the stunning athlete data. I’m OK with that. I just have one request. Please consider sharing this article with your social network before you get your booster. OK?


    4. “I was satisfied that whatever small risk that the vaccine posed was much smaller than the risk from the virus.”

      The calculation will depend on the individual. For younger individuals who faced very little risk from the virus, the (low, but relatively substantial) risk of adverse events from the vaccines was a real concern. For older individuals or those with comorbidities or immuno-compromised, the risk of severe symptoms from viral infection far outweighed the risk of adverse events from the vaccines.

      1. Anthony,

        I agree. It’s an individual risk assessment, based on your person heath state.

    1. Yes, but the reasoning is faulty, because the purpose of Russian disinformation is likely to promote it’s own version of the “vaccine,” Sputnik, which also uses the same technology. Regardless, people should be free to make their own decision about what to put in their body. This is a basic human right in free society. As I said, I don’t actually care how effective the technology is as my objections to it are religious and philosophical.

      1. Emilkc, agreed. But what you’re objecting to is the mandates, not the vaccine. There’s a difference. I’m totally with you on the mandates part. They violate our freedom.

      2. EMILKC,
        I have no argument with you on mandates, especially a federal one. I don’t think it should be compelled but instead encouraged. Persuasion, not coercion should be used to convince people to be vaccinated.
        You might be able to make a case of a mandate for the military, since this has been required of our armed forces for decades, and is vital to insure combat readiness. But I don’t believe mandates are appropriate for the civilian population.

      3. EMILKC,

        I’m not quite clear if your comment was directed toward me (the format for this comment section lends itself to confusion about who is replying to what), but if it was, please consider that there can be more than one objective for disinformation. Yes, there are the reasons stated in the article, to discredit the competing western vaccine to the benefit of the Russian vaccine, but there can be a larger strategic objective as well, of sowing generalized division, and distrust. It doesn’t have to have an exclusive or singular purpose.

      4. “I’m not quite clear if your comment was directed toward me (the format for this comment section lends itself to confusion about who is replying to what),”

        That’s why I love reading the blog on WordPress. It’s clear who is responding to whom. LOL!

    2. There is disinformation coming from bad actors on both sides – foreign and domestic. Adversarial governments wish to sow confusion and erode trust in our institutions – that is a given. Unfortunately, our institutions and government have undermined their own credibility by actively suppressing legitimate debate and evidence regarding the risks associated with the mRNA vaccines throughout the pandemic. These concerns have been brought up repeatedly by Steve Kirsch, Robert Malone, Peter McCullough, Chris Martenson, etc, who arrived at their positions through reviewing clinical studies and/or their own clinical practice.

      I understand you are not interested in debating this in detail, so I will simply say that I agree with your concerns regarding disinformation promulgated by our foes but feel that you may not fully appreciate the culpability of our own government and institutions in suppressing what is clearly a negative safety signal regarding mRNA vaccine safety. I further agree that each individual must make their own determination on whether the vaccine is appropriate for them – the cost/benefit will vary.

      Let us steel ourselves for the battle ahead – there are foes within and without.

      1. Hello Anthony,

        Thank you. I appreciate your willingness to find areas that we agree. I acknowledge and agree that the CDC botched the public messaging on COVID, and there were several missteps made that eroded public trust. But I believe that much of the concerns about MRNA vaccine safety have been far overblown, or made up, and I suspect Russia as the source for a lot of it. I don’t trust Dr. Malone, and I think he has overrepresented his credentials on MRNA technology (he claims to have “invented” it. This is a gross overrepresentation of his actual contribution). But alas, I said I didn’t want to get into a debate about it, so I apologize. I will stop now. Thanks again for the expression of common ground.

      2. “To ensure that ineffective, unscientific lockdowns and mandates are never foisted on the American people ever again, I’ve introduced this amendment to eliminate Dr. Anthony Fauci’s position as Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and divide his power into three separate new institutes. This will create accountability and oversight into a taxpayer funded position that has largely abused its power, and has been responsible for many failures and misinformation during the COVID-19 pandemic.” –US Senator, Rand Paul, M.D., R-Ky


      3. Please, no!!!! I liked the sound of “eliminating his position” until I read your comment. LOL

  39. Mr. Nyquist, what do you make of Lindsey Graham’s continued calling for the assassination of Putin? He did it for the third time that I am aware of on Maria Bartiromo this morning. (I read it on Gateway Pundit. Link is in the article.)

    I have always regarded Graham as a sellout, effeminate RINO.

    But he seems to be sinking to a whole new level of stupidity.

    It seems to me, that Marcelo’s opinion yesterday is correct, that certain Western political and business leaders are taking actions and using rhetoric that can be used by Russian government to create/harden the resolve of Russian people as they rebuild the Soviet Empire and beyond.

    Knowing that we have an unknown number of Communsist sellouts and useful idiots in many positions of government and business leadership, I myself think that could be the goal, as they work in lockstep with the Communist global movement directed from Moscow or Beijing.

    I also wondered if our government truly quit purchasing Russian oil.

    On Ivana Stradner’s Twitter page, she shared a report from TankerTrackers.com in the wee hours this morning that two Russian tankers laden with oil cargo had departed Russia bound for the U.S.

    Our leaders are so incredibly *PATHETIC!!* it infuriates me sometimes.

    1. P.S. I think Ivana Stradner is pretty good. Seems to have good judgement, and be levelheaded. I don’t think she sees the long picture like you, but what she does see, she sees clearly I believe.

    2. As my regular readers know, I have very harsh words for anyone who talks about assassinating foreign leaders. This is morally reprehensible. What is Lindsay? — a United States Senator or a crime boss?

      1. Emerald Robinson did a very interesting article on Hannity a few weeks ago. It’s on her sub stack page (or account. I just know that it’s called substack).I got a belly full of him when I used to go watch the news with my grandfather. I always got the impression he was a tinhorn.

      2. Yessir, I have read your position on this issue, and I agree. You are right. But what I meant, is why would Graham talk such junk openly, on national TV, and post on Twitter? I mean, if he was even going to contemplate calling for it, it seems he would do that behind closed doors. I think he is a dirty rat to put it nicely. He is not remotely helping anything about the situation by popping off like that. And I think he knows that. I think he is trying to fan the flames for some reason.

      3. A lot of my readers agreed with President Trump’s assassination of General Soleimani, even when I did not. Most of my friends agreed with it. Graham is simply expressing what many Americans think is perfectly okay. This shift in our moral thinking is by no means trivial, to be sure, but Graham is not uniquely evil.

      4. Iranian is a rouge nation state, and General, Qasem Soleimani, was a soldier; not a head of state. He commands Hezbollah, in Syria, which has launched a great many missiles into Israel and killed a great many Israelis. He had the unmitigated gall to set foot in US occupied Iraq. He was fair game, and asking for it. If there is anything to regret, it’s that in his religion, he died a martyrs’ death. He was probably suffering a terminal illness, and intended to commit suicide by cop.

      5. Jeff, it’s interesting that you side with the UN on this. I can’t find the story of why Soleimani went to Iraq. What please were the negotiations about, and with whom? Are the Russian generals who you say are on the ground in Ukraine, not fair targets?

    3. I believe oil companies had 45 days to adjust for the Russian oil ban. Dockworkers here are saying they will not unload it. It may be sold to another country on it’s way here.

  40. I personally think that the situation is far more complex. Rissia sent mostly tier 3 units, and this is partially the reason the Russians have been slowed down. T-55s and T-64s, and mercenaries from Central Asia. Putin sweeping Ukraine in a week with advanced weapons could and would likely provoke a regional arms buildup and much more attention by the US Navy on Taiwan, as well as NATO being forced to build up themselves, and Poland building their own nuclear weapons. Also, with the West out of Russia, Russia can conduct the purges they want, and prepare their population and industries for war.

      1. Yes it was. Are those Svoboda members still in the cabinet? (That was 2014 and McCain is standing right next to the leader of Svoboda.) This is also interesting:

        “Although much of the more extreme content has now been removed from Svoboda’s leaflets, the European Parliament passed a resolution on Ukraine in 2012 that asked Kiev not to associate with the party on account of its “racist, anti-Semitic and xenophobic views.”

        I’m thinking about Putin’s Nazi comments and wondering if they are still there?

  41. Nikki Haley on Dave Rubin’s show. She says: “When an evil dictator, thug, says they’re going to do something, we need to believe them. Putin said he was going to take Ukraine and he is. China said they were going to take Hong Kong and they did. Putin says that he’s next going for Poland and the Baltics, we should believe him. China says they’re going to get Taiwan, that’s going to happen. Iran says they’re going to destroy Israel….”

  42. Jeff and fellow commenters, I just watched a 42 min. documentary produced by Herb Meyer titled The Siege of Western Civilization. It is prophetic. It could have been made this week, but it was produced in 2003. Herbert Meyer served during the Reagan Admin as special asst. to the Director of the CIA. Have any of you ever heard of him?

      1. I associated him with National Review in the old days and found an RIP link there, which I posted yesterday. It’s probably hung up because it is a link.

    1. Greg, you have a good point. BLM was funded by the Chinese people to cause civil unrest. There are many Chinese nationals living in America, many of who have married locals and infiltrated levels of state and federal govt.
      There are 400K Chinese students in additional to those from communist countries, for example: Vietnam studying in American schools. Much of the American population have been compromised, friendly and would rather see America fall and the communists win.
      Have we taken into consideration how the youth are used as communist tools?

    2. Possibly. Also, Mexico is now controlled by a far-leftist, Manuel Lopez Obrador, who has not only refused to impose sanctions on Russia, but has also criticized other western nations for their ‘censorship’ of Russia’s state-controlled media. Additionally, the situation with the warring drug cartels is threatening Mexico’s national stability, and I suspect that, more and more, this violence will spill over into the US. Actually, this is already the case in some southern states that share a border with Mexico. These groups could easily be used for political purposes inside of the US by other state actors acting on behalf of nations such as Russia or China.

  43. Mr Nyquist,

    The Fifth Service of the Russian FSB’s Colonel-General Sergei Beseda and his Deputy are now under House Arrest. Can we expect that they will now be DISAPPEARED? What do you suspect that their Real Crime was Mr. Nyquist?

    “Lavrentiy Beria, the most ruthless and longest-serving secret police chief in Joseph Stalin’s reign of terror in Russia and Eastern Europe, bragged that he could prove criminal conduct on anyone, even the innocent.

    “Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime” was Beria’s infamous boast. He served as deputy premier from 1941 until Stalin’s death in 1953, supervising the expansion of the gulags and other secret detention facilities for political prisoners. He became part of a post-Stalin, short-lived ruling troika until he was executed for treason after Nikita Khrushchev’s coup d’etat in 1953.

    Beria targeted “the man” first, then proceeded to find or fabricate a crime. Beria’s modus operandi was to presume the man guilty, and fill in the blanks later.”
    By Michael Henry

  44. Jeff, what are your thoughts on the positive comments coming from the peace talks, and especially Leonid Sultsky, statement that “My personal expectation is that this progress will be strengthened and may lead to a common view, signing of the document, within a few days.”

    The oil markets seem to think that most of the fighting will be contained and the war will end soon. Are we in for a surprise?

  45. Have you read this March 12 article delivered to the US-China perception monitor? It seems like a high up piece. To quote, the author ” Hu Wei is the vice-chairman of the Public Policy Research Center of the Counselor’s Office of the State Council, the chairman of Shanghai Public Policy Research Association, the chairman of the Academic Committee of the Chahar Institute, a professor, and a doctoral supervisor.”

    My interpretation is that this is a subtle trial balloon that implies one of two outcomes. In the next two weeks, either China decides to destroy the West in the near term, or it explicitly abandons Russia, thus giving China more time. The author advocates for abandoning Russia, but I don’t trust that opinion.


    1. This author asserts the common assumption that Putin’s objective was to defeat Ukraine with a blitzreig and quickly replace its political leadership. The author believes Russia is unable to support a protracted war, and thus is in the process of failing.

      If that were true, why would Putin launch the attack in suboptimal weather conditions, knowing full well the mud would slow things down and complicate any blitzrieg? (Nyquist raises this question in the Gaffney interview) Sure it’s plausible that Putin didn’t accurately assess the relative strengths and attitudes of the Russian and Ukraine armies; but the weather – that was knowable and certainly considered.

      I can’t understand why supposedly trained analysts are so quick to assume what the objectives are/were, or that the Ukraine invasion was ever meant to be a discrete “operation.”

      Nyquist raises such a simple question – why launch in February – which to really, really think about it, brings only more questions and unsettling inferences.

  46. It seems to me that Putin is happily prolonging the pressure in order to inflict a measure of suffering on the NATO alliance countries that will most certainly result in some sort of protests thus accomplishing much for the communist cause.

    A shift in the world…politically, medically, and financially…has occurred. Players have been forced to show their cards so to speak, and it’s looking like the US holds a far weaker hand than I find prudent. The adults appear to have left the table.

    1. Why does President Biden owe is political career to KGB agents and communists? See Armand Hammer. See the Council for a Livable World.

      1. I love how Wikipedia makes Hammer’s communism seem hip and eclectic, like an interest in art:

        “Called “Lenin’s chosen capitalist”, he was known as well for his art collection and his close ties to the Soviet Union.”

  47. Jeff, I hate it when you close the comments and go offline for a couple of weeks, especially now in these highly troubled times. I know you’re too busy to write a new article every few days, but what about keeping the comment section open until you’re ready to post again? That way we can all communicate with each other and will have the benefit of your commentary as the world situation develops.

    I was the one calling for a two-day-max comment section, but that was months ago when our Russian commie troll was monopolizing the space here. Since that’s no longer happening, could we go back to the old policy of leaving the comments open for a while? I’m sure I’m not the only one who’d like this.

    1. Hello Gretchen. Let’s not forget the Chinese commie trolls in addition to Russian commie trolls.

      The Russian attack on Ukraine would not occur without backing from the Chinese. The Chinese like to save face and are planning their own attacks. America is on their radar.

    2. It takes a lot of time to monitor these posts, and the trolls are still here. I literally spent hours each day during the last two weeks deleting posts. It was not necessary this time because the worst of them gave up. They will be back. They always are. I need a break to actually work and finish all this research into what is happening.

      1. You could ask for help. Either volunteers or pay a virtual assistant to do it. Moderators are a very common skillset. Use Upwork or some other freelance site if need be.

      2. please Mr. Jeff, don’t let us without your analysis and information in this troubling times, maybe videos on youtube are more expedient way for this

    1. Wow! Those were some harsh assessments and yet many are coming true. I wonder if the end will be as he predicts?

  48. Ill winds blowing from the South. Will We The People protect our land as bravely as the ukrainians when the moment comes?

    ‘Venezuelan president Maduro voices support for Russian move on Ukraine’

    1. According to a Quinnipiac poll, apparently a lot of us will not. Tellingly, over half of democrats answered that they’d flee instead of fight.


      “…many did say that they would stand and defend the United States from any invader. When asked this question 68 percent of Republicans and 57 percent of Independents say that they would fight. However more than half of Democrats (52%) said they would flee before fighting for their country (Eight percent did not have an answer, a shrug that is equally alarming).”

  49. Mr. Nyquist, do you know the pro-russian journalist Pepe Escobar? Dou you know if heis trustful?

  50. I have a friend living in Moscow. He is an American and we have been exchanging emails. I thought you all might like to hear his perspective. When I checked in with him this week, I sent him a link to your blog, Jeff. He thanked me and said this is truly a propaganda war. Only time may tell some fragment of truth. Aside from challenges getting money into Russia and concern over availability of imported Rxs, he is fine. In fact, he said Moscow is humming with early spring behavior.

      1. Thank you for your unselfish sincere service-to God be the glory! May His strength and power continue to sustain, protect and bless you and your family. May His favor, peace, and presence surround you as you courageously and boldly do His work enlightening and encouraging many. You were born for such a time as this…thank you for your obedience. You are such a blessing to many! God Bless you!

    1. i’m reminded of early Syrian war reports that kids with their parents filled the local the waterpark to near capacity mere blocks from intense combat. i’ve seen similar reports of revelers fatally celebrating in FL at the center of a hurricane. and recently, similar stories normal activity across most of Ukraine. as jeff says, “life goes on”.

      does make you wonder if the Ukranian/Russia crop shortage speculations may be premature. yet, i heard just a couple days ago from some or other youtube channel that Ukrainian farmers do not appear to be prepping to plant, they want to see how this crisis plays out first.

  51. Humanity is certainly interesting. This comment is for the commenters in this thread. Most of you seem to be engaged in good faith; sharing your thoughts and asking questions in the attempt to comprehend better what is going on in your world. And I don’t mean The World, but specifically each and everyone of our individual worlds. Actually grasping the TRUTH of The World is way beyond any of our pay grades.This is, of course, natural and strategically appropriate. But I’m left wondering how many of you are getting yourself positioned for what is now coming at you(us) at speed. Great forces on the move on this planet are interesting, to be sure, but quite dangerous. As I commented recently, most people are addicted to the trees, while the forest is the actual medicine. Minutiae will not save us, nor moral judgements. In fact, the details often lead to one’s destruction as it is difficult to see the club that is about to crush your skull in, when you’re tying your shoe. I find it to be quite healthy to abandon completely the dichotomy of good and evil. There is only good. Some people engage in Very little good. Some engage in Very much good. But it is all good. I first understood this when contemplating light. It is an interesting fact that there is no such thing as darkness. There is light only. One thing, not two. Language often leads to confusion. Darkness is simply an idea, the idea of the lack of light. If you doubt this, try and weigh darkness. Or look at it. Isn’t it interesting that light is required to “see” darkness. In the same way, evil is the lack of good. The Satanic world view is enticing, but ultimately self defeating. How easy is it to play the blame game? A wise man once told me that you only need two animals to describe the human condition; the Sacred Cow, and the Scapegoat. And round and round we go. You know which Jews survived the last round of festivities? The ones who cashed out in the early to mid thirties, took their gold and their children, and got the hell out of the blast zone. Just sayin.

  52. How will Ukrainian farmers be able to export their winter wheat harvest, which was planted last fall? If the war continues into the late spring/early summer, access to the Black Sea ports is questionable due to Russian military activity. The ports in the Baltic States are blocked because Ukraine’s northern borders are with Belarus and Russia. I suppose it could be transported to Poland and then shipped from Polish or German ports, assuming the Russians have not advanced into the western part of Ukraine.

    In any case, yields will suffer this year because of inadequate and more expensive supplies of fertilizer. Then there is the issue of the spring planting, which, as pointed out, may be subject to farmers waiting to see how the crisis plays out.

    1. Even if the harvest were to be brought in. Getting it out to the world, at present, is impossible. The Ukrainians are not going to be able to make the spring planting either.

      As it stands, there are a number of countries that will suffer for this, and a lot of them are in the middle east and north Africa.

  53. I feel like we’re getting so much blatant propaganda from all sides, it’s hard to know what to believe. It’s easy for me to assume the Western media is lying based on the “Russiagate” demonization that occurred during Trump. All the confusion has left me almost seeing this war the same as taking sides if the Bloods and Crips are fighting in the street.

    On thing I know for sure is that we don’t want a war with Russia or China. As former Navy, I know some of their anti-ship capabilities, and our defense capabilities. It won’t be pretty.

  54. Correction: It was Frank Meyer who was associated with National Review. The article link I referred to happened to by National Review by coincidence.

    1. This is an important bit of information warfare coming out of Russia. It is not entirely new, but follows a line of argument that has been presented in the Russian state controlled media for a long time; namely, that NATO wants to destroy Russia. Although the West is evolving toward its own form of toxic state socialism, we are not as yet at the dark stage that Russia is, with highly centralized militaristic Caesarism. With a complex, defensive, consensus-governed organization like NATO, you cannot have grandiose Caesarist plans of aggression. NATO’s wicked side comes from its self-righteous democratic emotionalism, a group-hysteria that emerges within the leaders, as happened over Kosovo in 1999 and is emerging now. Here is the possible origins of a strategic mistake tending toward world nuclear war. Moscow is committed to putting the USSR back together. This is what Putin said, and the Russian TV is saying it. COLLISION COURSE.

      1. Ukraine is not Kosovo, aside from the oil. They still haven’t managed to get that pipeline through there.

      2. It’s not clear how many war ships are US, but this is a nice gift to Putin. With so many fewer US Navy ships left afloat, China can take the South Pacific with impunity. Biden has said more than a