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    1. We cannot see inside the Russian security system. Any close attempt will encounter old Soviet structures underlying the whole. The true heart of these structures was the Soviet Defense Council. This was the actual ruling core of the system — higher than the Politburo or the Central Committee. What is strange about the resignation of the Russian Government last week, is that the composition of the Defense Council (now called the Security Council) has not changed. Dmitry Medvedev is still the Number Two Man in the Security Council. How can this be? The resignation of the Government should have been mirrored by resignations from other bodies like the SEcurity Council. Time will tell us what this signifies, but we ought to consider the possibility that the leaders of Russia are being put out of harm’s way. If they are not in Moscow, a missile cannot kill them. They are preserved. Does anyone realize how much knowledge and experience of government is found in these leaders? Can they be spared in the event of a war — a war which they have been preparing for? If North Korea’s leader says the entire government of North Korea must consider themselves on a war footing since the assassination of Soleimani, what should we expect from the Russian government? War footing, for them, would signify relocation to points deep underground. Have I missed anything?

      1. Perhaps you have missed something sir. First, I must say your writing is fantastic. Thanks for the article on Speaker Pelosi, the Baltimore girl deluxe. She could discard all heirlooms except the stain “the crew” left on her family.

        I do believe you missed or ommitted that while you may have a point regarding North Koreans and Russians being worried, there’s a big difference. Neither has been continuously engaging USA aggressively and kinetically since 1979. Iran’s mullahs have. That general had to go. It was brilliant to make a lethal finding on him and has disrupted the entire Iranian terrorism machine.

        Each US president has back channel diplomacy with all allies and enemies. No doubt we called them and pointed out they haven’t recently killed thousands of US infantry and are not planning to kill thousands more. So nothing to fear, correct…?

      2. At the Battle of Waterloo the Duke of Wellington came to an artillery unit just as Napoleon galloped into its range. “Shall we take a shot at him, my lord?” An artillery man asked. “Good God, no,” replied Wellington. “Armies have better things to do than shoot at one another’s generals.”

      3. i read something about putins daughter being injured by the vaccine. and that he was furious but remains unvaxxed.. is this true?? if so we might be getting nuked in the near future.

      4. The Russians have their own vaccine, Sputnik V, and his daughter is perfectly fine after taking it. The Russian vaccine is an adenovirus viral vector vaccine for COVID-19. It is considered by establishment science to be about 50 percent effective.

  1. I read a brief sentence in an early online news article, that Putin is placing Medvedev as head of defense.

      1. President ike initially included congress in the emerging threat “military industrial complex” not sure where he ranked it with military and industry but was advised to leave it out as it might reflect his party in a dim view. Always wondered who were the reds during that red scare that ushered out joe mac and where america would be if joe would have been taken serious. Dumb citizens would probably call us frauds for pointing out joe had good reasons to look towards hollywood for markist godless socialist anti capitalism pretenders early gender benders wise elders on the farms promoted sharing and caring save for rain day dont brag and over celebrate avoid dirty book and movies dont gamble outside FARMING respect the good and strive to follow it and dont throw rocks and laugh with people not at them. Then the feminist and family destruction ploys were introduced to the farms and keeping up with the Jones slowly rooted out small farmers. only a grass roots reformed united front maintained for several generations and gods blessing will rescue the nation plus lots of luck and surely violence. Your a genuine scholar in my book and all the good work you do sadly may become legendary and the facts. Live long brother

  2. I read a brief sentence in an early report in an online news article, that Putin is placing Medvedev as head of defense.

  3. Russia’s new culture minister, Olga Lyubimova, has experience of film and TV production but she apparently once wrote “I’m not bloody cultured at all”.

    She is part of the new government team under Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

    The blunt views on culture were summed up in a 2008 blog which complains “I simply can’t stand going to exhibitions, museums, opera”.


  4. Da, Comrade Jeffski; however when it comes to Chess, you’re a real Checkers player.


    Major General, Qasem Soleimani, was not head of state. Putin demoting himself and Dmitry Medvedev might not be to take them off Trump’s hit list, but rather to put them at the top.

    Doesn’t it seem that Iran and North Korea have been trying real hard to provoke the United States into acts of war? Are those two countries not stalking horses of Russia and China? President Trump doesn’t take the bait, so perhaps the revived Soviet Union attempts to tempt the US into taking out Putin and Medvedev?

    So far, Trump won’t be baited.

  5. Your description of tactics used by Michael Jones reminds me of David Icke.

    Jesus had the popular Jewish vote. His supporters were told by the Pharisees that if they wanted to spare the life of their leader, to request the release of Barabbas. This confused the Jews, because the meaning of both names are the same. Also, Christendom is not to be confused with Christianity.

  6. Appreciated your interview with Mike Adams. Pretty heavy stuff. Wanted to get on you email list to keep up with this crazy world. Thanks for your work for truth.

  7. Good Sir,

    Your school of thought, your wit, wisdom, and your mastery of English language leaves me wondering how I can support your efforts in a dying world. I am a poor man in financial terms, but rich in spirit. Your words are, to me, milk and honey. I would repay that debt if I could. Our time is short, and any effort I might make will surely be short lived…but my gratitude to you, sir, is undying. While my praise and prayers for you have little meaning, the blessings God Almighty has already bestowed upon you are self evident, manifest and cast abroad like seed unto the harvest. Having partaken of the harvest, I am blessed by your sowing.

    May it come back to you seven fold as promised!

  8. So, where do we go from here? I have followed you from the start of your blog with much anticipation of each new article, however, the growing silence from my stable of literary Patriots fuels my distress. We all are searching the internet for answers, for comfort, for words of positive reassurance, only to see it dwindle with each passing hour. Will this be the watershed moment this Country needs to rid ourselves of the narcissistic corruption that threatens this Republic. “Narcissistic?” does not seem to describe it…….. I stumble for words dark enough……….”Great Evil pushing a good populous into utter Schizophrenic Nihilism” perhaps comes closer.
    I have studied “gaslighting” for many years. It’s hideous effect on a person’s ability to discern truth from lie can all but consume a soul. What is left is a malleable controllable slave with no sense of independent self, no will to fight , no spark of resistance even with the knowledge that this path will lead to self destruction. In fact, it is truly murder without any chance of justice. We are witnessing the murder of our Republic with no hope of accountability.
    This sums up what is being done to the people of this Republic. Unable to discern truth from all angles and unable to believe what is right before their eyes. The damage to the collective psyche is devastating, to say the least.
    Trump is a leader. In fact, he is one of the greatest we have ever known. He will fight till the end but he is too battle scarred at this moment, too polarized by the evil that out numbers his inner circle. They will very soon move in for the kill, not literally, but for him, I fear, emotionally. We all can feel it, it haunts my sleepless nights. What man can endure what he has? The plan is to make an example of resistance so the cost is more than any future leader is willing to bare. Very soon we will see uncovered the snakes in the grass. Trump needs many supporting leaders behind him now. Those unafraid, those who can move a populous into revolution. I believe we need not a revolution of violence but of sheer monumental mass. States resting on their successes need to be mobilized to defend states fighting for integrity. Fear and censorship blanketed with gaslighting are their swords so only power by mass will drive them back. If we do not turn the tables here, we may never have another chance. This is the only thing right now I am certain of.
    God’s blessings to you from the Ozark mountains.

  9. I have a moment to comment in the midst of moving, packing, driving. Honest elections are necessary to for the continuance of liberty. If we allow an election to be stolen by corrupt politicians in league with our domestic and foreign enemies, the country is over. This is the bottom line. Election integrity is either preserved, or the Marxists win. The enemy is attempting to divide the country. Yet we must divide. Those who want to defend our freedom, our liberty, our nation, must now stand up and be counted. Without this, we are lost.

    1. The President’s fatal flaw is he has never been able to “pull the trigger” when/where it really matter. No doubt his stalinist adversaries could sense this and proceeded accordingly. Now we all must pay, and in my case , likely with my life as I will not forebare this occurrence.

  10. Good to find a site where like minded people freely gather. Long live the USA and our Constitution. May the foolish learn sooner rather than later. The next 100 years are looking like they will be controlled by the Communist Party of China.

    1. Glad for you to join us! But as I’m giving out little “hope” candies today, I am obliged to the following aside: Tyranny doesn’t always get 100 years. We may take heart from history, that Caesar was stabbed in the Senate; that Caligula was assassinated in his turn; that Nero took his own life — all within the same 120 years; after that, in the next 130 years, Domitian was assassinated as was Commodus, skipping over some very bad emperors we find Heliogabalus’s headless body thrown into the Tiber; and we might continue this listing of tyrannicide until the reader wearies of it. In modern times, Napoleon ended up a prisoner on St. Helena and Hitler either killed himself or faked his death to hide out in Argentina. Saddam Hussein was hanged. A Russian biography of the Great Soviet dictator, based on the testimony of Stalin’s aged body guards, now alleges that Stalin’s demise was engineered by Khrushchev and Beria. Beria was then disposed of by Khrushchev, Zhukov and Timoshenko. Gaddafi was murdered, as we all know, and there is a video showing his capture by an angry mob. It follows that every tyrant lives in constant fear of violent death. Everyone knows the end that came to the Romanian communist dictator, Nicolae Ceausescu and his fiendish wife. Salvador Allende’s attempted communist dictatorship ended either in suicide, or his Cuban advisor shot him. If a communist dictator survives into old age, death is hardly a refuge. As for history’s final judgment, by which the communists put so much store, all of them end by being blamed and despised. If they rule mankind for a hundred years, they will be hated for thousands of years, and held up as examples of what a ruler should not be. Does crime pay? In the long run, never.

  11. I found your blog after watching your Brighteon interview that was uploaded on June 10th 2021. I really like your blog and the information you’re putting out.

    During the interview you mentioned a book called “The Silent Invasion” By Scott Branson (I think). I have looked everywhere for that book, and can’t even find it via search engine. Do I have the title and author name correct?

    Thanks for all you do!

      1. I just tried to buy ‘Silent Invasion’ but can’t find it anywhere. Do you have a new place to buy or a pdf? I read your excerpt of what’s in the book. Frightening, but I believe it highly possible. Just discovered you and have enjoyed:)

  12. I saw you on Brighteon with Mike Adams, wow all I can say is you gave lots of food for thought. I’m reading your blogs now, you sure give great information, thank you!

  13. Hello Jeff,
    I’m 74 years old and have had many high level contacts that I promised to keep secret. I waited until I was sure they died before sharing secret information with others.
    I was told the real reason why we went to war in Iraq and why Russia invaded CZ back in 1968…I was there on the front line.
    I was also given above top secret information about Roswell back in 1965 from my friends in the Corso family.
    “Nothing just “Happens” in politics?
    If you would like more information please let me know.
    Walt Willis

    PS. You seem to have a great vast and varied general fund of knowledge!
    Keep up the good work!

  14. Dear Jeff, I owe you a great debt of gratitude for your writings, both here and in your books. I realise that you are not only imparting information drawn from your hard-earned expertise and experience, but that you also pay a personal cost for doing so – a highly paid career could well have been yours if you had chosen to accept the received (corrupt) wisdom instead of speaking out against it. You also know that there may be greater dangers ahead (although I hope you can avoid these).

    For all this, I thank you. I cannot offer any expertise of my own (unlike “Walt” who posted a few days ago on this page). All I can offer are my daily prayers that God will bless you, your work and your loved ones, and to keep you from danger, if it is His will, or to grant you the grace to remain faithful if danger comes (I mean “prayers” in the literal sense, not as a sentimental figure of speech).

    I am astonished that I had not actually visited your website here until a little more than a year ago. I was referred by a commenter at Front Page (of all places), because I had mentioned both Golitsyn and Diana West approvingly, and he thought I would benefit from your essays. Within minutes, I was reading your excellent defense of Ms West, and then found your “Note on Antisemitism” and the subsequent essays on E. Michael Jones and your powerful “Note on Theology Slander and the Holocaust”. I move in circles where Jones’s name quite often crops up, sometimes to be condemned, and sometimes, unfortunately, to be praised. Your own insights added substantially to the criticisms I keep in reserve for such occasions. So before I had even reached your writings on Golitsyn, I was convinced that I had found someone who commanded trust and respect.

    I agree entirely with your views on commenters raising religious specifics below your articles, but since this page is separate from these discussions, I don’t think you will mind if I mention (speaking as a Catholic) that I was deeply moved by your spirit of generosity (from your Reformed Protestant standpoint) on the two recent occasions when you mentioned the appearance of the Blessed Virgin at Fátima. While I’m very cautious about attaching such prophecies to particular events, Golitsyn’s thesis makes much better sense of Fátima. The more mainstream Catholic interpretation is that Pope John Paul II and Ronald Reagan effectively closed the period covered by the Fátima prophecies when Communism “collapsed”, and as you know better than anyone, this will look increasingly implausible to anyone who can actually face up to reality. I’m not pressing any particular Catholic view on you, of course.

    I look forward to reading and listening to your future work whenever you are able to offer it. I will try to keep my subscription going on a regular basis (it may appear under a different name, since I guard my privacy carefully).

  15. You are making a difference. I pray for a covering of protection over you and your family

  16. Jeff, thank you for your insight. Is it not our task now to uncouple the artificial divisions sown into our society, uncover the hidden plots that turn one group against another, and reaffirm for all those values and truths that underpin a prosperous society operating in liberty? What you are doing is shining light on what is truly threatening our society while hundreds of sources, nay, thousands, create lie upon lie to obscure the truth. Thank you again. Regards, Tore

  17. Hello Jeff,
    I have kept up with your writings for many years and still have the copy of your first book, The Fourth World War along side my copy of Unrestricted Warfare published by the PLA. I have spent a lot of time working with a Navy Open Source Fusion Group after being recruited by a now retired Navy Captain whom I worked for several years ago, which is when and where I found the first English translation of that book. As a minor student of history, I am saddened and concerned for the survival of our nation which i feel is in serious trouble. The corruption of morals and politics is historic in scope rivaling those of ancient times. Keep up the good work and keep publishing your thoughts. Hopefully more will read and act.

  18. Jeff, I can appreciate your words of wisdom, clarity and understanding of the world situation.
    Only our God can save us now.

  19. I enjoy your analysis and your books. While I don’t pretend to have the in-depth knowledge on these issues that you do, having devoted much of your life to the study of this situation, I have read New Lies for Old and I also have a couple of your books, beginning with The Origins of the Fourth World War. For me, as a more simple-minded person, one who studies the Bible and tries to apply it the best I can in my daily living, the answer to America’s blindness on this issue (and many others, as well) is simple: America has forgotten God, the God who has bestowed so many blessings on it up to now. We see this pattern over and over in the Old Testament: when God’s people forget their God, they become blinded and stumble around in the dark. My fear is that America’s fall is slated for the not-too-distant future, and there is precious little that can be done about it at this point. That said, I enjoy your analysis of the situation and the fact that you approach the recent history of the apparent collapse of the Soviet Union ( “apparent” being the key word) from a completely different perspective, but the informed perspective of one who has spent much time studying the matter. America is no longer even able to stand united on the matters that occur within its own borders; how can we stand in opposition to the threat posed by communism? Consumerism and technology have become the new religion in America, the latter leading to a sort of smug arrogance that we can fix any problem by simply applying technological know-how.

  20. Ukraine’s prez reassured to his people that invasion by Russia is NOT imminent, then Biden tells him that it is, but that the US isn’t about to get involved, as we bolster the borders of neighboring countries in NATO.

    It’s the same thing that Putin says about Russia not going to invade Ukraine. So far, I’d say Biden is showing reasonable support for the Ukrainian people, while irritating Ukraine’s president. It’s like putting pressure on a fake conflict jointly created by a partnership of Ukraine with Russia, unless Biden plans to invade but is as disingenuous as Putin is.

    Flynn makes good points, but his history is dubious, and he gives Russia too, much benefit of a doubt, it seems to me.

    General Michael Flynn Issues Emergency Warning Of Nuclear War
    & Coming Domestic False Flag: FULL INTERVIEW

    1. So far, Biden has only pledged arms and munitions, but no troop support; he’s also threatened more economic sanctions. The sanctions will have a limited impact on Russia since it has divested itself of the dollar and has a much better debt-to-GDP ratio than the US, and the weapons sent by the US could very well be used against its allies when Ukraine is eventually overrun by Russian forces. Biden’s equivocating and distinctions between “minor incursions” and presumably a full-scale attack reveals the deeper divisions among NATO members on how to respond to the situation. What a mess.

  21. Dear Jeff Nyquist, I would like to see a list of recommended books for your readers. I find that visitors can greatly benefit from books written a long time ago. For example, I follow education whistle blower Charlotte Iserbyt’s two sites. She has lots and lots of free hidden history books downloaded to her site http://americandeception.com/ad/ and also at Deliberate Dumbing Down of America http://deliberatedumbingdown.com/ddd/articles/ . Thanks.

      1. Sure. I bought the book you co-authored with Cliff Kincaid. To be more specific, I’m asking you to start a page of recommended reading on your blog. I think about doing it on my blog one day. But you have the visitors, I don’t. Do you feel safer now you’re out of Calif.?

      2. Yes, I do feel safer out of California in one sense. There is no real safety anywhere. But I am in a place now with more people who think and feel as I do.

  22. I didn’t know where else to put this, but where you wrote: I do not understand, there’s a typo on my part. where I wrote “ensure” I meant “enslave.” Feel free to erase this comment, but I wanted to clarify that comment. I was a bit tired when I wrote it and my aging brain doesn’t work like it used to and I couldn’t figure out how to edit my previous comment..

  23. Dear Mr Nyquist, thank you so very much for you excellent research and struggle for truth in these days of deception. I am curious to know your thoughts on the Jesuit conspiracy, that is to say that the Vatican is the true power behind the communist movement and global events. The theory posits the genesis of communism/socialism merged in the south american reductionist movement created by the Jesuit Order and evolved and expanded into the many socialist theories prevalent today. The theory suggests that many of the most famous historical figures involved in the socialist.communist movement were either Jesuits or Jesuit agents who were manipulating and directing geo-political agendas through organisations such as the Fabian society and the elite sceret societies, to bring about a one world socialist government with the Pope as its religio-political leader. Many authors have wrote of the nefarious plots, agendas and history of the Jesuit order throughout the years. The Vatican also manages to deflect attention form itself onto other organization such as the intelligence networks, Illuminat and Freemasons, and are masters of deceit and propaganda. I would greatly appreciate your expert opinion on the influence of the Jesuits on communism, if there is any. Thank you so much. God Bless you and your loved ones. Rhun ap Gwilym

  24. Dear Jeff, I don’t want to waste your valuable time, but I just want to make sure that you have seen my comment explaining that I was not addressing you on the subject of certain insinuations about lsraeI, but rather an occasional commenter who calls himself “Jeff (VA Rebel)”. I would truly need to take leave of my senses before I could accuse you of antisеmіtism.

    (I have to use different characters because the WordPress hate-speech algorithms always censored me when I was trying to combat antisеmіtism.)

    If the fastest action for you is to delete this comment rather than write a reply, then please do so, and I’ll understand that as a reply that you know.

    1. Yes, I saw. Thanks. The format I reply from does not give me a full view of everything, oddly. I cannot even open videos and have to go to the site online, from where my controls are missing, to view. Last two weeks I cannot see all comments. They are magically disappearing.

  25. I recently watched your interview called “The despair of Communism” on Tommyspodcast in Bitchute. It was so good, I actually took several pages of notes. The depth and breadth of your knowledge is amazing.

  26. “I have built a weapon system that nobody’s ever had in this country before. We have stuff that you haven’t even seen or heard about. We have stuff that Putin and Xi have never heard about before,” Trump said in a tape aired on CNN’s “Tonight.”

    President Trump openly discussed nuclear weapons with veteran Washington Post journalist Bob Woodward, according to newly released audio of their interviews.

    Woodward reportedly looked into Trump’s claims about the U.S. nuclear arsenal, and a source expressed surprise that the former president had shared details about the weapons with the journalist.

    “It’s true. Xi and Putin would not know about it. But why is Trump bragging about it?” Woodward said Monday in conversation with CNN’s Jake Tapper.

    thehill dot com/homenews/media/3702935-trump-discussed-nuclear-weapon-systems-with-woodward/

  27. Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday once again drew international attention when he warned that if even one missile enters Russian territory, “hundreds” of warheads will respond.

    “I assure you, after the early warning system receives a signal of a missile attack, hundreds of our missiles are in the air,” Putin said from a summit in Kyrgyzstan, Russian news outlet RIA reported. “It is impossible to stop them.”

    “There will be nothing left of the enemy, because it is impossible to intercept a hundred missiles. This, of course, is a deterrent — a serious deterrent,” he added.

  28. ‘Deep dive’ into Biden laptop reveals 459 illegal acts
    Former Peter Navarro aide makes evidence available online
    Art Moore
    December 18, 2022

    A former aide to Trump adviser Peter Navarro has taken a “deep dive” into the laptop abandoned by Hunter Biden, finding at least 459 illegal acts, including seven felonies by Joe Biden, after reading “every single email, every single text message.”

    Garrett Ziegler, in a webinar Thursday hosted by the non-partisan group Committee on the Present Danger: China, said the Biden family, including the president of the United States, are not merely compromised by money they have received through business deals with members of China’s Communist Party intelligence services. The evidence shows they are under the control of America’s No. 1 enemy, he said.

    Ziegler has compiled the evidence – including a 644-page report he says is analogous to the Mueller special counsel report – on a website called Marco Polo.



  29. Dear Mr Nyquist, I have a question for you, who do you think rules Russia ? Is it the Army, the KGB, the “underground” CPSU, the Chinese or something else ? During the 2011 intervention in Libya, Prez Medvedev agreed to the UN Resolution while PM Putin was against. If the Russian communists took a decision, why would the PM and the Prez disagree ? Hard to say who calls the shots in Moscow, but I would like to have your opinion on this..

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