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    1. We cannot see inside the Russian security system. Any close attempt will encounter old Soviet structures underlying the whole. The true heart of these structures was the Soviet Defense Council. This was the actual ruling core of the system — higher than the Politburo or the Central Committee. What is strange about the resignation of the Russian Government last week, is that the composition of the Defense Council (now called the Security Council) has not changed. Dmitry Medvedev is still the Number Two Man in the Security Council. How can this be? The resignation of the Government should have been mirrored by resignations from other bodies like the SEcurity Council. Time will tell us what this signifies, but we ought to consider the possibility that the leaders of Russia are being put out of harm’s way. If they are not in Moscow, a missile cannot kill them. They are preserved. Does anyone realize how much knowledge and experience of government is found in these leaders? Can they be spared in the event of a war — a war which they have been preparing for? If North Korea’s leader says the entire government of North Korea must consider themselves on a war footing since the assassination of Soleimani, what should we expect from the Russian government? War footing, for them, would signify relocation to points deep underground. Have I missed anything?

      1. Perhaps you have missed something sir. First, I must say your writing is fantastic. Thanks for the article on Speaker Pelosi, the Baltimore girl deluxe. She could discard all heirlooms except the stain “the crew” left on her family.

        I do believe you missed or ommitted that while you may have a point regarding North Koreans and Russians being worried, there’s a big difference. Neither has been continuously engaging USA aggressively and kinetically since 1979. Iran’s mullahs have. That general had to go. It was brilliant to make a lethal finding on him and has disrupted the entire Iranian terrorism machine.

        Each US president has back channel diplomacy with all allies and enemies. No doubt we called them and pointed out they haven’t recently killed thousands of US infantry and are not planning to kill thousands more. So nothing to fear, correct…?

      2. At the Battle of Waterloo the Duke of Wellington came to an artillery unit just as Napoleon galloped into its range. “Shall we take a shot at him, my lord?” An artillery man asked. “Good God, no,” replied Wellington. “Armies have better things to do than shoot at one another’s generals.”

  1. I read a brief sentence in an early report in an online news article, that Putin is placing Medvedev as head of defense.

  2. Russia’s new culture minister, Olga Lyubimova, has experience of film and TV production but she apparently once wrote “I’m not bloody cultured at all”.

    She is part of the new government team under Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

    The blunt views on culture were summed up in a 2008 blog which complains “I simply can’t stand going to exhibitions, museums, opera”.


  3. Da, Comrade Jeffski; however when it comes to Chess, you’re a real Checkers player.


    Major General, Qasem Soleimani, was not head of state. Putin demoting himself and Dmitry Medvedev might not be to take them off Trump’s hit list, but rather to put them at the top.

    Doesn’t it seem that Iran and North Korea have been trying real hard to provoke the United States into acts of war? Are those two countries not stalking horses of Russia and China? President Trump doesn’t take the bait, so perhaps the revived Soviet Union attempts to tempt the US into taking out Putin and Medvedev?

    So far, Trump won’t be baited.

  4. Your description of tactics used by Michael Jones reminds me of David Icke.

    Jesus had the popular Jewish vote. His supporters were told by the Pharisees that if they wanted to spare the life of their leader, to request the release of Barabbas. This confused the Jews, because the meaning of both names are the same. Also, Christendom is not to be confused with Christianity.

  5. Appreciated your interview with Mike Adams. Pretty heavy stuff. Wanted to get on you email list to keep up with this crazy world. Thanks for your work for truth.

  6. Good Sir,

    Your school of thought, your wit, wisdom, and your mastery of English language leaves me wondering how I can support your efforts in a dying world. I am a poor man in financial terms, but rich in spirit. Your words are, to me, milk and honey. I would repay that debt if I could. Our time is short, and any effort I might make will surely be short lived…but my gratitude to you, sir, is undying. While my praise and prayers for you have little meaning, the blessings God Almighty has already bestowed upon you are self evident, manifest and cast abroad like seed unto the harvest. Having partaken of the harvest, I am blessed by your sowing.

    May it come back to you seven fold as promised!

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