Six weeks after he became Russia’s defense minister, General Pavel Grachev addressed a June 1992 NATO meeting in Brussels where he defined Russia’s sphere of interest as encompassing all ‘former USSR republics with which it shared territorial borders,’ and claimed that Russia ‘had every right to intervene’ in those territories unilaterally. Subsequently, Russia deployed troops throughout the Caucasus, ‘signed base treaties with Armenia and Georgia’ and ‘posted border troops along much of the former Soviet perimeter.'”

Lawrence Kohn, “Russia’s Turkish Target”

Russia is bringing her Strategic Rocket Forces up to full readiness. Russia is going to be conscripting doctors in the weeks ahead. Russia has prepared for mass burials in anticipation of a catastrophic number of casualties. What is going on here? Amid all this we have Western observers suggesting Putin has failed. One analyst, citing a TASS source, wrote, “Russian President Putin is extremely disappointed with the progress of the military operation in Ukraine.”

Perhaps this disappointment arises from the fact that Putin once bragged he could take Kiev and five NATO capitals in 48 hours. (See Moscow troops could be in five NATO capitals in two days, boasts Putin: Leader boasted to Ukrainian president about Russian power  | Daily Mail Online.) Well, even dictators cannot be right about everything. And besides, the weather has not been altogether favorable for the invaders.

Yet a brief commentary is in order. Is Putin really disappointed? Are we to believe sources at TASS? — that ever honest and reliable source of news and information? Of course, the West is eager to depict Putin as desperate. And why not encourage them? I would. After all, the same cadre who now declare the invasion a failure, the same who wanted to play “the Russia card” against China, the same who said there would be no invasion, have not really changed their overall view. Always, Russia is backward and stupid, and the threat can be minimized. It’s like a disease of the mind that afflicts Americans. It is the conceit of invulnerability, a conceit I am very familiar with. It is an unstudied and militantly unthoughtful conceit.

In moments such as these, as one reader said, we usually miss the forest for the trees. There is a larger strategic context for Moscow’s present moves. Does anyone remember it? Or did anyone notice? We saw an unfortunate article published by the Center for Security Policy, written by Putin’s former advisor, Andrei Illarionov. The article was published on February 15 and under the title, “There won’t be a big war anytime soon.” According to Illarionov the Russian forces were inadequate for an invasion and the buildup of troops was “a psychological operation.” How could Illarionov have been so wrong? Because his analysis missed the full context of that buildup.

So let us present that context: — (1) a viral pandemic was unleashed two years ago by Russia’a ally, China; (2) communist riots took place in American cities in which statues of George Washington, U.S. Grant and Teddy Roosevelt were pulled down;, (3) then came an unprecedented election involving accusations of systematic fraud; (4) the establishment in America of a government of the radical left under the senile façade of Joe Biden; (5) followed by divisive vaccine mandates, the fiasco of the health system (and the biowar defense establishment).

To put this another way, we are governed by a Western elite visibly advancing toward left wing authoritarianism and the censorship of free speech, etc. And so, out of Russia, an invasion takes place to roll back the fall of the Soviet Union. Go back and listen to Putin’s rambling speech on Monday. The breakup of the union, he said, was illegal. And so, I submit that Putin is entirely in step with his Western partners. Yet they are denouncing him. And they will play off Putin’s aggression just as they played off COVID. That is the context of the Ukraine invasion.

Now let us broaden that context by looking at who Putin’s allies are. North Korea, China, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Vietnam, etc. These are all communist countries. Furthermore, I submit that war has always been on Putin’s mind even as it has been on the lips of his communist friends. Strategic surprise is achieved by indirection, by getting your opponent to misunderstand your objectives and methods. Our pundits have gotten Putin wrong, again and again, because they refuse to see who he is.

Putin has been working to make his economy sanction-proof for a long time. We now know that China has stockpiled an enormous amount of grain. What does that tell us? It means they have been getting ready for war. It means they have been preparing for a long, long time.

The question we do not want to ask is: What have these erstwhile communist powers been up to? What have their socialist friends in the West been doing? The facts suggest that everything here is connected. This military move in Ukraine is not an outlier. It is not a misstep. It is a building block for something else. Putin has been on this path from the beginning. This invasion is not a stand-alone-event. And our own government may be led by people who have been closer to Putin than we realize — all the while pointing a finger of misdirection at Donald Trump.

Having a corrupt, perhaps treacherous, American strategic leadership may be the final contextual tidbit we have been missing. And so, the biggest play of all may be around the corner. But who sees around corners anymore? At each step we are always blindsided.

Here is the interview I did with Cliff Kincaid on Friday. Some of the information is outdated.

Friday Interview with Cliff


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407 thoughts on “Russia Consolidates Hold on Ukraine, Readies Nuclear Rockets

  1. JEFF SAID**The Russians are putting their “own house” in order; that is, they are putting the USSR back together. This may take until the ground dries in June. So we may have a little time unless China erupts suddenly.**

    COMMENT- My understanding is that planting season for grain crops( corn & spring wheat) runs from mid April- late May in that part of the world ( Ukraine) If it is dry enough to plow&plant is is dry enough to roll heavy. Timeline may be tighter than you had noted above. Sorry….

    1. You can have a dry day or two for planting in May. Military operations require steady dry weather — not just an opening. May is usually the earliest for a long dry spell.

      1. I used to live in farming country. Tractors are designed to try to go over soft land, yet even they sometimes get bogged down. Some of the heavy equipment like sprayers have special large and wide tires to ride over soft soil. All of these farm equipments have a fraction of the weight and weight per square foot of a tank. The heavy farm equipment like combines don’t see fields until fall when the ground has dried out and gotten hard.

        This is why I didn’t expect a Russian invasion this early.

        This is also why I still don’t expect the Russians to move against the rest of Europe until summer. At the same time they will also attack the U.S. It looks like we have a few months to get ready. Don’t expect the government to help us.

  2. I have a friend in Poland feeding me info.
    I told him if possible to watch Kaliningrad 24/7
    If the Russians attempt a lan bridge through Lithuania
    things will get complicated

    Surprised no one has mentioned much about Kaliningrad.

    Jeff, if you have any questions for my friend, fire away.


    -Bill Freeman

    1. At some point, the Kaliningrad pocket needs to get returned to Germany, Poland, or perhaps as EU territory. It was a Stalinesque relic of WW2 — basically a post-war land grab. Russia has no historical claim to that territory, which was long ago the lair of the germanic Teutonic Knights. It is also a thorn in Poland’s and Lithuania’s backside.

      Perhaps if a larger war breaks out with Russia, it can be retaken by one of its neighbors and the Russkies ousted.

    2. Lithuanians are very aware of Kaliningrad and the ability of belarus to cut the baltics off at the Suwalki Gap. Been watching that space for a while. My family has already asked if we’ll take in the women and children. Which of course we will.

  3. Geeze my friend in Peru here thinks Chinese businessmen are world class capitalists. I don’t even know how to unravel that spaghetti brain .

    -bill freeman

    1. Peru is in the process of being taken over. I spoke, a few months ago, with the former vice president of Peru, who told me that the new president of the country is a communist. Oh my. Bad news and tragic for yet another South American nation.

      1. Yes, lots of changes for the worse in South America of late. My understanding is that Chile has taken a sharp left turn, as well.

      2. A Communist you say! Indeed the worst thing one can be whimsically labeled. Certainly a zero value human being. Without question.

      3. Yes, it really kind of is. They have no respect for tradition and are the wreckers of society whether that society is western, eastern, or somewhere in between. It is an evil ideology in the same way that its rightwing cousin, national socialism is. It’s about inciting hatred and divisions between different social classes and using this energy to destroy, wreck and exercise arbitrary control over others.

      4. One of the worst tragedies a country can face is having a communist ruler. Have you read about the Soviet Gulag or the Chinese labor camp system? I wrote nothing about the value of human beings who believe in communism. I am merely saying it is catastrophe when they get hold of political power. Why do you insist on twisting my words into something I never wrote?

    2. What makes you believe every successful Chinese business person is a hardcore Communist? You read their thoughts or something?

      1. Because their actions give them away….

        “Armand Hammer (May 21, 1898[1] – December 10, 1990) was an American business manager and owner, most closely associated with Occidental Petroleum, a company he ran from 1957[2] until his death. Called “Lenin’s chosen capitalist”, he was known as well for his art collection and his close ties to the Soviet Union.”

        “In 1978, Hammer, as a non-citizen of the Soviet Union, received the Soviet Union’s award the Order of Friendship of Peoples from Leonid Brezhnev because of his strong support of both the International Workers and Communist movement and the needs of the Soviet Union

      2. This is one example of one man from 40 years ago. Hardly a solid case you’re making, my man.

      3. You need to define “successful business person”. Jack Ma, head of Alibaba, is a member of the CCP. The same is true of the head of Huawei. And so forth. They are given the patina of being independent of the CCP, but in reality they are like the oligarchs in Russia, they wouldn’t have gotten where they are without the blessing of the CCP which comes with membership in the CCP.

        We’re not talking about the small shop owner who rents a stall in a local mall, or runs a business out of his garage, or even rents some retail space along the main drag, who can be shut down at the whim of the local authorities. Those people have a precarious existence. In fact, their continued allowance to do business may be dependent on bribes paid to the local CCP official.

        What may color the perception of many in third world countries is that Chinese immigrants have made a name for themselves as successful businesspeople. But we’re no longer talking about China in this case.

    3. Assuming someone brings bad news and tragedy to an entire country simply because they are labeled a Communist is just dumb. Flat out stupid. You think you know everything and everyone because you’ve read old books. I speak in the same extremes and generalities that you do. A real hurdle to honest discourse, isn’t it. And before you blame me for that, remember this is your blog. You set the tone.

      1. Places like Russia and China are closed societies. Sometimes these people that come over as “businessmen” are essentially forced to do so. It is a complicated situation, but it is not irrational to assume that some of these people have ulterior motives. This fact has been demonstrated many times over. That’s just the reality when you are dealing with folks coming from totalitarian regimes. That doesn’t mean they are all communists, but it is certainly not unreasonable to suspect this, given the closed nature of the society from which they come. I think you are being naïve in this regard.

      2. The communist movement is not one person. It is not a single believer in an idea bringing tragedy to a country. It is an international movement that operates under the same principles whenever it takes power.

      3. And you are convinced modern nations will blindly turn to that power, even though we’ve seen a better alternative? Even the most hardcore marxists in America could likely be talked down from their extremism to some degree, otherwise they’re not worth listening to or arguing with. Uncompromising radicals are a fringe, albeit loud minority these days, not the popular norm. They used to get away with stealing power through avoiding direct scrutiny and coralline the ignorant, but that time is over. The cat’s out of the bag. Maniacs can’t hide their mania anymore, and it’s not fashionable. They’re being escorted out of the Better Future Club. If they want to break stuff on their way out that’s the way it’ll be. But they’re a dying breed. A drowning man will swim extra hard in his final seconds. And while he can still bring others down with him, it doesn’t mean he is strong.

      4. Radiofort: you are out of touch with human nature and history. How are modern people different from their forebears, if not just dumber? Those whom you call “maniacs” are in power—Pelosi, Biden, Harris, and when they are removed from the scene, there are plenty of other maniacs ready to take their places, and I don’t mean just “The Squad”. People are not getting better. Society is not getting better. Unless there’s a new Reformation based on the past, as was the 16th century Reformation based on the Bible, the future is dark and foreboding. There is no “Better Future Club” based on man’s reason, there’s only the maniacs with their power that comes from the barrel of a gun.

      5. This is such a limited and sad perspective on life. You don’t think life is better in general for more people today than ever in the past? You don’t think more kids are born today with opportunity in front of them than in the past? Really? You don’t think people have gotten better at working together and doing great things? Is it really that hard for you to see the growing good in humanity? All you see is the things you fear? This is so very sad it breaks my heart.

  4. Hope U R right on your more optimistic timeline Mr Nyquist. If Wx cooperates it very well may play out that way.
    BTW I have plowed, planted, and served in a tank, though briefly.
    From this country boy / Engineers perspective- if you’re hoping for June before things go Hot/ Hotter- better pack your gear early. But you are already alluding to May now- I guess when its dry enough we’ll know because Ivan will leave the Tarmac-

    1. The current situation could go in any direction, but I would expect the finishing touches on Ukraine when the ground dries. NATO may not be able to avoid a heartfelt emotional intervention — however belated. People are watching the heroic Ukrainian defense and feeling ashamed of not helping. Fear of Russian nukes may be overcome by emotion.

      1. If the US/NATO become drawn into Ukraine, does that increase our vulnerability to direct attacks on the US and Western Europe? Maybe that’s an obvious yes, but I genuinely don’t know how it games out.

        Also, if we are directly attacked, is it a forgone conclusion that most of our population will/must die? I don’t see how any foreign power brings the US under control without killing or at least imprisoning most of us. Sorry if these are dumb questions, I am not militarily savvy.

      2. Jeff, how long do you believe it would take for China to mobilize its forces for an operation in the pacific? Also, I read that Russia’s current army is only about a tenth of the size of the Soviet army in World War 2. Will the Russians have to further mobilize and draft more troops if they intend on a wider war?

      3. The Russians will mobilize many more troops if this thing escalates, but the use of mass armies of the World War II type will not be effective unless the war degrades the social state and our technological capabilities. I suspect there will be a mass die-off across the globe if a war of mass destruction erupts. Most will die of starvation or even thirst.

  5. March 2nd 1919 marked the founding of the Communist International in Moscow. Here’s hoping (and praying) that Putin and Xi don’t decide to celebrate the anniversary with intercontinental ballistic fireworks.

  6. I remember my HS debate days and our number one rule was to be civil. The number two rule was to use our words and not resort to name calling which was considered as showing a lack of verbal ability if not intellect. Ah, but I am old and that was over 40 years ago. Things are different today, are they not?

    I’ve been looking at the map and, to my untrained military eye, it appears that the Russians are getting themselves rather well placed for a blitz-like pounce on Ukraine’s major cities, infrastructure and coast. I’m not hearing that in the news, so am probably way off base.

    Any thoughts on the actual success of these sanctions to Putin and his military? It does seem that the Russian people, Europe and my family (along with many others in the US) are going to be adversely affected. Some greatly. I dare not even think of those who live on the margins already world-wide. Will these sanctions come back to haunt us?

    Thank you Jeff for sharing your expertise. I’ve been battling the allure of communism for decades, but have not the extensive knowledge you do. And, yes, it has been difficult to be in such a minority. Thankful for my debate teacher. He gave me a foundation to be able to successfully maneuver all these years.

    1. Yes, the Russian movements are sensible. They will surround Kiev. They have flanked the main Ukrainian line and surrounded Mariupol, Much of the Ukrainian Army will surrender or face destruction in the eastern part of the country. The sanctions on Russia will make life harder for people. But Putin has prepared for this. There are always miscalculations, accidents and strange turns in war. We do not know how this will play out, but from a military standpoint Russia has already won this war unless the West intervenes. That is my opinion as an observer of the war as it has progressed.

  7. This is good news!

    A Chechen “hit squad” that was reportedly sent to Ukraine in an attempt to assassinate Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was “eliminated by Ukrainian forces.

    Secretary of Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council Oleksiy Danilov told Ukrainian television that Chechen forces that “came to kill our president” were “eliminated,” according to reporting from the New York Post.

  8. Jeff, how are you dealing with all kinds of misinformation about this conflict right now? There’s so much falsehood going around, it is as if the mainstream journalists are trying to make the average person go insane from excess lies. It’s not exactly new, the whole CCP virus situation has a lot of deceit in every corner. We were told the Snake island folk were killed by the Russians, but then now the story is that they were taken captive, stories about that Ukranian ace pilot taking down 10 Russian fighter jets and it turns out people talking about this tale used footage from a flight simulator, it seems to get to know what’s really going on people interested in the truth are going to have to do some heavy duty sifting. It’s no wonder people prefer to believe there are reptilians behind all this, makes things much simpler

    1. It is always good to be skeptical of stories during war. However, people with access to satellites who are making makes, and showing what is happening with various military units gives you a better picture. The Russians are taking this slow because they have to stick with paved roads and paratroops to get things done. And they are being careful, I think, to avoid even worse losses. Unless Russia gives up, the war will end in Russia’s favor when the ground dries out.

      1. Jeff, I wouldn’t be so sure. Exactly what will victory look like for Russia? How many times did the U.S. conquer and reconquer Afghanistan during the past 20 years we were there? And who owns it now?

        Even when we ran Afghanistan, our military couldn’t go into most of the country without heavy armament — and quickly choppered out before nightfall to get back to safe bases. The Ukrainians have better weapons that the Taliban ever did, and many more are pouring in daily.

        No, this won’t end well for the Russians. I think Zelensky will eventually relocate to Lwiw and the Russians will get so bogged down, degraded, and drained, that Putin will be the one seeking a peace conference. All Zelensky has to do is keep resisting — and keep alive. Do you think the Russian soldiers even want to be there?

      2. The Russian leaders will not be using our rules of engagement. They do not care how many die. Keep killing until they quit. “Shoot them in the outhouse,” as Putin once said about the Chechen rebels. If it worked in Chechnya is can work in other territories.

      3. This is not your daddy’s Soviet Army anymore. The line soldiers and NCOs, and probably line officers, are not ideologues. They have no appetite or rationale for invading their neighbors. Some are already surrendering to the Ukr.’s. Professional soldiers might be induced to conquer and kill without regret. Not conscripts like this. The blundering execution of this invasion by the Russian generals shows that they are not in touch with their soldiers, nor have they bothered to prepare them.

        Jeff, I think if you had line military experience you would better understand what I am talking about. Generals can blather about and give out orders, but everyone down the line has to be on-board or the plan just doesn’t happen. Charging into enemy fire that may claim your life or blow your intestines all over the place takes a lot of motivation.

        Here it won’t work out, and in the end, the damage to the prestige of the Russian military will be so deep that they won’t be nearly as feared by their neighbors as before. Neighboring countries will see that they can meet and defeat the Russian threat, and that confidence will mean a lot in a future invasion. An isolated Russia, already experiencing demographic collapse, will fade into obscurity — albeit armed with nuclear weapons. Putin has badly erred.

      4. Soldiers often demoralize during a battle. They get killed, they surrender. You are claiming, from individual instances, that the whole Russian Army has demoralized. Maybe. But who is telling us about this? Ukrainians trying to raise their own morale? Already we know that the great Ukrainian fighter ace story is a fabrication. There is a fog of war. Measuring the enemy’s moral in the midst of a war is not so easy. Everyone on our side is eager to underestimate the Russians. They have their own propaganda stories. Are we watching those? I do believe, by the way, that there will be a revolution in Russia. It will occur after a Russian military defeat. I think that defeat may be some months in the future yet. Are they defeated now? Look at a map. Kherson just fell. Mariupol is about the fall. These are catastrophic losses for Ukraine. The Russians are turning their right flank.

    2. Virtual Conservative: “Neighboring countries will see that they can meet and defeat the Russian threat, and that confidence will mean a lot in a future invasion.” That’s a scary thought, because overconfidence is a sure fire recipe for defeat.

      1. Of course. There’s two sides to every coin. But isn’t this preferable to Russia quickly rolling over the Ukr. in a precision invasion in one week and then staring across the Ukr. border at …. Poland, Slovakia, {fill in the blank}?

        Let’s not all be so cynical, glass-is-half-empty folks

      2. You have to answer the question, “Why did Russia attack with poor ground conditions and overcast?” They knew this would slow them but they went anyway. What are we missing. All of this has been calculated.

  9. Mr. Nyquist one of the points you’ve made I’ve had to absorb is that while the West worships money, the communists worship power. This seems to be well-exemplified by the fact the West thinks it has a “gotcha” by going after Russian oligarchs, imagining they wield the same influence over Putin that billionaires exert over politicians in the West. It seems our policy wonks can’t imagine that for communists, it’s not who has the money, it’s who has the weapons. Likewise, we seem obsessed with the idea we can crush Russia by crashing their currency while meanwhile their gas and other exports keep flowing. To us, the financial economy trumps the real economy, but that’s kind of like thinking money matters if it’s unbacked by force. We never understood the enemy.

    It would be simpler if there were reptilians behind all this. Feeling extra heavy today.

  10. I read this comment on Twitter from someone who may have been an E European or Russian low level military guy in USSR. Not sure exactly. He wrote:

    “I was totally with Illarionov theory. Seemed obvious. When war started, I thought that Putin took Ukr resistance as cheating from Biden and snapped.

    But now the stuff surfaces that shows this war was planned well in advance.F.e.,GRU spies rented apartments in big cities since 2018 other indicators. And finally several ppl wrote that the plan was to grab Moldova after Ukraine and then Baltics. Yes, Baltics. After Kabul Putin was convinced that US and NATO are a paper tiger And to accomplish it for the 100s anniversary of the birth of USSR.
    It *feels* true”

    I had always assumed USSR was formed in 1918. His point that it was actually formed in December of 1922 is kind of alarming.

    1. And Stalin’s birthday was March 5th. Makes me wonder what Putin has planned for that day?

      1. Sorry, the anniversary of Stalin’s death. I’ve been reading too much. LOL

      2. And as Jeff mentioned above, Stalin killed 11 million Ukrainians. 🙁

    1. A must watch for truth seekers. We The People can’t say we weren’t warned.

      “According to Victor and Marina, the old Soviet structures remain in place, beneath the surface, reconstructing a new type of dictatorship in Russia. With new positions in Latin America and Africa, Russia is building a new anti-American bloc. Using oil and gas as economic weapons, Russia has combined with China to undermine the U.S. dollar. ”

      ‘J R Nyquist talks to Kalashnikovs: Victor and Marina (a six part discussion)

  11. La sensación en este séptimo día de invasión es que la intención de Rusia es destruir Ucrania, no hay otra forma de interpretar lo que esta sucediendo.

    Es decir, arrasarla, no dejar estructura en pie.

    Las imágenes son cada vez mas aterradoras y la esperanza en la “resistencia heroica” se va diluyendo día a día; imagino que en aquellas dos semanas o poco mas, que el ejercito polaco resistió a Hitler también abandonados por el resto de Europa, hayan sido similares a la situación actual.

    No deja de sorprender como la humanidad tropieza una y otra vez con la misma piedra, las similitudes entre Hitler y Putin son pasmantes, los pretextos y las estrategias para invadir Polonia (1939) y a Ucrania (2022) son calcadas, la reacción internacional en ambos casos es igual: cobardía, tibieza, ceguera que niega la realidad, rechazo de la existencia del mal como absoluto (lo que implica también la negación del bien absoluto, es decir, Dios, es decir, el premio y el castigo por los actos individuales y colectivos por el ejercicio sagrado del libre albedrio).

    Las consecuencias de nuestras obras buenas y nuestras malas: la cosecha de la siembra.

    Rusia es comunista, es atea, niega la realidad sobrenatural; niega la inmortalidad del alma, por lo tanto rechaza la caridad y la conciencia: sus actos, monstruosos, son frutos de su ideología; así como no le importa finiquitar por las armas una nación entera, tampoco se preocupa por sus perdidas humanas y materiales y como por sus consecuencias inmediatas.

    El amor para Rusia es un obstáculo para sus enfermizos planes; no puede existir el amor en un regimen comunista, el mismo esta sustentado en el odio y en el resentimiento.

    A esta Rusia sin Dios, a la que le aguarda un destino aterrador de fuego y gusanos, no la conmueve ni el sufrimiento del pueblo ucraniano como tampoco la sensibiliza el padecimiento actual y futuro del pueblo ruso.

    En síntesis: Moscú esta gobernada por personajes demoniacos en cuanto a que sus objetivos, superiores en su estrecha y retorcida visión, a medio camino entre los incendios post-nucleares de Nietzsche y Marx, camino incendiado por el vomito del abismo total donde no hay espacio para la manifestación objetiva de Dios mediante la expresión humana divinizada por el estallido estelar de la inocencia infantilizada por el recogimiento en el sufrimiento y la oración.

    1. Sí, de acuerdo. También hay similitudes entre la situación en Ucrania actualmente y la invasión de Georgia por parte de Rusia en 2008. Rusia reconoció las áreas separatistas de Osetia del sur y Abkhazia (no se cómo se escribe Abkhazia en español) para después invadir el país para tomar control del oleoducto de Tbilisi. O sea, la agresión por parte de Rusia más que justifica el deseo de esas naciones de asociarse con el OTAN. La gente que dice que el OTAN representa “una amenaza” a Rusia no entiende la historia verdadera de la región. (Te pido disculpas por cualquier error de ortografía o gramática porque español no es mi lengua materna sino más bien algo así como una lengua adoptiva más o menos).

  12. Jeff, can you debunk this please?

    The Pentagon Bio-weapons
    By Dilyana Gaytandzhieva -April 29, 2018

    An independent journalist named Dilyana Gaytandzhieva was able to collect data on eleven Pentagon-funded biolabs within Ukraine before the US Embassy Ukraine website hosting the documents deleted them.

    The removal of the information came around the same time the first “War Clandestine” Twitter thread was going viral.

    1. Dilyana Gaytandzhieva is a Bulgarian journalist who advances Russian propaganda themes. As with all war propaganda, it is a mix of fact and fiction. It is easy to make scientific collaboration between Americans and Ukrainians look like anything. Bulgaria, by the way, is a NATO country that is effectively pro-Russian. It is under the same elites that ruled communist Bulgaria. Furthermore, the Pentagon has always been engaged in researching biological pathogens for defensive purposes. This is allowed by the Biological Weapons Convention. Are the Americans mass producing offensive biological weapons? There is no evidence showing this. If there was, Congress would be investigating because that is a crime under U.S. law. Putting the shoe on the other foot, we know from defector testimony that Russia has been the leading country in the production and mass stockpiling of lethal biological weapons. They have tons of anthrax, bubonic plague and smallpox. Read Ken Alibek’s book. Read the congressional testimony of Russian and Soviet defectors. Russia has never shown that their stockpiles were destroyed. Yeltsin promised it. When Barbara Walters asked him in a 1992 interview he promised again. Nothing happened then or since. So America is the big biowar threat? How funny. Not a word about Russia’s outrageous behavior in this area. Not a peep. I would say there is no balance in this reporting. It is suspect from the start. People who have not studied the history here are likely to believe this woman, however, and that is a shame.

  13. US Faces Nuclear Threats From China and Russia as Never Before: US Admiral

    Adm. Charles Richard, head of the U.S. Strategic Command, said it has become imperative for the United States to have the capabilities to defend against Russia and China at the same time.

    “Today, we face two nuclear-capable near peers, who have the capability to unilaterally escalate a conflict to any level of violence in any domain worldwide, with any instrument of national power, and that is historically significant,” Richard said during a House Armed Services Committee hearing on March 1.

    1. Meanwhile, I have read that the US and Europe are using our oil reserves now, to keep prices down. What happens when we’re attacked. The idea of mass starvation in the US, as a military tactic against us, doesn’t seem unrealistic.

      1. If people think prices at the grocery store are high now, wait until the truckers have to charge more to transport the food.

    2. Admiral Richard has been warning us for years. Congress has refused to act on his advice in years past. Why? Because American leftists do not like American nuclear weapons. So our deterrent is eroding away. Things may already be at the point of no return.

  14. Thank you Jeff for all your expertise and insights shared with grace, restraint and calm. I also find it unusual that someone like you would take the time to interact with the public as much as you do, to answer questions, respond to attacks etc. Thank you for that humility. I’m a bit new. I haven’t read your books etc. But, after taking in much of your most recent blogs and interviews over the last few months, I’m a bit confused your take on the world’s globalists/central bankers etc.

    You have sorted out my “sympathy” for Putin. I was taken in with the conservative narratives such as “we should have honored post WWII treaties. Putin is responding reasonably like we did with the Cuban Missile crisis. Putin is just trying to save Russia from the globalists NWO, etc.” I appreciate your analysis that Putin/Russian communists longstanding goals and objectives are playing out now as a hungry, gobbling up “crocodile”. Putin is no teddy bear, just working with Trump to bring the globalist plans down….. I totally hear you and agree now.

    However, I am a bit confused with statements you have made concerning the globalists. I believe I have seen you write such things as “NWO conspiracy theorists” haven’t “proven” anything– in the context of depopulations goals. “Klause Schwab is a communist shill”. And definitely get the sense you feel our leaders are more “righteous” (as a relative evil, corrupt govt) compared to Russia’s communists and have the high road in this Ukraine conflict. Gosh, so many questions and situations to ask about…..

    But, in short, what relationship do u feel Putin has with the WEF/globalists? Putin went thru the WEF school of Young Leaders yet they all seem at odds with one another now. Is it a show in part or is it totally a full adversarial relationship? I heard Putin showed the central bankers the door of Russia, refused their GMO seeds, and said don’t come back, thus the globalists hate and demonized him — wanting Putin removed so they can control Russia and their resources. Any part of that true from your perspective? Are they all just communists then, but each group (Russian/CCP vs western elitists/technocrats/billionaires) just have there own agendas and find themselves at odds and battling each other like CS Lewis’ demons in The Screw Tape Letters” for global dominance?

    Thank you for any further clarification, insights you may have.

    1. Mntgal: I do NOT approve of Klaus Schwab or any of our Western leaders. I do not think they are nicer or better than Putin. This would be to compare apples and oranges. Our Western elitists are weak. They are fools. They have believed that Moscow and Beijing are their “partners.” They are the milk-giving cows of history, gladly giving their substance for Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping. The insincerity of Joe Biden’s anti-Putin stance is found in his cutting of the Keystone pipeline. This was done to empower Russia and weaken us. And even now, as war gets closer, Joe does not restore the pipeline. None of his measures against Russia can be trusted. Cancel Putin and Lavrov’s American Express cards? Really? That is nonsense. Russia has been carefully preparing to withstand sanctions for many years. Biden is a cow, Schwab is a cow. Mao Zedong said that the capitalist world is full of ambitious people who seek status and power for the sake of money. They do not seek power for what they can do with it (i.e., for taking over the world). Mao said, “Why sew up their pockets.” Become their partners and help them get rich, help them make the milk of capitalism. Then the communists will collect the cream from the top, arm themselves with our technology and ideas, and send for the butcher. A cow is a smart animal. You have to be careful when you call the butcher to come for your cows. A friend of mine once had a dairy cow he was fond of. One day he had to sell her for hamburger. He tried to be as gentle and careful as he could. But when that cow saw the meat wagon pull up she knew it was her turn. She jumped a five foot fence and ran away. He had quite a day chasing her. Now look at Schwab, Macron, Biden, Scholz. They are cows. Do they see that the meat wagon is coming for them? Maybe they do. Maybe they have been told not to worry. It is only made to look like the meat wagon, they are told, so that they can arrest Trump and other right-wingers as Putin sympathizers. But I tell you, the meat wagon is for them. It is for all of us, but it is especially for them. And if they have instincts, like my friend’s cow, they will jump that fence and run. Or they will turn and fight with whatever horns they have. That is my metaphor, and I believe we will see it playing out.

      1. Wow. Thank you for your thoughtful, potent response. That is very helpful and resolves my concern you were possibly a globalist propagandist!! 🤣😂 (Too many Nancy Drew books growing up!! 🤣😂 Not to mention it is getting harder and harder to know which voices to trust these days….. ) So, I guess these kings/rulers of the earth are all evil tyrants. I can cease trying to determining which tyrant is wearing the most white and most black hat. Vanity. But one Day, they will ALL bow to the only true King of Kings, worthy of it all! (Psalm 2, Habakkuk) Again, thank you. 🙏

      2. Hello Jeff, I have followed your blog for some time from Germany, thank you! God impressed the following upon me this morning, Lord willing, you will post it:

        Exodus 15:3

        3 The Lord is a man of war: the Lord is his name.

        Joshua 5:13-15

        13 And it came to pass, when Joshua was by Jericho, that he lifted up his eyes and looked, and, behold, there stood a man over against him with his sword drawn in his hand: and Joshua went unto him, and said unto him, Art thou for us, or for our adversaries?

        14 And he said, Nay; but as captain of the host of the Lord am I now come. And Joshua fell on his face to the earth, and did worship, and said unto him, What saith my Lord unto his servant?

        15 And the captain of the Lord’s host said unto Joshua, Loose thy shoe from off thy foot; for the place whereon thou standest is holy. And Joshua did so.

        Malachi 1:3

        3 And I hated Esau, and laid his mountains and his heritage waste for the dragons of the wilderness.

        Romans 9:13

        13 As it is written, Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated.

        Isaiah 55:11

        11 So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.

        Acts 5:29

        29 Then Peter and the other apostles answered and said, We ought to obey God rather than men.

        Matthew 10:14

        14 And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear your words, when ye depart out of that house or city, shake off the dust of your feet.

        Psalm 115:3

        3 But our God is in the heavens: he hath done whatsoever he hath pleased.

        Isaiah 46:10

        10 Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure:

        Proverbs 19:21

        21 There are many devices in a man’s heart; nevertheless the counsel of the Lord, that shall stand.

        Hosea 13:9

        9 O Israel, thou hast destroyed thyself; but in me is thine help.

        Deuteronomy 32:41

        41 If I whet my glittering sword, and mine hand take hold on judgment; I will render vengeance to mine enemies, and will reward them that hate me.

        1 John 5:21

        21 Little children, keep yourselves from idols. Amen.

        Psalm 16:11

        11 Thou wilt shew me the path of life: in thy presence is fulness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore.

        Psalm 78:35

        35 And they remembered that God was their rock, and the high God their redeemer.

        James 1:17

        17 Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.

        Acts 15:11

        11 But we believe that through the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ we shall be saved, even as they.

        Luke 1:37

        37 For with God nothing shall be impossible.

        Genesis 5:24

        24 And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him.

        Psalm 32:8-9

        8 I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye.

        9 Be ye not as the horse, or as the mule, which have no understanding: whose mouth must be held in with bit and bridle, lest they come near unto thee.

        Zephaniah 2:3

        3 Seek ye the Lord, all ye meek of the earth, which have wrought his judgment; seek righteousness, seek meekness: it may be ye shall be hid in the day of the Lord’s anger.

        Psalm 76:10

        10 Surely the wrath of man shall praise thee: the remainder of wrath shalt thou restrain.

        My Hope is in Christ Jesus, Amen.


        brother James

  15. Interesting since we’ve been wondering about dates:

    “China asked Russia to wait until after the Olympics to launch their invasion of Ukraine, the New York Times reported, citing U.S. intelligence officials.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin met with Chinese President Xi Jinping on Feb. 4 just before the opening ceremony of the Olympics, with the two countries releasing a statement indicating Chinese support of Russia and denouncing the expansion of NATO.”

    1. I think we were watching that here at the time. Someone speculated Feb 22 was a likely attack date.

      1. We would probably be terrified if we knew all the things Putin and Xi are corroborating on.

  16. It seems like this is a continuation of the COVID-19 coup.

    European friends are saying companies are closing down. Supply came from Russia. Energy also came from Russia. Major supply chain disruption. Massive closures and layoffs underway.

    I think Diana West is correct in her assessment:



    If I’m not mistaken, the WEF was mentioning something about food shortages in the past 1-2 years, similarly how they were mentioning/simulating a pandemic before COVID.

    A great famine might be what’s next…

    Maybe those without a valid vaccine ID will starve… who knows…

    On a side note…

    For the biology nerds out there (hopefully I’m not the only one) -> BNT162b2 mRNA gets transcribed into DNA []

    Would be great to know for how long LINE-1 is up-regulated…

  17. Cuatro aviones de combate rusos violaron el espacio aéreo de Suecia, informan las Fuerzas Armadas de ese país.

    Four Russian fighter jets violated Swedish airspace on Wednesday- Reuters, citing Swedish armed forces


    #Judíos ortodoxos en las filas del ejército de #Ucrania. En la foto: Asher y David Cherkassy, padre e hijo luchando cuerpo a cuerpo por la #libertad de su país. ¡Que HaShem los proteja!

    #Orthodox Jews in the ranks of the #Ukrainian army. In the photo: Asher and David Cherkassy, ​​father and son fighting hand-to-hand for the #freedom of their country. May HaShem protect them!

    Fuente/source con fotografía/with picture:

  18. How is the relationship between Finland and Russia? How do the Russians view Finns? Are they on the menu at some point?

    Enjoy this blog, Jeff. Hope some of the callers on the Moore show aren’t getting too tiresome. I wish the first 1/2 hour would be just you and Moore with no callers.

      1. Janelle: only through conquest, thanks to some Swedish traitors. Many Finns actually wept when they saw how they had been betrayed.

        The Finnish people are not Slavs, and their language is nothing like Russian.

      2. I know that Finlanders speak a language in the Uralic family, of which Hungarian is also a part. These languages are not in any way related to Indo-European tongues, of which Russian and Ukrainian are a part. I found it very interesting to learn that Finlanders are related more to Estonians than to any other European ethnic group.

        Ukrainian is a South Slavic language, while Russian is an Eastern Slavic language; so, when Putin says that Ukrainians and Russians are “one people”, he is oversimplifying things. While the two ethnic groups and their languages are similar, these diverged a long time ago into different peoples and different languages.

        Linguistics is kind of a hobby for me.

  19. No se engañen con China; Rusia no se hubiera animado a este siniestro movimiento sin el consentimiento del PCCh.

    Lo mismo sucede con las bravuconadas de Korea del Norte: muestra los dientes porque detrás esta el Dragon Rojo.

    China es la nueva “energía” global que ha alterado los últimos años nuestro mundo; su ideología, la marxista, es su fundamento.

    Su potente economía se sostiene por el sufrimiento de millones de chinos y la destrucción de su propio ecosistema.

    Y el comunismo siempre va por todo, no van a pestañear en ocasionar un holocausto nuclear con tal de cumplir sus objetivos.

    Ellos se definen a si mismos, como “humanistas revolucionarios”, en su interior, se sienten “iluminados” y/o “energizados” para alterar el curso de la Historia y generar un nuevo paradigma global: sin libertad ni individualismo posible; es decir: destruyendo al individuo, único, original irrepetible para trocarlo por una masa uniforme, bestial, “robótica” de ex-seres humanos.

  20. Matias, why do you keep posting comments in Spanish? This is an English-speaking blog for English speakers. You appear to be capable of understanding English, or you wouldn’t be reading the blog. So why do you post lengthy material in a language you know most blog readers can’t understand? That is insulting and rude. Speak English!

    1. Ahh, Gretchen…no big deal. Just hit your translator. He isn’t being rude. Samen principle as when you go on a you tube music video blog.

      1. I don’t know how to “hit translator” and neither do a lot of people on this blog. It’s common courtesy to write in English.

      2. Okay. I apologize. When I follow the blog, all future comments come to my email. But my email is MS Outlook; and I highlight the script and right click to translate. A window pops up and I chose the languages. But I don’t know how to advise for other systems. Except – if you highlight the script directly on the blog itself and right click and hit translate – that, too, will work. It’s actually sort of fun – at least for me. Would be great if I could carry a pad and talk via computer to someone on the street.

      3. I hit the translator, and it didn’t work. I don’t know why it didn’t work. Maybe I used the wrong translator?

      4. Highlight the script and keep the cursor in the highlight while right clicking. A pop up will appear with a choice to translate. Of course, I’m using windows 10 with the translator app active.

  21. Everyone is looking for non-propaganda news about the activities in the Ukraine. I just received an email from lifesitenews letting people know that they sent two journalists over to the Ukraine/Poland border to send back reliable updates.

  22. What did Joe Biden’s final 3 words of his address mean? People are guessing
    Abby Liebing, The Western Journal
    March 2, 2022

    A quick pause after “May God protect our troops” was followed by a phrase that sounded a whole lot like, “Go get him.”

    Some thought it was a rallying cry to go get Russian President Vladimir Putin, seeing as it followed his comment about the troops and Biden spent the first part of the speech hounding Russia and calling out Putin.

    Some chalked it up as a simple flub in a speech full of them, such as when Biden called Ukrainians “Iranians.”

    The official White House transcript said Biden ended with, “Go get ’em,” and liberal outlets such as The New York Times and USA Today reported it as such in their transcripts. But it clearly sounded like “him.”

  23. Not that I’ve seen or heard any actual comparisons of the Ukraine situation with the initial German invasions of Poland and Benelux/France in WWII, but no doubt they are out there somewhere. But this Russian invasion is not like the German ones. The nature of the German invasions, particularly of Poland, was that of a mailed-fist potato masher, with wholesale destruction on a broad front. This Russian action looks more like a stretched-out slice-and-dice. German invasion then: a concentrated outright punch-out. Russian invasion now: a drawn-out grind-down. Question is, was it actually planned that way? Quite different than the old renowned Soviet cold-war conventional blitz plan of headlong smash-thru to the Rhine River in three to four days.

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