Since the Spring of 1988 … the Western consensus of Sovietological opinion has become an automaton intolerant of dissent, even as public debate on the subject has narrowed. The pronouncements of veteran ‘anti-communists,’ once against disoriented by ideological change in Moscow, are a tangle of self-contradiction and self-deception.

Andrei Navrozov, 1991

The more things change, the more they stay the same. And so, confusion reigns again. Navrozov’s brilliant little book, The Coming Order, fell on deaf ears in 1991. In Chronicles Magazine, Arnold Beichman reviewed and debunked Navrozov with a self-satisfied and stupid polemic. In the spring of 1992, I spoke briefly about Beichman’s hit-piece and Navrozov’s book with Patrick J. Buchanan. He responded by saying that he thought Beichman had put Navrozov in his place. I begged to differ. There was something to what Navrozov was saying, I told him. Buchanan’s parting remark was, “Good luck with that.”

I do not believe Buchanan ever read Navrozov’s book. And it is evident that Buchanan never reconsidered his interpretation of the “fall of the Soviet Union.” Today a Soviet civil war rages. Moscow is putting the Soviet Union back together again and many conservatives are cheering for Moscow. Few understood the events of 1989-1991. These events, in retrospect, are more critical than ever.

Below are passing notes on the war in Ukraine. Afterwards, I have posted a follow-up to an earlier conversation with Trevor Loudon on communist strategy. During the interview I misspoke by referring to Kiev Mayor Vitali Klitschko as an “actor” when I meant to say “athlete.”

Notes on the War

  • Prologue to invasion: (a) On the eve of the invasion, Putin designates what he is about to do as a Special Operation; (b) He says that the breakup of the Soviet Union was illegal. Ukraine is already Moscow’s territory. You do not invade your own territory. Therefore, any outside interference with his invasion would be aggression. THE IMPLICATION BEING that Moscow will use nuclear weapons if anyone interferes.  
  • The decision to invade: (a) This decision was almost certainly taken before last summer or earlier because the first movement of troops into Belarus, to prepare for the staging of other troops, began in August; (b) Last summer Putin published an essay, “On the historical unity of Russians and Ukrainians” which justified a future invasion; (c) Going even further back, last April Russian cities were instructed prepare graves for a mass casualty event related to war. This preparation was finalized on February 1, 2022.
  • QUESTION: Why invade in February 2022? Given that the invasion date was chosen between April and August of last year, why did they pick February? (a) The first answer is, in February the ground is usually frozen enough to support armored operations; (b) the threat of cutting off Germany’s energy supplies is more potent in mid-winter.
  • DID THE PLAN MISCARRY? It now appears that Russia expected a quick victory. However, the weather did not cooperate, the ground was soft instead of frozen. Heavy vehicles will sink in soft ground, immobilized when exiting a paved road. An attacker under such conditions would be forced into narrow attack corridors along paved roads (except where airborne and air mobile forces could be used for flanking. Attacks of this kind can be repulsed by a determined and vigilant defender.
  • QUESTION: Seeing that the snow was melting, that the ground was soft instead of frozen in late February, why didn’t Moscow call off the operation? That is the BIG mystery.
  • Possible explanations are as follows: (a) By refusing to mobilize Ukraine’s reserve forces during the Russian buildup on Ukraine’s border, and by publicly denying that an invasion would take place, Zelensky signaled weakness to Moscow; (b) Less certain information here comes into play. I am told by Ukrainian sources that, in addition to this, the SBU fed false information to Moscow about Ukraine’s willingness to fight; (c) Taking an overly optimistic view, Moscow thought they could simply march into Ukraine and the resulting panic would lead to rapid collapse.
  • THE ACTUAL INVASION. Clausewitz, the philosopher of war, called friction the force that turns the easy into the difficult. Famously, Clausewitz wrote: “Everything in war is very simple, but the simplest thing is difficult. The difficulties accumulate and end by producing a kind of friction that is inconceivable unless one has experienced war.” The Russians failed to take Ukraine or surround Kiev in a few days.
  • RUSSIAN SUCCESSES. In the south of Ukraine, the Russians broke out from Crimea, their one major success.
  • DEADLOCK. The war in Ukraine will probably remain stalemated until the sun comes out and the ground dries. Then the Russian numbers can be used to flank the defending Ukrainian brigades and destroy them. Therefore, in May or June Ukraine will be crushed by superior Russian numbers.
  • THE WEST VERSUS RUSSIA. The danger of conflict with Russia will intensify as Ukraine collapses. (a) First, Russian economic warfare measures will be fully focused on the countries that have supported Ukraine; that is, on NATO and the USA; (b) China will be emboldened by Russia’s late victory in Ukraine; (c) The West will be in moral shock, horrified at the fate of Ukraine, and false narratives about the defeat of Ukraine will abound on every side.
  • The danger of nuclear war will then be real. MOSCOW’S FOCUS WILL BE ON NATO. China will then have an incentive to activate its position in the Far East. We are ALSO told that Iran is about to acquire nuclear weapons. All pots come to a boil at once, and this will not be a coincidence. There is a curious timing here. (a) This war follows on the heels of the damaging COVID pandemic; (b) It coincides with Iranian strikes against Saudi oil capacity; (b) it coincides with the Presidency of Joseph Biden, a man who has always worked for the weakening of America’s strategic deterrent.

Discussion between Jeff Nyquist and Trevor Loudon


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216 thoughts on “Notes on the Ukraine War: Plus, Trevor Loudon Discusses the Mass Line Narrative of the Day

  1. Much is going to depend on what resources Moscow has left in 2 months. Having started the invasion too early, is hurting the Russian Army and they can’t handle the numbers they have in Ukraine now in terms of food and fuel. Poor maintenance is also telling. Many vehicles, appearing to intact, have simply been abandoned because of failed tires or breakdowns. Putin has lost a boat load of trucks and has been stripping the civilian economy of trucks to use them for military purposes.

    Corruption in their logistics has been a problem for Russia for a long time. One commander, instead of buy field rations, bought dog food instead and had it relabeled for human consumption.

    The majority of Russian radio comms are in the clear as they don’t have the modern equipment needed for combat communications. There comms aren’t even up to what I had in the Army National Guard in the mid 80s. The US Army is at least 3 generations ahead of them.

    Numbers don’t matter much if you can’t get them into combat. If the western aid keeps rolling in, the issue may well be decided before the rasputitsa ends.

    1. Russia’s inability to execute a rapid and decisive conquest of Ukraine has produced abundant fodder for our side’s feel-good propaganda. We are continually reminded of how inept & corrupt Russia’s military is, how strained their logistics are, how grossly Putin has miscalculated, etc. To be fair, it is certainly amusing to hear stories of Ukrainian tractors capturing abandoned Russia vehicles and babushkas joining the fray with home-made molotov cocktails.

      But Russia has faced down far worse odds in prior decades and still emerged victorious. Let us not be complacent. Barring direct NATO intervention, it appears that Russia is still very likely to overwhelm the Ukrainian defenders, despite heavy losses and considerable embarrassment.

      1. “Russia’s inability to execute a rapid and decisive conquest of Ukraine has produced abundant fodder for our side’s feel-good propaganda.”

        That scares me, for pride comes before a fall. Is this deliberate, so as to disarm the West as to Russia’s true capabilities?

      2. In the final analysis, we’ll see. So far things are going very badly for the Russians, and they don’t have a lot of room for pulling this out of the hole. Most of the problem is with Putin himself. He’s now whining a lot about his problems, and the people themselves seem to be hardening their opinions against the war.

  2. Hello Jeffrey, the problem you are facing with part of your audience is invincible ignorance. It’s the same problem that professor Olavo had to deal in the case of his brazilian audience. His main advice to his students was “we have to build a wall of books, a thousand books”. It’s maybe too late, but the work must begin by works of literature because the masses don’t possess the (imaginary) symbols to understand the current situation and this blocks the intelligence of the people. Sure, we capture reality by the senses, but the sense making process needs the imagination (that’s one of the reasons we tell stories to children). Think for a moment (and it is not about religious discussion) in the way Jesus used to preach: by parables, telling stories. Why? Because for our intelligence to work, we must have the (imaginary) symbols that help us to make sense of the empirical reality. Did Jesus plainly talk about facts of the spiritual realm? Sometimes yes (talking about hell, for example), but not before seeding the seeds of the symbols necessary to figure out that reality (not to mention the persons, events and signs of the old testament that prefigured what would be fullfilled by the new covenant). You can take Olavo’s Theory of the Four Discourses in Aristotle as an example of a plan for action. You know better than anyone that people don’t believe that a nuclear war is possible. What is lacking here? Someone who can create a great story published in a book that subtly will reintroduce the symbols needed to catch that idea. So first, this task must be accomplished (by a great writer) in the “poetic” discourse level, which in Olavo’s theory about the poetic discourse in Aristotle means: “the poetic discourse is about the possible (dínatos), addressing above all the imagination, which captures what it presupposes (eikástikos, “presumable”; eikasia, “image”, “representation”).” Once this baseline work has been done, you can work at the rethorical discourse, the dialectical discourse and finally at the lhe logical or analytical discourse levels (source: The main problem is where to find the writers, the talents necessary to accomplish that task. Thank you for your great work. Best regards.

    1. Nelson, I am working to get Olavo’s work on Aristotle translated into English. The translation is almost done. I very much like his point about how poetics is integrally connected to rhetoric and analysis. Regarding your post, I can see that is indeed how I personally understand the world. I understand Putin very strongly in terms of the history (and symbolism) in Russia and Communism and dangerous tyrants which I project into the future. Do you have any videos Olavo did where he talks about “building the wall of books” or on this topic you bring up in particular that are of interest? I’d like to see them.

      1. Dan, the book has already been translated into English by Olavo’s former assistant and translator with his authorization. It has not been published yet.

      2. Hello Dan A, as you may know Olavo left 585 recorded classes in his online course (COF – “online course on philosophy”), plus 25 programs (with 5-6 courses each), plus almost three thousand articles, a dozen of published books and who knows how many unpublished books (a study on Kant, for example)… He also had his radio program (True Outspeak) and thousands of facebooks posts, etc. I’ve studied most of this material (75% ?). So, to answer your question: where Olavo talks about “building the wall of books” or on this topic I bring up in particular that are of interest? I’ll have to do a little research because he talks about that in numerous different courses/programs. If you want a follow up, please feel free to send me an e-mail ( Thanks.

  3. Biden says he’ll accept 100,000 Ukrainian refugees.

    Russia called for Ukraine to allow for a safe passage corridor for Ukrainians to evacuate, but Ukraine refused because the route leads to Russia. Russia made an appeal to the UN which must have been dismissed, so Russia unilaterally has evacuated Ukrainians, who have complained that they were force to evacuate, and that Russia had confiscated their passports, and replaced them with a piece of paper. Probably a receipt I would imagine.

    However, what if Russia gives those passports to Russian spies to become refugees in the United States?

      1. Russia is certainly more than capable of counterfeiting Ukrainian passports, but the real ones confiscated from actual Ukrainians, would be genuinely rumpled, aged, yellowed, and verifiable at vital statistics in Ukraine.

    1. “However, what if Russia gives those passports to Russian spies to become refugees in the United States?”

      Took the opportunity before with the Jackson–Vanik amendment, for which we have to thank for Jonathan Pollard types, and questionable right of return bona fides converging security and big tech in the Levant. Could go even earlier with the uniltateral recognition of the Bolshevik government by FDR, and subsequent inroads by the Klaus Fuchs, Hopkins and Whites of the world. The 70k Afghans flown in by the State Department (largely not even translators) are probably shock armies for some future helter skelter Tet Offensive as well.

    2. Russia is attempting to move people out of Ukraine and into Russia, whether they wish to go or not. A number have already been kidnapped and told they can’t leave where they were deposited for a minimum period of 2 years.

      Russia would not be above using the passports seized (which I think is a war crime) from Ukrainians for their own evil purposes.

    3. Russians are already coming across the southern US border in droves. They’re likely confiscating passports so the Ukrainians can’t leave Russia, or (even worse) because the Ukrainians won’t be alive to need them for much longer.

  4. My take is that for the average Russian, this miserable situation is Tuesday, but for us it is terror, a calamity of Biblical and unique proportions, and this is why, despite Russian setbacks and heavy losses, we are more inclined to cry uncle than they do. Russians are extremely stubborn. In short, Russia and its communists are a unique couple, it is the number one anti-church like community of terrorism because it lives in a latent state of terror all the time. All they need to do is thrash around, throw a fit, bring about chaos around, and Biden begs them to participate in this ridiculous arms control ideology in the manner of a gun by back program of nuclear fuel from Iran…

  5. That confusion about enemies is due in part to the absolute lack of ability to differentiate things. When a supreme justice tells you she cannot define woman to you, we have reached a level of schizophrenic acculturation of catastrophic proportions, and, yet, it passes through like the postman at your mailbox. The Soviets, I suspect, have somehow done experiments on mind control and prisoners and figured that paralysis occurs indeed when at the highest levels of entropy where all is lukewarm with no temperature or kind differences. It becomes easy then to confuse enemy from friend etc. Where the communists succeeded in that realm in further confusing things is by corrupting the police and military to turn the guns on its own people and soldiers with deleterious rules of engagement, fake migration charity etc. They planted a seed in a place where the ground could be fertile for this kind of confusion.

    1. Psychological warfare and propaganda techniques are more powerful than ever with the ubiquity of digital media. Younger generations are doubly vulnerable to these methods, given our affinity for consuming digital media and our relative inexperience in the world.

    2. The greatest danger from Jackson is she will enshrine a racial caste system in the US; she will rubber stamp executive actions and programs that dole out benefits based on race.

      A lot of people forget that you don’t need the legislature; you only need the executive and the Supreme Court. Then you just do what you want (Obama), no matter how illegal, and your SC rubber stamps it.

      I said to a friend recently that if I were the communists, the next justice I would “look into” would be Thomas. He is the oldest of the conservative ones and would give them a 5-4 rubberstamp. John Roberts is compromised for some reason.

      Lo and behold, we hear that Thomas was “infected”. Pray for the US. We are far closer to dictatorship here than you think.

      1. “Pray for the US. We are far closer to dictatorship here than you think.”

        The whole Covid mess certainly proved that!

  6. Who’s idea was it to break three dams in Ukraine and flood the farmland, ostensibly to slow down Russian troops? It will take five years for the land to recover. That’s thirty percent of the World’s supply of wheat, out of production for five years; locked in.

      1. Stalin broke a dam to slow the NAZIS, but did Russia do this to create famine, or did Ukraine do this to slow the Russians, or did George Soros have Biden do this for the sake of global depopulation?

      2. Food prices will be higher for the entire World as result, but Ukraine’s economy will be hit hardest from the loss of revenue, and hardest hit with food shortages from loss of domestic distribution. If Zelensky destroyed his own dams to slow the Ruskys, that was a big mistake. Russia is a big wheat exporter as well. Now that they have accomplished their mission, they can get back to the farm in time to plant this Spring.

      3. I wouldn’t condemn the action of them busting their own dams. They are having to do what they can to fight off an invasion from a much more numerous foe. What would you do? I think I would have busted the dams. No half-measures. Thank God we aren’t having to make those kinds of decisions at this time.

    1. Simultaneous with Egypt’s output tanking for numerous reasons . . . the Arab world will fare marginally better than Africa in the event of further supply chain issues and war, especially if America is removed or has to prioritize feeding its own. Solar minimum onset as well. All bodes ill.

      1. Africa’s food output was made possible by fertilizer. Russia and China have both banned fertilizer exports. Without them, Africa’s food production will crash as much as 50%.

  7. I can’t believe I never before made the connection between 9/11 and jfk disinfo being the exact same play. So obvious now that i hear it.

    1. Who’s disinfo? Was our government’s disinfo on both events originally authored in Moscow, given how deeply they have infiltrated our government?

  8. Another brilliant talk. Thank you for doing it! I have a question and a couple thoughts.

    Why is the possibility of war between America and Russia raised after Russia conquers Ukraine? Why wouldn’t the stalemate in Ukraine be the time when the Kremlin is most likely to launch a war against America and Europe who are helping Ukraine?

    To your point about Hitler’s savvy tactics. I read a couple books on Hitler lately. I normally think of current events in terms of the Communist history, but some events going on now have me thinking in terms of Nazi Germany. Anyway, I was surprised to learn that Hitler was brilliant. And I am Jewish and think he was evil. But I was always taught that he was a raving dumb lunatic. But after reading about him, I can see his tactical and strategic sense was quite high, and he was even pretty well read. He made at least one historical references that I could barely keep up with. Stalin was the same really. People told me he was just a dumb butcher. Turns out Stalin was a strategic genius. And all this stuff is pretty obvious when someone takes a step back and looks at the basic facts. How would a poor boy from Georgia from a broken family conquer Russia then Europe, or how would a poor artist with zero connections from Austria take over Germany and then Europe? They were brilliant. People want to just dismiss every enemy we have as a lunatic, but they are actually really dangerous and talented people. (Is this a modern thing? Did people used to dismiss their enemies as just dumb moronic lunatics?)

    There is a type of weird schizophrenia in American ideology. Simultaneously, American conservatives know our society and government are corrupt. Yet at the same time just *know* we have zero to learn from other countries. I saw this in Bolivia when Bolivians risked their lives and refused to work for weeks and instead blockaded the streets until the Communists were forced out. To me it is like an inspiration and something we can learn from. It was both non-violent, but forceful. They sacrificed and they got results. But Americans just have little interest or respect, and rather than learning from Ukrainians and how they forced foreign stooges out, instead just want to call Ukraine corrupt and close their eyes to it. I think it’s a fundamentally bitter, cynical, pessimistic, short-sighted view of the world.

    I love the message you guys have of speaking the truth, no matter how unpleasant it is, because this is the path of true optimism that can actually lead to winning.

    1. Evil dictators are abhorrent. But it is childish and counterproductive for us to paint them as caricatures. As you have noted, one must have some useful qualities to rise to such positions of power – cunning, tenacity, foolhardiness, unshakeable belief in the righteousness of their twisted world view. Far better that we examine them accurately, so that we may learn how best to defeat them.

    2. I noticed that Hitler was very bright, expressing ideas way ahead of his time. That only made him more dangerous. That also made him more flexible, for after the failure of the Bierkeller Putsch, he then rejected Marx’ formula that the way to a dictatorship of the proletariat was through a violent revolution. He also practised that it didn’t matter whose name was on ownership papers, as long as the state had effective control of the industries and properties. By these two actions, he could claim to be protecting Germany from the violent communists while imposing a Marxist dictatorship of the proletariat.

      Like Putin, Hitler at times made a claim that he was a Christian, while doing everything he could to destroy the last vestiges of true Christianity from Germany.

      When I look at Putin today, I see Hitler of yesterday. The actions are almost identical.

      1. Now that you remind me, I remember a report that I read years ago that the CCP actively studied Hitler and the Nazis for clues on how they should act. I had forgotten that.

    3. Conservatives do the same with liberals, painting them as dumb, even as they lose every single battle. I think it is far better to overestimate your enemy than to underestimate him.

    4. Hitler was OK until he started believing his own advertising. Then he started firing people that told him the hard truth when all he wanted was how great things were going. A good example was the firing of Reinhard Gehlen who was the intel chief for the eastern front (Author of “The Service”). Hitler got tired of Gehlen telling him how bad things were and so fired him.

      Stalin did not seem to fall into the “defeatist” trap as badly as Hitler did. There were things that it was wise not to tell him, but in general he listened. Stalin was not really a strategic genius. It was a close run until Operation Bagration, and much of Soviet operations were successful because of the penal battalions that were used as shock troops. In short, Stalin beat the Germans as he beat the Finns, by drowning them in Soviet blood.

      I wish I could disagree with your view of Americans. They are in the stage of apathy at the moment, and are giving up what the founders gave them. I don’t know of anyone that ever pulled back from the brink when they reached the stage of apathy.

  9. Excellent discussion between you and Trevor Jeff.
    I had a thought that I’d like to share and get the take of the group:
    Some people make the very compelling argument that we already fought WWIII. That the Cold War was WWIII where the principal adversaries, the U.S and the Soviet Union didn’t fight each other directly out of a fear of starting a nuclear war. So instead these powers fought through proxies. That would mean all those wars involving the two from 1947 to 1991–Korea, Soviet invasion of Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Afghanistan and our involvement in Viet Nam, Israel’s Six Day War and October War were not separate wars, but just separate campaigns in the larger world war that tool place over a 44 year span.

    So when people say that we are on the verge of WWIII with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, in reality it may actually be WWIV. I can’t remember, but is this what your book “Origins of the Fourth World War” was talking about?

    1. No, the 4th world war is about the war after WWIII nuclear exchange, where you have a sort of US dictatorship under an arch-general occurring as a result of the horrors and degradations of communism, one where all this cynical false tolerance for cute politicians, demagogues of “lifestyles” and hedonists get liquidated. A surprisingly similar sociological event occurred after 911 when disillusioned people in NYC had graditis smeared on Britney Spears’ posters saying: “this is your fault!”

      1. Albert Einstein was once asked what weapons World War Three would be fought with. He said:
        “I do not know what weapons that World War Three will be fought with, but World War Four will be fought with sticks and stones.”

        You’re book was about the Cold War? Is this still the Cold War, or is that over?

      2. Mic+Mada and Jeff,
        Thank you. It’s been a very long time since reading your book, and I couldn’t remember if you talked about this. If what I described is true, it doesn’t change anything you’ve been saying and writing all these years, but it does give an interesting alternate perspective on the Cold War.

    2. Jerry Pournelle was of the opinion that the cold war was just an extension of WW2. I think a good argument could be made for that positions and I think Jerry made it on his website over the years. Others don’t agree. The bottom line is that the war was with the Soviet union. Putin has reopened that war and expects us to allow him carte blanche in his near abroad.

      1. OHENGINEER,
        That’s an alternate perspective I hadn’t considered. Interesting. Thanks for sharing. Given the mere two year break between the end of WWII, and the start of the Cold War, he has a point. Although, I think the dividing line is the threat of nuclear war. (yes, I know the atomic bomb was used at the end of WWII, but it was really more of a punctuation mark on the end of one era, and the start of a new one. That fact causes me to think that the Cold War was a conflict that was in a separate category from the mere conventional warfare that was WWII.

  10. Best 45 minute video this year.
    Thanks Jeff for pulling the wool off the wolves!

    1. To be sure, American leftists are just as confused as the “right wingers”, so called. The schizophrenia affecting America is born in both the Puritanical and the modern feminist trend. What the left accuses the past of, it not only was what democrats themselves were (and still are unconsciously the more they deny it, which is envious and sex jealous puritans in the North and slave owners in the South), but it is what they are today in a new “woke” form: the inability to deal with adult assets of any kinds, whether it is a sexual organ they now mutilate, a refusal to define woman despite calling each other sisters as black sisters, the hate of billionaires managing as adults sums of money, ownership of guns and, truly, responsibility for the world, In essence the so called “Globalists” are refusing to rule and be responsible for the world in their own funny ways, two of which I see: 1. They institute schizophrenic rejection of reality and assuming of adult responsibility all over the world 2. They easily surrender such responsibility as a result to the most irresponsible or dangerous cocaine or vodka boosted characters, since, to them, adulthood is a mental illness that can only be assumed by the mentally ill. In other words, if leftists were real in America, there would not be a communist China and a Russia with these reckless billionaires around, so to speak, the left would take control of itself and its own destiny, as much as the right should also be wary that Putin’s engagement is no civilian police work of restraint, but quite politically extended beyond, and thus militaristic in nature and meant to spill beyond the Ukraine borders if he is at all serious.

  11. I have learned that if I want to listen to one of these interviews, that I need to stop and take notes every now and then. What follows are a few reactions as I listened.

    It’s not only the people on the right, but our ed. system has taught people to think shallowly, by feelings and surface appearances.

    The antidote to this shallow thinking is to get back to the Bible, read it regularly and internalize it. It has the depth of thinking that the Greek philosophers—Plato, Aristotle and their followers—couldn’t even dream of. It is a completely different way of logical thinking where history and actions, not appearances, count.

    But so many people, church people, know the Bible so little that they don’t even realize that they have adopted the world’s way of thinking, a way of thinking based on sound bites and surface appearances.

    I disagree with Jeff on 9-11, but my training started out in STEM, Jeff works with a very different subject matter, one that requires much time and effort to do well. Therefore he needs to consult other people when he deals with STEM subjects. On this and a few other issues, I think he has trusted the wrong “experts”. There are other “experts” equally well qualified as the ones Jeff has trusted, who have come to different conclusions. Because even the experts disagree, we won’t be able to come to a conclusion in discussions here. So please let’s not waste our time.

    Many of the people Jeff calls “capitalists” have been socialists since before World War II. They may have started out as capitalists, but they turned to socialism. What people see are the unjust actions of these “capitalists” who are really socialists, and in their shallow thinking blame it on capitalism. Is Moscow leading that action in order to frame “capitalism”?

    One of the differences between the U.S. and Ukraine, is that we have a tradition that we can right the wrongs of the last election. “The system will save us.” Ukraine doesn’t have that tradition, and so rose up.

    When I watched the 2020 election, the theft of the election was so blatant, so obvious, so in your face, that it appears to me that the thieves wanted to get caught.

    Russia (Soviet Union) wants to take Alaska, and CCP wants the lower 48 + Hawaii, how can they hope to do that without nuking us and nuking us badly? I don’t want nukes, but at this time, do I have a choice?

    1. I have thought about your last question. Russia’s advantage seems to be the technology to pull off surprise first attack with tactical and/or strategic nukes and the ability to thwart of survive a counterstrike.

      I wonder if the approach would be a massive coordinated surprise attack designed to pre-empt an organized military response and seize control of our ports. Choke off import supply chains and neuter us militarily. Could be an air nuke/EMP attack to blind our defenses during a nuclear blitz on military targets. I don’t know that the need to level a city, though maybe DC.

      No official troops on the ground – no official occupation – because in the United States, there’s a “gun behind every blade of grass”. So, set us against each other, harvesting the chaos already seeded over the last years. If they choke our ports and neuter our military, they then provoke and wait while we turn on ourselves and essentially implode, aided by sleeper cells, shock troops sweeping over the borders, total information confusion, possible “UN peacekeepers,” and fresh “domestic terrorism” laws that corrupted government can use to terrorize political opponents and further drive us toward civil war. Maybe add a bioweapon to the mix, once we’re physically sealed off from the rest of the world. Eventually, China (perhaps through the auspices of the UN) enters to install a custodial government, effectively colonialization. Once most or a lot of us are dead.

      Or they could nuke us badly, as in leveling major cities and infrastructure. But I’m not sure that gets them what they want, as far as resource preservation. Plus, if we finish off ourselves, we also help discredit the idea of America – the great American “experiment” – which it seems would also be valuable to the communists. If we’re destroyed externally, with no help of our own hand, the spirit of our Constitution has more of a chance to survive.

      1. Visitor: whoever heard of a victory, without the victor stationing occupation troops? Without occupation troops, how will the victor ensure that the vanquished doesn’t rearm and make a successful counter attack against the victor?

      2. “But I’m not sure that gets them what they want, as far as resource preservation.”

        Their friend Bill Gates owns more than 269,000 acres of farmland across 18 states. Isn’t that convenient? It’s a small overall percentage right now, but approximately 40% of farmland is owned by seniors 65 or older, so I imagine they will grab up more.

      3. In my area, there are some families who have farmed a large area my whole life, and I dont know how long before I was born. They are being offered money from the government to quit planting crops, and allow solar panels to be set up in their fields. I wonder if they will hold out against this offer, especially as inflation continues to rise, and now fertilizer and potash are going to be hard or impossible to come by.

        I dont know if the government is offering to buy the land, or lease it from them.

        How many farmers are these kinds of “green energy” (what an obscene lie), offers being made to? How many will decide there is no alternative for them but to sell out (or lease) to the government? Or to “green energy” companies or to people like Bill Gates?

        I hope most of the farmers will not give in to the pressure, out of principle, but I imagine many will feel almost forced to sell out.

      4. Wow! You’re correct that inflation and rising prices may force them into selling. I wonder if that was part of “the plan” all along? 🙁

      5. It may or may not have originally been part of a plan, but is definitely an opportunity created by current events that will certainly be seized upon, to the further detriment of our nation.

      6. I remember you pointing that out a few months ago. Cant remember if it was in an essay, or a comment you made. Also, you had brought out how Soros is a Communist stooge even before the interview with Loudon the other day.

        It never added up to me before, how Gates or Soros could just take it upon themselves to help destroy Ametica, but I didn’t know where to place them in the scheme if things, so I found myself thinking of them as powers unto themselves, like so many others.

        I am so glad you brought things to light about them. It makes perfect sense when you realize, they aren’t their own persons, but are work g to destroy the America and the West, and advance Communism.

      7. Replying to several points on this thread –

        Terrifying that Gates is an agent of China, but it makes many things make sense. America in principle can feed itself, but really China and its agents own so much of our food resources (meat plants, too), will we feed ourselves, or ship off our food and turn the rest in to solar panels? Re the campaign to turn farmland into solar panels … just so demoralizing.

        Re no victory without occupation – I see the point, but also seems like there’s a strategy brewing for us to destroy ourselves, first, or at least soften things up through violence on each other. If a foreign force is going to occupy the USA, they will have to kill off a lot of people first. So that’s an option too.

        It is overwhelming to contemplate the nature and scale of evil gathering around us. The realities soon visited upon us, the choices and negotiations we’ll be forced to make that implicate and test the soul.

    2. “But so many people, church people, know the Bible so little that they don’t even realize that they have adopted the world’s way of thinking, a way of thinking based on sound bites and surface appearances.”

      I totally agree! It makes me think of Hosea 4, especially verse 6.

    1. There’s really something to this. I think more conservatives than will admit bought into it. Honestly, I think it’s at least partly why conservatives are inclined to “trust” Putin now.

      I saw a few “drops” early on that struck a deep ominous chord, which now I find even haunting:

      Early on, on 11/17/17, this was written:

      “What if China, Russia, and others are coordinating w/ POTUS to eliminate the NWO?”

      A few days later, there was this:

      “Why are China & Russia communist S/closed?
      Was this to prevent evil from entering?
      Was this to protect their children/people?”

      The whole point of the “drops” was to create a real-time soap opera purporting to reveal the activities of the “satanist globalists” vs. the “white hats” in real time — and more than a few times Russia and China were linked with the latter. I wonder why there hasn’t been introspection on the right about falling prey to this psy-op. No one in the conservative movement will admit to being taken in – but the lingo was everywhere during the Trump years, and almost certainly fed the palpable sense that the DOJ was closing in on corruption …. just keep waiting. The Fox line-up of Hannity, Ingraham and their guests used some of the catchphrases quite often (“get your popcorn,” “buckle up,” “boomerang”….), no doubt because they found that it drew traffic — their listeners were eating this stuff up.

      I hesitate to even write about that “movement,” but I do think it’s worth admitting they it may well seeded ideas whose tainted fruits we’re still dealing with even now. I was slow to see that a lot of conservatives really do “trust” or worship Putin, until it was highlighted here. It prompted me to recall these “drops,” and to wonder if there’s a connection.

  12. “Not only Karhov and Kiev in ruin”. Disturbingly, what is the “plan” for Europe? Well, in war, the elites might have a plan but the plan is like a treaty, never followed. De Gaulle said treaties, and by extension, plans, are like girls and roses, it lasts what it can last and not much beyond a honey moon. If, say, the enemy realizes that our plan for Taiwan is to evacuate Guam and fight in the Philippines, what makes us think is the “globalist” plan in Europe to ‘just” give up on Ukraine? European governments and people who fear WWIII nuclear exchange ought to rather think that maybe the plan is to indeed have Paris evacuated… And, in that respect, as all shooting and punching has to go through further than the target (we are dealing with the military, here, not civilian restraint) in order to be successful (you do not just punch at the face but follow through beyond it for the punch to succeed), this war in Ukraine will spill over. So, 1. FIRST! Do not believe any deal and treaty over Ukraine, for if war is an extension of geopolitics, you must punch further than your sought out goal. The enemy has understood this and our traitors in government feign to not understand that. They perfectly know as politicians fighting elections the mercilessness involved here. 2. SECOND the pseudo populists talking about war profits and globalist murderers using nuclear war have no clue about what Putin et al have in mind. All this talk about Putin just eanting to be left alone without Nato and a neutral Ukraine is absolute bunk. The schizophrenia is stark, because either Zelensky is a war monger or he is a Putin stooge for accepting the neutrality terms like Finland. 3. THIRD the unconscious however wins over the conscious everytime with issues on a mass scale like this, and I can say that A,ericans, unlike Europeans, have no real clue. Europeans, despite all their corrupt communist youth leaders like Merkel and other amnesic reality denying schizos like Macron, have a rwal funny feeling in their bellies. I think many sense that it will spill over. The right wing media, in France, however, has been the one peddling the idiocy of treaties and peace with Russia. Funnily enough, De Gaulle too, did not take seriously the political punch will of the Soviets when he got out of Nato. Yes, NaTo was another treaty of fealty, but so were his speeches to Russia. Another like this is Eisenhower. Where did he get the idea of the Militaro Industrial complex? It seems like De Gaulle and Eisenhower got the right wisdoms, but did not think of it for the Soviets, and must have been educated about these by communists who are more realistic than us, in those terms. 4. FOURTH Realism, and that was expounded in the movie Platoon where the right winger assumed Barnes talks about metamorphosis and “therapy” through violence and realism as opposed to the “good guys” who do escape therapy smoking weeds. Think about it: everything the communist wants to keep for himself and not us having is plaid by a “right winger” Pinochet Captain Hook type in schizo appealing Hollywood movies. We need truth, yes, but also SINCERITY for REALISM.

  13. I would like to interject one thought.
    You remember when defectors warned us that “these (Communist leaders/movers/shakers) are not normal human beings, but crazy people?”

    Think about this, “crazy people” on drugs, cocaine, methamphetamine, narcotics, sedatives, anxiolytics, anesthetics, antidepressants, MAOI inhibitors, anabolic steroids, hallucinogenics, growth hormones, and the list goes on and on including the most powerful drug of all, testosterone.
    Face it, if allowed unlimited power and authority with zero oversight or limitation on such power, why wouldn’t YOU be on such drugs or drug cocktails? Not like it hasn’t happened before, Russia was the biggest consumer of cocaine during some part of the “revolution” with horrific effects.
    Potentially even an IV sildenafil drip if you really want to be the “big dog.”
    Oh, you didn’t know Viagra can be given IV?

    1. Generally what they mean by that, and I believe it was Lunev that said that, is that these are psychopaths.

      When you realize just exactly what socialism/communism is, which is the exploitation/abuse of one person for the enrichment of another, you realize quite quickly that it requires psychopaths must be in charge at the top, because very few humans can actually do that knowingly. This is why the lower you go in a communist hierarchy, the more naive true believers you find, and the higher up you go, the more evil people you find.

      I have long held a theory that communism *intentionally selects* for these types of people and intentionally elevates them. The ideology is structured that way. Think about Antifa. It is not a coincidence that when they are arrested, they are almost all criminals. It is not a coincidence that Rittenhouse fired randomly at “protesters” and hit a pedophile, a domestic abuser, and another criminal.

      The ideology of Antifa was intentionally designed to attract sadists and psychopaths and then give them a socially acceptable pretext for hurting people. Communism is this writ large – an ideological pretext to steal, abuse, and exploit others.

      Yes, many may be on drugs, but by crazy people, they mean psychopaths. These are usually dispersed throughout society in small numbers or we put them in prison – communism’s greatest strength is the ability to find and promote these people, empower them, and concentrate and organize them together. It is organized psychopathy, hidden under the veil of disorienting rhetoric. The most dangerous thing that I think was ever invented in human history. This is also precisely why they want to empty the prisons – they want those people as soldiers in their army, much the same way the Cheka emptied the prisons and gave them guns. It is literally evil organized – Satan’s army.

      1. Andrei Lobacewski, a polish psychiatrist, wrote a book about that , about how there is a concentration os psychopats in the communist parties.

  14. Jeff, you’ve said that you want no religious discussions here. This is your site so we just have to abide by the rules you set out. Obviously I accept this,and let me just say this again:your willingness tot engage with the readers is something really special and I appreciate it hugely. I for one have been frequently corrected/informed by just your comments alone.Having said that,I also am sorry about this religion-rule. Compare it to our broader secular society. We are constantly told:keep your beliefs inside the closet and dont bother us with them. Meanwhile all manner of other beliefs are permitted. And I’m not just talking about islam ;I’m thinking also of lbgt-orthodoxy,climate change-belief and the blind diversity is our strength-faith. I understand that a website differs from society in general, but I’m convinced many of our current problems started with the banishing of Christian religion form ‘polite conversation’. It rigged the game.

    Many counter culture-opinions can for sure be held quite apart from religious convictions. Meanwhile however,there are also strong Biblical reasons to oppose gender-indoctrination,abortion,internationalism,vaccine-mandates and multiculturalism..And many believers will base their stance -primarily- upon Scripture. Lean not onto thy own understanding.

    Also,you yourself have written about issues such as ufo’s. You have mentioned Jaques Valle. I’m not a theologian,psycholgist or physicist; I believe in the existence of ‘familiar spirits’,simply because the Bible mentions them to us. I cant remember for 100% sure,but I think that I’ve always sort of suspected a connection (before I read the opinions of others). I mean:this could be an explanation of course;for past memories,abductions,predictions,regression therepy ect. Prohibiting ‘religious talk’ sort of narrows the discussion.

    Perhaps you would also want to bear in mind that the orthodox christians of the literal bent were the ones most vehemently opposing communism. Let me just mention Jesse Helms.And dont forget the NP/KP/HNP in South Africa. In Holland in 2022,the most consistent anti-communists are in fact the SGP;the bible belt party (although unfortunately,infiltration even might haven taken hold there).

    Just seems so selfdefeating to exclude the,what I think is,the ideological spearhead of resistance. If leftwing politicians and news-outlets disparage us as ‘christian nationalists’,surely this suggests we are on the right path..

    1. I also believe there are “familiar and deceiving spirits,” and 40 years ago I had a bewildering set of experiences that sent me scurrying away from anything occult. I remain cautiously interested but skeptical of truth claims and reluctant to draw firm conclusions about anything thereby connected. In fact, you cannot fully trust any visions, hypnotic experiences, visitations, etc. Of course, it is worthwhile reflecting on them and looking at scientific analysis as far as that goes. But there seems to be an edge to our reality beyond which we are not allowed. So, whatever questions these subjects raise (and there are many), reason leaves us with very little to go in. What is more significant, for me, is the reality of evil and man’s fallen nature. Christianity has always struggled with “experiences” and people with visions, but traditional Catholicism has also struggled with the problem of evil. Regarding visionary experiences, are they from God or the Devil? If faith is a living faith then you are left grappling with such questions: Fatima, for example. How do we approach it? Nearly all Protestants and Eastern Orthodox Seem to reject it. Why? It boils down to the particulars of dogma and theology. This puts us in a further tangle. Many Pentecostals have related their visionary experiences to me. Do I dismiss them? Sometimes I see that the person is deluded, but sometimes genuine foreknowledge is indicated. My preference, however, is for factual data and analysis. Solid things are better than visions. Only when the facts validate a visionary experience should we take notice. But here we enter into difficult territory. Some months ago, on this site, we were beginning to have very intense exchanges where some Christian’s accuse others of being demonically inspired. So you have people who agree culturally and politically on almost everything but are violently enraged with each other over the status of the Virgin Mary or a series of related apparitions. People have experiences and people disagree on their interpretation. This vexed me like nothing else last year. I am not interested in mediating over doctrinal disputes. Having to shut down these heated arguments got me thinking on dark side of theological dogmatizing. I realized something about myself. When I do not know or understand something I keep an open mind. Most people cannot do this. They cannot entertain a thought that goes against their own beliefs. That is why, by the way, conservatives are so ignorant about communism. They won’t read Marx or Lenin. They cannot suspend their need to condemn, at every turn, a proposition that contradicts their worldview. Every week that goes by I question my own premises. You have to do that if only to keep yourself on the right path. We are not, as mere human beings, able to bypass the Angel with the fiery sword guarding the passage to Eden. We are stuck having eaten this peculiar fruit. Therefore, watching the arguments unfolding here between Christians I was forced to recollect my experiences of 40 years ago, how I distrusted those experiences and turned to science. It has occurred to me that I am willing to listen to Catholics, Eastern Orthodox and even Pentecostals when they are describing visionary experiences. But do not bulky me to choose which is right. I do not know. Naturally, I have some basic grounding points, but there are areas of uncertainty, areas in which various denominations place an emphasis on dogma that blocks them from seeing something spontaneous in another branch of the faith. I am puzzled and continue to be interested in people’s experiences, and while nothing definitive can be said, my own experience takes me back to the very personal reality of sin. The word means “error,” as I understand it; and it is my conclusion that the root of evil is generally misunderstood. It is in our own false pride, egotism, and greed (for attention or money). Once our egos begin dogmatizing we are no longer alive to the truth. It hits me rather hard that the most difficult thing for the human heart is Truth. It threatens us in ways we rarely admit. In this context we must recall, regarding the person of Christ, that the truth was crucified. We hear this idea that people are crucifying Christ all over again. Here is the heart of the Christian story. Then add the wrinkle that knowledge is a difficult thing. The ego gets involved. Money and position get involved. What happens? The bearer of truth gets crucified. Picking up your cross means standing for the truth regardless of the consequences. Honestly, who really stands for the truth? Try doing it when everyone is heavily invested in a lie. You will be crucified. You can tell the simplest story, straight from your own life, and people will damn you to Hell for it.

      1. The Bible says to test the spirits with the challenge: “Do you confess that Christ is risen?” The test of a Prophet is a series of short term predictions which accurately come true. One false one and they are to be stoned to death. So far, all of the long term Prophecies of the ones not executed have not turned out wrong. Occult practices are forbidden in the Bible. Maryology is substitution for Semiramis.

      2. Please, Dana. Consider what I am saying. This site is about our common enemy, the greatest evil we face. We all have a common enemy in the atheistic communists. How can we defend ourselves as Americans against communism if we are preoccupied with arguing theological differences among ourselves? There are so many shades of Christian belief, and so many points of disagreements here. We just cannot re-fight the Reformation. We cannot follow the path of Northern Ireland, especially when all branches of Christianity have been infiltrated and targeted by communist agents. This is no joke. If we do not set these differences aside, we are going to be defeated by the reds.

      3. A lot of Catholics, including my own family, hold the Fatima “miracles” of 1916-1917 almost sacred. I was raised Catholic, so, for a very long time, I believed that too, but now, I am not sure. Yet I will contend that, “miracle” or no, it remains for me a very powerful and moving tale.

      4. Photo of Virgin Mary Coptic Orthodox Church in Zeitoun, Cairo, Egypt.
        It is over the domes of this small church that our Lady appeared to millions
        for more than a year, starting on the eve of Tuesday, April 2, 1968. The church has
        five domes: the central large dome stands up about 12 meters above the ground surface,
        surrounded by four smaller domes, each of them is raised 9 meters above the ground.

        Virgin Mary Sightings Similar
        to UFO Sightings
        What is the Significance of the 13th of the Month??

      5. I do not this kind of thing here. We should not take sides on such questions. This is a place for people of different theologies to unite against communism. By posting this you are dividing us from each other. We will be left with fifty different sects of Christians, all declaring their version of the truth as the ONLY truth, and nobody will come together to oppose the real evil — the evil of secular totalitarianism.

      6. Thank you so much for your reply Jeff.I believe there are certain books,if you buy them,if you bring them into your house,they will spell demonic contamination. We should stay well clear of all occult book shops.

      7. Some books are, no doubt, evil. Other books lead to experiences that may offer insights. One should seek wisdom rather than titillation. Visionary books are always questionable. The best things for study are history, biography and philosophy, classic political science and economics. Here is a solid grounding for understanding the real world, for understanding politics and war. People who talk of visions and prophetic interpretations often leave me cold. What have they ever really understood about the world? Better to understand the world than hanker after a dream of the world — a dream can be misunderstood. It can be the result of eating a bad pizza. Learn how the world really works. Too many people get sucked into the conspiracy merry-go-round and live in a world of pure fantasy. This is very harmful.

      8. The theologian/philosopher Francis Schaeffer used the term “co-belligerent” to describe what we face here. While Biblical-literalists view Roman Catholicism as an enemy heresy, they can and should work together with Roman Catholics when facing a common enemy. Common enemies include murder in both abortion and euthanasia, transgenderism where even lesbians are co-belligerents, and other social and political causes. On this blog, the common enemy is communism.

        FYI I’m a very strict Biblical literalist. But I recognize that this is not the forum to push Biblical literalism—there are other forums for those theological discussions. This blog is to discuss a common enemy. Let’s keep it at that.

      9. I loved your comment, Jeff, and couldn’t agree more. The word in the New Testament for sin is hamartia which literally refers to an arrow that has missed its mark. In other words, as you said, a mistake. BTW, I am guilty as charged of having never read Marx. I’ve tried. I just can’t pollute my mind that way.

        But I can’t resist sharing this news. Yesterday, Pope Francis held a special ceremony at the Vatican to consecrate Russia and Ukraine. He is hearkening back to the 100+ old prophecies of three children from Fatima, Portugal in 1917 who didn’t know how to read, never heard of Russia and yet were told important things about Russia and its role in the world. Other popes in the past have performed this ceremony, but not expressed Mary’s request in the way the children were told. If the Fatima prophecies are true, and if Pope Francis consecrated Russia to the Immaculate Heart CORRECTLY, then world peace is on the horizon. I have scanned many articles and I have posted at the bottom of my comment the one that I think seems the most balanced and complete.

        I am not Catholic, but I really do believe Evil is working through the communists and their agents. Pope Francis has seemed like a socialist or worse to me on many issues so his interest in the Fatima prophecies impresses me.

        On a completely unrelated aside, it would be interesting if you could ask Trevor Loudon to research and expose the Friends, i.e., Quakers. I am a Quaker who left my meeting because many were socialists and some were open Communists. Our Meeting supported the American Friends Service Committee which was full of Communists and I just couldn’t take it anymore. I am referring to the Philadelphia Annual Meeting, the largest group of Quakers. They are dangerous because they are very intelligent, very active in community, in democratic politics and academia. Appearances are deceiving. They appear as American historians, philosophers, social workers, psychologists. They advocate peace and tolerance. They are anti-war, but in reality, they are fighting for policies, for changes in law that go undermine the basic principles of our form of government and economic system and support Marxism. They support revolution in a “peaceful” “friendly” regulatory way.

        We must expose all of these communists for the haters of Christ that they truly are. I heard a clerk of our meeting once say she didn’t know why anyone would believe or read the Bible.

      10. I had no idea that Quakers were also infected, even as Presbyterians have been infected. This is why I refer to socialism as The New Religion. It really has been taking over the churches and the souls of the members. The deadness of those who only held to forms of worship without any real sense of the underlying truth, readily succumb to the New Religion. This is dismaying and even terrifying to watch.

      11. I had no idea about the Quakers either. And I’m sick that even Disney has been taken over by “progressives”. The anonymous letter from Disney World employees that came out on Monday was an interesting read. Sad they have to remain anonymous, but I bet Bob Chapek would fire them if he found out who they were.

      12. “In this context we must recall, regarding the person of Christ, that the truth was crucified.”

        Yes He was. And He had only come to help the people and set them free.

        Jeff, I’m truly sorry that you and Trevor have been horribly treated when you’ve only been trying to help people see what is really going on. Thank you again for all you’ve done.

      13. “I had no idea that Quakers were also infected, even as Presbyterians have been infected.”

        Actually, almost all churches have been infected. The infection started in the universities of the state churches in Europe in the first decade of the 1800s. The first step was to attack the Bible—its history and message. When one examines the ideology behind that attack on the Bible, one finds that it is based on ancient Greek religions, making it a de facto attack on one religion by another. It became a badge of sophistication to agree with the university professors.

        Once the churches’ connection to the Bible was severed, the next question was what is the churches’ purpose for existence? Churches had been involved with social work since the first church in Jerusalem, so now that was moved from a sideline (we do social work because we believe the Biblical message) to the central church activity (this is the reason the church exists). Because communism claims to be the ideology that cares for the poor and downtrodden, social work became the hook that brought communism into the churches.

        From what I have seen, the more a church is involved in social work, the more it also is involved with communism and leftist causes. The Quakers were famous since the 1800s for their involvement in social work and social causes. Since the mid 20th century, Quaker involvement in leftist causes has repeatedly been in the news.

        It is a two step process: first exchange the religion taught in the churches from a Bible based teaching to one based on ancient Greek beliefs. Then some take the second step to full-blown communism. The second step is a shorter step.

        The antidote is a strict adherence to what the Bible teaches. If you do that, you’ll be crucified as hateful, anti-science, anti-intellectual, and an all-around bad person. But you’ll able to recognize and follow the truth.

      14. “If you do that, you’ll be crucified as hateful, anti-science, anti-intellectual, and an all-around bad person.”

        Don’t forget intolerant and non-inclusive.

  15. Rumblings from the East…

    ‘China and Solomon Islands Draft Secret Security Pact, Raising Alarm in the Pacific’

    “SYDNEY, Australia — A leaked document has revealed that China and the Solomon Islands are close to signing a security agreement that could open the door to Chinese troops and naval warships flowing into a Pacific Island nation that played a pivotal role in World War II.

    The agreement, kept secret until now, was shared online Thursday night by opponents of the deal and verified as legitimate by the Australian government. Though it is marked as a draft and cites a need for “social order” as a justification for sending Chinese forces, it has set off alarms throughout the Pacific, where concerns about China’s intentions have been growing for years.”

    1. Thank you Shipwreck! I had not heard about this until your post.

      “Australia Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Saturday there was “great concern” across the Pacific after Solomon Islands confirmed it was creating a security partnership with China.

      The Pacific island nation on Friday said it was expanding ties with China to combat security threats and ensure a safe environment for investment as it diversifies security relations.

      A potential China security pact with Solomon Island has sparked concerns among U.S. allies Australia and New Zealand about Chinese influence a region where they have for decades held strong sway.


      Washington last month said it would open an embassy in nation’s the capital Honiara amid fears China was seeking to strengthen military relations there.”

  16. I actually think a lot of people understand who the enemy is. It’s just that they also see our own government and the governments of the west (and our culture) – ESPECIALLY after the last two years of covid-communism, as also completely corrupted and infested with communist poison and traitors as well (which some call the nwo). Whether they understand the communists are also behind the nwo is kind of irrelevant. They instinctively recognize we are in a lose-lose scenario. Them recognizing the fact that it’s actually the communists doesn’t change the reality that we are, in fact, in a lose-lose scenario and the pincer is closing. So what can you do? At this point, is one really much better than the other? Individually, there is nothing that can be done – So, they just hate more on the traitors, which is human nature.

    1. The problem is the failure to identify the enemy as Marxist-Leninist/Moscow/Beijing/Havana/etc. They leave that part out, nearly every time. And if Trevor or I mention it, we catch grief for it.

    2. Excellent comment. The lack of honest leaders with Christian or even just decent values, is an enormous problem. I would say evil is the real enemy. It has simply found communism to be a useful horse and carriage to ride and hide in.

  17. If the truth shall set you free than the truth of Rev. 2:9 and 3:9 should be part of your geopolitical analysis.

    1. The “truth” of theological propositions puts one in the cross-hairs of doctrinal controversies and interpretations. Let’s stick to things we can better understand.

  18. The Russian army said Friday that the first phase of its military campaign in Ukraine was over and troops would now focus on the complete “liberation” of the country’s eastern Donbas region.
    “The main tasks of the first stage of the operation have been completed,” said Sergei Rudskoi, chief of the Main Operational Directorate of the General Staff of Russia’s armed forces.

    “The combat potential of Ukraine’s armed forces has been significantly reduced, which allows (us) — I emphasise once again — to focus our main efforts on achieving the main goal — the liberation of Donbas.”
    He said Russian forces had “practically” destroyed Ukraine’s air force and anti-aircraft defences as well as the navy.

    At the same time, Rudskoi said the Russian army did not rule out attacks on cities, claiming that originally such assaults had not been planned.

    “Initially, we did not plan to storm them in order to prevent destruction and minimise losses among personnel and civilians,” he told reporters.

    “Although we do not rule out such a possibility, however, as individual groupings complete their assigned tasks… our forces and means will concentrate on the main thing — the complete liberation of Donbas,” he said, referring to eastern Ukraine.

    Senior military officials addressed journalists in Moscow on the 30th day of the Kremlin’s military campaign in Ukraine.

    The Russian defence ministry updated its losses in Ukraine to 1,351 soldiers, adding that 3,825 soldiers had been wounded.

    1. How anti-climactic. So many people will be disappointed. Maybe NATO could still manage to invade Russia yet?

      1. Plenty damage done. Plenty advantage gained. No need for negotiations after all. Everybody can just go back to sleep again.

    2. Russia is telling laughable lies about the “success” of its military operation and its losses.

      Remember “Baghdad Bob”?

      1. A reporter once asked President, Dub’ya Bush, what he thought about Bagdad Bob:
        “I’d like to arrest him, but I don’t know what for.”

        As usual, nobody takes Putin’s concerns to heart. It couldn’t possibly be that he cares about ethnic Russian citizens of Ukraine being persecuted by Ukrainian armed forces. He has to be making a move for global domination, with rusty trucks stuck in the mud. If those mach 20 hyper-sonic missiles he demonstrated on the NATO Mason’s lodge 12 miles from Poland and the deep underground fuel depot in Southern Ukraine, were really any good, he would have nuked America already.

      2. Putin does not care about ethnic Russians. You have to read the testimony of real Russian nationalists to understand this. Putin has persecuted authentic Russian nationalists.

      3. Something last week made me laugh remembering “Baghdad Bob.” I would never be able to keep a straight face while lying like that. LOL!

  19. I beg to differ with the following conclusion above:

    “DEADLOCK. The war in Ukraine will probably remain stalemated until the sun comes out and the ground dries. Then the Russian numbers can be used to flank the defending Ukrainian brigades and destroy them. Therefore, in May or June Ukraine will be crushed by superior Russian numbers.”

    You seem convinced that Russia’s debacle on the battlefield — in a war that they expected to win by conquest in 72 hours — was caused by mud. (If the Ukr.’s had a fleet of bombers and cruise missiles, the war would have ended on about day 5 when the 40-mile convoy of Russian logistics was stuck on a highway).

    Mud was only a contributing factor. The main reasons for Russia’s failure have been (a) its poorly conceived strategy, dividing its forces into thin columns with no real logistical protection or air superiority, (b) its lack of any apparent unified command-and-control structure, with multiple uncoordinated battles going on at once, (c) the abysmal quality, morale, training and discipline of the Russian soldiers, (d) Russian equipment failures out the gazoo, (e) fierce Ukr. resistance and motivation, (f) Ukr. access to, and use of, personal anti-tank weaponry like the javelin, panzerfaust, etc., and (g) perhaps most under-appreciated, the brilliant Ukr. military strategy that has been executed incredibly well from day one. You will find a GREAT analysis of how Ukr. executed its counter-strategy at the following link:

    Russia’s best troops (Spetznaz, Airborne, Rosgvardia) have gotten pummeled in one month’s time, and are already markedly depleted. In my posts at the end of Feb, I warned that from early indications, Russia obviously was headed for failure (although I really didn’t think that the Russians would resort to wholesale leveling of major cities).

    Now, which of the above factors are going to be cured “when the ground dries out”?

    Add to the above the impact of sanctions thus depriving the Russian war machine of spare parts and supplies.

    1. Who told you they expected to win it in 72 hours? Or that Spetznaz is decimated? All I am seeing in your post is western media propaganda. If they’re as beaten and incompetent as you say, why are they still there? Where is the retreat?

      1. Quietman: I have been paying close attention to the Russian social media postings of soldier funerals. Many airborne, Spetznazis, and Rosgvardia. This is irrefutable confirmation of the Ukrainian military briefings.

        This guy collects many of the Russian soldier funeral posts:
        Pay attention to it if you want to learn something

      2. Quietman: one more thing: when you see those striped undershirts on the photos of the Russian dead soldiers on Rob Lee’s twitter feed, keep in mind that those are members of their “elite” units.

    2. Ukraine does not have a fleet of bombers and cruise missiles. And soft ground was decisive. The Russian paratroopers were depleted because they were the only combat arm capable of flanking over the soft terrain. Light troops take heavy losses on the attack against heavier troops using interior lines.

  20. Funny thing, I was recently listening to a BBC interview with a “Russia expert”, some female professor from the US, who explained how she came to be so interested in Russia. Quick summary: she was told it was the USA’s number 1 enemy and so she became fascinated by it, learned the language, and studied communism. Then she made her first keynote point, which I am paraphrasing here: “When the USSR collapsed, my first concern was how does NATO justify its existence now?”

    Right away, I knew she was yet another communist plant.

  21. The soldiers in Ukraine are fighting for their lives and their country. The Russian soldiers are only there following orders paid in rubles. There is a huge difference between fighting for and with your life versus a paycheck in rubles under orders. However, anyone who thinks of or takes Russia’s military lightly is “the” problem. Never underestimate your enemy. Our politicians here in the US have already done this, look at where we are. Those folks who question Russian’s military tech, nukes, guidance systems, satellites are just fooling themselves entirely and proving their plan has worked. They may be clumsy at times, but they are not fools.

    On the topic of ground fighting, even Gary Gasparov mentioned that Ukraine’s army is huge, they just don’t have enough equipment. Russia is fighting a huge army, with the best help on the planet. It would be remiss to say that that after a few weeks they lost. They may have taken more losses than expected, and the media does capitalize on that here as best they can, and vice versa over there. Say what you will, but as an American, I’m more scared of Russia than a guppy in a piranha tank.

    1. Early on, there were some Russian soldiers who told their Ukrainian captors that they were told that what they were doing was merely an exercise. Next thing they knew, they said, was that they became cannon fodder.

    2. The Ukrainian Army, in terms of effective brigades, is outnumbered by the Russians. And the Russians have air and missile dominance. We have not seen the Russian second strategic echelon yet. This war is getting dangerous.

      1. It is still dangerous for Russia. Given the Russians performance so far, and the losses they have taken, can they afford to stuff more troops into the Ukraine meat grinder? Add in the finances of the situation an additional question becomes, can they afford the war any longer?

        It is true the Russians have some serious reserves if one looks on paper, but that means brining out obsolescent equipment and men who have their active service long behind them and have forgotten much of what they were taught. I don’t know if they still have the categories they used to have (with ‘A’ being their active and best trained and equipped units, ‘B’ being active units that get filled out with younger reservists, but have equipment that is less effective than the ‘A’ units, and ‘C’ which consist of older reservists with obsolescent equipment and men in their late 30s into their 50s), but they can’t afford to take anymore of their ‘A’ units and stuff them into Ukraine. Putin is well aware there are other enemies out their, and if he trusts Xi, then he is a much bigger idiot than even I thought he was.

        I agree the war is at a dangerous point. I don’t think mud was even the biggest problem Putin faced. The problem is that Russia hasn’t fought a serious war since 1945, and even then, the Soviet Army was not all that proficient.

      2. Throughout this invasion, I have often wondered if this isn’t a sort of “training” for the Russian military. I mean, you’ve got to get in there and mix it up at some point to harden your soldiers, get them experience, see where your weaknesses and strengths are, see which officers are effective and which ones are not, etc, etc. If Putin is aiming for conquest of former Soviet controlled countries and beyond, including taking out America, then it seems to me that Ukraine serves as a good place to start hardening the war machine and getting the military and country on major war footing.

      3. I know some of the Russian military has fought and gained experience in other places, but not in the scale of their war against Ukraine, and larger.

      4. If this assessment of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense is even half true, then so much for the Russian “second echelon”:

        The Russian Army command is failing to reinforce troops in #Ukraine with workable tanks and APCs from the storages because optics, electronics, engine parts on the majority of them were stolen. According to the Intel. Dept. of #Ukraine MoD, only 1 out of 10 battle tanks in the storages of the 4th #Russian tank division is battle-ready. Because of this, a commander of the 13th regiment of the 4th Rus. tank division committed suicide. Source: Intel. Dept. of Ukr. MoD.

        That’s what happens in a Kleptocracy I guess.

      5. It has been reported that Russian soldiers ran over their commander with a tank. They were blaming him for heavy losses in Ukraine. It may just be propaganda, I don’t know, but interesting.

  22. The “fooled” rushed in where angels would fear to tread. If they did that to their own soldiers, could you imagine what they would do to me and you?

    1. Russian POWs Say They Were Tricked, Threatened During Invasion
      February 27, 2022 17:39 GMT

      The Ukrainian Interior Ministry has set up a Telegram channel with videos that it says show captured, injured, and dead Russian soldiers. This video shows Russian soldiers being interrogated. The prisoners are being questioned by their Ukrainian captors. It is impossible to independently confirm whether the information they give is accurate. The date and location of the video has not been verified.

      Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty © 2022 RFE/RL, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

    1. I don’t know and have not seen that info anywhere. I do know the so called bioweapons labs were engaged in medical research and would not surprised if they were involved in vaccine research.

  23. Thank you, Jeff and Trevor, for this follow-up video. Trevor, starting at 04:30, and sounding a little uncertain, discusses the “World Council of Families”, which in “1995” was “set up by a couple of Russian sociology professors”.

    This must be the “World Congress of Families”, which was founded in 1997, and still exists, holding international events in different world capitals each year (Moscow was scheduled for 2014, but that event was cancelled). Neither on its own website, nor on Wikipedia and various hostile organisations’ websites is there any information on these Russian founders (although one non-Russian is named as a founder).

    The NYT reported, on October 29, 2019, that the WCF received funding from Konstantin Malofeev, a Russian investor who is clearly in the Putin camp. He was sanctioned by Ukraine in 2014 for funding pro-Russian militias in the Donbass region, and banned from Bulgaria for funding pro-Russian propaganda there. Most interestingly, he was the employer of the (former?) FSB colonel Igor Girkin (“Streltsov”) whose activities in 2014/15 in Ukraine will be well known to you, Jeff.

    It would be welcome if Trevor could find the source of his information on the “Russian sociology professors”. A conservative Spanish Catholic charity/campaigning group that I’ve been involved with (marginally) has, I see, been a sponsor for several of the WCF’s international events, and if I knew more, I could caution them about the dubious origins and funding of this organisation (assuming they don’t already know). Presumably, the WCF is not micro-managed from the Kremlin, and sets its own agenda, but with the involvement of someone like Malofeev, it can no doubt be nudged in directions that suit whatever deceptions the Kremlin wants to pull off.

  24. The whole notion that the event where the puppet of the Kremlin Viktor Yanukovych being ousted by the Ukrainians was some CIA backed coup gives me a big déjà vu feeling. The communists say the exact same thing when then president of Brazil João Goulart was deposed after massive protests against his government, Goulart received reports that Fidel Castro was financing guerrillas in Brazil in the 60’s and he took the report and handed it over to Fidel himself. There’s no law against high treason, but that’s exactly what he did. So when the population rises against a communist traitor and succeeds in kicking him out, soon his buddies start to smear what happened as some outside intervention coup. Putin saying he’s going to fight the nazis in Ukraine also resembles how Stalin said he was fighting Finnish fascism prior to the Winter War. Communists sure like their old talking points, don’t they

  25. Venezuela carries out a military exercise with 10,000 men on the border with Colombia. A move similar to what Russia did with Ukraine. There is a discourse of decocaination from Colombia, similar to the denazification of the Russian slogan against Ukraine. Debate is in portuguese. Troops vídeo.

      1. In my opinion, yes, but the decision of when will not be from Venezuela, but from the China-Russia axis, and it has certainly already been timed with some future action against the US.

  26. Here is a battle of staggering size fought and lost by Russia in 1905 against Japan in Manchuria that humiliated Czarist Russia and helped create the conditions for the Russian Revolution:

    Imagine a battlefield with 340,000 Russian soldiers on the field versus 260,000 Japanese.

    If Russia ends up being humiliated in its Ukrainian campaign, it’s really hard to predict what the consequences for Russia’s crime syndicate rulers will be.

  27. I disagree that Ukraine will lose.

    First, Russia is retreating, they even admitted to it. They are pulling back to focus on the Donbass. The forces NW of Kyiv are encircled by Ukrainians, and Kherson is now expected to be in Ukrainian control today. Mariupol still hasn’t fallen, and the Turk/Greek/French humanitarian mission will soon be there to evacuate civilians. If Ukraine can push to the Crimea bridge they can destroy the way into Crimea.

    Second, Russia is running low on equipment. US intelligence says they are low on smart munitions. The Ukrainian Intelligence is saying that only 1 in 10 Russian tanks that were warehoused are repairable. Optics, electronics, and rare earth minerals were stolen from warehoused tanks.

    There is no evidence of a second or third Echelon. Maybe in a year or two the Russians could repair their warehoused equipment using Chinese replacements while training enough soldiers to be proper soldiers. Even the Syrians have abandoned the Russians by refusing to go to Ukraine. When it becomes obvious that China is helping the Russians invade Ukraine, the US already has red lines in place to smash China with sanctions. And unlike with Russia, China is hated by the Trump crowd. So there will be less open division in sanctioning China even with the pain.

    Obviously Nukes and China are still two big threats. But I believe Ukraine won, and has the support, will, and ability to build a stronger defense.

    1. Urgle: I share your optimism based on the first month.

      But let’s not totally discount the Russians’ ability to adapt and to inflict yet more fearsome damage.

    2. Re “red lines in place to smash China with sanctions”

      On what basis can we conclude that US/NATO sanctions will “smash” China in a way that would stop, deter or even alter their aggression?

      Most of the world is not going along with sanctions. Even NATO countries aren’t really going along – they’re finding work-arounds in key areas. Meanwhile, the BRICs plus the rest of South America and Africa, and a lot of the Middle East, are busy working out new trade and payment arrangements, outside the “Western Liberal Order.”

      We brag and preen about GDP, using it as a premise to refer to the West as “most of the world” – but look at a map of where the world’s food, energy and precious metals originate, as well as most of the world’s population. When the West says “the world is unified” against Russia – we are not talking about countries with the vast majority of people and resources.

      The fiction that sanctions are an effective weapon deployed by “the West” against Russia/China military aggression must be re-examined.

      1. Sanctions are being over-used and excessively relied upon.

        Beware the law of unintended consequences…

      2. Stalin was Russian. It’s shooting yourself in the ass when Ukraine does it.

      3. Russia has accomplished it’s mission despite Ukraine putting their farmland out of production for the next five years, at great cost to their economy and food supply. When Stalin broke a dam in Ukraine, the flooding killed thousands of Ukrainians. He wasn’t hurting his own country or his own people.

      4. Did anyone hear of Zelensky giving evacuation orders prior to his bursting the three dams which were breached, thus flooding the Irpin River Basin? Stalin only blasted one dam open during World War Two, and it killed an estimated twenty thousand to one hundred thousand people by bombing a dam in Southern Ukraine. How many Ukrainians were killed by the unannounced depopulation attack against them by their own President? Is Putin behind the Globalist depopulation scheme, along with Biden, Zelensky, Soros, Schwab, Gates, and Fauci? Quite an elaborate little dog and pony show, yeah? irpin river basin

      5. You’re trying to make Zelensky look bad. However, the article you posted says that it is unclear what caused the flooding. It also says that Ukraine said Russian forces had destroyed a dam in the reservoir north of Kiev.

        Also, if the Ukranians destroyed it, it looks like it was a wise move. And I’m pretty sure Zelensky didn’t make the decision on his own. Very probably, he would have been advised by military leadership to order it done.

        Why are you zeroing in on the flooding to try and make Zelensky look stupid or evil?

        If the Russians are allowed to take Kiev, do you think it will be any better for the Ukranians than if they hadn’t flooded the Irpin basin? You think the Russians are going to allow them to farm the land for their own sustenance and prosperity?

        No they will not. The proof is in the unprovoked invasion, the shelling of the civilian population, in forced “evacuation” of Ukranian citizens into Russia, in displacing millions of Ukranians from their homes, and causing them to be refugees in other countries.

      6. I am asking if anyone has heard of any evacuation orders prior to the flooding, and if Russia did it and wiped out thousands of Ukrainians, why it hasn’t been brought to the United Nations? As far as I can find, the flood came by complete surprise, and nobody has complained about it at all. Are there no witnesses left alive? This seems to me like the depopulation plan of the Globalists. Is Putin onboard with that?

    3. They might be “retreating” but they hit a fuel depot in Lviv earlier today.

      “Powerful explosions rocked Lviv, in western Ukraine, on Saturday, creating plumes of thick black smoke and causing at least five injuries, according to Ukrainian officials, with the air attack on the city coming as President Joe Biden was on a state visit to neighboring Poland.”

    4. Russia stated up front that they had no intention of invading Ukraine, that what they demanded of Ukraine was security for the Donbas, no Ukrainian membership in NATO. Well, Russia has liberated the Donbas, and eliminated the NATO Mason’s lodge from Western Ukraine. It’s Jeff who has everyone thinking that Russia as going for World domination. Ukraine will not be retaking the Donbas, and NATO will not be rebuilding their clubhouse. Oh, not to mention the bio labs that toyed with bat viruses. Those are gone and will be used as evidence against Biden, along with Hunter’s lap top.

      1. What does Russian need with a bigger welfare state? The Soviet Union already reaped all the natural resources from the junior partners. I suppose before Russia can invade Europe they might have some rather extensive field clearing to conduct, first; such as the Baltics. Russia might advise the Baltics to withdraw from NATO or at least to expel NATO weaponry.

      2. As far as why “does Russia need with a bigger welfare state?”, you tell me (though it’s not a welfare state). They took Crimea, now it seems they will have the Donbas. Why do they want to expand their territory?

      3. Melvin: “Russia stated up front that they had no intention of invading Ukraine”

        But they DID invade Ukraine.

        “what they demanded of Ukraine was security for the Donbas”

        Would there have been insecurity in the Donbas had the Russians not been meddling and sending in troops to fight there?

        “no Ukrainian membership in NATO”

        The Russians knew that as long as a country is under active attack from another country, that that country is ineligible for membership in NATO. So they kept up the pressure.

        Three strikes and you’re out. Do you still believe the claim that Russia isn’t going for world domination? That their past statements concerning world domination were just rhetorical? That only Jeff raises the alarm?

      4. Russia’s time table would seem to require quite a bit of time yet, unless Biden can goad Putin into nuking US before Biden nukes Russia, while the US nukes have yet to expire.

  28. Sure it was. And the evidence is OUT THERE, probably in Roswell.

  29. “the SBU fed false information to Moscow about Ukraine’s willingness to fight”

    Why would Ukraine signal unwillingness to defend their country during a russian military buildup on their border? This leads to one conclusion and it’s not pretty…

    1. If you knew an attack was coming was kind of disinformation would you rely on? Seeming weak is playing possum. Seeming strong would be to threaten. Which way?

      1. Playing weak encouraged the invasion. Do you really think Russia would’ve gone through with this if they knew what kind of resistance they’d face? How is this quagmire in their interest?

        And how can you maintain your thesis now that the russian military has been exposed as a paper tiger and russian intel as clueless? Face it, Russia is going to be weak, cut off from Europe and might even collapse, but the subversion and totalitarian creep in the west will continue to accelerate because it likely does not rely on Moscow at all.

      2. The communist movement is tied directly to Moscow and Beijing. Furthermore, totalitarian militaries have always had these same weaknesses. An economic war has now begun and we will see which side has better cards to play.

  30. Yikes From

    “The foreign military intelligence agency of the Russian Federation, known by its abbreviation GRU, currently has more intelligence officials deployed in Mexico than in any other country in the world, with the final goal of influencing the decisions taken by the United States. That’s according to the commander of the United States Northern Command, Glen VanHerck, who issued this warning on Thursday during a hearing of the United States Senate Committee on Armed Services, during which he added that the Kremlin is seeking to access the US from the neighboring country.”

    My guess is AMLO has no prob with that.

  31. Biden gave a speech today in Poland. It was full of hot air posturing as opposition to the Russians.

    The only concrete thing I heard that would even remotely hurt Russia was some vague commitment to help Europe “stop relying on fossil fuels from Russia”. But how would America do this? The communists here have a stranglehold around domestic energy companies. I don’t buy it.

    The other notable thing he said was that Putin “cannot remain in power”. This is essentially suggesting regime change, or regime leader change. An absolutely absurd position given how weak the US is. And you must remember this is Putin’s ally the Democrat Party saying it. So it means nothing.

    Rhetorically however, the Democratic Party is painting a duality of Russian Autocracy on one side and American Democracy on the other. This is useful for the Democrats, who always pretend the only conceivable danger is a single-person run dictatorship. They will NEVER ever talk about the much greater dangers of a One-Party Dictatorship such as really rules Russia. And thus this rhetoric fits neatly into their domestic demonization, against Trump as a would be dictator, against the Republicans as enabling Trump, against Republicans as looking longingly to the Russian strongman.

    It is unclear what the American Communists role is, but one thing is clear; they have been designated to lead, direct, and control the blowback energy to Russia’s invasion. What better way to control the enemy’s response then to be the first one there, the most vociferous, the loudest, the most blustery, all while doing nothing concrete of course.

    And so Biden will bray his spittle-flecked speeches and pretend to rail against Russian expansionism, all the while maintaining a stranglehold on American domestic energy. He will make American citizens suffer greatly from food shortages, energy shortages, and a devalued dollar. This attack on the American people ALSO fits neatly into the Pretend-Opposition rhetoric: “we all must bear the cost”, Biden solemnly opines from his million-dollar mansions filled with bribes from foreign enemies.

    No, poor and middle-class Americans will bear the cost. An entirely artificial cost produced by the American Communists’ deathgrip on US energy.

    The conservatives and Republicans must beat the Democrats to the opposition hill and stay on that ground. Republicans must point out that while Biden talks tough, he still will not hurt Russia where it counts. Instead of stupidly and reflexively siding with Russia simply because Biden opposes them, they should criticize and question whether Biden actually opposes Russia. Whatever Biden and the Democrats suggest, Republicans should suggest more. The American Communists have a vulnerability by doing this game – they can be forced into proving that they actually oppose them. This momentum could be used to force the Biden Administration to shore up the US military, modernize our nukes, open up domestic energy, etc..

    Republicans, get your act together. This is actually an opportunity. Tell the world – if Biden truly opposes Russia, he must modernize our nukes. If he truly opposes them, he must immediately maximize energy production. If the American Communists truly oppose Russia, they must immediately do a laundry list of things that would actually strengthen America and weaken the Communist alliance. For the love of all that is holy, at the very least prove how utterly fraudulent this pretend opposition is. That is where they are vulnerable.

    1. Biden killed the Keystone Pipeline that Trump shoved through, so to “stop relying on fossil fuels from Russia” is especially disingenuous unless there really is no shortage in the US of oil. As far as removing Putin from office as well as previously having called Putin a ‘war criminal’, which Putin officially objected to, I think Putin will remove Biden with a war crimes tribunal for the bio labs in Ukraine. Biden is attempting to deflect from all that. Furthermore, Biden hints that the US might find grounds for a nuclear first strike against Russia.

      What does this amount to?

    2. They walked it back:

      And yet it was in the speech. They knew it was in the speech. Biden is not making it up on the spot. He’s reading his lines. Maybe it was designed to give Russian media propaganda to incite their citizenry, knowing they won’t air the correction? To help the KGB terrify their populace and prepare them for war? What to make of this?

  32. A new Kamil Galeev thread is out saying that the oligarchs and propagandists of Russia are saying this is the end of Russia. While this may be partially due to an attempt to revive the Soviet Union, Kamil uses evidence to show that the regional governors of Russia will use the chaos of the sanctions to isolate the regions from each other. Essentially causing a split in the country without a strong central political will.

    1. This is completely absurd. Russia is ruled with an iron fist. Nobody is rebelling.

  33. Unreal! They are doing all they can to weaken our military.

    “The U.S. Army has announced changes to the Army Combat Fitness Test beginning on April 1, following a Congressionally mandated review which found that almost half of enlisted active-duty women were unable to complete the required feats of fitness necessary to pass the test.”

    1. Everyone remaining in the US Military has taken the time release mRNA lethal injections. Only those who obediently follow orders and likely to shoot Americans, will remain until they keel over from the Covid shots.

      1. Melvin: The injections aren’t apparently lethal for everyone so far. I did speak with a doctor who is a biowar expert. He said neurological disorders in the military have jumped over 1,000 percent. Then you have heart conditions and cancers increasing. What caused this? I doubt the policymakers did it on purpose. Normally, it’s just stupidity — like when Ford built the Pinto. They weren’t trying to burn their customers to death in car accidents. They just designed a bad gas tank. This kind of thing is normal, which is why you cannot trust things that are not properly tested first.

      2. There is a consensus among many experts that the mRNA vaccines have altered/weakened some people’s natural immune response. Things that the body would normally be able to rectify are spiraling out of control.

      3. Eventually, the shots will kill everyone who got boosters, unless they become the one lucky survivor to become an immortal zombie robot prototype. Forty percent of the shots are saline. That’s not therapeutic; it’s an experiment. An experiment without safety protocols. Even one injection of the real, mRNA gene editing serum will alter the subject’s DNA, making them trans-human at the genetic level.

  34. I know this appears obvious, but why should Russia cause further depredations in Ukraine? If you were going to release a chemical weapon or tactical nuke, would you not retreat your troops? The layers of options and strategy is just going to get more complicated as time goes on. Hitler once mentioned he wanted the fastest way possible.

      1. “The Islamic terrorists — were they Moscow’s friends all along?”

        Good question. Isn’t their “friendship” one of convenience for both sides?

        My understanding of Islam is that it is a religion whose ultimate goal is to get control of the whole world. Communism is a religion whose ultimate goal is to get control of the whole world. Is the world big enough for both religions? Or at some point will they turn on each other?

  35. Im curious what steps were taken by the “Perestroika Deceivers” to ensure that the future generation of leaders would be both willing and able to turn their newly “freed” countries back to communism. I know the masses are easily led but it still seems like it was a huge chance they took trusting future generations with the plan.

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