If Western democracies collaborate with the KGB regime long enough, they are at risk of degrading to the level of backward and corrupt Russia. Western countries can simply lose their democratic political systems to the Mafia, leaving their citizens defenseless in front of that mortal danger.

Alexander Litvinenko, “Allegations,” p. 204

How do we understand the treason of our elites? The fact is, our elites have been compromised by their longstanding partnerships with Moscow and Beijing. The sudden flip of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Joe Biden, almost a decade ago, along with the Democratic Party, toward anti-Russian declamations, should not be taken at face value. There are understandings and relationships hidden from public view. A double game has been played by our “progressives” and those heavily invested in China. Some of them are undoubtedly in shock, at seeing the outbreak of war in eastern Europe. Others are staying the course because they actually believe in socialism and trust in their Chinese “friends.” Some readers may wonder what I am referring to. Let’s take a page from history and reconsider where we have arrived.

In Dan Kurzman’s 1963 volume, Subversion of the Innocents, we read of a lecture given by Mao Zedong in the 1930s. This lecture is recapitulated in a chapter titled “The Art of Deceit,” with citations from a former Peruvian Marxist named Eudocio Ravines.[i] According to Kurzman, most of the progress made by communism since World War II had “been registered since the death of Joseph Stalin in 1953, which was followed by a vital Red policy switch in the underdeveloped countries….”[ii] (We can see, today, that this policy switch has since been successfully implemented to subvert the developed countries.)[iii]

Deeply impressed by the flexible maneuvers of Stalin, Mao noted how deftly the Soviet leader moved left with Kamenev and Zinoviev, then right with Bukharin during the New Economic Policy (NEP),[iv] then switched left again after the end of NEP to implement farm collectivization. Thinking matters over in the Chinese context, Mao envisioned his own variant of Stalin’s “right strategy.” Mao’s theory, wrote Kurzman, “was that he could beat [nationalist leader] Chiang only if he could swing most of the people behind him, and he wasn’t interested in the political orientation of his supporters as long as they followed him. Ideological indoctrination would come later, when the country was safely in his hands.” Thus, Mao practiced a refined variant of the “right strategy,” known as the Yenan Way, “which he had first conceived in the 1930s in his isolated North Chinese Stronghold in Yenan.[v]

Mao learned from Stalin that communist leaders had to be flexible, even ambiguous at times. In fact, Mao thought Stalin had not been flexible enough. Mao envisioned disguising communism behind “the mask of a legitimate national movement, such as anti-imperialism or agrarian reform, to win over workers, peasants, lower-and-middle-class citizens, the intelligentsia, and even businessmen….”[vi] According to former Peruvian communist Eudocio Ravines, Mao offered him the following advice in 1934:

Our experience, the experience of the Yenan Way, is this: people like doctors, generals, dentists, town mayors, and lawyers who aren’t rich, do not love power for itself; much less for the good they can do with it. They want it for the wealth it can bring. They achieve power and then they begin to call out like Napoleon for money, money, and again, money. Get this through your head, comrade. If we help these people, if we are a ladder for them because it suits us well, then it would be absurd for us to stay their hands, sew up their pockets, or check their greed. If we did this, they would turn against us and try to crush us. That happened with Chiang in 1927 – we tried to play the moralist and he hurled all his power against us.[vii]

Mao told Ravines, “Let them get rich today. Very soon we can expropriate everything. The more help they get from us in their pillage, the more positions they will let us take and occupy; they will help us to capture … [these positions] and even to extend them.” Mao then cautioned Ravines against participating in any of their frauds. He warned not to take their plunder. Collaborate with them in secret and leave no proof of the collaboration behind. “This delights your robber friends,” said Mao. “For your integrity leaves more for them to divide among a larger number of fellow rogues.” This method of taking power might seem slow, noted Mao, but it is “actually quicker and surer.”

By chance, if a rogue does not uphold his end of the bargain, the communists subject him to a “frontal attack of pitiless ferocity.” Mao then added, “It is enough to make an example of one; once they see that we can bar the path to a man, that we have the power to destroy him utterly, the rest will be afraid not to play our game. We communists have never given this fear enough weight. I don’t know why. The ambitious petit bourgeois taken with the fever of greed feels real anguish when we strike him hard.”[viii]

After China began trading with the West, this strategy was applied to the largest corporations and richest billionaires in America and Europe.[ix] Here, the Chinese communists followed through on Lenin’s insight that the capitalists “will furnish credits … and, by supplying us materials and technical equipment which we lack, will restore our military industry necessary for our future attacks against our suppliers.”[x]

With Lenin’s vision and Mao’s refinements, the Chinese communists brought the Yenan Way to Wall Street and to the pharmaceutical industry. As money-making became the core concern of the post-Cold War world, the CCP extended their hand in false friendship. “We can make you rich,” they said to American businessmen. “It is glorious to be rich.” But the communist endgame necessarily entails the expropriation of the capitalists, facilitated at some point by a viral pandemic along the lines of Chi Haotian’s secret speech. In his little red book, Quotations from Mao Tsetung, Mao explained, “As for the imperialist countries, we should unite with their peoples and … do business with them … but under no circumstances harbour any unrealistic notions about them.”[xi] (Italics added.)

By 1999 the Chinese Communist Party had received credits and technical equipment to build its military industry. At the same time, China laid the groundwork for acquiring a near-monopoly position in the production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and vaccine precursors. Chinese biologists began flooding into U.S. labs. In keeping with the Yenan Way, Beijing sought business partners in the West who could facilitate the CCP’s long-range strategic preparations. Especially, China needed to find the right American billionaire as a partner; and that partner was Microsoft’s Bill Gates. Here was a “visionary” entrepreneur who built a massive technology industry. And Gates was not troubled with the oppressive nature of the CCP regime. Microsoft teamed up with the Chinese communists in the 1990s and has continued to deepen its relationship with Beijing.[xii] According to researcher Peter Schweizer, Gates’s relationship with the Chinese regime has been “deeply troubling.”[xiii]

Gates was lured into this “deeply troubling” relationship because China represented the largest potential tech market on earth. With four times America’s population and a smiling communist dictator ready to promise the moon, how could Gates resist? Of course, he wasn’t the only billionaire to join with the Chinese communists; but he has been, arguably, the most important. “Gates has cooperated with the regime in ways that the other tech titans have not,” wrote Schweizer. “He has lent credence to the claims of the Chinese Communist Party and been rewarded with access, favors, and titles. He has done the bidding of the regime in the tech world and has apologized or made excuses for its aberrant activities.”[xiv]

While arguing that the Internet “cannot be controlled,” Gates has facilitated CCP internet censorship and the suppression of free speech in China (and across the Net).[xv] According to Schweizer, it is hardly surprising that “Gates’s efforts to support the regime have been rewarded.” Gates is celebrated by the CCP as one of fifty foreigners who shaped modern China. This same list includes such luminaries as Karl Marx, Lenin and Stalin. When Chinese President Hu Jintao made his first official trip to the United States, he “stopped off in Seattle for a visit with Gates at his ‘palatial home’ before heading to Washington, D.C.”[xvi]

In this context it is alarming to see that Gates has shifted his focus from computer technology to biosciences, investing in companies and technologies associated with pandemics and, by extension, with biological war. For example, Gates has invested in pharmaceutical companies, like Gilead Sciences, Inc., which developed Remdesivir, a drug credited by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., with exacerbating the COVID pandemic.[xvii] In fact, another famous name has become associated with Gilead Sciences, Inc. – George Soros, a man who has also “partnered with China.”[xviii]

Turning to the website of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Yenan Way comes into focus. According to this website, “Since opening our China office in 2007, we have supported China in addressing its major domestic health and development challenges, including infectious diseases and poverty.” The Foundation’s work is described as being “in China for China” as well as being “in China for the world.” As explained on the site, the Foundation has been tackling problems related to “immunization … infectious diseases … and … also extending the global reach of China’s health and development expertise….” The Gates Foundation also facilitates “China’s ability to share its expertise and innovations – including high-quality, low-cost vaccines and other health products – with sub-Saharan Africa and the rest of the developing world.”[xix]

Of greater interest is Gates’s infamous pandemic wargames, which showcase the effectiveness of Chinese-style administrative tyranny in response to a global outbreak. Here the Yenan Way acquires a lab coat, a test kit, and a vaccine ampule. It is global governance under the guise of healthcare – with Chinese communist characteristics. Regarding these pandemic wargames, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. wrote, “Each of these Kafkaesque exercises became uncanny predictors….[xx] Kennedy has aptly characterized them as follows:

Each rehearsal ends with the same grim punchline: the global pandemic is an excuse to justify the imposition of tyranny and coerced vaccination. The repetition of these exercises suggests that they serve as a kind of rehearsal or training drill for an underlying agenda to coordinate the global dismantling of democratic governance.[xxi]

Futuristic pandemic scenarios, sponsored by Gates, were designed “for Public Health Risk Communicators.” In 2017 there were two such exercises: MARS and SPARS.[xxii] As a tabletop pandemic simulation, the latter imagined a coronavirus pandemic that would supposedly take place from 2025 to 2028. It was, noted Kennedy, an “eerily precise predictor of the COVID-19 pandemic.” In fact, added Kennedy, “the only thing Gates and his planners got wrong was the year.”[xxiii]

The SPARS exercise simulated a coronavirus pandemic “culminating in mass vaccination of the global population.”[xxiv] Even more curious, the scenario blueprint predicted “waves of severe neurological vaccine injuries soon appearing among children and adults.” The simulation even predicted a case fatality rate of 0.6 percent in the United States.[xxv] How were the participants in the exercise supposed to respond? The blueprint was to employ fear-porn to overcome public complacency. The population was to be vaccinated, by hook or by crook. As Kennedy observed, this was not about public health. The exercise was all about sticking to mass vaccination through thick and thin, whether it made sense or not.

If we put this in context with Gates’s relationship to China, we suddenly find ourselves returning to Brig. Gen. Rothschild’s warnings about a toxic attack through the adulteration of medicines (or vaccines). The strategist is left to wonder if vaccines, under such circumstances, might serve as an attack vector. If universal vaccination is imposed, if the vaccines can be contaminated by an attacker, hundreds of millions could be unwittingly victimized. In addition, the unwitting national governments and elites who imposed the vaccinations would be discredited and civil order would likely break down.

Many will think it a contradiction for the communist Chinese to employ capitalist billionaires in their strategy. But contradictions are intrinsic to communist philosophy. In his essay, “On Contradictions,” Mao Zedong explained communist dialectics in terms of ancient Chinese philosophy, noting, “When a thing reaches the limit in one direction, it will turn back to the other direction.”[xxvi] In terms of Mao’s long game, the Cultural Revolution had run its course. A return to Mao’s “right strategy” (the Yenan Way) would naturally be expected. And this is exactly what happened.

Bioscience is big business. Military power depends on that business. Biological warfare lies within the scope of that business. Through the Yenan Way, this business can be subverted and used to facilitate Chinese strategy. What is most disturbing about China’s best billionaire friend, Bill Gates, is the way in which his pandemic simulations have prepared “public health communicators” to support a policy that might well enable an attack vector. If the public is frightened by a pandemic, and a program of mass vaccination is offered as a solution when mass vaccination is not a safe, a question of motive and opportunity presents itself.

Given the CCP’s motivations, is there not an opportunity here?

Links and Notes

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110 thoughts on “The Subversion of the Not-So-Innocent

  1. Another outstanding article with excellent references. Your work ethic and integrity……amazing!
    You were on track for a cushy job back in Irvine. You gave it up to warn us about Communism.

  2. Greed. The greed of western businesses is a major factor in our downfall.
    America should have avoided business with China and worked more with Europe and South America. Maybe there would be less communism in South America if we had done so. Yes the 1.4 billion Chinese were hard to resist. Look what it cost us.
    Remdesivir, I may have kidney, liver and other damage from this after almost dying of covid last September.
    Maybe Gates will pay off my medical bills?

      1. Thank you Jeff. Waiting on an appointment with a kidney doctor right now.
        Some said covid doesn’t exist. But I would love to know what I had then. Sure wasnt the flu. I lost 30 pounds and looked years older when I got out of the hospital.
        I’m 55 but looked 70 and felt 90. Used walker for couple of weeks and stayed on O2 for a few months.
        Covid or something definitely does exist.

      1. I’m so sorry to hear that ohengineer. 🙁 I was in the hospital last October with the Delta variant. I wouldn’t let them give me Remdesivir OR put me on a ventilator. They gave me oxygen and steroids. They thought I’d be there for at least 2 weeks, but when I was discharged on the 4th day, the doctor told me she’d never seen anyone turn around as quickly as I did. Prayer and not putting “poison” in my body made a huge difference!

      2. Very sorry to hear that about your son in law. Very aggravating we were not allowed to use ivermectin, etc.
        Remdesivir has been shown to damage liver, kidney and probably other organs.
        I still have long covid. Out of breath easily, memory problems, lungs still have glass like structure, feet hurt since hospital and now feet /hands are often freezing. Wearing gloves right now and wool socks, sometimes 2 pair. Now have high BP, tachycardia, exhaustion, body aches, and now have to get a CPAP machine.
        I actually started getting much better in the hospital when an antibiotic was added to my IV, DR said may have developed bacterial pneumonia with covid. But remdesivir was started when I got there.
        Hope your daughter is ok. Had to be very very tough.

      3. Good thing commenters here are allowed, month after month, to cast doubt upon the validity of the virus, influencing however many readers you have to doubt reality. This blog remains a cesspool of extremist nonsense. Zero value.

      4. I did not read anyone here saying there was no virus. The protocol for using Remdesivir is being called into question. There are serious doctors who disagree with that protocols. We should have an open mind when it comes to such questions. Science is not decided by authority. Many scientific discoveries were made by people whose theories went against authority.

  3. Thank you, Jeff!

    In your previous post, a reader called James asked you a question shortly before comments were turned off:

    “Im curious what steps were taken by the “Perestroika Deceivers” to ensure that the future generation of leaders would be both willing and able to turn their newly “freed” countries back to communism. I know the masses are easily led but it still seems like it was a huge chance they took trusting future generations with the plan.”

    I’m also really curious to know the answer.

    1. People who have lived under a communist system, once having tasted freedom, tend to resist moves that lead back to the old system; so that has been problematic in several formerly communist countries. Because Russian patriotism has an association with the Soviet Union, there has been more success at trying to walk things back to the USSR. Even in Russia most people felt contempt for the Marxist-Leninist prattle that was constant background noise during the Soviet years. Except for the significant openly communist minority in Russia, deception has been the Kremlin staple — a falsely framed nationalism.

      1. Couldn’t the Kremlin keep control of those nations let go by insuring that the leaders were loyal to Russia? I mean they do such a great job in the Western nations, look at Biden and the Democrats. And maybe that is why they had to invade the Ukraine. Maybe they saw the West had control of Zelenskyy and had to invade to insure they control the leadership.

      2. Derived from a clear and firm message from an old and reliable friend.

        Since you asked indirectly for “What strategy for America….?”


        If the link does not work:

        by Mayavel Amado

        Also, which true and pure and actual kernel,
        can grow to the most extreme loyalty that is needed —– ?

        A question before the war.

  4. Jeff, first paragraph, lines 4-5, should there be an “a” between almost and decade? You can delete this comment.

  5. It was, noted Kennedy, an “eerily precise predictor of the COVID-19 pandemic.” In fact, added Kennedy, “the only thing Gates and his planners got wrong was the year.”

    Eerily precise is a good way to describe it! Thank you Jeff for putting all these puzzle pieces together. The “fear-porn” obviously worked. I haven’t read Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s book yet, but I will.

    Did you know the Greek word “pharmakeia” is used in Revelation 18:23? “…for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.” The King James version translates the word as sorceries, but the definition of pharmakeia is “the use of medicine, drugs or spells”. https://biblehub.com/greek/5331.htm

    Sure makes me wonder!

    1. The context is judgment on a false religious system (hence the term “Mystery Babylon”, a clear reference to the old Babylonian / Chaldean Mystery Religion), so any kind of interpretation of the root word pharmakeia starts with that context, rather than the other way round, which would erroneously see the root word interpreting the context. So what I’m saying is, the KJV translation best suits the baseline context.

      1. OK. It’s interesting to me that we get our word pharmacy from that Greek word:

        pharmacy (n.)
        late 14c., farmacie, “a medicine that rids the body of an excess of humors (except blood);” also “treatment with medicine; theory of treatment with medicine,” from Old French farmacie “a purgative” (13c.) and directly from Medieval Latin pharmacia, from Greek pharmakeia “a healing or harmful medicine, a healing or poisonous herb; a drug, poisonous potion; magic (potion), dye, raw material for physical or chemical processing.”

      2. The ancient Greek word “mysterion” actually had the meaning of “teaching” or “doctrine”, so its use in Revelation 17:5, 7 refers to the religion of Babylon. The modern English word “mystery” has near the opposite meaning.

    2. Great to hear you beat covid so fast! I assume I had delta in September also. O2 was down to 67 one morning when waking up so went by Ambulance. That was 3rd trip to ER.
      Sent home first 2 with nausea meds. Laid in ER floor incoherent, freezing, nauseated, laid on my shoes for a pillow. Went to restroom before I left, had to call security to get me up. Sent home. Big failure of US medical system.

      1. Thank you Chad! You’ve had a horrible time with it. 🙁 Do you know what your Vitamin D level was by any chance? Early on in the pandemic, I heard a Pulmonologist working in a Covid ICU say that the only thing all the people in there had in common was that they were low on Vitamin D. From that day forward, I increased my intake and my level was 60 in September when I had it checked. That may have really helped. I agree that there has been a huge failure with regard to Covid. Early intervention was critical and yet it was denied. Praying you get better soon!

      2. Sorry to hear it hit you so hard Chad. I heard a report on Vitamin D helping from a doctor on YouTube and immediately started taking it along with C. Got possibly Delta in September too. Not much worse than a bad flu other than the fatigue and and losing 10 pounds in 2 weeks. Worked at home part time through it and I was 69 years old. Didn’t seem to have many after affects but have noticed some rare periods of mental shutdown. It is clear that there were some doctors who knew what to do and many who didn’t, and that different people had many different experiences.

  6. In this context, why has Russia appropriated the harmless little biolabs in Ukraine and de-NAZI-fied, the country? Might some other Fascist/Communist mafias have visions of a new and improved form of totalitarianism, which can not be implemented with an independent Russian nation-state?

  7. This didn’t go well:

    Russian President Vladimir Putin reportedly rejected a note from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy seeking peace in the more than a month-long conflict. When the note was hand-delivered to him by Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich, Putin reportedly replied instead: “Tell him I will thrash them.”

    The Times of London reported Monday that Abramovich, a close ally of Putin acting as Russia’s envoy to Ukrainian negotiators, last week met Putin in Moscow and presented him with a handwritten note from Zelenskyy outlining the conditions he would consider in order to reach a cease-fire agreement.

    1. Putin met with Turky’s President Erdogan a couple of weeks ago, and informed him that Russia had accomplished it’s objectives and would cease fire immediately upon Ukraine’s concessions to gains made by Russia, to be followed by a personal face to face with Zelensky. Zelensky refused to meet, but several days latter, after having been criticized by the World for his obstinance, stated publicly that he was ready to meet with Putin to negotiate Russia giving back what it took and leaving. Putin then relied by saying that he was not yet ready to meet.

      I’m still waiting to hear tell of Zelensky directing directing the evacuation of Ukrainians in the Irpin River Basin, prior to three dams being breached, or any complaints by survivors.

      5 hours ago The Moscow Times
      Russia said it was expelling 10 diplomats from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia in a tit-for-tat move after the Baltic countries expelled Russian diplomats over military action in Ukraine.

      The Foreign Ministry said it summoned the ambassadors of the three EU and NATO member countries and “strongly protested” the “unjustified” expulsion of Russian diplomats.

      “Based on the principle of reciprocity,” Moscow will be expelling four diplomats from the Lithuanian embassy and three each from the Latvian and Estonian embassies, the ministry added.

      These countries had expelled Russian diplomats earlier this month.

  8. The old proverb “The acorn doesn’t fall far from the oak tree” fits Bill Gates. His father was (still is?) heavily involved with the murder of preborn infants (abortion) and brought it home as Bill was growing up. So seeing that Bill seems to lack a conscience fits the family pattern.

    Did George Soros have the same sort of background as he grew up?

    It seems as if one of the requirements for working with the CCP is a lack of conscience. Big pharma has a history of choosing profits over the health on its customers. How can anyone with a conscience do that? The same with Soros in his monetary manipulations that caused suffering in the countries he victimized. Aren’t these and other actions of not caring about other people signs of psychopathy?


    Mar 28
    For people moaning – 450GB of erased material we have to go through and catalogue. Including 80,000 images and Nat Security Issues I had to deal with first. So, ease up. At every turn I will always put my country first and that is what I am doing right now at enormous personal risk.
    Posted on 7:25 AM · Mar 28th, 2022




    1. You guys paying attention to Hunter Biden’s laptop saga?

      The FBI doesn’t even know where the laptop is. It’s in Switzerland undergoing a forensic audit. There are libraries full of porn and dirty government dealings which are being recovered from having been erased. However, the receipt for the laptop that Hunter abandoned at the repair shop, has just been entered into the Congressional record, despite objections by the clueless FBI. The data is on the way, and will soon be added to the public record. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha HA!!!

      This is an hysterical read off proceedings on the floor:

      1. The terrorist acts carried out in the course of the `overture’ require very few people, very few weapons and little equipment. In some cases all that may be needed is one man who has as a weapon nothing more than a screwdriver, a box of matches or a glass ampoule. Some of the operations can have catastrophic consequences. For example, an epidemic of an infectious disease at seven of the most important naval bases in the West could have the effect of halving the combined naval might of the Soviet Union’s enemies. The `overture’ could last from several weeks to several months, gradually gathering force and embracing fresh regions. At the same time the GUSM would become involved. Photographs compromising a NATO chief appear on the front pages of Western newspapers. A scandal explodes. It appears that some of the NATO people have been having meetings with high-ranking Soviet diplomats and handing over top secret papers. All efforts to refute the story only fuel the fire. The public demands the immediate dismissal of NATO’s chiefs and a detailed enquiry. Fresh details about the affair are published in the papers and the scandal increases in scope. At that moment the KGB and GRU can take out and dust off a tremendous quantity of material and put it into circulation. The main victims now are the people whom the Soviets had tried to recruit but failed. Now carefully edited and annotated materials get into the hands of the press. Soviet Intelligence has tried to recruit thousands, even tens of thousands, of people in its time. They include young lieutenants who have now become generals and third secretaries who have now become ambassadors. All of them rejected Soviet efforts to recruit them, and now Soviet Intelligence avenges their refusal. The number of scandalous affairs increases. The nations discover to their surprise that there are very few people to be trusted. The Soviet intelligence service has nothing to lose if the press gets hold of material showing that it tried to recruit a French general, without saying how the attempt ended. It has even less to lose on the eve of war. That is why the newspapers are full of demands for investigations and reports of resignations, dismissals and suicides. The best way of killing a general is to kill him with his own hands. There is a marked increase in the strength of the peace movement. In many countries there are continual demands to make the country neutral and not to support American foreign policy, which has been discredited. At this point the `grey terror’ gathers scope and strength and in the last days of peace reaches its peak. From the first moment of the first day of war the main forces of spetsnaz go into action. From then on the terror is conducted in the name of the Soviet Union and of the Communist leadership: `red terror’. But between the `grey’ and the `red’ terror there may be an intermediate period — the `pink’ terror, when active military operations have not yet begun and there is still peace, but when some of the best spetsnaz units have already gone into action. The situation is complicated by the fact that, on the one hand, Soviet fighting units are already in battle, but that, on the other hand, they are not yet operating in the name of the Soviet Union. This is an exceptionally risky moment for the Soviet high command. But he who risks nothing gains nothing.
        Источник: https://web.archive.org/web/20200809043921/http://slava.khersoncity.com/download/books/suvorov/specnaz_eng15.php

      2. That link (Suvorov) was an interesting read; thank you.
        Trump is squeaky clean,6 years of digging has proved this. So if some alleged dirt does turn up, be highly suspicious

      3. The danger is that the incriminating evidence is against President Biden. It includes conspiracy with China with Covid, including the bio-labs in Ukraine. Russia might not need to launch a nuclear attack against the Unites States, if he makes a case for genocide against the US at the United Nations. This will sever the already strained relationship between Russia and China, but China already made that call when tried to be neutral rather than to support Putin against Ukraine. If Biden pleads no contest to avoid 99 years in prison, he might well transfer administration of the United States to the United Nations, and the US will become internationalized, where anyone from any country can migrate to in order to live and work under the Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations. This would not give Russia direct control of the US, but would give Russia great influence.

      4. Re:
        [ JEFF NYQUIST says:
        MARCH 30, 2022 AT 1:53 AM
        Stay tuned! ]

        Now you’re quoiting, Richard C. Hoagland.

      5. Perhaps not so much ‘stay tuned’, might be rather ‘thats all folks !!!’.

      6. It’s called a, ‘Double Bind”. If we ignore Biden’s treason, we stand down and let Russia have their way with US. If we try and vote the bastards out, the Venezuelan voting machines are rigged. If we riot in the streets, we become ‘Useful Idiots’. Even if we could impeach and censure Biden, we’d be stuck with Harris. If we could also get rid of Harris, we’d be led by Pelosi.

        You have made marginal progress, Jeff, by on two recent occasions actually offering positive action on particular isolated issues, for a change. What should we do about Hunter’s laptops?

      7. I am not ignoring Biden’s role as helper to the communist movement. And it is not for me to chose between two losing strategies, one of which you advocate. We cannot have positive change without a better understanding of who we are fighting; so I am describing our problem because people like you still do not understand it.

  10. Quite likely! I read a book by Robert D. Hare called “Without Conscience”. It was very interesting! Being victimized/traumatized can contribute to a person becoming a psychopath, so you may be right about Bill Gates and George Soros.

    On the prior blog, Jeff said this:

    “Abnormal personality types are drawn to Marxism and to totalitarian institutions.”


    1. Sorry, this was in response to R.O. I obviously clicked on the general reply rather than the one under that post. 🙂

  11. ““waves of severe neurological vaccine injuries soon appearing among children and adults.” and our military.

    The needle and the damage done with apologies to Neil Young. We are witnessing democide by the global communists. I encourage all truth seekers to watch Senator Ron Johnson from January 24, 2022 as it provides the evidence for the above statement. Please forward to 4:51:15 and continue to 4:53:00. Please watch the statements from Dr. Peter McCollugh and Attorney Thomas Renz regarding the current dangers of mass vaccination and the consequeces posed to our armed forces.

    If We The People cannot defend our defenders, then who will defend us when the enemy breaches the gates?

    The hour is getting late


    1. I watched the hearing back in January. It was awesome! I am also very concerned about our military. I have a nephew in the Navy.

    2. A little late, but at least it’s something!

      “The U.S. military’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate has been blocked for all Navy members seeking religious exemptions.

      A preliminary injunction that previously covered 35 Navy SEALs now covers some 4,000 others.”

  12. I’m sure there is more than one reason Melinda left him. Years ago, people used to tell me they weren’t going to upgrade to the latest version of Windows. When I asked why, they would say. “Well, you know they take all your information with the new system”. I would always reply, trust me they already grabbed it with the older version, they just try to make it more legal with the newer versions. Even until this day, right now, it’s possible to crack with ease cached passwords in Windows, and Windows has a nasty habit of storing the NTLM hash even if the user tells it not too, if they are less than 14 characters, it can be done with ease, in seconds.
    See https://cyberarms.wordpress.com/2012/02/29/l-hash-flaw-windows-passwords-under-15-characters-easy-to-crack/#:~:text=The%20LM%20Hash%20only%20supports,not%20to%20for%20backwards%20compatibility.

    I read Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s. book, I thought it was the most encompassing book ever on a pandemic. It’s heavy on the statistics and legal points of view, but he’s also prolific with the details. It’s one of those books that was a relief to read. The Kennedy’s have long been known to be anti-communist, and Robert went full pedantic litany on this pandemic in his book, so glad he did this and exposed it the way he did.

    Jeff, your writing is fantastic, thank you for another great essay. Your books are amazing too, so thankful for your books, this blog (your humble moderation of it) and for the people on this site.

    1. What I am about to say links back to your excellent well-researched essay. Melinda Gates says part of the reason she divorced Bill was because he wanted Jeffrey Epstein to donate money to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, even after Melinda made it clear she wanted no connection to Epstein. They both knew what a sinister evil man Epstein was, but Bill didn’t care. The same sickening greed that motivated Bill to go after Jeffrey Epstein is what lured him into China’s communist snare. Between Epstein and Gates, I am not sure who is more evil. They both are demonic.

      1. She’s distancing herself from him because he’s going down, along with Fauci, Schwab, Soros, and every state governor who failed to block the Covid mandates, and every nurse and doctor who issued an mRNA lethal injection.

  13. Mr Nyquist, besides you who are the good analysts to listen to? I mean current ones, not older ones like Galitsen. Trevor Loudoun’s website is sketchy and unprofessional at best.

      1. Diana West provided running commentary on the 2020 elections and the Trump-Twitter controversy under the header: ‘hanging on by a thread’.
        Unfortunately, these days the content is behind a Patreon-wall.

    1. I didn’t see anything on the 30th, but the Kremlin isn’t happy with them:

      “The Kremlin has warned Poland over its increasingly provocative actions and public stance in support of Ukraine, saying these things are turning the country into ‘NATO’s front line’ – according to new statements by Russian Security Council Deputy Chairman and former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev. He suggested this is “dangerous” even for broader European security, in what appears a veiled threat.”

  14. “If we put this in context with Gates’s relationship to China, we suddenly find ourselves returning to Brig. Gen. Rothschild’s warnings about a toxic attack through the adulteration of medicines (or vaccines).”

    Jeff, I’d like to read more about what Brig. Gen. Rothschild said, but I don’t see anything in your links/notes?

    1. I found it in Four Strategic Puzzle Pieces. 🙂 Somehow I missed that blog.

  15. BTW: You and Treavor Loudon’s interviews, especially the second due to sound quality was just excellent! I hope you will have him back again several times. Getting you two together is great! Hearing you both on the issue of communism is something you both are experts in therefore it’s quite a good history lesson. I have been following you both for a long time!

  16. Dr. Jane Ruby reveals the worldwide agenda behind the forced injections after numerous intel briefings from military and scientific experts, and then she shows you how CRSPR Technology is used to change your God-given genetic code…disrupting centuries of your familial and human lineage. And in the last segment Dr. Jane shares the evidence on Graphene Oxide – why it’s used and just how toxic scientists say it is.


    1. The Covid mandates are tools for desensitizing people to extensive gene editing and manipulation via the ‘vaccine’. Dr. David Martin, joined the Stew Peters Show Wednesday to expose the dangers of the jab induced toxic spike protein, water contamination, and more. Dr. Martin detailed how Big Pharma acknowledges the illegality of their injections, yet they continue to test them on the masses, killing thousands.


      1. Dr Martin has filed a Federal lawsuit in the State of Utah, where the Federal Government’s defense, for creating human bio-weapons manufacturing facilities out of subjected people, becomes and admission to the criminal charges filed against them. Now that’s an elegant legal maneuver.

    2. Dr Jane shows that even the Russian Sputnik mRNA serum has self assembling nano particles. From that I’d say that Russia is party to the global depopulation agenda.

      1. Russia’s population has been declining. It stands now at 145 million, less than half of ours. I would guess this is so because they are aborting their babies. The birth rate of all Europe is below sustainability, too. So, Russian and European culture encourages depopulation without any extra help from the mRNA vaccines. So if what Dr. Jane an others are saying is true, we are in a big pickle. The declining population of the developed countries is more of a risk to civilization than global warming. If the damage these shots create cannot be reversed, we are done for.

      2. Global Warming is ocean warming due to increased undersea volcanism heating up the oceans. Most population is concentrated along coast lines, so coastal climates are warming as result. At the same time, record cold temperatures occur inland more towards the poles. This invariably happens at the beginning stage of ice ages. Precipitation from evaporated warm sea water eventually brings down the temperature, as the elliptical path of Cyclical Precession takes Earth to it’s farthest most distance from the Sun.

      3. LADYFROMLIBERTYGARAGE: “The declining population of the developed countries is more of a risk to civilization than global warming. If the damage these shots create cannot be reversed, we are done for.”

        It won’t be the first time that civilization collapsed. Yet we survived. So what do you mean “…we are done for”?

        Some ancient records record not only flying machines, but also nuclear war. After which the survivors were so scattered and few in number that they couldn’t maintain their previous level of technology. But they survived. Why not we too?

        What I fear more is the loss of the Bible. The Bible is the basis of our science and technology, and more importantly our morality. Without morality, technology can’t save us from becoming savages. With morality, we can rebuild science and technology. And do so on a civilized, moral basis.

        Greed is considered one of the mortal sins. It is the subject of the last of the Ten Commandments. Greed is a destroyer, not a builder. It cares not for other people. It desires that what does not belong to it. Jeff’s excellent article describes how the CCP encourages greed in order to destroy. In the end, will greed destroy the CCP? And with it China?

        What sort of society will we have after this world war? While I greatly doubt that we’ll be back in the stone age, contrary to what Einstein claimed, how can we maintain the great variety of manufactured items that we now enjoy? Without buyers and workers, will not factories close? I intend to see, how about you?

      4. “I intend to see, how about you?”

        Count me in! 🙂 I love that you love the Bible, R.O. I do, too!

      5. I would have thought that such an event (Gods forbid) would throw us back even further in time with regard to politics, social conditions, and technology.

      6. It’s hard to tell what sort of society we’ll have after the war.

        Some ways I agree with Jeff that we’ll be back like 1910. But in other ways like 2010. I would be surprised if 100% of fabs (chip foundries) in the U.S. were destroyed. While the most advanced fabs in the world are in Taiwan, companies in the U.S. have had fabs from the small for prototyping, to larger for production runs. Designs will still be available, but maybe only a few will be made.

        Maybe even a rudimentary internet will still be available. 300 baud anybody?

        Electric car production may come to a screeching stop, as Lithium for the batteries may no longer be available.

        Between the war and other factors, we could have a population between 1/3 to 1/4 of our present population. Will we be able to maintain our infrastructure, or will our roads and bridges crumble? Will many of our cities not nuked end up like Detroit? What about the availability of raw materials for production? Will I end up going to a farmer and using my sythe to get wheat for bread? How many things that we depend on now will be available? We won’t know until after the war.

        We will also have a certain amount of advanced equipment that may keep running for years, until they break down from old age. But how many of them will we be able to replace?

        Any war that involves the U.S. will also involve Europe and other countries. Will there be enough production world wide to support transoceanic trade?

        My biggest question: what sort of society will we have? God punishes nations that have turned their backs on him, as this nation has done. Punishments include famines, diseases, and wars. Will we turn away from our murdering of preborn infants, and return to honesty and justice? Or will we continue down the path to moral degeneracy? This question is more important than any question about technology.

      7. From the point of view of political history, what does it mean to say that “God punishes nations that turn their backs on Him.” How does this relate to ancient Greeks and Romans? How does it relate to Chinese or Japanese History? Or to Indian history? Shall we say that every misfortune is a punishment for something we did wrong? Was God punishing Belgium for its sins when the Germans invaded in 1914? Is God punishing Ukraine today? Are only the ungodly unfortunate? Have not deeply religion communities suffered extermination or persecution or conquest? To imagine your religious beliefs make you secure in this world, is a false imagining. Nobody is secure in this world. NOBODY. When my grandfather, the late Rev. C. Victor Nyquist, died at an age younger than I am now, one of the members of his church said, “So many people were praying for him, he should not have died.” Life is a mystery with regard to individual misfortune (and to national misfortune). One of the most wicked men in history, Mao Zedong, died peacefully at a ripe old age in his bed.

  17. Thank you for your excellent work! It is sad that many capitalists still delude themselves, or pretend not to see, the deep conflicts of their activities with communists. I tend to think that “pure” capitalism, whitout a christian or an humanist background, is an easy pray to communist agents. Communism takes materialism and see it out of history, actually from a higher ground than the materialistic capitalists who only see short term goals.

      1. I would just add that Russia seems to use the term “capitalism” as a synonym of democracy / liberty generically, rather than the West’s economic system exclusively. So westerners reading Russian pronouncements about capitalism might actually miss the point that the whole western way of life is intended.

    1. Very interesting! Putin’s comment toward Zelensky last week was chilling: “Tell him I will thrash them.”

      1. Do you think maybe Putin is drawing most of his troops back before using tactical nukes?

    2. Ritter is simply a Putin apologist. Like so many of them, he seems to think what happened was planned by Putin. If so, Putin is a bigger fool than anyone thought. Strategically, Putin has failed.

      Ritter has made a fool of himself repeatedly. He was wrong in Iraq. He’s also quite wrong in Ukraine. I very seriously doubt Russia can pull a rabbit out of a hat at this point.

      1. A military setback in a campaign does not mean the campaign is lost it the invader has the grit to see it through. There are reports that the Ukrainian Army is in trouble on its Eastern Front.

  18. Thank you Jeff for another great essay. On the COVID fascism topic, what amazes me is that there is only one Republican senator who is bravely speaking truth about the vaccine injuries and the suppression of life saving drugs and early treatments. That would be Ron Johnson. Let us pray that he gets re-elected so these crimes can be fully investigated and people will be brought to trial.

  19. Hello, Jeffrey, it was a glad coincidence to come across your article because I was doing some digging on the confluence of current narratives in some circles of the American right and in Russia’s.

    At the beginning of the pandemic, the Kremlin was vocally against how Democrat governors were dealing with it while remaining silent about the federal government (with the exception of fighting back when Trump kept blaming it on China). Also, China and Russia both helped foment doubts and concerns about Big Pharma, Pfizer and any Western vaccine (while promoting their own), and helped spread the theory that the virus had come from a US military bioweapon lab (same narrative they are also using in Ukraine). Russia was also against lockdowns and used them to portray Western countries as authoritarian. RT also published about how more people would die of suicide than Covid.

    In your opinion, does this confluence point to a source, or not necessarily?

    Also, regarding RFK Jr., isn’t it at least curious how an environmentalist who is a known activist against oil pipelines, nuclear weapons, and vaccines around the world, does not once mention Russia or China? Also, why was he the guest speaker at a Querdenker demonstration in 2020, a group that is spreading Russian propaganda? Am I reading too much into it or is this worthy of further research?

    1. You are right to be concerned about RFK’s political views. He relies on tainted left wing sources in some of his narratives. He paints a dark picture regarding corrupt Pentagon contractors, and he tends to have blind spots. We do have problems there, in terms of graft, but the most serious problem is the infiltration of key systems by enemy agents who co-opt corrupt officials (Fauci) or businessmen (Gates). I think this aspect of the problem needs to be investigated.

      1. And what is your opinion about the confluence of narratives in the American right and in Russia? Do you think it suggests that Russia could be behind these talking points or are they simply using America’s current political issues to their advantage?

      2. I’ve been round and round with people at AmSpec and The Gateway Pundit over the nature of Putin and the long term threat. It’s like talking to the wall. One person has changed his mind and apologized for the insults he directed at me. The rest are still acting like they have the intellect of a rock.

        An interesting interview with Mikhail Khodorkovsky. He sees Putin the same way I do, as a thug.

      3. It was interesting to hear his thoughts. On Monday, Fox News talked to a former KGB agent. He said:

        “President Biden’s perceived regime change comments are pushing Vladimir Putin further away from the negotiation table and could prompt the Russian dictator to show a greater display of force if he feels trapped “into a corner” by the West, a former KGB agent warned Monday.

        “Every time our president makes a personal attack on Vladimir Putin, I cringe because Putin is paranoid,” Jack Barsky said during an interview on “The Story.” “In his mind now, it makes no sense to negotiate whatsoever because come peace, then he will be hunted down.”

        If Biden does not tone down his rhetoric and continues to fuel the Russian leader’s “paranoia,” Putin will seek stronger action that could result in even deadlier consequences, the former KGB agent warned.

        Putin “has maneuvered himself in such a corner that he knows he’s a pariah. So why negotiate? When somebody like that is in a corner, watch out. He might actually go to weapons that nobody wants,” he said.

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