In war, the moral is to the physical as three is to one.

Napoleon Bonaparte

It is said that victory in war goes to the bigger battalions. But Napoleon, who was a master in the art of war, disagreed. He suggested that moral factors were more important than numbers. And what are moral factors? According to the New Oxford American Dictionary, the moral is “concerned with the principles of right and wrong behavior and the goodness or badness of human character.”

How can principles of right and wrong behavior effect the outcome of a battle? War is an exacting business, full of danger and hardship. Under such conditions, honor and integrity are highly prized. Also, a belief in the rightness of one’s cause strengthens a country’s will to resist. Napoleon pointed out that, “Victory belongs to the most persevering.” He added, “The most important qualification of a soldier is fortitude under fatigue and privation. Courage is only second….”

Consider, now, the possibility of a new kind of warfare in which an enemy, instead of launching a direct attack by armies and navies, attacks a country’s moral foundations — its moral character, its moral discipline, its heroes and its founding philosophy. Imagine an attack that seeks to “demoralize” a country on this basis; that is to say, strip it of all those moralizing factors that are — as Napoleon said — “as three is to one.”

Here is the most effective way to weaken an enemy in advance of open warfare. This is not simply a theory, but an historical reality. Think of all the subtle ways America’s moral strength has been sapped. The communists and their political allies on the “progressive” left have not only attacked traditional morality, but they have offered up a false morality, a morality that celebrates cultural and sexual suicide. They have crippled marriage as an institution. They have corrupted the courts. They have removed corporal punishment from the schools. (Then again, would you trust today’s teachers to administer discipline in loco parentis?) A wave of rule breaking now coincides with a regime of unprecedented permissiveness. Contracts are not held sacred, honesty is no longer prized as it once was. Employees steal from their employers. Good manners are gone as entertainers commit violent assaults after which they are given awards and standing ovations. In Washington, D.C., the laws are enforced against one party and not another. This is the malaise that grips all Western countries, and it is no accident.

The worldwide communist movement stands at the center of our demoralization. The communists advocate a new kind of morality, which has little regard for honesty, respect for property, family, God or country. Their new morality is anti-racism, universal equality, concern for “the planet,” the championing of sexual deviancy, abortion tending toward infanticide, the redistribution of wealth, and unilateral American disarmament. If someone disagrees with these new ideals, they are trash. And as the left’s revolution advances, the trash is “taken out.”

Through all the confusing rhetoric and mock moralizing about race and gender, we must never lose sight of the communist bloc’s military end-game. There is a strategic method at work behind the communist attack on our morality. If you demoralize a country prior to war, victory is made easier. Therefore, morality in the West has not been attacked for its own sake. It was attacked to smooth the path to victory for the world’s largest country (Russia) and the world’s most populous country (China). What almost nobody has grasped is that these two countries are working together; and they have been working together for a long time with a communist fifth column.

We also find several smaller countries working with Russia and China that are also heavily armed — like North Korea, Cuba, Vietnam, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Angola, Congo, Syria and Iran. Consider, as well, mineral-rich South Africa. The communist bloc is dominant in strategic minerals, oil, natural gas, fertilizer, and nuclear weapons. Yet none of these resources matter if there are no operative moral factors.

The moral decline of a people may be traced out in the moral decline of its leaders. If the United States Congress, once described by Mark Twain as America’s “distinctly native … criminal class,” is now so demoralized that it is as likely to pass laws to destroy the country as to defend it, then what kind of people have we become? Anyone who thinks this is an exaggeration need only look at the House majority’s readiness to let our nuclear deterrent collapse for want of appropriate funding, or the federal government’s disregard for border security.

This may be a simplification, as many factors were at work, but: – Within our very souls, our spiritual flanks were turned long ago; for the real war has been raging in the human heart and mind. This is the war we have been losing, the war that plays out prior to the advent of tanks and jets and missiles and nuclear bombs. We have opened a causeway into pride, greed, wrath, envy, lust, gluttony and sloth. The dark side of human nature is always evident during a period of decline, during a period of materialism. Think of what a little pink worm will do on a warm day with a cold carcass.

The war that has begun in Eastern Europe has surprised many observers. But the greatest surprise is the fighting spirit of the Ukrainians, who partake of moral factors that the Russian side lacks. One hears the moralizing of Americans who say that Russian prisoners have been murdered or tortured by the Ukrainian side. Such incidents, as regrettable as they are, and as inexcusable, do not unmake the larger moral ledger. Ukraine is fighting for her existence. And this is the same moral position occupied by Finland during the Winter War, or Britain during the blitz, or the Russians from 1941-1943.

“In war,” said Napoleon, “the moral is to the physical as three is to one.” The so-called miracle of Ukraine’s defense against Russia is not a function of Russian incompetence. The so-called miracle in Ukraine is a function of moral factors which lie at the root of the Euromaidan Revolution of 2014.

I have said before that the Russians, if they persevere, will probably break the Ukrainian defense when the ground is dry. Yet Russia must now endure a war of attrition for eight to ten weeks. Does the Russian Army possess the stamina for this? Does Russia possess the necessary moral factors? Despite all that we have heard on television, the Russian troops might prove more resilient than we imagine. Only time will tell. The most important and frequently used method in war, said Carl von Clausewitz, “is to wear down the enemy. That expression is more than a label; it describes the process precisely, and is not so metaphorical as it may seem at first. Wearing down the enemy in a conflict means using the duration of the war to bring about a gradual exhaustion of his physical and moral resistance.” [Book One, Chapter Two]

Only time will tell.

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188 thoughts on “Moral Factors Decide Wars and Revolutions

  1. I hope you don’t equate Zelensky with the Ukrainian people. He’s in cahoots with the Bidens and the mRNA depopulation agenda, as with every other country, but for a few in Oceania.

    Dr Joseph P. Farrell speaks of the Treaty of Versailles, as possibly a template for the global depopulation agenda today, that even Russia has now been shown to be a participant in, by Dr Jane Ruby disclosing the the Sputnik mRNA serum has the same self assembling nano particles as in those in the West. Farrell postulates that there is a nefarious unseen entity that asserts ownership of Mankind, and that human sacrifice are reparations to be paid.

    1. Very sane first comment here. Setting the tone for lots more unhinged theories. *grabs popcorn*

      1. Melvin’s conspiracy theorizing is pretty far out, but we must remember that everyone believes something that someone else thinks is insane..

      2. Why is most every country in the World depopulating with mRNA lethal injections? Why don’t America’s enemies disclose UFOs? Fr Malachi Martin, PhD, wrote of a competition for World domination, between The United States, Russia, The European Union, and The Vatican. He didn’t mention Great Britain, possibly because it was a member of the EU at the time of publication. Why he didn’t mention China, I don’t know.

        It seems to me that all the major political powers seek the same goal, so that any effort towards those ends, is tolerated by all, each in hopes that in the final round, that that particular faction will be the one to obtain global control.


        “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”
        –Ephesians 6:12 KJV

    2. It is a very odd position for a man requiring Ukrainian resolve under Russian Stockholm syndrome triggering invasion to dig into the global warming population control self hate Stockholm syndrome. But our bilionaires and the west are all suffering from that syndrome that the Russians and Chinese are laughing about.

  2. This is not an exclusively American phenonenom. In Holland our museums are ‘refurbished’,statues are ‘conditionalized’,if not banished straight out. If we are not allowed to talk about religion and most people dont apreciate the communist angle,lets then just talk about our race. Maybe that will strike a chord.

    In Europe as in the US,many will remember the white-epoch. I visited the LA-suburbia with my parents in the 1970s. Today these areas are gang-ridden ghettos. Why were Pretoria, Auckland and the US -suburbs such prestine examples of neat and tidy abode? Obviously these places looked European because Europeans lived there. If we continue to import Marrocans and Ethiopeans,small wonder we’ll soon look like Mogadishu.

    16th century Holland would today be considered a racist theocracy. Like contemporary US where you could not vote if you were not a white,christian,male landowner.

    The pendulum has now swung far too far. If christianity is verboten perhaps we could at least appeal to race-consciousness.

  3. It also makes sense that over the last years (notably initially through Wikileaks, and then through other mysterious leaks), the corruption of the West has been paraded in front of — along with the utter unwillingness or ineptitude of our institutions to correct it. The ultimate distraction and demoralization. The entire Trump presidency, from the perspective of those paying attention, was a demonstration of US institutional corruption and lack of accountability (e.g., the steady leaks enabling independent media to report what actually happened with “Russiagate,” along side a massive, coordinated cover-up by institutional elites). Dropping the Hunter laptop a month before the election – only to have a total blackout by corporate media – was a glaring microcosm of what we have become. Absurdly obvious, nation-ending corruption, which no one in charge was going to acknowledge, much less do anything about. And then Biden wins the election, supposedly with more votes than any candidate in our country’s history.

    Now, the right is utterly pre-occupied with the corruption of our own leaders, specifically the democrats. It’s been so visceral, so in our faces for these past years, it’s all-consuming to the exclusion of other mortal threats. And there’s the point.

      1. Yes, this is fertile ground for Russian Soviet Chinese Stokholm syndromimg the West.

      2. Yes, stoking the fires of civil war, but I don’t think it will happen.

        First because the side that fires the first shot loses the moral advantage, as stated by Robert Toombs, first secretary of state for the Confederacy (he opposed the attack on Fort Sumter). The right seems to recognize that, therefore are holding back in spite of numerous incidents.

        The left knows that they will lose if they start shooting first, therefore they want to right to start the shooting.

        There may be a few minor skirmishes, but I doubt an all out civil war. The left knows the red lines that if they cross them, that would signal the beginning of hostilities. So they hold back.

        Personally, I expect other factors will come first, before civil war can develop. One is that nuclear war will devastate much of the strongholds of the left, namely major cities. Another is the long term effects of the Covid-19 jabs which effect the left more than the right. We’ll see.

      3. Why bomb the strongholds of the left? Because they are the big cities where nukes are effective. Furthermore, leftists are traitors to U.S. history and ideals and cannot be trusted to become quiet supporters of a Soviet or CCP regime. The bombing will be part of the invasion, not something apart from the surprise attack on the U.S. They are planning on culling these people anyway, so why not bomb them?

  4. That’s why Putin is attempting to take the moral high ground and crushing the west for its lack of Christian morals and values. And the West has no reply except to point to Russian brutality and barbarism.

      1. Janelle is correct, the very basis of communism is immorality. Putin is immoral, as apparently the majority of Russian society. One of the reasons Mao won in China is because of the immorality of the Chinese people, an immorality that has only gotten worse under the communists.

        Shallow people see only the public image, not the actions under the appearances.

      2. Malachi Martin, referenced earlier, had no illusions about Soviet and post Soviet communism. He made it clear in Windswept House, for example, that the “fall” and Perestroika were fakes. There is a nice scene where a lab/factory is toured featuring nicely packaged fetal body parts ready for distribution. Martin would have been the first to ask, “How many divisions does the Pope have?”

    1. They are playing the Stokholm syndrome demoralization card. It is an act of war. Liberals and antifa picked up on this with wokeness and making reasonable people feel like they are crucifying Jesus for self defending against these perverted psychopathic narcissists who mix everything , fantasy and reality, without the schizophrenic fracture…

  5. That was excellent, Jeff! It brought to mind an old Paul Harvey essay from 1965 called “If I were the devil”. It talks about taking over the United States and how he would destroy it from within. It was pretty amazing then and it still is! Ultimately, I imagine that’s who is behind the worldwide communist movement. We have been weakened and “demoralized” for sure! But the thing that has surprised me these past 2 years is just how much division has been sown. 🙁

    1. “Then said Satan: This besieged one, how shall I overcome him?

      He has courage and ability, he has weapons and imagination.

      So he said: I shall not take his strength, nor muzzle nor bridle him.

      Nor soften nor weaken his hands, only one thing I shall do;

      I shall dull his brain and he will forget that he is in the right.”

      -Natan Alterman

    2. The irony is that the lock step liberal radicals in America, all waiting for communist orders, without ever checking them, means that Putin is spoiled and can feel free to abuse Russian troops who pay for such fanaticism as a result. No one takes this to paradise.

  6. Excellent point, Jeff, and it bears an importance that many westerners can not even perceive in these times. One could take some of the Napolean quotes as referring to “morale” as opposed to “moral” , but the two ultimately merge. Mercenaries are driven by material gain or bloodlust, but these factors are not durable in the face of hardship or likely death. Rather, love of family, country, etc move us towards self sacrifice instead of the baser, mercenary qualities.

    Communists and other totalitarians always imagine they can invoke the self-sacrificial drive using lies and social hypnotism. It is clear in China, for example, but sadly also in the west. With real values undermined (over the past several decades), western media is trying to create a hysterical hatred of Russia, rather than a real recognition of the actual threat from communist and all other undermining influences, which are drowning us.

    Because demoralizing influences (arising from our own governments and media)are so obvious (to some) in the US, it is not so surprising that they look to Putin as some kind of savior. He shows up in church occasionally and stops public displays and pushing of perversions. Smart strategy, it appears.

    As people drift away from deep and true spiritual values, their finer senses degrade. I am concerned that few will regain the necessary level of discernment ability before major destruction occurs.

    1. Yes, when there is no good, nor evil, everything grey, no woman, no man, there is no “social thermodynamic work” possible. They count on this facet of schizophrenia… the other facet being the self pimping in glitter fantasy cartoonish characters or caricatures of themselves.

  7. I’m around a lot of democrats, and one thing I hear, especially among Gen X and younger, is that humanity is a cancer to the planet, and it would be better if we were just dead anyway. This is the moral conclusion of the doctrine of climate change. Even among the very few whom I can persuade to see the gathering threat of world war, this is the common sentiment. It’s a reaction of resignation, indifference, even a death drive. It also strikes me as decadent and immature – as I doubt these same people would volunteer themselves to change places with those currently ravaged by war. So, it allows them to feel virtuous, without actually taking responsibility for anything. A sign of the times.

      1. I see the idiocracy and stupidity all the time with the virtue signaling electronic vehicle owners despite the fact that the batteries are harmful to the environment and not easily disposal. They don’t see the contradiction in their pro-environment rhetoric.

        I have met many men and women having lots of children for the sake of virtue signaling of being “a proud parent” as though being a parent makes them any better than someone who is not a parent or single– many of these parents are incapable of teaching their children basic manners and morals.

        Many of the so called Conservatives are willingly intermingling/intermixing with Chinese/Vietnamese and are cheering for the Chinese take over– the greedy American business owners made millions from the communist cheap labors. They are in bed with the commies and are incapable of thinking morally. I know these business owners who are so blinded by their “love” of Chinese that they do not want to see any harm coming from China, even when the Wuhan Virus was unleashed…

        So I understand why at this time and age, the communist expansionism has been widely accepted amongst the general population. There’s little to NO resistance against communism and few people can understand the psychological war and subliminal messaging against their minds.

  8. Great post.

    There is a question that has been on my mind for years now. About America’s moral decay. How much of this was inevitable as the natural cycle of life, the rise and fall, the the moon waxing full and then waning small, that naturally accompanies civilization? And how much is due to targeted, strategically brilliant, hateful, subversion from Russia?

    1. Terrific question!
      I think it was brilliant of the Russians to employ a strategy that enhanced the “cycle.”
      Even if they (Russian strategists) are not around long enough to see it, they knew it would be successful.

      1. Sorge…
        Had to look this guy up. Stalin dismissed Sorge’s (and others) claim about the impending invasion of Russia by Germany. Russia refused any prisoner swap requests with the Japanese, and let them cover up his mistake.

      2. I believe this is wrong. Stalin knew war was coming, and the weight of scholarship shows that Stalin deceived everyone about being deceived himself.

    2. This is a difficult question. I think we were heading for trouble by the mid-19th century. Karl Marx was a guy who who understood that the rising middle class was incapable of defending itself as the crises of modernity unfolded. Thus, we have an opportunistic political movement riding a wave of degeneracy while increasing the power of that wave.

      1. Wow, brilliantly put!
        You absolutely should expand on this.
        And if you forgot, Richard Sorge. The man who knew too much.
        Can’t believe Stalin didn’t do a deal to get him back.

  9. “In 1453, Byzantium, the capital of the Eastern empire, fell before the Turkish janissaries, and three years later, Mahmet II invested Belgrade on the very outskirts of the Western empire. It might have been expected that all Europe would have hastened to the aid of the besieged fortress, for if this last dyke were to fall, Hungary, Austria and Italy would be overwhelmed….But this imminent danger only resulted in deepening the breach in Christian unity, and the Christian nations were at the mercy of a few thousand infidels. Only the Papacy was true to itself in the midst of all this egoism and perfidy….The powerful were deaf to the Pope’s appeals, but he turned to the humble and trusting more in prayer to the God of armies than in military tactics, he sought for the deliverers of Christendom among the poor.

    “It was then that John Capistran (saint’s day March 28), [placing himself] at the head of a few poor men of good will, unknown peasants gathered together by the Franciscan Friars, this ‘poor man of Christ’ undertook to defeat the strongest and best organized army of the century. On July 14, 1456, he broke through the Ottoman lines with John Hunyades, the only one of the Hungarian nobles who would accompany him, and revictualled Belgrade; and on July 22, feeling that he could no longer endure the defensive, he threw himself, to the stupefaction of Hunyades, on the enemy entrenchments. His troops were armed only with flails and pitchforks, and their only strategy was the name of Jesus….At the end of that memorable day, twenty-four thousand Turks lay dead on the field of battle; three hundred cannon and all the spoils of the infidels were in the hands of the Christians, and Mahmet II was seeking a distant hiding place for his shame….”

    The Liturgical Year, Dom Gueranger

    Echoes of Gideon.

      1. Thank you for that clip, Mtngal! As I shared on an earlier blog, I imagine our government will introduce it on the heels of a financial meltdown/collapse. Fear brings compliance as we have just witnessed the past 2 years.

        “Digital Constitution of human rights” I wonder who will write it?

      2. Mntgal, here is another one saying it out loud:

        Elizabeth Warren Calls for US to Create a CBDC

        U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) says it’s time for the U.S. to create its own central bank digital currency (CBDC). Warren spoke with NBC’s Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press Reports,” scheduled to air at 10:30 p.m. ET on Thursday. NBCUniversal shared a partial transcript of the conversation with CoinDesk.

        “So a lot that banks do wrong, if you think, ‘We could improve that in a digital world,’ the answer is, ‘Sure you could.’ But in that case, let’s do a central bank digital currency,” Warren told Todd. “Yes, I think it’s time for us to move in that direction.”

        Responding to Todd’s question on whether Bitcoin will face at minimum being regulated like a commodity, Warren responded, “I think it’s going to end up getting regulated,” using the subprime mortgage financial crisis that started in 2007 as of an example why it’s needed. She didn’t say what form regulations might take.

  10. Just an FYI:

    “Cannibal” Coronal Mass Ejection Detected By NASA, Will Hit Earth Tonight

    Powerful geomagnetic storms are set to hit Earth’s magnetic field Wednesday night into early Thursday after the sun ejected nearly 20 solar flares from an Earth-facing single sunspot in recent days.

    The Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC), a division of NOAA, said a strong geomagnetic storm (rated 3 out of 5) is expected to peak in the early morning hours of Thursday.

  11. Reading this I’m reminded of those old video interviews that Bezmenov did back in the 80s with Canadian television. He spoke at length on the importance of demoralization as a key part of the communist strategy against the West.

    I’m convinced that his explanations were “right on the money.” As a previous commenter posted, there is a large part of our population now that seems to simply not give a damn what becomes of the country. It strikes me as sort of suicidal-anarchical state of mind.

  12. It appears those globalist folk such as Bill Gates, George Soros, Klaus Schwab and such are playing a scissors strategy with Putin and his new communist bloc. Soros claims: “China is bad”, and certain folk say: “see? Those guys are fighting against those bad guys, they must be good”, despite the actions of Soros, the funding going to initiatives that are all about sabotaging the nation, funding division in the countries, sabotaging vital parts of the country with the environmentalist ideology that demonizes the use of hydrocarbon fuels and nuclear energy, meanwhile the Russia-China & co bloc uses as much oil and coal as they want. There’s some info out there that Europe does have quite some shale oil, and fracking would be a way to avoid the dependency on Russian oil, only if Europe wasn’t led by saboteurs who wanted what was really best for the people, when you put what those globalist folk do in the record, everything they finance directly weakens the West and prepares the territory for a conquest, because the same folk also finance those nuclear disarmament initiatives and all the pacifist talk that having a strong army, investing in national defense isn’t necessary anymore because there are no military threats in our post cold war world. The politicians associated with those globalists such as Biden and Trudeau do the same exact national sabotage while barking against Putin

  13. 9 hours ago
    The Moscow Times

    The German government said that Russian President Vladimir Putin told Chancellor Olaf Scholz on Wednesday that Europe could continue paying for Russia gas in euros and not rubles as previously announced.

    German government spokesman Steffen Hebestreit said Putin had told Scholz that payments from Europe next month “would continue to be in euros and transferred as usual to the Gazprom Bank which is not affected by sanctions”.

    The bank would then convert the payments into rubles, Hebestreit quoted Putin as saying.

    Gazprombank says it sees no effect of updated U.S. sanctions on its operations

    MOSCOW. Feb 25 (Interfax) – The new United States sanctions updating the terms under which Gazprombank cannot raise funds on the U.S. capital market have not affected the bank’s operations, Gazprombank said in a statement.

    “The press release by the U.S. Department of the Treasury circulated on the evening of February 24 and the following updated U.S. regulation announce restrictions on Gazprombank as regards the raising of funds on the American capital market for a term over 14 days. Such restrictions are not blocking (SDN) and do not affect the bank’s regular operations,” Gazprombank told Interfax.

    Gazprombank has been under the U.S. and European Union sectoral sanctions since summer 2014, which prohibit it from receiving long-term financing.

    Gazprombank said it is continuing to serve its retail and corporate clients as usual. “All obligations to them are being honored in full. All of the bank’s customers, including both individuals and legal entities, have continuous access to their funds and all services,” it said.

  14. Thanks for the beatiful article! I live in Brazil and mainstream media got so much out of control, with all the decadent content, that a big part of the population just stopped watching TV. I believe in the US is happening the same, but I am not sure in what proportion. Anyway,I think it has reached a critical point, it can not go much further.

    1. Television is a terrible source for news and information. The people who stop watching it are smart.

  15. The West has indeed defaulted on its financial obligations to maintain the integrity of the world’s financial system. The West was dumb to remove Russia from SWIFT and freeze its monies. It has enabled Russia to take the financial moral high ground. Countries like India have already begun buying Rubles to buy Russian oil and gas. Maybe this is what Russia had in mind in attacking the Ukraine…the collapsing of the dollar.

    1. And no doubt it’s the communists in the West who are responsible for making the West look dumb even if Biden is dumb without communist helping.

    2. I 100% believe this to be the case. One of the goals of this war was weakening the dollar. Once the dollar falls, the US will be a former superpower.

    3. Thanks bbrown777. I love the number 7. 🙂 Earlier this morning, Italy and Germany said Putin assured them that existing contracts could be paid in Euros:

      “ROME (AP) — Italian Premier Mario Draghi said Thursday that he had received assurances from Russia’s leader that Europe would not have to pay for natural gas in rubles as demanded, similar to pledges that Germany received, and diffused fears that Moscow would cut off supplies that are used for heating and electricity…..

      The Italian leader indicated that Russia still had a desire for payments in rubles but that it might handle the currency conversion. Draghi said Putin gave a lengthy explanation of how to both maintain the payments in euros in dollars while satisfying Russia’s “indication of payments in rubles.’’

      So did they misunderstand? Did Putin change his mind? It’s a bit confusing.

      1. And speaking of the Ruble – Biden said it had been reduced to rubble, but it has regained all of its losses.

      1. Jeff, thanks for your valuable insights.

        You have previously written that “Moscow is putting the Soviet Union back together again.”

        The patience of Russia and of China is scary. To you or to your readers, what reasons are there for Russia and China to not militarily attack the U.S. before this “together again” goal?

      2. The Russian military is now stuck in a Soviet civil war. If there is a choice, they must not engage foreign powers in war while fighting a civil war. It is a basic strategic principle.

      3. At what point does a weak appearance become an indicator of true form? A weak appearance only benefits if there is a strategy. Everyone is clutching at straws to find a coherent Russian strategy in this completely failed military endeavor. They’re in damage control and people here still post “appear weak when you are strong” like it’s some profound and relevant concept to what we’re witnessing. This great specter of communism is being overblown. Every communist nation is still comprised of people, and people are growing more rational and peaceful by the day. Putin is an antique of a dying species, and his authority is waning. Russia is weak, and they grow weaker by showing their weakness.

      4. The Russian invasion of Ukraine met with serious resistance which was not expected. That is now clear. I received new the other day that Ukrainian units in the southeast are in serious trouble, and that Ukraine could be losing the war. Certainly, when the warmer weather comes Moscow will prevail if the leadership remains determined. The hardest thing to estimate is a country’s determination to prevail.

      5. Radiofort: you wrote, “…people are growing more rational and peaceful by the day.” Where’s your evidence for that? Everything I see is just the opposite, that people are becoming more irrational, swayed by irrational emotions, rather than critical thinking and science, and along with that irrationality, a greater tendency towards violence. Where people reject moral absolutes, what’s to keep them from violence against their neighbors? Some of that violence is just spur of emotions, though there’s also that cold, calculating violence of mass maiming and murder by people like Gates and Fauci through their deadly drugs and “vaccines”. So where are people becoming more rational and peaceful?

      6. Radiofort has not stopped to consider that many of his most cherished ideas are but modern substitutes for the superstitions of old. He believes his opinions are more enlightened than those of his ancestors because they are new and have the word “science” appended on them. But science itself is only valid if the scientists have not fallen into methodology error or institutional corruption. I can assure him that both problems are growing ever more acute in science. In fact, the falsification of scientific data has become a major industry in our country.

      7. Jeff: “The Russian military is now stuck in a Soviet civil war.” Is this a real civil war, or a minor one that has been allowed to fester so as to deceive the west? Like the battles between China and the Soviet Union about a half century ago, battles that killed thousands on each side, battles designed to make the west believe that there was a split between Russia and China? A propaganda coup so powerful that many still believe it?

      8. I am afraid the Russians and Ukrainians are fighting a real war. It has not occurred to deceive the West. The invasion was necessary to put the Soviet Union back together. The political problem attached to this was not solved, and has indeed festered since 1991. The battles between China and Russia from 1969-71 took place in remote areas. We saw very little, yet the fact that those battles were arranged between Chinese and Soviet general staffs was revealed by defector testimony regarding the Conspiracy and Death of Lin Biao. The damage to Russia is moral, political and economic. The damage to Ukraine is heartbreaking. No. This is not fake.

      9. You don’t know my beliefs. When was the last time I mentioned science and data? People like myself are the exact kinds of people I talk about when it comes to reasonable and peaceful. There are many of us. You yourselves don’t see it because you’re surrounded by kooks who are stuck in the same rigid, antiquated belief systems. It’s a self consuming mass that will ultimately consume itself to nothing, leaving the rest of the world better off. Your children and grandchildren will look back on your with pity.

      10. Jeff, it looks as if I misunderstood you. I don’t consider the invasion of Ukraine “a Soviet civil war.” I thought you meant the reports coming out that many Russian soldiers are ready to mutiny, if not actually hurting the Soviet war effort.

        As for the war against Ukraine, I still think Ukraine is in largely the same place as Poland was in 1939—our sympathies are with Ukraine, but we are unable to offer any meaningful help because of our own weakness.

        In looking at a history of science, corruption started already in the 1800s. It has only gotten worse since then, taking over more and more disciplines within science. It is both institutional and individual.

        As for Radiofort, I gather from his statements that he has a rigid, antiquated belief system that predates Christianity, namely a belief in evolution, that people are evolving to a higher plain.

      11. Oh because history has shown that we as a species go…backwards? I don’t understand what you’re saying in terms of people not evolving. Discount natural evolution if you must, but spiritual and metaphysical evolution can and will not stop without external cataclysm. And even then, through past catastrophes we have advanced. There are always setbacks but the trend is clear. If one stares at his feet alone he will not see the trend, and he will bark at others for not concerning themselves with the menial things in front of his eyes. Society is left to hear it until he can bark no more.

    4. IMF Warns That Sanctions Against Russia Threaten to Weaken the Dominance of the Dollar

      The recent financial sanctions imposed on Russia for its invasion of Ukraine are threatening to weaken the dominance of the U.S. petrodollar as the world currency, said First Deputy Managing Director Gita Gopinath of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to The Financial Times.

      The sanctions may result in a more fragmented international monetary system, warned Gopinath.

      She had previously said that the sanctions against Russia would not foreshadow the demise of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency and that the Ukraine crisis would slow growth, but not cause a global recession.

      The United States, the EU, and the Group of Seven nations have hit Russia with a bundle of heavy sanctions and blocked the country from using SWIFT, the global communications service that clears international financial transactions, virtually cutting it off from the global financial markets and international trade.

      The United States also froze $630 billion in assets held in international reserves by the Russian Central Bank.

      The Russian government is retaliating by demanding payment in rubles or gold for purchases of energy and other important commodities.

      “If they want to buy, let them pay either in hard currency, and this is gold for us, or pay as it is convenient for us, this is the national currency,” said the head of Russia’s energy committee, Pavel Zavalny.

      The United States and the UK have imposed embargoes on Russian energy exports, but the EU, which is more reliant on energy imports, is more reluctant to ban it.

      The new policy has hit the EU the hardest, sending gas prices on the continent up by 30 percent on March 30.

      Meanwhile, the ruble has since risen to a three-week high past 95 against the dollar after the Moscow Stock Exchange reopened after the initial round of sanctions.

      Zavalny has suggested that buyers from countries friendly to Russia, such as China, could pay in their own fiat currencies or in Bitcoin.

      Russia had been planning for years to reduce its dependence on the petrodollar since the United States imposed sanctions in retaliation for its annexation of Crimea in 2014.

      The current crisis in Ukraine has only accelerated those plans.

  16. I can sum that
    1. Suvorov was eight, in the Soviet subconscious, the unilateral invasion of Europe weighed heavily for their own self glorification. Barbarossa caught them by surprise. They milked it for the Nazi label all they could, replacing the “imperialist Tsarist Whites” label (taken from Robespierre who accused anyone disagreeing of being a Royalist). However, it took the Soviet thunder away, so to speak, and Putin seem to be attempting to “righting” the record on that Soviet initiative thunder they lacked. This is a Soviet Blitz Krieg, political, restarted, in method of initiative taking they had promised themselves to keep faithfully in Active Measure mindset.

    2. Their method allies Blitz and terrorism. They fight for rubbles where the capitalist sucks at war and would leave in a debacle. Make no fun of their troops suffering 20% loss in incompetence. If it happened to us a 10th of that, we would call it quits. Just look how a mild Covid virus completely gripped us at the hands of political sheeples. That hysteria is legendary and told Putin we were ripe. Now some countries and China seem to now second guess Russia, avoiding the one clenched fist initiative so far. It is one thing of discussing it at party meetings while having antifa beat up grandmothers, it is another when the opportunity swings into practice. After so much sacrifice, it does not seem that Putin would stop for just the donbas region, he is going to have to push. Yet, he is also cornered now in a war logic which means the end of capitalism as means of existence (only viable in peace time) , war logic which China bides time for right now. Are the Chinese hypocrites and will let Russia crumble like North Korea? Will the Russians accept that? Hitler certainly did not and went Barbarossa…

      1. Perhaps I’m wrong, but perhaps President Trump halted or even reversed the trend of political moral decline. As a European I envy you; I think he was a great leader. You even have the wife of a Supreme Justice saying as much: “Thomas wrote to Meadows: “Help This Great President stand firm, Mark!!!…You are the leader, with him, who is standing for America’s constitutional governance at the precipice. The majority knows Biden and the Left is attempting the greatest Heist of our History.” This is absolutely extraordinary and could never happen in Europe.

      2. You are mistaken in thinking Trump has reversed our moral or political decline. No such reversal had occurred. The picture is mixed, the players of variable worth. Everything depends on spiritual factors that have not appeared as yet.

      3. Anon, no, Trump did not halt or reverse the trend of political moral decline. We are still in a rapid, downward spiral across the spectrum.

        I personally think that Trump was awake to the strong undercurrent of resentment that many American felt against the policies enacted under Obama for eight years. I think Trump knew what many Americans wanted to hear, and he bombastically said those things, and won the election.

        For me, the jury is still out on Trump’s real motives, but I feel they are not noble or good, nor do I think he has an understanding of the spiritual aspects to the situation we are in. And he definitely does not understand the nature of the Communist beast that has us by the throat.

        Did you know, that his administration pressured other countries to be more accepting of homosexuality? That in itself is a proof that he did not halt or reverse the trend of political moral decline.

        Last week, he pulled his endorsement of Mo Brooks for Alabama Senator, because Brooks would not continue along with demanding the presidential election be overturned at this point. However, Brooks’s record and background is the most solid pro American of all those running for the seat.

        Just as when Trump originally endorsed Luther Strange, over proven American patriot Judge Roy Moore, he shows a serious lack of understanding of our true needs, or worse, a willful resistance of good men, (or the best of the available choices) filling high offices. But he sure was proud he made Richard Grenell an ambassador, and boasted about that several times as I remember.

        My purpose isn’t to bash Trump, but to just prove the fact that Trump did not reverse our downward moral spiral.

        I so wish he would ride off into the sunset, and leave us be. I am grateful for how he was helping the economy. He was doing a good job in that aspect.

      4. Trump’s legacy can be reduced to two things:

        1. He disarmed the right, by giving them a false hope that their man was at the helm and therefore all was rosier than it really was.

        2. He mobilised the left, by giving them a figure-of-hate rallying point.

        Now all we can do is alert the teachable on the right to the real picture of the strategic disaster unfolding before our eyes. We can’t turn the tide as I believe communism’s victory is hardwired into the near future (the scarlet coloured beast that was, is not and yet is of Revelation 17), but we can prepare to ride out the storm and wait for Divine intervention, as that’s the only remedy left.

      5. Thank you Greyknight for the reply. Maybe I was just being gratefull for small mercies. Let me assure you meanwhile. we in Europe have nothing even coming close to Trump.

        I remember Trump tweeting about the Southafrican farmmurders. Politically he had very little to gain.,but he made the statement nonetheless. To me this was very special.

      6. Anon, I am grateful for small mercies as well. I hope it didn’t appear as otherwise. It was indeed a good thing for an American president to call attention to the plight of the South African farmers.

    1. Shaking my head. They aren’t happy with our governor here in Oklahoma. He just signed a transgender sports ban into law. I’m thankful he did!!!

  17. I went to repair some roof leaks for an older gentleman yesterday. He is 84 years old. Has lived his whole life in the rural South. Was a hard worker, worked on oil pipelines and construction until he got on at a local paper mill, where he worked until he retired. He is a spry old fellow with a very sharp mind.

    While I was working, and after I finished, he engaged me in long conversation (I was there for about 4 hours, it only took about 20 minutes to make repairs.)

    He started talking politics. He said, “I dont consider myself a Democrat. I’m more of an independent.” He then proceeded to bash every Republican president since Calvin Coolidge, and praise every Democrat president since FDR.

    He believes Obama inherited a bad economy from Bush, and turned it into a sound economy, which Trump then inherited, and in no way helped.

    He believes climate change is a danger to our existence, and is caused by us polluting the environment, and we have to be willing to do whatever we can to transition to “green energy”.

    He believes Hillary isn’t a bad person. He voted for Biden because he said he couldn’t vote for a man like Teump who would be such a detestable role model for his grandchildren.

    He said that after the Keystone Pipeline was built, it would only employ about 35 people, and that the oil derived from it is the dirtiest oil there is.

    He said noone with good sense believes there was any fraud in the last presidential election.

    Etc, etc, ad nauseam.

    I listened politely, and made rebuttals to his points, but to no avail. I finally laughed and told him, ” I thought you said you werent a Democrat, but were more of an independent. Yet all you are doing is praising Democrats and their policies.”

    I told him, that I am not a Democrat or Reoublican, and dont trust any of them, but try to vote for the lesser of the two evils, and the Democrats are definitely heavily in the Socialist camp.

    He said, “everyone says they’re against socialism, but many of them get Medicare, Medicaid, social security.”

    I said, “you’re right, that is socialism, and the government had no business starting to do all of those things.”

    He said, ” aah, but where what my old, widowed mother have done without social security?”

    I finally told him I had to go before the weather got bad, and that I wasnt mad at him. I didn’t even charge him anything, but he did give me some cash.

    As I drive home, I was thinking of how everything I replied to him, probably seemed like I was repeating Fox news talking points to him (though I do not watch Fox News. I dont even have television other than for playing DVDs of old movies). But he kept saying things like, “you probably heard such and such on Fox News, but here’s the way it really is…”

    I did much more listening to him than speaking, because I realized I couldn’t change his mind.

    How, oh how, can you get through to someone like that???

    I finally thought about a comment Me. Nyquist made the other day, an old saying “There are none so blind, as those who will not see.”

    Then I read this essay, and thought of how the Communists spread disinformation to the Left, as well as the Right. And it seems so hopeless and fruitless to try and convince a fellow like this man.

    1. Sad and frustrating, GreyKnight! I have an 89-year-old Aunt who is the same way. I pick her up and drive her to various appointments, but I’m careful not to bring up politics. Like you, I tried to help her see things differently, but to no avail. She actually still believes the Russia hoax about Trump. sigh

      1. The sad thing is, my customer was a hard working man. He is a man with much good sense on directing his personal affairs. He raised his children, and then he raised one of his grandsons after the grand son’s mother was killed in a wreck.

        He is currently taking care of his invalid wife.

        He served four years in the Navy.

        People like him are people who have good minds, and can well think thru things pertaining to their lives, and taking care of their families, yet they have swallowed so many “camels” ( to borrow an analogy from the Lord) as concerns our nation, it is very troubling.

    2. Modern media is very deceptive and convincing. We are fed a diet of lies just as the Russian and Chinese people are. We have more freedom, of course, but for how long?

    3. That’s the agonising situation: Most people have been so heavily programmed, it’s almost impossible to “deprogramme” them.

      As Yuri Bezmenov warned: The process of “demoralisation”, of changing a target population’s perceptions, once complete, is virtually irreversible. These people have been firmly conditioned along communist lines and will hardly change their minds ever again.

      As a result, given the tremendous success of the brainwashing of the last 60 years (and more) and especially since the faux collapse of communism thirty years ago, the ever-shrinking minority of educated anti-communists are finding themselves – as Anatoliy Golitsyn indeed predicted! – reduced to an “endangered species”.

      I’m sure everybody on this forum has made similar experiences, but here is a case that is so infinitely depressing I would like to share it (at least, in general terms):

      Natalia (name altered) is now in her early sixties. She was born in the communist bloc, was transferred along with her parents (who absolutely despised communism) to the West as an elementary schooler, where she developed, I guess beginning in her teenage years, into a waterproof communist (even though she only recently admitted that, yes, she is a communist). As a university student, she began regularly attending communist events, read leftwing newspapers, had all the communist (and feminist) literature on her book-shelf one could ever think of, bought her Ortega-supporting Nicaragua coffee in some leftwing healthfood store and was trying out – Ann Dunham-style – pretty much every oriental and African nationality in bed until she ended up, as late as her mid thirties, with an upperclass playboy from some Asian country who was still in his twenties. The “wedding” was a dry, civil technicality, with the only witness she could get hold of being a stunning Fidel Castro lookalike. After the birth of her first and only child, she must have remembered the likes of Margaret Sanger and went straight for tubal ligation. Following her maternity leave, she did not return to her job (she had a university degree), but moved to the Third World country her husband was from, where she began, after some years of boredom, building up a child adoption racket (disguised as an orphanage). She welcomed the radical changes in her new home country about 15 years ago and never had a problem with the growing communist influence there. She loves Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and all the rest of them. And: She has found herself, despite being a Marxist nihilist, a new “spiritual” hobbyhorse: Tantric Buddhism!

      What can we do with such people? Not very much, I would argue…

    4. I think your assessment of „Natalia“ as a case of wilful ignorance is spot-on.

      I’ve been bombarding this woman for years (if not decades) with all kinds of information about communist longrange strategy, about the real goal of communism (i.e., mere death and destruction), but she always laughed it all off, claiming a “detached”, spiritually elevated position (in fact, it’s never been more than stone-cold indifference coupled with a quite nasty, even frivolous, rebelliousness). In the end, she is indeed a true follower of the “New Religion”, and she’s even cultivated a quite ridiculous “Guru-Ma” style over the past twenty years since she moved to Asia, as if seeking to follow in the footsteps of Helena Petrovna-Blavatsky, Annie Besant and Maria Montessori, complete with Buddhist shawls and red dot on her forehead…

      “Wilful ignorance” also as she would have been endowed with a very methodical brain, which sadly she has never made proper use of. Instead – for an academic! – she was always convinced that a very different part of her physique was “her greatest capital”! Typically, it never made her think when her own mother once wildly condemned her shameless promiscousness and even called her a wh*re. Sure enough, what got her hooked and married to that Asian gentleman was – as she told me at the time – his profound expertise in the “art” of the Kamasutra!

      For some people, it seems, life is first and foremost about satisfying their APPETITES, and with most of the perfusion concentrated in those respective organs, little remains left for brain function – other than preposterous pretence and empty talk…

      Also, there is – like with all communists – a great deal of hatred and revengefulness in her heart, as if she was fighting her meanwhile deceased mother, who merely – I’m sure – meant her well! And so she became, by her conscious decision, a tramp…

    5. Such people might as well be a wall for all the good you will do. My grandmother thought the sun rose and set in the Democrat Party. I pointed to the many things they did that promoted depravity that she, as a Pentecostal Christian, would hate, but it never made a bit of difference.

  18. I have long believed that the reason that the U.S. won the Revolutionary War was because of the immorality of British upper classes. A case in point is that at the battle of Saratoga, the top British general was in an affair with the wife of one of his subordinates at the time of the battle. (As I understand it, Methodism had its main influence on the lower classes.) Another example is from the war of 1812 was that the general leading the British in the battle of Baltimore stated “Tonight I will dine in Baltimore, or I will dine in hell.” He was killed during the battle. He at least recognized the truth of the Bible, and rejected it. While there were individuals among the upper classes who were moral, Queen Victoria comes to mind, what I’ve read is that they were the exceptions rather than the rule.

    In contrast, many of the American warriors came from the churches led by the “Black Regiment”—the pastors.

  19. “President Biden said Thursday that there is “no evidence” that Russian President Vladimir Putin has pulled troops from positions around Ukraine’s capital city, Kyiv.”

    I’m afraid Putin is far from being done with Ukraine. 🙁 And now he’s sending veiled threats to Poland.

    1. Speaking of immoral… there are over 1,000 Wagner troops in Ukraine.

      “The group is not registered as a legal entity anywhere in the world. Mercenaries are illegal under Russian law. Their shadowy existence allows Russia to downplay its battlefield casualties and distance itself from atrocities committed by Wagner fighters, observers say.”

      Plausible deniability.

      I didn’t know much about Wagner fighters but learned from this article. It’s a New York Times article reprinted here:

      1. Mercenaries, or modern private military contractors, can be used where a nation’s standing forces cannot. We did the same in Iraq (eg. Blackwater). This is nothing new, nor unique to Russia.

      2. Under US law, you can not recruit mercenaries in the US. Under the law, Blackwater was not a mercenary outfit, but a private security concern. Blackwater was not hired to fight in Iraq, but to act as guards of state department personnel.

      3. Thank you ohengineer! The article stated that mercenaries are illegal under Russian law. That’s why I said it was immoral. Putin also hired Chechens to kill Zelensky. So he is breaking Russian law. Shouldn’t be a surprise I guess.

    2. Peter Zeihan gave a presentation to a group of Army officers at fort Benning the middle January. It is quite interesting and deals with the long term goals of Putin and what he has to have to get there. A confrontation with NATO is part of the picture as the Polish and Bessarabian gaps lie inside NATO countries. The beaches of the Baltics are held by the Baltic Republics, all NATO members. Anyone thinking we can just sit out the Ukrainian phase is simply deceiving themselves. As was said repeatedly in training courses in the Navy, you will see this material again. There is more about the world picture that applies as well.

      The video is 70 minutes long and well worth the time.

  20. Jeff, what is a good, comprehensive book on the history of the labor movement in America, and its infiltration by Communists.

    1. You might try Theodore Draper’s “Roots of American Communism.” It is not exactly about that, but insofar as communism was a significant factor in the labor movement, you’d better study the roots of communism first. Draper is sympathetic to the communists but very smart in his telling of their story.

      1. GreyKnight, I don’t watch Fox News either, although I do read articles on their website. I had no idea about their “newest contributor”. I’ve been shaking my head in disgust a lot today.

      2. Seriously you can’t handle the existence of a trans person? Seriously?

      3. It has nothing to do with his existence. It has to do with Fox News’ efforts to be “inclusive”. I actually met Bruce Jenner in person and have pictures from that day. I will never think of him as a woman.

      4. Hahaha, Radiofort. You do realize Jenner is a “trans” person only in his own mind, right? His DNA is and always will be that of a Male. You really believe someone can just decide they are the opposite sex, have surgery, and presto! they are the opposite sex?


      5. Speaking of crazy…. in a post above, Radiofort said, “people are growing more rational and peaceful by the day.” Anybody else experiencing that?

      6. Lol, I saw that statement in his post. Our good ol’ buddy Radiofort, is a good example of the effects of demoralization Mr. Nyquist has been describing.

      7. I’m the demoralized one? You guys really are off the wall around here. You can’t even respect the existence of other people. You’d support the eradication of masses. You’re the worst of the worst.

      8. And you’re still here why? Jeff was right about you in his comment above.

      9. Radiofort: The eradication of masses? You lost me on that one. My main problem is with narratives, ideology and policies that effectively lead to society’s dissolution — or society’s mass suicide. Some of your ideas, from my point of view, are not sustainable (to borrow an environmentalist phrase). In other words, if society is run on politically correct principles the economy begins to take on water, the ship of state begins to list to one side, and as society sinks we throw overboard the very weapons needed to defend ourselves from foreign enemies; and all the while a bribed agent of an enemy power captains the ship. This is what I’m seeing. I understand that you think I am delusional, as you’ve repeatedly suggested; but you have never offered reasoned argument or fact to show that we are not in serious trouble. I am talking about a deeper understanding of the last hundred years. As we are in serious trouble, you have to ask what we have done wrong. You want to blame me, as you have done before. But I am not in government, or making policy. I just want our country defended. I say this over and over again. I am observing events and where policy is bringing us. Right now Putin and his gang are in their nuclear bunkers deep beneath the Ural Mountains. Our leaders are walking around like there is nothing to worry about. They won’t even fix the serious problems with our nuclear deterrent. This is a syndrome, a psychological failing, a lack of instinct (especially the survival instinct). I find that same lack of instinct in your posts. My analysis is not born of some weird Medieval theology. My analysis has always derived from a strict military science accounting of the balance of power, the weaknesses of a society pathologically absorbed in some very self-lacerating head-games about gender, class and race. Unless there is a revolution in Russia, the Kremlin is not going to lose in Ukraine. Russia is going to prevail there. So what happens as this crisis continues to unfold, as events open into the Middle East, Far East, Pacific theater of operations, and more? Who is thinking ahead, here? The economic war is only beginning, and our position is weaker than many observers suppose. Our military forces should not be diluting combat training, doctrine and readiness for the sake of feminism or non-binary ideology, etc. We need to make our defense efficient and cost effective. We need to recognize intellectual weapons of sabotage when they are deployed against us. I have talked to four star admirals about women in the U.S. Navy and the many difficulties that arise on ships — difficulties that seriously compromise morale and efficiency. Wars can be decided by the smallest margins of advantage. That is where I am coming from. I do not want my country in ruins, defeated and starving. Soviet agents and publications were talking about these very sexual issues almost a hundred years ago, in terms of “destroying the bourgeois family” as a step in THE REVOLUTION. Read “Engels on the Family.” This kind of subversion has morphed into something much more subtly destructive of societal survival. Sixty genders is a bomb that destroys subtle structures on which our society’s survival depends. It is a molehill made into a mountain on which we have crash-landed. I’m not sure we can survive this at all. Furthermore, if you say that our survival does not matter then you are merely admitting my critique is correct; for that, in a nutshell, is my critique of you. For those who want something more than physical survival, the spiritual side of things is profoundly connected to the whole. Of course, that subject is not entirely in my wheelhouse. Speaking to you in prudential terms, as a practical person, I can only say that morality is, essentially, a guard rail for our protection. If we were immortal, self-sufficient beings, we would not need any morality at all. But we are not self-sufficient beings. We are not gods, insofar as we are mortal. My approach disdains intolerance as much if not more than yours. Everyone does not believe the same, not even people who share the same faith or ideas. Everyone understands according to their experience and education. Sometimes competing doctrines create too much heat and friction. Sometimes, however, we find our way to a higher understanding by following a mundane path. How do we survive as a society? Survival is not something we should take for granted.

      10. Oh does my existence bother you? Am I allowed to read things of my choosing? Or would you remove me by force if you could? Maniac.

      11. Psychologists would call that “projection” Radiofort. You’re just like Hillary Clinton. Accusing Trump of doing things she was actually doing.

      12. Wow we’ve got a doctor in the house. The Oklahoman with the Precious Moments avatar. Tell me more, Professor.

      13. Radiofort, projection isn’t a medical disorder. When people project, they attribute their own character and ways of thinking onto others.

        Noone has called for the eradication of people like the spiritually and mentally deranged, and physically disfigured Bruce Jenner. I would like to see the man get some help, but at the same time, I certainly wouldn’t give him any prominent place in society.

        You, however, allude to our deaths when you say “…you’re surrounded by kooks who are stuck in the same rigid, antiquated belief systems. It’s a self consuming mass that will ultimately consume itself to nothing, leaving the rest of the world better off. Your children and grandchildren will look back on you with pity.”

        You preach about us respecting others in the same breath with which you call prayinginok a Maniac.

        You are a very deluded individual.

        You still haven’t given the evidence R.O requested, the evidence for your statement, “people are growing more rational and peaceful by the day.”

        Is Bruce Jenner your evidence of people growing more rational by the day? If so, please explain how. Is the travesty of millions of children believing they are the opposite gender, or a make-believe gender rational? Is Joe Biden crippling and shutting down our fossil fuel energy production, while begging our enemies to produce more, rational?

        Is Putin bringing death and destruction to thousands of people who have done him and his country no harm, an example of people growing more peaceful by the day?

        Oh, wait, he is a soon to be extinguished relic of the past, right? Well, why hasn’t the daily more rational and peaceful world stopped this wicked anomaly?

        What about Iran, North Korea, Venezuela? What about the Mexican drug cartels? What about MS-13? FARC? The streets of Chicago, New York City, Portland?What about the CCP, the rulers of the Chinese people and their imprisonment of religious and political dissidents, some of whom they use for slave labor, some for organ harvesting.

        What about the police state brutality enforced on the citizens of Australia last year? What about the senseless rioting and wanton destruction on the streets of America by antifa and BLM? What about Trudeau’s oppression of peaceful protesters in Canada a couple months ago?

        Radiofort, I wish you would show us EXACTLY HOW people are becoming more rational and peaceful by the day.

        I’m about to type something that you will disregard and mock at this time, but I sadly believe it’s going to ring in your ears for eternity,

        Radiofort, you are wrong on every level. Your foundation is wrong.
        You’d better reconsider everything you believe while there is still time. Not going to get preachy on Mr. Nyquist’s page, but Look to the Lord Jesus while you can.

      14. Furthermore, you insult Mr. Nyquist everytime you post here. For you never back up your claims and statements. You merely attempt to contradict and refute what he says. It is truly pathetic, because he has much documentation, and is well-reasoned, having put in literally years of researching, sifting, thinking through. And then you come on, and think you deflate all his positions in a few arrogant paragraphs which you never have any proof for.

        LOL!! You truly are too lazy to dig, aren’t you?

      15. I don’t waste time trying to educate fools who are not willing to open their minds. You can’t even comprehend the concept that perhaps a human brain and soul can identify as one gender, and the body contain physical traits of another. This simple concept causes anger and fear in you. The human species is evolving past fossils like you whether you believe it or not, and no “evidence” you so desperately crave, if presented to you, would make a difference.

      16. 1. That’s so typically you, Radiofort. Mr. Nyquist has challenged you to lay out proofs of your statements. R.O. has asked you. Now I have asked you to. But you have none.

        Please explain to me how “a human brain and soul can identify as one gender, and the body contain physical traits of another.”

        If it is such a simple concept, please, by all means, enlighten me.

        If evolution were true, then how would that even make sense in the model of evolution? Please show me how.

        Please explain, because you are safe from all of my fear and anger as we are communicating via electronic device, and have no idea who each other even is.

      17. Is it really a struggle to imagine that a person can grow up with a different understanding of himself that causes him to realize everything about him is female except for his physical body? The human brain is the most complex thing in nature and existence that we know of. Yet you sit here and act like it’s ridiculous to conceive these things of which we see more and more viable evidence by the year. If you are really interested in finding evidence for the existence of non-binary gender and sexuality, you’ll find it. I have no interest in dragging sources into this conversation to satisfy your ignorance, just so you can disbelieve them.

      18. You confidently sit on your throne of ignorance, dehumanizing everybody you don’t understand. You turn Caitlyn Jenner into a subhuman because your experience in life isn’t the same as hers. You do this out of fear, and since you don’t work to expand your mind, it isn’t capable of complex concepts outside of your animal nature.

      19. It is fascinating to see you acknowledge there such a thing as “animal nature.” I think that is the whole idea in a nutshell; that some things are natural and others unnatural. It was famously said, that for Nature to be commanded it must be obeyed. There is a deeper discussion here, involving mind and body, cosmology and ontology.

      20. Yes. And I don’t believe any of the other people commenting here should be stating things so confidently. The loudest voices are often the least valuable.

      21. I hate to think what a new person coming to the site after watching the Populist Roundtable will think after seeing all of Radiofort’s ramblings.

      22. Radiofort, how you psychoanalyze me! Are you a psychiatrist too? If I follow your logic correctly, the human race is going to evolve itself right out of existence! Now that is something to be afraid of. How can we harness the power of your wondrous evolution before we cease to exist?

      23. “Is it really a struggle to imagine that a person can grow up with a different understanding of himself that causes him to realize everything about him is female except for his physical body?”

        That’s ridiculous – anyone with a modicum of study in basic biology can see that this is mass delusion and an effort to redefine the meaning of ‘male’ and ‘female’. Beyond extremely rare edge cases, one either possesses a Y chromosome in one’s genome (and is subject to its developmental consequences), or one does not. One’s feelings and imagination on the matter are immaterial, from a biological perspective.

        We could discuss the psychology and mental health issues surrounding gender dysphoria, and that would be a useful discussion to have. But feelings and imagination do not dictate an individual’s gender. Some individuals actually believe that they are dogs or cats or elves – they are not, no matter how fervently they believe it. They suffer under a delusion (not saying this to disparage them) – it is a loss of contact with reality, and our society should develop the compassion and understanding to help them. Encouraging these delusional beliefs, as leftists militantly do, is ultimately counterproductive.

      24. “The human brain is the most complex thing in nature and existence that we know of.”
        Yes, but that’s a platitude.

        “Yet you sit here and act like it’s ridiculous to conceive these things of which we see more and more viable evidence by the year. If you are really interested in finding evidence for the existence of non-binary gender and sexuality, you’ll find it.
        There is a tsunami of evidence demonstrating that individuals in our society have become increasingly confused and ignorant of basic biology. And that leftist gender studies departments are a blight on our society. And I say that as a Bay Area liberal, lol.

    1. It is entirely possible, they need manpower to put all those former soviet countries back into the fold. And no, I don’t think NATO will do anything meaningful, Europe seems petrified before the prospect of a nuclear strike.
      There is something I wonder: would they forcibly conscript Ukrainians, and other Occupied Countries’ people to bolster their ranks?

      1. I could see that happening. And now there are all those reports of people in Mariupol being forcibly deported to, or rather steered toward, Russia as part of Russia’s ‘humanitarian’ rescue mission.

        I think the old adage ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’ may also eventually apply here. After all that’s what happened to the Chechens, their republic was pounded into submission in the 2nd Chechen War and now many of them are willingly serving in the Russian military.

  21. The article below from March 17/22 says the Russian embassy in Moldova is soliciting reports of discrimination against Russians. The Russian embassy in Romania is doing the same thing.

    What do you think, are they laying the groundwork for the next phase of the war?

    The article also says that out of 351,000 Ukrainian refugees that went to Moldova, 247,000 went on to Romania and 104,000 stayed in Moldova.

  22. Must-watch: Jeff Nyquist and Nevin Gussack, April 1, 2022.

      1. I had no idea these numbers were so high!!! Thank you Jeff for mentioning what they are doing. It’s very concerning!

        “China is stockpiling food at historically high levels and now has more than half of the world’s maize and other grains. By mid-2022, the country is estimated to hold 69% of the world’s corn reserves, 60% of rice, and 51% of wheat.”

      2. China is trying to rebuild its swine herd. They had cull most of it because of a disease that came in from Africa. They are buying any kind of food they can get their hands on so they can feed the heard as they rebuild it.

      3. Eeeewwww! I wish I could post the same little monkey you did with his hands over his eyes (see no evil.) He was cute!

  23. “Moscow accuses Ukraine of conducting airstrike inside Russia”

    Jeff, do you have any thoughts about that? Is it a false-flag event in your opinion? It certainly opens the door for Putin to take further actions.

    1. It’s just a bit of border creep is all. If anything, this attack on petro will merely increase the price and profits for Ukraine, Russia, and the rest of OPEC, along with British Petroleum and Chevon, as well.

      1. Ah Melvin, you make me laugh sometimes. LOL! Things like this are what caused me to ask Jeff the question:

        Five weeks into President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, there are signs that the Russian public’s initial shock has given way to a mix of support for their troops and anger at the West. On television, entertainment shows have been replaced by extra helpings of propaganda, resulting in a round-the-clock barrage of falsehoods about the “Nazis” who run Ukraine and American-funded Ukrainian bioweapons laboratories.

        Polls and interviews show that many Russians now accept Putin’s contention that their country is under siege from the West and had no choice but to attack. The war’s opponents are leaving the country or keeping quiet.

      2. I can’t help but think of how Hitler brainwashed the Germans into thinking the Jews were dogs. It made it easy and acceptable for him to kill them.

      3. If Jeff were here, I’m sure that he’d agree with me that even though Putin finds lamentable the media spin which casts him as the bad guy, that domestic politics is the least of his concerns, as if protesters just keep it up, they might well find themselves sent to the front.

        As for NAZIS, Putin say a couple of weeks ago that he was ready to meet with Zelensky to negotiate the details, but that Russia had already achieved the pre stated objectives, including the de-NAZIfication of Ukraine. Biden is worried senile about Russia’s confiscation of bioweapons from the 35 US/China/Ukraine labs, and the admission into the Congressional record of baby boy Hunter’s laptop, so is trying to provoke Russia into nuking the United States to avoid a UN war crimes tribunal for genocide. This is all just a Communist plot, however.

      4. Melvin, you are showing little attachment to reality. Putin has not achieved one of his stated objectives. Denazification is simply a fantasy for a man who is tolerating a good many Nazis, including in his inner circle.

        Every last one of his objectives is based on a lie.

      1. As the article above says:

        “many Russians now accept Putin’s contention that their country is under siege from the West and had no choice but to attack.”

        It plays right into Putin’s rhetoric.

    2. Russia whining about it is par for the course. They started a war and should be expecting such things. I have utterly no sympathy for them. The destruction of the fuel dump will put a crimp in northern logistics. Hitting such places is exactly what Ukraine should be doing.

  24. Jeff, I was watching this hangout you did with folk about occultist stuff that you had a negative experience with in your past, what do you make of the occultist and pagan aspects in communism? I’ve been told the pyramid-like building Lenin’s body is displayed at, his mausoleum is what people call a Ziggurat, which is a type of building used in pagan practices, something of the sorts. Lenin’s body is displayed much like Christians display the incorruptible body of saints. Putin once compared Lenin to a saint, Hillary did some witch rituals, I remember you mentioned somewhere that communism is like a religion. If you listen to the environmentalist folk you’ll also hear something about Mother Earth, Gaia which starts going to that earth-worshiping paganism. What is this all about?

    1. Sorry to interject: This was the „Opening Ceremony“ at the 2009 Climate Change Conference (COP 15) at Copenhagen, Denmark: A highly religious – even liturgical – act indeed…

      1. Gives one actual Nazi goose bumps, doesn’t it? Nothing new under the sun – and Scandinavia leading the way, even though they may not be all too happy about the Bolshevik model now threatening us all – unless a SYNTHESIS will be presented everybody (at least, the robots) can live with…

    2. The occult is a dangerous area and even something that seems to be unrelated can draw you into it. The wise leave it behind. As for Leninism, it is atheistic, though the people who built Lenin’s tomb were communist theosophists. Very odd. Purely delusional. Blavatsky was a fraud. Or deluded. You do not know up from down with that sort of thing. It is like entering a funhouse where you get turned around. Best to know something that is true, that anchors you. Mysteries are fine to ponder for a moment. Read history. Read philosophy. Read the Bible. Study serious subjects. But know that mysterious things are real and we can never really understand then.

  25. Hello Jeffrey,
    Very good point. It is important to study the works of María Elvira Roca Barea (Imperiophobia and black legend, among others). The communists all around the world are doing with America what others have done with Spanish (I heard that in an online class of Olavo de Carvalho in march 2021). And once the mindset of the majority have changed, the enemies will launch a decisive attack.

  26. Tonight I had a dinner with a friend, who works for the railroad. One of his colleagues just returned from a trip to Mexico to visit his family. The colleague was surprised—everywhere he turned, there were Chinese. When asked if the Chinese were only in certain areas, he answered that they are everywhere.

    Now he was not a trained observer, but this was something that surprised him. Obviously the Mexican government allowed this concentration. I think this is in preparation for a Chinese invasion. Some coming from the north, through Canada. Some from the south, through Mexico. And some landing on the west coast.

    1. Thank you R.O. for sharing this with us! Wow! Biden said yesterday they are terminating Title 42 in May, so it’s like an open invitation to cross the border.

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