The defender waits for the attack in position, having chosen a suitable area and prepared it; which means he has carefully reconnoitered it, erected solid defenses at some of the most important points, established and opened communications, sited his batteries, fortified some villages, selected covered assembly areas, and so forth. The strength of his front … makes it possible for him … to inflict heavy losses on the enemy at low cost to himself….

Carl von Clausewitz


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134 thoughts on “Talk With Nevin on Wednesday

  1. It was a great interview! The thing that keeps going over and over in my mind is what you said about an economic war and how it leads to a fighting war. I don’t think most people understand the attack on the US Dollar that’s going on. We talked about it in the prior blog. The IMF is now saying: “IMF Warns That Sanctions Against Russia Threaten to Weaken the Dominance of the Dollar” but they put the blame on the nations who imposed sanctions, not on Putin. He has been working on that goal for a long time.

    1. The dominance of the dollar is what allows us to maintain a large welfare state and a large military. We have not kept our military in fighting shape. We have serious deficits as it is. If the dollar goes, we could be dead in the water.

      1. It is said that the US ‘exports its inflation’, I’m sorry but I dont have the expertise to quite grasp this. Could you Jeff maybe explain? So the US prints the money that other countries need to buy oil. And if the dollar is no longer the exchange currency, the excess will result in domestic price-increases,and then collapse. The US would however want to print dollars in any event, so I dont understand. Could you perhaps elaborate further?

      2. Dollars are soaked up abroad because it is the universal currency for trade. So dollars are constantly in demand across the globe. Some years ago it was said that more dollars were in circulation in Russia than in the USA. This is astonishing, if true. Imagine if those dollars come flooding back.

      3. The US Dollar is ostensibly supported by the Gross Domestic Product of the World’s largest consumer market, the United States. Actually, the value of the Dollar is due to the demand for US Treasuries at auction. China still buys US Bonds, along with everyone else. US taxpayers are not the largest contributors to the US welfare state; the buyers of US Treasuries are.

        Russia would still be accepting payment for oil in Dollars if not for US sanctions against Russia. It’s not Putin’s idea. It’s just that he found a loophole in the sanctions which facilitate business transactions between Russia and the EU.

        I wonder how that happened?

      4. Russia has been trying to stop oil payments in dollars for over twenty years. Every attempt to do this has ended in financial loss for the Russians or their partners.

    2. And look who is the Director of the IMF: A Bulgarian generational apparatchik by name of Kristalina Georgieva, born 1953. As one looks at her Wikipedia page, one might think her political life only began in the early 1990s, which is in line with the standard communist coverup. She graduated from the then-Karl Marx Higher Institute of Economics in Sofia with a thesis on, one can’t make this up: “Environmental Protection Policy and Economic Growth in the USA”.

      1. I had no idea. You’re right – you can’t make that stuff up. Why would someone in Bulgaria care enough about the US’s environmental and economic issues to write a thesis about it?

      2. I had a Korean professor of Geography who wrote his thesis at a college in Bulgaria, about water conservation. He prefaced the course with statements not to be challenged. He said that water does not drain the opposite direction in the Southern Hemisphere, that California would not fall into the Ocean, and a few other things which slip my mind at this moment. He was intolerant when I would ask follow up questions on the points he made with facts not in evidence. I asked him what happens during a magnetic pole reversal and he hit the roof.

        I wonder if Bulgaria academia isn’t a situs of cultural Marxist Environmentalism?

      3. Not to mention this sounds like an undergrad thesis of someone majoring in “environmental studies.” bizarre.

    3. Meet Madame Georgieva’s alma mater (her PhD thesis that I quoted above is of 1986), the once-Karl Marx Higher Institute of Economics, Sofia, Bulgaria, not until 1995 officially renamed into University of National and World Economy:

      The website, presented in communist deep-red, has also the slogan, “The Spirit Makes the Power”, which sounds heavily Leninist to me! As one looks at the photographs and the institutes into which the university is divided, one can’t help being reminded of another famous communist/post-communist university: Once-Patrice Lumumba University for People’s Friendship, Moscow, since the auto-demolition of the USSR coyly renamed to RUSSIAN University for People’s Friendship (thus, good old communist “people’s friendship” has visibly remained on the menu).

      Mrs. Georgieva, by the way, has been a long-time heavyweight in EU- and UN institutions (there seems to be an inbuilt revolving door somewhere):

      Her 1993 to 2010 career at the World Bank included from 2004 to 2007 the position of World Bank’s Moscow Director and Resident Representative – those good old comradely bonds! – responsible for World Bank projects all over the Russian Federation and from 2008 to 2010 the post of Vice President and Corporate Secretary of the World Bank.

      After that, she changed over to the European Commission in Brussels where she “served” from 2010 to 2014 as European Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management as well as European Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development. From 2014 to 2016 she was European Commissioner for the Budget and Human Resources. She then changed back to the World Bank and became Chief Executive there for another almost three years, after which she was raised to Managing Director of the IMF in October 2019.

      As Anatoliy Golitsyn predicted on pp. 341, 342 of his 1984 reference work, New Lies for Old,

      “The EEC [the then-European Economic Community] on present lines, even if enlarged, would not be a barrier to the neutralization of Europe and the withdrawal of American troops. It might even accelerate the process. The acceptance of the EEC by Eurocommunist parties in the 1970s, following a period of opposition in the 1960s, suggests that this view is shared by the communist strategists. The efforts by the Yugoslavs and Romanians to create stronger links with the EEC should be seen not as inimical to Soviet interests, but as the first steps in laying the foundation for a merger between the EEC and Comecon. The European Parliament might become an all-European socialist parliament with representation from the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. ‘Europe from the Atlantic to the Urals’ [in fact, to Vladivostok] would turn out to be a neutral, socialist Europe.”

      All of the above has come true, even though NATO, widely reduced to a paper tiger anyway, is still in place. And so, in the final analysis, the much-praised European eastward enlargement has turned out to have been a SOVIET WESTWARD ENLARGEMENT instead!

      1. That was VERY interesting, Contemplative Observer. Thank you for typing all of that up! It helps me to see the bigger picture of what is going on.

      2. They really do desire a one-world government and a one-world economy, don’t they?

      3. These are excellent points. In 2014 and after, Moscow was attempting to corral Ukraine using the EU and the Obama administration as secret helpers from the West, who would interfere in subtle ways — almost always without real effect (recall Biden’s threats to force the firing of a Ukrainian prosecutor). Despite outside interference here and there, an internal process of freeing the country from hidden Soviet structures nonetheless continued after 2014. Changes were gradually occurring. The process in Ukraine was so painfully slow many did not realize its subtle effects on the hidden Soviet structures. The public mood of the country was, perhaps, decisive. To expose oneself as a Russian shill in Ukraine was debilitating to one’s image. Since official corruption and plunder was the key to Russia’s control of the Ukrainian system in years’ past, the gradual peeling away of administrative theft wrought untold damage to Putin’s mafia networks within Ukraine. The thieves would have to run for protection to Moscow. How could Moscow regain control? Invasion was Putin’s last resort. He had to confront the Ukrainian people with a massive assault. Right now it appears that Britain and Poland are providing the most effective and immediate military supplies to Ukraine, with the EEC doing very little. More help must be provided if the Ukrainian front is to be stabilized. Mariupol and Kharkiv are besieged, with terrible suffering. When these cities fall a moral shock will be felt in Kiev. Europe must do more. Does anyone know if Biden’s weapons have begun to arrive yet? I have seen evidence of British weapons being used in the war.

      4. It’s unreal how slow they’ve been. Was that partly intentional? Some help finally arrived on Thursday:

        WASHINGTON — The Pentagon says an initial half-dozen shipments of weapons and other security assistance have reached Ukraine as part of the $800 million package of aid that President Joe Biden approved on March 16.

        Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said Thursday that the shipments included Javelin anti-tank weapons, Stinger anti-aircraft missile systems, body armor, medical supplies and other material. He said the 100 Switchblade armed drones that Biden approved as part of the package have not yet been delivered.

        Kirby said the $800 million in assistance is likely to be fully delivered within about two weeks. It also includes Mi-17 helicopters, small arms, ammunition, vehicles, secure communications systems, and satellite imagery and analysis capability.

      5. Wow, this makes me think, “communism is as communism does….” which pretty much describes what has become of western “globalization…”

    4. Weapons worth $ 800 million amounts to as little as 1% of what Biden left behind in Afghanistan 7 months ago! Crazy world that is, as we are under the thumb of Marxists everywhere.

      German Defence Minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD), otherwise a lawyer and certainly unacquainted with economics and military affairs, has today called for a total stop of all Russian natural gas imports into Germany (I think around 60% of Germany’s natural gas comes from Russia). I’m not sure whether such a measure would really help Ukraine, but it certainly would mean economic suicide for Germany! Almost no political actors in the West can now be trusted. Whether it’s mere incompetence, aggravated by emotionalism, or treason is anyone’s guess…

      1. Correction: She wants an import stop for the entire EU. …

      2. Did she mention any time frame for it? If done quickly it would definitely be economic suicide as you said.

      3. Even Hillary Clinton is chiming in:

        Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Sunday called on the U.S. and its allies to “double down” on their pressure on Russia amid its increasingly brutal invasion of Ukraine.

        Since she is a Soros puppet, it makes me wonder what he is trying to do?

    5. She wants a stop to all Russian natural gas imports, for the entire European Union, NOW. I found on Christine Lambrecht’s German Wikipedia page that she belongs to the Social Democratic Party’s left wing and that she was married from 2015 to 2019 to a party colleague by name of Hans-Joachim Hacker, a “Social Democrat” from the former German Democratic Republic. As one looks at her photograph on Wikipedia, one might think this woman is around 70 – but she is only 56. All hate and spite and malice! And a number of German leftists are already talking about rationing diesel and even restricting meat consumption. Clearly, these types are simply trying to exploit the present economic war with Russia to further their own totalitarian ends within Germany…

      Tellingly, Christine Lambrecht’s willingness to get certain German armory over into Ukraine has proved modest. According to German Wikipedia, there had been talk about 2.700 Soviet-made, shoulder-fired surface-to-air missiles (9K32 Strela-2) to be sent by Germany to Ukraine; yet, only 500 were delivered. Lambrecht then defended herself, arguing that the German Bundeswehr’s capabilities were exhausted.

      1. “And a number of German leftists are already talking about rationing diesel and even restricting meat consumption. Clearly, these types are simply trying to exploit the present economic war with Russia to further their own totalitarian ends within Germany…”

        I fear that will happen in the U.S. as well under the banner of “climate change”.

  2. This part where Peter Pry says we are 30 years behind on strategic weapons. It reminds me of a comment on your page from a week ago about Olavo and the importance of symbols and how people view the world in symbols. It seems like a large majority of Americans are simply incapable of seeing the need for strategic weapons for the Great Power Struggle. They can only understand Russia and Ukraine as humanitarian struggles or limited risk situations. It’s like most people can only see Russia in terms of the symbols of Afghanistan and Iraq. So when Russia did 9/11, it’s greatest impact was one which maybe they themselves didn’t foresee, not merely distracting us, but making America as a whole fundamentally unable to understand the threat Russia poses. They replaced the symbols of the Cold War and WWII with that of Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Whatever that forum you and Pry were at sounds pretty interesting!!

    1. The average American has watched an enormous amount of television. These dramas are moralistic. The hero wins miraculously, sometimes with a ridiculous trick. The bad guys lose because they are bad. Saying someone is evil is like an incantation which assures their defeat. But reality, I am afraid, does not work that way.

      1. i’ve only recently come to the conclusion that we can’t escape what’s coming, the only thing that matters is dying with a clear conscience.

      2. US-nuclear forces seemingly will launch on impact, not on warning. This appears hopeless -everything will be destroyed by then. On the other hand, an innocent Norwegian weather-satellite almost triggered ww3. What would be the right approach.

      3. Americans have a kind of naivete, whether cultivated or not, that there is some kind metaphysical impossibility for evil to win.

        History shows us that is not true. Evil won in Russia in 1917. It won in China, Cuba, Venezuela, Cambodia. And the results were horrific and still are there.

        This naivete is at the core of current American weakness, I think. It infects the Republican Party and conservatism, which takes everything the Left does at face value.

  3. Jeff can you comment on our SSBNs? This seems to be pretty strong still. Allow the warheads may be aged as well.

    1. Our SSBNs need launch codes to fire the missiles. They go to see with fewer warheads than they can carry. If the planes that transmit the codes are destroyed on the ground or in the air, they cannot launch their missiles. This is no secret.

      1. Jeff, have you ever investigated the “final orders” given British Boomer captains? There has been a couple of interesting articles written over the years, apparently they have much morel latitude than the US commanders. And I wonder about the French as well.

      2. I thought there was an ultra low frequency transition system for PAL as well.

      3. The UK has, as I recall, a similar SSBN signalling facility located in Wales for the UK’s deterrent.

        @ Edwin: You’re talking about “Letters of Last Resort” and they’re supposedly written afresh by each Prime Minister upon entering office. I can only imagine what Boris Johnston, the libidinous buffoon enraptured by his occult-dabbling muse, would have written in his.

  4. I would urge everyone to read
    “The Nuclear 911 in Our Future”
    Peter Pry. 3-17-22

    “In my report Surprise Attack: ICBMs and the Real Nuclear Threat (2020), I warned that U.S. strategic cultural aversion to “thinking about the unthinkable” and intelligence community biases would virtually guarantee failure to warn of an adversary potential or actual surprise nuclear attack.

    The Intelligence Community “Worldwide Threat Assessment” to Congress on March 8, 2022, once again proves my case.”


    1. We’ve had warnings from different sources concerning this event, that for our military not to prepare is treason.

      Our only hope, besides God’s undeserved favor, is that the enemy will not be able to occupy the land.

    2. Sobering doesn’t even begin to describe it.

      “Much to his credit, at the same hearing where DNI Haines testified, Defense Intelligence Agency Director, Lt. General D. Scott Berrier, warned: “I also believe that when he [Putin] says something, we should listen very, very carefully and take him at his word.”

      Yes… as Nikki Haley and others have also warned: “You better take him at his word.”

  5. Jeff keeps reminding us that Russia and China are allies working together. Check this out:

    China Launched Massive Cyberattack on Ukraine in Lead Up to Russian Invasion

    China launched a massive cyberattack on vital Ukrainian infrastructure in the leadup to Russia’s invasion, according to a report by UK media outlet The Times. The attack included efforts to degrade Ukrainian military and nuclear facilities.

    More than 600 websites owned by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense in Kyiv weathered thousands of hacking attempts coordinated by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), according to the report.

    The attacks began on Feb. 23, two days after the end of the Beijing Winter Olympics and one day before Russian leader Vladimir Putin launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

    1. This should immediately qualify them for the same sanctions, if the West was not filled with foreign agents working for the other side.

  6. Another great discussion Mr. Nyquist. Thanks you.

    You spoke about how you thought that the American left’s opposition to Putin (particularly Biden) was just an act, and that they are secretly aligned with the communists.
    I’d like to propose an alternative scenario. The left and the communists have seized control of American institutions, and they effectively hold control of our country and the levers of power now. Conservatives have been left on the outside–we have become a kind of counter culture to what has taken control of American culture and institutions. I suspect that although the left is ideologically aligned with eastern communists, they are a rival faction of communists (think Nazis versus Soviets during WWII–both socialists, but in opposition). American leftists still very much want to resist the rise of any challenge to American leftist power.

    This may explain why the left in the U.S. has been so anti-Russia, and also explains why so much Russian disinformation and propaganda has been focused on conservatives. Historically, the communists have always targeted the marginalized and disenfranchised groups in a target population, because those groups are more receptive to the propaganda efforts of the communists.

    What are your thoughts on this?

    1. The problem is that the left turns like a school of fish in this country and in Europe. The Western left would split if there was a split with Russia and China. You would not expect all of them to turn at once. This is how you can tell what is happening beneath the surface.

      1. Hello Mr. Nyquist,

        Thank you for your comment. If I’m understanding you correctly, you are saying that normally the left in the U.S. act as a block, but a split with the eastern block communists would divide them, and that would be evident to all the world. Therefore, they are still aligned with the communist program, because no split is evident. Am I reading that right?

  7. Jack Maxey, the guy auditing Hunter Biden’s laptop, is an associate of Trump associate, Steve Bannon. In context of Spetsnaz, by Viktor Suvorov, and considering all the hot East European babes that Trump’s bagged, might there be some truth to the Trump/Russia Collusion, irrespective of the frame job of the Steele dossier and alleged unseen pee tapes? As the phony evidence is proven fake, the baby gets tossed out with the bath water.

      1. Was my example really so far off it deserved to be deleted, Jeff? What are the probabilities that Donald J Trump could land three beautiful women half his age to marry him, two of which are former from Soviet Union? You seem to require a fine point put on it.

  8. Great interview. I agreed with your point that until we as Americans are clear that Russia and China are united against US, we will be ineffective or worse in dealing with either country. Are there any organizations pointing this out? Seems like uniting on this understanding is the foundation to build better strategy and preparation. Second question. What is the best way to hurt them? They are trying to control food and fuel? What else can we do other than these sanctions?

    1. We could start to grow victory gardens, for extra food. We can advocate for opening the Keystone Pipeline. Also, we need to spread the word over social media about China and a Russia by pointing to the joint communique of Putin and Xi’s February 4 summit.

    2. Seems like our entire strategic focus should be around self-sufficiency and resilience as a NATION – grow, make and harvest what we can, and keep it HERE. The government could stop paying farmers to turn their land into solar panels. We could force divestment from hostile nations of critical infrastructure and resources – like farmland and meat processers (China has major U.S. holdings), ports, water rights. Our hair would probably be on fire if we knew how much of what we depend on in our own country is owned by interests in Asia and the Middle East.

      Will there be practical problems to implement a (dare I say) America-centric set of measure – sure, and maybe it can’t be perfect, but that should be the strategic objective. We need to switch to war footing. Which is a complete 180 from the “global village” “green energy” “eat bugs” utopia our leaders are fixated on all at costs.

      And that’s the thing; our leaders are telling us to sacrifice and suffer for a “sustainable green future” and to punish the “maniacal dictators” who don’t agree. That objective just causes confusion, division, and strife. If our leaders named the real threat and enemy, and said we need to gather with our families and neighbors to mobilize and sacrifice for the survival of our nation – now would be something people understand and would dig in for.

      Also, focus on our borders. Stop people coming in, period, Full stop. National security trumps whatever rationale we have for just letting people in to sort it out later. And do whatever we need to do to bring Mexico on side. Not brow-beating them about morality. We should figure out what we have or could do that they need and give it to them, ie, real politics, not holier-than-thou “rules based order” claptrap that’s increasingly falling on deaf ears.

      There’s a lot we could do, if we were focused and determined. The enemy has laid of a lot of ground work to ensure that we are not.

      1. Visitor, you mentioned about the government paying farmers to set up solar panels in their fields. I need to correct a comment I made the other day.

        I had said that a some local farmers had been pressured by the government to allow the panels to be installed in their fields. However, these large farms are about 50 miles from where I live, and I dont personally know the people, so wanted more details.

        I was riding with a friend this weekend looking at a lot of hunting land in that area, and asked him about it.

        He said, that some company was trying to get enough farmers to commit to leasing their land for the solar panels. If they could get enough farmers (and others) to commit to that, *then* that company would be able to get government funding.

        Couldn’t be just any fields either. They have to be close to high voltage power lines so they could inexpensively connect to the power system. These farms have high voltage lines running through their fields.

        The farmers have not made a deal with the company. The company ran an article or ad in local newspapers, making it sound like a lot of people had signed on, when actually hardly anyone had. So the company did not get enough takers to obtain the government funding.

        I noticed crops have been planted.


      2. Greyknight, re solar panels: thanks so much for the update. As you can tell, that (almost) fact really left an impression on me!

  9. The Left in the West has for many decades supported communism in South Africa – and to a large extent governments on the right in the West too. So, communism is not something that Right or Left in the West is oppesed to in general in relation to foreign relations or geoplitical (usually resource orientetated agendas). For example, the West was quite happy to to undermine and overthrow a white conservative government in South Africa during the 80’s & 90’s complete with severe sanctions imposed and support the ANC which had (and has) always been affilaited to the South African Communist Part (SACP). Since about 5/6 years ago when it became clear that it’s all going pear-shaped in South Africa (the liberal dream in th process of failing in real-time), there’s simply been a news blackout regarding any real political analysis about South Africa. Nevertheless Western support for the ANC far left government continues.

  10. Jeff, not sure if you can comment on the Ukranian far right like the Azov Battalion, a Ukrainian author who works at the National Policy Institute compiled a dossier on a individual by the name of Sergei Korotkikh who working for Russian Intelligence and also the author of the dossier was later assaulted for compiling the dossier:

      1. Jeff, just wanting to ask for your opinion, would it be fair to assume that the Ukrainian far right like the Azov Battalion is controlled opposition?

      2. I do not know the answer. Politics has many shades of opinion, odd alliances, strange role reversals. To paint a whole country as “Nazi” because of one volunteer battalion, is painting with a very broad brush.

    1. I wish these “reporters” would stop calling neo-Nazis “far right” when the truth is that they are far left. As far left, they have no problem with being a controlled opposition with a false claim of being anti-communist to fool the simple-minded anti-communists.

      1. They are far-right because they are ultra-conservative. They don’t agree with any modern “liberal” ideas like interracial marriage/reproduction, multicultural integration, or homosexuality. How would any intelligent person think that means far-left? Just another example that extremism is warping the minds of people who once had a grasp on right and wrong.

      2. Because ultra-conservatives are the ones who push their agenda into genocide. You believe Communism is some kind of doctrine of evil because it promotes a less control-driven society, or a more allowance-driven society. More allowances or personal freedoms (rights afforded to everyone *equally*) cause friction among the historical control systems of society (religious, governmental, familial), which scares their strict adherents. This is the fundamental conflict between liberal-minded people and conservative-minded people. You only choose to call the liberal side evil, whereas I believe they are both equally flawed, but the conservative side leans on fear to control people. The liberal side leans on hope, which tips the scale as the peaceful way forward.

      3. Radiofort: It would help here if you knew some history and knew where these terms like “liberal” and “communist” come from. Liberalism and communism are opposing ideologies. They are not compatible. It ought to be pointed out that classical liberals and conservatives are quite close in a number of their ideas. Think Whig Party. Think Edmund Burke. Think Thomas Macaulay. People I’m sure you’ve never read and know nothing about. There is a whole universe of thought — very deep thought — you have missed. What you write here has nothing whatsoever to do with liberalism, conservatism or communism. Please trouble yourself to read some good books.

      4. Ultra-conservatism AND ultra-liberalism (what you call Communism) meet at the point of genocide. Both are to be avoided at all costs.

      5. Conservatives are genocidal? When has a conservative party or leader, in history, advocated genocide? You probably could not identify a conservative leader from history, or a liberal. As it happens, the idea of genocide is antithetical to conservatism and to liberalism. Communism, on the other hand, has century-long history of genocide. Friedrich Engels, Karl Marx’s partner, wrote about the necessity of wiping out whole classes and races of people. For that matter, the actual policies of communist states — Pol Pot in Kampuchea, communist Ethiopia under Mengistu Haile Mariam, Stalin’s USSR, Mao’s China, all implemented genocidal policies. Probably more than 100 million deaths. See the Black Book of Communism for a slightly more conservative estimate. Do you trouble yourself to know anything at all, or are you a militant ignoramus out of preference? Does Pol Pot ring a bell? Does the Ukraine terror famine ring a bell? Ignorance like yours deserves a much stronger rebuke than I am giving you here. People like you, full of arrogant nonsense, are the ones who enable genocide. The purpose of my writing to is forewarn people against the genocidal plans of China and Russia. Don’t you see what is happening in Ukraine today? A country is being murdered on live TV. But you understand nothing. You blame me for warning people about Russia. You cretinous, ill-informed, nitwit of a door fly. Russia has built its nuclear missiles, and China has built its biological warfare capability, to genocide you and me, and to eradicate America forever. That is what I’m trying to warn you about. But fool that you are, you say I am the threat. You are a disgrace.

      6. Radiofort already dehumanizes us in his mind and rhetoric. One of his comments you deleted the other day referred to us as cavemen grunting to each other in a cave. Said things will be better when our kind dies out. And other dehumanizing references, which along with his references to genocide, let’s me know what is in his mind about us.

        Though he says that we operate out of fear and anger, he also says that we dont know his beliefs.

        He is clearly filled with hate towards those of us he refers to as ultra conservatives.

        Even in a forum where we cant see facial expressions or hear tones and inflections in each other’s voices, he still cant hide what he is.

      7. I meant to say, he says we cant know his beliefs, yet he thinks he knows the motives we operate out of.

        I have never, ever, come across a more arrogant person.

      8. Radiofort: list one genocide that was inspired by conservative ideology? Any that were openly racist like the Namibia genocide in 1905–08 (based on the left wing rigid and ancient religion of evolution), the Holodomor of the 1930s, the “Final Solution” of the 1940s, again based on that left wing rigid and ancient religion of evolution, the “Great Leap Forward” that killed between 30–50 million Chinese, the “Killing Fields” of Cambodia, and how many more can we list? Doesn’t the record show that it is the left, even far-left, that is genocidal?

        Have you not shown that you are completely ignorant of Biblical teachings? Did you know that if a blond, blue-eyed Scandinavian who trusts the Biblical message, marries a Black African who also trusts the Biblical message, that that is NOT a mixed marriage. But if that blond, blue-eyed Scandinavian who trusts the Biblical message marries another blond, blue-eyed Scandinavian who is a pagan, not trusting the Biblical message, that that IS a mixed marriage that the Bible warns against? Where is the racism there?

        Haven’t you been following the political discourse here in the U.S. in the last few years? Who is it who are using fear to control people? Who try to silence those with whom they disagree? Already 50 years ago, the SDS used violence, even murder, to silence effective voices against them. One man I knew survived two attempts on his life. Is it not the left that uses fear and violence to control people?

        How many more examples do we need to present to show that it is leftist ideology that is evil? That those who adhere to those beliefs become evil, even psychopaths?

  11. @JRNyquist: Have you ever read any of Victor Davis Hanson’s books or articles? He is a military historian who is a frequent guest on Fox News. He is a very interesting fellow.

  12. Saber-rattling in North Korea:

    The sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un lashed out at the South Korean defense minister over comments he made about the country’s missile capabilities.

    “The senseless and scum-like guy dare mention a ‘preemptive strike’ at a nuclear weapons state,” Kim Yo Jong said in a statement shared on North Korea state media, according to the Associated Press. “South Korea may face a serious threat owing to the reckless remarks made by its defense minister.”

    Kim Yo Jong’s statement came in response to South Korea Defense Minister Suh Wook saying on Friday that the country had the ability to launch precision strikes at North Korea if the North was preparing to attack, according to AP.

    The comments also come after North Korea completed a successful launch of its largest intercontinental ballistic missile on March 24, as part of a flurry of recent missile tests by the country, the BBC reported. It was the first intercontinental ballistic missile launch in North Korea since 2017 and sparked condemnation by South Korean and US officials.

  13. What is the best way to help Ukraine militarily? The U.S. is belatedly sending anti-tank weapons and anti-aircraft missile systems.
    But based on what you’re saying it sounds like this will not be enough once the ground dries and the Russians can make full use of their tanks and heavy weaponry. The consensus is that a No-Fly Zone or fighter jets to Ukraine are a no-go and risks nuclear escalation of a war for which the West is not ready. Are there other military options on the table?

    Would providing more training to forces in western Ukraine be useful at this point?
    This article explains how half a dozen CIA agents were training Ukraine’s special forces in the Donbas since 2014. Talk about the U.S. getting a bang for its buck, unlike with all the hundred of millions of dollars sunk into training the Afghan army.

    Maybe the best way to help the situation is for the U.S. and Canada to drill for oil like there is no tomorrow. Unfortunately, the leftist governments in power will not budge on this. I think the only way is if conservatives/ Republicans unite around this issue with a laser focus and make it all about national security so that the ostensibly anti-Russia Dems can’t run from it. Maybe even start talking about Russia-China’s well-planned economic war against America. But for that kind of clear-cut messaging to happen nationalist conservatives will have to drop their pro-Russia stance and look at the bigger picture. And that seems hard for many of them to do right now.

    If by some miracle the U.S. started pumping out oil and supplying its allies, what would Russia’s response be? Would they back off from Ukraine or would they escalate the economic war by some other means? Maybe double down on internal subversion?

  14. Radiofort: you are confusing how these political terms are used in popular slang with their historical meanings. As Mr. Nyquist pointed out, communism is the opposite of liberalism. You cannot possibly engage in meaningful discussion of these concepts without knowing that basic fact. It is intellectually confused and incoherent.

    It’s become trendy on the left to mistakenly associate “liberal” with the labels “leftist” or “progressive,” or – at the edges – “socialist” or “communist.” You equated “ultra-liberalism” with “communism.” But anyone who knows what these concepts actually mean would never conflate them. It’s only lefties who do it – people who are bewildered that there is any history or context to the term “liberal” except what they hear on Maddow.

    You posit that communism promotes “less control-driven society” which is literally the opposite of the truth. The whole point of communism is to control society. That is what distinguishes it from liberalism. Please read a book. You also say communism is about promoting “allowances” or “personal freedoms.” Here, you reduce “personal freedom” to sexual and gender preferences. That is quite an impoverished understanding of freedom. Besides, communism promotes these “freedoms” by requiring that “free” people banish words from their vocabulary, decline to acknowledge that biological men and women exist, pretend a man can get pregnant, and encourage young children to contemplate 50 different possible “gender identities.” That is disordered thinking. To resist it is not “fear” of losing old, traditional strictures of society – it is to stubbornly hold allegiance to what is true in the face of belligerent mistruth. And what rights are “afforded to everyone equally” under communism? The right to free speech? Oh, except for “hate” speech – because people under communism have the “right” to be “free” from other people’s offensive or toxic thoughts or beliefs. Guess who doesn’t believe one person’s offense should limit another’s right to expression? Liberals.

    You seem to be a troll. You said you think that “conservative fascism” and “liberal communism” are equally flawed and lead to genocide – but those are four distinct political concepts and you have no idea what you are talking about. Conservatives and liberals are close political orientations and happily coexist. Fascism and communism infiltrate the body politic like a parasite, corrupting what’s true, beautiful and virtuous to feed off the sick, beleaguered victim. And it all starts by confusing and disordering the mind.

  15. @ Radiofort: The term „ultraconservative“ that you use is about as nonsensical as it would be to speak of a woman being „ultrapregnant“!

    Conservatism doesn’t come in shades, but only in yes or no. Either you are conservative or you aren’t. And so the only distinction that can be made here is to distinguish between true conservatives and fake conservatives (the latter generally known, in the U.S. context, as RINOs).

    Likewise, the idea of a “far right” (implying it is fascist or National-Socialist) is pure fiction. This semantic trick (of placing conservatives in the same corner with Nazis and fascists) suggests that you only need to be conservative enough (i.e., “far enough to the right”) in order to be a Nazi or fascist. Yet Hitler’s Nazi movement was a socialist revolutionary movement, and Mussolini originally started out as a classical socialist!

    1. Conservative ideas are best exemplified by Edmund Burke. Conservatism is not an ideology, but grounded in sentiment and heritage, right order and conduct. Marx would strongly disagree with him.

    2. This is a really good point, and highlights what has unfortunately become an article of faith in conventional thinking – that it is the “extremes” of conservatism or even liberalism that create “fascism” or “communism” or totalitarianism generally. It also confuses passion or strength of sentiment with “extremism.” I am VERY angry about the corruption in our country, but that doesn’t make me “extreme.” It makes me sane. It is primarily conservatives who are targeted with this smear campaign – but some classic liberals, too. Old-school free speech advocates on the left are also targeted.

      Mr. Nyquist pointed out that communists are often introduced into the political bloodstream as “moderates.” When I read that, I thought, of course. Think about how Obama briefly ran to the left of Clinton, but soon characterized his own beliefs as “Reagan era republican” and cultivated a media caricature as “cool and collected” and “the adult in the room.” What I finally discovered under the Obama years is that decent people should fear nothing more than a “bipartisan compromise” or a “grand bargain” (which by the way virtually all happen under democrat presidents). That’s how the military budget was eviscerated by Obama and Boehner.

      “Crossing the aisle to get things done” has long been the vaunted virtue of “moderate” politicians and fetishized by sycophantic media. I believe that until the last several years, there were impassioned people on BOTH sides of the political spectrum who were simply fed up, but were painted as “extreme” so they could be discredited. Unfortunately, subversive agents on the left, who are disingenuous and truly aim to burn things down, have crowded out any room for patriotic dissent on the left and driven out all honest people to the wilderness, with some alliances on the right.

      Point being, this smear of “extremism” is successfully wielded to silence, shun, and soon to criminalize responsible patriots of any political stripe who see and stand up for truth and won’t abide corruption.

      1. The trick is, dont let being labeled as an extremist stop us from speaking the truth. I like how Jesse Kelly does it. Check out his Twitter page.

        When a Communist person tries to make him look foolish or fanatical, he responds by turning it around on them, with a comment like “why are you for enabling pedophiles”, or something similar.

        He has it down pat. Because these people, like Radiofort, do not really want a conversation that leads to bettering our nation. They want us to compromise, which leads to further destruction of our moral foundation.

        I remember how when he first started commenting, he tried to appear moderate. He called for us to come away from the right and left “extremes”, and find common ground we could compromise on.

        And the more he has commented over the months, the more we see what he and his kind really want: our utter capitulation. If we wont give them that, we must die.

        Ultimately, that is what Communism is all about -the death and destruction of everything good, true, honorable, beautiful.

        If we were in the old Soviet Union, or perhaps the not to distant future in America, I could see Radiofort torturing a fellow like me, all the while telling me how my soul and mind must “evolve” into a more enlightened being, that my “caveman” mentality and beliefs must be eradicated from society. That us genocidal extremists, controlling people with fear, must be purged.

        There can be no compromise with these people, or really even any dialogue in my opinion.

  16. Ok, please forgive me and give grace. I’m just getting up to speed on the level of communist propaganda I’ve fallen for over the years. Yet, I know those globalists are sick and evil, as well. But, which party did the horrific slaughter in Bucha, from your perspective? Both parties are blaming the other and neither worthy of trust: Russian communists or globalists connected with Azov type soldiers from Ukraine? Is it a globalist false flag event to give reason to embroil NATO/US soldiers on the ground to offset the economic warfare pickle the dollar is in or pure, raw communist brutality?

      1. Thank you PrayinginOK for your response. I so easily default to “it’s the globalists!”, but at least now I’m pausing, questioning, and realizing it is not so clear cut that way either. It sure is a fog of war. But, grateful I found this site! So, was Benghazi more complex too, I suppose? I have had that pegged it was just the globalists (Obama, Clintons, etc) weapons running and it was convenient to eliminate people in the know. I listen to Jeffrey Prather too. He loves America and was betrayed by the deep state when he turned whistle blower with the “Fast and Furious” gun running operation to the Mexican cartels. He is not as simplistic about everything either, say as Alex Jones, etc. I tend to respect Prather’s perspectives too. Nothing is as cut and dry as I’d like it. Things really are nuanced with these types of things. No way to “figure it all out” neat and tidy. There is only One who is True, has all Truth, and is Truth. Will sure be wonderful when He returns to make all the wrong things right!

        Again, thank you for taking the time to respond. Blessings.

      2. Thank you for taking the time to respond, Prayinginok! Everything is much more complex and not clear cut than I’d prefer. The fog of war…. At least I’m starting to slow down and question my default assumptions. And yes, what they did was horrific. Again, thank you!

    1. I just attended a briefing on the massacre. The evidence does seem to point to the Russians. Regarding “globalists,” what is so difficult about understanding that elite groups are infiltrated and manipulated by communist agents?

      1. Well, I guess I haven’t read or heard you summarize the relationship between the two parties in such a concise and pointed nutshell before. That is NOT hard to grasp. I also went back and reread your extensive response about the elites being mere “milk cows” and communists are “coming for us all, but especially them.”

        Your question is pointed and made me to consider my tangled thinking. I guess I’m still in process of trying to sort thru and shake off the strategic disinformation from truth. Alot of years learning about how the globalists are the world’s main “bad guys”— their control of central banks and currencies, manipulations of wars, regime changes, child crimes, the coming NWO, etc, etc. However, I only recently realized they learned much from the experts on such matters– communists. Bad actors may seemingly “partner” in some matters to advances their own sordid agendas, but can just as easily turn on each other when the other party becomes a perceived threat or is no longer useful. I’ve been too simplistic regarding their relationship.

        Thank you for your response and helping detangle my muddle.

      2. It’s not that all our capitalists are angels. In fact, many of our wealthiest people are useful idiots. Like any other class of people, rich people are a mixed bag of good and bad. Militaristic dictators, however, are another kettle of fish, as we see in Ukraine. Look at all those large cities turned into rubble. Look at all the victims. Russia and China want to do this to our cities. The communist dictators do not use precision weapons when they invade countries. They will not be rebuilding Ukraine’s infrastructure as we did for Iraq. Instead, they steal our intellectual property, unleash lethal viruses on us, threaten us with nuclear war, and order the assassination of journalists. They send their agents into our country, bribe our officials, corrupt our academies with anti-American propaganda.

      3. Very sobering, troubling times ahead for us. 🥀 I’m sure it must have been lonely at times as you, and a precious few others, have been trying, for years, to sound the alarm and wake a nation up before it came to this. Thank you for your time and consideration in responding and teaching, and for your years of perseverance. 🙏

  17. A Russian government official has threatened to restrict Russia’s essential food exports to only “friendly” countries

    Dmitry Medvedev, a former Russian president and senior Russian security official, has threatened to cut off food shipments to the West in the near future.

    Russia, a key player in the world market for wheat and other agri-food products, will instead focus on keeping itself fed, as well as supplying its friends and close allies, according to Medvedev.

    Medvedev wrote on Telegram that cutting off North America and the European Union from agricultural products would be an excellent method to retaliate against sanctions.

    “It so happened that the food security of many countries depends on our supplies,” the Russian official wrote. “It turns out that our food is our quiet weapon. Quiet but ominous.”

    1. Ukraine had been supplying 30% of the World’s wheat, but due to the three dams destroyed in the Irpin River Basin, there will be no Spring planting this year, nor for the next five years. Still no word of any evacuation orders prior to the deliberate flooding, nor word of any survivors.

      1. That area North of Kiev is about 72 miles South of Chernobyl. Of course winds carried most the radiation farther North into Belarus, but all this time, wheat grown near Chernobyl has been feeding thirty percent of the World.

  18. *Shaking my head* especially after what Jeff said in the interview:

    CHICAGO (Reuters) – Chinese buyers bought 1.084 million tonnes of U.S. corn, their biggest purchase of U.S. grain since May 2021, the U.S. government said on Monday.

    The deal comes as shipments from Ukraine, the world’s fourth biggest exporter of corn, are snarled following Russia’s invasion. China had been a big buyer of Ukrainian corn and the fighting, which also has disrupted spring planting season, has created uncertainty about their reliability as a supplier.

    The U.S. Agriculture Department said that the deal was for 676,000 tonnes of corn to be delivered in the 2021/22 marketing year that ends Aug. 31 and for 408,000 tonnes to be delivered in 2022/23.

    USDA said last week that U.S. farmers plan to cut their corn plantings this spring despite the strong global demand, with high prices for inputs such as fuel and fertilizer cutting into potential profits for growing the yellow grain.

  19. Kind of off topic, but kind of related, and could be important. Not sure what to make of this. Looks like they are going hardcore with lockdown in Shanghai and people are running out of food:

    “We’re not starving and we have some food still at home, but our supplies are quickly diminishing, especially for the kids, and the availability of delivery has been getting worse for us – it went from very sporadic last week to non existent during the past few days”

      1. Are these lockdowns more more “testing” of the system, prepping the system for the real thing, citizen indoctrination, actual economic calamities, genuine disease outbreaks, or indicative of imminent military action?
        And what is the state of the Chinese missile defense infrastructure? There is not a lot of good info on this in the public sphere. Any info there, Jeff?

      2. The Russians have given the Chinese their S400 systems for ABM/SAM defense. The Chinese defenses are not as good as the Russians, of course.

    1. Reading his tweets makes me want to do even more stocking up!

      “I’m fully vaccinated, have been locked down for 16 days now without contact with anyone except immediate family and close neighbors, and have tested negative all nine rounds of tests while being locked down

      But I’m not allowed to leave home to go find food”

      1. No matter how much you store up, some day you’ll run out. Then what? We already share one ramen between two people, but I haven’t found ramen in the store for months. It’s a good thing that we enjoy ramen only once every two weeks. What about the other things that we eat?

        If the electricity goes, how will we cook our food? I have enough gas for a gasoline stove that will last about 120 hours. Then what?

        In short, what we’ll need to do is to switch from being consumers, to producers. For example, I have a commercial grade sewing machine. It weighs a ton and doesn’t have all the fancy stitches of a consumer grade sewing machine, but it can sew everything from the lightest chiffons to the heaviest canvasses. I also have a stash of canvas.

        Nothing grows around here, other than a few desert plants. Growing food around here is out of the question. If the water is cut off, we’ll have to relocate.

        I notice that the number of comments has gone down. Those of us here pretty much know the score, what to expect. I have installed links to this blog in another blog, but I don’t think there were any takers.

      2. The good news is that Russia has not defeated Ukraine. This setback changes the overall picture. The Russians and Chinese had a combination of moves in mind and now that combination has been delayed. Ukraine has just lost Mariupol if reports coming in are accurate. A terribly bloody battle.

      1. I would be, too. However, if they buy up all of our corn, and our farmers grow less of it this year, then there will be less for Americans (and our allies), while driving prices up, right?

  20. President Biden has been charged with felonies in Utah. The mRNA serums have nothing to do with SARS, and are designed to cause the injected subject produce biotoxins. It was not licensed as medicine in Utah and was misrepresented as a vaccine. The defense is an admission of those violations of state law in Utah. Dr David Martin names the designer of the mRNA bioweapon who has publicly admitted that it is a bioweapon.

    1. I misunderstood. Rather, a civil injunction has been granted in the State of Utah, which leads to criminal felony charges against President Biden. Professor Ralph Baric University of North Carolina at Chapple Hill, engineered the virus as a bioweapon. It was not leaked. It was intentionally released.

    2. The President of the United States can only be impeached by the House and convicted in the Senate, and that is not going to happen.

  21. There is now some independent confirmation of the horrific acts perpetrated against civilians by Russian soldiers.
    The Human Right Watch’s report…detailed instances of war crimes that occurred between Feb. 27 and March 14, including cases of repeated rape, summary execution, unlawful violence and threats against citizens. The group spoke with 10 individuals, including witnesses, victims and local residents living in Ukrainian territories that have been seized by Russia.”

    ‘This Is True Barbarity’: Life and Death Under Russian Occupation
    Among other sinister reports, young Ukrainian males of military age were abducted by Russian forces and have not been seen since. 4/2/22
    Bodies of mutilated children among horrors the Russians left behind (subscription required)

    What do people think about Zelensky’s accusation of genocide? Too inflammatory? One could argue the numbers are not be high enough yet to justify such a term, but as Jeff said, Russia is intent on breaking the will and spirit of the Ukrainian people. This kind of terror coupled with the (deliberately engineered?) humanitarian catastrophe in shelled cities, forced deportations to Russia and millions of refugees fleeing eastern Ukraine, an argument for ethnic cleansing can be made.

    1. When your country is under such attack it is understandable to get emotional or even exaggerate. Innocent Ukrainians are being killed by the thousands. These people were literally not threatening anyone. It is not like Ukraine was led by Saddam Hussein, who invaded his neighbors and used poison gas on his own people. When you think of how inoffensive Ukraine is, and how much smaller than Russia, the outrageous nature of this war comes into focus.

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