Here one may wonder why, in a situation of blatant violation of human rights by neo-Nazi military forces and paramilitary apparatuses … against the Russian-speaking population of the independent republics, the international community feels obliged to consider the intervention of the Russian Federation worthy of condemnation, and indeed to blame Putin for the violence.

MSGR. Carlo Maria Vigano [i]

…the message from Moscow was direct and unequivocal: the Russian Federation would resort to full-scale war if the ‘rights of Russians and Russian-speakers in Ukraine continued to be threatened.’ No evidence of such rights actually being threatened was ever provided….

Mychailo Wynnyckyj [ii]

I fear that Monseigneur Vigano, otherwise insightful, has fallen into error. He repeats Moscow’s lies without blushing, without suspecting that he is advancing the propaganda of Christendom’s most dangerous enemy. In Vigano’s message for the April 2nd Reawaken America Rally at Salem Oregon, written at the behest of General Michael Flynn, Vigano suggests that President Putin did not invade Ukraine “to support his expansionist ambitions”; rather, “the main purpose of Russia’s military operation is to prevent the aggression of the deep state and NATO. Putin is fighting against the same globalist elite that holds us all hostage.”[iii]

This is a shocking statement from an Archbishop. Vigano needs to account for Russia’s military aggression. He also needs to account for Russia’s alliance with China, and Russia’s support for North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, Vietnam, South Africa, Angola, Congo and Daniel Ortega’s Nicaragua. The communists who rule over these countries are the foremost enemies of Monseigneur Vigano’s Church.

From a practical perspective, in terms of American rightwing politics, Monseigneur Vigano has fallen in with a very bad man. His April 2nd pro-Putin message was solicited by none other than General Michael Flynn, a former intelligence official who cozied up to Moscow in 2015. According to the Guardian, UK, “The defense department inspector general has uncovered evidence that Michael Flynn accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars from foreign interests and governments, despite repeated warnings from the DoD and the justice department that his conduct might be illegal….”[iv] Flynn accepted $45,000 from RT, a Moscow-controlled propaganda outlet, and $22,000 from other Russian interests. Surely, this cannot be a good thing.

There are many political stupidities today, but conservatives justifying Russian military aggression takes first prize. Here we have a famous American general soliciting pro-Russian statements from an Archbishop of the Catholic Church. Who does Monseigneur Vigano think is responsible for corrupting the global elite with Marxism? Could it be the same KGB that Vladimir Putin worked for? Here Monseigneur Vigano confuses cause with effect. He thinks the leftism of the global elite is the cause rather than the effect of Russia’s doings.

Russia’s armies are bombarding and besieging Ukrainian cities even as Moscow openly threatens nuclear war on America. You would, from Monseigneur Vigano’s telling, imagine that Russia is under attack instead of Ukraine. But no one has attacked Russia. Given Moscow’s nuclear arsenal, who would dare launch an attack against Russia? We dare not even send troops to help the beleaguered Ukrainians for fear of Russian nuclear strikes. How ferocious is NATO, by comparison, shaking in fear, trembling as Russia threatens to cut off Europe’s energy supply?

Yet Monseigneur Vigano says NATO is the big threat. He says NATO has provoked the war in Ukraine. NATO is to blame for dead civilians and wrecked Ukrainian cities. And the man who ordered Mariupol’s destruction is not to blame! The blame is placed on those who affirm Ukraine’s right to join NATO at some distant point in time. Here, collective security becomes an act of aggression. The desire of the Ukrainians for freedom is an act of aggression. If NATO is so dangerous, why isn’t Ukraine afraid of NATO? If NATO is so dangerous why isn’t Finland afraid of NATO? But Monseigneur Vigano turns everything on its head. The alliance that everyone wants to join, because everyone distrusts Moscow, is the instigator of war. The alliance that everyone wants protection from, is sinister and aggressive because the actual aggressor does not like it —wants to break it up and dominate the broken pieces.

It is not the case, as Monseigneur Vigano alleges, that America has used NATO to annex “Poland” and other countries. America does not govern these countries or control their territories. NATO is a voluntary organization that a majority of Ukrainians want to join. Yet Monseigneur Vigano uses the word “annex,” which is disgraceful for a man of his education and position. He also uses the word “puppet,” which is the kind of state we see in Belarus but not in Ukraine. Why does Monseigneur Vigano use inaccurate language to excuse the military aggression of Russia while blaming NATO?

If Russia is the lesser of two evils, as Monseigneur Vigano maintains, then why destroy Mariupol and Kharkiv when you might do better by destroying Los Angeles and New York? Can we not make the argument that America’s cities deserve bombardment more than Ukrainian cities? Does not Monseigneur Vigano’s rhetoric lend itself to the destruction of America? After all, no country should make alliances that Russia sees as threatening.

Think of the threat America poses to Russia, since America has nuclear weapons. We are obliged to surrender these weapons according to Monseigneur Vigano’s logic, since by our armament we are the most blameworthy country of all! America must surrender her nuclear weapons to preserve the peace. In exchange, Russia will promise not to attack us. This, after all, is exactly what Ukraine did in 1994 when Kiev gave up its nuclear weapons. Russia guaranteed Ukraine’s security and sovereignty in the Budapest Memorandum. And now we see how Moscow honors its word. Ukraine gave up her nuclear weapons for a promise. Moscow breaks that promise and attacks Ukraine, bombards city after city.

Is anyone ashamed for being so stupid? Trust the Russians!? What kind of egregious blockhead trusts the Russians? Can we find a treaty they have not violated? Of course, many devout people want to raise the issue of President Zelensky’s homo-erotic dance video. How many decades ago was this video made? Zelensky now has a wife and children. Let us pull the log out of our own eye before we bother with the spec in Zelenksy’s. What is the real obscenity here? It is when an elderly woman returns to her apartment in Mariupol, finding everything destroyed. “What will I do?” She asks. “Where will I live?” What has a greater call on our moral outrage? A comedian’s moral failings of twenty years ago or the destruction of entire cities?

What “aggression” or “transgression” of NATO or Zelensky warrants making moonscape out of Kharkiv and Mariupol? Can we point to a single building in a single Russian city that has been destroyed? According to Monseigneur Vigano, “This is not a war of the Ukrainian people. It is not the Ukrainian people who are persecuting their Russian brothers, but a puppet government supported by neo-Nazi military militias. A corrupt government, desired by the globalist cabal, which today finds itself with a cocaine-addicted President, a former actor and dancer who hides billions in tax havens while the Ukrainian population is among the poorest in Europe.”[v]

Let us answer these charges, point by point. Professor Michailo Wynnyckyj, from Kiev, says the war is being fought by and for Ukrainian people. “I want to be able to raise my kids freely,” Wynnyckyj told American journalists. “My wife and I value that freedom…. We want to be Ukrainians. We don’t want to be Russians.”[vi] As for Ukraine being governed by a “puppet government,” President Zelensky was elected in a free and fair election. For that matter, Zelensky is not Ukraine’s head of government but Ukraine’s head of state. The distinction will be lost on some readers, but the actual government of Ukraine is led by Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal, an accountant. Furthermore, if Zelensky is evil for having a net worth of $1.5 million,[vii] then what shall we say of Putin who is said to be “the richest man on earth,” with a net worth of $200 billion?[viii] As for the Ukrainian president’s background in acting, I have never heard it was a crime to be an actor or dancer, though Putin is famously associated with 33 assassinations and many poisonings – including the near-fatal poisoning of Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko and Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, who once characterized Putin’s political party as “the party of crooks and thieves.” Furthermore, whatever Nazis exist in Ukraine, they are not representative of the Ukrainian Army or government. As one researcher explained, no more than 13 out of 423 Members of Parliament in the first post-Euromaidan Rada were ultra-nationalists.[ix] And the volunteers who have signed up for irregular military units “did not pay much attention to these formations’ ideological background and to the political views of their leaders.”

I am afraid that Monseigneur Vigano has offered us an absurd picture of Ukraine. On the one hand the country’s president is a Jew. On the other hand, the regime is supported by Nazis. Instead of believing this nonsense, let us examine the actual political program of this Nazified Jew. In his Inaugural Address, Zelensky said to his country, “Allow me to quote one American actor who has become a great American president: ‘The government does not solve our problems. The government is our problem.’” When the parliament responded with tepid applause, he said, “Your applause is pretty light. I guess not everyone likes what I’m saying? Too bad, since it’s not me, but the Ukrainian people saying that.” At the end of his speech he shocked everyone by saying, “I am dissolving the Verkhovna Rada [parliament] of the eighth convocation. Glory to Ukraine!” But that was not all. Zelensky explained his transition from comedian to president with the following words: “All my life I tried to do all I could so that Ukrainians laughed. That was my mission. Now I will do all I can so that Ukrainians at least do not cry anymore.”[x] As it happened, Zelensky was elected with 73 percent of the vote, in an unprecedented landslide. This is what Monseigneur Vigano calls a “puppet government.”

Compare this to Putin’s war speech in February, where Russia’s grim dictator said, “We see that the forces that carried out a coup d’etat in Ukraine in 2014, seized power and are holding it with the help of … decorative electoral procedures….”[xi] Putin pretends to forget that the Ukrainian people do not accept fraudulent elections, as the Orange Revolution showed. Of course, Zelensky might have disappointed the Ukrainian people. But there he was, in the city of Ukraine, refusing to leave the nation’s capital when military analysts were predicting its fall. On close examination, Putin’s speeches about Ukraine are full of lies and misrepresentations, especially when he refers to Nazis committing “genocide against millions of people living” in Ukraine. “The leading NATO countries,” said Putin, “in order to achieve their own goals, support extreme nationalist and neo-Nazis in Ukraine in everything….” Putin added, “The entire course of events … shows that Russia’s clash with these forces is inevitable. It is only a matter of time…. Now they also claim to possess nuclear weapons. We will not allow this to be done.”[xii]

Lie follows upon lie, and Monseigneur Vigano repeats these lies. He echoes them. It does not matter if Vigano has been right in the past, or how courageous he has been. He cancels his own moral authority by advancing the claims of a Russian dictator. Once that authority is lost, once he has hitched his cause to an evil man, nothing remains.

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196 thoughts on “Monseigneur Vigano Justifies Ukraine’s Destruction: An Essay and a Further Conversation With Trevor Loudon

  1. I’m disappointed in both Vigano and Flynn. I can’t accept anything they say as truth because they have spewed too many lies about Ukraine.

    1. The solution, as it has always been, is a vigorous counter-propaganda effort against the Communist propaganda of the foreign enemy intelligence agencies. Back in the day, the US government apparatus was actively in opposition to Communist operations. They would actively produce and disseminate counter-propaganda. Now the US has been infiltrated by foreign agent ideology, witting or not, and all operations have basically ceased.

      Communist propaganda, if unchallenged, will be successful. And that is what we are seeing. It is clear now that the point of making the Democratic Party frothing anti-Putin hystericists was to make the Republican Party reflexively pro-Putin and pro-Russia. The seeding of the ground by calling Trump a Russian agent was brilliant. Every right-leaning person was then inoculated to legitimate and true accusations that Putin was evil.

      And so if the US government is no longer countering the global Communist alliance, who’s left? Nobody. No think tanks, no corporations, no non profits, no charities. The Right-Wing must be alerted that they are being deceived, and who will, and who can, do it? Nobody that I see. We have lone voices crying in the wilderness like Jeff and Trevor, and even while what they provide is worth it’s weight in gold, it is not propaganda or counter-programming. It is analysis. Propaganda is repetitive, simple, and designed to implant beliefs. In the service of unseating lies, it is actually critical.

      Thanks for these videos with Trevor, Jeff. I consider you two the heavyweights of the global anti-communist (or anti-fascist) movement. Are these videos on YouTube? I do not see them there.

      We ultimately need a massive, well-funded, preferably US government counter-programming effort, but I fear our government is too infiltrated by foreign ideologies, concocted by foreign agents, to make such a thing happen.

      1. A gentleman going under the name „Eugen Richter“ (he has also been commenting here) has taken it upon himself to improve the audio quality of these Jeff Nyquist/Trevor Loudon discussions. The videos can be found on his YouTube channel.

        Here is the video of the latest Nyquist/Loudon discussion:

      2. I think we can all plant seeds of an anti-Communist message through slogans, art, pamphlets, flyers. A friend of a friend of mine makes brief anti-Socialist/anti-Communist pamphlets, and my friend brings stacks of them to church. I grab a stack ir two and out them on counters at gas stations and hardware stores.

        If you have a printer, you can make a small impact in your area.

      3. A lot of small impacts spread out over the country could make a substantial difference.

        Also, send copies of Jeff’s articles and essays to people via text or email. Try to get them to influencers in your area. County officials, city officials, pastors, priests, teachers, newspaper editors. Also, get them to folks who like to talk.

    2. It’s really disappointing to find out that Flynn has fallen in league with that “we love Russia” crowd. I recall Jeff commenting, in the run-up to the 2016 election, that Flynn seemed to be pretty clear-headed regarding the threat posed by both Russia and China, where the most hawkish Republicans to be found at the time usually were only hawkish towards China and didn’t figure Russia amounted to much of a threat. It appears that the entire crowd who went off on the wrong tangent regarding the fraud of the 2020 election are the same crowd who now think Putin is a swell guy.

    3. It’s interesting to me how many people on this site, including the host, who are now entering into their third year of 2 weeks to flatten the curve, and many of whom have no doubt dutifully allowed a would-be world government to actually enter their blood streams via a serum that is neither safe nor effective as a health measure, how many here actually take it as an article of faith that they have access to better and more truthful information than His Excellency, who is not just some crackpot but has a proven record of wisdom and truth-telling. Why in God’s name would anyone in the west, whose handlers are currently doing their best to cancel Russia and remove her as an obstacle to their plans of putting into effect their demonic, technocratic utopia, why would anyone in such an environment have the hubris to assume that someone who sees things differently than them is stupidly swallowing lies while they are not?

      Only a few here have had the humility to acknowledge that we are in an extraordinarily confusing time and are most assuredly not in Kansas anymore. I, for one, think the Archbishop is more right than wrong, but I am open to admitting error and came here in search of alternative arguments to see if they disconfirm any of my current conclusions. What I find, instead, is almost entirely a collection of ad hominem attacks and dismissal of a learned and holy man who is presumed as having suddenly been led astray, for some unexplained reason, by the evil communists with whom he has been dealing for his entire life.

      It would behoove you to keep in mind that the abuse of the truth always begin with the separation of the part from the whole and treating it as if it is meaningful if it stands alone.

      1. You cross the line when you accuse me of an ad hominem attack on Archbishop Vigano. How can I believe in your good faith and sincerity when you address not ONE of the facts or sources used in my essay here? If you want to discuss in good faith, discuss sources and facts. Do not misrepresent my arguments as ad hominem. If you want to sort out the truth you must deal with facts and sources.

      2. You are totally correct. Russia is good and holy, and will protect us all from this “demonic utopia” that “the West’s handlers” are trying to bring in.

        Yes, Lord Putin, save us all. For the KGB is truly religious and heroic, and the instrument of God’s will on Earth! However could we have doubted Vigano’s inestimable discernment! Mercy, mercy! The KGB is righteous and pure!

      3. “Monseigneur Vigano has fallen in with a very bad man” (Flynn) who “solicited” his message and who is apparently (according to the Guardian, at least) some kind of Russian stooge (news to me, but maybe you know something I don’t). Perhaps you don’t consider that an ad hominem attack, but that is what I had in mind when I wrote that. You’ll have to tell me how that crosses some kind of line.

        Beyond that, I don’t see much in the way of substantive argument to be had with your piece because it consists mostly of accusations that His Excellency is “in error,” has failed to account for Russia’s aggression to your satisfaction, is parroting Russian propaganda without suspecting it (how you can know what he does and does not suspect is a bit of a mystery), and that he is defending a really, really bad man and bad country that has done and is doing terrible things. I can take a moment to be specific about a few problems with your reasoning, such as your remarkable assertion that Russia is one of the foremost enemies of Christendom. You are free to dismiss the explosion of the Orthodox Church since the fall of the wall, to the tune of 1000 new churches in recent decades, as just more propaganda, but to my eye and from multiple sources it appears very real. Along the same lines, there is nothing inherently shocking about the assertion that Putin is fighting against the same globalist elite that is holding us hostage. You and I are free to be shocked by different things, but that seems as obvious and defensible as, for example, saying that Stalin was fighting against the same evil that was devouring the west during WWII.

        I would take it further, however, and say that I see no evidence, and you provide none, that Russia is currently an enemy of Christendom as such. Moreover, there is no question, I think, that the greatest threat to Christendom has been for decades and remains the atheistic neo-liberalism of the west and the surging technocratic monster that is called the Great Reset. The problem of China, which you mention, is very real in that regard, but I still think it pales by comparison for reasons that I haven’t the time to get into. It seems to me that that is the crux of our differences and why I say His Excellency is mostly correct whereas you think not. I can never be certain about anything, especially in these strange days, but I am very confident in that opinion and, back to my original complaint, I think it is very disingenuous of you and others to be so quick to dismiss reasoned conclusions as a mere matter of swallowing lies, on the one hand, and delusional notions on the other.

      4. Unfortunately, calling Flynn a bad man is not an ad hominem attack in this case. My piece was not addressing Flynn’s arguments, or Flynn. I was addressing Vigano’s argument. It would be an hominem attack only if I tried to refute his argument by attacking his person. Flynn is not the person I am contradicting. It is Vigano. Here is a definition of the ad hominem: “This fallacy occurs when, instead of addressing someone’s argument or position, you irrelevantly attack the person or some aspect of the person who is making the argument.” I do not attack Vigano as a person. I attack his argument. Flynn occurs as a side-issue, who has had close affiliations with Russian propaganda outlets. An American general who takes money from a Russian propaganda channel is, by definition, a bad man.

  2. I agree with the text and sign below. Mons. Viganò rightly speaking against the evils of the liberal world does not qualify him to be infallible on other issues, mainly this great “Information War” where narratives are planted and analyses spring from dictionaries without context. An excellent Brazilian journalist, Alexandre Garcia, has defended the same: NATO is an aggressor. The Warsaw Pact is defensive because it emerged later. And the horrifying thing is that kind of argument emanates from brilliant minds, really cultured and intelligent people. People who lived through the Cold War, the fall of the Berlin Wall and the “end” of the Soviet Union (or was it just an interstitial?).

    1. i think it remains hard for most analysts to recognize how broadly demoralized The West is at present. thinking people no longer know if they can trust The West, particularly after seeing Biden’s bungling of late. The now rampant talk of a Great Reset adds the WEF/Globalists as a thirds dichotomous enemy (never mind that Globalism is Global Communism). three enemies is far harder to parse intellectually than black/white and good/evil particularly when you’re not even sure if your political leaders are working for the betterment of your own nation. For that matter, most of us can’t even tell the difference between good and evil anymore (see: the political Left’s defense of “Grooming” children in recent days. We can’t even agree with democratic ideological opponents on the meaning of objective facts anymore.).

      1. The demoralization of society has many causes, but three stand out to me: (1) the dominant materialist ontology with its disbelief in vital moral ideas; (2) the bureaucratization of thought in schools, corporations and government, which kills the imagination; (3) the poison of Marxist and communist bloc anti-ideas and their associated active measures, which exploit and exacerbate the intellectual and spiritual sickness triggered by (1) and (2).

      2. Re bureaucratization of thought in schools. Bureaucratization has also killed responsibility. Roles are compartmentalized and missions are narrow. The consummate professional bureaucrat is now deemed an “expert” in his field without being responsible for any actual goal or outcome.

      3. Globalism, Global Communism, Global Fascism.

        All names of the same dreadful emerging beast: Global Dictatorship.

    2. It doesn’t help that NATO diplomats have not been wise at times recently and appear so weak. Not to mention how biting the not-so-well-thought-out sanctions are on those that have imposed them. Heaven forbid we go to war as we’re draining our oil reserves at an alarming rate. Makes it rather difficult for those who do not understand (or refuse to believe) the true horror of communism. I pray that we do not find out here. Communism is not best represented by cuddly Bernie Sanders or airhead (looking for an acceptable adjective here) Sandy Cortez as it gives the impression that communism is benign. (Just as socialism does not equal Sweden.) I taught Global Studids/World History for years and fully understand the delusion of Americans. Much has changed in 30 years. Unfortunately.

      1. (Please, delete my former post, that is mistakenly doubled!)

        Those 30 years have been the decisive years in that the West fell into the ultimate trap of believing in a peaceful new world order (in small letters, the way it was meant by Pres. George H. W. Bush), while the communists have been working day and night to swing the balance of world power in their favour, and they did. Given the horrifying instance that Washington D.C. is now occupied by communists, it may be up to Boris Johnson to develop some real stature and try to fill the shoes of a Winston Churchill. At least he must try!

        Sweden is a land of paradoxes, more than other countries (very entrepreneurial and at the same time socialist, with the inevitably high suicide rates that are always a red flag showing that something’s not right in a society). I love the country (been there twice). The people are absolutely sweet, highly cultured, also very practical, even better organisers than the Germans, and in terms of outlook: They are realists, not naïve dreamers. Right now, Sweden is (apart from the East European countries and Finland) pretty much the only Western European country that is seriously alarmed in the face of Russia’s expansionism and that is taking steps (maybe they will indeed, along with the Finns, join NATO; Austria is out of the question, as it is by now even more “finlandised” than Finland, it seems).

        And I agree that there is little logic or foresight in what the West’s political class is now doing. Statecraft is urgently needed, but no statesmen in sight. Scholz can hardly be trusted (but who knows). Macron is a pathologically ambitious leftist, and weak. Von der Leyen is, sorry to say, a joke (and a socialist wolf in conservative sheep’s clothing on top of it). Again, Boris Johnson MUST take up the challenge and become a true and courageous defender of freedom and the rule of law. For a pessimistic note, the fact that Queen Elizabeth II’s reign appears to be slowly coming to an end is a grim reminder that indeed an era is coming to an end.

  3. Stew Peters Network
    Published April 6, 2022

    Founder of Nations in Action, Maria Zack joined the Stew Peters Show Wednesday to expose Italy’s involvement in the stolen election, the actions of bad actors like Mike Pompeo, and Italy’s former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. Zack detailed the ‘Shadow Government’, Pompeo’s efforts to conceal the evidence of the stolen election, and Gen. Flynn’s lies to Trump.

      1. Maria Zack is baiting Stew to get vaccinated and visit the supposed informant in France, where he can be silenced once and for all. I think he sees that, too. Still, I buy what she says about Flynn and Pomeo.

    1. This nonsense about raids in Germany and Italian servers makes conservatives look like fools when there is so much better low-hanging fruit.

      All they have to do is talk about how the election reporting was suspended at around 10:30 on Election Night. About how millions of mail-in ballots were flooded into the system, many in violation of state laws. They simply need to hammer those points over and over.

      By talking about servers in Germany, Italy, and raids by the CIA, “watch the water”, and Q, they discredit themselves, and the entire story of the 2020 election in the process. And maybe that’s the point.

  4. Jeff, what a great dissection of Vignano’s statements about Russia! I read another article on Dr. Mercola’s website that connects to yours. The author analyzes the Nazi movement in Ukraine while looking at a group called RIM, the CIA etc. The article is now behind a pay wall, but I downloaded it as a PDF. I will email it and you can see if it’s solid or bunk.

    1. I will look at it. Read two good studies of Svaboda and the Azov Movement in Ukraine for this piece. There are real Nazis there, but they are not important players. Claims about the CIA training Nazis usually stinks of Russian active measures. But you have to keep an open mind.

      1. Didn’t NATO fund and grant immunity to neo-nazi gangs as part of GLADIO? it’s hard for me to believe that neo-nazi gangs aren’t still being militarized and protected by Western governments in order to form a defensive force against communist encroachment or, more generally, just to do the wet work of intelligence organizations without a paper trail. For that matter, doesn’t Putin have his own biker gang called the Night Wolves or some such thing that would undoubtedly intimidate political opponents on his behalf?

  5. Some of us do not know what to believe? Leaders in DC, the Media and internationally are playing hard ass against Putin. Russia collusion was a thing when Trump was falsefully accused but not a thing when Hunter and the Biden crime family took millions in Moscow. And then we have the World Economic Forum openly calling for World Govt last week and Pres Brandon seemingly going along with all their positions! And Klaus Schwab appears in a recent video with a photo of Lenin in the background! The same Schwab who claims so many Western Leaders as his divisors. ( See Trudeau and Macron and Merkel, and he also has claimed Putin!) And we factually know Fauci and Gates are in bed with China! So the same people who told us that it was justified to burn America in 2020 and who lied to us about the Covid origins and lied about the drugs that cured it, then stole the presidential election, humiliated us in Afghanistan, opened up our Border, are now telling us how we “need” to react to Russia in Ukraine? I do not see any good guys? My only question is are they all working together? Or is Russia really in opposition to the Globalists? After all what is more communistic than the WEF ad saying “ you will own nothing and you will like it”?

    1. Russia is not part of the great reset. The great reset is an attempt to save Anglo-Saxon imperialism.

    2. There are no globalists. It is all run by Russia and China. Europe and the US are riddled with people beholden to the Eastern Fascists. It is all the same people, do not be deceived by the smoke and mirrors.

  6. See the (name redacted) Monsters that run Ukraine video for the real scoop.

  7. Excellent Mr. Nyquist! Thanks for clarifying about Veterans Today. yes very deceptive. I thought well it doesn’t sound quite right! Do you know about Sarah Weshall? She had Mike Harris, editor of VT today, on her program claiming that the Khazarian Mafia was at the bottom of the conflict of the Ukraine conflict going back hundreds of years. Anyways she has on good guests usually but Mike Harris didn’t sound quite right. Also this Khazarian Mafia narrative is popping up other places. what do you think? Has Sarah been decieved or what? PS apparently I can’t set up a wordpress acct to support your blog. I had one long ago but it’s still not working to get back on. darn

    1. “Khazarian” is a code word for Jew. This is basic “alt right” propaganda, which I am 99% certain was created by Russia.

      This “secret organization that’s 100s of years old” narrative is frequently promoted by Russia. Illuminati. Masons. Rothschilds. Do you not see what they are doing? Creating endless fictitious monsters to divert your attention from them. And how could an organization that’s hundreds of years old have power? Russia became Communist in 1917 and changed the world forever, taking over half of Europe.

      People, you must understand to recognize Russian propaganda.

  8. As far as justifying Ukraine’s destruction, Zelensky has no justification for inviting Putin’s attacks. The latest elimination of the entire city of Mariupol, long after Putin informed Zelensky that Russia had obtained it’s objectives in Ukraine and was ready to discuss terms face to face. I find it more than mere coincidence that Zelensky destroying the fuel depot across the border into Russia, was answered by removing Mariupol. What’s it going to take to get Zelensky to save his country instead of demanding World War Three centered around himself? Russia lies? Da. What else is new? Zelensky doesn’t lie? The CIA doesn’t lie? Biden doesn’t lie? I think there’s more going on here than mere lies.

      1. Then you support Biden? I’m just saying that Putin is saying, ‘Look what happens when you attack Russian soil.’ Russia overnight, leveled a very, nice, city, with rusty trucks stuck in the mud. What would they do with nukes? Now, the Czech Republic is sending tanks. Putin has previously cautioned NATO member nation-states, not to do such a thing. I suppose this will just turn into a limited nuclear proxy war in Eastern Europe? As if Biden thinks he can go dethrone Putin?

        But, yeah, I’m twisted. What’s that got to do with it?

    1. Melvin supports the Murderers in Moscow and would like to see them rule the world.

  9. Wow I had no idea that Donbas as a Russian-breakaway state is Communist. So revealing.

    I think this psychology of fear thing is true. Americans have been bullied and abused by Russia for decades. People are basically abuse victims at this point. It’s Stockholm Syndrome really: “Oh Russia doesn’t want to invade Ukraine, Russia doesn’t want to massacre civilians, Russia doesn’t want to nuke America, but we forced them to do it! It’s our fault!” And the fact is, people are simply afraid of Russia. They are afraid of their nuclear weapons, but won’t admit it to themselves.

    Another component may be that Russians “look like us” and are Christian (supposedly). What if Russia and China swapped ethnic and religious identity, but everything else was exactly the same?

    1. This is a wonderful exchange between an American and Bulgarian. The American has lived abroad in several mideast and far east nations. He and his family served the Syrian people during the
      war with Russia by opening a hospital. He now lives in the Golan heights of Israel. The Bulgarian shares his perspective as someone raised in an eastern block nation and how the nations in that area perceive Russia.

      In a nut shell, these men very graciously express how we Americans can be a bit presumptuous at what we think we know about nations, people groups, and cultural and political complexities that go back centuries in countries that are 2 oceans away. The previous two videos Dalton did are also helpful– addressing the Ukraine biolabs and neo-nazis narratives Americans are mired in. I also found the video from 3 weeks ago, “A Western Christian Response to The Invasion of Ukraine” to be very helpful at the time. Mr Nyquist and these men have really help me realize how much I’ve been buried in communist propaganda and my own narrow, American-centric worldview and not even been aware of it.

      1. Very informative video. The Bulgarian fellow Nikolai provides a good framework for how Christians should approach the war in Ukraine.

        He also makes a very good point about the moral nihilism that many conservatives/Christians have unwittingly adopted of late. It started out as “They’re all just violent sharia-supporting Muslims killing one another. Why should we care?” and now seamlessly morphed to “They’re all just corrupt wannabe Westerners and neo-Nazis. Why should we care if they’re killed?” We’re now at a dangerous point where both the Left and the Right are denying important physical and moral distinctions. At home we have men who are ‘women’ and abroad an invasion that’s ‘not an invasion’ – these are two sides of the same coin. And yet many Christians only see one side.

        I myself would have somewhat agreed with that sentiment about Muslim countries a few months ago. However, seeing this broad brush applied to a European nation quickly prompted me to reconsider. I don’t think most American conservatives have the self-awareness to make the connection between their cynical, all-encompassing view of the War on Terror and their similar attitude towards Ukraine. They can’t see that their view of the Ukraine war is not based on facts but rather disillusionment with the previous war. And so, they can’t see that this nihilism ultimately leads to the moral and intellectual disarmament of their own civilization.

        The other FAI videos on Ukraine (the ones ones biolabs and neo-Nazis) provide some interesting on-the-ground information on the Syrian civil war. Before ‘Putin is a Christian’ became all the rage, it was ‘Assad protects Christians from jihadists’. I think the Arab Spring and Syrian civil war was a turning point from the early Bush 2-era international interventionism to the current anti-NATO isolationism.

        Assad deliberately released jihadists from jail, encouraging them to form violent terrorist groups which then provided a pretext for carpet-bombing whole cities full of non-jihadist anti government protesters (meanwhile Russia has to make do with the much less fearsome Azov battalion, but that is still enough to paint Ukraine as a hotbed of neo-Nazis). Then when the Syrian army failed to achieve its military objectives they, with the help of Russia, resorted to mercilessly pounding civilians until the other sides surrendered. They threw in repeated chemical attacks at the end, once a city was almost completely destroyed, to poison the air of the few survivors. And just like with the Ukrainian biolab story distracting from Russia’s large and active bio-weapons program, Russian propaganda managed to convince conservatives that the much-publicized chemical attack in 2013 was a false-flag op carried out by jihadists rather the Syrian government. Conservatives learned all the wrong lessons in Syria, when they bothered to pay attention at all. Now they are applying all those wrong lessons to Ukraine and refusing to see the more important parallels with Syria/Russia. The 21-year War on Terror is paying dividends for our enemies.

      2. Wonderful points you picked up and summarized! The warning to believers, in particular, to not walk in the world’s nihilistic mindset was a sober wakeup call for me, as well. Definitely something I needed to acknowledge, turn from and shake off. And, as time goes on here, I will need to continue to stand on guard against such mindsets, where hearts grow cold and hard. It is sober, indeed, how easy it is to be deceived on so many levels and not even know it. Humbling. Fearsome. But, grateful there is One who is Truth and Faithful.

        Your point that conservatives have become disillusioned and demoralized thru the decades of lies thru the War on Terror is key! I have been slowly waking up these last months to the layers of deception and propaganda I’ve been enveloped in for years. As I’ve read thru peoples comments these months, at times I have been very grieved, alarmed, and even very angry at some of the rude, dishonoring, disrespectful, haughty tone that some people have as they critique how “unhinged”, and “clueless” veterans and military people are for “falling for” the communist propaganda. Can we not see how THAT is falling for the communists-within propaganda/schemes to further demoralize, malign, and slander conservatives and peg them, as the DOJ has, as possible “terrorists threats”? Do we really want to come into agreement with such judgmental accusations and slander?

        It is very understandable why the conservative veterans are heavily focused on our deep state globalists/communists-within as they have been the major pawns used for their schemes, lies and propaganda and have taken the fallout personally. They’ve been used, abused, chewed up and spit out by our deep state/communist systems. They have given their all, laid down their very lives for our nation, families, freedoms, and Constitutional Republic. They have seen their buddies blown up and then dumped at home to fend for themselves, with PTSD, injuries and stressed lives/marriages and far too often left homeless. Disgraceful what we have allowed to happen to these great men and women.

        And should a “red dawn” type kinetic invasion actually ever get carried out on our soil by Russia and China, as Mr Nyquist and Loudon have expressed is their longterm plan, we would be blessed to have such men and women of strength, honor, skill and bravery near us. Maybe some of the conservatives and veterans don’t have full grasp of all the communism realities right now, but they understand and grasp issues we don’t have a clue about as soft, dough-people of ease, comfort and convenience. May we “give honor where on is due” and be very mindful of our thoughts, words, pen and keyboard as we opine about others “deception”. We all “see in part and know in part” in this age. And we are all very vulnerable to deception on many levels in multiple spheres in this vastly complex world. How we need to encourage, gently teach, and standby each other, with patience and understanding, in these chaotic times. ❤

  10. “The gullible person trusts every word, but the prudent has insight to guide him.” Proverbs 14:15

    Are too many conservatives gullible? After all, we try to be honest with others, and expect that they are honest in return. Is that our downfall?

    It’s a real disappointment to learn that General Flynn accepted funds from our enemy. That makes him a traitor. Yet because he was connected to Trump, many people trust him.

    1. General Flynn was railroaded under Obama and again as part of Russiagate. I followed the allegations closely, a few things sounded weird, but in the end inconclusive. I’m not willing to put him in the traitor category based on those allegations.

      But for a long time, he’s been a pied piper of disastrous ideas for the MAGA crowd. He tweeted Q phrases, and ran with some of the nuttier theories after the 2020 election (huge distraction). He even floated some version of a military role over the 2020 election, which was alarmingly irresponsible for someone of his stature to be saying – especially in light of future events. The other day I wondered if he was daft, or possibly a provocateur. It’s extremely unusual for someone with his intelligence background to be using his public platform the way he is, and saying some things that just seem irresponsible.

      1. Yes, Flynn was railroaded. That does not get him off the hook for being close to Russia. He took money from the Russians and even went to Moscow and visited GRU headquarters all by himself. This was an act of singular bad judgment.

      2. Q is lame and bogus. I think he’s that Code Monkey Z, guy, who said he had the goods on the Maricopa County, election fraud, It took a real audit to prove that. He just faded out.

      3. I fear Flynn is the modern-day conservative: with a heart that is generally in the right place, but hopelessly deceived and an unwitting pawn of Russia. The fact he promoted the Communist Q operation was the last straw. And this is supposed to be a smart intelligence agent!

    2. Accepting funds is not the greatest problem. $60000 for (first class) travel expenses and hotel accomodation seems about right – it’s not as if this was a bribe.

      More troubling is that he went there at all. I’m not sure, but I think Jeff has said that travelling to commmunist countries is always very risky; you might end up entrapped, drugged, poisoned…

      Poor judgement is not the same as treachery though.

      1. “Poor judgement is not the same as treachery though.” But it can have the same results.

        Vidkun Quisling had very bad judgment in his dealings with a left-wing, socialist dictator that ended up being a disaster for Norway. He accepted his execution as payment for his exceedingly bad judgment.

  11. With due respects to the host of this blog, Arch-Bishop Vigano is right and Mr. Nyquist is wrong.

    It is without question tragic that the problems besetting that nation and Russia could not be worked out in a peaceful manner – war is never something you want as a first option – but Russia has had its fill of lies and broken promises by NATO and the West.

    Moreover, since the Zelensky puppet government was installed in 2014 by coup de etat (carried out by the CIA, MI6 and other western intelligence agencies), the Ukrainian government has been shelling the eastern portion of the nation – which is to say firing heavy artillery into the Russian-dominated Donbas region.

    Let’s review, shall we? First of all, the NATO alliance and the U.S. committed a violation of international law by intervening in another nation and toppling its government, which was done when Obama was still in the White House. The Yanukovych government’s “sin”? Backing out of an energy deal with the West and decided to go with Russia instead. So, the black bag boys went to work and that elected government was toppled. Zelensky, a puppet of the western oligarchs, was installed instead. And he commenced to make war upon the eastern part of the nation, which is home to many Russians and Russian sympathizing Ukrainians.

    Moscow put up with this wholly uncalled for and irresponsible meddling literally in its backyard, for eight long years before finally taking action.

    The U.S. and the West promised thirty years ago that NATO would not expand further into Russia’s “near-abroad” – the buffer zone of nations on her border – but the West broke those promises almost before the ink was dry, and has been breaking them since. Now, NATO was poised to admit Ukraine, an action which would have put Moscow less than five-hundred miles from a hostile border.

    Moreover, the Black Sea has long been a “Russian lake,” at least as far as that nation is concerned, rightly or wrongly, and anyone who believes that NATO activity there would not start alarms ringing in the Kremlin is being naive and foolish.

    This sort of irresponsible brinkmanship and needless provocation is what almost led to nuclear war between Russia and the U.S. in 1962, and unless the U.S. and NATO are careful, it may very well trigger such a war very soon. Whether you believe that Russia is right or wrong or don’t know, it is inarguable that the Russians possess a formidable nuclear arsenal. Only a fool – or a maniac – would risk an unnecessary war with such a power. Yet, that is precisely what our so-called “leaders” are doing.

    1. What a load of gibberish you have produced georgiaboy! Putin is raging not because he feels threatened by the expansion of NATO but because this expansion makes his dream of rebuilding the Soviet Empire more difficult and perhaps even unachievable before his death as the rumors about his deteriorating health become louder and louder. On one hand PUTLER is gloating that he could crush the Entire NATO within few days and on the other he is claiming that those few thousand rotating American or other troops traveling along the border with Belarus and Russia herself is consisting a mortal danger for Russia and her people. And as to provoking the nuclear war between Russia and NATO, if you have bothered to read Jeff more frequently and diligently you would have know that the Soviets/Russians and China were and are planning the nuclear destruction of the America and the subjugation of the entire “West” from the very beginning of their very existence. It is beyond pathetic to pretend not to know or forget that during the so called “break out” of Ukraine from the Soviet Union there were, perhaps, four million members of the Ukrainian Communist Party that were more loyal to Russia than to Ukraine itself. Then there were the entire structures of the Ukrainian Government, leadership of the army, police, banking system and so on and on virtually every level from the central and local left in the hands of those collaborators. Then there were dozens upon dozens of spies, provocateurs, sabouteurs and others working more or less directly for Russia. This army of the Russian collaborators was and still influences the shape of the political and social life in Ukraine. Suggestion that the CIA or other small players could disrupt Russia’s determined drive to rebuild the Soviet Empire is just ludicrous. There is no doubt that all those troubles with payments for the Russian gas and oil, all those alleged attacks on the Russian speaking Ukrainians in the eastern Ukraine and other act of provocations and alleged “violence” or at least great majority of them were perpetrated by the Russian spies. This pattern has been and still is being applied by Russia throughout the entire former “Eastern Europe”. There is an estimated forty to fifty thousand spies in my native Poland working directly for Russia, for example. How many CIA agents is stationing in Poland? Ten at the best.
      I don’t know whether my rant will spur you to any sort of critical thinking and encourage you to study that subject more diligently. If such an excellently produced argument by Jeff didn’t do it I doubt that mine will.

    2. Georgia boy: Excuse me, but Zelensky was not installed in 2014 in a coup. He was elected in a landslide and assumed office in May 2019. Donbas is sovereign Ukrainian territory that Russian operatives and troops partly seized in 2014 even though Russia promised to respect Ukrainian territory in an adjunct to the nonproliferation treaty. There is no real evidence of a coup led by any Western intelligence services. That is a Russian propaganda claim. There has been no persecution of Russian speaking people in Ukraine. Most people there speak Russian and are determined to fight for their independence. You can see how effectively they are resisting the Russian invasion even now. The West never promised that NATO would not move closer to Russia. The West offered to make this promise formally but Moscow was uninterested in 1990.

      1. Has it escaped your attention Jeff, how easily Russia removed Mariupol from being a city? Russia has been conducting this cake walk with antiquated Rusky army surplus, on the cheap. Oh, he did demonstrate a couple of hyper-sonic missiles, just for effect. All of Ukraine will become as Chernobyl, while you cheer it on.

      2. Easily? Melvin, the Russians lost four generals and a very large number of troops in the Mariupol battle. The whole world condemns their savagery. The brave defenders fought heroically. Here, you are cheering for destruction here, not me. You cheer for Putin — which merely adds to the shame that attends being blockheaded.

      3. Russia now has another city surrounded, just waiting for Zelensky to make another foolhardy attempt. Why doesn’t Ukraine simply invade Moscow and be rid of Putin? People need to pay attention to what Putin says, non verbally as well as verbally. It’s too bad that Ukraine has to live next door to Russia, nice place though it may be, but geography is the most influential factor in human affairs. I suppose that Ukraine will soon be vacant. I wonder where everybody will go?

      4. Anticipating an unprecedented flood of illegal aliens resulting from the lifting of a Trump policy, Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott announced Wednesday his state will provide border communities with charter buses to transport the migrants to the steps of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C.

        “To help local officials whose communities are being overwhelmed by hordes of illegal immigrants who are being dropped off by the Biden administration, Texas is providing charter buses to send these illegal immigrants who have been dropped off by the Biden administration to Washington D.C.,” Abbott said. “We are sending them to the United States Capitol where the Biden administration will be able to more immediately address the needs of the people that they are allowing to come across our border.”

    3. Exactly correct. Putin has been most methodical in a conservative political approach, making his case step by step in word and deed. It’s a sad day when Putin is the relatively better man. Biden should not have ignored him, but rather have called him on his spy ships in US waters, but then he’d have to compromise and give Putin what he said he wants; withdrawal to the pre 1979 Spheres of Influence, with or without a Berlin Wall.

      1. Putin is a murderer, which makes you an apologist for murderers. How do you sleep at night? With the screams of his victims in your ears?

    4. @GeorgiaBoy… my people are originally from Georgia, down in Glynn County. I have read what you wrote. You have spent a lot of time thinking about this.

      Here are some others points I would ask you to consider. I learned these things from watching a video recommended on this blog.

      My fellow Georgian, do you know what eastern Europeans call Russia? They call it Mordor. They have no, zero, nada desire to be linked to “the Black Hole.” Why, you ask? Because the Russians are very good at a couple things: lying and causing revolution. For a country that covers 1/6 of the planet, has every natural resource available to it, yet only has a 145 million people with an economy the size of the Netherlands, this fear of Russia shows how evil, how corrupt, how primitive their government is. They have a 100 plus year history of deceiving their neighbors and forcing them into submission. Do you know how Bulgaria became part of the Russian empire in 1925? The Bolsheviks bombed a church in their capital where all their top leadership was worshiping God. They did this Bulgarian revolution while their own people in Russia were starving. The amazing fact that while they are causing revolution in Bulgaria, Americans were providing famine relief and teaching farming methods in Russia to help!

      The opinion of people in Eastern Europe is that Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine because Russia fears Nato is a BIG LIE. If you want to know the truth, talk to Christians in Russia and talk to Christians in Ukraine. The Russian Christians know that their government has brought them to ruin.

      It is easy to be misled a continent and an ocean away. We all have beliefs and we don’t let them go even when the facts are staring us in the face. But, if we are to be critical thinkers, we have to keep an open mind and rethink our position. I ask you to rethink yours. As a follower of Jesus, keep your eye on HIm and listen to his body of Christ in Russia and in Ukraine and the truth will become clear.

  12. I’d like to draw attention of my friends here to the incredible, almost superhuman job Poland and the Polish Government is doing to help fleeing Ukrainians. So far, more than two million of them, mostly women, children and elderly have crossed the Polish Ukrainian border and their processing is extremely well organised and efficient.
    What is more remarkable and even admirable is that the gigantic majority of those unlucky people are not being housed in hastily build tent cities but are being individually invited by individual Polish families to their homes or apartments, sometimes very modest to help them to get over the horror and shock of having just their lives destroyed.
    In many cases, it places a great burden on the modest budgets of those generous Polish families but there is not a single word of complain coming from those people.
    This is certainly one of the greatest if not the greatest compassion and generosity shown by any nation to another.
    There is no doubt that this noblest behavior was greatly influenced by the Polish catholic Church as the news are coming from Poland that in virtually every Parish the priests were urging the faithful to do everything in their power and ability to help.
    We hope that THIS TIME the Ukrainians will APPRECIATE this compassion and generosity.
    Regards – Bogdan

  13. Very sad to see Vigano’s wrong assessment on this issue. Here in Brazil there are a lot of “conservatives” who are cheering for Putin too. The sad thing about that, it is that M. Vigano seems to ignore the history of Catholics in Ukraine, and how under Russian domination catholics were always severely persecuted, both under Tsars and under Communism. The Orthodox Church, drawn to KGB’s influence always put pressure on Uniat Catholics, who were harassed to leave Rome and adhere to Eastern Orthodoxy and to the Russian State. Viganò commits the same mistake of many conservatives: he forgets the origins of western corruption.

  14. Communism is in the east and communism is in the west and communism is encouraging NATO to enter the war in Ukraine to provide communism with an excuse and reason for a first-strike nuclear attack.

    Catholicism is once again playing both sides and dividing the church and sadly providing communism with a spiritual reasoning for a first strike nuclear attack.


      1. Yes, it is remarkable when one analyzes how exactly the Communist governments, intelligence agencies, and operations work, just how closely they mirror what an enemy of Christianity would do. Persecution of priests and nuns? Targeting of the church? Torture of the faithful? And that’s in fully Communist nations.

        In the nations not yet under their dominion, they have done similar things that, again, line up with exactly what a feverish Christian would warn about: subversion of moral values? Promotion of immorality everywhere? Loosening of moral standards? Encouragement of drugs? Encouragement of crime? Decriminalization of criminal actions?

        I have often wondered about why what the Communist governments do mirrors so perfectly what, if I was a paranoid man, I would imagine a Satanist government would do.

        The truly bizarre aspect is that Communists do it for strategic reasons. They truly believed that a nation with looser morals was a strategically weaker nation. Similarly for encouraging the dissolutions of marriages, encouragement of infidelity, corruption of youth. They were doing it for strategic reasons, which tells us that there is a direct strategic relation from a nation’s moral standards and it’s national security posture. Has this EVER been talked about? This is not some theory I invented – it is literally the KGB’s operating principles. Truly incredible.

    1. I do not see the communists in the West calling for direct NATO intervention. Who has called for NATO to make war on Russia? The no fly zone was rejected by Biden. He would not even send fighter aircraft to Ukraine.

      1. Communist stooges like Klaus Schwab wants the US to go to war with Russia. Communist stooges in the United States government want direct American involvement in the war. They wanted to Polish the fly Jets into the war.

      2. The Poles sent the jets to us in exchange for better jets. Then we declined to send them along to Ukraine. Do you have a link to Schwab advocating direct NATO intervention in Ukraine? That would be interesting to see.

      3. Martin Armstrong continually writes about how the European Union tried to get economic control through Covid lockdowns in the West, but failed. So now they are using the war to collapse the west economy.
        He’s been blogging this ever since Russia invaded the Ukraine. He has great sources and speaks to many behind the curtain about these things as they seek him out to join in their plan to build back better and create the great reset.

        Here is what he wrote last night

  15. I don’t know much about Monseigneur Vigano, but i do remember his previous communiques: about covid-conspriracy and election-fraud. He was right then but now has erred. To err is human, to forgive devine.

    Likewise thegatewaypundit has recently parroted Russsian propaganda and this was derided in the comments. Today however, an article reminded us that ‘Russia Is Behind Green Energy Propaganda – “Russian Dark Money Funded Green Groups in the West”’. . This is an angle that appears lost on many conservatives and we ought to be grateful that at least one outlet is willing to expose the active measures.

    1. The Chinese are also involved in the promotion of “green energy”. Cobalt, an important element in lithium-ion batteries, is largely controlled by Chinese interests Refer to

      Chinese interests also control lithium production, as may be seen at

      It would be interesting to trace Chinese contributions to politicians, especially Democrats, who are great advocates of “green energy”. As there politicians also favor wind and solar power, as opposed to fossil fuel or nuclear power, it is also useful to remember that Chinese companies are in the forefront of solar panel construction.

    2. Today we can see the fruits of the green, environmentalist movement who work day and night to shut down fracking and nuclear power: a much higher dependency on Russia and their allies that are also rich in oil such as Venezuela and Iran. Not only the US is rich in shale oil, Europe has good reserves too. Germans are renowned for their engineering, yet they aren’t putting this trait to good use for them to be independent from Russia, despite the growing aggressiveness straight out of the Kremlin.

      1. The non-communist nations are becoming enslaved to the communist nations because of traitors within. It’s disgusting to witness.

  16. the entire conflict between East and West has been orchestrated by the Vatican–has been for centuries. The Vatican has used Europe East and West as a springboard to dominate the world. They own the world according to their doctrine. Now that the bulk of their faithful is outside of Europe, they have no need for Europeans and Russians. They consider Russian Orhodoxy and Western Protestantism as heretical and must be destroyed. They are using their agents in high places to foment a third world war that will exterminate the European Race. Wake up folks! Read some books! Get off your arse and do some research!

    1. Ever since the Reformation, and especially since the French Revolution, the Roman Catholic Church has been fighting a desperate, and for the most part unsuccessful, rearguard battle, trying to secure her sheer survival in the face of increasing schisms and the new hostile ideologies of secularism and finally communism – until, following the death of (greatly smeared) Pope Pius XII in 1958, a radically new era of “aggiornamento”, of “updating” the Church to the conditions of modernity (whatever that was supposed to mean) began under the auspices of “good Pope” John XXIII (1881 – 1963), who was a fierce modernist and indeed ideologue in the guise of a “people’s pope”. His successor Paul VI – a personal friend of Communist Party boss Palmiro Togliatti (1893 – 1964), by the way! – continued the radical changes, all carved in stone by the so-called Second Vatican Council of 1962-1965, that was quite accurately termed by some of the progressive cardinals involved as the “French Revolution” and even the “October Revolution” inside the Roman Catholic Church. And they surely weren’t exaggerating. Pius XII even said it openly that he considered himself the last Pope to hold the line against the modernists, but would stand firm. After him, he also said, would come the deluge. And right he was. Here is how famous Catholic author and Jesuit scholar Malachi Martin described the process that happened since the mid 1960s:

      “… if you look at the Church, between 1965 and 1975, suddenly Catholicity disappeared. Suddenly, priests left, nuns left. Suddenly, bizarre ceremonies took place. Suddenly, every practice, like devotion of the Sacred Heart, to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, confraternities, sodalities … pilgrimages, benedictions of the Blessed Sacrament, the habit of visiting the Blessed Sacrament, children’s first Holy Communion, marriage, abortion, contraception, homosexuality, everything was turned upside down, suddenly. The reservoir of Catholicism suddenly – shuu – was sucked out, disappeared. And the only theological way you can look at that – theology, not historical in the secular sense – is that God withdrew Grace. God withdrew Grace, sanctifying Grace, without which you can’t be Catholic.”

      In other words, the Catholic Church, which had long been infiltrated by hostile forces, underwent her own silent coup d’etat in the 1960s (and that coup wasn’t corrected either by Popes John Paul II or Benedict XVI). Mainly by the method of ambiguity, the new rulers of the Catholic Church managed to deceive the world about their true objective: the total destruction of the Catholic faith. Indeed, their much-advertised “ecumenical” efforts weren’t so much about ecumene, but about ever more watering down and finally eliminating Catholicism. These wolves in sheep’s clothing weren’t against Protestantism or the Eastern churches at all. On the contrary, everything suddenly had to be “integrated”, whereby (like with the United States in the political sphere) the only compromises made in dealing with those other churches were made by Rome, and no one else. They introduced a radically new liturgy, that was modelled after the liturgies of the Anglicans and Lutherans. They were praising the United Nations as the last great hope of mankind (hadn’t that previously been the position of the Church?). They began receiving communist leaders in the Vatican and undertaking travels to communist countries (famously, beginning under Paul VI, to Fidel Castro’s Cuba). But their ultimate aim was nothing less than utopian (as their beloved phrase of a “one human family” already reveals): In a sequence of several concentrical circles, they wanted to join in with everything and everybody on the face of the earth, first all other Christian denominations, then all other world religions, and ultimately everyone without exception, including the staunchest atheists, communists, or even Satanists – by which, self-evidently, they would have made the Catholic Church, or any church or other religion, totally obsolete. This is what we are dealing with when we look at today’s Roman Catholic Church: It’s a mere Potemkin façade. Its organisational structure is intact; the substance, however, is gone.

      True, reading books is essential. But one has also to discern between good books and junk. And telling people, in written form, to “get off their arses” looks indeed as if further reading may be advisable.

      1. communism, communism, communism–that’s all you guys know. You know who invented communism? The catholic church invented communism and fascism too. they have no use for freedom. they have never ever promoted freedom, but autocracy. the pope sits on the bloodiest throne in history drenched in the blood of the crusades, the torture of the Inquisition. they infiltrated America and dragged us into Cardinal Spellman’s war. Yes Franny the poofda dragged us into a war that the Catholic Westmorland had no intention of winning. we lost more than the blood of our young men and treasure. America lost its nerve, its sense of purpose, its culture and its soul in that war. the country is now run by the Jesuit inspired hippies of the sixties, the cia (catholic intelligence agency, created by knight of Malta William Donovan, who murdered George Patton) and the Deep State of the Washington DC(District of Criminals) staffed by the Jesuit indoctrinated students of Georgetown University.

      2. You are crazy — I allow this only to show what kind of lunatics are out there, and what kind of hate-filled nonsense there is. Do not post here again!

    2. How many nukes does the Vatican have? How many tanks? How many missiles?

      How much energy do they produce? How much wheat? How many intelligence agents do they have?

      The Vatican was infiltrated by Communists decades ago, starting in the seminaries. The Church has been progressively weakened, it’s doctrines changed, it’s moral authority decreased.

      You are either a despicable liar or a deceived fool. The enemy is world communism, and always has been.

      1. D’accord! The most oudlandish idiocies are now being spread as if they were the truth. Sadly, way too many people fall for this nonsense. (I MUST contact Michael J. Matt…)

        (Don’t take it personal, but possessive pronoun – PLEASE – without apostrophe! “It’s” should be reserved for “It is”. Even for me as a non-native speaker, these nowadays-common mistakes are really irritating and take away from whatever concise message a person has to offer. These are not typos; these are mistakes in grammar, and they are totally avoidable with just a bit of carefulness applied.)

      2. I would like to be able to respond to you, but my thoughts have been banned by Mr. Nyquist.

      3. My mistake here is that I forget I am communicating with people who don’t have the same knowledge base of the church as I do, so if I rattle off a lot of facts regarding the church that most people have never heard of, I appear to be a lunatic. I assure you I am not. The question you ask is very similar to one that Stalin asked when he quipped “how many divisions does the Pope have?” Did you know that Stalin was educated by Jesuits when he attended Tiflis Theological Seminary in Tiflis, Georgia? What better training could a future Communist Dictator of the USSR have than a Jesuit training. Let me borrow from Eric Jon Phelps book on what happened next:

        In 1946 Pope Pius XII made Gregory
        Agagianian the Cardinal for the Russian Empire the same year he made Francis
        Spellman the Cardinal for the American Empire. What Agagianian was to Stalin
        with his KGB, Spellman was to Truman with his CIA. Both Cardinals were loyal to
        Jesuit General Jean-Baptiste Janssens as much as Pope Pius XII who had
        appointed them on the advice of his Jesuit confessor, Robert Leiber, who was later
        replaced by another Jesuit and pro-Zionist confessor, Augustin Cardinal Bea.
        Stalin, who went on to restore the patriarchate so desired by Bishop
        Hermogen, also established absolute military dictatorships within the satellite nations
        The Jesuits – 1945 – 1989
        Chapter 38 535
        loyal to his Jesuit masters in Moscow (from which the Order would train its world
        communist revolutionaries, like Yassir Arafat and Martin (Lucifer) King). These
        dictators would suppress the free circulation of the Bible and popular liberty

        My point is, you can’t take all the surface events of history at face value. You have to learn what’s going on behind the scenes and how to connect the dots. The Jesuit Conspiracy to take over the world for the Vatican was originally made public in 1848 by the ex-Jesuit Jacopo Leone. But that conspiracy predates the Communist conspiracy because it goes all the way back to the founding of the order in the 1540’s.

      4. Chris. You are far from a professional researcher or knowledgeable on these subjects. You are citing “facts” alleged by people who hate Catholicism. Your claim that Stalin was trained by Jesuits is 100 percent false. It comes from a misreading of Stalin’s background by a newspaper writer in Baltimore and has been repeated in anti Catholic screeds ever since. Stalin was trained in an Orthodox seminary from which he was expelled. You have latched into poorly researched hate literature that typically gets facts wrong.

  17. This makes me very sad about Vigano. 🙁 I liked some of his earlier thoughts. I haven’t had a chance to watch the video (I’m visiting a couple of National Parks) 🙂 but I’m looking forward to it this afternoon. By the way, Jeff, it’s Monsignor in this usage, just in case you want to correct it. 🙂

      1. You didn’t “goof” entirely: “Monsignor” is the English form (derived from the Italian “Monsignore”); “Monseigneur” is the exact same thing, in French, even though “Monseigneur” has been in use, beside priests, also for worldly princes.

      2. We had the French spelling stuck in my head and am not sure why. It is a spelling that my spelling-checker allowed. So there it is.

      3. Yes, it is the correct spelling for French, but if it’s papacy-related, it’s Monsignor. 😂 Not a big deal, just a fun thing to know.

  18. I’ve never been sold on Flynn. For a guy who spews so much moral outrage there is no shortage of pictures of him flashing a big smile and thumbs up. Kind of like a $3 bill.

  19. Jeff :

    You,re right about Flynn. Too bad I did like his book – whoever wrote it

    To visit GRU headquarters alone doesn,t even seem safe in any way.

    Good interview with Trevor. It,s nice to get your input on current events.

  20. The entire traditionalist-Catholic camp is now in danger of running into a deadly trap (while the official ecclesial space is occupied, for the most part, by modernists and outright Marxists anyway). Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò (accent grave, or accento grave – PLEASE! – over the “o”, as it is the “o” that’s emphasised, otherwise one ends up pronouncing his name as “Vigáno”, as some erroneously do) has been constantly, and exclusively, talking about the evils of the “New World Order” and the “elite” and the “Great Reset” and about Davos and all the rest of it, long before this war broke out, never ever mentioning the big, fat elephant in the room: COMMUNISM! It’s just that he’s now gone a decisive step further and blames the victim in this ongoing war of annexation.

    The traditionalists have another famous icon, in addition: Bishop Athanasius Schneider (today, by coincidence, is his birthday). Bishop Schneider, an ethnic German, was born in the Kazakh SSR in 1961, as his parents had been deported from Berlin to the Soviet Union at the end of WWII. Not before he was 12, he and his parents were allowed to emigrate back to Germany. He later studied philosophy and Catholic theology in Brazil, where he was then ordained a Catholic priest in 1990, studied Patristics in Rome, eventually became a guest lecturer at the Catholic seminar in Karaganda, Kazakhstan, in 1999, and finally, in 2001, moved back to the same communist (or meanwhile “post-communist”) cesspool he had been born into, as he was raised to the position of Director of Studies at that seminary. He was made a bishop in 2006 and was moved, as auxiliary bishop, to the Kazakh capital Astana (since 2019, “Nur-Sultan”) in 2011. Bishop Schneider is, like Archbishop Viganò, an outspoken critic of Pope Francis and even of the Second Vatican Council. And yet, I view him as a problematic figure: He had firsthand experience of Soviet communism in his childhood. He should be able to SEE that none of the Soviet culture (and ideology) of yesteryear has gone away, at all! But he never speaks of the Russian Federation or Kazakhstan, for that matter, being still communist and prefers to blame it all on the ever-same, nebulous “New World Order” – which I find strange, to say the least. He should know better.

    Also, as I sometimes watch the weekly video presentations by Michal J. Matt of The Remnant newspaper (and website), watch this insanity of his:

    He speaks of “they” (the anonymous “New World Order” crowd, whom he identifies as warmongering neo-cons) as planning WWIII and intending to wipe Russia completely off the map. What upside-down logic! Mr. Matt never once mentions communism in his elaborations, nor does he seem to realise that it is communism (and thus Moscow and Beijing) where all the threat is coming from, and that it is the United States and the West that are in the gravest danger of being “completely wiped off the map” by the same old revolutionary communists in Russia, China and elsewhere.

    I’ve been thinking for a while about writing a letter to Michael Matt. Most likely, I won’t. These people are now so heavily infested with all that conspiracy nonsense, in which they violently believe (Ann Barnhardt is showing signs of joining their ranks, too) it seems rather unlikely that any one of them would be willing to listen.

      1. My hope is that it can be corrected. Many people “cheering” for Putin I believe are true patriots; they are just reading this all wrong. Maybe there will be an action that jogs people’s brains into place. The idea that Putin’s fighting the good fight for freedom has to come crashing down at some point.

        By contrast, when my leftists friends and family profess that they’re find just to die in an attack, if it comes to that, because it will be better for the planet — now that set of assumptions and beliefs is harder to unwind.

        But time is really of the essence. If at least conservatives became unified in appreciating the situation – what could flow from that? I’m pretty cynical these days on the state of our leadership, and the ability to correct it through election. But the truth is it’s own force. Even if we can’t see the path.

      2. Unfortunately, what we need are better people, because our “leaders” are a mere reflection of what the people have become.

      1. It’s not just Catholics, friend. I’m a Baptist. I dont keep up with Franklin Graham, but I remember reading an article a few years ago where he spoke pretty favorably of Putin. I dont know what he might regard him now, but he was fooled at that time.

      2. Leadership in the Church is lacking. Here is an example. Biden is a Catholic. He’s been refused Holy Communion at a few different Churches by local priests. One was a Father Forester at St. Edmonds in Rehoboth Beach DE. My former Church. Shortly after this refusal, higher ups banished this long time Preist out of St Edmonds to church in Maryland as punishment. RC Church should have gone further and had grounds to excommunicate him under “grave scandal.” Just look at Pope. Liberal as Hell.

      3. I’m not surprised, half or more RCs voted for Obama and Biden. They are just as ignorant as rest of the population. Religion it seems, no longer has a discernment boosting effect.

      4. “Decadence” in the church is connected with pride and laziness in both thought and action.

        To know Christianity requires reading the Bible. That takes time and effort. How many believers have done so? Even once? Oh people know what to believe because they’ve listened to this preacher, and read that book, but they don’t know if this preacher teaches according to the Bible because they’ve never read the Bible, or is this preacher a communist infiltrator purposely leading people astray? The same with that book?

        The Bible tells people how not to be fooled by surface appearances, rather to dig below the surface to see how things actually work. That too takes time and effort. But people are proud. This preacher sounds so convincing. That book was written by that great preacher. They laid things out so easy to understand. I don’t need to read the Bible itself. That’s too hard. So back to mental sleep.

        All these people are fooled because they trust surface appearances. They don’t follow the Bible to dig below those false surface appearances. This is true even of many preachers. And if you are like me and challenge those preachers by pointing to the Bible, then I must be evil. This is so frustrating. When they don’t listen to the Bible, they also don’t listen when I try to warn about the evil that is communism, and mendacious communist leaders like Putin.


    Ukraine President Zelensky Adresses Greek Parliament. Some MPs Walked Out When An Ethnic Greek Azov Fighter Appeared In A Short Video

    Ekathimerini: Zelenskyy urges Greece to use its influence in EU to help Ukraine

    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy called on Greece on Thursday to use its influence in the European Union to help save “our shared heritage” in the besieged Ukrainian port city of Mariupol.

    Addressing the Greek Parliament via teleconference, the Ukrainian leader said there are thousands of people trapped in Mariupol, noting that the city has been almost completely destroyed.

    He said the Russian military have bombed hospitals, theaters and houses. “The suffering in both the Greek and Ukrainian communities is great from the barbarity against the civilian population,” Zelenskyy told lawmakers.

    Update #1: Zelensky Tells Greek Parliament: “Our Slogan Is Freedom Or Death” (Greek City Times)

    Update #2: Ukraine president calls for more Russia sanctions, invokes Greek battle cry (Reuters)

    WNU Editor: Some Greek MPs boycotted the address. Others walked out when this happened …. Ethnic Greek Azov Fighter Mars Zelensky Speech at Greek Parliament (Greek Reporter). More here …. Zelenskyy speech at Greek parliament overshadowed by Azov video (Euractiv), and here …. Main opposition reacts to Azov fighter presence in Zelenskyy teleconference (Ekathimerini).

  22. The Russians created Liberation Theology back in the 60´s. I wouldn´t be surprised if I discovered that they also sponsored a pro-Russian “traditionalist” wing inside the Church. Time will tell…

    1. Former SSPX Bishop Richard Williamson is another case in point. His views about the Holocaust are similar to those of infamous historian David Irving, and he writes as a true Russian (read: Soviet) apologist. Like Patrick Buchanan and so many others, he has fallen for the deception of Putin being a Christian (rather than a stone-cold, cynical KGB officer and faithful communist), and he hopes for Christendom to be restored worldwide out of Russia! Sadly, he refuses to see the obvious (I once sent him an e-mail), namely that “Russia” has remained the state of Lenin and is still pursuing, along with China and all other communist allies, its same old goal of communist world conquest.

      Maybe one day we will indeed find out which of these people were simply misguided or dupes, and who were actual agents of Moscow…

    2. I have no doubts about it, Diogo (By the way: nice novel you wrote). Besides, that’s the nature of disinformation. it’s about who spreads the info: if I hear all these pro-Russia stuff from Sergey Lavrov, or read it at the Sputnik news agency, well that’s what I ecpect to hear from them. But if I hear it from Monsignor Viganò, from Tucker Carlson, etc., it’s different, because these are conservative men, traditionalists,, etc people who walk amidst the right-wing lines: pro-Russia points of view coming from those kind of men have the Ability to spread confusion and misguide many good people.

      1. It is interesting to recall how Lavrov said, before February 24, that there would be no invasion of Ukraine. Of course, Putin threatens his own citizens for using the word “invasion” to describe the invasion. This is entirely Orwellian. One would think our conservatives would understand all this. But no. When the West’s spiritual leaders go along with Russia’s lies it is very bad indeed.

    3. The KGB had a large plan to infiltrate the Church. This is well known and documentation can be found everywhere:


      “As early as the 1930s the Catholic Church was being infiltrated by communists and the Vatican did nothing to counter this, and other religious institutions kept their silence…”

      “As part of the program to destroy religion from within, the KGB, in the late 1950s, started sending dedicated young Communists to ecclesiastical academies and seminaries to train them as future church leaders. These young Communists joined the Church… at the call of the Communist Party… to implement its general line [unchanged policy] in the struggle against religion.[*]

      In the present phase, secret agents in the Catholic and other churches are being used to implement Communist strategy . When they achieve their Communist world victory, they will use mass withdrawal of their agents to disrupt and destroy the churches. ” – KGB defector Major Anatoliy Golitsyn, ‘The Perestrpika Deception, pp. 116-117, 1995.

      “In the 1930’s, we put eleven hundred men into the priesthood in order to destroy the Church from within.” And more: “Right now they are in the highest places, and they are working to bring about change in order that the Catholic Church will no longer be effective against Communism.” – Bella Dodd, activist lawyer for the Communist party in the United States in the 1930s and 40s.

      “Once the tactic of infiltration of religious organizations was set by the Kremlin … the Communists discovered that the destruction of religion could proceed much faster through infiltration of the (Catholic) Church by Communists operating within the Church itself. The Communist leadership in the United States realized that the infiltration tactic in this country would have to adapt itself to American conditions (Europe also had its cells) and the religious make-up peculiar to this country. In the earliest stages it was determined that with only small forces available to them, it would be necessary to concentrate Communist agents in the seminaries. The practical conclusion drawn by the Red leaders was that these institutions would make it possible for a small Communist minority to influence the ideology of future clergymen in the paths conducive to Communist purposes. This policy of infiltrating seminaries was successful beyond even our communist expectations.” – Manning Johnson, former Communist Party official and author of “Color, Communism and Common Sense”.

  23. Jeff, I saw this report today from a site called Clickwooz. “Rumors Keep Swirling of Western Military Advisers Trapped in Mariupol” It mentioned the possible capture of French troops and possibly a high ranking US Officer. Only saw it in one location. Sounds like bull to me. I would think that if Putin had this type of information he could put out, it would be everywhere.

  24. Flynn actually going to Russia to meet the GRU makes me assume he’s a recruit, not a dunce. His fringe positions could be explained in that way. He might be actually dumb and deranged enough to see Russia as a new Rome of some sort, but the money and visiting? Nah.

    And yes, the members of our side who have become Putinists are genuinely deranged. They are behaving like holocaust deniers right now on the subject of Bucha, pointing to videos claiming the dead maybe moved a little (but nothing moves), or other wild and stupid theories, which would require Ukrainian witnesses, army, NGOs, multiple press outlets, and governments, to be united in a vast conspiracy to hoax the world on war crimes.

    I have had these people admit that nothing in the press can be believed anymore, including all photo and video evidence, and then they give a Russian source from Twitter as authoritative.

    This is not normal. This is a complete break with reality.

    1. You are right! Many conservatives and traditionalist Christians have become unhinged.

      All moral restraint has been thrown out the window and now our people get to self-righteously indulge in what the Left has been doing for decades: abusively demonize an entire group people and blame them for all the world’s problems. I think it must be an exhilarating rush for some. “Ukrainians are vicious war-mongering Nazis, they’re just stand-ins for globalists. Therefore, if they are destroyed and Putin wins, we win!” It’s the vindictive victimhood mentality of some of the old paleo-cons/paleo-libertarians become mainstream.

      And yes, the denial of so much evidence of war crimes coming from multiple sources is reminiscent of Holocaust denial. Ironic is an understatement. After years of denying crazed leftist accusations of being neo-Nazis, conservatives now support enslaving/rooting out 45 million people in Ukraine because those people are guilty of being globalist/Nazi scum! Talk about schizophrenic. The term ‘globalist’ having become in the last few years a new by-word for the rootless Jew. And yet conservative Christian evangelicals, normally very quick to denounce anti-Semitic stereotypes, now throw around this term seemingly without any awareness of its not-so-hidden meaning.

      Then there are prominent Jewish conservatives who one would think would be more sensitive to genocide denial or assigning a blood-libel to an entire people. Writers like Daniel Greenfield (Frontpage), Jordan Schachtel (former foreign policy writer for the Blaze) etc. Daniel says it’s not genocide unless armed soldiers are literally marching off thousands/millions of people into gas chambers, seemingly excusing everything short of that as regular wartime violence. Jordan’s default position is that any reports of atrocities against Ukrainians are just Ukrainian propaganda unless 100% proven otherwise. He is convinced that the ‘real’ truth the media is not reporting is that it is in fact the Ukrainians who are committing countless atrocities against Russian-speakers. Everything is the opposite of what the mainstream media says, therefore the only way to balance out the ‘disinformation’ is to exclusively promote the Russian viewpoint. Even if that viewpoint essentially justifies genocide. ‘Truth’ is more important!

      You have Tucker is merely ‘asking’ whether the Bucha atrocities are not equally likely to have been perpetrated by Ukrainian troops in an attempt to smear the Russians. I just can’t get over how people like that ignore the thousands of deaths caused by Russia’s indiscriminate air bombardments. I guess we’re supposed to think Russians have such lousy aim that they are only hitting empty fields.
      ( – the WHO listed 43 verified attacks on medical facilities and workers as of March 17)

      I keep wondering what (atrocity) it will take to jolt conservatives out of this warped pro-Russian/anti-American reality. But many ‘nationalist’ conservatives are so bought into the Russian propaganda I don’t see how they can wake up in time before America is fatally crippled. No one wants to admit he was disastrously wrong about a vital issue and as a result spent years chasing ridiculous conspiracy theories. Maybe a better bet for now is to try to appeal to the moderates –RINOs, neocons, anyone who has not hitched his cart to the Russian ‘anti-globalist’ bandwagon and can still think and reason beyond memes and slogans—and get them to see the mortal danger of the Russia-China alliance.

      1. Laura, you bring up many instances of conservatives taking Russia’s side. We are now hemmed in from two sides. Our leftists in Congress do not want to rebuild our obsolete nuclear arsenal. Now we have conservatives who are likely to side with them on this issue. I wonder how we can survive our political disorientation.

      2. Maybe if people understood that deterrence from “mutually assured destruction” no longer holds, more people would sober up. The dems who don’t want to rebuild our nukes and conservatives rooting for Putin might start to focus on our situation. I’m pretty sure most people don’t understand Russia has first-strike capability and a strategic doctrine to use it. I’ve been sending people the Peter Pry article a commenter linked in another thread. Here’s the link again:

      3. Since the end of World War II and the beginning of the Cold War, the interventionist wing of conservatism became dominant. With the exception of Robert Taft, conservatives became enthusiastic Cold Warriors in the postwar era. Communism was rightfully seen as an existential threat to Western civilization, even more than Nazism and Japanese imperialism had been. Conservatives like Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan excoriated moderates like Dwight Eisenhower and liberals like John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson for being insufficiently tough on the Soviets or the Communist Chinese.

        With the apparent collapse of the Soviet Union and the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact, conservatives patted themselves on the back, crediting President Reagan’s tough stand against the Soviets and the military buildup in the 1980s for the perceived victory over Communism.

        In the post-Cold War era, conservatives turned back to a great extent to domestic matters. The compounding effects of the sexual revolution in popular culture and the increasing secularization of society directed the attention of conservatives to domestic matters. Revulsion against such tendencies did exist before 1990, but the fall of the USSR and the apparent turn of Red China to a market economy caused conservatives to focus on moral degeneracy in society. This was the era when the Moral Majority arose and pro-morality preachers like Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell became familiar names.

        The foreign policy establishment focused on Muslim extremism in the post-Cold War era. The Muslim world had been mostly hostile to Israel and several leaders, such as Gamel Nasser and Sadaam Hussein, had been pro-Soviet. The 9-11 attacks led to a “war on terrorism” that proved unsuccessful primarily because the American foreign policy goal of establishing democracies in countries plagued by radical Islam and ruled by dictators or tribal chiefs from time immemorial was unachievable. Fifteen and more years of American military involvement accomplished nothing. Indeed, the overthrow of Sadaam resulted in a regime that were intolerant of the Christian faith and favorable to Islamic theocracy.

        The net effect of the Iraq and Afghan wars was to sour many conservatives against interventionism. Meanwhile, the increasingly overt bias of the mainstream media, the leftist initiatives of Clinton, Obama, and Biden, and the ineffectual responses of the Republicans, with the partial exceptions of Gingrich and Trump, moved much of the conservative electorate away from the standard left of center/right of center status quo that prevailed since the end of World War II. Arguably, centrism and refusal to be aggressive against Obama were the causes of McCain and Romney losing the 2008 and 2012 Presidential elections, respectively.

        The alienation brought to the forefront the skeptical, anti-government and conspiracist voices that were marginalized in the 1950s and onward. Groups like the John Birch Society and Liberty Lobby were relegated to the farther shores of politics. The modern conservative movement was founded in the 1950s, under the leadership of William Buckley, Barry Goldwater, and others. Buckley operated his own Overton Window as to what was acceptable conservative opinion. Neo-Confederates, libertarians, Birchers, and Taft-style isolationists were outside that window. Buckley’s influence declined as a new wave of former liberals disillusioned with the leftward movement in academia resulted in the birth of neo-conservatism. However, this wing of conservatism reconciled with the neo-conservative movement. As early as 1981, the Reagan White House favored the neo-conservative William Bennett and not the paleo-conservative Mel Bradford for the National Endowment for the Humanities. The rise of conservative talk radio after 1986, led by Rush Limbaugh, generated popular support for the mainstream conservative movement.

        However, conservative talkers faded in their impact as their audience, ranging from the G.I. Generation to Baby Boomers, aged. The death of Limbaugh last year was emblematic of the fading away of the right of center tradition. Even in his latter years, Alex Jones and a forest of bloggers and websites were overshadowing the talkers.

        With Limbaugh’s demise, the role of gatekeeper of the conservative movement was not inherited by anyone. The failure of conservatism to stand effectively athwart history, yelling Stop, led to a rise in popularity of the alt-right. I don’t know to what extent Russian or Chinese intelligence and black ops encouraged the growth of the alternative media. But it is possible that at least General Flynn might be working for the other side.

    2. Re Flynn — well he went to GRU when he was DIA, so plausibly within scope of his role, if no other reason to suspect corruption. The money from RT was to speak at some conference after he left DIA. A stupid boondoggle, but not exactly cloak and dagger. At the same time he was on the Trump campaign, he actually lobbied for Turkey, in a position against US policy – that seemed a lot sketchier.

      But the thing is, he’s done so much dumb stuff. How can the former head of an intel agency end up in so many dunderhead moments? Isn’t he supposed to be good at navigating sophisticated situations? Maybe Obama only appointed him to DIA because he knew he was a dunderhead, an easy target. Apparently he came away from his experiences in Moscow with a high opinion. So, yeah, I guess would it really be a surprise to learn Obama plattered him up as a recruit.

  25. Catholics and Putin have common enemy. The main enemy of Catholics in America are freemasons, who control world imperialism, they were the ones who killed first Catholic president, who allegedly, as a Knight of Columbus, swore to eliminate freemasonry.

  26. Blind psychic Baba Vanga – who is known as the ‘Nostradamus of the Balkans’ and correctly predicted 9/11 – claims Russian president Vladimir Putin will become ‘Lord of the World’

    *Psychic Baba Vanga, who died 25 years ago aged 84, predicted that Russia was to ‘dominate the world’ in an interview with writer Valentin Sidorov in 1979
    *She said: ‘All will thaw, as if ice, only one remain untouched – Vladimir’s glory’
    *The ‘Nostradamus of the Balkans’ is believed to have predicted Covid pandemic

      1. Vangeliya Pandeva Gushterova (née Surcheva; Bulgarian: Вангелия Пандева Гущерова, née Сурчева; 3 October 1911 – 11 August 1996), commonly known as Baba Vanga (Bulgarian: Баба Ванга, lit. ’Grandmother Vanga’), was a Bulgarian mystic and herbalist.[3][4][5] Blind since early childhood, Baba Vanga spent most of her life in the Rupite area in the Kozhuh mountains in Bulgaria.[6][7][8]

        In the late 1970s and 1980s, she had become widely known in the Warsaw Pact Eastern Europe for her alleged abilities of clairvoyance and precognition. Zheni Kostadinova claimed in 1997 that millions of people believed she possessed paranormal abilities.[9]

        Born Vangeliya Pandeva Surcheva
        3 October 1911
        Ustrumca, Salonica Vilayet, Ottoman Empire (now Strumica, North Macedonia)
        Died 11 August 1996 (aged 84)
        Sofia, Bulgaria[2]
        Nationality Bulgarian
        Spouse(s) Dimitar Gushterov
        ​(m. 1942; died 1962)​

        Vanga was born on 3 October 1911 to Pando Surchev (7 May 1873 – 8 November 1940) and Paraskeva Surcheva in Strumica. She was a premature baby who suffered from health complications. In accordance with local tradition, the baby was not given a name until it was deemed likely to survive. When the baby first cried out, a midwife went into the street and asked a stranger for a name. The stranger proposed Andromaha (Andromache), but this was rejected for being “too Greek” during a period of anti-Hellenic sentiment within Macedonian Bulgarian society. Another stranger’s proposal was a Greek name, but since she was Bulgarian: Vangelia (from Evangelos).[10]

        In her childhood, Vangelia was an ordinary child with brown eyes and blonde hair. Her father was an Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization activist, conscripted into the Bulgarian Army during World War I, and her mother died soon after. This left Vanga dependent on the care and charity of neighbours and close family friends for much of her youth. After the war, Strumica was ceded to the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes (i.e., Yugoslavia). Yugoslav authorities arrested her father because of his pro-Bulgarian activity. They confiscated all his property and the family fell into poverty for many years.[11] Vanga was considered intelligent for her age. Her inclinations started to show up when she herself thought out games and loved playing “healing”—she prescribed some herbs to her friends, who pretended to be ill. Her father, being a widower, eventually remarried, thus providing a stepmother to his daughter.

        According to her own testimony, a turning point in her life occurred when a ‘tornado’ allegedly lifted her into the air and threw her in a nearby field. She was found after a long search. Witnesses described her as very frightened, and her eyes were covered with sand and dust, she was unable to open them because of the pain. There was money only for a partial operation to heal the injuries she had sustained.[12] This resulted in a gradual loss of sight.

        In 1925, Vanga was taken to a school for the blind in the city of Zemun, in the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, where she spent three years, and was taught to read Braille, play the piano, as well as do knitting, cooking, and cleaning.[13] After the death of her stepmother, she had to go back home to take care of her younger siblings. Her family was very poor, and she had to work all day.

        In 1939, Vanga contracted pleurisy, although it remained largely inactive for some years. The doctor’s opinion was that she would die soon, but she quickly recovered.

        During World War II, Yugoslavia was invaded and dismembered by the Axis powers and Strumica was annexed by Bulgaria. At that time Vanga attracted believers in her ability to heal and soothsay—a number of people visited her, hoping to get a hint about whether their relatives were alive, or seeking for the place where they died. On 8 April 1942 the Bulgarian tzar Boris III visited her.[14]

        On 10 May 1942, Vanga married Dimitar Gushterov, a Bulgarian soldier from the village of Krandzhilitsa near Petrich, who had come asking for the killers of his brother but had to promise her not to seek revenge. Shortly before marriage, Dimitar and Vanga moved to Petrich, where she soon became well-known. Dimitar was then conscripted in the Bulgarian Army and had to spend some time in Northern Greece, which was annexed by Bulgaria at the time. He got another illness in 1947, fell into alcoholism, and eventually died on 1 April 1962.[15]

        She continued to be visited by dignitaries and commoners. After the World War II, Bulgarian politicians and leaders from different Soviet Republics, including, reportedly General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union Leonid Brezhnev, sought her counsel;[16] in the 1990s, a church was built in Rupite by Bogdan Tomalevski with money left by her visitors.[16] Vanga died on 11 August 1996 from breast cancer.[17][18][19] Her funeral attracted large crowds.

        Baba Vanga’s grave in Rupite, Bulgaria
        Fulfilling Vanga’s last will and testament, her Petrich house was turned into a museum, which opened its doors for visitors on 5 May 2008.[20]
        St Petka of Bulgaria, Baba Vanga’s church and grave.

        Vanga was semi-literate in Bulgarian; she could read some Braille in Serbian, as she learned in Zemun. She did not write any books herself. What she said or allegedly said had been captured by staff members. Later, numerous esoteric books on Vanga’s life and predictions were written.

        Sources such as The Weiser Field Guide to the Paranormal claim that she foretold the break-up of the Soviet Union, the Chernobyl disaster, the date of Stalin’s death, the sinking of the Russian submarine Kursk, the September 11 attacks, Topalov’s victory in the world chess tournament, the tensions with North Korea.[21][22] On the other hand, Bulgarian sources say that the people who were close to her claim that she never prophesied about Kursk, World War III, circulating on the Internet, and that many of the myths about Vanga are simply not true.[23][24] Some evidence has also been presented that Baba Vanga did not make many of the predictions now attributed to her, but rather people frequently attribute new fake “prophecies” to her since her death, and the lack of a written record of her prophecies, makes any prediction attributed to her difficult to disprove.[25]

        In 1966, following her increases in her popularity and overwhelming numbers to people wanting to see her, the Bulgarian government put Vanga on the state payroll. She was given two secretaries and a panel to interview potential patients. In addition, the Institutes of Suggestology and Parapsychology in Sofia and Petrich studied Vanga’s psychic abilities.[26]

        In early August 1976, Yugoslav actress and singer Silvana Armenulić was on tour in Bulgaria and decided to meet with Baba Vanga. Vanga only sat and stared out a window with her back to Silvana, never speaking to her. After a long time, Vanga finally spoke: “Nothing. You do not have to pay. I do not want to speak with you. Not now. Go and come back in three months.” As Silvana turned around and walked towards the door, Vanga said: “Wait. In fact, you will not be able to come. Go, go. If you can come back in three months, do so.”[27] Silvana took this as confirmation that she would die and left Vanga’s home in tears.[28] Armenulić died two months later, 10 October 1976, in a car crash with her sister Mirjana.[29]

        Vanga incorrectly predicted that the 1994 FIFA World Cup Final would be played between “two teams beginning with B.” One finalist was Brazil, but Bulgaria was eliminated by Italy in the semifinals.[30] According to The National, Vanga predicted that World War III would start in November 2010 and last until October 2014.[31]

        Followers of Vanga believe that she predicted the precise date of her own death,[24] dreaming that she would die on 11 August and be buried on 13 August. Shortly before that she had said that a ten-year-old blind girl living in France was to inherit her gift, and that people would soon hear about her.[32]

        Another prediction attributed to her is that the 45th President of the United States would be the country’s last Commander-in-chief in favor of the country.[32][33][34][35] It has also been claimed that Vanga correctly predicted the 44th President would be African-American.[36] Vanga’s supporters also claimed that she predicted the 45th president will be with a “messianic personality,” who will be faced with a crisis that eventually “brings the country down.”[37][38][39]

        Studies on Baba Vanga[edit]
        An attempt was made in 2011 to systematically summarize the existing knowledge about Vanga in the documentary Vanga: The Visible and Invisible World.[23][40] The movie includes interviews with some of the people who met Vanga in person, including Sergey Medvedev (press secretary to the then President of Russia Boris Yeltsin in 1995–96; who visited as Yeltsin’s envoy), Neshka Robeva (Bulgarian rhythmic gymnast and coach), Sergey Mikhalkov (Soviet and Russian writer, author of the Soviet Union anthem), Nevena Tosheva (director of the first documentary about Vanga), Kirsan Ilyumzhinov (Kalmyk multi-millionaire businessman and politician). According to the documentary, Baba Vanga predicted Yeltsin’s second electoral victory in 1995, and warned him about his heart condition.[citation needed]

        Several researchers have studied the phenomenon of Vanga in the attempt to establish whether she has any extraordinary capabilities. One of the first studies was initiated by the Bulgarian government and is described in the 1977 movie Fenomen[41] directed by Nevena Tosheva. Bulgarian psychiatrists Nicola Shipkovensky [bg] and Georgi Lozanov also studied the capabilities of Vanga. According to Jeffrey Mishlove, about 80% of predictions of Vanga turned out to be accurate.[42][page needed]

        Additionally, a book was written about her by Russian writer and publicist Andrei Kudin who has written multiple books about Bulgarian and Chinese history.[43]

        In popular culture and criticism
        Vangelia, a 24-episode TV series with elements of mysticism, was commissioned in 2013 by Channel One Russia.[44]

        The supposed clairvoyant’s predictions, political speculations with them, and their criticism continue to appear in the mass media in different countries and in different languages.[16][45][46][47][48][49][50][excessive citations]

        Her supposed predictions and persona remain popular in parts of Southeast Europe, primarily Bulgaria and North Macedonia, as well as parts of Eastern Europe, especially Russia. Russian publications related to the mysterious prophetess are numerous. “The Great Encyclopedia of Vanga” is a Russian online project, dedicated to her.[51]

        RAS Academician Ye. B. Aleksandrov, Chairman of the Commission for Combating Pseudoscience and Falsification of Scientific Research, referring to the opinion of another member of the commission, Yuri Gorny, described the Vanga phenomenon as follows:

        Vanga is a well-promoted state business, thanks to which the provincial region has become a place of pilgrimage for crowds from all over the world. Do you know who prayed to Vanga the most? Taxi drivers, waiters in cafes, hotel staff are people who, thanks to the “clairvoyant,” had excellent stable earnings. All of them willingly collected preliminary information for Vanga: where the person came from, why, what he hopes for. And Vanga then laid out this information to clients as if she saw them herself. They helped with the dossier on clients and special services, under whose cover the state brand worked. The same Bekhtereva, who went to Vanga, said that it was possible to get to the reception only with the permission of the special services.

        A. L. Dvorkin in his memoirs cites the case of Metropolitan Nathanael, who was invited by Vanga to his house, since she conveyed through the messengers that she needed advice. However, after the Metropolitan visited Vanga with a relic cross with a particle of the Holy Cross of the Lord, the following happened:

        Suddenly she broke off and in a changed—low, hoarse—voice with an effort she said: “Someone has come here. Let him immediately throw IT on the floor!” “What is it?”—the stunned people asked Vanga. And then she broke into a frantic cry: “THIS! He holds IT in his hands! THIS prevents me from speaking! Because of THIS, I can’t see anything! I don’t want THAT to be in my house!” The old woman yelled, kicking and swaying.

        Unfulfilled predictions and myths associated with Vanga

        Vanga’s name is often mentioned in the pages of the yellow press. Vanga is credited with various predictions, which often contradict each other. There are no documented opinions that Vanga predicted the death of Stalin, the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, the victory of Boris Yeltsin in the 1996 presidential elections, the September 11 attacks, as well as Veselin Topalov’s victory at the World Chess Championship. In early 1993, Vanga seemed to announce that the USSR would be revived in the first quarter of the 21st century and Bulgaria would be part of it. And in Russia many new people will be born who will be able to change the world. In 1994, Vanga predicted: “At the beginning of the 21st century, humanity will get rid of cancer. The day will come, and the cancer will be chained in ‘iron chains’.” She clarified these words in such a way that “the medicine against cancer should contain a lot of iron.” She also believed that a cure for old age would be invented. It will be made from the hormones of a horse, a dog and a turtle: “The horse is strong, the dog is hardy, and the turtle lives a long time.” Before her death, Vanga said: “There will come a time of miracles and a time of great discoveries in the field of the immaterial. There will also be great archaeological discoveries that will fundamentally change our understanding of the world since ancient times. So, it is predetermined.” For example, after the Fukushima nuclear accident to Komsomolskaya Pravda reported the impending nuclear disaster, which allegedly predicted Vanga: “As a result of fallout of radioactive fallout in the northern hemisphere will not be any animals or vegetation”, and after 2.5 years reluctantly recognized this prophecy as unfulfilled.

        At the same time, people who knew Vanga personally say that she did not give predictions about the death of the Kursk submarine, like other events, and most of all these messages are myths and not true. There are numerous cases attributed to Vanga did not actually come true. For example, it was predicted that in the final of the World Cup 1994 will fight “two teams that start with the letter ‘B'”, but in the finals of all countries whose names start with the letter “B”, was released only Brazil, in the while Bulgaria lost in the semifinals to Italy and remained fourth. Vanga allegedly predicted that the Third World War will begin in November 2010 and will end in October 2014. According to the testimony of Vanga’s close friends, she never predicted the outbreak of Third World War and the subsequent end of the world.

        Unfulfilled predictions of Vanga (from the book by L. Orlova Vanga. A Look at Russia):

        2010: The World War will begin in November 2010 and end in October 2014. It will start as usual, then nuclear weapons will be used first, and then chemical weapons.
        2011: As a result of the radioactive fallout, neither animals nor vegetation will remain in the Northern Hemisphere. Then Muslims will start a chemical war against the surviving Europeans.
        2014: Most people will suffer from ulcers, skin cancer, and other skin diseases as a consequence of chemical warfare.
        2016: Europe will be almost deserted.

        Anatoly Stroyev, who was in 1985-1989 his own correspondent for Komsomolskaya Pravda in Bulgaria, believes that in the USSR about Vanga “journalists invented sensations for the sake of circulation.” He spoke about several cases when Vanga was grossly mistaken. The first was his arrival with a journalist who was heading to Vanga for help, and she said that she would never marry and would not have children, although after returning to Moscow, she married and gave birth to a daughter within a year. In the second case, in the late 1980s, several children disappeared in Volgograd at one time, and two correspondents from a popular magazine went to Vanga, who allegedly told them that the children were alive and would soon be found, but they were never found. The third case was history in 1991, when during the war of independence in Croatia, Soviet journalists Viktor Nogin and Gennady Kurinnoy disappeared, and Vanga said they were both alive, although it was later revealed that they were shot on charges of espionage for Croatia. Stroyev also refutes the well-known myth about the “alarm clock for Gagarin”, which the clairvoyant’s niece Krasimira Stoyanov cites in her book The Truth About Vanga, when the actor Vyacheslav Tikhonov allegedly came to Vanga, and the latter told him, “Why didn’t you fulfill the wishes of your best friend Yuri Gagarin? Before his last flight, he came to your home and said: ‘I have no time, so buy an alarm clock and keep it on your desk. Let this alarm remind you of me.'” After that, Tikhonov allegedly became ill. Subsequently, Tikhonov allegedly said that after the death of Gagarin, he, grievingly experiencing the death of his friend, forgot to buy an alarm clock. Stroyev notes that in 1990, at the premiere of the film The Crazy Bus, he met Tikhonov in the cinema and said: “Vyacheslav Vasilyevich, comment on the story with Vanga!” Tikhonov, in turn, said: “In one word? Lies! I beg you, write: there was nothing of the kind. I didn’t promise Gagarin any alarm clock! Yes, we didn’t know each other. I saw him only from a distance at official events, nothing more.”

        In addition, Stroyev notes that the prediction attributed to Vanga about the sinking of the Russian submarine Kursk is a pseudo-prophecy, which, even during her lifetime and long before the sinking of Kursk, was “refuted from her words by journalist Ventsislav Zashev.”

        Former President of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev denied that he was with Vanga, and she predicted the collapse of the USSR. At the same time, Gorbachev said that “even before I came to power, her forecast that Mikhail would come to rule” was conveyed, but noted that “all this is, by and large, nonsense”, since he is “very critical” of “psychics, clairvoyants and others” and does not trust the seers.

        In a 1997 interview, Bedros Kirkorov said that there was no special prophecy about the fate of his son Philipp. Despite this, the media is circulating a legend about the role that Vanga allegedly played in the life of the Kirkorov family. It is stated that after Philip fell ill at the age of four, his parents took him to Vanga, who stated that the boy would recover, and also predicted that he would have a great future, since she allegedly saw him with a metal stick on the mountain around which admired people gathered, which is interpreted as the performance of Philipp with a microphone at the music Olympus. At the same time, Vanga allegedly predicted that he would marry at the age of twenty-seven to a woman with a name beginning with the letter “A”, and the birth of a daughter at 44 from a surrogate mother.

        In 2004, the illusionist Yuri Gorny, in an interview with the magazine Science and Life, said that the famous journalist and diplomat AE Bovin, who visited Vanga, noted that she “absolutely did not guess anything in his past, or in the present, or, as it soon turned out, in the near future.” Gorny himself recalled that he offered his acquaintance a well-known journalist, whose last name he did not name “for reasons that will become clear a little later” to check the perspicacity of Vanga and her possible informants. To do this, he suggested to the journalist, whom the hospitable hosts, who helped him arrange a meeting with Vanga, invited to the sauna, “before visiting the bath, seal a part of the scrotum with a plaster. He recommended not to answer questions, if any. Just make it clear that he does not want to talk on this topic.” When a meeting with Vanga took place a week later, she, as Gorny notes, “described quite accurately what happened to my acquaintance in the past, which, however, is not very surprising: he is a famous person, he would have been able to learn about his life in a week and an ordinary astrologer.” Regarding Vanga’s prediction of the future, according to Gorny, the following happened:

        “You will be fine at work,” Vanga said approximately, “but personal relationships will not develop very well. Unfortunately, serious problems with the reproductive organs will not allow you to create a full-fledged family.” My friend later told me what efforts he had to keep from laughing.

        The attitude of the special services of Bulgaria and the USSR

        Retired KGB Lieutenant General Oleg Leonov sent Soviet psychic Vladimir Safonov to Bulgaria several times to study Vanga, who, as Leonov believed, “was more abruptly than a Bulgarian healer in his abilities.”

        Retired KGB Lieutenant Colonel Yevgeny Sergienko noted that “she was often mistaken, but it was not customary to disclose it,” since “people of the highest flight were sent to Vanga,” and therefore she was “a way of obtaining information” for the KGB. Sergienko expressed the opinion that “it cannot be said that Vanga worked for the KGB, but her assistants cooperated with us,” because with their help “our agents received the necessary information.” And for this, special services “in every possible way contributed to the formation of legends about miraculous healers on a mass scale.” Sergienko said that he knows “a Bulgarian journalist who was targeted by the special services to promote the popularity of Vanga,” and he launched the legend about the healer, which the Bulgarian special services helped to develop further, since “it was beneficial for both them and the KGB.”


  27. THE MAN BEHIND PUTIN: Vladimir Putin’s mystic Neo-Nazi ‘Rasputin’ inspired Ukraine invasion & wants for Russia to rule over ALL of Europe
    Anthony Blair
    6:53 ET, Apr 4 2022Updated: 9:12 ET, Apr 4 2022
    RUSSIA’S invasion of Ukraine may have been inspired by the writings of a deranged Neo-Nazi mystic known as “Putin’s Rasputin” or “Putin’s Brain”.

    Sporting a massive bedraggled beard like his namesake, Russian thinker Aleksandr Dugin long called for an invasion of Ukraine and chillingly believes that Moscow has the right to rule over all of Europe and Asia.

  28. Vladimir Putin ‘wants to build pro-Russia empire from Vladivostok to Portugal’:

    World leaders are calling for President Vladimir Putin to be tried for war crimes but experts are concerned these horrors could continue as the despot pushes forward with a grander plan to build a sprawling empire

    By: Kaisha Langton – Assistant News Editor
    10:36, 6 Apr 2022 – UPDATED12:54, 7 Apr 2022
    Russian President Vladimir Putin is endeavouring to build a pro-Russian empire stretching from “Vladivostok to Lisbon”, a former Russian president has warned.

    1. Fake Russian propaganda, the large majority of deaths in the Donbas were soldiers on both sides.
      Putin has spoken three times about the “14,000 civilian deaths in Donbas” that he believes “were exterminated by Ukrainian nationalists”…As it happens, official United Nations data suggests that the 14,000 casualty figure…does not only refer to civilians. During Russia’s 2014-2021 military operations against Ukraine, 14,500 people died in the Donbas war. Of that 14,000, 3,404 were civilians, 4,400 were Ukrainian servicemen and 6,500 were Russian militants.

      While we’re at it here are some other notable Russian fakes, designed to launch a blood-libel against Ukrainians and justify Russia’s current war crimes.

  29. I finally finished the video. I love listening to you and Trevor. 🙂 Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. I agree that fear, especially of facing multiple enemies at once, has played a role…. but I also think the distrust of our own government has had a major impact. People don’t know who to believe or trust.

    I’m disheartened that anyone can think Putin is a good person. In Jeremiah 13 the question is asked “…can a leopard change its spots?” NO! And Putin hasn’t suddenly become righteous!

      1. The Air Force wants to retire about 30 of the F22’s, the best fighter jet in existence. Would leave us about 150.
        Next budget calls for the retirement of 150 planes and around 13 ships and the Marines want a leaner force.
        It seems that Biden like Obama has fired the best and appoint those who believe downsizing is the answer to Russia and China.
        I believe China now has the largest navy in the world.
        At least the new carrier USS Gerald Ford will be deployed by this fall, hopefully off our coast to help deter since we have almost no ABM’s.
        Maybe we should buy the S400 from Turkey and copy it and fast.

    1. My worst fear is honestly a surrender of the United States, orchestrated by inside agents, justified by the complete disarmament of the US military.

      “We must be pragmatic now. They are too powerful. Coexistence is preferable to defeat.”

      A negotiated surrender is honestly my worst case scenario, and probably the Communists dream scenario. And total nuke destruction of course, as a precondition of a “peace treaty”.

      1. In the absence of the United States, Russia and China are held at bay by the coming dictator of Europe. How could Europe survive without the United States?

  30. Jeff, what kind of “Useful Idiots” do you have on your blog? For example this MELVIN MELCHER . That’s the way they talk here in Germany too, it seems that the Soviet disinformation has done a great job worldwide. It is really frightening how dumbed down humanity is.

    1. I have deleted many of Melvin’s posts because I oppose the Russian lies and cannot always answer these lies in real time. Melvin’s presentations occasionally allow us to see and rebuke those lies forcefully, so his presence is occasionally useful.

    2. There was another guy named Barth, and another one the next day with a different name, and a different one the next. They all sound the same to me and I never see them all commenting at the same time.

      I think they’re all the same person.

  31. After so much explained about Baba Wanga and Bulgaria further above – and also to show everyone that we aren’t anti-Slavic (Are we? no, we aren’t!) – here is a very nice Jazz-Folk crossover featuring Australian singer Lisa Gerrard together with the fabulous Bulgarian Voices, a women’s choir that, needless to say, has been extensively used by the Bulgarian communists over the last seventy years for PR purposes. Ironically, despite various attempts to “modernise” or “intellectualise” the choir’s traditional repertoire, the communist system could never kill the timelessness of their breathtaking music.

    Even for non-Bulgarian speakers (like myself) – their songs are deeply moving, near-cosmic, but also witty and ever charming. This was a concert given in Belgium four years ago, still without face diapers and with no social distancing in place yet! Where are the days…

    1. Should anyone feel reminded by this music of the musical tradition of the orient, he or she is certainly not mistaken: Here is an example of ultra-deep Turkish Bektashi music:

      Postscript meant for Pres. Erdoğan: You want a new khalifate? Well, then restore the sultanate, too, and retire. Or do you seriously think you are aristocratic timber? No, you aren’t, and everybody from Morocco to Indonesia knows it!

    2. Let us hope and pray that a sufficient portion of the human race (and the good ones!) survives the upcoming inferno and that our libraries, music archives and art galleries survive with them…

  32. Why are you afraid of raising the “comedians” 3-4 BILLION is assets, Jeff?

  33. The attack on Ukraine violates the Just War doctrine. Archbishop Vigano has referred to Donald Trump as the katechon – the person or force in the world withholding the arrival of the antichrist (2 Thessalonians 2:6–7). I don’t agree with his assessment on that matter either.

    1. And yet, it is strangely possible he is correct on both points. Russia has shouldered heavy losses, inflicting minimum civilian casualties by comparison, and as far as I can discern the Azov and sundry Bandera inspired nationalists whose influence and power grew rapidly after the CIA Maidan coup are indulging in numerous false flags and retribution killings of civilians, blaming them on the Russians. Clearly the NATO alliance is hoping to unseat Putin and put Russia in a position where they can resume the asset stripping hayday of the 1990’s, and get a crack at bringing that gleaming $75 Trillion treasure hoard natural of resources under the control of the Rothschild central bank controlled globalist corporations. But all the Great Reset serfs here are cheering for Klaus Schwab and the feudal masters. It was PUTIN who once said, in a public speech, “The New World Order worships Satan.” It’s actually Ba’al, or Lucifer, but let’s not split numinous hairs. His awkward, KGB trainstunted spiritual insight nothwithstanding, he is in a better position to discern Nazis, biowar labs, and covert treachery than the US press and political class, who are manifestly the haunt of demons alluded to in the “Babylon” imagery of the Apocalypse.

      1. Jason: You are repeating Russian lies and expert propaganda supported by skillfully woven conspiracy theories that have no reality. On the one hand you rail against Nazis, on the other hand you unwittingly use a Nazi blood libel by connecting all this to the Jewish Rothschild bank and Satan worship. Your conspiracy theory originated in anti-Semitism and was refashioned to present purposes. You do not even know the history of the arguments you use. You are crediting an evil regime in Moscow with goodness because you are ignorant of history, of politics, but rich in the disinformation rhetoric of your country’s enemy.

    2. To misconstrue a contingent human being as the Katechon, when that human being failed to suppress the communist riots of 2020, and failed to stop the November steal of 2020, reveals an appalling want of discernment. The Katechon has existed for nearly 2,000 years, otherwise the end of the world would have come already. DJT has not been around that long.

    3. I am flabbergasted how many regulars here can mouth mainstream US media (which is to say CIA deep state) talking points as gospel truth, apparently forgetting that the same media has not been able to tell the truth about anything since at least 2017. Suddenly they have sworn off of serial lying when the topic is Ukraine and Putin? I respect Jeff’s insights, have since the late 1990’s, but I see the same fanboi attitudes from the old “The Final Phase” forum operating here, which makes me wonder if any of you are capable of seeing any of this through Russian eyes. From their perspective, the West’s intent to put the vast natural resources of Russia under Western corporate control have been pretty obvious, “strategic head fakes” notwithstanding.

      1. Anthony: it is a fallacy to say that everything the mainstream media says is a lie. In that case every weather report is a lie, in which case you must believe it is raining because they tell you the sun is shining. It is not so simple that “everything” they say is a lie. You should be more intelligent than to adopt such a premise as literally true. Communism has infiltrated everywhere, feeding lies to liberals and conservatives. But you evidently cannot discern which lies they are feeding to which side. By talking about Russian natural resources under Western corporate control you are repeating an old Leninist theme depicting capitalism as resource-imperialism. Put away these communist theories about capitalism and simply look at the Ukrainian people fighting for their freedom.

  34. For many years I have been trying to educate people about communism, which I myself experienced in the GDR for 40 years, but they keep coming up with new ideas that the Soviets are just innocent victims of other powers. Last night I had sent him a mail with statements of Jeff and with statements of THE CONTEMPLATIVE OBSERVER about the infiltration of the Catholic Church. This morning I had his reply. Always others are to blame, only Moscow itself never, it is really unbearable:

    “Putin’s Plan for a Russian State Central Bank – Or How Lenin Bequeathed the Russian Central Bank to the Rothschilds in 1917.”
    Warburg’s financing of the October Revolution in 1917 and Rothschild’s control of the Russian Central Bank.
    Outwardly, the world was at peace at the beginning of the 20th century. But only on the outside, as behind the scenes preparations had long been made for a bloodbath that the world would not soon forget. Banksters and Illuminati had realized that in order to successfully carry out their plan for the creation of a “New World Order”, they had to create a state of cruel devastation, so that no nation would remain untouched. The foundation was already laid for the Napoleonic War and continued through the revolution in Russia with the overthrow of the Czar.

  35. The Poles have taken in 2 or even up to three and a half million Ukrainians, but the EU continues sanctions, which are politically motivated, against Poland! And there is also no material aid from the EU to Poland, which has absorbed about 10% of the Ukrainian population. Hats off to the Poles!

    1. Thank you, Alex. The Nazis that fight for Russia do deserve mention. The greatest supporter of Nazis since the fall of the Third Reich was the Soviet Union, which had infiltrated the Nazi diaspora before it became the Nazi diaspora. The Russian Federation continues to use Nazis even as it pretends to fight them. The Nazis and communists work closely together in South America as they do in Greece. This red-brown alliance is the famous formula of Alexander Dugin and his National Bolshevik movement in Russia. Dugin has fashioned a left-right convergence narrative into a political weapon for Moscow. Today, that narrative flourishes on the American right every time a conservative drops the name “Rothschild” or talks about the “banksters,” or mixes elements of the old Jewish-Masonic conspiracy theory into updated variations purveyed by Alex Jones. Of course, there are Masons. Of course, there have been Frankists; but the Russian secret police has employed these old narratives for the last 125 years to support a latter-day Devil theory to spread fear, paranoia, and confusion.

  36. Jeff, what do you make of the Antifa radical left types that are now so vehemently uttering resistance to Putin and Russia? In Germany it was almost as if someone turned a lever and they all went from hardcore pro-vaccine / pro COVID restrictions to support Ukraine. Just after the invasion there was a rally of about 600.000 mainly young leftists in Berlin.

    Now some of them are even arguing for deploying weapons to Ukraine for help.

    1. A brief comment: When Moscow decided to embark on the strategy of depicting Putin — a secret communist and Soviet exponent — as a Christian conservative, they entered into a dangerous a confusing long-term game. It is only natural that Moscow is trying to get the American right to cheer for Putin and the left to denounce him. The latter denunciation will not harm Putin in the least, since the leaders of the communist movement in America are actually his friends. But the support he gets from the American right will help him to destroy the right even as he advances against it.

  37. “War! Us against you! Until total annihilation!”
    The terrible announcements of Putin’s war loudspeaker Zhirinovsky, who was an anti-Semite, the son of a Jew, and always tried to conceal that fact, was a colorful figure in Russian politics. And he was always close to the Kremlin. Amazingly, even in Boris Yeltsin’s time.

    As much as he played opposition to the outside world, he was above all loyal to Vladimir Putin. The Kremlin leader could always rely on him. No wonder: It is an open secret in Russia that Zhirinovsky was a KGB man, just like Putin, and that his party formation was the result of a KGB initiative to create a fake opposition.

    Only a few weeks before Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, Zhirinovsky predicted exactly that – in drastic terms. He announced that Russia would destroy London, Washington and Chicago, subjugate the entire West and that states like Ukraine and Moldova would no longer exist. In one of his last appearances on Russian state television, Zhirinovsky predicted the start of the war almost to the day. This appearance with inconceivable threats and announcements in front of an audience of millions (and to the delight of the other guests) is so spooky that I have translated it especially for you.
    Related text:

    1. (Please, delete my identical comment further above!)

      The late British analyst Christopher Story (1938 – 2010) wrote in his amazing 2002 work about Russian AND German longrange strategy, titled „The European Union Collective: Enemy of Its Member States – A Study in Russian and German Strategy to Complete Lenin’s World Revolution”, with regard to Vladimir Zhirinovskiy (p. 52):

      “… Similarly, Western analysts might have looked behind the following statement by that caricature of a Russian nationalist, as Golitsyn calls him – GRU officer Vladimir Wolfovich Zhirinovskiy, as reported in ‘L’Espresso’, Rome, on 21st January 1994: ‘Prague? Let us give it to Germany’. In a similar interview published in ‘Die Welt’, Berlin on 31st January 1994, Zhirinovskiy observed: ‘The Czech Republic should go to Germany.’ Such observations could ONLY have been made by a senior intelligence officer who was aware of the fact that President Gorbachëv and Chancellor Kohl, meeting in Geneva in September 1990, had concluded a secret Ribbentrop-Molotov-style agreement to divide Czechoslovakia, the details and proof of which are presented in Part Two of this book. Under that secret accord, the Czech Republic Republic was to be merged with Germany within 15 years of the agreement – although this was intended to occur within the parallel broader context of European federalisation, in accordance with the long-range strategies of both the Comintern and of the Pan-German élite, which continues to dominate and drive German policy today.”

      “Zhirinovskiy, by the way, was described on 13th January 1994 by Mikhail Poltoranin, head of the Federal Information Centre, as ‘just the PROBE they [the strategists; C. S.] use to measure the depth of dissatisfaction in [with?; C. S.] Russia.’ As a key GRU officer with knowledge of Soviet strategy, Zhirinovskiy also provides ‘probe services’ for the Russian Foreign Ministry, anxious from time to time to test whether dimensions of Soviet strategy have been identified and understood by Western observers. The answer is invariably that they have not, as the West is indeed sound asleep.”

      Christopher Story’s The European Union Collective can be read, as a free PDF file, here:

      Also, there is still on the web, unabridged, an interview Mr. Story gave in 2003 on the topic of the perestroika deception:

      1. I like Christopher Story, he sees the Enemy for who they really are, without the Western fluff and partiality/bias.

        The Eastern Europeans/Germans are trained by Chinese way of “thinking” by Sun Tzu, and are aligned with communist ideology– having no values/standards for life or sacredness, even if it means harming and killing their own people. That could also be said about the AMERICAN SCHOOLS producing American communists.

        Wouldn’t surprise me one bit that all the billions of dollars from Congress and euros from the EU are going to a “secret” communist agent, Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskyy, who is colluding with the Hordes from the East after all Christopher Story said, that kind of deception was a “Mongol (Chinese) concept.” How do we know Volodymyr will use the money to “help” his own people?

        The West is shortsighted and too consumed with virtue signaling with proclaiming “love” for homosexuals, Blacks, Hispanics, or whoever the media/SCHOOL feels “oppressed” whilst the Hordes are taking control of everything and many countries all over the world. They love evil and hate goodness.

      2. Wow. Super helpful!! The video really filled in the blanks and connected many dots for me!! It’s the timeline to the early development of the deep state/communism in our govt/intelligence agencies/corps. I know Jeff and Trevor mention these names and info so much, but said quickly and this is the chronological, slower format my brain has needed for it to click. So clarifying. Thank you!!

    2. Vladimir Zhirinovskiy (April 25, 1946 – April 6, 2022), the alleged “madman” and “outsider”, in fact loyal intelligence cadre, had a veritable state funeral, with full military honours and all the top brass of the Russian leadership attending. Vladimir Putin was shown approaching and paying his respect to Zhirinovskiy’s remains lying in state.

      These were Zhirinovskiy’s statements on Russian television not long before the beginning of the Russian invasion into Ukraine, as given in that same video posted by Heike (mind that his function has always been to test out the mood of the people at home and the awareness of the politicians in the West, broadcasting far and wide true Russian strategy, albeit somewhat veiled by his wild rants; also take note that he doesn’t mention the role of China):

      (00:37 – 00:44) „If you carry on like this, there will be a preventive strike against you! Of all your divisions, German and NATO, nothing will remain!”

      (02:38 – 05:16) “It’ll start on February 22, at 4 a.m. Rise, o you great land! Stand up for the deadly fight against the dark force of NATO! We will be victorious over this cursed horde in our final war against NATO! After that, we will be the only super power in the world. We need to destroy their entire potential so they won’t have any armies, any weapons, any factories left. Some countries will have to be totally destroyed. Henceforth, only Moscow! Moscow will finally hold a monopoly and will dictate its conditions! War! Us against you! Right into total annihilation! We shall apply all of our means of war, including such you don’t yet know exist! Half of Europe will burn! Half of America will burn! You have gotten the world to this point; but it will be your end! If you are suicidal, go ahead! Commit your suicide! The last document that we expect from you is your total surrender! We have idiots here at home who are buying dollars or euros: One shouldn’t do that! It’ll be waste paper. Throw all your dollars on the market so it crashes! After the war – and it will last one to two weeks – Russian gas will cost $3,000! But only under one condition: Total annihilation! Total destruction! In the military sense. Their army! Their power! Their financial system! Their leaders! Arrests! It’ll be very good for us that they won’t expect any of it coming! War! And there will be no more Ukraine! Forget the word ‘Ukraine’! There will be six or seven provinces, which will be immediately part of Russia! Moldova will cease to exist, too! Also, no more Baltics! Not one ex-Soviet republic will remain in the West! As for the Caucasus, we are still thinking it over. We will be respected! They will kneel before us! The whole world! Half of Great Britain will be no more! Also, half of America! The rest of the world will stay in place. Only London will be destroyed! And Washington! And Chicago! The rest will remain. They are destroying themselves with their own weapons. This we have to do! Quick! In the spring of this year! Then we will be able to celebrate yet another victory on May 9th! We have no other choice! You understand? They understand that their end is near. And they understand beautifully. That is why we have to spare Biden. He is the last President of the USA. There are so many contradictions, and so there is only one solution: the war solution! War! It’ll be our last fight. A determined fight, in which one must not retreat! Our men won’t die, but on their side, millions will die!”

      Bizarre Russian song of triumph over America (06:18 – 06:57):

      “To the little lake in front of the White House came a Russian soldier.
      He sat down on top of the white column, and put down his Kalashnikov.
      He pushed his helmet back and unpacked his food supply.
      And poured himself a glass of tequila.”

      (Images of London and Paris drowned by huge tsunami waves.)

      Says General Leonid Ivashov, one of Russia’s key military strategists since the nineties, on Russian television (07:17 – 07:26):

      “Sits a Russian soldier in front of ruins, holding a saxophone in his hands as a war booty, on his chest a number of medals, one of them for the conquest of Washington.” (And smiles.)

      Russian “children’s song” (08:05 – 08:30):

      “Slowly, the missiles are taking off; don’t expect them to come back!
      It’s a bit of a shame with America. Europe still has it in front of her.
      Atomic warheads are a sweeping thing.
      One shouldn’t expect anything good from them,
      Even if one digs oneself in underground,
      One can’t escape their explosive power.”

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