Russia initially did everything it could to make sure these disagreements could be resolved by peaceful means. However, the Kiev officials have conducted two punitive operations on those territories; and, apparently, we are witnessing a third escalation. All these years … the people living on those territories have been literally tortured by constant shelling and blockades.

Vladimir Putin, 21 February 2022

President Vladimir Putin spent months deploying Russian troops around Ukraine, on three sides. Of course, he said Russia was not going to invade Ukraine; and many believed him. Last week, when Putin’s spokesmen announced the Russian troops were standing down, many people believed him. But the troops did not leave their deployments. They moved closer to the border with Ukraine. And then it was alleged that the Ukrainians did a bad, bad thing. So, the Russian troops did not go home as advertised. The troops stayed in position; and on Monday, Putin decided to invade eastern Ukraine. And now Putin has asked the Duma for permission to use the Russian military to attack forces outside of Russia. Some intelligence analysts believe that a general invasion of Ukraine will soon begin.

Putin offers many and variable justifications for invading Ukraine: He says America initiated a coup in Ukraine and took it over in 2014. Putin also claims the Ukrainians are committing genocide against ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine. Putin complains that the West promised not to admit east European nations into NATO,[i] even though there was no treaty or formal agreement on this. Putin further claims that Ukraine is not a real country; rather, it was “created by Lenin.” (Untrue.) Therefore, Ukraine has no right to exist. Over-egging the omelet even more, Putin has suggested that the breakup of the Soviet Union was illegal.

Given the testimony of numerous defectors, and a strategic sense of things, it seems that Moscow has always planned to retake Ukraine, if only to put the Soviet Union back together. There is something inevitable about Moscow aligning with communist China, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, communist Cuba, and all the other communist countries. Has anyone bothered to notice this? No. They were all too busy counting their “peace dividend,” congratulating themselves for “winning” the Cold War. The return of Ukraine to the Union and the reemergence of the communist bloc was always in the cards.

When are people going to wake up? The left remains deceived and the right remains deceived. They each have their narratives and each narrative has been wrong. How does one get past the embarrassment of it? Even now the conspiracy hacks are blaming Western elites for the war. Yet the war now begins on Moscow’s order, after Putin’s meeting with Chinese leader Xi on February 4. Most people will never realize what this means strategically; namely, that we are now in the Final Phase of the communist bloc long range strategy. And that means a trap is being sprung.

The communist powers have a special dilemma at this time, however. After fooling everyone for three decades, how are they going to get folks to realize they mean business? What if they cannot, like a highway robber, convince the West to surrender peacefully at gunpoint? Under the present circumstances, the West is threatening sanctions on Russia over this invasion of Ukraine. Sanctions? On the new owners of the world? (But then, does anyone realize who these new owners are?)

If the United States puts sanctions on Russia, I am told the Russians will launch a devastating cyber-attack on the United States. In response to this, President Biden has promised to retaliate in kind. What happens, then? A further escalation? Probably. Is there any way to avoid a wider war at this point? How would that be possible given the dynamic we are seeing?  

Our banks, our companies, our trading systems, should have never given Moscow credits or technology or trade advantages. Our leaders should have never admitted China to the World Trade Organization. After twenty years, what is the benefit of this post-Cold War openness toward Beijing and Moscow? We are now on the brink of a war in Eastern Europe, not knowing if it will escalate or not.

Putin’s government has, in recent weeks, threatened Finland, Sweden, Poland and the Baltic States. Putin knows that NATO is weak and has been subverted. He knows that America is weak and unready for war. Also, Putin has China as an ally. Why should he fear anyone? He can threaten and bluster, yes. But he can also carry out those threats. He is powerful now. He has built his military and brags of “deploying weapons on combat duty without parallel in the world.” Ukraine has called up her reserves, finally, at the eleventh hour. If Russia strikes quickly, the mobilization will be too late. The ground is not frozen, but muddy. The sky is overcast with rain forecast for Kiev today. The Russian armor will be slowed. But how much will it be slowed? Ukraine is being abandoned because America and her allies did not prepare, did not take the threat from Russian seriously. And now we are feeding the crocodile in the hope that he will eat us last.

Today the Russian forces have reportedly commenced “radio silence.” Some sources say that a major war will being within two weeks. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has been told that a full Russian invasion, involving air and missile strikes, might begin in the next 48 hours.  Ukraine’s foreign minister, grasping at straws, said that Russia is ready to attack and there is but a short time left for deterrence (i.e., for the West to declare its willingness to defend Ukraine).

The Russian leaders may cynically claim that Ukraine has provoked them and NATO cheated them, but Russia’s leaders are the real cheaters. They cheated on the Intermediate Nuclear Forces Agreement. They cheated on the Conventional Forces in Europe Agreement. Even as NATO got rid of thousands of tactical nuclear weapons the Russians have kept 20,000 such weapons. The proof is now in the pudding. Watch Ukraine.

Interview With Oppenheimer Ranch Project

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[i] See by M.E. Sarotte, Not One Inch: America, Russia, and the Making of the Post-Cold War Stalemate. Sarotte’s research shows that no such promise was made to Moscow. In fact, Moscow signed treaties that brought NATO closer to Russia’s borders.


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300 thoughts on “Russian Troops Enter Eastern Ukraine: Analysis

  1. Its not invading Ukraine. As Ukraine does not exist. All that exists there is a CIA pupet state created in 2014 to give Hunter Biden a cushy job that he could pay 10% of to his father. What does not in actuality exist cannot be invaded.

    1. Hello GI Joe, this is Tokyo Rose asking if you are lonely out there on that tropical island. It is so hot, Joe. And there are rats in those K-Rats you are eating. And we did not bomb Pearl Harbor, Joe, because Pearl Harbor does not exist. All that exists there is an American puppet state so that Franklin Roosevelt’s rich friends can sell sugar cane and pineapples. You are fighting for sugar cane and pineapples, Joe. Why you come to our islands to fight and die, Joe? Don’t you miss your sweetheart back home? You should go back to the states and leave the Pacific to us. This is Radio Tokyo. And here is a tune for those lonely American soldiers, sailors and marines. A sweet kiss from Rose.

    2. You are a misinformed, naïve individual. Ukraine does exist. It existed under Russia’s thumb both in Tsarist and Soviet times. There was no coup. There was a rejection of vassal status by the people of Ukraine, and Yanukovich was going to place them in that status. You have swallowed Putin’s agitprop uncritically. You need to do some growing up.

    3. Then why don’t you move there and join the separatists. That is dumbest, most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Hunter Biden has nothing to do with the legitimacy of Ukraine as a nation. The fact that greedy politicians meddle in that region has nothing to do with an imperialistic nation like Russia invading a sovereign nation like Ukraine. Surely, that is more significant than anything the West can be accused of doing with regard to Ukraine. Hunter Biden didn’t surround the nations with troops and ballistic missiles and threaten to annihilate them. Geez. How about if the US took all of its troops and ballistic missiles and surrounded, say, Cuba? That’s what Russia has done to Ukraine.

    4. Jorgen is a fascist lapdog for murderers who will soon be slaughtering Ukrainians. He enjoys and is excited by the thought of the coming slaughter of the helpless Ukrainian people, women, and children.

      Look at this evil and understand just who the communists are, even as they psychopathically lie about their victims.

    5. To be that DUMB in the second decade of XXI Century it must be the result of a particularly speedy devolution to the level of a COCKROACH bingeing on the bats’ droppings in the bat’s cove

      1. What Jorgen wrote was perfectly monstrous: “Ukraine does not exist.” Think of it. You erase an entire country. You just eliminate it from history, or from the face of the earth. You obliterate the idea of it. In the end, you physically eliminate it.

    6. How can one be so schizophrenic and acculturating? Anyone with a modicum of observation skills would not the vast difference between a Ukrainian and a Russian in looks and temperament. Good grief, not everything is extrapolation of your local view about how “it is all fiction” beyond there. The Peter Pan view of conflict as being one against another daddy captain Hook is one of the biggest disgrace of the the west.

  2. Let’s say there is a cyber attack on the U.S. east coast. Obviously depending on the severity, doesn’t that have the potential for catastrophic impact on the economy, supply chain, the stock market, etc… across the country? Any resources on what that would look like specifically and what can the layman do?

      1. Do you have ideas on what a cyber attack would look like? I guess it could target financial system, healthcare system, supply chain, grid … I have a hard time conceptualizing what a large scale cyber attack actually would do and how hard it would be to triage. I’ve spent more time worrying about an EMP attack.

      2. There could be a serious interruption in banking services, paychecks, business dealings, buying and selling of houses, cars, etc. The other problem is power outages, water and sewage, etc. We are really stupid to have made our systems to vulnerable.

  3. Thank you for this updated information. I fear that as the situation escalates in Europe we could see China, Iran, and N Korea also make coordinated moves in their own spheres of operation. Could this include attacks on CONUS? It is hard to see why they would not ‘go for all the marbles’ at this point. They have plotted and planned for decades while the West fiddled and partied.

      1. Supposedly China said that Ukraine’s national sovereignty and territory should be protected. I have seen that in just one place and am not sure of the reliability of the source. Given their ravings about Taiwan, it would be consistent for them make such a statement.

      2. FOX NEWS has reported that the CCP’s instructions to their media on the Russia-Ukraine War was “accidentally” released. Chinese media was instructed to “walk a fine line.” China, they said, must “back up Russia” without offending the EU or the USA. China needs to do this because Beijing must have Russian support regarding Taiwan.

      3. In the last 24 hours things have gone kinetic. Up until now, if felt like Russia/China were seeding and harvesting a propaganda campaign that at least partly hinged in their projection of “rational” power and purported moral high ground (ie, soft moves, no whiplash destabilizations). That was always going to change when the mask dropped. Does it seem that now, the mask has dropped? I guess I’m wondering if we’ll see a stir from China, or just a pounce. I fear we’re on the other side of a critical turning point.

      4. Jeff, just a hypothetical— if Trump had won in 2020, do you think we’d currently be watching an invasion of Taiwan by China, so the Republicans in power could rail against the Chinese the way the Democrats are railing against the Russians right now? This is interesting to me that the communists have launched an invasion of Ukraine by Russia at this point, because it allows the ideological alignment (leftists/China vs conservatives/Russia) to continue very nicely— so the communists could still try to foment a civil war in the US if they so desired. This way Biden and the Democrats can stick it to Putin, but they aren’t forced into a position where they’re compelled to stand up to China, preserving the alignment. The people in this country are so poorly educated and lacking in critical thinking skills that I could almost still see them falling for a civil war where China backs one side and Russia backs the other (even though the two countries are publicly acknowledging a military alliance at this point).

      5. I think China will advance in league with Russia. It is not an either or situation. They are tearing off the mask, which means they think they have us and what we do now does not matter to them.

  4. Dear Jeff, Thank you as always for your post. To your last point: “Even as NATO got rid of thousands of tactical nuclear weapons the Russians have kept 20,000 such weapons.”
    I am stunned to think anyone in the West was foolish enough to destroy or dismantle such weapons. I recall years ago thinking we should just ‘say’ we’re removing them but keep them in hiding.
    Is it possible the US did just that? We know they are not above deception and outright lies.
    Maybe we are ‘playing possum’ or using a Sun Tzu tactic of appearing weak to deceive our enemies??
    I’d like to think we can’t be just plain stupid. But who knows?

    One question keeps coming to mind. Where does Obama’s ‘Manchurian Candidate’ role come in? I know he worked to weaken and divide America. I remember you talked years ago how he was a Soviet/Communist plant. Is he expected to come out of this unscathed? My guess is he is enjoying watching creepy uncle joe take the fall.
    The Dems celebrate their defeat of Trump only to see the country destroyed by their own corrupt pedophyle candidate.
    Just curious if this is playing out as you were originally foretold?
    I’m not mocking in any way. This is a sincere question. Thank you.

    1. I am not surprised by what is happening. The thing to understand is the number of people on our side who have been bribed by the enemy or who have joined up for the career advantages. Loyalty to our country is punished in many professions. Death by a thousand cuts.

      1. Thank you Jeff for your writings throughout the years. I remember being told in the 1990’s: ‘there aren’t any communists anymore’.These same people probably even now don’t see what’s looming. Thanks for the antidote to a world gone mad.

    2. Gregg,

      There is a way to make the actions of an anti-American Soviet agent and the actions of an ideologically indoctrinated individual “almost” identical. You simply have to create the right kind of ideology – think of anti-colonialism, extreme environmentalism, anti-imperialism, “anti-racism”, etc.. Obama subscribed to almost all of these. For these people, they sincerely want the United States to be diminished.

      The very first day in office, Biden constricted American energy supply massively through executive orders, justified by “environmentalism”.

      I do not think Obama himself explicitly knew of and had direct connections to Moscow. However, if a Communist Party official was drunkenly bragging about him to an American contractor, what were the odds that the Russians had an agent or agents close to or inside his inner circle? Speaking of which, many Obama loyalists are running the show behind the scenes for Biden:

  5. Given the deal that Putin has with the Mexican cartels, I think the chaos on the border is linked with what is going on around Ukraine. The chaos makes it easier to smuggle in Spetznaz. I would not be at all surprised if Ortega is involved with instigating a large part of that chaos by getting the caravans together and sending them north.

    1. He is a former Stratfor analyst. Stratfor was good on the Middle East, but never fully understood Russia, China, or North Korea. These are difficult regimes to grasp. Zeihan is very smart. He predicts U.S. disengagement from the world. But I think something much more drastic is coming, and much more violent, and I do not think it will line up with what he says.

      1. I think the US will disengage, but it won’t be voluntary as he thinks. While Russia and China are facing demographic disasters, there is a lot of killing left in a wounded animal. Their death won’t come before they wreck a lot of damage on the world.

  6. @JRNyquist: I don’t know if you had watched last night’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight”, but Carlson interviewed Tulsi Gabbard. She also mentioned the possibility of Russian-derived cyber-attacks on U.S. “basic infrastructure”, including on “economic and telecommunications” areas.

    1. I’m greatly disappointed in Tucker Carlson. He has apparently drank the same kool-aid than many other conservatives have and bought the Kremlin line that Russia is no threat, and that it’s all just a ploy by Biden and the left.

      1. While that may or not be true, he is often right on for a lot of other current issues. In terms of anchors on major news networks, he has the balls to point out things that no one else will. I like him enough to forgive him over being “duped” about the Russia situation.

      2. All those who have taken a positive view of Putin are looking pretty stupid right now. As I have said for many years, PUTIN IS A MURDERER. HE IS A GANGSTER and A THUG. He is also very smart, and we have not taken him as seriously as we should have.

    2. They are both deceived fools on the communist issue. As useless as traitors right now.

      Americans, left, right, everyone, needs to wake up and realize the danger is not in Ukraine, but to America right now.

      We are only a few steps away from being directly engaged in a war with Russia, and by extension, the entire communist alliance.

      1. Can you expound on this at all? Did they make this as a direct threat to not interfere militarily in Ukraine? Or was the threat more broadly related to responding with sanctions as well?

      2. I have been trying to tell my family for years now of the Communist threat to America. The response was always “that will never happen here”. Propaganda has destroyed everyones minds. I have enjoyed reading your thoughts JR. We will have no choice but self preservation soon i believe.

        Russia’s reaction to the US response on security guarantees. Full text

        … [ The growing military activity of the United States and NATO directly at Russian borders is alarming, while our “red lines” and fundamental security interests, as well as Russia’s sovereign right to protect them, continue to be ignored. Ultimate demands to withdraw troops from certain areas on Russian territory, accompanied by threats of tougher sanctions, are unacceptable and undermine the prospects for reaching real agreements.

        In the absence of the readiness of the American side to agree on firm, legally binding guarantees to ensure our security from the United States and its allies, Russia will be forced to respond, including through the implementation of military-technical measures. ] …

  7. Yesterday, a close associate of mine shared what sounds like Russian agitprop to me. According to this Kremlin spin, the crisis in Europe is Washington’s fault, and has nothing to do with Ukraine. It’s all about Germany, and the Nord stream 2 pipeline. Yeah, right. And I guess its just a coincidence that all those Russian troops are hanging out around the Ukrainian boarder, minding their own business. I suppose they are there just to enjoy some winter camping?
    Here’s the blog:

    1. Much of what gets published on Unz Review is bilge. Saker used to be published over there, and he is among the worst of the aggressively misinformed. In short, he is simply a propagandist for Putin. Last I heard he lived in Florida and worked in Switzerland for most of his adult life. He said he doesn’t move to Russia because it is too dangerous for him. Poor boy. You’d think his hero would protect him.

      The situation in Ukraine is entirely at the feet of Putin. He has lied about what has been going on, and accuses everyone for things that are completely false that have led him to do what he is doing. He’s like every Soviet leader before him. Putin is an inveterate liar.

      1. Thank you, I agree completely with your assessment of Putin. What I find disappointing is that many of my conservative friends have bought the propaganda so completely, that their loyalties have become completely reversed. They think the U.S. is the evil aggressor on the world stage, and they have warmed up considerably to Putin and Russia. How did this happen? During the cold war, conservatives were the most staunchly patriotic, and anti-communist of all Americans.

      2. The problem of Americans believing Russian active measures is an old one. Conservatives are useful idiots just as liberals are. Russian mind games are much more subtle today than during Stalin’s time. There are many flavors of disinformation, for every political taste. Human beings today generally have poor thinking skills. They are mass-minded. They are easily rolled up.

      3. Totalitarian dictators share certain character traits. If you listened to Putin’s long, rambling speech on Monday you will understand. He is brutal. He sees himself as someone special — as carrying out a mission. The quality of his general understandings form the basis of all this.

      4. Exactly. And Saker isn’t the only one. There are quite a few of them here, enjoying freedom while denigrating our country and hero-worshipping Putin.

    2. War is never about such trivial things. Rather, those trivial things are themselves elements in war, and in strategy. For those who have mocked me for suggestion a war would begin in Ukraine, everyone should know that it has started — that tonight is the night. A big military invasion is unfolding as these words are written. I even heard a report that Russian special forces had taken the Kiev airport. I do not know if that has been confirmed, but it appears that Ukraine is being hit hard. They have shot down Russia aircraft and there appears to have been air attacks on some Ukrainian cities. The invasion of Ukraine is being carried out by land and sea; from Russian and Belarussian territory. There are reports of an amphibious landing behind Mariupol, explosions in Odessa, and Russian operations close to the Polish border. This is a full-scale invasion. And Putin is making dire threats to any country that interferes.

      1. Boryspil has been attacked, but I’ve seen nothing about the Russian occupying it yet. They have attacked airports as far away as Ivano-Frankivsk. Haven’t heard about Lviv.

      2. Are these explosions clearly seen as bombs dropped from aircraft and armillary shot from tanks, or are they planted by those dressed like Antifa, and Americans forced to wear masks? I’d like to see a precise accounting of specific attacks, weapons, forces, locations, and the like, along with accurate reports of damage and casualties. Wouldn’t you?

      3. One last video of a large explosion reportedly over Kiev. I won’t post too many of these as people can simply search for themselves and I don’t want to spam. Unfortunately, such videos and likely far worse will be ubiquitous in the days ahead.

  8. And so it begins….

    KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday announced a military operation in Ukraine, claiming it’s intended to protect civilians.

    In a televised address, Putin said the action comes in response to threats coming from Ukraine. He added that Russia doesn’t have a goal to occupy Ukraine. Putin said the responsibility for bloodshed lies with the Ukrainian “regime.”

    Putin warned other countries that any attempt to interfere with the Russian action would lead to “consequences they have never seen.”

    1. Putin has gone from threatening several countries in Europe to threatening the world. Generally speaking, good generals do not threaten. They carry out effective actions. Let us see if Putin’s deeds match his words. I suspect they will. But war has many unknowns.

      1. I would test Putin and send a wing of F-22s. I think that would be enough to clear Ukrainian skies by themselves. Putin has threatened us, but all he can do is fling nukes. I doubt he is that stupid, unless he has gone barking at the moon mad.

      2. You are underestimating your enemy. We have no idea how strong the Russians are. They would not have begun this war without having real advantages.

      3. Jeff, I started to respond to your statement about not knowing how strong the Russians are. I think we do know, but I don’t want to get down in the weeds with hypotheticals. If what I suspect is true, then I would send that wing, if I could find the place to base them.

  9. Well, Mr. Nyquist, I would say that events are very quickly proving that you have been on the right track all along. And I imagine many in the West will remain clueless until events begin to interfere with the ballgames and going to shopping malls, etc. What I don’t understand is how platforms like YouTube can censor competing narratives about Covid, vaccines, etc,, and yet, when an American — Russell Bentley from no less than Austin, Texas — goes to Ukraine, joins the DNR separatists/rebels and spouts all sorts of anti-American propaganda on his channel, including saying things like, “American fascists will get everything that is coming to them,” etc. ad nauseum, his channel is allowed to stand. Isn’t that treason? I mean the guy was filmed brandishing an Ak-47-style weapon and fighting on behalf of a country against which we now have sanctions. I really feel like I am living in the Twilight Zone.

    1. This is true. I have been sharing Nyquist’s takes with my NPR-MSNBC-WSJ-following family for months now, and interestingly, even for them the shoes dropping have been unmistakable. Also interesting – they grasp the reality right up to the point that America actually could be at war on our own soil. That’s where I lose them. We’re from California and my sister and I were in our teens when the Berlin Wall came down. There’s a steep psychological block on the idea that a major war could happen, or that evil exists, or that Wall Street doesn’t ultimately rule the world.

    2. I am afraid you are living in reality. And the explanation is actually quite simple. The communists have been taking over our country from within. And they are Moscow’s Fifth Column; that is, they are allied to Moscow and Beijing. This should be no surprise. You can see it all around us. We have simply normalized treasonous thinking. We have mainstreamed it. The new twist is that many of the communists and subversives are now pretending to be against Moscow. That is something I have been watching, too. I fear another deception is about to be played on us.

      1. I have noticed this too, Jeff. The Democratic Party establishment, which has done the most to weaken America, destroy and weaken our military, cripple our energy supplies, and hand Putin his pipeline are the ones crowing the loudest and most hawkish about Russia.

        What is behind it? My most cynical mind would say their role is to goad the United States into over-aggressive actions that would “justify” a communist attack on the homeland. But as corrupt as I know them to be, are they so traitorous that they would actually sacrifice their own self-interest? After all, if the US ceases to exist, their power and privilege ceases as well.

        My most likely guess is that the ground was seeded with anti-Russian rhetoric during Trump’s reign to ideologically indoctrinate the Democratic base for this moment. Having associated Putin and Russia with their arch-enemy the Republicans, the Democratic base, and by extension their leaders, are fully prepared to launch the most aggressive and dangerous rhetoric I’ve heard in a while against a literal nuclear superpower. I wonder if it is their final scripted act of treason – to provide the bellicose image of America the over-reaching bully as the pretext for the final communist strike. But I am curious to hear your theories.

      2. Yes, this is what I fear, also. What will this deception look like? The country is internally unstable and divided, and it seems to me some sort of civil unrest will take place before an actual invasion or aggressive action is taken against us directly. I remember hearing or reading about how Angleton was convinced that there were moles at the highest levels of government. That, coupled with the fact that the communists have used our own weaknesses against us — spoon-feeding trendy liberals to support communist ideas, bribing corporations and businesses to build up their military technology and infrastructure, etc. It seems to me some sort of civil unrest will be a prelude to overt aggression directly against the US, but that is only a guess. Communist thinking has permeated our culture and consciousness, but its hidden under different names and labels — the PC movement, the cancel culture, the reinventing of language, etc. All these things have been employed toward a common end — causing division, cognitive dissonance and weakness in our society.

  10. Europe and the US will not be able to stop this invasion. They will respond with sanctions. They may remove Russia from SWIFT. But Russia has prepared for this moment.

    China released a statement blaming the US for Ukraine, proving that it is fully on board with this plan.

    Europe is compromised, because traitors (witting or unwitting) removed nuclear energy reactors from Europe and they are now reliant upon external energy. They need gas from Qatar if they don’t get it from Russia, and Qater is friendly with the communists.

    The much more important question is, are the communists satisfied with simply seizing Ukraine or are they prepared to attack America?

    Once America implements sanctions, and it will happen tomorrow, there is no telling what the response is.

    If Russia responds with a cyber-attack, as Jeff says, the US will be FORCED to respond.

    As I have said before, we in America are in VERY REAL DANGER of an escalatory situation leading to a direct war between US and Russia. And they have a better military.

    This is a very dangerous moment.

    1. Jeff I’m humbled to say, your perspective has been accurate, at least regarding Putin. You deserve acclaim for sticking to your vision. Whether your full theory regarding the global Communist Bloc comes to fruition is yet to be seen. But Putin has proven himself an emboldened maniac, which I admit is a surprise to me. His interviews with Oliver Stone displayed reason and respectability, and it’s impossible to really know what’s behind the mask until it comes off. The delusions of Communist expansion in the modern age still exist, apparently. Accept my humility in learning a lesson. Let’s continue to hope things don’t fully move where you believe they may, but it’s clear Putin and his minions have careened off the edge of sanity. Whatever follows, this will likely be an atrocity of immeasurable proportions, brought about by madmen chasing their dusty delusions.

      1. God bless you, you’ve done the impossible: learned something, and then apologized on an internet comment box. No sarcasm, really, think how rare this is!


      1. Last night’s outright invasion of Ukraine by Russia is, I think, quite a vindication of the alarm you have been sounding for years — not that you wished to be proved right in so brutal a fashion!

      2. The return of Ukraine to union with Russia has to happen if Golitsyn’s these remains correct in its larger surmise about a long-range bloc strategy. And so, we see, it is happening. Another question is whether this aligns with the picture of a Sino-Russian alliance which Golitsyn also predicted. Unfortunately, recent events line up with Golitsyn’s outline. I wish it were not so because the prognosis here is very bad.

      3. Indeed, communism has always been the veneer of legitimacy and yet encouragement that Russian gopniks used to access a window to “diplomatic” opportunities usually denied to gopniks. There is a distinct dynamic between the specificities of Russian gopnik peasant nationalism and communist crassness. Putin is a gopnik, a complete violence exhibitionist (his demonstration of Karate moves by killing one soldier etc.) who fears not exposing his own home, mother or intimacy, selling it all like a woman exposing herself at home on Onlyfans. The result is a view to a murder, to make the other dead, destroyed and even more humiliated and without skin. This is why he killed that dude. He is doing the same in Ukraine. I for one am sick and tired as a result of making Putin himself or Russians a boogey man, because this gopnik-communism is SYSTEMIC, and not just to Russia (although the Russian is more kinly aware than the fools who believe instead of use communism for theater). Putin out, the system in Russia and even Ukraine and these places is filled with bureaucrats of the same ilk, even in a US government that has honored gopnik rap artists more so than reasonable people. Is systemic racism a problem? Here is the problem, the SYSTEM! However, if one were asking me, it is the big projective/transferring lie to call racism systemic, because it truly is communism that is systemic. So next time you hear Biden speak about Putin, do not be fooled, these gopniks see more eye to eye than we realize. So long we say “Islam is peace”, “communism is dead” (mostly right liberal mantras by the way) or that “ racism is systemic”, we are not earnestly addressing the issue that communism and the deep soviet state has been alive and well.

      4. You are saying Putin killed a man in a Judo match? I can’t find that anywhere. Link please? Putin does not do Karate.

  11. Full scale invasion has started. Russian forces moving in from Crimea, Belarus and the Russian border. Cruise missiles are being shot into Kyiv, first the airport, and then downtown Kyiv. Amphibious assaults reported in Odessa and Mariupol. It’s all happening now. Let us hope the Ukrainians manage to pull off the impossible. I feel a great sadness tonight. God help Ukraine!

  12. Velikorussians and Malorussians (or Ukrainian) are brothers, with many ties of culture and spirituality and blood relation going back centuries, its complicated. Brothers should not have to war with one another. This is the cost of rejecting in one way or another, to a greater or lesser degree, the Right Belief of Christianity. And on that note, which is related actually, I ask Mr Nyquist this question: do you personally believe that sympathy is the proper foundation for moral values, or do you place that foundation on another basis?

    1. Sympathy? You mean the idea that Adam Smith put forward in his “Theory of Moral Sentiments”? No, I actually do not agree with Smith’s theory. The universe is a creation. As creatures within that creation we either know our place and accept the Creator’s design, or reject what is offered us in an effort to pervert it. Morality is actually about seeing the truth and having the courage to adhere to it. Sympathy between beings is only part of the truth. It is not the whole.

      1. Well in any case Mr Nyquist, the die is cast. I have a different view of what is going on than you, but fellow brothers who are children of Rus together, brother Slavs and in many cases brother Orthodox Christian people, should not have to be fighting and killing one another. I am praying for peace.

      2. Strannik, they don’t have to be fighting. Putin has imperial ambitions and that is the only reason he has invaded Ukraine. We already know he is a liar, and Russia is going to pay a very heavy price for Putin’s corruption.

    2. Is dog and pony show, bradd’ah; good cop – bad cop. The idea is to show NATO (the US) as weak.

      1. Putin sees it as his obligation to rid the world of “The Fourth Reich.”
        Jeff, you can already imagine the “history” the Communist victors will write.
        Remember Reagan’s 1976 convention speech.
        It should have been our responsibility to make sure those people 100 years into the future get to read that speech. Unfortunately, we have failed.

      2. The nukes have been ready to fly since 1950. The Cold War never ended. Now, Joe Biden , who is being run by Obama, could provocate us into an exchange, but what Obama/Biden wants is the same thing Putin wants: the destruction of the United States. And a way to cover up his Ukraine corruption.

        If anything we will get nuked and not launch back. I believe that. #Maga and Obama/Biden are actually both full of commies. They both have a desire for the US to not get into “unnecessary” wars. I voted for Trump, believe he was better than Biden. But the fact is I don’t trust Michael Flynn and many MAGAs.

        There is one way to peace: Mary’s Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart. She is the road. Pray.

      3. I dont trust Flynn, or the Magas either. They’re all good at talking and pumping up crowds, but to what end? I’ve seen no solid actions from these self appointed leaders.

      4. Trump came in promising to “clean out the Swamp” and in four years didn”t touch any of the low hanging fruit, not counting the whole Swamp. I am now convinced that Trump, and by extension his closest associates, are part of the Swamp.

        What’s sad is to see all the deluded people who are still looking to him.

        I don’t think he and his people would have handled this war any differently than Biden.

      5. I remember when the 2016 election came down to being between Hillary and Trump. I was talking with two older fellows whom I have always looked up to. One of them said, “We are in bad shape when our choice for president is between those two.” Trump was mostly a big talker. And still is. I feel a little bit sorry for those deluded by him, but they should know better.

    1. Not only the nukes flying can change the world forever. There are other nasty modern weapons that can practically achieve the same result, given the West’s dependence on computer technology, not to mention our vulnerability to bioweapons. The leadership in both Russia and China has a history of being completely amoral. If they feel no compunction about the killing of millions of their own people, this is all the more true with regard to their perceived enemies — which, of course, are the fascists, or anyone that disagrees with their dystopian, completely insane ideology.

    2. Trump spoke out against the Southafrican farmmurders and this was absolutely unique.As I cant see any political expediency on his part, I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt.

      Meanwhile, anyone espousing ‘Ukranian selfdetermination and freedom’ might well want to consider the current plight of the Boers.

  13. Please don’t take this the wrong way but I was praying that you were wrong in your analysis. This is a massive snafu and I don’t know who to blame. Maybe Biden but I just don’t think that would be correct. Maybe it is because the west has spent the last 2 years empowering authoritarian little dictators and God is going here have a real one. But I think you are spot on and Russia has been lying and cheating to the west whilst we played power games over nothing.

  14. My parents grew up under Mao’s Cultural Revolution. We yearn for the day when the Chinese people throw off the yoke of the communists. Sadly, that day seems more remote now than it did even before the pandemic. And now to see American-born Eileen Gu celebrated as a national hero for China after winning medals for them – it is abominable. She is young – it is understandable that she may not understand the significance of her position. But her mother is a traitor in my eyes.

    1. These are sad says for China, Russia and the world. The communists have done unspeakable things to the Chinese people. No people have suffered more loss from communism than China. Everyone should read Harry Wu’s books about the Chinese labor camp system. He was in those camps 19 years. He was, I think, the most amazing person I have ever interviewed. The raw spiritual strength of that man was humbling to experience. Poor Eileen Gu makes a sorry comparison.

  15. It is truly disturbing and depressing to watch national news networks and see how deluded they are. Some parrot literal Soviet propaganda and say that this invasion is NATO’s fault; some think Putin wants to “expand his sphere of influence”, some say he “wants to reconstitute the USSR”.

    All of it is true and yet none of it is true; the truth is that communists are smart psychopaths and desire to rule over a planet of slaves. It drives their every waking minute of life. They obsess over it. Their intelligence and amorality means they will use deception every step of the way; even now, European and American analysts do not understand that this is not a regional conflict and they do not have a single enemy, but many.

    It feels like watching an evil play where the audience truly believes it.

    This invasion “should” constitute the awakening of the Western people. I say should in quotes because their levels of delusion continue to surprise me.

    But the fact that the communist world alliance is now finally dropping the mask and beginning its campaign of violence, torture, and death means that they believe the balance of power has swung in their favor.

    It means that tomorrow the West will probably disconnect Russia from SWIFT, but they don’t care. They will implement the “severe, hard” sanctions that Western neocons are even now crowing excitedly about. They will sanction oligarchs and freeze their funds, but they don’t care. THAT should scare you. It means they no longer fear any Western repercussions. Our leftist leaders in the West have still not realized this, but they will soon.

    The communists always knew that when they began to drop the mask, the West would begin to wake up. They would begin to re-focus on their militaries, their energy supplies – you know, the actual things that decide life and death in the real world. The West would awaken to the fact an enemy existed and re-arm.

    Which means that if this is truly the mask-dropping moment, the communists know they only have a short window to act before the West re-strengthens themselves. It could be a year, maybe two. Do not discount how the unpredictability of the 2024 US elections may factor into the communist plans. Jeff has said most European militaries are in horrible shape and that France needs 2 years to be ready. But if the mask has dropped, and it sure looks like it has, it means the window of opportunity for the communists has begun and the clock is ticking for them. We need all Western leaders in all positions of power to wake up immediately, put all of their militaries on high alert, and FULLY DISENGAGE from all communist nations, especially economically from China. And even then it might still be too late.

  16. It’s very likely that Poland will be the next target. Putler and his cohort (not the Russian people themselves, though) hate Poles more than any other people in the world. He won’t forgive Poland for all the support we were giving and still are, for the tiny Baltic states, for the opposition in Belarus and Ukraine, for our determined drive to become energy independent, for our refusal to be their vassals, for our ability to lift our economy and prosper without artificially inflated prices of oil and gas.
    Unfortunately, our Western, formal allies in NATO have ABSOLUTELY no intention of helping us in any meaningful way. In fact, Germans have DELIBERATELY dismantled, or at least are pretending to have done so, their military capabilities.
    When Ursula von der Leyen was nominated the German Defense minister by the fat Angela some ten years ago, she stated blatantly during her visit in Poland that: “Germany’s armed forces became so depleted that they will not be able to fulfill their statutory obligations towards allies.”
    It was obvious that she addressed that statement towards Poland.
    Concerning Ukraine herself, there is not that much love in Poland for that country. Ukrainians have still not come clean about Volhynia massacre between 1941-1943 during which Ukrainian nationalists murdered between 130 and 150 thousand ethnic Poles in one of the one of the biggest act of ethnic cleansing in history of humanity and they were doing it with such a cruelty that even guards in the German concentration camps would blush with embarrassment.
    Even now, as Poles are helping them with the most modern weaponry they have just bought from America, they spit directly in our eyes.
    Still, there is an overwhelming understanding among (thinking) Poles (also vanishing breed) that it is better to have semi hostile Ukraine than the MONSTER the PUTLERISTAN is.
    Apart from that and that should be taken into account by EVERYONE in the West that some 20% of Ukrainian people are good, noble, free, entrepreneurial people (I personally know few of them). Those people who are our brothers and sisters in FREEDOM will be the first to be targeted for annihilation or at least degraded to the level of insects by the neo Bolshevik occupiers and their ORCS within Ukraine itself.
    That should be OBVIOUS for such MORONS like Tucker Carlson, for example.
    Regards for everyone – Bogdan

      1. Thank you Jeff. Perhaps the best illustration of the Western Europe COWARDICE, duplicity, hypocrisy and TREASON towards Ukraine is a very strange outcome of the meeting between CRETINUEL MICRON and Putler held in Paris few days ago. Initially, MICRON began yapping about illegality of Russia’s actions against Ukraine.
        Suddenly, after the meeting MICRON announced the plan to build 14 or so new nuclear reactors.
        For any discernible and thinking person is obvious that Putler issued a stern warning that in the case France doing anything against Russia (like pathetic sanctions, for example) Russia was entirely capable of hacking and neutralizing the entire, nuclear energy based power grid
        And it is also clear that the Russians were prepared to such an act of large scale industrial sabotage fro a very long time.
        It is also obvious that without PUTLER’s clandestine approval, France would not be able to embark on such an enormous industrial undertaking as the vicious protests of anti nuclear fanatics and their supporters directed remotely by Russia would completely paralyze the works as they have managed to do so in other countries. Like in America herself, for example.
        Obviously, i have no proof of that, however, I’m pretty much sure that De Gaulle, the French megalomaniac had received the secret permission from the Soviets to build France’s nuclear arsenal and develop the nuclear energy on such a grand scale. Price for that was abandonment and hand over of Algeria to the communists, withdrawal from NATO and an expulsion of the NATO headquarters from Paris to Brussels. Considering the fact that the French Communist party was the strongest in the West Europe, the French leftists and their allies anti nuclear fanatics would easily paralyze De Gaulle’s plans.
        Also Jacques Chirac got Russian permission to conduct series of nuclear explosion on the Mururoa Atol for his fierce opposition to Iraq Invasion.
        I’m sharing my own suspicions and thought so widely because the case of France is the best illustration of the so called “Western” world’s decay.

        Regards – Bogdan the Aussie

      2. DeGaulle was a thorn in the side of the allies in WW2. He was just as much an idiot later on. I have not seen the story you relate before this, and so have my doubts about the “permission” from the Soviets. DeGaulle was arrogant enough to want a nuke himself and he did some economic damage to his country to achieve that and they still maintain that establishment. It is not large enough to do much damage to Russia, and given Putin’s arrogance on the subject of a nuke exchange, I doubt there is anything that will deter him from launching a nuke exchange if he saw it in his country’s (actually his) interest.

        Frankly, I think Putin has reached the stage of madness as Hitler did. Unlike Hitler, Putin has the resources to destroy much of the world if he wishes. Thankfully, Hitler didn’t get a nuke and wasn’t even close, although he had people working hard to get one (see David Irving’s “Virus House”).


    I know the invasion is underway, but a part of me is still in denial.

    This is not what I wanted.

    I have been up for almost 22 hours so I will be brief.

    Russia will win this military conflict. On that I have no doubt.

    Russian intelligence, with the help of many collaborators within the Ukraine government and military, will give the Russian military all the information necessary to attack and wipe out key Ukrainian positions. That has probably already happened.

    The Russian air force now own the skies, and their Sukhoi-25s, like the US Air Force’s A-10, will make mince meat out of any ground force.

    And then there is Russia’s artillery. It will be this weapon platform that will determine how long (or quick) this war will last.

    I expect heavy fighting on the Donbass front lines. This is where the bulk of Ukraine’s top military forces are located, and they will fight.

    I am already reading reports that along the northern border of Russia, specifically near Kharkiv where I also have family, the border guards are not fighting. I am not surprised on hearing this. This region is dominated by Russian-Ukrainians, and they have no stomach to engage against advancing Russian armor. I also expect little if any fighting on the streets of Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second largest city.

    I am reading reports that Russia has landed forces near Odessa. I expect fighting in some parts of this city. But it will end quickly. This is another region that has a large Russian-Ukrainian population.

    On a personal note. There was a time when I wanted to buy a house near Odessa on the Black Sea to retire. I had agreed on the price, but in the end it did not happen. It is always strange to reflect on past decisions and wonder where one would be if you had taken a different path.

    I do not expect street-to-street fighting in Kyiv. There will be opposition, and a hostile population, but widespread fighting is not going to happen.

    Western Ukraine will be Indian country for the Russian military. I can see a lot of fighting and destruction in this part of the country, especially if the Ukrainian leadership decide to fight which I expect some will.

    President Zelensky will relocate to Lviv as the fighting approaches Kyiv. From there, he will then flee to the West. I give him a few weeks at best.

    I expect tens of thousands of casualties from this war. More if Western Ukraine decides to resort to guerilla warfare.

    In the end the human and economic cost will be enormous.

    I expect 2 – 3 million refugees. Maybe more. Most will flee the country after the war when they realize that there is no future for them. Or it will take too long to rebuild everything.

    This is a war of choice. A choice that President Putin decided to take. But the outcome will be Russia owning a broken and destroyed Ukraine, and being responsible for healing and rebuilding it. I shudder when I think of that.

    Russia is now a pariah in the international community. It will be the responsibility of the next Russian leader to repair it. When that happens is something that no one knows.

    I am signing off right now. I need sleep. Blogging and my analysis of this war will return when I wake up.

    One final note. My 96 year old mother still does not know that Ukraine is being invaded. She grew up in a city 60-70 kilometers West from Moscow, and she has seen it all.

    Thank God my father is not alive. He grew up in a city south of Kiev. He also saw it all.

    1. I hope Russia is once again treated a pariah internationally. I lived in Germany during Prague Spring, and Brezhnev’s name became a stench in the nostrils of the west. It didn’t last. I doubt Putin’s status of a pariah will last either, although I hope it does.

      If all the border guards have is small arms, I would not expect them to fire at tanks or IFVs. they would be wasting their time and ammo, not to mention their lives. There is probably a strong Russian fifth column in Ukraine. There have been plenty of people that have come out of the sewer since Yanukovich.





  19. I feel pretty stupid right now for not realizing Putin’s war was going hot right now. I was thinking maybe 50/50 he will keep using his tricks or setting something up for an attack in the future.

    And in other topics here is Tucker Carlsons latest tweet

    “Tucker Carlson
    Ukraine isn’t a democracy. It’s a State Department client state.”

      1. Carlson’s errors are errors of judgment. I think he is sincere, but sincere people can still make mistakes. Russian disinformation is very cleverly constructed.

      2. @ Jeff.He perhaps is sincere,but you might also ask why he’s been permitted to keep on going?While others have been banned,cancelled and deflatformed left right and center.

    1. Can he prove that? I believe they had an election in Ukraine and Zelensky won. Is there evidence the election was fraudulent? I do not understand the factual basis for his claims. Isn’t the KGB all over that country? I have Ukrainian friends who think Zelensky is a Russian stooge. Which is he?

  20. What do we need to do to be prepared for a possible major cyber attack on the US? What about such Russian companies, like kaspersky, the software program that so many of us depend on for our computer safety?

    1. US sanctions against the USSR prohibited them from commercially available computer chips. As a result, East Europe continued to develop vacuum tube technology, utilized in SIG fighter jets, which are therefor impervious to deleterious effects of electromagnetic radiation.

    2. Kaspersky was a Trojan Horse. Store water and food and fuel. Expect power failures and interruptions of banking service. They will go after Wall Street and U.S. Government servers.

  21. Sad to see Russia attack Ukraine but we knew it would happen.
    Nice show on Rumble Jeff wish it was longer. It is odd that American nukes are still mainly in the same silos and states and we dont have mobile nukes. I remember nukes
    on trains was once an idea??
    Do we have some sort of hidden DARP, Skunkworks or Area 51 weapon that we know our adversaries cannot defend?
    Is that we we have ignored our nuclear missiles and let Russia surpass us with the S500 and 550? I even hear China has lasers on satellites.
    While you still have time stock up on food, water, meds, bleach, flashlights, batteries, candles, etc. just in case something does happen in America. Dont forget some cash. One website said some government officials may in Mt Weather Virginia with radar showing flights there from DC.
    BTW, China has been quiet recently, not buzzing jets by Taiwan but the Winter Olympics were in progress. Time for China to wake up?
    How much longer will Israel wait to try to destroy Iranian nuclear manufacturing?

  22. I have given this situation a good deal of thought and here’s what I think a decisive American president would/could do in proportional response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. He would quickly invade and subdue Cuba — Russia’s client state threatening the U.S. mainland. This would cost Russia a high price indeed for its attempted absorption of Ukraine. And the Cuban people would be quite sympathetic to the liberation of the country, no doubt hanging the Communist oppressors en masse. It would also imminently cause the collapse of the Venezuelan communist dictatorship that has been propped up by Cuban military for a long time. This chain of events would make a bold statement of U.S. power on the world stage, particularly to our allies.

    And what could Russia really do in response?? Yes, there would be a leftist outcry around the world about violating Cuba’s sovereignty, but it would be quickly eclipsed by the new government in Cuba lauding the country’s liberation and its rapid economic recovery under capitalism.

    1. Interesting. I am not informed enough to debate the wisdom of this – but I can tell you it sounds like a serious and more proportionate idea than a bunch of technocrats cooking up more economic tinkering. It also prompts me to think a strong leader would immediately shut down our own southern border. It’s crazy we maintain such an active security risk that no serious country would allow ever, let alone at a time when a serious nuclear power was threatening “consequences never before seen in our history.”

      1. We are ruled by two parties. The Evil Party and the Stupid Party. And when we have bipartisanship, we get policies that are Evil and Stupid.

      1. As to whether the Russians would escalate to nuclear war over the loss of Cuba, I think not. If Putin thought that he could get away with doing that, what has stopped him from already doing so? Reality is, nuclear warfare is too devastating and unpredictable to be used lightly. Also, even if the Soviets and Chinese are able to overwhelm the U.S. in a surprise attack, do you think Israel is going to stand by and do nothing — thus allowing its own eventual obliteration in a totalitarian world?

        But, as you say, we are saddled with evil and stupid leaders. Faults aside, Trump did show the kind of mettle it’s going to take to survive.

      2. The Russians and Chinese would both go to war immediately if we took Cuba. That is very clear. Are we ready for that? Do we need to buy time? Hard to say.

  23. Americans decided to ignore Putin’s red lines, intentionally, because they are biggest profiters of this conflict, this will strengthen anglo-american influence over Europe.

    1. Germany stops construction of the pipeline to Russia, which Europe desperately desires to provide cheaper fuel. Is this to cut of their nose to spite their face, or is Germany in cahoots with Russia. Russia says: “Oh, please don’t throw me into that there briar patch.”

      Russia, along with the rest of OPEC, Ukraine, British Petroleum, and Chevron, all benefit from hundred dollar oil. Has traffic congestion decreased in your town?

    2. This is the voice of Radio Tokyo. Hello Joe. Did you know you are going to die on a desert island in the Pacific. Did you know you are sacrificing your life so FDR can sell sugar cane and pineapples? It’s all about big profits for banana companies, and coconuts for Wall Street, Joe. Go home, GI Joe. Tokyo Rose loves you and does not want you to die.

  24. Think of the benefits a “nuclear winter” could have regarding “global warming.”
    I predicted it would come to this years ago!

    “You really can’t make this $h!t up.”

      1. That won’t stop them, Jeff. After all, they invented the hoaxes.
        And following the “science” will reveal that North American locations, particularly the ones containing ICBM silos, nuclear submarine bases, a handful of airfields, Houston and some areas of the northern Gulf of Mexico, as well as a few other particular locations would be ideal for the maximum “nuclear winter” effects to save the planet from human induced runaway CO2 poisoning.

  25. If the dissolution of the Soviet Union was a deception, and Ukraine is a puppet state of Russia, what gives? Why did Russia so quickly accede to the borders with Ukraine, while ethnic Russians occupied territories inside, adjacent to Russia? Russia arguably can assert that it has not invaded Ukraine, as Russia is an invited peace keeper of two, new, independent Republics. Coincidentally, these countries provide a more direct corridor for Russia to the Black Sea, and Putin’s home in Sochi. It’s not precisely clear where open military attacks by Russia have occurred. Ukraine admits to kinetic actions all well.

    1. “It’s not precisely clear where open military attacks by Russia have occurred.”

      you communists are all the same, arrogant and evil.

      you will fail


    Putin’s televised speech was around 6 a.m. February 23rd Moscow time. He said his forces were entering Ukraine.

    I mention the date because it’s the exact day the “February Revolution” began in Russia in 1917.

    1. That may have already been the 24th when he gave the speech, but I know he remembers the date.


  27. Biden: Economic sanctions were never meant to deter, the impacts are going to take a long time.

    Translation: We’ll use this as cover for the planned demolition of our own economy in favor of digital currency, climate tyranny, the “great reset.” All side effects of actions we were “forced” to take against Russia.

    Our Western elites think they can use Russia’s actions as the “crisis” they need to inflict economic pain and tyranny on their own people. They assume that, for 1st world democracies, this will be purely a test of will on the economic front, which they welcome for their own purposes. They have no idea. Blind, weak and stupid.

    1. As soon as Putin declared two new independent Republics, Biden put sanctions against any who would do business with them. Nobody has been in the first place, and who in their right minds would want to do business with an impoverished area like that in any foreseeable future? It was obviously a mere token response. Putin therefore has no genuine reason to retaliate. Putin gives Biden the fig leaf of new Republics, and Biden covers up with leaf thin sanctions. NATO should not and probably will not be baited, and Putin doesn’t want them to.

  28. There is a great deal of confusion among westerners already due to years of information war and loss of trust in government institutions. If power and communications are cut off in the west the confusion and panic will be a serious problem.

  29. The West and all the experts in our media just don’t get it. Sanctions? Putin is mentally ready to go all the way, while the most the West will do is wring hands and scold him. What we’re facing here is the possible de-Atlanticization of Europe, with Germany sooner or later pivoting to Moscow and Turkey doing the same in the not too distant future afterwards, all at a time when the Anglos are succumbing to increasingly obvious Marxist subversion at every critical point at home. Ukraine will probably fold at breath-taking speed, and then those other “illegal” states, the 3 Baltic sacrificial lambs, will likely be in his firing line. Article 5 of NATO? Ha! “Bring it on”, Putin must be thinking.

    1. Do you suggest that Germany will side with Russia?

      Germany in response to Putin’s escapade, has ceased construction of the pipeline to Russia, as if decreased oil and gas to Europe would not resulting in higher profits on less supply?

      Are you saying that a new federation will be limited to Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia? That would make sense in so far as providing greater access to open seas, but isn’t Poland sandwiched in there?

      Reforming the entire Soviet Union might not be profitable, and Russia long ago, confiscated all the valuable natural resources, and today would become a burdensome welfare state.

      1. Germany is already a partner, so need to trample Poland. Belarus of course would be on board. Ukraine might continue to feign protest as diversion. Russia won’t launch a first strike against the US, unless Biden asks for it.

      2. Yes, I am saying Germany is lukewarm in its NATO commitments and has a large socialist, self-loathing population who would happily go along with the Red Beast to get along. I don’t think it would take too much convincing to see Germany “Finlandized” at best, or throw its lot in with Russia on down the line.

      3. The USSR’s vassals included the “satellite” states. They are not safe either.

  30. The Russian propaganda site has been down all afternoon. Anyone notice any other Russian sites that are down?, Sputnik, Moscow Times, TASS and others are still functioning, so perhaps not. The US government is denying the report about Biden being presented with preemptive cyberattack options, which makes me wonder if they’re actually considering it or already underway.

  31. I am writing my friends online laying this situation out. Explaining that Russia has been at war with us for a century. That they have more nukes than us and they are more dangerous than ours. That I am not even in favor of sanctions now, it reminds me too much of Japan and Pearl Harbor, and it’s too dangerous.

    They keep responding with the same nonsense over, and over, and over again. It doesn’t matter how many times I answer them. They just spit out the same programmed response.

    It feels like banging my head into a wall repeatedly.

  32. It should be beyond obvious now that China was never seriously considering a conventional attack on Taiwan, just as the Russians were never seriously considering a conventional attack on Europe.
    My best advice for Europe would be “nuclear landmines.”
    We haven’t seen any reports of CHAMP type assets used in Ukraine, or low yield neutron type weapons, which should be somewhat concerning. The apparent graded performance of the cruise and ballistic delivery systems were “adequate” presumably for WMD delivery.

    I do wonder who the “designated survivor” is for the 3-1-22 SOTU address.
    My guess would be Buttigieg.
    And yes, “You can’t make this $h!t up.”

  33. What I don’t get is that the United States spends hundreds of billions of dollars in defense, including intelligence. It is hard to believe they do not know what is going on. I can accept that my friends do not know the seriousness of our situation. But NATO and US Army do not know? And now western world is defenseless? Hard to believe.

    1. There is a difference between being defenseless and being outgunned. We have weapons, but we have misspent our money and have fallen behind. We have had corruption in our Pentagon programs. We have become a lax and permissive society. We have lost some of the intellectual and administrative wherewithal needed. We have very little in the way of strategic imagination.

  34. Before the invasion began, I read the reports that Russia had killed five saboteurs who had crossed from Ukraine into Russia. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was surprised that Russia had so obviously taken a page out of Hitler’s 1939 play book, such an obvious false flag event, as a pretext to invading Ukraine. Did they think we wouldn’t recognize the obvious historical parallels? Showing that Putin is no different from Hitler?

    Is it true that Putin also parroted the Nazi “blood and land” slogan?

    If you fool me once, shame on you. If you fool me twice, shame on me.

    I thought the Russians wouldn’t invade before summer, because of mud. That their armour would get mired down in mud. Apparently some of their armour did get mired down, but not enough to stop the invasion. I wrote before that was my expectation, I concluded wrongly on the timing.

    The Russian bear has long wanted to conquer westward as well as eastward into Siberia. In the 1700s they took Finland and the Baltic states from Sweden. Later they took most of Poland. Their World War II conquests gained them eastern Europe. I don’t know why they didn’t annex eastern Europe into Russia, like they did their other conquests.

    Will the Russians sit on the western border of Ukraine for a time of Sitzkrieg before their final push to take western Europe, or will they just continue on? Anybody have any guesses? Being wrong in one of my conclusions make me hesitate to make another, other than that they will attack western Europe.

      1. Unrelated by symbolic. Russian tanks in Kherson now flying the Soviet flag. There are others besides this one. I never thought I’d see that flag again. My family in both countries is leaving except the men. In Lithuania all of the archives, museums and govt. agencies are making preparations to move archives, and holdings out. They no longer believe that NATO will adhere to Article 5.

    1. That website is a great resources. I used their deployment maps to assess what the Russians were up to last month. They have very good updates that compare favorably to other good sources.

  35. Boris Reitschuster: ·
    Gerade in einer Talkshow im 1. Kanal des Kreml-Fernsehens: Das schlimmste, was uns jetzt passieren könnte, wäre eine Kapitulation durch Selenski, denn dann müssten wir stoppen und könnten nicht die ganzen Faschisten umbringen. Und auch Selenski kann sich dann das Leben retten.

  36. Boris Reitschuster:
    Just on a talk show on the 1st channel of Kremlin TV: the worst thing that could happen to us now would be a capitulation by Selensky, because then we would have to stop and could not kill all the fascists. And Selensky can also save his life then.

  37. Interview on Foxnews Thursday: Russian-born US intel expert Rebekah Koffler stuns Fox news desk people. I think she has read Jeff’s books!

    1. Fairly incredible interview. Some might quibble that this is a more than 2 decades plan, but at least she’s far more realistic than most analysts. It is about time that Americans put down their toys and woke up to the fact that they are in very real mortal danger from a smart and evil enemy.

      1. Putin started acquiring more power in the 1990’s.”On 28 June 1991, he became head of the Committee for External Relations of the Mayor’s Office, with responsibility for promoting international relations and foreign investments and registering business ventures. Within a year, Putin was investigated by the city legislative council led by Marina Salye. It was concluded that he had understated prices and permitted the export of metals valued at $93,000,000 in exchange for foreign food aid that never arrived. Despite the investigators’ recommendation that Putin be fired, Putin remained head of the Committee for External Relations until 1996.” So he was corrupt, power hungry, and ruthless, likely using the kompromat he had on on people. Enough to keep him in his job, and confirm what tools he could use on his way up. The rate at which he rose in the ranks, and seeing the disintegration of the USSR up close, which he always refers to – I think it was more like a 30 year plan, from the moment of disintegration.

      2. I believe Putin was then operating on behalf of the secret center, on behalf of the KGB and the underground Party apparatus. It is not a simple case of corruption, yet there is self-enrichment there. When Salye went to the Duma to complain to her favorite legislator, a famous liberal politician was there, in the legislator’s office, waiting for her. He spoke to her. She felt the cold chill of death. She then left Russian politics and disappeared into the countryside, into obscurity. WHO WAS THAT MAN WHO FRIGHTENED HER SO BADLY? We need to know who frightened Marina Salye, an heroic woman who was the true champion of the people of Saint Petersburg? Was it Sergei Stepashin? Some other name? Who could it have been? Does anyone know?

    2. She wrote a good analysis in Putin’s Playbook: Russia’s Secret Plan to Defeat America. Recently published.

    3. She pronounces too many times the name Putin. Putin wanting to “recreate” the Soviet empire misses quite the mark. Truth is, communism and Russian gopnik hoodlum mentality has been systemic and that all they wanted was to expand on the empire. Pointing at Putin is conveniently missing the forest for the tree. And why is she allowed to speak now only, pulled out the hat. Far better people have been out there speaking. Fox News should invite JRN instead. These news outlets disgust me.

  38. Jeff, not sure if you can comment, I was talking with a Chinese dissident who lives in New Zealand during the week and have learnt the departments within the Chinese Communist Party which handle controlled opposition or agents. I was told the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and Ministry of State Security (United Front Work Department) and also the handlers either have connections with the People’s Liberation Army and Ministry of State Security

  39. Jeff, was there any reason you got rid of TFP forum, and are there any plans to bring it back? Discussion and unity is needed now more than ever. Thanks for providing this blog comment section at least.

    1. TFP for nearly 20 years was run by a anonymous retired army guy from Hawaii. Most recent board was closed for various reasons. Trolls dominated, spam, page long posts that rambled off topic, and became too much a tax on Bill’s time.

    2. I did not get rid of TFP Forum as it was run by someone else who found it a burden. It was amazing it kept going through years when little was happening and people lost interest in analyzing Moscow’s doings.

  40. I sent the following letter to my representatives and I implore others to do so:

    There is an individual on YouTube named Russell Bentley, who was born in Texas in 1960 and who left his home in Austin, Texas to join the Vostok Battalion in the so-called breakaway Donetsk People’s Republic in 2014 and fought on behalf of Russia against the legitimate army of Ukraine. Mr. Bentley still lives in Donetsk, and due to his age, is no longer actively fighting, but rather spreading propaganda, lies, and misinformation on his YouTube channel. Since President Biden has recently imposed sanctions on Russia for its unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, Mr. Bentley is now officially a traitor to his own country and I implore that you and other senators pressure YouTube to remove such material from its platform. YouTube is providing a propaganda platform to a criminal who has committed the gravest criminal act that an individual can commit against his own country — treason.

    1. Unfortunately so have certain conservatives ala Putin is a good guy and the Cold War ended decades ago. We from the free former occupied nations (the CIS is not free, Chechnya is sending 10000 troops to Ukraine per Chechen media), even if we are citizens of other nations, have had a continual finger on Russia’s pulse, and in our hearts of hearts, we knew this was coming. We kept warning, but no one listened. Thanks to voices like Jeff’s and others, that provide an independent analytical assessment with similar conclusions to the FON (formerly occupied nations) these nations are being heard albeit late. My cousin called yesterday from Vilnius and asked if we would be there for them upon fleeing. My mother fled. At 100 she is besides herself. After returning from the GULAG and being treated as non-persons, they were able to build successful lives and businesses post-independence. I work with some archives. I’ve been told that the archives in Lithuania are making plans to send everything out which they were not able to do in 1941, 1942 and 1944. is this what our youth should be going through, due to one damned madman?

    2. What is this sarcastic comment even supposed to imply? That it’s “telling” if someone flies an antiquated flag? It’s uniquely symbolic if a rune from history is seen again? Come on now. Swastikas, Dixie flags, and Hammer/sickles are timeless insignia that will represent hatred forever. Seeing one on an invading Russian tank isn’t any kind of significant surprise.

    1. Having KGB clandestinely working in Ukraine does not give them real control. That requires tanks and troops. One must always turn behind-the-scenes power into open power. It is the final step.

  41. Jeff was right as usual, Putin threatens nuclear attack:

    Journalist Boris Reitschuster:
    Just listening to Putin’s speech this morning before the attack. Interchanging certain terms, it’s massively reminiscent of what we’ve seen in history. A politician who considers himself and his country humiliated and insulted has decided to finally strike back. He barely misses threatening a nuclear attack: anyone who tries to obstruct Russian actions will face consequences they have never seen before.

    1. Based on what I’ve read over the years, the top echelons of the Soviet leadership don’t believe in MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction). Therefore, is there anything to prevent them from unleashing a pre-emptive nuclear strike on the U.S.? One that will take out our ICBMs, air-force planes while they are still on the ground and much of the navy while in port? And for good measure some cities they deem unnecessary? Then while we’re still reeling, Chinese and their allied troops streaming across our northern and southern borders as well as unloading from ships?

      I don’t expect an EMP because I expect the Chinese to want to be able to use the electrical grid post-conquest.

      The U.S. is their top target. Why don’t people see that? Every time I try to warn people, I’m met with disbelief.

      1. An invasion of America is far less feasible than that of Ukraine. We’re already seeing the difficulty in taking a country willing to fight, even with superior numbers and firepower. This idea that America is somehow ripe for invasion is beyond laughable.

      2. By military standards, an easy military victory that is pointed to would be Hitler’s invasion of Poland in 1939. Hitler lost about 50,000 men and it took roughly 3-4 weeks. Judging by this measure Russia’s victory in Ukraine is likely to be much more impressive than Hitler’s blirzkrieg. Why? It took weeks for Hitler’s troops to get to Warsaw. It has taken less than two days for the Russians to get to Kiev. As for an invasion of America, the model used by China and Russia is Hitler’s invasion of Norway in 1939. Hitler invaded a country by sea while the British navy controlled that sea. How did he do it? Infiltration in peacetime and surprise.

      3. But…it’s 2022. Things happen faster. If this is Putin’s plan it’s not out to a great start. Galvanizing the world against himself sinks his aspirations further by the day. He’s sounding less sane with each speech. Russian allies are balking. Whatever fantasy he is chasing is out of reach. My gut says Putin deluded himself into thinking the American Left would push the party in power towards him. Just look at his use of the term “de-Nazify”. He’s been putting real stock in America’s trendy soft-Communism. Something convinced him now is the time for his big showcase, but he underestimates the modern disdain for true tyranny. The authoritarian is an endangered species being methodically hunted by reason. His days are limited, and he knows it. This is his last hurrah.

      4. Radiofort, where is the Reason you refer to which is methodically hunting the authoritarian? Where is the reason in Canada, where Trudeau just showed himself to be an authoritarian? Or in America, where we have quite a few mini-authoritarians in local, state, and federal positions? Or Australia? And on to Russia and China?

        I see no reason in key places of influence and power. I only see madness and lost for control and power in most of those places.

        You are very eloquent and express yourself very well, but I fear you have come to many wrong conclusions. Just because it is 2022, does not mean war and invasions are any easier, and thus explains Putin’s quick advances. No, even though we have more advanced technology and weapons, war still requires much planning, sophisticated coordination and timing, and still depends on the will and ability of boots on the ground, and keeping them well fed and supplied.

        I fear that Putin, and by extension, China and their sayellites/allies are just getting started.

      5. Any idea that human nature has changed ignores history. Liberty is fragile and always has been. Authoritarianism has been the most common form of government, and is likely to return as conditions worsen.

      6. Updates:
        – Many indications (videos and such) of Russians running out of fuel for their vehicles.
        – It appears Putin has fired or sidelined his Chief if General Staff for the Russian Armed Forces
        – Heavy civilian casualties after Russian forces attacked Okhtyrka
        – Ukraine rejects talks with Russia
        – Ukraine Ministry of Transport is beginning to move citizens of Kyiv to western Ukraine
        – Russia hits a Japanese shipping vessel in the Black Sea with a missile. One casualty.

      7. You honestly don’t think the speed of information trade has reduced the ease with which people can inflict violence upon each other? Please rethink this idea. Human nature hasn’t changed but executing atrocities against each other can’t go unnoticed as it did in the past. The timeline of every humanitarian crisis has quickened. Tyrants have less time to do their work because global condemnation of atrocities is almost immediate. Authoritarianism can no longer expand in the darkness and trick everyone into not seeing it for what it is. Russia is quickly becoming a pariah state by its own hand. China is next in line. The monsters who have historically taken advantage of humanity’s ignorance have lost their teeth. Nonetheless they will still try to bite, but their ability to harm is steadily waning. (just look at the casualty details of this war so far for proof)

      8. Radiofort, it is true that atrocities cant go unnoticed is they did in the past, but do you really think Russia and China care? If their militaries and training are as far superior to America’s, or any other country’s, as it seems they are, then I dint think it will make a hill of beans what the rest of the world thinks about their atrocities. They have been preparing for this moment for many years. I believe this is a whole different ball of wax than what we might would normally think.

      9. And it’s also used to defend people. This whole idea that China and Russia are militarily stronger than America is based on the size of their arsenals, not on the technology. You don’t think they’re afraid of America’s military technology? You don’t think they’re comparable? And of course any country with a nuke could drop it on a metro area, that’s always a possibility. But now there can be swift and coherent opposition to tyrannical national behavior. The human willingness to fight for freedom cannot be contained anymore, as we see in Ukraine. Humanity will no longer be bullied; death is better than submission. As miserable an event as it would be, whoever drops the next nuke will not walk away from it. But it’s likely none of us would.

      10. Ok Radiofort. Where is the swift and coherent opposition to Putin’s invasion, from the world at large as you seem to imply?

        The human willingness to fight for freedom cannot be contained anymore? Look at all the freedoms given up (i.e. not fought for) by all the “free” nations of the world under Covid.

        Look at the oppression on the citizens of Australia, Canada, France, Italy, etc. People protested, but at the end of the day (or week or three), everyone went home, nothing changed, and they and their freedoms continued to be trampled upon. There was no fighting when the brutality came from the police.

        The majority of humanity no longer understands the grave responsibilities that come with freedom, nor the vigilance and discipline required to maintain it.

        Yes, Ukraine is fighting, because they have no choice. But while the enemy massed on their borders for three weeks, they did nothing.

        As for nukes, just wait. Nukes will eventually be used. It will probably shock most of the world.

        I’m not attacking you. Just keep watching. As Mr. Nyquist said, human nature has not changed.

      11. Russia and China have deployed military technology we do not have in our arsenal. The Russian TOPOL-M ICBM is a road mobile ICBM with a possible trans-Antarctic flight capability. We cannot shoot it down. The Russian S-500 is a true ABM that can shoot down whole clouds of incoming ICBM warheads. The Armata tank can be outfitted with a computer brain and could fight without a human crew. Then there are Russia’s hypersonic missiles and China’s new railgun, and the miniaturization of thermobaric warheads as good as small nukes but non-nuclear, and so on. They have a minisubmarine that can go 180 kilometers per hour underwater and can carry a 200 megaton tsunami bomb. We do not have weapons like this.

  42. Many of the videos emanating from Ukraine are puzzling. Photographs of “dead” Ukrainians and “Russian” troops entering behind CNN hacks seem to have been staged. There is little or no blood on corpses, the “blood” that is evident looks fake, etc. If Putin had really planned this “invasion,” the Russians would have taken Kiev back in 2014, when the “weakling” Obama was in power. Putin had every opportunity to take all of Ukraine back in 2014–17 (pre-Trump), yet did not. So far the Russians have not (yet) seized Kiev.

    In other news: if Putin is an enemy of the West, why is he on very friendly relations with Israel?

    “Russia and “Israel” are practically allies at this point after Moscow pledged to secure Tel Aviv’s security interests in Syria. Although the Kremlin criticizes “Israel’s” regular strikes against the IRGC and its Hezbollah allies in the Arab Republic, it hasn’t done anything to stop them until recently when it belatedly bolstered Damascus’ air defense capabilities. Even so, this latest development hasn’t harmed bilateral ties.”

    Any thoughts?

    1. If Putin read your comment, maybe he would reply with the chorus to an old song:, “If you dont know me by now….you will nevah, nevah, nevah know me, oooooooooo.”

      1. To be fair, I do agree that NATO’s ground forces in Europe, including auxiliaries, are seemingly insufficient to wage war vs. Russia. A West that is ridden with multiculturalism and foreign ideologies is seemingly unprepared to confront a nuclear superpower. But neither is Russia exactly behaving rationally: for a rational Putin would have taken all of Ukraine under a “weak” Obama. If anything, Putin’s hesitancy during 2014–17 (pre-Trump), save Crimea and Donbas’, smacks just as much of weakness as do Obama’s actions.

      2. I dont know why he didnt do it then either. We can only assume that he wasnt ready then. All this ducks weren’t in a row on his end. Maybe our military wasnt sufficiently purged and crippled. Maybe we were still more able to fight effectively. Probably his military wasnt ready. He only revealed his new weapons in the past couple years or so, (at least since 2014). Maybe he had more details to work out with China. Maybe he had to wait on China to finish getting prepared. Did he have Europe as dependent on Russi for natural gas as he does now? We probably cant know just why he didnt attack then, but at any rate, he is doing it now.

        I agree, NATO is too weak to do anything. And our military has been so messed up, it can do very little in my opinion. People said Trump rebuilt the military, but I could not see that.

    1. Russia hates Israel and has funded her destruction via Islamic front groups, while to her face they pretend they are her friend. This is well known if you know Communist history.

  43. Hello All! The interview with Jeff is on the Populist Patriot website. I had to upload it several times because of technical difficulties/glitches associated with Skype and YouTube. Virtually the entire interview was uploaded. Apologies for the inconvenience.

  44. Follow the latest news as it happens:

    21 minutes ago
    NATO bolsters eastern flank

    NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg said on Friday the alliance is bolstering its defences with troops and air power on its eastern flank in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

    He said allies had activated defence plans and “as a result … are deploying elements of the NATO Response Force on land, at sea and in the air,” including thousands more troops and over 100 jets put on high alert in 30 locations, he said.

  45. No one but those who understand “The Final Phase” understands what is really taking place right now. This is NOT just about Putin getting the Ukraine back into Russia. We have literally entered WW3 just as surely as the world entered WW2 when Hitler invaded Poland.

    Putin is making the move to conquer Europe. To do that he needs to take out the USA. There’s no need to worry about NATO if the US is crippled. There is no hope in the West to counter what Putin is up to because no one really understands what is going on. I see it in Jeff’s writings and hear it in his voice. US leaders have been so duped that they are not prepared for what is soon to come, a massive cyber attack and suitcase nukes. And as Jeff tells us, “Nukes can fly at any time.” That is the reality we are now living in.

    Russian subs are close to US shores. The US will have a SOTU address this coming Tuesday. Perfect for a decapitation strike. Maybe we will be given more time. Maybe God in Heaven will intervene. But if He doesn’t hell is coming and nothing or no one can stop it but God.

    1. Get a grip. The next World war isn’t for at least, three and a half years after the internationalization of Israel. Europe is still around at that time, even if the US is not. The US might join the EU, or be wiped out by the Yellowstone and/or Utah calderas. Even though he didn’t delete your use of the term, God, Jeff won’t let me say, The Rapture.

      1. Don’t apologize, Baby Bullet, it’s not your fault.

        If Jeff doesn’t strike with lightning, read, The Apocalypse Code, by Hal Lindsey

      2. Lindsey is not a true scholar of those ancient languages, or symbols, or meanings, or histories, that are referred to in his books. His is a populist, sensationalist, best-selling approach is not what we need. Please do not bring that misguided hack into our discussions.

      3. Barth, you are an apologist for mass murderers and psychopaths who want to rule the world and don’t care how many innocent human lives they snuff out. Only days ago, you were saying your Lord and Savior Putin would not invade. Now you say no one will launch an attack against US. Your track record is so reliably false that we should in fact be disturbed when you deny that the communists are planning a surprise attack. Thank you for being a reliable and consistent liar and shill for murderers.

      4. Putin recognized two new independent Republics, which Ukraine continued to attack as they’ve been doing for quite some time already. Russia then activated it’s peace keepers. Seems to me that Putin has conducted a relatively near bloodless coup, with nominal expenditure of resources. He has called for peace negotiations and for Ukraine to cease it’s attacks against ethnic Russian, dual citizens of Ukraine and new Republics. Putin has adamantly objected to threats of sanctions against Russia. What does he care about finances, if he intends to conquer the World? If Zelensky would simply have honored the new Republics and ceased it’s attacks, I doubt if Putin would have taken military action, other than occupation of the new Republics. Now, Russia needs to get it’s war ships out of US waters, but it’s up to Biden to suggest it, in response to Putin’s demand for NATO to retreat to ’97 sphere of influence. Nuclear war is not to be evaded with obstinance

      5. According to the Ukrainian deputy defense minister, Hanna Malar, Russia has lost an IL-76 military transport carrying 126 paratroopers headed for Kiev. They have lost 80 tanks, 516 armored fighting vehicles (AFVs), 10 planes and 7 helicopters.

      6. Your peculiar interpretation of scriptures written in a language you do not read, alluding to historical events you never studied, is not the right way to analyze a war in twenty-first century Kiev.

      7. Barth: I back up Jeff here. I have studied the Scriptures in their original languages, and I know the original languages better than most who claim to know them. I can NOT find your peculiar interpretation of Scriptures.

      8. Huh? We’ll see how that interpretation holds up in the near future. In my reading of the Scriptures, there is no verse where Christians are promised a plane ticket out of here. Quite the opposite: all the prophets were martyred as were all of the Apostles. Once the Scriptures are divorced from the traditions of the Church Fathers, the doors are opened to whatever interpretation the imagination can dream up. Hal Lindsey has made failed predictions in the past and apparently he is still doing so today, from what I see. Goodness, American Christians are in La La land.

      9. Jeff has previously replied that daddy Bush during Desert Storm era, in speaking of, The New World Order, was in reference to the Cold War, which Jeff agrees with Nixon or Kissinger, was WW3. Jeff further asserted that it has nothing to do with the current Globalist agenda, as if something imaginary.

        Balance of Power, and Spheres of Influence, seemed to be what effectively kept Europe and the World free of nuclear war. During the, Cold War, the Western World, imposed sanctions against the USSR, which were dropped along with the Berlin Wall.

        Whether the West was deceived by the dissolution of the Soviet Union, or if they found it convenient to pretend to buy into the ploy, the West couldn’t wait to drop the sanctions, as sanctions limited economic growth for Western business interest..

        Putin calls for return to the pre 1997 Spheres of Influence, sans sanctions. That might be best for all concerned. Putin further considers that Eastern Europe has defenses robust enough to secure their own security, but that Russia is willing to discuss that aspect of his demand, for NATO to exit former USSR and perhaps Warsaw Pact, nation states.

        Everything is always negotiable, but not if relevant parties refuse to talk.

        Hal Lindsey clearly explains and cites specific relevant Scripture, of the timeline and events of, The Great Tribulation. Those who say that The Bible doesn’t say what I have said that is says, haven’t read Hal Lindsey’s books. I may not have completely accurately accounted for his writings, so read his works and then let me know; but not before. Otherwise, just wait and see.

        Let me just ad, that the dismissing of Putin so far up till now, how been proven to be a big mistake. In my opinion, he takes restrained, measured actions, which merit close attention. He’s not acting in an irresponsible manor, or demonstrating any proclivity for World domination. I personally don’t act much differently, when so many fools these days, decide to get in my face, either.

      10. Please do not misrepresent my analysis. Say what you think. Do not attribute nonsensical ideas to me. I do not agree with Nixon or Kissinger’s strategic ideas. I did not say WW3 was the Cold War. Nixon wrote that in a book. The full Cold War sanctions were not completely lifted until Obama imposed the new method of cancelling the banking privileges of Russian officials. That is not sanctions at all. Which major political event of the last 33 years did Hal Lindsay predict? I do not know of a single one.

      11. Hal Lindsey has not and does not make predictions. He amplifies that the Book of Daniel and the Book of Revelation, state therein, that they are sealed until the End Times, become near; that event’s in the Apocalyptic books don’t make sense in context to ancient days, and that as time progresses closely towards the End Times, that events described by the ancient Hebrew Prophets, begin to make more sense in unfolding context. What Lindsey does, is discuss evolving current events in relation to Prophetic ones, and considers if they might not be relevant or not.

      12. What do you mean convey, Jeff, with the title of your book, ‘Origins of the Fourth World War’? Or are you too, much of an artist, to say?

      13. You evidently did not read the book. The Origins of the Fourth World War is in the Third World War. The idea is that world wars will continue. The Third World War is not the end.

      14. Hal Lindsey has a doctorate from, Dallas Theological Seminary, and reads Greek and Hebrew. He uses whichever version of the Bible that has an accurate translation of whatever particular Scripture he cites, which most clearly conveys meaning in modern English. That being said, only the King James Version, is an accurate translation of the accurate ancient texts found at Antioch, Syria. All other versions of the Bible are translated from corrupted, contradictory texts, from Alexandria, Egypt. Therefore, as an expert in Greek and Hebrew, Dr Lindsey is able to carefully select only the modern English translations which happen to be accurate. The errors in all Bibles but the King James, are numerous, but there are many correct verses to choose from. If I were Hal Lindsey, I’d sue Jeff Nyquist for liable.

      15. Barth, Lindsey failed the measure of a prophet, as given in Scripture. He has predicted different dates for Christ’s return, none of which came to pass. This makes him a false prophet.

      16. Lindsey has NEVER made ANY such prediction for a date of Christ’s return. In fact he has stated repeatedly that Jesus himself didn’t know the exact date, but the that the season will be obvious.

      17. In matters of religion there are many differences of opinion. The fact that Hal Lindsey has a “degree” from some theological seminary means nothing to me. He has made many failed predictions about his rapture, a doctrine that many Christians, including myself, don’t believe in. I believe in Christ’s Second Coming at the last trump just like Paul stated and the “last trump” occurs at the end of everything in the Revelation of Saint John. Lindsey and those of his ilk are opportunists who sell their cheap books to people who have not studied the Scriptures with any degree of depth. Or, as the Scriptures say, the dead in Christ will rise and then those that remain will be gathered up to be with the Lord, forever. I haven’t seen the dead rising up in their resurrected bodies. Have you? The phony “rapture” doctrine will cause many sincere, but misguided Christians to abandon the faith — the falling away or apostasia — from which the word apostacy comes — that is predicted by Paul in 2 Thessalonians 2:3 and which precedes the appearance of the antichrist. Your theology is all mixed up.

      18. Name one time that Hal Lindsey ever made a failed prediction of The Rapture; the term coined by the Catholic Church, to describe an event supported by numerous Scripture, if not by the term. Dallas Theological Seminary, may not be what it was back in the day of Lindsey’s attendance, but it is fully accredited and a doctoral degree from any accredited college must meet rigorous standards. JR Nyquist, for instance, doesn’t have even a masters’ degree. Dr Carl Sagan once stated: “If you don’t have a doctorate, you aren’t even in the debate.”

        Hal Lindsey wrote an entire book about, The Rapture, reprinted in a different title, where in each edition he answers many critics on each of their particular misconceptions, such as Emilkc’s, regarding The Rapture.

      19. This discussion is pointless. Your comments demonstrate that the strong delusion and falling away — apostasy– are occurring right now. I know where the rapture heresy came from – the Plymouth Brethren and John Darby Nelson.

      20. I won’t argue the point, further, Barth, except to say that your interpretation is radically different from mine and mine is based on the study of the Church Fathers and Saints within the Eastern Orthodox Church, which considers such teachings to be a heresy. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see which interpretation pans out. Regardless, I maintain that the doctrine has had a negative impact on Christians by promising escape from persecution, which has never been the case for the prophets and the Apostles who suffered for the faith. I think Christians in the US are about to get a rude awakening and I hope that their faith isn’t shaken when the “rapture” promised by their huckster leaders does not occur.

    2. These are important points. The danger now becomes greater. Starting in late spring, watch China and North Korea. An attack on the United States must occur at some point in the war.

      1. Hall Lndsey in the early 1990’s foretold a german-russian alliance,Look up his book ‘planet earth 2000 ad’.Seems to have been right on target.

      2. Germany and Russia are not allies. Germany is allied to the United States and belongs to NATO. This is not a prediction that has come true.

    1. This was a great interview, Jeff. I honestly think Cliff is a great interviewer – sharp, knowledgeable, a true anticommunist. Learned tons here.

  46. Has anyone read the book, From Russia with Blood, and if so, what are folks’ opinions on that book? I stumbled across the book at a used bookstore and have just began reading it.

    1. I havent. But I just started reading, Only One Year, by Svetlana Alliluyeva, Stalin’s daughter. I found it by chance at a thrift store for 50 cents. Anyone have any thoughts on it?

      1. No, but it sounds interesting. So, far the book From Russia with Blood has been pretty interesting. It definitely does not show Putin in a good light. The focus is on the rise of Putin from Deputy Mayor of St. Petersburg to leader of Russia and his betrayal of those who helped his rise to power such as Boris Berezovsky.

      1. Germany halted construction of the pipeline to Russia as if higher prices for gas and oil would hurt Russia? Now, Germany sends weapons as England asserts that Russia is low on weapons and money with which to continue it’s adventure. Russia is bound to intercept the arms shipment, as it gets more money for oil with simpler logistics. I guess Russia won’t need to attack Germany.

      2. If Russia were to run out of operational funds and weapons, would Putin resort to tactical nukes?

  47. This sounds like retarded, wishful thinking, as if Russia has funds in the West, to protect against sanctions by the West? Russia will simply borrow black market and from Germany, with international funds as collateral.


    West Kicks Russian Banks Off SWIFT, ‘Paralyzes’ Central Bank Assets
    9 minutes ago

    [ Russia’s financial institutions that have been sanctioned in recent days, including Russia’s largest banks, will be ejected from the SWIFT network, thwarting their ability to conduct transactions internationally, von der Leyen said in a late-night press conference in Brussels.

    She said the bloc would also “paralyze the assets of Russia’s central bank.”

    “This will freeze its transactions and make it impossible for the Central Bank to liquidate its assets.” ]

    [ Russia’s Central Bank has amassed some $643 billion in international reserves in recent years, largely through sales of oil and gas. The cash pile — the world’s fourth largest — was supposed to be Russia’s insurance policy in the event of Western sanctions. ]

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