If the ruler loves to use his knowledge to alter the laws, constantly manipulates public matters for his personal benefit, alters and changes the regulations and prohibitions, and frequently issues all sorts of directives, the state can be destroyed.

Han Fei-tzu, “Precursors to Extinction”

Are we in the end-game of an East vs. West Cold War that never really ended? If so, how might we tell who is winning? In The Tao of Spycraft: Intelligence Theory and Practice in Traditional China, Chapter 14 covers the topic of political intelligence, with a subsection titled “Signs of a Doomed State.” Here we read classic commentaries from ancient Chinese sages. Some of the warning signs might be applied to China, others might be applied to America. Are both countries doomed?

Consider Yen-tzu’s observation that the ruler of a doomed state “likes to boast; his wisdom is meager but he likes to rely on himself, he is estranged from the noble an lowly; the great ministers neglect the rites; he inclines to flatterers and sycophants while slighting worthy men, takes pleasure in being rude and uncouth and in manipulating the common people; the state lacks common laws; the people lack pattern and order; he takes those skilled in sophistry as wise, those harsh to the people as loyal … takes pleasure in other people”s grief and finds profit in their hardship; his virtue is insufficient to embrace the people and his government is inadequate to nourish them; [his] rewards [are] insufficient to stimulate them to goodness and [his] punishments inadequate to prevent evil — this is the behavior of a doomed state.” (p.412)

With these precepts in mind, watch my Man In America interview with Seth. Which country is in a better position to prevail and which is boxed into a corner?


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55 thoughts on “End Game: Man in American Interview

  1. Seth Holehouse is a wonderful interviewer and discussionist! He has intelligence, incredibly fine manners, and is apparently on a similar wavelength, as well! It would be great to see the two of you together more often. Well done, gentlemen…

  2. This was time well spent. Great interview, Jeff. What was the U.S. invasion plan for Canada that you mentioned? Can you elaborate at all? Thanks for another great post!!

    1. I read about it in college in the 1970s. It was a contingency in case of a communist takeover. Nobody would use it now. Too late. We have communists in charge.

      1. I study at a major Canadian university and I can attest to the fact that communism rules academia. Even a professor told me privately, “The academy is a desert.” Thanks for the reply.

  3. Jeff, while black projects and other capabilities of the US Military are something we can only speculate on, there was apparently a meeting in the early 1990s in which “Fighter Command” was informed by “Space Command” that from 50,000 feet up, the fighter interceptors were no longer required for air dominance.
    Supposedly, the implications of this were not lost on the attending fighter pilots who were essentially in shock. Now what is unique about 50,000 feet and up? It’s clear, weather free.

    Short of a cloaked Klingon Bird of Prey, nothing hides from the sensors in use, presumably from orbit.
    As far as what that means concerning interception capabilities we can only speculate presumably light speed performance.

    Superb interview and interviewer.

  4. Great interview, Jeff. What a mess the whole world is in! If you had told me in 2019 what 2021 would be like, I would have thought you had lost your mind. You do a great job of laying out the issues and showing them in context historically. If the Chinese people came to believe that Beijing has lost the Mandate of Heaven, what would replace it? What would happen?

      1. Serpentza, on You Tube, is a good one to watch if you would like a handle on the attitudes of the Red Chinese population. He was forced to take his wife and leave because he was being harassed by the regime. The Police staked out his apartment and would harry him when he tried to move about. He lives, I think, in Kalifornia now.

        He finally had to admit that he was wrong and the populace supported the regime. At present, all channels of information are controlled by the CCP and the people are fed a diet of anti-Americanism.

        I think Serpentza posts weekly and also posts with another man who left Red China. They used to travel together on motorcycles within Red China. They had to quit that as the Police would harass them when they did that. Serpentza has said that the Police often seize motorcycles and take the keys from riders. I wonder how long he will stay in Kalifornia.

      2. Luck can only take one so far – skill, planning, and will move the pieces across the board.
        We have been on “borrowed time” – for a long time – Like Pasternak’s’ Zhivago – living in the end days of the old régime.

        Agree Great interview have passed along.

      3. Serpentza is a great source of info on China. He grew up in South Africa then relocated to China. Due to CCP harassment he is now in California. Poor guy has escaped 2 communist countries but has now landed in a 3rd.

  5. Despite the obvious false narrative foisted on the American public and the world everything makes sense when the curtain is pulled aside.

    1. It is pretty much common sense if you look at the facts. Our big failure is in that we have not defended our culture — or guarded against our internal enemy. We really have no such concept as “domestic enemy.” Look who is now in charge. Could communism have infiltrated the country and taken over by stealth from within? I see this because of my life experience, being told to study Marxism as a career path in teaching and at the graduate level. I saw it from the ground up and never closed my eyes to it. By opposing it you lose many things. How could that be? Now look again.

      1. Ever since Obama’s first election in 2008, I had the feeling that America had already entered – somewhat silently at first – a post-revolutionary state of affairs. The only difference now is that they have decided they are strong enough to show themselves openly as the force in charge! (As Trevor Loudon predicted back in October 2020, they were about to go for broke and risk running “butt-naked” across the finish line – which they did.)

        They have activated their shock troops on the ground to spread terror and destruction across the land. They are brutally intimidating everyone into compliance – including parents concerned about CRT being taught to their children in school and people who don’t want to get the “jab” and are now forced to either decide against their physical wellbeing or against their livelihoods. They are ruthlessly shattering at record speed – Cloward-Piven on steroids! – the U.S. (and the world’s) economy; the public health system; the police services; and even America’s defence capability by that same trick of vaccine mandates (apart from forcing their Cultural Revolution on the Armed Forces, no matter what). They have put a spectacular end to American leadership in the world. They are allowing hundreds of thousands, even millions, of Third-Worlders into the country, without vetting or medical examination or anything, and will use these newcomers as their electoral base for an irreversbile communist one-party dictatorship. They are more than ever determined to disarm the American populace and turn them into defenceless sheep. They control, Pravda-style, the major news media and are bullying any and every contrary view out of the public square. All the while, Moscow & Beijing are working feverishly to prepare for their great and murderous feast of World October.

        It all looks pretty much like a fait accompli for the Revolution, doesn’t it? And although it’s never over before it’s over, it doesn’t really need a defeatist any more to dryly state: Game over!

        A few weeks ago, another commenter (forgot who it was) mentioned a 1978 essay titled, “The Fate of Empires and Search for Survival” by Sir John Bagot Glubb a.k.a. Glubb Pasha (1897 – 1986). Glubb served from 1939 till 1956 as the de-facto commanding officer of Transjordan’s/Jordan’s so-named Arab Legion (the forerunner of the Jordan Royal Army) and in his later years wrote a considerable number of books predominantly on Middle East history,

        In “The Fate of Empires” (which, thanks to that other commenter’s tip, I now read), Sir John Glubb, having analysed the rise and fall of about a dozen European and Muslim empires through the centuries, reaches at the conclusion that there may well exist in the life of empires a logic, a fairly uniform pattern, an average lifespan even, from the moment of their coming into being all the way till their eventual demise. He discerns (1) a pioneering phase of “outburst”, in which a formerly marginal nation begins to rise through adventurous expansion, conquest and military heroism. This is followed by (2) a period of greater emphasis on commerce, where a given empire is slowly leaving behind its initial militarism and instead gets increasingly occupied with its ever-growing wealth, which slowly gives way to (3) an ever-more self-saturated society enjoying the splendours of cultural and artistic refinement, as well as convenience, a nation that is able to attract immigrants from all over the place and that thereby is turned from a former nation state into a cosmopolitan centre. The next stage is (4) a period of increasing intellectualism, in which academic life soars like never before and the sciences as well as philosophy reach new heights. (5) The subsequent stage is that of decadence, in which lawlessness increases, principle, morals and religious practice are no longer followed, no attention is paid any longer to military defence and the society as a whole is beginning to fall apart. The end of the cycle is the eventual breakup and demise of an empire, as it gets invaded and carved up among other nations that are, in their own cycles, yet at the beginning of their journey to greatness. The intriguing realisation by Sir John Glubb was also that most of the empires he studied collapsed after a period of more or less 250 years, with five of the eleven empires under investigation ending after 246, 247, or 250 years, respectively.

        Which brings us back to America, which right now, counting from the Declaration of Independence of 1776, stands in her 246th year. (Funny enough, for those who are familiar with astrology, Pluto’s orbit is not quite 248 years; Pluto symbolising like no other the course of death and rebirth.)

        Could it be that the American “Empire” (so called) has indeed reached the end of its life cycle? Going by the findings of Sir John Glubb, it looks that way, whether we like it or not (beat me up for saying this whatever you want).


    2. Agenda 21, ready or not. I don’t think they were fully prepared. This is doomed to fail, but they have shoved through so much unconstitutional veneer, that it will take years to sue everyone over it.

      The mask mandate makes it rather awkward to try and arrest violent Antifa suspects, who now try and paint themselves as if right wing domestic terrorists, to defame conservatives.

  6. So, the Los Angeles City Council says that everyone has to show proof of vaccination to enter most business establishments. Even if you are injected with the deadly mRNA Covid serum, every time you go to another bar, theatre, library, clothing store, or shop in a mall, you have to show someone your papers; probably a rent a cop.

    Personally, any time I find myself in an area where they have security guards in stores, it’s a bad neighborhood where you don’t want to be, anyway. Many chains have guards in some of their branches, but not others. If you like going through TSA at the airport, or visiting the IRS at the Federal Building, you’re going to especially, love L.A., today!

    I decided goodbye California, because LA County is considering the same mandates, and Santa Barbara has an unenforced law already, that you have to wear a mask on a public street. The mentality here is that since the virus won’t kill you, and they don’t want to get shot forcing people to take shots, they intend to kill you by death of a thousand annoyances.

    To move to Arizona, I thought I’d just go Greyhound. Well, they require either proof of vaccination, or Covid test within three days prior to travel. No walk in testing. You have to make a reservation online. The online registration requires a cell phone number. Cell phones cause cancer. I don’t have a cell phone. I wouldn’t be able to get vaccinated, even if I wanted to, which I don’t, but the bureaucracy precludes effective manipulation to the behavior attempted to be coerced.

    In Arizona it’s legal to carry a gun, and grow weed. There’s no mandates for vaccinations.

    I’m going, Forest Gump, style.

    1. The Maricopa County voter fraud is being investigated for criminal prosecution, so the subversives are under pressure in Arizona, despite Biden’s assistance to undermine Arizona conservative society. There might well be more illegal aliens unleashed upon Arizona, but they’re mostly headed for other more welcoming states. I’d rather fend of illegal aliens even if they are criminals, than to suffer fools in charge of California government. After California is cleared out by mRNA Covid serum morbidity, then maybe I’ll go back and squat in one of the many pending vacant, Beverly Hills, mansions.

  7. The grand solar minimum has not started yet. Ben Davidson from Suspicion Observers disproves Valentina Zharkova. You would be very wise to explore his site and listen to what he has to say.

    1. Tomatoes have been two weeks late already for the past two years in San Joaquin Valley.

  8. I witnessed an apparent Spacecraft which exhibited bi-location, back in 1988. Every time I looked at it in the binoculars, it was gone. As I looked up without the field glasses, I saw that the craft had moved over to above the other side of the street. I observed another witness look though the glasses, and the same thing happened to them, while I still saw the craft where it was. We were both looking at the same craft, but it was in a different location for each of us, who were standing, shoulder to shoulder. This was not parallax. The craft was in two different places at the same time. The speed of light is irrelevant.

    Just in time delivery, and sea traffic jams ought to be no problem. 3D printing is easily available. Shortages are contrived. China and the US corporatism, are in this together.

  9. Just found this gem presenting Comrade Charles, Prince of the Whales, at his very best: Just wondering who put all this eco-Marxist garbage into his brain: Al Gore? Klaus Schwab? Mikhail Gorbachev? Take your pick…

    1. The Masons, from the Bavarian ilLuminatti, line, like Skull & Bones, and the Jesuits who infiltrated Social Security along with the Veterans Administration. The Chinese mob is also Masonic.

      1. Taoist magic is Oriental esoterica, adopted in Chinese Masonic lodges, which engage in gambling, numbers running, drugs, and hit jobs. I’d write you a book about it, but then I’d have to pay them extortion. Look to, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. Why do you suppose that, Quentin Tarantino, portrays Bruce Lee, as do the hateful disciples of Wong, Jack-Man? Why did China finance the movie? why did the committee of gay lobby, green light the production?

        Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, connects the Satanic ritual sacrifices, of Sharon Tate, Bruce Lee, Brandon Lee, and David Carradine. I can elaborate if you wish. Sirhan Sirhan hung with the Manson cult. This connects the deaths of Bobby Kennedy, Jack Kennedy, and Marylyn Monroe, to Sharon Tate, Michelle Philips, Mia Farrow, and Roman Polanski.

        Bruce Lee’s autopsy was covered up at the highest levels of British Government, which leased Hong Kong from China. Bruce Lee was more influential in China, that even Elvis Presley and Chairman Mao, combined. Great Britain didn’t want disruption of Chinese and Hong Kong society, any more than did the Communists. Politicians can’t compete with genuine, charismatic leaders, so they are never allowed to live.

        Jeff, you talk about Russia being dominated by organized crime, do you honestly think that that’s the only country? Or is organized crime, the tool of the nation state?

        Bring back the Anti Masonic Party.

      2. Frank Sinatra knew that his dear, platonic friend, Marilyn Monroe was assassinated. He never got over it. Sinatra went off on Sinead O’Connor, for being a bald headed chick, and for lampooning the Pope, but he was married to Mia farrow, who had a Twiggy cut. Sinatra indisputably had mob ties.

        By the way, Sirhan Sirhan, recently made parole.

      3. These are the guys behind the Covid Live Exercise. That’s the point. People are being killed by the deadly injections as payment in Satanic ritual sacrifice. Notice how first they mandate parents as non essential workers, so that they can’t support their families. Then they coerce people, including useful idiot civil servants to get injected. Now that most people are doomed to become rotting zombies, they come for the orphans. It is indeed all tied together. These things don’t happen in a vacuum. This intricate plot works from so many angles, it can’t be other than by design. PhDs and supercomputers have been working on this for decades.

        Read, Bible Prophecy!

        No nation has ever been removed from being a country and been restored even once, other than Israel which has done so three times, precisely as Prophesized in ancient Hebrew Scripture. When America is gone, it won’t be the exception. When traitorous security guards are just doing their jobs, by asking for people to line up and produce their vaccine passports in order to buy a vacuum cleaner, America is gone.

      4. Hank: How could you possibly prove such hysterical assertions, linking Devil worship to Soros and Gates? These men are secularists. Forgive me, but I suspect you are a troll from the left trying to disrupt and discredit this site. If you are honest, I will offer you some advice. Read some good books on history. Get some real knowledge. Instead of burning witches or heretics, burn your conspiracy books. Your approach to things is frighteningly superstitious, irrational, and paranoid. You discredit Christianity by presenting yourself as a parody of the Christian faith. You harm your own cause.

    2. Most Brits don’t like him. The adulterous prince placates to the Chinese, despite the fact that China emits the most pollution in the world. You can’t expect much IQ and courage from the German House, especially looking at the males being easily taken in by gold diggers.

      But then again, you can say that to be true with the younger generation with low IQ and those enamoured with Chinese females all the while pretending to be anti-Communist.

      No different to Serpentza and LaoWhy86– they chastise and protect China in the same sentence. They have an air of hypocrisy or appear to be Chinese spies to deceive the masses.

      There is not only a void in leadership to protect the just from the hoardes, but the degenerate and arrogant masses are in bed with the Enemy. Until there’s a decoupling from China, America will fall.

      Many authors, including Chalmer Johnson predicted America’s fall before the Wuhan pandemic as unleashed from China.

      There is not a “communist take over” because everything was handed to them. A take over would imply some resistance, however looking at the demoralised masses, they are wilfully enriching the Enemy. See how many users are on Chinese owned Tik Tok, as an example.

      As Jeff pointed out previously– the depopulation is from China, not Russia. I see China being the greatest threat to humanity and having diplomatic and trade relationship with those that seek to destroy democracy will never end well for the democratic county.

      Communism is very much aligned with the Chinese culture, whether they speak the dialects of Cantonese, Mandarin, Thai, Laotian, or Vietnamese. The “West” puts its values and interpretations of what the Chinese are and the Chinese will never openly correct the “West” as it benefits from the “West” ignorant and romanticism. There is a collectivism amongst Chinese to dominate and control the masses as they have in centuries past and they will kill each other to reach that end. And the “West” allows it.

      The “West” brought upon its own destruction.

      1. The West is following a course of collective suicide. Not sure there are any real leaders left. So many idiots. Useless and useful idiots.

  10. Jeff, not sure if you can comment in regards to the Grand Solar Minimum, on Facebook, a Australian weather forecaster who goes by the name of Inigo Jones on Facebook is warning that next year it will be colder than this year, also China had early snow again:



  11. Great interview! I once worked with an engineer who in an earlier job worked with Bob Lazar at the Nevada bomb test site. Lazar has some interesting UFO stories about anti-gravity devices and my co-worker said he was very sincere in his beliefs. Personally, I believe there could be something to the story, but wild and crazy stories require careful examination before going too far out there. The Navy patents may be a dead end to confuse the Russians and Chinese or they could be related to what Lazar was saying. There are a lot of other strange patents out there in the biophysics and nanotech field too.

  12. Mr. Nyquist is right about the importance of staying on topic. Can we please not turn this into another thread with meandering and hollow chatter about tired and hard-to-prove conspiracy theories?

    1. So according to the interview, the endgame to the Chinese invasion of the lower 48 is to expedite their plan to beat solar minimum, starvation and American super weapons, and attack America with a second bio weapon. This bio weapon is highly contagious and extremely deadly and will be released soon.

      1. I am going by what General Chi said their plan would be. There is also a fear of discovery on the Chinese side. So China and Russian appear to be getting ready for war in the near term. I am told there plan was a Chinese plan to wait until 2035. This surprised me when I heard it. But the same source, with connections in Beijing, says they cannot wait so long to finish us off. Plus, China is now suffering from serious economic dislocations that could bring down their economy within a year. There is an argument now taking place among experts. Will China attack Taiwan in the next six months? Very smart people are saying China will attack. I am fascinated by these arguments but do not think the Chinese strategists are so stupid to seek so small a prize at so great a cost. If they go to war their objective will be to destroy the USA. But who knows? If their economy is in trouble we might be in luck. But can war be avoided? Will they unleash a new strain of COVID now that they have cover? It seems they would.

  13. Hi Jeff, great interview. Hope to see you do more of these with “Man in America”.

    I follow Martin Armstrong‘s postings. He’s pretty connected to what’s going on behind the curtain. His understanding is that the European Union is on the verge of collapse and that Bill Gates, George Soros and Klaus Schwab concocted this plan with Fauci to release the Covid bio weapon in China to make it look like China is responsible for it.

    The purpose of the COVID bio attack was to bring down Donald Trump by locking down America so they could initiate mail in balloting so they could steal the election and put their puppet in place. Their supposed goal is to beat global warming by 2030 by bringing down the fossil fuel industry and “Build Back Better”. In the meantime, they plan to initiate a digital currency plan so they can tax everything and everybody to forestall the economic collapse of the EU. According to Armstrong, they need the US military and their secret weapons to threaten Russia and China to join them in their plan for global conquest and creation of a NWO.

    So as you can see there are two major competing conspiracy theories. And I hold both you and Martin Armstrong in high regard. So I’m conflicted. Both of these plans are communist and tyrannical.

    Certainly Russia and China see what the EU is up to. Since the liberals and traitors in America are with the EU in bringing down America why not, if you are Russia and China, let the EU and traitors within America do your work for you? But then I think Russia and China are afraid of the US new super weapons and can’t wait for the EU plan to unfold which includes threatening Russia and China to join the NWO or else.

    How do you view these two competing conspiracies? No doubt Russia and China have spies inside the EU and the UN, WHO and the BIS etc. They know what’s going on. Is Russia and China going to allow the EU run by Klaus Schwab to do their dirty work for them, or are they too afraid of the super weapons and need to act unilaterally…soon?

    Here are some links to what Armstrong believes is going on. I suggest to all subscribing to his daily blog posts.




    1. I do not think these Western businessmen have the knowledge or depth to compete with the Russians and Chinese strategically. I see them as co-opted by them. Armstrong’s interpretation lacks an understanding of Russia’s deep intelligence operations. Bill Gates was friendly with Jeffrey Epstein. Does that sound remotely intelligent to you? Is Gates or an idiot like Schwab able to compete with the Russian special services? — or have they been ensnared by them? Gates and Schwab do not know what they are doing. Soros is Russia’s laundromat for the Red Cocaine operation. Netherland’s Antilles is ground zero for the Soros fund. You have to look past all the misdirection.

  14. Perhaps not incidentally, just yesterday Military Sandbox channel on youtube posted a promo video about how well trained and maintained the Minutman III missiles and crews are. I don’t know when the video was made but i’d expect to see a video like this if there was serious talk about using them soon.

    Afghanistan was more of an intelligence failure than nearly anyone realizes. We’ve just shown the world, especially in the hardest to penetrate 2nd/3rd world areas, that we’re an undependable ally and don’t really care about our sources as individuals. The Biden admin seriously hindered HUMINT recruiting for the next decade. This is in addition to the morale on future sources resulting from existing spy networks being rolled up due to sheer political incompetence or malfeasance.

    The research on anti-gravity is just bizarre. if you look into the history of the most promising findings you find either the scientists went underground and stopped publishing on the subject at the peak of their research or funding “ran out” at the peak of the replication research in the case of the NASA verifications of one scientist’s research. I saw a comment on a youtube video that really got my attention (although i can’t prove its correct), the poster commented that the technology used in anti-gravity research could be used to make explosives with unlimited theoretical explosive power much more (theoretically) easily than building anti-gravity flying devices.

    My local news just published a story on large increases in natural gas prices this season. The local news interviewed a wood fireplace salesman. How long do you imagine cheap wood will be available once wood heaters become widespread solutions to high gas prices?

    By the way, i’m expecting federal banning of perishable food imports as part of a program to reduce port backlogs.

    1. Interesting observations. We are seeing some very strange things. The Longshoreman are going to destroy the import business — which will help us in the long run. But is there a long run?

  15. SO much in this interview! Wow. Sometimes after listening to a good JR Nyquist talk, I feel like I just earned a new, free graduate degree in geopolitics and/or economics or any number of other fields of study.

    Whistling Pomp & Circumstance as I type this.

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