Though this be madness, yet there is method in it.

Shakespeare, “Hamlet”

We now live in a nation where generals destroy military readiness, doctors destroy health, airlines destroy air travel, the Justice Department destroys justice, and now we have a vaccine that does not vaccinate. The COVID-19 vaccines were supposed to eradicate COVID-19, but now that hundreds of millions are vaccinated the virus is killing more people than ever. Worse yet, the global economy is breaking under the strain. But the “leaders” of West are relentless; – especially President Biden, who has compared the experimental COVID vaccines to vaccines for polio, measles, mumps, etc. We want a cure, right? Biden says the vaccines are the cure. But the numbers suggest otherwise.

According to Steve Kirsch, the Executive Director of the Early Treatment Fund (, “The vaccines are killing more people than they are saving.” Going by the statistics shown in a September 15 article in The New England Journal of Medicine, approximately 10,000 American lives have been saved by the vaccines.[i] At the same time, according to a detailed study by Steve Kirsch, Jessica Rose and Mathew Crawford, vaccines have caused 150,000 excess deaths.[ii] One of the studies they cite, puts the number of vaccine deaths over 205,000.

The Kirsch-Rose-Crawford paper drew conclusions from several peer-reviewed studies. For example, take a look at Ronald N. Kostoff’s study, “Why are we vaccinating children against COVID-19?”[iii] In essence, Kostoff shows that inoculation-based deaths are an order-of-magnitude greater than the COVID-19 deaths. Yet another study shows that the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is not accurately tracking deaths or adverse reactions. According to Jessica Rose, writing in the October 2021 issue of Science, Public Health Policy, and the Law, VAERS data is being improperly deleted and there is a serious lag-time in registering reports. Using statistical modeling to calculate the actual number of vaccine deaths, Rose estimated “205,809 dead, 818,462 hospitalizations, 1,830,891 ER visits, 230,113 life-threatening events, 212,691 disabled and 7,998 birth defects to date.”[iv] (3) Also, consider “The Vaccine Death Report,” by David John Sorensen and Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, MD, which suggests millions have already died from COVID injections worldwide and hundreds of millions already have serious side effects. Sorensen and Zelenko state, “The data shows we are currently witnessing the greatest organized mass murder in the history of our world.”[v] Here is what a CDC whistleblower, in a sworn affidavit, says about the actual number of vaccine deaths:

I have, over the last 25 years, developed over 100 distinct healthcare fraud detection algorithms, both in the public and private sector…. When the COVID-19 vaccine clearly became associated with patient death and harm, I was inclined to investigate the matter. It is my professional estimate that VAERS … database … is under-reported by a conservative factor of at least 5 [vi]

Elsewhere we read of an independent researcher who attempted to look up specific case-ID’s on the VAERS database and found “countless examples where the original death records were deleted, and in some cases, the numbers have been switched for milder reactions.” The researcher further stated, “what the analysis of all the case numbers is telling us right now is that there’s approximately 150,000 cases that are missing, that were there, that are no longer there. The question is, are they all deaths?”[vii]

Consider, as well, the 5 October headline for The Exposé: “The Uk has Fallen – 81% of Covid-19 deaths are among the Vaccinated.” According to this article, “the latest Public Health data shows that Covid-19 vaccinated people have accounted for 81% of Covid-19 deaths this summer, whilst UK Government data shows that Covid-19 deaths are over 11 times higher than this time last year, and Office for National Statistics data shows that since teens were first given the Covid-19 vaccine there has been a 63% increase in deaths among teen boys compared to the same period in 2020.”[ix]

Why should anyone trust whistleblowers and doctors who are, by the way, losing their jobs and their medical licenses for speaking out? The answer is simple. These people have nothing to gain by lying. The government and Big Pharma, on the other hand, have a history of lying – and have a great deal to gain, since there is an ongoing power play. It seems that ideologically driven socialists are attempting to sabotage the capitalist economy by destroying the middle class; and the ultra-rich are signed on to get richer. The communist Chinese and those in China’s corner, meanwhile, want to weaken the United States. It is a case of the usual suspects up to more than their usual tricks.

We know the U.S. Government is lying about how much it cares for our health because they have opened the border to a diseased horde of illegal aliens – who are largely unvaccinated. If the government cared about spreading disease, they would be worried about all the tuberculosis coming across that open border. But they are not concerned. They do not like America having a border, since borders are protective and the whole idea is to put the country on its knees.  

At the same time the government is determined to force unsafe vaccines on the U.S. military. They also want to alienate scientists by forcing the vaccines on Oak Ridge National Labs, etc., which will damage the U.S. military and Oak Ridge when all the smartest people leave or are forced out of their positions. After all, smart people, who can afford to retire, are not going to take this jab. Brave people, who don’t care about their careers, will also walk away. Everyone else will probably take the shot; but it is not going to help them in the long run. It will not stop the pandemic. It will not keep them from getting the virus or spreading it.

Sadly, the United States Government and most of America’s institutions are run by socialists (whether they see themselves that way or not). We have all heard government officials deny their socialist ideology again and again, yet the country is being moved closer to socialism from day to day. The entire process is one of deception. It has always been so. In fact, America’s leaders are so accustomed to lying about their socialist agenda they do it without thinking. They pretend to care about a country they despise. They pretend to build the economy while they destroy the economy. What are we to think of them? This is not misgovernment. This is treason and sabotage. But which of our leaders will say so?

The airline industry, on which the country depends, is presently being disrupted because pilots have objected to being vaccinated. The reason for this? President Biden issued an executive order saying federal contractors must vaccinate their employees – and airlines are considered federal contractors. In the near future, airline passengers will have to be vaccinated as well. It is only a matter of time. The fact is, one exit after another is being closed for people who want to avoid the jab. Freedom of movement will be curtailed for millions of people, and the economy will be seriously disrupted, even though the vaccines do not work and are unsafe.

We are witnessing a very special kind of stupid; but the way in which these socialists are messing with the military is doubly stupid. If tens of thousands of soldiers, sailors and airmen refuse the vaccines, will the military lose essential personnel? Will the armed forces suffer a loss of morale? With an ongoing pilot shortage, how many pilots can the Air Force afford to lose? If the vaccines are as dangerous as the vaccine critics maintain, will mass vaccination cripple the military in the months to come? What if serious auto-immune symptoms occur in 20 percent of our vaccinated soldiers? How will the military survive? And how many recruits have been turned away because they do not want the vaccines?

There was a disturbing rumor I heard last week. I was told that servicemen with vaccine injuries requiring expensive medical care are going to be kicked out of the service for reasons of poor health – left unemployed and without insurance. As a cost-cutting measure it is ingenious and evil. You force a young service member to take a shot they do not need, and it makes them sick and unemployable, and then you take away their medical care when they need it most. I do not know what the reader thinks, but this enrages me. If this is true, then future trials of our generals for violating the Nuremberg Code should result in hangings. They should not be allowed a firing squad under any circumstances. It must be the rope.

Think now, once more, on the Nuremberg Code. As noted last week, this code says it is a crime to trick or threaten anyone into taking an experimental medical treatment. The whole vaccination program is, in fact, the biggest medical experiment in history. If people want to take the vaccine, and are told the risks, that is fine. But if people do not want to take the vaccine, and only take it because their livelihoods are threatened, then I believe the offenders should be tried and hanged for the resulting deaths. Or am I being unfair? If you think so, go back to the first paragraph and read the facts and figures again. At any rate, we will all know the truth soon enough; unless the country succumbs to leftist totalitarianism. In that event, the truth will never be admitted. Not ever. And we shall live as George Orwell said, with “a boot stamping on a human face forever.”

It seems, indeed, that the way that we have organized society is wrong. We have the worst people in charge of everything (in Europe and America). Our prosperity has made us soft and stupid. Too many people put career and money ahead of truth. This is how you get bad leaders. Everything here is a lesson in leadership – a lesson in what should never be done, what should never be tolerated. Unfortunately, our society has socialized an entire generation who are either too stupid to recognize the truth or too greedy to bother with it. The lesson we are about to learn is going to be a very hard one.

Notes and Links

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[vi] The website is officially blocked by Norton Anti-Virus as “dangerous” – since the whistleblower, in this case, has probably drawn hackers who have attached the site. For the brave, the site can be accessed at https://renzlaw,

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94 thoughts on “Vaccine Madness, Part II

  1. Jeff, it is way way worse than you speculate. And no, you are not being unfair.
    If they lie about this, and by now none can debate that they are lying, what else are they lying about?
    What else have they lied about? What else will they lie about?

    A hint, EVERYTHING.

    1. They have always lied, but their lies are now of such a magnitude they are challenging the truth dangerously. The only one who has told the truth is Trump. But that was so unbearable to them, they removed and banned him, as we are all aware.
      America is being slowly boiled like a lobster in a slow cooking pot and I don’t mean global warming.

      1. Jeff, I think you raise a legitimate question about President Trump. He is going to be interviewed by Bill O’Reilly next week. So, maybe he will get asked this and he can speak for himself. In my opinion, Trump had an evil advisor in Fauci who knew a lot more than he admitted and like Satan was and is a grand master in deception.

  2. Definitively not unfair.
    The reckoning will be, and should, brutal, even though nothing can compensate for the wrong doings.
    And perhaps this time around, we can break out of the pattern.

      1. We need yellow vests, and support networks for individuals, and their families, who suffer for their courage. I believe people still are capable of great courage, if we don’t feel we’re going it alone. It’s no accident we’ve been stuffed into our houses.

  3. It is impossible to foresee a conclusion to the current chapter of history that does not involve ugliness and brutality on a level not seen in years (if ever). It may be tempting to take a Pollyanna approach and believe that somehow the tide will turn without disaster, but our leaders seem hellbent on pushing this thing to a nasty conflagration and the bulk of the populace in the West is delusion and/or ambivalent about what is happening. With the wheels now falling off the supply chain and rampant inflation taking hold, the acceleration downhill is picking up pace. Yet MSM and the social media hive mind still spend the bulk of their time focusing on what some tender snowflake group is upset about today and who needs to be un-personed as a result of that upset (paging Jon Gruden).

  4. Seatbelts in automobiles have been compulsory in the US since 1968.
    Even now, in 2021, statistics show that some 38,000 people die annually in auto accidents, even though they dutifully wear their seatbelt in the vain assumption that they are protected.

    From reading that information you could deduce that in 60 years more than 2,000,000 people have died even wearing seatbelts.

    The statistics are correct and we could shout in horror and argue that the government has been a willing complicit instigator in the mass murder of citizens over 60 years.

    Some people would believe the argument I just proposed but I think the vast majority would see through the manipulation of the figures when they quickly realise how many TENS OF MILLIONS were saved by simply wearing a seatbelt.
    The seatbelt mass murder conspiracy is clearly incorrect and not a logical argument against wearing a belt..

    Let’s apply the same seatbelt logic to Covid 19 vaccinations.
    If I just read an article telling me that 205,000 fully vaccinated people in the US died unnecessarily due to having Covid shots that kill them, I would read it and actually be quite scared.
    In fact I read the article twice because I enjoy the JR Nyquist blog, it is always well written and mainly puts some very valid points.

    The Covid 205,000 deaths really does need to be looked at in relation to the number to people who have not died since having the shots. The number are around 188,000,000, that quite low at only 57% of the population and need to be a lot higher to reach herd immunity.
    Even so If we went totally crazy and attributed all that hypothetical 205,000 deaths to people who had been double vaccinated we would still only have a death rate of 1 in a thousand deaths versus millions who have not died.
    In fact the rates of death have dropped incredibly and there is no longer the mass hysteria of millions of people dropping like flies, it’s simply not going to happen.

    What need to happen is that people get vaccinated and take back their freedom, Stop wearing the masks and simply live their lives.
    That’s what we have done and to us it is no longer a life or death issue.
    The other points in the article about how the current US(less) administration is using the Covid threat to subjugate the populous has substantial validity.
    I am sure that in many despotic countries, despots are using the same tactics.

    1. How come more people are dying after mass vaccinations? If the vaccines worked you should have fewer deaths, slowed transmission, etc. And how come so many vaccinated people are dying? What is your protection against variants? Are the variants caused by the vaccinations? The facts are obvious: The vaccines do not work well, and are saving a much smaller number than you claim. And the vaccines are highly toxic. A vaccinated person still can be infected with COVID. You have to look at the evidence here. What is the level of protection? Five percent? For how long? How many more vaccinations will you need? What damage will your body suffer from repeat-inoculations? This is a mad experiment if there ever was one. Look more closely at your numbers.

      1. Jeff, I am in the UK and we have some 140 deaths daily. That is clearly a managable number as it extrapolates to 50,000, like a bad influenza year. Over the worst 12 months of Covid we had 130,000 deaths annually (360 day av)
        Our daily infection rates are way higher NOW than they were a year ago, BUT deaths are less than half. That shows the vaccine is working because we are near herd immunity, which is why we have opened up and got back to work, slowly.
        Yes I have had my two shots (Oxford-AstaZeneca). I know I can still catch it and carry it but can see that vaccination reduces the chance of my hospitalisation as I now have antibodies.
        Those antibodies reduce over time so I will take the booster.
        I also knew there was very small a risk in having the vaccinations, but had no side effect other than a runny nose for a couple of days.
        You asked the following:
        Q Are the variants caused by the vaccinations? A. I have no idea
        Q What is your protection against variants? A. No idea
        You stated: The facts are obvious. A. Clearly they are NOT because we are still to early into this to know the facts. By stating the fact are clear is not correct because it is not a settled matter.
        Q You said: The vaccines do not work well, and are saving a much smaller number than you claim.
        A They are the best option we have.
        I agree it is an experiment but as I feel it was a deliberate attack, I view it as a war situation. I view it as the worst bio attack ever conducted on the planet. I can also see US involvement, finance and Fauci as an arch liar deceiving US all.
        I can also see that in the US there are other dynamics and that it is being manipulated politically by both inside and outside forces. That certainly ramps up suspicions, fear and anxiety.
        Lastly, I have looked closely at the numbers which can always be read from a positive or negative viewpoint.
        We all know that.
        I am a cup half full person, we will win.
        I am not a cup half empty person and terrified to get on with life.
        I do also read the tea leaves in life and can certainly see major issues ahead with Covid being a small, but important part of the mix.

      2. You are aware that the spike protein is active in the shots and can cause organ damage? And did you know the lipids from the shot can get into your bone marrow? This is not good. We also do not know the long term implications of this entirely new therapy. Your chances of dying of this virus if you catch it is below 2 percent. The latest variants may be less dangerous. Why would you even take a shot unless you were in a high risk group? I do not understand. Also, herd immunity cannot work when vaccines allow the virus to spread. That is not possible. Sorry. Only real immunity or a vaccine that prevents infection altogether will get us to herd immunity,

      3. @JRNyquist: “You are aware that the spike protein is active in the shots and can cause organ damage? And did you know the lipids from the shot can get into your bone marrow?”

        WTF? Really? It didn’t say that in the vaccine info sheet that I had received; I know that sounds naive.

      4. Robert Malone discussed that with Bret Weinstein in June. There are things here they did not understand about the spike protein when they made those shots.

      5. @JRNyquist: “That is harsh.” Yes, well, my step-father is looking for nearly any excuse to throw me out, justified or not; it’s been like this for a long time.

  5. I’m so pleased to see a conservative blogger lay the groundwork for the future execution of these scoundrels / traitors. This is something that must happen and is, in my opinion, going to fulfil the slaying of the 7,000 in Revelation 11v13 (“names of men” in the original translation from Greek, or as we might nowadays say, “renowned / high profile / important people”) when the Lord’s cause is restored from the dead. Justice will catch up on them even in this life and be done emphatically, and seen to be done.

  6. Today the minimum requirement is the vaccine. Tomorrow the minimum requirement will be vaccine plus a booster, then another, then another. Like Inspector Foyle said above, we are absolutely on a freight train running downhill towards something. Many I speak to agree. What exactly the end looks like, I don’t know.

    1. Thank you Mr. Nyquist for a great article.

      Today my home country Finland also accepted the vaccine passport. It is terrifying to see what people have become. They no longer care about the truth.

      1. I dont know. There are not many restrictions right now and not that much covid, and they say the passport will be for short time anyways. All the parties supported the passport, expect two parties, the Nationalist and Christian party. Some people demonstrated against it outside of the Parliament, but there were not many.

        Also at the same time this finnish video platform TokenTube (it is very similiar to youtube but uncensored) just lost its servers without any reason at all, which is curious. The media is pushing leftist agenda in my opinion, and it has a huge impact on people. But there has also been many alternative media emerging.

        The official stats show that the covid has not really been that lethal here in Finland, and there are only few people in hospitals because of it, and that there are record number of vaccine side effects ever, so I guess that not everyone is corrupt. But the media gives completely different picture of the situation with overly emotional arguments, and many doctors, scientist and politicians also do the same. And it is the media that people mainly read and believe.

        There are also good doctors, but some of them lost their jobs when they spoke against the vaccination of children. Somehow they are vaccinating children now, even though not a single person under 30 years old has died of this virus here in Finland.

      2. It is pretty crazy that anyone would vaccinate children with an experimental vaccine when children are not at risk from the virus. I am literally shocked at the illogic of it.

  7. It is not just the exodus of airline employees that will destroy air travel, but FAA employees as well. ATC tends to be younger and thus more likely to be woke/PC and thus fully quaccinated. But not all. Maybe 20-25 percent will walk. Among Tech Ops, those of us who maintain the NAS (National Air Space) – radar, air to ground radio, VOR, ILS, etc, the numbers are higher, more like 50%. This equipment does not calibrate itself. It does not repair itself when it fails. So even if you have a bare minimum of controllers to keep most airports open (at reduced hours) the vital equipment will degrade. Soon.

    1. Whoever it is that’s behind coercing everyone to get the death shots, thinks that they can bluff people. These deadlines have already been extended, so BS walks.

  8. The first mandates were to lay workers off. Then, the essential workers, mostly civil servants, were coerced into getting the deadly shots. Either you die from poison or else from starvation. Now, the non essential workers who see no privilege in getting injected, are made scapegoat for the demise of the economy, as long shore men and postal workers, police officers and nurses decline injections; as if only those recalcitrant anti vaxers would get the shots so that they can resume work, everything would be hunky-dory.

    We’re being messed with.

    The original idea behind the TPP was to eliminate long shore men and truck drivers, by unloading super humongous cargo ships from China in Mexico, then bringing imports into the United States on a new train through the Mid West to Canada. With truck drivers and long shore men, removing themselves out of the equation, it’s all clear.

    Is there supposed to be an economic recovery planned in all this? How’s that supposed to work?

    Just bear in mind that it is Chinese military generals who are the CEOs of Chinese companies, which operate in partnership with US transnational corporations, that manufacture all the cheap crap that Americans buy on credit. Is that Socialism? I’m not saying that makes Socialism good or right, but it lends support for the controlled opposition. Will Socialism be the solution? Will the recently disenfranchised value lost privileges enough to accept loss of Rights? Or will the newly impoverished, claim vacant State and Federal land, and under Common Law, virtually exercise the rescinded, Homestead Act? The Bill of Rights is not a wish list. The Second Amendment is how The People are to defend all God given Rights, as reiterated in The Bill Of Rights.

      1. We’ll never see them coming, yeah? The US Navy patrols the South China Sea, with war ships, and China cries like a little school girl about that and can’t do anything to stop it.

  9. If it wasn’t happening before our eyes, it would be simply unbelievable. We’ve needed term limits for “leaders” since at least back in the 60’s. Now we’re stuck with these blood sucking dinosaurs.

      1. It’s hard to see, and yet hard to believe, like the Emperor’s new cloths. The thing to remember is, the Boy who cried Wolf.

      2. Woof.

        Personally, if I were President, I’d have nuked all the enemy nuclear armed submarines my first day on the job. If they’d care to retaliate with land based ICBMs, we have more time to react to those than to the subs. I don’t suffer fools or tolerate bullies who make threats, veiled or overt. If I were Israel, Tehran would have been toast, long ago.

      3. People always think I’m joking when I’m serious and serious when I’m joking. I mean it. I would launch a first strike on nuclear submarines, and let the chips fall where they may. Personally, I doubt if either China or Russia, would retaliate. The submarines at sea, are expendable. Land based ICBMs are too, close to home.

  10. Hi, here in Brazil the hysteria is huge and left people blind, I haven’t been vaccinated yet and I’m going to avoid it as much as possible, the risk is not worth it.

      1. Hi Jeff, what do you think are the communist plans for Brazil?

        I would never take the vaccine regardless of the manufacturer, but if the vaccines cripple Brazilian society, then that could spell trouble for Chinese food supplies. This could mean that coronavac might safe, but this is just my speculation. I really don’t know what to expect for Brazil.

      2. No problem, I just can’t imagine living in fear and dying a little bit every day. I am a Christian and as Ap. Paulo wrote: “… and being with Christ, [for] [it is] very much better, …” (Phil. 1:23).

      3. Maybe the Bolsenaro-experience answers your question as to why Trump is pro-vaccine.He might be pro-vaccine for the same reason he didnt push back harder (if at all) against the ‘health measures’ whilst in office:the media would have blamed him personally for every ‘covid death’.Maybe Trump just estimated that a different response was not be politically viable.

        His son meanwhile posts anti-covid-hysteria tweets on an allmost daily basis.Would he be veering off the family script if he wasn’t getting a nod from somewhere?

  11. Jeff,havent you mentioned ‘seeded air mass’?That would be convinient right?With -initialy- covid-like symptoms.The first day you feel under the weather:cough,fever and sore throat.On the second day you think you’re on the mend.And then,on the third day,you’re dead.

  12. And of course there is the news that Taiwan health authorities made in the last day or so–the number of people dying after their COVID-19 vaccination is exceeding the number of deaths from the virus itself.
    Taiwan’s health authorities say that as of Monday, deaths after vaccination reached 865. While deaths from the virus are 845.

    1. Taiwan still can’t tell the Flu from the common cold, and China can’t even manage to reign in Taiwan, let alone their own domestic Muslim population.

      1. Mr. Nyquist, is it possible, that should China fully invade Taiwan (whenever that is), then the island will be used as a staging ground for their potential U.S. invasion?

      2. Taiwan is too far away to be used as a staging ground against the USA. I am skeptical of China’s plans to invade Taiwan now. Their strategy has always been to defeat the USA. Small countries can be easily forced to surrender if the USA is no longer a factor.

      1. Jeff, when has anyone ever had a blood test to diagnose the Flu?

        Have you?

        While I’m here:

        How The Left Destroyed Election Integrity
        Oct 14, 2021
        Kristi Leigh interviews Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, an accomplished scientist and entrepreneur currently spearheading the legal battle for the Maricopa County election audit. He says not to expect any changes to come from the legal system. Only working people’s movement will bring change.

    2. I saw this as well. I find it curious, most of the death about 600 was from Astra Zeneca, more than 200 from Moderna, and then 22 from Taiwanese vaccine. But I saw nothing from Pfizer, and yet they are using it.

      Is the Pfizer really better, or what is going on? Because in my country they also dont recomment Astra or Moderna for young people anymore. Here Pfizer has caused many side-effects according to official stats, but maybe they were not that severe, dont really know.

  13. I have been waiting, just waiting, for this shoe to drop: Dept of Health and Human services announcing a requirement for all Medicare (and maybe Medicaid) enrollees to be vaccinated by sometime next year. Penalty for not being vaccinated could well be temporary suspension of Medicare coverage, followed by permanent de-enrollment in the program after, say, another last-chance 30-day probationary extension is given, with every non-complying recipient being warned by mail. New enrollees will have up to a year to be vaccinated or face the same fate. Something I would almost be willing to place a serious bet on. What say others?

    1. Thank you for the chilling advance notice of what the Department of Heath and Human Services is up to.

      I was not able to find that announcement on the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services website.

      Harold do you have a credible source, or a link that shows:

      “Dept of Health and Human services announcing a requirement for all Medicare (and maybe Medicaid) enrollees to be vaccinated by sometime next year. Penalty for not being vaccinated could well be temporary suspension of Medicare coverage, followed by permanent de-enrollment in the program after, say, another last-chance 30-day probationary extension is given, with every non-complying recipient being warned by mail. New enrollees will have up to a year to be vaccinated or face the same fate.”?


    2. Notice that they have avoided this measure. I expect they avoid it because it is actually illegal. But then, if they had an FDA approve vaccine…..

  14., This is a must watch interview by Dr. Kevin Rose. In this episode of The Scapel Podcast, he is interviewing Mr. Jeff Childers, the first attorney to win a major court decision in Florida on the unconstitutional mask and vaccine mandates imposed on government employees. He goes through the case and how he developed a legal template that any attorney in any state can use. He exposes the truth of the Jacobsen decision and shows that the Constitution requires courts to rely on state law.

  15. The vaccine hysteria is literal Lysinkoism. Ideologically motivated science. I can’t see how such a thing could ever be anything other than deadly when it involves a core of biology. Eventually, the yes men will “yes” their way into accidental or willful genocide.

  16. I find it rather curious that so many are unable to read between the lines. Throughout history it has been seen that good hygiene was an imperative to good health. Most all of the biological ills that afflicted man were the result of poor hygiene. Those who suffered and lived through the episodes of sickness developed stronger immune systems. As true vaccines were developed many diseases were put to rest. But such vaccines were developed by true doctors of humanity who had no other motive than to uphold the Hippocratic oath. There were many times children had to isolate from classmates for chicken pox, measles, mumps; but never the common cold that was passed around freely. And business would never permit anyone to avoid work simply because they had a cold or flu. Look at the methodology in play today over the past two years. Read between the lines. We are being deliberately attacked from all sides by evil forces bent on total control. Do not willingly become a slave to evil. This is all a nefarious game. People die from an assortment of accidents and health issues, wars and murder. Do not live your lives in fear. Control is based on fear. Stand up and be counted.

    1. An elderly lady from Church was keen to reminde me of the numerous plagues she’s survived over the better half of the last century. Both Polio and AIDS were more threatening and terrifying than Covid 19. but then we had the sensibilities and national unity to stand strong rather than collapse into a gelatinous heap of fear.

  17. This researcher took aluminum alloy nano particles from vials of, deadly mRNA Covid Serum, placed them on graphene oxide tape. They became mobilized, then sprouted heads with legs that reproduced.

    Karen Kingston continues to blow HUGE HOLES in the “safe and effective” narrative surrounding the failed “vaccines”, which are looking more and more like an intentional global depopulation plan.

    The weaponized system is specifically designed to target generally law-abiding citizens, intimidate everyday people into compliance, and chill any resistance to the overtaking of a once-free Republic, without a shot being fired. Nobody knows this better than Karyn Turk, who went from Mrs. Florida winner to maximum security lock-up.

    Dr. Zelenko “COVID Killer”

  18. Exemption worked (temporarily) for the USPS. why not hold out if you work for the TSA? they know nobody wants their job and they know their job is a marginally important part of “critical infrastructure” operations. The more interesting question in my view is why the number sits at 40%, much higher than the general population.

  19. Hi Jeff,

    Recently stumbled on your articles; really appreciate all the work you do!

    This is unrelated to this particular article, but I wonder if you could offer any thoughts regarding Vietnam – are they simply running the same playbook as China by downplaying their Marxist ideology to attract Western investment in order to modernize their economy?

    1. Anthony. All the communist countries play from this same playbook. The answer is yes. Vietnam is a communist bloc country beholden to China and Russia. They have collegial bodies riddled with Beijing’s handpicked stooges. Sorry to say, Vietnam may pretend to be at odds with China, but that is largely to fool the Australians and Americans.

      1. So we sent bodies to the meat grinder to salvage what was left of French Indo-China for the sole purpose of gaining a business advantage. And the war demonstrators are now throwing America into the arms of communism.

      2. I do not think we fought Vietnam for the sole purpose of a business advantage? We fought in Korea to put our own shoe manufacturing out of business? Does not compute.

      3. I don’t mean to disagree except to say that I was unionized and watched how all the business interests were struggling to rein in the unions. I watched the deterioration and demise of much of industry. Business substituted profit for self-sufficiency. We have converted from provider to consumer.

      4. If you study economics you will cease being impressed with the communist argument that imperialism is a consequence of business interests. Read Joseph Schumpeter’s book on imperialism and social classes.

  20. Jeff, not sure if you can comment, I had a talk with Albert from the Hong Kong Independence Party the other night on Skype, his opinion on the Hong Kong Democracy Movement is that it is part of the Chinese Communist Party’s Espionage operation and he has concerns that the West has not found this out as well.

    1. I have not read it. But the decline and fall of the Roman Empire covers more than a thousand years, and that was just the fall of that empire. Sparta lasted 700 years under the same constitution. I would not take Glubb too seriously. We fall now because we are stupid, not because of a fixed amount of time.

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