….Mao believes in the Marxist-Leninist theory that war is inevitable, but maintains that he is convinced that the capitalist powers, not the communist countries, will eventually launch a war in a desperate, last-ditch struggle to prevent communism from taking over the world by peaceful means.

Dan Kurzman [i]

Several years ago, I received text messages from a man in Brazil named Allan dos Santos. He was a student of Olavo de Carvalho, and wanted to start a podcast with me. He asked if I could get Diana West to join our first broadcast. On his side, Allan would get Olavo to join us. We would discuss how communism was threatening to take over Brazil and America. Diana and Olavo agreed to join us for a rousing discussion. The broadcast was a success. We had over 10,000 views in two or three days. Most of our listeners were Brazilians who understood English. Allan’s broadcasting efforts grew from there.

In the years that followed Allan and I did dozens of podcasts. He helped introduce me to Jair Bolsonaro, who became President of Brazil on the first day of January 2019. When Allan exposed the deceptions of the communists he was charged with the crime of “fake news.” He was even called to testify before Brazil’s Congress, vindicating himself to the detriment of his critics. All the while he was being de-platformed by the usual social media suspects. It was frightening to see how entrenched the communists had become in Brazil. To fight for the truth in Brazil was by no means safe.

Because of the effectiveness of Allan’s alternative media presence, the communists targeted him again and again. I cannot count the number of broadcasts I did with Allan in English, but his Portuguese-speaking audience became too large to accommodate an English-language program, though we continued to do occasional interviews with added subtitles. Right through Bolsonaro’s presidency Allan kept fighting the communists with his media company, Terça Livre TV. He repeatedly warned the people of Brazil about the communist objectives of Workers Party boss Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. Eventually, having exasperated the communists one too many times, Allan was forced by death-threats to leave Brazil.

Today Allan continues his broadcasts from American soil, but Terça Livre TV is now censored in Brazil. Believe it or not, this happened despite Bolsonaro being president. Ridiculous as it sounds, Allan has been charged with plotting against the Brazilian Supreme Court. If he ever sets foot on Brazilian soil, Allan’s arrest on bogus charges would be a certainty. Worse yet, the corrupt legal system would not prosecute him because the charges are false and he would quickly be exonerated. The whole idea of arresting Allan has nothing to do with proving him guilty of a crime. They know this is impossible. The whole idea is to have him rot in jail without a trial.

As any reader can see, the situation in Brazil is not as hopeful as it was two years ago. The same can be said for America and for many other countries. Recently, I spoke with Francisco Tudela, Peru’s former First Vice President and Foreign Minister, who said that “the new government in Peru is a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist government. And this government has been very outspoken [in its intention] … to nationalize resources, annul the existing constitution and make a new socialist constitution.”[ii] It appears that South America is succumbing to the communists. Venezuela fell more than two decades ago. Bolivia has fallen, and Peru follows suit.

The dominoes are falling rapidly. The Great reset is coming. People like Allan dos Santos and Olavo de Carvalho are in grave danger as they struggle for the right to be heard. All anti-communists are in danger now, and there is no remedy. The comfortable conservatives of the United States seem clueless as the final act is prepared. The communists are in the West Wing. They are in the State Department, the Justice Department and the Pentagon. Well-meaning people on the right and the left have allowed this to happen out of ignorance. Look at Peru, Bolivia, Nicaragua. Look at Brazil. The hour has struck when even a conservative president in Brazil is powerless against an all-powerful web of subversion.

Today Allan dos Santos has joined another media platform at Article 220. He is not giving up the fight. And why should he? None of us can give up now. I end this column with a brief list of twenty-two indicators that something big is coming:

(1) Communist Chinese violating agreement with UK by absorbing Hong Kong; (2) Rapidly spreading viral pandemic out of China that devastates capitalist economies everywhere; (3) Chinese military mobilizations accelerating; (4) Taiwan threatened with invasion; (5) India under constant pinprick attacks, with a massive Chinese buildup; (6) Russian buildup in Arctic region; (7) Continued Russian drills and exercises aimed at Ukraine; (8) U.S. State Department advising Americans in Russia of downgraded consular services, reduced visa renewals; (9) Russian nationals advised to come home from USA; (10) Hong Kong businessman with sources in Beijing says war is “months away”; (11) 10,000 foot Chinese runway under construction by a PLA general/billionaire in Texas, masked by a fake wind farm; (12) increased Russian submarine activity in the Atlantic; (13) increased air sorties/practices out of China and Russian airbases in excess of what existed during the Cold War; (14) increased communist fifth column activity in the U.S., including arson, rioting, and attacking national symbols; (15) polarization of the country after disputed 2020 election; (16) experimental vaccines being forced on population through threat of job loss; (17) economic attack on dollar; (18) partial closing of port capacity by Longshoreman, with imports unable to reach supply chain; (19) overture-style attacks on energy infrastructure, plus energy shortages driven by climate change policies; (20) Loss of strategic position in Afghanistan; (21) Global Strike Command April 19 notice suggesting possible nuclear war preparations by enemies of U.S.; (22) reports of preparations by Russia to deploy spetsnaz to Mexico.

Links and Notes

[i] Kurzman, Subversion of the Innocents, p. 19.

[ii] Center holds program on Marxist threat to Peru with Former Peruvian Vice President and Foreign Minister Francisco Tudela – Center for Security Policy


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166 thoughts on “A Note on Brazil, Peru – And 22 Warning Signs

    1. The longer they wait, the better I imagine, under normal circumstances. But their economy might be on the verge of exploding because they are so dumb they created the world’s biggest ponzi scheme (their real estate sector, which they have been manipulating for years by setting price caps, picking and choosing who can sell, and taking other measures to ensure that real estate prices only go up) just to make their GDP numbers look better at the end of each year.

      If their economy is unexpectedly about to explode, they might not have any choice but to attack ASAP. The Chinese have also screwed themselves by enraging almost the entire planet: they’ve threatened to pound Japan with nuclear bombs, they’ve made blood enemies out of the Indians by clubbing to death unarmed Indian soldiers and then bragging about it, they’ve rammed innocent fishermen in the South China Sea, and recent polling out of South Korea shows a supermajority of Koreans view China as a significant threat to their homeland.

      What advantage does China get from waiting now? All of their neighbors now think that China could start a war within the coming years. The appeasers have no ground to stand on because of how belligerent the CCP is. The CCP can’t even keep the lights on and their economy is a house of cards.

      Now is the time to take action or they’re going to lose decades of progress.

      1. According to the law of Action and Reaction, China will bring a lot of grief to the whole world but in the process it will get massively screwed. How do I know? I grew up in Communist regime and almost got shot escaping from it, so I know what to expect. Feel free to see my page bellow.

    2. No, it not possible. Too many contrary reasons and feelings.
      BTW, are you a hottie J.L.?
      Just wondering.

      1. Damn, @Graham, whoever you are, you don’t know me. I usually take the high road, and I try to ignore things like this, but your little snide remark was very provocative, and a real personal slur. Women who don’t want kids shouldn’t be sneered at, you stereotypical misogynist. We’re not any less feminine than any other woman, including those who want large families. FYI, this budding spinster hates cats, so you’re wrong again.

    3. Yes. China’s original plan was to wait for America to weaken, and strike in 2035. I am told that China’s economic and food situation is now desperate. A very well-informed financial expert told me two weeks ago that China’s economy will begin to collapse by the end of the second quarter next year. He added that China might start a war over Taiwan before next May. Xi needs a win and must do something to preserve The Communist Party’s position. War is a way to tighten power at home and tap into Chinese nationalism. Can they wait two years? Maybe not.

      1. Desperation breeds lunacy/madness. Let’s pray that the CCP regime collapses before any war…

      2. Even the prediction of second quarter of next year may be too conservative. China is already showing signs that Goldman Sach’s “worse case scenario” prediction was actually a best case scenario. Their housing sales have plummeted over the past 3 months by huge amounts. I believe financial experts often get things wrong because they don’t understand the psychology of panic.

    4. The entire nuclear warhead inventory expires at some point in 2023, or is it already started, bit by bit thru the end of that year? Has the Dept. of Energy publicly cited that time as an expiration date? Well, if you are right, then 2024-5 would be a more likely war timeframe. I’ve seen a number of references pointing to that time period as the critical inflection point, especially if one goes by the Fourth Turning 80-year historical cycle for crisis periods and their culmination points. (Further observation by Mr. Nyquist will be appreciated here.)

      1. The erosion of the arsenal is gradual. At some point the erosion becomes catastrophic. That is why I am hoping we have a few super weapons out there. Thus my interest in recent UFO reports. More to come on that, by the way.

  1. The New York Times

    China’s economic growth slowed to 4.9 percent in the past three months, rattled by real estate and electricity troubles.
    Sunday, October 17, 2021 10:15 PM EST
    Chinese officials are showing signs of concern, although they have refrained so far from unleashing a big economic stimulus. Their own efforts, though, are part of the current economic challenges.


  2. Thanks Jeff, but it is scary.
    I had already missed Allan and wondered.
    Bolsonaro does not seem to be a strong president!?
    I see it also in Germany and Europe, the communists blow the big and last attack on our freedom. The next step will be the 3rd world war.

    1. Hi Heike
      I wrote twice a reply to you but, unfortunately, I lost it with page refresh on my phone.
      Please, forgive me any English mistake. I’m Brazilian and Allan DOS Santos’s listener and follower. I also was among the Jeff Portuguese audience on “Update Brazil” show at Terça Livre (Free Thursday) TV.
      Even a strong president can’t change all our socialist establishments (built for decades ago by communists trained in Cuba) without a dictatorship. They dominated universities, institutions, media and culture while Communist Parties was forbidden under Military Government (1964-1985). Our constitution (the sixth) was written just a few years before Berlim Wall’s fall (and URSS falls). We have a Socialist “Welfare State” like a great transatlantic and we can’t turn right this big ship in few moments.
      Professor Olavo de Carvalho (please, you all shall know his texts) was the “lone voice in the desert” talking about for the Foro de S. Paulo (S. Paulo forum), Latin American think tank wishing replace URSS after Sovietic fall.The Presidential Election, here, was a cherry upon a cake, but without a cake (made with culture, institutions, etc.).
      God Bless us!

      1. Thanks for the clarification! So I understand it better. The swamp is probably just too deep

  3. All of this is going on while here at home we are in the biggest supply chain mess we have seen in ages. We have established rules that make the supply chain problem even worse. A trucker friend of mine was blocked from entering California to pick up a load last week because his truck did not meet California standards. The FMCSA is implementing new training requirements for CDL drivers that will implement mandatory 120 to 160 training hours (depending on state) to obtain a CDL license. Most of these trucking schools will cost between $3000 and $5000 per driver making it very hard for new drivers to enter the business. This regulation goes into effect on Feb. 7, 2022. Businesses that require CDL drivers, such as utility companies (lineman are CDL drivers) are jumping through hoops to make plans for new hires coming in next year. This will just make more problems for the supply chain.

    1. I forgot to mention these efforts to strangle trucking in the United States. The communists are using Climate Change to destroy the economy and collapse our system so they can “build back better,” which means communism. We had better wake up fast.

      1. A hastily scribbled note from my previous career: “Even when standing upright, count yourself asleep.”

        I suppose the note to self adjusted for conservative pundits (not J.R. obviously) would be:

        “Even when writing a column, that will be read by many, count yourself asleep.”

      2. “Build back better”, I believe, was originally a United Nations slogan that has been associated with Agenda 21/Agenda 2030. No good can come from it.

        Then last year, Biden, of course, appropriated it as his main campaign tagline. The man never had an original political thought in his head, even in his prime.

    2. The endgame here is likely to drive a crisis the solution to which will be self-driving trucks. Further rendering us mere mortals “inessential” and controlling all movement.

  4. How many small replacement parts parts for U.S.A. military equipment are now sitting in a container somewhere? Food stocks as war stocks. Point of maximum ideological infestation. Tipping points weeks away. Biden – Harris – Obama still having some credibility with American public – plus bureaucrats, flunkies, nation-wide, D.C., U.S.A. populace still cognitively disabled by comfort/normalcy bias.
    Plus in case people are still delusional about minds and beings they do not quite understand yet in their bones – CAUSING MASS DEATH IS FUN FUN FUN. Also what is the point of having so many people obey if some people somewhere are NOT obeying? Everywhere you go you can expect a spasm at some time – why would 2021-2022 China be any different? Momentum has gathered its force, contrary voices will not be heard. The jackboot treaty will be expected to be signed quickly, so why not? And, not lions in command. Still, no mass exodus from the cities. Still, completely vulnerable to grid failure. China chaos soon, might not want to wait. America heading into recession – depression, will buy less Chinese products. Looking at American people who would not wish to see less fools in the world?

    Maybe they are expecting total surrender with a fight?

    Spare me the quotes about guns and blades of grass.

    Sand-Crawler meet Worm.

    1. “Tipping point weeks away”. Been reading this sentiment on the blog for years now. Still hasn’t tipped.

      How many failed “tipping points” do you have to reach before accepting you’re not qualified to make such predictions? The wannabe prophets on this website turn it into a cheap soap opera.

      1. Perhaps my many successes in predictions have beclouded my mind, I’ll think about it.

        I’ll retract “tipping points weeks away” for now.

      2. Radiofort: You just love straw man arguments, don’t you? Communism is taking over the world. It is a fact. And it has been a gradual process for many years. We do not know how much time we have before communism can openly attack us, blockade us, arrest us, etc. You think you are going to survive this? But there you are, denying the crisis as it unfolds. I am not in the business of making prophesies. I am tracking actual markers. Anyone with sense can see where we are headed. When exactly we arrive is anybody’s guess. But you should get ready. Or maybe you are a communist and welcome the changes. Everything you rely on is more fragile than you think. If you destroy a system that works, in favor of utopia, then expect death and mayhem.

      3. All I’m saying is there are A LOT of predictions made on this website that never play out. A lot a lot. I’m the only one who calls them out. Calling out fake prophets might be a straw man? I don’t really think so.

        Every system that has ever fallen has worked for some, and worked against others. Every single fall has ushered in change for the better. Every one! Has the fall of every empire happened in the name of Utopia? No. Did Rome fall because people were chasing Utopia, or simply something better? Why is the desire to improve society equated with a need for Utopia? Can’t we improve society without getting to Utopia? Can’t we change a system that works in order to work better? The only reason the topic of “destroying” America comes up is because people like YOU refuse to let it change. You call those who fight for change extremists or Communists, turning them into enemies. You belittle those different from you, whom you don’t understand, because you fear their “agenda”. You opine about days past when America was TRULY a great place, that has since become a cesspool of everything awful. You label every millimeter of progress as indication that the American Dream has fallen to Communists. You claim “the system works” because you have never felt it work against you, until now. And even now, the simple things being done to save the country, like vaccination and pandemic mitigation practices, to you, they are indications that Communists are trying to destroy you. You’re completely enveloped in religious delusion, and it has rotted your common sense.You and your cohort are ready to die for some fake American Dream you were promised, and you’re ready to take the entire country down with you (see Jan. 6, 2020). THEN, when those who oppose you stand up against you, in an effort to bridge the gap between your own extremism and what you perceive as theirs, you dismiss us as Communists and agents of Evil.

        If people never destroyed “systems that work”, we’d still be living under English Feudalism.

      4. Radiofort: What I write has nothing to do with religious “delusions.” I am not a preacher of religion. I was trained in political science, history and psychology — in the methodologies of Max Weber, Robert Michels and Vilfredo Pareto, and the historical analysis of Jacob Burckhardt and ancients like Polybius and Thucydides. I have studied Karl Marx and Lenin, too. I probably know more about the theory behind your beliefs than you do. I have also read Nietzsche’s works, being familiar with “the parable of the madman” who spoke of “the death of God.” My analysis of our present crisis is nothing like your caricature. As a lazy critic of this blog, you simply read some comments here and assume these reflect what I write. Readers see things through the prism of their own understandings, which are often religious. If my analysis dovetails with the thinking of religious people, and they agree with me, you may chalk it up to the fact that religious thought is deeper than you imagine; and in accordance with advanced sociological insights. What I explore is the decline of our civilization, and the emergence of totalitarian systems, which brings us to our present crisis. We see this unfolding, here and now. I made my discoveries through objective research and the study of politics, history and communism — in order to validate what is happening objectively, across many different confessions. I am not repeating theological slogans, so please stop misrepresenting my work. I am talking about strategy, statecraft and war. You ought to study these subjects instead of the ideology of false promises — your substitute religion — which has no redemption in it whatsoever. In fact, you are an unwitting disciple of vengeance. Because you care nothing for the safety of your country or its prosperity, you are uniquely irresponsible in your attitudes. At best, you have become the dupe of political criminals. Your faith in “progress” and “progressive” ideology takes no account of history. I am so glad you post here because your shallow thinking can be so easily exposed. I cannot say anything you will not stoop to distorting, even as you duck every challenge I present. You are not a serious critic because you are not remotely familiar with my thinking. You take my statements out of context. Your arguments are therefore framed in bad faith. You do not understand the source material I use, and make no serious criticisms of these materials. You just attack me for things I do not say and ideas I do not even rely on. And for all that, you have the nerve to blame me for January 6! I was not even there, and I have never advocated violence against the government. And I do not write about the “American dream,” which is another one of your straw men. Think now, if you are able, of the mortal danger you are courting. You have aligned with your own country’s enemies, probably out of ignorance. That is not child’s play. The time left for learning is very short. At present, much of the country is in your heroes’ hands, at the mercy of YOUR ideology. You and your kind are in control now. And you will be held accountable when your favored policies fail. And they will fail because they were designed to fail. Please notice how everything is more and more screwed up, bringing us to the brink of collapse and failure. You write about feudalism; well, your ideas are taking us there, because when everything falls apart we will have to adopt patterns of life and economy belonging to a lower social state. Nobody will thank you. As for refusing to allow change, for which you hold me to account, I will go to the wall for my convictions. But you are not so brave, imagining yourself on the winning side. But the day is coming when the narrative of this website will be accepted by millions of people and your narrative will be held to account. I hope I am wrong in this prognostication, because I do not want to see my country wrecked. Sadly, you and yours are busy wrecking it. Economic science and historical experience teaches that your ideas will bring catastrophic consequences to mankind. Please, please, please — so that you do not misrepresent me — this is not my prediction, but a summation of what we find in the works of Joseph Schumpeter, Eric Voegelin, Ludwig von Mises and others; it will be, in practice, a repetition of the Ukrainian genocide and the mass death of Mao’s mad policies in China that killed sixty million people. To see if I am right, just wait. The proof will be in the pudding — and what a pudding it will be. Meanwhile, on your high horse, you have this straw man in your head, which you project onto me. Your head is full of straw out of which you make one straw man after another. You mistake my reports of what others are saying as predictions of my own making. As a rule I do not make predictions. Read my words carefully. I am quoting other people’s predictions and prognostications, and laying out the future as shown in the general understandings of past thinkers. I cannot take credit for these brilliant people. I can only take note — as you fail to. I refer to them as points of interest, as markers that show that my prognosis has been on track for three decades. Few saw Russia and China coming into the alliance we see today. Why? Because few paid heed to the warnings of the KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn. Applying a more general sociological analysis to Golitsyn we find a treasure trove of insights as to why our society is failing. I tracked those insights forward. Do you want to bet against a guy with the best track record for strategic prognostication in our time? Of course, you will never read Golitsyn. My final challenge to you follows: would you move to Venezuela? Cuba? China? If not, then why are you welcoming that kind of system here, in America? Do you really think the future under socialism will be good? On what evidence? Try studying economics. Again, I know you won’t. So you are clueless regarding the massive poverty, starvation, and violence that attends your promised happy happy-land. What I present in my books is a glimpse of the future communism brings. Of course, if the past is prologue, you will ignore this challenge to you. It is your custom to deny what your own text implies, and deploy further straw man arguments. Go to.

      5. This “system” you live within is itself doomed to destruction based on what you believe (which you have outlined extensively in your writing). A future without mayhem and destruction would be intolerable to you because your delusions demand it be so. Harmony between societies is not something you can stomach, this much is obvious. The world you live in is twisted and that fact has absolutely nothing to do with me. We just live in the same country, that’s all. Stop convincing yourself that you (and your ilk) are the only ones who want it to prosper.

      6. RadioCommie: oh! The violent world is all my fault? I am the reason China and Russia are armed to the teeth! Wow. You better kill me quick before I bring world peace to an end. However, there never has been world peace. A slight hitch there in your diatribe. The doors of the Temple of Janus are rarely closed. Sorry.


      8. WQ: Go right ahead, my friend. You post link after link of fake garbage here regularly. What’s one more? Bad stuff is happening all the time, you’re right! Congratulations on pointing out the obvious. Jeff, when did I say you’re responsible for the violence of the world? What I said is that you use its existence to justify its perpetuation. What you’re responsible for, is what you think and feel, which is very obvious from your writing. Entrenched in the old world of mass violence, and frightened by a new world that finally has the resources and abilities to be different, you blather endlessly about your extensive personal wisdom. Congratulations to you too! You have built an echo chamber of alternative “facts” based on your deepest and most unresolvable fears, through which you will ferociously spin while a less violent future leaves you and your readers behind.

      9. What I think and feel? I just want my country safe and protected. No wars necessary. Just deterrence. But you somehow think that’s a bad thing. Why?

      10. Oh, and you say “China and Russia are armed to the teeth” as if the good old U.S. of A. doesn’t spend double what both countries combined do on military might. It’s just flabbergasting how you will act like they are a global threat but we, somehow, are not. Spectacular cognitive dissonance you’ve got going on.

      11. Most of our military budget is salaries and retirements. Chinese defense spending does not include either. Our order of battle grows weaker by the day. The Chinese add to their navy every year, ships equivalent to the entire French Navy. Their army and air force are much bigger than ours. Your argument is ignorant of the actual facts of military spending and measuring by currencies that are not commeasurable. We spend on many things that have nothing to do with strength. The Chinese avoid using their military for experiments in feminism. An accurate comparison of cost equivalents puts Chinese military spending in real terms ahead of ours. They get more bang for their buck. And here, as well, I would say the same goes for comparisons with Russia, which has the most advanced missile and nuclear weapons in the world. Far better than ours. Here is a source: https://theconversation.com/chinas-military-might-is-much-closer-to-the-us-than-you-probably-think-124487

      12. We can know tipping points are in the offing, but their location in time rarely seen when they occur. The rise of idiots like yourself is that the tipping point is most likely behind us. There is little intelligence behind what you post, and, not to put to fine a point on it, you are the sort of useful idiot Stalin cherished.

        I have arrived at the same opinion Jeff has by another route – biblical prophecy. There are things coming that idiots like yourself will usher in that will see you dead in the not to distant future. All is happening to pave the road for the man known as “the beast” in Revelation, and sheep like yourself will gladly take his mark out of your own willful stupidity.

        In the mean time, it would be best if not let those fingers fly across the keyboard and repeatedly outing yourself as abysmally uninformed.

      13. The Jeff Nyquist of China: “The Americans are armed to the teeth! Look how willingly they grow their forces. And a volunteer army no less! If we don’t show strength and invest in our military they will destroy us. Capitalism encroaches upon us from every angle, it even infiltrates our own government. Capitalism has subverted everything we hold dear. We must prepare for war immediately and never show weakness.”

      14. “You’re uninformed” says the guy going off of biblical prophecy. This is all just Too Rich.

      15. To say you are uninformed is simply a statement of fact. Jeff’s statements about you are just as accurate. You have nothing to offer but willful stupidity. The penalty for stupidity as deep as yours is death. Alas, you will take others with you.

        By the by, the Biblical Prophecy that has been fulfilled was fulfilled in detail. The history is out there, but you are simply to willfully stupid to credit anything that does not fit into your dishonest narrative.

      16. Jeff, your link doesn’t support any of the things you’ve just said, except that spending between countries is closer than is usually perceived. How do you then conclude that China and Russia are superior? Because our military allows transgender folks? America still vastly outspends them. For some reason you act like all American military technology is ancient. Do you really think that’s the case? Do you really think the people in charge of making sure the country has the best weaponry in the world aren’t doing their jobs? And you think, whether they are or are not, that people like you would be able to find evidence of this in your flimsy news links? It sounds like you dismiss the value and skills of people you don’t know personally as worthless and incompetent. Why do you do this? Why do you assume everyone that’s in a position to protect the USA is failing miserably? Why don’t you research American military advancements as much as you do the others? Why do you act like you’re the only person in America who wants it to be protected? You’re not. Far from it, actually. You have this acute fear of the Power of Communism, and absolutely no faith in the Power of Freedom that exists here in America. So how valuable is American Freedom in actuality? According to you it only makes us weaker. So why even protect America? If Communism is so strong and powerful, why wouldn’t it be wise for America to adopt some of its philosophies in order to compete? You’re so bleeding scared of China and Russia. Do you think the J.R. Nyquists of China and Russia are afraid of America? Or are they laughing at us? Patiently waiting to move into your home? If you lived there, would you be applauding your government?

        And OhEngineer, please please please just try to type that extra “o” on the word too. You’re so close.

      17. As you cannot read and properly interpret written material, please watch the video testimony of our nuclear forces leadership about the obsolescence of our strategic nuclear forces and the urgent need to do something. Nothing effective has been done to bridge a gap that is rapidly coming where we lose the reliability of our deterrent force for several years because we have fallen so far behind Russia and China. https://www.defense.gov/Multimedia/Videos/videoid/741087/

      18. You keep dealing with military issues you are utterly ignorant about. People with inferior equipment have won wars before. The Germans tore France apart in 1940 using armored vehicles wildly inferior to those of the French, but it was France that was forced to sign an armistice. The Wehrmacht had something the French did not have – a disciplined unit cohesion that wildly exceeded their opponent. The British did not attain that until just before El Alamein. Until then, Rommel ran roughshod over the Brits.

        Our military is no longer cohesive. It matters not what equipment you have, or how much you spend (and Jeff is correct that much of the budget is spent on retirees). That you do not realize this is your shame, not Jeff’s. Your simply being a hardnosed idiot that keeps proving that facts matter little to you. Frankly, your simply playing the part of the village idiot and a very dishonest one at that. Your perception of typos notwithstanding. You aren’t even close.

      19. You have no idea how cohesive the military is. But if we have their training to go off, they’re being trained cohesively. You assume all soldiers are as closed-minded and scared as you, and therefore cannot work cohesively with people different from them. You’re wrong, plain and simple. You make these assumptions coming from your life and your perspective, and you don’t even bother to go search out other perspectives and people, because you think they’re Evil. So you just convince yourself you’re right because you read the Bible and choose to believe it. And when others don’t cave to your “righteousness” you call them idiots and stupid, all while using poor grammar. I’d tell you to grow up but something tells me you’re plenty aged.

    2. There seems to be an incredible complacency among Republicans. Everyone has allowed the nonsense of the far left to intimidate them. Why aren’t more people speaking out? Why is the left so strong? Anyone who opposes their lunatic agenda loses their job or gets de-platformed. We want to preserve the country and somehow we are seen as the threat. I believe people will change when things are truly desperate; but will that be in time? We are being strangled economically. There is no doubt. We need to educate more people faster, and we need to show the country that this is being done intentionally by internal enemies — by communists and their fellow travelers. If we do not strongly oppose them we will succumb.

      1. They want to have the chance to live forever inside a computer program.

        They have more faith in electronics, than anything else.

        I’m surprised they risk their lives in traffic.

      2. Human history seems to suggest that people, on the whole, do not interpret growing threats until they are desperate; and the comfortable only only see threats in hindsight, vowing not to repeat mistakes. In real time, 90% of people would FAR rather repeat mistakes (by refusing to see threats) than to admit to truths that would ask too much of them, require too much sacrifice of a “way of life.”

        Radiofort likely doesn’t believe that evil exists. RF probably thinks only “ignorance” exists, meaning people who CAN identify evil — the people RF perceives as anachronistic and and scared of people “different from them.” RF thinks it would be progress for America not to exist, and thinks its Jingoistic not to agree. RF has no concept of the protection and promise embodied in the American flag, because RF takes for granted the freedom it secures, won by the blood of others who knew damn well what is at stake. Because RF doesn’t know what’s at stake, RF thinks it’s a matter of justice and human rights for the armed forces to concern itself with pronouns and self-actualization, rather than to maintain a laser-focus on battle readiness. Nothing will shake loose these beliefs except personal loss, and by then it will be too late.

      3. Yes, although I do get the sense he regards me as evil. At least, I am pushing things he considers evil — like an efficient military.

  5. I think the “One Clenched Fist” of the Russian/Chinese alliance knows it is up against a hard break with the arriving Solar Minimum. This “rushed” timetable is the same as before throughout the ages, “No plan survives first contact” and theirs will be no exception. They must be particularly angered by their 5th Column in the US allowing Trump to upset the “timetable” of operations even though he was mostly obstructed/countered. There may not have been sufficient time since the “selection” of Biden to have uncovered whatever “landmines” Trump left with various commands regarding nuclear weapons release.
    Not necessarily different from the British sub commanders “final orders.”
    So many unknown “unknowns” that it must give the Communists great pause. Especially since Trump really knew how to appeal to the Patriotism in all of us. Perhaps he gave a “universal’ PAL link to the right people, through the right people. With Pence in place, I still don’t know why the never killed him!

    I look for the arrival of a new virus, “Marburg” seems the currently accepted flavor, what with a ricin inspired “vaccine” already in production/approval, possibly before Christmas, a “present” if you will, which will herald the “Final Phase.”

    I always liked Allan, never considered him to be a grifter like some of your others readers, figured him to be a real Patriot, and he always came across as a big fan of yours, Jeff. When you talk with him next, tell him “LT” wishes him well and sends prayers for his safety. Jeff, you should have talked him out of coming to the US, of course, his options were probably even more limited than ours.

    1. I did try to talk Allan out of coming here. Brazilians regard America as a kind of conservative paradise. I think Brazilian conservatives have a sincerity that we can learn from, and so they have not seen through the hypocrisy of American mainstream conservatives. Imagine acting politically without a motive of self-aggrandizement. Then imagine combining that with an actual understanding of our problems. That is what we need.

      1. It’s quite possible that Allan saved his life by coming to the US. That’s sheer speculation on my part as I have no idea what is going on behind the scenes among his enemies.

      2. Jeff
        Some “rightists” not only conservatives, also liberals (Note: remembering that the concept of liberal here in Brazil is different from the American liberal leftist; our liberals are “less Marx, more Mises”) see the US as a level above Brazil in terms of freedom, respect for the law. The decentralized form of government, having greater power in the states than in the federation, the “competition” between different state legislations, which allow for “democracy with own feet” (exodus from bad [democrat] states to good [republican] states), the possible armed defense (withdrawal from us against popular referendum) and other things.
        There are always those who see “conservative paradises” in the US, but also in Israel, Poland, Hungary. I think it’s because, given recent experiences, all of our federal governments (previous to the current one) were far more leftist than any Californian Democrat could dream. The military government, set up to prevent an openly communist government in 1964, eradicated any right-wing thinking from public life and fought the left only in the armed guerrillas (Araguaia) and was not concerned with writing history and training intellectuals. The “survivor” who had contact with ancients conservatives and is seeking to form / give voice to new ones was Prof. Olavo (he says his name means “survivor”).
        Allan’s presence in the US is a refuge and the US-based initiative “Artigo220” (referring to the 220th article of the Brazilian constitution, which guarantees freedom of expression without state censorship) is a shield against the excesses of those who do not want to allow debate and the contradictory. Even our constitution is interpreted in one way to favor revolutionaries, and in the opposite way to persecute conservatives.
        I agree that the US is not a paradise, but perhaps on this side of the Acheron River, we are closer to hell than you…

        Allan denounced spy briefcases aimed at federal government offices located in the embassies of the PRC and North Korea (yes, Brazil has a North Korean embassy right near the government headquarters) as well as the home of a famous leftist lawyer. These briefcases were discovered by an electoral justice official (yes, Brazil has this bul…t) who reported to the president of the court, a Justice of the Supreme Court. This Justice ignored the warning (which is a crime) and now the Supreme Court has banned ABIN (our version of the CIA, some IQ levels below) from investigating cases involving Justices.
        According to Allan, there was a meeting in Brasília with this Justice, the (at the time) presidents of Camara and Senate (equivalent in the US to Speaker and a little bit the Vice President – here the VP isn’t Senate’s President) and others to come up with a coup of state and overthrow President Bolsonaro.
        Recently, for criticizing another Justice, a journalist (Oswaldo Eustáquio) was arrested (without judgement) fell while trying to fix something in his jail and injured his spine, making him paraplegic. The treatment required the use of MRI equipment, but the Justice did not allow the “electronic ankle bracelet” to be removed. And, no less bizarre, the criticized Justice is the victim, investigator and judge in the case, even though the journalist cannot be tried by the court.
        Who judges the members of the court (and prevents abuse) is the Senate. Who judges the members of the Senate is the Supreme Court. The suggestion to file a Justice’s impeachment order caused an uproar, with threats to “move forward” in court cases against senators who are at a standstill.
        For me, Allan imagines is that the US government is not going to extradite a journalist just for his opinion.

  6. Before I got booted off YouTube, I made a html page of the interesting subscriptions with hyperlinks.
    One by one they are becoming inactive or have been removed.
    Whom does this censorship benefit?
    The same people who benefit from the collapse of the capitalist system, I wonder?
    Secrecy appeared to be their achiles heal, but they now have Assange locked up indefinitely at her maj’s pleasure. There certainly has never been a more dangerous time to be a whistle blower in modern historical context.
    They have now gained enough confidence to overtly signal their intent, safe (in their minds) in the knowledge that people have been trained well enough to obey their orders through the medium of technocracy. Lenin was a great fan of Pavlov. What we have now is more insidious, we have trained humans who believe they have freedom of thought when nothing could be further from the truth.
    My political and world views have shifted 180 degrees in the past decade, a lifetimes worth of propaganda from pre-school onwards to discard and reframe….

  7. That list at the end sent a chill down my spine. As did this sentence: “All anti-communists are in danger now, and there is no remedy.” This has been my thought too for a while. I hope everyone has a contingency plan and the means and foresight to action it on time.

    1. The Russians violate their agreements, invade and annex Ukrainian and Georgian territory, and declare NATO fears “provocative.” It’s all our fault for disarming. We should not have disarmed so aggressively. We made them angry by being weak. Weakness is so threatening. Wow.

      1. Jeff, how come when I suggest taking action against China and Russia, you freak out? All you seem to want to do is complain. I’ve seen others here mention that you offer no solutions. What is the point of this blog; consciousness raising? To what end? I suggested eliminating enemy nuclear armed submarines, in not simply negotiating a mutual deescalation of them. Admittedly, I wasn’t considering the new hypersonic missiles we all have, that can effectively remove everyone’s subs. The US, China an Russia, are now on hair trigger alert. Personally, I’d rather go out in a flash at ground zero, than to have to fight the vaccinated in the Zombie Apocalypse.

        I demand a solution from YOU, Jeffy poo.

      2. It is not good strategy to start a nuclear war against opponents who are better armed, have more modern weapons, and have real civil defense. Deterrence works fine for me. Let’s have deterrence and maintain the balance of power. That way we can get through the next couple of decades without a world war. Of course, you are a leftist provocateur trying to make this site look crazy with nuclear warmongering. Nice try. Nobody is as stupid as you pretend to be. Go back and read Stanislavsky’s book again. You are not a well-prepared actor. You need to get into character first, but you do not dare. It might change the way you think. Oh well. It even fails as comedy.

      3. Finally Jeff, you give a course of action. Thank you. Deterrence, okay. What do you think is going on with the US Space Force? What are those seemingly, multidimensional orbs? Do you agree with Joseph P Farrell, that there is a German breakaway civilization, of Space NAZIS? Or is it US high tech from Area 51? If so, would that not count as sufficient deterrence? If the orbs aren’t ours, why don’t they wipe us all out?

      4. I really do not think there is a Nazi breakaway civilization. Whatever progress was made on the alleged V-7 flying discs — if real — was clearly minimal. If Hitler escaped Berlin it was by plane, not disc. Witnesses exist for this, not for other. Also: See Vallee’s latest book, Trinity, for details of 1945 UFO crash investigation. The details are suggestive of a terrestrial source of phenomenon. How is that possible? Don’t know. Details: Creatures that breathe our air? Humanoid? A panel from the craft, in Vallee’s possession, made on the metric system? — from aluminum? Downed near White Sands three weeks after the first atomic bomb blast. Witnesses hearing crying from the little ufonauts similar to that of dying rabbits. Telepathic images of death by falling conveyed by entities to nearby witnesses. Vallee gives high markers to credibility of the four witnesses. Very strange case. Raises more questions than it answers. Material also found there similar to light foil found at Roswell, but lost. This is the first time I heard Vallee suggest Roswell as credible. This is something new — something to pay attention to.

      5. I think a number of Roman senators said something along those lines, over and over again for about a thousand years — till they weakened.

      6. Vallee’s book looks good. I’ll have to read it. Do you think our new, Space Force gives us the high ground? Or have we already had a Black Spacecraft Fleet?

  8. The dominoes are falling in Latin America. This is a significant threat to the West, especially the US. As Stalin noted in 1925: “The colonial countries constitute the principal rear of imperialism. The revolutionisation of this rear is bound to undermine imperialism, not only in the sense that imperialism will be deprived of its rear, but also in the sense that the revolutionisation of the East is bound to give powerful impulse to the intensification of the revolutionary crisis in the West.”

    1. When have the dominoes of Latin America ever been upright? The reason why the United States gives so much foreign aid, is because the CIA was formed at the same time as the US came into possession of all the treasure of Asia taken from Japan, and the Axis alliance, and was never returned to the countries from which it was looted. We buy our friends, without enabling their independence. The mess is deliberately assured. Now, these same chauvinistic bullies are doing it to America, as well as the Communists. It’s for our own good, right?

  9. If China and Russia are so tough, why are they wearing ludicrous, ineffective masks?

    The US has hypersonic missiles same as they do. Do you think we built ours without nuclear armed tips?
    We patrol the South China Sea and the Black Sea, to contain China and Russia. Everybody plays.

    This is all just to intimidate everyone in the World, into relinquishing sovereignty and Rights, for supposed peace and security of a one World government. Those who survive the death serum shots, that is.

  10. Quoted:

    “THEN, when those who oppose you stand up against you, in an effort to bridge the gap between your own extremism and what you perceive as theirs, you dismiss us as Communists and agents of Evil.”

    R. Look around you, look at recent history, when there is no international community left to denounce and sanction actions by TOTAL POWER, what humanity will left on Earth? Your advocacy is helping the advent of TOTAL POWER everywhere.

    By the way; if Jeff were if fact dismissing you, he would not allow your posts to be seen.

  11. The New York Times

    President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil should face homicide charges over his mishandling of the pandemic, a report from Brazil’s Senate said.
    Tuesday, October 19, 2021 3:14 PM EST
    A Brazilian congressional panel is set to recommend mass homicide charges against Mr. Bolsonaro, asserting that he intentionally let the coronavirus kill hundreds of thousands in a failed bid to achieve herd immunity and revive Latin America’s largest economy.

    It is unclear at best whether the report will lead to criminal charges.


      1. Please help us unmask this:
        1) The photo of the protest is closed, as those who appear in the image are almost all those who were in the aforementioned protest. The vast majority of Brazilians who demonstrate in the streets are in favor of President Bolsonaro
        2) Mr. Calheiros’ report has 1000 pages, was improperly leaked to the press with the sole purpose of creating this type of news. Mr. Calheiros has been known to be corrupt in Brazilian politics for years. He was once president of the Senate and fled impeachment accused of using money from the Senate presidency to silence a journalist with whom he had an extramarital affair. The parliamentary investigation (CPI) itself was a disgrace, flattering people without any knowledge (a doctor without patients, a lying deputy accusing a bribe of $1 per vaccine that was never purchased) and slamming honest people (renowned doctors, infectious disease researchers, entrepreneurs). Mr. Calheiros even “escape” from a session where his biased questions would not lead to the conclusion he wanted. The report itself, according to Mr. Calheiros, was ready before the investigation. It is very likely that it will go to waste in the common justice of Brazil, which will be used as a lying argument against justice. It’s a lie-based document that says “fight fake news”. The size of the report is such that it is impossible to analyze it in a short period of time.
        3) Several members of the CPI, outside its command, sought the documents that “founded” the report to counter arguments, but were denied access.

  12. To RadioFort:

    You: “Every single fall has ushered in change for the better. Every one!”

    Are you freaking INSANE?
    — The Fall of the Russian monarchy to the communists – do you not know of the mass genocide, impoverishment, and starvation?
    — The Fall of Poland (and other nations) to the Nazis and Soviet armies? (same as above)
    — Ditto the Fall of Chiang Kai Chek’s China to the Maoists, the loss of the Venezuelan republic to the Chavistas, the Muslim conquest of much of Europe, the destruction of Carthage (and later Rome), and hundreds more examples.

    You may respond, “but hey, in 100 years, things turned out for the better.” Small comfort indeed for those who starved or were exterminated in the mean time!

    1. Yes, good points VirtualCons. The fall of Rome was another leg up with the leg sawed off. So clearly Mr. RadioMarx is using a Marxist reading of history. His naive belief in progress sticks out like a drooling lobotomy. Civilizations, wrote Polybius, have come and gone. They have risen only to be wiped out by natural catastrophes. Men are forced to begin again, from nothing. The cutting edge of archeology is here. But now mankind has the means to do the job without waiting for nature. And the communists have that suicidal instinct. They want to drive civilization over a cliff, imagining it is the a passage to happiness. Oops!

      1. Jeff, I once asked you this before, but I was wondering if perhaps you had revisited it recently. Do you know precisely where Polybius says this?

      2. It is a fragment in one of the copies of the book I have read. I did not note where it was, and have searched for it many times without luck (probably because my print copy of the book does not have the fragment). I have not had the time to read through all the fragments recently, and different volumes do not carry all the text fragments. The audible version of the book has all the fragment in it (surprisingly). So if you download the Charleton Griffin version, you will come apon it as he begins to discuss affairs in Greece toward the end of the Second Punic War (I think, but not sure). Here is a link if you want to listen to the audio book to find it. If you do, please let me know the reference: https://www.audible.com/pd/Rome-and-the-Mediterranean-Vol-1-Audiobook/B002VA9QA2

      3. Thanks Jeff. I have looked for it on several occasions as well, but been unable to find it. If I can locate it, I’ll let you know.

      4. I know it’s in the audio, because I heard it there a couple years ago when reviewing the book. I read the book the first time in the mid-1980s.

  13. Biden has enough self-awareness to understand
    that his most honorable course of action is to resign.

    We have a President who does not mind much possessing dishonor.

    In what other ways does he possess dishonor, and not mind much?

      1. When you find youself in danger,
        When you’re threatened by a stranger,
        When it looks like you will take a lickin’, (puk, puk, puk)
        There is someone waiting,
        Who will hurry up and rescue you,
        Just Call for Super Chicken! (puk ack!)

        Fred, if you’re afraid you’ll have to overlook it,
        Besides you knew the job was dangerous when you took it (puk ack!)

        He will drink his super sauce
        And throw the bad guys for a loss
        And he will bring them in alive and kickin’ (puk, puk, puk)
        There is one thing you should learn
        When there is no one else to turn to
        Call for Super Chicken! (puk, puk, puk)
        Call for Super Chicken! (puk ack!)

        source: http://www.lyricsondemand.com/tvthemes/superchickenlyrics.html

  14. Number 18 Longshoreman indicator piqued my curiosity regarding Inslee in Washington State.
    Inslee pulled the police protection for the Grain Inspectors at the Port of Vancouver and sided with the Longshoreman back in 2014. So I am not surprised 67 State Troopers were fired yesterday and 200 Washington Ferry employees were on the brink of termination last night. The Washington State ferry system was reduced by 1/3 before this. A pretty critical operation for many people to commute.
    The highest paid State of Washington employee was the head coach at WSU. He was fired and 4 assistants.
    Inslee mandate accomplished much to destroy the State.

      1. Here is the problem: They think the civilization, like a Phoenix, will reborn after his destruction. While civilization not rise up, they continue destroying…

    1. Katu Portland ran the story saying the Washington State Patrol announced 127 State Troopers were cut because of the Vaccine Mandate. 53 Civil Servants 67 State Troopers 6 sergeants 1 Captain.
      The ferryman were unvacinated last night and some are reporting lost jobs and some are saying Religious Exemptions are not honoured.

      1. So they have to take vaccines made from aborted baby tissue. We all have to participate in abortion, and accept experimental medical treatments because the government no longer recognizes the Nuremberg Code.

      2. Nothing ever gets done until people become intolerant or else somebody litigates. Take the masks for instance. Maybe I ought to sue the local food chain for the mask mandate. Nuremburg established the principal of Command Responsibility, whereby superiors and minions are equally culpable. Therefore, when a business accepts privilege from the state, such as a business license or tax break, they become an agent of the state; therefore, Public Property. You can’t mandate masks on a public street, like Santa Barbara has done, but fails to enforce. The US 9th Circuit Federal Court, recently reiterated that Public Property is not to be construed as if private. This means that a store can’t mandate masks, and more than a city lawfully can for out of doors. Religious Rights are infringed all the time. They invariable get resolved favorably when litigated. The wheels of Justice grind slowly, however. The Nuremburg Code needs to be grounds for a suit, in order to be enforced.

      1. Reinhard Mey (* Berlin, 1942): Gute Nacht, Freunde (1972)

        Gute Nacht Freunde
        Es wird Zeit für mich zu gehen
        Was ich noch zu sagen hätte
        Dauert eine Zigarette
        Und ein letztes Glas im Stehen.

        Für den Tag, für die Nacht unter eurem Dach habt Dank
        Für den Platz an eurem Tisch, für jedes Glas, das ich trank
        Für den Teller, den ihr mir zu den euren stellt
        Als sei selbstverständlicher nichts auf der Welt.

        Gute Nacht Freunde
        Es wird Zeit für mich zu gehen
        Was ich noch zu sagen hätte
        Dauert eine Zigarette
        Und ein letztes Glas im Stehen.

        Habt Dank für die Zeit, die ich mit euch ver-plaudert hab
        Und für eure Geduld, wenn’s mehr als eine Meinung gab
        Dafür, dass ihr nie fragt, wann ich komm oder geh
        Für die stets offene Tür, in der ich jetzt steh.

        Gute Nacht Freunde
        Es wird Zeit für mich zu gehen
        Was ich noch zu sagen hätte
        Dauert eine Zigarette
        Und ein letztes Glas im Stehen.

        Für die Freiheit, die als steter Gast bei euch wohnt
        Habt Dank, dass ihr nie fragt, was es bringt, ob es lohnt
        Vielleicht liegt es daran, dass man von draußen meint
        Dass in euren Fenstern das Licht wärmer scheint

        Gute Nacht Freunde
        Es wird Zeit für mich zu gehen
        Was ich noch zu sagen hätte
        Dauert eine Zigarette
        Und ein letztes Glas im Stehen.
        Gute Nacht Freunde
        Es wird Zeit für mich zu gehen
        Was ich noch zu sagen hätte
        Dauert eine Zigarette
        Und ein letztes Glas im Stehen


    US high court won’t block vaccines for Maine health workers

    PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — The U.S. Supreme Court declined Tuesday to block a vaccine requirement imposed on Maine health care workers, the latest defeat for opponents of vaccine mandates.

    It was the first time the Supreme Court weighed in on a statewide vaccine mandate. It previously rejected challenges of vaccine requirements for New York City teachers and Indiana University staff and students.


    1. When SCOTUS judges started the push about them not being political hacks, then you know that’s just what they are. The constitution is used only when it appeals to their political leanings.

    2. Kavanaugh and Barrett were darlings of the Federalist Society, which NEVER should have had such unchecked sway on appointments. At the end of the day, FS panders to the DC establishment, which loves to consolidate power — whether corporate, bureaucratic, executive or legislative. Patriots need to understand that Beltway “conservatives” are closer to establishment democrats than to your average conservative.

  16. Hi Jeff, thanks for another eye-opening article. Two quick questions if I may. One, I have found it most difficult to talk with people about even less-catastrophic situations facing us currently due to their lack of receptivity. When I mention a potential looming war from China or Russia they look at me as if I’m speaking a foreign language and usually change the subject. Any thoughts on how to better approach the subject? Two, on a completely different subject, the past two years I have dove into deep personal research on a number of subjects owing in large part to the “pandemic”. To my horror I realized I had allowed myself to be deceived with a lot of untruths that most of us our indoctrinated into. I’m also finding the line between truth & untruth to be more difficult to discern than ever before. Of late I have come across the documentary Europa: The Last Battle. Are you familiar with it? If not, it essentially is an historical revisionist doc on WWII stating that WWII was more or less thrust upon Hitler by the likes of Churchill and others, and ultimately a design by international Jewish elites condemning Germany because Hitler removed the nation from their central banking schemes. It proposes that Hitler & the Nazi party were not ever intent on nor designing to mass murder Jewish citizens. May I ask your thoughts on this please? Thank you.

    1. The best remedy for pro-Nazi revisionism is to read the memoirs of people who were close to Hitler. You will see that Hitler was a sinister person, capable of deceiving others. He also seemed to have been a little psychic — even spooky. It may be said, with perfect Justice, that he sacrificed his country for his own ambition. His selfishness was deep. His pretense was also deep. He had many remarkable qualities, of course, and has been described as a shaman-type leader. How else could he have fascinated so many people? To be really dangerous it helps to have brilliance and creativity and a little magic. The corruption in the man was hidden from the people around him. Evil is not what we imagine it to be. It is a special kind of stupidity and ugliness. How then is it found in a genius? Hitler’s evil was mixed with talent and showmanship — accompanied by a demonic ruthlessness. He was no coward. One might say that Hitler was not a statesman. He was an actor. But that would only be partly true. The Nazis believed in crazy things, and Hitler was happy to let them. The Third Reich is a complex subject, and you need to understand the psychological formula behind Hitler’s anti-Semitism — as owing to a peculiar mental neuroticism and a method for uniting left and right politically. It was an effective bit of political black magic. But it was black. People are trying to revive that magic today, and besides being based on forgeries and myths, it had often been used metaphorically by socialists and those who use Jewish people as a scapegoat and marker for all that is wrong with modernity. The book “Warrant for Genocide” is a good primer for explaining the infamous forgery, the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” which all these anti-Semites mistakenly believe. It is a kind of madness to believe in that nonsense. How can one explain it properly? Hitler was an evil man wrapped inside a sincere man — a combination of qualities impossibly rare and inexplicable. Read Walter Schellenberg’s memoirs, “The Labyrinth,” which reveals the inner wickedness of the Nazi regime. Schellenberg was the youngest SS general and Himmler’s favorite. As a master spy he was a shrewd judge of men. He escaped hanging because he saved Jews near the end of the war. Others to read: “Heinz Linge’s” memoir and Hitler’s secretaries’ remembrances, particularly Christa Schroeder. When you come to know the person, and then read the best analyses of the wars’ outbreak, you will discover that Hitler did not mean to conquer the world. That is a misnomer. But he was by no means innocent regarding the events of 1939. Hitler’s attack on Poland was preemptive in a sense. Yet Preemptive wars are wrong in principle. Bismarck said as much, and was wise in saying so. The Versailles Treaty was evil, admittedly, but that is not an excuse after he was given Austria, Sudetenland and Czechia. He overstepped and broke his word. He lost Britain’s good will. That was his fault. And he destroyed what might have been a solid basis for peace. But he was not balanced and could not stop. Napoleon had this problem, too. Hitler’s attack in Poland triggered a world war. He thought the French and British would abandon Poland in 1939. But they did not. He was therefore caught in Stalin’s trap when London and Paris declared war on him. He wanted to conquer land for Germany to attain self-sufficiency in food and oil, etc., and he was willing to do terrible things to get that. Besides all that, Conspiratorial Anti-Semitism is pretty crazy as an objective proposition. Do not buy into it.

      1. Another volume for the bookshelf is ‘Believe & Destroy – Intellectuals in the SS War Machine’ by Christian Ingrao.

        I came across this scholarly account of the corruption introduced across the intellectual and professional board in Germany, and the active front-line involvement of the thinking classes in creating and implementing a society based on a dark fantasy, from Lebensraum to the Final Solution.

        It is relentlessly detailed and thoroughly depressing, and it dovetails neatly with Jeff Schmidt’s ‘Disciplined Minds – A Critical Look at Salaried Professionals and the Soul-Battering System that Shapes their Lives’.

    2. PS — regarding the mass killing of Jews during the war: All bureaucracies have this murderous tendency in time of war or national emergency. We should not be naive. This is especially true when there is plunder in prospect. The Nazis plundered the Jews. This is akin to murder because plunder leads to murder. What do you do with millions of people you have robbed? You enslave them during the war, as long as they can work. But if they cannot work, or they sit astride your supply lines into Russia because you stupidly resettled them there, what do you do? Your own guilt tells you to murder them because now you have reason to fear them. It is wicked and logical at the same time. So your guilt leads you from mass robbery to mass murder. And you justify it with a crazy racist ideology. The danger of bureaucratic government under such circumstances is profound. Military Bureaucracy produced the slaughter of the trenches in the First World War. It is giving us vaccine mandates today. Bureaucracy grinds people up in various ways. All the major powers massacred civilians by a machine-like process during WW2. The Japanese committed horrifying systematic atrocities in China. The British and Americans murdered civilians with fire bombing — and don’t forget the two atomic bombs. The Nazis killed people with bureaucratic efficiency. The Soviet bureaucracy was the most murderous of all. The numbers may matter, if we could correctly calculate them. But political crimes are masterfully covered up — by false narratives and apologists in every country. Do not imagine that any modern government is innocent. There is a streak of murder in all of them. The more ideological, the more crazy, the more murderous. Governments are dangerous.

      1. “The danger of bureaucratic government under such circumstances is profound.”

        P.S. I spent my life stiff-arming 8.5s to 10s, to what end? Seriously. To what end?

        Just complaining in the morning.

        Didn’t Ayn Rand write beautifully on the subject of bureaucrats in her masterpiece, “We the Living”?

        “The danger of bureaucratic government under such circumstances is profound.”

        “The danger of bureaucratic government under such circumstances is profound.”

        “The danger of bureaucratic government under such circumstances is profound.”

        Jeff, why not just come out with a book of Quotations for kids, and a few fables,
        since they can learn, maybe.

  17. The New York Times


    A panel said Jair Bolsonaro should be charged with crimes against humanity over Brazil’s pandemic response. It dropped a recommended homicide charge.

    Wednesday, October 20, 2021 12:51 AM EST

    A Brazilian congressional panel had initially recommended in the report that Mr. Bolsonaro be charged with mass homicide and genocide against Indigenous groups in the Amazon. But less than a day after The Times and several Brazilian news outlets reported on those plans, several senators said that the accusations had gone too far.


  18. BREAKING: Nearly 1,900 Washington workers quit or were fired over COVID vaccine mandate:

    The Seattle Times

    3% of Washington employees gone over state COVID vaccine mandate:

    Nearly 1,900 Washington employees have quit or were fired for failing to comply with Gov. Jay Inslee’s COVID vaccine mandate, representing about 3% of Washington’s 63,000 state workers. Data from the Office of Financial Management showed that 92% of workers have been vaccinated.


  19. Some years back, after I had become convinced that China intends to invade the U.S., I took a trip to China. While there, I asked some of the people how would they react to a Chinese invasion of the U.S.? The answer I got was that the people would rejoice. China had become strong enough to take on the strongest country in the world. The invasion shows that they would win.

    My follow-up question: how will the Chinese people react if, after the invasion, the Chinese military suffers major defeats in the U.S.? That got me the answer, “The people will rebel.”

    For all the vaunted manpower of the PLA, there is a limit to how many men they can send here. They must defeat us on the ground, here, in the U.S. mainland, or we will claw back and take the fight to them. But the only thing that keeps the CCP in power now is the PLA. They can”t send their whole military here, they need to keep a certain number back home to keep their population in check. The exaggeration “A rifle behind every blade of grass” comes into play, for we have veterans who have been in battle, and hunters who know how to shoot, outnumbering by more than an order of magnitude the number of troops that the PLA will be able to land.

    Both the CCP and the PLA are hated by the vast majority of Chinese people, but the people have been intimidated by their own lack of weapons and have been bought off by relative wealth—their cars, comfortable apartments, big screen TVs, restaurant meals—things they could lose if they go against the government. Oh there’s still real poverty in China—the women in multiple villages doing the hard work to hand-make the brooms used by street sweepers in the cities while their men are away trying to make ends meet. But the cities have a relatively comfortable standard of living.

    That can all change, if hunger stalks the land. What good are the luxuries, if there’s nothing to eat? After two disastrous harvest seasons, how much food do they have left? If they attack in a few months while we are still well armed, is that not a sign of desperation? Will the Chinese invasion ultimately win, or lose?

      1. Since if you examine the library shelves for lacks, a prominent lack is books of USEFUL quotations.

        Almost as if the librarians are Communists, or a least purveyors of lack of seriousness.

        Alt-Right Library Science – but then again, I’m just mumbling upwind into a Category 4 Hurricane.

        Everybody goes read the latest news, I’m sure it’ll help a least a little.

      2. Okay just this once I’m going edit Jeff.

        That comment should read: “Do not forget the effectiveness of biological and nuclear weapons.”

        ( I guess the word effectiveness is just a trigger word of mine mind. )

      3. No, I don’t forget the effectiveness of nuclear weapons. Or rather their ineffectiveness. They would have to carpet bomb the whole U.S. just to bring the numbers of U.S. veterans and hunters to parity with the troops they could land. That includes such metropolises as Muleshoe, TX and Nevada, IA.

        As for biological weapons, the CCP doesn’t want to release one so deadly that it kills off their own troops when they land. They want one like this CCP virus, where the main weapon are the shots put into arms by traitors. Now too many people have woken up to the dangers of these shots, therefore refuse to take them, including myself. Hopefully the shots won’t kill off everyone who has taken them.

        I expect the nukes to kill tens of millions and hopefully the jabs won’t give a 100% death rate, enough will survive to give the Chinese a real run for their money, if not defeat them.

        That’s my 2¢

    1. Serpentza, who lived Red China over 10 years, believed the people did not support the regime. A few weeks back he had to admit they did. You can always come across people that hate the regime they live under. While I lived in Germany I met several people that hated the Nazi regime from the beginning. But the regime was quite well supported by a majority of the people. Don’t make the mistake of judging a people by a small sample.

      1. Yes, I watched Serpenza’s videos, but I noticed something he may not have realized—he didn’t speak the local language. I saw the banana tree leaves in his videos, very noticeable sign of southern China, and I saw him repeatedly getting no response from the locals. He was in southern China, where the majority of people speak Cantonese, even the radio and TV stations still broadcast in Cantonese. There are also Mandarin stations, but the CCP knows that it can’t get its propaganda heard if they relied only on Mandarin. I found the people more open to me, because I speak Cantonese.

        Secondly, by being in a Mandarin speaking milieu in southern China, that is more likely a subset of the city people who benefit from the CCP rule.

        There are other sources of information that basically back up what I wrote above.

    2. Large ships can carry many small boats, to infiltrate under radar to our coastline, then do as thou wilt shall be the law of the land. (??)

      Thanks for the coherent post.

      For results matrix, input various types of leadership in U.S., Europe, Etc.

      Plus surviving usable satellite info.

      Plus Russian All – Highest will get to evaluate the Chinese results and leadership.

      Concerning Multi-Dimensional Salvation: If it is possible to understand alien tech, which
      American or German INDIVIDUAL came to understand it first?

      Presumably this person went to a university somewhere, sometime.

    3. Which brings up an interesting question, is the U.S. government going to come down very hard on food “hoarding” in the U.S.?

      Can’t have those deplorables feeding themselves instead of the Chinese and Russian peoples, just can’t permit that.

      Just in case the reader hasn’t thought it though, when you buy food whether to store it for later, or to consume it, you’re sending a market signal “plant MORE crops”, which might save peoples lives down the road.

      So please don’t feel guilty about hoarding food, if fact, considering your probable lack of judgment, don’t feel guilty about ANYthing, least of all you-know-what.

  20. The latest attempt to view replies by subscribing to WordPress only directs me to sign up to establish my own blog which I don’t wish to do. I don’t want to scroll through all the comments to see what is new. Can you rectify the problem. When I click to follow the blog I don’t get “You are subscribed. This is a recent development.

    1. Subscribing to the blog is a WordPress feature and a way to track replies to comments. You have to have a WordPress signup to use the feature. That is just how it works. You need not actually make the WordPress blog. You just use your free blog signup like an address that notifies your email. I do not know of any other way to track replies. Sorry.

      1. Never buy stocks.

        Evil people and evil organizations buy stocks, if you
        buy stocks you’re just helping them.

        Good Link Sarah.

        It always helps to have a flame-thrower.

  21. I have a relevant message for Catherine and Greg Hunter:

    “If someone describes themselves as “spiritually advanced” ask them what in Gosh Sake are they talking about, and keep asking the question until they walk away.”

    Red Button, you know.

    1. ANON – I’m a little dense so you’ll have to be a little less cryptic. I don’t seem to be able to find where in that article Ms. Austin Fitts refers to herself as “spiritually advanced,” And what is the red button I should be looking for? Thanks for your time.

      1. Jeff, maybe you should turn off comments from, let’s say, 10 PM to 6 AM, so you can get some sleep.

  22. I have no way of knowing whether talk show host Ben Armstrong is in contact with you or is reading your work, but even if not, he too appears to have understood the urgency of the moment. In his show of yesterday, Oct. 19, that was titled “America Sleeps as Her Enemies Prepare to Strike”, he indeed gave quite a remarkable summary of his own:


  23. It is not about Catherine describing herself as spiritually advanced.

    Of a group of people that described themselves that way, only one of a hundred said they would choose to push the “Red Button” the red button which would hypothetically solve certain large social problems in the U.S., at the cost of the pusher of said red button losing large amounts of money in the stock market.

    In a video with Greg Hunter of usawatchdog dot com years ago, she related this story as a way of emphasizing that the only or main way to solve social problems is to make social virtue PAY.

    This was her idea, not mine, although I tend to agree at least in small part.

    The point I want to make is this: If someone describes themselves as “spiritually advanced” by vocalization or implication, CHALLENGE THEM RIGHT THEN.


    In the Pope’s square, or at your local ashram, or for that matter when a blow-hard is on the web selling vitamins.

    (Fair Disclosure – I don’t do this procedure much, but, I have good and sufficient reasons to avoid the police – or so I tell myself.)

  24. Does anyone here know about monochromal antibodies for treating Covid, and whether or not they’re a good thing?

    1. Gretchen

      Both Joe Rogan and Allen West took monoclonal antibodies ( along with a bunch of other remedies ). They both recovered from covid. Also in the state of Florida there are clinics for anyone to get the monoclonal antibodies treatment. I am not clear whether the Biden administration has stopped the shipments of those antibodies into Florida or not. Or whether those clinics are still operating.

      Overall I have a positive impression of the monoclonal antibodies treatment.

  25. I’ve never seen a peaceful protest here or abroad that managed to effect a positive change for the protesters. On the contrary, such protests have always been infiltrated by those in opposition to the objectives of the original protesters. The result has been detrimental to the original objective. Within the context of trying to educate the masses it is impossible to alter the thinking of those who have been brainwashed due to the fact that they are effectively brain dead. I know this to be true from personal observation. Though they are presently useful idiots employed by the power players, they are ultimately expendable once the objectives of the higher powers have been achieved. Your views are fine for those who will listen and learn; but those who might best profit by what you have to say will never bother to read much less understand. You are preaching to the choir while some in the pews disrupt the narrative.

    But, having said all this, I am about to disrupt. It is all well and good to want to restore America to a civil society ruled by representatives with moral integrity. But the sad fact is that in order to do so it would be necessary to clean house of all the roaches and termites. That is a hard fact of life to face; and because most folks take a negative view of such things America will never recover. It might actually be more humane that we suffer an invasion or annihilation just to clear the field of the vermin. Sounds harsh, I know. But if we haven’t the stomach to do it ourselves, it is obvious that someone else does and will. Sorry, but that’s the way I feel as an 82 year old who has watched it unfold over the past 60 plus years.

    1. Sir, your assessment, which I deem not so much excessively harsh (or defeatist), but merely uncompromisingly realistic. strongly reminds me of what Catholic blogger Ann Barnhardt had to say back in 2012 as part of a longer presentation she did at the time on the topic of “The Vendée Genocide: The Proto-Marxist Model for War against the Church, Humanity and Freedom”. Here are those particular passages:

      “… With Obama in there, they’ve overthrown the entire government. This is going to be the coup de grâce. Don’t kid yourself. This is it. They are not going to walk away. They have been gunning for this, literally, for centuries. Because if we fall, the entire world falls to these jackals. THEY ARE NOT GOING TO WALK AWAY, NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS…”

      “Obama is the enemy, and he is trying to destroy this country! For the love of God, internet, WAKE, THE HELL, UP! …”

      “You have to understand that Washington D.C., right now, is hopeless. The horse is dead. You stand over it and you beat it all you want, and you have, ‘Rah-rah! Cheer! Oh boy, the horse is gonna get up and run like Secretariat!’ No, it’s not! It’s dead! You’ve got to get a new horse in, or there’s no hope! Sorry, I know that that’s bleak. And, ‘Oh, we’ve got to have hope!’ You’ve got to have hope, but you can’t have hope in something that is impossible and futile. You have to refocus your energies and that hope and that faith into something that’s going to work! And that cesspool in Washington D.C., as it stands now, is not reformable, and it will never work. There’s going to have to be a hard reset. You’re gonna have to get all of those people out of there, every last one of them at the same time, and repopulate it from scratch! Sorry, but that’s the situation. It’s our fault because we let it get to this. We let it get to this, and now we’ve made this bed and by God we’re gonna have to sleep in it; not stand over the dead horse – and rah-rah! – and wave our flags. That’s not gonna work…”

      “Here’s where, sadly, history begins to diverge. Do you think five out of six priests and bishops today are gonna stand and fight? Sadly, the answer is no. No. The church has been massively infiltrated by Marxism and recruited an enormous amount of homosexuals. This has led to a massive crisis of faith. These men, they’re not gonna stand…”

      “It’s all playing out in exactly the same way. And the problem we have right now is the faithlessness of the Church. There are no men to stand and say: No. And if the clergy doesn’t stand, then the people won’t, the laity won’t. That’s what’s terrifying…”

      “Compare this to the Vendée: The Vendée, where the people that were going to the churches and were telling the priests and the bishops, ‘You have to stand firm! We’re behind you! We’re with you! Do not compromise in the faith!’ Now, you know what most people, especially Catholics, want, most Catholic women want? – Hi, Catholic women! – Yeah, I know you’re on the pill. And you want the free pill, don’t ya? You want the pill on your insurance policy. Never mind that that’s mortal sin! Oh, don’t worry about that! You want the pill. And so you’re just gonna say, ‘Fiddledeedee, I don’t care.’ And you know what? You are going to lose your civilisation over this. I hope you’re happy! I hope you’re happy so that in not bringing any children into the world, you can have the standard of living that you want. I hope you’re happy when your entire civilisation collapses and you’re not living in the 4,000 square-foot house with the granite countertops anymore, honey! Yeah. It’s funny how these things all come back around…”

      Source (part 1/4):

    2. Ediehnatko: what you describe would require a bloodbath, and those who most likely would have to carry it out are against mass murder. Therefore, if there‘s a purging of society, it will have to be done through war and invasion.

      I hate to say it this way, but this country may lose two-thirds of its population within a couple of years. What sort of society will we have then? God willing, I intend to find out.

  26. I´m here in Peru and I can say with certainty that this is what´s going on.

    Yes, Peru is falling. The covid scare did it´s effect by putting many out of work. Tourist sector is pretty dead. The new president wants all working age men either working getting an education, or forced into the military. I asked why the military, and was told trouble with Colombia and immigrants.
    Trouble is certainly on the horizon

    The Venezuela immigrant sitution is about to explode.

    Everything´s a mess. Before covid, Peru was slowly making headway. Now the homelessness is incredible.

    Any questions are welcome.

    -Bill Freeman

    1. Bill: Thank you for posting here. It was an honor for me to speak with Francisco Tudela, a truly brilliant man who possesses detailed knowledge of communism’s victories in Peruvian politics. One of the things he told me was how the old Soviet and Chinese networks are now working together in Peru with various leftist groups. The communists are getting their act together, and it doesn’t seem they will be stopped. Do you see any organized opposition to the communists that stands a chance? I know that Tudela came up under Alberto Fujimori, who helped Peru by defeating the Shining Path insurgency and restoring economic stability. My suspicion has long been that Fujimori’s intelligence service chief, Vladimiro Lenin Illich Montesinos, was not merely a CIA asset but a communist asset engaged in sophisticated blackmail and sabotage operations that brought Fujimori down. Was Montesinos recruited by the communists through his corruption? Was he a communist from the start, infiltrating and corrupting as he went? I do not know. But it is worth looking into. The kind of corruption Montesinos was involved with is a classic method of up-to-date communist politics in Latin America and Africa. You win by corruption, and dirtying everyone, and blackmailing everyone. It is the Yenan Way on sterioids. Taking money from the CIA was just the iceing on the cake (the poor, clueless CIA being what it is). I was surprised that Tudela did not share my suspicion that Montesinos was a double agent (or triple agent) working for the communists. If not, he nonetheless helped communism in Peru more than anyone. He would not be the only Latin American to graduate from the U.S. Army’s School of Americas in Panama to be recruited by the CIA and then by the KGB or DGI. Manuel Noriega is another name that comes to mind.

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