Who are our enemies, and who are our friends? This question is one of primary importance in the revolution. All past revolutionary struggles in China achieved very little, basically because the revolutionaries were unable to unite their real friends to attack their real enemies.

Mao Zedong, founder of Communist China
“Analysis of Classes in Chinese Society”

We have to make sure that we deter China on every front, and Taiwan is obviously critical. But most important, we must deter China in a way that does not unbalance our overall strategic position – which faces Russia in Europe and Iran in the Middle East (not to mention Cuba and Venezuela in the Caribbean). To understand our strategic position, it is worth keeping Chinese Grand Strategy in mind. The debate on Chinese grand strategy is difficult because China has successfully hidden its ultimate grand strategic direction and objectives. And so, we are left judging by actions. But actions can also be misleading. Even invasion preparations can be misleading.

In some sense we are always preparing to refight the last war – World War II. By way of analogy, you could say Beijing’s moves against Hong Kong resemble the Anschluss, the loss of Afghanistan is like the Allies abandoning Czechoslovakia, and now we come to Taiwan, a country we feel compelled to defend just as the French and British were compelled to stand by Poland (even though Poland’s strategic position – like Taiwan’s today – was hopeless).

As we draw these parallels, the Chinese are also drawing parallels; but the Chinese draw different lessons from history than we do. In explaining this I am going to refer to Chinese Defense Minister Chi Haotian’s secret speech before high-level communist officials, delivered roughly twenty years ago. And indeed, in that speech, Chi compares China to Germany in the 1930s.

In the speech Chi says, “today’s China is alarmingly similar to Germany back then. Both of them regard themselves as the most superior races; both of them have a history of being exploited by foreign powers … both of them have the tradition of worshipping their own authorities; both of them feel they have seriously insufficient living space; both of them raise high the two banners of nationalism and socialism … both of them worship ‘one state, one party, one leader, and one doctrine.’”

But here the comparison ends. And it is worthwhile to follow Chi’s quoting of Jaing Zemin as saying: “Germany belongs to pediatrics” – too trivial to be compared with China. “How large is Germany’s population,” asked Chi. Trivial. How big is its territory? Trivial.  How many enemies did Germany kill? Trivial compared to the killing of the Beijing regime. How long did Nazi Germany last? Twelve years. Trivial!  

Chi says there are three lessons to be learned from the German experience of World War II. The three lessons are: “Firmly grasp the country’s living space; firmly grasp the Party’s control over the nation; and firmly grasp the general direction toward becoming the ‘lord of the earth.’”

First, says Chi, living space is the regime’s central focus, though this cannot be publicly admitted because it would associate China with Nazi Germany in the eyes of the world and reinforce the view that China is a threat. So, this focus must remain secret.

Second, the Communist Party must teach the Chinese people to “go out” and find “new lands” in order to justify its leadership position and hold firmly to power. Chi states, “Comrade Mao Zedong said that if we could lead the Chinese people outside of China, resolving the lack of living space in China, the Chinese people will support us.”

Third, for China to become the “lord of the earth,” it is necessary, said Chi, “to hold firmly onto the big ‘issue of America.’ This appears to be shocking, but the logic is actually very simple.”

Chi underscores his point with the following rhetorical question: “Would the United States allow us to go out to gain new living space? First, if the United States is firm in blocking us, it is hard for us to do anything significant to Taiwan, Vietnam, India, or even Japan, [so] how much more living space can we get? Very trivial! Only countries like the United States, Canada and Australia have the vast land to serve our need for mass colonization.”

“Therefore,” noted General Chi, “solving the ‘issue of America’ is the key to solving all other issues. First, this makes it possible for us to have many people migrate there and even establish another China under the leadership of the CCP.”

In this strategic context, China is understandably secretive about its goals. Chi stated, “We also must never forget what Comrade [Deng] Xiaoping emphasized: ‘Refrain from revealing ambitions and put others off the track.’ The hidden message is: we must put up with America; we must conceal our ultimate goals, hide our capabilities, and await the opportunity.”

He then discussed launching a biological war against the United States in the future. He called this “using special means to ‘clean up’ America…” The last problem, said General Chi, is “firmly seizing the preparations for military battle.” And he then mentioned Taiwan: “Our military battle preparation appears to aim at Taiwan but in fact is aimed at the United States, and the preparation is far beyond the scope of attacking aircraft carriers or satellites.”

What I conclude from this is that China’s threat to Taiwan craves this larger strategic context. Furthermore, the testimony of the GRU defector, Colonel Stanislav Lunev must not be ignored. Lunev, who spoke fluent Mandarin and worked in China, knew of a secret post-Soviet military agreement with China about a future war against the United States in which Russia would acquire Alaska and China would acquire the lower 48 states. Thus, we must not take our eyes off the ball. America is China’s main target. Taiwan may be a stepping stone, or a diversion. Therefore, our preparations must include a strengthening here in North America – the bolstering of strategic defenses and our strategic deterrent.


Notes and Links

It is my thesis that China has a grand strategy and we have failed to see what it is. China is a collective party dictatorship run by committees and party think tanks that have been working out the country’s grand strategy for decades. Our blindness to grand strategy, and our denial of a grand strategy is, itself, essential to the success of Chinese grand strategy.

More than two years ago The National Interest published an article titled “China’s Big Mistake: It Thinks It Can Beat America in a War” – the article  argues that China mistakenly assumes it can “launch an attack on China’s neighbors without first knocking out U.S. forces.”[i] The people who wrote the article are taking Chinese statements, designed for their consumption, at face value. They are not only being deceived, but they are broadcasting their stupidity to everyone who reads their publication. – The National Interest, China’s Big Mistake: It Thinks It Can Beat America In a War | The National Interest

As reported in The U.S. Sun, Chinese military expert Du Wenlong warned that the U.S. could not stop a successful Chinese invasion of Taiwan and Japan would be nuked if it attempted to interfere. On a Chinese video channel, “allegedly approved by the Chinese Communist Party” and tied to the People’s Liberation Army, the narrator of a video (now deleted) said, “We will use nuclear bombs first. We will use nuclear bombs continuously. We will do this until Japan declares unconditional surrender for the second time. We will liberate Taiwan, if Japan dares to intervene by force – even if it only deploys one soldier, one plane or one ship – we will not only return fire but also wage full-scale war against Japan itself.” The Japanese were not intimidated. Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso said Japan would defend Taiwan in alliance with the USA.[ii]WW3 fears as China boasts US would have ‘no chance’ stopping invasion of Taiwan (the-sun.com)

The Secret Speech of General Chi Haotian, The Secret Speech of General Chi Haotian – J.R. Nyquist Blog (jrnyquist.blog).


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81 thoughts on “The Taiwan Question

  1. China Actually Conducted Two Hypersonic Missile Tests (Not One) This Summer

    Daily Mail: Revealed: China ‘has tested TWO hypersonic orbital nukes capable of breaching missile defences’ as panicked analysts say it ‘defies the laws of physics’ and is unlike any weapon the US has

    * China has carried out two tests of an orbital vehicle believed to be a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile

    * First test took place on July 27 while second took place on August 13, intelligence sources have claimed

    * Scientists are still trying to work out exactly what the ‘weapon’ is capable of and say it appears to ‘defy the laws of physics’ and is unlike any technology the US has developed

    * Beijing has acknowledged one of the tests, but says it was actually launching a ‘peaceful’ civilian spacecraft

    China carried out a second test of what is believed to be a hypersonic orbital missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead earlier this year, intelligence sources have claimed.

    The new test is believed to have taken place on August 13 and involved a similar ‘hypersonic glide vehicle’ to one launched into space on board a Long March rocket back in July, which was first reported earlier this week.

    Beijing has acknowledged one of the tests, claiming it launched a ‘peaceful’ civilian spacecraft.

    But analysts believe the craft can actually be tipped with a nuclear warhead which would be able to evade missile defences.


    More News On China Actually Conducting Two Hypersonic Missile Tests (Not One) This Summer

    China conducted two hypersonic weapons tests this summer — Financial Times

    China Tested Two Hypersonic Weapons Over Summer, FT Reports — Bloomberg

    China tested hypersonic missiles not once but twice, says report — The Independent

    China tested hypersonic weapons twice, ‘stunned’ US: Report — Al Jazeera

    China’s hypersonic space weapon test, explained — Popular Science

    Former Pentagon official ‘not surprised’ by Chinese launch, says US is running out of time in AI race — FOX News

  2. A belated comment regarding your last article on the developments in Latin America:

    The situation in Chile is just as alarming! Liberal-conservative President Sebastián Piñera (Renovación Nacional), who won against Socialist on-and-off incumbent Michelle Bachelet, first in 2009 and then again in 2017, has proven ineffective, to say the least, in putting a hold to the rising Red tide in Chile. Giving in to the radical Left’s mounting pressure, a referendum was held (and massively rigged) over summoning a constitutional convention to work out a new (identity-politics-based) constitution that will then open all flood gates toward a communist takeover. Tragically, the Marxists are almost entirely in charge of the process, with the president of the convention, Elisa Loncón, being an indigenous activist, who is in fact a communist (a parallel to newly appointed U.S. Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland!). Some 85% of the fraudulently elected members of this constitutional convention belong to the Left. Their not-so-secret goal is a total power grab in which the constitutional convention would actually overthrow all of Chile’s branches of government. In other words, Chile is experiencing a slow-motion communist coup d’etat. The one way or the other, the upcoming Chilean general election scheduled for Nov. 21, 2021 will almost certainly (and this time, irreversibly) return Chile to the days of Salvador Allende. The hard Left is now on the roll everywhere, around the world!

    Here is a deeply sobering August 30, 2021 interview with Carlos Augusto Casanova Guerra (* 1966), Professor for Philosophy (and, I think, Philosophy of Law) at Santo Tomás University, Chile:


      1. Biden twice said he could physically beat up Trump; as if either of them could last fifteen seconds of jogging in place. China is as phony as Biden. Talk is cheap. Russia and China display their hypersonic missile prototypes, in order to bolster domestic support. The US Spaceforce has far more advanced weaponry that US citizens are aware, but China and Russia have a clue, and know they are at great disadvantage, or else they wouldn’t be making threats, veiled or otherwise; they’d simply attack. They would love to see US provide a demonstration on North Korea or Iran, just to see what we can do, though.

        Taiwan’s former president’s son was close friends with Dung’s son, and they went back and forth from Beijing and Taipei, to visit each other all the time. The two countries are not enemies at all, but merely play off the United States, same as everyone else does.

      2. You;ve said (I think) that China doesn’t want to be seen as the agressor.Couldn’t a Taiwan-provocation (a Chinese attack on a territory that is internationally more or less seen as theirs) drag the US in and consequently be used as the perfect pretext for a retaliation visavis the US?

      3. About China being seen as aggressor. That is not exactly what I said in this piece. I was paraphrasing Chi. China did not want to be seen as a threat that everyone would unite against, so they do not want to public admit wanting living space. China has committed military aggression frequently. In 1962 they attacked India and invaded, taking territory they still hold. In 1979 they attacked Vietnam. They struck the UN forces in Korea in 1950.

      4. Hank. Despite what the news are broadcasting to the world, I think you have a valid point about “the two countries are not enemies at all.” The same goes for Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Korea, etc… They have deep loyal cultural and ethnic ties– more so now since China has become an economic force and they still haven’t been held accountable for starting this Wuhan pandemic.

        In essence, they have already won.

        Why many in the West bought into Nixon and Kissinger’s policy of opening trade relations with China would somehow convert them into a democratic society and pitting Chinese against Russian is nothing more than fantasy and delusional thinking. Have you seen BBC’s recent interview of Prince William with Mandarin characters in the background? He has no clue how irrelevant his monarchy will be when those who advertise will make him into dust.

        When I met Jiang Zemin, it was apparent that he wanted dominance in SE Asia thru ASEAN by using reverse psychology, buying up politicians, and debt for infrastructure schemes in local countries with little or no Chinese population, so the Chinese could have a greater hold and physical presence in the future.

        Are there any redeeming qualities amongst the proudly ignorant, virtue signaling, and arrogant masses, who don’t want to be enlightened, worth saving?

        I have no pity for evil doers whether they be the Huns or idiots in the West who are as equally evil. Why not spend extra money on good quality products rather than junks made by commies or using commie owned business, i.e. Tik Tok?

        MARCELO’s comment is also spot on about the Chinese being more brutal than the Germans (let’s not forget Germans and Turks originate from central Asia, breeding w/Mongols). Many in the West have no clue of how physically cruel the Chinese will be to them.

        “After the Battle of Crete was over, a real bloodbath started. The nazis, blinded by their revenge, murdered indiscriminately citizens of the island, including pregnant women and young children, as well as old men and women.”
        https: // http://www.ww2wrecks.com/ portfolio/ nazi-atrocities-in-crete-murdering-civilians-women-and-children/

        “I am often asked why Germany is so openly favouring Turkey over Greece in their disputes. German cruelty against the Greeks was not much different to the methods used by the Turks against the Greeks and on occasion assisted by Germans, as was the case in 1922 when the Turks “threw the Greeks (civilians) into the Sea of Smyrna.”
        https: // greekcitytimes. com/2021/10/04/1943- german-burned-cretan-women/

        “According to survivors describing the atrocities, SS soldiers bayoneted babies in their cribs, stabbed pregnant women, and beheaded the village priest.”
        https: // greekreporter. com/2021/06/10/greece-remembers-the-cold-blooded-nazi-massacre-at-distomo/

        However, I think those who are genuinely spiritually in tune may have “revelations” as OHENGINEER pointed out and he also correctly pointed out that many Germans were supportive as many Chinese are supportive of their “leadership.”

        “God has also revealed to me and it has been confirmed by many that China will invade the west coast of the United States in the near future.”
        https: // http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XdOtfk8kFi0

        Unless China is destroyed, the West will be destroyed first.

      5. Artemis, China goes through The Great Tribulation, while America is conspicuous by it’s absence. Perhaps being a wealthy country, makes US a victim of our own success, in that we can afford to vaccinate and fool, brainwashed enough to take it. I don’t think China needs to take any military action to eliminate the United States. It seems to me that we are doing a great job of that on our own.

  3. A few years ago, I happened to get into a conversation with a Chinese foreign student. The exchange was polite, almost casual, at first. I asked the lady how it felt living in the People’s Republic of China (which was like asking a fish how it feels living in the water), to which she gave back, somewhat evading and rather stone-cold, that everbody can live perfectly free lives there, as long as they don’t try to interfere with the Party’s objectives. Her indifference gave her away, not that this came as a surprise really, as being a loyal communist herself. I got slightly impatient and pressed her over the PRC’s aggressive expansionism which, I said, carries all the hallmarks of Nazi Germany’s concept of “Volk ohne Raum” (People without Space). Her facial expression and tone changed immediately (as she undoubtedly understood what I was hinting at), and that was the end of that “polite” conversation….

      1. And never ever would they even think of biting the hand that feeds them. This type of “intelligence” isn’t just a whatever vague grasp of the international situation. It’s an expression of cradle-to-grave obedience to the Party!

  4. Some of Nevin’s nuggets:

    Jiang Zemin identified Japan and Taiwan as enemies of China in 2005 to an audience of cadres and officers in the artillery’s bases in the Jinan and Nanjing Military Regions. Jiang allegedly stated that the “long-term and intermediate-term enemies of the whole army: He opined that hegemonism and unilateralism are long-term strategic enemies, that Japanese militarism is an enemy to be faced in the intermediate term, and Taiwan independence forces are an enemy which should be dealt with immediately.” “China’s Jiang Zemin identifies Japan, Taiwan amongst three enemies” Cheng Ming January 10,2005 Note that “hegemonism and unilateralism” refer to the US.

    Wang Huning is a secretary to the CCP Central Committee Secretariat who drafted the document Great Nation Diplomacy Strategy. Wang wrote: “The ideal of global communism is very likely to be achieved by the Chinese communists. … In order to break through the blockade by international enemies using the Pacific islands, to conquer the Pacific Ocean, and to advance toward America in the east and Australia in the south, (China) the rising power must walk in giant strides. We must solve the Taiwan Issue. Taiwan is just a stepping stone for our great nation to walk into the glorious future.” Jia, Howard. “China’s Secret Plan to Take Taiwan” Chinascope January/February 2010 page 17. The US is the ultimate target, not Taiwan.

    1. It is interesting how they use “Aesopian language” to speak openly about their objectives. This is a well-known communist trait. Most casual observers therefore miss the thrust of these speeches.

  5. What if……. China actually plans to invade Russia?
    It has the living space they require, and few allies prepared on the face of it to help in their defence.
    Already an unofficial invasion of the borders, many Chinese in Vladivostok and illegal logging ongoing.
    Further the hypersonic missile bases are located in Xinjiang hardly a strategic location for attacking the North American continent but perfect for an invasion of Russia.
    I’m sure the CCP are just as secretive about their larger goals with the Russians as they are with all outsiders….
    Just a little food for thought….

    1. I asked Colonel Lunev about the Chinese threat to Siberia, etc. He laughed at it and said Americans who talk that way do not know the realities on the ground. The Chinese bases are located where they are to protect them from an American first or second strike. Russia is militarily far advanced over China in weapons of mass destruction. Russia has the largest arsenal of lethal biological weapons on earth. China is highly vulnerable to such weapons, which are completely illegal here in America. We destroyed our stockpiles in 1969. Besides, Russia does not have the living space China needs: (1) Siberia is not space, but frozen wasteland (largely made up of permafrost) which has never been able to support more than 15-25 million people; (2) Even the climate of Russia itself (West of the Urals) is bad, and the soil outside the Volga basin and Russia’s far south is no good. (3) Russia is China’s chief ally and helpmate for acquiring territory in North America. The U.S. would never assist China in a genocidal war against Russia. The idea goes against our values.

      1. Kind of related topic i wonder about… I read Jung Chang’s biography of Mao and saw how sponsored/controlled/infiltrated China’s Communist Revolution was from Moscow. How infiltrated with Kremlin assets do you think Beijing remains today?

      2. Russia and China are very closely aligned. People are seriously misled on this score. The top tier of these countries are Marxist-Leninists. It is an atheist religion in which revolutionary politics is the focus. This is a belief system and we have been seriously misled to think the rulers do not believe in it. I have debated Chinese political scientists about Marx, and I can tell you that they do believe in Marxism-Leninism. Look at the power it has brought them. Same for Russia. People do not give up their beliefs so easily as Gorbachev supposedly did. We are frightfully naive for believing that. If Marxists are so strong here in America, dominating our universities and the Democratic Party, knowing firsthand how prosperous we are and yet believing in overthrowing that prosperity, then why would Russians and Chinese be giving up those beliefs?

    2. Hi John
      Professor Olavo highlights three large groups that seek to dominate the world (the descriptions of each group are my interpretation): 1) The globalists (which some confuse with the US and European Union) who are multibillion-dollar families that do not want competition and finance everything that suffocate and hinder whoever can come to supplant them. 2) Russian-Chinese / Sino-Soviet / Communist bloc. They believe they are morally superior than Western and, in the case of China, there is a historical sense of revenge against Western even before the Communist Regime, since the Opium Wars. 3) Islamic Bloc, which divides the world into “Lands of Islam” and “Lands of War” where “peace” will reign when Islam is implemented. The three can band together when convenient, and they can clash when one bothers the other. The main objective is to end the current Western Civilization and supplant it, each with their own vision. At the moment globalists and China are at odds, each wanting to dominate the other. But in this case, my enemy’s enemy is neither my friend nor my ally.
      Looking at China alone, the CCP has more members than Trump’s voters across the US (80 million X 75 million). There is a lot of power struggle within the party and current President Xi has tried everything to keep himself. Eventually there may be a row with Russia, but I think it’s more likely that they will unite against India, for example.

  6. “Only countries like the United States, Canada and Australia have the vast land to serve our need for mass colonization.”

    Curious in this part about countries with large territories, Brazil is not mentioned, is this a sign that the CCP already has everything under control here in the country?

    1. In terms of arable land, countries like Brazil and India still do not have more than the U.S. Besides, Brazil is not in the Pacific region and a Chinese invasion cannot be supported by Russia vs. Brazil because of the distance. Look at a map. Russia is supporting China militarily and has a direct Arctic attack route into North America — not into South America. Besides, as Chi pointed out, America would block China from genocide against Brazil. So you have to solve the issue of America first.

  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9iLR3AjnHJk

    Catherine Austin Fitts and Whitney Webb. They start talking about solutions about 2/3 of the way through the podcast an excellent interview and very uplifting. I wish I could get my extended family to listen to something like this.

    And then to listen to more solutions here. Community building ideas start in this podcast about 2/3 of the way through.

    1. Solutions in the Catherine Austin Fitts podcast start at the 40 minute mark. I don’t have Internet at home -too rural – and not much time to watch things so I can appreciate other people’s valuable time as well. The first 40 minutes is about WEF, china and Russia, Black rock, etc.

  8. @JRNyquist: Would China or would Russia assail Quebec, or would they leave it be, in a North American invasion scenario? I ask this because I had watched the “Red Dawn” interview that you had done a few months ago with Mr. Gussack, and there you had mentioned that “parts of Canada” would be invaded.

    1. Quebec might become its own communist state. Who knows? I was only told of a partial conquest of Canada by Russia. Does China get the rest? I did not ask.

      1. Jeff: When you and I have spoken in the past you explained China was to invade the US West Coast and have all the land between the West Coast and the Rocky Mountains conquered within five years and move on into the US Midwest; and that Russia would invade and take Alaska, and move down the Yukon into the western half of Canada, and that Russia and China would share the Vancouver port harbor and Russia might be giving China some of land a few miles north of the US-Canada border line, where some of the wheat fields of Central Canada are.

      2. When I discuss various scenarios I am not making predictions. Five years? Look, we do not know what WMDs would be deployed at outset or how effective biological attacks may be. I have talked about many scenarios. In some scenarios they could own the whole world in months. In others, you could have a series of wars lasting twenty years.

  9. @JRNyquist
    I was wrong about Allan dos Santos’s Safety. Justice Morais ordered his arrest and extradition by “opinion crime”. We hope Interpol reject this abuse. We need talk for all world: Allan is a political exile from Justice’s Dictatorship in Brazil.

      1. Yes. The enemy wants to financially strangle all those who seek to explain what the communists are doing. If you see people with lots of money and media attention, for the most part, they are not talking forthrightly about communism. If they appear anticommunist, note the subtle spin they put on it and how that spin serves to mask the full communist danger. For years the FOX News people would only talk about communism as something that was defeated by Reagan. Now they begin to talk about it, but still they are confused. Paul Kengor and Mark Levin may mean well, but they are denying that the communists of today in America and Latin America are working with Russia and the old communist apparatus. They characterize communism as done new fad of the role left, instead of as a project of the hundred-plus-year-old international communist movement. This consequently makes communism appear less threatening, and the full danger is not appreciated. People like Allan or myself are therefore kept out of polite company by these large media enterprises that present “news” to the “right.” The communists, so far, have succeeded in marginalizing real anti communists. Sadly, we are a long way from being able to tell the full story on major media. Blocking money from someone like Allan is therefore a key strategy of the enemy.

  10. Today’s communist China explains that question “how could the world let nazism/communism happen back then?” they just went along and did nothing and allowed the monster to grow. Aren’t all of us partly responsible by buying cheap chinese goods that might be manufactured with slave labor? We sold our moral values on a golden calf of human misery that comes out of China. Xi’s communist China is much worse than Nazism was, they have genocided way more people than Nazis did, they harvest organs of dissidents, and the world does nothing because hey cheap goods, electronics and devices are just too nice and they give us comfort at lower prices compared to if the West made them entirely. Now they grow ever more ambitious to enslave if not exterminate the rest of mankind, but wasn’t this also caused by the world who turned a blind eye to all their wrongdoings? Everyone helped to create this monster, sadly. Even if you go out of your way to only purchase your own country’s made at home goods, you may not know how many of the materials required to manufacture it came from China, it’s a hard thing to escape from the chinese dependency nowadays, and we all have been compliant on their massacres and wickedness by pretending they don’t exist. We live in the era where everyone is few clicks away from learning what’s going on, it’s a hard sell to say you just didn’t know what was going on in China that makes your cheap smartphone a possibility.

  11. Jeff, not sure if you can comment, recently the Chinese University Student Union at the Chinese University in Hong Kong which dissolved due to so-called ‘pressure’, when I inquired about the student union in question with the Hong Kong Independence Party members, they have mentioned student unions like Chinese University Student Union is actually controlled by the Chinese Communist Party and in the 1980’s the Chinese University Student Union supported the transfer of Sovereignty on Hong Kong, there has also been concerns voiced by people within the Hong Kong Independence Party that the media is not reporting the fact that the Hong Kong Student Unions like Chinese University Student Union is actually controlled by the Chinese Communist Party:


    Article written by Julian Ho on the transfer sovereignty of Hong Kong mentioning that the Chinese University Student Union were in fact treated as allies by the Chinese Communist Party:


  12. China owns the Biden family, and likely the Executive Branch currently, whoever is in charge of that. Why risk kinetic war when they can get pretty much anything they want from the former Vice President and his handlers? Also, knowing that the Oval office is compromised, run by a derelict crew, and with a Defense Department obsessing over critical race theory, leaving Americans behind and mandating genetic experimentation, if China does not take Taiwan now they never will and should just quit the charades. I’m losing all respect for these villainous communists.

  13. To Grey Knight ( if you’re reading the current posts ) :

    Thanks for the kind words in your recent post where you mentioned my name. The feeling is mutual. We are definitely on the same team. I hope our team wins !

  14. To quote a line from the now-old Twilight Zone movie, “Wanna see something *really* scary??” On Youtube there are various military gaming-simulation channels I have ran across lately, some of which present WWIII simulations, many in movie-type episodic formats, with one side or another attacking the other in various places. One of these is an episode dealing with a Chinese invasion of the U.S. The realism is quite impressive, if still a bit speedy and a little choppy in places for current computer graphics technology. It depicts Chinese troops and armor/artillery, supported by paratroops and aircraft, disembarking and attacking American defensive positions en masse at what appears to be some sort of unspecified port facility, almost certainly on the west coast. Spoiler alert: despite initial indications, the episode does not end well for the Americans. Whether there will be a follow-on episode as of this date I do not know. But I was wondering especially if Mr. Nyquist thinks this is a realistic hypothetical example of how “it” may eventually all go down. And will we be able to even put up this much of an initial fight?

    There is another video episode on this same channel, I believe, of a Russian assault on Washington D.C. which also features the President having been captured, evidently, by Russian special forces troops. Not good for the Americans, either.


    (The Chinese invasion of America World War 3 Full Episode 5)

    1. Unless you know the order of Battle and the WMD preliminaries, nuclear bombardments, etc., you cannot really draw an accurate picture of how the attacks would develop. From studying Soviet strategy and operational art of war, the kind of battle depicted in your video would not be common. Most Chinese units on initial invasion would face little or no resistance. Chinese troops would be light infantry and would be securing airfields and ports, and attacking time-sensitive targets. Heavy US defenders, if they exist at all, would suffer nuclear strikes.

      1. It is essentially certain that “tactical” nukes, smaller “neutron” type weapons as well as non-nuclear CHAMP (EMP) assets would be extensively employed for areas of resistance of even civilian riflemen, as well as protecting seized airfields, ports, and other infrastructure such as nuclear power plants, hydroelectric facilities, transportation hubs, communications nodes, and the like.
        Such weapons totally revolutionize urban combat which would be nothing like either “Red Dawn” scenario the American public has been exposed to via Hollywood, or the US Military experiences in IRAQ or Afghanistan.

        Although few believe it, these are the weapons that turned 300,000+ Tons of glass, steel, and concrete to dust on 9-11-2001. Nothing else could have done it, not “kinetic” energy, not jet fuel, not thermite, nothing, all these other items are one or more orders of magnitude below what would have been required from a simple energy formula. Math doesn’t lie.

      2. How do they intend to deal with large scale guerilla warfare? The North American continent is vast, and the people are armed.

      3. Jeff, you wrote that the way the Chinese would be able to defeat a large guerrilla force is through “Biological weapons, air power, and large occupation force.”

        How large an occupation force can the Chinese land? According to https://worldpopulationreview.com/country-rankings/military-size-by-country they have only a little over four million military members including reserves and paramilitary. After holding back sufficient numbers to keep the Chinese population in check, and other troops to face India, how many would be free to invade? In 2019 it was estimated that we have 70 million hunters knowing long distant shooting and veterans who have been in battle. Even if we lose 2/3 to nukes and biological attacks, our guerrilla forces would still outnumber the Chinese invasion by 10 times.

        Air power needs to see the target in order to be effective. But published sources have advertised both where to buy and how to make ways that render guerrilla forces invisible to both visible and IR sensing. That’s assuming that the Chinese get air superiority, which is not a given.

        Biologic weapons can’t be used in a tactical situation where the invading force has to defend against guerrillas sniping their camps and ambushing their patrols. A biologic in a tactical situation can kill the invading force.

        Given the above, can a Chinese invasion succeed? Yeah, I think it’s still possible. On the other hand, the numbers indicate that we will have the upper hand and we will crush the Chinese invasion, but at a high cost of tens of millions dead on our side if not over 100 million.

        This is not a war in which I want to take part, but do I have a choice?

      4. Whoever starts the war has surprise and initiative. Everything flows from this. We will not start such a war and we are weak-minded. Therefore, the assumption is that we will suffer severe biowar attrition at the outset, and will be bombed with carefully calculated nuclear strikes. Under these circumstances we will not have the upper hand unless the enemy makes big mistakes. Our whole grid might be down. People will have no food. We will have to reorganize ourselves under very difficult condictions. And who will do that? I think we will resist, but not everyone will act in a patriotic manner. If the Chinese do it right they will have nuclear and air supremacy at the outset. If they cannot keep these advantages they will lose. Many people unfamiliar with military science have the idea that civilians with rifles can defeat modern armies of occupation. The only instance in modern history would be Tito in Yugoslavia, but even there the German Army was broken and defeated on all fronts by conventional fighting first. Partisans can cause attrition and interfere with supply lines of enemies fighting along a conventional front, but outside the context of large-scale conventional military fronts partisans represent only an operational break on efficiency of combat units. Hitler once said he would like to see a large scale partisan war in Europe once conventional military resistance was broken. He saw it as a great way to exterminate, on favorable terms, your enemies and suffer very light casualties. The problem with a Chinese invasion is not partisans, though they will weaken the invader’s logistical position. The real obstacle is whether the Chinese economy holds together and can maintain the invasion logistically. If that fails then we will get the upper hand here. Also, will the Americans be able to organize strong troop formations given widespread epidemics and nuclear strikes calculated to disrupt the economy? Hard to say. I believe it can be done given do-or-die persistence. Technically, the Chinese and Soviets have studied these questions for decades. Look how they have us at each other’s throats now, domestically. This is not accidental. This was diligence on their part. What is the sequence that is coming? That is the question. More division and more ignorance on our side opens the way for them. We are totally disoriented. In my view they are pretty close to achieving all the advantages that are needed for favorable invasion conditions.

      5. I think that’s a pretty accurate assessment; but I would add that the situation is even more bleak though It wouldn’t be in the best interest of this blog to elaborate.

      6. We should acknowledge how easily the other side might screw things up. They are calculating on the basis of their intelligence assessments, which may economic insight. What they do not understand is the consequences of destroying the global market economy by crippling America. That could cause everything to collapse, destroying their own systems in a cascade of damage that backfires on them. There are unknowns in terms of socio-economic consequences here. Killing so many people, destroying social systems, can also have psychological effects on humanity that have never been seen before. That is the one hope we have. Nobody has ever attempted what they are attempting. Keep that in mind. These are crazy people, criminals and psychopaths, running Russia and China.

      7. Is being peace-loving equivalent to being weak-minded? I’d like to think that it is not; it is not a quality to be scorned, IMO.

        Also, the idea of a “large occupying force” from another, far-away land is simply terrifying.

      8. I hope you *did* watch the video, at least, and while no nuclear weapons are used in it, it appears the premise is that the attack at this location was perhaps expected, allowing the Army/Marines to assemble some defenses to try and block the invaders. Even if the Chinese do not come ashore to the extent depicted, one would hope that surely the U.S. military would assemble forces in the western U.S. to meet whatever they do attack with. Governors would surely mobilize National Guard units, also (one would hope). The attack scene does show lots of paratroops, though, as you point to.
        As for nuclear weapons, the Chinese would have to be sure they eliminate virtually the entire nuclear arsenal, else they risk retaliation, likely on their own military bases. Thing is, I don’t know if the Minutemen missiles can be retargeted against the Chinese mainland. And the U.S., I believe, has largely done away with its tactical warheads. That leaves any remaining Tridents, whatever missiles may remain aboard (surviving) U.S. surface ships, and any other airborne nuclear assets and/or cruise missile assets we may have in secret reserve. One major consideration also, wouldn’t U.S. satellite assets give some indication of assemblage of requisite Chinese naval assets for a conventional assault on the west coast? It still takes a goodly amount of time to sail from China to the U.S. coast. Even if our satellites are knocked out at first, the Chinese still will have tipped their hand. Nevertheless, one has to consider all those long, discouraged American military/naval faces at the end of the video.

    1. Mr. Alex, we have to doubt everything from that region, except the brutality of Communism.

      From Electroverse.

      “This, at least to me, is increasingly looking like a controlled demolition of society. Perhaps we peasants got too opinionated…? Maybe we were found to be abusing the few freedoms we had…? Or was it that those back-alley whispers of revolution grew a little too loud…? But whatever the reason, the future is looking decidedly Totalitarian, and cold.”

  15. While there is always good reason to doubt a tale and background like that of Guo in this deception-rich environment (and Jeff has mentioned before that Guo isnot a trustworthy character),that article appears awash in leftist garbage and constant leftist phrasing and tilt. (This posting by an old and mostly quiet TFP member) (Thank you for all your efforts over the decades JRN).

  16. For me, it was many years ago that I drew the comparison between “communist” China and Nazi Germany. Two things in particular that drew that comparison—the demand for “Lebensraum” (I don’t know the Chinese term for that idea) and the economic model adopted by Deng Xaio Ping reminded me of the fascist economic model adopted by the socialists under Hitler.

    A magician often distracts with his right hand, while he sets up the next trick with his left. Repeatedly when I try to discuss Chinese intent with Americans, I get a blank reaction, “But they want to take Taiwan.” People have been so distracted by the CCP’s right hand—Taiwan—that they don’t recognize that the military preparations are for an attack against America—the left hand. It’s so blindingly obvious that a CCP military planner wouldn’t waste any forces on Taiwan—actually bypass Taiwan—to make sure to defeat the U.S. first. For that, they would take all the forces they can spare in that attack against the U.S.

    The Achilles heel is that they are allied with Islamists. As Calvao wrote above, there are three large groups vying for world-wide hegemony—the globalists, communists and Islamists. The communists think they can ally with the Islamists to defeat who they identify as the globalists. But on the point of perceived victory either the communists or the Islamists will break the alliance and attack the other in order to achieve total control (my bet is on the Islamists breaking the alliance) leading to a defeat of both.

    Furthermore, if the PLA runs into significant guerrilla warfare here in the States that results in military defeats, that could lead to the PLA being seen as weak and able to be defeated also within China. Will that lead to a revolt against the CCP within China?

    1. China’s biggest problem will be to avoid the collapse of their economy at home and subsequent breakup of China itself. The CCP must be ruthless in holding power.

  17. Jeff:
    Ideally, the CCP would desire to “take” the North American continent with minimal destruction to the infrastructure for colonization purposes (although I think that this may be somewhat unrealistic). I discussed this issue with my Chinese professor when working on my degree in political science years ago. We both essentially agreed that the best rationale for conquest of the west would be bio weapons thus resulting in minimal damage to the infrastructure; however, one must still consider limited nuclear intervention as deemed necessary. Now, years later, I still hold to the aforementioned opinion that bio weapons would be the approach that CCP leaders would prefer (and appear to be engaging in at present).
    Thanks for your insightful comments!

  18. Is there anything Tiawan makes that China doesn’t? I don’t think so. Has anyone looked into the leadership of Taiwanese corporations? I’d bet they know what the future holds for Tawian independence and have already made deals with China to preserve their positions WHEN China takes Taiwan.

  19. Jeff, not sure if you can comment, it seems the Chinese Communist Party also has a controlled opposition operation in New Zealand as well, Guo Wengui aka Miles Kwok it seems have begun to associate with the New Zealand anti vaccination movement and I am starting to wonder if this is a Chinese Communist Party controlled opposition operation:


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