We are a free country and we will remain free, even at the sacrifice of our lives.

Jair Bolsonaro

On 21 October 2021, Brazilian Supreme Court Justice Alexandre de Moraes ordered the arrest and extradition (from the United States) of journalist Allan dos Santos of Terça Livre TV. What was Allan’s crime? He knew the Court was corrupt, and he had information on felonies committed by two of the Court’s justices. Determined to survive in place, these justices have created a new set of interpretations relating to the Brazilian Constitution. Their plan has been to wage war on something they call “fake news.” They have used their newly acquired powers to silence media criticism. But especially, they want to silence Allan dos Santos.

Before Bolsonaro was elected President, Brazil was slipping into communism under the auspices of the Workers’ Party. Here was a party led by communists disguised as social democrats. Here was a party aligned with Beijing, Moscow and Havana. They also aligned themselves with narcotics traffickers and criminal gangs because that is the favored strategy of communists in South America. The communists and their fellow travelers used corruption to sew up local governments, to bribe bureaucrats, and to enrich themselves as well. As it happens, the Proletariat Revolution of the communists is actually a revolution of the lumpen proletariat; that is, a revolution of the professional criminal classes – of the ambitious psychopaths and parasites of society. Here is the true face of communism, though few are willing to see it. The Revolution has been a criminal enterprise since the days of Lenin and Stalin. It remains so today.

The propaganda side of revolutionary strategy is pretty simple. All the imperfections of society are blamed on capitalism, on the patriarchy, on the right wing, on traditional beliefs, on people who want freedom and people who want moral order. The imperfect non-communist world, filled with the usual imperfect people and situations, has never been Utopia. All the same, the capitalist world is not totalitarian like the communist world. Capitalism is a paradise when compared with the Hell we find in Cuba, or China, or Venezuela. People on the left sometimes express sympathy for the hard left, ready to believe the communist lies. People on the right, who want to trade with communist countries, do likewise. The communists are good at playing the democracy game and the capitalism game, but they are actively deceiving everyone as they build up an impregnable political position. A Venezuelan politician told me years ago, “The only road back to freedom for Venezuela is civil war, and nobody wants to talk about civil war; so people just leave the country and go to Miami instead.”

When Miami is lost, where will they go next?

Please note: The situation in Brazil is not so different than it is here in America. Brazil is merely a few steps ahead of America on the road to socialist Hell; or maybe, America is a few steps ahead of Brazil. Just as Donald Trump was elected to “drain the swamp” in 2016, Jair Bolsonaro was elected to drain Brazil’s swamp in 2018. Like Trump, Bolsonaro has been President of his country in name only. Part of the federal government was ready to obey him, of course; but the most important parts of the government would disobey him, or balk him, or undermine him. Thus, President Bolsonaro’s path has not been easy. Some have criticized his inability to clean up the bureaucracy. But how does a man, whose claim to power is an election, make a bureaucracy obey him? By what magic wand?

There was a rally in Brazil on Brazilian Army Day, last April 19. Supporters of President Bolsonaro marched to the headquarters of the Army. Perhaps the crowd was hoping the Brazilian Army would save the country from the approaching civil war. Unfortunately, the left saw this demonstration as evidence that Bolsonaro would push for a military dictatorship. For those who do not know history, in 1964 the Army intervened to prevent a civil war between left and right in Brazil. From 1964 to 1985 a military dictatorship ruled the country. It was not a solution to the country’s problem because the communists subverted Brazil culturally and intellectually, even under the military’s watchful eye. Beneath the enforced calm of an artificial and inorganic system of governance, dragon’s eggs were hatching. The revolutionary left became more sophisticated in its approach to taking power. With the return of democracy in 1985 and the so-called “end of the Cold War” from 1989-91, the left was ready to take the country over. The leading figures depicted themselves as post-communists, as democrats and lovers of freedom; but they were not.

 Allan was at the April 19 march, covering it for Terça Livre TV. “I did not know where the march would end,” he told me. “We streamed this event. But nothing happened. There was no violation of law. President Bolsonaro spoke at the end of the event, saying, ‘It’s over, damn it.’ People got excited that he was going to act more decisively against the usurpations of the Supreme Court; against the Court’s decisions in favor of narcos, communists, and corrupt politicians. The Supreme Court then opened an investigation into the rally and its purposes. Before that they had been illegally investigating what they called ‘fake news,’ which they claimed was anti-democratic activism favoring a renewed right-wing dictatorship.”

The Supreme Court’s fake news investigation was a defensive reaction – a creative usurpation – to protect itself. To understand this story, we need to go back. In 2014 the Brazilian Federal Police conducted an investigation into bribery and other corruption, called “Operation Car Wash,” which revealed an extensive network of money-laundering and pay-offs. It resulted in more than 1,000 arrest warrants. According to investigative documents, many politicians were implicated. The corruption was first uncovered at a car wash. The extent of this money-laundering scheme involved somewhere between $2 and $13 billion dollars. A Brazilian magazine reported that a Justice of the Supreme Court was also involved in the scandal. The Justice involved was Dias Toffoli. Unfortunately, Justice Toffoli was not the only Justice involved in scandal. As one might suspect, corruption buttresses corruption. Today, Dias Toffoli remains on the Supreme Court; and he wants Allan dos Santos in jail.

Magazines that initially reported on the Court’s corruption were frightened into silence. Articles were removed from circulation. In the case of Allan dos Santos’s TV channel, the Court wanted to take down the whole channel. Because Allan dos Santos refused to be intimidated by the Court’s illegal orders, and kept presenting facts, the Brazilian Supreme Court arranged a police raid on Allan’s house in late May 2020, confiscating his computers, telephones and private papers, and then leaking Allan’s private communications to the press, including private conversations between Allan and his journalistic sources as well as his conversations with politicians. This, of course, is contrary to law. “They can be charged with criminal offense under criminal code for violating the privacy of a citizen,” said a Brazilian lawyer consulted for this article.

How could this happen? The Brazilian people elected Jair Bolsonaro as their president. How could the country be turned into a judicial dictatorship in which journalists are jailed by judges for discovering judicial corruption? The Brazilian lawyer told me, “As in America, Brazilian Police and prosecutors can open any investigation they can justify. They may need a judge’s permission to tap telephones and access private information on the basis of probable cause; but in Brazil there is a procedural law which allows the Supreme Court to initiate bench investigations. Furthermore, the regulations of the Brazilian Supreme Court have been reinterpreted so that an incident of obstruction of justice can involve any actions anywhere by anybody at any time. Therefore, the Brazilian Supreme Court has extended its powers to investigate anyone for anything. They are therefore emptying the Executive Branch of its power through judicial tyranny. Only the Senate of Brazil can impeach these judges, and the Senate that exists now will not investigate the Justices because the Justices could retaliate on the Senate by investigating them. Since all are corrupt, none will act against the other.”

This Mexican standoff has locked the Brazilian political system into a death spiral. But who dies first? In terms of the present crisis, Allan dos Santos is like the proverbial canary in a coal mine. When he is extradited and jailed, a direct judicial assault on President Bolsonaro will follow. After Allan left Brazil he denounced two justices of the Supreme Court, showing that these two justices were conspiring against President Bolsonaro. “They were crazy-determined to get me because they wanted to know my sources. They wanted to know how I knew what they were doing,” Allan told me. “They raided my business and found nothing; next, they decided to hire a German private company to engage in private surveillance. They wanted to see if there were any Israeli-type surveillance equipment tapping government phones in Brasilia. They thought I had to be using such equipment on them. Instead, the Germans reported that the North Koreans and Chinese were tapping the government’s phones, with a third surveillance system belonging to a corrupt lawyer. But this is interesting. Knowing foreign communist powers had penetrated the government’s phone system, they said nothing. They gave no warning, and that in itself is a crime.”

They have a proverb in Brazil: “You shoot at something but hit something else.” I asked the Brazilian lawyer I consulted for this article why he thought the Supreme Court of Brazil failed to report successful Chinese and North Korean espionage against the Brazilian government. Was it because these justices belonged to the communist side? He said, “It is hard to prove, but we think so. We have deduced that the Chinese are buying everyone they can here in Brazil.”

I wonder. How is America any different from Brazil? Today Allan’s arrest is ordered. When will this kind of thing begin to happen in America? And if it does, where will people run to? And don’t say Miami. It’s not as safe as everyone thinks.  


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40 thoughts on “Why the Brazilian Supreme Court Ordered the Arrest and Extradition of Allan Dos Santos?

  1. You are very well informed about brazilian situation. And it’s very sad to think that we might not have America as a reference of freedom. I hope America wakes up in time.

  2. Hi Jeff, My name is Rafael and I’m from Brazil. I’m very sad with Allan’s situation, I used to watch it very often in Terça Livre. I really don´t know how can we stop the judges here. They just discover they are live gods, so how can we defeat a God? I know it will take time, if we have it… I’ll do my best here in Brazil. I decided to fight the way I can… I’m studying to get inside the State as a public agent. I’ll fight from inside the system. Here in Brazil I really don´t believe in the Army or quick solutions. As Allan said a lot of times “the battle will take a long time” … Hope you can help him somehow. Thank you for all your information . It’s good to see the truth…

  3. It seems we are at record speed approaching a point predicted way back in 1984 by KGB defector Yuri Alexandrovich Bezmenov, where he said:

    “… I could never believe it 14 years ago when I landed in this part of the world that the process will go that fast. – The next stage, of course, is crisis. It may take only up to six weeks to bring a country to the verge of crisis, you can see it in Central America now. – And after crisis, with a violent change of power structure and economy, you have, so-called, the period of ‘normalisation’; it may last indefinitely. ‘Normalisation’ is a cynical expression borrowed from Soviet propaganda: when the Soviet tanks moved into Czechoslovakia in ’68, Comrade Brezhnev said, ‘Now the situation in brotherly Czechoslovakia is normalised.’ This is what will happen in the United States if you allow all these schmucks to bring the country to crisis, to promise people all kind of goodies and the paradise on earth, to destabilise your economy, to eliminate the priniciple of free market competition, and to put a big-brother government in Washington, DC, with benevolent dictators like Walter Mondale who will promise looots of things, never mind whether the promises are fulfilled or not; he will go to Moscow to kiss the bottoms of new generation of Soviet assassins, never mind, he will create false illusions that the situation is under control. Situation is NOT under control. Situation is DISGUSTINGLY OUT OF control! Most of the American politicians, media, and educational system trains another generation of people who think they are living at a peace time. False! United States is in a state of war; undeclared, total war against the basic principles and the foundations of this system! And the initiator of this war is not Comrade Andropov, of course. It’s the system; however ridiculous it may sound: the World Communist System, or the World Communist Conspiracy! Whether I scare some people or not, I don’t give a hoot; if you are not scared by now, nothing can scare you! – But, you don’t have to be paranoid about it. – What actually happens now that, unlike myself, you have literally several years to live on, unless the United States wake up. The time bomb is ticking. With every second – tick, tick – the disaster is coming closer and closer. UNLIKE MYSELF, YOU WILL HAVE NOWHERE TO DEFECT TO – UNLESS YOU WANT TO LIVE IN ANTARCTICA WITH PENGUINS. This is it; this is the last country of freedom and possibility…”

    As for the Brazliian Workers’ Party, here is a brief 2-minute clip from their 2013 Party Congress, which shows them OPENLY AND UNASHAMEDLY as the brutal Marxist-Leninists that they are:

  4. “I predict that we will eventually live under judicial tyranny.”
    ~ Patrick Henry

  5. Jeff
    Thank you so much. We, Brazilians need more English speakers talking the Truth about our situation.
    God bless us!

    1. Every freedom-loving soul across the world is now desperate. After Fidel Castro’s death, the Cubans had new hopes that they could finally break free from their communist bondage. The Iranians, both in Iran and out in the world, very much liked Pres. Trump as well and were eagerly watching the weakening of the mullah regime in Tehran. Everywhere, there was this shy hope that maybe a turn of the tide could be possible. Since the “Biden Coup” (as the Chinese state media openly call it) those expectations have come to naught.

      And guess what: When back in 2009 Merkel’s Germany (which over the years increasingly turned out to be a greater communist GDR) celebrated the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the choreography for that widely televised event included – of all possible ideas – a questionable FALLING OF “DOMINOES”! Along the line between Potsdamer Platz and the Reichstag where the Wall had once divided East and West, some one thousand pieces of styrofoam, 8 foot high and painted on mostly by schoolchildren, all under the patronage of such Red “luminaries” as Nelson Mandela (ANC/SACP) or Vaclav Havel (Czechia’s first “post-communist” President), for two examples, were set up and allowed to fall as a supposed sign of spreading freedom. However, wasn’t such falling of dominoes, in the context of celebrating the “fall of communism” (that never happened), a rather strange symbolism, given the fact that this very same analogy had once been used by Pres. Eisenhower, with regard to 1950s’ South-East Asia predominantly, to describe, not the piece-by-piece fall of communism, but, on the contrary, the piece-by-piece conquest by communism of new lands? As they say; The devil’s always in the details…

      1. Forgot one crucial thought: It was the year 2009, Obama’s first year as President. I believe that Merkel’s Germany (along with the international Left) wasn’t so much celebrating freedom, but instead Year One of America being under Comrade Obama’s thumb and the nearing of worldwide communist victory!

        And who were the “dignitaries” who initiated the cascading fall of dominoes? After all, it had supposedly been U.S. President Reagan who “forced” Moscow into “liberalisation” and eventual “defeat”! American representatives (Hillary Clinton, as then-Secretary of State, would have been present, complete with RED shawl and RED gloves)? Nope! Any other Western or pro-Western representatives? Nope! It was then-President of the European Commision (and Portuguese Socialist and once Maoist student leader) José Manuel Barroso. It was then-President of the European Parliament Jerzy Busek (a figure from communist Poland’s academia and part of the leadership of the communist-controlled fake opposition movement “Solidarity”). It was the leader of same “Solidarity” movement,Lech Wałęsa (a man practically owned by Poland’s communist structures). And it was the last Prime Minister of communist Hungary (from Nov. 1988 till May 1990), Miklós Németh, In other words, this alleged “Fest der Freiheit” wasn’t a celebration of freedom at all, but an all-communist gathering, hiding in plain sight, celebrating World Revolution!

      2. “Did anyone in Germany comment on this ‘communist’ commemoration? Did anyone else notice?”

        I don’t know, but I don’t think so.

        What’s worse (I watched the live broadcast at the time in 2009 via German television), there was i.a. an interview with Gorbachev. Show master Thomas Gottschalk, who led through this TV presentation, was the interviewer. Gorbachev spoke of course Russian and was translated, and at the end of the interview something quite unusual happened: Gorbachev, in his well-known resoluteness, suddenly grabbed Thomas Gottschalk’s hand for a firm hand-shake (it looked almost like a surprise attack) and pronounced the all-communist greeting, in Russian of course: “DRUZHBA!”, meaning “Friendship!” What a provocative act right on the evening when Germany thought to be celebrating the demise of communism 20 years earlier!!! – Also this disturbing detail appears to have not been commented upon anywhere. Unfortunately, although I keep seaching from time to time, I can’t find a video clip with that sequence on it, but I watched it live in 2009.

        Horrifyingly, Germany under Merkel remotely resembles Germany under Hitler. Remember Hitler biographer Joachim C, Fest’s assessment in his two-hour-plus documentary, “Hitler: A Career” of 1977, where the narrator says:

        “On the whole, the German people were not unhappy. [This describes the period from 1934 until the beginning of the War in 1939]. True, some problems remained – the persecution of minorities, the encroachments of the Party, the feeling of insecurity – but the long period of internal and external unrest seemed to be over. People went peacefully about their business – against the background of rampant injustice. The Republic and its endless conflicts belonged to the past. Unemployment and humiliation by foreign powers were forgotten. Wrapped up in their private lives, most people withdrew into moral indolence.”

        The 2006 Football World Championship (a.k.a. FIFA World Cup) in Germany looked like a milestone in reviving the German “Volksgemeinschaft” (community of the people) of the days of the Third Reich. Although the German team lost the semifinals (Italy finally won the competition), still there was so much romantic collectivist patriotism in the air that there was even made a film documentary about that football world championship, and it was titled “Deutschland: Ein Sommermärchen” (engl., “Germany: A Summer’s Tale”), poetically paraphrasing Karl Marx’s co-warrior and the Germans’ favourite poet Heinrich Heine’s sarcastic epic poem, “Deutschland: Ein Wintermächen”. (engl., “Germany: A Winter’s Tale”). Angela Merkel, in her unpretentious, sometimes even outright folkish way (though ever calculating and controlling the overall situation) created to a large extent this new spirit in Germany, and that spirit is clear-as-the-blue-sky socialist! After all, that’s what Merkel placed herself under the wings of Helmut Kohl for, back in 1990, in the first place: To transform, first the Christian-Democratic Union (once she would have risen to the top, which she did within a decade), and then to transform Germany as a whole (which she did, with disastrous “success”, in these past 16 years).

        I myself once flew on a German Wings flight from abroad into Germany, around 2007 or 2008, and not being German myself (but German-speaking) I found myself on an almost all-German flight and in the middle of a quite peculiar and strangely captivating environment (it’s hard to describe what went on there), that may have been the mere equivalent to an ordinary domestic flight somewhere in the United States, but I felt there was more to it: All female flight attendants (I still prefer the word:; stewardesses) were extraordinarily attractive, all blond, every one of them wore their long hair braided into thick, single pigtails, and their warmth, wittiness and most natural, almost casual and familiar, interaction with the passengers was completely confusing. After all, flight crews normally behave rather formally. But no more in Merkel’s Germany, it seemed. It was an amazingly jolly atmosphere on that flight, a glimpse into today’s German condition from within!

      3. Here is this peculiar documentary, “Deutschland: Ein Sommermärchen” (2006) in full:

      4. Germany has been headed in the wrong direction since Kurt Kiesinger, and the socialist coalition was elected in 1969. Willi Brandt, who had been mayor of Berlin, had an administration shot through with agents of the Stasi. Since 1969, Germany has never ceased to be the political sick man of Europe. Since reunification, it has gotten worse.

  6. I suspected that Allan may have saved his life by coming north. I’m now confident that he did. There are two questions. First, will Interpol ignore Brazil’s judicial tyrants, and two, will the US under the demented Biden give him political asylum.

    I’ve never had much trust of Interpol. And have have no trust in the administration of clowns we have in the US.

    1. I am sure Allan will apply for asylum. But will be get asylum? I wish I knew. Would Interpol ignore an order to arrest someone for journalism? You would think not; but we are living in evil times.

      1. He’s being politically persecuted by a foreign government. Would it not be a strong case for sanctuary? By contrast, many of the people currently spilling over the southern border are simply economic migrants with an at-best flimsy claim to “asylum”.

      2. Yes, I agree. But I have known refugees from communist persecution who have been denied asylum. I spoke as a witness at an asylum hearing once. The lawyer for the state attacked me on the witness stand. He said communism wasn’t a thing anymore. He mocked the idea as paranoid. So we cannot tell what ignorance is now capable of. Think how it all sounds. Allan is seeking asylum from a country where the president is a personal friend of his. Imagine how he will be mocked in the proceedings if the Biden administration tries to stop him from getting asylum.

      3. Evil times indeed. Governments of the West today shield corrupt operatives under the guise of the labels “whistleblower” or “journalist” while leaving authentic truth-tellers to rot and suffer persecution. It’s quaint to think someone honestly persecuted for the crime of journalism would today be protected. Governments only stick their necks out for someone on their same shady side.

      4. @JRNyquist: Forgive me, I suppose that I am more than a bit idealistic when it comes to issues like asylum claims, and how people should behave in politics.

        Also, I’m sorry to hear that you were treated so harshly at that hearing (although, from all I know that may have happened a long time ago). It seems like you are so frequently besieged on all sides when it comes to other people’s reactions to you and your theses ☹️

      5. It was a sad case. It was a business woman whose daughter had been kidnapped in Europe to force her silence about infiltration of Europe by the Russians/ East communists after 1991. The daughter was thrown off a tall building and survived with horrible injuries and brain damage. Mother and daughter fled to the USA to seek asylum. They were originally from Czechoslovakia, but had citizenship in Western Europe. They were not safe in Europe because the mother had tried to warn the Dutch business community about the KGB infiltrating Holland through business relations with former communist countries. Last I heard she lives in the USA illegally cleaning houses, and did not get asylum. The world is not such a fair place as we would expect. People are often ignorant and in this case cynical and cruel.

    1. I deleted Gary’s insane provocation. He is an obvious troll engaged in pranking us. Both my grandfathers and my uncle were Protestant ministers. My family has always eaten pork and talked sensibly. My father even attended seminary seventy years ago. Communists just love parodying what they see as religious extremists — as a form of hate-propaganda. I never met Christians like some of the bizarre specimens who show up here. Gary is just a troll, and almost certainly a provocateur. I am deleting all such extremist self-caricatures from now on. This kind of nonsense does not belong here. If you want to mock me, do it from your own platform.

  7. Hello, reading this sentence and seeing mainly the youth screaming “out, bozo genocidal”, I don’t know where they’re will too, but I know there will be many crying blood. As a Christian, I know that despite everything in the end I and many others will be with Christ and this strengthens me.

  8. https://news.trust.org/item/20211026175257-30nxk

    Brazil senators call for records of Bolsonaro’s internet activity:
    by Reuters:
    Tuesday, 26 October 2021 17:54 GMT:

    BRASILIA, Oct 26 (Reuters) – A Senate investigative committee agreed on Tuesday to request access to records of President Jair Bolsonaro’s internet activity, the latest threat to the far-right leader in a probe of his administration’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    The request comes on the day senators are scheduled to vote on the committee’s final report containing the findings of a months’ long investigation, which is expected to include a call for criminal charges https://www.reuters.com/world/americas/brazil-senate-report-drops-call-homicide-charge-against-bolsonaro-reports-2021-10-20 against the president.

    The president’s office did not immediately reply to a comment request.

    In recent days, Facebook and YouTube removed https://www.reuters.com/world/americas/facebook-takes-down-bolsonaro-video-over-false-vaccine-claim-2021-10-25 a video from Bolsonaro in which he made a false claim that COVID-19 vaccines were linked with developing AIDS.

    The senators agreed on Tuesday to ask Google, Facebook, and Twitter to send data on the president’s internet activity since April 2020 to the Prosecutor General’s Office and the Supreme Court.

    The committee called for information such as connection records, Android information and registration data, in addition to the full copy of all content stored on his social network accounts. It also asked that access to the president’s accounts be suspended. (Reporting by Maria Carolina Marcello Writing by Ana Mano Editing by Rosalba O’Brien)

      1. Bolsonaro was already near-assassinated shortly before his election in 2018. The political criminals of the Left want his head. Clearly, they seek to utterly destroy the man (and all his supporters). The insane witch-hunt they’ve unleashed against him (and by extension, against the old Brazil) doesn’t forbode well. After all, from what we know of communist revolutions in the past, these folks don’t take prisoners.

  9. Biden’s Amerika has already sent Cuban refugees coming across to the shores of Florida, back to the communist hell they’d come from. The traitorous regime now occupying D.C. won’t hesitate to do the same to Allan…

  10. the humiliations Trump experienced were a foreshadow for Bolsonaro…

    Jeff, here in Brazil we believed till the last minute possible that Trump would turn the game, rumors of watermarked ballots, mass imprisonments, and many others Q’s trash; older people with internet couldn’t discern the origin of such manipulations

    and many friends still believe Bolsonaro is still capable, skillful maneuvering his enemies traps, but he’s is a husk of his former self…a very depressing state of affairs =(

    1. I’ve been closely following, over the last six weeks or so, the shocking story of this young and talented lady, Gabrielle Petito, and her cruel end in the wilderness of Western Wyoming’s Grand Tetons.

      Many wonder whether her death could have been prevented, had the Moab, Utah, police, following two independent 911 calls on August 12, handled the situation differently and identified Gabby’s morbid and tyrannical “fiancé” Brian Laundrie as the aggressor (as which he was described by the two 911 callers).

      Tragically, the police officers fell for narcissistic Brian’s cool and his clever psychological manipulations, hook, line and sinker, and determined that HE was the victim rather than Gabby – even though the police bodycam footage, published after Gabby had already died, showed a young woman all in tears, almost shaking, and visibly devastated, terrorised and defeated, as if awaiting her certain and inescapable demise (so much for simply walking away from a narcissistic relationship).

      The police didn’t help her. It was Brian, the manipulator and cruel narcissist, who was chauffeured to a Moab motel like a VIP, instead of being arrested and interrogated, complete with happy small talk with the police officer and not one single mention of Gabby over the whole 5-mile trip. Gabby, in contrast, was handed the keys for the van the police didn’t even realise was hers, even though she indicated that normally it wasn’t her doing the driving, but Brian, and despite her more-than-obvious state of emotional breakdown (which the police officers, reaffirmed by Brian’s slander of Gabby as “getting worked up” and “just getting crazy”, mistook as a “psychiatric” problem). She was simply left to herself. Most probably, she spent that night in the car rather than in a cosy hotel bed like Brian, who was to snuff out her young life two weeks later, possibly overcome by narcissistic rage and a brutal sense of revenge over the prospect, who knows, of Gabby leaving him at long last (manual strangulation hardly suggesting unintended manslaughter).

      What struck me so heavily in this whole drama was Gabby’s position of total helpnessness. Imprisoned in this life-threatening relationship, she proved unable to ask the police officers or the lady park ranger, for that matter, for help. She had a brain. She had a mouth to speak (she also had a mobile phone to call her mum, with whom she conversed every other day). And yet she kept her tragedy to herself. “Some personal issues” she called it when at the beginning of the police encounter she was asked why she was crying.

      In the same way (call it a stretch), America, by and large, seems to be unable (perhaps unwilling) to face the critical position she is in. Equally caught in a state of paralysis – worse: hypnosis – she cannot see, let alone act, although (very much like Brian Laundrie in the case of Gabby Petito) the Grim Reaper is standing right in front of her! Of course, Gabby Petito’s tragedy is what it is, heartbreaking in every aspect of it; and yet her story seems like a parable mirroring what’s going on with America as a whole…

      1. Dear Contemplative Observer, it’s five months now since the last of your excellent articles appeared on your own site. I’m sure many of Jeff’s readers (not least myself) would be delighted to hear your thoughts on developments since May (or on any topic you care to select). Consider this an expression of gratitude and hope, not a complaint (!)

  11. Allan’s situation is a bleak prospect for those in Brazil who does not support the revolutionary movement (which communism is one of its prongs), i am affraid that the justice minister will comply with the extradiction, but I sincerely hope he gets at least a refugee status, if no in US, elsewhere.

    Jeff, remembering about your article regarding prophecies, have you ever heard of the apparition of Our Lady of Graces from 1936 in northeastern Brazil? In this apparition, She warned about the scourge of communism inflicting the Country, but for a brief period of time, and there would be a civil war, “almost” like what took place in Spain.
    May the Lord shorten these days, they will be indeed dire.

  12. To ROCIOMATAMOROS722: Thank you for reminding me! It hasn’t been laziness, though, but browser compatibility issues. Need to get a new machine.

    ¡Dios te bendiga!

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