People who live according to a falsified picture of the world sooner or later receive sharp blows….

Richard M. Weaver

Here is an interview I did with Nevin Gussack earlier this week. We discussed my analysis of Chinese strategy vs. Taiwan and the United States, how Art Bell was instrumental in encouraging me 23 years ago, and we also discussed why capitalism seems to be failing in the West.

Part I of this Interview was Interrupted after less than four minutes. The continuation is in the next box below.

Above – Picture of Art Bell – Who got interested in J.R. Nyquist’s writings in 1998

After technical glitch the Interview continues here –

Picture of DF-17 road mobile missiles (for carrying nuclear warheads)

It is, on the contrary, important to keep substance in life, for a man’s character emerges in the building and ordering of his house; it does not emerge in complaisance with state arrangement, and is likely to be totally effaced by communistic organization. Substance has a part in bringing out that distinction which we have admitted to be good; it is somehow instrumental in man’s probation.

Richard M. Weaver

Quotations are taken from Weaver’s book, Ideas Have Consquences.


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57 thoughts on “Interview With Nevin: October 2021

  1. I used to email Art, and spammed him with your articles, among others from, World Net Daily ( I don’t know if I was instrumental, but I suggested for him to interview you.

      1. I continued to spam Noory with WND articles, and eventually, he began to read them. Perhaps his interview with you was at my pestering? Too, bad it hasn’t made you famous.

      2. Everything is about the readiness of people to understand. Once they are ready, they will be interested enough to read and maybe do something.

      3. Why did you quit WND?

        I think that people will understand eventually. Whether the old saw about God protecting Drunks and the USA will hold is anyone’s guess. Frankly, in this case I think once people realize what is going on, it will be too late. Americans have, historically, been lazy when it comes to geopolitics.

      4. I recall you moving to Financial Sense. I was wondering if there were some reason, other than greener pastures, for you leaving.

        WND is under attack by the falsely labeled tech elites.

      1. I would guess Russian intelligence follows this website. I have been approached by Russians with offers to travel to St. Petersburg and Moscow to give talks. One of the offers came from a Russian who claimed to be a friend of Putin. I did not take the offer. So you tell me. Are they reading this?

      1. Crap. One major event in a person’s life can through the entire test off. It’s like a IQ test. Or Sat score. Sometimes a 100 plus or minus on a SAT decides a career path. It’s sad.

      2. I doubt you’re an “assertive logician,” @NuthouseBard, however you may protest. Statistically speaking, it’s one of the rarest of Myers-Briggs personality types. To have even three people on this board be Logicians is a stretch. I think you’re just crowing for attention, jumping on the bandwagon because you feel the need to ape other people’s self-discovery in order to find some modicum of self-worth. Therefore, I’m skeptical of anything you’d come out with, hollow man.

      3. Those test are a just for fun. Please chill out. I’ve been following Nyquists work for as long as he’s on any radar. And contributing to his message in various ways.

      4. I’ve taken the test a few times, and each time it came out differently. I have a sister who has a high regard for the results, but I have come to distrust them because they keep changing. People grow. They change over their lifetimes. Experiences change what they think is important.

      5. I took the Myer-Briggs test years ago and scored INTJ, “the Mastermind” per the results back then. The link provided here calls them the “Architect”. It also differentiates between “assertive INTJ” and “turbulent.” Probably I was turbulent when younger and grew to become the “assertive,” assuming the test is valid.

    1. Nearly everyone reading this site would be an IN type. Either TP or TJ. the only part of the test that’s really meaningful is the “introversion” aspect since it so heavily influences manner of interaction and availability to pursue “beyond tip of the spear” intellectual interests to a certain degree. The intuitive aspect of the MBTI would also be highly prevalent here. An IQ test + Big 5 personality exam (for trait conscientiousness) + introversion/extroversion score would tell you more about a person’s inclinations and potentials.

      MBTI isn’t worthless. it helps us understand how we’re different than the models of “success” as defined by a less intellectual media/industrial complex.

    1. Technically they are royals. They represent the monarchy and not aristocracy as a constitutional principle. I am afraid they do not impress me.

      1. Phillip and Elizabeth went to war. Their kids, however, are too spoiled to be much good. The Prince of Wales seemed like a good chap earlier in his life, however, but went bad as he aged. Frankly, there is nothing impressive about them.

      2. Harry has supposedly relinquished his titles of nobility, but I think the family feud is just pro wrestling hype. He is/was, Captain General of the Royal Marines, which makes/made him second in command of the entire British military. He’s living in Montecito close to US Space Port Vandenburg. I suspect he’s liaison.

  2. Hey Jeff: do you remember when me and you went on Coast to Coast A.M. in August 2005, for that one hour appearance at first part of the show, to be interviewed by Ian Punnett, just a couple weeks before Hurricane Katrina hit? Ian Punnett was a nice guy, but what we were trying to explain to him went over his head, which was that Russia was likely behind 9-11.

    Also three years later when I get you set up with an interview with George Noorey on Coast to Coast A.M. after I warm the producer of the show at that time in July 2008, Lisa Lyon, that Russia was preparing to launch an invasion of Georgia, and I even got the date down to the exact day of the invasion, 08-08-08; and then several days after I warned her again about an imminent terror threat in New York City, and it later resulted in the bust by the FBI in that plot in New York and Britain:

    Ms. Lyon was stunned by these back to back revelations, and she went to get us both on the show, only to find however that George Noorey agreed to interview you, but she told me that George Noorey DID NOT want me to be on the show because he was afraid that I would “publicly reveal sensitive and classified intelligence that would get him and the show into trouble”!!

    1. Yeah, I heard that show. I never recommended you; just Jeff. You did okay, though. I thought Jeff started out a bit over exuberant, but it was probably just nerves.

    1. I am investigating this now, with help from some friends. I had initially thought it was Miles Guo in this Zoom call. I now understand this is may not be the case. A State Department official, with extensive contacts inside China, has sources saying it is authentic. We are approaching China experts to see if anyone can identify the speaker.

      1. I’d like to know if it’s immune over response to the spike protein as a long term effect that will kill the vaccinated or what? Jeff have you any contacts micro biologist or expert on this vaccine? Would like to see you interview someone on this.

      2. The video resolution is poor, but the banner below the host of this zoom chat is apparent. Shouldn’t that have a moniker or real name? It’s too blurred to read. Why isn’t there a higher res. vid?

      3. I have determined that it is a broadcast from the Chinese defector-billionaire Miles Guo. I am afraid people are creating rumors about it. I decided to engage a wider inquiry and picked up some Information from otherwise reliable sources. But the voice is exactly Guo’s way of talking and the translation is typical of his broadcasts. So the video must be understood in this context.

      4. The spike protein creates prion crystals, and the graphene oxide magnetic nano particles jam them into the cells throughout the vascular system. This causes multiple problems. The spikes stick out into the blood veins, attracting white blood cells. This causes major blood clotting which results in pulmonary cardiac arrest. If the subject survives that hurdle, the spike protein creates prion crystals, which exponentially spread throughout the brain, like Mad Cow and Alzheimer’s diseases.

        There are links to many articles at:

        Only the first few threads are shown without the necessary free account to see the rest.

    2. If i were an internet troll, misanthrope, or an intelligence agency i might orchestrate a video like this to create division and destabilization in the US. the Chinese officials, even if they are behind this, can deny its factuality especially since Covid 19 is referred to as “the CCP virus”. even if the video’s authenticity is dispelled it will still spend a good bit of time circulating on Right wing websites where it’s assumed to be factual and any denouncement is assumed to be “propaganda”.

  3. For the sake of completeness – not intending to interfere in any way with this website’s own schedule of communicating things – a weblink to the here-mentioned webinar of the “Committee on the Present Danger: China” of Oct. 22, 2021 can be found at the bottom of this comment.

    The best contributions, in my opinion, were those by Charles “Sam” Faddis (1:08:08) and Mr. Nyquist (1:14:32).

    As an additional thought, perhaps somebody somewhere can find a polite and civilised way to – finally – get the illusion of collapsible communism out of Frank Gaffney’s head! By sticking to his cosy, yet erroneous pipe dream (which, sadly, he shares with most American conservatives) of Pres. Reagan’s policies having forced the Soviets into defeat and having given victory in the Cold War to America – the exact opposite of what actually happened! – and by repeating this dangerous (and far-from-“stellar”) nonsense at every opportunity, he does – sorry to say – more damage than good, if one really thinks about it – despite his ever-refined and splendid oratory.

    Quote, Frank Gaffney; taken from his opening statements in this webinar (capital emphasis mine):

    (5:33) “The Committee, of course, is the most recent incarnation of an organisational effort that brings together national security practitioners, business leaders, military officers, usually retired, and other strategic analysts and experts, going back to some of the darkest days of the Cold War. There was an enormously important role played by the Committee IN HELPING BRING DOWN THE SOVIET UNION, THE LAST TOTALITARIAN COMMUNIST SYSTEM THAT SOUGHT THE DESTRUCTION OF OUR COUNTRY AND THE ENSLAVEMENT OF FREE PEOPLE EVERYWHERE.” [???]

    Ever more foreign policy experts are now acknowledging the indisputable fact that the United States is presently confronted, not with one, but with TWO strategic “competitors”, China AND Russia, at the same time. Putin even openly described the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, of which China and Russia are the most prominent members, as a new type of the old Warsaw Pact military alliance. Not to mention a number of communist defectors, first and foremost Anatoliy Golitsyn, who had warned, many years beforehand, of a planned fake collapse of the Soviet Union and its satellites, meant as a grand strategic deception and aimed at psychologically and militarily disarming the United States.

    Yet, Mr. Gaffney still hasn’t let go of his sweet dream of America having won the Cold War. He thinks it’s China alone that poses a threat.

    Paraphrasing Pres. Reagan’s famous polemic against liberals not being ignorant, but knowing so much that isn’t so, one might apply that criticism, as things stand, also to such conservatives stubbornly believing in the chimera of collapsible communism, unable, and most probably unwilling, to see the forest for the trees,,,

    Anyway, here is the link to said webinar:

    1. Yes. The Russians are practicing moving units up. Then they send the troops back to their civilian jobs while leaving the vehicles and equipment in place. They were doing this early last spring. I assume they are repeating this procedure. The Russians have developed very fast mobilization techniques and NATO is worried

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