It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”

Mark Twain

In Dan Kurzman’s fine book, Subversion of the Innocents, we learn that Stalin’s strategy in the early Cold War proved inferior to Mao Zedong’s strategy. Mao’s program was called “The Yenan Way” and relied on a special kind of deception. It was all about disguising communists as agrarian reformers. It involved winning over middle class opportunists, businessmen and the intelligentsia. In primitive areas of the world, like Africa, Mao realized that communist ideology did not matter – so there was every reason to ignore Marxist doctrines. Everything was reduced to anti-Americanism or anti-European imperialism. As Kurzman explained, “The central purpose of the Yenan Way is actually not so much to gain mass support as to win over influential noncommunist ‘friends,’ particularly in the political field, who can open channels for infiltration in the highest councils of the nation. Such friends are obtained by any means that will work – lies, flattery, threats, blackmail, bribery, or outright purchase.”[i]

Mao’s policy in the Third World should sound familiar, for it is now the subversion policy of communism everywhere, including the United States. We saw it in the rise of Castro and Ho Chi Minh, of course, and more recently with the rise of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela and now Pedro Castillo in Peru. In fact, the Yenan Way has been at work in Peru for over 60 years; for there is a book by Eudocio Ravines, a former Peruvian communist leader who turned against Marxism. His book is titled The Yenan Way. In his book, Ravines recalls Mao’s advice to him, in which the fine points of the Yenan strategy are described. Here is what Mao told Ravines:

“The greatest talent in this work, comrade, is never to be associated with failure. Never to defend the weak even when he is right. Never to attack the pillager of the treasury if he is the owner of a great fortress. He might crush you and there’s no use being a martyr. Our experience, the experience of the Yenan Way, is this: people like doctors, generals, dentists, town mayors … do not love power for itself; much less for the good they can do with it. They want [power] for the wealth in can bring. They achieve power and then they begin to call out like Napoleon for money, money, and again money. Get this through your head, comrade. If we help these people, if we are a ladder for them because it suits us as well, then it would be absurd for us to stay their hands, sew up their pockets, or check their greed. If we did this, they would turn against us and try to crush us. That happened with Chaing in 1927 – we tried to play the moralist and he hurled all his power against us.”

Mao continued: “Let them get rich today. Very soon we can expropriate everything. The more help they get from us in their pillage, the more positions they will let us take and occupy; they will help us to capture them and even to extend them. Of course, there are two important things to remember. Never participate in any fraud or plundering, which is more difficult than you might think; and carry out your collaboration without the people’s knowledge, without leaving any proof of it for your enemies to find. This delights your robber friends, of course. For your integrity leaves more for them to divide among a larger number of fellow rogues.”

Mao continued: “Here are two things. The first is that this tiny man, this noncommunist who, thanks to our arrangements, is chosen selectman or municipal councilor, will find the way easier when the party wants to elect a deputy or capture the mayorality. Then the public won’t elect the radical, but the communist. The end remains the same; the means change according to our power. This method seems slower, but it is actually quicker and surer.”

Mao continued: “Now for the second. Any person who receives our support and does not fulfill his part of the bargain must become the target for frontal attack of pitiless ferocity. It is enough to make an example of one; once they see that we can bar the path to a man, that we have the power to destroy him utterly, the rest will be afraid not to play our game. We communists have never given this fear enough weight. I don’t know why. The ambitious petit bourgeois taken with the fever of greed feels real anguish when we strike him hard. He must be really destroyed with every arm at hand, [and] be left a wretched tatter at the end.”

When Latin American communists saw the value of Mao’s advice, to make the greedy their servants, he reproved them further: “That, especially that – servants. People who serve us through greed, through fear, through inferiority, vengeance, what have you , but who serve us. Serve the party, serve the designs of the Comintern, serve the cause of the Revolution. Congratulations … you have caught the very essence of the Yenan Way.”

In the politics of who benefits (cui bono), nearly everyone is quick to assume that simple greed is at work. But this is not the case today. When you see the success of outrageous greed, stop and ask yourself if the communist power is furthering its position through the greedy actors in question. I strongly suspect, in the dishonest transactions of many large businesses and politicians, the communists are somewhere present. They are helping in the transaction from behind the scenes, and they are taking up key positions. And now we ought to ask, when we see who is profiting from the COVID-19 pandemic, (which was started in China), is the Yenan Way at work?

Notes and Links

[i] Dan Kurzman, Subversion of the Innocents: Patterns of Communist Penetration in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia (New York: Random House, 1963), p. 8.


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Who are our enemies, and who are our friends? This question is one of primary importance in the revolution. All past revolutionary struggles in China achieved very little, basically because the revolutionaries were unable to unite their real friends to attack their real enemies.

Mao Zedong

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  1. The Chairman’s words are chilling. I have an old copy of Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War”; the more Communist claptrap that I read, the more I want to throw that book against a wall 🤬

      1. During the “Military Regime” (1964 – 1985), Brazil was governed by Positivists (some military staff were socialists too). They were technocrats that disliked ideologies. Their concern was infrasctructure (to build roads, hydroeletrics, …), economy (keynesianism) and other more technical questions.

        They wiped out the conservatives from politics and the socialists took refuge at the universities and other cultural activities. They only persecute the socialists that choose the way of “urban guerrilla”.
        So Politics became a “technical activity”. At that time we had only two political parties: ARENA (regime side) and MDB (“opposition” side). MDB was composed by people who cares about money, status and power.

        The Regime didn’t care about culture activities (“superstrucutre” in a marxist terminology). So the “Brazilian’s mentality” was formed by socialists of all kinds (marxists, gramscists, frankfurtists, …). These socialists worked at universities, schools, newspapers, tv shows, movies, sindicates, magazines and many other activities. They had virtually zero opposition in these areas. Besides the fact that we had our major institutions rebuild or build by the proto-fascist Getúlio Vargas during his dictatorship [“New State” (1930-1945)].

        During the transition to the “New Republic” and debacle of the Regime, these two parties (ARENA and MDB) give rise to new parties. MDB continues to exist til today and is the largest party. Socialists founded their own parties. The most representative were PSDB (socialists-democrats) and PT (communists).

        PSDB and PT governed Brazil from 1995 til 2018 when Jair Bolsonaro was elected. They used MDB and some other parties as part of their government and to implement their policies. These parties got money and importants positions in ministries and state-owned companies. On the other hand they guaranteed their support in the Congress.

        MDB and PP (another big party) were involved in any major corruption scandal.

        PT and PSDB lost their political force to win major elections, but they get the real power. Their affiliates occupy influent positions in every branch of government and other important instituions (this is in the so called “deep state”).

        Now we are witnessing that cicle repeat itself in some way.

        Jair Bolsonaro is a retired army captain and a career politican without expression. At first he appointed a supossed “Technical Ministry”. It was composed by some army generals, some conservatives and other “technical people”. It didn’t work well. It lacked “political articulation” some people said (It was one of his promises to not negotiate with corrupt politicians).
        The conservatives’ ministers got out or resigned in strange ways.

        The military staff didn’t like ideological issues or “cultural wars”. Some of them gave public interviews that they don’t mind doing busines with China or another country.

        Some ministries now are composed by people of these big parties (PP and some others). They gained influence in the name of the “political articulation”. People are questioning why the agenda is not advancing. It is but not the “conservative agenda”.

      2. This is a very good explanation of Brazil’s internal development. Thank you. Positivism is a very dangerous point of departure for political thought.

  2. @JRNyquist: I’m sure that this particular calculus does work; but I don’t think that I like it. It’s so different from the Western way; I’m fond of medieval European chivalry, and of Greco-Roman schools of thought, in comparison. There’s an inherent nobility of, and grace of, character and conduct, there that seems to be absent from the Eastern way(s). Of course, I have never really studied the philosophies of the Far East, so I could be wrong about that.

    I’ve watched interviews of you where you had suggested for other people to read “defector literature” of the Communists; and while I love to read, honestly, I think I would find it very hard to wrap my mind around such alien concepts and ideas.

    1. I am sympathetic to chivalry and Greco-Roman though, Janelle. There was a cultivation of noble character which is incomprehensible to the Chinese lords. They are in the school of Machiavelli, who is yet too soft from the Chinese school of power politics.

      1. As an aside, Frederick the Great of Prussia wrote a book against Machiavelli. More recently, Olavo de Carvalho and Leo Strauss have also denounced Machiavelli. Yet Machiavelli has told us some unpleasant truths about human behavior. How do we digest all this? The problem of political realism vs. idealism comes to a head with the arguments of James Burnham vs. those of Richard Weaver in the 1940s-60s. You have to be realistic, like the Founding Fathers, keeping your objective of a good society in mind. You have to admit that men are not angels. However, Weaver and Edmund Burke argued decisively that a noble ethic is absolutely essential, and must be inculcated by habit. Weaver says that belief in universals and transcendentals will prove decisive. This higher level of reasoning shows its value in history, as opposed to Machiavelli’s “modern” thinking. As Weaver points out, there are things you must never do because you gradually destroy yourself, because our existence is not merely physical. If you think strategically, and know the Machiavellian thinking, there are ways to cope with Machiavelli. You never entirely escape those who are evil and would destroy you by their wickedness. Thus there must be a principle of force-fraud reciprocity in which you can lie to the liars, kill the killers; yet even here you stand on a very dangerous slippery slope, and still must use the greatest self-restraint, with trepidation, circumspection and caution. There are defensive strategies the noble can use. Rome won the ancient world because of its noble vision and moral superiority over the Greeks and Carthaginians. This was Polybius’ argument, and Livy’s. Not that the Romans were perfect; they were human enough. They were merely better behaved, more honest. Respect for truth, for the divine, seems decisive in national strength. The devious schemes of Carthage and the Greeks simply could not stop the Romans. I suspect that Machiavelli drew the wrong lessons from his study of Roman history (looking at his Discourses on Livy). For example: What about Marcus Furius Camillus and the schoolmaster of Falerii? See —
        Machiavelli disdains the Falerii story, of course! He simply disbelieves evidence of higher nobility. Yet there is a moral lesson in the Falerii story. Machiavelli’s cynicism is the very model of our modern bigotry. Renaissance Italy, of course, was very modern in its thinking. And as Burckhardt’s history showed, the Renaissance collapsed in on itself.

  3. Those tactics work for now because Satan, their originator, is still active in the political heavens. But I believe he is very soon to be cast down from them, as per Revelation 12’s war in “heaven”, and from that point onward, he will have no sway and no influence over the rulers of humanity.

    1. He is cast down to earth and his ferocity increases. He will not need influence as he will possess the beast and rule directly until Christ returns to crush him.

      1. All those evil multi-headed beats of Revelation represent the western nations under various political systems; the final one is explicitly described as scarlet, a beast that was, is not and yet is (communism) and exceeds the vileness and Satanic activity of those that preceded it, including the beast from the sea of Rev 13. It is the emergence of Christ’s Kingdom on earth, as foretold in Daniel 2, in the very near future – not His second advent – that aligns with the demise of the final beast system.

      2. Well, yes, I believe the imagery in Daniel is suggestive of there being a very physical / kinetic end to the final beast system. I think the evidence is overwhelming to connect that end with the Gog-Magog war of Ezekiel 38, but whether it is a direct act of God or God acting through His newly empowered servants is open to speculation; one old writer (John Gill) assumed it would be the latter but I think it will be a natural event followed by justice meted out by Christian rulers to the ringleaders of this evil final political system.

        As an aside, Gill in expounding Revelation also reckoned the war in heaven of Rev 12 to have occurred in Constantine’s time, which I now think is probably a better fit than my earlier post about it. But either way, the devil’s days of running amok are coming to an end very, very soon and that’s why he’s in such a rush to push through his agenda.

  4. Jeff, not sure if you can comment, me and the HKIP members are working on a document to tell what happened with the discussions on Hong Kong Sovereignty after 1997 between Margaret Thatcher and Deng Xiaoping, there is sufficient evidence to suggest student unions like the Chinese University Students Union which recently dissolved was actually regarded as allies with the Chinese Communist Party in the 1980’s. The evidence of the Hong Kong Democratic Reunification being controlled opposition which assisted the Chinese Communist Party on getting the Sovereignty of Hong Kong is very strong. By the way, once the document is finished, a copy will be sent to you and Cliff Kincaid.

  5. It seems that it has been the Asian mind that has led communist strategic thought to real excellence. Mao’s seemingly indirect approach reminds, remotely, of the fairly recent Japanese martial art of Aikido, where the attacker, though not to be harmed, is defeated nonetheless by using and redirecting his own kinetic energy:

    1. Here is also a highly instructive 1960s Japanese documentary about the origins and philosophy of Aikido, complete with images of its founder, Morihei Ueshiba:

      1. The actual techniques of Aikido are based on DaitoRyu Aiki juijutsu, an older Japanese art. My teacher, Zenko Okimura studied under Ueshiba and his son. Interestingly the most popular Aikidoka of today, Steven Segal is a friend and tool of various dictators including Putin. He’s a sort of informal peace ambassador. You can find pictures of Segal with Belarusian dictator Lukashenko and Maduro. Segal is at least a partial liar. I have nothing good to say about Aikido. It’s deceptively ineffective and it’s philosophy is esoteric Bhudist Animist and unrealistic. My teacher himself was a half Hawian half Japanese Shingon Bhuddist monk.

      1. Its not the case that Chinese had always been in the state they are today. They had a very civilized and rich culture before communism destroyed all of it during the Cultural Revolution. They really had to destroy tradition culture the same way they must destroy it in the West as well. The Soviet Union was actually supporting counter culture movements and anti-war movements in the West back in the day.

        In China it was of course much more brutal because Reds already had the control of the country. Children should respect their parents, elders and teachers, so Reds made school kids attack, hurt and even kill their teachers. Children grilled their own teachers and ate their flesh. And it was not because of famine like during the Great Leap Forward, but because they wanted to make them break taboos. They wanted to corrupt the children.

        In United States it was not that bad. Just anti-war movements, drug abuse, extra-marital relationships, so called ”free love”, and also rock and roll music. Etc.

        What is corruption exactly? In normal society there are many things money cannot buy. People simply wont sell certain things, because they value them over all the money in the world. Look at China today. Everything is sale. There is nothing money cant buy. It is like the criminal underwold. The society has become corrupt.

    2. Aikido is rather worthless as a martial art. I am a former Aikidoka. It’s techniques are not effective in real hand to hand combat. See the entire history of MMA.

      1. All the martial arts try to solve same problem: how to learn breaking people, without actually breaking your training partners. And all of them solve this problem in different ways, yet not one of them is perfect. The only way I have found is to study many different martial arts, because all of them forsake one part of the whole and emphasise another in order to make it safe enough to practice.

        This same thought process was actually behind creating the MMA as well, because they wanted to cover a wider area. But I must say, I have learned some useful things from those styles that people usually claim worthless in the Internet. This was after I realized I will never find a perfect style, and stopped searching for one. I have never tried Aikido, though. In my understanding the quality of teachers and the quality of the group is supreme importance.

      2. My school was Hombu Eojo Aikikai. The original.The techniques for testing are uniform globaly. They don’t work as taught. Only under major modification to make them brutal would they. At that point it’s no longer Ai (harmony) ki (Energy) do (philosophy or way). There is too much woo woo mysticism involved and little practicality. Much like Steven Segall. Have you seen him influenced by Yenan way in his dealings with world dictators? Putin etc?

  6. “But because the human ego is loathe to admit it’s been duped, many patriotic Democrats will continue allowing themselves to be led like sheep into the closing noose of the hammer and sickle. By the time they realize what happened, it will be too late.”
    John Eidson

  7. “America itself has fallen into rank error and apostasy, and as the church goes, so goes America.”
    Kelly O’Connell

  8. “If you’ve ever asked yourself, what would you do if you were alive at the time of Christ? Would you have wiped with a veil His face? Would you have carried the cross like Simon of Cyrene? Would you have stood beneath the cross like Mary and the women and the beloved disciple? Or would you have run off in hiding? Or would you have called for His crucifixion?”

    “Each of us in a sense answers for that, because if you wondered what you would do, then the question is, what are you doing now? Because the mystical body of Christ is undergoing a passion. And if it’s the apocalypse, it will be a crucifixion. Stand with Christ, beneath the cross, through His passion, keep the faith, and pray the rosary.”

    Father John Echert

    1. Better if you remember the Sabbath day, the holy festivals of God, and ditched the trading of men. Honouring God with only your lips will get you a place in hell.
      Lawlessness is why we are here now.

  9. Hello, this article is very good, it describes well what is happening both here in Brazil and throughout Latin America, and a good part of the population thinks that this subject is “conspiracy theory”, the situation is very sad.

  10. Great piece Jeff! Communists (along with other expansionist totalitarian collectivists) had long weaponized the greed inherent within unrestrained corporate capitalism to the detriment of the survival of free societies. This is probably the biggest reason why I started to re-think market fundamentalism (without of course tossing away the value of a private sector driven economy). Marx, Lenin, and their successors had/continue to have a better understanding of the weaknesses and suicidal mania of the capitalist class and the phenomenon of corporate sociopathy. As Karl Marx wrote: “What the bourgeoisie, therefore, produces, above all, is its own grave-diggers. Its fall and the victory of the proletariat are equally inevitable.” Facing down this challenge is going to require a new political paradigm that is rooted in strategy, humility, unity, and strength.

    1. The psychopath has a talent for seeing people’s weaknesses. The question devolves into one of restraining powerful yet shortsighted players.

    1. This is not really a troop deployment, but military trainers. China can use it to escalate the crisis, but I do not think it is significant. Our training of Taiwanese is an old story. I believe their pilots train here in the states.

  11. Very insightful post about Mao Tze Dong.

    Notice how the decline in the Christian ethic (i.e., living a life accountable to God, with the consequences of the next life in view), and its replacement with the narcissistic pursuit of power, wealth, and pleasure, dovetails with this insidious strategy. Such men are ripe pickens for Communist bribery and intrigue.

    Because of this, our nation is all the more vulnerable to infiltration, as a weakened host lies exposed to a deadly virus.

    I long ago concluded that only a cataclysm of some kind will awaken the populace to repentance and restoration. And even in such event, there is doubt about the outcome.

    1. Any life lived purely for money, sex, power or influence is lived in vain. If one does not go higher, one goes lower by default. The Truth is not found in this world, in THIS life.

    2. Our former Constitutional form of government is unique and stunningly effective in administering a free society. However, it fails completely to govern a populace devoid of Judaeo-Christian morals. And so we are left with the rotting corpse of a failed nation state, smelling its death, and awaiting its burial.

      1. When society and civilization degrade to the extent we see today, there is no hope of retrieval. Any attempt to do so requires that evil be dealt with; and where do you start; and when do you stop; and who determines the process. In the end the innocent (loosely spoken) die with the guilty. Best we can do depends on our surroundings. With families scattered to the four winds, we can’t even help them. I am fully aware of the cry to revolt. Aside from taking our turn at resisting and suffering the consequences there is little else we can do. It is certain there will be bloodshed; and many of us will go down fighting. Might as well get used to the idea before it happens. Unfortunately, many will be caught by surprise; and those who have free reign now will be most surprised. Even the evil empire will not tolerate total depravity and criminality.


    There is a big block chain conference that is happening in Texas. This woman’s name is Alison McDowell. She has a lot of information about block chain, cryptocurrency, digital identity’s, etc. etc.

    She does a really good job of dumbing down and explaining all of this trans humanist agenda, How they’re using public school students both here and in Africa And in Israel to write the programs. This rabbit hole can be a little overwhelming but like I said she does an incredible job of explaining all of this on her blog – Wrench in the gears. Ice Age farmer has also interviewed her and that is a good intro video. I also recommend her video with Sayer Ji at

      1. Transhumanism is one of the most dangerous directions science could take. Humanity could degrade or destroy itself. It is indeed gruesome.

      2. We tried that before in Gen 6. When the sons of God and daughters of men mated. The result, giants, hybrid animals, men thinking of only evil continually,near total corruption of the human genome, and a flood to kill off the curroption. Now imagine a scenario where AC/ET gives his DNA to man in a mark. Rev says those who take the mark are irredeemable. AFAK the only instance of a totally irredemable group of people was the nephelim. It also says all who take the mark will have sores break out all over their body and will seek death but not be able to find it. Surely a bar code or RFID chip shouldn’t do all that unless the mark is more than just symbolic and actually changes ones DNA such that one is no longer a human.

      1. I wondered at first who was really behind this – WEF, Central Banks, communists? Ultimately, if their goal is no free will, through extreme micromanagement with social credit scores, that sounds like what China is doing right now. They are hiding this behind technologies that the average westerner thinks are the next best things to have and to use. People don’t see blockchain or cryptocurrency as threats. And they think that tablets in the schools instead of books are an “advancement.” Alison McDowell has not attributed all of this to communism, but if it boils down to abolishing free will -isn’t that communism? I posted her work so that people could become familiar with these technologies/terms/red flags and watch out for them.

  13. With the lack of veracious objective professional journalism nowadays, with six corporations owning ninety percent of popular media in the United States, it takes more than guess work to even read between the lines. Take the sea traffic jam in Southern, California, for instance. The port authority blames lack of upgrades to the facilities, but I wonder if long shore men simply don’t show up for work, because they don’t want to get mRNA Covid injections? Same with the USPS slow down. The effect of this might be to deliberately create shortages, in order to keep demand high, to fight deflation due to the recession. It seems that the point of demanding inoculation of everybody is to kill them all off sooner or latter anyway, while blaming the increased death rate on the virtually, inert virus. They, whoever they are, appear to be trying to prevent civil war, by mandating social distancing, while inciting people at the same time, with mandated to get inoculated. They already own everything, but still seem to value their dollars, but they’ve deliberately gutted the economy, to exercise their dominance over those who prefer privileges to Rights. After all the useful idiots have expired, what’s to become of the rest, and who will be left to further antagonize, harass, suppress, and attack the conscientious objectors?

    1. Cyrus has made some predictions in the past. Back in the summer of 2019, Cyrus says he gave a document to a President Trump contact warning that the world was in danger from an invisible weapon, from China, that was meant to either kill Trump personally or at least knock him out of office. He says that China is at the heart of a plan to dominate the world, through bioweapons, artificial intelligence, and even transhumanism. He says the plan involves the Rockefeller family, George Soros, and Bill Gates. Believable enough; they’re involved in everything.

      What is Cyrus going to warn us about today? For that, we need to actually ask him directly. Cyrus Parsa joined the show to discuss.

      1. Director, Creative Analysis & Defensive Innovations

        Cyrus A. Parsa, is the Founder and CEO of The AI Organization, where he is also Director of Creative Analysis & Defensive Innovations. He has researched and investigated more than 1,000 AI, Robotics, 5G, Cybernetic and Big Tech companies. Cyrus has a B.S in International Security, Master’s degree in Homeland Security, and lived with Buddhist-Taoist fighting monks in the mountains of China studying internal Wudang arts and meditation. He is an expert in AI, Quantum, 5G, Security, U.S-China-Iran affairs and the author of several books.

        In summer of 2019, and early 2020, Cyrus predicted, and warned accurately in numerous way’s that the world’s people were in impending danger from a Disease or Bio-Weapon (Coronavirus) from China CCP that would lead to conflicts, AI enslavement, famines, misuse of bio-tech, civil wars, deaths, and world wars. Cyrus provided solutions as remedy.

        *June 2019, Secret Service 5 Page Brief: Bioweapon (Poison) from China within 6 months-1 Year, than global enslavement within 1-2 years.

        *June 15th, 62 Page Report to Fmr. CIA Director, Covert-Ops, China threatens the worlds citizens with AI and Bio-Weapons.

        *August 24th, 2019, Published the book AI, Trump, China and the Weaponization of Robotics with 5G. First sentence in Synopsis World in Danger, China and Big tech Threaten all the world citizens with Micro-Botic Terrorism (Poison, Virus, Bioweapon) and AI enslavement.

        *October 20th, 2020, Bestselling AI book: Artificial Intelligence Dangers to Humanity. China-Big Tech threaten world with MBT, AI enslavement, listed 50 companies.

        *December 16th, 2019 and Feb 24th, 2020: World’s people Endangered by China CCP, bio-weapon and AI misuse 87 page Federal Complaint filed to warn the worlds citizens were in immediate danger from China, as media would not permit Cyrus a platform to provide solutions to save lives. Cyrus wrote the Federal complaint on behalf of every person on the planet, to get the word out, that the Bioweapon would not only lead to lives lost, but tech tyranny, famines, and potential civil and world wars.

        Cyrus is also the author of The Great Reset: How Big Tech Elites and the World’s People can ben Enslaved by China CCP or AI. and the author of a rape-human trafficking prevention book called Raped via Bio-Digital Social Programming. Cyrus is also the producer of the Documentary CCP Virus Gate: The plan to stop China CCP’s AI Extinction Agenda and the creator of the movie AI: The Plan to Invade Humanity. Cyrus’s mission is to help safeguard humanity first, and prevent disasters to the worlds people from China, Big Tech and the misuse of AI and bio-technology.

        “Cyrus, Your Findings and Analysis on China and AI Bio-Security, is Genius and will change the course of History. I took your report to the Military” July, 2019

        CIA Director, Fmr Covert Ops

        “Cyrus, I don’t think there is anyone in the world who researched 1,000 AI companies and concluded an Analysis that the interconnection between China and Western Tech Companies, with the combination of humanities Facial Recognition, Bio-Metrics, Drones, Robotics, 5G, Bio-Engineering, AGI, and a Digital Quantum AI Brain, threatens to social engineer, enslave, or possibly eradicate most of the world citizenry via China and Artificial Super Intelligence. Your Book is incredible and your many discoveries are amazing.” August, 15th, 2019

        Director of Nations First Interdisciplinary Homeland Security Program, Dr. Eric G. Frost

        “Cyrus, Your research, investigation, and analysis of AI threats to humanity and the interconnection between China and Big Tech is Genius, and deserves the support of the intelligence community, media and people from all walks of life. Artificial Intelligence Dangers to Humanity is very deep” Oct, 2019

        Secret Service/FBI Special Task Force, Michael J. Cooper


        Many asked how I knew of the Virus from China, the Great Reset, the timing of it all, my background and why I founded The AI Organization to do the work, I do. And why I support both Conservatives and Liberals alike. Thus, I created this short video bio to answer some of the questions.

        Short Bio- Cyrus A. Parsa, The AI Organization

        Because the media did not give coverage to Cyrus to properly warn that the worlds people were in impending danger, as a last resort Cyrus filed the biggest lawsuit in human history consisting of 87 pages on 12-16-2019, updated to disclose John Does on February 24th, 2020, (Legal Complaint Has Standing)Against China’s Communist Regime, Silicon Valley, major world leaders, media outlets and institutes to bring awareness and accountability if mistakes not remedied. Charging defendants with endangering the worlds people, complicity, weaponization of AI Bio-Tech, robotics, drones, facial recognition misuse, Complicity to Chinese genocide, negligent transfer of Bio-Tech to China, and bio-metric social media manipulation of peoples emotions, thoughts, and neural networks as they engage with smart phones, IoT, media and the world at large. Cyrus’s intention was not to single out just these few entities, rather to warn the worlds citizens were in danger, including the defendants, and to allow them to make an immediate change with China CCP by getting these entities to make a change for the worlds well-being. Defendants who were mostly liberal elites were not served for multiple reasons, one being elite conservatives in media/government kept on stealing/plagiarizing off of Cyrus’s work and using manipulation on the public to censor him while he was trying to warn and provide solutions for the world’s citizens well-being. Everyone contributed in some way or another to the worlds issues, not just people on the left who were pointed out, liberals, but conservatives, peoples of all walks of lives were complicit or negligent in some way or another. Cyrus wishes for the world to end its negative path, increase their virtues, ethics, by doing so improving the future and well being of every person in the world through free will, respect and enlightenment. He also runs Loyal Guardian Security, which specializes in China and Iran Intelligence and risk assessment created to assist in making our society safer and better. He is an expert in US, China & Iran affairs, and has consulted on Human-Organ Tracking, Anti-Terrorism, Vulnerability, Risk Assessments, Asset Management and Emerging Threats to governments, agencies, people and organizations. He also speaks Chinese, Persian, and English. With 20 years of hidden research and development in his consultation work, he assesses & provides guidance for clients from a multi-dimensional and multi-layered perspective. He maintains networks of thousands of Chinese and Western influencers and intelligence assets, allowing for great insight into the threats we face from China, Iran and the Western inter-connectivity of these countries. Cyrus’s discoveries have led him to coin the new and very complex concepts “The AI Global Bio-Digital Network, The Human Bio-Digital Network, Bio-Digital Social Programming, Bio-Digital Field, Bio-Matter, Rape-Mind, Bio-Digital Hybrid Sexual Assault & Micro-Botic Terrorism.” These terms were needed in order to explain the dangers we face, and how they are rooted in these almost imperceptible elements that are now connecting with Artificial Intelligence, 5-G, Society, Smart Phones, the “Internet of Things,” “Smart Cities,” Cybernetics, Bio-Engineering and Robotics all through one AI platform. Within this platform, Cyrus found extinction codes, in stages in the next 20 years, for humanity.

  14. China Lands Right Next To Stunning Martian Ruins, Then– Runs Like Hell!! Why?
    TONIGHT, SAT/SUN, OCT. 2ND, 2021, 9 pm-Midnight PT / Midnight-3 am ET / The first Chinese unmanned mission to the planet Mars — named “Tienwan-1” (“Questions to Heaven” …) — left Earth on July 23, 2020; it arrived in Martian orbit 7 months later, February 10, 2021 … and landed its historic rover “Zhurong” (named for a Chinese fire god) three months later, May 15th.

    Just before their historic mission left the Earth, the Chinese space agency released an official poster depicting the landed portion of the mission — sitting proudly on the reddened Martian surface … just in front of an obvious “ancient Martian artificial ruin ….”

    Our Enterprise Mission team’s unamious assessment of this deliberate action, was that the Chinese — like Babe Ruth’s infamous home run — were deliberately predicting their future political intention–
    To become — unlike the American “NASA” — the first official government space program to scientifically confirm, and then publicly announce (!), the official existence of “bona fide, ancient intelligently-designed ruins … on the planet Mars.”

    So, what happened?

    According to our analysis of a subsequent, high-resolution color image of the Zhurong landing site — as taken by NASA’s “Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter” spacecraft just days after the successful Chinese landing — the Zhurong rover touched down less than five (5) New York City blocks from an astonishing set of “ancient Martian ruins” (see tonight’s show banner …)!

    But then, instead of driving less than 1300 feet, due north, to begin exploring this highly geometric, incredibly artistic set of Martian structures–

    The Chinese rover “ran like hell” … in the OPPOSITE direction!!


    1. That’s a big too woo, and I love the woo generally. I also had no idea Richard Hoagland was even still alive! Haven’t heard his voice on Coasttocoastam for many years now. He used to be a regular.

      1. Art Bell was a great interviewer and entertainer. He was good enough friends with Richard Hoagland, that he could openly display exasperation at times, with no hard feelings. Hoagland always managed to further explain to Bell’s satisfaction, if not complete acceptance of it. Fr Malachi Martin, Richard C. Hoagland, and Ed Dames, were Art’s best regular guests, in that order.

        Mars Orbiter Camera Views the “Face on Mars”

      2. Most of Hoagland’s claims have fallen flat. Ed Dames’s made many predictions that failed to come true. Martin was an interesting person with apparent intellectual substance; though I do not understand his biographical background.

      3. Why would China kill artists for making paint brushes? Why would China hide a bat virus? Why would China kill Bruce Lee? Why would China finance, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood? I don’t know if the images are real. Why would China send real images from Mars? Do you distrust China or don’t you?

      4. I used to get so mad listening to Major Ed Dames, that I’d shut the radio off. A few seconds later the suspense was killing me, and I’d have to turn it back on.

        Dames was in on the gag. He once spent an entire four hours trying his best to convince Art of something, then in the last few minutes of the program, just before Art had to close the show, Dames made one comment which entirely negated everything he said in the previous four hours. I never laughed so hard.

        Malachi Martin, was a gentleman and a scholar. I wrote my condolences to Art, that Father Martin was the best guest that Art ever had, and one of God’s finest, men.

      1. The Chinese did not land a rover next to ancient ruins of a civilazation on Mars. Get it?

      2. Of course! One could pull up many stories like this that Hoagland broke. Remember his images of faces and pyramids on Mars years ago? Or the claim that the Chinese had a picture of decapitated ancient robot head on the dark side of the moon that was theur impetus to sent a mission to the moon? Dime a dozen with Hoagland.

      3. Was not mocking. Sorry for clarifying the hoax. Would have thought it was obvious though. Doesn’t take a conspiracy theory debunker expert to figure this one out.

      4. After reading Ross Coulthart’s book on UFOs, I’m not sure what is real. I’m a little scared of what we will discover next. Did anyone catch the taped testimony of Einstein’s assistant being released? She talked about viewing alien bodies at Roswell AAF in 1947? She says one alien was alive and badly injured. She made tapes before she died in 2015. Worse yet, Coulthart — a mainstream journalist — got a top Navy tech guy to make reverse engineering of alien craft admissions. A patent was approved for a faster-than-Light propulsion system in 2018 and the Navy says it is for real. Reality is not real any more.

      5. Recall Jackie Gleasons story? Its hard to know what is true. But seeing is believing for many. Robert Hastings witnesses are beyond credible. When someone you personally trust tells you they’ve seen aliens(or the demonic posing as such) it changes things. When you’ve seen UFOs in person that can change things too.

      6. I do recall Gleason’s story. Also, there is the story of a camera crew on Air Force One over-hearing, through an open microphone, President George H.W. Bush saying he had seen the alien bodies too. I personally know a scientist invited to an official government intelligence briefing more than twenty years ago. He could not say all he was told. Aliens were described as real, and certain things were known of them. He was not the type to lie, though I was extremely concerned about a disinformation scenario. Surviving Roswell witnesses were recorded for posterity many years ago and are on YouTube. People can decide for themselves. The apparent physical reality of the phenomena and reports of “alien bodies” is a fly in the ointment for anyone who thinks this is a non-solid phenomenon.

      7. Did not catch that Einstein assistant tape. But people have been claiming to have seen bodies from Roswell for decades. My mind on the subject has long ago been made up.The global testimony is overwhelming IMO. One more credible witnesses’s story means little as this point. However as a former R. Catholic, chief Exorcist of Rome Balducci’s statements on Italian tv were noteworthy. He claims ETs are real and non demonic.

      8. I remember reading that. The Church had had to deal with the theological questions of intelligent alien life. Was the Vatican briefed on this?

      9. The vatican is doing some breifing themselves. And if you dig up ExoVaticana Tom Horn has a few other .VATICANS saying similar things. Here’s Balducci an alleged close friend of the Pope on Italian tv. 3 mins. I don’t think this the one where he says they are non demonic. But other Vatican officials do.

      10. I can see how could seem strange. But this thinking about ETs by Vaticans and esp Jesuits has roots in Pierre Teilhard de Chardin d. 1955. This disclosure if you want to call it that seems to fit into an a d time great deception /AC whore of Babylon end times scenario kinda neatly, pluasibly and predictably to me. I ceased being weirded out by this in my late teens.

      11. Robert Lazar been claiming he worked on FTL reverse engineering on Ufos for decades.

      12. I apologize for the multiple postings here, but I feel the need to explain that my previous comment, “do not mock me…” was meant in response to @BedlamBard, not to in response to anything that Mr. Nyquist had said.

      13. That’s right, Jeff, the mainstream media tells us everything we need to know. What’s wrong with you? You got the deadly mRNA Covid serum injections, and now you’ve got Mad Cow Disease already? Have you forgotten the article you wrote about the failure of main stream media to accurately report the news?

        Hoagland has asserted that disclosure is made all the time. It’s in plain sight, with little fanfare. People don’t pay attention unless somebody makes a pointed headline about it.

      14. What’s wrong with me? I am using my judgment to evaluate information. Is there any substantial reason to believe the story? Any fact we can show that suggests this is true? Are the Chinese newspapers covering this? Why would they hide a story like this?

      15. Jackie Gleason was a great, comic, who was cheating on his wife, so he gave her that story of where he was, instead of where he really was.

      16. His fascination with ET went back years, and according to his ex he was shook up for weeks and told her to keep it secret. At this point I am not shocked if “ET” or ED(Etra-dimensional Demons) lands on the White House lawn tomorrow. I’m spiritually and intellectualy prepared for this after 30 years delving into this mess.

      17. 1. Well they certainly don’t act good-angelic, I’m ruling that out for various reasons. 2. If we are talking about Greys, they could bad angelic. Angels can appear as anything. But can angels die? Apparently there is no mention of that happening.Can They leave behind a corpse? Don’t know. 3 Greys could be a programable biological entity that demons can posses. 4. They are a biological entity evolved on some planet. I don’t believe life can evolve from non life. I don’t believe we did. 5. They are a previously unmentioned creation of God. I don’t believe this either. The bible never warns us of other life from outside Earth that will interact with us in a deceptive manner. It does however mention angelic beings mating with humans and teaching them all manner of evil. It also warns us of an end time deception so great that everyone that’s not a Christian will believe it. And if you can believe the abductee testimony these beings are trying to hybridize with humans. And btw when they talk about religion they deny Christ as savoir. So I think those are the most likely options for classification. Take the message the delivery the history and present Vatican and governments failure to mention that these things are fallen demon etc into account and I think what’s most likely is that they are evil beings of some kind from extra dimentional spirit realm. My mind is made up for now. We’ll see.

  15. Mr. Nyquist, I have a question about Mao Zedong. A friend told me that he once took a child out of a school building, and executed him in front of the school (or had this done). The next day, another child was randomly chosen and executed. The other children were in terror, each one wondering if he or she would be next.

    This was done every day for a month. Before the month was over, the children were all cheering and consenting to te death of the child who was picked.

    This was told to me by an elderly friend as an example of fearful people turning against an innocent person to save their own skin.

    Is this a true anecdote about Mao?

    1. I do not know if the story about Mao is true. The biography of Mao, which is the most comprehensive, depicts him as a psychopath and a killer. He was only interested in power. So the story, even if apocryphal, has truth in it.

      1. Have you ever heard that though? I mean, is that a story commonly attributed to him? I’ve only heard that one person tell that.

  16. A tell-tale sign of the Yenan Way at work is the ease and willingness of participants to speak lies and nonsense, constantly. To pretend not to know things. (And even to forget that they are pretending not to know things; so strong is the cognitive addiction to affluence/stature/power once sought and obtained, participants will feel indignant and righteous in defending patent nonsense.)

    Examples: The Lancet refers to “bodies with vaginas” instead of women. Politicians moralize about transgenders needing access to abortion. Economists pretend not to know we keep changing the metrics for GDP, inflation — basically any concept used to justify patently monstrous or self-sabotaging policies.

    The halls of corporate, political an bureaucratic America are filled with people pretending not to know things, advancing lies and nonsense, in mortal fear of being kicked outside the kingdom walls.

    More and more, speaking or living in truth is a scandalous act. It risks real, practical ostracization, suffering, loss, rejection. It may be obvious not to participate in lies, but the costs are still real, and high. We are being tested. Anyone unable to live with view beyond this life may see no way through. I pray for souls to find God, and pray for strength to live in spirit not in flesh.

  17. Jeff, Physics has bumped up against the limits of reality. I remember watching a film that was not meant for lay audiences about recent discoveries, and some of it was simply weird. It’s gotten worse out there on the edges. Several have come to the conclusion that we are living in a digital simulation, which in itself is a weird conclusion. The size of the pixel is way more than microscopically small.

    Several years ago, Chuck Missler dumbed things down a bit for one of his presentations. Chuck (d. 2018) held a masters in Engineering from UCLA and had headed the missile programs for the Air Force. He was not one given to conspiracy theories or hoaxes.

    1. Did you read his Book with Mark Eastman called Alien Encounters? Eye opening book for a newly born again 20 year old 23 years ago. One of many Christian professional in STEM to conclude ET is fallen angel and or demonic and not ET biologicaly evolved beings.

      1. Never did. Chuck did a presentation on UFOs. He held they were demonic phenomenon.

      2. More like an innumerable series of talks. It was a regular talk in his catalouge.

    2. I had a friend who thinks we are living in the matrix. I could only be around him for so long. I finally had to quit being around him. How can people fall for stuff like that?

    3. Physics was so bizarre 40 years ago, a friend in a physics Ph.D program was deeply conflicted. He asked me if I believed in magic. “What do you mean?” I asked. He said that physics was leading us back to magic. He became a computer scientist. It made more sense than physics. Or maybe it is the key to physics — if the created world is a digital construction. That would mean we are clueless about the real world.

      1. One of the things that has come up is that the 4 dimensions we live in (x,y,z,time) is not all there is. There appears to be 6 more. The other 6 are inferred from physical phenomenon that we have been able to observe. One those things that initially pointed to more dimensions, although we didn’t know it at the time, is known as Planck Length. That length is 1.616255(18)×10^−35 m and is the shortest length possible. Planck Time is the time light takes to go Planck Length.

        The problem with Physics, which is <i<the basic science, is the more we find, the less we seem to know. While Daniel’s prophecy of knowledge increasing has certainly come to pass, man has become more ignorant, rejecting God and all that comes from Him. The magical kingdom man has turned himself over to has made things far worse than the pig ignorance of the savages before they come to the knowledge of Christ.

        Robert Jastrow made a comment on the cosmology of his day. Paraphrasing, he remarked that Physicists had worked hard climbing the mountain, reached the summit only to find the Theologians were already there.

        The wikipedia article on Planck Length is woefully incomplete, but the full story seems like magic. Suffice it to say, Planck proposed the length, but it has been verified through experiments so sophisticated that it is beyond the paltry upper division work I did in Physics while in engineering school.

      2. Lol, yessir, but I sure do pity someone in that condition. Sometimes I have to remember Psalm 131:1 when my poor brain tries to lead me off into things too deep for me.

      3. Also, I think of Deuteronomy 29:29: “The secret things belong unto the Lord our God: but those things which are revealed belong unto us and to our children forever, that we may do all the words of this law.”

  18. Jeff, have you done any research into Tesla’s statements regarding his “greatest invention,” which sounded just like a flying saucer? Or his admission that at one point he seemed to be communicating with some other-worldly entity, which was telling him how to build the technology? After being rejected by the US government, Tesla worked for the Germans before World War II. There’s speculation that the silent, gravity-defying “Foo Fighters” were his invention. There have also been tape recordings of FBI agents making reference to “Tesla saucers.” At some point the US government confiscated boxes and boxes of Tesla’s notes, perhaps shortly after his death.

    A few years back, Boeing issued a statement that seemingly incidentally mentioned they were using antigravity technology on one of their new planes. I’ve read that our government began experimenting with antigravity tech shortly after WWII (imported from Germany) and never stopped. For further reading, there’s a very credible researcher, Paul LaViolette, who has been published in all sorts of mainstream scientific journals, who has written a stunning book called, “The Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion.” If he weren’t being published in Harvard journals, it would be simply unbelievable. I’m honestly still not sure what to make of it. Another interesting book is by Jane’s Defence Weekly reporter Nick Cook, called “The Hunt for Zero Point.”

    1. Yes, I am familiar with Cook. There is apparently some very secret research going on, and high-level testimony does exist. The truth of its progress and origins is shrouded in disinformation and active measures to mask the details. Hitler thought he had a war-winning super-weapon near the end of the war. Was he lying? Or were they onto something we have been working on since? Hard to say.

    2. Funny thing about “foo fighters.” Our pilots thought they were German, and the Germans thought they were ours.

      All of Tesla’s work was destroyed when his lab and offices burned to the ground. There was nothing for the FBI to seize. I have never seen anything that could be corroborated that said Tesla worked with the Germans prior to WW2. I’ve marked it down to what we, in the military, facetiously called “RumInt,” or Rumor Intelligence.

  19. the US could not maintain the secret of the atomic from the Soviets, but can, somehow, hide UFOs, anti-gravity and aliens…

    1. Apparently they cannot keep this secret, either. For rumors, stories and books about the subject have been perpetual for decades. And now the government has admitted it has material from UFOs (whatever that means). Is the government lying? Which witnesses are lying? Was Philip Corsi lying? Was Jackie Gleason’s wife or Senator Barry Goldwater lying? I do not know. Sometimes a secret is maintained by a bodyguard of lies. So which is the truth and which is the bodyguard? Something has been hidden. What is it? — military tech disinformation? Political manipulation? Or real?

      1. I doubt Goldwater was lying.

        Goldwater was a pilot in WW2, in fact he was a gunnery instructor in the AAC’s Air Cadet program. He had been a Brigadier General in the Arizona Air National Guard, and after he was a senator asked Curtis LeMay, who USAF Chief of Staff at the time about the info USAF had about UFOs. LeMay curtly told him to shut up and never ask again. UFOs were a rather sensitive subject at the time.

        Frankly, I don’t think Corsi is lying either.

      2. It is hard to imagine such sterling personalities making it up. Goldwater was a close friend of General William H. Blanchard, who had been the commander of Roswell AAF (as a colonel) in 1947 when the “Roswell incident” occurred. Did Goldwater acquire his conviction of a coverup from Blanchard?

      3. Something I forget. After the Roswell incident, the Air Force did all they could to recover everything from the crash site of the UFO. They boxed everything up, and Roger Ramey, who was the Commanding General of the 8th Air Force at the time, personally flew to Roswell on a B-29 to get the materials and took them to Carswell AFB (8th Af HQ), now Joint Base Fort Worth. I have no idea what happened to them after that. There have been rumors those materials are at Groom Lake (Area 51), but there is another installation that is even more hush hush than that, and I don’t know where that is.

        It is nice, however, that the military has been more forthcoming on UFO incidents. The mmost well known of recent incidents are those involving F-18 pilots from Nimitz back about 10 years ago. The Squadron Commander was interviewed on camera and the interview can be seen on You Tube.

      4. The deeper layer of It’s not he phenomen is not secret military tech being covered in UFO disinfo clothing IMO. If we have the have tech that makes ICMBs irrelevant like has been demonstrated to Robert Hastings witnesses at ICBM silos and Russian counterparts, then why even bother building carriers ICBMS SSBNs fighter jets etc? “They” have demonstrated reality defing tech that we can’t begin to fathom or stop. I refuse to believe we have this tech and are capable of hiding it from the uninnitiated. Russia reports the same thing btw. Talk about war winning tech. If any group on this planet had it they surely would have other tech to make ” resistance futile” and basically do nearly everythng else they wanted. Yet they haven’t used their technology to take over or solve problems they surely would be able to.

      5. And if it’s Russia trying to send a message to the US or vice versa- “Hey your best weapons are a joke to us”- clearly no one is getting the message because everyone keeps investing in obsolete technology.

  20. It’s believed that both the Chinese and Russians also possess the antigravity tech, and have since WWII. For one thing, there have been many reports of “flying saucer” craft taking our nuclear facilities offline when passing nearby. What better way to conduct reconnaissance than with what everyone else believes is an alien spacecraft, that generates an EMP wave in its wake? I wish I had a copy of the documentary I saw on this a few years ago. It had unbelievable historical footage of a Tesla saucer flying in formation with Air Force jets – looked like it was perhaps from the 1980’s or early 1990’s. Unfortunately it was deleted from YouTube.

  21. The beast system is coming, we can see it developing with the vaccine push all around the world. Millions will die from those.

    The staged energy crisis and supply chain crisis have pushed up inflation, and yet the central banks have increased printing by several notches, the beast seeks to hyperinflate all the national currencies, but not the supranational euro.

    Eventually, they will force their central bank digital currencies on the whole world, after physical gold is revalued by their ECB bidding for physical gold with tens of trillions of new euros, when the beast nations will all switch to the euro for oil and other trade. (aside: euros means gold in Welsh).

    Then cash will be banned, as the beast seeks to move the whole world to its digital currency. An rfid chip will be required, and a tattoo over the chip will be of a fine gold bar, with its fineness shown as .999.

    When the hand is presented for payment, the mark will of course be 666, as prophesied. That piece of information is revelation, to me from my Father in heaven, not speculation. Don’t take the mark, take a martyr’s death, if you are spared until the early part of 2029, many won’t be, as they live unrighteously, hence the times of sorrows has begun, and restoration of the law is already underway, quietly for now.

    I will answer any questions you may have here. 7th September 2032 is the date of the day of wrath of my Father in heaven.

    1. The wrath of God is already here. Between now and the time of the beginning of the 7 year tribulation period, things will get quite bad. The stage is being set for the man on horseback to come save the world. Non-believers will be so desperate for some one to save them that will be vulnerable to the greatest hoax anyone has foisted on mankind. It will cause the death of billions by starvation, war, and disease. It will get so bad that unless Christ returned, no living thing would survive.

      The tribulation is coming sooner than you think.

      1. Sounds about right. I think we are in the Strong Delusion, now. How could there be another?

      2. Please forgive my exhausted and mentally exasperated reply. I mean no offense. In my experience history follows a pattern that one gets a feel for after reading a great deal of history. So many wars and revolutions later, a pattern emerges. You get a feel for where things are headed. These fixed “prophetic” derivations from Daniel and Revelation, which are so oft repeated by the faithful, neglect to integrate Roman and Persian history, and never seem to fit our present circumstances — though many think so. Meanwhile, experts in the ancient languages and the theology of the Essenes, show us a wider range of neglected interpretations and understandings. Why are we so unimaginative, so stuck in a spiritual rut? Why must we make everything fit a sectarian religious interpretation when so many Christian’s interpret these things differently? We have to see what is actually happening and not project fixed
        interpretations onto every instance. We need that which unites us in “seeing,” or helps us in thinking and doing. We need to avoid things that divide us — Baptists and Pentecostals here, Catholics and Anglicans here, Orthodox yet in another position, non-Christian’s (Jews, Mormons, agnostics, pagans) bumped outside the blessed circle. How could we ever unite in opposition to the New Religion of socialism, each holding to such particularist interpretations which completely disrupt every attempt at strategic clarity and practical unity? I find no Unity among Americans because they are all idiosyncratic and out of sync with each other. All are members of isolated groups of believers who cannot communicate with each other. That is all we see on every side. Any attempt to describe real reality comes into conflict with the supernaturalist particularism of one vision or another. None are able to knit the varied tapestry into a whole (as the socialists have done). Every occasion is used to promote a specialist religious Interpretation, as if we were competing to win members from competing denominations. Meanwhile, every denomination is succumbing to socialism. Why? What if the situation is a war? What if war requires strategy? What if theology — like ideology — has become a subset of strategy? What then? Speculation is fun, but are we being made into pawns? Are we being diverted by titillation? — diverted from the adult work of confronting an organized political enemy? A rational understanding must precede rational action. Irrational action is ill-advised when it comes to statecraft and war. And we are confronted with essential questions of statecraft and war. The supernatural element may be admitted, of course, but who really understands how to proceed when confronted by the supernatural? I think we had better stick with what we can understand by common sense. Is it helpful to interject religious interpretations so readily into current events? What do we gain by that? Or is that just another form of escapism? Okay, we all have our different theological interpretations. Are we going to fight over them, and hand the world over to the ecumenism of the communists? The whole thing is troubling. Have we not seen enough escapism in these “rapture” narratives to think the Christian Right has lost all sense of moral responsibility for the country? You keep your toilets clean in your house, Do you need the Book of Daniel for that? Keeping the rats out of the state houses and Washington is the same kind of job — is it not? Everything now boils down to political sanitation. But none of us are clean. Just look around! Why do we put all our political dirt beyond our power to solve when it is, in fact, our duty to do solve it? To what extent is an emphasis on Bible prophecy a shrugging off responsibility? I am tired of hearing how God will come and save us, so we can just relax. No, no, no. True spirituality is not comfort but discomfiture. Have we demoted God to a political janitor who must take out the trash for us? Have we not hands and brains to do things for ourselves? This Hal Lindsay style of reacting to events has not given us a single reliable set of predictions or guideposts. The people espousing this have not succeeded in stopping the communists. Why is that? If you go back through the last half century no real understanding of contemporary events has ever emerged from this discourse. What is it, then? It is not fruitful analysis. If we judge by their fruits, what have we enjoyed from it? The illusion that we bear no responsibility for what is unfolding. We have only gone backward. We have only suffered defeats while taking comfort in an ultimate victory nobody really works for. What single thing in Hal Lindsay’s book has come true since it was published in the early 1970s? I read it then, expecting to know if he was right by 1989. But the parable of the Olive Tree did not pan out. So then the game was to stretch a biblical generation from 40 years to 50, to 60, and now it is past 70. At what point is this analysis falsified? It really pains me to see this sort of thing eternally recycled and eternally off the mark. Politics is a discipline, as is history. Just like the science of sanitation there is a science of intellectual hygiene and political hygiene and spiritual hygiene. Are we not all dirty and slovenly? Have any of us escaped the softening effects of prosperity? We are covered with the dirt of titillating interpretations. Someone recently admonished me that I had offended many readers by suggesting that smoking pot isn’t a Christian thing. How could I be so behind the times? What will our posterity think of us? What draws the eye that rests on the future? The interpretations that have allowed secular and Christian writers to predict the decline we now live through, is all that matters now. Here is the gold we have to mine. Look at Nietzsche, Pareto, Burckhardt, Weaver, Golitsyn and Suvorov. These writers give us practical insights. We can see the mushroom clouds from here — and beyond! One might slave over a problem for thirty-four years only to receive the hackneyed reply, “It is God’s wrath.” But there is more to this. Much more.

      1. Matthew 24:36. Might want to brush up on reading your Bible before you go making prophecies. At least try to camouflage them a little bit so you have a better chance of gathering some followers.

      2. He spoke in the present tense, two thousands years ago when only my Father knew the date.
        Now, at the date approaches, as with the flood, the world is given the date, and is being called to repent.
        You, unlike Jesus, have never remembered a Sabbath day, new moon day, or holy festival in your life. So, repent, stop eating swine flesh too.

      3. Mr. Nyquist, I wasn’t engaging in a sectarian argument with Gary. I was just pointing out his absurd claims, which blatantly contradict Scripture, no matter which denomination one may be. But I disengaged after I realized it could be heading into a long back and forth. I agree with what I’ve read you say many times, i.e. that we must all work together to fight this common, Communist enemy that stares us in the face. I do hold the Bible as the infallible Word of God, but I myself have always tried to avoid sectarian arguments with others, even when I was a teenager. If I see that me and someone else are not going to see eye to eye, I try to avoid unnecessary conflict.
        I would like to say, as someone who believes in the rapture, I do not believe that exempts us from the obligation to fight our common enemy, and try to wake people up to what is going on, of which you are doing a commendable job. Nor do I believe that means I am going to escape misery that is coming to our shores.

        I have learned a lot from many commenters of different denominations and backgrounds on this site. I ordered a book “Vaccines: A Catholic Perspective” on the recommendation of commenter Tom Doyle, and greatly appreciate the courage and honesty of Pamela Acker. To me, she is a fellow soldier in our fight to awaken our countrymen. From a Baptist to a Catholic, Thank you very much, Tom Doyle.

        To me, it’s kind of like Ben Franklin said. “We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately”.

        Also, a naval chaplain in a battle in WW2 once said “Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition”, to which I wholeheartedly agree. We must fight.

        Mr. Nyquist, I know I’ve said it before, but thank you for what you do.

      4. P.S sometimes I’m not the clearest in what I say. In my feeble brain, the point I was making with the second quote, is it doesn’t matter if it’s a Pentecostal passing the ammunition to a Lutheran, we arent going to stand there and argue over the Lutheran catechism. We’re going to load that ammo and get busy firing at the enemy.

      5. Unfortunately for you, and the vast majority of lawless ‘christians’, I am God’s second begotten son, the Word is flesh again. So, heed my warnings, or you’ll be off to hell after suffering here on earth.

      6. This “Gary” gentleman reminds me a bit of that other guy “Jay Adams” that Jeff had talked about who had claimed that he was the Second Coming of Christ, or something like that.

  22. Note for Mr Nyquist, if you want to speak privately, after browsing my website, please get in touch. Most blogs’ comments sections of full of lawless pagan fakers, they talk about faith a lot, and Jesus, but he will tell them to depart, he never them, as they live in iniquity. So I won’t waste my time here in your comments section, those with eyes will see the truth, those who love sin will remain in sin.

  23. Really, let’s get back to all the Chinese/Russian military dangers and threats, specifics on UN/deep state skullduggery, Biden regime authoritarianism, Great Reset/digital currency plans, Green new deal totalitarianism, the Israel vs. Iran situation, possible Black Swan events, and the threads that will tie them altogether, and where they will all lead, and how soon. Also lighten up on the UFO/UAP mess, the U.S. government will continue to hold anything genuine & concrete it may have on that too tight to its vest, as it does its ‘Black’ programs. Getting into the religious realm is too contentious and gets us off track from the big picture.

    1. Not waiting on the gov for squat on UFOs ETs. Public info is more than enough. Understand your general point.

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