I have been involved in researching a long essay for the last three weeks. It is slow-going because the overall situation is so complicated. Without going into the details, which are fascinating, the world is moving toward an abyss. The leaders, West and East, do not seem to understand each other. Russia’s leaders seem to be the most disconnected from reality. In general, Russia continues to lose the war in Ukraine, and the situation is getting worse. Yet the Russian government, rightly expecting the West will rescue them by cutting off Ukraine’s weapons, do not seem to realize how rapidly the Russian Army is unraveling. Military experts are astonished that Ukraine’s careful attacks are, contrary to expectations, causing heavy casualties on the Russian defenders. This is hard to account for, because defense supposedly costs fewer lives. But not in the Russian Army. Now the Russians are feeding their elite paratroops into the meatgrinder. One analyst, whose coverage of the fighting has been superior to all others, wonders if the Russian line is going to collapse before the Russian agents in the West can cut off Ukraine’s supplies. Certainly, even if America stops sending support to Ukraine, the Ukrainians are going to continue to fight and Russians will die in gross disproportion. It is believed, by the most reliable analysts, that Russia has now suffered a half million casualties in the war. This is staggering, even as the Russian economic situation goes from bad to worse. Something is going to happen here. And recent Russian offensive moves, ended in the destruction of hundreds of vehicles and thousands of dead soldiers. Worse and worse for Moscow. To paint this picture, we have to come to terms with what autocratic rule does to people. This dishonesty, the detachment from reality, the falsifying of fact — all sets the society up for calamity. America and the West have their own problems with this, but Russia is the Motherland of Socialism, the Motherland of lies. What happens when the situation gets desperate for Moscow?

My latest talk with Jimmy. Apologies to those were were kept awake. We did finish before 8:30 pm.

Discussion with Alex on the Occult

Terrorism in the Middle East with Nevin


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150 thoughts on “Week’s Discussions: With Jimmy From Brooklyn, Alex and Nevin

  1. You know what I really appreciate about Jimmy (besides being a personally congenial fellow)? He always use primary sources (secret and open publications of communist parties and governments).

  2. Always love hearing the information that Jimmy has for all of us here. I just ordered the “And Not a Shot Is Fired”. Is there a way to get a transcript(s) of this interview or the previous interviews you’ve done with him? I’m trying to educate family and friends in my own little circle. This type of information is great and easy to understand as you and Jimmy explain it (and thought provoking).

    1. The conversations with Jimmy deserve transcripts. English scripts are done easily with otter.ai. Jeff, let me send you all of the transcripts in the upcoming week. I have an otter.ai subscription.

    2. If there is no transcript to “get”, then what about doing one? I’ve spent days and days of my life doing all kinds of transcripts (even translations) of interviews and speeches. A one-hour interview isn’t that much work to do a transcript of. German author Erich Kästner’s famous aphorism comes to mind, “Es gibt nichts Gutes, außer man tut es.” Take it as, “Actions speak louder than words”…

  3. Jeff, would you be willing to disclose the analyst, whose coverage of the fighting in Ukraine has been superior to all others?

      1. I checked him out, and the spelling of his name is Mozier. Passing this along to facilitate search for those who want to check him out.

  4. It is unclear to me, who is the world leader of Communist party today. Who is guiding all the efforts of implementing communist ideology in USA and other countries? Are these just remains of the patches of ideology that gave roots in different people’s minds? Before the center seemed to be in the USSR. All the money were distributed from USSR to local CP units in different countries. And when Communist party faked collapse of the Soviet Union, who was sitting behind the scenes controlling that everything went according to a plan? Is there somebody telling Putin what to do? Does he take orders from somebody? Actually during Putin’s (or his doubles’) visit to China, as some observers noticed, he was dragged around by Xi Jinping like a favorite wife. Has the center moved? Is it China that is ruling the show today? Or is Putin still in charge? Or is there a center at all?

    1. It could be China is the center, though Golitsyn suggested there is a secret center in the Russian Far East, permanently manned by Chinese and Russian officials. A source confirmed this to me years ago with information about a Russian who was stationed there and died trying to defect and warn the West. One of his children escaped to the West.

    2. Martin Bormann was involved with financial contingency planning and actively siphoning mountains of capital abroad starting after the Stalingrad debacle, with many corporate entities not being dissolved until after Y2K. Assuming an anti-US/UK orientation of the Nazi diaspora and their sizeable wealth, we ought to consider a trans-national ‘center’ for Active Measures operating capital involving this postwar money changing cohort. There are allegations of such dark money streams underwriting the economic blitz against the USSR itself, and 9/11 as a sort of debt collection servicing of notice (or outright heel turn, where they had previously been content to remain ambiguous dual agents).

      “[September 11th] was not the work of 19 terrorists, but a larger group seeking to reshape the world. A group of extremely powerful private persons, with total assets of about $300 trillion, intends to legalize its power and to become the new world government. The Sept. 11 strikes showed that this group is afraid of nothing – human lives have zero value for them.” Tatyana Koryagina interview, Pravda 2001

      The interview may as well be tipping Russians’ hand with the usual circumlocutions we’re accustomed to hearing for the past decade or more about ‘globalists’ or right now with ‘de-nazification’ farces in Ukraine, but a trans-national fellow traveler cohort only conditionally aligned with the East (while still hostile for historic grievances) as a third party to such things could be in play, enough to of concern to Moscow-Beijing ComIntern intentions. The Swiss registered cargo ship detained in South America with billions in narcotics in 2017 (or ’18) stands out as a potential instance of these hypothesized actors facilitating Red opiod and human trafficking in the Americas.

      1. The Nazi diaspora is a complicated subject. That being said, Bormann was a Soviet agent, not an independent one. So was SS General Heinrich Mueller.

      2. Christopher Story also mentioned a shadowy group who raised something like 100 trillion dollars. It was quite confusing to understand exactly who he was describing. The fact that Pravda says this as well, considering they did 9/11, is rather suspicious.

    3. Allegedly the organization went underground. It still exists in Russia, just underground or by different names.

  5. This is not the first time Russia has fed elite troops into the meatgrinder. First Guards Tank Army was destroyed earlier. Air Assault troops have been destroyed, along with several Airborne units. Russia has tried reconstituting them, but those units have failed miserably, simply being destroyed again. The Russian military has been eating its seed corn from the start of the war. I don’t see Russia recovering in our lifetime.

    Russia also has an appointment in the Levant and will be part of a coalition of armies that will invaded Israel. Only 1 in 6 will go home, and Russia will, at best, be a rump state west of the Urals.

      1. Jeff, this is why the prophecy describes Putin (or whoever is in charge of Russia when this event happens) being irresistibly drawn like a reeled-in fish to Israel: “I will turn thee back, and put hooks into thy jaws, and I will bring thee forth, and all thine army” (Ezekiel 38:4). This is not so much “Gog” being drawn into the region against his better judgement, but rather is presented to show us the certainty of it in the face of rational arguments against it.

        I think the seed of this ambition is already in Russia’s leadership, recently describing Israel as part of its “near abroad”. It has many bases in SW Syria, a stone’s throw from northern Israel, as has Iran, another nation named as joining Russia in the prophecy, so there is not only a logistical platform there, but evidence that Russia does indeed see the region as strategically important; for the same reason, it has been seeking basing rights around the eastern Med and the Red Sea for several years now, as I presume you already know.

        But above all, if Putin were to broker a peace deal there, it would be on the twofold basis of a lying promise (to guarantee safety for Israel by bringing the Arabs on-board) and a secret pact with the Islamic hordes to finally resolve the Israel problem in their favour when the West is sufficiently broken with societal turmoil and systemic dysfunctionality; again, prophetically (from Rev 16), this is to befall the West in the aftermath of the legal gagging of what remains of the Lord’s faithful public ministries in every western land, coming in 2025 through the ongoing plainly coordinated wave of draconian hate speech laws.

      2. For me, it is difficult enough to understand our enemy’s strategy and objectives without inserting apocalyptic speculations into the analysis.

      3. Interpretations of prophetic statements, where those prophetic statements were made over two thousand years ago, are always speculative when applied to contemporary events.

      4. It seems to be strategic to the Western politicans who are arming Ukraine though. It seems to me Russia is starting new fronts against the satanic West, the more the better.

      5. “Interpretations of prophetic statements, where those prophetic statements were made over two thousand years ago, are always speculative when applied to contemporary events.”

        We also speculate from anecdotal testimony from defectors and others who study Russia and China, which things are a less sure word than the Word of God.

        The Ezekiel prophecy is, in my view, the least ambiguous and most plainly worded of all the major Apocalyptic passages, with symbolism and metaphor kept to a minimum. I am guessing, Jeff, you have not studied it…

        Russia will lead a coalition of heathen nations in a resource-grab assault on Israel, but an Israel that has a false sense of safety and security. Much of what’s left to debate / speculate on between now and then concerns how Israel will find itself with that false peace and how will Turkey come to side with Russia.

      6. I have to agree with Quietman that the Ezekiel prophecy given in chapters 38 and 39 is one of the least ambiguous and most plainly worded of prophecies in the Old Testament. If one reads it in its original Hebrew, even the names of “Russia” (which is interesting as that was not the name of the place until after the Swedish Rus invaded and ruled around 1000 AD) and “Moscow” can be recognized.

        The questions are when? And what are the “hooks” that God will use to drag Russia there?

        There are many interpretations of that passage and additions not found in the passage itself with which I disagree, so we need to be careful when discussing it to limit ourselves to what the passage says itself. For example, there’s nothing about a “peace deal” mentioned in the passage. And most villages in Israel are unwalled today. Its fulfillment could be within the next 12 months, maybe less. Maybe more.

        But I have to admit, that all the signs seem to point that this is a prophecy that is ready to be fulfilled. Hamas, Hezbollah, Tehran, Syria, and more are all subject to Moscow. Unnamed allies include China and North Korea. Let’s face it, these are all groups ready to backstab each other to fulfill Ezekiel 38:21.

        Bottom line, Russia will invade, but we don’t know all the details yet.

      7. One other note: that all these other groups and nations are under the operational command of Russia, their invasions will be a de facto Russian invasion, even when done under their names.

      8. Where does it say that there had to be a country by that name at the time that Ezekiel made the prophecy for the prophecy to be accurate? Isn’t all that is needed that there be a country with that name when it is fulfilled?

        After all, the book of Daniel, which even secular historians admit was known at least 250 BC, accurately described the Roman suppression of the Jewish revolt of 66–73 AD.

    1. Israel is a wide open backdoor into Western privatized defense contracts in Big Tech and software with a very large Russian speaking 5th column out of the Warsaw Pact countries from the mid-70s on, and an unassailable sacred cow for the religious right base of the Republican Party (e.g. Anti-BDS legislation, formal forced tech transfer laws on the books, various lobby entities JFK failed to have registered as foreign agents). Annihilation of Israel as a Western beachhead in the region ranks lower in value unless considering Belt & Road energy corridor (and cutting off natural gas sea reserves and pipeline plans to Europe), in which case China is more likely to being indifferent to their fate. It’s just not necessary to compromise the Suez Canal, as the Evergreen running aground amply demonstrated.

  6. Another very informative set of discussions. Interesting to learn that Caesar carried some envy for Cleopatra’s status as goddess versus his own mortality. Oddly, I find myself again quoting the bad Iron Maiden here:

    Tell me why I had to be a Powerslave?
    I don’t want to die, I’m a god, why can’t I live on?
    When the Lifegiver dies, then all around is lain waste.
    And in my last hour
    I’m a slave to the power
    Of death.
    The band also does a massive opus the the life of Alexander.

  7. I would like to thank Jeff, Jimmy, Alex & Nevin for teaching me these things with proof and sources. This has been happening since before I was born and I never heard a word from a parent, teacher or any other leader or authority figure. Now that I’m a grown up everybody is going to be hearing from me! I’ll just quote “THEM” so I don’t sound like a CRAZY person. I could listen to Jimmy all day while I do chores.

      1. One was writing a thank you note and sharing ones personal experience so the reader would know where the writer stands. As a new student rather than a professional writer, one apologizes if they have offended you in any way.

      2. Mmm, Contemplative Observer, not really following your thought process, ie, comment here. Honestly, what the hell does this have to do with anything regarding the subject matter? Answer: None.
        This individual states a thank you to Jeff and others who provide information for the readers and you decide to insult this reader by counting, dissecting “I’s” and “me’s”?

      3. @BRCC661: Language is always a psychological visiting card. We are drowning in a flood of narcissism, left, right and centre. As far as you are concerned, keep your lecturing about my “thought process” to yourself!

      4. Again, “Contemplative Observer”there was no relevance in your insult regarding use of “language” ie, counting I’s or “me’s”….toward another reader regarding the subject matter. You insulted another who simply made a comment . Plain and simple.

        BTW, My own initial comment here was kudos to the interview w Jimmy. You wanna take a shot at me for throwing kudos out? I’ll demonstrate language toward you that you can count the vowels and anything else you wanna pull out of your backside.

        You were an a**hole to someone who simply paid compliments to several folks who have researched and written on the subject matter.

        Now….you can say I actually lectured you. Save your drama for the likes of social media like Facebook.

        I come here to learn about the creep of Communism and strategies to thwart that threat to our Republic. Not to count someone’s use of “I” or “me” and insult another reader.

  8. ps. What is Falun Gong? Is it even relevant to this discussion? I’m just learning so be kind and forgive my ignorance.

      1. There is is quite good film series documenting the history of Falun Gong in China, it can be found in Falun Dafa Information Center website, and is called Now and For the Future. I have watched several episodes.

    1. As I understand it, Falun Gong is a spiritual practice involving some kind of meditation. It became popular in China and the communists decided to make it illegal.

    2. They were a spiritual group that formed in China around general values like tolerance, kindness, etc.. Naturally the Chinese Communists didn’t like anyone not worshipping them and began persecuting them sometime in late 90s/early 2000’s, I believe. Clearwisdom.net shows some of the horrific tortures people from that group were then subjected to in the dungeons of the CCP. Truly evil, demonic stuff.

  9. Jeff, I appreciate your blog. You say the Russian army is losing but according to Col. Douglas McGregor and Scott Ritter the opposite is true. Now I certainly don’t know what is happening..so I am confused about the situation in Ukraine.
    Thank you for all your work.

      1. In Germany ad Austria as well some generals don’t share your opinion (Markus Reisner). It would be nice to have direct informations…..

      1. Larry Johnson is no better and is regularly publish ae gateway pundit. Serran and Abelson, on staff at TGP also regularly publish Russian disinfo.

  10. I have become a huge fan of military analyst Ryan McBeth who explains things so well. He spent 20 years as an anti-armor and heavy weapons infantryman with two overseas deployments. He also spent time performing C4ISR intelligence collection for various government customers and currently consults on intelligence collection and analysis methods.


  11. I’m done with this snake pit inhabited by ridiculous acolytes, trolls and low-life bullies who, given their aggression level, should urgently seek a psychiatrist.

    I’ve been contributing here for a number of years. I’ve also been doing translations for Mr. Nyquist from 2013 to 2016 (and never since), part of which was brutally and senselessly destroyed by a “publisher” in Germany, who had no idea about publishing and even arrogated to himself the role of editor, bringing exquisite translation work down to his own miserable Swabian provincialism. So, time, at long last, to say farewell to whoever it may concern. To those others, the low-lifes, go to hell, where you clearly belong!

    1. Contemplative Observer,

      You yourself have done a tremendous amount of research, and put together a body of very excellent work on things Communist. You have always brought a lot to the table in your comments on Nyquist’s site.

      1. GreyKnight, He may have, but there was absolutely no call for him to insult someone (possibly a new reader) for a simple “atta boy” comment.
        BTW, glad to see you back.

      2. Agreed. C.O. brings a plethora of research to the comments section of this page. He also brings quite a bit of compelling evidence on his blog which documents how Russia remains a fundamentally Soviet-style country.

    2. I would not stress about it. In these times more than ever, it’s more important than ever to have connection. And you also did make a rather snide comment against him. I would just let it go. Btw, I have found your blog useful.

  12. Jeff,
    Thanks so much for posting these interviews. So far, I’ve listened only to Jimmy from Brooklyn I agree with the earlier comments that we should get a transcript. If it hasn’t been done, I will try using voice to text in Word. I did a test and it worked if the playback speed is .5. I will have time tomorrow.

    I have several questions, but I will ask one for now. Why is Jimmy down on Bill O’Reilly? I watch him consistently and he is unwavering in support of Ukraine. He has written me that he would consider having you on his show. I don’t know if he’s reached out yet, but I will bug him again if not. He seems very anti communist to me. He seems to understand communism is alive and thriving. So, if Jimmy reads this, maybe he could elaborate why he believes otherwise.

    1. Jimmy is an expert on the subject of communism, and he says many broadcasters hace misunderstood how communism works. This is, perhaps, a specialist point of view which takes the following form: for example, you need to know exactly how a car works before you can fix it. Ergo, you have to know exactly how communism works before you can successfully oppose it. That’s how I understand Jimmy’s critique of conservative media as a whole.

      1. I finished the book “Covert Cadre: Inside the Institute For Policy Studies”. Great read and the Bible for Commie front groups. I know Jimmy isn’t on the internet and doesn’t have a site persay, but it would be advantageous if one had access to archives of particular Soviet propaganda, ie, pamphlets from the 70’s 80’s. Any help in that regard Jeff?

  13. Great interviews, very informative! For new readers it might be best to have either a short audio clip or blog post pinned at the top that concisely defines Communism and explains how the world Communist movement works.

    In the interview with Jimmy he mentioned that because of the strident pro-Russia shift of some prominent Republicans, Biden and the Democrats are seen as more willing to hold the line against America’s enemies. In last week’s discussion between Nevin and Trevor Loudon (full video on the Politically Homeless youtube channel) Trevor also said that in areas of Pennsylvania with large numbers of East Europeans who support Ukraine, former Trump voters are going back to voting Democrat in 2024 because the Trump/Republicans are seen as being anti-Ukraine. If I remember correctly, Pennsylvania was one of the key swing states that Trump carried with just a few thousand votes. A lot of Republicans are calling for the U.S. to help Israel, a country that doesn’t need military help, and Biden seems to be ready to use that as an excuse to taper off aid to Ukraine. Suddenly there is no outcry from the right at the idea of spending money on a conflict where the outcome is a foregone conclusion (their words).

    The heinous attack on Israel was definitely a provocation designed to elicit a strategically unwise reaction from Israel and the U.S. Hamas will rightly be pulverized but unfortunately there might be large numbers of civilian casualties. That may be unavoidable given Gaza’s population density and Islamic terrorists’ fondness for using civilians as human shields (a tactic handed down from the Russian army it seems), unless Israel waits until Gaza is mostly emptied out. As was noted before, it’s not a conventional war involving large armies or heavy equipment, and it’s not something that Israel can’t handle on its own as long as it is given proper political support on the world stage. The real issue is how manage the conflict so that key oil-producing Arab allies are not alienated and the European alliance does not collapse from the resulting energy instability. Meanwhile in Ukraine there is a large-scale conventional war over a strategically important region where defeat by Russia could lead to a much more devastating war in Europe and the strategic isolation of North America. But all of this is ignored now as the media focus is 99% on the Middle East. Very few conservatives see military aid to Ukraine as money well spent, instead they only see it as a draining of resources. (But how is it the latter if Ukraine doesn’t receive a lot of the stockpiles or gets them very late?) I’ve heard Jeff mention that some of the artillery is so close to its expiry date that it was cheaper to give it to Ukraine than try to dispose of it safely in the U.S. The real problem is that U.S. military stockpiles were not even enough to cover a conventional war, because everyone thought large-scale wars were a thing of the past. If the U.S. can’t produce enough arms to sustain *several* conventional wars (as was the case in WWII) then it will cease to be a world power even before Russia and China devolve into total incompetence. This fall from the top will provide the impetus for Russia/China to land the final blow by deploying strategic nuclear weapons against the U.S.

    And let me also point out the rank hypocrisy of pro-Russia conservative media continually shedding tears over the butchering of innocent Israeli civilians by Hamas, while never showing any sympathy for the many more thousands of Ukrainian civilians killed by Russia over the last year and a half. As horrible as it was, the attack on Israel was stopped within a few days while the daily shelling of Ukrainian civilians continues. It’s interesting how, in stirring up the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, Russia is probably hoping that Americans’ and conservatives’ strong support of Israel will once again lead the U.S. into getting overly involved in the Middle East at the expense of Europe. But at the same time Russia is fostering the growth of the increasingly anti-Semitic Alt-Right movement which is directly at odds with mainstream conservatism’s pro-Israel stance, and with Russia’s current Middle Eastern policy. Or maybe Russia is hoping that the far right and far left will join together and tip U.S. policy over into funneling big money to the Palestinian cause?

    Speaking of Left-Right convergence, here is some background on MTG posing for a photo with activists from the communist group Code Pink. The one thing they agree on is that Ukraine must be cut off.

    1. Excellent comments, Laura. The strategic manipulation here is perfectly visible. We all must sympathize with the innocent victims in Israel, but Israel is a nuclear power with a matchless army and Air Force. Like Ukraine, Israel is not an ally of the United States, though it is a country we sympathize with. Unlike Ukraine, however, defending Israel is not in America’s interest (and is not even necessary, besides). Hypothetically, if Israel fell to an invasion tomorrow, US security and the security of US allies would not be impacted. Such a catastrophe would be a humanitarian disaster, and not a strategic disaster. On the other hand, if Ukraine fell to Russia, the Soviet Union would be effectively revived and a hostile army with nuclear munitions would then be on NATO’s doorstep along a huge and indefensible frontier. Yet we have these fools, in the media, bombarding the public day and night about war in the Middle East — when a terrorist attack that killed fewer people than 9/11 is not a war at all. The real war is in Ukraine, and we are urged to forget all about it. Related to this, the picture of Marjorie Taylor Greene posing with left-wingers reveals what is happening. The Russians have activated their agents. The left has turned the right into another iteration of itself. American strategy is once again diverted as it was after 9/11. Too many of these MAGA folks are know-nothings. It is very painful to watch people commit political suicide out of ignorance.

    2. “…while never showing any sympathy for the many more thousands of Ukrainian civilians killed by Russia…”

      Instead of “sympathy” the better term is “moral outrage”. Because by refraining from making any moral condemnation Alt-Right leaning conservatives are saying that the whole invasion, including the daily carnage inflicted on civilians, is justified because Russia “feels threatened”. That is very disturbing and represents a (gnostic?) triumph of subjective feeling over reality. Unfortunately we see this more and more across the political spectrum.

      As you say, the right is turning into another iteration of the hard left. The transformation will be complete when the right adopts the deceptive anti-Israel stance of the hard left, which is something I noticed many years ago with a lot of hardline traditional Catholics –on the Israel-Palestine issue they sound *exactly* like the left. (I suppose this has something to do with the Liberation Theology that is very prevalent in the Catholic Church and other Christian denominations in Latin America. Yet paradoxically many traditional Catholics reject the official Catholic Church because they see it as too left-wing and therefore illegitimate.) On the whole, while not strategically necessary, supporting Israel against Arab terrorism is the morally right thing to do, but in this case the support must be balanced by the current geopolitical reality of key U.S. allies being dependent on Middle Eastern oil. Of course, if the U.S. unleashed its energy potential and produced enough to supply other allies this equation could change. And although seemingly impossible, it would be even better if the U.S. and more moderate Arab allies could find a way to counter the pernicious anti-Semitic propaganda spewed out daily by Russia and its allies in the region. Jimmy made a very excellent point that Iranian and Arab people’s opinion is shaped by decades of relentless Communist/Islamist propaganda to the point that no election there can be truly free and fair. In the West decades of subtler cultural and academic indoctrination have also shaped public opinion to the extent that today’s conservative would have been considered a left-liberal 50-60 years ago. It is imperative to find a way to break through the many Communist deceptions and make enough people in the West see things clearly before it is too late.

      1. Russia runs the “alt right”, which they have recently rebranded “ultra right”. If you monitor their Telegram channels, they will intentionally boost and re-post specific “white” groups.

        Some percentage is almost certainly Democrats within the executive branch too, but I think the majority is Russian intel.

    3. Is it significant that the Israel conflict has drawn major US assets, e.g. aircraft carriers, over to the region? Are we more vulnerable to open, direct aggression with plausible deniability as to the motivation/particular State actor behind it?

      I guess I’m asking whether and to what extent the Middle East debacle is not only luring us into worse decision-making and strategic confusion w/r/t Ukraine, but also directly setting us up to be targets, perhaps initially with chaos over the origin (e.g., a hit by a “militant group” and not a state actor). Just imagine the Biden administration trying its best not to have to react militarily to a direct assault on our people or hard assets. Our bases in the M.E. already are being attacked, and our carrier defense systems have intercepted drones and missiles (purportedly aimed at Israel).

      But it’s damned if we do, damned if we don’t. I feel like part if the M.E. strategy is to batter Israel and eventually and increasingly also to batter the U.S., essentially daring us to react. Communist war propaganda needs a storyline where the Imperial United States is the real aggressor. I think they’re expecting eventually an act that will be billed as either unprovoked or an over-reaction. Clearly that’s the propaganda play re Hamas/Israel. The way Israel was set-up probably is a hint at how the U.S./broader West will be set up too. Then all hell will break lose, and “popular” narrative will be that it’s our fault.

      1. I suspect the Hamas attack was intended to draw resources away from Ukraine. Russia is losing badly, and collapse is a real possiblity for the Russian Army. But now Biden has diverted most of the supplies to Israel. I guess they need howitzer shells. But then, they have an airforce and do not really need them.

      2. Defense Sec sent THAAD and another Patriot missile unit. I have long believed that Ukraine and now Israel are designed to drain all ammo and missiles from the US, but it seems Jeff does not share that view. I would be the first to say I hope Jeff is right and I am wrong on that, and that I don’t have close to the knowledge and experience he does.

    4. Bidenenko squandering the strategic oil reserve looks to have been saved for this moment out in Gaza. Whomever’s shot-calling for that non compos mentis revenant has an intact strategic mind at least, the worst for the us.

      1. Biden works for Moscow and Beijing. It’s pretty transparent, though they have been very carefully to mask him properly. They are not going to expose him to detection without good reason.

      2. Biden has drained the oil reserves and is obsessed with banning drilling in more and more areas and shutting down more and more oil refineries. It’s amazing America still has a working energy sector. I look at the countless cars on the highway every day and how dependent the entire US economy is on gasoline and wonder what would happen if one day the gas just stopped.

    5. Great comments Laura. It seems one major component of Russia’s massacre in Israel was to incite the entire Islamic world against the West, specifically America. Every Muslim nation is being forced to side with Hamas using “racial/religious loyalty” techniques that are similar to what they use in America with certain groups. This kind of mobilization seems advantageous to the Commie Alliance, as the Muslim “backlash” could manifest in any number of ways, all harmful to the West.

      1. I read a comment to a blogpost @ https://cornucopia.se/2023/10/uppdateras-ukrainska-motanfall-soder-om-kupiansk-fortsatt-extrema-ryska-forluster-explosioner-i-sevastopol/

        written by someone going by the name Shen, timestamp 10:27. It’s in swedish. But the gist of it is that several (most?) muslim countries condemns Israel. None condemn Hamas atrocious behaviour. The same goes for most of the BRICS countries and associates, with India as exception. Shen speculate if Russia uses Israel – Hamas as a way to draw attention away from the war in Ukraine and empower various groups, as peace activists who embarrassed themselves when the war in Ukraine started. This is just a short and not to good summary of the post.

        If, we assume that Jeff is right and Russia and China is aiming for USA they need a bit more. And as we have seen the last two years, they have setbacks and the west have been more supportive of Ukraine than, I think, they anticipated. Thus the propaganda increasing. But, that is not enough. They need more unrest in the west for the overture to be complete. And war between Israel and Hamas provide an opportunity for them. We have pro-Hamas demonstrations all over now. This can be used to increase tension in our societies, and even escalate to violence. An old book that describes how unions and protests can be utilized by communists is The Subverters by J. Bernard Hutton. Published in 1972 and describes how 1968 and various strikes in british industry were escalated. If I recall correctly…

        Also, this is dividing US military resources. Two carrier groups in the mediterranean now? What if one or two more conflicts erupts, maybe in southern africa?

      2. Yes. Russia and China definitely want more unrest in America and Europe. Russia’s partners in Europe and America are careful to hide themselves while some of these more foolish MAGA folks unwittingly help Russia’s propaganda advance. The left was confused by their leaders’ pretenses. And that hurt Russia when so many sided with Ukraine, and it was bipartisan at first. Biden only needs to divert supplies from Ukraine to Israel. Then he can save Russia. He has an excuse now. Perhaps the left in America realizes there is a trap being set, but who can tell what it entails? Russia and China are more and more obvious in their moves. People can see these moves where in the past someone like myself just sounded like a nut. Deception is easy until you start to take advantage of the deceived. Then people’s eyes begin to open.

  14. I refer to Jimmy and his personal publications from the Communists. I found an archive document on International Communist front groups today…but it requires persistent search

    1. Communist publications are available in bookstores near you. I used to by them in Arcata, CA. They are literally everywhere, as are the writings of Marx, Lenin, Stalin, and Mao. Our major libraries have all these publications. One need not be an archivist to access the information.

      1. If anyone wants to buy such, Alibris, Abe Books, Thrift Books and Powell’s books are excellent place to get older books and even newer books quite inexpensively. I can get John Mosier’s books for less than $30 total, before shipping, as just one example. Alibris is normally my first stop for such things.

  15. I wonder how much more evidence there is of Russian involvement in the Hamas attack.

    Jake Broe Oct 13, 2023

    At the 2 minute mark there is a video posted by Hamas showing terrorists blowing through a wall into Israeli controlled territory. Numerous Russian speakers who saw the clip said there was very clearly somebody yelling in Russian, giving the Hamas fighters guidance and advice. Proof that Russia has been providing training and probably weapons to the group in order to trigger this war in the Middle East. They think that will distract the West and give them an easier path to victory in Ukraine. At the same time Russia went on the offensive and tried to capture the city of Avdiivka with horrendous losses of men and equipment and failing to consolidate new gains around the city.

    ‘Cover! Cover!’ spoken in Russian could be clearly heard in a video published by Hamas.
    The footage is of Hamas taking control of the Erez checkpoint on the border between Israel and the Gaza Strip.
    This could be proof that Wagner instructors were involved in training Hamas and may have directly participated in the attacks.

    1. Look at Christopher Story’s old interviews. Russia created all of these organizations. Hamas IS a Russian op. They own them. They own Iran. They own Hezbollah. These are not “under the influence”, they are Russia. Which brings up the obvious question, why did Russia activate their goons on October 7?

    2. There have been hints in the Russian media that the Hamas attacks were guided by Russia. One cannot tell if they are bragging or telling the truth. Normally, they lie about almost everything of importance.

      1. Mosab Hassan Yousef (“Son of Hamas”) said in a recent interview that Moscow and Tehran are behind and guiding Hamas. Though his information may be some years old, does Russia change its stripes with such useful organizations as Hamas?

  16. It can’t be true. If it were, Russia would have already nuked you. Eventually it will. The liberal world order must be destroyed at all costs. The woke, the communists and every defender of the liberal world order must be killed or sent to concentration camps. Only autocracy can defeat wokeness and communism.

    1. Russia and China have been plotting to destroy the United States for decades. In fact wokeness was inflicted on us by Russia’s fifth column among our liberals. And they aren’t really liberals. They are leftist authoritarians, just like you. It is nihilism, and all you can do is kill and destroy. That is all you people ever do. The world is just trying to live, and you always think of killing.

      1. Exactly Jeff! You should continue to allow these posts because they are instructive as to the thought processes of the China/Russia sympathizers.

      2. Wokeness is a product of Western liberalism. Transgender agenda can only thrive in a society where individual freedom reigns supreme, because it is authoritarian to prohibit people from being whatever they want to be. We need authoritarian leaders to outlaw wokeness, but the USA is always bringing “freedom and democracy”. Which is why you must be destroyed, unless you turn to MAGA isolationism.

    2. There are 2 options on the Russia Menu: Communism and Far-Right Duginism; both sociopathic, totalitarian, and murderous. What an incredible buffet of ideologies offered by the Cheka, it is so difficult to choose? May I select none of the above, Mr. FSB agent?

  17. I highly doubt that Russia is losing in Ukraine. The fact is that Biden purposely allowed many beneficial concessions towards Russia including the limited aids to Ukraine. Russia didn’t even unleash its full military forces but using the militias of seperatist regions with a few Russian reservists. Russia didn’t even use any WMD like chemical weapons that could have easily steamrolled Ukraine. The US didn’t even commit any troop to Ukraine as it was in Iraq or Afghanistan. This clearly demonstrates the uniparty in the US is controlled by global communists.

    I have a feeling that Russia collaborated with their NATO puppet elites to use this phony war to deplete the West out of all munitions. This would make the long term, military takeover of Europe easier for China-Russia-Iran.

    Let’s not even forget millions of militant Muslims in Europe! If things in Israel go really bad, Russia and Iran can weaponize them to throw Europe into chaos. All NATO weapons have been depleted in Ukraine. The true intention of Russia is very Sun Tzu! Taking over Europe without firing a shot, and using Ukraine as merely a mean to achieve the end. In the US, migrants are getting more militant and will be armed in the future. China and Russia can racial grievances to radicalize migrants to kill white North Americans. Creating massive chaos!

    I fear that communism has won! It is too late! Everyone in the West is compromised by corrupt money!

    1. The war in Ukraine is not phony. It is not being fought by NATO puppet elites. It is being fought by Ukrainians. The left and the communists are not ONE THING. They are a complicated thing caught in a trap that did not close all the way. Some may realize this. Some may not, Russia wants to rely on people in the West who are essentially traitors. But these people are also narcissists. What happens next could be very interesting, and not according to plan. It could also be quite horrible and disastrous for humanity.

      1. So it appears that Ukraine War is just a small skirmish in the bigger schemes of things. I saw your video with Candor Intelligence which viewed things much bigger than Ukraine. NATO is effectively demilitarized. The US is barely militarized with nuclear weapons won’t probably work – I watched an old video of Trevor Loudon talking with a nuclear weapon expert. I would not immediately consider Russia losing Ukraine War yet because of this assessment.

        If Taiwan war explodes by the end of this year or sometime next year, the US will immediately face an economic catastrophe. China can militarily/legally shut down straights in Taiwan that can cripple shipping lanes to the US and East Asia. Japan and South Korea will economically collapse as they are far more fragile than EU. The US will catch an economic fever as a result. I am also reading some insider information indicated that North Korea might launch an invasion against South Korea. Some missles will decimate Japan – Guo Wengui and his defectors predicted in 2021.

        Yes, many horrible and disastrous events are coming soon.

      2. NATO is not demilitarized. It’s just weak. Yet this weakness is relative. How weakened is Russia at this time? Is Russia willing to use nuclear weapons? And I would not say the U.S. is “barely” militarized. It’s nuclear deterrent is old. None of us knows exactly what this would mean in practice. As for South Korea, they are better prepared than Europe.

      3. Jeff, while you may be right on everything you say here, I never see you say much about the munitions and weapons the US has depleted. Is it not a large concern for you, or simply necessary to win Ukraine? Are you concerned the US under Biden might not replenish those weapons in time?

      4. I would look at it this way. Twenty years of direct involvement of the U.S. military in Iraq and Afghanistan (with $85 billion worth of equipment left behind in the latter country) did not cripple the army nor did the U.S. come close to running out of ammo. Why would the admittedly larger conventional war in Ukraine that is only 1.5 years old achieve what nearly 20 years of war couldn’t? Russia’s main goal in Ukraine is and has always been to take full control of the country, and that’s why we see both far right and far left groups push vociferously for the complete cut-off of military aid. In addition there is the economic pressure on the West, seen in the cut-off of Russian gas to Europe and the wooing away of Saudi Arabia, all designed to force the West to stop backing Ukraine. If the war is just a ruse, why the effort to end it quickly (on terms that favor Russia) rather than drag it out? If the U.S. and NATO run out of ammo, it will be due to the economic pressure succeeding in crippling their ability to rebuilt the West’s military industrial base*. If anything, it’s the attack on Israel that’s a distraction because there is a lot of clamor to devote military resources to a country that doesn’t need them and is not a strategic asset to the U.S. In terms of focusing America’s attention to the Middle East and away from Europe, what happened in Israel 2 weeks ago could be, as Jeff said, the equivalent of a new 9/11. We see the same two opposing camps, Israel/Christian conservatives vs. Palestinians/Left, and there might well be a resurgence of Islamic terrorist attacks in the West. The only thing we can say for sure is that the ME democracy project is played out. Meanwhile America’s nuclear arsenal is close to expiry.

        *Or that pressure might just force the West to give up its climate change fantasies and face reality. The cut-off of Russian gas and surging cost of living prices in Europe is forcing politicians to backtrack on their ‘net zero’ policies. We’ll see what comes of this, and whether Europe decides to dump Ukraine and go back to cheap Russian gas. But for now this is another case of unintended consequences for Putin and company.

      5. Russia is also depleting its munitions. So it is difficult to say anything intelligent on this subject, especially when I’ve been told the United States is holding back munitions for its own defense. I do not trust the Pentagon leadership, of course. But I do not have access to classified information. So I cannot comment. Other people who comment on this subject, do not say where they got their information. So I do not trust it.

  18. It’s impressive how Western media was able to smooth over that hot mic moment between Obama & Dmitry Medvedev. Well played. That should’ve been an immediate disqualification. The Left’s ability to deflect ties to foreign enemies onto the Right, and having people believe it, is master level Art of War. They slip through the deceptions like a fish through water.

    This is entirely a game of strategy.

    Also, the nurturing of our CIA/FBI through the Church Committee and Warren Commision is not at all discussed in the mainstream. Looking back at my HS History classes coverage of these topics, I can recognize the Communist sets of lies and disinformation. It’s creepy. Our teachers bred students to believe it’s morally upright and brave to tear down our institutions so the “smarter and better” politicians can fix everything.

    1. The communist influence can be detected in our high school history curriculum. Once you understand communism as a power, as a “party line” system, the more obvious it becomes.

      1. Agreed. They seem to toe party lines despite being contrary to other previous party lines. It seems that if you are astute enough, and call them on this, then they try to deflect and act as though what they’re doing is admirable despite being inconsistent.

        Their ability to do an about face and not be caught in a bind of their own making is astounding. For example, when Trump was in office I recall Leftists screaming about how dangerous the “Trump shot” was but when Biden took over, the left encouraged institutions to make the shot compulsory! All of a sudden they want to compel unwanted experimental medical intervention; this is the party, mind you, of “my body my choice”!

        PS Thanks to you and Nevin I have to add Tucker Carlson, RFKjr, Hannity and Sebastian G to my list of colossal idiots I used to regard. Seems Rudy G is still a solid host. Thanks for turning me onto Jimmy from Brooklyn.

        Funny story for Jeff: When Trump was elected in 2016 I was attending a private university directly down the street from UCI. Before class started, my professor had been teaching a class over at UCI. He walked in and said to us undergrads, “I was just over at UCI and it’s a complete S__t Show over there because of the election”. He explained that he saw a few classes had decided to bring cookies and milk (not kidding) for the students to enjoy while placing the desks in a circle to debrief over what had just occurred. They had lights dimmed for a calming effect. Apparently on one of the lawns there were pins set up with “stress puppies” for students to decompress.

        Can’t make this stuff up.

  19. I found this quote yesterday from Senator Mitch McConnell interesting. I have read this in other places, but not from such an authoritative source:

    “One of the best things about this [providing armaments to Ukraine] from a U.S. point of view, is when we give older equipment to the Ukrainians for example, we are rebuilding our industrial base in this country. There are jobs being created by the help we’re providing Ukraine in 38 states. And rebuilding our industrial complex for the more serious big power threat in Asia. So the notion that our assistance for Ukraine is not helpful to us is something not factual.”


    1. Good point by Senator McConnell, who is someone I generally disagree with. Great find!

      1. This is great quote, Laura. Senator Rand Paul’s speech is disturbing on a number of points. He does not think like a statesman, but thinks instead like an ideologue. Statesmanship is about prudence. Misapplying the wit and wisdom of Davy Crockett, so that Russia can position itself to threaten NATO, and possibly initiate a nuclear war, speaks to strategic blindness. There are moral questions in politics, and there are strategic questions. The interrelation between the two are complex and difficult to see. One cannot approach these problems with naive libertarian assumptions. You have to think in terms of a group of armies suddenly appearing on your flank. Nations have disappeared from history for misreading such things.

      2. I saw parts of the Rand Paul video. Just terrible. I remember years ago Paul was criticized by conservatives for being too much of an open border libertarian. Now he’s a hero because he bashes Ukraine. There’s no strategic sense among conservatives, just ideology.

      3. I once had coffee with Rand Paul’s father, Ron Paul. We met after my lunch speech and before his dinner speech. This was in April, 2001, in Houston Texas. I told him my concerns about Russia and China being secretly aligned, that the Cold War had not ended. He would not hear of that. He said America was a very dangerous country. The military industrial complex was out of control and the country was facing bankruptcy. He would not listen to anything I said. He was, frankly, contemptuous.

  20. Mr. Nyquist, I have read your work for the past 3 decades and appreciate much of your analysis. One thing that dumbfounds me however is your scoffing (and sometimes mockery) of those who believe that Bible prophecy is very relevant to the present and future of humanity. I know there are many idiots out there who make silly claims in order to achieve a following (example prediction: Jesus will return on October 23, 2023 at 11 am), however such ‘date setters’ are not drawing their conclusions from Scripture (since we are specifically told by Jesus Christ that no man knows the day nor the hour of His [2nd] coming- Matthew 24:36).
    What perplexes me the most is not your rejection of a futurist view of the Scriptures, but your acceptance of non-Biblical prophecies and experiences (such as your reference in one of these videos to telepathy, also I have heard you reference more modern ‘prophets’ in other interviews). I am very concerned when someone of obvious intellect rejects Biblical prophecy (much of which is already fulfilled– including hundreds that predicted events related to Christ’ first coming) but on the other hand is willing to accept and quote extra-Biblical “prophecies”. Each man must be fully convinced in his own mind, but I would encourage you to reconsider Bible prophecy and try to set aside your current view long enough to give them a prayerful re-examination. Rejecting Biblical prophecy out of hand because of gas bags and idiots that have used it for greed and fame is like rejecting your or Jimmy from Brooklyn’s messages because you express a few views on Communism that some might attribute to the Birch society. This is not meant as a personal attack, just expressing my concern for you. Thank you for your time and allowing comments here.

    1. He doesn’t scoff, he says he cannot implement it into his analysis. The reasons are obvious. The minute he did, it would be quite easy to discredit him. I do not understand why people insist on making Jeff incorporate ambiguous biblical passages into strategic analysis. You are free to do so in the comments. His credibility would be destroyed the minute he did so and even less people would hear his important message. This does not mean that scripture is wrong, just that one must be wise and not naive in understanding how to present information. That doesn’t even touch on the fact that there are a million ways to interpret specific prophecies and nobody really knows which is the correct one.

      1. We will have to disagree about whether he scoffs or not, I have seen it in his writings and interviews for decades. If he can’t incorporate prophecy into his analysis because it would discredit him then why does he refer to other mystical matters (such as the telepathy he says he has experienced) and to non-Biblical prophets? I would think that if he wants to maintain credibility he would eschew ALL mention of ANY such things whether Biblical or extra-Biblical/mystical and deal solely in facts. It seems to me he has an axe to grind against those who take a Futurist and/or Dispensational view of the Scriptures. He seems to have made up his mind on this topic decades ago and loves to pull out Hal Lindsey as a straw man, as if Lindsey represents the entirety of the subject. Perhaps he will choose to explain here or perhaps he will not. I will not keep beating this deadhorse, but I think Mr Nyquist should understand that I am not the only reader/commenter here that appreciates his analysis of the Communist movement while not understanding his bashing of those who believe in Bible prophecy. I don’t see how dismissing out of hand sincerely held views of many Christians is helpful to his cause. If he wants to undermine our appreciation of the many useful things that he writes by attacking those who disagree with him on this particular subject, that is his option. He often says things like “none of us have the whole picture”, well perhaps he needs to consider that HE doesn’t have the whole picture concerning the topic of Bible prophecy. I don’t claim to have all the answers nor complete understanding of this complex subject, but I firmly believe that Biblical prophecy is inspired by God and will be fulfilled in His time and way exactly as previous prophecies regarding Israel and the Messiah have already come to pass. I personally have no such confidence in mystical experiences nor non-Biblical prophets, but I do believe in the freedom for everyone to study and decide on these important topics for themselves.

      2. Perseus: you are right, that it is wise not to dwell on “Biblical prophecy” when looking at present events. The reason is not, as you say, that there are a million ways to interpret specific prophecies, but that there are unlearned and malleable people who twist and distort Scripture (2 Peter 3:16). Nobody can be an expert in everything, and Jeff is not an expert in Biblical studies, which would require that he be an expert in Biblical languages. Therefore, this blog is not a theological studies blog, rather it deals with where Jeff has his expertise, namely the political and more shenanigans that make up the communist world.

        My expertise is Biblical studies, in particular Biblical languages. I accept the historical narrative in the Bible from the creation of the universe in six days and following. I accept that the Bible is literally true in all that it says. But there’s a lot that it says that requires specialized study and knowledge in order properly to be understood, and few are the people who have done the study even to begin to understand the Bible properly. I have decades of study, yet acknowledge that I don’t understand it all. Out of respect for Jeff and the subject of this blog, I usually don’t push my theological views.

        If anyone has a bone to pick with Dispensationalists, it is I. Some of their teachings are based on false translations, including in the KJV. They take verses out of context. They read different meanings into verses than what they originally meant. They collapse contexts which is taking verses out of their contexts then applying them to other contexts. These people include Darby, Scofield as well as their most famous spokesperson today Hal Lindsey.

        I gave no specific examples here to prevent bringing this blog down into theological disputations. There are other sites that go into greater detail.

        Jeff is wise not to go into this quagmire.

      3. “That doesn’t even touch on the fact that there are a million ways to interpret specific prophecies and nobody really knows which is the correct one.”

        This is utterly false. The problem is there are viewpoints that have crept into the Church that deny prophecy as written. IIRC, Jeff is Presbyterian, and they have maintained the amillennial view of Augustine. Augustine’s view did not exist before him as the early Church was dispensational. A number of others, such as the Dominion theologians fall in the same category.

        I don’t fault Jeff for his viewpoint, but his viewpoint will not change what is said in scripture. What Jeff does really is no aided by Prophecy of any sort. I don’t understand why he chases some of the rabbits he does, but that’s his option. I see Jeff as being like scientist. The scientist could say “God did it” and be quite right. But the purpose of the scientist is to try to explain phenomenon with reference to God. In short, “how did God do it?” Why God did it is in the realm of theology.

        Being a theologian, I understand why man does what he does. It’s simply part of the sin nature and things are now coming to a head.

    2. Inspector: It is partly because I read Hal Lindsay and the “Late Great Planet Earth” fifty years ago that I am put out with speculations based purely on interpretations of obscure scriptures regarding current politics. Such speculations are popular, I know, and make lots of money. All the more reason to be suspicious.

      If a prophecy obviously matches the world situation I am all ears, but when this same scripture has been applied vainly to past wars and calamities, you will forgive my belief that we are seeing yet another false interpretation gaining currency. As a boy I was curious about Bible prophecy and often listened to Christian radio programs on this subject. I asked my grandfather, who had a degree in theology and was an Evangelical Covenant pastor, what he thought about such interpretations. He said that after World War I broke out, when Congress had declared War on Germany, he was 14 years old. His grandfather and uncles, who were not stupid, sat around the kitchen table discussing prophetic scriptures. They had ingeniously matched everything in the Bible to the war’s events. The Kaiser was the Antichrist, the Seven Year Tribulation had begun in 1914, etc.; but none of these plausible speculations were right. In other words, they were vain speculations. Such speculations have preoccupied Christians for decades if not centuries. This sort of thing fills people with false expectations and mistaken understandings which might turn out to be dangerous; for every delusion we entertain is potentially self-defeating, self-sabotaging, and partakes of a certain hubris. Take, as an example, the wicked people who say we should not worry about a future nuclear attack on our country because the Church will be raptured. Of course, this is incredibly impudent and irresponsible. And over the years people have presented this idea as a way to comfort themselves. This is one of many abuses of scripture which have become commonplace. Here is presumption like that of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. They think there is nothing wrong with what they’ve done, yet they know (deep down) that they are naked. They have made clothes (arguments) out of fig leaves, imagining they can hide their hubris from God. When asked by God what they have done, they are not going to come clean. Rather, like Adam and Eve, they will blame each other and insinuate that it’s God’s fault. At no point will they take responsibility. This is what defines them; for they eat the forbidden fruit, then presume to understand God’s mind, to be equal to God in wisdom — not keeping to their own lane, not reckoning on their own limitations.

      Political analysis is about reason, common sense, and working with facts. Here is a meager, humble, even boring application. Naturally, this does not titillate like “The Late Great Planet Earth.” If a defector like Golitsyn makes 140 successful predictions out of 148, everyone yawns. But if someone can relate a 2,700-year-old-l text to Putin’s war plans, they can make a bestseller out of it. Who realizes how problematic it is to bring sectarian religious controversy, with all its attending baggage, into political and military questions? We need to address these questions by the common language of reason and fact — unless we want to fall down the rabbit hole of Protestant verses Catholic versus Orthodox — which is not helpful.

      The insistence on making current day political analysis into a sectarian religious discussion, is not going to improve our situation. We must unite denominations and creeds against communism, not interject particularist interpretations. Think of if it this way: if I refuse to embrace this “Biblical” dogma about Russia invading Israel, I am exposed to a kind of Inquisition, and driven toward an apocalyptic narrative. And this seems to be the whole point of introducing eschatology to this site. The whole Russia invades Israel scenario effectively negates the relevance of serious work regarding the communist threat. To the reader who believes in this, Christ is coming soon. Therefore, all concerns addressed on this website are irrelevant. You’re all going to Heaven. No need to think or learn or work. It is time, after all,
      to take the Happy Day Express to Heaven. But when they meet God they will be surprised by the following question: “What did you do?” And the answer will be, “I did nothing. I deserted.”

      Regarding non-Biblical prophecies, my introduction to this occurred when my book on a future nuclear war was circulating in manuscript form. A Romanian National introduced me to the prophecies of the Protestant pastor, Dmitru Dudaman, who received revelations about a future nuclear attack from China and Russia while being tortured by the secret police. These prophecies are very clear and align with defector warnings about Russia and China’s war plans. After the publication of my book, a writer in Germany contacted me. He had been collecting prophecies about a future destructive war in Europe — prophecies going back 400 years in some cases. And again, the details were incredible, and exactly aligned with the current situation. It was brought to my attention by a Catholic friend, before I finished my book, that Ives DuPont, a French writer, had collected prophecies from Catholic saints and others, from St. Malachi to Fatima, which painted a picture of startling similarity to our present situation. In addition, I have had emails from readers who claim to have had precognitive dreams since childhood. I do not inquire into their spiritual practices but must tell you that descriptions of a future Russian and Chinese invasion of the US features prominently in these dreams. One of the people relating such dreams was a television news anchor in California. Not some kook, but a professional person. And some details of that persons dreams have come to pass — after 22 years. Ezekiel 38, by comparison, is too comparatively vague and ambiguous. Meanwhile we are awash in vivid warnings, from recent times. By chance I had some bizarre experiences of my own, 44 years ago, which I had long since dismissed and left behind; so that when I collate everything now, and measure this mass of information against problematic attempts to interpret Ezekiel or Jeremiah or St. John’s Apocalypse, I find the latter to be unclear. There is a compulsion to force-fit the present into rigid preconceptions about the future. This must be guarded against. Many think that God only spoke to people in Biblical times, and he has grown silent ever since. Yet the remarkable prophecies from saints and visionaries over the last two hundred years, especially, are difficult to ignore because of the remarkable way these foretellings match up with the present. I mention this from time to time because readers and other researchers have brought this material to me. It is not the basis for my analysis, but a suggestive curiosity. When you prognosticate about the future based on political and military analysis, and you find people foretelling the same thing, you sit up and take notice. Name one thing Lindsay’s method has predicted?

      Please understand. I am not mocking people’s religious beliefs in writing this. Technical interpretations of Biblical prophecies may belong to divination, where the creativity of the reader comes into play. I am not comfortable with it.

      1. I don’t think you have mocked or bashed me when I have posted on the matter.

        Many think that the rapture teaching is simple minded escapism. It is not. It is something that was promised to the Church of Philadelphia, and was expected by the early Church. The problem was they thought it was going to occur much sooner than the actual timing. In fairness, they did not have all scripture at the time as it was still being written through the 90s. The doctrine was taught in the early church. It will occur when the Lord says it’s time for it, and not a moment sooner or later.

        Christ also said “Occupy until I come.” In short, we still look to the great commission as the marching orders of the church. Di I worry about a nuke strike from Russia? No, but I don’t worry about death regardless. I do note the convergence of prophecy and how quickly it is occurring. I do not pay any attention to the prophecies of so-called saints and visionaries because so much of their lives and teaching simply do not accord with scripture. I will point out, however, that Satan knows what is coming and he can use false prophets to tell the story on his own intentions.

      2. Where in the Ezekiel prophecy is it eschatological? I can’t find it. And I have read it several times. Don’t read more into a passage than what’s in it.

        As I noted above, the “Russian” invasion doesn’t necessarily involve Russian troops. An invasion by Russian proxies under the command of Moscow is just as much a Russian invasion that involves Russian troops. Many of those proxies are named in that passage. It looks as if those proxies are sharpening their swords in preparation for that battle. The question is, how soon?

        I was introduced to Lindsey through his book “The Late Great Planet Earth” after I had studied the prophetic passages in the Gospels and read Revelation. My initial reaction was that this book is false. I have had no reason to change my opinion since. I haven’t found the Rapture, the Seven Year Tribulation, the Third Temple, etc. in Scripture. As one who takes the Bible literally, prophecy is important, but it must be taken as it is written, not shoehorned into some guy’s framework.

        Has God stopped giving visions and speaking to people after the canon was completed in the first century? My own experience says “No”. I have read the prophecies that were on Jeff’s old site. And more. While I don’t give them the same weight as I give Scripture, on the whole I think they are accurate and correspond to communist plans that I know from other sources, such as here on this blog. I have prepared accordingly.

        Most of the time when I hear Dispensationalist prophecies, I remain silent because I don’t want to argue, then I try to steer discussion to practical matters, such as reports by defectors.

        Ps. one must know the Old Testament in order to understand the book of Revelation. Most of the pictures given in that book are explained in the Old Testament.

      3. The interpretation of Ezekiel, as given, was accounted eschatological. However that may be, in your mind, the Gog and Magog prophecy is supposed to be fulfilled at the approach of the “end of days” (i.e., the eschaton), but not necessarily the end of the world. The interpretation is suggested in traditional Jewish commentaries, that Gog and Magog would be defeated by the Messiah. Then would follow the Age of the Messiah. Josephus identified Gog and Magog with the Scythians, who are an Iranian nomadic people (i.e., not Russians). Later, Christians identified Gog and Magog with Vikings, Huns, and Mongols. The utopia of Ezekiel chapters 40-48, is eschatological in character, with the name of the Holy City being, “The Lord is there.”

        And now, it’s worth considering why futurist speculations taken from scripture are potentially dangerous. In the tractate “Mishnah” we read, “Whosoever gives his mind to four things it were better for him if he had not come into the world — what is above? What is beneath? What was beforetime? And what will be hereafter?” There was great concern that people would tamper with the Story of Creation or indulge in expounding (improperly) on Ezekiel’s vision of the Chariot, which requires a sage to understand. Eric Voegelin noted, “The enjoinder impressively … draws the line against areas of reality which, if explored, could lead beyond the Law in the direction of apocalytpic and Gnostic speculation, of Christian pneumatism and eschatology, of pagan mysteries and philosophy.” (CW, Vol. 17, p. 104). We moderns have underestimated the kind of deformations of religious truth and allegory that can arise (and cause theological or ideological wars) when fools dogmatize about symbols they do not understand. About this Eric Voegelin wrote: “The language of truth concerning man’s existence in the divine-human In-Between is engendered in, and by, the theophantic events of differentiating consciousness. The language symbols belong as to their meanings, to the Metaxy of the experiences from which they arise as their truth. As long as the process of experience and symbolization is not deformed by doctrinal reflection, there is no doubt about the metaleptic status of the symbols.” (pp. 104-5) He further explained that the experience related by the prophets are a “dead point” from which “symbols emerge.” As the exegesis of truth, these cannot be the basis for propositional knowledge (e.g., as a way of seeing into Moscow’s military plans in the twenty-first century). The danger here is that “the Word of God can degenerate into a word of man that one can believe or not.” (Ibid). If this degeneration occurs, the door is wide open for Gnostic and apocalyptic speculations that turn ordinary human beings into crazy persons. Such is the origin of various doctrines of revolt and of value inversion.

      4. There you go, Jeff, doing exactly what I was warning against—interpreting the passage according to what others say about it instead of what the passage actually says. The passage itself gives no date as to when it will happen. It gives no indication that it is eschatological. It merely records that this is an event that will happen.

        Russia’s war against Israel has already started—through proxies. Will a single Russian soldier appear on this battlefield? Or will the total war be through proxies and allies? The passage doesn’t answer these questions. The mere fact that the armed groups and nations around Israel attack while being commanded by Russia makes this a Russian attack. As such, this makes it a fulfillment of at least the beginning of this prophecy.

        My analysis starts with the facts on the ground. Then I noticed that it appears to be a fulfillment of Ezekiel’s prophecy in a way that mirrors no previous event. I don’t predict anything here, the passage doesn’t give all the details, are we watching the fulfillment of this prophecy happening before our eyes?

        Prophecies may be recorded in the order that they were given, but the order they were given is not necessarily the order in which they are fulfilled. In other words, a prophecy given later can refer to an earlier event. Likewise Ezekiel 40–48 don’t necessarily refer to the temple after the Russian attack of Ezekiel 38–39, rather it could refer to the second temple at the height of its glory before being destroyed in 70 AD.

      5. A summary as in Britannica is irrelevant. What Voegelin thinks of the passage is irrelevant. What the Jews think of the passage is irrelevant. What Hal Lindsey makes of the passage is irrelevant. What counts is what the passage clearly says.

        Russia today is instigating an attack against Israel by a coalition of many nations. The passage names many of those nations, others not. Those are the same nations that Russia is leading into the attack. How is this not a fulfillment of that prophecy?

      6. In 1973, Syria and Egypt — Soviet satellites of Russia — led by Soviet military advisors — attacked Israel. How is that any different than now? Only it was real armies attacking and invading Israeli territory. How was that not the fulfillment of prophecy using your very criteria? The same reasoning you are using applies to 1973. So now you have two instances which “might be” according to your method, the fulfillment of the prophecy. Which one? Yet, Hamas is not Russia. And Russia is not Magog. This is merely your interpretation. And there is no way to prove this interpretation correct. Maybe the prophecy was fulfilled when Antiochus the Great was defeated. One could say that, as well. And there is no way to determine anything about this. So I ask you to stop with this kind of thing.

    3. R.O. most dispensational scholars deal in the original languages, not a given translation of the Bible. The mistakes being made are almost entirely made in trying to shoe horn current events into certain prophecies instead of simply allowing scripture to speak for itself. Hal Lindsey made a few mistakes and has admitted to them, and changed his teaching as he learned more. The Book of Daniel tells of the end times being a time when knowledge will increase. That is not merely secular either.

      Darby is not guilty of what you accuse him of either. Scofield has a number of problems theologically, not just in prophecy. Given Jeff’s background, I can understand how he may be turned off by what Dispensationalists are teaching. Alas, it doesn’t mean the Dispensationalists are wrong, no matter how inconvenient that is for you.

      I will argue this no further here. It is not the place for it.

      1. Ohengineer: “R.O. most dispensational scholars deal in the original languages, not a given translation of the Bible.” My personal experience is that this claim is false. Oh, they may make a few references to what they were taught in class at the seminary, but they don’t really _know_ Biblical Hebrew language. How many have actually read the whole Old Testament in Hebrew and Aramaic even once? They need to read it at least ten times in Hebrew and Aramaic just to get a feel for the languages. I don’t know of a single professor who claims to teach Biblical Hebrew at a university who has done that. Let alone someone who’s main interest is theology, not languages.

        By the way, Romans 5 argues against what I was taught about Dispensationalism.

  21. Jeff, you have stated that leading revolutionary Iranian clerics studied at Moscow State University. Can you provide names and documentation for that claim? I am not asking from idle curiosity but because someone close to me is doing graduate studies in this area and I am certain is clueless about the Moscow nexus. If hard evidence could be presented, it would be a revelation for him and possibly open up a reconsideration of Communist involvement to which he has been resistant, like so many others. Thanks as always.

    1. I was told this about Iranian leaders by a former CIA official who worked on the Iran desk at CIA. They had dossiers on all these guys, and there was no doubt. This was very interesting and explains a lot; but I had no luck finding published sources on it. Maybe Nevin knows where this can be confirmed. Nevin, you out there?

      1. I went to Tennessee State for a short period in the 70s because of the AFROTC unit there. Classes were often disrupted by Iranian students protesting the Shah. Then when Carter stabbed him in the back, several Iranians left and told me they were going back to help complete the revolution. While I never discussed politics with any of them, I strongly suspected they were communists.

    2. There is a new book on the subject, so far only on persian, but maybe it still helps your student friend.

      “Amir Fakhravar talking about his book Comrade Ayatollah and the future of the Mullahs regime”

  22. Jeff, did you happen to watch Tucker Carlson’s interview with Doug MacGregor? World Net Daily just emailed the link out to all of their readers, so I decided to watch. Do you have any information on MacGregor? Half his arguments could have been written by the Russians and the other half by isolationists. And yet as I listened, I found myself wondering if what I was listening to was not at times sound advice. Curious to hear your thoughts. Here’s the link for those interested:


    1. My view is a little different. It may be in Russia’s interests to have a general war in the Middle East. If Iran is attacked by the U.S. or Israel, Iran could close the Strait of Hormuz. As a result, the dollar could collapse. NATO could break up. Japan would be placed in a desperate position. And here we are with a depleted oil reserve. Furthermore, Russia would be rescued by a Middle East war from certain defeat in Ukraine. It is no accident that Hamas attacked Israel on Putin’s birthday. The Russian Army has been taking a terrible beating for several months, and could collapse in the near future. But now that resources are being diverted from Ukraine to the Middle East, Russia’s position could revive. On this subject Macgregor is seriously mistaken. However, what Macgregor says about Iran is largely true. They have a lot missiles, and what he did not mention is the possibility of using those missiles against the Saudi oil fields. That would bring the West to an unprecedented crisis.

      1. Seems like general war in the ME also could clarify things for Turkey, too. Erdogan already has pledged to act in defense of Palestinians as a matter of historical “legacy.” By which I think he’s referring to the Ottoman Empire, because he’s also talked for years about reconstituting the Islamic Caliphate. I would think Erdogan’s designs for the ME are as or more ambitious than the Iranians or Arabs. I wonder how those historical relationships would play out (in particular Turkey/Iran) but as far as Israel’s concerned – they all find common cause.

        Isn’t it the case that Turkey has the second largest military in NATO after the U.S.? I feel like Turkey is sort of a sleeper here in terms of an arising as a central player, at least as far as the Islamic prong of all this plays out.

      2. In terms of ground forces, Turkey might actually be stronger than the U.S., and is in the sense that the U.S. cannot concentrate as many troops to Europe or the Middle East as Turkey. It is truly a great conventional power.

    2. Check upthread. In an earlier post BRCC661 links to an analysis of the interview by Ryan McBeth. It is a very good takedown of MacGregor’s arguments.

  23. Jeff mentioned a few months ago how the anti-CCP movement is being pressured to adopt a ‘see no Russia’ position. Well now we have the ‘see no Russia’ anti-Iran movement. Conservatives like this John Daniel Davidson try hard not to see the connections between Iran, Russia and Hamas and they think the former can start a nuclear war in the Middle East on its own. Therefore anyone who sees a strategic threat beyond the Middle East is a neocon. The insinuation is that the U.S. should give many more weapons to Israel and other ME allies, while forcing quick settlement of the Ukraine war. It’s eerie how he gets things so perfectly backwards.

    The writer makes several cheap, unfavorable comparisons between Israel and Ukraine. There is a particularly moronic line that Ukraine is fighting to keep occupied lands, presumably for no important reason. He misses the obvious Israeli parallel here. The reason why Israel always opposed the two-state solution and did not give back Gaza and the West Bank to Egypt and Jordan is because the nation’s survival would be fatally compromised if it did. Likewise, the reason why Ukraine has to keep fighting to regain its territories is because otherwise the occupied lands would be used as a springboard to take the whole country, and then Ukraine would cease to exist (and not just revert back to being “Moscow-dominated” as he asserts). The security of all neighboring countries would be compromised if Russia took Ukraine. Both wars are about survival as a nation but only one of them directly impacts the survival of Western civilization. But in Davidson’s mind only the security of Israel impacts us while what happens on the edge of Europe is of no consequence, it is merely a difference of dialects. He also makes a cheap shot about Ukraine being a one-party state because the 2023 elections were suspended. He ignores the fact that unlike Israel the country is involved in a large conventional war and it would be almost impossible, with the daily shelling of cities and civilians, to provide security for nationwide elections. Of course there is no mention of the pro-Moscow Communist Party being banned. Because that might actually force readers to think.

    Neocons are twisting themselves into rhetorical pretzels to make the case for one big war

    “And what, pray tell, is the connection between Moscow and Hamas? Well, you see, Iran supports Hamas, and Iran and Russia both depend on oil revenue. Both are sanctioned by Western governments, and “Global instability keeps the petrodollars flowing.” See the connection?… [See how he pointedly ignores the close military alliance between Russia and Iran? Iran is openly supplying drones to Russia as payment for its help with the nuclear weapons program.]

    Russia is a rational authoritarian state, not part of a fundamentalist Muslim terror network trying to start World War III. It doesn’t want to annihilate Ukraine, it wants to absorb it into a greater Russia (Putin himself has said so repeatedly)…[Tell that to the Russian state TV propagandists who keep saying Stalin didn’t kill enough Ukrainians. They’re saying what Putin can’t say publicly.]
    That of course is impossible in Israel, which isn’t fighting to keep “occupied lands,” as Ukraine is…
    … as if a Moscow-dominated Ukraine represents the same kind of civilizational threat as an Iranian-dominated Middle East. But of course it doesn’t. The former would mean a return to the status quo ante 2014 in Ukraine (which might be where we end up even with a Ukrainian “victory”). The latter would mean nuclear war.” [Again, how did Iran acquire nukes? Who helped them?]

  24. In re Turkey: Yes, it is true that Hamas attacked on Putin’s birthday. I don’t think this was an accident. But there is another anniversary that has gone little noted except by Catholics. October 7, 1571 was the date of the great victory of the Christians against the Turks at the battle of Lepanto. Described as the greatest sea battle in history, the Christians, out numbered in ships by four to one, decisively defeated the Ottomans. I will not venture to interpret this coincidence of dates; it could be ironic, or it could be a message from God, telling us, “Be not afraid. Things are dark and will be getting darker still. But the Immaculate Heart of my Blessed Mother will triumph.” Whatever the significance, it is no accident, comrades. October 7 is celebrated in the Catholic calendar as the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary because it was a “storming of heaven” of rosaries invoked by Pope Pius V that brought about the victory, under the command of Don Juan of Austria, younger and illegitimate son of the king of Spain, and that Europe was saved. I don’t think it was an accident, either, that it was the younger brother who was anointed for this work, or that he was illegitimate (think the parable of the Good Samaritan, a rebuke to the pious Jews.)

    The Pope saw the victory in a vision:

    “In the afternoon of that same day, the 7th of October, 1571, the Pope was walking about his room, listening to the relation by his treasurer, Mons. Busotti de Bibiana, of various businesses committed to his care; the Pope suffered terribly from stone, and as usually the pain attacked him while seated, he had to receive and to do his business standing up or walking up and down. He stopped suddenly in the middle of the room and put out his head in the attitude of one listening, at the same time making a sign to Busotti to be silent. Then he went to the window, which he threw open wide, leaning out, still silent and in the same listening attitude. Busotti on seeing the face of the old Pontiff suddenly transfigured, his tearful blue eyes turned to heaven with an ineffable expression, and his joined and trembling hands raised; Busotti’s hair stood on end as he understood that something supernatural and divine was happening, and thus he remained for more than three minutes, as the same treasurer afterwards declared on oath.

    “Then the Pope shook off his ecstasy, and with a face radiant with joy, said to Busotti, ‘This is not the time for business. Let us return thanks to God for victory over the Turks.’

    “And he retired to his oratory, says Busotti, stumbling, and with beautiful lights coming from his forehead. The treasurer hastened to acquaint the prelates and Cardinals with what had happened, and these ordered that at once a record should be made, noting all the circumstances of time and place, and that it should be deposited, sealed up, at a notary’s office. On the 26th of October a messenger from the Doge of Venice, Mocenigo, arrived in Rome, to announce the victory of Lepanto, and three or four days later the Conde de Priego, sent by D. John to give an account of the details of the battle.”


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