Should Iraq resort to using chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons, be found supporting terrorist acts against the US or coalition partners anywhere in the world, or destroy Kuwait’s oil fields, it shall become an explicit objective of the United States to replace the current leadership of Iraq….

National Security Directive 54, 15 January 1991

Smoke from the burning oil wells was first visible from satellite images as early as February 8, 1991. Satellite images showed the number of oil fires peaked between February 22-24, 1991. In total, Iraq ignited or damaged more than 750 of Kuwaits’s 943 oil wells….

A Chronology of Events

GORBACHEV: I know you were worried that, if Saddam simply withdraws, he would still have significant potential and therefore play a destabilizing role. This is no longer relevant. Besides, then we would be able to continue our cooperation in the UN Security Council framework to implement the idea we discussed: to create new security structures in the Middle East, to solve the numerous problems of that region

G.H.W. BUSH: Let me give you a detailed answer. First, we have no reasons to believe he [Saddam] will agree to your proposal. Second, it is not correct that the military potential which has enabled him to behave so insolently in the region no longer exists. A substantial part of his military potential is still there, and this would enable him to go on threatening his neighbors. The question of the right time to stop the military action should be considered carefully. Wouldn’t that make him look like a hero in the Middle East? Is it the right time now, when he has just attacked Israel, when he continues using Scud missiles, and his Republican Guard is still at his disposal? It seems to me that a cease-fire in the present situation would let him emerge victorious from under the ruins of defeat.

Gorbachev-Bush Telephone call, 18 January 1991

In Pavel Stroilov’s book, Behind the Desert Storm, we see why the first Gulf War led to the Second Gulf War, which led to further troubles and today’s eruption against Israel. Always, Moscow has played an important role. About the chicanery involved in the First Gulf War, Pavel Stroilov wrote, “Again and again, as if all these decades never happened, they give us all this nonsense about the legacy of colonialism, about the centrality of the Palestinian problem….” The real Middle East problem today, said Stroilov, is the work of Red Arabs and their Islamist partners. The Middle East has been Moscow’s nasty stew pot. The Kremlin’s surrogates in the region have always kept the pot simmering so that things can be brought to a boil when necessary.

Now we see that Hamas has gone into action. What this signifies is pressure: (1) anti-American, anti-Israeli pressure on the oil-rich Gulf States and Saudi Arabia; (1) pressure on the price of oil, which helps Russia; (2) pressure on the economies of Europe, Japan and South Korea; (3) pressure on America’s stretched military resources; (4) pressure to reduce support for Ukraine.

If China continues its buildup in the Far East, and wars can be touched off in three regions at once, what will America do?

A Conversation with Jimmy from Brooklin on Hamas and communism

Jeff’s Conversation With Seth Holehouse on Hamas

Jeff’s Conversation with Alex

146 thoughts on “The Middle East As Stew Pot: Conversations with Jimmy, Seth and Alex

  1. I look forward to listening to each of these interviews as soon as I get time. I did want to go ahead and make a comment related to the current crisis though, so I apologize if duplicate any topics mentioned in your links today.
    I find recent events to be FAR too convenient in assisting Communist goals to be mere coincidences.
    1. Internal US politics. We are essentially leaderless in our top 3 positions -President (dementia), Vice-President (clueless), and Speaker of the House (vacant). Ousted speaker McCarthy was not only ejected by 8 members of his own party (who wittingly or unwittingly did great service to our enemies), but McCarthy had also made the mistake of trusting Nancy Pelosi who told him to go ahead and allow Goetz his call for a vote, because Pelosi would make sure some Dems voted for him. Instead all 208 Dems that voted joined the 8 Repubs, while Pelosi had conveniently left Washington. Given Pelosi’ and many of the Dems known deep Communist ties I find these developments very troubling. We are crippled at the top in the midst of a global crisis and spreading war.
    2. Domestic US issues — likely millions of military aged males from all over the world have flooded our country since 2021. When will they get their orders to begin ‘operations’? In addition we have increasingly lawlessness all around the country which is beginning to overwhelm law enforcement.
    3. Controlled opposition — after this week’s events in Israel, the Communists & their allies are being much more open about their cooperation (Russia, China, Iran, etc — but also “Green” groups in the West, Leftist Student groups in the US, BLM in the US all demonstrating in favor of the Palestinian butchers as part of their ‘revolution against colonialism’). Despite all of the evidence of who the ‘bad guys’ are — I still have daily discussions with ‘conservatives’ and ‘libertarians’ in the US [who would deny they are leftists] who think Putin is a wonderful Christian leader trying desperately to stop the evil WEF, Global Bankers, Military-Industrial Complex from taking over the world.

    I see no easy way out of this mess and I see potential for the US to be hit in much the same way that Israel has been.

    1. We have been warned that we will be hit the same way—warning from defectors, warning from Japanese spies, warning from the communists themselves, yet no one is listening.

    2. InspectorFoyle: You have made an important observation about McCarthy’s removal and Nancy Pelosi’s sly manner of felicitating Matt G’s rebellion from the pro-Putin right. I suspect your analysis is spot on. The dialectical strategy of transforming the US requires a revolutionary right vs. a revolutionary left. As with the transformation of Weimar Germany into the Third Reich, you have to destroy the center. The communists, on Stalin’s orders, helped Hitler into power — so that Hitler could start the “Second Imperialist War” that Lenin predicted would bring the Red Army to Berlin. Now they follow a similar strategy, with a twist. They cannot get Germany and Japan to wage wars of aggression, so the plan is to trigger a right/left civil war in the West. And we are falling for it.

      1. The other weird thing in DC last week was Mayorkas suddenly saying they will build 20 miles of border wall and then reversing a day or two later. Was this just mere incompetence or some sort of signal regarding the millions of infiltrators that have been allowed into our country? (i.e. is this somewhat akin to Obama’s comment to Medvedev that he would have ‘more flexibility’ after his re-election?). I may be tilting at windmills, but there are just too many strange things happening all at once.

      2. The communists have this idea that politics properly involves a “zig-zag” course, which is akin to the tacking of a sailboat when it moves upwind at an angle. Such back-and-forth effectively makes the communist front into a “moving target.” Harder to hit. Harder to counter.

      3. What’s your take on Bobby Kennedy Jr, JR? He laments no debate within the Democratic Party, so now runs for Prez as an Independent. Is he Liberal, Conservative, Moderate, or a hollowed out extremist of Progressive and Neocon?

      4. I think RFK, Jr. is an idealist who has also been a fellow-traveler with communist front groups. He has a lot of experience and connections, and he is right on some issues. He is wrong on others. The Establishment thinks he is a kook.

      5. Jeff, is there anyone you can think of who’s in the private sector or the military, that you might consider to make a good US President? If so, we need to pester him into it.

      6. It also makes you wonder who told Gaetz to demand that rule change from McCarthy in the first place that changing a Speaker only requires 1 vote. There is somebody in his ear. Gaetz was tricked.

  2. If the present situation in Israel were to become the subject of an epic, Nobel Prize style “peace in our time” deal, do you think there is any possibility Russia could broker it? I am envisaging a situation in which Russia’s Islamic allies can be sold something now on the basis of a secret promise to backstab Israel down the line, once its guard is down / greatly lowered and the US military stretched and distracted to dysfunctional levels with domestic and foreign diversions.

    Obviously, I have the events of Ezekiel 38-39 in view with this question.

    1. Russia does not need to back-stab Israel. Israel is being used to provoke the Muslims into a grand alliance with the communists. Every indicator points to a backstab of the Muslims once America is defeated. Then Moscow and Beijing will begin a genocide against their Muslim Allies. This is implied in the long-range strategy.

      1. Shocking! I never knew that but it should indeed be expected that they would plan to double cross the Muslims.

        However, indulge me a little and let’s suppose that Putin might see a Russian-brokered peace deal as a way to oust US geopolitical influence in the M.E. once and for all, and that, say, Russia participating in developing Israel’s Leviathan hydrocarbon infrastructure as joint stakeholder with Israel would present a very comforting assurance to Israel concerning its ongoing stability and safety. Might any of that scan?

        Looking again at the prophecy, there is an emphasis on Israel being in a state of extraordinary peace and safety, with a possible strong hint that the one responsible for that peace is none other than “Gog”, the ruler of Russia, in Ezekiel 38:14. But at the same time, the Anglos and their allies on the Arabian peninsula will offer only words of condemnation (Ez 38:13), but no affirmative action, when Israel is assaulted.

        Plainly, I am looking at the prophecy and trying to join the dots backwards to now, as opposed to looking at current events and trying to extrapolate them forward.

      2. Indeed, at the three and one half year mid point of the seven year Great Tribulation, when the Antichrist suffers an apparent mortal head wound, Russia becomes loosened to invade Israel, but continues on into Persia and stabs Iran in the back by obliterating the oil fields.

      3. Quietman: be careful, very careful, about Biblical prophecy. Especially if you don’t know Hebrew language. I’ve seen interpretations of Biblical prophecy that are way off because the the Bible says no such thing when read in the original language.

        Ezekiel 38:13 merely says that Gog will know when Israel is at peace. Israel has enjoyed peace for the last several years. Don’t add to the text to say that Gog will facilitate peace. Don’t speculate where the text is not clear.

        This Russia / China / Muslim / whatever alliance is one that is just asking for backstabbing all around. China wants Siberia. The Muslims want world domination. The Muslims are divided even among themselves. The Russians think that due to their technical superiority that they should lead. Whatever is a wild card. Ezekiel 38:21 says that the invading forces will fall to fighting among themselves, and that will be the reason for their defeat. It is God who will incite them to fight among themselves.

        I agree that what we observe today certainly looks like a build up to the Ezekiel 38–39 war, but will the various sides hold back yet again? The various Arab countries want nothing to do with the Palestinians, if they cared about them, why didn’t they have emptied the refugee camps decades ago? Would they really care if Israel were to wipe Gaza off the map?

        Bottom line, be careful about Biblical prophecy. We’ll know it when it happens.

      4. Much is going to depend on what Israel does in this war. If Israel destroys Hamas, then I do not see Iran simply leaving things alone and playing a waiting game again. Iran has too much of an investment in Hamas. And, with Hezbollah also starting a low intensity fight with Israel, it bids fair to get nasty. It even looks like Jordan may be getting involved. Abdullah is moving troops to the Israeli border.

        If things keep moving as they are, then I think this is the last Psalm 83 conflict, and will then start moving toward Ezekiel 38-39.

      5. Brendan O’Connell while in Iran in the capacity of consulting on Israeli technology spying (and seeking political asylum after running afoul of associated organized crime in Australia for reporting on it) remarked on being told:

        “We are going to control the -stans!”

        As of mid-2010s in Iran: sanctions had negligible visible effect with no lack of luxury goods nor any cheap Chinese consumer goods as makeweights for oil; conspicuous numbers of Swiss and German foreigners were also in country. Despite the warm welcome and accommodations there wasn’t any serious concern about the subject in question– almost assuredly due to the utility of Israel as a 5th column middleman for tech espionage inside the privatized ‘MIC’ western defense industry, and Tehran taking its cues from Moscow & Beijing (as long as there remains a large ‘former ‘ Soviet Russian speaking contingent sent to the Levant since the Jackson-Vanik amendment opening the right of return gates out of the Warsaw Pact, Israel’s continued existence against the oft bemoaned Iranian nuclear threat is moot).

        In this picture (Iran hegemony over the -Stans to secure Belt & Road) the Sunni muslim world is being set up for geostragic perfidy for cynical race conscious reasons, moribund Arab economies approaching ‘peak oil’ whose populations in absence of cheap export grain will contract and be out competed by young and technically competent semi-Indo-European Persia.

      6. R.O., yes, of course we have to be careful about unfulfilled prophecy, hence I couch my words with caveats, and *speculate* that there is a hint that Gog will broker the state of peace repeatedly mentioned in the passage. Naturally, most unfulfilled prophetic interpretation is by necessity speculative.

        That said, some things are much plainer than others and there is indeed to be sudden horrendous infighting among the barbarian hordes when they come to assault Israel, but there is also what looks from the wording like either a tectonic and / or an asteroid- or meteor-like supernatural event at the same time, in such a fashion as to be unambiguously demonstrative of God’s direct intervention on Israel’s side. This subsequently leads to a fire being sent by God on Magog (Russia and, being corporate leader of the enterprise, perhaps also upon its erstwhile allies) and on “them that dwell carelessly in the isles”, which I take to probably refer to the liberal cities of the West. And as the text proceeds, it becomes clear that it will be a Messianic Israel, reconciled to Christ, that is delivered, as the sweet epilogue in Ezekiel 39:22-29 reveals.

        Anyway, for the record, I use the Reformers’ and English Puritans’ historicist interpretive model, which has been largely lost to N American Protestantism since the 1800s, as far as I am aware, where instead futurism has taken hold, despite its Jesuit background. The next 5-6 years will show whether this model is right or not.

      7. Well history tend to be forgotten; during Crimean wars, a genocide was perpetuated against muslim population of southern Caucasus and Crimea. Also one of the great russian visions is ‘liberation’ of the ‘Costantinopolis’…..there seem to be tendency of forgetting how genocidal slavic chauvinisam is

  3. Three items:

    (1) On Nov. 9, 1989, the day the Berlin Wall “fell”, the first East-Germans to cross into West Germany weren’t Berliners, but a mother-daughter duo that, for mere curiosity, had set out from the city of Magdeburg (Saxony-Anhalt), some 60 km away from the West-German border, to check whether the East-West-German border crossing at Helmstedt/Marienborn was indeed open. The East-German border officers hadn’t even been instructed yet, but eventually Annemarie Reffert, M.D., a tough communist, and her 15-year-old daughter were allowed to pass through into West Germany. They were circling around the West-German border town of Helmstedt for a while, but, lacking West-German currency, they soon headed back for their beloved “workers’ paradise”. As they returned to the border, West-German television teams had meanwhile arrived, eager to interview East-Germans about their first experience in the West. And so Dr. Annemarie Reffert happened to reach a certain degree of prominence as the first East-German to have been to the West that night. Here is that super-brief exchange:

    Interviewer: “Are you planning to ‘smell Western air’, so to speak, more often in the near future?”

    Annemarie Reffert’s hostile, communist response: “Yes, perhaps for visiting, just so as to take a view of your way of life, but never for good. You know, you are an entirely different society, and I have no inclination to live with you. For visiting, yes.”

    Naturally, such a brutal anti-Western comment could hardly be advertised as the first East-German who had been over to the West (but mind the symbolism of it: the first East-German citizen to cross into West Germany on that day was in fact a staunch communist!).

    The whole idea that 16 million East Germans were supposedly thirsting for adopting a free, democratic market system is a myth. They wanted the hard Deutschmark of the West, that is true, but none of the other stuff that came with it, such as having to be competitive and truly productive, or – “Marx forbid!” – bourgeois. Which is why not long after 1989/90, a powerful communist nostalgia began. West Germany took in its deadliest enemy, who quickly allied himself with West Germany’s own radicals of the sixties.

    Years after the reunification of the two German states, Helmut Kohl, still as Chancellor, coyly admitted in an interview that he had underestimated the rift between East and West Germany.

    Anybody who cannot see that, even today, the majority of “former” East Germans are but German-speaking Soviets (first and most prominently of all: German Chancellor for 16 years, Comrade Angela Merkel), is an idiot. Sure enough, communist East Germany’s old “Socialist Unity Party of Germany” (SED) seamlessly continued into the post-reunification era, first renamed to “Party of Democratic Socialism” and, from 2007, to “The Left” – and so essentially under the same Marxist-Leninist personnel as before, with Gregor Gysi, the last chairman of the old SED, right there at the top, for many, many years. The equivalent of this, in 1945, would have been to allow the National Socialists to continue to exist. Yet, in the case of German reunification of 1990, these unchanged communists sworn to the destruction of the West were accepted in the midst of West Germany’s society – the terrible results of which are blatantly evident today.

    (2) In 2011, Germany’s television ARD aired a 90-minute documentary titled, “Social Democrats: 18 Months Among Comrades”, which offered somewhat a backstage glimpse into the workings of the SPD. Apparently trusting that the dumb masses didn’t know who Antonio Gramsci (the Italian communist strategist) was, the makers of the programme showed, i.a., a scene recorded at a joint meeting of a small circle of Social Democrats and Greens, with Green Jürgen Trittin, back in the seventies still a Trotskyite and from 1998 through 2005, Federal Minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection (Angela Merkel had held that post from 1994 to 1998), speaking. As the occasion was their Best Speaker of the Year mock awards, Trittin analysed, i.a., then-SPD chairman Sigmar Gabriel’s much-praised speech at the SPD’s party convention at Dresden on Nov. 13, 2009. And note that Trittin shows himself here as a communist comrade speaking to other communist comrades (which included Sigmar Gabriel himself):

    “The next political speech is headlined, I quote: ‘Speech by the Chairman of the Social Democratic Party of Germany, Sigmar Gabriel, at the SPD’s Federal Party Convention at Dresden.’ That speech was a success, but it turns out that these two hours also have their pitfalls. Because there are also some weak passages in them, if I may say that. 164 times the speaker pronounces the word ‘Comrade’, thus on average once every 44 seconds. My teacher would have scored here: ‘Repetitive mistake’. One of the most-cited sentences of this speech goes: ‘The political centre is not defined by income- or professional groups, and by the way also not by certain political views to which one would have to adapt. The political centre of Willy Brandt was something entirely different. It was no distinct place, but it was the prerogative of interpretation [Deutungshoheit] in society.’ Prerogative of interpretation, that’s the key term in this speech, and that means something entirely different than mere majority appeal. Rather, it goes back to Antonio Gramsci’s term of Hegemony. [Sigmar Gabriel nods silently.]”

    This little conspiratorial remark should have made headlines across Germany, but of course didn’t: The Reds and the so-called Greens are indeed working towards realising Gramsci’s objective of complete communist hegemony over the society, BY STEALTH!

    (3) Gerry Adams (now 75), the former West Belfast IRA commander of the days of Northern Ireland’s Troubles and long-time leader of Sinn Féin (incessantly warned against by the late British analyst Christopher Story as being a clever Leninist), once said in a 2010 television documentary about himself made by BBC One Northern Ireland:

    “I increasingly believe in people and the sense that people are, broadly speaking, good. And then, secondly, I think that people respond to political conditions in which they live. So, if you want to change the way people think, then change the political conditions, and people will think differently in different conditions.”

    Which about sums up what Marxist dialectics is about!

    And this was the late Christopher Story’s prophetic warning, made in 1999 at a Catholic conference in Canada, about the true dialectical meaning of the 1998 Good Friday Agreement as a preliminary step towards a unified, Leninist Ireland:

    “The dialectic, by the way, is central to the revolution, and in case you need a refresher on that, very briefly: the dialectic consists of the thesis, the antithesis and the synthesis. And if they don’t get – the synthesis, of course, being what they intend – and if they don’t get, achieve, their synthesis, then they start a new cycle. Perhaps the easiest example, contemporary example, of this is the situation in Northern Ireland. And I don’t suppose you see much stuff about Northern Ireland in the press here, but if you were to read the British press, you would see pictures of Gerry Adams, who is a Leninist par excellence, who speaks in Lenin’s special Aesopian language, ‘Aesopian’ being Lenin’s own phrase for the language he invented, which contains double or triple meanings. But not only that, Gerry Adams looks like Lenin and has a beard like Lenin! He speaks like Lenin, behaves like Lenin and looks like Lenin. In other words, he passes the duck test: if it waddles like a duck, flies like a duck, swims like a duck and just behaves like a duck, it is a duck! So, as far as I’m concerned, Gerry Adams is a good example. Now, in the Northern Ireland context, the thesis is twenty-five years of bombings, maimings, we got 35,000 people in Northern Ireland who have suffered injury since this particular phase of the Troubles began. I don’t know how many dead, I think it’s well over four thousand. So, that’s the thesis. The antithesis is the sudden cessation and the absence of bombings and maimings. And the synthesis, or the intended synthesis, of course is a unified radicalised, Leninist Ireland. And what I say to people from southern Ireland is: It’s all very well you’re tacitly supporting this outrage, or this continuing outrage, but you don’t seem to understand that once they get their way in Northern Ireland, they have designs on you!”

    Gerry Adams famously indeed managed to set himself up in the politics of the REPUBLIC of Ireland (i.e., in the South) and was an MP in Dublin from 2011 through 2020. His more-than-obvious goal of becoming President of Ireland never materialised (at least, not yet), but nevertheless Sinn Féin’s strategy has been exactly what Christopher Story said it was!

    1. It’s interesting that Hegel’s dialectic might be translated as Abstraction—Criticism (negation)—New Idea that brings forth a new reality. Marx was not an idealist, so he changed Hegel’s dialectic to Material Reality—Criticism/Negation (revolutionary destruction)—The Socialist Millennium (the End of History). Thus, Marx’s philosophy was “dialectical materialism.” What makes this so murderous is that Marxist criticism, unlike Hegel’s criticism, signifies actual murder and mayhem as essential to the process. Some philosophers have argued that Hegel’s fraud always had destruction built into it, as it was — from the beginning — a form of Gnostic speculation. Marx made this explicit.

      1. Sublation/the dialectic is irreducible to the kind of crass schematization proffered by Marx’s bowdlerizing likes (which itself succumbs to the temptations of the Negative Infinite of Finitude). The gnostic interpolations suggested by secondary literature such as Alexander Magee’s Hermetic Hegel thesis is a factor, but somewhat subject to one’s own understanding of the degree of commitment and influence on the man and whether that is compatible with Christian typology (his, or the reader’s).

        Why Hegel’s Dialectic is NOT thesis, antithesis and synthesis | Close-reading
        Filip Niklas

        Introduction to Hegel’s Dialectic and Science of Logic
        Johannes A. Niederhauser

    2. @Contemplative Observer: fascinating story regarding the East German doctor and her daughter visiting Helmstedt immediately after November 9, 1989. Intense indoctrination causes belief systems to become deeply embedded in one’s soul and outlook. Loads of consumer goods and liberal freedoms do not necessarily move people towards embracing a system based on individual rights and private property. I think I will use some of this information in an upcoming show I have. It is worthy of serious discussion.

      Here are some other research nuggets which may illustrate the point of your first point/research/news item.

      According to Cornell, a North Korean interpreter who traveled to the Scandinavian countries “came to reveal the deep scorn he felt for these societies, which were characterized by a lack of discipline and determination. He saw sloppiness everywhere, in the clumsy border controls, in the crowds of people that obviously did not make work a priority, in the confusing traffic, in the lack of a police and military presence on the streets, and much besides – all things that, for us, are indicative of a civilized and democratic society. The terrorist attack and the blowing up of the West German Embassy in Stockholm seemed to him almost to be a hopeful sign of the times and a natural phase in the anti-imperialist struggle – and it was also significant that the sloppy state had been unable to prevent such actions. He did not touch upon questions of living standards, because like all communists he compared capitalism’s existing production capacity with the future promise of socialism.” Erik Cornell North Korea under Communism: Report of an Envoy to Paradise (Psychology Press, 2002) pages 72-73.

      According to a North Vietnamese officer captured in the summer of 1966 remarked, “I noticed that the press here (Saigon) has too much freedom. They criticize even the government and the National Assembly. I enjoy reading them even though they like to fill up the empty space with too many knight-errant stories and advertising. In the North, if they talked so freely, they would be suspended.” According to Dan Cragg and Michael Lee Lanning, “The NVA in South Vietnam in the 1960s were shocked by Southern society’s comparative openness. The extent of social and political criticism in South Vietnam would have not been acceptable in the North. ‘Freedom of expression’ in North Vietnam consisted of criticizing people who did not adhere to the Party line.” Michael Lee Lanning, Dan Cragg Inside the VC and the NVA (Texas A&M University Press, 2014) page 160.

      A Rand Corporation study titled East European Military Reliability warned against playing up the disloyalty of Eastern European communist forces. A portion of the defectors interviewed alleged that Warsaw Pact forces would loyally carry out their duties against NATO. An East German officer noted: “The combat readiness and reliability of the East German Army are often underestimated…I would like to emphasize quite strongly that in case of a successful blitzkrieg there would be no problems. Myths from the Third Reich also come into play. They are not as dead as one sometimes thinks, at least as far as the NPA is concerned.” A Czechoslovak officer noted “The Czech Armed Forces are a well prepared, well equipped, and well armed contingent which is capable of fulfilling the duties assigned to it without any complicating factors.” A former senior Polish officer noted: “I personally would caution against putting too much emphasis on the expectation of disloyalty of the NSWP armies.” Alexiev, Alexander and Johnson, A. Ross East European Military Reliability October 1986 Accessed From:

      1. These are good points. You would think the present-day Russian Army would rebel against generals who do not care about their troops, who fail to clothe and equip them properly. And yet, the Russian soldier remains largely obedient. He is not very effective. He is afraid to think for himself. But then, he feels relieved at having no responsibility to think.

      2. One prominent case in point, that not only mirrored but AMPLIFIED East-German communist nostalgia, was the 2003 tragicomical film satire, Good Bye, Lenin!

        An East-German mother and devoted communist suffers a heart attack in October 1989 when her anti-communist son gets arrested during an anti-regime demonstration. Eventually, she falls into a coma and only wakes up in June 1990, having missed out on the seismic changes that have happened in the meantime. Her son, who is told by the doctors to avoid any excitement or irritation for his still-fragile mother under all circumstances, sees no other way but to create for her the illusion of a perfectly continuing German Democratic Republic. During all this, he also falls in love with a nurse from the hospital, who is RUSSIAN. When the mother sees through the (well-intended) lies and realises that the GDR is no more, her whole world collapses. She has another heart attack and dies.

        See the English Wikipedia page on Good Bye, Lenin!

        Official 2-minute trailer:

      3. RE: The Contemplative Observer, “Goodbye Lenin”

        The biopic Baader Meinhof Komplex was yet another, a German answer to Ben Affleck’s “Argo” of sorts.

    3. In regards to the IRA – ever since the War of Independence, the perversion of Ireland from truly Catholic country, and thus of their fully justified and holy cause to free themselves from the tyrannical yoke of the British heretics, the IRA has been penetrated by communists, there even was an indication that they got explosives from the Soviet Bloc, and so it is no longer the Catholic Faith they are defending, but pre-positioning the country for a communist takeover.

      There was a film made in Ireland about a prisoners’ breakout from a prison in 1980s or 1970s, so one scene shows the main person in his cell, IRA member, and he had a book about Che Guevara behind him on the shelf.

      Of course then the cause of holy principle of restoring the country to Catholic government is altered by helping the communists to install communist tyranny instead, which result can be detected today in the CCP virus and the poisonous vaccinations policy of the state and its immigration policy as well, which are both well serving the communist cause to remove various nations from their native countries and resettle new and more barbaric and communist controlled people there instead.

      So yes, they need people as Adams, or in Germany Merkel and now that Stasi asset they have now, it is all serving the same purpose, Russian KGB run communist world tyranny.

  4. What happened last Saturday in Israel was almost to a T a “RED DAWN” surprise event:

    1. This weekend I re-watched the 1984 version of Red Dawn. A very interesting bit of dialog occured when Lt. Col Tanner (Powers Boothe) is telling the Wolverine kids how the attack had been carried out. He tells them that before the paratroopers were dropped that Communist agents, who had simply walked across our southern border, had done much damage to military installations and infrastructure around the country. I wish these terror acts had been shown on screen instead of just being talked about, perhaps Americans viewing it MIGHT wake up to what having wide-open borders can lead to. The WORST thing about Red Dawn is their portrayal of China as our ally against the Soviets and the rest of the Communist bloc. Just laughably wrong.

      1. @INSPECTORFOYLE: Great movie! There are parallels between the 1984 version of Red Dawn and today’s current events (i.e. the prospect of NATO dissolving depending on the outcomes in Ukraine and the gathering “pink” tide in South and Central America). I agree, a major error in the movie was China joining with the US. In reality, I believe China would have declared neutrality or declared war against the US during a World War 3 scenario during the 1980s.

        Russian Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov commented in 2006, “Latin America is turning Red.” Vladimir Socor “Council of Europe Condemns Communism Over Moscow’s Opposition” January 27, 2006 Eurasia Daily Monitor Volume: 3 Issue: 19

        A plan proposed in a May 2015 article by two well-known military thinkers: Aleksandr Perendzhiyev from the Association of Independent Military Political Experts, and Colonel General Leonid Ivashov, a member of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, advocated the creation of combined Russian/Chinese units in Nicaragua and the stationing of Russian troops in Venezuela and Brazil (under its Marxist president Lula da Silva). They also proposed the stationing of a Russian task force off the coast of the US (based in Cuba). This would all be accompanied by a “major diplomatic and information offensive.” Dino Mora “Measure Up Costa Rica: Old Techniques, New Tools” September 23, 2019

        During a visit to Cuba in December 2005, Evo Morales noted, “I am sure of the fact that Fidel and Chavez are commanders of the forces of freedom in America, to liberate America and the world.”

        While visiting China, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov “We, together with you, and with our sympathizers will move towards a multipolar, just, democratic world order.” Accessed From:

        RIA-Novosti propagandist Petr Akopov wrote, “A new world is being born before our eyes…China and India, Latin America and Africa, the Islamic world and Southeast Asia–no one believes that the West leads the world order, much less sets the rules of the game. Russia has not only challenged the West, it has shown that the era of Western global domination can be considered completely and finally over. The new world will be built by all civilizations and centers of power, naturally, together with the West (united or not) – but not on its terms and not according to its rules.” Petr Akopov Accessed From:

        In a September 30, 2022 speech, Putin asserted: “The world has entered a period of a fundamental, revolutionary transformation. New centres of power are emerging. They represent the majority–the majority!–of the international community. They are ready not only to declare their interests but also to protect them. They see in multipolarity an opportunity to strengthen their sovereignty, which means gaining genuine freedom, historical prospects, and the right to their own independent, creative and distinctive forms of development, to a harmonious process. As I have already said, we have many like-minded people in Europe and the United States, and we feel and see their support. An essentially emancipatory, anti-colonial movement against unipolar hegemony is taking shape in the most diverse countries and societies. Its power will only grow with time. It is this force that will determine our future geopolitical reality.” Accessed From:

        Chinese PLA Lieutenant-General He Lei, who was also the Deputy Director of the Academy of Military Sciences (AMS), stated that “Military cooperation between China and Russia is our new way to take joint responsibility for the entire world.” Accessed From:

        In a conversation with East German dictator Erich Honecker, North Korean leader Kim Il-Sung confirmed the motivations behind China’s “opening” to the US, “Given the complex world situation, I hope that the Soviet Union and China work things out. I believe that the development of relations with the US is not targeted against the Soviet Union. Mao Zedong and Zhou En-lai already told me that when they established relations with the US. They told us every time they met with Japan and the US. The only objective of these relations is to obtain developed technology and credit from Japan and the US.” Memorandum of conversation between Erich Honecker and Kim Il Sung, 31 May 1984. on the meeting between Erich Honecker and Kim Il Sung on 31 May 1984 Accessed From:

        Chinese Premier Zhou En-lai noted in his March 1973 Report on the International Situation, “We cannot propose to unite with the US to oppose the USSR, though we share the same views with the US on certain issues.” Classified Chinese Communist Documents: A Selection (Institute for International Relations: National Chengchi University Republic of China 1978) page 491.

        In the wake of Yugoslav dictator Josip Broz Tito’s visit (1977), Chinese Foreign Minister Huang Hua admitted that while “minor differences exist between our two nations we still have a common goal. We do this to achieve our objectives…” Huang Hua Behind the Scenes of Red China’s Foreign Policy The Chan Wang Publication Service September 30, 1978 pages 12-19.

        The text of an Informational Note from the Official Visit in Poland of the Chinese Foreign Minister, Comrade Wu Xueqian (1987), read in part, “…one fundamental element which binds our countries is their political system and the common enemy.” Informational Note From the Official Visit in Poland of the PRC Foreign Minister, Comrade Wu Xueqian (March 10-13, 1987) March 17, 1987 Accessed From:

        A Pravda article dated from February 1989 declared that China and the Soviet Union had a “special responsibility” to create a “new world political order.” Ovchinnikov, Vsevolod. “Aspects of Soviet-Chinese Normalisation” Pravda February 16, 1989

        The Chinese newspaper Rinman Ribao stated in May 1989 that Sino-Soviet foreign policy would oppose “hegemony” and create a “new international political order” on a “step by step” basis. “Renmin Ribao Editorial on Summit and Communique” Xinhua May 20, 1989

      2. These are excellent and familiar references. The Devil is in the details, though most of our political observers follow the stale and misinformed memes of the hypnotized masses — where no details matter.

      3. Imagine if “Red Dawn” depicted Russia and China hitting America together. Imagine the outcry from conservatives who arrogantly think they can play a divide-and-conquer game on the artists of divide-and-conquer.

    2. @Contemplative Observer: I saw Goodbye Lenin years ago. Great film! Truly outlined (with humor) the phenomenon of the True Believer (the mother of Alex Kerner).

      1. And yet it felt like clever communist propaganda to me: a not-so-covert attack on the “decadent”, “consumerist”, “uncompassionate” West, strongly reminiscent of this (Nina Hagen: TV Glotzer, 1978):

      2. I should add that Nina Hagen (* 1955, almost exact same age as Angela Merkel) is the daughter of the meanwhile-deceased “Brigitte Bardot of communist East Germany”, Eva Maria Hagen, and once-stepdaughter of sorts of German communist chansonnier Wolf Biermann. Until her “escape” to West Germany in late 1976, Nina Hagen had been a relatively conformist “Schlagersänger” in the parrallel universe of “communist entertainment” of East Germany. Once she arrived in the West, she underwent a radical transformation and was henceforth a “punk”, however an unusual punk, as her lyrics were highly intellectual and always pure communist propaganda.

        This was Nina Hagen in her early days in the German Democratic Republic: a fairly tame cog wheel of Marxism-Leninism (although the “Mischa” addressed in the song was probably a hint at Markus “Mischa” Wolf, from 1952 to 1986 head of East-German foreign intelligence). Tellingly, it was this “hit” that Angela Merkel wanted to have played by the German Bundeswehr’s military band for her ceremonial “Zapfenstreich” when leaving the office of German Chancellor (which was her final act of spitting in the face of West Germany, communist-style):

  5. I thought this was an excellent analysis and wanted to share it with you. I’m not sure if Lei is a member of Falun Gong or not. Since I can’t speak Chinese and do not have access to the data that Lei does, I do appreciate her analysis. I look forward to your thoughts. I’m very new to all of this and find it overwhelming. Trying to get up to speed and your work is helping me achieve that goal.

    1. Yes, Ms. Lei is very interesting. She also describes her own thought process with precision. She has to think carefully about how she can talk about what’s happening.

  6. Communism has such a clever ideology, it is very hard to see where it goes wrong. I am lucky to see it, because I grew up during communism. But not everybody who lived during communism see it. Many older people still miss it.

    My eyes were opened when in 1990 in Ogonyok magazine and then Znamya magazine I read parts of the memoirs of Ephrosiniya Kersnovskaya. It is such a great read. She was born in Odessa, but moved with her family to Moldova. She witnessed how Soviets were taking over Bessarabiya, how nonsensical were their actions. It was seen in every little detail.

    Everybody worked hard and lived well but new authorities said they came to liberate them from their oppressors. And there were no oppressors. So people laughed at them.

    Rich youth toyed with these ideas, but still had servants.

    When elections came, new authorities set up only one candidate, the poorest person, which was poor only because of drunkenness and laziness. But it was the most “oppressed” person they could find. Everybody was supposed to come and vote for a single candidate.

    Ephrosiniya and her mother were evicted from their home. She tried to work. Her job was plowing. The plow was totally bland. One night she went to her friend blacksmith and sharpened it. The work went faster and easier, but she was punished for her initiative and fired.

    New authorities took huge taxes from people, grain and corn, piled them up in a field and let them rot. People started fearing this irrational behavior and obeyed authorities even more.

    When one family who had more because they worked harder, were evicted from their homes, they obeyed like sheep. Only one little girl was screaming and went hysterical because that day she was supposed to have first in her life nightdresses, made especially for her, instead of hand me downs. She new that she deserved to have them. But they would not let her take them. It is such a good illustration of normal and abnormal reaction to the way how private property is treated during communism.

    Every little example I mention here is so descriptive of the nonsense of communism. And there are many more in this memoir. It is very long, includes her life in Gulag, escape, work in mines and lots of clear headed evaluations of situations from a very educated, optimistic person with a great sense of humor. And she also made drawings (about 500 of masterpieces) to illustrate things which are hard to comprehend.
    I think it was translated into English, but put in some kind of online archive. If people could only read it, they would know why communism is bad.


    Israel’s fate, Catholic prophecy, and the start of WW3.

    ??? Not sure what to make of this video.

    It could be argued that WW3 has already started before/with the COVID attack.

    The “Catholic” synod started October 4th, and much confusion is expected as a result. Pope Francis released a climate change “encyclical.” 🤔

    Much is happening at the same time in this fog of war.

  8. I’m not one for much private revelation as it can lead to “apocalyptamania.” (Joshua Charles)

  9. The Novus Ordo Sect is not the Catholic Church and Bergoglio cannot call a council, as he is not the Pope as heretics cannot assemble in valid Conclave and elect valid Pope.
    Bergoglio is a communist agent, he has long ties with Argentinian Communist Party and the Kremlin as well.

    He is an apostate and evil servant of the devil, God will visit him and the whole sect with horrible punishment. ALL members of this horrible non-Catholic Sect called Novus Ordo are excommunicated, and cannot be saved – do NOT use the name Bergoglio uses, as it is a total lie and forbidden to exist by Canon Law (Can. 2314, 1917 Code) and Church and Divine Law.

    The same applies to Wojtyla, Montini, Roncalli, Ratzinger etc., all of them apostate sectarians and in Hell forever, as Catholic Faith is solely Catholic Tradition (St. Paul – Ephesians 4 : 4-5)

    4 One body and one Spirit; as you are called in one hope of your calling, 5 One Lord, one faith, one baptism.

    That said, Israel is now empowered to cause the total destruction of the Philistines over there in Gaza, as they have no intention to live peacefully, and the KGB created PLO with all its terrorist organizations and the communist state of Iran which is run by Russian KGB agents for long years, and their proxies, they all are using Islam as their cover, but the main objective is to eradicate Israel from the face of the earth as Moscow KGB Mafia doesn’t want to have a liberty embracing peoples in that (and any other) region – period.

    Pacepa wrote about Arafat, and Qaddafi and so it all continues to this day.

    Russian AKs, Czech Semtex, all ammo and such like, as supplies, and now “ransom money” from another KGB asset in the White House, Iran’s communist regime can cause harm in any corner of the world, and who says that this was not only a test for much greater terrorist attack against the US, still disguised as “Islamic” which in fact Moscow and the CCP are fully in charge of and the communist tyranny worldwide is the aftermath.

  10. Hi everyone, does anybody know where I can find a copy of Scott Gulbrasen’s book Silent Invasion online?

    I can’t seem to find it, the physical copy is already out of stock in Amazon (including some smaller Bookstore websites I checked), went to the public library’s websites in my city if they had in stock (nada), I couldn’t find the pdf version, and the book’s not available in also.

      1. And yet no one has put out an important work in the internet like a pdf or in

    1. That is a rare book now. I went through my list of used book dealers (Alibris, Abe, Thrift books, and Powell’s) and there are others looking for it, but nothing available. Same with Amazon. Scott Gulbrasen doesn’t even come up there. It comes up on Google Books, but there is no eBook version and none of the sources they list for a print book has it. It is more than 15 years old and is not in print.

      There is an additional problem. Other Authors have used that title on books about the Covid scam.

      1. That’s totally strange?! Well I just hope that anybody that have the copy itself would do a service to make it available to the internet via or pdf.

        Yeah I’ve seen several books w/ the same title, there was one I saw by Clive Hamilton (which I have a digital copy of it) about Chinese Communist infiltration on Australian government and society, and also fictional works w/ the same title as well.

  11. The US has maintained two ocean war strategic capability– a third theater would be ideal for the Enemy, but inviting an excuse to have a Ford class carrier on demand to police the Suez (and Indian Ocean by extension) is of dubious value unless they were confident of the Black Sea Fleet’s ability to sneak a submarine past the Turks at the Dardenelles, and then to bypass detection of USN et. al. sub screens.

    The Operation Weser Exercise invasion of Norway Model Nyquist’s described as ComBloc ideal presumably would entail Tet Offensive mayhem at a greater scale than the Hamas raids have demonstrated (proof of concept?) …

    There’s awareness in the veteran community about these contingencies and the framing around the wide open border (7 million since 2020). Where it fits in the order of force escalation operations is unclear with regards to infrastructure vs. inflicting casualties and disrupting law & order. It doesn’t appear compatible with things like the Reedly, California pop up Red Chinese biolabs, then again the Floyd riots over most of a year were given a pass despite lockdowns.

    Israel is just the beginning…
    Miker Glover (former SOF)

    What You Need To Confront Groups Of Armed Violent Criminals
    Mr GunsAndGear

    1. Bill Clinton tried his dandiest. He says that Israel granted 99% of everything that Arafat wanted, including the Temple Mount, but Arafat backed out in the end, because he wanted the tunnels underneath. Now that Arafat has died of AIDS, will any unlikely survivors of Hamas be more concessionary? China would be nonsensical.

      1. And there will be no peace as long as Muslims demand that their sect of Muslims rule the earth.

        Right now the Muslims think they can use the communists to help them conquer the earth, and the communists think they can use the Muslims to help them conquer the earth, then once the victory has been achieved, then turn on their erstwhile allies. Then if the Muslims come out on top, they will start fighting among themselves which is the proper interpretation of Islam. If the communists come out on top, what’s to stop them from turning on each other?

        I see no chance for lasting peace until Jesus comes back.

  12. In re-reading the things that Putin, his officials, and China have been saying recently (posted by Nevin above), it is baffling how more and more conservatives and “deep” researchers like Dave Hodges on the John Moore show this Tuesday are always coming out with things like “Putin and Xi are at best just mid-level. It’s the UN-WEF-Blackrock-Big-Corporations-US Military-Industrial-Complex who are trying to take over the world!” When people passionately and emphatically claim they have done serious research and know all this for a fact, how can you counter? A dispassionate analysis that references the explicit goals and methods revealed by high-level Communists in the past seems to fall on deaf ears. It’s like the firebrand activist vs. the boring university professor, most people get sucked in and fired up listening to the former and their eyes glaze over when they are confronted with too many details, especially historical details and things that require serious interpretation and background knowledge.

    Jeff, do you have any comments on some of the allegations that were made on the JM Show regarding Israel-Hamas? Ie. Israel wanting to start a war with Iran, Israel ‘benefitting’ from the terrorist attack by gaining an excuse to wipe out Gaza, someone in the Israeli govt deliberately weakening civil defenses to pave the way for the attack, Biden looking to involve the US in another war, Zelensky selling weapons to Russia and Iran’s ally Hamas, etc.
    I agree that on the face of it, the new conflict stirred up in the Middle East seems to be about stretching the US and West’s resources (both military and energy) and distracting NATO members from what is happening in Europe.

    Was the discussion with Alex recorded before the attack on Israel? If it was, that’s uncanny! Did Israel’s proclivity for being easily infiltrated by the Soviets/Russians have anything to do with the attack?

    1. Stew Peters blames the victim. I suspect he is a replacement theologist. There are others who accuse Trump of giving Israeli intel to Russia. Must be from the Hillary camp. Hal Lindsey says that Russia has something to do with it. The fact is that Islam was created to destroy Israel, as was Marx.

      1. Jake:

        While Jesus predicted that the Jewish people as a people would survive until the end (Matthew 24:34 in Greek) nowhere are the Jewish people afforded a special place in salvation. Just as God replaced the Old Covenant, the Ten Commandments with all their codicils, with a New Covenant at the Last Supper as promised in Jeremiah 31:30–32 (in Hebrew, 31:31–33 in English) so God replaced Jewish identity with believing in Jesus for both Jews and non-Jews. The Bible itself teaches a type of replacement theology. Don’t blame Biblical theology for people’s false attitudes towards Putin vs. Ukraine, Israel vs. Hamas, etc.

        As for Hal Lindsey, his statements make it obvious that he doesn’t know Hebrew language nor the Old Testament in Hebrew, and I have reason to suspect he doesn’t know Greek New Testament either.

        Both Marxism and Islam hate Christianity which includes hating Jews as living evidence to fulfilled prophecy mentioned by Jesus.

        We need to analyze and refute the false ideas that people have concerning communism and what communists are doing, not just throw out theological presuppositions.

      2. What are your credentials, R.O.? I have none, myself.

        Hal Lindsey, however, holds a doctorate from Dallas Theological Seminary. He reads Hebrew, Greek, and Greek Aramaic. When he quotes Scripture, he uses the best translations from various different English versions, knowing which passages are correctly translated. All translations have many errors, except for the King James, but Lindsey understands that most readers struggle with Old English.

      3. Jake: I’m surprised how little study of the Bible in its original languages is required to get a PhD in the Biblical languages and theology. I doubt that Hal Lindsey has read the Old Testament through even once cover to cover in Hebrew and Aramaic. Five times are needed to start to get a feel for the language. Ten times one starts seeing patterns in the language and text. I speak from experience. Koiné Greek is easier, better known, so he might have read the New Testament in Greek once.

        All translations have errors, including the KJV. That’s why I read the Bible in its original languages.

        Right now is not the time to impose some fallible person’s interpretation of the Bible on the group, when we face a murderous, barbarian hoard coming to attack us, and they will attack us all equally. We need to know and understand the ways of this murderous, barbarian hoard in order best to protect others from the unjust injuries the hoard will cause. I speak of the combined communist / Islamist hoard.

      4. If it’s so easy to earn a doctorate, R.O., then why haven’t you done so? Hal Lindsey has written about twenty books, and a great many articles; not to mention his news casts. He quotes the Bible off the top of his head like Jack Van Impe.

        How many books have you written? I’m sure if they have merit, others will bother to write reviews.

        As for the King James, there are only two errors in translation that I’m aware of. Of course there are no errors in the original texts found at Antioch of which the King James is the only version translated from. All others, including the New King James, are translated from corrupted texts from Alexandria, Egypt.

        In the beginning the World was void should read, ‘In the beginning the World had been laid waste.’ The name Lucifer is a misnomer which should translate something to the effect: ‘Covering Cherub with the clear sounding voice which rings like a bell, hallelujah.’

      5. Jake, “If it’s so easy to earn a doctorate, R.O., then why haven’t you done so?” Because I didn’t have the money, and I wasn’t about to go into debt.

        “Hal Lindsey has written about twenty books” How many of them were not written by ghost writers? Are his news casts also written by ghost writers? Do his ghost writers have doctorates? Hal Lindsey is infamous for his use of ghost writers, and unfortunately he’s not the only one.

        I don’t want to defend my research on this blog, because it is off topic. So I won’t.

        As for you, your final two paragraphs demonstrate that you don’t know of what you speak. That last paragraph is gibberish.

        What counts is not one’s academic degrees, but the quality of his research. Jeff Nyquist has proven the quality of his research. That’s why I listen to him. He’s also a good writer. Though I sometimes question him when he wanders outside of his main area of research and expertise.

      6. The KJV has many translation errors. they are well known and have been worked around.

        Lindsey as a Masters from DTS, not a doctorate. He had to study Hebrew in the process and can handle the language. One problem with the Hebrew scriptures now commonly available is the Masoretes edited many messianic prophecies, and other references to the messiah they found inconvenient. It has been noticed there are huge differences between the Masoretic text and Septuagint. The only version of the bible that uses the Septuagint as the old testament text is the Orthodox Study Bible. Surprisingly, it uses the NKJV text for the New Testament rather than translate the Byzantine. The Textus Receptus is an inaccurate representation of an older Byzantine text.

    2. When I did the recording with Alex, he may have heard the news on Hamas, since we do our recording on Saturday. As for Dave Hodge’s analysis on the JM Show, it is typical John Birch Society boilerplate. I am reminded of what former Gulag prisoner Vladimir Bukovsky once told me: “They don’t understand communism because it’s complicated and it bores them. Their eyes glaze over.” Conspiracy narratives are exciting. Blame the rich and powerful for everything. Communists are not real to such people. Because some folks just do not appreciate the sophistication of communist thinking. Of course, it’s an evil kind of sophistication. But they have done a lot of damage with it since so many commentators spontaneously target the same folks as malefactors of great wealth. When you claim to have the same enemies as the KGB, and you are getting your facts so terribly wrong, it’s shameful.

  13. Yasser Arafat: Connections to the KGB
    by Ion Mihai Pacepa

    Before I defected to America from Romania, leaving my post as chief of Romanian intelligence, I was responsible for giving Arafat about $200,000 in laundered cash every month throughout the 1970s. I also sent two cargo planes to Beirut a week, stuffed with uniforms and supplies. Other Soviet bloc states did much the same….

    I was given the KGB’s “personal file” on Arafat. He was an Egyptian bourgeois turned into a devoted Marxist by KGB foreign intelligence. The KGB had trained him at its Balashikha special-ops school east of Moscow and in the mid-1960s decided to groom him as the future PLO leader. First, the KGB destroyed the official records of Arafat’s birth in Cairo, replacing them with fictitious documents saying that he had been born in Jerusalem and was therefore a Palestinian by birth.

    The KGB’s disinformation department then went to work on Arafat’s four-page tract called “Falastinuna” (Our Palestine), turning it into a 48-page monthly magazine for the Palestinian terrorist organization al-Fatah. Arafat had headed al-Fatah since 1957. The KGB distributed it throughout the Arab world and in West Germany, which in those days played host to many Palestinian students….

    Arafat was an important undercover operative for the KGB. Right after the 1967 Six Day Arab-Israeli war, Moscow got him appointed to chairman of the PLO. Egyptian ruler Gamal Abdel Nasser, a Soviet puppet, proposed the appointment. In 1969 the KGB asked Arafat to declare war on American “imperial-Zionism” during the first summit of the Black Terrorist International, a neo-Fascist pro-Palestine organization financed by the KGB and Libya’s Moammar Gadhafi. It appealed to him so much, Arafat later claimed to have invented the imperial-Zionist battle cry. But in fact, “imperial-Zionism” was a Moscow invention, a modern adaptation of the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” and long a favorite tool of Russian intelligence to foment ethnic hatred. The KGB always regarded anti-Semitism plus anti-imperialism as a rich source of anti-Americanism….

    In March 1978 I secretly brought Arafat to Bucharest for final instructions on how to behave in Washington. “You simply have to keep on pretending that you’ll break with terrorism and that you’ll recognize Israel — over, and over, and over,” Ceausescu told him for the umpteenth time….

    Nothing has changed, only they, the Kremlin KGB Mafia, pretends weakness and that they have given up their plans to take over the world, which is of course communist deception.

    Anything Hamas has done to Israel, had to be approved by Moscow, or there would be no logistics and weapons and explosives and training, which these communist “Islamic” terrorists do know and do very well understand. Islam is only the cover story, communism worldwide is the strategic goal, so naturally destruction of the state of Israel is one of the first steps in that region, perhaps the hook to tie up US military capability there as well so that they cannot be deployed somewhere else, including defending the US homeland.

    1. [Excerpt]

      …This attack was planned, funded, and equipped by Iran. That’s why I consider it a precursor to the war prophesied in Ezekiel 38 and 39 — a war led by Russia and Iran. And make no mistake, Russia is tied to this. Just last month, Iran’s Minister of Defense said, “Russia and Iran have significantly broadened the range of their cooperation over the past few years. In particular, I would like to note regional affairs, such as the joint war on terrorism and extremism.” How is that for ironic? These are the words of the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism.

      If you find it hard to believe that the orders came from Iran, consider this. A few days before the attack began, a billboard went up in Iran’s capital city of Tehran. The billboard says, “The liberation operation ‘Storming of Al-Aqsa’ has started.” Al-Aqsa refers to the oldest mosque on the Temple Mount. It irks Iran’s mullahs that Jews have ultimate jurisdiction over what Islam claims to be its third holiest site.

      Shortly after the attack, Iran’s Revolutionary Guard posted on X (previously Twitter), “We Told You We Would Come for You.” That’s a terrorist organization taking credit for its work! And this is definitely a war of terror…

      Hal Lindsey
      October 8, 2023

  14. Some interesting bits and bobs.

    Jake Broe’s latest video

    Russia Wants War in The Middle East – Oct 11, 2023

    8:20 — pro-Hamas rally in Madrid, people waving Hamas and Soviet Union flags; chants of “Gas the Jews!” at the Sidney Opera House
    20:25 — Russian MP Guruliov admits on state TV that Hamas’s attack serves Russia’s interests. Israel is an ally of the US while Iran and the Muslim world are Russia’s allies
    20:42 — One reason why Israel has not expressed more vocal support of Ukraine is due to fear of what will happen to Jews in Russia. Clip of an old Russian woman spray-painting profanities and the star of David on a Jewish store.

    Putin accuses Washington of pursuing a pro-Israel policy against the interests of Palestine. The implication is that the US should fix its mistake by getting sucked into the Middle East again, and damage its alliance with Israel by forcing the creation of a Palestinian state.
    “It put forward ideas on how it should be done and pressured both sides. Each time, however, without taking into account the fundamental interests of the Palestinian people.”
    Putin’s first public remarks four days into the crisis echoed previous statements by Russian officials and media figures in which they laid blame on the West for what they called a failure to ensure peace and security in the region.
    A day earlier, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said the creation of a Palestinian state was the “most reliable” solution for peace in Israel.

    ——- 10/9/23
    Russia Transfers Captured Ukrainian Weapons to Hamas in Bid to Discredit Kyiv – HUR

    Russia has reportedly transferred weaponry of US and European origin captured in Ukraine to Hamas militants, Kyiv has claimed.
    This action, reported by the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense (HUR) on Monday, is part of a broader strategy by Russia to discredit Ukraine within the Middle East.
    The aim is to accuse the Ukrainian military of regularly providing Western-made weapons to Hamas terrorists. Russian authorities plan to propagate these narratives through specific exposé publications in Western media outlets.

    Zelensky is also pointing to Russia’s role in the current Middle East turmoil.
    Russia Interested in Inciting War in The Middle East, Zelensky Says
    Ukraine’s President underlined the gravity of the situation the Kremlin seeks to exacerbate, warning that in the past world wars started precisely “like this.”

    “According to the available information—very clear—Russia is interested in fomenting war in the Middle East, so that a new source of pain and suffering weakens world unity, adds division and contradictions, and thereby helps Russia destroy freedom in Europe,” Zelensky stated.

    Well, I’d be surprised if Biden were to actually do this given the sly way the House Dems managed to both oust McCarthy and cut Ukraine aid from the budget last week.
    The White House is considering a strategy to bundle Ukraine funding with a forthcoming request for urgent aid to Israel, people familiar with the discussions told the Washington Post. This approach aims to enhance the likelihood of Congress approving assistance for Ukraine, despite facing growing opposition from House Republicans.

      1. Speaking of Jake Broe, you (Jeff) recently mentioned someone you follow on Ukraine whom you described as having been completely accurate. I thought I caught the name as being John Mosher, but I have been unable to unearth any links. Could you direct me to the correct individual and if he can be found online?


      1. I would love to see you interview with Kennedy (Kennedy Report) or Lloyd! Would be very cool. Maybe the readers to this blog could suggest Jeff as a potential guest on Kennedy’s website?

  15. Perhaps it has already been discussed in the middle of all the conversations of this passed week, and I just missed. But, what involvement/influence has Communism powers directly had with Turkey- both historically and recently, if known? Thank you.

    1. In the 1970s there were actual street battles between the Dev Genç (communists) and Islamists, including shootings. Then the military coup stepped in and put a stop to that. After that, there was continued contact between the KGB and the Turkish underground. But I have not followed it closely since then.

      The Kurdish fighters against Turkey are openly Marxist.

      Erdoǧan wants to resurrect the Turkish empire which ruled most of the Middle East, and he wants to do so under the Muslim banner. How much cooperation is there between the communists and islamists when “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”? I think there’s more to it than meets the eye.

      1. There was also the time of the assassins in Turkey, in which the far right and the far left engaged in a curious game. Agca came out of this mix.

      2. Indeed, Erdoğan’s rhetoric, apart from his neo-Ottoman sentiments, is as anti-Western, anti-American and anti-NATO (despite Turkey being a NATO member) as the rhetoric coming out of Moscow, Beijing et al. Ironically, for all his supposed religiosity, the man is gravely inconsistent: On the one hand, he wants some kind of khalifate. On the other hand, he has certainly no plans to restore the old Ottoman sultanate. How come? Because he wants to be SULTAN himself! Nothing to do with Ottoman tradition, everything to do with one man having gotten drunk with power (and the Soviets make clever use of it).

      3. Well, they say
        that Santa Fe
        Is less than ninety miles away,
        And I got time to roll a number
        and rent a car.
        Oh, Albuquerque.

        I’ve been flyin’
        down the road,
        And I’ve been starvin’ to be alone,
        And independent from the scene
        that I’ve known.

        So I’ll stop when I can,
        Find some fried eggs
        and country ham.
        I’ll find somewhere where
        they don’t care who I am.
        Oh, Albuquerque,

      4. Wow, fast work Jeff. Most impressive. I was afraid that you might not get it censor it out. Neil Young is a twisted genius, but is ham a genuine false rhyme?

    2. One observation about Turkey. The relationship with Azerbaijan is dangerous for Turkey. Azerbaijan pretends to many things. I believe Azerbaijan is completely under Moscow. So whatever the scam that is being run, Turkey is being targeted infiltrated by its Azeri friends. Maybe Moscow has already established a firm hold. The coup against Erdogan a few years back is therefore doubly suspicious. Russian agents may have played a role in helping Erdogan. One vain man is easier to manipulate than the Turkish generals.

      1. But then, it isn’t just Recep Tayyip Erdoğan who is drunk with power. The whole of Islam is, and always has been.

        And this was Erdoğan back in June 1994, then age 40, at a Millî Görüş mass rally in Anvers, Belgium, alongside the rest of Turkey’s then-Welfare Party leadership, including, to his right, Necmettin Erbakan. And the place literally exploded with good, old Ottoman greatness and glory as famous Naqshbandi Sufi master, Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani of Cyprus (meanwhile deceased), thundered against the unbelievers who will never be brought down to their knees, if the Ottomans do not come back. “Definitely, victory belongs to Islam,” the Shaykh insisted, cryptically threatening, “When the great sign appears, the world will shake.” The Shaykh went on to remind the audience that “our forefathers made the world tremble”, regretting, “Unfortunately, during these last 70 years, we could not be proper inheritors to the 600-year-old legacy of our glorious forefathers, who were carrying the flag of Islam … We find indolence and degradation upon us because we were not proper heirs.” And he predicted, “It will be the Ottomans who will make the world tremble again. If the Ottomans do not come back, the unbelievers will never be brought down to their knees. History is made up of recurrences. Certainly, our glorious era will come. The day being born belongs to Islam. That day belongs to Haqq (i.e., truth). Haqq has arrived. Batil (i.e., falsehood) has lost. So do not lose hope! O believers, turn your hearts to Allah! As long as Allah is with us, we will not need America, nor will we need the unbelievers of Europe, nor will we be servants to them, nor will we go on their path.” The entire stadium shook with Islamic battle cries…

        And yet, dimwit George W. Bush chose to praise Islam as a “religion of peace” – immediately following 9/11, that is. The same “clarity” of mind he displayed a few months earlier when he told America and the world, following his first, June 2001 meeting in Slovenia with this ghastly chekist, Vladimir Putin: “I looked the man in the eye. I found him to be very straightforward and trustworthy. We had a very good dialogue. I was able to get a sense of his soul.”

        In other words, the Islamo-communist alliance is getting ready, and what is left of the Judeo-Christian world remains fast asleep, even now.

    3. (Wow. So much for proofreading before sending. That didn’t go well. 🙄)

      Thank you to R.O., Contemplative Observer, and JRN for providing insights below. Many believers are watching Turkey and Erdogan. He is interesting… Sounds like Russia’s sights r on him and they maneuvering on in.

  16. According to Reuters, “Local media channel Sham FM said Syrian air defenses were launched in response to both attacks. It said here had been damage but no casualties at the Aleppo airport, but did not give any information on the impact of the strike on Damascus Airport.”

    State media has confirmed that the Israeli strikes hit runways and have left both airports out of commission. It’s not the first time Israel has attacked these airports, but them being both hit in a simultaneous operation appears a first. The Israeli army spokesman has also announced, “We bombed Damascus and Aleppo airports in response to the firing of mortar shells from Syria.”

    1. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.
      –Isaiah 17

      “Wherefore comfort one another with these words.”
      –1 Thessalonians 4:18

  17. Hi Jeff, as an unpopular opinion I don’t think Israel should invade Hamas. I think it will lead to a Stalingrad situation for Israel and I believe this will deplete rapidly the political capital that has been built up by this outrage.

    If you look at the leadership of Hamas, it appears at least that they live in Qatar. They are living in Qatar in luxury hotels and then calling on the Islamic world to commit genocide against the Jews for religion. I think it would be better to capture these people and take them to the Hague for trial. It would stop the current round of problems and also serve as a warning for anyone else who wishes to do such a thing in the future.

    That said, the die is cast now Alea Jacta Est as Caeser is supposed to have said. We are going to see Israel invade Gaza with a tremendous loss of life on both sides. There is also the possibility that Israel is not able to overcome their opponents militarily which will lead to a catastrophe for the Jews around the world particularly if Jews are again expelled from Israel.

    My prayer for Israel is that they do not have to say Et Tu Brute.

    1. My first thought when I heard that Israel was the sole source of water, electricity, fuel and food is that by cutting off those supplies, Israel won’t need to invade. Israel is under no legal obligation to supply those items to civilians under enemy control. During World War II the allies were under no obligation to supply food and medicines to areas under German and Japanese control, so the same with Israel today. With no water, within a month most Gazans will be dead. After two months, will there be anyone to oppose an Israeli invasion?

      As an act of mercy, Israel can let civilians escape, then scattered to other countries. Have them be slaves just like in the old days. That’s better than just letting them die. Part of allowing civilians to flee is that they need to denounce any Hamas fighters they know, especially any who attempt to hide among civilians. Iran should be happy to take maybe a third of them? What do you think?

      1. The so called, Palestinians, are always complaining to those Ham asses about having no water. It’s not Israel, it’s Hamas’ inability to govern. They have no desire to. They ousted the Palestinian Authority who did sort of try a bit.

    2. Certainly, the Israelis should avoid slaughtering innocent people. If their outrage leads them to revenge, it will strengthen their enemies — and destroy their position.

      1. Israel says that they are not targeting civilians. However, Israeli strikes are no longer surgical. Hamas is history.

  18. Jeff, what do you make of the report last month that China is continuing to amass troops across from Taiwan? It looks like the presidential candidate the CCP was backing in Taiwan, Ko Wen-je, has very little chance of winning at this point. So the CCP has failed in their plan to take control of Taiwan peacefully. If you believe the CCP is behind the Hamas attack on Israel, do you also now think they’re preparing to blockade Taiwan sooner rather than later? Especially since Biden’s term in office is quickly drawing to a close, and he has no guarantee of being re-elected? The emergency alert tests by Russia, the UK and US all in a relatively short timeframe has still got me spooked. Also the reports that the US government has actually acknowledged now that entire CCP military units have recently entered the country. And the fact that Biden is suddenly allowing the wall to be built at the Texas border! I don’t know if you read Wayne Root’s piece this morning on the Gateway Pundit, but it feels like a lot is coming together all at once. Do you believe we’re right on the precipice, or are Russia & China still just laying the groundwork, and nothing looks imminent as far as Taiwan goes? I apologize if you addressed this question in one of the above videos— I have only had time to watch one so far.

    1. I have said all along that if I were the CCP, I would NOT invade Taiwan at this time. I would need every soldier that I could muster for the invasion of the U.S. While the U.S. military is weak, as Admiral Yamamoto said, there’s still “…a rifle behind every blade of grass.” It wouldn’t take long for the militia, i.e. every patriotic able bodied man (and many women as well) between the ages of 16 and 60, probably many more, to pack heat at all times and defend his life from the scenario Wayne Root described. Wouldn’t even the PLA behind tanks find it hard going?

      China and Russia need thoroughly to defeat the U.S. which will require a land invasion. Anything less, we will claw back and defeat them, and they know it. Therefore no invasion of Taiwan at this time. But by massing their troops opposite Taiwan, they will be ready to board troop transports headed for the U.S.

      1. I’m working from the assumption that a “thorough defeat” would result just from China taking control of Taiwan and Japan, which would crash the US economy and leave us unable to pay our military.

      2. Taking control of Taiwan and Japan is not enough. The U.S. has the third largest population of any country of the world, much of our industrial equipment is still here though some of it is mothballed. For example, Raytheon should have mothballed capacity back online in one to two months to fulfill new orders. There are decent chip fabs here in the U.S., Taiwan is not the only place. We have the engineering knowhow to get more production in place. Japan is already moving production off shore to adjust for a shrinking population, moving some of it here into the U.S. The loss of Taiwan and Japan will hurt the U.S. economy, but won’t collapse it. Both the Russians and Chinese know this, therefore they know they need to take over the U.S., not just hurt its economy.

        On top of that, China is looking for more Lebensraum to grow crops. That means they want to take over the U.S. Midwest.

    2. Early next year Ukraine is going to be starved for supplies. The danger for us begins when Ukraine collapses. If we do not face up to this threat, it will grow. China will go to war when Russia and Iran are able to pin down US assets in the Middle East and Europe. Watch next year.

      1. The United States needs to defend her own borders, along with Israel’s. When we protect Israel, God will protect US. The day that the US abandons Israel, is the last day for the United States. The rest of the World will benefit when God blesses the United States.

  19. I hope you’re right, that we have that long before things get really bad. One other factor I forgot to mention above is that the US currently has a huge power vacuum— Biden is demented, Kamala is incompetent, and there is no House speaker at the moment. And Scalise just dropped out of the running in the past hour. Maybe Wayne Root mentioned this power vacuum issue in his article. (I’ve read so many news articles today that now I don’t recall where I read this.)

    1. People need to stop excusing Biden for being senile. He knows perfectly well the dirty deeds he does. He’s simply building the Reagan defense, re: Iran/Contra.

    2. Having no speaker is better than having McCarthy or Pelosi. First, do no harm.

      1. The extreme MAGA types are no one’s friends. They are the primary supporters of Putin in the US and are very short sighted.

        I have to take issue with your stand on McCarthy, however. He had a spine made of overcooked spaghetti and would yield to the Dems time and again on things that were very bad for the country. The fact they don’t seem to able to elect another speaker says more about their overall incompetence than anything else could.

        Frankly, much of the GOP is leftist.

      2. I do not have a “stand” on McCarthy. Merely, it appears the Russians and the Democrats wanted to remove him. That suggests he was doing something they needed to undo.

    3. How many on the “right” are really leftists “in sheep’s (right) clothing”?

  20. Biden’s family grave should be opened and DNA from one of his relatives obtained, to make sure it matches Biden’s, because he is so connected to the KGB strategy and communist plans, and his connection to the KGB agent Armand Hammer etc., and his involvement in the US nuclear disarmament debacle with Russia, are so extensive, and now the horrible damage to the US police, economy and the 2020 voter fraud this communist asset is involved in, all that points out to the possibility, and it is ONLY a possibility, that he might be a Russian KGB illegal, so there should be a way to confirm the family DNA on him, when or if he is removed and prosecuted for treason etc. = which he should be, but nobody believes he will be.

    Yes, it is a conspiracy theory, and probably just that, but if he is prosecuted, this should be one of the loose ends that assurance is sought. And Russians have done this many times before, they murder the actual person and supply the KGB impostor replacement. And then they count on everybody rejecting it because in reality it may sound as very far fetched, but in many cases it is not a fairy tail at all.

    He will backstab Israel one way or another, when it becomes more bloody over there, as Moscow does not desire anything substantial to happen to their assets in the region, no matter how much the Muslim infidels are offended by Israel’s self defense.

    Interesting article

    Pacepa – Radio Free Europe article about the KGB control of Islamic terrorism

  21. Biden’s family grave should be opened and DNA from one of his relatives obtained, to make sure it matches Biden’s, because he is so connected to the KGB strategy and communist plans, and his connection to the KGB agent Armand Hammer etc., and his involvement in the US nuclear disarmament debacle with Russia, are so extensive, and now the horrible damage to the US police, economy and the 2020 voter fraud this communist asset is involved in, all that points out to the possibility, and it is ONLY a possibility, that he might be a Russian KGB illegal, so there should be a way to confirm the family DNA on him, when or if he is removed and prosecuted for treason etc. = which he should be, but nobody believes he will be.

    Yes, it is a conspiracy theory, and probably just that, but if he is prosecuted, this should be one of the loose ends that assurance is sought. And Russians have done this many times before, they murder the actual person and supply the KGB impostor replacement. And then they count on everybody rejecting it because in reality it may sound as very far fetched, but in many cases it is not a fairy tail at all.

    He will backstab Israel one way or another, when it becomes more bloody over there, as Moscow does not desire anything substantial to happen to their assets in the region, no matter how much the Muslim infidels are offended by Israel’s self defense.

    Interesting article

    Pacepa – Radio Free Europe article about the KGB control of Islamic terrorism

  22. Jeff, with this new front opened up by the Communists through their Islamic proxies, it seems the US will be drained of yet more ammunition and missiles. What are your thoughts on this? Biden immediately leapt into action, declared it indefensible, and sent Austin to immediately promise support as well.

    Is this another draining operation? Was the Hamas raid merely a pretext for launching something bigger? With the brutality of what they did to women and children, it was absolutely guaranteed that they would enter Gaza. And now the “invasion of Gaza” is being set up as a pretext for Qatar, Iran, Turkey, and Hezbollah to “take action”, when anyone could have predicted Israel would do that. The crimes were so demonically monstrous it is almost as if they were intentionally trying to provoke them.

    We also hear that Tony Blinken recently warned that Azerbaijan “may” soon invade Armenia.

    Is it possible that it all goes down this winter?

    1. Don’t forget the Kosovo situation that has been a frozen, but unresolved conflict ever since 1999. It’s being reactived right now, as well! Strange conicidences here, indeed!

      As for the Azerbaijani/Armenian disagreement over Nagorno-Karabakh, which is getting hot again right now too, let’s not forget that the leader of Azerbaijan is Ilham Aliyev, son and successor as President of Azerbaijan of KGB General, First Secretary of the Azerbaijani Communist Party and full Soviet politbureau member from 1982 till 1987, Heydar Aliyev, and that the current President of Armenia is Vahagn Khachaturyan (suitably born on APRIL 22, 1959, the birthday also of Lenin), a 1980 graduate of the Yerevan Institute of National Economy. All of Khachaturyan’s “post-Soviet” predecessors were Soviet creatures, without exception, and so is he.

      It’s all orchestrated provocations. There is no way that the “former” Azerbaijani SSR and the “former” Armenian SSR fight each other in earnest (and they never did, prior to 1988). But that “conflict” of course is tailored to draw Turkey into a situation it doesn’t understand.

    2. This Middle East attack is a provocation. Such moves entail risk, but they sometimes work. If Israel and the USA commit any mistakes here, you can be sure another move is in store from the enemy.

      1. As a side effect, it mobilises the entire Muslim “diaspora” across the world! Will the governments of the free world and of the moderate Islamic countries (such as Jordan) be able to keep this wave of collective fury under control? Unlikely.

  23. It should be fairly obvious at this point what Ukraine and now Israel are all about: completely draining the US military pre-invasion.

    I have been saying this was my suspicion about Ukraine – with Israel it is verified. Drain the US completely of artillery munitions, missiles, etc.. Biden plays the “defender of democracy” as he empties America’s weapons storehouses. By the time the actual attack happens, the US will be completely disarmed.

    1. To leave Bahrain and the 80 plus billion worth weaponry was the key part of it. They could have a very strategic airport against Russia and China, and Biden was no doubt ordered by the Kremlin to give it up and leave.

      That man has done so much treasonous damage to US national security that Benedict Arnold seems like a lone fiddle player compared to this Biden Bolshevik orchestra.

      The ONLY justice visible is now that he cannot be saved, he is truly on his way to Hell, because in order to be absolved of his sins, he would have to restore everything and renounce all evils he has done, and give up and abjure that false sectarian religion which is not Catholic – and Pelosi and her like communist assets as well.

      So God is waiting for him to give him the judgment eternally. He will pay, and no, the Novus Ordo Sect and any other heretical “priest” cannot absolve these criminals, it is absolutely invalid and null.

      This is the only good outcome of this horrible situation – but meantime the damage is staggering and increasing.

      Of course they cooked it up like this, and perhaps worse, but then there is no chain of command to rely on to do the right thing, they are all compromised, all no good. Sen. Joseph McCarthy warned about communist infiltration of the military and the government, and now it is evident by just looking at the evils these people as Biden&Comp. have achieved.

      1. @JeffNyquist: ‘Biden should be impeached for treason if he took Chinese cash’–yes, of course. And I could think of about a dozen other things for which he should be impeached, too.

    2. The U.S. military should be building production capacity — more than needed to get ready for full scale war. Biden and the Democrats are not to be trusted in this, as their war preps always fall short. This is why I do not vote for Democrats.

      1. Text taken from this video page:

        “This war in which we are now engaged is not–cannot–be a war between America’s two great political parties. As I have often said in the past, certainly the millions of loyal Americans who have long voted the Democrat ticket love America just as much and hate Communism just as much as the average Republican.” – McCarthy speech to the Irish Fellowship Club, 1954

        “As long as the jobs are available there will be Communists, either by infiltration or by incubation the emoluments and pomp which go with the political job will convert the meekest bureaucrat to the religion of Power. Hence, if Congress would destroy this creed, it must undo all the “social gains” which have been imposed on us in the past fifteen years. It must abolish the bureaus. If that were done, the devotees of Power would be reduced to soapbox oratory.” – Frank Chodorov

        “States’ rights is your best defense against Communism!”-Dean Clarence Manion

        More audio excerpts can be found at the Marquette University digital library. This excerpt was taken from a speech made at a campaign rally supporting Forrest C. Donnell, incumbent Republican senator from Missouri, 1950

        But this kind of determination is entirely missing in the US Legislature, US government and the Justice system today, and for the same reason as gen. Sejna testified – Russian communist infiltration and subversion.

        Except that these naive local communists don’t understand the historically proven fact that once they are no longer needed by their Kremlin masters, they will be the first ones to leave this world, and by a very ugly death…useful idiots and fellow travelers and so on. But then they made the bad choice to join this criminal atheistic Mafia, so also they have to pay for it likewise. They don’t fully grasp what concentrated evil they are dealing with until they will be swallowed up by it. There is no sharing power with the Kremlin KGB Mafia, with the exception perhaps of Beijing, perhaps.

      2. The communist leaders seek to kill and destroy. We see this in Ukraine, in China’s actions in Tibet, in Chi Haotian’s secret speech, and with the terror attacking on Israel. The useful idiots think it’s about a beautiful world of peace and freedom. But no. It’s just evil.

  24. They don’t even need to do that because their KGB assets, including Biden and Obama etc. will sabotage any substantial military response in case, or rather when the US is attacked, and it may be easily disguised as “Islamic terrorism” and so the initial attack couldn’t be blamed on Moscow, even though the Kremlin is in charge of all these terrorist groups from the beginning. There might even be vast number of Spetznaz agents in charge of them the ones that speak Arabic, or have proper translators at worst, trained from the Chechen “mafia” and such like elements.

    The ends are almost endless, because they have, the KGB Mafia, so many years of expertise and training, and tested their possibilities time and time over, so they know what to do when something goes wrong and how exactly to counter problems and setbacks when they appear.

    That’s why it is absolutely preposterous to think that communism collapsed, among other and much more factual reasons, because of this exact long years of Russian communist expertise and their mastery in deception, which unsurpassed anywhere in the world by anybody and the proof of this historical fact is in their success of installing communist tyrannies anywhere in the world, including their agents inside the White House.

  25. I’m linking the two most recent interviews with Nevin Gussack, Trevor Loudon and Jeff Nyquist.
    I had time to watch the conversation with Jeff. Excellent background on the Arab-Palestinian-Israel conflict. The Soviet Union pulled off another fake split with the Arab countries when Egypt, Jordan etc. made peace with Israel in 1979. The monolithic alliance of US-Israel vs Soviet Union-Arab countries was made ambiguous when the US pressured Israel to make enormous concessions to Egypt, and meanwhile the US picked up the tab for the Egyptian military from the Soviet Union. The move set up more plays for the Communists, and perhaps this is where the endless see-saw of moderate Muslim regimes vs Islamic terrorist groups began.
    Conversation with J.R. Nyquist

    Interview/Conversation with Trevor Loudon
    Politically Homeless Podcast

    JN wrote: “One observation about Turkey. The relationship with Azerbaijan is dangerous for Turkey. Azerbaijan pretends to many things. I believe Azerbaijan is completely under Moscow. So whatever the scam that is being run, Turkey is being targeted infiltrated by its Azeri friends. Maybe Moscow has already established a firm hold. The coup against Erdogan a few years back is therefore doubly suspicious. Russian agents may have played a role in helping Erdogan. One vain man is easier to manipulate than the Turkish generals.”

    Could you explain this in more detail? It all sounds very confusing. You said earlier Turkey is already infiltrated by Moscow but they also need Azerbaijan to infiltrate too? Is Islamist Turkey ultimately allied with Russia, like the Ayatollahs in Iran, or is Erdogan’s regime just a dupe? On the one hand Turkey has long supported the Palestinian terrorists again Israel but they also sometimes take a strong stand against Russia (eg. sending high-tech drones to Ukraine, shooting down the Russian fighter jet a few years back). Does this have something to do with what you said earlier, that “every indicator points to a backstab of the Muslims once America is defeated”? Is this betrayal something that was discussed in the defector literature or based on more recent indicators? Thinking on this, Muslims should take heed that China is imprisoning and ethnic cleansing Muslims in western provinces. Yet they don’t make much noise about this like they do with Israel. There’s a good clue to show how much the Muslims’ fury is very carefully managed behind the scenes.

    1. Turkey is a special case. It has been strongly anti communist and anti-Moscow in the past. Azerbaijan is related to Turkey ethnically. To foster closer relations is to open a way to infiltrate Turkey’s political and military structures. Cooperation with communist states (or stealth communist states) is how a NATO country gets infiltrated, and it is how the communists get various footholds. Azerbaijan is a path into Turkey. A Soviet path. Just get Turkey to accept the lie that Azerbaijan is no longer with Moscow.

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