…modern combat can be characterized as nuclear combat. Of course, this does not repudiate its combined arms character but only stresses the decisive role of nuclear weapons in battle and the special features of the battle itself which follow therefrom. The actions of the troops on the battle are coordinated first of all with the nuclear strikes and are directed toward the exploitation of their results.

A.A. Sidorenko

The Russian leaders go to war and destroy cities, kidnap children, massacre civilians, slaughter their own soldiers in frontal assaults. The evil of the process mirrors the leaders themselves. The great game, which is a horrible game, continues….

When Russia Fools Conservatives

Thursday’s conversation with Nevin

Jimmy Says the Kremlin Game is a Communist Game

Alex Benesch’s Elegant Proof that Climate Change is Marxist And Winked at By Moscow

Jeff and Alex


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116 thoughts on “Conversations with Nevin, Jimmy, and Alex Benesch

  1. Off topic but I have a question about Oleg Kalugin. I recently discovered him and he was a former KGB General, director of counter intelligence and he seems to have “defected” without providing informations. What’s your opinion on him ?

    1. Yolo: On KGB Gen. Oleg Kalugin, a few points. He went to Columbia University early in the Cold War. If memory serves, he ran the Walker spy ring while he was working for the KGB in Washington, D.C. in the 80s. He rose to become deputy head of the First Chief Directorate when it was run by Vladimir Kryuchkov. After reaching this very high posting, Kalugin was inexplicably transfered to KGB coutnerintelligence in Leningrad. Please note: Leningrad was a hub. KGB Colonel V. V. Putin came out of Leningrad, serving as Deputy Mayor there. KGB General Nikolai Mironov, the architect of the KGB long range deception strategy, was formerly the head of the Leningrad KGB. As a city, Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) has been Russia’s “window to the West”; and if you are planning to advertize a deception, Leningrad would be the window in which your best advertizements would be shown.

      If you read Kalugin’s memoirs, there is a peculiar comment near the end. Kalugin says that he still believes in socialism. He has not changed his faith. Very odd, given the democratic noises he has made. Anyone with direct experience of socialist systems know that democracy or freedom in the conventional sense are incompatible with socialism.

      In 1999 I met a former CIA official who was closely working with Kalugin in the Washington, D.C. north Virginia area. The two were often together, and becamse quite chummy. I found this more than a little disturbing, given Kalugin’s past. We must always remember that spies are trained to decieve. And they are trained to pick other people’s brains.

      1. Kalugin is very suspect, and his attack on Bagley is in keeping with his career as a KGB General. He would not likely give credence to anything a defender of James Angleton might say. Funny thing, since Angleton was proved right about US intelligence having moles in high places — Aldrich Ames, Robert Hanssen and others. Kalugin does not congratulate anyone on being right? Only those who believe every word out of his mouth.

      2. @ Fabio: thanks for that important yet disturbing information. Makes me wonder about General Kalugin’s credibility. My theory is the CIA and their assets, wanting to protect their anti-Angleton, anti-Golitsyn narratives, made sure folks like General Kalugin toed the party line (no pun intended). Defectors like Major Golitsyn and General Sejna popped holes in the American establishment’s narrative of American invincibility and Soviet stupidity. They blew holes in the acceptance of sacred cows like détente, peaceful coexistence, splits in the Soviet Bloc, false defectors/penetrations by moles.

  2. In 1969, the CIA found many of Jan Sejna’s claims “wanting”. He provided useful information about the Czech Communist Party in 1968, however, later claims made by him were deemed unreliable. Any claims made by Sejna after 1968, should be taken with a large grain of salt.

      1. I stand by my statement. He defected in 1968, but most of his fantastic statements came after his initial debriefings. Statements by Sejna should be taken with a large grain of salt. Angleton was head of CI in 1969 and the CIA at that time found various statements by Sejna to be “wanting”, “highly suspect”, and “almost certainly inaccurate”. I do not trust Sejna and his stories were too good to be true.

      2. Exactly. As you know Jeff, I’ve read Sejna’s books We Will Bury You and Decisionmaking in Communist Countries. If memory serves me well, Sejna’s analysis was based on his observations and interactions with the top Party elites of many communist countries. I’ve read some of Sejna’s pieces which were more predictive. I distinctly recall one of his articles published in The World & I (late 1980s) where Sejna predicted the successors to Honecker, Husak, and Kadar. He predicted two out of three correctly. I don’t have the article citation on me right now, but two out of three is not too bad considering Sejna has not been inside the Bloc since 1968.

      3. There are other examples of successfully anticipating events from Sejna’s information. In 1982 Sejna predicted a future civil war in Yugoslavia, saying that Moscow was preparing the “break up Yugoslavia along ethnic lines after Tito’s death.” That is a remarkable prediction, along with his statement that Moscow was planning to break up the Warsaw Pact Alliance. Again, he made those predictions in 1982. If he is an unreliable source, how do you explain the remarkable insights? You have to analyze these things more carefully and avoid the simplistic approach of dismissing someone based on a narrowly conceived set of parameters.

  3. Do you know Otto von Habsburg? He was an austrian politician and very famous because he was the last crown prince of Austria. In this video he told that one day he joined the demonstrations against the DDR and talked to some people who were imprisioned in one of the most important prisons in the DDR. They told him that at the end many of the russians there were kind and cordial, except one. This man was really cruel and they told him his name. This was the day that Otto von Habsburg heard the first time about Vladimr Putin

    1. However, by his natural Austro-Hungarian nostalgia, the ever-ambitious (but also greatly deluded) Archduke allowed himself to be used by the Hungarian communists in August of 1989 (notably, by the “Hungarian Gorbachev”, Imre Pozsgay) in what was advertised beforehand as a “Pan-European Picnic” (in reference to the Pan-Europa Movement, in which Otto von Habsburg was active for most of his life), to take place outside the Hungarian town of Sopron, close to the Austrian border. By Otto von Habsburg’s ill-advised participation, the Hungaro-communists were able to present themselves as having supposedly reconciled with Hungary’s Habsburg history (which was all mere eyewash), and that was about it. Today, he is hardly a footnote in the history of the events of that memorable year of 1989, when communism allegedly collapsed in Eastern Europe.

      Otto von Habsburg’s eldest son and since 2007 head of the House of Habsburg, Karl, meanwhile himself 62 years old, has recently been diagnosed with cancer, while Otto’s grandson Ferdinand (now 26), seems to be more interested in car racing than anything else. Talk about disintegration and demise…

      1. But Otto von Habsburg had already betrayed and gambled away his own Habsburg heritage himself! Refusing to listen to his mother Zita (1892 – 1989), Austria’s last Empress, he got involved in political processes which weren’t in any way helping his position of theoretical heir to the Habsburg throne at all. Ever-desperate to play some role, he joined Count Coudenhove-Kalergi’s Paneuropa Union, even though it should have been clear to Otto that this project was intrinsically incompatible with his own Catholicism. Also, his late father, the last Austrian Emperor Karl I (1887 – 1922), never abdicated when the monarchy fell in November of 1918, but merely renounced his involvement in government affairs! Otto, the son, however, in order to be allowed back into Austria, agreed in 1961 to formally renounce all claims to the throne and declared himself a faithful citizen of the Republic of Austria. In other words, he actively annulled his inherited position. His first actual return wasn’t before 1967 as the (fearful) Austrian Socialists were desperately trying every trick in the book to prevent his return. He even went as far as to visit the Austrian parliament and join in with everybody else in singing the republican anthem. In 1979, via Franz Josef Strauß’ Bavarian CSU, Otto won a seat in the European Parliament and kept it for twenty years, far into the new, post-1992 European Union, which was aptly characterised by the late Vladimir Bukovsky as a Western remake of the old USSR (even Gorbachev triumphantly spoke of the “new European Soviet”).

        Sure, by his mere appearance, Otto von Habsburg was the Habsburg monarchy personified. However, had he abstained from any of these involvements, and had he not given up the claim to the throne (in which case he certainly would have never been able to visit Austria again), he could have proudly and happily lived as a clear-cut and non-compromising heir to the Habsburg throne, perhaps on some Greek island or wherever, writing books, receiving visitors and giving speeches around the world. Sadly, he gave in to his personal vanities and, even more sadly, achieved nothing.

      2. Haydn’s composition is the tune for the “Kaiserhymn” in Austria and the German National Anthem. It is still the German National Anthem. They differ only in the Lyrics.

      3. @ ohengineer: “Haydn’s composition is the tune for the ‘Kaiserhymn’ in Austria and the German National Anthem. It is still the German National Anthem. They differ only in the Lyrics.”

        Very much correttamente! But the spirit (and origin) of it is through-and-through Austrian. It is an “anthem”, however, that is so sublime and intimate (as one can hear from the string quartet), for it to be played by a military band, in military fashion, destroys it. It is probably the only national anthem in the world that, strictly speaking, should only be performed by string quartets, in the exact same setting as Joseph Haydn composed it for his Emperor Quartet. Needless to say that a German would hardly ever be moved to tears when listening to these most delicate (and near-elegiac) variations. And what is the tempo as given by Haydn? “Poco Adagio. Cantabile – Var. I–IV”, in other words: “A little slow. Songlike.” Military bands cannot and will not play the tune in such a devoted and heartfelt manner. Ceterum censeo: And the ever-square-headed Teutons should never, ever have been allowed to adopt it as their own. They should have left the British and Austrian anthems alone and stuck with their own “Wacht am Rhein” instead, for honesty’s sake:

  4. Sejna claimed the Soviet Union ran the world’s drug operations in the 1960s.  There is no evidence of this.  He claimed that American Bankers worked with the Soviet Union in the 1960s.  This is impossible, there were no American Banks permitted to be in the Soviet Union until 1973 (post NEP until 1973, no American banking in Soviet Union). He claimed scores of American POWs were experimented on in the Soviet Union. Where’s the evidence?   No evidence, no corroboration.  You can use bluffing words like “obviously”, but you cannot prove Sejna’s major claims were true.  The book Red Cocaine is almost entirely based on Sejna, but there is no corroboration of the major claims.  The book is nonsense.  Sejna is not credible.  Go to the CIA Reading Room and do research on Sejna.

    1. Oh, but there is a mountain of evidence behind Sejna’s claim about Soviet drug trafficking. Read Joe Douglass’s “Red Cocaine.” Douglas found all manner of confirmation, and his book is heavily footnoted. Years after this book was written, the Italian Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry into the mafia clans confirmed it. They all work with Russia on money laundering and narcotics trafficking. This is in David Remnick’s Pulitzer Prize winning book, “Lenin’s Tomb.”

    2. PS — the CIA has many mistakes: about Nosenko, about Golitsyn, about Aldrich Ames. Don’t expect an institution like the CIA to produce golden eggs.

      1. Exactly Jeff. Edward J. Epstein’s book Deception catalogs these errors quite well.

      2. In the case of Sejna, I believe Angleton made a mistake. And Angleton has admitted some of his mistakes — like his failure to look into the background of Henry Kissinger.

    3. PPS — Zero corroboration is a claim easily falsified by anyone who looks. Consider Claire Sterling’s work. There is much to see. But also, the work of Spanish prosecutors investigating Russian involvement with Colombian (FARC) and other communist cocaine trafficking. A great deal has been written in this subject. A defector I knew had direct personal knowledge of KGB organized crime operations. Please stop embarrassing yourself with all you do not know.

      1. Sejna defected in 1968.  The Medellin Cartel began in the mid-1970s.  FARC had interactions with the cartel and engaged in organized crime, as do other Marxist-Leninist terrorist organizations, such as the IRA.  FARC was not running the Columbian cocaine trade under the umbrella of the Soviet Union.  Pablo Escobar ran the Medellin Cartel, not the Soviet Union. Just because FARC took a larger interest in the drug trade after the fall of Escobar, does not mean Sejna was right.  These were crimes of opportunity. For example, in Northern Ireland – The members of the IRA and protestant paramilitary organizations became more involved in organized crime (drugs, extortion, etc.) after the Good Friday Agreement.  That was not done under the auspices of the Russians, these were crimes of opportunity that terrorists participated in after their services as terrorists were no longer necessary. They were criminals who wanted to make money.

      2. Have you read Terry Reid’s book, “Compromised,” or Shirley Christian’s work on Nicaragua and Manuel Noriega? Have you even bothered to read Joe Douglass’s book? Why do you have axe to grind about Sejna? Have you read the Sidewinder Report out of Canada? Soviet and Chinese involvement in organized crime — in drug cartels and money laundering — is real and an important part of the larger intelligence/subversion picture. The Soviets and the Soviet successor state have been involved in organized crime and Narcotics trafficking. GRU defector Stanislav Lunev said drug trafficking routes were important to the GRU for smuggling WMDs into the U.S. prior to a major war. But then, you will probably say he is a liar, too. Drug traffickers working with the communists need not be ideologically red, but only partners in crime. Moscow and Beijing find them useful, as other special services have in the past. It is not an outlandish claim, as you seem to suggest. Sejna testified to how the program was started in Czechoslovakia. I credit his testimony. You do not. We disagree. To each his own.

      3. Our Czech resident Communist
        , Commit should have something to say about this surely. Or prehaps he just did comment.

      4. A very important book by Claire Sterling. I have it and have already read it 2 times. It should be required reading in every intelligence and law enforcement agency.

  5. They will send provocateurs to “disprove and cast doubts” because they cannot argue their way out if with the truth because they are not of the truth.

    And so they will invent false arguments and unsupported ideas and opinions just to provoke those who know the truth that communism is evil and yes, the KGB, now FSB and GRU are involved in narcotics, organized crime, all the South American cartels and the Mexican etc ones are controlled by Moscow, and the money is still flowing in.

    There was the Russian ship caught in mid-1980s with load of Afghan opium, and it was somewhere in northern Europe, the Italian and Dutch and some other intelligence agencies were on alert, it was even published in their newspapers. It was a major scandal – and of course Russian Bolsheviks didn’t allow ordinary and real merchant vessels to exist, they are all on GRU orders and command. So it not only Sejna, there are many others who knew about the fact that the biggest narco-trafickers in the world are the communists, especially the Kremlin Mafia – it is their biological and chemical warfare, as the CCP fentanyl (or whatever they spell it as), and the Hungarian woman “defector” that invented the synthetic CCP virus “vaccine”, the one that is now killing more and more people. So Moscow it tied to it, except that they cover their tracks so well and it goes so far back that they can always claim that the USSR dissolved and that now there is “a rupture with the past” – which is of course a communist lie and KGB deception. Of course God will visit them with horrible punishment, the whole country will be very sorry, as they are and have been perverted for such a long time and serving the devil with all their evils – how many millions of innocent people have died and been murdered and persecuted by the communists – they will pay to God very dearly for it. And as Sejna said – ALL CONTROLS come from Moscow and people undertook independent action at their own risk and penalties were (still are) without any regard for human rights and decency.

  6. You can’t blame every crime since 1949 on Moscow and Beijing.  Pablo Escobar, Serial Killers, Clergy Abuse, Boy Scout Abuse, Teacher Abuse, Cosa Nostra, Gang violence, etc.  These were not caused by Moscow, Beijing and International Communism.  You cannot retroactively say Communists controlled the drug trade in the 1960s, because the Chinese control Fetanyl production in the present.  Russian organized crime figures participating in the drug trade in the 1990s, does not equal Soviet international control in the 1960s. Sejna’s claims were investigated by Angleton and J. Edgar Hoover.  These were not Communist controlled puppets.  The CIA and FBI did not believe Sejna’s more spectacular claims.

    If you are not willing to destroy your best held ideas, then you will never be a capable analyst.  

    1. I beg your pardon. I have never written that Moscow and Beijing are to blame for every crime since 1949. To present this as my point of view is either stupid or dishonest. Please, check yourself. Read my sources and those cited by me. You come here and put words in my mouth, misrepresenting me in front of my own readers. LEARN HOW TO READ WITHOUT ADDING THINGS THAT ARE NOT THERE. I have never written that “the communists control the drug trade.” Look very carefully at my words. Saying that certain countries and their special services are involved in narcotics trafficking, and have infiltrated organized crime, is not the same thing as alleging they control all narcotics trafficking and all aspects of crime. Let’s not make a straw man argument, okay?

    2. Interesting how you’ve coined them “ideas”. There is a famous quote by Baz Luhrmann “Be careful whose advice you buy but be patient with those who supply it. Advice is a form of nostalgia, dispensing it is a way of fishing the past from the disposal, wiping it off, painting over the ugly parts and recycling it for more than it’s worth.”

      I don’t know exactly where you are getting “your ideas” from, but I can probably name about five of them and all have ties leading directly to Moscow and Beijing.

    3. Oh BOSTON, I welcome a new troll to Jeff’s site. Do you work at the Troll factory, 55 Savushkina Street in St. Petersburg? Oh no, the street has been renamed Optikov Street.

    4. The crimes in BSA were not the fault of the organization. They did what they could to prevent them, but background checks are not, by themselves sufficient to stop them. Those who would not comply with the guidelines the national Council put in place was not something the BSA could prevent because they could not be everywhere. It is a reflection of the sort of men they get as leaders. When a country becomes as degraded as the US has, no organization like BSA will be able to operate without scandal.

      Alas, they have become even more degraded in the last 10 years. Scouting is finished.

    5. A common Marxist tactic is to misrepresent one’s opponent’s point, then “defeat” such a point, as this pitiful character does here. Does Commit have a cousin? 

  7. It is always like this – and so there is the question of expertise – whether one would believe somebody like Gen. Sejna, who risked his life to escape the communist hell, and was then smeared all over the Soviet Bloc and the communists (KGB and so on) tried to discredit him with various fabricated accusations, or to believe somebody who just simply says that he doesn’t believe Sejna – a general who was frequently meeting with people as Khrushchev, Brezhnev and so on, and who was member of the Czechoslovak Defense Council and knew of the whole strategic plan.
    So who can be more trustworthy – one who warned about the Russian communist evil, or one who says it is not so bad, relax boys and girls…?
    Amazing how with the communist propaganda and lies and deception, disseminated over and over by the vast KGB spy and snitch network all over the world, how these lies took hold on people in the US, and now they think that they know the truth.
    Our Lady of Fatima speaks of Russia, spreading her evils, causing wars and persecution against the Catholic Church, the good will be martyred etc., various nations will be annihilated…(that’s the 1917 AD apparition – 70 Thousand witnesses.)
    In the previous posts when quoted Sejna’s 1996 AD Congressional testimony, he in one place says that the Czech Intelligence in early 1990s confirmed that there was the Czech communist military hospital in North Korea, as Sejna testified to (Dr. Douglass spoke about it and wrote about it in his book Betrayed), but that the Czechs said that there were no such guinea pig experiments on US and Korean POW’s done, which of course confirms that as Sejna testified that he has personally seen POW US servicemen arriving in Prague at that time, the Czech intel fully controlled by communists till this day was of course forbidden by the Kremlin to disclose the truth and confirm Sejna’s testimony.
    This is yet another point that there was no collapse of communist in Soviet Bloc and that the whole thing is one major Russian communist FRAUD, because the Moscow communist criminal Mafia wants to rule the whole world, that essential strategy has never changed.

  8. 1) Regarding the talk of a civil war and how Moscow and Beijing want that stirred up here: What do you and others see as this civil war, especially in lieu of all the invading hordes of men from the Axis and bloc countries? I used to hear about blue vs red state civil war. But, that is not how it is shaping up with this ongoing invasion.

    You and Jimmy talked about avoiding a civil war. From my simple perspective, I don’t see how war on our soil will be averted, at this point, with the invasion having no brakes.

    2) Many good people just want to know what to DO. There are different groups taking the county by county approach of reinstating and forming Grand Juries and militias. One group seems a bit off the rails with their focus on listening to hours of their version of history which boils down to America became a corporation in the late 1800s and therefore “We the people” must take our govt back. It smells an awful like the lie “It’s the evil capitalists” again. A couple of people I’ve heard share are a bit desperate/unhinged in their zeal to save America from all the usual conspiracy culprits. So that group is more than concerning….

    However, another group is more staid and stable, despite referring to the deep state, globalists, etc etc. They do name communists as one of many culprits. It’s being publically promoted on X, so will name that group:


    QUESTION #2: Have you seen any of these groups?
    It seems like the plan to get connected county by county and get involved in local govts is wise. Not too sure Moscow or Beijjing, and their militaries and nukes, will be too impressed with what the Grand Juries have to say, however…. But, I so appreciate people working to be lawful while taking action to get organized. However, as you say, they just aren’t “oriented” to their real enemies and their long histories and strategies – which is dangerous.

    QUESTION #3 : In lieu of communism’s history, and besides orienting them to the real war, what would you say to the Tactical Civics groups as pearls of wisdom, warning, correction and/or encouragement?

    With CCP troops and others pouring in, some level of organization needs to get going, it seems. Even just to be local community protectors, working together to safe guard critical infrastructure, emergenciy services, etc from sabatage. Surely, this can be used for good. And, to the degree there are concerns or shortcomings, there could be redirection and honing to improve effectiveness.

    This is another resource from one of the women readers here, mentioned some months ago.

    1. I have been asked about tactical civics before. Being involved a little on the county level, I am put off by the tendency to repeat highly irresponsible conspiracy narratives, and a general inability to see the enemy clearly. I realize the learning curve is steep, the disinformation is all-encompassing, and effectiveness here requires precision. Folks unacquainted with the complexity of all this are far from understanding how conservatives themselves are being manipulated and infiltrated. You cannot walk into this blind. We will undoubtedly see more provocations similar to January 6, 2021. The most dangerous thing, in all this, is to get involved with fools. And people who gravitate toward such narratives are fools. All will depend on those involved at any given locale. Some may be good, some not so good.

  9. One of the indications that such like people are incoherent in their understanding of communism is when they claim to be “conservative” and then begin to defend the Russian Bolsheviks, based on temporal and dialectic and still deceptive communist “policies” which temporal policies coincide with the overall inclinations of the conservative side (what does this mean anyway – conservative side – it does not guarantee the truth, only the opinion or orientation of that opinion about the truth), so anyway, such people then loose their focus and are deceived by the very smart communist deception, which is the purpose of it in the first place.

    But that does not absolve them from the principle that you cannot sit at the table of people who are doing evil, and shake hands with them and make agreements with them, as they cannot and must never be trusted to hold those agreements as binding, as their is no conscience in communists, only their evil cause and the evil means to achieve it.
    There is no excuse for people who give the Bolsheviks a pass, or who have compromised on this principle because for the time being it may be financially or temporarily convenient, but the sacred principle of truth and justice is already violated by them to the point that by giving consent or rather by giving approval of communist advances, accepting all at face value what the KGB Mafia has ever proclaimed and what the Moscow criminals publish (including Putin going into the KGB controlled Russian Orthodox churches and kissing the icons etc.), all of it enables the communist strategy to take over the world, and thus their guilt, as there is no possibility of ignorance to be claimed (because of this principle preventing it – they must not shake hands with these communist servants of the devil and they do), when such people control the state power, including policy making centers of the government, the country is virtually doomed, because when the overall policy of acceptance of communism as equal, and or as tolerated as equal, is widely accepted there is no more recovery possible – the country is doomed to be taken over by communist subversion and their strategy.
    This is the outcome today, and there is no more turning back as the damage is done, and this is evident just by looking at them what these people are proposing for policies today, anywhere in the world where they still claim to be “democratic”. And it will only get worse and worse, and God has permitted this evil because of unbelief, indifference to the truth of the revealed Faith, and worldwide consent to apostasy and godlessness and subsequently to hedonistic pleasures which all lead to Hell.

  10. Update on Mexico:

    On Sunday I met a man, probably best to leave his name off this message, who spends months at a time in Mexico as a consultant. I got a few minutes alone with him (he was with a group I trust who vouch for him) and asked him about Chinese presence in Mexico.

    “It’s much worse than you think.” Yes, there are Chinese everywhere, but they are only a small percentage of the Chinese in the country. The majority are in “factories” that resemble the forts that the U.S. cavalry used to put up in the plains states in the 1800s. Most of the people inside are not allowed out.

    But these are not the only suspicious people in Mexico. He claimed he saw a group of Somalis, all dressed the same, young military age men, marching in formation. He said he lost count when he counted beyond 30. But these are not the only people from Africa. There are also people from Kenya and he named a couple of other countries. He said that they come a shipload at a time from different countries.

    What does this look like to you?

  11. There’s a video making rounds on whatsapp groups about the vaccines causing disfiguring birth defects. Have you heard anything about this, Jeff? I have no idea about the statistics of this and other fertility-related effects (getting stats on this would be very insightful).

    As mentioned on this site, the vaxx seems like such a great opportunity for the enemy to attack us, but I’m unsure what the biological target was (cardiovascular system, immune system, fertility… etc.) or if it even worked to begin with.

    1. Greg, there’s a British news source called “The Exposé” ( http://www.expose-news.com/ ) whose reporters have done statistical studies on the effects of the vaxx. But the government figures that the Exposé depend on may undercount the effects, as compared to insurance company claims.

      I’ve seen several articles reporting on the effects of the vaxx, but many of them completely miss the geopolitical machinations behind their approval and roll-out. Apparently the spike protein itself is the main culprit, and the mRNA programs cells in the body to manufacture spike proteins. The main effect is blood clots that can have numerous effects depending on where the blood clots congregate, which organs are effected. I could recite more from memory, but it is better to go out and find documentation.

    2. According to Pfizer there are 1,250 vaxxeen side effects, and some of these effects could even be defects.

  12. Jeff, how concerned are you about a) the nationwide nuclear emergency test in Russia today, b) the test of our emergency broadcast system here in the US tomorrow, c) reports that China is massing troops across from Taiwan and d) entire PLA military units reportedly crossing our southern border. Also it sounds like the Russian disinformation machine is on overdrive at the moment. Is it your feeling that we could be right on the verge of something big? Why do you think these two tests are being conducted within 24 hours of one another?  

    1. I do not have the feeling Russia and China are about to launch nuclear weapons or a general war now. We do not know for certain who is crossing the border, whether it is Chinese fleeing tyranny or soldiers being infiltrated. Those who have investigated in person along the are dubious about certain details. Could be an economic attack with sabotage and rioting. But winter is coming. Not sumner.

  13. Jeff, how concerned are you about these two back-to-back emergency tests in Russia and the US? Is this just business as usual, or is there something more going on?

  14. Three great interviews. I am reading your books and following your blog and learning a whole lot! I find myself relating many things that you talk about to family dynamics and interpersonal relationships. It is lilke going to therapy and discovering a whole new way to look at why people behave the way that they do. Thanks again for all the time and effort that you put into teaching us and trying to wake people up.

  15. Thanks for the reply. Sorry for the double post. There seems to be quite a delay at the moment (at least on my end) between when I submit the post & when it appears on the site. 

    1. K, don’t be so impatient. I expect my posts not to appear until five to ten minutes after I post them. I’m surprised when they come up immediately.


    1. It appears that the MAGA Republicans are taking over the party. Trump’s popularity and the populist push is gaining strength. This will have good and bad effects. We shall see if the rhetoric from the right shifts further right, and how much Russian influence there will be.

      1. Why in the world have Zelensky and the Ukrainian government done things that only serve to alienate conservatives? The appointment of an American transsexual as a spokesperson for their government, and Zelensky endorsing global climate change at the United Nations are actions that only serve to generate anger on the Right. The issue of aid to Ukraine appears to be the trigger for the ousting of McCarthy as Speaker of the House, because the renegades believed he reneged on his promises.

        The constant anti-Ukraine and pro-Putin blather coming out of the alt-right media is taking greater hold due to conservatives abandoning the mainstream media and walking away from the talk show conservatism epitomized by Rush Limbaugh. Joe Rogan reportedly has an audience of 11 million; Tucker Carlson on Twitter 8 million. Alex Jones’ numbers are harder to determine, but a hostile source (Southern Poverty Law Center) estimates it is in the millions. In contrast, Sean Hannity has an audience of 2.7 million. Mark Levin’s TV show averages about 1.5 million.

      2. I have seen no evidence that this transexual person is an official representative of the Ukrainian government. My understanding, which may be wrong, is that he/she is no such thing. People can make videos claiming all kinds of things. Perhaps someone can set me straight (no pun intended) if I’m wrong.

        About Ukraine’s president: Zelenskyy is not a statesman. He is not even politically literate. He is an actor who got elected president in a country that is sick of professional politicians (sound familiar?). As such he entered office with many misunderstandings. He is, in this matter, a dupe who has damaged his own cause.

        Related to this, what Speaker McCarthy said about the people who removed him as Speaker, is partly true. They are not conservatives in the Burkean sense. They are “right wingers” and populists who are susceptible to emotional rhetoric and reckless policies. Perhaps there is a leader who can channel all that emotional energy constructively. McCarthy does not think so and he might be right. Time will tell.

        The low intellectual quality of our rising “right wing” media superstars is alarming. I have been worried about this for over a decade.

      3. Rogan has had peter Zeihan on his show a number of times. Zeihan is moderately in support of Ukraine and Rogan has become such as well, judging from his conduct with Zeihan.

      1. It is disturbing that cutting off Ukraine is connected to the fall of McCarthy. If there is a hidden Russian hand here, we are in double trouble; for if a wider war evolves from this, those seen as working with Russia will be subject to arrest. And many may be smeared with this label unfairly.

      2. MCCarthy is a RINO, and he went along with the mere, half-hearted support of Ukraine. He needed to go, but at this time, for these specific purposes of totally cutting off Ukraine from help at this critical time in the war, is devilishly cunning and wicked of the enemy, if that is true. People r rejoicing in the nomination of Trump. Admittedly it gives a burst of laughter to consider the 3 ringed circus that would ensue if Trump would actually step into that role. Oh my! But, can’t see Trump ever getting the votes needed, and we don’t need a circus. We need sober leaders who see the dire crisis we r now in and come to their senses and make wise decisions to try to fight for the Republic and the very lives of the people here and around the globe– including their own “useful idiot” lives. I wonder if ANY of them see and discern the meat wagon, now coming up the driveway, and r starting to wonder….?

      3. If I were in Moscow and Beijing, trying to inflame a civil war in America, I might want Trump to be House speaker. Think of the counter-narratives you could devise.


    1. This reminds me of the late-period Roman Empire, when Rome relied on foreign soldiers to do much of their fighting for them; they were called foederati, I believe. They eventually turned against their Roman masters.

      1. Ilegal immigrants with no loyality to the US. The US and Canadian military also lost alot of good people to the Covid vaccine mandate. Then the wokism turning people away from signing up. All part of the plan. Sickening.

      2. The socialists taking over the military need more pliable enlisted personnel. I hope the law of unintended consequences catches them out.

      3. The problem started with the loosening of the standard to allow someone to become a Roman citizen. For example, the 10th legion that destroyed Jerusalem in AD 70 was made up of citizens almost entirely from the Levant. while they maintained the traditions of the Roman Army, to say they were Roman, is a long stretch.

  18. In the conversation with Alex he mentioned a book by Christopher Clark that showed that Russia was the driving force behind WWI. Could you elaborate more on this? I remember this article from American Thinker which mentioned a host of books, including Clark’s, published around the anniversary of WWI. The conclusion was that Germany, the German Chancellor in particular, was the one maneuvering behind the scenes to push for war in Europe while Britain and Russia were trying to mediate.

    “But after the war, reputable scholars compiled multi-volume editions of the [diplomatic papers published by Britain, France, Germany, Austria, Russia] that were accurate and far more complete, and that included 19th century documents… But the most revealing collection of telegrams is Outbreak of War: German Documents Collected by Karl Kautsky, published in 1924.
    …What the diplomatic documents reveal is clear: proposals for conferences or mediation of any kind always come from Russia and Britain. They are all rejected by Germany and Austria, sometimes disingenuously.
    The Kautsky papers disclose the confidence game played by Berlin.”

    Also, what was the name of the book by the French intelligence defector that discussed the mass assassinations carried out by French Communists at the end of WWII?

    1. The book by the French intelligence defector was “Lamia,” written by Thyraud de Vosjoli.

      As for German guilt in the outbreak of World War I, Nietzsche had a saying that applies to such things: “Historians begin by looking backward. They often end by thinking backward.”

      Winston Churchill’s book, “The World Crisis, 1911-1918,” has a remarkably charitable passage about the onset of the war. Churchill describes a dinner he had with the German Ambassador as the crisis leading to World War I began. This was Count Metternich, who Churchill had known for ten years. They discussed the history of Europe since Napoleon III had unintentionally united Germany with the Franco-Prussian War. Churchill said it was a pity that Bismarck had allowed the soldiers to force him — against his better judgment — to take Lorraine “and how it lay at the root of all the European armaments and rival combinations.” Metternich countered Churchill’s statement by saying Lorrraine had been German in the remotest antiquity; that is, until Louis XIV decided to take it for France. Churchill said Lorraine’s sympathies were French. Metternich said Lorraine’s sympathies were mixed. “Anyhow,” said Churchill, “It’s kept the whole thing alive. France can never forget her lost provinces….”

      The back and forth here is instructive.

      If we show that Austria and Germany refused to negotiate with Russia and Britain, and this was the cause of the war, we might nonetheless be committing a fallacy of narration; for the leaders of every country except France had reason to believe they were forced to do what they did, having no room for manuever. Therefore, Austria mobilized to avenge an act of terrorism that seriously harmed the monarchy; Germany, in loyal sympathy with Austria was forced to mobilize as Russia mobilized; Russia mobilized in loyal sympathy with Serbia; Britain mobilized because Germany’s desperate position led to the Schlieffen Plan and the invasion of Belguim. All the actors were thinknig pragmatically, in terms of avoiding damage to themselves. But none avoided damage. Each action made things worse.

      One might be charitable about the motives of the various countries, though Germany’s invasion of Belgium was morally inexcusable, One might also say that Austria’s overreaction to the assassination of the Archduke was also inexcusable — as was Russia’s mobilization, France’s mobilization, and Britain’s horrific blockade (which claimed so many innocent lives).

      Who was wrong? Who was right? The whole thing was so frightfully stupid and tragic. Yet, the bad things the Great Powers did in 1914 are NOT to be compared with what Hitler and Stalin did in 1939. Here we have two evil characters, advancing revolutionary causes, seeking the destruction of whole classes and races of people. Like Edmund Burke on the occasion of the French Revolution, we must draw a distinction between legitimate powers stumbling into war and illegitimate powers scheming to destroy the peace.

      Here is what bothers me: When Anglo-American liberals play the blame game with respect to World War I, a fallacy comes to the fore. It is the fallacy of turning a temporal sequence into an ethical system {i.e., turning history into morality). This misuse of historical sequence belongs to historicism. In catering to this misuse we feel the urge to cast blame on the not-so-liberal German and Austrian monarchies. Here our historical epistemology peeks out from behind progressivist fallacies of liberal moralism which may not be any more moral than the illiberal idealism of German historicism (Hegel, Marx, etc).

      Schiller once wrote, “die Weltgeschichte is das Weltgericht.” In the case of World War I the blame game tends to be a moral progressivist one. Our ideologists tell us that “democracy” is pure and good while monarchy is intrinsically wicked. In that event, how does one explain the paradoxically wicked Versaille Treaty? (The Treaty that blamed Germany for the war, and punished the German people as uniquely wicked.)

      Can we admit the hypocrisy of President Wilson’s 14 Points? It sounds very statesmanlike until Wilson told the Kaiser to abdicate in favor of democracy — a democracy that gave rise to Hitler.

      When the law of unintended consequences produces such ironies, there is only one conclusion: All these statesmen are animated by bad ideas.

      Germany suffered a revolution after the Kaiser’s abdication, and Germany also suffered the deaths of 800,000 children from a British naval blockade that kept being imposed several months AFTER the 11 November 1918 Armistice; that is, after Germany was no longer fighting and no longer capable of resisting. The Germany Army had gone home.

      There is plenty of guilt to go around in this sad story. Meditate, if you will, on the meanness of “democracy” as democratic politicians dared not tell their suffering citizens to put revenge aside.

      Regarding the State documents published in Kautsky’s book, “Wie der Weltkrieg entstand,” a misunderstanding arose in 1922. It was alleged by Belfort Bax that Kautsky’s documents prove that German mobilization preceded the Russian. Yet Kautsky himself wrote a letter denying this. He wrote, “Never and nowhere have I said that German mobilization preceded the Russian.” Kautsky described Germany’s mobilization, however, as owing to “confusion, short-sightedness and recklessness…. but not diabolical talent for deep laid scheming.”

      Kautsky admits that this unfortunate situation “placed the German people in a most unfavorable position, both from a military and a moral point of view. Not only in Belguim, Serbia and Northern France … but Germany as well. This must not be forgeotten when the question of war guilt arises.”

      He then goes on to say that the importance of the war guilt question “is greatly exaggerated in many circles. Surely we have got beyond those times in which the outcome of the war was regarded as God’s judgment. For us the conquered is no longer, of necessity, the sinner, nor the conqueror the just man. But in every war it is the conquered who pays the cost.”

      1. Barnes placed the primary blame for WW1 on France because of their bitterness over 1871. Placing the blame on Germany, who mobilized last, is not honest. Wilhelm tried to get both Russia and France to back down. The Brits took the side of the French and allowed themselves to be duped into that murderous conflict.

      2. Oh yes, Harry Elmer Barnes — a very interesting historian of the revisionist variety. Yet, a closer look at the British decision for war against Germany shows that the invasion of Belgium tipped the scales. Arguments have been made that the British probably would not have entered the war if Belgian nuetrality had been respected by the Kaiser.

      3. Given the inclinations of the Brits, I doubt the Belgian violation really tipped the scale. The Brits had the chance to get the French to back off, but they passed on the opportunity. IIRC, the Brits had troops in France before the Belgian violation, although not the major presence they had later.

        The Brits wanted in on the family spat.

      4. If you read a close account, the invasion of Belgium forced Britain’s hands. Only Churchill, out of the British elite, was happy about the declaration of war on Germany.

  19. Lenin wanted to dismantle the Hapsburg Monarchy in order to minimize the influence of the Catholic Church and begin Her destruction, and so he had Serbian and Bosnian revolutionaries assassinate the successor to the Austrian Throne Archduke Ferdinand in 1914 AD Sarajevo.

    Some of these people were Muslims, but most were socialists and there is a credible indication that the influence of Lenin played the role, at least they had the same ideas as he had.

    It is very hard to discover the overall involvement of Lenin in it, but it is inconceivable that Russian Czar would be using socialists to murder the successor to the Austrian Throne. But this is so far only partial analysis, some of it is speculation, but an objective one. But historically this was one of the most important steps to destroy the existing order and bring Russian Bolshevism worldwide, that far back. Lenin was already very active in Western Europe, where he was in exile, after being arrested in Russia by the Czarist police etc. J. Edgar Hoover mentioned some important details in his book on Communism, specially the fact the Lenin had organized string of bank robberies in Western Europe to finance the Bolshevik revolution, and when the socialists found out about it they were trying to get rid of his wing at the socialist congress, but it failed because Lenin had already gained too much influence and infiltration among them – this is BEFORE the Sarajevo assassination in 1914 AD, probably 1905 and onward. Hoover did really good work on this subject, this is a very important book of his, and that’s why his FBI back then was helping Sen. McCarthy to go after them in the US. Of course today you might as well rename the FBI by FSB-KGB etc., because it is as bad as nobody can even imagine, and has been so for quite some years now.

  20. Three interesting and thought provoking discussions. Thank you for continuing to make these recordings and presenting a variety of researchers. The fog of war is currently so thick and the propaganda so heave, that it is hard to find solid information such as what you and your guests are attempting to provide. Keep ’em coming!

  21. Three impressive interviews done by Jeff. These guys are good researchers and uncover incredible information. It is almost like people got sick of hearing about Ukraine. They listened to “News” rather than what is obvious. The Communists will kidnap our children
    and massacre civilians and shoot their own people if they do not bow down too. That is what they do. It has never changed. We are really STUPID to betray Ukraine.
    Kevin Taylor

    1. If Russia can nuetralize Europe as an ally of the United States, along with Biden’s foolish alienating of Saudi Arabia, we might be forced — as a people — to live within our means. Think of how angry all these entitled people will be.

      1. If the communists carry out their “nuclear Pearl Harbor” followed by invasion, which would effectively take the U.S. out of the equation, Europe may be forced to stand alone. NATO without the U.S. is in no position to take on Russia. They may declare war, but would it end up much like the “Sitzkrieg” of the first few months of World War II? Then whoever is ready to attack first will have the advantage. NATO is starting from so far behind, how can they be first?

        As for the anger of our entitled people, will it be drowned out in the struggle to survive? But afterwards, if we survive as a nation, will the real anger be against those who allowed this disaster to happen?

      2. Europe and America will be in a very difficult position because they have not understood the nature of the Chinese and Russian regimes. If everyone is determined to resist, the enemy will fail — despite all their advantages.

  22. There is 2 aspects of the Russian aggressive war-crime attack on Ukraine:

    1) Russian communist government wants to reunite the whole Soviet empire, their controlled opposition in the Ukrainian government is doing the deception game with the EU and US governments, who in return pretend to be “compassionate” and are sending money and advisors to resist the Russian aggression (and not coincidentally they do not name the Kremlin KGB criminals as such). And also, as it seems, there are alleged kickbacks and money laundering attempts and the so called corruption (which may easily be qualified as communist intent to hamper the western economies), so obviously it again serves the Russian communist strategy to demoralize the western populus by portraying the western governments as evil and not worthy to be trusted in anything.

    2) The Ukrainian people are the victims, they should be helped out of charity, even with helping them to resettle if they so choose. But the Ukrainian government shouldn’t be trusted, only to some extent, as that is obvious that the roots of the Bolshevik subversion or rather Bolshevik stranglehold on these Eastern European countries is far more than anybody can imagine, especially in light of the fact that whole “collapse of communism” is a major KGB organized and executed FRAUD and for the sole purpose of taking over the whole world, the US included of course. And this even at the cost of complete destruction of entire countries, with Russian and Chinese nuclear and bio-chem weapons, KGB-GRU controlled Islamic terrorism and such like tools, and of course not excluding the communist party infiltration and subversion of entire governments, including the US legislature, justice system and executive branch.

    EVIL TIMES are here, these are the results, and God permitted in punishment of those who are disobedient to Him and are His enemies.

    1. The sad part is that when God punishes nations for their wickedness, the just among the populous often suffer alongside the unjust.

      1. From the scriptural narrative, God punishes nations and individuals. even those nations that God used to punish Israel, found themselves punished. In the case of many of those nations, they ceased to exist.

      2. Examples of punishment:

        Deuteronomy 28, starting at verse 15. While this chapter was specific to Israel, God follows roughly the same pattern with all nations. Sometimes it takes generations to go from societal excellence to ruin. You can’t measure it with the available technology, but look at how people live. People are living in the streets because they can’t afford housing. It’s not only in the U.S., but also in China, England, Germany, France, etc. countries also known for immorality. Instead of turning to God, these societies turn further from him. Many are also hungry. War is another punishment, and it’s coming.

        Christians are warriors in battle, and like soldiers everywhere, we take casualties. Casualties are also called “martyrs”. This is not the same as punishment.

  23. God is infinitely just and infinitely true, He is the Truth essentially.
    So when He punishes a nation or the whole world, it is always for a just reason and by His always just judgment. Meaning that he chastises those who have gone astray from Him to educate them in order to bring them back to Him, and He punishes those who will not do that and refuse to listen to Him.

    Of course who they are is not subject to private interpretation, as can be plainly seen from the overall situation in this world and the warnings that the Catholic Church in the times past had given (this is before 1958 AD). And the warning from Our Lady of Fatima stands as it is, about Russia spreading her errors around the world, causing wars and persecution against the Church…various nations will be annihilated.

    1. Eventually we will be at war with Russia and China. Unfortunately, the communists in the Pentagon may have other plans. Indoctrination of US soldiers may be in the cards.

  24. Jeff, how come I never hear you talk about the US fiscal situation? They are deliberately jacking up the cost of capital in the US. The amount of interest the government has to pay keeps rising. 

    Corporations will soon have to refinance at much higher rates. The 10 year is rising. And Powell says he will keep raising. It seems as if they’re trying to cause a crash by raising interest costs and sucking more money out of the economy. Biden also restarted student loan payments. 

    I mean, how does the US government not go bankrupt? Although it may be impossible to say when, shouldn’t this be a major concern, and aren’t the Communists clearly involved in this? 

    1. Bankruptcy is looming, but as I wrote for Financial Sense from 2001-2013, I constantly heard that the sky was falling and peak oil would crush us, deficits would crush us, etc. I am careful to stress that there is a great deal of flexibility in a fiat money system where the main player is the world’s largest market economy. Now that they are strangling that economy, there will be consequences. But do not underestimate the cunning of our financial wizards. They have already kept things going a decade longer than one might have expected. Remember that bankruptcy is in the heart and head. The fiscal reality limps after. Still limping….

  25. Jeff, you previously mentioned that Biden only delivered $17 billion worth of the $40 billion (military) aid that was authorized for Ukraine. Does this mean that even if no new funding is approved, Biden could still release the other $23 billion? A line in the article below implies the opposite, that there is very little aid left.


    White House warns what lapse in Ukraine aid would give Russia openings (Washington Times)
    By Mallory Wilson

    “…The call comes after the passage of a clean stopgap measure over the weekend that provided no new aid for Ukraine. There is some aid left from the 2023 funding bill, but it will soon run out.”

    1. I have heard that the Pentagon spent most of the aid money correcting its own ammunition production deficits. I suppose that’s a good thing for us, unless the money was squandered on gender reassignment surgeries.

  26. I would like to thank Jeff, Jimmy, Trevor, and any others who continue to do this thankless work trying to raise the consciousness of the world to this danger. 

    Jeff, Jimmy mentioned if anyone would like to help him get the word out, to reach out to you. How do you suggest doing so? I would like to help spread these important interviews if possible. Are there any plans to put them on all video streaming platforms? Or would you have any objection to people doing so? 

    Please let me know if there’s a way to reach out to Jimmy to maybe help him with his documentary idea. I believe all citizens should be doing their part, however small, to share the truth and elevate the public’s awareness. 

    1. I could connect you with Jimmy, if you like. The videos are already in YouTube.com which is a streaming platform. My site is a streaming platform. For that matter, linking is very easy.

  27. Jeff , in the interview with Nevin you said that the “Jewish conspriracy’ is all nonsense and that the Jews were easiliy recruited as ‘traitors’ because they were persecuted.

    When the Sovjets marched into Romania at the start of WW2 the Jews were the ones cheering the invaders on. Is it any wonder if Jews are despised? But you might say that they were maltreated beforehand. Fine.

    Please consider South Africa. Nobody forced them to live there, but they were nontheless instrumental, in overthrowing the so-called white regime. Can you at least admit these people were hatefull towards the Boers? Without any reason. And that after they had helped destroy the White Christian civilization., they jumped ship. Also, why did the Israeli government never take offense to the apartheid_nazi – equation.? Why did they never once say: to compare apartheid with exterminination camps is a gross insult to the Jewish people.? And I truly detest the ‘apartheid-memes’ these Jews are continousdly sprouting. They are intelligent enough to understand that the ethnic variables are perfectly inverse in Israel but still persist in maligning a people that is being daily butchererd.

    Joe Biden himself, referencing sociatal change, said ““Think behind of all that, I bet you 85 percent of those changes, whether it’s in Hollywood or social media are a consequence of Jewish leaders in the industry. The influence is immense, the influence is immense. And, I might add, it is all to the good,”

    I’m not anti_jewish but I think they are more than capable of standing up for themselves. Our focus should be on our own people ie the Whites.

    1. You misunderstand my position, and perhaps it is my fault for not being clear. The idea that the Jews dominate European civilization, and that they are trying to destroy “white people” is a grotesque misrepresentation of history. Antisemitism, based on this kind of misrepresentation, tends toward totalitarianism because it partakes of the same sins as other totalitarian creeds. It is deeply committed to the misuse of language to distort our view of reality. It points us to the wrong enemy. You are using loaded language, guilt by association, appealing to false generalizations. You are driving home the idea that the Jews destroyed White South Africa. I fear you have cherry picked your historical facts in this case, omitting information that shows white people are responsible for their present troubles — having failed to defend themselves against the communists, having made a deal with the Devil. You say you are not anti-Jewish, yet you have plainly laid out several anti-Jewish themes. You have suggested that Israel is opposed to white people, is working against people of European background. Well, there is a very old conflict, going back to Roman times, between the Jews and the white people’s Roman Empire. And a great deal of mutual animosity remained after that Empire converted to Christianity. The Jews have been persecuted for thousands of years. So if you’ve noticed some animosity from, congratulations. The Jews became a pariah people under the Roman Empire, and that status forced them into certain lines of work, and sometimes into the service of aristocratic protectors. And this in itself has been an occasion to malign the Jews whenever the aristocrats wanted to divert blame for their mistakes. (Surely, our princes did not make these horrible mistakes. It must be the Jews.) And so you get these anti-Jewish narratives, which many believe in. People of good will ought to oppose the further persecution of Jews. It’s medieval to regard Jews as secret enemies, as tools of Satan, etc. Hitler’s treatment of the Jews was based on this kind of thinking, and he slaughtered many innocent people (not only Jews). Hitler was evil, and his use of anti-Jewish narratives brought massive destruction to Europe. You may want to blame the Jews for World War 2, and all human beings have something they can be blamed for; but the responsibility in this most destructive of all historical events lies with the antisemites. Right? Let’s promise ourselves that this kind of madness coupled with the mistreatment of innocent people isn’t going to happen again. Of course, we know it will. But let’s use some common sense. We have very serious enemies out there who are also enemies of the Jews: like radical Islamists, like communists, like Nazis. You say there are Jewish collaborators with communism, and there are. But there are also German and English and Dutch collaborators, too. Why make it about the Jews? The overwhelming majority of communists are not Jewish. Communist China is not Jewish. And China supports Israel’s enemies. Let’s be nuanced in our understanding of these matters. Stop trying to blame the Jews for everything. Our focus should be on stopping totalitarianism.

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