Once collective leadership had been established in the Soviet Union and reaffirmed in the Chinese party in 1959-60, factionalism lost its meaning. There could no longer be actual groups of Stalinists, neo-Stalinists, Khrushchevites, or Maoists, but such groups could be invented if required by policy considerations.

Anatoliy Golitsyn, [NLFO, p. 75]

On Saturday I spoke with German researcher Alex Benesch about his analysis of Moscow’s two-sided strategy of manipulating the right and left simultaneously (entailing “contradictions”). This is something I have touched on in the past, but Alex has gone deeper into this. He wonders if there may be a secret network of agents in Europe, belonging to old aristocratic families, engaged in a deception of their own. Can this explain Moscow’s setbacks in 1990 when Germany was united earlier than the Soviet plan called for, with disastrous effects on the Soviet military? Thirty years after the “fall of the Soviet Union” Moscow invades Ukraine, initiating what is explanable only as a Soviet Civil War; that is, an overt attempt to put the Soviet Humpty-Dumpty back together. We ask, once more, why is this effort running into such difficulties? Why has Europe rallied to Ukraine in ways that are quite unexpected? In this context, how will Moscow’s manipulation of the right and left, out of different narratives, work in terms of their usual “scissors” strategy? Are Moscow’s real collaborators (in the Biden White House and Democratic Party) luring the right into apparent collaboration with Russia to entrap them with a “MAGA is a Russian-controlled subversive movement” narrative in the event the war widens? I raise the issue of the moral and intellectual disintegration of Moscow’s elite, and the elite subversives in Washington. My point: Anyone who engages in such deception operations hurt themselves in unseen ways. Here is the audio:

On Sunday I had a conversation with Jimmy from Brooklyn regarding communist subversion and deception. He had some great insights from decades of infiltrating the communist movement himself.

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62 thoughts on “On Anticommunism and the Subversion Game: Two Conversations

  1. Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson has alleged that unnamed figures in Washington obstructed his attempts to interview Russian President Vladimir Putin.

    ‘Appeared to suggest that it was the current Biden administration which was behind the meddling.’

    “I tried to interview Vladimir Putin, and the US government stopped me,” Carlson claimed in an interview with Swiss publication Die Weltwoche published on Thursday. He also explained that he felt let down by the lack of support for his situation that he says he received from US news media.

    He said: “I don’t think there was anybody who said ‘wait a second. I may not like this guy but he has a right to interview anyone he wants, and we have a right to hear what Putin says’.” The 54-year-old added: “You’re not allowed to hear Putin’s voice. Because why? There was no vote on it. No one asked me.”


      1. Kremlin reacts to Weltwoche interview: Will Tucker Carlson now get an appointment with President Putin?

        World Week
        6 hours ago

        Dmitry Peskov, press secretary for Russian President Vladimir Putin, told reporters that the Kremlin press office receives dozens of requests from foreign media every day. Many American editorial teams would also ask to be able to conduct an interview with Putin.

        “There will certainly come a time when such an interview will be necessary,” said Peskov. He further emphasized that the Western public is currently influenced by anti-Russia views and therefore it is unlikely that anyone can accept an objective assessment of Putin’s position.

        Peskov recalled that the Russian president always speaks extremely openly with foreign journalists and explains his country’s position in detail.

        Asked whether Putin would be willing to give an interview to former Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who has expressed interest, Peskov replied: “We’ll wait and see.”

        Carlson had previously stated in an interview with Weltwoche that the US government had thwarted his plans to conduct an interview with the Russian president.

        The 3 top comments on “Kremlin reacts to Weltwoche interview: Will Tucker Carlson now get an appointment with President Putin?”


      2. There is only one “objective assessment of Putin’s position” to Putin, and that is his own. He won’t hesitate to lie. You can take the boy out of the KGB, but you will never get the KGB out of the boy.

    1. “Peskov recalled that the Russian president always speaks extremely openly with foreign journalists and explains his country’s position in detail.”

      The Kremlin foreign press corps is/was one of the most tightly controlled groups in all of Moscow. No one who could ask uncomfortable questions was given access (on that note Carlson would be a shoo-in for the Putin interview). That’s how Moscow influenced Western perceptions of Ukraine in 2013-2014 in its favour. Anyway, nothing is stopping Putin from making a speech addressed to the American people to explain his case. And Carlson could easily interview him over the internet. But Carlson thinks the American people have a right to be spoon-fed lies by a self-declared enemy of America with the help of an American media personality. You can bet that, just as with MacGregor he would not challenge anything that Putin had to say nor would he point out Russia’s ever shifting narratives and contradictions since the start of the invasion. What he’s really saying is that he has a right to use his media star-power to help make Putin’s lies more palatable to American audiences.

      Julia Ioffe, a Russian-American journalist had some interesting things to say about how foreign reporters are managed by Moscow (and bugged to the hilt).
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b1HWNcLDK88 2018 interview, also talks about Russia’s rigged 2011 election and protests, Ukraine 2013 protests and Russian attempt to interfere in the 2016 U.S. election

      1. I am reading the wonderful book: “Putin’s Army of Trolls: The Kremlin’s Information War Against the Democratic World” by Finnish journalist Jessikka Aro. A very insightful book, especially about how the trolls in Western countries help to spread the Russian disinformation. Until the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine, yes, I still listened to the Swiss Weltwoche, which spreads a video every morning. But since February 2022 Roger Koeppel has mutated into a troll for Russia. It is quite disgusting. He is even in my mailing list for years about the Russians, but either he does not read it, or he is such a convinced troll that nothing can teach him.

  2. Great interviews. After your last interview w Jimmy from Brooklyn, I am halfway through a book he recommended during your last conversation. “Covert Cadre” by S. Steven Powell. It details all the tentacles of reach via The Institute For Policy Studies. Amazing.

      1. Yes, I watched Carlson’s interview with Macgregor. It was painful to hear so much rubbish coming from Macgregor. That man is spewing Russian disinformation regarding the war. Why? Not sure. I am dumbfounded at his failed predictions. But this really marked a new low. And Carlson was clueless.

      2. Sadly, over at Gateway Pundit, you see the man cited as a source of gospel on the war. Those people simply don’t think for themselves, although they bridle at being told that. Other useless places are Gates of Vienna, Zero Hedge, and The Burning Platform.

  3. I heard that Zelenskiy brought up global warming subject to please the democrats and get more help from them (as it is their agenda). He does not believe that republicans can support him in the war against Russia. Maybe because he did not support republicans either in their investigation of Joe Biden and his son’s business activity in Ukraine.
    And when I say Zelenskiy I mean his advisors. He hardly ever makes any decisions himself. His surrounding is also full of Russian agents and he listens to their advice even during the war. He is so immature and ignorant.

      1. It would be the case of very stupid advice given to a President who does not understand who Marina is, or how many tens of millions of Americans such an appointment would offend here in America.

      2. Very stupid or probably, then, very cunning stragic advice if it is from communist sharks surrounding Zelensky. Guess you are suggesting it could be like when Trump was surrounded with RINO sharks and snakes, either actively advising harmful ideas (lockdowns etc) or just spreading confusion regarding realities (swamp= communists or agents/assets). That could be one reasonable, simple explanation, then.

      3. As we see in the West, a clandestine war is playing out inside Ukraine. It is fought between the remnant of the old Soviet system and the new Ukraine that is trying to emerge. Which players are working for Russia? It is very hard to say. Imagine how many agents Russia has inside Ukraine’s structures. If Russia’s agents failed in the past, they are under extreme pressure to produce results now. The Russians cannot win on the battlefield without winning inside the Ukrainian government.

      4. Going by the Slaynews article, it is only Abramovic claiming that Zelensky invited her to be an ambassador for Ukraine. Is there any confirmation of this? The rest of the site seems to be a lot of the typical Alt Right fare: scary-WEF-NOW-corrupt-Biden-Russia-is-winning-the-war.

        But if this is true, it would be a needless own goal by Zelensky, and at a time when he needs to try to win over both the American right and the left as much as possible. We have seen this kind of thing before, where a leader who is strongly opposing at least one aspect of the Communist agenda completely stumbles in another aspect and ends up hurting his own side while strengthening the Communists. As MNTGAL points out, Trump was on autopilot with this kind of stuff. For every win conservatives also got Covid lockdowns, vaccines, BLM riots, continuing Obamacare, and now Trump seems to be leading them (or following – it is hard to tell) into a politically damaging alliance with Russia. Before Trump we had G.W. Bush who turned a justified war against Islamic terror into a morale-sapping nation-building project in Iraq and Afghanistan. Inexplicably, when there was evidence that Iraq’s WMD’s may have been smuggled into Syria, a Russian ally, Bush chose to drop the whole subject down the memory whole and to instead focus all of America’s efforts on building up Iraqi democracy. All of this played a big hand in turning parts of the Right against the U.S. government and military. Interesting how Democrat presidents never seem to have this habit of sabotaging their own side. As Jeff suggests, there likely are/were lots of Communist sharks all around these administrations to subtly influence them in the wrong direction. It sure would be nice to know all the details.

      5. Is Zelensky who he claims he is? Or is he controlled opposition?

        I remember Bush running under the three “C”s, Christian Compassionate Conservative. Later it became obvious that he was no Christian, because he taught universalism, that all religions are equal, which is Hinduism and not Christianity. And it can be argued that he was neither compassionate nor conservative.

        Trump disturbs me because it appears that he, too, is controlled opposition.

        Controlled opposition says words that oppose what they really stand for and do a few actions that seem to support good causes, but fail to act in important areas.

        Zelensky has signed on with the WEF, which we here recognize as a communist front. He is burning his bridges with conservatives in the U.S., whose support he needs more than the Democrats. Is his leadership designed ultimately to lead Ukraine into a disastrous defeat? And bring down NATO with it?

      6. +1 fuel for the ‘satanist’ canard
        +1 ‘nazi bandera-ites’ canard with the Canadian vet the other day

        Good for their internal propaganda, dubious with how fast the news cycle churn is in western infotainment.

    1. Of course, the communists did not lose full control of the countries they gave up to NATO more than three decades ago. We would have to be fools to think such people simply vanished without a trace. In fact, these people controlled everything that mattered in their respective societies. You can be sure, whatever they pretended otherwise, they maintained some degree of control (and even hold power in some of these countries, using false flags and noncommunist narratives). After 1989 the former “communist structures” ended up in control of much of the media, many schools, big companies and key agencies. The old communist elites formed their own democratic parties, just as the Italian Communist Party became the Democratic Party. Why not? You lie low, you keep the positions that matter, and one day you mount a comeback.

    2. The sort of post-christian Last Men that are glad to outsource their moral turpitude on to ‘Americanization’ abound in Europe; it’s there on both the right (often pointing to Evola’s caricature of ‘Americanism’) and the left for the usual laundered socialist reasons.

  4. https://www.themoscowtimes.com/2023/09/22/russia-is-preparing-the-next-generation-to-die-for-their-country-a82536
    In Russia, 2023 is the Year of the Teacher and Mentor…
    At the celebration’s formal launch, Russian President Vladimir Putin affirmed that the “historical mission of the Russian education system has always been to form a sense of citizenhood and patriotism.” He named the Russian Army — specifically those fighting in Ukraine — as a key beneficiary of Russia’s world leading morality based schooling. He hailed soldiers for battling against an enemy that seeks to destroy Russia’s historical memory, history and traditions.

    …Putin’s vision has been formalized in the “New Philosophy of Formation” developed by the Russian Children’s Centre in conjunction with Znaniye, a Soviet-era organisation relaunched in 2015 to provide state-approved educational guidance and resources to the public. The new philosophy aims to unify approaches to moral and academic education, incorporating schools, families and community organizations in the process. It focuses on “improving children and young people’s capabilities” and instilling approved spiritual and moral values.

    …Teachers’ freedom to criticize the state is likely to be curtailed under this new philosophy.
    …The stark militarization of the curriculum since 2022 has signalled a dramatic shift in the government’s approach to youth patriotic initiatives. Previously the Kremlin promoted and strongly encouraged parents to send their children to patriotic, state-organised social clubs. Now it is requiring children to join up with these supposedly extracurricular activities as part of the general educational process…
    With the aim of shaping the worldview of 6 to 18-year-olds around “traditional Russian” values, the Movement of the First has been especially active in the newly occupied territories of Ukraine. Much of the organization’s efforts to inculcate Russian patriotism among the youth are focused on these regions…

    The sheer scale of the patriotic program is unsettling… But it also raises questions. If the educational system has already created so many patriots who are willing to die for their motherland, then why are these changes needed? Why do the Russian people, whom Kremlin politicians ceaselessly praise for their superior spiritual and moral values, require so much additional edification?
    If the answer is that many Russians have resisted the Putinist vision of patriotism despite the enormous pressures they face, then this is cheering news. However, amid the Kremlin’s clampdown on freedom of expression, Russia’s shrinking information space, and the avalanche of patriotic initiatives listed above, people may find it increasingly difficult to remain uninterested and disengaged.

    Russia’s military mobilization has moved on to the children. The Russian army that is committing countless crimes in Ukraine is the epitome of Russia’s highly moral schooling system. And a Soviet-era organization focused on youth indoctrination is working hard to nationalize this ‘patriotic’ curriculum. You can bet the kids will be told to report their parents for any lapses of patriotism. The worst part is the brainwashing of Ukrainian children to hate their country and to grow up to fight against their compatriots. Also interesting conclusion to the article. If Russia is planning a much longer war than in Ukraine then it will certainly need the current generation of children (Russian and non-Russian) to be ready and willing to die for ‘Mother Russia’.
    And how many conservatives reading this might think that a ‘Christian Nationalist’ program of national patriotic education is a good and unifying thing compared to the over-sexed, multicultural education systems in the West today? It’s things like these that make conservatives in the West think that Russia is morally superior to their own societies. As you touched on in the interview with Alex Benesch, they unite behind Russia, the supposed ‘heiress’ of traditional Romano-Christian European culture, and hardly notice that the individual nation states where that culture once truly flourished are being trampled beneath Russia’s heels.

    1. Yes. Patriotism vs. nationalism is a tricky subject. A false jacked-up patriotism behind a bogus nationalism can be very dangerous, so that young lives can be harnessed and sacrificed for something that is nihilistic and destructive. It is tragic.

  5. Yes, indeed. Carlson has allowed outrageous Russian lies to go unchallenged during his broadcasts. A journalist, above all, must keep in mind those who have died for telling the truth in a country like Russia: Anna Politkovskaya, Alexander Litvinenko, and many others who were not blessed with fame in the West have paid with their lives. Carlson purports to speak truth, and I wish he had done so. But he allowed untruth to prevail from his platform, an untruth that has murdered and jailed other journalists — in Russia! Carlson champions a liar like Macgregor, which is obscene; for lives are being destroyed, and a country is being destroyed, along with the truth. Some years ago I interviewed British journalist Luke Harding — of the U.K. Guardian. He told me some horrific stories of Russian colleagues murdered and threats made by the FSB to his five-year-old boy (by propping open the boy’s fifth floor bedroom window). The details were all in Harding’s book. Of course, I do not share all of Harding’s political beliefs, but I very much admire his courage and decency because he risked his career to show solidarity with persecuted Russian journalists when most others kept silent. Foreign journalists have been carefully managed in Moscow since Lenin’s time. The Bolshevik pattern remains, and so do their murderous methods.

    1. It looks like my first post about Carlson and the Ioffe interview got lost somewhere.

      Yes, it is very unfortunate that conservative and liberal media household names were never interested in delving too deep into what was happening in Russia in the last 3 decades. One doesn’t have to really support the Communists in Russia or China, it was enough to ignore what was happening there and allow those countries to present their own false picture to Western audiences unchallenged. After decades of being fed this false picture and being led astray on other issues, it was easy for a few prominent and openly pro-Russia personalities to emerge on the right to corral the movement into a formal alliance with Russia. The interview with Jimmy put it really well: the Revolution is achieved by workers, blacks, women, environmentalists, gays etc. and now conservatives led by Communist leaders.

  6. PS – Julia missed a few things when the changes in Russia happened; but as she appears to be young, she probably missed the nuances of that time.

  7. Hello,
    is possble, that Zelensky and his team are blackmailed/forced? “We give you weapons and ammo, at least u could do is say a few words about global warming, and hire this friend of mine (Abramovici) give her a job I need to improve her image, it will also be good for u.” Also, until a 2-3 days recently a trans(man> women) from US was speaking in the name of Ukraine Army, oresenting news and updates, at least on twitter, I was wondering how did they hired such wired person, unless they were blackmailed/forced. IMHO this scenario is rather more probable, Ukraine does not have any other option and is a small compromise.

    Regards, P

    1. Peter: you make an excellent point. Was it a coincidence that Ukraine was desperate for tacm rounds the US was withholding? Maybe Biden said, maliciously, “we will give you your tacm rounds if you take on Abramovic, arrest Kolomoisky and give lip service to global warming.” Then we will see you as a team player. Yes. It could be that simple.

  8. Please keep the Jimmy from Brooklyn interviews coming! The two of you combined in a discussion format like this are the dynamic duo of anti-Communism. Keep up the good work and rage against the coming of the night and the new dark age!

  9. I have my own theory for the events in US (which is a little bit strange for Bulgarian like me) and I don’t tell that I am right. But I’m at least 90% sure that the things are a little bit more complicated. I don’t trust MAGA and Trump. And the reason is that in the methods of operating of Soviet/Russian intelligence is included the recruiting of foreigners who work or study in the USSR/Russia just like Trump who was on a trip to USSR in 1980s. I was focused on Hillary’s ties to Russia but one photo of Trump made me be suspicious whether he is an agent because the Russian bank Sberbank (of course controlled by FSB) sponsored an event which was visited by Trump. “Sberbank” was written on the wall behind Trump. So, it would be a clue that Trump had some deals with the Russians too. There is no way for Russia to miss an opportunity to recruit an influential businessman like Trump. And if I am right that both candidates (Trump and Clinton) have ties to Russia, isn’t it possible that different Kremlin clans have some internal disputes and use both Trump and Clinton as a puppets. I am just suggesting but my suggestions are based on facts written above and moreover Clinton was sponsored by Soviet-front Council for a Livable World as a senator. She is a Russian puppet, probably just like Trump.

    1. Interesting suggestions, and we should always keep an open mind about factional politics in Russia. What we know about the “clans” is that there is only one “Kremlin” clan, but outside Moscow the picture is unclear. Regional groupings, outside Moscow, have sometimes dared to grab power and independent status for themselves, and are sometimes tolerated by the Kremlin for convenience, provided they pay lip service to the Kremlin. We know from past experience, that the Kremlin is ready and willing to smash any and every disloyal clan. Though, in recent years, Putin’s grip has weakened with dire results for Moscow Center. It may be that the problems of post-Stalin governance in Russia show that Stalin’s bloody disciplinary measures were necessary after all. Under Brezhnev, the system fragmented and corruption worsened. In terms of manipulating foreigners, many factors must be considered. Strategy is centralized. They are following a defined program. Even the Russian mafia gangs signs contracts with SVR/FSB. Having no basic rights, these criminals can be jailed on any pretext. However, corruption being rampant, it is difficult to tell which Russian officials are themselves engaged in enriching themselves. Thus the breakdown of Russia into an illegitimate feudalism. This is always difficult to analyze. But foreign dealings definitely follow a unified strategy.

    2. They would not attack Trump the way they are if he was one of theirs. Name a single agent of theirs that they have attacked like this.

      1. On the contrary – to create credibility the communists and their agents are able to go through physical torture and prison time in hard labor communist gulags to create their credibility – they’ve done it many times in the past.

        It is understandable that people who are not fully familiar with the Russian communist tactics and strategy see Trump as genuine, but when you realize how he has sold the US to the KGB asset Biden and to the whole communist/democrat gang which is nothing less than the CP USA directorate, and that without any substantial resistance (Insurrection Act or Marshal Law and mass arrests of the Democrat traitors), Trump’s 1987 visit to Kremlin, his plans to build a high-rise hotel in Moscow (which then the KGB would have used for blackmail ops and compromising data gathering on anybody of interest), Trump’s connection to that billionaire from Georgia (in Russia Gruzia) who was studying in KGB school in Moscow and then “by a sheer luck or destiny” ended up as cabby in NYC and then became a billionaire and financed one of Trump’s projects, there are too many red flags surrounding Trump to overlook them.

        From the intelligence standpoint he’s perfect case of communist asset, because of his popularity, and also his willingness to accommodate the communist strategy, as the agricultural contract with the CCP (US $50 Billion – that’s with a B – worth of American food products shipped to the communists), and much more, including his STB connected wife Ivana (who was there in 1987 with him in Moscow).

        Do NOT be deceived by his recent problems, they can go away as quickly as they came in, as all of it is organized that way. If he goes to jail, then he would still gain more popularity, or be the tool of starting the civil war, which then the CPUSA would crush very quickly, using their communist assets in the police and military etc.

        Trump was supplied $ 160 billion (with the B) as a loan by the long-term KGB asset Soros, to build the Chicago Trump Tower – that of itself is another red flag right there.

        He kept all the bad actors in without firing them, as Fauci, Birch, Milley and others, as Barr, Sessions and so on and so on. BUT by far the worst betrayal is that he gave the democrats free pass – the WH, Senate and also then the US House, and was only complaining about the fraud, but didn’t use his executive powers to counter it, which was his duty when voter fraud = treason is evident.

        These are not coincidences, but a carefully planned strategy – planned in Moscow and Beijing – to take over the whole country and prevent any justice to be administered.

  10. Re: the European and American left tilt against Russia and even China.

    I believe this can easily be explained by simple human nature and tribalism.

    While there are still fringe groups on the left that support Russia (Code Pink, hard-core commies), the rest of the left accepted the Hillary Clinton seeded narrative (that may have been accidentally right or simply pushed Trump in that direction) of Trump being a Russian agent. Even Mama Merkel used the Russian agent excuse to attack her opponents even though she clearly is one too.

    Trump and MAGA’s further defection to Russia only fueled the drive on the left against Russia and China even further.

    Simple tribalism, in other words, rooted deep in our genetics.


      Communists do NOT permit any such “tribalism” and anybody who tries to pull off something of this kind is executed – terminated.

      Trotsky tried something comparable and Stalin had him assassinated in Mexico.

      Testimony of Gen. J. Sejna – 1996 Dornan Committee


      Page 41 (this is the whole transcript – download possible):

      Gen. Sejna:

      I never had a chance to explain completely the strategy of the Soviet Union, and I think, until Mr. Reagan through the White House called the Soviets by their real name, evil, and forced them to take down the Berlin Wall, things, to me, didn’t look very good.Ladies and gentlemen, the Berlin Wall, and the electric fences around Czechoslovakia and other countries, really covered an evil operation against all people and against the free, democratic countries.In Soviet planning, two wars dominate the planning.

      First, there was the general nuclear war, which was the responsibility of the military. Even all civilian construction was under the control of the military.

      Second, there was a political and intelligence war, the revolutionary war, as it was originally called.This war was planned in many details, infiltration of the government,the press, sabotage, subversion, deception, narcotic traffic,organized crime, the training of terrorists, terrorism generally, and compromise political and business leaders.

      The major targets were industries, allies and democratic countries, and, of course, as I heard personally from Khrushchev, the major targets were the United States because, as he said, the United States was the major rock in the way to communism in the whole world, and as he said, if we move the rock away, the door for communism will be opened every where.

      I like to point out these things because, as I said when I went to the United States, I didn’t understand really the policy. In the beginning when I heard it and saw people, even from the Congress and politicians on TV, I thought all of them are KGB agents. I was wrong.

      I think some of them didn’t understand what’s going on between the Soviet Union and the United States. I think the part of the deception strategy was also how to use POW’s from Korea and Vietnam and Laos.Ladies and gentlemen, I don’t say any fantasy. I was there.

      I participated in that. I was in charge of some operations, and what I’m saying is the truth. Even if the people who tried to find out the truth about POW’s have very, very strong enemies, stronger maybe than we are, I think one day the truth will come out and I hope that these people will at least apologize.Some people who call me liar, and even ask the Defense Department to fire me, and thanks to the Defense Department, they said no, against these people I will file suit, ones I will present my friends with more facts about the POW’s.

      When the war was over in Korea, there were still a hundred American prisoners in Korea, and as probably you know already53from the press, and Czechoslovakia very well, because Czechoslovakia built a military hospital in Korea, in the beginning of the war. They called it a “gift to the Korean people”.

      The major purpose for the hospital was to train Czech doctors, and Russians, for the war. But generally, it just covered deception.The top secret purpose of the hospital was to experiment on Americans and South Koreans.

      The POWs were used to test the effects of chemical and biological warfare agents and to test the effect of atomic radiation.The Soviets also used the American prisoners to test the psychological and physiological endurance of American soldiers.

      They were also used to test various mind-control drugs. Czechoslovakia also built close to the hospital a crematorium.

      Ladies and gentlemen, I was shocked when I learned 2 years ago that some agency of the United States Government asked Czechoslovakia if it is true what I said about the hospital. The Czechs said yes, we built the hospital, but we didn’t test American prisoners.Forty years after the war in Korea, we find out the hospital was there.

      Mr. DORNAN. How? How did we find out it was there?

      General Sejna. They asked Czech intelligence if it is true what I said, and Czech intelligence said yes, the hospital was built there. The Americans and South Koreans were very important to the Soviet plans because, as I told you, the United States was their worst enemy to the Communists, and that is why they want to be sure they understand the mental and physical condition of American soldiers.

      The Soviets were deadly serious in their preparation for nuclear war and in their development of various drugs and chemicals that were to be used in the revolutionary war, and this included detailed tests on the people from the United States. (COVID 19 PERHAPS TODAY ?)

      PAGE 43

      [The prepared statement of Mr, Sejna follows:]

      Statement of Jan Sejna Before the Subcommittee on Military Personnel of the House National Security Committee, September 17, 1996

      To understand the events of interest today, it is essential to understand that back then the main mission of all organizations in the Soviet empire was to destroy democracy and bring people everywhere under the yoke of communism. Two wars dominated our planning.

      First, there was general nuclear war, which was the responsibility of the military. Even civilian construction projects had to be approved by the Defense Council to make certain they all contributed to the war effort.

      Second, there was the political and intelligence wars, the world revolutionary war, as it was originally called. This war was also waged according to a very detailed and complex strategic plan.

      This war involved infiltration of the government and press, sabotage, subversion, deception, narcotics trafficking, organized crime, terrorism, compromise of political and business leaders, and many other activities, all designed to destroy competing social systems.

      The primary targets were all industrialized countries and the most important enemy was the United States.

      I want to point out that in these and other activities, the Soviets ruled their empire with an iron hand. All directions and controls came from Moscow.

      People undertook independent actions at their own risk, and the penalties were without any regard for human rights or dignity.

      There is simply no way the KGB Kremlin criminals allow “tribalism” – they only pretend that there is partial disagreements among them and setbacks, but as long as the overall strategy to take over the whole world progresses the right way, they all are on the same boat and same page, no disagreements. (The Sun Tzu strategy is for the western consumption only, but inside the communist bloc strict discipline is maintained as always.

      Do NOT trust any of their reports, no matter how believable they may be, their TRUE design is evident – Russian communist deception to preserve the element of surprise and make the first attack the final one, in all aspects.

  11. Metaphorically speaking, as a group we are seeing a lot of lions hiding in the grass. Are we getting good at seeing lions hiding in the grass? Or are we looking so hard that every shadow looks like a lion hiding in the grass? Or is it some of both?

  12. If the optics of the rumoured Abramovic appointment isn’t bad enough, the Ukrainian Nazi theme reared its head again in the aftermath of Zelensky’s visit to the Canadian parliament. What are the chances that the PMO/Parliament was incapable of vetting a more suitable WWII soldier than a Ukrainian member of the Waffen SS, right during Zelensky’s visit? Russian media is having a field day with Zelensky-is-a-Jewish-Nazi. Apparently Hunka was also invited to a private reception with Zelensky and Trudeau. I wonder if some stealth Communists behind the scenes deliberately mis-advised the politicians. No one did any due diligence before inviting Hunka to the Parliament, but conveniently the whole dirty laundry came out 2 days later.

    IN-DEPTH: How Did Former Nazis End Up in Canada?
    On Sept. 22, MPs gave a standing ovation in the House of Commons for Ukrainian-Canadian Yaroslav Hunka, who was introduced as “a Canadian hero” by House Speaker Anthony Rota and thanked for his military service.
    A firestorm erupted a few days later after it emerged that Mr. Hunka was a former member of the Waffen SS, a Nazi division accused of war crimes during World War II.
    The incident, which has now taken centre stage in Canadian politics, happened during Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s visit to Parliament as Russia’s war against Ukraine rages on.

    One can’t rule out sheer historical ignorance on the part of Canada’s parliamentarians.

    As for Biden, when he was VP he openly bragged that he could make a phone call to get the top Ukrainian prosecutor fired. That’s the power wielded by a poor country’s dependence on American goodwill. Influencing political appointments in Ukraine seems like an easy thing to do given the present circumstances, and there seems to be no particular reason for Zelensky to associate himself with Abramovic other than to poke the eye of the American right. Which only benefits Biden and the Dems who want to get out of helping Ukraine but want to lay the blame for that on the Republicans.

    GroundNews is an interesting source for analyzing the origin of different news articles. The Telegraph article which first reported the story is no longer available online (curious) and other than Epoch Times the only articles on this came from pro-Russian sources (Infowars, Gateway Pundit, OAN etc.)

    1. While the optics of the SS vet are bad, people don’t have the slightest idea why a Ukrainian would join one of the German Ukrainian units. I personally knew a man from Estonia who fought in the Wehrmacht because of what Stalin did to his country. Such men serving in the Wehrmacht are comparatively rare. Most served in one of the Waffen SS units that had been created for their ethnicity.

  13. Lei’s Real Talk, “Who are Xi Jinping’s enemies in the CCP? Are they revolting?”


    Eponymous Secret Speech General Chi cropped up in recent meetings (two dozen high ranking military MIA since June), he’s apparently Jiang Zemin’s guy starting at 8:58 Supposedly non-Xi factions (3; 2/3rds active military) leak discontent to NK Asia. Active duty rank & file primarily, old guard retirees like Chi not so much according to Lei. The Rocket Force live stream from a week ago look as though there might be command and control issues for ‘secret speech’ type undertakings.

    “a secret network of agents in Europe, belonging to old aristocratic families, engaged in a deception of their own”

    Presumably the Gehlen Networks extending behind the Iron Curtain and in the Middle East came along with the Paperclip negotiations. Most of the USA’s Russian speaker analysts would’ve been Ukrainian at the time, if not exactly Colonel Vindman twins types. Champagne socialists, tired or bored enough to countenance anything to give Continental Europe freedom of action out from under the Anglo-American aegis, even if it hazards inviting Soviet steppe barbarians back in?

    Joseph P Farrell and Michael Shrimpton from the Nazis to Roswel, kennedy to 9/11
    Lost Battlefields w Tino Struckmann


    Shrimpton: ‘former’ UK intel, lawyer. Between him and Farrell there’s a lot of arcane material regarding the above and its legacy into the present.

  14. Trump supports LGBTQ. That is all you need to know about his ostensible conservative credentials.

    1. He’s never been conservative or Christian. None of it surprises me. He won in ’16 simply because of the other choice. In ’20 the other choice was just as bad as in ’16, but the election was rigged.

      1. Few people understand the origin of the GOP. It was a warmed over Whig party and many of it’s people came form the Whigs. The Whigs were statists, or Hamiltonian if you wish, and were really not the friend of the country. The Democrats were actually the conservatives. They still held to Jeffersonian ideals.

        We can’t say that has been upended, because the GOP hasn’t changed, but Democrats have certainly become the very opposite of what they were. They stand for nothing Jeffersonian. Neither party does.

      2. I must disagree. The Whigs were Hamiltonians who wanted a strong FedGov. That is what we have now and is the direct result of that line of thinking. The founders predicted that such things would result when FedGov got out of its constitutional cage. Lincoln proved them right.

        I am not talking about the British party of the same name.

      3. Today’s statism is the result of egalitarianism and the “democratic” dogma, which has led us directly into socialism. The state does everything for us today, from education to health to feeding and housing people. Hamilton would have repudiated all these functions. The Federal Government Hamilton supported had only three departments — not 15. What Hamilton meant by a strong federal government, and why the Constitution was superior to the Articles of Confederation, was not statism. Hamilton’s state is able to defend the country, hold the country together, and pay for the needed armaments.

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