If North Korean volunteers with their artillery systems, wealth of experience with counter battery warfare and large caliber multiple rocket systems, made in North Korea, want to participate in the conflict, well let’s give the green light to their volunteer impulse.

Col. Igor Korotchenko
National Defense Journal

Speaking on Rossiya 1 Television, Col. Igor Korotchenko said that North Korea had offered Russia 100,000 “volunteer” troops to fight in Ukraine. “Pyongyang will be able to transfer its tactical units to Donbas,” he added, describing the North Korean troops as “Resilient and undemanding”; but more important, he said they were “motivated.” What was most curious was the communist phraseology used by Korotchenko to describe this offer of troops from North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un: “If North Korea expresses a desire to meet its international duty to fight against Ukrainian fascism, we should let them.”[i]

According to a Soviet textbook, written by Kharis Sabirov in 1987, we are living in the “period of transition from capitalism to socialism” where socialism is “the first phase of the communist formation….”[ii] The text further explained, “Socialism, which is the negation of capitalism, means a revolutionary restructuring of all spheres of bourgeois society on the principles of scientific communism.” This can only be done in the course of a relentless struggle by stamping out the sources of [bourgeois] might….”[iii] The founder of the Soviet state, Vladimir Lenin, said that revolutionary socialism was international in character. After World War II, the followers of Lenin asserted that the communist parties of all countries have an international duty to unite and assist one another. In doing this, they were following Lenin’s lead. According to Sabirov, Lenin “upheld the principle of internationalism….” In this context, communist North Korea does not simply fight for the national interests of North Korea or of Russia. North Korea is duty-bound to the other socialist countries.

Korotchenko’s allusion to North Korea’s “international duty” is therefore a clue from on high. As he is Putin’s toady, he would never say anything to displease his boss. He would never use Leninist terminology unless that terminology was approved at the highest levels. The obliteration of the Ukrainian state, he has affirmed, is “absolutely healthy.” Why is it healthy? Because it signifies the restoration of the Soviet Union. In past appearances on Russian state TV channel Rossiya 1, Korotchenko outlined an optimistic scenario for “capturing the Baltic countries.”[iv] What possible reason could Russia have for invading three independent NATO countries? What possible reason does Russia have for invading and destroying the country of Ukraine?

Vladimir Putin’s political ally, former President Dmitri Medvedev, recently posted a controversial item on social media that has since been deleted. The post was about restoring the Soviet Union. Medvedev called into question the “independence of ex-Soviet states.” According to the Crux Channel, “Medvedev’s post … called for the return of all ex-Soviet states and the re-establishment of [the] USSR.” To explain away Medvedev’s post, the Kremlin claimed the former Russian president’s social media account had been hacked. Crux noted, however, that “many experts pointed out that the post was written in a style similar to [Medvedev’s] previous posts.” The idea that Medvedev could have been hacked is disputed by the fact that “Russia’s Security Council [on which Medvedev serves] is covered by a huge security [umbrella].” Furthermore, Medvedev’s post was consistent with recent Kremlin propaganda. The former Russian president also said that Georgia and Kazakhstan are not sovereign countries – just as Putin claimed Ukraine is not a sovereign country. Medvedev said that “Georgia had never existed before its reunification with the Russian Empire in the 19th century,” adding that Kazakhstan has been committing genocide against Russians. He also said, “all the people who once lived in the great and mighty Soviet Union will once again live together,” and that Russia is “getting ready to undertake the next move to restore the borders of our homeland.” Crux reports that Putin’s critics believe Moscow is aiming at a Soviet restoration, though confusion remains among those who erroneously say that Putin is restoring the Russian Empire.[v]

To convince the Russian people that they need, once more, to live under communism, a propaganda of anti-Western hate has been obligatory in the country’s state-controlled media. Putin may sound reasonable at times, but his spokesmen and flunkies tell us what he is really thinking. Medvedev, who is now Deputy Chairman of Russia’s Security Council, was asked to comment on the West. His answer was: “I hate them. They are bastards and degenerates. They want us, Russia, to die. And while I’m still alive, I will do everything to make them disappear.”[vi]

Will Moscow call on North Korean troops to fight in Ukraine? Will Moscow reinstate the Soviet Union? The KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn warned, in 1984, that the USSR was organizing its own collapse in the form of a “controlled liberalization.” Golitsyn wrote, “After the successful use of the scissors strategy in the early stages of the final phase of policy … a Sino-Soviet reconciliation could be expected. It is contemplated and implied by the long-range policy and by strategic disinformation on the [Sino-Soviet] split.”[vii]

Few bothered to read Golitsyn, who was slandered by journalist Thomas Mangold as a “paranoid schizophrenic.”[viii] Few career pundits or politicians dared mention Golitsyn’s uncanny predictions about the fall of the Soviet Union. But now we approach the communist end-game. The things Golitsyn warned about – the sudden revival of Soviet power – are happening before our eyes. In respect of grand strategy, Golitsyn’s warnings were prescient. But he was not psychic. He did not hear voices. His predictions were based on a deep understanding of Soviet strategic ideas. Our “consensus” politicians did not understand these ideas and fell into Moscow’s trap. Our foreign policy Mandarins, competent at foreign languages and social science, knew little of another foreign language – the language of communist strategy.

Our poli sci Mandarins, relying on game theory and mathematical models, ignored Golitsyn’s “New Methodology.” Sovietologist Francis Fukuyama characterized the fall of the Soviet Union as “the end of history.” These people never understood the mind of their enemy. Even now they are groping in the dark. Our elite schools have failed. Our elite strategists have failed. We have entered a crisis familiar in history, where a great nation is unexpectedly laid low by its own incompetent leadership.

A providential corrective, known to past ages, will be our topic for next week. Please see the add for my new book below, The Lies We Believe In.

Notes and Links

[i] https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11083715/Desperate-Putin-considering-turning-Kim-Jong-help-Ukraine.html

[ii] Kharis Sabirov, What is Communism? (Moscow: Progress Publishers, 1987), pp. 192-3,

[iii] Ibid, pp. 193-4

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[vii] Anatoliy Golitsyn, New Lies for Old: The Communist Strategy of Deception and Disinformation (New York: Dodd, Mead & Company, 1984), p. 345.

[viii] Cold Warrior: James Jesus Angleton – Cia’s Master Spy Hunter: Mangold, Tom: 9780671662738: Amazon.com: Books

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209 thoughts on “Back to the USSR: Hints from On High

  1. Another interesting essay. Thank you.

    Oh, and I just bought a hardcover copy of your book. Anyway to get one signed? After all this is done, you’ll be one for the history books.

    1. Maybe you can have me sign your copy when I speak in Texas one day. They ship the new books out from the printer without me being present.

      1. Please, please let me know if you’re ever in Texas. Would enjoy the opportunity to meet you and get you to sign my book. Plan to be down here any time soon? I’m in the DFW metro area. Thank you.

      2. Hi Jeff,
        I just ordered your book. Can’t wait to read it. Congratulations! That is a lot of work.

        Great essay as usual.

        A couple questions. If Medvedev was telling the truth to the Russians about restoring the USSR, do we know what the Russians are being told about Ukraine now? There was a woman Russian TV broadcaster who was sentenced to 10 years in prison. Her crime was holding a sign saying that Russia was invading Ukraine and it was a real war. So I wonder where the public sentiment is on the war and on the USSR.

        My other question is somewhat random. Has anyone calculated what percentage of our total military materiel was abandoned in Afghanistan? I have seen it valued at 85 Billion dollars, but how much of our stuff was that? 25%? 50%? I ask because Trump says he rebuilt our military and now it seems woefully short and I want to know why. I thought maybe because we left it in Afghanistan.

        I also wanted to say that having watched many of your interviews that the one you did with Man in America last week was one of your best interviews.

        Also, you and fellow commenters may be interested in knowing that the Doctors for Disaster Preparedness start their meeting Sunday and go through Tuesday. You can buy a Zoom ticket and watch all their talks as well as download the lectures.

      3. As with Medvedev’s lies, the Russian people are being told that their survival is at stake; that Russia must invade Ukraine because Ukraine will be used as a basing area for attacking Russia, which is ridiculous. Why is that ridiculous? Russia has a massive nuclear arsenal. Why would NATO, as unprepared as it is, attack Russia? I am told that 75 percent of Russians support the war. Some estimates say only about 68 percent support it. I suspect the support is soft, and involves social intimidation, media propaganda, etc. Russians are not inclined to say what they really think, given that jail awaits the dissenters. The Russians have also been told that the Ukrainians are murdering Russian-speakers in Donbas. Crazy as the truth is, the Russian have absolutely devastated the Russian-speaking areas of Ukraine (like Mariupol). The Kremlin has turned most all Ukrainians against them, uniting Ukraine as a country as never before. Regarding the U.S. equipment left by America in Afghanistan, I do not know the percentage, but I would guess it is a very small percentage, Furthermore, Trump did not really rebuild our military inasmuch as he reversed some of Obama’s more damaging policies. But Biden has done a lot of damage, especially with the vaccine policy. After Obama, of course, our military needed a lot of fixes and Trump got some of those done. A number of programs did not work out, however, like the US Navy’s railgun superweapon. That was very disappointing.

  2. Another great essay, and the book reveal is here. Thank you, Jeff. Just picked up my copy, looking forward to reading it as soon as it arrives. I like the cover graphics with the field of view recessed behind the mask, nice graphics work on the cover.

      1. @JRNyquist: As I recall, you had noted in a recent interview (I can’t remember which) that your latest book was published first in Brazil in the Portuguese language. Why was that? Why is the English-language edition secondary? I don’t quite understand that, given that you are an American whose mother tongue is English.

  3. Just picked up my copy of the new book. Can’t wait to start it next week when it arrives!

  4. There was an old FBI file on certain KGB assets inside the Vatican back then when they were in power or claimed to have the authority…one was validly elected Pope John XXIII Roncalli (the source had received this FBI file, it was a whitewash and it took the FBI 9 months under FOIA to produce it…) and then the FBI replied to the source that the alleged FBI file on one Giovanni B. Montini did not exist…

    Well, the source knew the FBI was lying as there was another source of information – a book that was written by certain former special agent Williams about this and other such like subjects and Mr. Williams claimed to have seen both files…

    He wrote that the FBI back then (late 1950s) became so alarmed about the communist connections of both Roncalli and Montini (he as excommunicated heretic was never validly elected to the Papacy), that the FBI started these two files.

    So the source said that the actual FBI file on Roncalli what the source has received contained nothing but old newspaper clippings BUT among them was still one of value – it was a statement from Soviet ideologue Kruychkov which the source remembers quite well:

    “There can never be peaceful co-existence of ideologies…”

    So the KGB and related communist espionage and active measures services had always wanted to destroy the Catholic Church, and it went so far that there is evidence that Montini, who was under-secretary of State in Vatican, under Pope Pius XII, had secret communications with Stalin’s Kremlin…and when Pius XII found out about it, he demoted Montini and sent him away from the Vatican so that Montini, who was back then nothing but simple Monsignor (and as a heretic afterwards nothing else but this…), he was the one who made all those heretical changes and virtually attacked the Catholic Church and made the Vatican into a heretical sect instead.

    Then there is the case of silencing Sister Lucia dos Santos, because she, by Divine communication, as she was the one from the 3 Fatima children to whom Our Lady the Blessed Virgin Maria appeared in 1917, so Sr. Lucia was asked by Catholic writer Mr. Walsh in late 1940s whether communism will take over the world, and she replied YES.

    So Mr. Walsh wanted to make certain and asked whether this includes the United States and again she replied YES…

    What Mr. Golitsyn wrote in indisputable…but he didn’t know about the situation the communist penetration of the Vatican, he suspected it but didn’t know the exact details…and so by then the Church was not able to warn the world about these communist strategies and evil plans, because the KGB and related services had already several communist agents inside…

    They murdered Sr. Lucia and put an impostor there in her place, a woman no doubt communist agent, highly trained, and she was there to confirm in 1991 or 1992 the KGB lie that communism “collapsed”…the real Sr. Lucia was long dead. This impostor and a heretic woman was a communist plant, there is a video of her meeting with the Vatican delegation in 1992 or so, and she blabbered at least 2 or 3 heretical lies during that recording, it is undeniable…so somebody who was supposedly favored by God to have Divine apparition of His Mother and Our Lord Himself, would not know that this whole “collapse of communism” was a KGB fraud, the “fall of communism” lacking any true justice in its results, as all communists were protected and never punished for their tyranny and crimes and so on.

    The KGB and or the local Party in Portugal where the true Sr. Lucia was (and or Tuy, Spain later on) then evidently had to murder not only this real Sr. Lucia, based on the importance to their evil strategy of worldwide communist domination, but the communists no doubt murdered her family also, as there is no way that the person who claimed to be Sr. Lucia’s sister, that used to come visit this impostor woman now and then, was the real family and didn’t recognize the impostor…

    If the Catholic Church was able to speak out back then, there would be no KGB run “collapse of communism” accepted and the whole western world would have been warned about such strategy and plans and remained protected – and so the Church, which means the Vatican that far back, had to be infiltrated by KGB and related services, including the Italian Communist Party, in order to silence the truth from coming out…

    BTW – there was a report that Zelensky asked CCP for help in the war against Russia (source – Steve Bannon and Cortes about a week ago or so…)…don’t know if this is true or not…

    1. “Soviet Union? I thought you guys broke up.”
      “Nyet! That’s what we wanted you to think! *evil laughter*”
      Love it.

    2. In this episode of the Simpsons they said the fall of the Soviet Union was staged! There have been a number of episodes where this show seemingly predicts the future! Crazy

  5. “These people never understood the mind of their enemy. Even now they are groping in the dark. Our elite schools have failed. Our elite strategists have failed. We have entered a crisis familiar in history, where a great nation is unexpectedly laid low by its own incompetent leadership.”

    Not only do they not understand the foreign enemy, but they do also not understand the enemy within their midst. I refer to those among us in America who revere the constitutional republic and the belief in certain inalienable rights. And, yes, I understand that these concepts are open to scrutiny wherein they were formed for general consumption. But the fact remains that many today have close ties to the concept enough so to warrant a desire to recapture the essence even so far as to go kinetic. Yet, they hold back for myriad reasons too numerous to explain. The powers on all fronts, local, state and federal, are determined to force us to go kinetic and have become increasingly discouraged that we have not done so. Because we will not start it, they are doing everything in their power to bring it to pass. Many among us want to move while others want the other side to give us an excuse. At some point in the very near future the bubble will burst with catastrophic consequences. But one thing is certain. The republic will never be restored, and America will no longer exist. In addition to all the anti-American components within our borders, we can expect outside forces to assist in our destruction that will include the very people now leading the country. This does not dissuade us from wanting to put forth the effort to right the wrongs that have placed us in the current situation. While there is every reason to believe in the desire to reverse the present course, I see no good outcome. Still, that is no deterrence to trying.

    1. It is not a good situation, Eddie, but all of this subversion has worked only because Americans have buried their heads in the sand. If the public stood up firmly, as the Ukrainians did in 2014, the traitors would flee the country and everything would be fixed overnight. The solutions we choose must be political solutions. In fact, under present circumstances a civil war would be suicide because of Russia and China’s nuclear posture. So it is entirely a question of waking up the country. The leaders may have failed, but the people remain. We see that France faced this situation in the fifteenth century, and France was saved. It is incredible how that happened.

      1. In Germany we have the problem that the “opposition” sees the traitors as puppets of the USA and not of the Kremlin, and does not want to see the link between American traitors, Moscow, Beijing and Davos

      2. This is so clever of Moscow. They use corruption to advance their cause, then blame America as the source. Same with the pedophile rings. KGB Chairman Andropov formed many of these rings in the late 1970s.

      3. A great line and the main point.
        “Our foreign policy Mandarins, competent at foreign languages and social science, knew little of another foreign language – the language of communist strategy.”
        Too many are burying their heads in the sands of wishful thinking in order to feel better. I’m looking forward to reading your book tomorrow 📚🤔

      4. Elizabeth Zguta: don’t forget the foreign policy mandarins who are active traitors and communists themselves.

    2. Eddie, it is clear we can’t save the Republic, at least as we have known and enjoyed it. To me that takes a lot of pressure off of feeling compelled to take up arms -removes a desperate sense of urgency that I have felt before.

      I do think we may can preserve certain areas or sections. At least, I think there is a better chance of that than of preserving the whole country.

      With that pressure gone, I know that we will know when we must fight. There will clearly be no choice.

      It’s kind of like a self defense podcast I was listening to the other day. The time you are attacked is chosen by the criminal attacking you.

      To me, all we can do is be ready, and we will know when we must fight.

  6. Congrats on the new book – I ordered a copy as well and look forward to reading it!

  7. Jeff ,
    I successfully made the PayPal payment for your Orgins book. I know your email is flooded so I’m commenting on here so you can look up my email and find my new address to send the book . I’m am moving tomorrow ! Thank you –

  8. @Perseus:

    I saw a previous post you made but comments were already closed.

    “It may be interesting for those of us who are concerned about the danger to discuss further. Perhaps in a forum or DM. There are so few anti-communists as it is.”

    For what it’s worth, I would fully support such an effort.

  9. What does everyone think about the FBI raid on Mar A Lago and the “fallout” from that?

    My gut feeling is Trump is being used to maneuver people into more clear-cut positions, i.e. dividing us more into two well-defined camps. Sadly, I think our camp is defined as the “Trump camp”. Just like if you are pro Ukraine in the Rightwing comment sites or on Twitter, you are automatically lumped in the pro Biden/pedophile/corruption camp.

    I’ve said it before, but I do not trust Trump. Either he is wittingly being used to cause more Patriots to be exposed so they can be persecuted, or unwittingly used via his ego. In either case, I don’t think he is fit to lead. But to me, it’s as if Patriots are being manipulated into an extreme pro Trump position, and I have to wonder why. I have a few ideas on that.

    One possibility, in conjunction with drawing out more patriots, it could be a huge distraction from people waking up to the China/Russia threat.

    It’s sad, but funny in a way. My mother called the morning after the raid, and said “we could be headed for bad times” because of the raid on Maralago. Not anything about Russia and China, it’s our intrepid leader suffering for the sake of freedom loving Americans.

    And then he raises record amounts of money in the next two or three days.

    Any thoughts on this?

    1. Te raid on Mara-Lago is something the gestapo or KGB would do.

      Jeff, is is possible that American communists are competing with Russian and Chinese communists? I could see the hubris of American communists believing their brand of communism is superior and pursue communism while trying to throw the shackles of Russia and or China off. Make sense? Thoughts?

      1. This is not possible. There is a sequence and a pattern to the laws that they are passing that requires serious knowledge. I think China or Russia has a hidden hand behind it.

      2. I believe the western globalists constitute a rival communist faction that is happy to go along with Russian and CCP subversion in the West for now, while their aims align, but that once the West succumbs to full blown neo-Marxism (the Chinese style social credit nightmare soon to be rolled out before us), they will drop the masquerade.

    2. Something I find interesting, is that Larry Johnson over at Hateway Pundit writing an article implying Trump set up the FBI. In that, I see shades of 4D chess and Q anon type rhetoric.

      Larry Johnson has been churning out articles meant to undermine the Ukranian defense effort, and erode American public support for the Ukranians.

      And right on the heels of the mar a lago raid, he’s building up Trump is a brilliant mastermind who sprung a trap for the FBI.

      It seems like a big play on patriotic heartstrings. It all smacks of some kind of big ruse against patriots. I will not get sucked into sending money or putting my neck out for what I consider to be a prima donna of sorts.

      The Maga movement already existed. Trump just have it a name and caused it to be more organized. Unfortunately he pissed away a lot of opportunities.

      I’m sorry if it seems like I’m bashing the man. I just see people getting so rabidly defensive of him since the raid, that I feel they are being purposefully manipulated.

      Manipulated into what? Rash violence? Exposing themselves to be persecuted later? I don’t know. But manipulated nonetheless imho

      1. I do not see Trump as part of a plan to manipulate his supporters into danger as occurred on Jan 6. I think the Dems and the FBI set a huge trap for Trump supporters. Trumps mistake was not trying to call them off earlier than he did. And as far as I know he hasn’t supported those who have been badly treated as political prisoners since their arrest. I don’t think we have any other alternatives but to continue supporting Trump or DeSantis and Sen Ron Johnson. And I believe we have no idea what the other side is capable of. There was an author on Ben Shapiro this week who said there are maybe 11 republicans we can count on who are hip to China! So that would mean well over 90 percent of our Senate and Congress are either owned or compromised by China! It would take a Divine miracle to get us out of our current mess. And the Biden crime family is greatly compromised by both China and Russia as we watch God knows who pouring over our open border!

      2. Imagine if communist armies appeared in Mexico, and the communist apparatus starts mass executions. Millions of refugees would pour over the border. We haven’t seen anything yet. Worse is coming.

      3. Millions are already pouring over. I could tell you stories. We are biting our tongue for the moment. But we will eventually spit the tobacco juice and draw a bead.

      4. He may not knowingly be part of a plan. But at this point, I have to wonder if he doesn’t realize the number of his supporters imprisoned/harassed in his wake is very much because of him.

        I remember having a Parler account leading up to Jan 6. He shared a message to be in DC the 6th, it was going to be wild. My brother and I felt a responsibility to go on one hand, but I told my brother I felt it could well be a trap, and if a movement began to take back our country, we would have ample opportunity to do our part.

        I had no idea the nature of trap it would turn out to be, but it was indeed a trap for concerned Americans. I thank God we didn’t go.

        As you said, he hasn’t been very vociferous about the plight of these Americans, and continues to make bombastic statements and promises that are stirring up some desperate people.

        I’m not saying he is maliciously bringing harm to patriots, but his ego is so extremely large and kind of fragile, and his influence so strong, that his rhetoric indeed puts crosshairs on his supporters who are feeling pretty desperate.

        I bet all those now making contributions in the wake of Mar a Lago will be audited and harassed by the empowered IRS.

        Anyways, that’s my two cents. I just wish he would start being a lot quieter, and start carrying a big stick.

      5. So many people have a worshipful regard for Trump. I do not understand this. Trump is surrounded by the wrong people. Whatever his instincts or rhetoric, he is always standing next to a bad person. He promised to clean the swamp. Why didn’t he do it? Perhaps he lacked the understanding or the skill. Certainly he chose the wrong advisers. Skepticism is in order.

      6. Yup. The horror of the 3 Supreme Court Justices he appointed deciding against him on the election theft was disgraceful.

      7. Everything depends on the public standing up. But the effectiveness itself depends on common sense. We cannot be confused to the degree we are. I get emails constantly from people who believe Biden is supporting Ukraine when he is lying, or that Pelosi is supporting Taiwan, when she is a PRC shill. You cannot believe the lies that are flattering to your prejudices. They will use our prejudices to continue in power. We must send such a message that the enemies of the country, in the government, will flee to Havana.

      8. Larry Johnson is pro-Russian and pro-Putin. Gateway Pundit is pro-Russian. Something is seriously wrong there, aside from the slanders they have published against good people. I have argued with Larry about Russia. He is dangerously naive. The real chess game is found in the left’s attempt to tie MAGA to the Kremlin. So why does Larry oblige the left? Larry and his friends, Joe Flynn and Gen. Michael Flynn have fallen in with this pro-Russian idiocy. Why are they so determined to affirm the left’s talking points about MAGA as a treasonous movement? After all, we are close to war with Russia. Support for Russia may soon qualify as treason. Do these fools have common sense? Russia and China are enemies. Even the leftists in government have the sense to pretend that they oppose Moscow and Beijing (even though they don’t). Biden even pretends to support Ukraine, and lies about sending billions to the besieged country. How incredibly stupid the Flynn brothers are. What I want to know is: WHO INFLUENCED THEM TO DO THIS?

      9. Ah yes, are you a listener of Mark Levin? Washington Compost…. Hateway Pundit. Fits right in and is also apt!

      10. I used to listen to Levin on the radio back when Obama was president. Got an almost brand new truck in 2016, and the radio doesn’t work in it, lol.

      11. I never understood Levin. Why make amendments to a Constitution that will somehow make us follow the Constitution? It is like giving a bicycle to someone without legs. If they are not following the Constitution now, why would amending that Constitution matter?

      12. I was never able to catch his show very often. I didn’t realize that’s what he was pushing for. You’re right, that doesn’t make any sense. It’s like outlawing war. What are you going to do to violators? Make war back on them?, lol

      13. Hateway is a good way of describing them. Johnson is either one of the biggest fools writing on foreign affairs, or he is an infiltrator. I got a “time out” for daring to defend myself from the idiots trying to troll me. I’m sure my “attacks” on Johnson had some influence. I’m simply going to flag and block anyone that starts on me in the future.

      14. Trump is not an agent. But the Communists have a win-win situation: either the people revolt and they have mass arrests with their newly retooled enforcement agencies, or the people do nothing and allow them to prosecute their enemy.

        They have all the levers of power now and are putting the squeeze on.

      15. Jeff: while I can understand why so many people have almost a worshipful attitude towards Trump, I don’t share it.

        After decades of milquetoast RINOs not doing anything as the Democrats led the country into the trash heap, here was a person who gave the appearance of being a fighter. It was like a breath of fresh air. “Here is someone who is going to fight for a change!” People are hungry, starving actually, for a person who will fight for our country.

        Personally, I knew almost nothing about Trump before he announced his candidacy for President. But the more I looked, the less I liked. I ended up voting for another candidate in the primary. In the general election I was one of the many people who “held their noses” to vote for Trump, not because we were for Trump, but the real vote was against Hillary.

        I don’t think Trump is who he claims to be. I don’t trust him. Did he deliberately throw the election to Biden by not effectively presenting evidence of the fraudulent election? Is he really a secret member of the Swamp, which is why he was so ineffective in cleaning it out? Why does he still support Fauci and the CDC? Questions, questions and more questions.

        In my circle of friends, there is not one who is an unapologetic fan of Trump. They acknowledge some of the positive things he did, but that’s as far as it goes. I don’t think a political result alone is sufficient to rescue this country from what ails it. Someone said “…you can fool some of the people all of the time…” so it seems many people refuse to let go of their image of “Trump the fighter”. They are really fooling themselves.

    3. GreyKnight is spot on regarding Trump. I read his first book in the 80’s and never trusted him from Day one. I do not deny that he has some positive attributes. He is not a leader. He promotes himself.
      Kevin Taylor

      1. I tend to have a similar view, especially the way Trump attacked Ben Carson during the presidential race in December 2015. Ben Carson was an intelligent, potentially innovative, candidate. He lacked the experience and probably did not know what he was getting himself into, but Trump’s attacks on him were below the belt.

      2. I just pulled up some video of Trump’s attacks on Carson. They were very below the belt. Very uncalled for towards an honest man who truly loved the country and probably would have done a good job as president.

      3. Trump accepted support from, and posed with the ensigns of, “conservative” elements of the LGBT freak show. That’s all you need to know he never was, and never will be, the solution.

  10. It is similar in Germany. Many self claimed Rightists, opponents and so on are laughing on corrupt Ukraine, “there are always two sides”, “what about America”, “it is a local issue, we should not involve”, “Russia gave us cheap gas”, “Germany and Russia want to work together and it would be better but the Ami does not want it”, “Selenskyi is a clown” and so on.

    Not to mention the ignorance about Germany getting involved in Soviet orientated gas negotiations since Chancellor Brandt 50 years ago and the reasons for that. The former chief of Nord Stream is a “former” captain of the Ministry for Security of State – and the “only oppositional party” AfD has sent a former officer from the National People’s Army – border troops – and one guy of the MSS regiment Dzerzhinski into the Bundestag…

    1. I can only hope that the German intelligence services and police have thick files on Russia’s agents in all political parties. Some pushback is long overdue.

      1. I think the hope may be forlorn. Germany started down the long path they are on when the socialist coalition won in 1969. Ossies infiltrated the Bonn government fairly quickly after that, and Brandt ended up at the center of a scandal as the result of his secretary being an Ossie intel agent. Ostpolitik was always naïve and you would think the western Germans would have known better. Alas, they never showed they knew better.

      2. Ohengineer: My thoughts, too. We are betrayed for more than 50 years and few want to believe me when I tell them.

  11. There is a debate about nuclear plants but the “Greens” who want to save climate….are merely for wind and sun…or even coal, well, anti nuclear sentiment is older than anti coal sentiment, but this shows how deeply rooted these circles are…despite that the younger ones have no own k-group background, but who educated them politically (if not Schwab, then people like Stroebele, Fuecks, Trittin…who did not want American gas…and fracking in Germany is hardly a topic)

    1. And if anyone really wanted to help Ukraine – why do they not overthrow Scholz? Ok, the war is, in infantilized revolutionary terms, the “booster for energy change” – cynically said by “our” foreign minister. So, I guess, in fact, despite of exceptions, there can always be ones,

      we have a “Volkskammer” that resides in the “Reichstag”. The “Greens” and then the SPD made their “energy change” program including anti nuclear and anti fossile….and with Soviet gas, Merkel went on. Now nothing really happens….

      The AfD seems to be merely a fake opposition. Divide et impera

      1. Yes. But the best plan might be to make Scholz into a puppet. Surely he has committed crimes. Surely he is working for Moscow. He may be incredibly vulnerable, and what better way to the turn the tables on Putin. Turn the lead change agent into a double agent. Merkel was a fake conservative. Why not a fake Social Democrat?

      2. Scholz seems to be weak, unable to stand American agents Habeck and Baerbock. The more I learn about German Greens, the more obvious similarities with NSDAP ideology. Unlike the clowns with swastika tattoos in Ukraine, these Nazis are real deal. There would be no serious denazification unless nuking Berlin and their handlers in Washington D.C.

      3. Don’t France and other European countries have significant shale oil reserves? The anti-fracking green narrative is still too strong in the West, but couldn’t certain countries in Europe become self sufficient in oil, or at least greatly reduce the need for gas imports?

    2. German Greens are Anglo-American agents, intentionally making Germany and the EU an American colony, the whole green movement is funded from America.

    3. Germany must not go to nuclear power. Russia and China have got a stranglehold on nuclear fuel, or they shortly will. This exit has been closed off. American natural gas and coal are the best alternatives.

      1. They are importing our (Czech) nuclear power. We are forced to trade our electricity on German exchange, which heavily increases our energy prices despite having good energy infrastructure we are forced to share burden of German stupid decisions.

      2. The same goes for Austria, they are even more anti-nuclear than Germany, demanding closure of our nuclear plants yet importing its electricity. Either idiots or American agents.

      3. Problem is nuclear waste can safely be reprocessed to create new nuclear fuel at relatively low cost, but subverted governments opt to bury it at great cost, raising the overall cost of the energy at source and also turning the raw resource into an increasingly scarce commodity.
        No way do Russia and China have a stranglehold on nuclear fuel:

      4. John Davies, referring to a table of uranium reserves by country, said: “No way do Russia and China have a stranglehold on nuclear fuel”.

        Thanks for this – very useful. But looking at the table, there’s great potential for Russia and China gaining control of most of the world’s uranium reserves. The top dozen reserves are headed by Australia, which has 40% of the world’s uranium at over 2 million tonnes, which is more than the next two countries, Kazakhstan and Canada put together. The list continues in descending order with Russia, Namibia, South Africa, Niger, Brazil, China, Ukraine, Mongolia and Uzbekistan.

        I’ve just checked Namibia and Niger, and both have Chinese-run uranium mines (Namibia’s ruling SWAPO party was historically funded and armed by Moscow, and Niger’s ruling party describes itself as “socialist”). Kazakstan, Mongolia and Uzbekistan are part of Russia’s “near abroad” . South Africa and Brazil are in BRICS (Bolsonaro has maintained his countries ties with China). Russia is currently trying to take back possession of Ukraine, and the uranium deposits are located in the Central/South-Eastern part of the country.

        That only leaves Australia and Canada. Both are major suppliers of uranium to China. Canada criticised Australia’s 2008 deal for its lack of controls for civil use only, but Canada revised its own terms to loosen controls in 2012. Australia has been notoriously rash in the amount of Chinese investment and ownership it has allowed (including ownership of the strategically important port of Darwin). Under Justin Trudeau-Castro, China can hope for further eager co-operation from Canada.

  12. I was just curious if you’ve seen this Jeff? It seems about as counter-intuitive as you can get… a country over-stating their military capacity. In the past I’ve seen this youtuber as beeing very informative on China now I’m seriously in doubt.

    1. He knows as much as we do, which isn’t much. Funny that he doubts their abilities because they keep it hidden. lol

      His video rings of disinformation. Perhaps he’s paid by the CCP to sow doubt.

    2. His presentation is interesting, and seems to be accurate. China’s conventional forces are large but suffer from the same deficits as the Russian conventional forces. Bad doctrine, poor training, etc. Nobody knows if they can match us conventionally by overwhelming us with numbers, because we have no way of estimating all the unknowns. Our own military is not as good as it once was in terms of capabilities. The key to understanding all this is China’s alliance with Russia, and the willingness of both countries to fight a nuclear war. Nuclear weapons are the great equalizers. They do not need better conventional weapons. They just need a nuclear Pearl Harbor.

      1. But does it really make sense to overstate your capacity? If ww3 is in play they should be pretending to be toothless. Very much like Russia in Ukraine.

        On a side note. Someone told me that Russia has two armies – one for protecting Russia (the bulk), and one for “other operations” – which is the desperate and low morale ethnic minorities in Russia fighting just for some extra money, It looks like a trap…

      2. It is a trap. But it is not a trap made of conventional prowess. It is a nuclear trap. This is a point I grow tired of repeating. But still, nobody wants to believe it.

    3. From what little I’ve seen of serpentza’s content, he is highly critical of the regime in Beijing.

      1. He lived in China for a number of years and is married to a Chinese woman. The regime harassed him for at least a year and made it clear that it would be expedient to leave China.

      2. He was a Mandarin speaking foreigner living in southern China, so he had some experiences that I as a Cantonese speaking foreigner didn’t have. In particular, I speak of poor service that he got whereas I, because I spoke the local language, got better service. Other than that, much of what he reported on, I also saw.

        He is quite right that the standards of communist Chinese engineering and production are not up to the standards that we have in the West. That is, in spite of massive industrial espionage. The fault for much of that goes back thousands of years. While we marvel at some of the fine art that came out of the royal workhouses, there was much shoddy workmanship destined for the common people. A major cause of that is dishonesty and laziness. The communist take over of China didn’t change that. An example of that is that factories making products destined for western markets need to maintain western engineers and QC. Taiwanese and Japanese are western.

        Serpenza raises an interesting question: how much of the Chinese nukes are an example of Sun Tzu “when you are weak, appear strong”? Having said that, the Chinese nukes are not to be laughed at, but I expect the main nuclear attack against the U.S. will be from Russia.

    4. Serpentza speaks from personal experience in dealing with the CCP. He lived in China for quite some time. Everything is fraudulent there. Why not doubt CCP nukes?

  13. Your perspective really throws light on how hard it is to know anything that isn’t within 200 yards of you. There are many otherwise credible commentators who are reporting very different facts on the ground, like bio-weopon laboratories ostensibly tied to U.S. companies/interests. Additionally, it seems highly unlikely, since we know that the Pelosi’s of our political world are dumping truly eye watering amounts of conjured cash and weaponry into the conflict, that the Ukrainian Government is worthy of any more admiration than Russia’s government. How are we to assimilate any of the reporting on Zelenski in the alt media with the notion that he is the good guy? Very few people wrote or spoke about our incursions in the Middle east as anything but justified(at least initially) because Saddam was bad, Osama bin Laden….etc., etc…How is this any different as a pre-text than Russia’s?
    You also seem to focus on Russia not keeping its agreements. I am not well versed in any of these details, but I am aware that we don’t keep our agreements either. So how does that make them bad, yet not us?
    What do you think of Martin Armstrong and his angle?
    How about Jeffery Prather?
    I find it stunning that the alt media sides so easily with Putin, whose is clearly a dictator not elected by the people, while simultaneously (and with a straight face) vigorously pursuing election fraud exposure.
    Is anyone consistent anymore?
    Again, the only way I can reconcile all these contradictions, is by accepting that every country is captured, and there are no good guys. I mean, if the reports are true about Zelensky and his offshore wealth, then he is just a pirate like the rest of the Russians. And why wouldn’t he be? And since we have years of evidence indicating rampant corruption and graft in our political cesspool, how can we not assume that Zelensky is just as corrupt, seeing as he is their darling?
    Do you think it is true that he has outlawed dissent and opposition parties? And is jailing them?
    It is all very confusing.
    Through it all, your narrative that one clenched fist is commencing against the rest of us does still fit the patterns we see. Unfortunately, if there are no good guys, then how can we win? How can we save ourselves? Must we depend on them losing for us? How much clearer can it be when our leadership intentionally sickens its military and its whole work force, while uniting with Ukraine? Barack was tight with Medvedev, Hillary with Russia generally, Joe and Hunter deeply compromised in Ukraine and Moscow, Pelosi and the rest of the criminal gang habitually insider trading while sending hundreds of billions to Zelensky? How is not this one big team?
    Try as I might, I can not find a path to seeing this as a fight between Russia and Ukraine. I can only see this as a very complicated fiction where it is all of the global power structure against the worlds poor and middle class.

  14. I doubt that Russia doesn’t have enough soldiers to fight in Ukraine. I doubt that North Korea decided alone without Russian advice to send 100 000 men for the Ukraine war. Because North Korea has always been a Russian proxy and North Korea does what Russian wants. This step of the Communists, in my opinion, is to make Ukraine surrender faster because this is a war of attrition. Whatever happens, Kremlin wants to:
    – use the minorities in Russia and the North Koreans as a cannon fodder and not the ethnic Russians who by the way prefer to serve in the military aviation, navy or special forces, for example.
    – grab all natural resources of Ukraine, especially the gas and the oil, and all of it costs tens of trillions of dollars. Now Russia controls resources worth 12.4 trillion dollars.

    The Russian army is not losing the war because neither Ukraine nor Russia lose or gain major territory. HIMARS destroys 50 weapons depots but are there many Russian casualties? Those are weapons mainly old. And Russia has pent of old guns. The step with the North Korean “volunteers” is similar to the decision of Russia to use Iranian drones and arms from all over the world and I think that Putin doesn’t want to use Russian weapons for now.

    1. Russia has yet to officially request the North Korean Troops. It may not be a workable solution. You write as if Russians are not dying by the tens of thousands. They are. It is not going well for them. Is it a ruse? No. This incapacity involves real losses — and lost prestige. Nuclear weapons are the key for a Russia, but such use could result in the destruction of Russia’s moral position and national morale. Do they have the nerve to gamble? We see that there has been much corruption in Russia that their armed forces do not function as everyone thought. They persist to what end? Something bad has happened that we do not realize. I suspect what it is, but dare not think something so horrible.

      1. When you start to realize that Russia, China, US, UK, Germany, etc. are all on the same team you might begin to understand what we’re up against. The leaders of all these countries are part of Klaus’ young global leaders program. It is all part of a depopulation plan to be completed by 2029. That is all. A leader of any of these countries that didn’t play ball with the agenda would be six feet under within a few months. Any leader you see in power for an extended period of time tells you they are playing their part. End of story.

      2. Jeff said: “They persist to what end? Something bad has happened that we do not realize.”

        Can you elaborate on what you mean by ‘something bad has happened’? Do you mean something bad happening inside Russia, perhaps involving their military or nuclear forces? Is it something that will accelerate their war plans with NATO/the US, something that will make them act more recklessly?

        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_TUhRbLCI3A Is it the attack on a Crimean airbase?

        I see from some of the comments that people are still confused whether Ukraine is a trap, one where Russia is deliberately losing in order to get the West to over-commit thus giving Russia a pretext to use nukes, or whether Ukraine is a real war that Russia is actually losing. If one thinks in terms of immediate goals (Ukraine) and long-term goals (the destruction/subjugation of the West) then both scenarios can be true at the same time. Except that I would say, going from Russia’s justification for the invasion as being necessary for its very survival, deliberately losing was not something Putin planned for since it makes him look weak and undermines the single most important basis for his rule, which is a strong and united Russia. Appearing to lose in Ukraine could fan the flames of dissent back home, which could be disastrous for the Kremlin’s military ambitions. Maybe that’s what is happening in Russia?

      3. I think Russia bungled their attack on Ukraine. But this failure is not as strategically significant as we might hope. They have nukes, and if that’s all they have then they will use them. But also, I fear that the MRNA vaccines were a weapon, or somehow became an attack vector. I fear that Russia and China know where this is going. It all depends on what happens with this business of an increase in the death rate. What is causing it?


        “We see that there has been much corruption in Russia that their armed forces do not function as everyone thought. They persist to what end? Something bad has happened that we do not realize. I suspect what it is, but dare not think something so horrible.”

      5. I suspect the vaccines, emblematic of our bankruptcy, represent a striking opportunity for our enemies. Civil unrest may be coming to the West.

      6. Jeff: how much longer can China and Russia wait for U.S. society to break down before they attack? I mean before their own economies and societies break down? China has already called out tanks to put down civil unrest. What is happening in Russia? Can they wait another year?

        The CCP’s initial biological weapon—SARS-Covid-II—turned out to be largely a dud with an over 99% survival rate. Further those who came down with the disease and recovered now have natural immunity against the variants as well. Including myself. That makes the real biological weapon the one made by traitor and CCP collaborator Fauci, namely his jabs and his drugs. But do the Chinese and Russians have enough time for those weapons to have their effect before their own economies and societies implode?

        As far as fomenting civil war, how likely is that? The traitorous government has also read Solzhenitsyn knowing that if they sent out police, even troops, to go door to door collecting weapons and that there are enough weaponized civilians who will go down fighting rather than give up their weapons, how long would it take before the government runs out of agents willing to go on such raids? Further which police departments would be willing to follow those orders, knowing that once the department gets involved, that it would put a target on the back of every policeman of that department? Door to door confiscation of weapons is a red line, what’s the probability that it will be crossed? While I don’t say that civil war is impossible, what is the probability of that?

        Which brings me back to my original question, how long can they wait before making their attack? They’re already involved with a shooting war that so far has gone badly. Their economies are imploding. Do they have forever?

      7. It seems to me that the raid on Mar a Lago, and the ensuing rhetoric from the Left and Right, represent a ramping up of trying to cause unrest in America.

        Comments on Twitter are along the lines of : “I woke up in a different America this morning.” Or “I wasn’t really for Trump before, but now I hope he burns it all to the ground.” And “We need a pitchfork and torches moment in America”

        I think these type statements are being put out by agents trying to stir up unrest. Because, after all “they” have put Trump through, the Mar A Lago raid is suddenly the one thing that makes people who didn’t really care for him suddenly rally to him?

        And after all the anti American things the Biden administration has put in place, and all the people the DOJ and FBI have gone after, the Mar a Lago raid is what suddenly makes this a different country, requiring people to take to the streets?

        The rhetoric doesn’t match the raid. Many have been raised *and* unjustly imprisoned. Trump wasn’t even there. And then the video Trump puts out the next day, and him saying they are trying to stop. him from running for president, but still hasnt officially said he is running for president.

        Things just aren’t adding up to me unless I think about it in light of maybe they are trying to accelerate unrest.

        That’s why I am very leery of Trump, and do not want to see people get sucked into half-cocked, emotional decisions based on him.

        Something stinks about all this!

      8. Where does es strategy go after a major stumble? Do they roll the nuclear dice? We are now in the fog of war. They are waiting for something to break for them. It must be something worth waiting for.

  15. There is a video game by 2020, “Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War”, a part of a long series, and there they mentioned Bezmenov, and so it is called a game that promotes “far right” views.


    Despite Altrightists are no enemies of Moscow (I guess), this is another try to derail real Rightists who are not on Moscow’s team.Obviously there is a leftist movement with success, but for those people it is only an imagination of “far right” conspiracy theorists

  16. There’s a nice article in Unherd, “Taiwan is China’s Ireland.” It makes the point that the notion of Taiwan as a province of mainland China is a very recent one, and that Taiwan, analogous to Ireland, very much had its own independent existence, albeit in the shadow of a greater power. Before the article, I had thought Taiwan was more like China’s freedom-loving Catalina.

  17. Hi, I became aware of your work many years ago when you were on Financial Sense. I also think you might have been interviewed by Jeff Rense, who is an amazing talk show host who has paid a steep price for his expose reporting. Have you ever heard of Martin Armstrong? Can you give some insights regarding his opinions on the Russia matter? Hermitage Capital? Bill Brower, etc? https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/international-news/politics/the-hidden-truth-behind-war-with-russia/

  18. Jeff, with the Communists (Russia and CCP) moving toward making an actual assault on US soil, it is very concerning that our own military leadership seems more concerned with DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) among the ranks rather than training patriotic young men and women with traditional values to train to fight to win potential war. Also concerning is that our “woke” military has a serious recruiting problem today.

    I know a lot of this is sadly dependent on whatever political leaders are “at the wheel” but have we come to the point as a country that our own military could be defeated right here on our own soil? Are there any high brass left that will get rid of this woke culture in the ranks and get back to instilling pride and patriotic duty to country?

    1. Everything depends on political and philosophical orientation. We are not oriented to fight and survive at the moment. I have been writing about this for over three decades. Few seem to get it. Perhaps we will have to suffer before we do. I hope not.

      1. Another question for you is, what are your thoughts, or what role does Islam play in concert with the Marxist’s move upon the US right now?

        Much as the slow creep of Communism here in the US that has infiltrated our institutions over the years, the same can be said of Islam. Our State Department was infiltrated by “suit and tie” jihadis of the MB back in the 50’s and now are very influential in our foreign policy as well as domestic, ie, just look at our education system. One only need look at reading and study materials being given in public primary and high schools. As well as the existence of so many Islamic MB affiliated groups on most public university campuses today. Guys like Stephen Coughlin and John Guandolo have talked and written of this threat for decades (much as you have about the Marxists).

      2. Islam is an old rival to the West, but different in character, and not an immediate threat as Moscow, which penetrated and uses Islam. See Iran, etc.

  19. Jeff has always a very good point to share. I do not know a better person than him to explain our recent history. With North Korea helping Russia it should be visible by now what is happening. Perhaps many things are clear, like this Russian Chinese alliance, or the international communist alliance, I still struggle to understand much related with Covid-19 and with these modern vaccines.
    Following communist China example, many agents around the world, at the same time, on a coordinated manner, started to preach about severe lockdowns, social distance, business closures, etc. Were these agents communists? I suspect they yes or useful idiots at best. Here in Brazil things are very easy to see. Our supreme court, who at the time had all judges appointed by former communist presidents, favored all draconic health measures. The same happened with leftist governors – I believe this also happened in America. But our president, who is a right wing man, immediately started to denounce the lies. Actually, he almost got impeached because he did not favor social distance. Later on, all those same agents started to preach about mass vaccination, but let´s look at the facts about this last issue.
    Seems pretty obvious by now that sars-cov2 is a lab engineered virus, not only its initial history show this, there are many marks in its genetic code that lead to this conclusion. In fact, in the first half of 2020 many scientists were saying that it was not a natural virus. Take the opinion of Professor Luc Montagnier, who said it right from the start, and many others important scientists. It was also clear in the first months of the epidemics that young people in general did very well, in opposition to old people, who died at alarming rates. So vaccines and social distance were much more needed for old people, mostly for those healthy unfit and older than 60 years. Twenty years old boys in college and in the military were not supposed to be vaccinated with those rushed vaccines. Actually, vaccinating young people against sarscov2 may be proven as the worst medical error of all times, not because of initial side effects, but because of the mess it causes on young people immune system.
    With these data at hand, why didn´t the USA army told the truth to American people? I can understand that an American president, at an election year, to be worried with public opinion and the stock market´s prices, but the USA army? And American intelligence services, where were they? And how on earth could they let almost all NATO´s military be vaccinated? It is such a dumb move that is almost impossible to believe. Vaccinating everyone was a very short term action because there was a high risk of side effects and of antibody dependent enhancement in case of a new variant emerges on the next months.

    1. They pushed the panic to the maximum and turned Covid into a political religion. Once that was done no institution, not even the US military, dared to point out the danger of rushing to vaccinate healthy people with an experimental vaccine.
      Then when one understands how much Western pharmaceutical industries, universities, intelligence agencies and the US military have been penetrated by Communist agents, the sudden turn toward Chinese-style Covid measures is explained. Unfortunately, even now many on the right don’t fully grasp that Covid was a Chinese bioweapon attack on the West, instead they are obsessed with the minimal US involvement in the CCP-controlled Wuhan lab.
      This article implies that Covid was a US-made bioweapon and hardly mentions China. The chairman of the same Lancet that published the fraudulent hydroxychloroquine study is now taken as a purveyor of truth.


      This goes hand in hand with what Jeff says below. Russia and China are planning a mass depopulation of the West, so of course they come out first to accuse the West of genocide-by-Covid. You have to give credit to Naomi Wolf for seeing what many conservative Covid warriors do not.

      1. Laura makes a good point. It seems that Americans are so focused on American politics they cannot grasp that other centers of power exist and orchestrated a bio-attack so as to blame America and capitalism. Everything is ever explained in terms of U.S. politics. What if U.S. politics regarding the vaccines was a puppet show — with the puppet masters operating out of Beijing and Moscow? So many strange decisions that do not benefit us, but only put our country at risk. Could all this idiocy be on the level? Vaccinate everyone if you can — when you have no way of knowing it is safe? That is just plain crazy. So the question might be: Has a devastating attack been successfully accomplished? Is it merely that we do not know it yet?

  20. Hi Jeff,

    I just finished your new book and read the speech by Chi Haotian. What he writes towards the end sounds a lot like what the Anti-NWO/Georgia Guidestone people are claiming:

    “If you get on the website using key words to search, you will find out that a while ago comrade He Xin pointed out to the Hong Kong Business News during an interview that: “The U.S. has a shocking conspiracy.” According to what he had in hand, from September 27 to October 1, 1995, the Mikhail Sergeevich Gorbachev Foundation, funded by the United States, gathered 500 of the world’s most important statesmen, economic leaders and scientists, including George W. Bush (he was not the U.S. president at the time), the Baroness Thatcher, Tony Blair, Zbigniew Brzezinski, as well as George Soros, Bill Gates, futurist John Naisbitt, etc., all of the world’s most popular characters, in the San Francisco Fairmont hotel for a high-level roundtable conference, discussing problems about globalization and how to guide humanity to move forward into the 21st century. According to what He Xin had in hand, the outstanding people of the world in attendance thought that in the 21st century a mere 20 percent of the world’s population will be sufficient to maintain the world’s economy and prosperity, the other 80 percent or 4/5ths of the world’s population will be human garbage unable to produce new values. The people in attendance thought that this excess 80 percent population would be a trash population and “high-tech” means should be used to eliminate them gradually.”

    The meeting actually took place (http://edition.cnn.com/WORLD/9509/world_forum/), but do you think they really said the above at that meeting? I was not able to find the interview by He Xin anywhere. Is it disinfo to discredit western elites?

    1. Margaret Sanger and her acolytes are well-known. They have been talking about this for over a hundred years. Gorbachev’s presence at the noted conference is suggestive. Here we find a dimension of communist propaganda; an exaggeration which communist infiltration, sabotage and subtle encouragement could make much of — thereby justifying the revolt of the lower orders and a justification for exterminating North America and Europe. Or as Naomi wolf now claims, China is behind the mRNA vaccines, with Gates et al. as puppets of the CCP. The targeted countries are in NATO. That is remarkable. When you commit genocide you always accuse the other side. Stalin invented this rule.

      1. The Gorbachev foundation apparently organized the whole event.
        What strikes me as highly unlikely is that the attendants (a who is who of western politcs and media) all agreed to this:

        “The people in attendance thought that this excess 80 percent population would be a trash population and “high-tech” means should be used to eliminate them gradually.”

        This sounds like stuff Alex Jones would claim.

      2. Chi misrepresents the event, of course, and the Russians are experts at provocation. Population control and environmentalism are linked — and we must not forget Gorbachev’s Green Cross International.

    2. “…a mere 20 percent of the world’s population will be sufficient to maintain the world’s economy and prosperity…”? What are they smoking to come to that conclusion? Just look at all the “low tech” workers who are needed in our so-called “high tech” economy now, who will do those jobs? If you take out 80% of the workers, how many skilled but “low tech” workers will be eliminated, thereby removing their contribution to society?

      Then there’s the question of economies of scale—with a much smaller population, how many products will no longer be economically viable to produce? Of those products that remain, how many will be made by monopolies that no longer see the need for R&D and QC? How can they claim to maintain the same standard of living with 80% fewer workers leading to reduced availability of products? Who will maintain the infrastructure whose maintenance is done by the mile?

      Yes, I know that much economic activity is inefficient. But is it that inefficient that the world could afford to lose 80% of its workers? What do you say?

      1. As Jeff said recently, from the point of view of (communist) manipulators, those who are manipulated do not need to grasp fully what they are doing – they just need to do it.

        So the advocates of depopulation in the West only have to maintain the rhetoric, and take whatever measures are required of them to achieve this goal. The ambitious and cynical politician who hopes that the WEF will hoist him to a senior position in government or in an EU or UN body need only know what to say and do. While Gorbachev knew what he was doing at the 1995 meeting, how many of those around him fully understood? – perhaps none. We cannot be sure today that even those around the level of Klaus Schwab fully understand their role. From the perspective of Moscow and Beijing, their Western collaborators will more reliably carry out their roles if they actually believe that they are acting in the long-term interests of the (remnant of) humanity, or in the interests of “Gaia”, or whatever. As for the gaps in the logic of their beliefs, their ambitions, these will be surmounted by their desire to conform with the group, and their assumptions that the group must know better (we don’t even need to cite the Asch experiments here, since the behavior of politicians and the medical profession over the last two years has given us ample real-world proof).

  21. Vladimir Putin gives ‘orders to prepare for use of tactical nuclear weapons’ in Ukraine – lates …

    1. The US should tell Putin that if he uses nukes in Ukraine that we will help Ukraine renuclearize immediately. Ukraine denuclearized as a result of the Budapest Memorandum. Putin has shown that he can’t be trusted to keep any agreement if it gets in the way of his imperial ambitions.

  22. Vladimir Putin gives ‘orders to prepare for use of tactical nuclear weapons’ in Ukraine – lates…

    1. From the video: The General SVR Telegram channel which claims to be run by a former officer of Russia’s intelligence service, said Putin “gave direct orders to prepare” a false flag operation involving the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant to justify the use of tactical nuclear weapons.

      Isn’t the Telegram social media network Russian owned? What are we to make of a former Russian intelligence officer giving away Putin’s game plan on social media? On the other hand, the plan to use a nuclear plant false flag attack as a pretext for using tactical nukes in Ukraine has the ring of plausibility, if only because otherwise it would look like Russia is resorting to using nuclear weapons out of sheer frustration of not being able to win a conventional war.

      However, I don’t think most people will buy Russia’s accusation of Ukraine being the nuclear terrorist
      If/when Russia resorts to using nukes, the mask will fully come off and hopefully all but the most die-hard Putin supporters in the West will come to see Russia (and its allies) as the enemy. Even though the instinct to roll over and appease Russia will be strong (and no doubt this idea will be pushed by the usual suspects on the Left and some on the Right), it’s possible that the overwhelming majority of people in the West will be so appalled that there may well be ramifications that the Communist powers didn’t bargain for. Instead of paving the way for an easy takeover of the West it could lead to the opposite – a true people’s revolution and flushing out of Communist agents in the West as happened during the Maidan revolution.

      1. I am not sure if the SVR Telegram account is under Moscow’s control or not. Obviously, someone could be testing the waters. Or it might be true and people in the SVR want to leak the story because they are turning against a regime that has killed more Russian soldiers than Ukrainians. Russia cannot remain stable forever under such leadership. The SBU has penetrated the FSB/SVR. How else could Kiev have survived so long?

      2. Laura 1986 said: “Isn’t the Telegram social media network Russian owned?”

        It is owned by an individual who formerly held Russian citizenship, but is certainly not owned by the Russian state.

        Pavel Durov, the founder of Telegram, was originally CEO of VKontakte, the Russian equivalent of FaceBook. When he refused state demands to ban political-opposition groups, the police raided his offices. VKontakte began to fall under increasing state control, and Durov, unwilling to co-operate, set up the new platform Telegram in 2013 (he was a billionaire by then – the new company did not require state funding). The following year, after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Durov was instructed to hand over data on Ukrainian users of Telegram. He refused again, and fled Russia (he’s now a citizen of St Kitts & Nevis in the Carribean).

        In 2018, the Russian state again demanded that Durov hand over data on Russian users if he wanted to continue operating in Russia. Durov refused yet again, and Telegram was banned from Russia. Durov found other routes to Russian users and circumvented the effects of the ban, which Russia dropped as an embarrassment in 2020.

        President Zelensky uses Telegram as an everyday communication with Ukrainian citizens, so he certainly trusts that Durov’s policy of non-co-operation with the Kremlin is still in place.

        I’m not advocating a perpetual dropping of your guard towards Telegram, but it has so far maintained its profile as a trustworthy platform for opposition to the Kremlin internationally. If you still suspect it, and think that it really does share data with the Kremlin, then you’ll have to take into account that the Kremlin has not been seen to act on such information at any time in the near-decade long existence of Telegram.

  23. With the live fire continuing around Taiwan, are the insurance rates on vessels increasing.
    If so, could the situation reach the point of a defacto blockade on shipping?

      1. Tsai Ing-wen has not ingratiated herself with the PRC. Xi Jinping issued an open letter at the beginning of 2019, proposing “one country, two systems” in a transition towards eventual unification. The timing was significant, since Xi’s plans for crushing Hong Kong’s remaining freedoms started to unroll just afterwards.

        Tsai not only rejected the proposal categorically, but also repudiated the “1992 Consensus” that had been agreed between the Kuomintang and the PRC, and which was open to interpretation along lines similar to Xi’s proposal. When the protests began in Hong Kong that March, Tsai openly expressed solidarity with the protestors, and vowed that she would never surrender Taiwan’s hard-won democracy and let her country go the way of Hong Kong.

        So Xi would require the deposition of Tsai to signal to the citizens of Taiwan that they will indeed be the new Hong Kong. In this event, she would presumably not be allowed to continue in Taiwan’s political life, and her exile would most likely be demanded. The message sent out by the PRC through the assassination of Shinzo Abe (RIP), albeit with plausible deniability, will surely be a factor in Tsai’s decisions over the coming weeks.

      2. A coup in Taiwan? I think the number of CCP sympathizers can be counted in maybe just 10 or 20,000 people total in that country (who are declared). How would a coup work with zero popular support?

      3. The KMT and the organizations under its influence are said by Lude Media to be working secretly with the CCP. They are allegedly collaborating with Beijing and death threats against Taiwan’s president are being made. I do not know how to evaluate these claims. Before the war in Ukraine we did not know how serious the Russian infiltration was. Turned out their positions were weak and their kill shot against the Zelenskiy government failed. Same kind of thing in Taiwan. Decapitation is the key. Is the KMT pretending to help Beijing or will they facilitate a takeover? I do not know enough of the particulars to judge.

  24. You are blind if you don’t see the German Greens are rebranded Nazis, NSDAP was also full of degenerates and environmentalists, they inherited the hate towards east Europeans, except some collaborator idiots in Ukraine. Like Nazis, Greens are servants of Anglo-Saxons.

    1. It some times amazes me the power of false narratives planted by KGB active measures to cloud the thinking of people.

      1. Communists are pro-growth, the degrowth environmentalists are all servants of imperialism.

    2. As long as you support the Communists, you are safe, Commit. What a truly courageous individual you are.

    1. Anyone citing Guardian as a source of truth is a moron. Zelesnky has admitted no such thing. It is entirely Putinist agitprop.

    2. Commit, denying that the German Greens are watermelons (green on the outside, red on the inside), claimed that: “Communists are pro-growth, the degrowth environmentalists are all servants of imperialism.”

      Communists in the Soviet Union/Russia and China are indeed pro-growth. Among their favored methods for generating growth are slave labor and planting their agents of influence in free-world governments which will then hand them the technology communists cannot create for themselves (from WWII Lend-Lease through to the Obama/Clinton transfer of military technology at Skolkovo). But when political considerations are of greater importance to them, they are quite happy to induce economic contraction by murdering tens of millions, like Stalin when he decided to detach the peasantry from their love of private property,

      In the lesser communist countries, such as Cuba and Venezuela, the prior free-enterprise economies have been destroyed, with real wealth remaining only in the thin layer of the communist leadership and their family members (like young Ms Chavez, currently worth $4.2 billion).

      In free-world countries, the purpose of communists is to destroy them socially and economically, so the German Greens fit the bill very well, and happily co-operated with “conservative” Merkel, agent of influence and former rising star in the Freie Deutsche Jugend (East German Komsomol).

      When a country finally falls to the communists, and all pretenses end, naive, enthusiastic young communists are often among the first to be executed, since the disappointment of such people when they see the reality of communism turns them into enemies of the new regime (as Yuri Bezmenov described). Be warned, Commit!

  25. did you guys see this one:


    in the article i read prigozhin was boasting to the prisoners that those already serving in their prospective roles eliminate every living thing in their area of operations with a relatively small percent of losses (like 20%). penal batallions with plausable deniability. terrorism recruiting agency: inmate x is a proven sociopath. he served at lubyanka (2008-2018) and ukraine (2022-2023) would recommend 10/10.

    pre publication article linking covid 19 and acceleration or inducement of CJD prion disease in one case. confirmed links between Covid 19 and more general CNS infection are growing. this article is one of many similar anecdotal observations cited in other professional medical articles: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/35786166/

    1. Poland was unwilling sending its stored gas Germany recently. Can be a message.

      1. Germans were the first to break the story but also threw in a false narrative about Mercury.
        A similar event occurred in the UK several years ago to a smaller extent but with undeniably similar narratives i.e. low oxygen and again the toxic agent was never identified. Dogs have come close to death drinking the water, Beavers have died, so the overall cost on larger mammals that use the river as a water source could be exponential.
        My thoughts are either the Russians or the extinction rebellion eco terrorists are to blame, they may very well be the same people, very few people know who are behind the Swiss bank accounts funding these nefarious activities.
        As for Gas, Poland is not the only EU member pushing back against the EU mandated 7% energy heist per country to save Germany’s face, Portugal and Spain are also pushing back loud and proud. If their (Germany’s) politicians had truly prioritised energy security they would have sourced their gas from Norway as Poland did…

      2. The eco terrorists another possibility, though it is hard to distinguish them from German leadership nowadays, they are against fisheries, it is open secret they are poisoning fish ponds here in the Czech Republic. I can somehow understand they oppose cattle farming, but fish farming? It is the most efficient method of producing meat.

    2. May be off topic, but it is worth sharing. Thank you. The noose seems to get ever tighter.

      1. I was replying to John Davies. Somehow the “reply” didn’t attach to the correct comment. Mea culpa!

  26. “Problem is nuclear waste can safely be reprocessed to create new nuclear fuel at relatively low cost”

    It requires fast neutron reactors, Russia is only country that operates them.

    Nuclear energy in America was killed by the oil and FED lobby, dollar monetary hegemony depended heavily on growing global oil trade since seventies. They even staged three miles island incident to kill nuclear energy.

    Google Galen Winsor

    1. I guess the key word in my comment was “can”.
      The reply did highlight my laziness and general ignorance of the resources that technically could be considered as being under the control/influence of Russia & China.
      I am familiar with Galen Winsor, and the fact tat we have the technology to reprocess but neglect to do so, opting to dump the fuel in great big expensive holes while the native fuel becomes scarcer really annoys me.
      Health and safety lobbies are definitely part of the overall subversion along with the media and the majority of people have been brainwashed into the dangers of radiation and nuclear energy which really could have provided energy too cheap to meter if the technology had no been subverted.
      Here is a great resource wrt to nuclear, I highlight just one chapter of interest but the whole book is well worth reading:

  27. A hundred comments ago, Greyknight asked for our opinions about Donald Trump. Here you go.

    The establishment will do anything to stop Donald J. Trump from becoming president. The FBI raid on Mar Lago was a political maneuver to send him a message not to think about running for office. Remember, his first act as president in 2016 was to revoke the Paris Accords. Don’t you think that will be his first act again in 2024? The establishment can’t have that.

    Donald Trump loves America. He has been consistent on this point all the way back to the 1980s when he was interviewed by Oprah Winfrey. He has never wavered on this. He also talks and walks with sincere admiration of the common man. Even though he is a billionaire, he seems to have never forgotten that he started out working with construction workers in New York. His early career says a lot about his ambition and his self-confidence. Remember, he has almost always been treated as an outsider by the NYC elite and that turned him into a man determined to prove himself.

    Donald Trump is also at times a narcissist and plays hardball with his adversaries. Therefore, people hate him and love him. It also makes him formidable in business. On economic and foreign policies, he was tremendous for our country. On appointing judges, he set the record. In navigating politics, he was overwhelmed. But who wouldn’t have been in his shoes? He’s not a politician. He’s just too blunt. I have heard him in person and at CPAC decry how the J6ers have been treated. If you haven’t seen his comments about this in print or on video, you haven’t looked. One of his flaws is it’s difficult for him to admit a mistake with things like the shot, but he has come out strongly against the military being required to take the shot, and he has been an advocate since the beginning for hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, monoclonal antibodies. Some people admit their mistakes by their follow-up actions. I think that’s how Donald Trump does it.

    Donald Trump as we would hope has evolved as a human being. He seems to have become monogamous. His children love and support him. He is incredibly generous in ways that never make the news. He grew up in Church under the pastor who wrote the “Be Happy Attitudes” Pastor Robert Schuyler and as he has matured, it seems that he has returned to his faith more sincerely than ever.

    The one thing I find fascinating is that his two longest marriages were to women who grew up in the Soviet empire. These women escaped Communism and came here because they saw this country as the freest, safest best place to be. Maybe Donald Trump picked them because of their love of America, as well as their love for him and their intelligence and beauty.

    1. Ever hear the story about a little old lady named Vera Coking and Donald Trump? Private property rights much?

      1. I agree. That was a despicable thing. This kind of thing has been done a lot. Justice Robert’s wrote a Supreme Court opinion in favor of imminent domain for “highest and best use” for a drug company. Pfizer?

    2. Operation Warp Speed? Which began under DJT and was later used to force Americans to inject an experimental biological agent to continue to hold a job? He still touts the “clot shot” and he’s proud of his efforts. Wonderful man that loves America? Yeah, sounds like it….

      1. Birx and Fauci lied to him. Pence betrayed him. Yes. He was proud of Warp Speed but he didn’t know that shot got started in 2015. Trump was tricked and he won’t admit it.

      2. LadyfromLibertyGarage, I respect your view on Trump. A lot of people think about him as you do. I personally don’t care too much for him anymore, but it doesn’t really matter.

        I’m just putting this out there for anyone, not being argumentative, for we are on the same side to the bitter end, come what may.

        The main thing that worries me about Trump right now, is it seems we who care about the condition and future of our country, are being forced to accept him as the face of our “movement” to preserve our country. Also seems he is more than willing to be that face. Yet (to me) he falls short in so many crucial areas. Just like in the people he kept around him. The (apparent) lack of real concern about the many who took beatings attending rallies, who have been harassed by the FBI, who have been imprisoned all because of believing in and supporting him.

        Also the mad rush and continued support for the toxic vaccines. Also, he does not appear (to me) to really understand the nature of the Communist beast we are up against . Also he signed the very large, detrimental, bad spending bills. He threw a good man with an established patriotic track record under the bus in Jeff Sessions.

        He built very little border wall. He pardoned some people who definitely did not deserve it, and left others unpardoned who surely did deserve a pardon.

        Why are many Patriots allowing the Left (and some of those on the Right who are duped in key issues like Putin and Russia being good actors) to moreover us into making this man the head of *our* movement to save America? The Left is maneuvering us into this position.

        We can’t fall into the same trap the Rissians fell into during the Russian Civil War. Different groups wrapped up all their hopes and fears into certain men, some of whom were mere demagogues or prima donnas who were very incompetent. Many would not cooperate with each other in their common cause because of their egos. I don’t think Trump would share the spotlight with competent people like a DeSantis, or a Sessions, or a Nyquist. Trump was competent economically, but wasn’t in most other areas (it seems to me).

        Who was the old White general, was his name Dengin? I can’t remember for sure. From what I remember reading, he seemed to out the cause before his ego if I remember correctly.

        For leaders, we need men the caliber of George Washington, Robert E Lee, Stonewall Jackson. Men who aren’t ruled and driven by ego.

        Currently, I think we have none on the national scale.

        Pray for America.

      3. Also, as Darin said, he did promote the gay agenda to a degree. I remember when his administration threatened to withhold foreign aid to certain smaller countries if their government wasn’t more accepting of homosexuality. If I remember correctly one was Belize, maybe Uganda and some other African countries.

        Just throwing that out there

      4. Sorry everyone. One more thing I meant to say.

        We must choose our leaders very wisely, because once they are in place, we are pretty much stuck with them, especially if we are in a war.

        If we can avoid it, we don’t need to let a man be the all in all of our resistance. The face of our resistance is love of America. The Constitution. The Declaration of Independence. Lady Liberty. Etc. The ideals that made this country great. If any leaders do not put the interest the country ahead of ego and pride, we should not make them our leaders from the get go.

        Sorry, I am at work and should be working, but wanted to throw these thoughts out before comments close. God bless, Mr. Nyquist and all fellow freedom lovers here.

      5. Great comments regarding a political figure such as Trump. He’s not “a Savior” as some want to promote. One man can’t magically change this country socially, morally, spiritually and most certainly politically, in 4 years or 8, or just pick a number. This decay has been happening for almost 100 years.

        Americans are too lazy to research even local issues affecting their own community or communities or State issues. How many parents even show up to a local school board meeting? Or reach out to elected county officials? This laziness and complacency is the root cause of the real state of our dying Republic. Change starts locally, not at the federal level, hoping to work top down.

        Trump is not going to make America great again. It takes Americans working locally to hold government accountable.

    3. One thing I’d like to clarify. I didn’t say he hasn’t spoken up for the J6 prisoners at all, but that he hasn’t been very vocal about it.

      I’m not in his shoes, but I believe that if a lot of innocent people were rotting in jail because they believed in me enough to show up to a serious event I invited them to, and I had a public platform like Trump does, that I would be calling attention to them every day, demanding their release.

    1. Thank you, Donmatt. This is the first time I have seen a full list of participants in the “Army Games 2022”, but since it is only given in Cyrillic, some readers might find it useful to see the list in Roman letters.

      There are 12 countries designated as organizers of the Games: Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, China, India, Iran, Kazakhstan, Russia, Uzbekistan, Venezuela and Vietnam.

      There are 23 other participating countries: Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Cameroon, Congo, Eswatini (formerly Swaziland), Guinea, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Mali, Morocco, Mongolia, Mozambique, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan, Rwanda, South Africa, Sudan, Syria, Tajikistan and Zimbabwe.

      There are 3 further participating entities listed among the countries above (I have separated them out): Abkhazia, Palestine and South Ossetia.

      The presence of Azerbaijan among the organizers (alongside Armenia) may be surprising, since it is often considered to be aligned with the West, but China has been a major trading partner and investor – significant enough for Azerbaijan to signal to the world that it has (at least) divided loyalties.

      Notably absent is BRICS member Brazil.

      Participation doesn’t mean that, say, Burkina Faso will automatically declare war on the US when the Taiwan conflict turns hot, but the list does tell us something about how the world is being carved up thirty years after “the fall of communism”.

      1. Some further (and cheering) perspective is offered in the latest message posted at the “General SVR” account on Telegram is an amusing account of the US-organized “Regional Cooperation 22” military exercises currently underway in Tajikistan (10-20 August).

        Alongside the US and Tajikistan, the other participants are Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Pakistan and Uzbekistan.

        In other words, six of the participants at the Russia/China aligned military exercises in Venezuela are also participating in the US-aligned exercises in Tajikistan. Two of the six (Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan) are even among the organizers of the Venezuela exercises.

        Putin, says the Telegram message, is “highly dissatisfied and most upset” that Tajikistan has chosen to “spit in his face”. Putin’s recently met the Tajik president to tell him that he had paid the Taliban $5 billion protection money so that they would cease their hostile actions against Tajikistan (whereas the US is only offering Tajikistan a little more than $60 million to host the military exercises).

      2. Interestingly, Cuba is not listed as a participant, although the other Communist run countries in Latin America, Venezuela and Nicaragua, are. Is the Congo listed the Democratic Republic of the Congo, formerly Zaire, or Republic of the Congo, also known as Congo-Brazzaville?

  28. The REAL AUTHOR of the CCP poison injection is this communist agent from Hungary, and this is a serious charge and can be proven by circumstantial evidence…Today this woman is SENIOR Vice-President of BioNTech, the firm that in fact produced the Pfizzer poison…and their research was also used by the other producers…She was a communist scientist, which means GRU connections and biological-chemical research, which was (is) in the whole Soviet Bloc run by the military intelligence, and there are reports that this BoiNTech company is tied with CCP counterpart…in production of more of the poisonous toxic injections…

    There is no way to prove the intent of this woman to do harm, but the history of hers and who she was and that the communists did not allow anybody with Phd. in bio-chemistry research to leave the country and that all such avenues were so strictly closed off so the person with such a knowledge was utterly prisoner inside the communist country, the source also adds that the source knew a person who was involved in chemical research in the Soviet Bloc country and the communists wouldn’t let the person to leave the country at all ! No permit to leave, no passport, because the person knew too much in the field of chemical research…

    This woman then was immediately accepted by the US Military University in Bethesda, MD, the same year she with the WHOLE FAMILY was escaping the Soviet run Hungary – in 1985. The source says that this is a MAJOR RED FLAG and impossible that she wouldn’t be a KGB agent or GRU asset…because of her background and knowledge, Ph.D. and she was also member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, which was in all Soviet Bloc countries KGB scientific espionage directorate…fully committed communists.

    This woman is the inventor of this toxic injection process…again, there is no possible proof of intent, but the results are there, millions of death people who believed this injection to cause no harm…

    (From the unreliable Wickipedia):

    “Karikó grew up in Kisújszállás, Hungary, in a small home without running water, a refrigerator, or television.[8] Her father was a butcher and her mother was a bookkeeper.[8][9] She excelled in science during her primary education, earning third place in the country in a biology competition.[8]

    After earning her Ph.D. at the University of Szeged, Karikó continued her research and postdoctoral studies at the Institute of Biochemistry, Biological Research Centre of Hungary.

    In 1985, the lab lost its funding, and she left Hungary for the United States with her husband and 2-year daughter.[8] When immigrating to the US, they smuggled in £900 in a teddy bear, money that they had received from selling their car on the black market.[10][11]

    Between 1985 and 1988, while serving as postdoctoral fellow at Temple University in Philadelphia and Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in Bethesda, MD..”

    The source says that to be accepted in such places the person had to be committed communist or communist agent, fully approved by the Communist Party of the KGB and related Hungarian services, and so for her to leave the communist Hungary with the whole family, and her child also, which usually was not allowed (children were kept as hostages), the source also says that she was able to get through the immigration system extremely quickly, as anybody else took almost 18 months and even longer waiting period…so this is also highly suspicious…

    The BioNTech company was founded by Turkish person who grew up in Germany…Kariko lives in Philadelphia, PA, USA.

    1. A friend of mine was a US Navy Chief on a nuclear sub. He met a gal from China who invited him to China, but the US State Department wouldn’t let him go, because of his security clearance.

  29. Off topic:
    LadyfromLibertyGarage in a previous post was wondering about Jacques Baud. Trevor Loudon actually did a mini-expose of him in the following EpochTV video on May 4. The man is a Russian asset.

    – Baud was a Swiss intelligence officer who worked in the highest branches of NATO (given this background and his seeming vast knowledge about Ukraine and Russia, it is no wonder so many people are taken in by his skillful propaganda)
    – Baud is a regular commentator on RT; Baud has also defender Bashar al-Assad the pro-Russian dictator of Syria, also claimed the attempted poisoning of Skripal and daughter was food poisoning, claimed Alexey Navalny was poisoned by the mafia not the Kremlin
    – Also serves on the College of National Advisors, an advisory board to the Centre Francais de Recherche sur le Renseignement (CF2R); also serving on this board is Igor Nicolaevich Prelin who served his entire career at the KGB (1962-1991), he served at the KGB training school and was an instructor to Putin, he also served as a press officer (propagandist) for the last president of the KGB before it became the FSB, Vladimir Kryuchikov
    – The magazine Postil carries regular commentary by Alexander Dugin

    1. Thank you, Laura. You are a fine researcher. It is so troubling how many people in high places of leadership and influence are intentionally misleading the public to promote Russia and China.

  30. “Russia vows to expand relations with North Korea”

    “In a letter sent to his counterpart Kim Jong un on Pyongyang’s liberation day, Mr Putin said the move would be in both countries’ interests. In turn, Mr Kim said friendship between both nations had been forged in World War II with victory over Japan. He added that their “comradely friendship” would grow stronger.

    It added “strategic and tactical cooperation, support and solidarity” between the two countries “had been put on a new high stage, in the common front for frustrating the hostile forces’ military threat and provocation”. Pyongyang did not identify the hostile forces by name, but the term has been used repeatedly by North Korea to refer to the US and its allies.”

    1. This sounds serious. Also, rumors of a Russian decision to use tactical nukes in Ukraine is beginning to float — like a trial balloon or a scare tactic — above the scene. No telling which way they will go at present. I would play more political cards if I were Putin. He has so many secret friends in the West.

  31. Congratulations on the new book, my copy will be here tomorrow.

    Regarding the essay, i submit this from Mao Tse Tung’s ‘Quotations from Mao Tse Tung’, chapter 18. Patriotism and Internationalism.

    I agree it is is very important to learn the language of our enemy so we can defend our nation. Thank you for your courage to stand for the truth and your patience in sharing it.

    “What kind of spirit is this that makes a foreigner selflessly adopt the cause of the Chinese people’s liberation as his own? It is the spirit of internationalism, the spirit of communism, from which every Chinese Communist must learn…. We must unite with the proletariat of all the capitalist countries, with the proletariat of Japan, Britain, the United States, Germany, Italy and all other capitalist countries, before it is possible to overthrow imperialism, to liberate our nation and people, and to liberate the other nations and peoples of the world. This is our internationalism, the internationalism with which we oppose both narrow nationalism and narrow patriotism.”


  32. To add about this woman from Hungary – the BioNTech senior vice-president – as the memory serves, she was interviewed by CNN Chris Cuomo about the injections, so highly praised by him as some kind of savior of the mankind…so there is no doubt about the communist intent, truly biological warfare and now with unforeseen and perhaps deadly consequences, as if the immune system is damaged by these injections then the person is vulnerable and can die of simple cold…

    So looking into this woman’s bio, her supervisor either at the Lab or the Academy of Sciences was at the same time member of the Central Committee of the Hungarian Communist Party, which means Kremlin is involved…

    So this is a sufficient information that she was not allowed to leave, she was sent out on espionage orders and to be involved in something like this – only that it is not possible to prove her direct intent, but these KGB etc. connections are sufficient to make the conclusion that she knows what she has done and why…and that she, as a defector from communism has not objected nor resigned her position when BioNTech signed the cooperation agreement with Wuhan (or the other CCP company – memory?) and thus with CCP (PLA), that of itself shows that she is a KGB asset…

    The evil fruits are there. It would be a worth to dig deeper into it, even though the time is short.

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