We belong to the Marxist camp and can never be so thoughtless that we cannot distinguish friends from enemies. Nixon, Ford, Carter, and future American imperialistic leaders all fall into this category [of enemies].

Deng Xiaoping, 20 July 1977

The Chinese are continuing to mobilize against the West as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi lands in Taiwan. This California politician has helped China and the Marxist cause throughout her career. Now the Chinese help to recast her by making threats related to her Taiwan trip.

Below is my recent interviews with at Man in America and Nevin Gussack, author of Golitysn Vindicated.

Nevin Gussack discussion


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134 thoughts on “Discussions with Man in America and the Patriotic Populist: China and Russia Continue on War Path

  1. In “Nuclear War Survival Skills” the author suggests that the Russians and Chinese will evacuate their citizens out of the cities before they launch a nuclear strike. Do you think that will happen? If so, who should we be following to have the maximum probability of hearing about it while there is still time to act?

      1. Thanks Jeff! Great interview with Man in America! I find that with your knowledge through your research and study of the Communists and Communism, I learn of another book, article, or resource to add to my own small library and share with friends and family in “my neck of the woods”. I’m also an avid listener of the Tuesday Roundtable with The Liberty Man John Moore.

      2. I live uncomfortably close to a very long runway that would likely be an early target. Are there any reliable indicators that I could use to help decide when to bug out? (BTW, I tried to post this a few hours ago and it did not seem to go through.)

      3. It’s a base, but not a bomber base, but it is long enough to host them. I am reading the 1987 edition of “Nuclear War Survival Skills” so the information may be outdated, but Kearney suggested that in a surprise attack, the Soviets would airburst submarine-launched ballistic missiles with almost no warning over all runways greater that 7000 feet to prevent retaliation by the bombers. This would then be followed by larger ICBMs to crater the runways.

        My residence is about 3 miles away, and my workplace is closer to the center of the runway than the end of the runway is. I am upwind, so I’m not concerned as much with fallout, but depending on the size of the warhead, the blast effects could be devastating.

      4. I do have a place 50 mile away I can bug out to, but I need so sort of warning to determine when to do so.

      5. There probably will be warning signs. We do not know exactly what they will be, but from the defector readings, especially the suggestions of Viktor Suvorov in his book “Spetsnaz,” you will have a fair idea when it gets close.

    1. Dal, I’m in a similar situation and also have been reading Nuclear War Survival Skills. Not in blast zone, but in fallout zone, barely. No basement. No bug out location.

      One thing you could do is a “test run” on how quickly you can get yourself, loved ones, supplies, out the door and to your bug out place. Test out the route, identify an alternate if possible. See what you can do to pare down the time as much as possible.

      I’ve located a few decent looking shelters (e.g., cement buildings), at least better than my house. But I wouldn’t be able to stay there multiple days, and really anything above ground is insufficient. I also have animals I wouldn’t be able to evacuate in that kind of emergency. So far, I’m just praying I get lucky.

      1. It may be interesting for those of us who are concerned about the danger to discuss further. Perhaps in a forum or DM. There are so few anti-communists as it is.

      2. Perseus thanks for suggestion, I’m all for that, but I’m sure we’re all concerned about security/privacy. I’m not identified anywhere on social media or online groups – just an anonymous commenter. I will keep an eye on this space in case an idea comes together.

      3. Visitor, thanks for the advice!

        Perseus, good suggestion, but like Visitor, I would like to remain anonymous.

  2. With the CCP holding large sway in our White House, Congress, & bureaucracy this entire situation feels like a setup. Why would Western leaders who have helped the CCP their entire careers suddenly become anti-CCP Hawks?

  3. Watched it “Live” earlier. As usual, excellent intel and shared immediately with my Group. Stay on your toes people, and keep your head on a swivel. We are already Infiltrated and Surrounded. It’s only a matter of time.

  4. Chinese Special Forces in Ukraine??? Oh my! I hadn’t heard about that. Back to listening…

  5. On the vault 7 leaks. Typical Millennial in the workplace: “Prosecutors alleged the 33-year-old Schulte was motivated to orchestrate the leak because he believed the CIA had disrespected him by ignoring his complaints about the work environment. So he tried “to burn to the ground” the very work he had helped the agency to create, they said.” Don’t like your boss? [Loot and] Burn it all down. normalize narcissism to the point where it’s not grounds for discrimination in your counterintelligence screens. yeyyyyyy!!!! a new era of “secrecy” is dawning.


      1. A good dose of Carl Schmidt and his realism, his distinctions about ” enemies” unifying and re masculinizing society, could be used in this situation. But the problem is Mr Nyquist, it plays into true Enemy hands when false enemies are created. His insights on the Partisan are useful as well.

    1. Basically what Golitsyn and other defectors and leakers praised on this blog did.

      1. I need to thank you, Commit. Your comments are so predictable, like listening to a whiny, 3rd rate grad student droning on in a bar – it actually helps cement the points Nyquist delivers through this blog.

        I mean it. I’ve spent a lot of my life hearing more nuanced and disguised versions of what you trot out here – some from people I’ve really liked and respected – and was even so steeped in it that when I’ve read or heard Nyquist, occasionally I’d think, “well Nyquist is exaggerating” or “Nyquist is seeing in black and white” but then I read your comments and realize, no, actually he’s not. Hearing the unvarnished, cartoonish version brings it all into focus. Speeds up my education. So, thanks.

    1. Wanted to share this gem that I stumbled across in the hinterlands of YT. I wonder if another reader of this blog uploaded it?
      “Ayman al-Zawahiri was a Russian agent”

      1. Communists reject terrorism as a method. JR Nyquist should read “Revolutionary Adventurism” from V. I. Lenin.

        9/11 was an inside job done by remote controlled drones.

      2. Read Trotsky on communism and terrorism (when Trotsky was working with Lenin). For all that, Lenin used terrorism. Adventurism is when you get yourself in trouble by using terrorism injudiciously.

    1. “Every time, we lose.” Wow! That was a powerful 3 minute video! Thanks BB.

      1. The Chinese laid a good trap, using our politicians’ dishonest acceptance of the “ONE CHINA POLICY” against us. We should have never made any deals with the CCP mass murderers. They let us believe our acceptance of ONE CHINA was a formality. Our businessmen thought they were going to make a lot of money. Now Beijing calling us on it. By supporting Taiwan we have violated the agreement. They can present their case to the Chinese people. China is in the right, America is in the wrong. This is very clever, and opens the door to more mass murder.

    2. Thanks for posting this.
      “We are not going to be arguing about transgender issues on TikTok anymore.”
      At least we have thissilver lining to look forward to.

  6. Great interview, Jeff. I noticed on China’s recent military video that they are saluting with a clenched fist; perhaps one clenched fist is here.

  7. Jeff, you are correct on the founding of the PLA. It was August 1st 1927.

  8. When you are at smearing Caleb Maupin so cowardly way, have you considered to invite him for an interview so he can defend his positions? He is the least unpatriotic American I have ever listened to. You can learn a lot from him about American synthetic left, that in fact serves imperialist establishment.

    When it comes to war in Ukraine, you people are so out of touch it is ridiculous. Their own propaganda media and Zelensky himself are admitting they are outgunned, defenses in Donbass collapsing. There is no counter offensive in sight.

    1. It’s rather inconvenient that nothing of the sort has been admitted, outside of being outgunned. With the introduction of HiMARS, that has changed. You’re simply a communist liar.

      1. They are now wasting HiMars ammunition on targets that are well defended by short range air defense. Most of the missiles get shot down. Like bridges. General Milley admitted the stocks of Himars ammunition are limited.

        Their defenses are collapsing in Donetsk region.

        General Zaluzny admitted they have no forces for any offensive.

      2. Commit, you are an uninformed idiot who believes only propaganda. You are, indeed, what Stalin called a “useful idiot.”

      1. I doubt it. Even now they are still saying it was never implemented properly. They can never admit they are wrong. They act like my daughter when she was 2.

    2. Commit: As I’ve said over and over again on my program, Maupin and his comrades are correct in pointing out the issues related to uncontrolled corporate capitalism. His disdain for free market globalist economists like Milton Friedman are correct. (BTW, Milton Friedman and many within his ideological ilk championed trade with communist countries. This was the main factor which caused me to re-think my commitment to libertarian/free market economics and Reaganism as a whole.)

      For my rightist/classical liberal detractors, I support what Chris Hedges refers to as “penny capitalism” and “regional capitalism.” I support a tightly regulated form of corporate capitalism too, with an emphasis on production as opposed to financial speculation (i.e. derivatives, credit default swaps, the mass distortions in the housing market occurring in the US with institutional investors like Black Rock, etc.) I also draw inspiration from the American School of Economics (Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Henry Carey, Henry Clay, etc.) It is my absolute belief that these ideas and policies will steal the thunder of the extreme Left and appeal of white national socialist ideology in the US. Otherwise, I feel that as Marx stated in the Manifesto “the bourgeoisie are their own gravediggers.”

      Where I disagree with Maupin and other tankie communists are his/their solutions: Marxist-Leninist command economics and political controls/mass murder (notwithstanding what he may say on his YouTube Channel, where he gives ML ideology an Americana style flavor) and alignment with foreign governments which seek to pulverize American sovereignty and our right to exist as human beings. I will fight the likes of Maupin and other tankies until my last days.

      1. Thank you for comment. What you want sounds very much like what Leninists call social fascism. The system existed in imperial core countries when imperialism was strong. There aren’t enough resources extracted from the imperialised countries anymore to provide for strong petit bourgeoise and labour aristocracy in the imperial core. The matter will get only worse with the ongoing collapse of contemporary monetary imperialist system of explanation.

        The solution proposed by the cosmopolitan bourgeoise elites is further enslavement of the masses, reducing consumption, they call it the great reset, trying to sell it under pseudo marxist slogans.

        The solution proposed by Maupin’s CPI and other anti-imperialists like the Schiller institute is development of material base via re-industrialization of the imperial core, so those countries will be able to feed themselves and abandon imperialised without drastic impoverishment.

      2. I have never heard the term tankie from an actual communist, seems to be used as a smear in some internet anarchist circles. AFAIK the CPI people call themselves patriotic socialists.

    3. Commit, do you think that defending psychopathic murderers puts you in danger of burning in Hell?

    4. Vatnik, you idiots have been telling us Ukraine has been collapsing for the past 5 or 6 months. It’s no longer believable by anyone with an IQ over 60.

  9. And unfortunately no translator function set for both videos, when these are such important topics. Very sad.

    1. @Commit: Social Fascism as you know was a smear term for Social Democrats. It was used by the German KPD, the Comintern (per its resolution from if memory serves me 1928), and the USSR to delegitimize the German SPD, thus paving the way for the NSDAP (the National Socialists). Yes, I do believe that some social democratic principles are necessary in order to balance the free enterprise system. In some areas, “free” markets do not work (e.g. health insurance-which is not predicated on health care, but enriching shareholder value). As the 1959 Godesburg resolution of the West German SPD stated: “as much (free) markets as possible, as much planning as needed.” However, I would not consider social democracy as fascism, since the Fascist and National Socialist economic model entails far more control over capital and labor than I would support. Plus, most modern social democratic currents of thought eschew belligerent nationalism and racial collectivism. So I take issue with your assertion on that front. It shows your Stalinist/ML credentials to the hilt. But I do appreciate your response.

      I would argue that there are enough resources in the US to sustain our population and restore our pre-1981 quality of life/economic conditions. We have vast stores of food/agriculture, minerals, etc. We’ve dumped massive amounts of $$$ into Wall Street bailouts since the 1980s, so there is no reason why we cannot dump Federal dollars to restart industries in the US. Just simply look at Alexander Hamilton’s Report on Manufactures for a good starting point. We revamp educational policy to stimulate more graduates majoring in the hard sciences, biology, trades, and other fields needed to redevelop the collective brainpower to re-industrialize the US. It’s a matter of mustering the political will to re-structure our economy away from neoliberalism/globalism back to what I’ve personally termed Balanced Capitalism.

      I don’t trust CPI/Maupin and other MLs. Despite wrapping themselves in the American flag, they seek a weakened US at the mercy of China and Russia. Maupin & Company would destroy our military budget in the face of a massive remilitarization of Russia and China. (Then again, Beijing and Moscow never stopped their re-armament programs). He has stated numerous times that he is an anti-imperialist, which in reality translates into bringing down the US as an independent nation. Do you really think Beijing or Moscow would tolerate a re-industrialized USA? They’ve fought all Congressional efforts to blunt Russian and Chinese economic warfare efforts directed against native American industry (e.g. steel).

      Many foreign admirers of totalitarian, expansionist countries claimed they were “patriotic.” Just look at the multitude of foreign admirers of the Third Reich in countries like France up until 1940. They vociferously claimed they were patriots as well. Yet, they degraded their nations by cravenly collaborating with the Third Reich in the worst possible ways…all in the name of “patriotism,” “socialism,” and “European collaboration.” I believe very strongly folks like Caleb Maupin and CPI along with other ML parties and figures would perform the same role in the US as the pro-Axis collaborators did in Europe from 1939-1945.

      Tankie is a term that first originated in Britain after the Communist Party of Great Britain experienced a split over the Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia (1968). One faction supported the invasion and they ultimately became the New Communist Party of Eric Trevett. The New Communist Party exists to this day and is close to China, North Korea, etc. The term tankie is now used within leftist circles to describe those individuals and extremist groups that support the most militaristic, collectivist police states all in the name of “anti-imperialism.”

      1. America probably has enough food, but the value of its imports is much higher than value of its exports. Many industrial products are purchased abroad for nothing but emitted money.The trade deficit has surpassed 1 trillion. I believe the system reaching its limits is the main cause of current inflation. I recommend dr Michael Hudson on this issue.

    2. @Heike: already done for the 2022 interviews with Jeff. Thanks for listening! 🙂

  10. Thank you Jeff for such an important interview. Funny that you are absolutely my most favorite person to listen to, and yet unlike you, I am very pro-Russian. It is such a long history and I appreciate your perspective. Thing is, you have such an awareness of what is happening, I so appreciate.

    Do you think Pelosi may be a member of the CCP? It was a thought occurred to me yesterday. China is playing the western media. Good on em, really. American politics is just reprehensible. No honor. No dignity.

    Unlike Russia, who I believe is the only rational voice in the world today.

    1. I think Russia has a much better chance of breaking from its corrupt Soviet structures than China. Pelosi’s ideology seems to be in the left. But she is definitely in it for money and power. The two things go together in many instances.

      1. I don’t see Putinist Russia breaking away from Soviet structures. Putin and his approved oligarchs and minions have to go before that will happen. Russia, however, has been deeply corrupt since before Peter the Great. It’s not going to end soon.

      2. With the NSA’s vaunted capability of capturing any and all electronic communications, shouldn’t 5th columnists of all kinds have their control file materials neutralized on a whim? Is a Feinstein with her Chinese chauffeur of decades tolerated as a passive double agent of sorts? A lot of good Venona did with Pollards running around with impunity …
        Pelosi and Schumer dogwhistling Continuity of Government along with Pacific states seceding in the event of a “Trump steal” in the election run up was disquieting — the suggestion that they’ve wormed into the most compartmentalized and shadowy hedge against “elite capture” was extreme, bluff or not. Without going into qultist territory, would there be any intimations of such a heel turn on the part of bad actors in the public sphere? e.g. Pelosi’s tripwire diplomatic flight into the face of Chinese rhetoric of “military action” against her personally as a punishment of sorts. The mood of the nation’s populist posterity is more along the lines of “clear them out!” We’re in this state because of sweepings under the rug accumulating, when the public needed apprising of the gravity of the threat confronting them beyond “Ivan may nuke us at any moment.”

      3. History shows that intelligence is often gathered, examined, then ignored. In fact, it does not matter how good your intelligence gathering apparatus is. What matters is your ability to discern the truth out of the information gathered. Correct interpretation is 99 percent of understanding.

  11. I remain convinced the Pelosi trip was orchestrated as a perceived casus belli to permit exactly what is happening now – a Chinese blockade around Taiwan. will their war games end on schedule? Only time will tell. But one thing is for certain, ‘they’ are moving forward with their plan.

    1. I agree – the timing is simply too coincidental. I do not think she is an agent, but the Communists may have put pressure on her, using her husband’s China dealings as leverage.

  12. So appreciated you posting these interviews in such a timely way– in the midst of the chaotic, Pelosi political theater — particularly the Man in America one. Very grounding. Both were excellent, helpful interviews. Thank you!

  13. Mr. Nyquist, was just curious: did you ever have the opportunity to speak with Alexander Litvinenko before his untimely demise by polonium poisoning? If so, could you share any insights that you gleaned from any discussions that took place, or point me to where you may have already addressed this?

    1. A Polish journalist was working to get Litvinenko to see me prior to Litvenenko’s death. He showed Litvinenko my writings and said Litvinenko was keen on the idea. Undoubtedly, Litvinenko had other people he wanted to see in America beside me, but he never had the chance to widen his inquiries. Litvinenko told this journalist that several al-Qaeda leaders were trained in Russia at a terrorist training camp in Dagaetan in 1996. Litvinenko had been responsible for the secrecy of Ayman al-Zawahiri’s visit to Russia and his status as a longtime KGB asset. As Litvinenko was a real investigator and someone able to assemble puzzles, I believe he had figured out some important insights about the Kremlin regime. He was very interested in the stunning investigative work of Anna Politkovskaya and met with her prior to her death. We also do not know what she might have been working on before she was murdered. It could be they were onto something we will never know about, and this is what prompted the assassination of both mere weeks apart in 2006. I cannot help thinking there was a connection because of the timing — that they were on the verge of discovering something as both were beginning to communicate and to put things together. In secret affairs it is difficult to get the proof. These two were capable of finding proofs like nobody’s business. They were both heroes.

  14. I respectfully disagree with Mr. Nyquist on the necessity of living in an imperfect fraught with problems reality. St. Irenaeus (180 A.D.) wrote in Against the Heresies, Book V, Chapter 33, that Christ prophesied a great millenium of good fortune and happiness that is beyond ordinary men’s imagination; and according to the testimony Irenaeus relies on, Judas Iscariot doubted or seemed to reject this idea. And Christ said something to the effect that “those who shall come to these shall see”. So, as long as the Great Catholic Monarch/Pontiff, prophesied by numerous people of repute among Catholics (which prophecies were accepted by the most influential 20th century Muslim Sheikh), as long as he be put in place by providence áccordinf to these expectations], the great millenium will endow humanity with the Apocalyptic restoration of order you seem to imply is impossible.

    1. Almost two thousand years later and there is no millennium in prospect. It is possible that the prophecy in question has already taken place, as the thousand years of the Christian era is suggestive. St. Augustine made some excellent points against the literalist interpretation of Revelation 20 in “The City of God,” XX.7. Augustine wrote: “This opinion [a future literal millennium] might be allowed, if it proposed only spiritual delight unto the saints during this space (and we were once of the same opinion ourselves); but seeing the avouchers hereof affirm that the saints after this resurrection shall do nothing but revel in fleshly banquets, where the cheer shall exceed both modesty and measure, this is gross and fit for none but carnal men to believe. But they that are really and truly spiritual do call those of this opinion Chiliasts.” This is, in essence, what modern communists are, consumed by a secular version of this same delusion. Augustine speculated the millennium was a historical period that would end in the seventh century. But he did not know for certain, and said as much. Curiously, the Middle Ages that followed was a time of intense spiritual ordering. Yet, the reign of Christian belief was also problematic as are all periods of history. Men simply do not understand spiritual things in general, taking literally what is allegorical, entirely missing the point of the teaching. None of the early Church fathers who expected the imminent and literal return of Christ turned out to be correct. The clouds did not part. The Son of Man did not descend from Heaven. Yet Christianity triumphed over the Roman world nonetheless. Was that the real meaning of Revelation 20? Why should we take up a mistaken literalist interpretation now? Look at how dismal things are today. Striving for truth is the process of life here on earth, and we are in a difficult situation because the truth seems lost on every side. It is doubly, important, then, that we not delude ourselves with a lie of our own invention, born of conceit. Let us not delude ourselves by making spiritual allegories into literal real-world expectations of — as Augustine says — a time of feasting and worldly bliss attended by absolute political power over our enemies. The value of this life lies in the struggle of each soul toward a truth that usually eludes our grasp. Is God’s plan really to take away this struggle? There is much danger in regarding ourselves as the righteous deliverers of mankind, empowered to slaughter everyone who disagrees with us. Violent fanatics have used the millennium as a justification for seizing power and making war on society. I see some itchy trigger fingers even now. (Consider,, especially, Igor Shafarevich’s book, “The Socialist Phenomenon,” which goes into case histories of Chiliastic socialism and mass violence carried out in the name of Christ). It is sad to say, but people do not know themselves. With homilies on their lips they can engage in the worst crimes imaginable. When do we see the perfection of political institutions? We see inspiring moments followed by disappointments and backsliding. The common sewer of politics is too contaminated with human passions. The elect are invariably denounced, misunderstood, persecuted, or burned as heretics. Beware the dogmatizing literalism of the politically ambitious.

      1. A person doesn’t take the text literally when he ignores clues that certain passages are to be understood as allegories. Clues include “vision”, “dream”, “parable”, etc. that indicate that a tale is not to be taken literally, rather as an illustration.

        Those clues exist for the Book of Revelation. It is a vision with many allegories, several of which are explained by references to the Old Testament. That does not mean that I understand all the allegories. As a Biblical literalist, when the text gives a clue that a passage is an allegory, I am to read it as an allegory.

      2. many have placed the millennium in the wrong place in time. It is significant that the millennial reign is near the end of the Book of Revelation. Augustine was wrong about much of prophecy, and those errors have been carried down through time rather than looking at scripture to see what it actually says.

        The millennium is not “in prospect” because much will happen before Christ returns to rule. The time Christ called “Jacob’s trouble” remains between our time and then. We are seeing the shadows of Jacob’s trouble shorten as we approach it.

      3. In The Book Of Revelation, which is not written in a linear time sequence, the Great Tribulation, begins with the signing of the Covenant between the First Beast and the Second Beast, for the protection of Israel. The First Beast is the Antichrist and the Second Beast is the leader of the government official religion. If you say that the Great Tribulation is history, then when has this ever occurred?

    2. Pedro, check out these articles by Emmett O’Regan. He wrote an excellent book that weaves together the Apocalypse of St. John, history, and private revelations from the past two millenia. He builds a good case that the time of the Great Monarch is approaching. He also does a good job of demolishing millenarianism. These articles give a sample of his writing and his book, Unveiling the Apocalypse, is a great read.




    1. At the 8:25 mark, Jordan Peterson says “the CCP are nothing but tyrannical, warmongering North Korean wannabes”. The first half of this statement is accurate. The second half is asinine. I expect better from Mr. Peterson.

  15. The fact is, Mr. Wang of Lude Media looks to have been proven correct about the blockade. Nobody else was predicting this event to occur in August. Nobody.

    If he was correct about that, it is logical to conclude he may be correct about the two paths China & Russia might take: temporary peace if America surrenders Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan – and nuclear annihilation if America resists.

    Unless Mr. Wang is a CCP plant designed to first feed good info followed by bad info, this means we could be very close to extreme danger within the US.

    1. I was thinking same. It seems like CCP seems to be making a move where (like a psychopathic burglar) they just start taking what they want, ready to kill you if you try to stop them, and planning to kill you by the end, anyway.

      Re whether Mr. Wang is a plant, I wonder who they think would be taking heed of what he says anyway. Anyone raising alarm bells seems marginalized.

    1. What’s wrong with Tucker Carlson?

      The invasion of Ukraine by Russia started in 2014, not in response to anything by Kamela Harris.

      The next question that Tucker Carlson doesn’t ask, can China win in a war against the U.S.? Would his answer have been significantly different if he had asked that question? What would constitute a Chinese “win”? How would an armed public respond to an invasion by a genocidal regime? Is not the best the CCP can hope for is a draw? He brought up the problem with chips, but how necessary are they in most products? Cars, refrigerators, etc. worked before they were chipped, how necessary are they today?

      In your interview with Man in America, he brought up that 400 million Chinese publicly announced their rejection of the CCP, a very brave thing to do. How many millions more are just to scared to do the same? If the PLA is defeated in their attempt to WIN against the U.S., how will that Chinese public react?

      Is not the whole picture much more complex that what Tucker Carlson says? What got into him? Is he not waving the white flag before the battle has been joined?

      1. I understand your reaction. But considered purely from the perspective of polemics, this segment likely moves his audience closer to a realistic assessment, not further away. One thing the majority of Americans have in common — that includes the “anti-war” left and right, the smug Bush-era neo-cons, and the useful idiots in the democrat party — they all hold the lazy assumption that the U.S. itself is in no real danger from a shooting war. They also tend to see all the major strategic bungles under the Biden administration – Afghanistan, Ukraine, now Taiwan/China – as disconnected.

        You are never going to have ANY cable network personality, especially in prime time, speak frankly to the American audience from the perspective we debate things here. Even if that happened, it would fall on deaf ears. What we can hope is that they point closer to the truth. Carlson underlined that from Afghanistan to Ukraine to Taiwan, the Biden Admin is undermining American interests … and he even hints at, why is that? That is actually pretty bold. Once a person grasps that thread, other epiphanies can start to dawn. He also challenged the lazy assumption that U.S. military might is infallible or unchallengeable. Before the country can rally to face coordinated attack, IMO, we have to admit vulnerability. Otherwise, it’s just empty bluster and back to the golf course. We are not Carlson’s audience.

        Maybe consider it like this: it’s better than when he says “why do we care about Ukraine, we should be focusing on our own country!” At least he is pointing at the real gathering dangers. But I will hand you this: he does feed the “it’s our fault” assumption, and that is one I hope he’ll back off from. So I guess where I see progress is explaining geopolitical threats outside the binary of “isolationist” vs “neocon.” Inching closer to “there’s a pattern and we could be in real trouble.”

      2. “He brought up the problem with chips, but how necessary are they in most products? Cars, refrigerators, etc. worked before they were chipped, how necessary are they today?”
        My understanding is that the supply of high-tech products from our far-east allies, including advanced semiconductor products from Taiwan, is critical to our economy and national security in the long term. Perhaps we could ‘get by’ in the short term. Or perhaps our infrastructure would feel their absence immediately – so heavily computerized as we are. Over time, we would continue to fall behind whoever controls these strategic assets.

      3. Anthony Lu: Re: chips: So many chips have been engineered into products, not because they are necessary, rather because they are conveniences? Take, for example, cars—the car I learned to drive in had no solenoid on the starter motor, rather a special foot pedal to engage the starter motor. When the battery died, there was a crank, which I used several times. Once the engine got going, double-clutch from first to second. We recently bought a new car—the electronic conveniences are nice, but are they necessary?

        How many of the other chips in appliances are unnecessary conveniences and not necessities? Therefore can be designed out of the appliances? Our family actively avoids IoT (internet of things) viewing them as trouble.

        I can see the need for chips for manufacturing, such as CNC machines. How many of those chips can be made in the fabs we have here in the States? As long as we have fabs attached to major design firms such as Intel, TI, IBM, etc. do we risk falling behind the rest of the world?

        The “chip shortage” was caused by a sudden breakdown in the supply chain. It takes time to retool even fabs to make a new design of chips. I don’t see Taiwan as being irreplaceable for high tech products. But I do see Taiwan as being vital for geo-political reasons.

      4. I dont think we have the capacity, or maybe even the know-how, to manufacture quality things without chips in them anymore.

        I remember when I was a kid, my grandmother wrote an article for the local paper about my great-grandparents Westinghouse refrigerator. They had owned it for 50 years. It ran several more years until they passed.

      5. I moved into their empty house when I got grown. After I had lived there about 10 years, the belt broke on the clothes drier that had been their’s. I called and gave the serial number to an appliance store in town. They called me later that day and said there were supposed to be more numbers. I said, nope that’s it. They finally found one. I bet the dryer was 30 or 40 years old.

        I dont think we can manufacture basic, quality things like that in our country anymore without all the computer type stuff and elaborate electronics.

      6. @ R.O.: In principle, I agree with much of what you’ve said. In practice, I’m not so sure that it is feasible. What I mean is that, given sufficient time and motivation, it would certainly be possible for a society to adapt to deficits in these semiconductor products. Given more time, it would also be possible for us build domestic infrastructure and expertise to produce them ourselves. But these things take time – even if we had a competent leadership and a population focused on these matters. I completely agree that there are many modern electronic conveniences that we can do perfectly well without. But my concern is that, in the meantime, some of our vital infrastructure that relies on these chips will continue to degrade while our foes are given an opportunity to achieve technological superiority. I don’t have any concrete answers here. I’m just throwing ideas out for everyone to play with.

      7. @R.O.: I mostly disagree with you on this issue. In fact, I’m glad that Tucker Carlson brought up the dangers of a potential war with China (a section of his monologue not covered in the linked article). Not enough people in the MSM, even on Fox News, are talking about this. Carlson simply was being realistic and serious about what a war with China might possibly look like. IMO, he raised a lot of salient points about the U.S.’s current, and unfortunate, inability to keep pace with China’s military growth and military modernization.

      8. JANELLE LATROUVERE: Yes, Tucker Carlson brought up the issue, but he presented it in a defeatist manner. He mainly emphasized the military angle and treated Taiwan as our only source of chips. But I see the picture is much more complex. Because of the many factors for which Tucker didn’t account, the Chinese victory that Tucker announced is not a sure thing. In fact, those factors can lead to a Chinese defeat. Let me list a few:

        • The CCP must thoroughly defeat us so that there’s no opposition left. Our official military is not the only force they will have to contend.
        • To accomplish their victory, the CCP must land troops on our land.
        • Our civilians are armed and most know how to use their weapons.
        • When faced with genocide, most of our armed civilians would rather go down fighting rather than being executed.
        • Even if the PLA slaughter half our population with the nukes at the beginning of the war, enough of our population will survive that will well outnumber any force that the PLA can send over.
        • There’s the question of morale, which often counts more than numbers and equipment.
        • There’s the question of Chinese civilians—will they see a defeat of the PLA as an opportunity to turn on the CCP?

        There are other factors that I missed and still others if the war lasts for more than a few months. While I don’t predict victory for either side, I’m not ready to predict defeat for our side. Not like Tucker Carlson.

      9. A college of mine, originally from Taiwan, says that Pelosi is in Taiwan to make a deal regarding the manufacturing of microchips.

    2. It is best not to stumble into a war, but we have certainly stumbled into an inferior strategic position. Can war even be avoided now? And if not, why suggest appeasement?

      1. Did we “stumble” into that position? I think it’s more a matter of walked into it with the left’s eyes open, and that includes the so-called conservatives of the GOP.

  16. Jeff: I noticed you hit on the need for morality, and moral strength, over and over again. You mention the moral strength of those in China who openly oppose the CCP. The same is true of those Russians who oppose Putin and the communists.

    Now I am a strict Biblical literalist and recognize that all morality comes ultimately from God—either directly through the Bible, or indirectly written in their hearts (Romans 2:14–15). Immorality tears down a people and nation. It also sets a people against each other (e.g. Proverbs 21:14).

    I have this against many conservative Christians—they don’t preach the whole Bible. For example, I have never heard a sermon dealing with James 5:1–6. There are similar passages in the Old Testament. What is condemned there is not being wealthy itself, but those who become wealthy through unjust means. I am no supporter of libertarian “crony” capitalism, nor of fascism / communism.

    Our country needs a moral shot in the arm, so I see encouraging morality as my main task. Morality put into practice has societal and political results.

    I expect this country to get nuked any day now. We will need all the moral strength we have and more to deal with the aftermath of that event.

    For those who say we deserve to get nuked because of our wickedness as a country—Russia and China deserve to be wiped off the map for their wickedness that is far greater than ours. When God judges a nation, the just suffer alongside the unjust. So such an event is not to be welcomed.

    Part of Biblical morality is that we don’t condemn those outside of our fellowship—that is God’s job. Rather we are to work with them to try to accomplish just goals. That means avoiding a civil war now and together fighting off our common enemies.

    1. R.O. thanks for this thoughtful post. I have learned many important things relatively later in life, and while I’ve always prioritized morality, I realize many of my assumptions were upside down, and one big thing I thought I understood but didn’t is responsibility. IMO it’s also not our job to decree that the U.S. deserves to get nuked – the mindset relieves of us burden, it’s not taking responsibility. Every day any of us have a breath is a day we can set about living God’s purpose here on earth. That is a lesson I draw from the Cross. I agree that we need to avoid recriminations and pull together. I’ll be honest, in the day to day, I often don’t know what I am to do. There’s a saying, “chop wood and carry water” meaning when things seem ominous or uncertain, do what needs to be done. I feel our times call for courage, but again, day to day, I don’t know what that calls me to do. Pray and fast – now is the time. Other than online (and a few friends who’ve moved away), I have no like-minded community.

    2. I read a good book called The Historicity of Jesus by Dr. Richard Carrier.
      For me, the gospels are myth faire tales Xmen superpowers 2000 years ago, seriously? I just don’t buy it. There is little to no evidence that Jesus even existed. Add to that and you can see how the jews cobbled together belief structures based on their location at the time. Satan, hell,. battle of good god and bad god…are absorptions of Zoroastrian religion. It wasn’t even part of their belief structure beforehand .The angel Gabriel dictates to muhammed and he writes the Koran. The angel Moronei gives Joeseph Smith gold plates and he writes the book of Mormon. Shaman listens to spirits in telephone poles, and creates the cargo cult religion. Rastafarians also a fake construct and their god was a person and he denounced the whole thing and they’re still going.

      I guess that your faire tale is as valid as anyone else”s but it’s disturbing this faire tale is used to make so many decisions.

      Viewing history, religions rise and fall like waves on the ocean and not one
      has given any real answers about anything.

      -bill freeman

      1. bill freeman: I’m disappointed in you. You have used this forum to attack another religion, other than your own. You dishonor Jeff Nyquist who does not want his blog to become a place for religious controversy and division.

        Everything you wrote about the Bible and its teachings can be refuted, but this is not the place to refute your claims. So I won’t.

        If someone merely writes a positive statement about his beliefs and I disagree with his beliefs, I almost always don’t respond.

        Here is one place where I agree with Nietzsche—he said that people need an Übermensch, literally translated as “over mankind”. My “over mankind” is the Bible’s God who demands justice. Islam’s “over mankind” allows for injustice if it advances Islam. Hitler’s “over mankind” was the German race, again anything was allowed to advance the race. Communism’s “over mankind” is Marxism where anything goes to advance communism. What is your “over mankind” that is the basis of your morality? Make just a positive statement and I won’t answer.

      2. In recent weeks many people have brought detailed religious discussions here. Many have proclaimed their faith. But most of us do not share the same religious interpretations, and this can destroy what I am trying to do. There is an unhealthy tendency to disregard the fact that pronouncing strong religious opinions can be provoking to people who do not share them. There is a way to do things and a way not to do them. There is the right time and place. If not for the overwhelmingly large number of religion-focused postings, Bill would not have felt compelled to offer his anti-Religious views. American politics is about mixed groups working together. Imagine a Jewish reader coming here and seeing mainly Christian posts. Or Protestants reading Catholic ideas here, or Catholics being subjected to Protestant ideas. Think how uncomfortable they would feel, and how they might offer a defense of their views which inevitably turns out to be an attack on others. I believe the threat of communism must be addressed by all segments of our society today — not only by Christians. I say this for the sake of the country. This site is not for religious controversy. It is for sharing insights that are of value to all, regardless of theological differences.

    3. I’ve heard that very passage preached many times. I don’t have the slightest idea what you mean by “conservative” in this case. Conservatives do preach that.

    4. @R.O. “I have this against many conservative Christians—they don’t preach the whole Bible. For example, I have never heard a sermon dealing with James 5:1–6. There are similar passages in the Old Testament. What is condemned there is not being wealthy itself, but those who become wealthy through unjust means. I am no supporter of libertarian “crony” capitalism, nor of fascism / communism.

      Our country needs a moral shot in the arm, so I see encouraging morality as my main task. Morality put into practice has societal and political results”

      I agree wholeheartedly with the assertions you expressed above. Very well put! Morality, intellectual integrity, and a healthy nationalism are all important qualities for the development of a true elite/aristocracy necessary for reflecting both the will of the greater masses of our people and the national interest.

  17. Chinese Military Drills A Rehearsal For Taiwan “Reunification Operation”: State Media

    In another ominous sign signaling China intends to escalate its threatening and retaliatory military drills now encircling Taiwan, state-run Global Times has cited a source saying that a PLA aircraft carrier group with a nuclear-powered submarine has now joined the ongoing exercises off Taiwan.

    More: https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/ballistic-missiles-soar-over-taiwan-hundreds-pla-fighters-breach-airspace-5-day-drills

  18. Jeff, not sure if you can comment, the other day Valentina Zharkova published a research paper in regards to Solar Cycle 26 which starts around the 2030’s where she warns of significant cooling caused by increased volcanic eruptions which will be during the Grand Solar Minimum, I think if that happens we are in for trouble:


  19. Mr. Nyquist, I emailed you a CCP flyer and a scanned communique for directing agents inside the United States as well as the mention of some sort of cyber operation called ‘electric rain.’ It is clearly meant to be direction for cells inside the United States in the event of a ‘revolution’, and the construction of the Coalition for the North American Socialist Republic (C.N.A.S.R).
    If you would please give it a look and pass it to your colleagues. Perhaps it may tip off some friendly intelligence agent.

    Laus tibi Christe

    1. @Tall Order: this is critical information that needs to be analyzed for its veracity and then exposed. It would confirm what we already know: many leftwing extremists (covert and overt) would serve as collaborators in any Red Dawn style invasion of the US. Major General Jan Sejna exposed this after he defected in 1968 and revealed this in a book titled Ending a Nuclear War: Are the Superpowers Prepared.

      1. @GUSSACK Yes, I’ve been sitting on it for two years. The communique is dated 12/1/2020 and gate coordinates for a meeting. Interesting date considering. Perhaps one could pull up data regarding spread of covid in the area and at that time.
        I am sure relevant intelligence agencies have seen it, but who knows.


        Also, Americans should be looking into the political affiliations of your local State health czars pushing the vax. I have found that many of ours are open communists.

        I have been more interested in alerting our seemingly friendly representatives about the issue of Israeli penetration of our cyber critical infrastructure seeing as they are an integral component in the Chinese Belt & Road Initiative, whose demographics are in large part Russian (Soviet) diaspora, and are routinely caught stealing and transferring military and corporate secrets to Russia and China.
        See CIA Reading Room, DAILY SUMMARY – 1948/01-1948/03, FOIA/ESDN Number: 06749453, page 23.

        Check your State’s cybersecurity response teams via your governor’s office. In the South, surrounding our oil & gas infrastructure, the companies that the National Guard has partnered with are companies founded by Israelis who are members of their NSA equivalent–Unit 8200 and are graduates of Talpiot, a militarized unit that is essentially training for corporate espionage via technology. Our manufacturing industry was exported to China by traitors, and traitors are doing the same with our technological industry to Israel.
        When the hack comes, it will indeed be Russia and China, but Israel will have opened the gates.

    2. @Tall Order: This is what Sejna revealed to Dr. Joseph D. Douglass Jr. Note the parallels between the CCP flyer.

      “Portions of the Soviet plans for seizing control of the United States following a nuclear strike were described by the head of this Administration for Special Propaganda to Sejna in 1967 just prior to Sejna’s defection. The description provides an interesting insight into the possible nature of Soviet plans and, in a certain regard, their efforts to clothe mechanisms in indigenous or nationalistic trappings. In 1967 the Soviets believed that, in addition to strikes against nuclear and critical military targets, roughly 110 nuclear strikes would be adequate to cripple the United States. A ‘Central Committee for Salvation and Restoration’ and counterpart Salvation and Restoration committees in newly established regions would be set up. The first action would be to seize radio and television networks and announce changes in national and state governments, that is, to the new Salvation and Restoration committees. A third party would be created out of the CPUSA, left-wing Senators, and prominent figures from finance, industry, and science. Recruitment here is directed toward those people who are regarded as naive and those whom the Soviets refer to as ‘chicken opportunists.’ Middle class radicals, blacks, and Hispanics would be recruited and organized into a national militia. ‘Salvation courts’ would be established and their immediate task would be to execute members of right-wing groups. There would be heavy reliance on outside ‘advisors’ provided by Soviet surrogates and agents, and the new government would be pushed to negotiate a peace treaty. In the attack, Europe would not be destroyed. Rather, Moscow would launch a propaganda campaign to tell the Europeans that the Soviets had saved their lives. The United States would be blamed for starting the war and an international committee for the neutrality of the United States would be formed. Pressure would be produced from the left and from Europe and elsewhere for the United States to give up.” Information provided by Czechoslovak Major General Jan Sejna as told to Cimbala, Stephen J. and Douglass, Joseph D. in Ending a Nuclear War: Are the Superpowers Prepared? pages 37-39.

      1. @ Tall Order
        You say you are particularly “interested in alerting our seemingly friendly representatives about the issue of Israeli penetration of our cyber critical infrastructure seeing as they are an integral component in the Chinese Belt & Road Initiative”

        I must ask why you single out Israel for suspicion in relation to the Belt & Road Initiative (BRI).

        Has China investments in Israel? Yes, but China has investments in almost every country, including the US.

        Is Israel a participant country in the BRI? No, not according to the lists I have seen here:
        and here:
        https://www.green-bri.org/countries-of-the-belt-and-road-initiative-bri/ (on that page, switch to “table” view instead of “map” view)

        Is Israel a country on the “One Road” route? No, in the Middle East, the route runs through Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey, bypassing Israel, which is far to the south of the route.

        On the other hand, comparing the membership lists, I count 17 member states of the EU that are also listed as participants in BRI; and I count 22 member states of NATO that are also listed as participants in BRI.

        So tell us again why you think Israel stands out in relation to BRI?

  20. Many, many thanks that the translator function is now set under all videos and even German subtitles are displayed at the Man of America. I am very happy and can now see the important info from Jeff. It is the most valuable enlightenment you can find anywhere. And I admire Jeff’s objectivity with such trolls as Commit is. Thanks Jeff!

  21. I appreciate every interview I hear from you. I search for them- as I’m learning so much. And there aren’t many voices that I trust these days. But after these last two interviews- I’ve been thinking of your protection. Have you considered a body guard?!

    I have moments of being vocal about what I’m being convinced of- concerning Russia & China. And I admit- yesterday while out to lunch with a friend- I noticed an Asian man sitting alone- oddly faced in our direction- and I had the sudden feeling that I I could be watched/tracked for my own political forthriteness. Haha! I trust the man was just having a down day, and my sensibilities were up due to our in-restaurant world events conversations. But it made me THINK…

  22. I know of an “alternative”-media outlet in Sweden who are talking alot about your subjects – but from (in my opinion) limited view-points… would you do an interview with them and how could it be arranged? Their page is http://www.swebbtv.se

  23. Jeff :

    I have noticed that you list Telegram as a platform to share your information. Are you suspicious of it, as it comes out of Russia ? I am suspicious, as it could contain privacy problems. Such as is the case with We Chat and TikTok from a Chinese perspective. Of course you discuss things openly so perhaps there are no secrets for them to discover.

    I remember buying Kaspersky security software years ago. I bought the software and the DVD sat around and I forgot to load it on my computer. In recent years ( if I heard correctly ) the Defense Department and the State Department are not allowing the use of Kaspersky because of security problems with it.

    Keep up the good work.

      1. The creator of Telegram is from Russia but seems to be anti-Putin fifth columnist, does not live in Russia.

    1. Many people talk about the dangers of Chinese espionage with Chinese products, especially software and hardware, does Russia have a similar issue where the Kremlin must have a say in absolutely everything that is produced in Russia?

  24. Nyquist did deep research of Communism back in his Irvine days. He did a lot of boring research but it set a foundation for his subsequent writings. He went to the root of Communism. He stands tall.
    Kevin Taylor

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