The Soviet Strategic Plan for the establishment of their ‘Socialism’ worldwide does, without doubt, exist and, however flexible and pragmatic Soviet policy appears, it is essentially directed towards the achievements of the Plan’s objectives — objectives which have been, are and will remain utterly inimical to and subversive of the freedoms enjoyed by the states of the Western world.

Jan Sejna, Czech communist defector

Sejna made an astonishing statement about the communist bloc in his 1982 book, We Will Bury You. He wrote, “The erosion of N.A.T.O. begun in Phase Two would be completed by the withdrawal of the United States from its commitment to the defence of Europe, and by European hostility to military expenditure, generated by economic recession and fanned by the efforts of the ‘progressive’ movements. To this end we envisaged that it might be necessary to dissolve the Warsaw Pact, in which event we had already prepared a web of bilateral defence arrangements, to be supervised by secret committees of Comecon.” (P. 108) It did not exactly work as planned; but as usual, it partly worked.

Here is my discussion with Amber and Joe on communist strategy, bungling, and things that partly work.

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173 thoughts on “Interview With Amber and Joe

  1. That was an interesting discussion. We believe what we want to believe, unless we know ourselves well enough to be critical of “knowledge” set in front of us. I hope you’re right about things falling apart because of narcissistic personalities. I pray fir world safety and those fighting in Ukraine (Ukrainian-American here) Good luck with the new book coming out, I’ll look for it. 🙏🏼

  2. Yes, I saw this. Excellent!! So helpful that these hosts allow you to share more freely and extensively on the complexities of the history, mindsets, agendas, and strategies of the quagmire of communism thru the decades. The big take away for me this time was the further clearing of the fog and lingering confusion around the roots and active sowing of all the varying and devisive/neutralizing conspiracy theories– both past and present.

    History shows (and this blog), that nations do not rise and fall due to mere James Bond like, sociopathic rich people, in and of themselves. Nations rise and fall due to rulers with the power and might of militaries behind them. I’m no historian, but perhaps the founding of America was one of the rare exceptions that the common, little people overcame the force and might of a superpower kingdom and military. May it happen again Lord!! 🙏 Have fresh mercy again on this land and let the We the People return to You afresh, become re-united, and then take back this nation so that it may be salt and light, a blessing in the earth once again. Mercy and help, Lord!

    Thank you, Jeff!🙏🕊🦅🇺🇸

  3. Jeff :

    Interesting video on youtube by Alex Backman. Regarding the goings on in Mexico. Along the lines of Scott Gulbrandsen.

    If you choose to delete this comment I would understand. But Mr, Backman put it up on youtube so maybe he would be OK with it.

    It reminds me of stories about Chinese and Russian military in Mexico I used to hear on the shortwave. While those reports were not accurate perhaps, it seems there was at least a grain of truth there. I think his report is valuable because it is sobering and can wake people up to uncomfortable realities. He mentions your name more than once, so you may know him already.

    All the more reason to control the southern border. I have my own ideas on what to do about the threat from Mexico ( or rather, through Mexico ), but that would await the day when we would have a patriotic government in charge in the U.S..

    See link below.

    1. Backman is interesting because his information supplements Gulbransen’s information and confirms what Colonel Lunev and Chi Haotian have said about a future invasion of the United States by China. Then we have the Chinese attempt to build a ten thousand foot runway at a wind farm in Texas owned by PLA general. So this is not a silly conspiracy theory. It is deadly serious for us all. We should hardly be surprised, therefore, to learn from Backman about a road in Mexico built by the People’s Liberation Army to invade the U.S.

      1. One of the farms China bought is located in a key strategical area near a USAF base and the south border is called Morning Star Ranch, and Morning Star is another name for Satan, there were some reports claiming that this ranch contains a landing strip. Interesting how for Communists all roads lead to Satan

      2. [youtube

        This is the place, Jeff. Perhaps I am looking too much into it since that area has a devil’s river so the place could have been named that way prior to the Chinese who bought it, but the whole satanic thing with Marxists is something that keeps surfacing here and there, isn’t it? Whats with Marxists such as Saul Alinsky openly dedicating his book to Satan because “he was the original rebel”, the Communists like to claim how they are materialists but they do engage in a certain type of worship, not only the worship of the dictators like Lenin and Mao.

      3. The use of metaphor in Marxists discourse is not necessarily meant literally. Yet there may be some who mean it literally — we should be careful in our conclusions. Marx was an atheist, and so were all the communist leaders, with a faint question-mark over Stalin. At the end of his life he allowed a young woman — whose music moved him — to witness to him. His colleagues were naturally upset by this. A sign of dementia, they speculated.

      4. We know that Satan is teferred to as the father of lies, and a murderer. Two of the outstanding features of Communism. No doubt in my mind it is a Satanic system. I think that’s what Marcelo means.

      5. The suggestion was that atheists might literally believe in the Devil. But I did not think this is true. Communists, as atheists, hold the Devil to be a mythical figure. Even if they can relate to him, they do not literally believe in him — or worship him.

      6. Yes, Jeff. You had better not disagree that all who are not anti-Communists are inspired by Satan. Or else.

      7. Communism is a manifestation of Satan as it’s his creature, his instrument, so he doesn’t require to be explicitly named in the worship (i.e. fanaticism, devotion, adulation, etc) it receives from its votaries. It’s enough for him that it enslaves humanity and resists the cause of the Lord, Who hates tyranny and loves liberty (as, for example, the book of Hosea shows).

        That all said, I do recall reading that Aleister Crowley appeared at sundry times to possess atheistic views in parallel with his Satanism. But overall I would consider such an observation moot, since the main point of communism – from a diabolical perspective – is to withstand the promises throughout the Bible of a coming future golden age on earth for the Lord’s cause.

    2. Thanks for sharing this. I would note the significance of the image at the 5:35 mark in the video: Chi Haotian shaking hands with Vladimir Putin.

      1. I do not think it has been absolutely proven that Marx was a Satanist. Rather, Marx was certainly attracted to Satanic themes, symbols, and he was sympathetic to the idea of a Satanic rebellion because Marx was spiritually alienated. In Marx this may be more in keeping with a gnostic disorientation; that is, with the influence of Hegel, with endemic narcissism. The testimony of Marxi’s Satanism referred to by Richard Wurmbrand derives from sources that are not ironclad. The major hostile biography of Marx, by Robert Payne, notes Marx’s demonic sympathies and symbolism, but does not find Marx to be a practicing Satanist. Eric Voegelin calls Marx a “swindler” whose scholarship was motivated by a drive for power. What we can prove about Marx is more important than casting him as an actual Devil Worshiper. It might be sufficient to say that Marx was spiritually broken and alienated while the evidence of overt Satanism remains ambiguous. Wurmbrand’s argument that Marx was a Satanist contains the following rhetorical formulation: “Man must and will have some religion. If he has not the religion of Jesus, he will have the religion of Satan and will persecute those who do not worship Satan.” {pp. 77-789}. This formulation is not to be taken seriously, since it would mean that all Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, agnostic, atheists and Christian heretics would be Satanists by definition. But is this position tenable? By this definition, most of the human race is Satanist. This inflation of the term “Satanist” to include everyone who does not square with Wurmbrand’s theology, verges on the self-aggrandizing; for he who stands in judgment over others, as a mere mortal, stands on the edge of the abyss. Wurmbrand then adds to our confusion by asserting that only a few communist leaders are “conscious” Satanists. The rest are unconscious Satanists. But how does he know? How do any of us, then, know what we are? To what extent, then, is EVERYONE an unwitting Satanist? I fear that Wurmbrand’s argument devolves into a reducto ad adsurdum. Philosophical common should lead us away from this demonizing tendency with its dogmatic pronouncements. None of this is helpful to a genuine understanding of communism (which is a complex phenomenon afflicting the entire world). It is, perhaps, a species of demonic mirror-imaging to say that everyone who disagrees with my theology is a Satanist. Think, if you can, of the confusion, indoctrination, and the stupidity of our semi-literate university elites. Is a nice lady, who does know education from indoctrination, a Satan-worshiper because she has embraced Marxist ideas? Think, if you can, of the Marxist academic who debated Eric Voegelin in a coffee shop during the 1930s, weeping bitter tears of regret because Voegelin would have to be executed when the Revolution came to Austria. Is this a simple case of an unwitting Satanist? Or is it a disoriented person of good will? There is, sadly, an idolatry in the worship of words and formulas — religious or secular — which do not partake of truth. And all human beings, whether professing faith or not, are ready transgressors. Richard Wurmbrand’s book is not titled “Karl Marx was a Satanist,” His title asks a question: “Was Karl Marx a Satanist?” Wurmbrand offers suggestive arguments touching on occult literature and symbolism, growing more dogmatic with each edition. He offered evidence of Marx’s membership in a Satanic sect. Yet Wurmbrand wrote, “Marx … was probably a worshiper of the Evil One.” {p. 56}. “Probably?” Such equivocation interspersed with more positive assertions suggests some shadow of doubt. The deeper meaning of Marx’s references to God and Satan deserve attention because we see in Marx the model of the modern man — a man disconnected from the spiritual, hungry for that which he is missing, looking in the wrong place, mistaking himself for God. His alienation and his destructive impulses flow from his loss of self. Let’s be a little more circumspect.

  4. This was a very well done interview. Thank you, Jeff, for providing some more clarity on Soviet and CCP strategy as to how this relates to current and past modern history. You are definitely doing a lot to provide realistic analysis of how we can interpret the implementation of the communist’s deliberate and pragmatic geopolitical strategies and actions against the West.
    Additionally, I hope it is becoming clear to people that Q-Anon is a psy-op. From your analysis I have come to realize things are not as they always appear to be. There are many people in America and in Europe who have been and continue to be easily fooled.

    1. Russia is not winning in Ukraine so far. Their casualties are said to be more than three times the Ukrainian losses, and they have made little ground. This is not to say they won’t use nuclear weapons and win the war in a few days. In conventional terms, however, it does not appear they can win the war.

      1. The goal is not to make ground but cause heavy loses without suffering much losses themselves, they can make ground after Ukrainian military collapse.

      2. This is not happening. I cannot understand this fantasy that says Russia is winning when all evidence points to a slugfest and a quagmire.

      3. You people live in a bubble. Ukraine is losing 200 – 1000 soldiers a day to an expeditionary force, Russia haven’t even mobilized. Ukraine has problem with drafting more motivated soldiers. Russian losses are very small since they started using artillery heavily.

        Those numbers are from Ukraine itself, Zelensky, Arestovic, general Zaluzny.

      4. Commit: You must be reading Russian state media sources, which are propaganda outlets. I talk with people who view raw data and have no reason to misrepresent events as they are not involved in media whatsoever. They are hired by those who want to know where this war is going, Early on, everyone assumed Russia would have won by now. All these assumptions proved false because the Russian military has performed so poorly in all areas. Although I believed the Russian were making a mistake attacking during wet ground conditions during the unusually warm late winter period. even I erroneously assumed Russia would win once the ground dried, but they lost so many tanks, and their tanks proved so inadequate, and the Russian Air Force has been so ineffective, that even my pessimistic assessment was disproved by later events, Russia’s inability to make ground is easily explicable when we use common sense. Ukraine has more than one million men under arms, though most are poorly armed militia. Yet Ukraine has a few elite Western rocket artillery platforms that have disrupted Russia’s reversion to World War I style bombardments. Russia has yet to match Ukraine’s manpower; and the fact that Russia is relying on World War I technology for its main firepower (i.e., howitzers) is testimony to the inadequacy of Russia’s conventional armament. I am afraid, Commit, you are the one living in a bubble. Now we are approaching August. Where is the Russian victory? The ground is dry. For the last two weeks the Russian forces have paused, with no major offensive pushes along the front. (Only minor pushes.) The Russians have lost ground overall during the last ten days. The chorus we have heard for since early May is that Russia is winning, Ukraine is collapsing. The war is over for Ukraine. But this collapse has not occurred. The defense remains while Russia’s advance has come to a complete standstill. OBJECTIVE FACT. If this picture changes then it changes.

      5. Commit is playing the same anti-intellectual games he always plays. Saker is simply a propaganda source and is a farrago of lies. Same with his other source. It’s no wonder he comes on here spouting Putin’s drivel, it’s the only thing he sees.

    2. If I can interject for a moment. It is a war Commit, so you are correct using the term winning. In a real chess match, even dedicated artificial intelligence has a hard time understanding sacrifice. Perhaps that’s why I have hard time understanding why Russia haphazardly allowed and took so many losses, are you going to ignore this fact? I do admit that I have a hard time understanding the military moves Russia is making. They said they could take Ukraine in days, now we see that days can mean many months or years.

      You say you are a Czech, but when you say, “you people”, I have a hard time understanding that as well. I think we can add many more to your list of Russian propaganda authors. At least these authors are very adept at what they do.

      I am struck that the Kremlin would be proud of winning such a war… perhaps a pyrrhic victory, but utterly disgusting and disgraceful murdering civilians as you termed it “heavy losses”; it’s a civilian infantry fighting seasoned Russian soldiers. In the end you may be right, Russia is winning at killing civilians.

  5. I believe the Communists will make their big move against the US, Israel. England. S. Korea, and Japan in the next 90 days. I’m planning accordingly.

    1. Timing is everything.

      Recall that all on the SAME DAY – January 16, 2020 – a few significant things happened:

      — Xi FINALLY acquiesced on U.S. Trade demands (after years) and signed a trade agreement with Trump;

      — Pelosi FINALLY stopped holding the articles of impeachment (which she’d had since 2019) and waltzed them over to the Senate; and

      — The person who would be publicly announced as the first Covid case in the United States returned to Seattle from Wuhan. (The case was announced Jan. 21 and the person technically returned on Jan 15 – but I’m counting it!)

      Of course, Covid would effectively nullify and totally upend any meaningful concessions China had just made that day in the trade agreement Xi signed. The Articles of Impeachment I think were just for fun. Some poetic license from Pelosi.

      So, now: Pelosi leaves today for an Asia trip, with “tentative” plans to visit Taiwan, almost to the day of the anniversary of the founding of the PLA on August 1. How very special. An obvious, pointless stick in the eye with no discernable US national interest served (but to agitate), which of course Xi is spinning into a war provocation. All while Xi has been whipping up patriotic fervor (or the appearance of patriotic fervor) over a war he’s letting his country know is coming for at least a year. Chinese State media bragged today that a PLA media post announcing “Preparing for War!” immediately got hundreds of thousands of likes. Propaganda running at full tilt.

      Makes you wonder if maybe this interestingly timed visit is a welcome provocation. And it has to make anyone honest wonder just whom she works for.

      1. Good questions! And now there is this from China’s media:

        “If US fighter jets escort Pelosi’s plane into Taiwan, it is invasion. The PLA has the right to forcibly dispel Pelosi’s plane and the US fighter jets, including firing warning shots and making tactical movement of obstruction. If ineffective, then shoot them down.”

  6. I am doing some work on a customer’s kitchen, and invited them to listen to this interview as I worked. They were all ears. Everything rang true to them. As I’ve said before, many in my area at least, still have a pretty good instinct for detecting if something is true or not. Mr. Nyquist’s work definitely has what I call the ring of truth about it. The more average, hard working, Godfearing, America-loving people can hear what Mr. Nyquist has to say, the quicker we can come to terms with the reality of our situation and rally to drive the enemy out. We must also have pastors and laypeople boldly proclaiming God’s Word.

    I see Mr. Nyquist’s Twitter page starting to steadily attract more followers.

    Please keep up the good work sir!

    1. With Jeff’s Twitter feed gaining more followers, if Musk doesn’t buy the place soon, Jeff will be banned. Can’t have the facts getting out, now can we?

      1. I had not gained followers for a decade until things loosened up at Twitter. They have simply kept me from getting new followers.

      2. I for one would love to see more posts on Twitter from Jeff of things he is reading or finds interesting.

      3. I think people can see the events in Eastern Europe from 1989-1992 do not add up with what is now apparent to most people, and they are looking for someone who can make sense of this. Jeff Nyquist is one of those people.

  7. Muy bien.

    General Sejna was most likely lied to about the Sino-Soviet “split” by the Russians themselves, and or this particular point was not welcome back then as the Kissinger KGB doctrine and Nixon’s willingness to follow it was the US policy, so it is set aside as nonsense when a defector from communism speaks about it and tries to refute it, because communists really don’t fight with each other because of their common ideological cause, which they all obey and follow, the Kremlin makes the doctrine and decisions, Beijing is involved as a partner in crime so to say, so there is simply no other explanation but that General Sejna was being honest about it what exactly he heard from the Russians about it…strategic deception once again.

    So how to apply this deceptive strategy to the war in Ukraine ?

    It is truly a real war but against the Ukraine population, to certain extent, and this means that Russian Bolsheviks are DELIBERATELY wasting their manpower and soldiers, and no matter how one can suspect whether the exactness of these numbers is even real (and they appear to be), this is not the strategy Russian Bolsheviks will use to take over the world…they want to be seen as an “incompetent military”, as a weak and most of all disorganized military, so that it would be believed by the decadent western analysts and much promoted by the communist plants inside these governments and media, so that when they begin pushing the ICBM buttons, their incompetence and disorganized appearance will all of a sudden vanish…

    They don’t care about the death soldiers, no matter how many they are, they know they have nuclear etc. superiority and they WILL use it to take over the world once and for all (until God visits these servants of Satan with exemplary punishment).

    They know that they are on their path to victory of communism, and so anything that they are willing to use, any means including nuclear obliteration of entire countries, is part of it. So it is only the timing they are concerned about, as that is vital, not too late and not too soon, as their subversive strategy in the US, the demoralization process and possible civil war all are incorporated into this plan.

    This is why Gen. Sejna’s testimony and Mr. Golitsyn’s analysis all have to be combined, and not to become too concerned about the differences, but the overall communist strategy as such – their goals, their deception, their preparedness and most of all atheistic satanic willingness to go through with it, as human lives mean absolutely nothing to these servants of Satan, as the historical blood trail of Russian and Chinese communism proves beyond any doubt.

    Pathological liars equipped with atheistic heresy and their Mongol Asiatic Cozak ruthless mentality is the best specimen the devil could have wished for – these are truly diabolically possessed monsters with absolutely no remorse of conscience at all…

    And they have domestic help in every western government, including the US. It is too late to try to fix the problem with peaceful solutions, there are none left, not even the electoral ones, even though some marginal victory can be contemplated, but it is too late now, as what the overall communist military and strategic superiority truly is, they know it and will use it.

    So what will help at the end – only God can help, nobody else, as it is all written in the book of the Apocalypse…and Ezechiel… (Ez. 38 etc., Apoc. 20, Douay-Rheims Holy 1635 AD print).

      1. The Russian Army has Cossack units. Representatives appear in every propaganda day function in May. It’s not that Russian “identify” with them. They don’t identify with Buryat units either, but they are still in the Russian Army. TheUkrainians no more identify with Cossacks than Russians do.

      2. “The Russian Army has Cossack units.”

        It is true but only people from certain regions identify with Cossack legacy. While whole Ukraine’s statehood started with Cossack uprisings.

      3. Commit, you need to learn history. Ukraine goes back to Kyivan Rus, not to “Cossack uprisings.” I suppose being a communist is the basic cause of your lack of knowledge about the history of the region.

    1. Strategy involves levels. These levels are doled out to the participants in the strategy on a “need to know” basis. Therefore, there will be small inconsistencies in defector testimony. But the larger picture of a long-range deception strategy will remain.

  8. Sejna and Golitsyn differ a lot on Prague Spring. As a Czech, this topic interests me. Sejna defected shortly before, but provides no information about any kind of conspiracy. Is it possible he did not know? I personally believe Dubcek acted illogically, could be a Soviet agent, but more likely just a fool. The Zionists and liberals who surrounded him were geniueue counter-revolutionaries and traitors.

    1. Hey, now we know you are a Czech! We have something in common, perhaps. I loved Prague. I was there in 1984 when the country was still a Soviet satellite. My first night I was in a beautiful building that had portrait of Mozart in relief at the top of the building because he had performed there. We walked inside into a bar and they were playing Bob Dylan. That was an eye-opening experience.

      1. Thank you for comment. You should have also visit other places than Prague, which is and always has been dirty cesspool. Other cities are much nicer, especially in Southern Bohemia region where I live.

      2. Also I would like to ask what you people and JR Nyquist think about Bob Dylan and 60s culture in general? Isn’t he a “commie” for some of his pacifist lyrics?

        Here some of his songs like “The Times They Are A-Changin'” and their translation were sometimes liked by anti-communists.

        Actually, I am a big fan of American (and Canadian) folk and country music.

    2. One must wonder why a traitorous Communist like yourself is obsessed with posting here.

      1. I am here to learn what is going on, but sometimes can’t help myself and leave a comment.

  9. This was a great interview! I think it provides a great overview of your thesis and is very accessible for someone who is new to your work and arguments. Definitely worth sharing this far and wide.

    1. I couldn’t have said it better, and the hosts were most polite to Jeff too. It’s so nice when they allow Jeff to speak without interruption. A great interview which such great information at this very needed moment.

      1. It’s frustrating when hosts talk over Jeff instead of letting him talk. They always try to draw attention to themselves. This was a nice change!

      2. I totally agree, these two interviewers have the best composure I have probably ever seen lately in videos. They did a truly wonderful job and let Jeff speak uninterrupted.

    2. I can only speak for myself in this regard, but when I first encountered Mr. Nyquist’s work, there was certainly a learning curve. Like many others, I had never questioned the accepted wisdom that the Soviet Union had been soundly defeated in decades past, and that communism was no longer a serious threat in the world. I had to jettison or re-examine many erroneous beliefs like this. And I have found it difficult to share these discoveries with others, in part because I simply do not understand the subject matter well enough to distill it into its essential pieces. I think this interview will be a great tool in introducing this subject to others.

  10. “At a moment of boiling tensions surrounding Taiwan, its military says it chased away a Chinese drone by firing warning shots as a UAV buzzed a heavily fortified island that has long been under Taiwanese control.”

    Boiling tensions is a good way to describe it. Now that the USS Ronald Reagan and its escort group is heading towards Taiwan, I don’t think “tension” is going to abate.

    1. China’s Xi Threatens Biden Over Taiwan in 2-Hour Phone Call: ‘Playing With Fire Will Set You on Fire’ “I hope the U.S. can see this clearly.”

      Makes my heart go to my throat. 🙁

    2. China is in deep trouble, and like your typical dictatorship, they need something to deflect attention to the outside and away from the regimes troubles. Taiwan is what they are using.

  11. Enjoyed the interview. Excited to know about your new book, The Lies We Believe. Thank you for giving us some hope at the end. Indeed all our world emperors have no clothes. We need to call them out.

  12. Was reading through the comments of the previous post – this one struck me:

    “JAXON says:
    JULY 19, 2022 AT 9:12 PM
    Have you considered reaching out to Jordan Peterson as a guest on his podcast? Your historical knowledge on these topics I believe he would find invaluable and I imagine he’d be open your harsh cristisms. On another podcast you were on you mentioned the “barrier of knowledge” to these topics is too high, and I couldn’t agree more. Someone has to be the educator on this topic. Another podcast I would also reccomend offering your appearence on would Tim Pool’s podcast, Timcast. They frequnent guest of your populatity at a nearly ‘open door’ policiy. They have wide reached and inevitablly dicuss the looming threat of cival war in America, WEF, the threat of communism and the like on a near daily basis however they never have enough bakcground knowledge to properly draw a cohesive narrative. I think you could provide that.”

    I emphatically agree with the above. I believe Mr. Nyquist’s message is vitally important and must reach a greater audience. This is a dark and arcane subject to the uninitiated – even to the initiated – and most simply do not realize that such matters exist to consider. I certainly didn’t until I discovered Mr. Nyquist’s work following the pandemic outbreak, and learning that SARS-CoV-2 was indeed a virus of synthetic origin. I know Mr. Nyquist is a scholar of dedication and humility, and it is not in his nature to seek attention in this manner. But I would suggest that his message is too important to allow humility to dissuade him from seeking a wider audience – it is not self-aggrandizing when it is in service to a worthy cause.

  13. One important thing – if this goes through – Heinrich Mueller – the Gestapo Chief “gone missing” – there was a document about him and he knew Reinhard Heidrich and they used to play chess together and Heidrich (before he became Reich Protector in Bohemia and was assassinated by British trained Czech paratroopers) so he let it known that Mueller almost always won the chess game…

    The Gestapo files of all collaborators in European movements and governments is what the Russian Bolsheviks were after – and so this info about Mueller and Borman also, but Mueller in particular, is of value, because it shows that when the CI of the CIA began to look into this (that was at the time of Angleton before they forced him out), the CI thought this information to be of such value that they began their own inquiry about it – so the point is this – it is absolutely conclusive that the Russian Red Army, when they were permitted to take over Berlin, even though Gen. Patton could have been there before them, the KGB (NKVD etc. back then) assets inside the State Department and elsewhere were busy pushing this strategy so that these Gestapo files could be captured by the Russian intelligence and used for years to blackmail western European politicians who were actively secretly helping Hitler, so that when the Russians pushed them into cooperation (meaning firstly blackmail and then charge of treason hanging over them afterwards), the number of these people could be quite large, including their families – and what about the Nazi sympathizers in the US and Canada, and anywhere else, the Gestapo files could possible contain even those names.

    So this is why it is probable that the Counter-Intelligence section of the CIA began to look into this serious threat to national security, and there is an article in the National Archives about this, EXCEPT it states that there is no such probability that Russians captured Mueller and the Gestapo files “based on other information” (the author doesn’t say what facts and concrete data he is referring to), and that this CIA inquiry was terminated in the late 1970s….when Angleton was forced out.

    About the Russian intentions for the world – communists do NOT care about the casualties of the nuclear war, even on their side, as to them all that matters is the power, to be able to make the rest of the world into complete IRREVERSIBLE slaves – so that this criminal atheistic MAFIA can never be challenged and terminated by anybody – this is their plan.

    They also plan to transfer entire captured nations into different territories, to remove them from their homeland, so that the psychological effect, the psychological warfare effect, is extensively utilized…these are truly diabolically possessed monsters, and that’s why there is limit to their evils, virtually NONE at all.


      “…there is NO LIMIT to their evils ” – A typo.

      They WILL BE very sorry, when God visits them with horrible punishment, they will regret the day they were born…

      And to those who serve this evil atheistic communist cause – well, when the real Bolsheviks come, and they will, those who are useful idiots and not the real high up Comrades, they will be the first ones exterminated.

      This may include people as Biden, Pelosi and for that matter the whole Democrat Party – Stalin has done it to the CP members, and Bezmenev (spelling ?) spoke about this point, this is a known fact, except those who are serving the communist cause don’t fully believe that it will include them – so much more painful their surprise will be, when the real Comrades cancel their clock…which is considerable fact. Criminal Mafia cannot elevate itself in virtues when there are none from its foundation… St. Paul speaks about this point in Romans 1.

      1. One curiousity is why the Democrats would participate in their own destruction – corruption is one thing, selling technology, etc.. actively participating in the destruction of your own nation threatens your own power. So why would Biden, Pelosi, et al do it? The only explanation I can think of is that they simply do not believe the US is in any danger. Or, as Backman said, they are so compromised and so threatened by blackmail, they simply have no choice.

      2. Eric Voegelin said it is neither stupidity or decadence that these folk suffer from. It is a sickness of the spirit, which is the part of us that relates directly to God. He called it “pneumapathology.” This spiritual sickness causes blindness, self destructive actions and more.

      3. Ever read Christopher Marlowe’s Dr. Faustus? I think the sellouts such as Biden are akin to Dr. Faustus. He put the day of reckoning far from himself.

        In betraying their country and countrymen, they basically sell their souls for material gain, or position, or whatever it is they get out of the deal, never grasping that the day will come to pay the piper.

    2. On a practical level, I believe Communism is a system for finding, elevating, promoting, and concentrating the most psychopathic in a society. This explains how these nations have such a high concentration in their leadership. Instead of a meritocracy, it is a psychopathocracy: a system designed to reward and empower the most evil and pathologically cruel.

      1. Talk about pathologically cruel people, the ones running world imperialism are in another league . And they are desperate, trying to save the collapsing petrodollar system.

        Can’t wait you people tell me they are in fact communists.

        The visible politicians in the west look like harmless idiots, because they are. But their handlers are smart and evil, but no matter how smart, they are attempting impossible.

      2. The West is massively infiltrated by communist agents from China and Russia and from their own domestic communist parties. I was at a communist meeting in March 1983 in which the communist speaker said they were taking over the Democratic Party through its left wing and would elect a stealth communist president. I heard this from more than one leftist big-shot in those days. Commit, you are very ill-informed about communism in the United States if you’ve never heard about the communist fronts that have existed here. Look of the Council for a Livable World. They have backed Biden for decades, and the organization was founded by communist shills.

  14. Broaching the Trust Operation material in these circles was good — it only gained currency with direct posting of the Golitsyn text on it online within the past two years or so, well late of the ‘Queue’ thing. The religious framing of that material made the religious and evangelical right particularly susceptible.

  15. Jeff, what are your thoughts on this recent Pelosi brouhaha vis a vis Taiwan? Seems rather coincidental to this timing Lude predicted, no? Could Pelosi be playing a role, to act as the aggressor? To provide a pretext for a predetermined response? The timing seems far too coincidental, and I do not believe Pelosi cares about freedom in Taiwan at all.

    1. And to think all these second wave feminists thought women were irrelevant when they grew old…

  16. People look for a proof of the fact that the collapse of communism was staged by the Russian communists, as such people, when they don’t fully realize who in fact communists are, and that they are fully subordinated to their master the devil, and that there is no respect to anything other than this nihilistic atheistic ideology of evil and the means to achieve it, and because the communists don’t believe in God, they also don’t believe the devil exists, so the more easier he has it with them, controlling them and using these lost souls for his evil purpose. A complete diabolical possession, nothing less.

    So the proof that Russian communist bloc has not collapsed is simple – there was no justice served against the communist criminals, and so practically overnight they became “businessmen and democratic leaders” and so on, but the communist deception remains. None of the high ranking communists in Russia and Eastern Europe was executed, none sentenced to long term prison term, none had his or her property confiscated (they robbed all opponents, the hated bourgeoisie completely, stripped them of their land and manufacturing means, factories and restaurants and any other type of business – all was confiscated…and then they returned some of it to the previous owners, but with a string attached to it – very difficult economic bureaucratic regulatory system so that such business oriented people wouldn’t have it easy at all to embrace and to continue capitalism…).

    Another proof is the very active fully functional KGB foreign espionage spy networks – lists of which the KGB never released to the western governments – these were and still are communist subversive operations, extremely dangerous in terms of the survival of the western liberty of conscience and systems of government.

    If these “anti-communist” revolutions were genuine, then these democratic leaders would want to supply these KGB and GRU etc. spy files to the western governments to: 1) prove that they are democratic and liberty and truth loving people,…2) they don’t want communism spread around the world but eliminated,…3) these new governments desire justice and cannot tolerate communist spies to remain hidden in the secrecy of their cover, including the espionage assets recruited in each particular country from the domestic traitorous communist database…4) these new supposedly anti-communist governments of Eastern Europe understand that the only thing the communist respect is when force is used against them and so there can be no half measures when it comes to dealing with communists, but complete isolation and elimination of their spy networks and other subversive means, including economic and diplomatic cut western credit at all.

    Was this done ? No, NOT at all. WW3 is coming, Russian communism is coming, do not take your liberty for granted…

      1. The word oligarchs should be voided because it is misleading…these were and are all KGB and or CP assets, nobody else is allowed to possess anything in those countries, and or in Eastern Europe when these “anti-communist revolutions” happened, the communists returned some property to the previous owners but then, according to our sources, they made the bureaucratic conditions and rules so tights that it was better for the people to sell the land or property than to be faced with extreme regulations and high property taxes or both…at least this is the understanding of the situation…by design of course.

        And so it was reported that at the same time Russians and their satellites were claiming friendship with the US and Western Europe, they were gaining ground and setting up front companies to swallow up the genuine competition and establish the solely communist controlled economy, so that when that is complete they can pull the plug on it and destroy it and begin their state run ownership communist idiocy…they know it won’t work, so the intent to enslave people and keep them that way, and have the luxury life so themselves – it is a truly criminal state run MAFIA, nothing less.

        You know the facts what CCP does, but at the begging the KGB and related states had at least 84 front companies listed in NYSE, this goes back to Yeltsin era…and to buy the assets KGB diplomats were smuggling the cash in diplomatic pouches so that they could purchase what they wanted…and of course the cash was also coming from the KGB run narcotics trafficking in South America and elsewhere, including the Taliban…yes, there was a major report on this subject, how Afghanistan was the heroin capital for decades…and Russian KGB and GRU ops were and still (no doubt) are channeling this poison into Western Europe, so there is no shortage of cash for the Kremlin KGB Mafia…never has been.

        Regarding Ukraine – there was a report on captured Russian soldiers on Youtube and so they questioned 2 of them at that excerpt, they asked them where they are from and their reply was LENINGRAD…both were no older than 21. They call their commanding officers still comrade, and there was a video of Russian tanks in Ukraine with the Soviet Flag on them…just a thought how they have deceived the whole world.

        Atheistic communist criminals must never be trusted, no agreements signed with them at all, everything has to be questioned in regards how any of their moves help their strategy of worldwide communist enslavement…but it is too late now…

    1. At the end of the Russo-Japanese War, which did not go well for Russia, there was an uprising against the government, the so-called 1905 Russian Revolution. The Tsar prevailed through armed force and concessions. It was a foretaste of things to come. In World War I, in February 1917, the Russian Army was starting to have victories. But the people turned on the government because of the state of the economy and the Tsar abdicated. Imagine a situation where the Russian Army is humiliated again and again, and the country’s economy begins to collapse. This is how three Revolutions happened in Russia during the twentieth century; for the Bolshevik Revolution of October 1917 was made possible by the unpopularity of Russia’s participation in World War I. would then get its territory back. Also, Ukraine is starting to dominate the battlefield with its new Western weapons. Unless the Russians use nukes, they are not going to win. And if they do not win, they will eventually lose.

      1. The Russian economy is already collapsing. The war, at this point, is existential for Putin and his apparatchiks. It is not, as Peter Zeihan thinks, existential for Russia.

      2. If the Comms were going to lose to an internal uprising, they would have nothing to lose by going all-out and using every weapon they had against America. If you were going to lose to internal rebels, you may as well lose to external enemies.

      3. I have a pretty decent memory, but the knowledge accumulated in your brain astounds me, Jeff! I was thinking that as I listened to the video. Wow! 🙂

      4. Jeff, could you please give some book recommendations? (about this period; Russo-Japanese War, abdication of the Tsar, Bolshevik Revolution) Want to learn more, just dont know exactly where to start, hence the question.

  17. The biggest problem is – to add – that Russian atheist communists do not fear God’s punishment for their evils – and they have done lot of evils since they’ve embraced communism ( over a century ago).

    Therefore there is constraint to use the nuclear force, in fact their hate for Ukraine, which is visible, and which is in its foundation of a religious character – because Russian Orthodox split from the Catholic Church by way of schism in 11th century, they have denied the infallibility of the Pope, which is a horrible heresy (power of the Keys, binding and loosing, behold I am with you all days, the Paraclete will teach you all truth etc,), and on the other hand the Ukrainians, specially western side, were mostly Catholic, meaning the Western Latin Church. The animosity was always there, and much more when Stalin had stolen that vast territory of Poland and eastern Slovakia, which were both mainly Catholic and all these people knew what kind of monster Stalin is, as it was reported in their still then free press.

    So the greatest concern is – Putin KGB Mafia might decide to thoroughly evaporate Ukraine and use that horrible crime to blackmail EU and the US (if the US still exists then). These are not easy words to write, it is truly horrible scenario, truly evil, and so people need to realize that this Bolshevik Mafia is truly diabolical, they have no fear of God in them, they will have no moral problem to execute it in full.

    What to do about it ?

    Avoid all that offends God, strive to learn the truth what He has revealed – yes, His true Catholic Church will be protected as She cannot and will not be destroyed, as it is truly Divine Institution. There is most likely still little bit of time left, God will have mercy on whom He will have mercy, and so conversion from heresy is a truly Divine gift, nothing less. It is something more precious and truly supernatural.

    Little hint: St. Luke 17 – wheresoever the BODY shall be, thither shall the eagles also be gathered together…(the same is mentioned in St. Matthew 24 – both by Our Lord).

    Then in the Apocalypse it speaks about the Camp of the Saints…and how the army of the devil surrounded it and fire came down from Heaven and devoured them…

    This same Divine protection is what one should desire the most, as nothing else will help – this Russian and Chinese communist worldwide slavery is Divine punishment of this world for its obstinacy and heretical denial of the truth…

  18. China is selling US Treasuries on the secondary market at a deep discount, while supporting Russia with dwindling, limited resources. Are you sure these guys are really ready for World war?


    There is no constraint in Russian communist mentality to use their nuclear weapons…


    A great proof of Divine help is the case of the Spanish Civil War (1936 – 1939). Mr. Luis Bolin – he was a Captain in Franco’s military, the Press Office, and prior to that he was a correspondent of a respected Spanish newspaper in London, UK. In his book “Spain, the vital years” Mr. Bolin in one place outlined the fact that most of the Franco’s military hardware came from the enemy, much of it was Russian made, including tanks.

    On page 350 in the Appendix Mr. Bolin says this :

    “While the shipments (of weapons) from foreign lands were vital for the (Communists), on Franco’s side they were neither frequent nor considerable. The Nationalists (Franco – mostly Catholics) could not afford to pay them, nor did they need them as much as their enemies did (the Stalin backed communists).

    It was the (Communists) who supplied them (Franco’s Nationalists) with most of their equipment, and this they did simply by surrendering arms and ammunition on the field of battle, or by loosing the factories which produced war supplies in the North (of Spain).

    SO LARGE WERE THE STOCKS which the Nationalists captured that a special department was created to classify, repair and allocate the weapons and munitions which CONSTANTLY FELL INTO THEIR HANDS…”

    Mr. Bolin also states that the communist government of Spain (by electoral fraud) possessed all means of weapon production when the Civil War started, and additional shipments were made from France (also pro-communist government at the time – Popular Front – i.e. communists – socialists) and Russia.

    But then he adds this:

    “However, the Nationalists managed to pull through, partly by CAPTURING LARGE QUANTITIES OF EQUIPMENT ON THE BATTLE FIELD….”

    The atheistic enemies of God were so scared of the Catholic army that they ran for the hills…this is the exact translation of the passage – and there is scriptural reference to this as well in the Old Testament…

    Russian Bolsheviks after their defeat in Spain (by Catholic Holy Crusade) realized by painful experience that the Catholic Church must be attacked and Her teaching perverted by way of infiltration of communist agents, so that the Divine protection of those who claim to be Catholic would be terminated by God on account of heretical perversion…which is the case today…the APOSTATE pro-communist Novus Ordo Bergoglio’s Sect occupying the Vatican today is NOT the true Catholic Church…

    Franco’s forces and their fight was blessed by Pope Pius XI on which account they defeated the Stalin backed communists and they had to run out of Spain, through Valencia port and or into France, they managed to steal and ship the entire gold reserve of Spain to Russia…

    Therefore nothing else will help but only this Divine help, and one has to be truly Catholic in order to obtain it…NOTHING LESS will do.

    1. I believe He will aid all who fear Him, and protect them until it is their time.

      Your comments are always very informative and thought provoking.

    2. Your writing reminds me of someone. For years I followed his work and tried to help him when he was illegally imprisoned. I so very much wish I could have helped more. To this day, I still re-read his work on archive and have prayed and hoped for him all these years.
      Vivat Christus Rex.

      1. One Body and One Spirit…One Lord, ONE FAITH, One Baptism (Ephesians 4 : 4-5) – This means One Church which is the Catholic Church (not the Vatican occupying Bergoglio Sect), and the word One Faith means nothing but Catholic Tradition, and if the new religions as Luther’s was correct, then those who were before Luther would be heretics, as there was no other Church claiming Christ’s name but the Catholic Church (the word Catholic comes from the Apostles, it means Universal, it is part of the Apostles’ Creed – “I believe the Catholic Church…”), so if Luther was right then those before him who were just Catholics, they would be all burning in Hell as heretics, because they wouldn’t be part of that ONE BODY (one Church Christ our Lord founded – “I will build My Church and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it…”), and they would not profess the ONE FAITH, which is nothing else but Catholic Tradition…but this is IMPOSSIBLE, and it would be a heresy itself, as our Lord promised to be with His Church ALL DAYS, even unto the consummation of the world..(St. Matthew 28).

        There are no true Divine miracles in any other religion but Catholic Tradition – one of them is this:

      1. Yes. There are several sources, even quoting Stalin saying that the Spaniards will never see their gold again – this statement at this point cannot be fully sourced as the memory doesn’t serve that well…but Stalin stated that, and yes, it seems that to this day it wasn’t returned…(if you find a trustworthy source with concrete evidence it was returned, let us know…)

        One of the best sources is the book General Cause – Red Domination of Spain

        The book is to borrow only – be careful with IP, it is highly explosive read with very graphic photos, what the Communists did in Spain.

        published by Spanish Ministry of Finances (1961 print – there was an older version).

      2. Yes, I believe they stole Spain’s gold reserve toward the end of the Spanish Civil War. I ought to check as my memory is not perfect, but that is what I recall.

      3. Yes and the US requisitioned the UK global gold reserves in 1940 effectively ending/bankrupting the British empire, with Churchill’s blessing of course.
        Didn’t the ferral reserve clean up US domestic gold supply also in the 1930’s? Executive order 6102…

    1. That’s what I was referring to in my post just above yours yesterday. It made my heart go into my throat. He is truly threatening the US. 🙁

    2. It’s alarming to think Joe Biden is speaking for us at a time like this. I didn’t think he was capable of carrying on a conversation for two hours.

  20. “Commit: What kind of communist books do you read, and do you have any teachers to guide you in your reading?”

    I prefer to listen, I would buy your books if you publish as audiobooks somewhere. Maybe I just haven’t found but I try to listen all podcasts you appear on. One can listen when doing other things which is impossible with reading.

    As for teachers, I have discussed with many local communist party members including my late grandfather and his friends. The problem is, the party leadership is revisionist, while they are quite successful on regional level, I believe they can’t succeed on national level until they return to Stalin, which is impossible until we achieve national liberation, leave the EU and NATO, get rid of imperialist control.over.our institutions . There are many good people in various nationalist parties who were driven from the communist party, disgusted by their cooperation with eurocommunism.

    The Foundations of Leninism from J. V. Stalin taugh me the most. Also other works of Stalin Economic Problems of Socialism in the USSR.

    From American authors everything from Michael Hudson.

    1. When the communist block dissolved, eastern Europe was liberated. You are advocating a return to a murderous regime that would send people like yourself to the wall. Useful idiots always go to the wall.

      1. You have been lied. There were only around 200 executed people during whole history of socialist Czechoslovakia. Compare to America of the sem era. Most of them criminals, rapists, assassins and so on. Few traitors, nowadays called freedom fighters or political mutders.

      2. I am advocating restoration of national sovereignity. Nation cannot survive under imperialism. You people should understand as you oppose migration from south America. We are not anti american just anti imperialists.

  21. Pelosi appears to visiting Taiwan, against the White House and Militaries advisal. The two perspectives are, she should because we support Taiwan and the White House is just being weak, or she shouldn’t because China is volatile and now openly threatened it would lead to war. I would argue the third perspective, China asked Pelosi to visit Taiwan so now they would have their excuse to go to war. Would align with all we’ve been hearing. Their are also video emerging or armor being sent through provinces now that the lockdowns are done.

    1. I’ve about had it with China’s continual whining. If Nancy Pelosi fails to visit Taiwan, her career is dead. She has to go. Literally and figuratively. This is a win-win, for Americans.

      “If U.S. fighter jets escort Pelosi’s plane into Taiwan, it is invasion,” Hu Xijin, an analyst for the Chinese state-controlled Global Times propaganda outlet, said on Twitter. “The PLA has the right to forcibly dispel Pelosi’s plane and the U.S. fighter jets, including firing warning shots and making tactical movement of obstruction. If ineffective, then shoot them down.”

    2. I agree. Pelosi literally doesn’t care about freedom, in Taiwan or anywhere. She certainly didn’t care when they took Hong Kong. The timing is too coincidental – I suspect her Communist masters yanked her chain and told her to go.

      Either way, the threats have been so bellicose that either way, the Communists win.

      1. Nonsense. Nancy will fly to Taiwan and China won’t shoot her down. China talks a lot and builds rock piles in the sand. Sons of the presidents of China and Taiwan used to fly back and forth to visit all the time. Nobody ever had a problem with it. Some people just gotz to have their fear porn. What’s China so afraid of that they can’t occupy Taiwan? The real tragedy is Hong Kong, and what’s most disgraceful is that the United States had no objections to the atrocity. Not so much as one word of outrage from any government official, incumbent nor former.

  22. “Didn’t Dylan convert to Christianity?”

    So? He remained a pacifist as far as I know. His best song, Ring them Bells, was inspired by his faith.

      1. I respect him as an artist, artists can afford to be a bit naive.

        Dylan’s songs with pacifist message are very powerful (A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall).

      2. My country is on imperialist side this time. Of course I support a pacifist solution, don’t want to die for anglo-zionist imperialism.

    1. Who can forget those great murderers… I mean pacifists: Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot.

      Truly, give them the Nobel Peace prize! Stained in the blood of their victims, preferably!

  23. Pelosi is IPSO FACTO excommunicated apostate woman, she is NOT Catholic and because of her status of habitual lack of repentance including mortal sin of apostasy etc. she is safely on her way to Hell – and so this her visit to Taiwan should be seen as pro-communist pro-Chinese propaganda operation, to get the Chinese including PLA etc. more upset and have the excuse even greater to hit the US in retaliation – it is a deceptive visit that has nothing to do with her potential friendliness towards Taiwan, pretended as it should be understood, towards the free people, as for example she and her like were all missing in action when the CCP began their communist terror in Hong Kong…and when they violated Hong Kong’s agreement with UK China has made – the CPUSA directorate of the Democrat Party was mostly MIA on that one – why would she otherwise show up all of a sudden if there was not something sinister behind it ?

    What a horrible perverted woman ! There was that FBI release last year about her CPUSA connected father, former Mayor of Baltimore, quite a read, and not surprising at all, because anybody who is today involved in that Bolshevik Party knows in conscience that they are most of them (if not all of them !) up to no good, communist and treasonous enemies. More can be said, but the point is clear…by now.

  24. Nancy Pelosi visited North Korea – video (no association to the author…) – her pro-communist propaganda explanation of the visit…

  25. There is Communism and there is AIPAC and ADL.
    I don’t see any difference.
    I view both as intrinsic enemies ideologically and existentially.
    Trouble is the Elephants have grown massive.

    1. Read Marx’s “jewish question”, can help you understand that cabal (not a nation) and their connection to capitalism.

    1. Dave Dubyne, plays the three cup game and diverts a lot of gullible people’s attention with his flat earth nonsense!
      Grand solar minimum, however, is a real phenomenon backed up by sound science.
      The Sun’s energy is derived from Birkeland currents and it is historically variable.
      This is why the greenwash brigade are so dangerous to our existence. If the Sun radiates less, which can happen vey quickly and last for millions of years, we will freeze with our technology compromised.
      The greenwash brigade are communists and so is Dave Dubayne I suspect.

  26. Any news about the Belorussian massing of troops on the Ukrainian border? Does it include Russian troops? Are the Russians luring the Ukrainian troops eastward by Russian troops being defeated, only to strike suddenly in the west through Belarus? Would this have similar effects as MacArthur’s Inchon landings?

    I wonder if there’s any update from Laura 1986’s posting on 21 June.

      1. Busy demonising C02 and N02…
        Just waiting for them to start attacking users of O2 and rationing it!
        I used to be a genuine environmentalist until it was hijacked 30years ago.
        Pseudo science is also communism.

  27. J. Edgar Hoover wrote on the subject of communism – his book is of interest, as he had data from European police and justice departments documenting that Lenin had the communists rob banks in western Europe to finance the revolution in Russia, and when this became public knowledge and investigations were showing up the facts, the Socialist Congress (probably in France or perhaps in Germany, but most likely in France – this would be around 1905 AD) wanted to pass a resolution against this and Lenin had the whole thing terminated, this is how much influence that evil lawyer had even back then.

    Stalin himself was involved in some way in a communist organized major bank robbery in his native Georgia (Czarist Russia) but there was something with the evidence or lack of evidence, it is hard to remember all these details but it was a major robbery, communist organized…it can probably still be somewhere on the internet…

    So the FBI was alarmed back then that any bank robbery could be linked to the CPUSA to finance the communist overthrow of the US Government, and who could blame the FBI, as this is a legitimate concern and some of it perhaps was done by the communists.

    But the reality of this criminal Mafia is evident – so when their agents provocateurs speak about Jewish conspiracy (the Elder of Zion) or financing from Free Masons, although Sen. McCarthy said that German Kaiser helped finance Lenin (probably under false pretense at that time, but who knows exactly…) to force upon Russian Czar domestic problem so that the Czar would have to quit helping Serbia in WW1…

    Communism is based on crime, it is a brutal criminal enterprise and anyone identifying himself as a communist is therefore a criminal, thus giving a willful consent to the crimes of communism..

    1. Yes, I would say that Communists are the highest echelon criminals: working at massive scale, using very intelligent tactics, going for the biggest prize of all: the power to rule the world.

  28. Nice Beard!!! I’m about a year and a half ahead of you! Another great interview, thanks for your commitment to our country.

  29. A comment I tried yesterday hasn’t appeared, so I’ll try again to get it under the comment wire.

    Pelosi has been part of an “interesting timing” event re Xi/China before.

    January 16, 2020:

    –Xi FINALLY relents after years on trade concessions, and signs trade deal with Trump

    — Pelosi FINALLY waltzes the Articles of Impeachment over to the Senate, after inexplicably holding onto them for weeks

    –The person announced as the first Covid case in the U.S. returns to Seattle from Wuhan (technically was Jan. 15, announced publicly Jan 21, setting off all of the policy mayhem we’re now used to)

    Of course among other things one effect of the policy response to Covid was to erase/nullify the thrust of the Chinese concessions of the Trump trade deal. Convenient.

    Now, Pelosi takes her Asia trip on the same weekend as the anniversary of founding of the PLA, suggesting w/o confirming a Taiwan trip. A pointless, vanity trip, demoralizing to everyone at home, because it yanks us into a futile debate about “should she or shouldn’t she” when of course there are no real stakes to this visit. Xi on the other hand gets to whip up patriotic fervor, pushing this stunt as U.S. provocation.

    Funny how well Pelosi’s kabuki theater blends into Xi’s propaganda and strategy.

    1. Visitor, it’s here. You put it under BB’s post near the top. 🙂

      1. Thanks, Praying! oops

        I’ve never forgotten that past coincidence, and Pelosi yet again having the entire country’s (and world’s!) wrapt attention as to what she was doing – wanted to get the parallel onto the thread here! So I guess I did, twice, 🙂

  30. GORDON CHANG: “This very well may not be bluster. It’s inconceivable to us that the PLA – People’s Liberation Army – would shoot down Pelosi’s plane. But you got to remember: At this very instant, there are four Chinese warships in Japanese territorial water in the Senkakus in the East China Sea. There are Chinese troops deep into Indian-controlled territory in Ladakh, in the Himalayas. A few weeks ago, the Chinese provoked a crisis in the South China Sea with the Philippines. China is lashing out. It might be Taiwan, but it might be someplace else. This is an extremely dangerous regime at this moment.”

    It might be someplace else…..

    1. Why wouldn’t the PLA shoot down a plane with Pelosi onboard? After all, the Soviets shot down a commercial plane with a congressman onboard. I see no reason for the CCP not to emulate their comrades. How much longer will Pelosi be useful to them if she lives, given her age?

      My first thought when I heard the PLA threat was KAL007.

      Can China lash out against Taiwan, giving our forces warning to mobilize? Our fleets to leave harbor? Our nuclear bombers chance to get into the air? Or will the attack be sudden, without warning? What do you think?

  31. Update:

    “China Launches Live-Fire Drills Off Taiwan With US Carrier Group Nearby, As Pelosi’s Plane En Route To Asia”

    “When the USS Reagan strike group entered the South China Sea, there were widespread reports that Chinese destroyers began following closely behind, mirroring and monitoring US Navy movements in the waters.”

    1. This is not how a nation treats a superpower. I don’t understand how the average American doesn’t understand we’re at war.

  32. Has anyone heard anything else concerning the upcoming mid August (?) “war games / exercise” in the Caribbean, off Venezuela with the Russians / Chinese, etc. ? I’ve seen no other news tidbits pertaining to it. Seems like perfect timing for the perfect storm with all else going on.

    1. This article is very slanted toward Russia and hostile to Ukraine. Over the last ten days Russia has lost ground in Ukraine. Around 50 Russian ammunition depots have been destroyed this month, causing the Russian advance to halt. They can no longer hit Ukriane with 20,000 – 30,000 howitzer rounds per day. Desperate for shells, the Russians are sending to Belarus for ammo. The rest of their billion rounds is behind the Urals, a long way away. The war is therefore shifting against Russia. Moral in the Russian ranks is low. Casualties have been high. So the Russians are mobilizing what some believe is a new army of 100,000 reservists. They will begin an offensive next month in response to the expected Ukrainian offensive. We shall see what happens. But if Russia does not use tactical nuclear weapons, or some new and terrible weapon of their own, Ukraine is going to turn the war around. Russia could be defeated at the end of next month or they might be victorious. Or the war could drag on. Whatever the outcome, nobody really knows how this will end.

      1. When I was in college, I studied Spanish for two years. I and a friend from Argentina rented a place together. I went on a trip to Mexico about 300 miles across the border and made some friends. For a period of 2 or 3 years, I used to drive down there and stay for a month or so at the time with the friends I made.

        You could not pay me enough money to go now.

      2. I naively thought that it was more luke it used to be here down there. It was slower paced and all, but I finally realized how corrupt and dangerous it was. And socialist.

      3. And I’m sitting on the border ready and waiting. But I’m not apprehensive. We here are not unaware of our situation.

      4. I was in my early twenties. I went alone several times. I had become good at Spanish between the studying and being around Spanish speaking people so much. Getting rusty now from lack of opportunity to converse.
        But man was I dumb.

        I would hate to live on the border. There’s no telling just what all is coming across.

        Sometimes I am very apprehensive about what is going to happen. But we must put our faith in God, and do our best under Him.

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