We have what I believe will be, a trail of whistleblowers; good men and women who are now coming forward to talk about … a non-human intelligence that has been engaging with this planet for many many years and incredibly, further, that the United States government really is in possession of retrieved non-human technology.

Ross Coulthart

As the world teeters on the edge of nuclear war in Eastern Europe, an important news story has been eclipsed. There has been a “whistleblower” named David Grusch, a former U.S. Air Force intelligence official, who says that the U.S. Government has a UFO recovery program and is in possession of “non-human” aerial vehicles as well as “dead pilots.” As confirmed by Senator Marco Rubio, David Grusch is the first government official to avail himself of the correct whistleblower procedure for triggering congressional oversight on the issue of UAP/UFOs.

The Inspector General of the intelligence community has called Grusch’s testimony “urgent and credible.” Thus far Mr. Grusch has given testimony to congressional staffers, with testimony before congressional committees (House and Senate) to follow. Among Grusch’s allegations we find the suspicion that people have been murdered to keep these secrets; that private companies have benefited from access to non-human technology; that laws regarding congressional oversight have been broken; that federal funds may have been misused.

One question has arisen. Why on Earth would the Defense Department have allowed Mr. Grusch to testify on these matters to Congress? Simply put, Mr. Grusch followed the whistleblower statutes correctly. The agencies in question were helpless to stop what was perfectly legal. For how could they raise objections without raising suspicions? If there is a coverup, why make it a matter of public record by illegally interfering with a legal process?

Australian journalist Ross Coulthart, best known for his work on Australia’s 60 Minutes program and other outlets, has interviewed Grusch. He has also interviewed other would-be whistleblowers that – incredibly — confirm Grusch’s information. According to Coulthart, Grusch is a patriot who thinks the law has been broken.

As an Air Force intelligence officer, Grusch was part of the USAF UAP Task Force, charged with investigating UFOs. This job led him to question other federal officials who revealed the existence of a UAP crash recovery program. Grusch admits there are certain things the public should not know. Yet, there are things the public should know. Grusch has not seen aliens or non-human technology himself. He merely learned of these things from other government officials. Some of these officials apparently want the public to know the truth about UFOs, but are not free to say anything because of their own security obligations.

Grusch was interviewed by Ross Coulthart in early May. The video interview was delayed on the understanding that The New York Times, Politco, and The Washington Post, would be publishing stories about Grusch’s allegations. But these mainstream outlets ultimately decided against publishing the story. It was, apparently, beneath their dignity to print such crackpottery. Instead, journalists Leslie Kean and Ralph Blumenthal provided the story to The Debrief, a website that specializes in “frontier science.” On June 5, Grusch’s video interview with Coulthart was broadcast by News Nation. Is Grusch a fraudster? No. Grusch is a decorated combat officer of the USAF, a veteran of the Afghan War who subsequently served in the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), which assigned him as the NRO’s representative to the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force.

Among the incredible allegations, Mr. Grusch claims to have reviewed documents showing that the government of Benito Mussolini, in 1944 or 45, recovered a non-human craft which the Vatican assisted the U.S. in procuring at the end of World War II. This is no small matter, as Mr. Grusch has given his testimony under oath. He has challenged Congress to put him in jail for perjury or check the story themselves. Grusch’s testimony is not proof that Mussolini recovered anything. However, Grusch’s testimony does suggest that something very strange is going on inside the bowels of our defense establishment. If the documents Grusch read were false, who falsified them? For what purpose? Has money been procured by secret programs on the basis of such documents?

Ross Coulthart is of the opinion that “serious crimes have been committed” in relation to this story. He thinks it possible that government officials might be arrested and jailed as a result of Grush’s testimony. “Dave Grusch’s story ought to be featured on the front page of The New York Times and The Washington Post,” said Coulthart on his Need to Know podcast, “and I am calling them gutless cowards for their failure to follow this story up. I cannot believe how badly they have abrogated their responsibility as journalists.”

Coulthart reminds his audience that Congress has mandated that the public should be informed on this subject, that granting special rights to private companies to handle non-human material may not have been in accordance with law, and that failing to inform Congress itself may have been a crime – as Congress is the body that ultimately funds all military and intelligence programs. These programs are not private fiefdoms, after all, where bureaucrats decide the most important questions. Under our republican system, the people are sovereign, and the Congress represents the people’s interest.

In the wilderness of mirrors, one may have something by the tail without realizing that one is merely holding a tail. The elusive thing itself may easily get away. Since knowledge is power, and secret knowledge can be empowering, bureaucrats who’ve gotten hold of such knowledge may be usurping a power that is not properly theirs. After this fashion, an inferior person may hold the tail of something without being responsible, or equal, to the task. Is the thing in hand extraterrestrial or extra-dimensional? Is it a bureaucratic hoax in a scheme of fiscal fraud? Was it summoned by black magicians or part of a breakaway civilization? Regarding the latter, Jules Verne told the story of Captain Nemo, a man who built an advanced [i.e., nuclear] submarine in the nineteenth century. Captain Nemo was a man of science, yet he made war on his hated enemy, the British and their navy. In Verne’s fiction, Captain Nemo ended his days at his secret base on The Mysterious Island (my favorite book when I was thirteen years old). If such a story can be imagined in fiction, might it be possible in reality?

It is curious that Mr. Grusch does not refer to extraterrestrials. His language is precise. What he refers to is “non-human.” And that might signify something of terrestrial origin. How are we to understand this? Are we talking about creatures, like those depicted in The Island of Doctor Moreau, by H.G. Wells? – Hybrid abominations of some mad scientist? Are we talking about deformed children, dressed up to look like aliens (as alleged by journalist Annie Jacobsen, who gleaned the story from a heartbroken American physicist)? What horrible scientific experiments have been indulged in by our bureaucrats? What crimes, in the name of science, have taken place in secret? Shouldn’t there be an investigation?

Government is a dangerous power which must have strict checks and balances placed on it. Every American should know that democracy is not actually the core of our system. Our constitution is not democratic. Rather, it is a scheme of mixed government for the express purpose of the “separation of powers.” Democracy is but one check. The courts are another check. The state governments are another. An armed populace, as “well-regulated militia,” are yet another. We need all these checks, and all the oversight that they entail. Yes, some things need to be secret. But secrecy must not be abused for schemes of bureaucratic or commercial self-aggrandizement. That is what is at stake when Pentagon money goes missing, when black budget programs break off from oversight and become powers unto themselves.

The UAP/UFO issue is important for political reasons, irrespective of the truth behind those things which are said to be “unidentified.” Whatever the truth is in this matter, the American taxpayers are entitled to know. They are entitled to know why certain rumors about alien visitation have been spread into the public sphere while, at the same time, other items are kept secret. They are entitled to know if the government is engaged in a massive coverup or is engaged in a disinformation campaign regarding “non-humans.” There are issues here about which the government should not meddle, about which society must be left to discuss and work out on its own. For the truth will come out, eventually. And if the people have not been properly informed, what mayhem is to follow? What sinister exploitations might there be?   

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  1. UFO fever grips Washington: Republican Congressman says UFOs may be ‘ancient civilization’ as Senator Marco Rubio worries craft retrieval programs are being run by ‘internal military complex’ that is ‘accountable to no one’:

    *WI Rep. Mike Gallagher suggested UFOs could be humans ‘from the future,’ advanced Chinese military tech or ‘an ancient civilization’ on sports talk show
    *In unaired interview segments with NewsNation, Sen. Rubio expressed serious concern that Deep State views US ‘elected officials’ as ‘temporary employees’
    *Whatever the truth of UFO whistleblowers’ claims, ‘We can’t ignore it,’ Rubio said

    UPDATED: 13:33 EDT, 30 June 2023


    House investigator warns UFOs are beyond control ‘in our military airspace’
    by Julia Johnson, Politics Reporter
    July 05, 2023 06:00 AM

    Rep. Tim Burchett (R-TN) believes unidentified flying objects need to be taken more seriously and that both Congress and the public have a right to know about them.

    In an interview with the Washington Examiner, Burchett expressed concern that “we have something that we do not control in our military airspace.”


  2. EXCLUSIVE: UFO-hunting Harvard scientists say debris from unidentified object that crashed into Pacific Ocean in 2014 appears ‘artificial in origin’ – and they could be remnants of an ‘interstellar spacecraft’
    *Harvard team now has more evidence ‘IM1’ came from outside our solar system
    *Further testing needed to explain how IM1 withstood over 200 megapascals, FOUR-TIMES the deep sea pressure that crushed OceanGate sub near the Titanic

    UPDATED: 10:49 EDT, 6 July 2023

    Tiny metal fragments recovered from an interstellar object that crashed into the Pacific Ocean appear ‘artificial in origin’, scientists say.

    A Harvard duo recovered 50 unusual iron spheres after tracking down the unidentified object, known as IM1, off the coast of Papua New Guinea last week as part of a $ 1.5 million underwater search mission.

    New lab analysis of the metal spheres reveals they are ‘anomalous’ and stronger than any observed meteor produced by nature, according to Professor Avi Loeb, former chair of Harvard’s astronomy department who led the research.


    EXCLUSIVE: Italian researcher shares extraordinary evidence files of world’s ‘first’ UFO crash – 14 years before Roswell – and the secret department set up by Mussolini’s government to study the craft that was later captured by US forces

    *Roberto Pinotti obtained evidence documents of the alleged June 13, 1933 crash in Northern Italy and a secret department set up by Mussolini to study the craft
    *He told DailyMail.com the files were mailed to him from a mystery source who claimed to have inherited them from a relative who worked on the program

    PUBLISHED: 10:10 EDT, 3 July 2023 | UPDATED: 11:18 EDT, 3 July 2023

    A top US intelligence officer claims World War II American forces retrieved a UFO that crashed in Italy in 1933 – and Italian researchers say they have the documents to prove it.

    Former top National Reconnaissance Office staffer David Grusch shocked the world last month when he revealed he had blown the whistle in sworn testimony to Congress and government watchdogs, about an alleged secret US program that has obtained multiple ‘non-human’ flying saucers.

    Grusch claims one of these alien spacecraft crashed in Northern Italy in 1933, and was secreted away by Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini, before it was captured by American forces at the end of World War II and shipped to the US.


  3. “The UAP/UFO issue is important for political reasons, irrespective of the truth behind those things which are said to be “unidentified.” Whatever the truth is in this matter, the American taxpayers are entitled to know.”

    In the unauditable black hole of post FASB-56 accounting, such thing smay be direly necessary to keep breakaway tech capabilities away from prying 5th column eyes. Socially and civilizationally disruptive tech outstripping the aims of the wildest 4th Industrial Revolution/Great Reset dreams of Klaus Schwab’s likes would be a boon to soon to be hermit nations of the ‘former’ Sino-Soviet block. The USA at least may as well be space aliens if it strictly down to conventional warfare against Russia’s armed forces at this point … after the Kinzhal hypersonics being intercepted by decades old Patriot batteries, the first strike dream is dead in the water outside of suicide SSBN submarine runs and those vaunted cobalt nuke Tsunami Drones of Russia’s … The American Colossus can only be hobbled from within and the likes of Henry Kissingers selling no nothing beltway geopolitics nerds on kayfabe Sino-Soviet splits to run interference for shunting off sensitive tech and hardware. Whatever the nature or veracity of the UFOs et. al. there are surely things requiring the suggestion of them at least to guarantee their security against bad actors … It’s not as though we’re living the hangover of Cold War active measures socially and politically or anything.

  4. On the last thread, some of us were pointing out how Elon Musk is aiding and abetting Russia, and hindering Ukraine by some of the things he chooses to do or not do via Twitter, Starlink, and his rhetoric.

    I follow several Ukrainian accounts, and share a lot of their posts, and try to encourage them by letting them know that there are people on the American Right who support them and do not buy the Kremlin’s propaganda.

    Well, looky what I just received regarding a comment I made yesterday.

    1. Well, I cant share the screenshot. But I’ve been locked out of my account while Twitter reviews my appeal for this “hateful comment”:

      Let me fix this.

      All the lives lost in the Russian invasion of Ukraine are because of Russia, and only Russia.

      The End.

      Slava Ukraini.


      A God-fearing, gun-toting, American Redneck.

      1. So much for free speech on Twitter. I wonder if it was flagged because you used the word gun?

      2. @GreyKnight that’s frustrating. I bet one or two pro-Russian people reported your comment, and your account automatically shut down until the comment could be reviewed. That doesn’t seem like speech Twitter would censor… hopefully.

      3. That’s what I was thinking (Russian people reported it), or it was flagged because I’ve been reposting a lot of Ukrainian posts, and trying to troll the Russian trolls. I don’t like social media, but I keep going back to Twitter to see what all propaganda the enemy puts out, as well as what the Ukrainians are trying to share with the world.

  5. Correction regarding my comment on Santa Rosa Fire. I said the trees were untouched.
    That is incorrect. They appeared to be untouched. They were not scorched. Pondering is correct. I researched all of the big fires in Idaho, Wisconsin and the Great Black Dragon Fire in China/Russian in about 1989. The pictures were nothing like Santa Rosa.
    Kevin Taylor

  6. Jonathan Fink is hoping to interview Yuri Felshtinsky about the Wagner mutiny soon. That should be interesting to hear his thoughts!

      1. I don’t want war to come, but if it is going to happen then I wish it would quit playing around and get started already. The sooner it gets started, the sooner it gets over…

    1. This is exactly why the Russians and Chinese need to attack now, rather than waiting. That’s why I expect war before the end of this summer.

  7. I finally figured out how I can share it here. I don’t think it had anything to do with the word “gun”. Judge for yourselves.

    Remove Tweet
    Tweet 1 of 1
    Violating our rules against hateful conduct.
    You may not directly attack people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, caste, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or serious disease.

    bryan Styles
    @DrAnnaPirates Let me fix this. All the lives lost in the Russian invasion of Ukraine are because of Russia, and only Russia. The End. Slava Ukraini. Signed, A God-fearing, gun-toting, American Redneck.
    Jul 7, 2023, 5:04 PM
    By clicking Remove, you are removing the content of your Tweet and all other edited versions of the tweet, and forgoing the option to appeal this violation. Please note that the original content will be replaced with a notice stating your Tweet is no longer available because it violated the Twitter Rules. This notice will be accessible via direct URL and via your profile timeline for 14 days. Learn more.
    If you think we’ve made a mistake, submit an appeal to us. Please note that should you do so, your account will remain locked while we review your appeal.

      1. I seriously doubt it. But I could be wrong. It’s probably a useless endeavor to try to use Twitter anyway. I’ve probably just wasted time. But, it seems like by sharing posts from Ukrainian accounts, it has to be helping them get their cry out.

      2. When has it ever been deemed hateful to attack a Redneck, if that is the way it was taken? We’re about the only ones you can safely insult.

      3. Well GreyKnight, must be a sign that you should just switch over to Threads, where Mark Zuckerberg guarantees there will be never be ANY censorship 🤣

      4. Riiiight! People are already complaining about the censorship on Threads. 🙂

  8. Sent this to Jeff the other day, but will share with all of you, his readers, as well:

    Russian news anchor calls for Prigozhin to attack Vilnius?

    This was posted on Twitter a few days ago. Can’t confirm the quote as the original is in Russian. Solovyov is a TV news anchor on the channels Russia-1 and Moscow 24. He allegedly stated:

    “Prigozhin might have a chance to redeem himself. Take Kyiv! Perhaps Kharkiv, or at least Warsaw or Vilnius from the territory of Belarus”

    ~ Vladimir Solovyov

    (Also, according to Wikipedia, “Solovyov considers himself a Soviet patriot and frequently hosts his program wearing a jacket with a hammer and sickle.[123]”)


  9. “Wagner PMC founder Prigozhin currently in Russia, not in Belarus, Lukashenko confirms

    Lukashenko also said that Prigozhin was not imprisoned. “We talked several times over the phone. I think, yesterday, we had a phone conversation in the afternoon. We discussed the PMC’s further actions,” he said, adding that the PMC chief told him that the Wagner fighters will “work toward Russia’s well-being in the future and perform their duty until the end.” The Belarusian president said that he had made arrangements to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin in the near future to discuss the situation around Prigozhin.”

  10. Violating our rules against hateful conduct



    Thank you for your patience as we reviewed your appeal request for account, @_GreyKnight, regarding the following:

    bryan Styles
    @DrAnnaPirates Let me fix this. All the lives lost in the Russian invasion of Ukraine are because of Russia, and only Russia. The End. Slava Ukraini. Signed, A God-fearing, gun-toting, American Redneck.
    Violating our rules against hateful conduct

    Our support team has determined that a violation did take place, and therefore we will not overturn our decision.

    You will not be able to access Twitter through your account due to violations of the Twitter Rules, specifically our rules around:
    In order to restore account functionality, you can resolve the violations by logging into your account and completing the on-screen instructions.


    1. Thanks GreyKnight for giving us a glimpse inside Twitter. Glad I’m not a part of it!

      1. I know it’s insignificant as far as I am concerned. I have really wasted too much time on it. I have opened and closed several accounts. The first couple of times trying to help get Jeff’s and like-minded people’s message out. Then, it got to where I wanted to be able to see immediate information from Ukraine, and try to help get their message out. If thousands of individuals do that, maybe it can help? And this last time, when I saw such a very large amount of Communist trolls posting undermining things about Ukraine, I felt it had to mean something right? It had to mean that Twitter is a valuable tool for Ukrainians, and the enemy -our enemy- is trying to silence them or turn public opinion against them. So, in my case, I felt it was sort of my duty to do something, though ever so miniscule, to help them. It makes one feel he should go volunteer to serve in their military, but then we have loved ones and a homeland here that will need defending as well.

        The most powerful thing we can do is pray, if we believe the Bible. And tell people the truth about what’s really going on, and never allow someone to undermine the Ukrainian’s heroic defense of their nation without us speaking up.

      2. Your heart is in the right place, GreyKnight. 🙂 Like you said, prayer is your most powerful tool. God can do what we cannot.

    1. “It is imperative for us to deepen planning on war and combat, upgrade the joint system of theater commands, focus on actual combat training, and improve our ability to win any war,” Xi said during an inspection tour of the command headquarters in Nanjing on Thursday.”


  11. Social Media is a CIA psyop, as it all is, even aliens-evil functions in lies and deception.
    Evil is so rampant and exposed, truth is now called hate speech to control the masses. The church needs to stand up and stand firm till the end.
    We are dealing with a level of people so deceived, they believe proven compulsive liars and criminals. If they tell people to jump off a cliff and they will fly, people believe them…even though everyone who jumped before them died. Everything goes from bad to worse and we pay for them to destroy us. 😂
    (Talk about being dumbed down).

    Jesus said these would be the days everyone would be deceived, even the elect if possible. He said if He didn’t shorten the days no one would survive.

    God allows this evil so we have to pick a side. He gives us free will, He doesn’t force us to choose His side. Either were slaves to Satan or righteousness. It is the times where Luke warm doesn’t work anymore. Either you’re hot or cold or God will spit you out of His mouth.

    Everyone who now knows they work for this evil needs to repent and turn around and help save us, that is your God given destiny. God has exposed it and now you have to pick a side.

    Thanks Jeff!

  12. We’re almost to the 3 day cutoff where comments are closed. I also wanted to thank you, Jeff, for a place where we can post and share with each other. It’s much appreciated!

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