In communist regimes crises are usually hidden from the outside world; because of the absence of democratic process and the suppression of internal opposition, popular political, social, and economic discontents accumulate and threaten to develop into serious upheavals of revolts of the entire population against the system as a whole .

Anatoliy Golitsyn

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Given the events of a week ago, I reached out to Trevor Loudon and Clare Lopez to do a podcast about the mutiny in Russia and the war in Ukraine.

Discussion with Trevor Loudon and Clare Lopez

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319 thoughts on “Mutiny in Russia, War in Ukraine: A Panel Discussion

  1. Jeff, I sent you Rebekah Koffler’s email address a few days ago. Did you definitely receive my email? If not I can send it again.

  2. Just came across this on Twitter:


    “Wagner is not ‘a private military company’ but a secret sub-division of the Main Directorate of the GRU (formerly the Main Intelligence Directorate), according to Artem Kruglov, a Russian blogger…currently in hiding.—@ZarinaZabrisky @BylineTimes

    Andrei Soldatov, one of the leading experts on the Russian secret services, confirmed that Prigozhin works for the GRU. The historian Yuri Felshtinsky says Prigozhin most likely was an FSB agent recruited in the penal colony serving a nine-year sentence in the 1980s.—@BylineTimes

    Felshtinsky argues that while in prison, Prigozhin could only be recruited by the FSB, and that the FSB would never allow a GRU agent to serve as Putin’s chef. Multiple experts consulted confirmed that Prigozhin works for the Russian secret services.—@ZarinaZabrisky @BylineTimes

    If this is not new info, then I apologize; it was news to me.

    1. I have heard this before, and I have heard Wagner referred to as a GRU operation. There is no way to comment intelligently on this. At the very least, Wagner is probably directed by someone — FSB, GRU, MOD? It is unclear to me. But Prigozhin became a trusted person, and I suspect he is still trusted.

    1. It is ominous that Wagner PMC is referred to as
      “the Musicians.” Viktor Suvorov said that the period just before World War III was known as the “Overture.” Who plays the Overture? Musicians. This jumped out at me in this article.

    2. PS – And why would Wagner damage a tank between circus advertisements? Is this a form of signaling to those who understand such signals?

      1. That is ominous. I have a comment awaiting moderation. Not sure why it was flagged.

      2. Not sure either. I say a check mark on it. I clicked to allow. My frustration is that sometimes the system puts the brown check back on it and prevents posting.


    Germany to move Slovakia-based Patriot system to Lithuania to protect NATO summit
    May 26, 20231:42 PM EDT Updated a month ago

    German missiles arrive in Lithuania to protect NATO summit:
    The top-level meeting of the Western military alliance will take place there on July 11 and 12. Lithuania borders the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad and Russia’s close ally Belarus. According to the Lithuanian army, this is the first deployment of Patriot missiles in the country. The system will be operated by German soldiers.
    Published June 29,2023

    1. Or that there are hypersonic missiles in Osipovichi, since it’s doubtful that Patriot missiles could stop them.

  4. “He says they’ve lost 400,000 men. If so, why haven’t they collapsed? And why are you for Russia? Please explain.”

    They have probably lost much more, close to 1 million. I am for Russia because I hate what western imperialism is doing to my country.

    1. Our workers bleed to fund western rentier classes. It can be easily proven by wealth transfer data. Russia stands for more fair system.

      1. The Soviet Union collapsed because of the trash you push. No country can live on your ideology as it takes nothing less than tyranny to hold such a country together.

      1. Ukraine is a multi national construct, unlike my country. If Ukrainian speakers gave up on controlling the Russian speaking areas, they would be fine.

      2. The Russian-speaking Ukrainians are among those fighting hardest against Russia. You do realize this, right? Zelenskyy himself is a Russian-speaker.

      3. Ukraine exists as it is because of the referendum establishing independence. Each Oblast that voted for independence became part of Ukraine. Only Crimea was not majority Ukrainian, and it voted 54% to be part of Ukraine.

        Like so much else you post, your post is a lie.

    2. Ukraine hasn’t lost even 100,000. You are for Russia because of your ideology. Your country is the result of its people, not western imperialism. Imperialism is simply your bug bear to hurl at people when you have no ability to explain what is actually going on.

  5. So very thankful to live in the great USA! Happy Independence Day, everyone!

  6. Its more expensive, but electronics can be hardened against EMP and solar radiation. They do not have to be as vulnerable as they are.

  7. The bottom line after watching this discussion is that no one knows for sure what really happened in Russia or what’s next. Interesting thoughts, but just speculation, and often conflicting.

    PS – Is the woman Claire Lopez or Caitlyn Brooks? Confusing.

    1. The events of last weekend were clearly signaling some change in strategy. The last time something this major happened, Russia invaded Ukraine. The time before, the US completely locked down because of Covid.

      Felshtinsky is clearly onto something. If nothing happens, then it’s likely because Russia changed their plans because the word got out online (through media such as this blog).

      If the missile defenses are being strengthened around Vilnius, for me that is further confirmation that there’s a serious threat.

      At this point, if we get to October 1 without a major crisis, I’ll be extremely thankful & relieved.

  8. And could it really be coincidence that Prigozhin ended up banished to Osipovichi, only 15 miles away from the nuclear weapons storage facility? Putin allegedly wants him dead but must have sent the worst FSB agents in the world to take him out.

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