This is a stab in the back.

Vladimir Putin

In a speech earlier today, Russian President Vladimir Putin acknowledged that a mutiny was underway against the Russian state. He described it “as an attempt to subvert us from the inside.” He called it “treason in the face of those who are fighting on the front.” For many Russians, however, the real treason is that committed by Vladimir Putin, who lied to the Russian people about Ukraine needing to be liberated from NATO-controlled Nazis. The real treason happened when Putin, contrary to international law, committed Russia’s armed forces to an appalling act of military aggression that has resulted in hundreds of thousands of Russian dead and wounded. Whole cities and towns have been reduced to rubble because of an imaginary threat from imaginary Nazis. The mutiny of which Putin spoke, was undertaken by Mr. Prigozhin of the Wagner Group (mercenaries fighting under the Russian flag). According to Prigozhin, Russia is bombing Ukrainian civilians. According to Prigozhin, all of Putin’s justifications for the war are lies.

Putin’s government is not the victim of aggression from abroad. He is facing an uprising of his own soldiers, of his own generals, because of his wanton disregard for his soldier’s welfare. Late yesterday the Wagner mercenaries crossed from Ukraine into Russia and captured the city of Rostov, and the headquarters of Russia’s southern armies. Analysis suggests that Wagner troops could not have captured Rostov and the military district headquarters without help from generals inside the army. At the very least, regular Army generals are standing aside and allowing the Wagner mercenaries to establish a base of operations from which to strike toward Moscow. This base effectively controls the hub of all communications in the south of Russia.

Two columns of rebel troops, estimated to be 105 miles long, have been driving toward Moscow from the south during the last 16 hours. As of this writing, these motorized columns (including tanks loaded onto tank carriers) have halted their advance south of Moscow for some kind of negotiation. It is reported that the Russian elite has been fleeing Moscow, that the dictator of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, has fled his capital (Minsk) in favor of Turkey (i.e., his presidential plane has made something of an improptu landing in Turkey). There is also a rumor that Putin has fled Moscow for St. Petersburg. The UK Independent reported a claim from the Russian Federation government that Putin has not fled Moscow. However, one of Putin’s presidential planes took off from Moscow at 2:15 pm local time. Then, according to the Independent “Less than half an hour later, it went off radar about 150 kilometers from Putin’s official residence.”

Today it is reported that Russia’s deputy Prime Minister, Denis Manturov, has left Russia for Turkey. At the same time, Nikolai Patrushev, Secretary of the Russian Security Council, has reportedly been left in charge of Moscow. The rebel troops are said to be in Moscow Oblast, the lead column having crossed over. Prigozhin has publicly stated, “All of us are ready to die. All 25,000, and then another 25,000.” He added, “We are dying for the Russian people…. Putin made the wrong choice. All the worse for him. Soon we will have a new president.”

On his side, Putin has called this revolt “treason,” comparing it to the events that overthrow the Tsar in February (old calendar) 1917. “We are fighting against anarchy and capitulation,” said Putin in a speech earlier today. “This internal mutiny is a mortal blow to us. It is a blow to our people as a whole, and measures will be very hard.”

For Putin to say this is a “mortal blow” is hardly trivial. If this translation is correct, he is admitting that this might be the end of his regime. “As the commander and chief … I am doing everything to repel this attack.”

It seems, to the contrary, that Putin has done almost nothing to repel the advance of Prigozhin’s troops. This suggests a certain helplessness. It suggests a demonstration, made by others, of his helplessness. How, indeed, did Prigozhin’s troops get so far on an open highway without any serious attempt to stop them? (It is reported that one helicopter gunship tried to intervene, but was shot down). And yet, Prigozhin has supposedly agreed to turn his troops around and return to base.

It almost seems that Prigozhin’s mutiny is some kind of demonstration, supported by other elements in the Russian military. We might ask, “To what end? To stop the war?” Or maybe, to stop Putin from using nuclear weapons that are being sent to Belarus. What actually triggered this mutiny? Was it the case of a dictator failing to listen to his generals, so the generals made a demonstration?

It is alleged that the Russian air force was ordered to strike the rebel columns heading to Moscow, but they refused. Why was there no air strike? Where is Defense Minister Sergie Shoigu? Where is the Chief of the General Staff, Valery Gerasimov? And now, two hours ago, Mr. Prigozhin has agreed to return his troops to base. How can that be? They all just turn around and go home? All is forgiven?

Was Prigozhin’s public antagonism against Shoigu a ruse to hide a larger conspiracy? Has Putin been effectively neutered? Was there a secret negotiation to stop a worse set of events from being unleashed? Will Russia be offering an olive branch to Ukraine in the coming days?

Stay tuned.

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294 thoughts on “The Mutiny in Russia

    1. That is a very interesting take Retired. Imagine the indignance of Western leaders if such a thing succeeded. My eyes just rolled back into my head imaging how the current administration would spin such a thing. Our current “CINC” is embarrassing, and frankly, scares the crap out of me.

    1. Putin says rebellion was ‘criminal activity aimed at weakening Russia’
      Vladimir Putin said in a statement that the rebellion was “criminal activity which is aimed at weakening the country”.

      In a blistering statement, Mr Putin said that “any kind of blackmail is doomed to failure” and that the mutiny leaders “wanted our society to be fragmented”.

      He thanked the Russian public for its “support, patriotism and solidarity” since the rebellion, as well as thanking Belarus’s Aleksandr Lukashenko for a peaceful resolution.

      “Virtually the entirety of Russian society… was united by its responsibility to defend their homeland,” Mr Putin said.

      He also thanked Wagner officials who “took the right decision to stop and go back to prevent bloodshed”.

      Mr Putin added that most Wagner mercenaries are “patriots” who were “used” by organisers of the rebellion.

      The uprising was “doomed to fail” and that “its organisers, even though they lost their sense of right and wrong, couldn’t have failed to realise that,” he continued.

      Me Putin also claimed Ukraine was involved in the weekend’s events and calls the revolt “revenge for their failed counteroffensive”.

  1. For me, the alarm bells started ringing when it was announce that Lukashenko had brokered safe passage and asylum in Belarus for Prigozhin. Despite no-one apparently knowing the whereabouts of Prigozhin since his shenanigans or whether nukes have indeed been stationed in Belarus there have been news reports about him and his ‘thugs’ being within spitting distance of the Nukes stationed in Belarus by Russia. (admittedly mostly by Uk gutter press etc ).
    I also don’t believe that Putin would publicly admit a ‘mortal wound’ unless it was for good effect.
    I am nowhere near as expert as Jeff, but my gut tells me this is not as it seems.

  2. There is no substantial disagreement among the communists and their party discipline eliminates that possibility completely, otherwise their self-preservation system, which is tyrannical and criminal (as it is completely atheistic), it will not otherwise survive – and they know it and follow this principle punctually.

    There has never been time in the history of communism when their would exist substantial and successful disunity among them and that the disuniting force would prevail. Why is it so ? Because the overall goal remains the same – worldwide communist dictatorship.

    Russian Bolshevik criminals are simply staging another psychological warfare operation, and they all know that if they would genuinely rebel against the communist cause and its operational targets, or make their own decisions which may be contrary to what the collegial consent has decreed to be implemented, that is never tolerated among them and those who would attempt something of a kind would face serious life-terminating consequences.

    Russian and Chinese communists and their whole communist bloc is growing in size by their main weapon which is infiltration and complete subversion of entire governments, which includes all levels of government, down to the local sheriff and magistrate…

    Their present task is to demoralize the opposing camp by various real and staged scandals, corruption and other such demoralizing factors, using all kinds of tools for that purpose…and when they are satisfied with the results, which means complete disunity of the opposing camp (Western society) is achieved, then they will use communist provoked civil strife (civil war), escalate terrorist operations, including KGB-GRU run Islamic Terrorist operations, Spetznaz run sabotages (which are already being tested), and then they will attempt to provoke the still liberty loving populations into active resistance, which they will use their already prepared plan to crush with brutal force of the police state power.

    The question is – how deeply is the state power penetrated by communists ? To what extent and what orders these communist agents are prepared to execute – against their own citizens ?

    The answer is clear – they will not hesitate to use any means necessary, even physical extermination, concentration camps and mass executions, if necessary – for these diabolical monsters, atheistic communists, their ideological goals justify the means, any means including murder and terror without restraint.

    They are capable of staging anything. That they have controlled opposition is self-evident, they have such agents inside the parliaments and congresses, and inside the government, all branches.

    The only entity they will NEVER be able to destroy is the true Roman Catholic Church, which is NOT the Vatican occupying non-Catholic pro-communist apostate SECT, and these servants of Satan know this truth very well as it is written in the Holy Scripture – Apocalypse 13 and 20 etc. – the time of the Antichrist and his evil end.

    It is useless to elaborate on what they may do or not – their goal remains the same – worldwide communist slavery. What difference does it make how they achieve it ? None.
    They control the White House and have infiltrated the intelligence and LE agencies, military and state and local governments…when they decide to use them for communist tyranny what difference will it make whether there was a “revolt” of (“formerly” communist – GRU etc.) “mercenaries” against Putin and his decisions ? None.

    They will not hesitate to evaporate ANY country in the world if that would become necessary, including nuclear blackmail, and now they are demonstrating their Russian communist truthfulness to the rest of the world – and lifting the morale of the troops (in secret) as this psy-opp is no doubt properly explained. It is uplifting to the communists to know that the capitalist enemies were once again deceived, it elevates the morale of the communist troops, when they get away with these deceptive measures…

    Do NOT fall for these tricks, they are almost ready, but the main strategy is demoralization of the enemy…and completing the communist subversion of the whole world.

    God will repay them at the end, they will pay for their satanic evils to Him without any exception.

    1. I would add that the communists are very careful to avoid overreaching. They know how to retreat and trick people into thinking they have turned over a new leaf. Yet they do have disagreements, purges, and assassinations in their own ranks. Stalin did this, and Mao. This, too, is in their history. They are not infallible or invulnerable.

  3. I just had my 4 and 6 year old grandkids over for a week and to realize that the days and years behind them are going to be the best times of their lives is so very depressing. Even at my age it is hard to comprehend this level of evil.

    1. Richard Black is simply boosting Russia. This kind of talk is not serious, and he damages his reputation by pouring grotesque flattery on the a Russian Army, which has lost three battles in this war. Whatever is happening right now, we are not able to determine.

  4. It is entirely possible that Putin himself could be “replaced” and this for the western consumption, and somebody else much less known and much less exposed in KGB background (a secret Komsomol member perhaps) could be brought in as a figurehead.

    But the collegial communist leadership will remain the same.

    They’ve done this same thing all over Eastern Europe. It would repeat itself even in Russia in some way.

    This is the secular reason first.

    Now there is another intent which is even more diabolical than the first – since Putin is discredited in the eyes of the western world as a war criminal, in order to justify their “conversion”, Russian communists would bring in somebody more “open and friendly” to the EU and the United States, in the sense of the Sun Tzu deception of course.

    And also for the reason that it was last year when the Novus Ordo Sect of the layman impostor to the Papacy Bergoglio “consecrated” Russia to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart, which is absolutely invalid and null, as an Apostate Sect of communist agents cannot obtain anything supernatural from God…and so to attempt to justify this falsehood, in order to serve the devil the more and deceive many more people, a pretended replacement of this KGB criminal Putin could be contemplated – and somebody more “friendly” to this Bergoglio Sect (which is NOT the Catholic Church nor the true Papacy), could be brought in to make believe that this “consecration” of Russia was effectual and is bringing good fruits…in another words, that the already exposed KGB criminal Putin was removed by this “act of God – consecration” of Russia and somebody who would claim to be more “Catholic” can be ushered in – this is pure speculation of course, but these people serve the devil and he wants to deceive more and more souls into believing these heretical poisons of his so that such souls can end up in Hell forever with the devil…

    Additional note: It is absolutely improbable that non-military private entity would possess such military assets and potentials that the Russian communist leadership would be genuinely threatened by it, speaking of a genuine civil war and such like nonsense.

    The WHOLE country is fully communist and this for over 100 years, the level of atheistic communist perversion is unimaginable, and it is extremely difficult to detect it by the western cultured mind because of the obvious lack of experience what the life inside a communist slavery truly is.

    Be prepared for the worst – communism is a slavery of Satan, the only freedom of mind and soul is when the soul is truly cleansed of all sins and sanctified by the true religion God has revealed about Himself, which is nothing else but Catholic Tradition. Over such souls, and very few they are today in this godless world, the devil has no power.

  5. The more I watch video of Putin’s speeches around this incident, the more I get the feeling he is pretending to be nervous and afraid. From what I have learned so far, the Marxist-Lenenists are capable of the most elaborate deception. It’s just a gut feeling, and I hope my gut is being influences by emotions or foreboding from other things I’ve read,but I cannot shake this feeling that he is purposefully trying to appear nervous/afraid/rattled.

    1. I mean, what is the most out of character disposition for the cretin to display? He always projects a calm, cool, masculine, in control image. And has for as long as I can remember. Wouldn’t it make it that much easier to believe he was truly fearful the first time we see him display signs of nervousness or fear? If there is a core group of leaders at the top of the governing apparatus, wouldnt they want to conceal this image he is projecting? And if he were the one unilaterally calling every shot, he definitely would. There was a photo of him sitting across the table from one of his officials, sitting reclined in a nonchalant posture, but gripping the table. I feel this is a pose, to make us think “Aha! I caught that. He’s trying to look like he is in charge, but the table gripping is a tell!” They are in control of their media, and what gets shown to the world, so why let these images be shown? Or him constantly shifting as he gives a confused speech. And the comments on Twitter mostly mock him, which could be the desired reaction, especially if they are about to make a drastic change in some way.

      In other words, to me it seems that his tough guy image has been so carefully and diligently cultivated these past several years just to helplessly let it shatter through the media *they* are putting out to the world, unless it is intentional.

      1. Also, our usual trolls are suddenly acting a bit subdued aren’t they? Even acting like they are grudgingly admitting that Jeff may be on to something with his theory as to what could have happened behind the scenes. And I mean the trolls, not true believer Committ.

      2. Sorry to keep posting, but I need to be a little clearer. I could understand his first speech going public in which he appeared rattled. But it looks mighty suspicious that subsequent messages and photos continue to come out with him still seemingly shaken and confused.

      3. Sorry for my disjointed commenting last night. I had been crawling around underneath a house tearing out and replacing rotten joints all day. My brain wasn’t functioning very well last night.

        But, does it seem odd to you that the powers that be in Russia *continue* to allow this weak image of Putin to be shown to the West? I could better accept all the signs of weakness in his initial speech when Wagner was on the move with virtually no opposition as he advanced toward Moscow. I could accept that one. But why would they allow more images and video in which Putin shows an apparent involuntary display of nerves? If it is real, it cannot benefit Russia to allow this to continually be shown to the West. Therefore, I am thinking that either the whole thing could be a facade, or either his initial publicized speech was real authentic, but just like there were authentic rifts between the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia, and friction between the Soviet Union under Stalin and China, and those antagonisms were rectified and then capitalized on to deceive the West, I feel that all succeeding images of a weak Putin may be following this same line of disinformation.

      4. It may be that the mutiny is Putin’s alibi for a nuclear strike from Belarus, in accordance with Yuri Felshtinsky’s. Now, as Wade has said, Victoria Nuland has supposedly told Ukrainian officials that World War III might begin on July 11. Now we have additional markers indicating a threat on that date.

      5. I didn’t catch his name, but last night a former senior advisor to Putin, who now lives in the US, was on Laura Ingraham. He was emphasizing how much fear Putin was feeling.

        This seems consistent with Greynight’s theory.

  6. JEFF you somewhat misunderstood me I did not say that it had to be a nuclear attack on the night old summit but it could be a massive swarm of conventionally armed missiles if the consol missiles truly fine 9000 plus miles an hour which almost translates to the same amount in terms of explosive equivalent in pounds of an impact of each missile.

    Unfortunately there’s a brand new wrinkle to my assessment that I was not aware of it’s now exploded all over the internet today about a behind closed door video conference that Victoria Nulan had with officials in Kiev which she stated to them that world war III would begin on July 11 this was not reported till today or at least last couple days and you and I had the conversation about this over a week ago the second time after the first belief two weeks ago that I stated this high possibility.

    Add to this right as the rebellion if you call it what it is was winding down print one officials unexpectedly immediately flew to meetings with their counterparts in Beijing over the weekend. Very strange that they did this so quickly in through the confrontation if you will was not fully wrapped up.

    And now in another strange development the mayor of Kiev former world boxing champ Vitali Klitschko on Friday came out and started pushing strongly back against Zelensky’s government alleging that they are significantly interfering provincial governments in the country approaching to near criminally actively actions.

    Zelensky announced also on Friday that next year’s presidential elections in Ukraine have been postponed and will not take place until quote the war is finally over.

    1. I know you said it was not necessarily nuclear. I was referencing Yuri Felshtinsky, who said in April that Moscow had some kind of plan in which a rogue group would sieze the nuclear weapons in Belarus and use them against Poland and Lithuania in July.

      The U.S. Government evidently credits this scenario, since Nuland said World War III could be ignited on July 11.

      Yesterday Putin said that Wagner mercenaries would be permitted to go to Belarus. Some sources claim that Prigozhin is already there. So it may indeed be that the mutiny was staged to provide Putin with an alibi for a nuclear strike from Belarus. This is a very crazy scheme, and if Nuland knows about it, the West is not fooled.

      1. In my view, there are some good logical conclusions being drawn here in this dialog. I will add to Jeff’s prior comment, “… it may indeed be that the mutiny was staged to provide Putin with an alibi for a nuclear strike from Belarus. This is a very crazy scheme, and if Nuland knows about it, the West is not fooled,” … Could it not then make sense that the West is using the July 11 Nato summit as an irresistible dangled carrot? That they are determining whether Russia and Wagner are indeed preparing such a decapitation attack? And if they confirm that with some gathered evidence, they may be able to put together a moral/legal case for a first strike, to beat them to the punch?

      2. Given who the ruling Democrats are, I fear this crisis may be exploited by Marxists in Washington in some way. The worst thing that can happen is for the Marxists in Washington to be empowered to negotiate a nuclear crisis with Russia. They could effectively give Russia a way out, or they could give strategic advantages to a Russia that might prove crippling. At the same time, if an actual war breaks out, all these pro-Putin conservatives could be jailed as traitors or agents of an enemy country.

      3. PS – There is one problem with Wade’s source on Nuland’s alleged statement about WW3 starting on July 11. That source is an Indian website that features pro-Russian commentary. It is, in effect, a Russian propaganda site. Unless we get confirmation on this allegation about Nuland, you cannot trust it. What is significant, is that the Russian shills are bringing up this date themselves. One might suspect it is a kind of nuclear threat wrapped in a special kind of wrapping.

  7. There will be the BRICS summit in August, where many other countries that are not member will also attend. If Russia and China succeed in pushing de-dollarization and “multipolarity”, maybe they will wait for war. If they don’t, they might lose patience and start war

    1. This a complex game with many moving parts. Watch what all the parts are doing. Watch the disinformation narratives. That tells us a lot.

      1. Because of the Federal Reserve policy of 0% interest rates, there is a huge financial bubble. The largest bubble in history. There is a lot of bubbles in the United States. The US Government has a lot of debt to. The question is not if the bubbles will burst but when. It will probably be worse than the Great Depression. When the bubble burst we should expect the Chinese to take action.

      2. An economic crisis has long been said to precede the World Revolution. We would be in a very difficult position with Marxists in Washington.


  9. When US Economy collapses because of all the bubbles, the US will not be able to spend money to defend foreign countries and will have to retreat. Israel, South Korea and Japan will be screwed. Europeans will have to demonstrate a lot of strength and courage. It will be Sino-Russian world domination. Not necessary world revolution, but the Russians and Chinese will try to rule Eurasia together. That’s why China and Russia are pushing de-dollarization.

    1. Yes, indeed, that is why Russia and China are pushing de-dollarization. Also, all these folks who oppose the FED do not understand how integral our banking system to our common defensive structures, and our alliance system. Break that down, and you destroy our ability to defend. Of course, because we have homosexual activism and abortion, many now think we all deserve to die. But if outright communism prevails everywhere, how do we ever fix things? It would be the end of all freedom, the end of all defensive structures. Welcome to the New World Order where China exterminates the Americans living in the lower 48 states to build a second China. Does everyone here deserve to die because some people live an immoral life? — Or because we have immoral leaders (who are no more corrupt than the leaders in Russia and China)? I think that people get very angry, and they direct their anger improperly. We can be critical of our own country’s failings without wishing for the victory of our enemies.

    1. This article seems to imply that Nato will start this war on the 11th and not Russia and that it will last 16 years or longer…

      1. Yes, Nate, it’s pro-Russian trash. I just wonder where she got this data point. Wade is channeling Russian disinformation about 11 July. Why are stories like this being placed as early as 26 May?

    2. The Indian woman was the only thing that came up when I did a web search. But Wade, Helen G is not a credible source for this story. She misidentifies Nuland as the head of the State Department. Secretary of State Blinken is the head of the State Department.

      This is just an unverified rumor.

  10. Russian Bolsheviks have not yet attacked anybody with nuclear weapons but that doesn’t mean that they will not do it – on the contrary, that may well be their choice weapon at the end, but they need the element of deception and surprise, otherwise they know that the freedom loving people don’t trust them and when they attack would most certainly not follow the military deception and communist propaganda with it.

    A surprise nuclear attack from Russia and China is always possible, but the conceivable scenario would be that they need to collect more data on their anti-communist opponents (including political statements etc.) for future political persecution. This is the one of the most dangerous communist operations they’ve ever implemented, and they’ve done it before.

    But with the technical means so advanced to day, it is much easier to collect the personal data than in the past times, and the IP addresses and such like data, addresses, phone and internet records, all of it.

    One more thing – and this is for those who are still learning about this situation, namely the false collapse of communism – and this is one of the main arguments and in fact circumstantial proofs that there was never any such collapse at all – if the KGB and related communist secret services and the CP USSR etc. truly collapsed, if communism truly collapsed, how come there was never any true justice carried out for the crimes and tyranny the communist criminals have committed against their own population ?

    And another point – since they (KGB, CP USSR etc., the whole Soviet Bloc) claimed that communism has collapsed, they have not released any data on their KGB-GRU etc. spy networks, which continue their subversive activities despite these (fraudulent) claims of collapse … this includes CPUSA membership list and list of their domestic American (and of course European etc.) communist spies and agents…

    Like the names of Biden, Clinton (both of them), Pelosi, Schumer and so on – it may even be asked how many US Senators and Representatives are not in those files, because the level of infiltration might be extremely devastating ! That’s why they are incapable of removing Biden and his fraudulent cabinet from power, one of the major betrayals which even Donald Trump is behind – when authority to uphold justice and protect the national security is set aside and acceptance of electoral fraud stands, then the evident betrayal of this principle of justice is the result – and it can be called abuse of authority, because the duty to use that authority when this evident act of treason (electoral fraud by communist assets) is committed the duty of those who are still in power is to prevent the criminals to usurp the stolen political power, even at the cost of enacting Marshal Law and such like executive measures – of course temporarily, never permanently.

    So where are those files of these KGB spy networks, and CPUSA membership lists etc., which the Russians always demanded to receive from their worldwide CP subordinates ?

    Many more questions can be asked, but there is no unity of conviction and determination to act, in self-defense, to preserve the God given liberty of conscience from being eliminated by these communist atheistic forces of evil. These are truly diabolical evils and Divine punishment of those who obstinately refuse to obey God and follow the truth, and so God will not help them in return for their heretical beliefs and such like disobedience.

    All else has been said already.

    “..For when they shall say, peace and security; then shall sudden destruction come upon them, as the pains upon her that is with child, and they shall not escape. ” (1 Thes. 5 : 3)

  11. @WadeQueen that is super concerning given that there really is a NATO summit happening in Lithuania on July 11-12 ( and that Lithuania was one of the two countries mentioned by Yuri Felshtinsky as targets for a nuclear strike originating from Belarus. And Putin just banished his best “frenemy” Prigozhin to the nuclear stockpile there! Jeff, you may just be exactly right about the purpose of the “mutiny”!

    1. There is no need to nuke the summit. One SATAN2 hypersonic missile with conventional warheads is more than sufficient. NATO is baiting Russia by holding the meeting on the border of Russia.

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