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Xi Jinping

Below these notes is my June 6 interview with Seth Holehouse. A little editing is in order. Viewers should note two verbal slips in this interview: (1) I referred to Deng Xiaoping instead of Xi Jinping at one point, (2) When I said, “most of the people in the communist movement are communists” I was trying to say, “most of the people in the communist movement aren’t communists.” I prefer the written word because you can catch mistakes of this kind; but when you speak off the top of your head, trying to think of simple ways to explain complicated things, your brain can skip a step.  

As for the substance of the interview, a key takeaway is: The Alliance between Russia and China must not be swept under the rug. What is frustrating, of course, is that pundits and statesmen regularly overlook this alliance or outright deny it. On what basis are these countries allied? As Russian historian Marina Kalashnikova said to me thirteen years ago, Russia and China are allied “because they are both [ruled by] communists.” She explained what she meant in detail on my youtube account, when I interviewed her (

Marina said, “When Yeltsin was in power … Russian foreign policy was practically free from paranoid approaches…. But with Putin in power … we reinstalled this paranoid approach.” I mentioned to Marina that Russia was still supporting communist countries around the world and still working with China. I asked if Russia was doing this simply to overcome the United States, or whether this was a “residual thing from the Cold War” in which “they did not want to give up their old concepts” (i.e., Marxism). Marina said the answer was “both.” She explained, “They restart relationships with all allies from the Cold War … and a special stake is made on China as their ally. In the discussion, who could be their most beneficial ally, the United States or China, China of course has gotten the prize. China has won.” As the Russians were then giving military technology to China, I asked if the Russians were afraid that technology would be turned against Moscow. “They are not afraid of that,” said Marina. “Russia believes they will be reliable friends.” Is it because Russia “has the energy resources China needs?” Marina then surprised me by saying, “I would say that ideological motivation is much stronger. So, I guess that communist principles and ideas bring them together much closer than the energy supply factor because in the Chinese economy oil supplies are not so important.” She then added that in Russia, ideology prevails over the economic factor in building relations with China “because Russian behavior is sometimes very illogical. It looks that way from the Western standpoint.” She added that it is very difficult for Western foreign policy planners because – not realizing communist ideology is driving policy – they expect Russia to do one thing, and Russia does the opposite because of “their communist ideology.”

This open admission that the Russian Federation is under communist control is highly significant. It is also worth noting that Marina was at this time (2010) poisoned with mercury (probably laced with a radioactive element). Less than three years after this conversation she died of cancer in a Moscow hospital. She was a well-placed observer in Moscow, who personally knew top people in the Soviet and Russian governments. She was not an ignorant nobody, but someone who could speak with authority, who was working with her husband on a history of the Soviet Union. She explained, “The American audience and officials should know that in Russia ideology always prevails.” I then asked, “So there is a common cause with the Chinese and that’s why they support Hugo Chavez and Daniel Ortega and the ANC in South Africa and so on?”

Her reply was that the geopolitical factor is certainly part of it, but, “The factor of communist partner[ing] and ideology is the basic one.” Marina also touched on the deeply militaristic nature of the Russian system under Putin. Communism was, by nature, a militaristic system, predicated on world revolutionary warfare. But Russian militarism goes even deeper than that, as Marina explained:

Jeff, Russian militarism is an historical part of society, very cruel for us and aggressive going back to the Tsarist regime when [the] Russian military is part of … the intelligentsia of society. The Soviet history of the Civil War made this part of society. The military industrial complex is a cruel thing – cruel both for all potential enemies outside the country and for the people….

Marina then recalled when she had discussions with “military technique designers.” They could extend their budget to any size, she explained. During the period of Soviet restoration (without the restoration of the Soviet name), these people have “huge power” within the Russian system. She said they had “unrestricted, unbridled ambitions.” And, she said, they preserve their secrets with great cruelty.

Therefore, in recent weeks, as China tries to publicly walk back its partnership with Russia by framing it as a mere friendship, we must not be fooled. Once you understand that these two powers are together, and have always been together, you will be better equipped to see what is coming. And very few have been ahead of the game in this respect. Too many people have accepted the Russian lies, seeing Ukraine as some kind of Western proxy, which it is not. They see Ukraine as a symbol of homosexualism or transgenderism, which it is not. Ukraine is more conservative, in general, than the West. But who understands this?

Last week a caller on a talk show reproached me for opposing Putin’s “righteous war” against the abomination of homosexuality. Another said I was obviously a George Soros supporter. It has not occurred to them that the moral irritants in their immediate environment are irrelevant to questions of war and peace. Here one must have a sense of proportion, which is lacking in many people. Communism is what the leaders in Russia and in Beijing are fighting for – according to Marina Kalashnikova, according to Anatoliy Golitsyn, etc. However subverted the West may be, Russia would not be needing to attack Ukraine if the West was fully under the control of their “friends.”

Regarding the Ukraine War, a note on terminology is in order: the Ukrainian offensive, which has been erroneously referred to as a counteroffensive, supposedly started earlier this month. This offensive appears now to be on hold (since the breaking down of a major dam on the Dnipro River). A counteroffensive, in military terms, is an attack launched directly into an enemy who is actively on the offensive. Since Russia’s offensives have long since petered out, and there is no ongoing Russian offensive, the Ukrainians are initiating an offensive of their own. This means the Ukrainians have the initiative. In other words, the Russians are losing the war.

Ukraine has not released any details about its offensive moves. Most of what we have are unreliable Russian reports. Everything that happens from this point forward depends on the outcome of the Ukraine War.

Here is my 6 June interview with Seth:

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160 thoughts on “China’s 2023 Plans: An Interview with Man in America

  1. Not that you’ll care, but you lost me with this statement, “the Ukrainians are initiating an offensive of their own. This means the Ukrainians have the initiative. In other words, the Russians are losing the war.”

    I want this war to end, but it is not going to end with beliefs as expressed here. Of course Russia is no longer on the offensive. They’ve settled into defensive positions to hold on to the territory they’ve seized. How you translate that into their losing is unbelievable.

  2. Very interesting note regarding the Ukraine war. What do you think would happen if Putin dies ? Would the communists be able to keep control over Russia ?

      1. Golitsyn explains what the Communists do with any potential change in leadership. The long range strategy stays the same and the West is clueless as to any internal issues among the communist leadership.

      2. The problem I see is that Putin has either killed or jailed anyone that is a threat to him. They can get a warm body, but that’s much different than getting someone competent.

  3. Great interview. Jeff. BTW, I emailed you about a recent discussion I had with a known investigative reporter and his own blog post regarding Scott Ritter’s account and that argues that it ain’t the Communists we should fear, but the globalists. I tried to explain that Marxism is the source and that Ritter was being played as a tool by the Soviets but he was as bad as any Leftist would be in attempting an explanation to the contrary and of my own thoughts in the discussion.

    Funny, he deleted my post of an article of yours from your blog that explained much of what I had attempted to say and he stated that he was aware of you but doesn’t hold anything you say as credible…but later in our discussion he stated he would be willing to allow me to post 3 of your own articles if I would allow 1 of his choosing to your site. I explained that he was free to comment without my intercession but I think it’s more about his ego and my challenging his own understanding than anything. I proposed he interview you and he seemed excited and open to that. Are you familiar with Leo Hohmann?

    1. Leo Hohmann’s website is full of typical Duginist, pro-Russia, Eurasianist, alt-media junk posing as a ‘truther’ site, that covertly pushes you into the arms of the Communists.

    2. Actually, following up on my earlier remark, I confused Leo Hohmann with Lew Rockwell – who is absolutely a Duginist, pro-Kremlin, Eurasianist clown. One of the main headlines from his site today is “Ukraine is Harvesting Children’s Organs in Adrenochrome Labs”. That’s all you need to know, Hohmann I am not so familiar with. Just wanted to make sure I cleared that up after my initial comment.

      1. About 24 years ago anarcho-capitalist Lew Rockwell lit into me about my anticommunism. I think he pegged me as a creature of the U.S. miltiary industrial complex. It is a shame that the name of Ludwig von Mises has become associated with such a person.

  4. This stuff is so intertwined in our nation and world that it’s almost like this is a problem that We the People can’t do anything to stop. Do you have any information, guidance, or anything from sources or whatnot that tell that the good guys in this country are waking up or are we just going to have to wait for the balloon to go up and let whatever is going to happen happen?

  5. At some point can you explain the Islamic Jihad movement toward our country? I have many books and have researched and read Coughlin, Spencer, Sperry & Gaubatz, Seyyed Qutb, as well as the Q’ran, and Reliance of the Traveller.
    I have posed this to you before and you have pointed to “Red Jihad” courtesy the Soviet Union but I’d
    like you to expand on this.
    Are we to believe that the Soviets educated Islamists? (And let’s not use the word “radical”). Islam (all of it) IS deadly to anyone who does not conform.
    The notion that we differentiate “radical” Muslim from just Muslim is a mistake. Islam states that the Kafir is less than human and is to be taken prisoner or simply killed.

    1. Islam has been one of the West’s enemies for many centuries. It will remain an enemy to the West if we survive the threat from Russia and China. Islam has sociological and other weaknesses, so it has suffered infiltration and cooption from the USSR. When Lenin took power his second proclamation was to the Muslims as communism’s natural ally. There are Red Muslims, and there are those who know Russia and China are enemies. One might call it a three-way contest in some respects. Though we have had Muslim allies, and got real advantage from it. Not always safe, of course.

      1. Our own State Department has been infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood since the 50’s. Suit and ties influence domestic policy here. You cannot deny it.

      2. Your own state of Michigan. Hamtramck. As a friend of mine (retired Army CW3) originally from Detroit says…the Muslims have taken over. Much as they have via Minneapolis MN. My words…these folks don’t want to assimilate and become “Americans”. They want to separate and be separate alm the while getting government money fif their nationality, beliefs….

      3. I don’t deny it. We let everyone who is not on our side infiltrate us. And the communists are the one’s who made that trendy. They paved the way. The problem I have with some who write about Islam as a threat, is they ignore the communist threat and ridicule people like me who have said, for many years, that communism is still a threat. Some of these folk are even siding with Putin today. Enemies are enemies because their doctrines make them our enemies.

      4. Have it in my own library. Great read as well. The Center for Security Policy Press has several of great books. They aren’t long and have great information.

    2. “Islam states that the Kafir is less than human and is to be taken prisoner or simply killed.”

      you are mistaking Islam with Judaism.

    1. If you have the understanding that it’s communism, that it’s the same old power bloc and their fifth column friends at work, then a lot of things come into focus.

  6. Yes , it delves into specifics, and countries, like Romania and Czechoslovakia but explains that the deception to the West was in concert with these countries who seemed to gain their “independence”. The Russians or Chinese cannot be trusted.

    1. Do you think that French and British nuclear weapons work ? Or are they outdated like the US ones ?

      1. I have heard knowledgeable people disparage the French nuclear deterrent. But their weapons were tested more recently than ours. I have no in-depth knowledge on this.

  7. The current conflict was repeatedly described by Antipope Francis as a “Third World War” (it is significant, this Vatican assessment, since Malachi Martin’s Windswept House indicated the Vatican Intelligence apparatus is formidable enough e.g. Antipope John Paul II was quite aware of the facade quality of the ‘end of the Cold War’ even as the American government successfully pressed him to not compromise the then US-Russia ‘convergence’ under Gorbachev, [if I am not mistaken] a convergence, on the part of the CIA agent before John Paul II, admittedly simultaneous with defenseless civilians being massacred by the Russian military).

    However, I don’t think one is dealing here with a World War in the ordinary sense of the word; but this is something else entirely. During World War I it is said some people called it “the war to end all wars”. I think the current war is an analogical inversion of that dream, it is a war to ignite all wars, it is a war to bring about the domino effect associable to popping up every conflict that could be concieved. This is something of biblical proportions, and biblically prophesied (in Matthew chapter 24, for instance): it is about nation rising against nation and people against people, and mutual hatred between individuals leading to a cold-hearted uncharitable society. When society is finally completely in shambles then would come the apotheosis of the Soviet ironic inside jest Bezmenov described as “normalization”, the Antichrist rule, the only rule which would be then imaginable, a pejorative kind of uniformity or order.

    This naturally follows from the fact when men lose conception of things (sticking to what Sir John Woodroffe would call [the latter borrowing the expression from Kant] “an impression without conception”) the only thing left to do is disintegrate. It is relevant in this respect that the most important takeaway lesson from Matt Walsh’s documentary What is a Woman? is not that leftwing activists and academics cannot define/attempt to define what a woman is (while professing to uphold the rightful place of women-identified persons in society), but that Matt Walsh himself and the ones in support of him cannot define/attempt to define what a woman is (while professing to uphold the rightful place of women-identified people in society). All that stuff about chromosomes being the definition basis for gender identification simply suggests the question (which means it ultimately begs the question in both senses only), and essentially means confusing a criterion or a percieved property with a thing’s definition or essence. Conservatives want a normality the raison d’etre of which they themselves lost the pretense of being desirous of purchasing, even on credit.

    Steve Bannon expressed it somewhat well when he said “America is not an idea”, the politics of it is not about defending an ideal or philosophical outlook, it is rather (as he conceived it) about preserving the outward signs of a secular state of things. This is also somehow reflected in how Ann coulter seems to make the illegal/legal immigration conservative talking point less about the sacredness of the law and the patriotic ideals [sacredness that is being trampled upon/profaned], and about how this is on principle an assault on people’s morality, and more about how immigrants are on an ordinary daily sense objectively a threat and a nuisance. It ends up having the ambiguous somewhat pejorative connotation of one’s not taking lightly having to sacrifice one’s ego and comfort to please a politically correct expectation, rather than being unequivocally about standing tall in the face of profanation.

    All this “we’re not unequivocally defending ideas, just a former and better state of things” on the part of conservatives, multifaceted as it is, has to come crashing down and have a disastrous outcome.

    This signals the coming of the antichrist. There are two major signs of his coming that are reputable to many Catholics, the first being that Malachi Martin (who read the one-sheet-never-released Third Secret of Fatima whose content [Revelation chapters 8 to 13], is partly about the antichrist) told, in an Art Bell radio program, during the nineties the antichrist was surely alive and knew he was the antichrist, whose power-grabbing has to do with offering people a way out from a crisis. The second sign is a reputable 18th century Catholic faith and nun, Jeanne Le Royer, she essentially indicated/said Jesus Christ himself suggested to her the Matthew 24 events [with antichrist coming] were to take place in roughly two centuries, the exact date undisclosed; which puts the timeline roughly during our lifetimes.

    1. The conservatives with nothing to conserve are, I suspect, hoping to extend their shopping spree. The hedonistic shopping mall regime would like another decade. Not sure if that is possible. Of course, there is a little shopper in all of us who’d like to see it continue — as shallow as that is.

      1. There is always the danger of an economically successful society becoming hedonistic. This has happened to us, to some extent. It is reflected in attitudes toward child-raising, work, sex, and shopping.

      2. Economic goods are not unequivocally evil, just as their values are not unequivocally relative to what you can exchange them for (exchange value) to the detriment of being valuable for their intrinsic value. However, it seems the richer one is, the more one’s riches exchange values come into focus to the detriment of the intrinsic value, and this is a form of idolatry, just as it would on the other hand be uncivilized to value a good’s intrinsic value to the detriment of its exchange value. This somehow seems to explain why it is said civilizations collapse when they reach their apogee. That is seemingly why Christ/the bible says about the man born blind who was a beggar “If you were blind, you should not have sin: but now you say: We see. Your sin remaineth.” [John 9:41]

  8. Since you have known many defectors, did any of them read Golitsyn and what was their opinion on him ?

    1. I got GRU defector Stanislav Lunev interested in Golitsyn. And yes, he read Golitsyn. I discussed it with him afterwards when we met in Southern California in early 2003. He said, “Golitsyn is right about everything except one thing. They are not going to be able to bring back Marxism-Leninism in Russia.” Lunev felt that the Putin system was Stalinist in spirit, and the emerging ideology would follow Marxist-Leninist lines without the Marxist-Leninist theory or indoctrination. He said, “What they are doing amounts to the same thing.” Similar comments were made by former KGB Lt. Col. Victor Kalashnikov, the husband of Marina Kalashnikov. Other KGB and GRU defectors said similar things to me, though they have said the same party elites are in charge of the country behind the scenes. It is important to note that Lunev felt the Russian mafia had taken over Russia until we spent some time together and I got him to read Golitsyn. I have had similar experiences with American intelligence officials who have read Golitsyn and changed their positions. Unfortunately, such people are few and far between.

    1. It’s important to know that the Russian government does assassinate people who get in their way or hurt their program. If you are a defector, you fear assassination. I have been with defectors who were targeted for assassination and their security precautions can be extreme at times.

  9. Blinken ruffles feathers by stating US ‘does not support Taiwan independence’ after meeting China’s Xi:

    Olive branch? Blinken strikes conciliatory tone in China:
    If China was waiting for an olive branch from the Biden administration, Secretary of State Antony Blinken seemed to deliver one Monday.

  10. US Secretary Of State Blinken Says Chinese President Xi Rejected US Offer To Set Up Military Crisis Hotline

    The Hill: Xi rejects US offer to set up military crisis hotline, Blinken says

    China rejected a U.S. offer to set up a direct military line of communication between Washington and Beijing that is a priority goal for the Biden administration, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on Monday.

    Blinken’s remarks came at a press conference shortly after he met with Chinese President Xi Jinping, a rare exception to diplomatic protocol that signals the seriousness with which Beijing took Blinken’s visit and the relationship.

    But Blinken said that while he “repeatedly” raised the need for the U.S. and Chinese militaries to have a crisis communication line to quickly tamp down tensions and walk back confrontations, “at this moment, China has not agreed to move forward with that.”

    WNU Editor: They could not even agree to set up a military crisis hotline. This basically sums up how this two-day visit to China by US Secretary of State Blinken went.

    Here is my take on US Secretary Of State Antony Blinken’s visit to China.

    1) The only positive thing that can be said of this trip is that President Xi decided to spend a brief time (and it was very brief) with the US Secretary.

    2) The readout from the meeting that US Secretary Blinken had with the Chinese foreign minister was harsh and brutal. It was basically China telling the U.S. to “wise up”.

    3) Economic decoupling was rejected by both sides.

    4) There is a great divide between the two countries on Ukraine, Taiwan, and the West’s rule based international order.

    5) No plans for Biden and Xi to meet in the future.

    6) No Chinese “apology” for buzzing US ships and planes in Asia.

    7) U.S. statements by its leaders in the past few months that war is coming against China is another issue that the Chinese are not happy hearing. All that I can say is that if the US wants better relations with China, talking about war is not going to help.

    8) China is asserting its role as an equal to the U.S.


    China conducts nighttime bomber sorties around Taiwan:
    China’s military this week carried out nighttime bomber missions around Taiwan, flights that coincided with the visit to Beijing by Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Chinese state media reported Monday. Published June 19, 2023:


    China, Russia stage ‘gray zone’ operations to expand influence in opposition to U.S. (ALSO IN THE ARTICLE: China‘s security blueprint seeks to preempt U.S.//Report: Biden to allow chipmakers to continue in China:

    China and Russia are waging “gray zone” warfare against the U.S. below the threshold of traditional combat, “gaining benefits without suffering significant consequences,” according to a report by the Pentagon’s Defense Science Board. Published June 14, 2023:

    1. The mainstream press is starting to shift against Ukraine. This is likely going to be a gradual process that could take about a year or so. To make this work, Russia’s operations have to affect both the right and the left.


    China conducts nighttime bomber sorties around Taiwan:
    China’s military this week carried out nighttime bomber missions around Taiwan, flights that coincided with the visit to Beijing by Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Chinese state media reported Monday. Published June 19, 2023:


    ANOTHER REPORT BILL GERTZ, VIA HIS WEEKLY “INSIDE THE RING” SERIES (ALSO IN THIS REPORT): China‘s security blueprint seeks to preempt U.S. // Report: Biden to allow chipmakers to continue in China:

    China, Russia stage ‘gray zone’ operations to expand influence in opposition to U.S.:
    China and Russia are waging “gray zone” warfare against the U.S. below the threshold of traditional combat, “gaining benefits without suffering significant consequences,” according to a report by the Pentagon’s Defense Science Board. Published June 14, 2023:

  13. Biden’s policy on China is now outright appeasement.
    By New York Post Editorial Board
    June 19, 2023 – 7:36 P.M.

    China is muscling into power across America’s underbelly:
    By Daniel McCarthy (Daniel McCarthy is the editor of Modern Age: A Conservative Review).
    June 19, 2023 – 6:29pm

  14. Congress Tells Treasury Secretary to “Prepare for China to DUMP U.S. Treasuries”:

    In an absolutely stunning exchange on Capitol Hill, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, appearing before a Congressional Committee, was told by Congress to Prepare for China to DUMP $859 Billion in U.S. Treasury Debt Notes — “overnight.”

    The exchange went like this:

    Congressman: “We did a tabletop exercise, and in response to Sanctions against a Chinese scenario where there would be an invasion of Taiwan, the scenario was that China, the second largest foreign creditor of US Treasuries, would dump that $859 Billion in Treasury Securities. How are you working with our Allies internationally and also the Federal Reserve to deal with a situation where China would dump that volume of Treasury Securities OVERNIGHT?”

    Secretary Yellen: “So, uh, we are not engaging in specific exercises to address such a risk, but the United States National Security Council is certainly concerned on an ongoing basis.”

    Congressman: “Madam Secretary, I would encourage Treasury to make preparations and be on-the-ready for that scenario.”


      1. It is surprising how many people we have viewed as conservatives in the past turned out to be far different. One commenter at Gateway Pundit remarked, “the underground RT operatives have exposed themselves for what they are.”

        The Hofts are pretty much worthless now.

      2. I am afraid the Hofts always were worthless. Some of my friends have been targeted and slandered by that publication. I scratched my head and wondered, then. But now it is all very clear.

  15. I have nothing to say about the interview itself, since I haven’t watched it yet. However, since a couple months ago you were expressing your discouragement at how little effect your writing and speaking seemed to be having on the conservative world at large and said something to the effect that you were wondering if you should quit writing, I wanted to say that I at least have found them quite illuminating and have been recommending to others. I can’t say I agree with everything you write, but you have helped me clarify a number of things, and at the very least confirmed that I am not crazy for noticing how much conservatives seem to be merging with the Left in certain issues! So please stick with it.

    1. Thank you. On thinking things over I am adopting an Alamo strategy. Make the pro-Russians attack me — in whatever forum it may be.

      1. That’s probably for the best. I have taken to calling the sort of conservatives that support Putin, and attack people like you, “cosplay conservatives.” They’re certainly not conservatives as I know them to be.

  16. Jeff,
    First, my heartfelt condolences on the death of your father. A friend of mine once told me that our dad is our true North, our guidestar. What a great life he led! Thank you for sharing.

    So, I’ve been following the blog just after the comments closed and I do have some questions. What are your thoughts on Tucker Carlson’s episode where he blames the Ukrainians for blowing up the dam?

    1. It would nice to have solid proof about the destruction of the Kakhovka dam. What we have to do is subject the question to careful analysis. The answer will then come into focus.

      Around June 9 the Guardian (UK) and other newspapers reported that a seismic signature was detected in the vicinity of the dam when the collapse occurred. It has also been reported that U.S. spy satellites detected a detonation at the site prior to the dam’s collapse. It is generally acknowledged that the Russians were in possession of the dam when it blew up, and it was reported previously that the Russians had mined the dam when the Kherson battle was raging, to prevent a Ukrainian crossing of the river. Related to this, the Ukrainian SBU has produced a recorded phone conversation between Russian “occupiers” in which one of the Russians assumes the Ukrainians blew the dam. The other Russian corrects him, saying “our guys did it.” This recording has not been independently verified, and U.S. officials are curiously reticent about pinning the blame on Russia.

      Ihor Syrota, the director general of the Ukrainian hydroelectric power company Ukrhydroenergo, said that Ukrainian shelling could not have destroyed the dam, as the structure was designed to survive a nuclear strike. The fact that a Ukrainian General lobbed a rocket at the dam in the early days of the war, as an unauthorized experiment, was something of a lark. The said Ukrainian commander was desperate to stop the Russians from using the dam as a bridge. It is now accepted that only explosives placed inside the dam’s structures could have collapsed it, and only the Russians could have done that because they controlled the dam at the time.

      In terms of Ukrainian motives for blowing up a dam and hydroelecttric station that is worth over $1 billion: (1) It has been argued that Ukraine blew up the dam to cause water shortages in Crimea. But Crimea had no access to this water from 2014-2022 and it was hardly catastrophic. The real catastrophe, by comparison, is the loss of the dam and station; (2) It is argued that Ukraine obviously blew up the dam because the east bank (Russian side of the river) suffered more from the flooding as the West bank is covered by high ground. Thus, the 80 villages flooded were on the “Russian” side of the River. The problem with this argument is that both sides of the river are Ukrainian territory, and the people suffering from the flooding are Ukrainian civilians; (3) A more subtle argument would be that the Ukrainians broke the damn to make more crossing points north of the dam as the waters subside to the old channel of the river. The problem with this argument, of course, is that the bed of the resevoir is going to remain muddy and impassible for most if not all of the summer, with the same conditions prevailing in the flooded areas below the dam. Effectively, the east bank of the river has been turned into a swamp.

      Arguments for the Russians blowing the dam: (1) Moscow has destroyed dams in the past, as part of defensive military operations. In World War two a dam on this same part of the river was blown by Soviet forces to stop the German advance in 1941, which resulted in 100,000 civilian deaths at the time. In 1942 a major dam on the Don River was blown above the city of Rostov in order to delay the German crossing of that river during Operation Blau; (2) Everyone knows the Ukrainians were beginning their offensive in early June. Why would the Ukrainians flood a river they were hoping to cross, possibly at the outset of their offensive. Such flooding is the perfect thing to stop a major crossing operation.

      Tucker Carlson mentions a Ukrainian general suggesting, many months ago, that the Kakhovka dam should be destroyed. This was not his call, and in fact destroying dams is a war crime. The Ukrainian government was no doubt tempted to blow up the dam since the Russians could have used it as a bridge to cross the river when Russia was pushing deep into Ukrainian territory. Blowing the dam would also have cut the supplies to the Russian forces advancing toward Odessa from Kherson. Please note, an army on the offensive wants all dams captured intact. An invader does not want his invasion or supplies blocked by broken dams and flooding. The side that is defending, would prefer to block all crossing points by flooding those points. Although the Ukrainian military position would have been improved by the blowing of the dam in the early months of the war, they did not blow the dam when it might have suited them. Carlson’s argument that the Russians had more to lose, citing the unnamed Ukrainian general, shows real ignorance of military operations and logic. If Ukraine was going to blow that dam, they would have done it when they were on the defensive. They did not do so. Today they have no reason to blow the dam. Blowing a dam when you are attacking, and when you want to cross the river below the dam, is stupid. Surely, the Ukrainians are not stupid.

      Sadly, the Russians think we will accept their transparent lies, and we often do. Thus, they have passed along very poor arguments that journalists (not military experts) will pass along to their viewers. Tucker’s lack of military knowledge hurts his credibility in this case. He has also shown hostility to Ukraine in his commentaries, mocking the person of the Ukrainian president. This is not objective journalism.

  17. Jeff, my comment is unrelated to today’s article, but I just heard you on today’s John Moore Show. I was pleasantly surprised to hear you call out the anti-semites on that network and the ownership of the network. I admit I was surprised a few years back when I heard that you were a guest on RBN as I was aware of the reputation of that network. Honestly I am surprised that you have been allowed to continue as a regular commentator, clearly many of their callers do not like your message! Good for you standing up to the lies and I will be praying that the truth gets a fair hearing during your scheduled appearance tonight on the ‘Patrick & Jeremy’ In Plain Sight show. Best of luck!

      1. You know after I watched your interview, I thought, “It’s time to watch The Two Towers in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. We are fighting for truth, for honor, and for the good that still exists in the world.” We need the mentality of Aragorn and Legolas.

      2. I listened to the recent interview, debate on “The Patrick & Jeremy Show” as I too heard Jeremy call in to John Moore’s show yesterday.
        I never realized that there was an anti semitic tone on RBN (although some callers to The Liberty Man show have voiced some very strong feelings against Jewish people and powers and wealth from time to time). Frankly, I am surprised that John would be affiliated with this media and for so long.

  18. “With his banners a dancin’,
    In the dawn’s golden light,
    Santa Ana came prancin’
    On a horse that was black as the night.

    Sent an officer to tell
    Travis to surrender.
    Travis answered with a shell
    And a rousin’ Rebel Yell.

  19. I understand the shared ideology argument for China’s and Russia’s alliance, but I will never accept that communism is an end in itself to those who deploy it (I do not say espouse it) from the highest levels of power in the East – that’s a delusion for the useful idiot activists to devote their lives to. Rather, surely communism is an instrument, a weapon, to tyrannically control society and consolidate power and wealth, making the elites of China and Russia hyper materialists?

  20. I must conclude that the secret meeting between Hillary and Lavrov was an agreement that “We will now pretend to be angry with each other.” That kind of diplomacy most definitely must be held without witnesses. Only Trump had to have watchers in every phone call or meeting.

    American duplicity must also be analyzed. The entire lot ruling America are with Marxism Central—Putin. I ventured a wild guess back in January or February, 2020, that the Corona Cold was premeditated by Xi to defeat Trump. In the same spirit of assertion-intuition, I have a hard time seeing the faces of Obama, Clinton, and all the rest but not accepting that they WOULD NOT help the scissors strategy leading to the One Clenched Fist. I mean, those losers can read defector books too.

  21. “The problem I see is that Putin has either killed or jailed anyone that is a threat to him. They can get a warm body, but that’s much different than getting someone competent.”

    If Putin is replaced, I am pretty you will not like his successor. In Russia, Putin is mostly criticized for being too weak pro western liberal.

  22. The other side of the coin of communist world revolution, which is Russia, is quite openly talking pan-communist strategic talk that includes ALL communist allies around the globe and prospective new allies wherever they can be recruited. Listen, everybody (though it’s mostly boring), to Putin’s speech he gave the other day at the so-called St. Petersburg International Economic Forum:

  23. Thank you for sharing that interview! So appreciate the calm, steadiness exuded while dialoguing about the seriousness of our times. Very helpful and have already passed it on. Also, I am looking forward to any future discussion you and Trevor L will have. You two are also very synergistic and draw a lot out of each other while maintaining a non inflammatory, strengthening tone.

    I heard the podcast, after the fact, last week with those callers you mentioned in the above article. I was wincing at their ignorant hubris. Ugh. But, those two women said it right. There are way more people listening who agree with what you are saying than u suspect. Either they just don’t call in, or there isn’t time for those calls. And I suspect there are waaaaay more people that follow this blog than ever comment. I’m handing posts out a lot, and people verbalize how clarifying they are.

    And, as people are waking up to “It’s communism, stupid!”, the gears are grinding more and more in minds. Many ramifications of every word spoken or typed online, now that we know we are basically living in a pre-totalitarian state already. Think many are counting the costs in light of communism/tryanny’s history. Like me, assume many are in process of internal courage-building and preparing/settling mindsets and “keeping them set”– understanding the price will come to resist and push back on this evil. But, the ramifications of not speaking up now, before it’s too late, are even worse than speaking up.

    So, thank you for all you do to remain faithful to continue to call people to get oriented to the truth of what is happening all around them, and taking some hits in the process. If we want to love our neighbors well, become true community protectors and truth speakers, there is no choice but to stand (and pray!) against this evil — understanding the price to be paid.

    Another encouragement from Eric Metaxis to help those of us still fortifying our courage and resolve for the coming days.

    1. “It’s communism, stupid!”

      I like that, Mntgal! LOL

      Yes, thank you Jeff!

      1. Hi PrayinginOK!

        Actually, it wasn’t me that came up with that. I was just quoting Mr Nyquist. He has “updated” Reagan’s quip quite a few times in various interviews. 😄

      2. I think it was James Carville who actually came up with that line, but I loved the way you used it. 🙂

  24. NATO Defense Ministers Agree That Support For Ukraine Will Require More Industrial Production

    Western countries launch a raft of plans to keep up with Ukraine’s weapons needs
    NATO leaders are expected to sign off on a new defense production plan next month. But can industry keep up?

    Update: NATO ministers pledge arms for Ukraine and talk production (DW).
    NATO defense ministers have kicked off a two-day meeting looking at ways to deliver more weapons and ammunition, including fighter aircraft, to Ukraine.

  25. Yup. NATO’s arsenals are empty …. NATO arsenals ‘empty’ – Stoltenberg (RT).
    Continued support for Ukraine will require more industrial production, the military bloc’s chief has said.


    Institute for the Study of War Says Ukraine May Be ‘Pausing Counteroffensive’

    Evening Standard: Ukraine may be ‘pausing counteroffensive’, says Institute for the Study of War
    Think tank says Kyiv’s forces may be temporarily halting their operations to ‘re-evaluate their tactics’.

    Kyiv’s forces may be temporarily halting their counteroffensive operations to re-evaluate their tactics for future operations, according to military experts.

    Estonian Defense Forces Intelligence Center Colonel Margo Grosberg said on 16 June that in his assessment “we won’t see an offensive over the next seven days”.

    The Wall Street Journal similarly reported on 17 June that Ukrainian forces “have mostly paused their advances in recent days” as the command in Kyiv re-examines tactics.

    WNU Editor: After two weeks of fighting and losing thousands of soldiers and hundreds of pieces of equipment, the only thing that Ukraine has to show for it are about a dozen small villages and 45 square miles. A re-evaluation is necessary.

    There are also reports now coming in that Russia has launched a major offense in the northeastern part of the country. If true, Ukraine will need to draw on their reserves to counter it, thereby depriving men and equipment for their southern counteroffensive.

  26. Russian Defense Minister Says Ukraine Preparing To Launch Storm Shadow And HIMARS Missiles On Crimea And Russia

    Daily Mail: Kremlin warns US and Britain will be seen as ‘full-fledged’ war participants if Storm Shadow and HIMARS missiles are used to hit targets in Crimea or Russia

    * Sergei Shoigu said he would order his forces to target ‘decision-making centres’ in Ukraine should the western missiles strike Crimea or Russia

    * Threat comes after senior Russian official admitted missiles are causing ‘trouble’

    The Kremlin has warned the US and Britain they will be seen as ‘full-fledged’ participants in the war in Ukraine if Storm Shadow and HIMARS missiles are used to hit targets in Russia or Russian-occupied Crimea.

    Vladimir Putin’s defence minister Sergei Shoigu warned he will target ‘decision-making centres’ in Ukraine – implying he plans to order his military to target Volodymyr Zelensky and his government leaders in Kyiv.

    Shoigu said: ‘According to our information, the leadership of the Ukrainian Armed Forces is planning to launch strikes on the territory of the Russian Federation, including Crimea, with HIMARS and Storm Shadow missiles.

    Russian Defense Minister Says Ukraine Preparing To Launch Storm Shadow And HIMARS Missiles On Crimea And Russia

    Russia’s defense minister: Ukraine plans to hit Crimea with HIMARS and Storm Shadows — AFP

    Ukraine-Russia war: Ukraine ‘planning Storm Shadow attack on Crimea’ — The Telegraph

    DECODED: Russia Threatens To Bomb ‘Western’ Decision-Making Centers In Ukraine Over Storm Shadow, HIMARS Attack — EurAsian Times

    Kiev planning strike on Russia with Western-made missiles – Moscow — RT

    Ukraine Plans to Strike at Crimea With Storm Shadow Cruise Missiles – Shoigu — Sputnik

    Kiev regime planning to strike Crimea with HIMARS rockets, Storm Shadow missiles — Shoigu — TASS

  27. What do you make of the latest post at the onceuponatimeinthewest website ? He says that people have noticed unusual US military activity, unannounced. He says maybe Biden is planning military action against the American people. I want to think that the military is practicing for a possible conflict with our enemies. But Biden is pretty red….

    What say you, Jeff ? Or are his sources dubious ? I haven’t noticed anything unusual in my area. And my area is one that usually sees occasional helicopter training. And once in a while aircraft.

    All in all his website is valuable, though.

    1. What exact website is this? I keyed in http://www.-the name indicated- and got only a response that the domain is for sale. Fellow readers, if you reference a website, give its exact www URL. I also googled “unusual US military activity” and did not spot any apparent relevant result along this line.

    1. I agree. You did a nice job Jeff. I don’t think the hosts budged on their positions, but I give them credit that they at least let you have your say. Hopefully some of their listeners will delve deeper into these issues and see the fallacies being promoted by the hosts.

      1. I think they were not all that familiar with my writings or thought, and probably did not realize what I would say. Although I have never listened to their show, I knew most of their talking points in advance.

    2. Their anti-Jewish perspectives seemed quite incoherent. There will be a part 2 of the debate aired this afternoon (1 pm Central Time) — if you check the RBN schedule. We pre-recorded it last night as they wanted to do another hour last. I was surprised that Patrick said the “Jews” were not following a religion — that religion had nothing to do with it (contrary to the antisemitism of E. Michael Jones). Patrick argued that Jewish ancestry was at work, as if Jewish genes were directing everything they do. I did not think this made any sense given the genetic diversity of Jews as a group. If people do what they do because of their genes, then other groups are also doing the same thing and we are all robots. Here is an incoherent genetic determinism that negates the role of ideas and spirit entirely. I got the impression that Patrick does not believe in universals or transcendentals. There is no truth, Beauty or goodness in his worldview. Man is just the puppet of his genes which, by nature, grant global dominance to the Jews. What is the point of complaining? Is their an antisemitic gene driving him? How can this view really hang together given all the crazy behavior we see today. It’s just another iteration of the insanity itself.

  28. What are the CCP plans for 2023?

    An invasion of Taiwan is off the books. Even if the U.S. abandons Taiwan, they have so fortified the island to make any invasion of it more expensive than it is worth. Further, any invasion would likely involve Japan and possibly the Philippeans. The U.S. would have to abandon those countries too—not likely. The only way that the U.S. would abandon all those countries is if the U.S. is removed from the picture entirely first. The only way the U.S. would be removed entirely is if the U.S. were attacked, defeated and destroyed as a country first.

    Given that reality, and the CCP members are not stupid, what would be the CCP plans? Oh, we know their long-range plans, the question remains, would it be this year? What do you think?

    We know that their long-range plans were to delay the invasion until 2027. But can they wait that long? Or are there internal events happening within China that are forcing an earlier activation of those plans? The youth unemployment rate 25+%? The collapsing real estate market? Unsustainable debt? Restive population? Falling farm output thanks to global cooling? All happening at the same time? Can they hold off even to next year? Or do they fear regime change Chinese style?

    For years, I have learned of communist plans to defeat the U.S. through kinetic war. The war would start, as a Japanese report stated it, with a nuclear “Pearl Harbor” attack, surprise and sudden. Is that possible? Yes. Missiles fired from a submarine parked a few dozens of miles off one of our coasts can reach even fairly far inland in seconds (do we know where Russian and Chinese missile submarines are located?)—our bomber fleet would still be on the ground, our land-based missiles have been ordered to absorb the first strike (how many would survive?), most of our navy would be in harbor, then the troops would be landed. They are already bringing in thousands of military age men through our southern border. It makes sense to nuke several cities that they expect to be behind their lines almost immediately, cities like L.A., Oakland, Seattle, even Phoenix as it sits astride a major transportation route to the farm lands that they want.

    What frustrates me when I tell of these plans is that I get almost total disbelief: “They would lose their biggest market” as if that were important. “They wouldn’t dare use nuclear weapons, because that would be the end of the world.” the communists don’t believe that nukes will destroy the whole world, so why not use them? “Our military will hit back” see above. People think I’m crazy because they don’t believe a word I say. Except some of my neighbors know about the Chinese men coming across the border.

    The when is the only question I have. Will it be this year or next? If this year, late July or August? What do you think? I’ll go out on a limb and say that I think it will be this year.

    1. We have an ongoing war in Eastern Europe and military plans in the Pacific are — I believe — dependent on what happens in Ukraine. The danger of world war begins once Ukraine is defeated. Then both China and Russia are free to focus on the Far East as Europe will then be in a desperate position. One might expect some countries to change sides. We must remember there is an economic game playing out, using energy and supply chain to hurt us. This may backfire on them, but there will be problems for all to share.

      It does not seem that Ukraine will be defeated this year. But anything can happen in a war, and Russia could have some clever moves to play this summer. Thanks to the breaking of the dam, Ukraine’s offensive appears to be stalled. If Russia is launching an offensive of its own in the north, watch and see what progress it makes.

  29. Video Emerges Showing U.S. ‘Volunteers’ Fighting Russian Toops In Ukraine:

    Newsweek: U.S. Volunteers Clash With Russian Forces in Intense Urban Warfare Video

    New footage circulating online appears to show U.S. volunteers fighting Russian troops in Ukraine under near-constant mortar fire.

    The footage shows soldiers advancing through a smoke-filled urban area with visibly damaged buildings. Faces captured in the footage have been blurred, but dialogue and what appear to be American accents can be heard over the sound of firing in the clips.

    At several points in the footage, the group takes shelter in what looks to be the basement of an abandoned building.

    Newsweek could not independently verify this footage, which was shared on social media by Eastern European outlet Visegrad 24. The outlet did not specify details about the fighters in the video, nor when or where the footage was filmed.

  30. Russia Using Kamikaze Tanks Against Ukraine Positions

    Daily Mail: Putin’s suicide tank attack: Russia packs remote-control tank with six tons of explosives and drives it up to Ukrainian soldiers before detonating it in massive fireball – as counter-offensive is ‘paused’

    * Ukraine’s much-anticipated counter-offensive has yielded a mixed response

    * Russia’s dominance in the air is having a major impact on Ukraine’s push

    * Putin also resorting to suicide tanks in a bid to restrict Ukrainian advances

    Russian soldiers are packing tanks with explosives and remotely driving them at Ukrainian trenches and detonating them in a terrifying new tactic.

    It comes as Kyiv is forced to pause its counter-offensive in the south amid heavy losses of Western armoured vehicles, according to the Wall Street Journal.

    New video footage from Donetsk shows a remote-controlled T-54 laden with explosives lumbering towards a Ukrainian trench this week.


    Update: Russia Uses ‘Suicide Tank’ To Attack Ukrainian Troops; Expert Calls It Outdated, Slow & Highly Vulnerable To Modern Weapons (EurAsian Times):


    WNU Editor: In the above video the explosion was massive, probably killing or wounding a number of Ukrainian soldiers. The experts may call this tactic outdated and slow, but it is having an impact.

  31. Very unlikely scenario Jeff, but what do you think would happen if Ukraine cuts the Crimea corridor and then level Crimea ?

    1. Yolo: What scenario is “very unlikely”? What do you mean by saying “then level Crimea”? The Ukrainians are not going to “level” Crimea. You talk about unlikely scenarios, yet you propose one in your question.

      1. Sorry, English is not my native language so I think you have misunderstood my question. I was asking how do you think the Russians would react if the Crimean Corridor was cut by Ukrainians which would make Russian Troops in Crimea in a bad “situation”, especially if the Crimea Bridge is then destroyed.

  32. “The reason why Xi Jinping got very upset in terms of when I shot that balloon down with two box cars full of spy equipment is he didn’t know it was there,” Biden said.

    “That’s a great embarrassment for dictators,” he added, “when they didn’t know what happened.”

    The riposte from Beijing was swift.

    Mao Ning, a spokesman for China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said that Biden’s comments were “extremely absurd and irresponsible, seriously contradicting the basic facts.” He accused the president of “seriously violating diplomatic protocol and seriously infringing on China’s political dignity, which is an open political provocation.”

    China, he told a daily briefing, was “strongly dissatisfied.”

    Biden said the Chinese balloon was blown off course without Xi’s knowledge, adding “when it got shot down, he (Xi) was very embarrassed and he denied it was even there.” He did not walk back the comments later on Tuesday at a second fundraiser.

    In a speech to newly graduated soldiers, Putin warned: “In the near future, the first launchers of the Sarmat complex with a new heavy missile will go on combat duty.”

    He also stressed the importance of Russia’s “triad” of nuclear forces that can be launched from land, sea or air.

    “The most important task here is the development of the nuclear triad, which is a key guarantee of Russia’s military security and global stability,” he said.

    Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu also warned the military graduates that the “collective West” was waging a “real war” against Russia.

  33. Just listened to the second hour of this improbable discussion between these Patrick & Jeremy fellows and Mr. Nyquist. The two are not only completely and proudly uninformed, but appear to be stubborn – I would argue: incurable – National-Socialists (or rightwing-Bolshevists). They showed zero interest in Mr. Nyquist’s expertise. They will never read, let alone grasp, Golitsyn. This clown even made fun of the fact that Golitsyn defected in 1961, while New Lies for Old was only published in the spring of 1984. Well, New Lies for Old was a monumental work, and anybody who just opens it and goes to the Author’s Note, can read,

    “This book is the product of nearly twenty years of my life. It present my convictions that, throughout that period, the West has misunderstood the nature of changes in the communist world and has been misled and outmaneuvered by communist guile. My researches have not only strengthened my belief, but have led me to a new methodology by which to analyze communist actions. This methodology takes into account the dialectical character of communist strategic thinking. It is my hope that the methodology will come to be used by students of communist affairs throughout the Western world…”

    Also there was definitely no way for any mainstream political observer or even political actor of knowing, in the spring of 1984, that the Berlin Wall would come down five and a half years later and that communism would, virtually overnight, “collapse”. But Golitsyn had it all in his 1984 book, yet described as a planned deception, not as a factual event! Never mind, this ignoramus laughs off Golitsyn, without having the slightest clue of what or whom he is talking about!

    1. It’s like when Inspector Clouseau, stumbles and falls to the ground, then quickly rebounds back up to declare; “I MEANT to do that!”

      1. Here’s a fair illustration of the effect the communists’ “civil invasion” post-1989/91 had on the West: Suddenly, there were antagonistic cuckoo eggs positioned everywhere, and the result was chaos and destruction:

      2. The clip you posted is from 1989! And what a sweet and happy groovin’ it has been: a drugged-up, ever-horny and totally self-absorbed collective of pimps and prostitutes that’s been waltzing right into the abyss: Sun-Tzu, Antonio Gramsci, the Frankfurt Schoolers and Chairman Mao, all rolled into one!

      1. The good Doctor doesn’t sound particularly refined, or bright, to me. As for his pit bull assistant, say no more…

  34. I haven’t been able to pull up an archived part 2 of the Jeremy and Patrick broadcast with Jeff. Can anybody steer me to a link?

  35. Very interesting, neverhless there are some german and austrian generals who are warning all the time, stating that russians are strong and do not overvalue the ucrainians and provide them much more help and weapons. Please cosider also that Europe is running out of weapons and this (i mean in the common years) is the best moment to attack.

    1. It’s been noted early on in this blog, that, that is the very idea. To disarm Eastern Europe by promising them the latest high tech weapons in trade for their arming Ukraine with old, Soviet surplus. Won’t they be surprised when the military industrial complex is back ordered, and they have to wait, way, too, long?

  36. Mr Nyquist what would convergence look like at a street level (microscopic level)in a western the workplace… stores etc

    1. You can see it even now, when the Proud Boys are linking arms with Black Lives Matter, when the far left and the far right are working closely together to squeeze out the middle.

      1. Finally, someone with notoriety outs the Proud Boys.

        They are neither Christian nor conservative. They were agent provocateurs in partnership with Antifa, from the start. In Portland, Oregon, they would meet to rumble in a one block square that’s Federal property, so that the Mayors, of different terms, could each cite no jurisdiction to stop them.

        Conservatives don’t riot in the streets like useful idiots.

        Nobody ever talks about what the proud in Proud Boys, means.
        This is Pride Month.
        Why aren’t they front and center?

      2. I used to send money on GoFundMe to Proud Boys members who were injured in fights with Antifa members. I started feeling a little suspicious of them after awhile, especially of their leader, and quit keeping up with them. I had no idea they had linked arms with BLM. That answers the mistrust I had begun to feel.

      3. I was also really disappointed when I read on their website, and learned they were for legalizing drugs. I don’t know if that’s exactly how it was worded, but that was the gist of it.

    1. You are right. The body language of the two is devastating. 51 years ago, on the last day of his fatal February 1972 visit to China, Pres. Nixon made the involuntarily ominous remark, “We have been here a week. This was the week that changed the world.” And that’s what that “change” has turned out to be: An American Secretary of State standing beside a Chinese-communist strongman like a fearful subordinate, with his tail between his legs and almost as if he wasn’t there. All that China Joe’s so-called Administration is administering is surrender by instalments. It’s heartbreaking to watch.

      1. Blinken has always looked very effeminate and soft to me. I’ve never sensed any kind of manliness in any photo I’ve seen of him.

      2. That goes for Kirby, Kerry, and (of course) Buttigeig as well. And the Surgeon General. Zero manliness exuded. Not one iota.

      3. From Webster’s dictionary:


        1 : useful in an inferior capacity
        2 : serving to promote some end
        3 : obsequiously submissive

        I’d say that pretty much covers it.

  37. Hi Jeff,
    I have finally read your blog before the comments closed. First off my condolences on your father’s passing.
    I’ve been reading your blog on and off since Mike Adams had you on his show. I have left Ukraine when it was part of the FSU as a young child and simply didn’t know what to make of this war. All the Alt media I read was pro Russia ,yet My mom has insisted that Russia is still imperialistic and wants to take control of the world. I started refusing to discuss the war or read about it. I skipped blog posts that had Russia somewhere in the first paragraph or two. I have finally buckled up and started reading, your insight has brought so much clarity, seemingly random pieces of information started fitting together and making sense. So much so ,that I’ve bought your two books available her on for my husband to read. I sincerely thank you for your work. My question is this: I have teenagers, when asked wether they know what communism is, they just stared at me. What would be a good introduction to the whole topic for them to read? Something that won’t sway them the wrong way.

    1. Whittaker Chamber’s book, “Witness.” Depending on the age of your children, and their reading ability. There is also Benjamin Gitlow’s book, “For the Whole of Their Lives.” Very powerful expecially about John Reed.

  38. Sad that independent journalists like a Leo Hohmann suddenly argue today that his source, Scott McGregor is his one and only trusted source for what’s going on with the Russian Ukraine conflict today. Add to it that when little ol’ me challenges him on his sources and give him sources of defector literature of years ago, detailing the long range strategy and personal comments on what is happening with the spread of Communism? It’s simply discredited, blown off, and one gets immediately chastised and censored from posting on his site…this from a so-called political right “conservative Christian”? With folks like this reporting? At least we know who the enemy is with the Left, as well as the propaganda and message….these guys are being played.

      1. I’ve again attempted to point him (Leo Hohmann) to defector literature in their own words, including Golitsyn’s book “New Lies for Old”. And again been accused of insulting other fans on his blog and he’s given me a warning I’ll be banned from his site…he says he’s heard you before and you are not credible and it is all propaganda other than the words of Douglas MacGregor.
        I’m joining you in the Alamo, Jeff!

  39. After reading The Perestroika Deception another time, I saw that Golitsyn talks about 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre (p107). It’s not clear at all what happened in this square before the massacre and why were protests organized. Do you have any information on this ?

  40. I am counting on you to keep leading the way in the fight against communism even though the likely outcome is weighed against us. It seems impossible that America could fall to the wiles of communism, but that seems to be happening. You are so correct that many Americans who support communism are not communists. Seems mass psychosis is ramping up and those who have studied history know how that turns out.

  41. What interest does Moscow have with the Far East? Other than Alaska (I saw a photo of a billboard in Russia saying “Alaska is ours”) and parts of Canada, haven’t Moscow and Beijing already divvied up the spoils that China would get the lower 48, and the Pacific isles? A few months ago I read a report that Moscow is stripping even far eastern Siberia of its soldiers and weaponry to send them to Belarus—I just don’t see Moscow waiting for a resolution of the Ukrainian war to pivot to the Far East, rather that they will use tactical nukes to lead their armies westward from Ukraine.

    This invasion of Ukraine has been a PR disaster for Russia. Throughout the West governments are talking about ramping up weapons’ production. But factories take time to tool up and begin production. If Moscow waits until a complete subjugation of Ukraine, can their armies face new weapons coming out of western factories? Or will they make a massive attack now from Belarus through western Ukraine, then westward through Slovakia, Czech Republic then into Germany before the West has a chance to rearm? How many troops has Russia sent into Belarus? What about troops in western Russia facing Finland and the Baltic States? Or is this a quiet build up that nobody is watching?

    I freely admit that my analysis may be wrong, that the real war will be next year instead of this. But knowing how little the West is presently prepared, how much of what little we had has been sent to Ukraine to be eaten up in battle, and that how western governments are slowly waking up to the danger in which they find themselves, I just don’t see how waiting another year would benefit Russia. I’ve been wrong before, but my analysis of the situation favors an attack this year rather than waiting a year.

    1. World war, initiated by Russia and China, can start at any time. The main target would be the destruction of America and NATO, Japan and South Korea. No other countries could remain independent if these were defeated. The U.S. nuclear umbrella is the largest deterrent and must be dealt with if China and Russia expect to win. Mr. Wang from Luda Media says that there are Russian troops hidden in Siberia — the best part of the Russian Army — ready to strike against Japan and Alaska. The Russian military in Ukraine does indeed appear to be undersized for the force structures they reportedly had before the invasion. People are quick to write off the Russian military, and it has performed badly in Ukraine. But if Mr. Wang is correct, the danger remains. If the Russians have stripped Siberia of troops, then they cannot wage war in the Pacific until the Ukraine fight is over. Soviet military theory says that nuclear strikes must be followed up with troops who take possession of the attacked territory. You cannot allow the attacked territory time to organize and recover.

    2. IMO they will make deal with Poland, give them parts of Ukraine and control over central Europe and Baltics. Poland is arming like crazy recently, they have bigger military than Germany. For what? Read about three seas project.

    1. Monopolists like Gates and Rockefellers go after (not only) your farmers. For some reason JR Nyquist is defending them.

      1. If I stood up for free speech you’d accuse me of defending Nazis. If I stand up for private property, then I am the shill of billionaires. If I stand up for the Ukrainian people, then I am a Pentagon flunky. If I deplore the Holocaust then I am a Zionist tool. Yet you are a communist — in favor of the most bloodthirsty, monstrous tyranny in history. And we dare not breathe a word of the scandal, or suffer censorship.

  42. I’m sorry, last time i wrote here i was drunk, I apologize for that.
    I mentioned the name Barry Long, I beleive I added a link to his website.
    I would really encourage you to read him more thouroghly, In “Only fear dies” he talks about the “final news” – nukes are flying. He is the real deal, don’t confuse him with the charlatans.

    He is extremely undervalued. IMO.

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