The vulnerable features of the imperialist bloc’s economy include high industrial concentration in small areas, dependence on imports, and the vulnerability of communications. The United States depends upon imports of atomic raw materials and of nonferrous and rare metals….

Soviet Military Strategy [i]

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe met on the sidelines of the Shangri-La Dialogue Security Summit in Singapore on Friday. Beijing’s delegation stated that Taiwan is “part of China.” General Wei’s spokesman explained, “The PLA (People’s Liberation Army) would have no choice but to fight at any cost to crush any attempt of Taiwan to be independent. This safeguards our national sovereignty and territorial integrity.” On his part, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin asked China to “refrain from further destabilizing actions.”

It is worth noting that a side-discussion on the Ukraine War took place during the Singapore meeting. The U.S. has cautioned China against giving material support to Russia. But Chinese support for Russia is already underway as Chinese supplies are flowing to Russia over the Amur River.[ii] At the same time, Russia’s recent offensive moves in eastern Ukraine are threatening to break Ukraine’s over-extended defensive positions. The heaviest fighting during the last several days has been focused around the city of Severodonetsk.

On Thursday, Russian state TV reported that Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega has invited Russian troops, aircraft, and warships to his country. Russian commentator Olga Skabeeva, “the Iron Doll of Putin TV,” said, “It’s time for Russia to roll out something powerful [that is] closer to the American city upon a hill.”

Paving the way for Russia’s arrival in his country, President Ortega has unleashed a wave of terror across Nicaragua. Using a vague national security law, dissenters are being arrested. According to a CNN report, “Ordinary citizens now live in fear of both the government and each other….”[iii]

Nicaragua is not the only Latin American country turning to the left. Last November Chile elected (as president) Gabriel Boric of the Social Convergence Party. Boric received support from socialist and communist organizations around the world. According to Orlando Avendano, Boric “represents the breakdown” of Chile’s “capitalist tradition. He represents the deconstruction of the State, to submit it to the socialist delusions of those who hate Chile.”[iv] Besides Boric’s election in Chile, Pedro Castillo was sworn in as Peru’s president last July. Posturing as a moderate, Castillo was forwarded to office by a Marxist party (Peru Libre), which has supported him against impeachment. Adeptly maneuvering as a right-of-center Marxist, Castillo has “tactically” neutralized the anti-communist right. Some are asking, “Why attack Castillo?” He is a reasonable Marxist. Better work with him lest his more radical associates take power.

To understand “right” and “left” inside Marxist-Leninist parties, one must study Stalin’s maneuvers during the 1920s and 30s. In those days the “Great Helmsman” of the Communist Party Soviet Union steered to the right, then to the left. The rightwing Marxist-Leninist, Nikolai Bukharin, refused to turn left when Stalin turned left (at the end of NEP). Bukharin wrote to Stalin from prison (prior to his execution), with the following apology:

All my dreams recently have come down to one thing – to stick close to the leadership, and to you in particular … to work with all my strength, subordinating myself completely to your advice, instructions, and requirements. I have seen the spirit of Ilyich [Lenin] rest upon you. Who else could have resolved upon [the] Comintern’s new tactics? [v]

Bukharin was acknowledging the correctness of Stalin’s zigs and zags. “Stick close to the leadership” is Marxism’s watchword then and now. Bukharin’s mistake was arguing that the Soviet Union needed to rely on the free market indefinitely. He thought a left turn toward socialist controls would be economic suicide. Stalin replied that Bukharin was not “a real Marxist,” that Bukharin had misunderstood the Soviet Union’s turn to capitalism in the 1920s. Lenin’s flirtation with capitalism had been a deception, Stalin explained. “We are revolutionary communists at war with capitalism,” said Stalin. “You should have known this.”

In the present context, the leading Marxist-Leninist powers are turning away from capitalism once again; that is, they are turning to the left. Any Marxist-Leninist who tarries could suffer the fate of Bukharin. Castillo is securing his power and knows how the game is played. As soon as it is possible, he will make a sharp left turn. He knows that Marxism-Leninism is entering an era of direct confrontation between communism and capitalism (even as the capitalists see no Marxist-Leninist threat whatsoever). All pretenses notwithstanding, Moscow and Beijing view Western sanctions as a green light. The path is open for the breakdown of international commerce, for the breakdown of “supply chains” and supplies of nonferrous metals. Such a breakdown facilitates the cause of world revolution. The collapse of currencies, of economies, of social order is beneficial from a revolutionary point of view. If people suffer from food and energy shortages, they will demand change.

In the West, as conditions worsen, a volatile electorate can turn to either extreme – left or right. With Moscow’s ambivalent outreach (to communists in the Third World and alt-rightest in Europe and North America), a political harvest may be expected for Putin. The Kremlin is gambling, of course; but the communists have made a two-sided bet. Their agents have infiltrated both parties and the U.S. Government. As long as their strategy remains undetected, it is likely to succeed.

If all else fails there is always World War III. The Russian media has warned that nuclear war is on the horizon. Across the U.S. government and media, politicians and pundits are only now waking up. As Congressional military advisor Peter Pry has said, “There is nobody in Washington that doesn’t think we are on the verge of a very serious nuclear crisis. The problem … is that most of Washington has been intellectually disengaged from nuclear strategy, nuclear weapons, nuclear threats, for thirty years.”[vi] Pry added that we have “neglected our nuclear deterrent – so that it’s not modern, the missiles and bombers are thirty, forty years old. We’ve inherited this stuff from Ronald Reagan. Warheads haven’t been tested … in thirty years.”[vii]

For those who have bothered to read the Russian strategic literature, or talk to Russian military defectors, a nuclear war is not merely an exchange of nuclear warheads. Nuclear attacks prepare the way for an invasion of bombed territory. In this regard, Americans still believe in such things as “nuclear winter” and “everything will glow in the dark.” The public, once again, has been misled. Nuclear weapons do not destroy the environment if used properly. Air-bursting hydrogen bombs, above a target, creates no meaningful radioactive hazard at all. The myths we have imbibed, through the successful active measures of the communist bloc, have kept us from viewing nuclear weapons realistically.

“Contrary to popular perceptions,” noted researcher Nevin Gussack, “the Soviet nuclear war plan did not entail a scenario where all American cities and population centers would be destroyed. Instead, the USSR sought to strategically attack command and control centers, missile silos, military bases, and facilities of the defense industrial base.”[viii] This is of special interest because the USSR had tens of thousands of strategic nuclear warheads rather than a few thousand (as today). According to Gussack, the number of targets in the United States has seriously declined since the fall of the Soviet Union. Less nukes are needed today, since America has closed bases and emptied missile silos from year to year.

Few have understood that post-Cold War globalism was ideal, from the communist point of view, for promoting a kind of spontaneous nuclear disarmament on American side. While decrying globalism as an American imperialist plot, the strategists in Moscow and Beijing occupied themselves with infiltrating and subverting the West. The communists hijacked globalism as an instrument, recruiting billionaires as agents of influence, winning dupes in the various chambers of commerce, forming deep business partnerships on every side. Economic infiltration as well as political infiltration will be used by China and Russia to support future military operations. As Gussack pointed out, “The communist world adopted a flexible strategic and tactical approach in respect to crafting their military plans for the subjugation of the United States. The available evidence points to the following characteristics of their military program for the defeat of the United States:”

  1. Employment of [an] encirclement of the United States by unfriendly communist governments, especially below our southern border with Mexico.
  2. Utilization of special disruption [tactics] and [to] assassinate prominent VIPs in the United States.
  3. Usage of chemical-biological, atomic, and conventional armaments to remove the command and control, key industries, and intercontinental military assets in the United States.
  4. Utilizing communist regional powers, such as Cuba to assist in the imposition of Marxism-Leninism in the United States. The elements of surprise and maximum force for points 2, 3, and 4 were to be critical in Moscow’s success on the battlefield. Thus, the Red Dawn scenario would be completed, with the ultimate triumph of global communist totalitarianism. [ix]

Nussack documents, from many sources, the communist infiltration of the U.S. Democratic Party. He also documents the neutralization of the Republican Party through free trade advocacy and our economic engagement with China. These are all elements in a long-rang communist plan. Strategic thinkers know that wars are won before they start, provided the instigator of war has worked diligently to create the necessary conditions for victory. These conditions include a plausible justification for war, catching the enemy by surprise, and active measures tending to a strategy of “divide and conquer.”

Unrestricted Warfare: Disinformation and Misdirection

In this matter, a book titled Unrestricted Warfare, by two People’s Liberation Army colonels, Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui, has captured the imagination of Western analysts. Of course, the West’s strategic imagination has atrophied since 1991. American strategists tend to take things at face value. Consequently, Qiao and Wang played a sophisticated game with Western readers. They freely mixed banal truths with misdirection, irony and outright mockery. The book admits to China’s backwardness and inability to fight America head-on. It repeatedly dismisses nuclear war and flatters every false U.S. preconception. To what end? Here are several suggestive passages:

If one thinks that one must rely on advanced weapons to fight a modern war, being blindly superstitious about the miraculous effects of such weapons, it may actually result in turning something miraculous into something rotten. [x]

…the most basic thing is not the thing with the greatest future. [xi]

Technology is no longer the main factor. [xii]

Such comments are vague, except in one thing: They pretend to despise advanced weapons, things that have a future, and technology. Yet China has been steadily improving its weapons and technology. The Chinese text, therefore, is deceptive. Qiao and Wang offer up a series of inane commonplaces, bizarre digressions, banal truisms, and nonsense. They pepper the whole with juicy tidbits of frightening truth and insight: for example, “that some morning people will awake to discover with surprise that quite a few gentle and kind things have begun to have offensive and lethal characteristics.”[xiii]

If we list baby formula or “vaccines,” box cutters or airline tickets, we would be on the right track. Yet, none of our American strategists have the imagination to grasp the full potential of this Chinese approach. Being vague and unforthcoming, Qiao and Wang never fill in the details for us. Being obvious and unsubtle, the American side rather thinks of “death by a thousand cuts.” That may work, indeed; but the Chinese imagination in such things is far richer than the American imagination.

One might ask: What is the People’s Liberation Army going to do? – crawl into our bedrooms and smother us all with our pillows? Here Qiao and Wang direct us away from the military sphere, away from actual strategic threats – from thoughts of ballistic missile defense, fallout shelters, or the modernization of the U.S. nuclear deterrent. Qiao and Wang’s “kinder, gentler,” weaponry – pillows and other soft kindnesses – ring with mocking irony.

Throughout the text of Unrestricted Warfare Qiao and Wang suggest that nuclear weapons are a “trap.” Here we are treated to the most insidious irony of all. Nuclear weapons, they say, are “a serious violation of the ‘right to life’ and represents a ‘crime against mankind.’”[xiv] Naturally, China is a major champion of human rights. But Qiao and Wang are hardly done with their prank. “Today,” they write, “when nuclear weapons have already become frightening mantlepiece decorations that are losing their real operational value with each passing day, financial war has become a ‘hyperstrategic’ weapon….”[xv]

Does anyone really believe a Marxist country is gong to defeat a capitalist country in a financial war? Marxists do not understand finance or economics. They do not respect finance or economics as subjects. For them, economics is ruling class nonsense. What they understand is lying, swindling, stealing, and sabotage. This they can do. And it is what they have done, for decades. When this latest round of swindling has come to an end the West will stop playing along. That is when those “frightening mantlepiece decorations” (i.e., nuclear weapons) will recover their operational value.  

On Friday Dr. Li-Meng Yan sent me the following note: “We received intelligence that the CCP is producing [a] huge number of missiles secretly. It started from at least [the] end of 2020. People work there [at the missile plants] around the clock, lots of Armed Police monitory them. [The] CCP recruited more people than before. For example, in Beijing, workers are held in factories with the excuse of ‘anti-Covid.’” Li-Meng confirmed that some of these missiles are of the long-range ICBM type.

Of course, to make the strategic missile weapons more effective, PLA strategists have adopted a confusing mix of approaches. According to Qiao and Wang, “The goal of this kind of warfare will encompass more than merely ‘using means that involve the force of arms to force the enemy to accept one’s own will.’ Rather, the goal should be ‘to use all means whatsoever’….”[xvi]

And the CCP strategists do, apparently, use “all means whatsoever.” At the same time, “all means whatsoever” cannot be reckoned with. A defender cannot defend against “all means.” The communists, of course, attack the West in every area – in every imaginable way. The communists attack us through our schools and churches, in our scientific labs and hospitals, by stoking fear of global warming, by exacerbating our growing ideological and racial divisions. They have infiltrated our markets, compromised our businessmen and politicians, confused our scientists and strategists. Indeed, we have succumbed on every level.

Imagine the following conversation:

AMERICA: What is your strategy?

CCP: To use everything.

AMERICA: How do I counter everything?

CCP: By defending everywhere.

AMERICA: So, I have to walk around in an armored bubble with a food taster?

CCP: Exactly.

AMERICA: So, I should keep all my money in cash in case you launch a cyber-attack against my bank.

CCP: Absolutely.

AMERICA: And you will force me to shoot Old Yeller because you gave him rabies.

CCP: And we will win over the dog lovers.  

AMERICA: Well, there is one thing to be thankful for.

CCP: What is that?

AMERICA: You do not care about hi-tech weapons or waging a nuclear war.

CCP: Exactly! Nuclear weapons are obsolete. Armies and navies are obsolete.

AMERICA: Then why are you building nuclear weapons together with your army and navy?

CCP: To distract you from fighting terrorists and COVID. How do you think we manage these things if we do not trick you into building useless nuclear weapons? Think of how much money you wasted on your nuclear arsenal! You could have defeated all the terrorists in the world by now if you’d spent more defense dollars on Iraq and Afghanistan.


According to the People’s Liberation Army, America needs kind-hearted weapons. Love is better than war, as everyone knows. Kind-hearted weapons are not nuclear weapons. In fact, they are more expensive than nuclear weapons. But they are worth the money.  

According to Qiao and Wang, “Precision weapons … are kind-hearted weapons.” Warfare now has a more “kindhearted hue.”[xvii] At the same time, information weapons count as “kinder” weapons. According to Qiao and Wang, information weapons “represent a change with the most profound implications in the history of human warfare to date….”[xviii] And then comes the twist: “Nonetheless, we still cannot indulge in romantic fantasies about technology, believing that from this point on war will become a confrontation like an electronic game, and even simulated warfare.”

Qiao and Wang flatter, cajole, and stupefy. “The time for fundamental change on the battlefield … is not far off.”[xix] Returning to irony, the PLA colonels accuse George Soros of being “a financial terrorist.”[xx] (An intriguing insertion.) At the same time, Qiao and Wang have nothing good to say about conventional military strength, even though China deploys the world’s largest conventional army, navy and air force: “professional armies are like gigantic dinosaurs which lack strength commensurate to their size in this new age. Their adversaries, then, are rodents with great powers of survival, which can use their sharp teeth the torment the better part of the world.”[xxi]

Has Willard defected to Beijing?[xxii] Shall it be “death by a billion rats” instead of death by a thousand cuts? How many metaphors, expressing the same idea, must we analyze? The United States has been taking damage. That is true. The communists attack our way of life and we barely respond. True again. We hardly know that our attacker is communist, imagining that the “terrorist,” George Soros, is on the capitalist team. The real question is: – What if Soros is on China’s side?

In this context, Marx, Engels and Lenin were believers in Carl von Clausewitz – “the philosopher of war.” According to Clausewitz, “If you want to overcome your enemy you must match your effort against his power of resistance….” The incalculable element, said Clausewitz, was an enemy’s “strength of will.” [xxiii] The question then becomes: How do you break someone’s will to resist? In truth, the entire communist project is an experiment. It is an experiment that has failed, again and again. It is an experiment that is continually being adjusted, modified, calibrated. And despite their willingness to abandon old lies for new, they still have not won? They infiltrated and corrupted Ukraine. But the Ukrainian people rose up and opposed them. And now they have a fight on their hands. When traitors and infiltrators in a country are finally forced to expose themselves, a violent reaction may be expected.

The problem with devious strategies is that they inevitably provoke violent counter-reactions. Clausewitz famously explained that you cannot safely rely on disarming an enemy without a fight. He wrote:

Kind-hearted people might of course think there was some ingenious way to disarm or defeat an enemy without too much bloodshed, and might imagine this is the true goal of the art of war [see Sun Tzu]. Pleasant as it sounds, it is a fallacy that must be exposed: war is such a dangerous business that the mistakes which come from kindness are the very worst. The maximum use of force is in no way incompatible with the simultaneous use of the intellect [for deception]. If one side uses force without compunction, undeterred by the bloodshed it involves, while the other side refrains, the first will gain the upper hand. That side will force the other to follow suit; each will drive its opponent toward extremes, and the only limiting factors are the counterpoises inherent in war. [xxiv]

War is brutal, noted Clausewitz. It is futile to “try and shut one’s eyes to what war really is from sheer distress at its brutality.”[xxv] The devious strategies of the People’s Liberation Army and the communists are real enough, yet these strategies have a fatal shortcoming. If people wake up, if people resist, the communists must retreat. Sometimes, however, retreating can be fatal. After this fashion the Kremlin has boxed itself into a corner in Ukraine. At this hour China is doing the same thing economically.

War is a terrible thing. Far worse than war is succumbing without a fight. The Chinese communists are a riddle. They lock down their own cities and close their own ports, hurting their own economy. They mobilize transport ships for war and make loud noises about retaking Taiwan. They talk about cutting America’s supply chain while cutting their own. They promise not to help Russia in Ukraine, but they help Russia in Ukraine. They tell us that nuclear weapons are obsolete, yet they prepare to threaten us with nuclear war.

Our side is also a riddle. The shopping mall regime of the West is focused on buying and selling. The West takes national survival and security for granted. Our strategists and security analysts tend to be facile, academic, and easily misdirected. As simple as it sounds, a “war by all means” is a war in which you must identify your enemy before you can do anything meaningful. Once you do that, there is no riddle. Deception then becomes a less effective weapon. War “by every means” no longer works. The only thing we need, after that, is courage.

If we are in for a fight, then we fight. This is the answer to all riddles.

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134 thoughts on “A Chinese Riddle: War by All Means

    1. Yes, deeply grateful. Know our true enemy. And it is nor flesh and blood.

  1. On BitChute, Rumble, etc. I often see Americans posting things like, “we have all the guns, what is China going to do?” Or, “China can’t make a working toilet, much less weapons of mass destruction.” and so on and so forth. I am amazed at how many people dismiss the threat from China. I agree that communism is behind it all, but honestly, China would be on this road even without communism. Their history is fraught with dynastic regimes bent on conquering and subjugating their neighbors. In the past we were a distant land, now, with technology, we are much a neighbor to China as Korea, Japan, or Vietnam.

    1. In a sense, communism seems to rekindle or exarcerbate some barbaric tendencies: under communist guide we see: conquest, slavery, genocide (if not straight up ethnic cleansing). Let’s bring up some examples: Maoist China, Khmer Rouge, Khomeini Iran, Muslim Brotherhood*, Stalinist Russia, just wait to see Latin America turning full red to see this world massacre tour getting bigger. Let us pray to Brazil follow a different path, communists taking two “bread baskets” at once, that spells [Human] extinction event.

      1. Muslim Brotherhood seems to be aligned with western imperialism and Zionism since the times of Nasser, they were involved in Arab Spring, which was an operation of Clinton’s state department, as we know from Podesta’s emails.

    2. Communism equips China to resist Western liberalism (freedom) and other values. It offers a militaristic stoicism along plebeian lines. As such, its position is not entirely safe.

  2. Jeff, how is the the nuclear arsenal of UK and France? Do you think they have real capabilities? In case the US is attacked by China and Russia, would these countries help?

    1. Maybe someone from the British or French leadership can answer. These countries are in flux. A large question-mark appears over them.

      1. I am not so sure the west is as inadequate as is made out. There have been sightings of a surveillance craft with ‘UFO capabilities’ taking off vertically from the British base in Episkopi for one. Could it be possible that the western psychopaths are playing the same game of deception as the eastern psychopaths?

      2. Is there an American presence at the UK base? And are these reports reliable? How would you know if these “craft” were from the base or merely buzzing it? Are you inclined to believe other incredible rumors about such things? One hardly knows what to think, so little has been proved in all these years.

      3. “I am not so sure the west is as inadequate as is made out. There have been sightings of a surveillance craft with ‘UFO capabilities’ taking off vertically from the British base in Episkopi for one. Could it be possible that the western psychopaths are playing the same game of deception as the eastern psychopaths?”

        It is *possible* that we possess secret super-weapons. It is also *possible* that we labor under the benign gaze of extra-terrestrial superintelligences who, upon seeing our dire plight, will intervene in our favor and vanquish all evil-doers on this earth.

        But are any of these *probable*? I think not. These hypotheticals are fun to consider as exercises of the imagination, but unfortunately there is little, if any, evidence to support such speculations. They are ‘incredible’ claims precisely because, if true, they would compel us to revise vast swathes of our current understanding of history and the natural sciences to accommodate them. It is not outside the realm of possibility, but the probability is far too remote to take seriously – unless new evidence became available.

        For example, I have heard rumors in the hinterlands of Youtube that America may secretly possess antimatter weapons – weapons so destructive as to make thermonuclear weapons appear as childrens’ toys by comparison. Of course, there are no laws of physics that are violated by such hypothetical weapons – nor would there be any logical inconsistency in their existence. But we do not live in an isolated world – such a claim has consequences that bear on every domain of knowledge around us – physics, chemistry, sociology, politics, etc. If such a weapon existed, the labor and resources dedicated to its development, to say nothing of its production, would be staggering. Would such an immense project remain secret for long? Every dictator in existence would aim to acquire it, or failing that, aim to derail its development.

    2. I, too, question the seemingly inadequacy of the West. Maybe I am a product of too many James Bond movies, but I am secretly hoping we have heroes and technologies unknown to us, the average citizen, that will save the day. Realistically, I don’t think so. It’s not just deception and the art of war that wins the day, but new technologies. Who is developing new technologies for the West? Almost 2 decades ago one of my professors said it best, the US is a nation of service industries. I doubt the dog walkers and massage therapists are busy developing new technologies. And, when we have, our inept leaders have given the secrets away to our enemies. Oh, that’s right, we are all friends getting participation trophies. God help us.

      1. The biggest misconception among folks desiring change centers on peaceful demonstrations and writing representatives. In the best-case scenario, they have some value. But when the controlling powers become a rule unto themselves the only thing to which they respond is violence. This was evident shortly after the implementation of Johnson’s Great Society and continued thereafter. Many of those involved are now our teachers and masters. Their freedom to rebel now negates our freedom to respond in kind. It would have been easier had we not fallen asleep while the leaders brainwashed our offspring. We now face a monumental task when we decide to go all out in the struggle. There will be opposition from within and without and it will be a matter of survival of the fittest (or meanest).

      2. “Service economy” is deliberately misleading. At the international level – e.g., free trade talks, globalism – it refers to finance, insurance, investment, and technology (for the most part). But to sell policies enabling “the liberalization of trade in services” (ie, no regard for sovereign prerogatives with respect to the aforementioned “services”), policymakers and academics like to quote that the U.S. economy is at least 70% “services” – knowing that people think this means everything from their local dog walker and hairdresser to IT start-ups and software developers. But that’s really where the big money is w/r/t to “services.” It’s the big transnational sectors.

        Likewise, reference to “small businesses” being the backbone of the American economy is based on deliberately deceptive constructs. It’s often measured by number of employees, which captures shell companies and a range of “sophisticated” corporate forms, basically where money funnels through, identities are obscured, and accountability is pre-empted, to the benefit of transnationals with greater net worth than many countries, beholden to no government at all. So what passes as free trade policy – sold as supposedly evening the playing field for U.S. “small businesses” and the U.S. “service economy” – really is a network of policies designed to let transnationals run shell games outside any jurisdiction’s laws.

        A key feature of liberalizing rules for a “service economy” is generally declining to assert a “national security interest” in domestic technology or assets. Argument goes that the U.S., as the leading service economy, needs to “set an example.” It’s a philosophy that coincidentally makes a lot of U.S. capitalists rich, by enabling tech and capital to flow all over the place and they just need to get their piece. It should go with out saying that, not ALL countries have felt so compelled to “lead by example” these past years, and HAVE considered there to be a national security interest in things like tech, domestic infrastructure, defense assets, food supply, etc. Meaning other countries do things like limit tech transfer and foreign investment in strategic domestic assets. We have generally acted on the assumption that, as a leading service economy, it is NOT in our strategic economic interest to do that.

  3. We have allowed our compromised leaders to hustle America so deep into the wilderness of mirrors that the only way out now is the complete destruction of everything around us. If we get the benefit of an “incoming” warning, we can at least duck and cover.

  4. “As simple as it sounds, a “war by all means” is a war in which you must identify your enemy before you can do anything meaningful.”

    But we don’t want to upset anyone. *rolling my eyes* I can’t imagine how WWII would have turned out if they’d had today’s “woke” attitudes. Thanks Jeff! Very interesting to hear what Dr. Li-Meng said, too.

    Did you hear about the credit card processing outage on Friday? I experienced it firsthand but had cash, so I was fine. I had no idea at the time that it affected most of the country and lasted about 6 hours. The fact that none of the “mainstream media” has covered it, and the credit card companies are silent about what happened makes me wonder if there was some sort of cyberattack?

    Here is one article I found. There aren’t many out there:

      1. You should have seen the “deer in the headlights” look on the faces of those with no cash. Eye-opening for sure!

    1. We were also affected in Germany about a week to 10 days no card payment worked.
      But the joke is that they want to abolish cash. There is now no cash in the Deutsche Bank, only at ATMs.

      1. Wow! It’s all happening so fast! Thank you Heike for sharing what you’re seeing.

  5. Are you comparing some social democratic reforms with NEP? NEP started after elimination of bourgeoase as a class and imposition of dictatorship of proletariat. They have already tried the social democratic path in Chile, unsuccessfully, exactly because Allende did not eliminate the comprador bourgeoase class and their allies inside military.

      1. Compradors are nothing but traitors, theoretically, they can be legally eliminated not only in socialist states.

    1. Not sure why we allow a mouthpiece for fascist murderers to continue to post here.

      1. Perhaps, because VOMMIT is a shinning example of COMMUNE FASCIST PARASITES’ insanity…

        regards – Bogdan

      2. It is helpful to know how the other side thinks and reacts. One is better able to see the error in their thinking — to know, after all, that you are on the right track.

      3. “Allende’s revolution just talked, persuaded, and made loud declamations. This, of course, is a fundamental defeat of modern revolution in general. It is practically a fatal blow to the very concept of a peaceful revolution. The only plus is that Lenin’s iron laws of revolution are confirmed once again: it is a serious thing and can never and nowhere be sustained without a true proletarian dictatorship. This is the main lesson, but it is also a huge defeat –political, ideological, psychological, international.” – The Diary of Anatoly S. Chernyaev

  6. The conversation between “America” and the “CCP” was excellent. It demonstrates just how thoughtful every action, no matter how small and seemingly insignificant, is planned out by the Communist. I would never have thought to use the killing of “Old Yeller” to “win over dog lovers.” Never let a good crisis go to waste.

    America did get a lot of clothing, toys, games, computers, cell phones, and other neat gadgets from China in exchange for cheap labor. Aren’t these things wonderful? On the other hand, they got missiles, guns, tanks, submarines, nuclear missiles, sophisticated satellite communication networks, war ships, etc. I think, in the end, we got a really bad deal. Death by Wal-Mart. Meaning Americans got cheap plastic nicknacks and China made themselves sophisticated weapons.

    When I was in boot camp many years ago, there was a previous Russian soldier who said “this is a joke.” He meant the Russian military training was much harder. For some reason that stuck in my head. I’m not sure if Americans are mentally, physically or emotionally prepared for war.

    After watching the CCP lock their citizens down, let them starve, and then kill their pets, I can only wonder what they would do to Americans. Are there any books or movies that you can recommend to gain a better understanding of the Chinese soldier’s mindset.

    Thank you

    1. A good book about the Chinese system is Harry Wu’s “Bitter Winds.” Bitter Winds P — It is not about the People’s Liberation Army, but it shows the inner nature of the regime that made that army. Any good book on the Korean War will describe the way the PLA fought our soldiers in 1950-53. My friend Col. Robert Jensen’s book describes that war from firsthand. Bloody Snow: A Doctor’s Memoir of the Korean War

    2. “I will infiltrate you from the inside, lower your institutional standards to weaken you, and then mock you when those institutions produce subpar results.” – a classic Communist maneuver

  7. “They infiltrated and corrupted Ukraine. But the Ukrainian people rose up and opposed them. And now they have a fight on their hands. When traitors and infiltrators in a country are finally forced to expose themselves, a violent reaction may be expected.
    The problem with devious strategies is that they inevitably provoke violent counter-reactions. Clausewitz famously explained that you cannot safely rely on disarming an enemy without a fight.”

    So, would you have reservations if the same happened here. We are currently ripe for this. Many are waiting for a catalyst though they would prefer NOW. I surmise if such would materialize, the ensuing chaos would signal the Chinese to enter the fray. From our perspective (freedom lovers) (armed to the teeth) we would welcome the opportunity. I don’t say that lightly. And I don’t mean to misconstrue our intentions. We are fed up with the present situation and have been holding back knowing the catastrophic consequences. Obviously, at some point in the near future it will come to pass. And the consequences will be severe. So many good people will suffer. But there is no other way. I want to assure you the enemy has no clue what they are facing. There only option is complete annihilation. So be it.

    1. What happened in Ukraine in 2013-14 was something like a miracle. Or so it might seem. But actually, there was something inevitable in those events. Instead of allowing themselves to be divided, the Ukrainian people united. They came together to reject Moscow’s attempt to colonize them through their own president and institutions. The result of this rejection was overreaching violence from the Yanukovych government, exposing it as a Moscow operation. When Yanukovych fled to Russia, it was a confession. I believe that a similar series of events may occur in America, set on by the usual leftist blundering. It will be a catalyst indeed. The enemy is hoping that America remains divided and manipulable by paid agents on the right and left. Our job is to resist that division by seeking clarity — by discernment and careful study. Eventually the enemies of the country will make a fatal misstep. In the meantime we must avoid falling into a trap.

      1. “ Eventually the enemies of the country will make a fatal misstep.”

        I’m reading Sallust’s The Jugurthine War now. He says that when J’s position with Rome became precarious and he started losing, some of his people thought of killing him. J uncovered a conspiracy to kill him. He killed all the conspirators. But from that point, Sallust writes, he became deeply paranoid, lived in fear, always moving for his own safety, not trusting new people with power for fear of them. On a psychological level, I wonder if Putin (and maybe Xi too) are going through that right now.

        One of the rewards of living right is a man can sleep soundly at night!!

    2. “And I don’t mean to misconstrue our intentions. We are fed up with the present situation and have been holding back knowing the catastrophic consequences.”

      Our domestic enemies of the Constitution think our holding back is a sign of weakness. But is it a sign of weakness? Our domestic enemies know that if they cross certain lines, that that will be triggers for us to go into action. So they have also held back, and I think out of fear. Fear that if they push us too far, that we’ll strike back with overwhelming force.

      I think the next few months will be critical. If the tense stand off can be maintained without violence, then the CCP army in their invasion will face our whole force.

      1. The Kenosha Kid’s conduct under duress exemplifies this. The faithful and patriotic know what presenting fait accompli would do to the Second Amendment, and anything resembling these Gladio-esque atrocities on children are almost certainly contrived by the enemy out of frustration. 248 Days of Floyd didn’t provoke the “kick the dog until it bites you, then you shoot it” helter skelter reaction, then nothing will.

  8. “Then said Satan: This besieged one, how shall I overcome him?

    He has courage and ability, he has weapons and imagination.

    So he said: I shall not take his strength, nor muzzle nor bridle him.

    Nor soften nor weaken his hands, only one thing I shall do;

    I shall dull his brain and he will forget that he is in the right.”
    –Natan Alterman

    “If you’re gonna fight, fight like you’re the third monkey on the ramp to Noah’s Ark…and brother, it’s starting to rain.”
    —Tim Kennedy

  9. I am going to share this column with my friends. I appreciate your analysis of Unconventional Warfare. I have read that book and found it perplexing. Your analysis makes sense. You wrote from a broader philosophical perspective and showed the political evolution very well and how the danger has slowly escalated….sort of like the proverbial frog in the pot of water. Slowly, slowly the water is heated and the frog adapts until … it’s too late. Our leaders are that frog, I am afraid, but if EddieHNatko is right, red blooded Americans will save the day.

    The Epoch Times TV also did a program about the meeting between Secretary Austin and the Chinese Defense Minister. See the link. It referenced a letter from prominent Chinese businessmen challenging their leader and the CCP, threatening to go on strike and not produce. I thought that was very positive development. I heard the story this morning and it made for a happy Sunday morning thinking the stupid communists have overplayed their hand and the successful Chinese businessmen/women are taking aim.

    A key quote from the letter reads “Now we have woken up, we are no longer willing to wait like fat lambs for the slaughter,” it said. “In honor of the 20th CCP National Congress [later this year], we will be going back to work, but not back to production.”

    1. The incredible bravery of Chinese dissent deserves more attention than it has received. I saw a horrifying photograph of Tiananmen Square after the massacre but before the bodies were cleaned up. One day the Chinese people will hang the CCP murderers. I hope those murders sleep as poorly as they deserve.

    2. “I am afraid, but if EddieHNatko is right, red blooded Americans will save the day.”

      It’s not so much that we will save the day. It’s more that we will fight to the death. I don’t personally believe it to be possible to restore America. But our love of country and our Lord and Savior and the fact that we have had enough of the BS in every facet of our lives gives us the strength, the will and the motivation to bring everything to a head. We have prepared for this since the Viet Nam protests. So many of us have been deceived and cast aside. We want payback; and we don’t give a rat’s tail who joins the fray be they our own or foreigners. We are the only wrench in their gears. We are not unfamiliar with our toys or weaponry in general. We have spent too much time fighting other people’s wars and are ready to fight our own and to H with the consequences. It won’t be pretty for either side. Our rulers are desperate to remove our ability to set the record straight. Good luck with that.

  10. Dates have been fluttering around of the “Final War”. 2030 then 2035 and then it’s possibly now. I would rather not have it at all. But I know the ramifications of a loss. A loss that will render my children without a future. And since my children are to young to be drafted I would rather just have it now. I know what it will horrifically entail but better now than in ten years after we are whittled away to nothing Spiritually, physically and mentally. Our defenses will only get weaker over time….

  11. Good evening JEFF NYQUIST, I am a Brazilian student of the late and dear professor Olavo de Carvalho. Through the same person I am here, I read your book that was published in Brazil with the title “O Tolo e seu Inimigo”. I have shared your articles and videos with countless people, but they prefer not to believe and continue living their lives in deceit and lies. Brazil with President Bolsonaro is trying to resist Chinese influence, but parliamentarians, military and television networks are already committed to Chinese domination goals for South America. Everyone thinks communism is dead, but Russia came to reveal everything that no one wanted to see, including Europeans with their identity and minority politics. China is buying ports in Brazil and hydroelectric plants too, and everyone turns away. The Chinese strategy is long-term when the prey realizes the trap they have fallen too late. It is the perfect case of Brazil. By the way, thank you very much for your reviews, articles and videos. May the Lord Jesus Christ continue to enlighten and bless you.

  12. Invading the second chain islands seems like it would wake the American population up. The biggest advantage the communists have right now is the fact that we are still asleep. I would be shocked if they attacked the islands first instead of the US first, but perhaps Jeff is right that it is critical for a West coast invasion. Seems risky to me however in that the entire world would see China as an imperialist aggressor.

  13. Thank you, Jeff.


    “Feinstein considers Jiang [Zemin, former Chinese President] a ‘good friend.’ Feinstein also spoke about how she and Jiang danced together. Then they started to make money…”

    We see the closing Animal Farm party now, Communists and capitalists in a merry dance.

    One pauses to really _picture_ Feinstein and Jiang: the two of them, pressing together, in the actual, literal dance.


    How might the CCP best leverage U.S. “friends” to win U.S. territory without destroying?

    The West Coast seems especially vulnerable today. Hypothetically, one might Animal-Farm an “unthinkable” West Coast conquest:

    1. Establish a pretext: maybe AstroTurfed West Coast riots, widespread, after a hideous 2022 midterm election. Ostensibly, Republicans riot this time, and the disadvantaged defend themselves.

    2. Inject armed agents: The President is “persuaded” to fly in impartial U.N. election adjudicators. They aim to restore fairness and equity to burning cities. Belt and Road states are heavily represented; their agents are numerous and heavily armed.

    3. Paralyze: CCP U.N. agents place or activate nuclear devices in population centers. State and Federal leaders are informed, privately. Publicly, the U.N. works for peace. The secret blackmail is not challenged; how could it be?

    4. Isolate: West Coast governors are instructed halt U.S. transit through ports and airports, while allowing continued U.N. traffic. For safety. To the east, fewer than 30 major highways connect West Coast states across the mountains to other states. Agents easily damage undefended bridges, passes, and tunnels. Now substantive West Coast reinforcement becomes a contested airlift operation, and no one is ready.

    5. Talk: Feinstein and other West Coast “friends” move to defend their interests, and lives. Accommodation in the guise of humanitarian concern seems likely. We can’t endanger the election, vital trade, racial harmony, etc. (Subtext: the unstated blackmail — nuclear and other.)

    6. Deal: West Coast governors are privately compelled to declare a Federal tax jubilee. Federal agents are now barred entry; Federal offices are captured. Under U.N. “protection,” there’s no real representation, but no taxation, either. It’s a better deal than anything the RINOs have passed lately, now, isn’t it? Certainly cheaper and kinder than overt nuclear conquest.

    More plausible variations?

    1. Which one of our cowardly politicians would have the nerve to stick his or her neck into that kind of noose? The whole country, left and right, would be instantly united against anyone who allowed this. Besides, China is mobilizing for war and they will not be wearing U.N. helmets. Nobody would believe that sort of thing anyway. Despite recent events, there are still patriots in government. And most Americans are not as cowardly as the present situation suggests. Most Americans are merely ill-informed, confused, disoriented. One day, when the country wakes up, there will be treason trials and investigations. And these trials will not be about some bogus insurrection on January 6, 2001. It will be about the subversion of the government by China’s “friends” in this country. If any politicians bring foreign troops on our soil those politicians will be arrested or they will be forced to flee the country. In fact, the whole country would then see them for exactly who they are. Help the invader and you are a traitor. Sit quietly by while others to facilitate an invasion, then it is misprision of Treason — a felony. Any citizen who witnesses treason can make a citizen’s arrest. The same for misprision of treason. You won’t need a sheriff to make the arrests. You just have to witness the crime yourself. If the Justice Department turns a blind eye to treason, that would be misprision of treason and the Attorney General would be subject to immediate arrest. Government officials might attempt to open the country to invasion by proclamations or orders, but they would immediately be subject to arrest by every citizen who saw the order. So I must remind everyone here: If you see treason and do nothing, it’s a federal crime. You are obligated to do something, like tell a judge or make an arrest (if you witnessed the treason yourself). Every official that does nothing is also committing a crime. So you see, something so obvious would require the collusion of EVERYONE. You can imagine what kind of treason trials your scenario would trigger. Every single person who facilitated the invasion, wittingly or not, would probably be arrested. Every single person who knew it was being set up and said nothing could be arrested. If the country suffered such a fate, millions would rise up to demand those arrests and — I dare say — to make those arrests themselves. Police officers, judges, sheriffs, Secret Service body guards, and ordinary citizens. Everyone knew what Quisling was doing in 1940. The only reason he survived as long as he did, the invaders took the country in a matter of days if not hours and he was in charge. But Norway is a small country where such an invasion could happen quickly. In the United States, time would not be on the side of treason.

      1. Thank you for that particular reply to Lorem, Jeff. Many freedom-fighters have been aware of this to some degree, but I’ve not heard it explained quite so well. The problem as we see it has more to do with the present legal system that, for the most part, has been corrupted.

      2. A few years ago I heard an interesting speech, delivered in Milwaukee, by a former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice on the corruption of the legal system in America. It was very enlightening and disturbing. He indicated there is a movement afoot within the legal profession to correct the existing corruption. They have a long hard road ahead. What is lacking in the end is the political solution which enables true reform. What is always needed, again, is a catalyst. Politics like war is a matter of strategy and strategy is about terrain and positioning. In politics there is the equivalent of flanking maneuvers and frontal attacks, where the opponent has a fatal weakness in his position that must be exploited at the right time. This military analogy applies, for example, to the gay marriage issue. It is a flanking attack against Christians who are the key group expected to resist communism. By demonizing them as haters, as intolerant of gay people, an atmosphere of social intimidation is created. To defend against this kind of attack your rhetoric must be pitch perfect. You cannot fall into the trap of showing hatred for gay people; at the same time, you must not retreat or show weakness on an issue of principle. So far the Christian community has largely crumpled and retreated, leaving a wider breach into which the gender attack can turn the weakened flank and rout communism’s core enemy. There are many potentially fatal mistakes that either side in such a contest can make. The communist front groups are now overextended and vulnerable in the sense that their positions are completely ridiculous. It only takes people with the courage to accept social ostracism to defeat them. So far, no strong leader on this front has emerged with the right combination of rhetoric. Pitch perfect has not appeared as yet. The enemy will (predictably) continue to overextend and his vulnerability to counter-attack will increase with time. The goal must be to unify the country behind certain clarifying truths — profound truths — about our state and its core problems (which do not include global warming or the persecution of homosexuals). Someone with standing must step up somewhere along the line. Providence does the rest. The “conscript fathers” have not appeared as yet, neither has the emerging patriot element found the right language. Trump speaks to some of these truths in an earthy way, which is the key to his popularity. Someone even more focused needs to appear in future to take up where he has left off. The country is learning, however, by watching how untruthful and damaging our leaders have become. Their falseness has become their calling card. Their hollowness rings in our ears continuously now. Everything false brings losses, brings calamity in the end. The corrective is before our eyes. The nation must open its eyes. This opening is a process that may include a lot of pain. I wish it were not so., but we all know this is where we are headed.

      3. Thanks, Jeff.

        “One day, when the country wakes up, there will be treason trials and investigations.”


        Pretext and timing would seem critical in this West Coast hypothetical.

        Pretext, for moral and legal cover:

        On the West Coast, how many would actively oppose U.N. help, when Republicans are “election-rioting”? Few, I think. The propaganda against Republicans is already thick out west, as you know. Attempts at citizen arrest would lack legal standing, and each confrontation could be propagandized as, say, further Republican rioting — to be remedied with even more U.N help, I guess.

        Timing, for paralysis:

        It’s a long stretch, from Nov. 8 to Jan. 3. Riots in November, U.N. deployments in December, then isolation, blackmail, and deals by Jan. 3. From that point forward, who dares to cross the line? — Did I mention the quiet nuclear blackmail?

        You asked, “Which one of our cowardly politicians would have the nerve to stick his or her neck into that kind of noose?” Good question. But there’s more than one noose in this hypothetical, yes?

      4. R2P

        As a tactical note, I’ll just add that this is a “Responsibility to Protect” (R2P) hypothetical. R2P now justifies and legalizes most any U.N. action: e.g., Libya. Who now opposes Libya’s Government of National Unity? No one of consequence. Unity brings peace, after all.

        At present only Russia and China block further U.N. R2P authorizations (due to vested interests in Syria). They can drop the veto at any time. They decide. Why… is that?

      5. Jeff: Thank you for your answer. I didn’t know all the legalities.

        By the way, while the German attack on Holland, Belgium and Denmark captured those countries in hours, it took the Germans three months to capture Norway. Thanks to the pacifist Norwegian government which had largely disarmed, the Germans were able quickly to capture a few cities, but the king and government escaped. The Germans had planned to double-cross Vidkun Quisling, but the Gestapo unit responsible for the double-cross went down with the Blücher. So Quisling had German protection until the end of the war. Then the Germans looked across the border to heavily armed Sweden ……

        Lorem: In Jeff’s last blog entry, there was a response from Iowa—corn country. He looked for the invasion to come before the corn harvest. That would be late July or August. Then the CCP would kill off all the farmers, then harvest the corn themselves. The winter wheat would largely have been harvested, but the spring wheat would be their’s for the taking.

        Waiting until after the elections is not a good idea. For one, the North Pacific Ocean is not exactly quiet during the winter. From comments in Jeff’s last blog entry, the CCP has been loading their ships with war materials for over a month already. That alone would indicate a late summer invasion. Would a Chinese invasion be timed to a Russian invasion of western Europe, again best done when the ground is hard, i.e. late summer?

        By the way, even if the Democrats steal the mid-terms, there won’t be Republican riots, just like there were none after the 2020 stolen election. I think it very unlikely that the Democrats will be able to steal the next election. Oh they’ll steal some seats, but lose more than they steal. That’s assuming that there will be mid-term elections.

        Lorem: I find your scenario highly unlikely.

      6. On April 9, 1940, the major Norwegian ports from Oslo northward to Narvik were occupied by advance German detachments arriving by air or sea. The core urban areas of the country were taken in one day. A parachute battalion took the Oslo and Stavanger airfields, opened up for 800 German aircraft which overawed the resistance. This was accomplished with incredible rapidity. The full occupation of Norway did take two months, but the Norwegian forces were defeated and pushed out of key areas on the first day of the invasion. There was no meaningful resistance from the Norwegians. The war was literally lost for Norway in the first hours. Norwegian resistance in Oslo collapsed when German troops entered the city from the airfield. The Allied landings at Narvik and elsewhere occurred on 14 April 1940. The Allies tried to threaten German control of the country until 27 May. This failed because the Germans could not be dislodged from Narvik and Trondheim. The Allies withdrew.

      7. R.O.: “Waiting until after the elections is not a good idea… By the way, even if the Democrats steal the mid-terms, there won’t be Republican riots…”

        If it is indeed a steal, and the Senate falls, there’s no longer a line of defense in D.C.

        Many Americans will understand this, on Nov. 8, 2022. Strong feelings will hit, even more intense than the feelings of Jan. 6. We remember what happened on Jan. 6, and what continues, incredibly.

        Powerful Nov. 8 feelings can be exploited. Likewise, authentic or AstroTurfed riots. Our enemies must have gamed this out by now.

        R.O.: “I find your scenario highly unlikely.”

        One hopes the CCP does, too. But whatever their reasoning, I’ll venture, “Riots are implausible on Nov. 8,” isn’t it.


        Out of curiosity: Did anyone actually _predict_ that Norway would fall to the Nazis in a day?

      8. “Politics like war is a matter of strategy and strategy is about terrain and positioning. In politics there is the equivalent of flanking maneuvers and frontal attacks, where the opponent has a fatal weakness in his position that must be exploited at the right time. This military analogy applies, for example, to the gay marriage issue. It is a flanking attack against Christians who are the key group expected to resist communism. By demonizing them as haters, as intolerant of gay people, an atmosphere of social intimidation is created. To defend against this kind of attack your rhetoric must be pitch perfect. You cannot fall into the trap of showing hatred for gay people; at the same time, you must not retreat or show weakness on an issue of principle. So far the Christian community has largely crumpled and retreated, leaving a wider breach into which the gender attack can turn the weakened flank and rout communism’s core enemy. There are many potentially fatal mistakes that either side in such a contest can make. The communist front groups are now overextended and vulnerable in the sense that their positions are completely ridiculous.”

        Very illuminating analogy.

      9. Jeff: the reason the British left Norway was not because they couldn’t dislodge the German forces, but because after the invasion of France, the British thought they had greater need for their troops elsewhere. Thanks to the neutrality stance that the Norwegian government had chosen, the Norwegians didn’t have the forces needed to continue the fight after the British left.

        The Germans occupied the major cities, but it wasn’t until after the British left that they were able to capture all ports. That allowed the royal family, government and gold to be evacuated to England, from where they could continue the fight as a government in exile.

        Are there lessons applicable to the anticipated CCP invasion of the U.S.?

        • The U.S. west coast has only a few good ports. We can expect all of them to be occupied.
        • Just as the Germans never got complete control of the mountains, so will the CCP be able to dislodge patriots blocking the roads in the mountains?
        • Or will they resort to airlifting their troops to try to capture the crop growing lands? If airlifting, does that mean that their troops will lack armor as in tanks?

        And I can’t end without a reference to the war in the Ukraine—we can expect drones to be used, many with IR cameras. Our people had better be prepared to hide their thermal images as well as their visible images.

      10. Anthony: The reason “Christians” so quickly fell to the LGBTQ+ assault, is because they had been infiltrated and hollowed out from within long before the attack came. That infiltration started already in the first decade of the 1800s. There are books written on this, so I won’t go into detail here.

        Just as the churches have been hollowed out by heresy, so our whole society has been hollowed out by traitors. This is first and foremost a war of ideas, and our people are muddled, cannot think clearly.

      11. The British were on the verge of taking Narvik—the German forces were trapped, the only way out was to become POWs in Sweden—when Hitler launched his Blitzkrieg against France. The British withdrew from Norway only days before the evacuation from Dunkirk. The British expected an invasion across the Channel. They wanted as many of their troops as possible to oppose that expected invasion, which never came.

      12. How did “Christians” become “hollowed out”? It was a multi-step process that took generations.

        • One generation or generations took Christianity for granted, no longer something for which to strive.
        • Next, they became fat and lazy, and stopped reading the Bible. They depended on their leaders, pastors, theologians, to define their Christianity for them instead of taking the effort to study the Bible for themselves.
        • Because they don’t read the Bible for themselves, they don’t recognize when their pastors, theologians, start introducing teachings that are contrary to the Bible.
        • This one is not limited to church people: people defer too much to “experts” because “experts have studied the issues, and we are mere laymen who don’t know anything.”
        • Because of all of the above, “Christians” want to be tolerant and not rock the boat, so they are silent when they hear things that don’t sound quite right.
        • Finally, “Christians” don’t want to appear as country yokels, so they are ready to listen to the sophisticated learned professors. Outside the door of one or my professors was a sign “Churches go liberal by degrees” pun intended.

        The New Testament gives a definition of what is Christianity and who is a Christian. How many “Christians” are Christian according to that definition? Because so many people who call themselves Christians have jettisoned the anchor of the Bible, they are now adrift and can be blown about by any wind of teaching that comes. This applies just as much to those who call themselves “Fundamentalists” as any other group of “Christians”.

        The loss of patriotism follows the same pattern. How many Americans have read the Constitution? Declaration of Independence? Even “lawmakers” propose and pass laws that are unconstitutional. But we are a peace loving, tolerant people (which comes from Christianity) so we don’t rock the boat. Hopefully, people are waking up.

      13. “Because they don’t read the Bible for themselves, they don’t recognize when their pastors, theologians, start introducing teachings that are contrary to the Bible.”

        That is exactly right! The whole “prosperity gospel” caused people to fall into a trap of thinking God is like Santa Claus: He is just there to give them what they want.

        He’s a God of love, but He’s also a God of justice.

        Thomas Jefferson said, “Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that His justice cannot sleep forever.”

        There is a reckoning coming….

    2. Cinch off oil from Central & South America.
      Find a way to split continental Europe off from the US led NATO
      Convince the Muslim world to do very stupid foot-shooting things in the petrodollar realm

      European hubris against the “Amerifats” has organic resentment enough for lightswitch brained countersignaling apology for Russian actions. Belt & Road and bilateral agreements from the likes of Germany, France, Italy and Serbia don’t bode well either. The Green Chancellor’s rise in the Bundesrepublik at this moment is fortuitous– all the better that the US decamped significant military assets to Poland, whose memory is not so short lived in this resurgent Red Tide kicking off on the Black Sea.

  14. When we talk about China and Russia, we must note, regarding the war in Ukraine, that Russia uses Chinese drones DJI.:)

    1. PrayinginOK, do you really think China stopped selling to Russia? Don’t forget that every Chinese manufacturer has a CCP overlord.

      1. As Soviet Russia under Stalin promised President Truman they would not send military supplies to the Red Chinese during the Chinese Civil War, the Red Chinese now promise they will not send military supplies to Russia during today’s Soviet Civil War. Stalin tricked us in 1947-49 and I believe Beijing will play false with us now and thereby return the favor to Russia.

      2. Gotcha. Thanks for pointing that out to me. Sorry I overlooked that key word.

  15. In the last couple of days I went back to the horrors of 9/11 and came across – for the first time – a 2017 drama film most if not all commenters here will certainly know: “9/11,” starring i.a. Charlie Sheen, Gina Gershon and Whoopi Goldberg.

    Five people (two of them a billionaire couple in the process of getting divorced; a young lady who has decided to leave her rich “silver fox” lover and get her life back; a Black cycle courier, whose little daughter just has her birthday; and a Puerto Rican janitor, who insists his position is “custodial engineer”, on his way to unclogging toilets somewhere) find themselves trapped in an elevator in the World Trade Center’s North Tower as the first plane hits. Their only contact to the outside world is, via the elevator’s emergency phone, with the elevator dispatcher, who keeps the group informed about events, and for a few minutes, during which one of their mobile phones has reception, with the mother of the businessman’s wife, who on that morning looks after their 8-year-old son. Four of the five in the end narrowly survive; the billionaire (who seems to have been super-close to a real reconciliation with his wife) dies along with a firefighter who tries to rescue him as the tower comes down over their heads.

    I read the film was badly received as it supposedly made cheap use of this unspeakable tragedy. Having watched it twice, I found it (apart from the new style of film-making that cannot be without one four-letter word per sentence) both intelligently and sensitively done (quite apart from the brilliant acting). In fact, in this scenario, as in an exemplary microcosm, America is coming wonderfully together, across race, across class, across gender (maybe that was the reason the film was attacked).

    The only decisive thing that was missing in 2001 was the awareness of who had actually attacked. This time around, the enemy will be clearly visible (both China and Russia, plus their numerous allies). This cardinal difference in terms of awareness of the enemy might indeed produce quite unexpected outcomes for the communists…

      1. I didn’t get that impression. The title is a little sensational, but that’s to get people’s attention I think. The interview was good!

      2. Apologies Mr. Nyquist, I copy-pasted the video title without much thought. =)

  16. One trend that I noticed throughout the recent nonsense is that people no longer refer to other counties, states or countries as counties, states or countries. Instead they use that term jurisdictions which in my opinion is not correct. Australia’s armed forces for instance take an oath to Queen and Country not to anyone else.

    Also with conspiracies, good point about collusion I am thinking the same nowadays about a lot of conspiracies going around. They require an awful lot of people to say nothing. Plus there is one conspiracy which has never been disproven which is the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

    1. AussieP good point. I purchased 5 copies of a book called The Civil Defense Book by Michael Mabee. It was written in 2017 and it is aimed at small towns and rural communities to help them with a natural disaster, especially an EMP. It suggests that in the event,, the national infrastructure breaks down, that we need to have a plan that is organized COUNTY by COUNTY. This made such good sense to me that I am giving a copy of this book and requesting a meeting with each of our four commissioners in Washington County, TX. We need to remember our Counties.

      1. Part of newspeak is to change the language. The term jurisdiction to me means a policing region not a governmental body. The term state means for me an almost independent nation separate but part of a federation. Most people are not picking up on this distinction.

      2. I will pick up a few copies as well! Thanks for the info.
        I have family in Washington County, Texas.

  17. Curious question…do you think the China owned meat processing plant closure in California is part of China calling their own home? I seem to recall that before a war, countries tend to behave thus. Not to mention adding to our pending food concerns. Just speculating.

    1. I am not familiar with the particular news item you reference, but I would venture a guess that there are simply too many communist-aligned Chinese to recall before a war. Even if such a thing were possible, it would be counterproductive because (1) it would be a very conspicuous signal, and (2) it would be more advantageous to keep potential spies and saboteurs embedded in our country, especially within critical infrastructure (I believe this was alluded to in the Guangdong recording).

    2. The food production under attack appears to be classic “grey terror” out of Suvorov’s book. I cannot prove that, but how do we explain all this? China is mobilizing. Russia is at war and threatening nuclear war.

    3. From a news search it looks like Smithfield has been shuttering US plants since early in the pandemic (mid 2020). Def seems to be to facilitate our food concerns. Don’t know about calling their bus execs home.

    4. On a related note – now would seem to be a good time to lay in months or even a year or more of pet food, if possible. Please don’t mistake this as prioritizing animals above people. It’s bc pet food, like baby formula, is vulnerable to supply issues. And I wouldn’t be surprised to see it targeted. Also fairly difficult to replace – especially if we’re struggling to feed ourselves and afford protein. Right now, it’s still not hard to stock up on bags of dry pet food that keep a few years. If you can swing it, not really a downside.

    5. I don’t think it’s China calling their own home as there are many other Smithfield processing plants across the US. If there really is a move on Taiwan and the US gets involved, China says they will “fight at all costs”, and “fight to the very end”. I wouldn’t want to be in California (or the West Coast in general) if that happens.

      1. The enormity of losing that much food is scary! The 3 million chickens/eggs we lost the end of May will affect us for quite awhile. I stocked up on canned chicken from Sam’s at the beginning of the year and paid $9.98 for each 6-can pack. Today it’s $17.78!!!

      2. I’m afraid so. I don’t see anything that is changing the current circumstances.

        I like to listen to the “boots on the ground” reports Dave shares here:

        He is not an alarmist at all, he just shares what people are sharing with him from all around the country. The lack of replacement parts for so many items is going to take its toll.

  18. Here’s a highly interesting, very well researched Austrian Broadcasting web article about Austria’s more-than-questionable role, back in 1968, in opening up Western Europe for Russian natural gas imports – and how this marked the beginning of an ever-increasing Austrian and West-European energy dependence on the Soviet Union (Austria today imports 80% of its natural gas from “Russia”). (Use Google Translate!)

  19. I’m having a hard time foreseeing how China, on an economic level, would even operate in the event of a war. There are bank runs and banks no longer allowing withdrawals (since April!) currently going on in Henan province and now spreading to other regions. As the economy slows down, typical Chinese Ponzi schemes and scams, which were successful when the economy could only go up, are now collapsing as the economic bubble begins to pop. And that bubble WILL pop because the idiotic CCP encouraged millions of Chinese to invest their life savings into scams like real estate purchases in the middle of nowhere, without any plumbing, electricity, or even being fully built.

    The CCP economy is nothing but a fraud, with huge amounts of wealth currently in the hands of fraudulent banks and investments that are simply doomed. I do not even see how China can maintain even a simple domestic economy due to the intense and universal nature of Chinese corruption in the event of a war. I mean by this their ability to produce their own food and for their own people to do business with one another during the world war. For now, they’re kicking the can down the road because they still have access to international markets. But later? They won’t have us to feed on. The war with the West will be massively destructive to the world economy, and actually occupying the territory of the United States– fighting our land forces and militia–would probably go on for years even if they nuked many of our cities and kept on nuking every time they came across a holdout not unlike what the Ukrainians had in Mariupol. The Russians can barely even cross a river without taking extreme casualties. How much worse will the Chinese do with their “little emperors” leading the charge, having absolutely no real world military experience other than useless exercises or killing unarmed people?

    What does the CCP do about its economy and how would it work during war time? Mass enslavement of the population to building bombs and farming the land? I am not so sure China’s millions of sissy boys, softened up by wealth and modernity, would do very well under these conditions for even a single month.

    And the other problem here is that all these war plans seem to ignore the existence of Europe, the Middle East and the other Asian countries. Defeating the United States will not be enough. I doubt even India, with its affinity for Russia, would just sit by and do nothing as its mortal enemy China–which has recently in the past few years been involved with attempting to club to death Indian soldiers on the border–starts firing nukes at the United States, South Korea and Japan. Can Russia and China fight so many different enemies at once? Do they have enough nukes to kill the whole world? I have my doubts.

    1. The U.S. carries the nuclear umbrella for all the other countries. If the U.S. falls the rest of the world is in for some nuclear blackmail.

    2. I would dispute that India sees China as its mortal enemy, despite border skirmishes in the recent past. India has an unnerving arms acquisition relationship with Russia and for me, its geopolitical stance is “run with the foxes, hunt with the hounds”, i.e., India will probably, in my view at least, take whatever position it deems pragmatic and if it sees the US-led West on the run, it could easily throw its lot in with Russia and China. “Never kick a man when he’s down”, goes the saying, but we might add, “unless he’s Anglo, comatose and there ‘s a gang of you”.

      1. I would not be as concerned. The Indians are unfortunately Pro-Russia, but their nationalists successfully led a mass boycott of Chinese goods and even software apps after the skirmishes wherein Chinese troops, knowing the Indians were unarmed, staged ambushes with spiked clubs and other melee weapons, and STILL got their asses kicked by unarmed Indian troops.

        From what I’ve gleaned from my conversations with Indian nationalists, who are in the ascendant in India, the hatred and distrust of China runs deep.

        Unfortunately, they are NOT Pro-American (though they liked Trump), and seem to have the same inferiority complex against the West that animates the Russians and Chinese themselves.

        Nevertheless, I can’t fathom public opinion in India permitting China to become the world hegemon by defeating the USA.

    3. India has been incapable of parsing the Good Cop Bad Cop routine by the USSR and Red China with its active conflicts with Pakistan. It’s a place operating on similar endemic corruption standards as China and will view the disappearance of the US as their own economic and civilizational boon. Their Quad reliability and seriousness is tenuous at best.

    1. This is a way to mobilize for war while claiming the war is limited when the goals cannot, logically, be limited. This is misdirection.

    1. Wow!!! Construction started in 2016 and is finally completed. Thanks for sharing this Mntgal. 🙂

      1. Sure! 😃 So many signs everywhere, once one is awakened to the true paradigm to view things thru, that China and Russia are in one accord on many things.

  20. Jeff. Do you think our ruling class would survive a land invasion of the US by China? I mean we all think the 117th congress is among the most corrupt and inept. But this would harken back to the war of 1812. Politics was fractured in the US past the Civil War, for a period of 60+ years. It seems to be something so dramatic would result in the creation of something like (Green, Neo-Liberal/Con, Conservative, Populist).

  21. IT is true. The only good commie is a DEAD one. If you ever understand them. They only exist to wipe out Judean/Christian culture.

    1. Leethal: I remember the first sermon that Richard Wurmbrand preached after he got out of Romania—it was a call for repentance and conversion to the fur-clad diplomats who lined the back of the church. Wurmbrand knew he was signing his death warrant in that sermon. He had been told that if he mentioned how he had been tortured, that he would be kidnapped, brought back to Romania, then tortured to death. The communists demonstrated that they meant it. Yet Wurmbrand boldly spoke out. Because a good communist is one who has repented, become a Christian, and is no longer a communist.

      However, in that audience, there was a diplomat with the U.S. embassy who expedited the paperwork to get Wurmbrand into the U.S. and testifying before Congress before the communists could carry out their plan.

      That was my introduction to communism.

  22. Thank you for posting this article, Jeff.

    In a reply, you stated “How was this hollowing out even possible to begin with? A question we need to ask.” regarding Christians. I remember seeing an interview by an ex-satanist by the name of Zachary King, who was converted to Catholicism after a miraculous experience. While working for organized satanism, he states that one of his jobs was to break up Baptist churches through scandal and gossip (although, as he recounts, the main focus for organized satanism is to attack the Catholic Church). His coven even had an entire house dedicated to spreading Darwinism and Communism. Abortion was also a very important thing for them.

    Bell V. Dodd recounts how communist infiltration was done in the Catholic Church.

    It’s really becoming apparent through your writings that the weakening of Christianity, but more importantly Catholicism (because of its inherently unifying structure), is essential for the spreading of Communism.

    1. John Grisham I believe wrote a book about a lawyer of course and that lawyer had a client who was a heiress to a great fortune. But the client was not interested in being rich instead she wanted to work as a Christian missionary to South America. In the book she was asked why she was willing to give up her great fortune to put her life at risk from disease in her work for the Lord and she stated something along the lines of wealth does not interest her only doing the work of the Lord.

      The church where I live will not let us take a stand against covid or the climate scam instead we are made to feel small if we do not want to go along with it. Even a little thing like saying if my time is up my time is up has been taken from us. I believe that this is due to the influence of the communists who have infiltrated the church at the highest level. So if I wanted to follow the example the Mr Grisham put together then I will not be doing so with the support of the church. In fact I will probably be told something along the lines of well God sends a boat (not Jesus walks on water) and if you don’t take that boat it’s on you.

      The only way for us to win is to take on the baptism of the holy spirit and be willing to not love our lives even until the death.

      In terms of China, well if they do attack and I sincerely pray they do not they will betray a lot of people particularly in Australia. We get along well with Chinese maybe because we share the same stoic sense of humour.

      1. Yes, John Grisham. It’s called “The Testament”. Very intriguing book!

    2. The noted exorcist Fr. Chad Ripperger has done a youtube presentation comparing the psychology of demons and communists, which he describes as virtually identical.

  23. Bravo. And now president Biden starts the war on the environment and wants china to build solar panels and send them to the US in shipping containers so china opened up it’s ports.

  24. I found a very interesting video that takes about the prediction of the third world war in a indigenous perspective.

    here’s the link

  25. 7 HOURS AGO
    Former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev has again lashed out at Ukraine — this time implying that the country will be erased from the map — after reports said Kyiv was eyeing using lend-lease to import LNG from the United States.

    “I saw that Ukraine wants to receive LNG from its overseas masters under a lend-lease plan with payment for delivery in two years. Otherwise, it will simply freeze over next winter. Just a question: Who said that Ukraine will even exist on the world map in two years?” he wrote on the Telegram messaging app.

    Ukraine’s Deputy Defense Minister Anna Malyar said Tuesday that Kyiv had only received 10% of the arms it had requested from the West.

    President Volodymyr Zelensky told reporters that he regretted what he called “the restrained behavior of some leaders” which, he said, had “slowed down arms supplies very much.”

    Meeting with a group of NATO member leaders in the Hague, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said he was working to coordinate more weapons deliveries.

  26. Nel: Because most of us sane people don’t particularly want to live through a nuclear war with China.

    1. Did Trump ask you? He didn’t ask me. I would have nipped that nonsense in the bud.

  27. We can’t enter into his mind, but I’d say there’s a high chance that these considerations played a role:

    1. He didn’t want to go down in history as one of the biggest criminals ever.

    2. He didn’t want to spend an eternity in HeII (for deliberately targeting and killing millions of non-combatants).

    and even if these didn’t bother him, there was always this:

    3. A few months later, he couldn’t muster enough force to stop rioters calling for his death just across the White House lawn, so even in early 2020, he must have realized that he had the name of “President”, but few-to-none of the powers. What, then, he would have asked himself, were the chances he could launch a nuclear attack on the Communist state that sponsors his opponents?

    1. The United States cannot win a nuclear war by attacking our enemies. We have no true ABM defenses. No civil defense. Preemptive wars are morally wrong.

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