If the Fourth Political Practice is not able to realize the end of times, then it would be invalid. The end of days should come; but it will not come by itself. This is a task, it is not a certainty. It is active metaphysics. It is a practice.”

Aleksandr Dugin, The Fourth Political Theory [i]

The “philosopher” who has done the most to justify Russia’s war against the West is Aleksandr Dugin. He was the first to advocate a Russian invasion of Ukraine. He has also advocated what he calls “the last war of the world-island” – a future conflict against the United States and NATO. His arguments are as fascinating as they are troubling. Disillusioned conservatives in the West imagine that Dugin – like Putin – is a conservative and a Christian. This is the impression he gives, though his writings blend themes of the far left and far right. On close examination his ideas are not something Edmund Burke (the father of conservatism) would have approved.

Aleksandr Gelyevich Dugin refers to himself as a Russian philosopher and strategist. He is sometimes described as “Putin’s brain.” As we discover in his writings, Dugin wants to bring about “the end of days.” This was the grand objective of the “Yuzhinskii Circle,”[ii] from whence he emerged long ago. It was a group of Russian occultists born out of the 1960s, working to bring back the antediluvian “Golden Age.” They would follow in the footsteps of Nimrod in the construction of a Tower of Babel. In fact, Dugin has attempted to intellectually link all cultures and traditions according to the formula of “Traditionalism.” Only the Western tradition, debunked as “liberalism,” is excluded from this “project.” According to Dugin, the “Atlanticists” (i.e., the West) must be destroyed and their territories absorbed.

The Yuzhinskii Circle, as political philosopher Eric Voegelin might say, was dedicated to immanentizing the gnostic eschaton. It is not that they were Gnostics with a capital G. They were what Voegelin would have called “parousiastic gnostics” – parousia signifying the Second Coming of Christ. Of course, such people do not actually believe in Christ. According to Voegelin, “The aim of parousiastic gnosticism is to destroy the order of being, which is experienced as defective and unjust, and through man’s creative power to replace it with a perfect and just order.” In order to accomplish this, noted Voegelin, the transcendental origin of being must be “obliterated,” which “requires the decapitation of being – the murder of God.” This murder takes place “speculatively by explaining divine being as the work of man.”[iii] Here we find a form of occultism that shares the same practice as Marxism-Leninism. Where the Marxist-Leninist uses “dialectics” the parousiastic gnostics use esotericism (secret doctrines hidden behind intellectual formulae and symbols). As Dugin biographer James Heiser has hinted, the Yuzhinskii circle was Hermetic rather than Gnostic, yet their aims coincide with Marxism – which may explain the story that Dugin “started [in his youth] working in a KGB archive where he gained access to, and read, large amounts of forbidden literature on Masonry, fascism and paganism.”[iv]

The Yuzhinskii Circle had access to the USSR’s largest Lenin library. Who gave them that access? Who gave them the means to live and work in the USSR? It seems the existence of this group served some dark clandestine purpose. Has there been, deep inside the Soviet regime, a hidden occult circle? No proof of this has been found. According to Russian monographs that do not exist in English, Alexy Shchusev’s design for Lenin’s Mausoleum was influenced by the ideas of Madam Blavatsky, author of The Secret Doctrine.[v] Can we verify this? No. But the design of Lenin’s tomb cannot be accounted for. It is a mock pyramid, built of red granite and black labradorite, in which Lenin’s remains have been mummified. What this implies about Leninism, and the inner workings of the CPSU Central Committee, is hard to evaluate. Men are inconsistent creatures. Ideologies and theologies have been known to join together in unexpected ways.

It is doubly curious that members of the Yuzhinskii Circle started calling themselves “The Black Order of the SS” when led by the philologist Evgenii Golovin (b. 1936), under the inspiration of Yurii Mamleev (b. 1931), a Russian mystic and novelist described as “a representative of the aesthetics of evil.”[vi] Just as Putin’s outward adoption of Russian Orthodoxy is a disguise, so was the adoption of Russian Orthodoxy by the Yuzhinskii Circle. As James Heiser’s research indicates, Dugin merely pays lip service to Orthodoxy, but does not actually practice the religion. At the same time Dugin has adopted all the weapons of cultural Marxism. As he explained in his book, The Fourth Political Theory, “classical Marxists consistently call for insanity….”[vii] Turning to his own theory he added, “Madness is part of the gender arsenal of the Fourth Political Theory.”[viii]

As might be expected from a “former” KGB operative, Dugin’s Fourth Theory aligns with recent Marxian innovations. Dugin seeks to overcome “white European man” through “global egalitarianism.” This is not classic Marxism, as Marx was not an egalitarian; but Soviet strategists long ago found egalitarianism a useful weapon for subverting Western institutions (since egalitarianism is inherently destructive of social order). It is therefore not surprising that Dugin, as an alleged Traditionalist, says that white European males are enemies of “Tradition” because white European males uphold liberalism (the First Political Theory). Therefore, noted Dugin, gender identity must be broken. Here Dugin sets up Western liberalism as a straw man, describing it as a Marxist would – as racism, sexism and classism. “Now we are in this moment of a postmodern re-extension,” wrote Dugin, “and the final breaking of gender. The stages of this break are feminism, homosexuality, sex change operations, and transhumanity.”[ix]

Dugin has also commented on the extent to which Western elites have been influenced by Marxist theories. He is gratified that these elites are prepared to overcome sex by rejecting opposites and making mankind into “cyborgs.” What better operation could there be for immanentizing the eschaton? According to Dugin, “We stand on the transition between the hypermodern and the postmodern, and we do not know where the truth and reality lies.” Therefore, he continued, “in a post-modern construction of gender, there will not be any men.”[x]

To destroy the order of being, Dugin advocates destroying the archetype of man. This archetype, he wrote, is falling to pieces. Conservatives can try though they may, but they cannot reconstruct “man” once he has been deconstructed. The only option will then be “androgyny as practiced by angels.” Here we see that Dugin is a sorcerer putting ideas from various thinkers into a pot over which he repeats dark incantations like those of the weird sisters in Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn and caldron bubble.
Fillet of a fenny snake,
In the caldron boil and bake;
Eye of newt and toe of frog,
Wool of bat and tongue of dog,
Adder’s fork and blind-worm’s sting,
Lizard’s leg and howlet’s wing,
For a charm of powerful trouble,
Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.

Dugin throws bits and pieces from the philosophers to boil and bake his hell-broth – his Fourth Political Theory. “Russia is invested with a mission in an apocalyptic moment of history,” Dugin told one American interviewer. “Russia is going to accomplish something of global importance; but it is very difficult to describe. It is something metaphysical … something more mysterious.”[xi]

There are even mystical doppelgängers in Dugin’s hell-broth. In his interview with John David Ebert he said, “there are two Putins….” Dugin then referred to Ernst Kantorowicz’s theory that a monarch has two bodies – a corporeal body and a mystical “body politic.” Indulging in his usual metaphysical horseplay, Dugin borrowed from Catholic theology to draw a magic circle around the murderous Russian dictator. It is, indeed, a fitting operation for a black magician – and one we might expect to see. Then, during this same 23 May interview, Dugin tells Ebert, “This mystical body of Putin … is linked with … [the] Russian mission, with the logic of Russian history, and sometimes Putin gives the sign that he is in the direct connection with this imperial … dimension of Russian history [and its] apocalyptical dimension – [a] sacred and holy dimension of our destiny.”[xii]

Explaining his own mystical influence over Putin, Dugin said, “The spirit walks where it wants. The spirit isn’t dependent [on] the normal way of influence, for example, there are so many people around Putin who see him regularly with no influence on him. With zero influence. So it is not about quantity. It is about quality, I would say. Our relations are rather on the level of this deep identity, [rather] than on the surface.”[xiii]

Ebert then interjected, “But you have met with him, personally?” Dugin replied, “I never answer this question.”[xiv] This was said in a faint voice and Ebert had a puzzled look on his face, not knowing what to make of Dugin’s non-answer. Bringing the interview to an end, Ebert congratulated Dugin as his kind of thinker. It is gnostic thinking, of course, as described by Eric Voegelin. Yet Ebert has no clue regarding Dugin’s gnostic objectives. Voegelin wrote, “By gnostic movements we mean such movements as progressivism, positivism, Marxism, psychoanalysis, communism, fascism, and national socialism.”[xv] We can now add Duginism to Voegelin’s list.

Dugin is the architect of an “ersatz religion” collapsible into Marxism. The central project of all ersatz religion is to replace God with man, thereby creating heaven on earth. In practice, however, these ersatz religions lead to mass death. “The nature of a thing cannot be changed,” wrote Voegelin; “whoever tries to ‘alter’ its nature destroys the thing. Man cannot transform himself into a superman [or Soviet man]. Historically, the murder of God is not followed by the superman [or Soviet man], but by the murder of man: the deicide of the gnostic theoreticians is followed by the homicide of the revolutionary practitioners.”[xvi]

Reflecting on Dugin and the Yuzhinskii Circle’s fascination with Nazism, we may be reminded of the occultist Dietrich Eckart, who allegedly said on his deathbed: “Follow Hitler. He will dance, but it is I who have written the music….” Eckart formulated the notion that crimes committed by Germany’s Messiah were justified regardless of the means. The world will only heal, argued Eckart, “after a bloody war of annihilation against the united army of the ‘trolls’….”[xvii] Dugin has provided a similar service for Putin. In Dugin’s schema, the united army of the trolls is none other than NATO; and Dugin has devised an elaborate justification for serial military aggression – first, against Ukraine, then NATO and the United States.

In Dugin’s book, The Last War of the World-Island, a future war against America is said to be inevitable. Dugin argues that Putin must unambiguously challenge Atlanticism or Russia will disappear into oblivion. According to Dugin, “expansion [is necessary] to the natural borders of northwest Eurasia … with the prospect of extending its zone of influence beyond its boundaries, perhaps on a planetary scale.” Dugin added that the fall of the USSR was “a catastrophic step backward.” The objective for Russia must be to control all of Eurasia “from the position of the center of the inner continent.”[xviii]

This is the dogma of Eurasianism, almost identical with teachings Hitler absorbed from members of the mystical Thule Society in Munich in the early 1920s (see, especially, Karl Ernst Haushofer and Rudolf Hess).[xix] The Yuzhinskii Circle, from which Dugin emerged, was fascinated with National Socialism. Yet the most curious project they were involved with during the latter years of the Soviet Union, was the formation of the Pamyat Society, officially known as the National Patriotic Front (NPF), a Russian ultranationalist organization that outwardly identified itself with Orthodox Christianity (while inwardly adopting Nazi terminology).

According to Heiser, Pamyat was supported by “highly placed individuals in the Central Committee, the KGB, and the armed forces [of the USSR] ….”[xx] It appears that experiments were then taking place throughout the USSR in the 1980s. Attempts were being made to synthetically align the far right with communist objectives. Operations of this kind can be traced back to the Soviet infiltration of the Nazi diaspora in the 1940s. It is unsurprising, therefore, that during the 1980s neo-Nazi groups throughout Europe were infiltrated by the KGB or formed by KGB operatives. Tremendous efforts were made to appropriate and synthesize far right ideas if only to exploit their potent anti-Western properties. As it happens, the far right has no unifying ideology. It only exists as a thousand splinters. In the 1980s the KGB asked the question: “How to bring these splinters together?” Furthermore, “How could these splinters be mobilized and merged with the communist left?” This left-right convergence strategy would take years to develop, yet it has developed. Putin has reached out to the far right, and elements on the far right have gravitated to his orbit. It is no accident that Dugin’s Fourth Political Theory attempts to combine ideological themes of the right and left by focusing on the common enemy of both; that is, classical Western liberalism.

Does Dugin control Putin’s ideological trajectory? Perhaps the alignment between Dugin and Putin indicates a common strategy – a long-range plan orchestrated by a “secret strategic center.” Dugin may not be as independent a thinker as we suppose. For example, in 2009 Dugin began advocating all-out war against Ukraine. This was five years before the Donbas war ignited in 2014. Was this clairvoyance on Dugin’s part, or was he following a plan? According to Heiser, “The Ukrainian government has long recognized Dugin as an enemy of Ukraine; in fact, the Ukrainian government formally declared him to be persona non grata for five years, beginning in June 2006, ‘for violating Ukrainian law.’” When Dugin attempted to enter Ukraine in 2007, Kiev deported him for seeking to “destabilize the country.” The Kremlin retaliated on Ukraine for Dugin’s deportation by refusing to allow Mykola Zhulinsky to enter Russia.[xxi] Why would Moscow be so protective of Dugin?

As an advocate of war, Dugin likes to quote Heraclitus to the effect that “war is the father of all things.” There is truth in this melancholy saying, yet Dugin is not at all melancholy. Rather, he is exuberant. Dugin says that America and Russia represent two poles from which spring “inexorable and terrible hatred.” In a 1998 interview Dugin made the following comments: “If the European New Right chooses us [Russians], that means it chooses the barbarian element, and therefore it must choose our methods of action.” Then Dugin explained, “You must take a knife, put on a mask, go out of the house in the evening and kill at least one Yank.” He then added, “I do not know whether any of the New Right activists have ever been under artillery siege, but our people do not only go to meetings or fight at the barricades, they also go to real wars, for instance to the Dniestr district [Moldova], or to Yugoslavia…. The New Right is only a project, and we are its architects. The future truly is ours.”[xxii]

Dugin’s rhetoric got him into trouble in 2014 when he said, “Today’s Ukrainians are a race of degenerates that crawled up from the sewer. Genocide is in order.” He famously added, “Kill, kill, and kill Ukrainians.” And “we must kill all Ukrainians.”[xxiii] As James Heiser ironically put it, Dugin is advancing the cause of war with remarkable erudition. He has, in effect spiked old Cold War wine with a hot war vintage, pouring the lethal concoction into new bottles with “conservative” written onto the labels.

Heiser explained, “For those individuals who remember the Cold War, the ‘geopolitical face’ of Eurasianism is quite familiar because it has a family resemblance to the ‘geopolitical’ face of Marxism-Leninism.”[xxiv] This resemblance is no accident, and shows that Dugin has worked out a serious right-of-center ideology – a cunning beard for the Leninist core of the Soviet successor state. Dugin knows history and philosophy well enough, and has esoteric knowledge to the bargain. Perhaps Dugin imagines that if the Russian authorities pretend to be Eurasianists they will become his kind of Eurasianists. No doubt the same conceit animates the ruling Leninist clique, even as they prepare to send troops to Daniel Ortega’s Nicaragua. Let Dugin play with his voodoo dolls. He serves the World Revolution and is Marxism’s instrument in the end.

Every rhetorical inconsistency is resolved when it comes to strategy. Watch what the Russians do and compare it with what they have said. Watch what Dugin says and see the outcome. Russia has aligned itself with communist countries and not with “conservative” countries (i.e., Revolutionary Iran follows a liberation theology version of Islam). Russia is now on a war path. Military moves are underway. The Russian and Chinese governments are accelerating their war preparations. Here is an alliance that threatens the existence of the West. Who will understand this? For those of my former friends who no longer speak to me because they have sided with Russia and Putin – and barrage me with Russian propaganda about corrupt Ukrainian Nazis – I offer this brief journey into “Putin’s brain” (i.e., Dugin). It is shameful that you did not do your homework. It is doubly shameful that you would despise an old friend to side with an old enemy.

Notes and Links

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224 thoughts on “Twilight of the Magicians: Aleksandr Dugin and the War Against the West

  1. Intriguing analysis – so many questions around Dugin but my friends in Ukraine have a term for him meaning obsolete or thrown away. Perhaps that’s part of the plan. Either way, Russia is in full war mode – and so is China. The Final War is a term both nations are using now. It seems inevitable we will be pulled in before the end of the year. Looks like Russia will try to take Kaliningrad soon – this has little news but in my Ukrainian circles this is very large news: https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/eu-just-implemented-risky-anti-russia-measure-could-trigger-ww3-few-are-taking-notice

    1. Russia owns Kaliningrad, which used to be the German city of Konigsberg. Lithuania has cut off Russian land access through Lithuania. Russia says it is an act of war.

      1. Jeff, from what I understand, didn’t Lithuania just cut off the sanctioned stuff having land access (like steel and military stuff), not all items like food? This is what the Lithuanian customs spokesperson said.

      2. Konigsberg was founded by Czech king on land of ancient Prussians (unrelated to Germans).

      3. Unrelated to Germans? Konigsberg was the most significant city in East Prussia and East Prussia was German territory during the last World War. The Red Army captured the city toward the end of World War II and it became Soviet territory.

  2. Mr. Nyquist, do you believe that, if not all, but only a part of the current far right movements in Europe, were created by the KGB during the 1980s?

    1. The term far right as used by Anglo-Saxon media means anti-imperialist nowadays, nothing else.

    2. Historically, far right in the western Europe were different groups than nowadays, used to be imperialists and Nazis. Nowadays there are two kinds of far right, isolationists (Le Pen) and anti-islam Zionists (Zemmour). Zionists are promoted by MSM, but people see they don’t represent their interests. During the sixties, in France, eastern block supported general De-Gaulle, whose enemies were imperialist far right and cosmopolitan American backed liberals who created 1968 unrest.

    3. It is infiltration, but I think the more correct term that fits left wing cynics is DEBAUCHERY. The level of intellectual laziness that these so called right wingers express rivals Marxism itself. As someone pointed, Marxism demoralizes, gaslights and humiliates to destroy. It is a predator, a sort of fancy of the gods seen in insects but adopted by men.

  3. Jeff, what will the effects be on the Middle East? Where will Turkey go in support. what will the future of NATO be, and what will unroll in the Middle East and North Africa should all of this take place this year? Just wondering what you thoughts are on this.

    1. The Middle East will be short of food. The West and Japan will be short of fuel. Russia holds the strands. NATO is under economic attack and various countries will be tempted or coerced to switch sides. Biden will be pushing from the black…. The fifth column is in power. Do they dare use it?

      1. I read that piece and Hal Turner has not given an honest account of what Arestovych said. All he said was that if Russia conquers Ukraine, then the Ukrainian army would be forcibly integrated into the Russian Army — as it was under the Soviet Union. In that case NATO would be facing an augmented Russia. Thus, he was not suggesting that Ukraine may “switch sides.” He was describing the consequences if we allow Russia to conquer them. Ukrainians are fighting very hard and will continue as long as they are able. But if they lose, America and NATO will also lose. The choice is ours — not his.

  4. “It is doubly shameful that you would despise an old friend to side with an old enemy.”

    That is so, so sad! 🙁 I don’t understand how people can be so blind?

    “and the final breaking of gender. The stages of this break are feminism, homosexuality, sex change operations, and transhumanity.”

    Scary how we are following that very pattern!

    “The central project of all ersatz religion is to replace God with man, thereby creating heaven on earth.”

    “Putin’s brain” appears to listen to the same voice that said to Eve in the garden: ““You will not surely die. For God knows that in the day you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”

    Very thought-provoking, Jeff, thank you!

    1. Correction: “and ye shall be as gods” who were not gods but masquerading as such. That is why Satanists want to kill THE ONE AND ONLY GOD AND HIS SON because they are not real gods.

    2. There is a curious rumor — probably false — that Putin attempted to modify his own genetics to live longer and it backfired into cancer. It does fit….

      1. Do you think they could be preparing Putin’s death? After all, he isn’t the real decision maker in Russia.

      2. There is testimony from high-level players about a hidden collective leadership in Russia. To the extent that Putin accepts responsibility he becomes absolutely necessary to the functioning of the system. If he should fail, yes, he would be removed. And that would be catastrophic at this point. As a war leader Putin is the only plausible figure they have at the moment. I do not know who else they could possibly replace him with. They thought to use Dmitri Medvedev, but he did not possess the requisite qualities. They are present using N. Patrushev to frighten everyone into line. But he would be a disastrous president. If I were Sergei Stepashin (who might be the real brains behind it all) I would be searching for a presidential replacement candidate. Not an easy task. Who, after all, would want such a frightful job as “President of the Russian Federation.” Only a madman or a fool would take the job now.

      3. Putin’s wife is quoted as saying that her husband has been dead for years, replaced by an imposter. Others have noted that he is not the same man. A Rusky gal told me that there are multiple Putin doppelgangers.

  5. In this time of so much uncertainty, we see daughters turn against mothers and vice versa. As well as friend against friend, but more importantly the world is and has been turning away from God… We will suffer famine, plagues and uncertainty when we turn away from God, is it our last chance?? Russia and China are joining forces maybe they will have a great blowup and turn against each other… Only God knows what time it is… Prayers for all

    1. Thanks for posting this. Are there other recent interviews that Jeff has done? Maybe you could post them as links here when you’ve done an interview, Jeff?

      1. I was hoping you would talk about Taiwan’s threats to China. Taiwan said they have missile capabilities to strike Beijing and that they wouldn’t shy away from using them if China invaded. Do you think that is just saber-rattling?

        Also, this was a rather long but interesting scenario: “How China would destroy US bases & sink ships in Pearl Harbor-style missile blitz ahead of Taiwan invasion, experts warn”


        Any thoughts?

      2. True, but maybe at that point they would feel like they had nothing to lose? Maybe they know China can’t afford to annihilate them and lose all of Taiwan’s assets?

      3. China should be careful in its approach. That is why blockade may be a better approach for them. It is more gradualist. Here we are in the dark regarding exact moves

      4. Some users try to post Mr. Nyquist’s interviews as we find them. You may be able to find some in the comments sections of the past few blog posts, in case you missed them.

    2. Jeff has a beard. War time austerity measures. Things are getting serious.

    3. The covid crackdown in China is yet another iteration of creating communism in China. The big idea is that as much as impersonating a cop is a crime, a socialist economy is fundamentally corrupt since it seeks to impersonate the businessman, the parenting of his children and the knowledge of worker’s own knowledge about his own health. Of course, corrupt corporations and an equally corrupt proletariat who wants to be cared for, is at the origin of this Marxist form or friendly form of capitalism. Socialism seeks to further the imposture all the way to communism where the full technocracy has taken the role of the parent and the authority and expertise of the patient over his own health and self management. So debauched Marxist care-capitalism is alive with Western forced vaccination programs,and in China the full gamut of technocratic corrupt impersonation of the worker and citizen is in full communist swing.

  6. Your writings are so enlightening and have taught me much. You’ve helped me better understand the players and how we are getting to where we all know we are going. I admit I was adrift, knowing our future is bleak but not understanding the players. I fell into the trap of thinking Russia wasn’t all that bad and that the “deep state” was creating another war for profit. Now I realize our government, hell society, has been so deeply infiltrated by the communist that they fooled us into looking in the wrong direction.

    Do you think many in our government know they’re aiding and abetting the communist, or are most just hapless patsies?

    Thank you.

  7. “They would follow in the footsteps of Nimrod in the construction of a Tower of Babel.”

    If I recall correctly, Gilgamesh sought to go up into the heavens and made inquiry to that effect and was told he could not. So, was the tower of Babel actually the launch platform that humans tried to duplicate before being disbursed? And, of course, we have now achieved that dream and presume to colonize the universe.

    1. Eddiehnatko: I choose to believe that proscription to not try to emulate what was at the time perceived as ‘the gods’ was not a forever denial, but something denied to humanity in that earlier Age due to the ntent in Nimrod’s heart to challenge God. And I further choose to believe the impetus toward outward expansion and discovery in humanity is our good and right created nature and that just as He provided a whole world to eventually explore, He provided an entire universe of glories and magnificence for us to one day experience. Likwise to the ancient king, the Communist sprit toward it will be to challenge the natural and sacred order, while honest men will see it as fulfilling our God-given potential.

      1. Noble thoughts for sure; but how about this? The more advanced we have become, the more corrupt we are with no end to our aspiration to become gods. The very fact that we have progressed to the point of extinction only exposes our dark side. Whom shall we fight for dominion of the Moon or Mars? What good is it to live forever if there be only death and destruction. Earth was made for man to enjoy and nurture. How much has technology erased our ability to live the simple life. Sure, life was hard, but we knew how to grow crops and make our own clothes. We even knew how to read and write. Life moved at a slower pace. Families were closer. I realize this is oversimplification; but there was a more independent and self-sufficient spirit. Just saying.

      2. The advanced we become, the more corrupt? Man is wicked. Give him more power and what have you increased? His goodness or his wickedness? Which will get the better of him in the end? The concept of original sin, which was spelled out by the ancient pagans before it became part of Christian theology, is one of the most plausible theories used to explain the human condition. Man is a limited being, full of error. His limitations include moral limitations and moral errors. This is our position. Anyone who denies or attempts to avoid it, is headed for trouble.

  8. Hi Jeff, Thank you for your excellent analysis of Dugin and his connection with the occult. Many early Marxists were Satanists and this is reflected in the horror of the Red Terror and purges which bear the hallmarks of Satanic ritual abuse. Acceptance of abortion, and now post birth ‘abortion’ not only breaks the sacred maternal/infant bond, but acclimatizes us to the vile practice of blood sacrifice of children. Transgenderism is promoted so that we will accept Lucifer, who is the original transgender, when Satanists believe he will usher in the New Luciferian World Order around 2030, 2000 years after the death of Christ ended the old LWO. Politically it will resemble Global Communism, and will be ruled by the Red Dragon (China) as per Rev 12:3. The Green Agenda aims at a net zero carbon world, but since all life on Earth is carbon based, this means that Luciferians seek ultimately to destroy all of God’s Creation.

    1. No one in the world except Anglo-American imperialist elite promotes transgenderism. One must be a special kind of idiot to connect it to Marxism.

  9. Is not part of the occult the confusion of language? For example, the talk about the far right and the far left as opposites, how does that not obscure the fact that both started out as followers of Karl Marx? Only that the fascists, Nazis, thought that they were more advanced than was Karl Marx, in that the Nazis thought that they could achieve the dictatorship of the proletariat without the bloody revolution as advocated by Marx? Because they were more advanced than Marx, that they could leave him behind?

    Does not this bifurcation of “far right” and “far left” also lead to a false dilemma in the minds of many? That in order to oppose the evils of one, that they then embrace the other? Then what about the “middle”? Being sandwiched between two versions of Marxism, will the “middle” also adopt many of the ideals of Marxism?

    How many of Jeff’s former friends have been seduced by that false dilemma?

    Would it not be better to acknowledge that the reason that the communists have been successful to co-opt the “far right” is because, under the skin, the “far right” are fellow far left Marxists?

    These thoughts came to mind while reading the article. Jeff mentioned that Dugin and his group are influenced by the occult. I was reminded that many of the Nazis were also heavily into the occult. The same is true of many communists. Therefore, we cannot expect them to tell the truth.

    Jeff, thanks for this picture of Dugin, and the dark, even genocidal, future that he holds for us. He tells us that we must fight like dead men against his invasion, because he gives us the choice of either dying fighting, or die on our knees being executed.

      1. Jeff, I think you are right as far as individuals are concerned. When they first are introduced to the ideas of the “far right”, they don’t realize that its ideology is grounded in Marxism. Especially if they gravitate towards the “far right” as a way to oppose communism. They may even adopt the Marxist opposition to capitalism, all powerful central government, censorship of opposing views, and other Marxist goals, all without realizing that they are Marxist goals.

        I think the same false dilemma reaction is at play among those “on the right” who now support Putin in his invasion of Ukraine. They are fooled by surface appearances, that people like Putin and Dugin are telling the truth when they claim to be conservative and Christian. Meanwhile the Ukrainians are portrayed as hopelessly corrupt and Nazis. So in their opposition to Ukrainian corruption and Nazis, they choose to believe Putin’s lies.

        In both cases, many people don’t realize that they support forms of Marxism. But what about the top leadership?

      2. I do not know what books you’ve read, but the ideas of the far right are not grounded in Marxism. The right existed long before Karl Marx. It is older than Marxism. It did not originate with him.

      3. Thank you, Mr. Nyquist, for yet another great article!

        I would also like to hear more about origins of far right, since it is something hard to understand.

        I mean Hitlers party was a socialist workers party, right? Also I have been under the impression that in 1919 Hitler supported Bavarian soviets who were controlled from Moscow. Later he bacame to oppose marxism, but he was still a some kind of socialist, am I not mistaken?

        Also Mussolini was member of a marxist socialist party, so he had that background as well. But his national facism was branded more like a ”the third way”, meaning not left nor right.

        But at least they got some of their ideas from marxism, communists and soviets. This is the impression I have. But from where does the ideology of far right really originate?

      4. Hitler was a political spy for the Army who learned to give lectures and discovered his talent for public speaking. He infiltrated political parties for the generals. When he went into the German Workers Party (DAP) he was almost certainly spying. The full backstory may never be known. The relationships Hitler mysteriously developed included powerful right wing figures like General Ludendorff (a person of limited political understanding), and left wing persons as well. The Beer Hall push was originally to coincide with a communist uprising in Berlin which, if memory serves, was canceled. Communism was a serious problem in Germany after WWI. From the right, within the Army, somebody got the idea of neutralizing communism by offering the workers a national socialist alternative. Hitler (or his mentors) developed a formula for uniting the left and the right using nationalism and antisemitism together with socialism. To the industrialists Hitler depicted himself as fighting “Jewish-Bolshevism”; to the working men he depicting himself as fighting the Western Jewish bankers who were supposedly robbing Germany. In Mein Kampf Hitler gave his formula away. He said that the Germans, who had fought almost everybody in the Great War, could not bear to be told they had so many enemies. The key, he said, was to reduce all of Germany’s enemies to one enemy; that is, the Jews. Antisemitism was Hitler’s brutal ideological trick, which suited his demagogic and simplifying style. Make everything childishly simple. The whole antisemitism thing was, of course, a crude conspiracy theory which then resonated. This ideology led to tragedy in the long run. For a time antisemitism was a successful formula. Aside from that, Hitler also owed his rise, in part, to Stalin; because Stalin saw Hitler as “the icebreaker” of the Revolution. Hitler was assessed very shrewdly by the Kremlin as a reckless person who would bring disaster to Europe. Stalin hoped to enable Hitler so that a “Second Imperialist War” would occur and Moscow would “mop up.” Stalin directed the German communists to effectively commit suicide. Many communists were instructed to infiltrate the Nazi Party by joining it. The great weakness of Hitler’s regime was the degree to which it was heavily infiltrated by Moscow’s agents. In the end, in the last months of the war, Hitler appears to have cut some kind of deal with Stalin in late 1944 (probably with help from Martin Bormann). The evidence for this can be traced in the memoirs of Walter Schellenberg and Reinhard Gehlen, together with the late war alcoholism of Field Marshal Walter Model (who said, after the Ardennes Offensive, that Hitler was “a liar” as to his real motive for launching the Ardennes Offensive which focused exclusively on grinding down the Americans). The outlines of Hitler’s betrayal of Germany in the late war is especially seen in this late war Ardennes Offensive of 16 December 1944 and the weak front he presented to the USSR. Notice, at this same time, how Stalin focused on overrunning the Balkans when he might have marched directly on Berlin (two panzer armies having been concentrated in Army Group B, under Model, in the West). This history here is very complicated, especially as Western historians have not appreciated the role of Soviet clandestine resources or Soviet strategy. While some of this hidden history has been revealed by writers like Viktor Suvorov and Ernst Topisch, we have a long way to go before it is fully understood.

      5. “Meanwhile the Ukrainians are portrayed as hopelessly corrupt and Nazis. So in their opposition to Ukrainian corruption and Nazis, they choose to believe Putin’s lies.”

        Even if Ukrainians were as hopelessly Nazi and corrupt as Russian propaganda says, how does that impact America/the West? Between Ukraine, Russia and China, which of these are a threat to the West? Why is ‘too much corruption’ a reason for not supporting friendly nations when the West has been trading with infinitely more corrupt and hostile Russia and China for so long? Hard-nosed ‘realpolitik’ conservatives justify trading with our mortal enemies based on national self-interest (ie corporate profits), and then suddenly grow a moral backbone when they think they have nothing to lose (a poor country in eastern Europe) but even then, only when it serves the interests of those same enemies. They flatter themselves thinking they understand ‘realpolitik’ but fail to notice that the Russian-Chinese version of this is quite different than that of the West.

        The dangerous incoherence of ‘nationalist’ conservatives needs to be pointed out loudly and often, maybe then more people on the right will wake up.

        I think some paleo-con and alt-right types, who have traditionally been marginalized by mainstream conservatism, now enjoy living vicariously through Putin’s “might makes right” display of power. Russia’s revanchist propaganda is probably also attractive to people who nurse a sense of grievance against liberal Western society.

        Instead of prompting a rethink, it’s like the war spurred more conservatives to lap up Russia’s propaganda. Embracing the extreme opposite of the mainstream liberal viewpoint is like a badge of honor, it’s cool, provocative, and proof of ‘independent’ thinking. Because western leaders are weak, conservatives embrace an extreme non-Western version of hard power. They decry how the Left always smears them as Nazis and then they justify one of the most brutal acts of military aggression since Hitler’s time. They complain of Leftist tyranny but admire Putin’s murderous authoritarianism. They oppose the soft-power globalist world order but so far have little objection to the aggressive nuclear-powered NWO pushed by China and Russia. Conservatives may not realize how incoherent they sound, but is anyone else noticing?

      6. Jeff: do the terms “right” and “far right” refer to the same political philosophies?

        In political discourse, the term “right” has referred to different philosophies in different times and different places. But here in the states at this time, I see it generally understood as supporting the rule of law in a return to Constitutional principles.

        But when I ask for examples of “far right”, invariably I’m presented with rebranded, far-left, Marx-inspired ideologies such as fascism and even Nazi. Did our opponents call it “far right” in a devilish action in order to poison the well, dilute the brand and confuse people about what the “right” stands for?

        Therefore, should we not also make a distinction between the “right” and “far right”?

        Thank you, Ilmari, for some of the historical and ideological background of “far right” movements.

      7. I do not understand your claim that fascism is Marxist-inspired. National Socialism is an antI-Marxist socialism. Mussolini broke with Marxism. The only thing you have with these anti-liberal ideologies is a shared enemy. The West.

      8. “He said that the Germans, who had fought almost everybody in the Great War, could not bear to be told they had so many enemies. The key, he said, was to reduce all of Germany’s enemies to one enemy; that is, the Jews. ”

        This is such a brilliant insight he had there. It’s so true. We see this today when 99.9% of Americans know that our enemy is EITHER russia OR china, and refuse to believe it is russia AND china. The part about the Ardennes War and a secret pact between Hitler-Kremlin there is super interesting. Had never heard it before. It’s kind of like Diana West’s idea that we should have gone straight up Italy into Germany, instead of landing in France. Some people are skeptical of that, saying that there were good military reasons to not do that, like mountains blocking the way, I have little military understanding to judge. The point about how Russia used Hitler as an Icebreaker, and how absolutely successful it was, I’m sure Putin and the Kremlin decision makers know that. It seems to me like that has to be the playbook they are drawing from. I don’t know why they wouldn’t just repeat that again and use NK or Iran or someone else as the new Icebreaker today.

      9. Jeff: there were many shared features between National Socialism and Marxist Leninism—both were anti-Semitic (Marx himself was a self-hating anti-Semite and many others, like Trotsky, followed him in his Antisemitism), both saw the ideal government being the dictatorship of the proletariate, both established an overwhelming state police (Gestapo in Germany, NKVD in the Soviet Union), both saw that it was the government’s policy to lie to the people through propaganda, both hated the Bible and its teachings, both strove to impose socialism world-wide, both sought to impose a religion based on the religious myth of Darwinian evolution, both favored civilian disarmament, both were anti-capitalist, if we dig deep enough, how many more parallels can we find? Do not these many parallels indicate a common source, namely Marxist socialism?

        About the only differences that I know of are: the fascists adopted a strategy similar to the Cloward-Piven strategy for taking power and they didn’t care whose name is on ownership papers of industry, as long as industry worked for socialist goals under government control. This second difference seems very similar to what is going on in China today.

        Given their state policy to lie, how can we trust their claim to have rejected Marxism? Many years ago I read an interview with someone who had worked inside the Nazi headquarters. She overheard the Nazi bigwigs privately discussing openly Marxist ideas, which they lied about publicly so as not to sully their anti-Semitic creds. She mentioned several details, most of which I don’t remember because the interview was published decades before the internet.

        Based on all of the above, I find it hard to believe that the fascists were not Marxists.

      10. I really do not like this destruction of language and nuance. Hitler did not advocate a dictatorship of the Proletariat. Marxism is not an antisemitic creed. Marx’s antisemitism was incidental to his philosophy. Hitler’s government system and ruling party was not officially atheist. There are similarities between National Socialism and Marxism-Leninism in that both oppose liberalism. But these twenty creeds are different. One is nationalist, the other internationalist. You have jumbled all kinds of different things together, claiming they are the same. Please stop. Nazis are not Marxists and Marxists are not Nazis. Fine distinctions matter. You begin to mix words and concepts and all insights evaporate. What you get is A = B and pretty soon everything equals everything. It corrupts your ability to see.

      11. Jeff: I won’t say more, other than that the way we two approach these questions differs enough that we come to different conclusions.

        But let it not detract us from our present enemy, the combined forces of China and Russia, together with their other allies.

      12. In order to get elected as Führer, Hitler needed the support of the Brown Shirt Socialists, the German Workers’ Party. Their leader, Ernst Röhm, co-founder with Hitler, of the SA Storm Units, confronted der Führer about his un kept campaign promises to institute Socialism in NAZI Germany. So, Hitler outed him and the Brown Shirts as being homosexual. This turned public sentiment against them, so that Hitler set them up for complete massacre. With the Socialists dispensed with, there was no further restriction against Hitler’s power.

    1. Liberalism, globalism and degenerate “progressivism” are ideologies of contemporary imperialism. It is the imperialists calling everyone who opposes them “far right”. They are the ones who define those terms.

  10. Jeff, which books do you recommend for anyone trying to understand the current state of global politics, including how we got here and where we are going as a nation and society?

    1. I recommend Diana West’s “America Betrayal” and “The Red Thread,” Joseph McCarthy’s “Retreat From Victory,” Joseph D. Douglass, Jr.’s “Red Cocaine,” and Anatoliy Golitsyn’s “New Lies for Old.” This is a very short list. But there is no real end of important books by defectors and communist-linked sources. “The Bolshevik Invasion of the West” by Louis Budenz may seem dull but gives many insights. Perhaps the most important book by a former American communist is Whitaker Chambers’s “Witness.” All these are important, dealing with the historical background of where we are politically in terms of the communist infiltration and takeover of our country. Regarding political philosophy, Eric Voegelin’s works are highly recommended, and Richard Weaver (who is endlessly fascinating for his “intuition of a situation” found in his book, “Ideas Have Consequences”). Jacob Burckhardt is worthwhile for his observations on culture and freedom. I am just now reading the St. Petersburg Dialogues of de Maistre, which is a very important work. There are too many books that could be listed as important to a larger understanding of our situation. Modern books need to be read and understood by cultivating a certain distance from modernity. Useful in this are the ancient Greeks and Romans, especially Thucydides, Polybius and Tacitus. What Polybius wrote about the Roman Constitution, in particular, has importance for understanding our own Constitution and the concept of constitutional government — which has largely been forgotten. If memory serves, James Monroe read out a section from Polybius to the Virginia ratifying convention as this ancient author had more influence in design of our system of government than has been generally recognized. I hope this helps.

      1. I will add that James Madison kept a copy of Polybius on his table at the Constitutional Convention. I learned this from Prof.Meyer Reinhold, who authored a book called Classica Americana. Only fragments of Polybius’s work are extant, but the portions we have are invaluable to understanding the rise and fall of civilization.

  11. In that this is an apocalyptic scenario it falls that man only fulfills prophesy. While he often declares that we can alter the future (that which has been prophesied), every attempt only paints him into a corner without windows. I said in 1974, to much laughter, that America is history. That is not what I would have wished though I felt it to be true. The mind of man has been altered to the point that recovery is impossible. Whom can we awaken? I say no one. The many who read your posts are aware of our vulnerability; but beyond that the country will either die fighting or die never knowing what hit them. Many on both sides of the fence want a revolution; but that only solidifies our demise. That is why I have tried to explain our only option is fighting in self-defense. No matter what we do, we lose. And Radiofort, if you’re listening, you completely misunderstand my position.

      1. Well, yes, that is the answer. But the nature of man is to be in charge at the expense of others.

      2. Yes, the -isms and ideologies have replaced the more pragmatic outlook of the Founders. We practically speak a completely different language than that of the Founders. Their ideas and standards are no longer really represented at any point along the political spectrum, including by most modern so-called conservatives. Interesting article on Dugin. I’m not all that familiar with his writings, although I am aware that many so-called conservatives in the West count him among their allies for some strange reason. It would appear from reading your article that this adulation on the part of some conservatives is very misguided to say the least. There’s nothing even remotely conservative about the notions put forward by Dugin that you highlight in your essay. An all-embracing notion of “traditionalism” is not in line with any older conceptions of tradition, but rather is just another -ism being used to push a lot of disjointed nonsense, since a given tradition or set of “traditions” is the product of a particular people, time, and cultural outlook.

  12. Indeed, puts a whole new light to the confusion of language part of the story. And for everone’s enjoyment, one of the greatest little-known masterpeices of Rock (and its applicable here): https://youtu.be/YmJIccPWnEk

  13. Regarding Eurasianism, does Dugin ever mention China? If not, I bet gullible western conservatives never pick up on the omission, and they’re usually more worried about China’s growing power than Russia is.

    Belarus is holding mobilization drills. According to Ukrainian youtuber Denys Davidov they may be getting ready to invade northern Ukraine soon. Rumours are that the pretext for the Belarussian invasion will be to ‘protect’ Ukraine from an invasion by Poland. Crazy! On its own, Belarus has no reason for attacking. But if this happens, is there any chance of conservatives finally getting a clue that Putin is not waging a ‘nationalist’ war?

    And it’s not just Poland, according to Russian propaganda Turkey also wants a part of Ukraine.

    https://www.redvoicemedia.com/2022/05/leaked-ccp-audio-reveals-their-plan-to-invade-the-world-dr-li-meng-yan-with-maria-zeee/ (subscription may be required)
    Fascinating interview. At one point, Dr Li says that thanks to the work of whistleblowers, the CCP stopped (or more likely delayed for now) the planned release of hemorrhagic fever virus. The release may have been intended to coincide with all the scary stories about Ukrainian biolabs. Curious how all those stories went nowhere. But it’s enough that the Communists planted the seed in the public’s mind, they can always deliver the payoff later.

    And of course, it should shock no one that the CCP-run media is amplifying Russia’s biolabs propaganda. That should be another clue to conservatives, but they are so blinded by anger at Big Pharma and globalists like Bill Gates they cannot look beyond those 2 groups and see who is pulling the strings.

    1. Ah, Laura, yes. You anticipated something I did when rereading Dugin’s Fourth Political Theory. I made notes on all his China references through the text. He basically skips over China in an inexplicable fashion, as if China were not much of a factor (or is included within “Eurasia”). He also gives lip service to the Sino-Soviet split which he graciously blames on Khrushchev. This shows that he is following a line given to him by Kremlin strategists; for anyone writing honestly would not have done this. And yes, tweaking the COVID and vaccine narratives to demonize capitalism is a big part of the communist information strategy. Very interesting links, thank you.

  14. Thank you, Mr Nyquist, for these succinct and timely insights. I particularly enjoy the authoritative manner with which you guide readers in penetrating the history, nature, and complexity of these (contemporary) figures – as well as the (intellectual) forces and actors that have shaped them.

    I look forward to exploring your blog posts, and perhaps to exchange some thoughts on some of the particulars as events unfold.

    Best to you, sir.

  15. You know, I’ve never before realized that the real horror of the Nietzschean abyss staring back is the Lovecraftian one that in that moment man reaches out only to then feel the unyeilding surface of polished glass. But I still have to believe the lesson is not fatalism, but hope in the striving toward a one true God of love and that nobility still exists in the heart of he that will still fight for reaching that beacon of light.

    1. Consider, if you will, Goethe’s “Faust.” The man who makes a deal with Mephistopheles ends up going to Heaven. Culturally speaking, what should we make of it?

  16. Well, Mr Nyquist, you brought me out with an essay on Mr Dugin. He is a muddle head, and his ” fame” reveals more about the decay of philosophy and ideology than their rise. Dugin is well versed in Julius Evola, yet he is not mentioned by you. I understand the oversight. Dugin is not much to speak of in Russia, nor could he be considered a traditionalist in any form. Anyway, I do not as you are well aware, sharing in his nebulous thought. I’m just an Orthodox Monarchist with an Aristocratic worldview, like most Russians innately reactionary. I do not write back to you for the various types of those who follow your work, but for dialogue with you who produce it. I do not expect endorsement of Velikorussian nationalism from you, I expect followers would be just as incensed with Tsarist Russia as with successor states, but again with Aristocratic principle only the God opinion matters to such as we are, God Tsar of Tsars, Sovereign even in a grossly Egalitarianism age.

    1. Thank you for joining in, Strannik. Obviously, genuine Tsarism and Orthodoxy would represent a tremendous step forward for Russia (or should we say, a “step backward”). But is anyone free to go back? How would it be accomplished? The spirituality and morality of Orthodoxy would almost certainly, as Solzhenitsyn argued, open the way to moral improvements in Russia (especially in the realm of Christian self-limitation). Of course, you may not agree with Western notions of checks and balances. These only work, of course, if there is a spiritual element behind them. Obviously, Russia’s continental position requires a strong monarch or war lord in its state constitution. And only a morally sound leader could be trusted with such a position (which is highly problematic since Orthodoxy still has a long way to reestablishing itself in Russia). Of course, Europe and Russia will have to change in order to survive. What will those changes involve? Certainly, the Catholic and Orthodox Churches will have to throw off the communist influences that have so greatly poisoned them. As for Julius Evola, Dugin is not really a Traditionalist after Evola’s fashion. His core betrayal is his acceptance of the feminist-homosexual-transhumanist path. He quite simply betrayed Evola’s Traditionalism by sharing half a loaf with the Marxist-Leninists. If Evola were alive he would have repudiated Dugin as a traitor. But, then again, Evola was rather bitter toward the end of his life, extending something of a malicious olive branch to the communists. Why not help these degenerates bring about the final destruction of everything? That was Evola’s final suggestion. Therefore Evola became, despite his Hermetic expostulations, a gnostic in practice — agreeing to immanentize the eschaton. Evola hinted that it would be perfectly fine to hurry “the End of Days” along. Dugin might, then, excuse himself by saying that he was executing what his master had, late in the day, approved. What can one expect, after all, from Evola and his disciples? There is very little consistency in someone who professes an esoteric doctrine and then engages in open political activity tainted with Machiavellian compromises. What was their faith all about if they believed in an antedeluvian Golden Age? As de Maistre suggested, something very wicked must have happened to that lost world — else why was it lost? But then, one would have to believe in Providence to follow the unfolding logic of this history.

      1. There are those who accused fundamentalists of both Islam and Christianity as working to hasten End Times Prophesy. Considering that Prophesy has been enshrined in Scripture, the future is already set, and whatever exercise of Man’s free will might yet be, was not so much predestined as irrespectively predetermined

      2. Thank you for your reply Mr Nyquist. As with most great things that need to be done, it needs to be done in a spirit of humility, with prayer and fasting and brokenness of spirit, with illumination, with saints and men of iron determination. I have no doubts whatsoever that the clock of ” Progress ” can and will be turned back. And who knows? These very events can be used by God to bring us closer to the fulfillment…. Rehoboam and his ” scorpions ” speech to the children of Israel is an example.

      3. Mr. Nyquist, I wanted to deal with and answer your comments about these Hermetics like Evola and his ilk, separate. They view the struggle against their Enemy as being far more important than any consistent or even truthful teaching. Evola, Serrano, etc… of course they are the primary ones who also believe in the ” Noble Lie”. Which is oxymoronic. They always deal in the principles which are the justifications for Oligarchy that really ultimately come from Egypt, from Ham and before the Flood. They don’t know either Hyperborea or Atlantis.

      4. I am worried about these doctrines that lead to tyranny, and that lead to mass murder and senseless wars. The irrationality of what we saw in the twentieth century should have taught us something. But the lessons were not learned. As Solzhenitsyn pointed out, Russia suffered very badly (from the communists and the Nazis). But now Russia has launched this war. Here we go again and nobody knows how to stop it.

      5. Thank you Strannik, I sincerely appreciate the most eloquent elucidation.
        Jeff, I make example Les, because I could see Strannik as if making an affidavit to support his being a Romanoff. His response to my questions would appear to dispel that impression.

        Lester Chow makes a convincing well researched and documented case for his being heir apparent. Despite the nay sayers, neither they nor I can disprove his assertions. For all I know, Strannik might well be Tsar in exile, whether he thinks so himself or not.

      6. Perhaps I am reading too quickly, but I did not see where Strannik claims to be a member of the Royal family. Did I miss something?

      7. An affidavit is a statement of facts which does not state conclusions. Strannick’s self description would fit a Romanoff.

      8. To concede that Strannik is a monarchist, is to take his comments out of context. Taking his profile in totality rather strongly implies that he is of Royal blood. His further elaboration of an Aristocrat supports the term, ‘nobility’. We may recall that the Colonists overthrew the British Monarchy for good reason, however. How many royal subjects of various monarchs in the World today, would willingly advocate for monarchy, I wonder?

        Jeff, have you ever accused Strannik or any of his other ghost profiles of being Communist? There was much public dissatisfaction with Nicholas II. How many subsequent Marxist Russian subjects have longed for the return of the Romanoffs?

        It’s a troll technique. Praise the Monarchy which Nicholas II had discredited, so that the contemporary generation might have an opening to argue as if the superiority of Communism. That’s not necessarily to say that’s what Strannik has done.

      9. With an anonymous posting anyone might post anything. When someone seems to take Putin’s side, or refuses to criticize the present regime, I reserve the right to suspect their motives. But that is not an accusation. It is a question. I do not agree that monarchy is an illegitimate form of government as long as it is “mixed monarchy.” I am with Edmund Burke in believing that a Christian monarch is preferable to an atheist Republic. I do not entirely understand your comments on aristocracy and monarchy. Aristocracy (nobility) is not royalty. The two concepts are different. In the American Revolution we did not overthrow King George. We fought for “independence” from his kingdom.

      10. Strannik has since explained his view of Aristocracy, Jeff, but to address your take with the following quote, this gave me the impression that he feels that he has Divine Right to rule:
        “…as we are, God Tsar of Tsars, Sovereign…” –Strannik


        ar·​is·​toc·​ra·​cy | \ ˌa-rə-ˈstä-krə-sē
        , ˌer-ə- \
        plural aristocracies
        Definition of aristocracy

        1 : government by the best individuals or by a small privileged class

        2a : a government in which power is vested (see vest entry 2 sense 1a) in a minority consisting of those believed to be best qualified
        b : a state with such a government

        3 : a governing body or upper class usually made up of a hereditary nobility a member of the British aristocracy

        4 : a class or group of people believed to be superior (as in rank, wealth, or intellect) an intellectual aristocracy

      11. As you have juxtaposed, once more, the concept of Tsar with the definition of aristocracy, I feel the need to clarify. An aristocracy is a class of persons — plural. It has nothing to do with monarchy (i.e., tsarism). As Polybius and Cicero detailed in their work, aristocratic government is government by the best people (aristocrats), and is not monarchy or kingship or tsarism. The patricians of the Roman Senate were aristocrats, for example, or the titled barons of the British House of Lords. The House of Lords was not monarchical. What you have with monarchy is rule by one person. Royalty are members of the monarch’s family. So I do not know why you quote Strannik on “God tsar” and follow with webster’s definition of aristocracy. What does the one have to do with the other? There are two forms of government possible here. Rule by the best men (aristocrats), or rule by one man (monarch). Aristocracy is one form of government. monarchy is another. Under a mixed system — as with Sparta or the Roman Republic — you have a mix of duarchy, aristocracy and democracy. Checks and balances exist between all elements. In some monarchies tension exists between the royal house and the aristocracy. In America we do not have royals or aristocrats, so perhaps you have assumed they are the same thing. So again, I just want to clarify.

      12. Jeff, I am not persisting on insisting on a particular definition of Aristocracy. What I have done is try to explain that considering one of the definitions posted above from the dictionary in which Aristocracy is Royal, despite what you insist, and if one overlooks the comma, in the quote posted of Strannik’s comment out of context, it takes on a different meaning.

        [ 3 : a governing body or upper class usually made up of a hereditary nobility a member of the British aristocracy ]

        [ as we are, God Tsar of Tsars, Sovereign
        such as we are God Tsar of Tsars, Sovereign ]

    2. Strannik, if you please, how do you come by an Aristocratic World view? It would seem to me that such a perspective could only be held by a royal in position of leadership. That ought to exclude royals in exile.

      Do you hold that Royals are Aristocratic by nature and are invariably of high moral character as well as faithful Christians? Is there any way that you can find for Aristocrats to be elected by the populous, or would that be antithetical to purpose for Aristocracy?

      1. Lester Chow, of Honolulu, Havvai’i, is several generations American. A regular guy. I know him personally. People don’t believe that he’s the Emperor of China in exile. I find him quite convincing. He says his mission is to take Christianity to China. On one occasion he went to his ancestral home where he is highly respected, and preached there the Gospel. Police stood by and did not interfere.


        HIM Yao Sui is China’s current Emperor and head of state in exile. When his family came to this country (1871) the family treasury was brought with them, which amounted to between $300 million to $600 million.

        The Imperial family’s surname is Chow in English, Zhou in pinyin, Chou in the Wades-Giles system of romanization, and Jo in the English rendering of his family’s Hebrew surname.

        The name of the dynasty is the Chou Dynasty as given in English in American history textbooks. In Hebrew it is the Jo Dynasty. The name Jo is the shortened form of God’s name Jehovah. Jo is the same name as in Joshua (jo.shua), meaning “God has saved”. The Jo or Chow family are among the last of the Hebrew race. Their roots come from the pre-biblical territory of Sephar to Mesha (now called Iraq) and to the mountainous regions in northern Iraq, where family members still live today.

        Their family settled in Hassuna in ancient times and later in the city of Takrit. There was, also, a family residence in the southern city of Iraq called Basra. The contingent that migrated to modern day China lived in the Wei River valley and in Beijing, the capital of China, later. The family’s southern seat in China was called Ma bin Po.

        In 1990, when Saddam invaded Kuwait, HIM Yao Sui through his affiliation with the US government (Nixon-Bush administration) and with Lester D.K. Chow and Associates, a family-owned company, successfully negotiated the terms of Saddam’s withdrawal and laid the foundation for an entire peace accord in the Middle East. This was turned down by the Bush administration, quietly and secretly, at a time when the Bush administration was publicly saying that Saddam had refused to withdraw from Kuwait. This was another falsehood and Bush administration White House lie done in effort to take our nation to war.

      2. Nel: This is irrelevant to the subject matter at hand. I cannot verify this information. I do not know you or your agenda. This is not your website to post whatever you want. Stop.

      3. Nel, thank you. I never had the luxury of holding to crazy ideology or obviously foolish teachings, especially those egalitarian beliefs that place fools and kings on equal natural level. Reality is hierarchical, God Himself is Monarch of monarchs. I am against all Revolution. Kings can be selected by people, through notables of the land with that intent. Aristocrats are born, but have to be trained, else they degenerate to Oligarchs and they come to ruin. No training, it’s just an Oligarchy and generations would pass before you could make anything good out of them, if ever. Non Aristocrats try to elevate themselves and Oligarchs are all they can be at the top. Aristocrats are lowered or mysteriously appear from the bottom or from nothing, and their natural gifts and God’s Providence raises them to the supreme sovereignty. No supposedly egalitarian society is truly so, they all have hidden structures and deep states by which Oligarchy clans rule. That’s because no Aristocracy would tolerate such a state of hypocritical affairs, they love the people and the land too much for republican ” representative democracy ” blather.

  17. I am saddened to read disparaging remarks about the “conservatives” who are anti-Ukranian/pro-Putin. You see, I was a “misguided” one of those people too, till Jeff, Trevor and you commentors woke me up. It took 4-6 months of taking in new info, but something did click and I woke up. These conservatives love America, are Patriotic to the bone, love their families and God, and many are vets or closely associated with them. If you are a vet or connected, there is a deep wound caused by our soldiers being used, abused, chewed up and spit out by these wicked leaders globally.(infiltrated communists or western elites or globalists or whoever) They know they laid their lives down in a courageous, Patriotic-wholehearted way, to serve and save our country only to see they were sacrificed for evil motives only. They were lied to and used to both cause and receive needless suffering for the sordid gain of a relatively few elites globally. So then, the Alex Jones type explaining of the elite over decades suddenly seems 100% true and right in its presentation/analysis. Throw in a little Patel’s Devolution and Bioclandestines hopium, fear and anger of seeing the nation be destroyed around them and the insidious lies and twisting of Communist propaganda, and people are trapped in a vortex of deception without even being aware. I was there. I wonder how many other areas I am in deception and that I’m not aware of as well…… 🥀

    Jesus in Matt 24 warned only of 3 things in the End Times– love growing cold both for God and people due to increased lawlessness, falling away from the faith and being deceived. We are all in danger of these things and need His great mercy and grace to navigate the increasing troubling times ahead– years to decades. All that to say, keep speaking up but do so without harsh judgment for those that are not seeing with clear lens YET. We need to support and keep educating those around us to the best of our ability– in a way they can hear and receive.

    Truthfully, I haven’t listened to this particular whole interview. But it will be similar to the Mercola interview with Mattias Desmet. It is already offline after 48 hours. But Desmet stresses the importance of continuing to speak up in these days. It is the key to disrupting national mass formation/brainwashing of totalitarianism.

    1. I see much of what you describe regarding the patriot/freedom fighter. The anger over the way America has deteriorated, the dissatisfaction with all levels of government, business, media, medical, education etc. Their desire to restore the republic. Their resistance to the NWO. Whether some have been duped into supporting the Russian invasion is a sign of siding with Russia against Ukraine or a condemnation of the NWO is secondary to their opposition to everything we are facing and their desire to right the wrongs and destroy the evil. The problem is that they do not know how to accomplish the task. In the grand scheme there are no good guys. We condemn Russia and China and somehow believe America is still worthy of salvation. Sure, we have fallen prey to communism but that by our own willing participation. All the things delineated by Jeff in this post has been accepted by America and that in spades. Yes, we are that stupid. And that is why many of us are so angry and ready to fight even if it means our ultimate death. I may disagree with the strategies they put forth to restore the country. I may even believe the futility in doing so. But I will never disparage their desire or motivation or even their particular view of world events. They/we/I do not want to fall without a fight. It is more a matter of when and how.

    2. Your summary describes me and many others I know as well. Some of us, as you point out, are learning the truth through people like Mr. Nyquist. I too am saddened to learn how wrong many of us have been (are) and agree, we often feel as we do (die) because we are veterans who now see how much we were used. I write this as sit waiting for an appointment to address the issues I carry from that use and abuse.

      1. It is very sad, Thomas. I had a friend who joined the Army to fight in Iraq. He had noble patriotic motives. What he found was a horrifying mess. His best friend died in his arms. The CIA people were irresponsible thugs without a moral core. We should have never invaded. It was not immoral to overthrow a murderous dictator, but our institutions are too disoriented, too fouled up, to do anything so difficult as President Bush attempted. We have a lot of fixing to do here at home. At the same time, we cannot suspend our defensive umbrella lest the entire world catches fire. We are in a terrible position and must somehow clean the proverbial Augean Stables.

    3. It exposes the danger of supporting something without fully understanding it. And yet, the information is out there for these “conservatives” to discover the true nature of Putin and his regime. They confuse ideology with strategy in thinking that he is against the excesses that have made a mockery of Western Civilization such as the transgender movement, etc. There is nothing in Putin’s ideological outlook, which is essentially Marxist, that would lead him to oppose homosexuality, transgenderism, etc. Thus, one must conclude that he is supposedly “against” these things for mostly strategic reasons. That is, he highlights everything that tends to make our society look weak and decadent while contrasting this sad situation with that of Russia, but this in no way indicates an opposition to these movements based on ideology or as a matter of principle. Additionally, he is currently destroying the historical monuments and other cultural aspects of Ukraine through his invasion and has a history of sending hit squads to take out his political rivals and enemies. This has been well documented in books such as From Russia with Blood and many others. There is nothing even remotely conservative about Putin, but the conservatives are understandably so disgusted with our own system that they are willing to lend their support to anything that has the appearance of promoting traditional values.

    4. Mntgl: Yes, people are being misled, and they have been hurt. Veterans especially. Our own institutions are not led by honest people. The only way back is by finding the truth, which is not easy. Everything is very mixed up at this late hour.

    5. I don’t believe Matthew 24 chiefly reveals an End-Times prophecy, but rather refers to the end of the old Jewish state, as per the Puritan view outlined by John Gill on his commentary on the whole Bible.

      We are, however in the times just before the emergence of Christ’s Kingdom on earth to fulfil Daniel 2, which will be presaged by a 3.5 year period in which the “scarlet coloured beast… that was, is not and yet is”, i.e., the communist / Marxist political juggernaut, shall rise to dominate the “Great City” (the West) and silence the Lord’s public witness through brutal laws based on “national security”, “anti terrorism”, “hate speech”, etc. And that this Scarlet Zenith begins in earnest in the first half of the year 2025.

      I think what I am saying is we have just under 3 years to prepare but doing so in the knowledge that all manner of horror will likely be thrown into the mix to accelerate that horrible system’s victory, up to and including global war. Now I know for saying so, some would accuse me of attempting to immanentize the biblical eschaton, but it certainly appears that Satan is trying right now to get in first and immanentize his, regardless of what you think of my view of Revelation, so presumably he knows his time for doing so is short.

      1. The Great Tribulation is a return to the dispensation of the Old Testament under the Law. In Matthew 24, Pharisees taunt Jesus what the signs of his return will be, and he tells them that they have to wait like Jonah in the belly of the whale. Then Jesus answers the Apostles who ask the question, with which he describes precisely what the World goes through today. Moreover, Jesus then cursed the fallen angels in position of Pharisees to remain in mortal expression to face the same fate that they had in store for him. Those very same Pharisees are the “THEY” who Putin describes as superiors to globalists and leaders of the EU.

      2. Actually was thinking of a similar Scripture, Matthew 16, but Putin taunts the EU and Global Elite, like the Pharisees taunted Christ. The difference being that Putin isn’t asking a question, rather poking rival totalitarians, virtually in the eye.

      3. Maybe Putin toys with them like a cat with a mouse, making a veiled threat to expose them as his minions?

      4. The Great Tribulation has nothing whatsoever to do with a return to the OT dispensation. Utterly nothing. Matthew 24 concerns a question the disciples asked Jesus about the end of the temple and the Jewish state (fulfilled circa AD 71) and has nothing to do with the present age, and certainly nothing to do with the Pharisees directly.

        As for Putin, to qualify as Antichrist he would need to claim ecclesiastical and temporal supremacy over the affairs of humanity as God’s mediator / representative on earth. At best, he could only be construed as a pseudo-Antichrist but if he is any specific personage at all from Scripture, I suspect it would be Gog of Ezekiel 38 (if he’s still in charge of Russia circa 2028).

      5. Not all Christians are Preterits and many believe you are incorrect. You can disagree without the level of arrogance you exude.

      6. It should also be pointed out that one does NOT have to be a preterist to agree that Matthew 24 has nothing to do with returning to “the OT dispensation.” I am not a preterist nor do I subscribe to the recent innovation proposed by Scofield & Co. that the Bible can neatly be broken into “dispensations.” It’s probably best to leave Bible prophecy out of the equation altogether as the original essay has nothing to do with that. The “arrogance” of the response was no greater than that of the original post. For that reason, it is probably best to debate these points of the Bible elsewhere.

      7. Agreed. We can all determine independently how current events fit with our own eschatological views.

      8. @ Thomas: I’m plainly not a preterist, if you look at my other posts. I only have a preterist view of Matthew 24; the rest is old school historicism. And can’t we express our eschatological views without insulting each other?

      9. Against my better judgment I have let this discussion about Bible Prophecy happen because it loosely relates to the subject matter, but I was clearly mistaken to allow it. I am sorely vexed by this wicked distraction. Nothing meaningful is learned. Instead of revealing any genuine spiritual gifts, the participants go where specialist knowledge of ancient history and languages and religions alone can discern what is what. Everyone ends up insulted or feeling insulted. I have read enough in this area to know that laymen are completely at sea in it. The thing we ought to do is cultivate constructive moral and spiritual understandings, not engage in sharp rationalistic arguments over texts that involve metaphoric understandings completely lost to the profane literalism that has taken most “believers” by the throat. Furthermore, it is bad taste in mixed company to aggressively promulgate sectarian religious interpretations of scripture. It is bad manners. It is divisive. Not everyone here belongs to your sect. Also, in hijacking the discussion, these debaters often reveal unpatriotic tendencies. Continuously comparing America to Babylon, or Sodom and Gomorrah does not reflect love of country. It reflects a strong dislike of country. I know, for a fact, there are “Christians” who want America to be destroyed. I have heard this curse pronounced against the United States by more than one “Christian friend.” I have even been cursed for trying to educate people about what is coming. I have been warned that my patriotism is idolatry. If I were pious, they admonished me, I would desire my country’s destruction. After all, America is too evil to continue. These embittered “believers,” who imagine themselves as so many Jeremiahs, have no grace — but only hatred. So I have come to the end of my patience with religious fanatics and sectarians who have no regard for their country’s survival, and bear their countrymen unconcealed ill will. Your words have become weapons in the hands of your enemies. I am not directing this against anyone in particular here. I am venting a very strong wariness toward those who interject sectarianism in every discussion, at every opportunity. You ought to understand how much of this I’ve been compelled to endure these many years. I see the subversiveness of it. Thirty years ago at a political meeting in Los Angeles, when I referred to the deceptive fall of the Soviet Union and the dangerous U.S. disarmament that was coming, a cheerful Christian said he would never worry about such things because Jesus would rapture him before any trouble started. I do not attend political meetings because of such people. I assume this narcissistic monster in Christian disguise observes good hygiene and would wear seat belts and observe gun safety. Why, then, will he not work for his country’s safety? This is the false spirituality we see on every side. It is so very dominant, and so very materialistic — and irresponsible, and selfish.

    6. MNTGAL – thanks for your thoughtful commentary, thanks for sharing. I feel the same way.

      What struck me – relatively swiftly and convincingly – was the explanatory power of the China/Russia alliance, which has increasingly been flaunted in our faces, with ominous, aggressive rhetoric toward the west – and the “globalism” crowd essentially ignores it. Just breezes right past it. That was a huge red flag for me, because it’s a massive blind spot. Which implies a theory with flaws.

      And the second thing that cut through is the “globalists'” similar disinterest in war moves and strategy – they just don’t take it seriously. They believe nations are essentially obsolete as far as being drivers of world events (now just “puppets” of a transnational powerful conglomerate), and so they discount the military power and intention of sworn enemies. To them, Chinese and Russian war threats are just more puppets spouting off, while secretly all players are on the same side. I wasn’t focused on the threat of war (like a lot of people, I thought modern warfare was economic, the “soft” kind), until I listened carefully to Nyquist’s description and explanation of what China and Russia have been doing in terms of war preparations over the past couple years. That’s what caught my attention, and suddenly PR campaigns about how I’ll own nothing and be happy seemed less immediately threatening than another world war staged in North America. WEF and the corporatist totalitarian agenda is frightening – but also fraught with a whole lot of chaff and misdirection. So then I did the digging to unwind what I’d missed or gotten wrong. Still doing that. The “globalist” believers explaining China/Russia expose the problems with their theory. They either have to ignore or minimize immovable facts. Sure, China and Russia probably want to destroy us economically – but why have they steadily been building military capability way beyond what they need for defense or to assert regional dominance? Globalists do not have a credible answer for that.

      So my point is – talking hard military alliances/preparations is a much faster route to awakening than starting with philosophy, or who controls whom. At least it was for me.

      1. It is hard to tell who the players are playing for. That is why strategy matters. It gives you clues. If the Globalists are a communist front, then their antics are economic sabotage that advantages the Russian and Chinese strategy positions. They send America into a Depression, perhaps into civil war. Think how easy it would then be for China to mop up the Pacific. Same for Russia in Europe. Who is Biden, then? An interesting question few have been asking.

      2. Yes, it was the same for me in terms of seeing the Russia-China threat. I was never part of the Putin fan-club and it seemed the West would have to deal with Russia’s aggressive imperialism sooner or later, but the actual planned invasion of North America by Russia *and* China was something I never dreamed of. When you contrast the self-indulgent globalist talk shops with the massive arms build-ups and murderous nature of the Russia and China regimes the true threat becomes clear. Jeff provides a much-needed reality check in this regard — nation-states with formidable militaries and well-organized infiltration networks will trump inchoate secret cabals every time. That’s what people need to understand.

        Also a good point about how many anti-globalists airily dismiss ‘immovable facts’ that don’t fit the preferred narrative. There are many reasons for this, some due to ignorance and others due to fear of knowing the truth, but one reason is the general trend, especially in the last 2.5 years, to indulge in more and more fantastic predictions about the future of mankind. Alt-right media is awash in stories of the coming transhumanism, genderlessness, 24/7 social credit surveillance state – the sky’s the limit. I’m sure the KGB’s active measures encourage this thinking too. Although there’s an element of truth in all of that, focusing on it too much creates a present where ‘nothing is real and everything is possible’ (also the title of an excellent book on Russian media/propaganda) and as a result real threats like arms build-up, invasion, nuclear weapons, economic warfare lose their power of persuasion.

        Whether this was planned or not, the unreality of conservative thought is converging with the alternate reality of Russian media. Historical fact is whatever Russia wants it to be.

        https://twitter.com/sumlenny/status/1535582101621420032 Russian book propaganda

        Deep dive into modern Russian written propaganda | TVP World
        Interview with Sergey Sumlenny.

        Russian school kids learn that Russia never attacked anyone, Russia won every single war which the bad Western powers inflicted on Russia. It became the world’s largest country after a series of ‘defensive’ wars. After all the wars of ‘liberation’ (eg WWII) Russia graciously left the western countries to lead their own lives, but because the West is unthankful Russia must attack and punish them.
        The great Russia trauma over WWII is that Hitler betrayed Stalin and Russia and Germany could not conquer Europe together…

      3. Laura: thanks for your eloquence! Appreciate the links. Learning more about Russian propaganda is helpful in sorting out the barrage of crazy we’ve been enduring.

  18. It seems that evil people have an advantage that the average person doesn’t want to believe in how bad things can be. You talk about how monstrous the communists are, the organ harvesting going on in China, concentration camps, gulags, the atrocities the communists have done and still do, a lot of people don’t want to stare at the abyss, because being aware of this also comes with a little accountability that most people on earth are partly responsible for accepting things as they are, doing business with promoters of genocide and turning a blind eye to all this evildoing. When Hitler announced he wanted to do the things he ended up doing, a lot of people hand waved that away too, “nah he’s not doing that, he’s just crazy”. Being dismissive of evildoers or blissfully ignorant is much more comfortable than having to confront them.

  19. Jeff – I hope you don’t mind me asking – any news on the good Dr Anca Cernea? She is at the doorstep of transcendental events in eastern Europe, and I consider her viewpoint invaluable (besides, she seems to have a good number of contacts in Ukraine). I would be thrilled to listen to an interview between you two. She was instrumental in helping me discover the truth about the true nature of the neo-Bolshevik Putin regime (I only discovered your work just very recently). I would recommend this video for other people who might be unaware of her past denunciation of Dugin:


    It is absolutely terrifying to see how Dugin’s satanic philosophy has infiltrated virtually *every* one of the “alt-rght” bloggers/youtubers. Was just listening to “The Ripple Effect” podcast, and, while I won’t deny his excellent interviewing skills (he does bring up some stellar guests as well), in his interview with arch-libertarian Monica Perez he was elated in describing Dugin and his neo-Bolshevik “Fourth Political Theory” (he seems blissfully unaware that it would form the political construct for the “Fourth World” of universal Bolshevik poverty, if the globalists have their way). Monica’s comment was, “wow, the guy in my last podcast [from some libertarian institute] also brought him [Dugin] up…I better bone up”. Which makes me think, that most, perhaps virtually all, “alt-right” bloggers/youtubers/podcasters are either directly or indirectly in the pockets of the Kremlin…

    Lastly – for those who might have missed the news amidst the avalanche of worrisome events around the world: Colombia just elected (“selected”??) the neo-communist/eco-fascist/narco-communist Rockefeller/Ted Kennedy protege Gustavo Petro, the very worst of the worst, who appears hell-bent on turning Colombia into the mirror image of Marxist Venezuela (Chavez was a close friend of his…).

    1. James… I was unaware of the name Dr Anca Cernea until you post, and for that link I will be long term indebted. Here is the link to the hour long plus video including the Q&A session at the end. It is outstanding.


      Also, here is a link to the english transcript of that video, minus the Q&A session…


      Reading the transcript is an absolute primer on the on Marxism and especially on “cultural Marxism” and how it has infiltrated the entire world and especially the west. If you are on the borderline of belief as to the actual threat of Marxism, read this transcript.

    2. I am very glad you mentioned Dr. Cernea. She has been an invaluable resource for me. Her intellectual depth is astonishing. And yes, the news from Colombia is terrifying. The worst possible calamity has come to that beautiful country.

    3. Yes, very good point about Colombia. In this regard, Mexico’s current president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador – AMLO – is also very sympathetic toward communism, Russia and the communist regimes in Latin America, in general. There were allegations that he was an actual member of the communist party in the 1970s, as revealed in recently declassified Mexican intelligence files, although AMLO has denied these allegations, while at the same time admitting that he was (and is) very sympathetic to the causes championed by the communists and their fellow travelers. He is probably one of the most left-of-center Mexican presidents in recent memory. It is depressing to see that Colombia is also now heading down this same path with the election of Petro.

      1. The Spanish-speaking countries are going communist, one by one. This is the most frightening, rapid turn to Marxism in my lifetime. It is an avalanche. The Chinese and Russian militaries can now come flooding into the region.

      2. The Chinese are already flooding in, at least into northern Mexico, according to sources I have.

      3. The sources I have heard from are legal immigrants from Mexico or their children who, when they recently visited relatives in Mexico, noted that there are large numbers of Chinese in Mexico, large numbers who were not there previously. They don’t know how the Chinese got there, just that they’re there.

  20. “Unrelated to Germans? Konigsberg was the most significant city in East Prussia and East Prussia was German territory during the last World War. The Red Army captured the city toward the end of World War II and it became Soviet territory.”

    The problem of historical revisionism is you can go to even more distant past. The territory was settled by Germans during the late middle ages. The original inhabitants, ancient Prussians, were not Germanic people.

    we can also talk about original people of North America.

    1. You are bizarre. Are you suggesting the Russians were merely taking back a Slavic town and were justified in kicking the German inhabitants out of Konigsberg?

      1. I am not. I think it is irrelevant who lived there in the past. It is you who mentions it.

      2. Commit: I should have just deleted your irrelevant history of Konigsberg. You are dishonest saying the city has nothing to do with Germany.

  21. Why do North Americans in this forum care so much about maintaining client states and spheres of influence on other continents? If America is not imperialist, as you claim, shouldn’t it do just fine on its own?

    1. You mean client states like Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Peru, Chile and now Colombia. Or how about North Korea? All free countries, right? You think we’re doing fine? You want to dangle by a thread? We are getting there. Just wait.

      1. Those countries you mention are doing fine. Yes, they are independent.

        I think you won’t be doing fine without importing products of other people’s labour for nothing but money you create. As Putin said recently in his “St Petersburg International Economic Forum” speech.

  22. It seems to me that the Lord is using the wicked to punish the wicked. Do I believe what you wrote? Yes. Do I believe that deep state cabal which controls the United States and the rest of the western countries is wicked? Yes. In Revelations it says that there would be a beast with seven heads and ten horns which the dragon, Satan, founded and empowered. Then there would arise another beast with two horns arose with which exercised all the power of the first beast. This beast is Russia and China combined. Each beast is wicked and each enslaves mankind. Each is a a part of the other.

    I think it is realistic to say that unless we repent by turning away from materialism and sexual sin and then turn towards the Savior Jesus Christ we have no hope. But if we do He who is Mighty will save us.

    1. You’ve muddled up your symbols. The multiheaded red dragon of Revelation 12 is Satan himself acting through the agency of the old Roman Empire. Then in Rev 13, the beast from the sea represents the same evil enemy of humanity acting through the agency of the western nations under the thrall of apostate Christianity and the final multiheaded beast, of Revelation 17 (and Rev 11) is Satan acting through the agency of the western nations in what we might describe as neo-Marxism, sharing the same core policies on everything, all “building back better” in lockstep (for example).

      The second beast of Rev 13, the one with the 2 horns, is the “false prophet” and applies to the beast from the sea (apostate Christianity) and latterly, to its transformed final state as the scarlet coloured beast that “was, is not and yet is” (communism). In its former guise, it’s the apostate priesthood and in its latter guise, it’s the priesthood of atheism, i.e., the scientists so-called, the pharma-medical clique, the movers and shakers, in sum, everyone who plays an active role in advancing and maintaining the neo-Marxist atheistic tyrannical hellscape unfolding before us.

      Last of all, for completeness, the image of the beast that comes to life, speaks, etc., is the iconography of the beast systems, its sacred cows, its laws, etc., and you will find that just as the Pharisees in Christ’s day worshipped rules and regulations, so the ungodly worship the dogmas of the beast system, whether they genuflex before the beast from the sea’s “sacred” imagery or before the scarlet beast’s icons of environmentalism, LGBT agenda, BLM, etc.

  23. Awesome post. I love getting into the history of ideas and the “dossier” on Dugin. That part about of the weird cult stuff surrounding Lenin’s pyramid grave is intriguing.

    This reminds me of one of the main points Bukovsky makes in his book, Communism: From Utopia to Disaster, which we are publishing. He wrote that people put too much blame on the “devil” or “executors” who merely carry out the plan. Meanwhile the “Fausts” or intellectuals who think it up, like Dugin and Eckart are excused.

    “I am not so annoyed by Faust as by our tradition of justifying him and blaming everything on the Devil. We are all willing to forgive vainglorious glib talkers, using our love for freedom of thought as a shield, just as terrorists hide behind hostages. It is time we admitted that people are responsible for their words and the consequences of their idea.”

    The main Western guy who likes and knows Dugin, as far as I know, is MIllerman. I think it could be illuminating for people if you and Millerman had a discussion on these topics. If you guys were both interested in a discussion, or a debate, either in written form or in person on video, I will financially sponsor and cover it if that would be helpful. Anyway, just a brainstorm that occurred to me.

      1. I’ve talked to him briefly on Twitter. I’ll send him a message and see if he is interested!

      2. My understanding is that Michael Millerman is a fairly new PhD. He believes Dugin is anti-communist. I’ve seen the video of Bernard Henry Levy debate Dugin, it was quite revealing, it’s on YouTube “Nexus Symposium 21 September 2019, Amsterdam” Levy kind of makes Dugin squirm at times. My guess is Millerman will stumble and stutter all over too. At times I thought it was a language barrier Dugin had, but it is not. You’ll see what I mean if you get a chance to watch the video. It’s quite a great debate, it’s well worth watching.

      3. I saw that debate, too, and Levy destroys Dugin as an enemy of freedom. Yes, Dugin did not know how to escape condemnation. He was practically pleading for “tolerance.” Levy showed no mercy. My first question for Millerman would be, “Do you make it a habit — believing in liars?”

    1. I would love to have a place to find all of Mr Nyquist’s videos. I go online to search but can never seem to find them. Thank you, Mr Nyquist for all that you have done and continue to do

      1. I usually post my interview here, but recently people have been putting them in the chat. I will post the last few interviews later today or tomorrow.

  24. The witches’-brew of Duginism, and the “traditional, hierarchical” edifice that is supposed to arise from it, like the Tower of Babel, is the perfect reflection of Dante’s Lucifer in the Inferno, frozen up to his chest in the Lake of Cocytus in the Ninth Circle of Hell — Cocytus being a frozen chaos of damned souls where the poles of turmoil and paralysis are forced together by naked Satanic oppression. Rene Guenon, in THE REIGN OF QUANTITY AND THE SIGNS OF THE TIMES, when addressing the dialectical phases of the end of the present cycle, spoke of a phase of chaos — the Reign of Quantity — in which all sacred hierarchy based on Quality is destroyed, which is then superseded by a Reign of Inverted Quality, characterized by the re-establishment of sacred hierarchy in counterfeit form, this being nothing other than the regime of Antichrist. Sacred Hierarchy is the Essential Pole, symbolized by the North; chaos is the Substantial Pole, symbolized by the South. Out of this “Lovecraftian, Antarctic” chaos rises a caricature of the Essential Pole, of sacred hierarchy and verticality, portrayed by Dante as Lucifer rising from Cocytus. It’s as if Dugin grasped Guenon’s true meaning, but claimed it for the dark side, turning his schema of apocalypse into a praxis to create Apocalypse — forgetting that “there needs be evil, but woe to those through whom evil comes.” The transition from degenerate chaotic horizontality to inverted hierarchy and verticality appears in the Book of Apocalypse as the conquest of the Whore of Babylon, Dugin’s “Atlantean Hegemony”, by the Beast — Duginist Eurasianism itself.

    1. Charles: Brilliant! You have described Dugin’s inversion of Guenon. Here is a chillingly accurate description of the horrors we see unfolding — egged in by sinister “masters.” What forces are they in league with? One shudders to think.

      1. I’d go for an actual South and actual North, but yes. To take up the esoteric thread with a reply to this and concerns about a continuation and amplification of the irrationality of the 20th century: there is the suggestion in some literature that the downfall of Katehon leads to Eschaton. Well, some may have missed it but it already quite possibly happened. I have talked before about so many of the Red Army during the Civil War being Chinese mercenaries and Muslims from the Caucasus and Central Asia. There are forces at work of which people have little conception of.

      2. Here is where Dugin directly inverts the doctrines of René Guénon in THE FOURTH POLITICAL THEORY First he says:

        We need to distinguish between two kinds of Chaos, the postmodernist “Chaos”
        as an equivalent to confusion, a kind of post-order, and the Greek Chaos as pre-order,
        as something that exists before ordered reality has come into being.

        Next he says:

        Modern physics and philosophy refers to complex systems, bifurcation or
        non-integrating equations and processes, using the concept “Chaos” to designate
        such phenomena. . . . “Chaos” here is no more than a dissipative structure
        of Logos, the last result of its decay, fall, and decomposition. Modern
        science is dealing, not with something other than Logos, but with a kind of
        post-Logos, or ex-Logos: Logos in the state of ultimate dissolution and regression.
        The process of the final destruction and dissipation of Logos is taken
        here for “Chaos.’

        So Dugin identifies the “chaos theory” of modern physics with the “Chaos” of Postmodernism, presenting both as examples of “post-order” or “post-Logos.” To this kind of Chaos-as-confusion he opposes Chaos in what he calls its original “Greek” sense, as denoting not post-order disintegration, the death of Logos, but preexisting order, the Mother of Logos. Nor is Chaos in this sense only pre-existing according to Dugin; it is also eternal:

        It is not correct to conceive of Chaos as something belonging to the past.
        Chaos is eternal, but eternally coexisting with time. Therefore, Chaos is
        always eternally new, fresh and spontaneous. It could be regarded as a source
        of any kind of invention or freshness because its eternity has, in itself, always
        something more that was, is, or will be in time.

        However, he goes on to say:

        René Guénon has called the era we are living through now an era of confusion.
        “Confusion” means the state of being that both runs parallel to order
        and precedes it.

        WRONG! Here Aleksandr Dugin suddenly deconstructs his own argument and destroys the whole distinction between “terminal confusion” and “original and eternal Chaos,” that he has been at such pains to construct, by having Guénon (incorrectly) identify our present age of postmodern confusion with that higher Chaos, “eternally new, fresh and spontaneous”! By doing so he erases all differentiation between Chaos One and Chaos Two, and at the same time totally misrepresents Guénon’s doctrine. Here, from THE REIGN OF QUANTITY AND THE SIGNS OF THE TIMES, is what Guénon actually says about “confusion” and “chaos”:

        the Antichrist must be as near as it is possible to be to “disintegration”,
        [to] confusion in “chaos” as against fusion in principial Unity.

        So Guénon clearly does NOT identify the confusion of the era we are now living through with “the state of being that both runs parallel with order and precedes,” which he terms “fusion in principial Unity,” but rather with Dugin’s “postmodernist Chaos” which is the “confusion,” “chaos” and “disintegration” of the Antichrist. Here is the exactly-triangulated point where Aleksandr Dugin totally misrepresents the doctrine of René Guénon.

      3. Dugin is cynical — but not after the fashion of Diogenes; for he has a paymaster, and his circumlocutions are likely made to accommodate that paymaster. Diogenes, famously, would not even show deference to Alexander the Great. Here is the difference between a philosopher and a hireling.

  25. https://jrnyquist.blog/2022/06/20/twilight-of-the-magicians-aleksandr-dugin-and-the-war-against-the-west/

    “KGB archive where he gained access to, and read, large amounts of forbidden literature on Masonry, fascism and paganism.”

    SS elements sped straight for the headquarters of continental Masonry in Paris, seizing their records which in time fell into Soviet hands. This would likely be among the materials found there, and perhaps accounts for the Revelations tinged ravings of the Dugin.

    “a mock pyramid, built of red granite and black labradorite”

    Granite has piezoelectric properties when subjected to pressure; Soviets pioneered pyramidal resonance studies (the researcher’s name eludes me, but at least a couple still stand as ‘art exhibits’). I wouldn’t rule out old guard Okrana that flipped from carrying that current further, especially with the gnostic vision you lay out in the introduction (or if indeed they produced the eponymous Protocols themselves).

    “Putin must unambiguously challenge Atlanticism or Russia will disappear into oblivion.”

    Yet he times his colonial adventure for Donbas black earth and newly minted gas reserves just as the Covid lockdown protests reached maximum pushback in the form of the Trucker Protests in the US, Canada and elsewhere. Perhaps this “legal successor to the Soviet Union” is even less of a “real country” than Lenin’s creation in Ukraine, and its center both cannot – and should not – hold while it remains a prison house of nations intent of devouring more to secure quixotic geopolitically defensible positions.

    “Attempts were being made to synthetically align the far right with communist objectives.”

    The orientation of a Francis Parker Yockey is representative of the divided mind here, and recapitulated in contemporary Pavlovian approvals of eastern autocracies in the avant garde Western right, and adjacent Christian nationalist and paleo-conservatives giving Russia and China passes. It’s all well and good that our financial and political systems are compromised by ‘Them’,– but facilitating the ascendance of Bolshevism to accomplish that clearing out is yet another un-Nietzschean decadence and nihilism to just end it all. “We, whose very duty it is to be awake, to see clearly …”
    The fifth column’s progression is insidious enough without the own goals on this front. A principled anti-Communism in all things that apprehends the present and coming danger from the perspective of a proper historical revision must inform any coherent push back across the right-ward, natural law respecting political spectrum.

    “and barrage me with Russian propaganda about corrupt Ukrainian Nazis”

    Like the Levantine benefactor of Azov. Awful convenient for the casus belli optics.

    “Field Marshal Walter Model (who said, after the Ardennes Offensive, that Hitler was “a liar” as to his real motive for launching the Ardennes Offensive which focused exclusively on grinding down the Americans).”

    New to me — Model stabilized Army Group Center after the push on Moscow didn’t take the prize; he was the defensive specialist that could actually hold ground when ordered, the antithesis of a von Manstein. His assessment may be in light of ensuring the Soviets took the oil fields rather than the Allies, with an eye toward the Russians eventually executing against Western capitalists what he had not be able to, rather than keeping back the Red tide, Parthian ‘Endsieg’. Perhaps if Army Group North hadn’t collapsed, a heel turn to join the Soviets against the Allies wasn’t out of the question.

    “Decolonization is not finished; it has just started” – Dugin

    This mobilization and weaponization of the lumpenproletariat will end in their extermination under a perfect socialism, “for efficiency’s sake”.

    1. Hitler’s speech to the generals before the 16 December Offensive, of which we have a fragment, justifies the offensive as if he were negotiating with the Allies — which he was not. The German soldier thought it preferable to surrender to the West rather than the East. Model realized later, after a conversation with Hitler, that Hitler had sold out to Stalin. When Model received the order to destroy the Ruhr for Stalin’s sake (so the Allies would not capture it intact), Model sent his army home and shot himself.

      1. Hello Mr. Nyquist, just wanted to clear up weirdness from the conversation with ” Nel”, and to have further conversation on these matters of esotericism and Aristocracy and so forth.

        Lol, I am not a royal or a Romanov, God forbid. I do not overly love the Romanov dynasty, but I’ve discussed that before. My opinion on the relationship between Monarchy and Aristocracy is that Monarchy is the Apex of the Aristocratic principle, with the Aristocracy acting as go betweens between the people and the king. The king checks the rapacity of the nobility versus the people, and checks the leveling tendencies of the people in the interests of heirarchical social order. Both estates check the king should tyranny arise from the sovereign. But indeed, it remains that power is as de Maistre thought, one.

        None of this talk is popular of course especially in this day and age, and thus we are frequently tempted to settle, to compromise. What the Enemy has done though with his esotericism is through a screen of mysterious talk indicates a kind of science of power. Of concealing the means of collective or individual manipulation. Thus the Enemy, while his kingdom is not divided and it too is one, but appears as the purest kind of freedom and equality among his partisans, conscious or unconscious of their fealty to him. He is the prince of this world.

        Therefore, any Christian monarch must understand the kind of martyrdom that comes with the crown. No sane person would seek to grab it, only as an act of patriotism, of social love and responsibility.

      2. Strannik: I think your views on monarchy and aristocracy are correct, and mirror my own. Such ideas of rightful kingship belong to political philosophy and theology which we have lost. Kingship is about duty rather than power. Political parties seeking power are, in fact, dangerous when good conduct has disappeared. Republican government attempts to perform the same functions as monarchical government, only it is generally more dependent on the aristocratic element. When there are only wealthy businessmen, however, the system declines into plutocracy.

  26. Hello Mr. Nyquist, what would you add or critisize or update on the debate between Olavo de Carvalho and Aleksandr Dugin (THE USA AND THE NEW WORLD ORDER – A Debate Between Olavo de Carvalho and Aleksandr Dugin). Do you think that Olavo got Dugin’s ideas correctly? Do you think that we still have three main blocks in action? Thank you.

  27. I have read many of your articles but this one was fascinating.

    I congratulate you and recommend (if you haven’t already read it) the exciting little “little book”: “Marx and Satan” by Richard Wurmbrand.

    Blessings and love to you and your readers, from Buenos Aires, Argentina

    1. Do citizens actually form posses to round up thieves and hang them from trees, in Buenos Aires?

      1. In some suburbs of Buenos Aires, scenes have been seen of neighbors beating thieves or taking justice into their own hands; the same thing happened with child abusers or rapists, the neighbors organize and physically punish these criminals.

        It is very common in all rural areas of South America; In Bolivia, rapists are beaten to death, their penises are cut off, they put it in their mouths and they take photos of them that go viral to set an example.

    2. I read Wurmbrand’s book more than thirty years ago and acquired a copy which I sometimes reread. I understand the later versions are different as he kept revising it.

  28. Nel, sorry, such stupidity, those who come up with such cynical nonsense should themselves not be allowed any political power whatsoever under any political system Fools and thieves they would be, to wind up dead, in exile, or in prison. Any sensible ruler is aware of the cares that come with the Kingdom. Read the story of the ” sword of Damocles” .

    1. Dimes to doughnuts, Harry Windsor will rule the World. After he gets divorced.

      1. That does not make sense. England is not even a major power any more. And while the British monarch is technically the head of state for many commonwealth countries, he/she has no real power over them.

      2. Do you recall writing, Jeff, that the Soviet Union had carried out a premeditated deception of dissolving the Soviet Union? Well, as you also must know, the Federal Reserve is a private bank; no more Federal than is Federal Express. Majority shareholders are mostly foreign. The largest single shareholder is the Bank of Rothschild. The largest single depositor in the Bank of Rothschild, is the House of Windsor. The same shareholders also own the other equally private banks, the European Central Bank, and the IMF.

        This give the Queen considerable clout. Before the Little Prince Harry, married a commoner of African descent, he lived at home in the Palace with Granny. He was her darling fair haired boy. Harry earned the rank of Captain in the Army and piloted an Apache helicopter in the Afghan theatre. He was well protected, but still.

        In addition to earned rank of Captain, Harry also held and may yet unofficially hold, many other ranks and titles, including Captain General of the Royal Marines; an honorary rank, which nonetheless placed him in position as second in command of the entire British Military. I suspect that the family feud is misdirection, so that Oafrah can back Harry’s shrew wife to run for US President.

        That won’t fly. Harry won’t take much more of her abuse, so he won’t become the power behind the teleprompter. In the meantime, they’ve moved to Montecito, just down the road from Vandenberg, US Space Port. Harry is space happy – a Treckor. He has a pre paid ticket on Virgin Galactic.

        It’s my opinion that Harry is probably an liaison between the US Space Force and the British Royal Marine. When the United States is prosecuted by the United Nations for genocide by biowarfare against the entire World, pursuant to charges made by Russia, defacto president Biden will plead no contest to avoid a sentence of life in prison. That’s where prestige of the Crown lands Harry the job of Protectorate of the US nuclear arsenal and even more highly advanced weaponry.

        Who can do battle with the Beast?

      3. Space happy Harry is not a strategic threat. Please do not post about him here. You need to start your own website where these subjects belong. Not here.

    2. I never could figure out, who hung the sword by a hair over the chair? I doubt if the King would have tolerated that there, so he must have hung it; the guest so to scare?

      1. King Dionysus of Syracuse put it there, so his friend Damocles could have and Inkling of what a serious ruler must think of amidst all the good things they receive.

      2. Well that’s hardly fair now is it? Dionysus himself never actually sat under such a precarious hazard. One might well make the analogy, but in fact it is not the same at all. If it were the same, then there would be no need to make such an artificial and redundant example. Dionysus is disingenuous and afraid that anyone might be able to show what a cushy job it really is to be King.

        The King Will Come

    3. And the video reminds me how apt Poshlost is. The Devil is terribly stupid.

      1. The late, Tom Petty produced some very clever works of satire, but the Devil is far from stupid. He is the most intelligent creature that God ever created. Satan’s problem is that his character is fatally flawed. Out of foolish pride, he refuses to accept support of The Holy Spirit.

        After a thousand year rule on the throne in the Temple on Mount Mariah, Jesus lets the Devil out of the pit for a brief time. Why do you suppose that is?

  29. Duginists like Nova Resistência are staunch critics of feminism, LGBT, sex change operations and transhumanity. They do not advocate the breaking of gender, but rather accuse the Western/American elites of plotting it.

    1. But Dugin himself wrote that the white male upholds liberalism and therefore must be eradicated. I cited his passages on this in the article. Read it yourself.

      1. Well, there is an infamous quote attibuted to Dugin: “I am for black people. White civilization—its cultural values, the lying, inhuman model of the world built by it—has not justified itself. Everything is heading towards the beginning of white pogroms on a planetary scale. Russia is saved only because we are not pure white. Robber transnational corporations, the oppression and suppression of everyone else, MTV, blue and pink—these are the fruits of a white civilization that must be eliminated. Therefore, I am for red, yellow, green, black—just not for white. I wholeheartedly stand on the side of the people of Zimbabwe”. Still, not an endorsement of gender ideology, but rather the opposite.

      2. BR NAT: You quote Dugin supporting a communist regime in Africa, where he attacks white people (denying that Russians are white); yet you somehow continue to insist he is not supporting gender ideology. He says in his book that there will be no more men. He says we will have androgyny “like the angels.” Do you see how sinister and destructive this man is? Do I need to hit you in the head with a hammer to get you to see that Dugin is attempting to integrate the most destructive leftist toxins into a toxic form of conservatism? The man is a tool of the communist power, generating deceptive “Traditionalist” narratives. The fact that he has fooled people on the alt-right merely underscores the lack of discernment that exists on the alt-right. The same can be said for Christians who are fooled by him — or Jews or Muslims or Buddhists who are sucked into Dugin’s deceptive formulas. His command of core religious ideas has nothing to do with real spirituality. He is a magician at heart who views the spiritual world as something he can manipulate at will. He sees the faithful as pawns who can be persuaded to embrace the Devil if he employs their theological terms, twisting them to establish an inverted faith. His one insight is that most religious people have only a superficial understanding of the theology and philosophy underlying their spiritual life. He is sophisticated enough to attack all religions under the guise of his fake “Traditionalism.” The danger which exists in his esoteric doctrines is the same danger inherent in Marxism. The Satanic lure of power, of playing God, permeates the whole. Anyone who has investigated the occult quickly learns it is a labyrinth of darkness where dangerous entities lie in wait, ready to pounce. It is an abyss which the soul must recoil from, as God is a mystery and goodness grows from a painful acknowledgement of the human condition (i.e., ignorance and weakness). As an occultist, Dugin possesses the dark tools of destruction and they probably possess him in return. The Soviet special services cultivated him long ago, and they are yet employing him to corrupt Orthodox believers and demoralized Western conservatives (i.e., persons of collapsed faith who do not realize they have committed the sin of despair). Dugin is a fraud. He and his master, Putin, pay lip service to Orthodoxy for the purpose of deceiving the Elect. As enemies of mankind, Dugin and Putin prey on our faithless latter-day conservatives. They exploit the spiritual vacuum created by corrupt intellectual doctrines of every kind. It is all strategy, aggression, mayhem — a raid on the profound structures of thought and soul that made the West. Take away those structures entirely and look how weak the edifice has become. The West is on the verge of collapse, chaos, anarchy, civil war. Liberation theology was not a sufficiently toxic for them. Now they have created a false Traditionalism. Here is real poison. Do not drink it!

  30. Dugin: “… our people do not only go to meetings or fight at the barricades, they also go to real wars, for instance to the Dniestr district [Moldova], or to Yugoslavia…”

    Are there any lessons from the 90’s war in Yugoslavia that are applicable to Ukraine? What was Russia’s involvement in that war?

    It always seemed that Serbia was to Yugoslavia as Russia was/is to the Soviet Union. Today Serbia is probably one of the most pro-Russian countries in Europe. Like Russia is doing now, Serbia tried to prevent its former satellites from leaving the union. Complicating factors were that populations in the Balkans were very intermixed, with many Serbians living beyond the borders of current Serbia, much like with there being significant Russian minorities in Ukraine, Moldova, the Baltics etc. Both Serbia and Russia used the existence minorities as a pretext for war.
    Just as with Ukraine today, the western Left was largely supportive of the Yugoslavian states fight for independence. I don’t know about conservatives back then, but today the consensus seems to be that NATO’s intervention was a bad thing, the West had no business intervening in a ‘civil war’ (Russia also implies that the current war is a ‘civil war’ by not calling it an invasion), and anyway all the talk of genocide was grossly exaggerated. Russia hotly opposed NATO’s involvement back then and now brandishes it as an act of NATO aggression. Conservatives point out that states like Bosnia, Kosovo ended up being a training ground for Al-Qaeda and other Muslim terrorists, and are now a nexus for organized crime and smuggling into Europe. That is all true. But if Russia was involved behind the scenes in the Yugoslavian wars, as Dugin is hinting, one has to wonder how much of this was the KGB’s handiwork.

    1. The whole nationalist stoking on all sides in the Balkans is complete Soviet manipulation and provocation. It follows the logic of divide to conquer. Serbs have obviously been manipulated, because their humiliation stems from the Russian service provocations. As much as Russians showed support to isolated Serbs, it really stinks as a mafia move, and Russia completely depended on the Serbs being humiliated since Marxism is a process of humiliation and demoralization.

    2. The Marxist clue is in divisions and unity under scapegoating type circle jerk rule. It recalls their scissors and one clenched fist strategy . You destroy a good empire by making the smaller kings jealous of the emperor and also engage in the cousin of envy which is siblings rivalry. That is the break up phase.The coalescing phase can precede and follow a break up phase. Milosevitch picked on this or that ethny and isolated it for blame and circle jerking, picking one at a time the parts of the overall target to demoralize. Alternatively you can flip the script and make every actor in the circle distrust each other and point at each other fingers for the blame of abusing of the one in the middle of that circle. One can see how Europeans keep ridiculously pointing as how each had a lesser amount of jews killed or larger amount protected during WWII.

    3. The Czechoslovak defector Jan Sejna predicted the breakup of Yugoslavia in 1982. He said the Soviet Union had a secret long range plan to break up the country after Tito’s death.

  31. The Occult Roots of Bolshevism, Stephen E Flowers. A very recent publication. Have yet to read it, but he’s an established name in contemporary Western esotericism scholarship.

  32. Here is Dugin’s Guideline on Transhumanism: https://katehon.com/en/directives/transhumanism

    It may seem he supports it when he says “Now we have come to the final phase of humanity’s liberation from its limitations. In the West, there is already no longer any religion, political hierarchies, normal families, or State in the fullest sense of the word. All borders have been completely crossed, i.e., transgressed. Now all that remains is one final step: overcoming the boundaries of the human species itself. This is H+ – the last word of liberalism. Transhumanism is no bizarre side product of technological development – it is the logical end of the modern age. (…) Transhumanism is inevitable if we accept the main trend of the modern era, faith in progress, development, and the betterment of humanity.”

    However, Duginism’s core idea is its total opposition not only to liberalism, but also to modernity and progress. So, he clarifies: “This religion, or rather pseudo-religion of progress was introduced to Europe and the world by the Enlightenment. This heresy gradually replaced or pushed into the periphery all traditional forms of religion, first and foremost Christianity. It is impossible to stop halfway on this path of progress. (…) The only ones who are on the opposite side of post-humanism are consistent and fundamental traditionalists. They reject not only the final mutation, but all of Modernity, the very idea of progress and development, the scientific image of the world, and democracy and liberalism. Instead, traditionalists affirmed and affirm God, Church, Empire, caste, power, and folk customs. Not progress. The modern world is not progress, but the result of decline. It is the kingdom of the Antichrist.”

    So, Dugin is not openly celebrating the desconstruction of man. It wouldn’t make sense because he is trying to entice conservatives. His goal is to convince us that the West is to blame and must be destroyed for being the kingdom of the Antichrist.

    1. Dugin is neither logical nor consistent. Read the Fourth Political Theory. He writes, “The Fourth Political Theory represents an aspiration to overcome the gender constructions of the three political theories of modernity.” Further on he says, “The subject of the Fourth Political Theory is the non-adult male. For example … Gilbert-Lecomte and Rene Daumal, who offered to live their lives without maturing to remain playing at being children. This can be considered as an invitation to develop gender tenets for the Fourth Political Theory, a system of aesthetic and political philosophy. Under the concept of the non-White ‘man’ lies the pre logical world system … where the logos is not the only means of social organization.” He refers to this method of forming masculinity as “groping.” He then adds, “Madness is part of the gender arsenal of the Fourth Political Theory.” He nowhere advocates patriarchy.

      1. To possess leftist views, one must by definition be illogical and inconsistent, in which regard Dugin appears to be “consistently inconsistent”. What amazes me is how Marxists cannot see this and the natural consequences of it: utter self-destruction.

      2. Wow.Who would have guessed, that a child man PeterPan gender state was a Soviet Romanticizing of schizophrenia from the get go. This is something that Devereux (a right wing jew cousin of H bomb Teller) would blame modern society for, but maybe he could not see it was a Soviet ploy. He definitely detected it as a leftist mentality in a story of a NYT lefty journalist who had such localist mentally that that the Nazi roots of a political opponent were a lesser concern for democrats than the technical local fact that he had made upset the community by canceling a baseball game. He described this kind of localist extrapolating gender situation as one devoid of psychosymanic thermodynamics because without gender all is grey and mixed at maximum lukewarm entropy, As a result no work can be done, no sublimation possible.

      3. It seems to me the Soviets have a core idea of what a perfect slave is and then they accademically dig into past esoterism in order todressthe whole thing for popular consumption or coded consumtption for peers. Walter Benjamin would sneer communist superiority to Fascists who made art out of war instead of using art to make [war] politics. However the like of Dugin seem to try to make art out of communism as a weapon of war the same. One can also note that as much as Dugin’s traditionalist targets are Christians, the Soviet had a same program for islam. They do the exact opposite of what parents of the autistic advocate as the need to adapt the mentally ill to society instead of making out of them children or potential criminals. They manipulated cynically islamic religion what not as a mental illness (ethnic) and turned it into islamic terrorist ideology incapable of adapting as negativist to adaptation and wholly criminal.

      4. It also is not clear if Dugin has a devious social engineering plan or if he sees himself part of it as a leader like Peter Pan, safe in his sociology of co-schizos who have a hatred for life’s spoilers and realities of adulthood. Devereux showed examples of schizophrenics manipulating other schizos’ tendency to hesitation to their own advantage. As such Dugin is far far from any tradition , tradition being based in tough initiations and mental insights/fabrications as a result of a tribe member from the stranger-gods child state to full fledged tribe name identity adopter amongst brothers and sisters.

      5. The root of Dugins muddle headedness lies in his attending the Divine Liturgy as an Edinovertsy, the Old Believers who are one (hence the nickname) with the official Nikonian church. Without going into much detail, a person cannot bear even pretending to a certain life while trying to expound another, not without going mad. May God have mercy.

      6. Patriarchy is built into the very structure of Creation, Beginning with the Unoriginate Father.

      7. Well, Brazilian Duginists are strongly against gender ideology and transhumanism. Not sure about patriarchy, but they say men should be masculine and women should be feminine. I’m talking about people who are personally close to him and translated his books. But I agree that Dugin is neither logical nor consistent. He is known to change his rhetoric according to the interlocutor and audience. And his visceral opposition to modernity (including progress, rationalism and universal truths) brings him close to postmodernists.

    2. No wonder Dugin is so confused—he doesn’t have firm grasp on reality. Look at the quote on “fundamental traditionalists”, he mixes truth with falsehood. The worst lies are where falsehood is mixed with truth into a demonic brew. At first glance his description looks plausible, but falls apart when examined.

      If one equates “fundamental traditionalist” with the Bible and its teachings, which it appears that Dugin tries to do, then it appears that Dugin is ignorant of the Bible—he leaves out one of the most important Biblical teachings, namely the quest for justice, individual justice. Social justice apart from individual justice cannot exist, because in skewing the justice system to try to “correct” for “social” ills, whole new classes of both individual and social victims of injustice are created.

      Some of his views on “modernity” are likewise false, but I don’t want to go into a detailed deconstruction of his errors at this time.

  33. Dugin the “traditionalist”… everytime you have a -ism, suspect a leftwing linguistic that fabricates those using its language – into leftists. In fact, this dichotomy and zero sum game between tradition and progress,whether you take one side or the other, is the essence of Marxist class struggle. Once the “traditionalists” become a “minority”, well, bam, right there, you have a “worker class” ready to be exploited to attempt re-gaining power. In essence it is cancerous thinking when the bee wants to become the queen bee. The queen bee may be the exclusive “blood line” but the bee fertilizes and help conceive far many more worlds with the flowers it mates with. In fact Jews like to say that their god does not lust for a man or a woman as a pagan god would, but their god “lusts” for the couple the same way the “worker bee” “lusts” for the mating of plants. .Anyways, Let us remember that the Nazis initially viewed themselves a minority and victim group, much like leftists have exploited it for politics after Hitler. There is absolutely nothing traditional about Dugin’s witchcraft other than that traditonally Indian tribes would kill such witches. In fact, often a means for a disturbed Indian to commit suicide (by cop) was to engage openly in witchcraft which would then force members to kill him or her. The witch in essence is anti-traditional, it is a negativist political animal which breaks up circles and seeks to throw chaos in the tribe. He does that by dividing the tribe that however seeks to be united in its struggles against the predatorial tyranny of the gods. The god predating on humans for attention and blood would bring the tribe members together to discuss together this intrusion in their lives. The witch seeks however to make the humans feel guilty to the god oreven completely remove the god from the picture with the humans starting to blame each other instead, seeking to circle jerk and isolate a sacrificescape goat victim to appease that god. Alternatively, the god completely made perfect and creepy (liberation wokist moralizing white theology) or removed altogether (psychoanalysis, Marxism and other competitors) create a perfect opportunity to isolate a human, destroy families and the tribe. This tribe destruction, again, is fundamentally anti-traditional.

  34. Going back to Dugin’s comment about the Russians as barbarians in a final push to finish off freedom on earth reminds me of the strangely prescient words of Alexander Hislop in his flawed, but nonetheless fundamentally on-the-right-track book, The Red Republic. Written in 1849, before the USSR existed, he predicted the final ascendant political system on earth would be a form of supranational communist tyranny, “the scarlet coloured beast… that was, is not and yet is” or Revelation17. And although he never tied Russia and communism together, he did see Russia as a menace in the making:

    “The Russian eagles are watching every movement on the Continent, with as intense interest as ever the Romans did the doings of the rebellious Jews. Can it be imagined that of so strong and tremendous a despotism has been raised up by Providence without some important design? And what can that design be, but that like “the Assyrian, the rod of God’s anger,” it may execute the fierceness of the Almighty’s wrath on apostate nations who are ripe for judgments? And the language of the Apocalypse itself points
    in the very same direction as the words of our Lord. The last judgment upon the great city [i.e. the West], is a desolating firestorm of hailstones, “every stone about the weight of a talent; and men blasphemed God because of the plague of the hail: for the plague thereof was exceeding great” (Revelation 16:21). Now whence comes the hail? Plainly from the real north, the region of frost and snow. Under the first trumpet, the hail symbolized the wars of the barbarians, who burst, in desolating fury from the frozen north upon the fertile fields of Italy; but no hail, no northern warfare was ever so desolating as this. The civil warfare of the great earthquake [of Revelation 11 and Revelation 16] dissolves the framework of society. [whereas] This seems destined to involve it in final destruction, and to sweep it clean away, or to leave only a smoking ruin.” (all comments in parenthesis are mine).

    Could this be the first instance in history of a writer anticipating Russia striking the West? Hislop attaches this interpretation to the downfall of apostate Christianity, but the instrumentality of that is to be the major western nations (i.e. the “horns” on the scarlet coloured beast when they miraculously turn to Christ), and in my own view – for what that is worth – it seemingly refers to the final war before the western nations repent, also known as Armageddon.

    1. Yes, I do not get it, these right winger so called and other conservative”thinkers” so called, who hang out with schizophrenics and social engineers. I could not stand 5 min of listening to Putin at this point, much the same with Obama’s victimist legalistically approved incoherence. So how come they can? What a joke. Besides a cursorial look indicates that Putin’s daughter was full blown working on mRNA, all in line with Dugin’s utopian transhumanist schizo world disaster.

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