It is naïve to assume that the lower depths of the Sovietological inferno – that is, of Western ignorance and ineptitude in the study of totalitarianism – are where they have always been politically. The new strategy of totalitarianism has made havoc of the political spectrum in Western democracies, and the Right today is scarcely less inclined to self-deception than the Left.”

Andrei Navrozov, 1991 [i]

Again and again, we repeat the same mistake. We make unwise bargains with murderous dictators. After all, they changed from bad guys into good guys. They have embraced capitalism and democratic reforms. They are no longer bad. Therefore, we engage with them. We trade with them. We invest in them. We become accessories after the fact, strengthening regimes that routinely murder their own citizens. Eventually, these same regimes point nuclear missiles at us and demand that whole countries be turned over to them.

We never seem to learn that extending a hand in friendship to a crocodile leads to the loss of an arm. “Like Caesar or Napoleon,” wrote Navrozov, “Hitler pursued his aim of world conquest extensively, seeking to add territory after territory to his possessions. Despite the … clear and present danger, democracies failed to prepare for war, and those within Nazi Germany’s reach collapsed when it came.”[ii] Writing on the cusp of Moscow’s 1991 August Coup, Navrozov presciently warned of Moscow’s “coming order.” At that time the Kremlin was engaged in deceptive liberalization. Changes were happening, to be sure; but as Russian journalist Yevgenia Albats explained in her book on the KGB, these changes were engineered “to dazzle the West.”[iii] In fact, Western businessmen and government leaders were fooled into believing that Russia had become a normal country – no longer totalitarian. And it really did seem so, for a time. Imagine the concessions the Kremlin won in those days: access to capital, technology, and more.

Navrozov wrote, “Had Hitler persisted in the more subtle strategy of Munich, it is likely that Churchill would have remained ‘exiled from power, largely distrusted by both major parties, thought to lack judgement and stability’ (Encyclopedia Britannica, 1973), while Hitler would have dominated the world.”[iv] Such, indeed, is the kind of strategy Moscow and Beijing adopted in the 1980s and 90s.

Despite what everyone came to believe in 1991, communism did not die. It went underground. It became more covert than before. In the years that followed, despite losses in Eastern Europe, communism advanced steadily in the West and across the globe. But nobody in a position of power, in a position to advise a Western government, took notice. As Navrozov said in 1991, “The new strategy of totalitarianism … made havoc of the political spectrum in Western democracies, and the Right today is scarcely less inclined to self-deception than the Left.”

Anyone who feared communism was thought to be obsessive, or psychologically abnormal. Meanwhile, the communists continued their “long march” through the institutions, capturing the White House, the Justice Department, and more. It was a covert conquest, managed under false Democratic banners. The mechanism that facilitated this advance is easy to see in retrospect. In 1988, Soviet dictator Mikhail Gorbachev dispatched Georgi Arbatov to the West with a curious message: Moscow had a secret weapon, said Arbatov: “We are going to deprive you of an enemy.” The Kremlin strategist said, “I cannot imagine that we will play this game [the Cold War] again, and without us you cannot play it either.”[v]

What did he mean?

In brief, Arbatov meant that the Soviet Empire was going to disappear. America would be deprived of its enemy. It had already been arranged, almost a year before the fall of the Berlin Wall. And Ronald Reagan was the perfect president to frame this strategy around. If Reagan accepted Gorbachev’s initiatives, then every conservative and anti-communist would be obliged to accept the “authenticity” of glasnost and perestroika. In strategy, timing is everything; and this was perfect timing. In addition, Reagan was beginning to suffer the first signs of the illness that would take his life. As the Daily Mail noted in 2015, “Reagan was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 1994…. Long before he was diagnosed … Reagan’s speech may have contained clues to his worsening mental condition, according to a new study by the University of Arizona.”[vi]

As Russian journalists Yevgenia Albats and Anna Politkovskaya later suggested, the changes in the Soviet Union were facilitated by the KGB. The late Vladimir Bukovsky, who famously stole thousands of documents from Communist Party archives, affirmed that a plan was being followed. “There are some other factors,” said Bukovsky, “which normally are not discussed. And if you try discussing them in the West, they look at you with disbelief. Namely, that it was planned in Moscow by the end of 1988 to change the hard-line communist regimes in Eastern Europe and to find a replacement for them of a more liberal variety.”[vii]

After Gorbachev’s transformation of the Soviet bloc took full effect, there would be no reason for Western vigilance. There would be no reason to build new nuclear weapons. Thenceforth America’s nuclear weapons would rot away. And now, after thirty years of rot, the nuclear balance has tipped in Russia and China’s favor. Meanwhile, the Communists would begin to dominate the Democratic Party and more. And then came the diversion of 9/11, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. American strategists were no longer concerned with what Russia and China were doing. After all, these countries were indispensable partners.  

As Soviet Russia broke apart, China was becoming America’s trading partner. Drawn by China’s cheap labor costs, American investors would transfer America’s industrial base to China. This made sense to the titans of Big Business who never understood the many dangerous mistakes they were making. Like so many caught fish, they only saw the worm and not the hook. Many businessmen were compromised, like Bill Gates of Microsoft. They had unwittingly became partners in crime with the world’s most infamous mass murderers (students of history’s foremost mass murderer, Mao Zedong). [viii]

China and Russia, the two largest communist countries on earth, were becoming capitalist in the eyes of Sovietologists like Francis Fukuyama. The victory of democratic liberalism, said Fukuyama, was an accomplished fact. Humanity had reached the “end of history.” In other words, there would be no more wars, no more totalitarian threat. Fukuyama belonged in the lowest rung of Navrozov’s Sovietological inferno. Lacking moral and strategic sense, these “scholars” of Soviet collapse never woke to the fact that Russia and China were playing a much longer game. The West would spontaneously (though gradually) disarm as Moscow and Beijing rearmed. At the same time a communist fifth column would come to power in the West, operating under the banners of global warming and multiculturalism. Corporations would be coopted, front organizations like the World Economic Forum would emerge. The Pentagon itself would integrate Critical Race Theory into the military’s educational curriculum. In the final phase of this strategy, as KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn warned in 1984,

the communist strategists might be persuaded that the balance had swung irreversibly in their favor. In that event they might well decide on a Sino-Soviet ‘reconciliation.’ The scissors strategy would give way to the strategy of ‘one clenched fist.’ At this point the shift in the political and military balance would be plain for all to see. Convergence would not be between two equal parties, but would be on terms dictated by the communist bloc. The argument for accommodation with the overwhelming strength of communism would be virtually unanswerable. Pressures would build up for changes in the American political and economic system…. [ix]

From all this we can see that the communist bloc would not repeat Hitler’s mistake of starting a war prematurely. They would gather every possible advantage and extract a series of concessions from Western leaders in advance of war. Some of these Western leaders were, in key instances, communism’s secret partners and “agents of influence.” Better prepared than Hitler in 1938-39, with tentacles and satellite countries across the globe, with presidents and prime ministers under their control, Moscow and Beijing would begin their final offensive by unleashing a biological weapon (COVID), followed by an Anschluss against Ukraine. They would also threaten war in the Far East. Using food, gas, and oil as weapons, Moscow would trigger economic shrinkage in the West. The Biden Administration would help this strategy along, shutting down oil pipelines and making “Big Oil” a pariah. The stage is now set for martial law and the revolutionary transformation of the American political system – exactly as Golitsyn predicted in 1984.

As noted in my interview with Lude Media, Beijing will initiate a “Munich process” in the Far East. “If you want peace, give us Taiwan. If you want peace, give us South Korea. If you want peace, give us Japan.” The Biden Administration, ideologically oriented to anti-Americanism, is sure to cancel every important weapon system. Biden will talk tough and act like he is defending America’s allies. At each step he will undermine that defense and facilitate the enemy’s advance – as he did in Afghanistan during the summer of 2021. Of course, Biden cannot appear to abandon Ukraine or Taiwan, and therefore he must make concessions to popular feeling. Moscow and Beijing are certainly not happy about this, but they are nonetheless patient. Besides, Biden has opened the southern border to infiltration by terrorists and communist bloc commandos. His Justice Department threatens patriots with arrest and incarceration on false charges. Repressive measures are being prepared against the most important target of all – the American people. The coming dictatorship in Washington will exist for only one purpose: national surrender.  

Appeasement of Russia and China is the Biden administration’s plan. When people are afraid and suffering, they will agree to anything. Feed others to the crocodile and save yourself. Comforting lies will be told to justify Washington’s new policy of retreat. Ukraine was corrupt anyway, so let Russia take it. Taiwan is not really a country, so let China have it. The thousands being arrested by the FBI deserve to be imprisoned without due process. After all, they are extremist Christian nationalists. If this is necessary to preserve the Republic, then so be it. But the Republic will be long gone.

In 1938 British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain flew to Munich and war was averted. People celebrated. But these celebrations were short-lived. Chamberlain extracted a promise from Hitler in exchange for the Sudetenland. The promise was that Hitler would make no more demands. He would not invade neighboring countries, as he did to Austria. But when Czechoslovakia broke up, and the Czech state was helpless, Hitler invaded anyway – bringing appeasement to an end. The justifications Hitler used for turning Czechia into a protectorate did not matter to the British public. Hitler had broken his promise. 

The logic of appeasement inevitably breaks down. There are several reasons for this. People grow tired of getting cheated. People see that their strategic position worsens as the enemy advances. Under these circumstances no peace lasts forever, especially when built on moral compromises. While it is true that Hitler could have waited, could have shown more patience in his negotiations – life is a timed event. While villains may fantasize about living forever, they do not live forever. 

From this standpoint, a totalitarian state ruled by one man can be hobbled by that man’s mortality. Hitler was a hypochondriac who feared he did not have long to live. Therefore, he pushed his luck at Munich and the Polish Corridor. A totalitarian system under collective leadership is better able to carry out a long-range strategy. And so, the communist bloc has avoided repeating Hitler’s blunder by refusing to rely on one person for everything. Over many decades communism avoided war; that is, until now. One might ask what has changed. We hear that Putin has Parkinson’s and cancer, that Xi suffers from serious high blood pressure. Is this why Russia has gone to war and China is mobilizing?

As the Grim Reaper Approaches

Felix Kersten testified about a 1942 meeting he had with Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler. Kersten was Himmler’s doctor. More than that, he was Himmler’s confessor. One day, according to Kersten, the Reichsführer went to his safe, “took out a black portfolio, and took some papers from it.” He then told Kersten, “Read it. You are holding a secret report on the Führer’s illnesses.” According to Kersten, “The report was twenty-six pages long and was a compendium of all Hitler’s medical reports since the time he had been treated for serious eye trouble at the hospital at Pasewalk. The following facts were established: In his youth, Hitler had contracted syphilis. He had left Pasewalk apparently cured, but in 1937 symptoms appeared that showed beyond all possible doubt that the disease was still active.” [x]

In 1937 Hitler, seeing the approach of inevitable syphilitic paralysis, had no time to waste. He had to accomplish the conquests he envisioned in the next few years or not at all. Given these facts (if facts they are), we should not be surprised that under Stalin, when the communist bloc was also dependent on one man, that a similar problem arose. Edvard Radzinsky’s Stalin biography contains explosive testimony from Stalin’s last bodyguards.[xi] Putting this testimony together with other details, it seems that Stalin was planning the “final war” against the West at the time of his death. His colleagues did not like this plan and plotted to remove him. As Radzinsky explained,

They misunderstood him [Stalin]. He was not afflicted with senile vainglory. The realization of the Great Dream was imminent, when he would lead his peoples in their assault on the enemy’s stronghold. The image of the god – the God Stalin – would lead them into that last, decisive, and truly bloody battle. That was the whole purpose of the Stalin cult. That was why his newspapers and his radio had to exalt his name day and night…. The earth was filled with the thunder of this name. As a contemporary wrote in her diary: ‘Stalin here, Stalin there, Stalin, Stalin everywhere. You can’t go out the kitchen, or sit on the toilet, or eat without Stalin following you…. He creeps into your guts and your very soul, creeps into your brain, stops up all holes, treads on a person’s heels, rings you up in your innermost self, gets into bed with you under the blanket, haunts your memories and your dreams.’ [xii]

Radzinsky’s witness testimonies are best understood in the light of National Security Council (NSC) documents declassified from the Eisenhower years. President Eisenhower, fed up with communist dickering in the Korean War peace talks, was planning to widen the war if a ceasefire was not forthcoming. “From the economic perspective,” wrote historian John Lewis Gaddis, “…if the nation had to continue conventional force expenditures on the scale the Korean conflict required, Eisenhower told the National Security Council, there would be reason to wonder ‘whether national bankruptcy or national destruction would get us first.’” [xiii]

Eisenhower was quoted as saying, “atomic weapons have virtually achieved conventional status within our armed services.”[xiv] This was music to Stalin’s ears, for the aging dictator wanted to go out in a blaze of glory. Days after taking office, Eisenhower told his National Security Council, “we should consider the use of tactical atomic weapons [in Korea].”[xv] Eisenhower would not allow America to be bled indefinitely by the Korean War. Stalin knew that Eisenhower was serious. The Soviet dictator was eager to accept the American president’s challenge. But Stalin’s chief lieutenants, L. Beria and N. Khrushchev, were frightened by the prospect of war. One night in early March 1953 they arranged for Stalin’s body guards to leave their posts. That was the night Stalin suffered his fatal “stroke.”[xvi] 

Some observers of the present crisis hope that a similar dynamic will play out in Moscow and Beijing; that Putin and/or Xi will be removed from power by those who want to prevent a catastrophic war. All evidence, so far, suggests that we will not be so lucky this time. My own analysis suggests that the leadership in Russia and China is not beholden to one man – to a Hitler or a Stalin. Putin’s illness and Xi’s high blood pressure are incidental. We are dealing with a long-range strategy being carried out by giant secretive bureaucracies.

The Infiltration Problem

The real problem, of course, is the communist penetration of Big Business and Big Government. All Western governments have within them a secret cabal. In his book, The Whole of Their Lives, Benjamin Gitlow explained the inner workings of the deep state. Before breaking with communism, Gitlow had been hand-picked by Stalin to lead America’s Communist Party. Here is how Gitlow described the inner workings of the communist apparatus in 1948:

Though the American communists have not yet secured the kind of control … that they are after, the sinister communist government within a government is in operation and has been in operation for over a decade. If the American people were given an opportunity to sit in on meetings of the Political Committee of the Communist Party they would enjoy a ringside seat at the sessions of the Supreme Council of the Soviet United States. They would be amazed at the matters coming up for consideration. The Political Committee sits like a cabinet. It passes judgment and makes decisions on matters affecting the lives of Americans. [xvii]

To penetrate the American upper classes, wrote Gitlow, “The Party soon developed a technique for handling people in the upper brackets in a more efficient and more organized fashion. Chosen Party members, whose membership in the Party was kept a dark secret, were fitted out exactly as the movies do a poor girl who suddenly inherits riches. Elaborate apartments were furnished for them in the exclusive sections of New York. In each apartment a bar was erected and stocked with the finest wines and liqueurs.”[xviii] According to Gitlow, “Here penthouse society mingled and rubbed shoulders with Red Bohemia, and had a marvelous time as it was being fleeced.”[xix]

A wild conspiracy theory? No. Gitlow’s account was autobiographical. Does anyone really think that rich people are somehow invulnerable to communist subversion? Why would they be any wiser than others? People who are busy making money are not usually equipped to understand something as complex as communism. Human beings have weaknesses, after all – even if they are very rich.

The psychopaths who run the communist movement are good at detecting weaknesses (and exploiting them). Gitlow wrote about a “member of a dance group” who “knows just how to ogle a fat industrialist in such a way that his cheeks turned pink and his heart bubbled over for the poor exploited proletariat.” Gitlow also told of a “young artist, sipping cocktails with an overstuffed and over-powered lady,” expounding on “the role art played in combating fascism.” Money, he said, “rolled into the coffers of the Communist Party.” The communists were influencing our society from the top – from the very top – as far back as the 1920s (when Gitlow was a communist leader). Historically speaking, America has been subject to one hundred years of communist subversion. To imagine the world without this history, without this fleecing of our leisure class, is to misunderstand everything. “Hob-nobbing with fashionable society had no effect whatsoever on the outlook of the communist leaders,” noted Gitlow. “To their credit, it must be stated that they did not succumb to the corrupting influences of bourgeois society. On the contrary, they so influenced the society circles with which they came in contact, so changed the outlook of the gentlemen and ladies with whom they sipped cocktails, that they transformed them into the financial pillars of the Party and subservient agents of the communist cause.” [xx]

Subvert the elite, subvert the system. Subvert the system, control the masses. Control the masses, control everything. According to Gitlow, “The communist leaders … hope … to turn the wheels of American history sharply and violently in their direction.”[xxi] In 1965 Louis Budenz, the former managing editor of the Communist Party newspaper, The Daily Worker, wrote, “The Americans, staggering in the night of ignorance on Soviet Communism, are thus misled over and over again as they move blindly into the American Dark Ages, unaware of the nature or the tactics of their enemies.”[xxii] Moscow and Beijing, Budenz noted, are “intent upon eternal war until the West is brought to its knees and the Bolshevik invasion has proved a success.”[xxiii]

Gitlow and Budenz remind us of the infiltration of our ruling elites, Big Business and Big Government (not to mention the media and academia). The West’s leaders are not simply clueless, their political flanks have been turned. And now, without fulling realizing it, they are being absorbed into the New Religion of socialism (i.e., a stage in the advance toward communism). At present we are suffering one economic shock after another. The Republican opposition crows about their coming victory in the midterm elections. But will there be midterm elections? And if so, will those elections be “free and fair”? Even now, as conservatives are being investigated for a so-called “insurrection,” a season of rioting and violence has been organized by the communists. Antifa and the Marxist activists of BLM, who pulled down statues of our national heroes two summers ago, are now marching for the right of a mother to kill her unborn baby.

There has already been vandalism against churches and right-to-life organizations. Such property crimes are backed today by an outraged president and vice president. Both are beholden to the communist movement. Religion, of course, is one of communism’s chief enemies – along with motherhood. If you want to undermine a society, undermine motherhood. And what undermines motherhood more than mothers killing their own unborn babies?

According to Fox News, over 63 million abortions have occurred in the United States since Roe v. Wade made abortion legal in 1973.[xxiv] Here is slaughter on an unimaginable scale. Since antiquity the medical profession was predicated on “do no harm,” and was opposed to abortion.[xxv] The degradation of medical ethics has serious implications. For over a year the medical profession has advised 800 million people to participate in a dangerous medical experiment (i.e., the so-called COVID “vaccines”).

Communist subversion is real. The subversion of our morality, our churches, our government, our schools – is real. Somebody organized it. Somebody campaigned for it. Somebody conspired to make it happen. Except for some odd member of Antifa, communists do not have a hammer and sickle tattooed on their foreheads. And they are not coming out of the closet to satisfy our curiosity. It is much easier for them if they pretend to be “liberals” or “progressives,” or even conservatives.

For 35 years I have followed the communist defector literature, which has proven to be a useful guide to communist strategy. One of the more interesting defectors, Jan Sejna, published a book in 1982. Therein he wrote, “One of the basic problems of the West is its frequent failure to recognize the existence of any Soviet ‘grand design’ at all. Those rejecting this concept unwittingly serve Soviet efforts to conceal their objectives and further complicate the process of determining such objectives.’” [xxvi] Sejna further noted, “When my friends and I studied the Strategic Plan our initial reactions were identical: we considered it quite unrealistic, especially in its timing….” However, after his defection to the West Sejna realized that Moscow’s plans were not unrealistic at all. In the West, said Sejna, “I could find no unity, no consistent objective or strategy…. It is not possible to fight the Soviet system and strategy with small tactical steps. For the first time I began to believe that the Soviet Union would be able to achieve her goals – something I had not believed in Czechoslovakia.” [xxvii]

Communism is not an easy subject to discuss because of the many misunderstandings people have. We have to ask what has changed and what has remained the same in Russia and China since 1991. Current events suggest that the communist bloc is being revived. I believe that defector warnings about this possibility are suggestive of something more than happenstance.

Below are my first and second interviews with Paul Adams. For those with the resources, I have included, after my footnotes, an essay from Barrett Moore on preparing for the worst.

First Part of Paul Adams Interviewing J.R. Nyquist

Second Part of Paul Adams Interviewing J.R. Nyquist

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Preparing for the Unthinkable

By Barrett Moore

Some weeks ago, Jeff Nyquist posited: “The American people have been living in a fool’s paradise. People in China are trying to warn us. Will we listen or turn a deaf ear?”[i]

Unfortunately, Americans are not only deaf, they have been subjugated in ways few understand. Total war is upon us. Ukraine remains a diversion. Rational and critical independent thought has virtually disappeared.  The leadership of our government, military and business community is adrift and WE THE PEOPLE are the target.  Many are going to perish. Too dramatic? You have no idea.

“Don’t worry,” we are told. “Everything will go back to normal.” Not only is your life, your family, and nation under threat, but also all of Western civilization is in danger, and perhaps billions of lives. Will America become a mere footnote in human history? I would argue that most Americans no longer have a preservation instinct. Others would argue they never had one. Too many within the American political and professional class believe that their wealth, education, and social status will carry the day – irrespective of the threat.  This flawed assumption may cost many their lives, because even at this late hour, standing at the precipice of a larger war with Russia and China, the greed of the professional class still exceeds their fear. The inflection point will come quickly.

I know something about this. For 25 years, I have advised UHNW[ii] folks on how to protect their families from low-probability-high-consequence events. This encompasses risk mitigation of every type, to include the construction of secure haven facilities for those with the foresight to recognize that neither their balance sheet, nor Gulfstream jet, can be relied upon to preserve their family. In addition, I was afforded the opportunity to start a software company, a manufacturing company and one of the nation’s largest security companies. It was my team that attempted to build a nation-wide private civil defense network – an effort that bankrupted me and earned me the wrath and vilification of those that would prefer the public to remain unprepared. Their attacks are legion; and their ongoing psychological campaign can be directed against anyone with the foresight to prepare.

The internal and external threats to Western Civilization are quite real. Think – Death, Famine, War, and Conquest – basically, the four horsemen of the apocalypse. While awareness of the collapse of the financial, food, and energy markets is growing, a dangerous monoculture of thought ensures that too many remain deaf to the larger threats: the growing democide;[iii] the woke indoctrination[iv] and purge of the military;[v] the abject failure of our national intelligence apparatus;[vi] and most recently, the very real threat of nuclear war.[vii] The government appears complicit.  The media silent.  And the hubris of our military leadership is on display. As Jeff Nyquist has so aptly disclosed, Russia and China have apparently aligned their plans to destroy America.[viii] Russia is already at war and China is preparing[ix] – all the while we act as if our dominance will continue unabated. The American population does not understand that much of the world has been alienated by our leaders and their shopping mall regime.[x] All the while, most everyone else remains unprepared for the accumulating threats that might well spell the disintegration of society as we know it. Too dramatic? Then you probably suffer from “normalcy bias.”[xi]

Americans have been indoctrinated to believe that a nuclear war is unthinkable as it would destroy the world. Right? Even now, after repeated threats by both Russia and China to use nuclear weapons,[xii] the American public remains nonchalant. Bombarded with overt propaganda, most are dangerously misinformed on the subject. They have no concept that our enemies are prepared to use nuclear weapons and have developed a doctrine that assumes that a war of this type can be won. Americans cling to a false sense of security, believing that not only will the “button” never be pushed, but Russia and China fear our nuclear deterrent – which, unbeknownst to the public, is hopelessly obsolete and technologically, some FORTY (40) years behind the Russian and Chinese strategic weapon systems.[xiii]

Our nuclear arsenal was built in the era of the 8-track tape, while theirs is digital. Our missiles fly on a predictable trajectory that allows them to be tracked and destroyed. Theirs fly in lower orbits, and can be maneuvered at speeds approaching 25,000 MPH – making them virtually impossible to defend against.[xiv] They have large civil defense systems designed to protect their populations;[xv] we have none.  Despite trillion-dollar defense expenditures, our silo-based nuclear assets, and much of the Navy, could be destroyed without our ever firing a shot. Too dramatic?

Just imagine the panic that would ensue if a U.S. Navy carrier group sailed into the South China Sea and never came back. Or imagine if our 450 underground missile silos were destroyed before launch. There is a reason why portions of the Western United States are referred to as the “nuclear sponge” – and why our antiquated strategic bomber force might never get off the ground. What if Russia’s new state-of-the-art, maneuverable, hypersonic weapon systems could surprise America with a nuclear first strike? The only thing left of our nuclear triad would be the submarines. And there are only 14 boomers, of which six might be on patrol at any time. Would we use these remaining assets for a counter-strike, or would we lose our nerve and ask for peace talks? Then try to imagine the leaders of the NATO countries stumbling over one another to cut their own deals with Russia and China.

So, where does that leave you and your loved ones? I believe you have three options: (1) Remain part of the herd that conflates their wealth with security and do nothing; (2) find someone to help or (3) Flee.

Interestingly, there was a recent poll conducted by Quinnipiac University that suggested 38 percent of respondents would flee the United States if the country were attacked.[xvi] While not unexpected given recent trends, the question remains: Where might someone flee to? The reality is that if the world’s policeman packs it in – for whatever reason – there are very, very few places to go. For example, more than one technology billionaire – including Paypal co-founder Peter Thiel and movie director James Cameron – have made significant investments in New Zealand, believing that it will provide sanctuary during the coming period of dislocation and geopolitical realignment. This is a prime example of smart, successful people that confuse their economic success with knowledge on matters for which they have not been trained. As Jeff Nyquist has documented, Marxist-Leninist ideology is real and threatens all free people; and much of the world has been permeated by it – including New Zealand. Don’t take my word for it, read Jeff’s books,[xvii] read his papers.[xviii] Jeff’s work is unassailable to those that have not been inebriated by America’s monoculture Kool-Aid.

 Am I too dramatic? Thinking through the problem of protecting people against low-probability-high-consequence events is not easy. I believe that our “empire of debt” has caught up with us. A multi-generational economic realignment is already beginning. This economic realignment might trigger a war of unprecedented scale. There is much we don’t know, but we do know that one cannot “insure” retroactively, and one cannot “prepare” after-the-fact. The cost of preparing is a question of allocating the “time” and “treasure” to do so. Not preparing could be fatal. Somewhat ironically, there will be many who dedicate their professional lives to developing (or preserving) generational wealth, but fail to consider there might not be anyone to leave it to. In conclusion, tail risk is real and one ought to prepare for low-probability-high-consequence events. Too dramatic? Then continue to ignore the warning signs.

Barrett can be reached at  

end notes

[iii] "Democide: the killing of members of a country's civilian population as a result of its government's policy, including by direct action, indifference, and neglect” 
[x] paradise/ 
[xi] psychology 
[xiii] See Peter Pry interview starting at minute 46:45 
[xvi] attacked-38-say-they-would-flee-co/ 
The Fool and His Enemy: Toward a Metaphysics of Evil 
Red Jihad: Moscow's Final Solution for America and Israel
The New Tactics of Global War: Reflections on the Changing Balance of Power in the Final Days of Peace
Origins of the Fourth World War: And the Coming Wars of Mass Destruction

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177 thoughts on “The Gathering Storm: An Overview

  1. Another enlightening and sobering piece. Thank you for doing your best to wake the masses.

    “Interestingly, there was a recent poll conducted by Quinnipiac University that suggested 38 percent of
    respondents would flee the United States if the country were attacked…Where might someone flee?”

    Physically, there is no place to run and no place to hide, so faith is my refuge; where I will get my strength to endure until the end—whatever and however that end may be.

    On another note… While I am very pleased to see Roe V. Wade overturned, something about it getting overturned has not set well with my soul – the timing is, to say the least, suspect at best. Do you have thoughts you are willing to share on this matter?

    1. There is no place to run. If the US is destroyed, then the world will get dark. Very dark.

      As the Marines were at War and America at the mall, Americans just want to be left alone to do what they want instead of doing their duty to pass on a strong, well defended country to their kids.

    2. I have to agree with you there – the Roe vs Wade decision seems to me more than a little suspicious, to say the least… Wasn’t it FDR who said that there are no such things as coincidences in politics?

      In any case, with the clot shot, the number of children murdered in the womb will far surpass those previously killed through surgical means. (There have been MASSIVE numbers of spontaneous abortions/miscarriages/stillbirths of women subjected to the clot shot). Further, abortion restrictions are likely to be determined at the county level, rather than the state IMO (like the covid restrictions during 2020). Hence, the overall number of abortions is unlikely to be decreased significantly. But perhaps, the “elites” would like to move on from such unpalatable and crude methods such as surgical abortions. Now the “elites” have so turned people’s intellects and cognitive abilities into pure mush that they will think they are protecting the health of the mother and child, all the while the mothers are playing russian roullette with the life of their infants!! This is how demonic this plan is. It would appear that the mass kill-off that will result through this experimental genetic injection is the wildest dream of Planned Parenthood and the eugenicists (Bill Gates, Ted Turner, etc) finally come true.

      Be prepared for a hot summer of chaos and mayhem that could make the BLM riots of 2020 seem like childplay in comparison. The end result seems to be perpetuating the Marxist strategy of tension and permanent revolution, further weakening (and perhaps most importantly, demoralizing) the US for a possible direct confrontation with Russia/China starting this fall or in early winter.

    3. Do we have any kind of idea of what would happen in other countries if the US were successfully destroyed? Would they be invaded by Chinese and Russian troops? Would they turn into dictatorships? Do we have any insight into this matter at all?

      1. Every country would be obliged to capitulate. Without America none could maintain their independence in the face of Russian and Chinese nuclear power. Japan was a fierce warlike country ready to commit national suicide to resist the Allies. After Hiroshima and Nagasaki they surrendered. What choice would there be?

      2. Precisely the conundrum of Ukraine, today. Yet, the US encourages Zelensky to dare Russia to level Ukraine. I’ve see you become absolutely livid about objective statements like this, Jeff, but it’s not being supportive of Russia. How can NATO stand up to Russia in Eastern Europe, or anywhere else, with obsolete nuclear weapons which are about to expire as duds? How can the Pentagon go along with Biden’s antagonism of Russia, and having the CIA train Azov NAZIS, unless the United States has some blockbuster secret weapon up it’s sleeve?

      3. Let me try an analogy on you. If somebody murders my wife and threatens to rape my daughter, are you going to say that I am daring you to rape my daughter? You just said Zelensky is daring Russia to level Ukraine — as if he double-dared them and that is why they are doing it. So it’s all Zelensky’s fault. “I’ve seen you become absolutely livid about objective statements like this, Jeff, but it’s not being supportive of Russia.” What kind of fool do you take me for? Zelensky is double-daring Russia to level his country. It’s all his fault! Then you ask the question. How can NATO stand up to Russia in Eastern Europe or anywhere else? Well, we either stand up to them and endure what must be endured or the human race descends into an abject slavery from which there may not be any escape for a thousand years. So you fight no matter what the odds. If you can’t run, you walk. If you cannot walk, you crawl. If you cannot crawl, you wriggle. Stand up to these people and fight them and you will discover your soul. Life is not about living comfortably as Europe and American imagine. It is not about a nice career and a happy wife. Our obsolete weapons may still work enough to make the Russians and Chinese blink. We have to try. Surrender is not an option. Your questions are trick questions. Your attitude is not pro-American. You have to defend your country. And stop calling the Ukrainians Nazis. Zelensky is Jewish. You are contradicting yourself.

      4. Well said! I cant abide the “lay down and surrender, or else you may suffer severely” types. I have an uncle like that. It can be infuriating to listen to. I guess we’re just supposed to lick the boots of our would-be masters. We must avoid suffering at any cost!

        That is all hogwash to me. The talk of cowards who would do anything to live one more day.

        Folks, we would all do well to remember the words and spirit of Patrick Henry:




        Jimmy, put some steel in your soul.

        Remember 1 Corinthians 16:13,

        “Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong.”

        Have faith in Christ as your Savior. Kneel before God, stand before men.

        Now the summer soldiers and sunshine Patriots will find every excuse to compromise. Will find every “reason” why we shouldn’t stand.

        So be it. True heroes will step forward.

        Thank you for the analogy, Mr. Nyquist. I’ll be using it I’m sure

    4. It seemed to me this was the first time I have heard Jeff really talk about what the Communists are doing domestically as well, specifically with the arrests of political opposition. Perhaps I may be wrong, but it seems up to now he’s mostly focused on foreign policy issues and what the foreign Communists have been doing, or how those actions are implicated in a war scenario. That’s not to say I haven’t heard him talk about Biden, but there seems to be a fresh focus on this clear trend towards imprisoning political opposition.

      Is this true, Jeff? Is this a new avenue of analysis that you’ve been dialing in on? What do these arrests mean for the future? Is the conversion of the US to a totalitarian-type dictatorship an actual reality, or have the Communists here merely been ordered to suppress Russia and China’s enemies as much as possible?

      1. The domestic situation is worsening and we have to be careful how we address it. America must avoid a civil war, if possible. The totalitarian tendency within the government must be contained and corrected by political and constitutional means. If this fails we go into civil war and almost immediately thereafter we will suffer a full-force attack from abroad. I do not see how a police state here can last more than a few months before a revolt would occur. The relationship between our domestic situation to our foreign affairs is absolute. Most of our patriotic hotheads do not understand this. They misread the full list of hostile actors and therefore do not know how to proceed. We can only win by following a very narrow line of policy which requires an enlarged public understanding of the problem. I believe the public is catching on; but a great deal of work needs to be done.

  2. I am no expert on any subject but the Love of Jesus, however, I believe that the sudden overturning of Roe V. Wade is a planned evolution designed to carry our nation into further disorder that allows the communist to gain even greater footholds. Abortion is a terrible thing, but so is the hatred that both sides of the debate have fostered against each other. We all need to stop yelling, start talking, start listening and start caring about the needs of each other. If not, this argument will soon elevate to something we are unable to control. There is a real enemy out there that wants to destroy us and it is much easier when we are destroying ourselves.

    1. I have as yet to see anything approaching widespread hatred by pro-lifers for pro-aborts. The converse, however, can not be truthfully said as the left has two things going for them, a deep and abiding hatred for anyone that does not see things their way, and lies.

      1. Both sides in America hold extreme views on this issue it seems compromise impossible. Abortion after sixth week is a murder and I am an atheist. While don’t allowing abortion of down syndrome babies is another extreme.

    2. Dobbs is the culmination of several decades of efforts to promote anti-Roe idealists through the Federal Courts and onto the Supreme Court. Literally millions of people and tens of millions of voters coordinated efforts for two generations to make this happen. Yes maybe that’s technically a conspiracy, but it was done in plain sight and in the name of righteousness. Dobbs is not some thing that happened, it’s an amazing accomplishment by real people putting forward lifetimes of effort.

  3. Prepping the battle space. That is what is going on.
    Look for even bigger scandals being exposed by Big Media.
    And more poorly run ‘cover ups.’ Very poorly run, intentionally.
    Then much more data about the financial scandals of politicos.
    More ‘false flags’ and even Rodney King/George Floyd setups.
    Infrastructure collapse, especially comm. People will panic when their smart phone is interfered with.
    False warnings, alarms, fake news of Islamic/ideological attacks are possible.
    Poisoned water supply warnings, compromised food & Rx/medical supplies. Brownouts/blackouts.
    Chaos at the local levels, all politics are local, this is important.
    And when assassinations start, you will know the time is short.

  4. “The rich man is wise in his own eyes, but the lowly with insight can investigate him.” Proverbs 28:11

    “Do you see a man wise in his own eyes? There is more hope for a fool than for him.” Proverbs 26:12

    When a person is wise in his own eyes, his guard is down making him easier prey to seductive words in dulcet tones over wine and snacks in luxurious surroundings.

    The super rich captains of U.S. economy are no longer capitalist, despite what they say, rather they have become like the Russian oligarchs, little more than branches of the government. Just like the top industrialists in Nazi Germany. They say one thing, but their actions are the actions of oligarchs. By targeting the super rich, as the communists have done, they indirectly influence the policies the government follows. Not counting the times they have directly bought politicians like Mitch McConnell and Joe Biden. Smedley Butler alluded to this influence in his “War is a Racket”.

    I have heard repeatedly that the CCP didn’t want to attack this year, but it looks as if a confluence of factors is forcing their hand to go earlier than they planned. There have been livestock diseases and natural disasters that have wiped out much of the expected harvests over the last two years, leaving not enough food for the people. How much of the stored food has been ruined by floods, again this year? There’s also the personality cult of Xi that is on the line this fall at the next CCP meeting, he may need to show a major victory in order to keep his position. Their ally has already started his action in the West.

    Reasons they wanted to wait start with that their traitors in the West have failed at civilian disarmament in the U.S. Their puppets have also failed at fomenting a civil war. The CCP bio-weapon—the real one being the Fauci jabs, not the virus itself—has not had time for its full effects to come in, further more and more people are refusing outright the jabs, while others refuse the “boosters”.

    After the initial attack with nukes, which will kill possibly tens of millions of our population, they will still need to put boots on the ground to secure their victory. We will suffer and may never recover. But who will win?

    So far, the super rich still support the CCP and communists in general.

  5. It was predicted since 1984 by Dumitru Duduman that the end of US will start with a communist revolution, probably the revolution will start when the communists will try again to steal the next elections, there is already a lot of tension built up.

    “How will America burn? It is so powerful”.

    He said, “The Russian spies have discovered where the most powerful nuclear missiles are in America.

    “It will start with the world calling for ‘peace, peace’. Then there will be an internal revolution in America, started by the Communists. Some of the people will start fighting against the government. The government will be busy with internal problems. Then from the oceans, Russia, Cuba, Nicaragua, Central America, Mexico, and two other countries (which I cannot remember) will attack! The Russians will bombard the nuclear missile silos in America. America will burn”.

  6. The Communist infiltrated Democrat and Republican parties sanction Russia, as Putin doubles down on his long standing call for a more independent Russian economy, while attempting to shore up BRICS.
    Americans need to return to Common Law, victory gardens, family farms, mom & pop enterprises, and craftsmanship. Old beat up silver coins are the preferred medium of exchange. Be prepared to shoot down the swarms of drones.

    1. I check daily for new essays! No blog has ever held my attentions as strong as Mr. Nyquist’s.

    2. I get notified by email when there is a new blog. Maybe consider signing up? 🙂

  7. as a foreigner, I heard that the average american cannot imagine that the last 100 years of their history, mainly after WW2, has a foreign component influence

  8. Anyone who still holds on to the illusion of communism vs capitalism (or Dems vs Reps, liberals vs conservatives, Left vs Right, US vs Russia, US vs China, etc) has not woken up yet to reality and so serves as a propagandist of unreality.

    The only real division that has ever existed is between the ruling class and the non-ruling masses — (“The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room”)

    Isn’t it about time for anyone to wake up to the ULTIMATE DEPTH of the rabbit hole — rather than remain blissfully willfully ignorant and play victim like a little child?

    “Separate what you know from what you THINK you know.” — Unknown

    1. Pleeny: You are promoting the Marxist-Leninist philosophy of class warfare. The haves vs. the have-nots. So you have chosen a side, whether you realize it or not. By taking this view you are on the side of the proletarian revolution. You are on the way to the Gulag, whether you realize it or not. You have not understood the realities.

  9. The subversion of the US system, which this post is all about, reminds me of a GRU defector who after the WW2 during an ordinary night in Canada searched for an asylum by the local authorities because he didn´t want to serve Soviet Russia anymore. He was told by his boss in GRU (GRU also has a department for foreign political intelligence) that the number of the USSR intelligence is in the numbers. If one Soviet spy is exposed, it means that other nine are not exposed and that they still work for Russia. Some of them were so highly positioned in the Western institutions that even the police cannot touch them. But since years the same refers to the Russian mafia because this mafia has infiltrated the US policy so well that even FBI can’t deal with this problem. By the way, the Chinese Triads during the 1920s served as a weapon of the Chinese Communist Party – the Chinese branch of Comintern. By the way, this party was created by a Soviet Bolshevik, not by Mao Zedong. And one more thing – during 1940s two cells of NKVD spies were known to the authorities. But there were 16 other cells of NKVD spies. Then there are all members of CPUSA and communist front organizations, foreign businessmen, GRU spies, the Soviet embassy in USA, the NKVD infiltration in OSS/CIA and God knows how many other people served for Russian destabilization of the USA. The Global Communist mafia, run by Kremlin and augmented by China, destabilized and still destabilize the planet!

    1. The greatest mafia on the planet, with the biggest body count and the most nuclear weapons…. And people simply discount it.

  10. I don’t believe CPUSA are communists or serve the communist cause in any way, they reject basic dogmas of Marxist-Leninist teaching.

    1. Commit: Lenin said there is no Marxist dogma. “Marxism,” he said, “”is the scientific management of human affairs.” Marxism-Leninism is not an ideology. It is a theory, it is scientific, and it is about practice. The practice is revolution, and whatever works works. If you do not know this, you need to go back and read Marx, Lenin and Stalin. Revolutionary practice requires flexibility. If you are not flexible you will not defeat capitalism.

      1. Marxism is a belief system, as are all ‘isms’. A theory requires a testable component which includes a predicted outcome which must be replicable by peers in order to prove the theory to be true. If Marxist ideology were a theory, it could not be tested in a vacuum, rather the entire World would have to become Communist in order to see if it could really work. However, there is more than enough anecdotal evidence to suggest that Marxism is a very bad idea.

      2. “Marxism is the scientific management of human affairs.” That’s an interesting quote, for it seems to suggest that following the implementation of draconian and totalitarian measures to control virtually aspect of human relations, particularly in the economic field, since 2020 via lockdowns and other such measures (Covid passports, etc), with ostensible scientific “experts” who pass ultimate judgment on the health situation at any given point in time (and determine the resulting government responses), the whole world is subject to this so called “scientific” Marxism. How the proletarian herd must be managed seems to be predicated on a continuous new influx of ever changing statistics describing “cases”, “fatalities”, etc. At least based on my reading and understanding, the new governmental approach towards micro-managing citizens’ lives (which of course most prominently features China as an example) based on pseudo-scientific arguments strongly smacks of Marxism, and indeed appears to be the very definition of it.

  11. “Jeff Nyquist with Paul Adams. Focus: China War With US. Part 2”

  12. “So you would support Hitler’s euthanizing the retarded and mentally ill?”

    I was talking about abortion in the case of defects that can be detected very early. I don’t have a strong opinion on this issue, I totally consider abortion in later stages a murder, which by the way almost no country except some American states allow.

    1. Hello Mr. Nyquist.
      Actually the Debate Between Olavo de Carvalho and Aleksandr Dugin was published as a book: THE USA AND THE NEW WORLD ORDER and the pdf is available on this link:
      I understand that the communist bloc led by Russia and China is the strongest in terms of military power.
      What could the Islamic bloc or the “Sindicate” blocs do to avoid or postpone a nuclear war?

    1. I’m surprised that Jeff hasn’t deleted Lavrov’s interview, yet. He doesn’t like people to hear Russia’s side.

      1. There is no reason to listen to Russia’s side. It can’t be trusted anyway. Once again, you show that you don’t truly understand what Mr. Nyquist is trying to teach the masses. If you do not believe, nor trust him, then why even bother reading the blog and posting?

      2. If Nyquist were a man of honor, he’d go back and unblock the comments he hid.

      3. As you are harassing me I am going to delete all your comments. In fact, I just deleted three. I know you dislike me. You registered your fury. The repetition is getting tiresome.

      4. Nel, you are a friggin retard if you cannot see that Jeff is one of the most honorable men you will ever come across. But your posts from the past article or two reveal that fact.

      5. What I don’t understand, is if it was a good idea for NATO not to occupy East Europe during the Cold War, what makes it any wiser to get in Russia’s face after the Berlin Wall came down? Unless, of course, the United States has weapons even more superior to Russia’s now than we did back then? Another odd thing. If Biden is a Communist tool, and Biden supports Ukraine, then isn’t Ukraine also in on the gag? If so, then why does everyone here support Biden’s policy on Ukraine?

      6. You have evidently been watching the pro-Russian media. Nobody is getting in Russia’s face. The Ukrainian people want to be free from Moscow. They have a sovereign country Russia promised to respect in 1994. Now Ukraine is being invaded, bombed and rocketed into rubble. It’s called military aggression. Best not to believe the lies that are told to justify it.

      7. Does Lavrov lie when he says that the United States assured Russia that NATO would not occupy Eastern Europe, after the Soviet Union dissolved? If that’s not getting in Russia’s face, what do you call the CIA training Azov NAZIs in Ukraine for the past eight years?

      8. Lavrov is lying about having such a promise from us. The U.S. did offer to make such a promise. But Gorbachev was not interested. Why? Moscow was trying to trick NATO when it negotiated to unify Germany. They did not know the trick would backfire. There are books on this I could cite for you.

      9. Maxim Korshunov of RBTH sat down with Mikhail Gorbachev
        Oct 16 2014

        RBTH: One of the key issues that has arisen in connection with the events in Ukraine is NATO expansion into the East. Do you get the feeling that your Western partners lied to you when they were developing their future plans in Eastern Europe? Why didn’t you insist that the promises made to you – particularly U.S. Secretary of State James Baker’s promise that NATO would not expand into the East – be legally encoded? I will quote Baker: “NATO will not move one inch further east.”

        M.G.: The topic of “NATO expansion” was not discussed at all, and it wasn’t brought up in those years. I say this with full responsibility. Not a singe Eastern European country raised the issue, not even after the Warsaw Pact ceased to exist in 1991. Western leaders didn’t bring it up, either. Another issue we brought up was discussed: making sure that NATO’s military structures would not advance and that additional armed forces from the alliance would not be deployed on the territory of the then-GDR after German reunification. Baker’s statement, mentioned in your question, was made in that context. Kohl and [German Vice Chancellor Hans-Dietrich] Genscher talked about it.

        Everything that could have been and needed to be done to solidify that political obligation was done. And fulfilled. The agreement on a final settlement with Germany said that no new military structures would be created in the eastern part of the country; no additional troops would be deployed; no weapons of mass destruction would be placed there. It has been observed all these years. So don’t portray Gorbachev and the then-Soviet authorities as naïve people who were wrapped around the West’s finger. If there was naïveté, it was later, when the issue arose. Russia at first did not object.
        Putin: U.S. attitude to Russia “antagonistic”

        The decision for the U.S. and its allies to expand NATO into the east was decisively made in 1993. I called this a big mistake from the very beginning. It was definitely a violation of the spirit of the statements and assurances made to us in 1990. With regards to Germany, they were legally enshrined and are being observed.

      10. There is a confusion here on the part of the interviewer. Baker offered that promise to Gorbachev, but Gorbachev did not take up that offer. It was offered to assure German unification along certain lines. This is covered in great detail by M.E. Sarottte’s account, in a book titled “Not One Inch: America, Russia, and the Making of the Post-Cold War Stalemate.” This is a very complicated and confusing issue subject to a lot of distortions.

      11. Ukraine was never admitted to NATO and there was not so much as an agreement on a potential 10-year roadmap at the time Russia invaded. The last new NATO member was admitted in 2020 (Macedonia) so if eastward expansion is the reason for war it’s years too late and directed at the wrong country!

        This article goes into detail about the supposed 1990 promise not to expand NATO eastward. To sum it up, the talks in February 1990 were never about NATO expansion into Eastern Europe. They were confined to the specific issue of NATO’s defence in the wake of German unification. Russia was also well-compensated for East Germany becoming part of NATO.
        ‘Not one inch eastward’ – and what it really meant

        After the fall of the Berlin Wall, German and Soviet leaders had to confront a number of complex problems, including what would happen to the 380,000 Red Army soldiers stationed in East Germany (GDR) and when and how the USSR would give up its Allied reserved rights over Germany. Eventually, Moscow agreed to withdraw its troops and to relinquish its rights as WWII victor power. As part of this negotiation, a unified Germany also gained full sovereignty. It was therefore free to choose its alliance affiliation, which resulted in it remaining a NATO member, even though it had grown in size.

        In Putin’s narrative, Moscow only conceded on these issues because NATO had assured the Kremlin that it would not expand ‘one inch eastward’. US Secretary of State James Baker uttered these much-quoted words on 9 February 1990. … Yet Baker’s ‘not one inch eastward’ formula would have made it impossible to apply NATO security guarantees (especially Article 5) to the whole of Germany. Bush therefore suggested to Chancellor Helmut Kohl that he should, in the future, speak of a ‘special military status’ for the GDR. A meeting in Camp David on 24/25 February 1990 confirmed this wording. Special provisions and obligations as regards the GDR territory were subsequently included in the text of the Two Plus Four Treaty (under Articles 4 and 5), which formally re-established German unity. This treaty placed significant restrictions on the deployment of foreign NATO troops and nuclear weapons on East German soil. In return … Kohl granted Gorbachev, in bilateral talks, a financial package totalling around DM 100 billion, in the form of loans and economic aid, which financed the withdrawal of the Red Army soldiers.

        As this Gatestone article explains, Putin was not opposed to NATO expansion in the early years of his presidency. By that time Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary were already in NATO and there was not one word about ‘violating the spirit’ of the treaty. That argument is just historical revisionism. And only 5% of Russia’s borders are contiguous with NATO countries, hardly an encirclement considering Russia has nuclear weapons permanently pointed at the West.

        NATO/Europe could well claim to feel threatened and encircled by these huge Russian-led Eurasian organizations conducting military exercises, but they don’t invade countries because of their aspirational membership to an international organization.

      12. Jeff, You have said that the US nuclear arsenal is obsolete and with no time to be replaced before it expires. I don’t find where you have ever advocated for NATO expansion, nor where you’ve objected to it. Do you find it wise for NATO to have crossed the line that Secretary Baker verbally stated that NATO would not cross, irrespective of whether Gorby acknowledged Baker’s word or not?

      13. Baker did not “verbally state” that NATO would not cross the line. Baker offered the Soviet Union a deal in which NATO would not move into East Germany if Germany were united. Gorbachev ignored this offer because it left West Germany in NATO and locked East Germany out. Gorbachev wanted the united Germany in NATO. This was part of the communist strategy. Moscow has hundreds of thousands of agents and partisans in Germany. Moscow has many networks and a great deal of control there. Why do you think Germany has no significant military today? It is effectively neutral without an overt declaration of nuetrality. In fact, Germany is a financial hub, a source of technology and machine tools for Russia. The united Germany, under these circumstances, is the proverbial camel with its nose under the tent. The whole camel is now under the tent. The longest reigning chanceller of Germany, Angela Merkel, was a communist youth leader in her younger days involved with the KGB in East Germany. This is something she tried to hide. There is a great deal of deception going on when it comes to Germany. Part of the Soviet long-range plan involved the united Germany dropping out of NATO and signing an alliance or treaty with Russia. This move is reserved for some future crisis and has not been practically possible since 1991. But everything here is delicate, owing to German public feeling. Ultimately, Gorbachev’s strategy was to break up NATO using Germany as a lever. Therefore, he had to be generous with the Germans. They were going to be Moscow’s most important future partners in Europe. Gorbachev followed the plan and allowed Germany to be united without strings. He just got them to pay cash. Lots of cash. The communists have many agents in Germany and the European Union is something the communists had a hand in creating to begin with. They cannot control everything, of course, and they are sometimes frustrated by what the EU does, but Moscow has exaggerated this frustration for effect. Remmember that Russia does not conquer by armies alone. The most significant element are the clandestine networks of operatives. They pretend to be against the European Union, but that is part of the game. The famous Russian dissident and enemy of the Soviet Union, Vladimir Bukovsky, called the EU a “European Soviet Union.” Everything about this organization is dangerous — laced with deception, trickery, and the opening of a road that dead-ends in Moscow. Watch how this war in Ukraine now plays out. The strategists in Moscow do not like that the war has become more costly, but they are still in control of the situation. They are wearing Ukraine down. If Germany and the U.S. do not come through with the right weapons in time, Ukraine will collapse. And that is in prospect. Ukraine bravely fights. Europe helps just barely enough to keep them in the game. When the time comes the EU will start making demands on Ukraine. Public sympathy for Ukraine must first be worn down by Russia’s attack on Europe’s energy supplies. Right now, Germany and all of Europe is being subjected to economic blackmail. How long will these people remain sympathetic to Ukraine when they cannot get fuel? The Germans are being taught an important lesson. Their future does not lie with America and and a free Ukraine, but with Moscow and the “Common European Home” that Gorbachev and Yeltsin talked about. The PFP movement and countries were a stab in this direction. Perhaps it will be revived with an Eastern tilt. In all this Russia’s problem is that Germany and other countries are afraid of Russia, despite the period of “niceness.” So they could not be cajoled with “niceness.” In that case, they will have to be bullied into joining with Russia. Ukraine is the object lesson. All this revised history about NATO cheating Russia is nonsense. Moscow has been trying to trick NATO from the beginning. And Russia definitely tricked America. We are not ready for war with Russia or China, let alone both countries. Who tricked and lied to whom? We thought it was peace. We thought they were honest partners. Now they come at us with accusations that we cheated them. No. They set up the whole situation so they could build new weapons while we slept. That is why we are in such danger.

      1. Sarotte’s book is worth reading. It shows that these Russian claims about NATO aggression and betrayal are untrue. Yet they are endlessly repeated by our people.

  13. Thank you for another clarifying, honing article for me — as I am still on a steep learning curve. One of my big take aways this time is that Communism isn’t an ideology- it’s a religion and a scientific practice of revolution. Also, your insight into Communism and Jihad being very compatible is very in line to what teaching I have heard about the End Times “Beast system”, as described in the Bible. It will be a combining of these two “practices” that historically crush and destroy wherever they go. Sobering.

    1. Yes. The interesting thing about religions is that you “practice” them. It isn’t some idea you show off. It’s something you are obligated to act on.

      1. Yes. Thank you! I’ve been referring to it as an ideology. Done with that now.

    2. Communism, as Revelation 17’s “scarlet coloured beast that was, is not and yet is”, is a religion and entails worship. Its priests are the clique of atheist scientists / “experts” and its image that speaks and requires worship upon pain of death is its coterie of rules, dogmas, sacred iconography… for example, one is now a pariah for questioning global warming, a “racist” for abhorring BLM, or “cancelled” for speaking against the LGBT agenda, but in the near future, people will be interned or worse for refusing to bow down and supply the adulation these vocal, animated communist idols demand for themselves.

      1. Also, only in communist countries do you see large portraits, statues, and pictures in every home of the “dear leader”. They must bow to the image.

  14. You might want to read this article about Barrett Moore before you platform him on your website:

    Seems like a classic Ponzi-style conman. Apparently no verifiable military or intelligence credentials whatsoever. Yikes.

    Brad Thor’s conclusory quote from the Intercept articile:

    “He absolutely should be in a federal prison somewhere for a long, long time … He should never be able to prey upon people again.”

    1. I read that article when it came out last year. That writer with the poison pen, who wrote that hit-piece — is infamous for his unfair attacks on people. Go look him up. His history is none too savory. Consider the source. I think someone in the Bay Area once said he was one of the most hated writers there. If you knew more, you would think twice about believing everything you read in that very long — crazy long — negative portrayal. I’ve known Moore for many years, long before he was bankrupted. Do you think if he was conning people he would have lost most of what he had? Entrepreneurs who break new ground often suffer bankruptcies. I know what he tried to do. It was not easy. He was trying to develop an entirely new industry from scratch. An industry we happened to desperately need. I spoke to his board of directors at Sovereign Deed in 2007, in Chicago. I have even talked to Brad Thor, his former best friend — believe it or not. Imagine if your best friend turned on you. It would be ugly, right? Fair weather friends and all — right? Imagine a really bad divorce. Are you going to take everything negative one of the parties says at face value? I could see what was false in this piece, immediately, from personal knowledge. I can see the leftist tweak as well. Barrett Moore is certainly guilty of not being a leftist. To my way of thinking Moore tried to do something very important. And he definitely believed in it. No joke. And he still does. If some billionaire out there sees a way to help the country, Moore has a lot of knowledge and experience in this area. The government is not going to help you. Only someone in the private sector can get this ball rolling. I can tell you, from firsthand, Barrett Moore lives and breathes civil defense prepping. He was not sitting around wringing his hands. He went and put his money in it. Who in this country can say likewise? Are you so sure you want to believe, let alone repeat, the slanderous character portrayal in that article? Do you think what he tried is easy in our society? Imagine if it were you: If an investor dies and your money is pulled out from everything and you lose your business, your house, etc. You try to pay everyone you can, accommodate everyone you can, but you had tens of millions disappear, pulling the rug out from under you. That is because an investor died. Call it bad luck, but it was not a Ponzi scheme. And then you had this crash in 2008, and if anyone remembers they bailed out some banks. Right? Well, not everyone gets bailed out. If somebody gets rich cheating people he is a con man. Moore did not set out to cheat anyone. He went broke trying to realize a dream. So he is visionary. You do not know him. I do.

      1. Ironically, Barrett Moore’s failure was due to dependency upon centralization.

      2. OK, well, then go with what you know as to Mr. Moore. After 35 years of practice in business bankruptcy, I’ve seen plenty of bad actors have to file for BK (along with entrepeneurs). I see a lot of red flags in his past. But if he held himself out as a military veteran with intelligence experience for the CIA — and those things are untrue — one should be concerned. Just sayin’.

        As for prepping, the essential thing to do, if you are financially able, is to purchase a farm/ranch property well outside of the city, and make sure you have a house out there, water, food (and the means to produce more), basic supplies, defensive weaponry, ammo, means of producing power and water off-grid if it fails, and good relationships with like-minded neighbors.

        And when the crisis comes, be prepared to take in some of those who haven’t/couldn’t prepare. It shouldn’t be all about “me” and “us,” right? (Concern for others is why you (Jeff) have been laudably sounding the alarm for so many years).

        My family is as ready as anyone. A fair number of other folks are working on it. I would say to just start somewhere with the basics like food and water.

      3. Yes. I know many people buying small properties in the country to keep chickens and grow a garden. Everyone will have to pull together. Truly.

      4. PS: – About Moore’s military record. Interesting that you mention handling bankruptcies. You might not be surprised to learn that Moore’s bankruptcy took years to adjudicate, including a judge that issued a protective order which were highly unusual. The Intercept hit-piece contains broad factual distortions and was published shortly after the protective order expired. Go read the court filings — they are all public. I think you will find documents filed with the court in regards to Moore’s military service (476th MID) and the almost 10 years he spent overseas working on behalf of the U.S. Government. Moore’s enemies have tried to prove many things and repeatedly failed. All the while Moore protected the privacy of his clients and their work. It is an unusual person that can withstand years of attacks and still do the right thing to protect others.

      5. Motor vehicles converted to natural gas and large, filled propane tanks are a good idea.

      6. Intercept has a sketchy, checkered past. Even one of it’s founders, Glenn Greenwald (Nyquist doesn’t trust GG), but even Greenwald very publicly renounced all affiliation a couple yrs ago when the new leadership wouldn’t publish his reporting on Hunter Biden.

        I assume most news shops have an agenda when they run a puff piece or a hit piece. Especially if it turns up on the first page of a Google search.

        I pretty much remain skeptical of most news stories that turn up on the first page of a Google search. It may help to use other search engines, but it seems like they end up plugging in Google’s algo/data too, for some reason.

        I can’t tell y’all how many times someone asks me to “prove” something, so I find the best, most credible and accessible source I can – and the person writes back 10 minutes later linking to some story totally “discrediting” that source (often Media Matters, Snopes, of – but often just mainstream news outlets, or leftwing ideologues, which includes Intercept over at least the last few years). So then I either have to drop it, or go down the rabbit hole just defending the cred of the source I offered – and the original point is lost. Not an accident.

        So I guess this is my plug to withhold judgment when faced with mainstream puff or hit pieces.

  15. Truly, there is no place to run to. Central and south American countries have been electing leftist leaders. It appears a matter of months until Brazil elects Lula de Silva. The US has been asleep while the Chinese play their long chess game. A Chinese businessman owns 100,000 acres on the border in Texas, a few miles from Laughlin Air Force base. there were sightings of a large unlit and unmarked drone at night near oil storage facilities in Tucson. My friend in Dallas who escaped Cuba as a young girl told of how it was to live under the Castro tyranny. She spoke of the people issued ration coupons, and that was what they could eat. The block leader’s snitches rummaged through their garbage to see if they had eaten any unauthorized bananas, and if they had, they would be punished. My family lived under German occupation for five years, prisoners in their own country. Norway had a big brother, the USA. I remember the excitement of us kids to see an American general visiting our NATO radar base. The Americans were heroes, for they freed the Norwegians from the Nazis. Today, I am an American, and have been for 60 years. There is no one else to help. it is up to us, to fight them in the bushes, in the trenches, at the ballot box, in the newsroom. It is up to us to preserve liberty and freedom for our grandchildren and those who come after. Will there be a miracle that will save us? It will only come from us, our neighbors and our communities. We must call out the disruptors and cleanse our governments. it will be difficult, and it will require work and sacrifice, but we must do it.

  16. Thank you Jeff for another informative article. Always love reading it and enjoy the comment section.

  17. “Religion, of course, is one of communism’s chief enemies – along with motherhood. If you want to undermine a society, undermine motherhood. And what undermines motherhood more than mothers killing their own unborn babies?”

    Such a powerful statement and so true! Jeff, thank you for continuing to speak out. Your posts really do make a difference!

    As I read your last couple of paragraphs, I couldn’t help but think of what Paul said in 2 Timothy chapter 3. This is from the NLT: “You should know this, Timothy, that in the last days there will be very difficult times. For people will love only themselves and their money. They will be boastful and proud, scoffing at God, disobedient to their parents, and ungrateful. They will consider nothing sacred. They will be unloving and unforgiving; they will slander others and have no self-control. They will be cruel and hate what is good. They will betray their friends, be reckless, be puffed up with pride, and love pleasure rather than God.”

    We are definitely there…. and it’s only getting worse.

  18. Hi Jeff.

    What part does Iran have to play in all this?

    The execution by drone strike of their top general at the start of 2020 never say right with me.

    Trump was a negotiator not a killer and the general was operating under a flag of truce. So I never understood the reasons why.

    Unless the unthinkable happened and Iran launched covid against Israel as a way of silently killing them. Remember the plane that was shot down, the Ukranian airplane. I heard somewhere a lot of the passengers were biomedical engineers.

    It’s only a theory and very fragmented. But there maybe something there.

    1. I never heard that claim before. For moral reasons, and reasons of sound policy, a state should never target generals or political leaders (of any kind) for assassination. I understand the distinction between terrorists and illegal (partisans). There is a grey area when it comes to people who are without the protection of a sovereign state operating under law. Especially in ambiguous cases you want to keep to the more chivalrous path. It protects you far more than it gives any help to them. To show honor is not only respected in war, but it enables peace to emerge at some remote future date.

    2. But I did not answer your question. Where does Iran fit in? Remember that America is the Great Satan for Iran. So we are definitely in their cross-hairs. Note, as well, their cooperation with Venezuela and communist Cuba. Iran is pretty solidly integrated with the bloc countries and Russia.

      1. Thanks, sorry for the bad grammar in my original reply as well as I posted the original reply on my phone.

        I found the article, well Reddit thread that originally piqued my interest and curiosity. Because it is a Reddit thread you have to wade through the usual anti-semitism and reply bots to get to the real story which was there were students and microbiologists from a Canadian university with links to the Wuhan lab on the plane. I don’t want to go too much more into detail about it as they are real people with real families who really died and it feels disrespectful to overly speculate.

      2. The Russians and Chinese engage in murder regularly. Obviously, a biological war requires a lot of support and certain experts might figure out what is happening.

    3. Iran was the second country hit by Covid after China. I recommend Ron Unz explanation.

      1. I am heading towards the bio-weapon theory in my own thinking, but the human immune system by itself does a good job of killing most viruses including the sars-cov-2. So this would be more like an old school ww1 gotha bomber with gunners on the wings heading over the suburbs of London as opposed to a hypersonic weapon. Meaning that the real damage is done by the panic around this thing and the damage may well be coming from soviet forces who are influencing and stoking fear on one side and outrage on the other.

  19. Your article suggests that China may take a Munich approach, that is demand more and more concessions (ie countries) in return for peace. If Biden/Trudeau dutifully surrender without providing a casus belli, how does that square with the planned kinetic invasion and resettlement of North America? Does the CCP somehow hope to overtake and resettle the continent without firing a shot, using its political agents to steamroll the people and depopulate the target countries with the clot shots? But wouldn’t this approach drag things out beyond the November deadline?

    According to the Institute for the Study of War, Russia is relying on retired officers and reserve forces due to heavy losses. So maybe Russia might not be willing to drag things out too long without a final resolution. so far it’s been mostly Russia calling for nuclear war with the West while China has been quieter. Is one Communist power more impatient than the other?

    1. I am told (by Lude Media) that the CCP leadership would like to begin the war by November. At the same time Lude Media have information indicating that if we surrender the Western Pacific they might delay the war in order to absorb Taiwan, Japan and South Korea without firing a shot (provided we betray those countries). If Japan and South Korea are forced into China’s orbit our economic situation would be untenable and our society would collapse opening the way to occupation. I can only repeat what I have been told by Mr. Wang and Dr. Li-Meng. More than one strategic approach can be applied at the same time. I do not know if November is a “deadline” or a preference.

      1. China cowardly leaks the story to test the notion. Even Biden challenges China with the US Navy, How did the South China Sea ever get it’s name in the first place?

      2. China did not name the South China Sea. Rather it is a Eurocentric designation, similar to ‘The Middle East’ in relation to Great Britain.

        From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
        South China Sea is the dominant term used in English for the sea, and the name in most European languages is equivalent. This name is a result of early European interest in the sea as a route from Europe and South Asia to the trading opportunities of China. In the sixteenth century Portuguese sailors called it the China Sea (Mare da China); later needs to differentiate it from nearby bodies of water led to calling it the South China Sea. The International Hydrographic Organization refers to the sea as “South China Sea (Nan Hai)”.

  20. Looks like we’ve gotten ourselves into a lose-lose situation. Praying the children in charge can work it out. Perception of strength and unity, and level heads need to prevail

    I appreciate your analysis and also Moore’s thoughts. As a student of history, I always thought I’d be a better help outside the country rather than inside a camp. I didn’t appreciate this situation. Guess positioning ourselves to be in neither place will be best at this point. I am not an admirer of guerrilla warfare at all, so I pray it doesn’t come to that.

    If our leaders continue to fail us and, seemingly, foster the demise of America, my prediction is that the return to States rights may lead to regions that will be enclaves of freedom. (Balkanization maybe) The key to not only survival but successfully defending our freedom will be to be in those regions. Not as simple as this of course; however, this is but a comment.

    1. If we Balkanize, we’ll be occupied and destroyed. Those who think the enemy doesn’t realize patriots will flee to relatively free states are kidding themselves. If this is foreseeable – and a natural consequence of the enemy’s subversion strategy – is it logical to think they haven’t strategized for that eventuality? We are in this together, one way or another. The key to survival is have courage in every region, to do what we can for those we’re around. This isn’t to say it’s pointless to try to find like-minded and resourceful neighbors and community members – but the right seems obsessed and overly confident with the idea things will be materially different in a handful of red states. I’m skeptical.

      1. These are excellent points. There will be parts of the country that may join the enemy at the outset of a war. But largely, the American left will turn away from anti-Americanism when they see the truth. War clarifies everything.

      2. I do not think any realistic right-leaning people actually believe they would thrive in some amazing manner, just that they wouldn’t perhaps be hampered by onerous state laws. Personally, I think we would all eventually die to an invasion and see no way to defeat it.

      3. Invasions of very large countries like the U.S. are difficult to carry off under the best of circumstances. Russia and China are cultivating those circumstances now.

  21. Jeff, can you describe how you think the situation could develop in South America should the US be defeated in a nuclear strike? How might the events play out?

    1. The Southern Hemisphere will have fall less nuclear fallout, thanks to the Jet Stream, ocean currents, and Trade Winds, but without the Yankee Dollah, Yankee go home. Also, China is networking down there already, and Russian hookers migrate there to do business. The sooner you move down, make friends, and contribute to the local economy, the more secure you will be. Put your money in a Swiss bank denominated in Francs or British Pound Sterling, to be accessed via debit or credit card, and be sure to become as fluent as possible in Spanish or Portuguese. Marry a local and hire domestic servants. Anyone who owns land in Argentina can stay as long as they like.

    2. As someone living in Brazil, i think i can give two cents: “hell on earth” made manifest, we would see a red terror unfold throughout the continent.

      1. Bandits Of America

        Open your eyes
        face the city
        invert the truth
        of this life

        Open your eyes
        of your half
        for the other half
        No way out

        Open your eyes
        And assume the mistakes
        Five hundred years old, pale face
        Open your eyes
        that hunger assails you
        And we kill each other through the pipes
        We are thug from America
        america, america
        We stole a hundred years of solitude
        loneliness, loneliness
        We blew up Africa’s dream
        Africa’s unconscious
        saying no to no

        save the pain
        Save America’s Pain

    3. Marxist governments would be put in place everywhere. Chinese nationals would flood in as colonizers. Maybe Russians would be allowed to come in to certain places. Eventually there would be thousands of arrests, labor reeducation camps, etc. the economies would tank. There would be scarcity everywhere.

    1. Andrey Gurulyov, a former deputy commander, referred to a hypothetical scenario and assured that the Kremlin would attack critical sites that would cut off electricity supply to Europe.
      June 28, 2022

      Faced with a hypothetical scenario, a Russian lawmaker assessed what he thinks Moscow’s first target in Europe should be if the war in Ukraine escalates into World War III. He is Andrey Gurulyov , a former deputy commander of Russia’s southern military district, a known ally of Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin.

      Speaking to a Russian government-backed television channel, Gurulyov made the comment during a discussion of Lithuania’s blockade of the neighboring Russian enclave of Kaliningrad . Moscow has since issued threats of retaliation after Vilnius imposed sanctions on embargoed goods transiting and entering Russian territory from the Baltic Sea.

      In this way, Gurulyov raised the possibility of invading the Baltic in his strategy and thus seek to revert the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius, to its previous name as Vilno, and the Estonian capital, Tallinn, to its tsarist identity as Reval, according to what the media reconstructed. Spanish ABC .

      Both Estonia and Lithuania are NATO countries, meaning: any invasion by Russia would trigger Article 5 , potentially causing World War III. In this hypothetical scenario, Gurulyov assured that the West “would not have a stomach”.

      An excerpt from the interview was broadcast on the networks by Ukraine’s internal affairs adviser Anton Gerashchenko on Twitter . In his profile, he posted the video, writing: “London is the ‘first to be hit’ if World War III breaks out, says Andrey Gurulyov, a close political ally of Putin. But what about the families of Russian politicians and oligarchs who live in London?

      “We will destroy the entire group of enemy space satellites during the first air operation,” he said last Wednesday during his visit to the Vremya Pakazhet program (Time will tell, in Spanish). “Nobody will care if they are American or British, we would see them all as NATO,” he assured, anticipating that Russia “would mitigate the entire anti-missile defense system . ”

      “ The first to be attacked will be London . Without a doubt, the threat to the world comes from the Anglo-Saxons, ”he warned, specifying that Russia would attack critical sites that would cut off electricity supplies to Europe .

      “We will see what the United States will say to Europe if they have to fight in the cold, without electricity and without food,” Putin’s ally challenged on the Russian television program.

  22. Without China’s help, Russia cannot attack the United States; therefore it is necessary for the United States to protect Alaska and the northwest of the country.

    And of course that surveillance of both Russian and Chinese nuclear submarines be strengthened both in the Atlantic Ocean and in the Pacific.

    That is, Russia would concentrate on the United Kingdom, France and Germany (the three European military powers, in particular the first two) and use Chinese labor to attack the United States.

    God bless you dear American brothers

  23. Drone Swarms That Harassed Navy Ships Off California Demystified In New Documents
    A major release of documents provides the highest level of detail yet about mysterious drone swarms involving U.S. Navy ships off California.
    JUN 10, 2022 6:20 PM


    According to documents reviewed by The Drive, the first reports of unidentified objects hovering and flying near Navy vessels sparked a sweeping, high-level investigation. The Navy, working with the FBI and Coast Guard, now appears to have ruled out civilian activity or U.S. military operations as plausible explanations for the encounters. This leaves two possibilities, each with extraordinary implications.

    Either a foreign adversary is spying on Navy ships around the Channel Islands (which lie just west of Los Angeles and San Diego), or devices of truly unknown origin are operating with impunity around U.S. (and allied) vessels.

    The implications of a foreign power deploying drones to spy on American warships just off the California coast are immense. For starters, this scenario suggests a monumental U.S. counterintelligence failure.

  24. I need to tell them something with respect and affection because, nobility obliges, I feel compelled to tell them: they are perceived as having very low morale.

    They need to believe again in their strength and resilience.

    They may have made mistakes, but the United States is a great nation but it seems that they are dedicated.

    They cannot go down without a fight.

    Russia has already started the war against you and it is the most important facet/stage: the psychological one.

    They need to wake up and fight.

    1. As I have explained before, Nazism was a formula for uniting the Right and Left of Germany by using nationalism and antisemitism. Hitler wore two faces. To the Right he flattered the generals that their army would be restored. He pretended to be a Catholic. He was friendly to the Kaiser’s family and would almost certainly invite the monarchy back to power. Hitler told the industrialists he would fight the Bolsheviks. His form of socialism, Hitler said, would “nationalize the hearts of the workers” and not the factories. To the Left he pretended to defend workers rights against the depredations of predatory financial capital, etc. (Hitler later said that defectors from the Communist Part made the best National Socialists.) Thus, the Nazi Party had elements of the far Right and far Left united in one party.

      1. You deftly evaded my question above about the CIA training the Azov NAZIs in Ukraine for the past eight years. Do you feel that wise of them, considering what you have described as the debilitative state of US nuclear arms? Is the CIA still infiltrated by old school NAZIs, as well as Commies?

      2. You ask questions that contain assumptions I do not agree with. “Is the CIA still infiltrated by old school Nazis?” I have to stop you there. When was the CIA ever infiltrated by Nazis? I have tried to pay careful attention to the history here, and this interpretation is not mine. I have read a number of monographs about the Azov Movement and the Azov battalion. First of all, it started among Russia-speaking Ukrainians with ties to Moscow. I do not know if it was a Russian clandestine operation, but mostly, the people who volunteered for these units were not ideological Nazis. If two guys who played with Nazi ideas on the fringes of the right ever were Nazis, their ideology was not required to belong to the unit in question — one battalion, later enlarged. You have an army with hundreds of battalion battle groups and you are going to characterize the whole army as Nazi by a couple of characters who formed on volunteer battalion? Not very nuanced.

      3. Having examined the Nazi in Ukraine question, it appears that anyone who opposes Russia is a Nazi.

      4. I never wrote that the CIA was formed by with German Nazis. You are twisted my words. Perhaps you think all Germans are Nazis, or that Prussian aristocrats are Nazis. You give yourself away as a smear artist.

      5. PS — Jimmy. Your game is to avoid those nuances that help us determine where the truth is. You have pre-determined what is true. You have prejudiced the case.

      6. What were those words of yours that I’ve so artistically smeared? I genuinely got the impression from what you wrote here, that NAZIS were some of the first members of the CIA? Are you saying that there were in fact Germans involved, that they were knowledgeable and experienced enough to serve in the CIA, without having served Hitler as NAZIS? Or were they merely homosexual without being Fascist?

      7. The CIA came out of the OSS. The OSS spent the war fighting Nazis. Could you name a Nazi that served in the CIA? I just do not know what you are referring to.

      8. Well, I can’t find the essay right off. Maybe you deleted it? Do you or do you not have knowledge of Germans who served under Hitler in NAZI Germany, that joined the OSS and became charter members or agents or employees, or even private contractors with the CIA?

      9. An honest discussion I appreciate. But you are not striking me as honest or fair. You cannot find the essay because I never wrote that. Now I am going to ask you to stop posting here. You are wasting my time and framing dishonest questions. I am done with you.

      10. As if nobody else remembers what you wrote? Nice try. You’re standing there with your pants down around your ankles.

      11. That would only be the case if you were actually providing the article you claim he wrote. You cant, because it doesn’t exist. Funny how noone else seems to remember such an article, or such an assertion by Jeff either.

      12. Jimmy: how can we trust you when you don’t give the whole story? One of the groups fighting in Ukraine is the Wagner Group. Who is the Wagner Group? What is their ideology? Why did they choose the name Wagner? On which side are they fighting? If you don’t answer these questions, that shows that you are being dishonest in attacking Jeff.

  25. Well, I am by definition ” pro Russian “, but one difference with others perhaps is that I’ll still be around when dust settles. Much of all this I see as pathology of Modernity, of Republicanism. All modern ideology is totalitarian at least implicitly, and clothed in the sacred robes of the new Clerics, the acolytes of Scientism, of Technology, of some form of ” Progress”.

    But even if everyone (including yourselves!) looks like some type or another of Bolshevik or Jacobins, I know that people must survive, understand the terrain they walk. We’ve tried to discuss Counterrevolution before, but thinking probably best to just observe it, as it is a natural process, especially in the lands proven as the most inhospitable to Modernity’s march. Lenin, Jefferson, Paine, Faust, Tsar Peter, all pretty much the same to me.

    1. Strannik: where will you hide while the rest of us are fighting for our lives? Do you have a special cave stocked up with supplies? You had better hope your side wins, because if the wrong side wins, will you be executed when you emerge?

      Do you want to return to medievalism, where the serfs were slaves on the land and property of the landowners? If you live, will you be one of those slaves forced to lick the boots of your oppressor? Will you be one of those who has nothing, yet is happy? Have you not noticed that Russia is one of the countries most affected by modernity, while much of America is still fighting against modernity?

      No, I don’t believe in Plato’s philosopher kings—they always turn out to be devils.

      I don’t think you know what you are talking about.

      1. RO, I’d say rather that I am at a loss to know what you are saying, rather. From what could you extract from what I write, anything about ” philosopher kings”? Nor can I understand how America is fighting Modernism being a Republic from 1776 AD with revolutionary ideals:

        ” For it is as the sin of idolatry to rebel, and as the sin of witchcraft, to refuse to obey.”

        It seems that you confuse Russia being “most effected by” Modernism as it being Modernist itself. I am not sure what you see as Modernism, but the closest analog to what I see it as, is Oswald Spenglers ” Faustian Civilization “. Faust in western plays gets out of pact with Satan, but one cannot in truth. Satan tricks even the most clever who think that they can.

        So Westerners and Westernizers will flail around and fall, and we’ll see what we shall see. In the interim I think that the best ideology is to not have one, and not to drive out devils with prince of devils. To pray and fast and live Christian faith and look after what one is personally tasked to do, look after one’s people, this is not nothing, you should see.

      2. Strannik, our “revolution” did not have the “revolutionary ideals” you imply. It’s not honest to equate the ideals of the American War for independence with the French Revolution, or with the Bolshevik Revolution, or with what those on the far left are trying to bring about in America.

        Our forefathers were not starting a revolution. They were fighting to preserve the rights and way of life that was their inheritance as Englishmen, as the British government tried to strip that away.

        They were fighting for their birthright. Not some made up, universal “equality” and “fraternity” of man, but for their actual way of life as born English citizens

      3. It wasn’t a revolution. I’ve never read nor heard a statement such as that attributed to Franklin. When Jefferson was younger he had some notions that toned down over the years.

        However, I refer more to the Spirit of our forefathers’ war for independence. The foundational principles. The overall integrity of the leaders as a whole, in spite of the beliefs or desires of a very few who were part of the whole.

        Principles founded on the Bible and the founders’inherited way of life and form of government. Characters that overall were restrained by Biblical principles.

        This was never the case in the bloody, murderous, revolutions in France, Russia, Cuba, Mexico, or what you would like to see come to fruition in America.

        Communist revolution is based on lies, telling people they deserve, and can attain things other people have worked for. It is based on covetousness, stirring up different groups of people to desire the real or imagined status, or possessions of others. The revolution you communists want is based on hatred, turning that stirred up greed into hatred from one group of people to others.

        Your revolution is based on murder, is awash in the murder of millions throughout the years.

        Your revolution is maintained and perpetuated by murder and lies.

        Communist revolution profane every sacred institution and distinction in society. It makes women masculine, and men effeminate. It paints motherhood as either a horrible repressive burden on women, or at best a duty to the state.

        Communist revolution can never end. It must continue to ravage both those already in its grip, and anything it hasn’t already ravaged.


        You should give your lying tongue a new Lord besides the one it currently has.

      4. Furthermore, look at the fruits of America’s war for independence, and the French Revolution, and all the Communist revolutions.

        America enjoyed overall peace, prosperity, goodwill among citizens. America flourished.

        Countries that fall prey to Communist revolution, rot, decay, suffer, and the masses cry out for relief.

        Many have fled to America over the years. I see no masses fleeing into Communist countries.

        By the grace of God Almighty, Americans have one thing you know nothing of, Jimmy. A goodly heritage.

        In spite of the fact that we have much cultural rot, and most do not appreciate the blessings the Creator bestowed, and have no reverence for Him, the heritage is still there.

        We may be totally wiped out by China, Russia, and their minions.

        But the foundation and original goodness of America can never be erased from History.

      5. Strannik: you didn’t answer my questions: where will you be hiding while we are striving for justice, as commanded in Micah 6:8? Do you wish to return civilization to medievalism?

        Where did you get that line that you quoted as if it were a verse from the Bible? It certainly wasn’t 1 Samuel 15:23 where “rebellion” is not found, nor “witchcraft”. Whatever translation that was, it is wrong for that verse. You need to check the original languages before quoting anything as authoritative.

        If rebellion is always wrong, then the heroes of the faith listed in Hebrews chapter 11 were wrong. They led armed rebellions against the civil authorities of their days. One of the heroes committed treason against her government. That chapter names only some of the rebels found in the Old Testament.

        You repeatedly show you have no idea what is modernism. Do you realize that the Reformation under Martin Luther was a rebellion against the modernism of his day? Even Russian Orthodoxy was too modern for him? Of course you don’t know, because you don’t know the difference between returning to the roots, to the basics, and how that differs from developing new traditions.

        Russia has been under the modernism of the Bolshevik revolution for over a century now. The American revolution was a fight against modernism, what England was becoming. There are still Americans who are fighting against modernism. How many in Russia? It sounds like almost none.

      1. Putin is not one to hate or love. Head of a modern republican state, and no Monarchist, what can I do but to do as is done for all rulers, to pray for them? One thing: he is not stupid.

  26. Jeff, are you familiar with the Oak Ridge nuclear plant west of Knoxville, TN? It was supposedly #4 on the Soviets target list. Do you know what would happen if this plant was struck by the Communists? Someone told me it would leak radioactive material airborne all over the entire Smokies and to the East coast. Is this true? Would the entire Smokies be uninhabitable or would the damage be contained?

    1. Mr Nyquist thank you for your reply. With respect to the American war of independence, it might be said that a social revolution was unnecessary in America, because its opponents happened to live thousands of miles away in the British Isles and so no Aristocracy lived in America.

      1. America did develop a natural aristocracy in its early years, but egalitarianism got the upper hand and the country developed a different sensibility that became pronounced after the Civil War.

  27. Anca Cernea and Costin Andrieș – ILD
    The invasion of Ukraine and the lies of Russia Mar 13, 2022
    video discussion by Dr Anca Cernea on the war, unfortunately I did not find a more recent video. It is almost 2 hrs long. Below are my notes (and translation) of some key points.

    –NATO and Ukraine–

    – NATO is more than just a defensive alliance to eastern European countries, it represents a way back to Western European civilization from which they were long separated from by Russia
    – Georgia was invaded in 2008 as soon as it was refused membership by NATO. The Polish president Lech Kaczynski likely saved the capital and country from being turned into another Chechnya by timely organizing a meeting of several European states (Cernea doesn’t really go into the details of this but very interesting). The mysterious 2010 Smolensk plane crash which killed the president and some of the highest military and civilian leaders was likely the work of the Kremlin.
    – if a country in eastern Europe bordering Russia is not in NATO, it has the following options: 1) be like Belarus, a pro-Russian puppet dictatorship or 2) be like Ukraine (or Georgia), ie be invaded and destroyed
    – it is important to remember that what is happening in Ukraine is not the crazy actions of one man. Brutal military expansionism has long been a part of Tsarist and Soviet history. Russia preys on weakness and only respects strength.
    – the heroic patriotic resistance of the Ukrainians so far should be an inspiration in a time when everyone is overly cynical and quoting Machiavelli; however the heroic resistance would have been in vain if not for the Polish diplomatic effort, the Polish leaders exhorted Biden, Johnson, Scholz and other countries to support Ukraine; Russia was banking on Germany being pro-Russia and causing a rift within NATO, this paralysis and lack of support would have caused Ukraine to fall instantly. If public support for Ukraine wanes it may still happen.
    – the Polish PM Morawiecki specifically admonished Germany to abandon its selfishness and give up Nordstream II, this appeal had an effect as thousands marched in the streets in Germany in support of Ukraine; remarkable considering the high level of Russophilia and amount of pro-Russian propaganda that Germany has been subjected to for 30 years; this was the first large protest that was not anti-American; Scholz is still new as Chancellor and bowing to public pressure in a way that Merkel wouldn’t

    –Information War–

    – information war is more important than the military campaign, if the West falters and starts being seduced by Russian propaganda again then Russia will take Ukraine;
    – calls Archbishop Vigano’s letter on Lifesitenews as “terrifyingly shameful”, even obscene; Cernea is deeply disappointed
    -quotes Bezmenov in pointing out that 80% of the KGB’s budget is spend on cultural and information warfare, only 20% spent on trying to access military secrets, technology etc.
    -Covid was a form of hybrid warfare, part of the same war that is now moving to the 2nd phase in Ukraine; it should not be forgotten that the virus originated in the city which houses China’s highest level military bio-research laboratory; China shut down internal travel but allowed international flights to spread the virus to the West
    -the Covid pandemic was pre-planned to psychologically prepare the way for open war with the West; the stress, isolation and hysteria affected the ability of many otherwise lucid people to see things clearly, people cannot see what they see, they can see the extreme violence with their own eyes but do not comprehend what they see
    – the normal reaction to such atrocities is moral indignation, but instead of this we hear “No, forget the war, things are more subtle than that. It is about the ‘Great Reset’ and the New World Order, it is a distraction from the anti-Trudeau trucker protest.” What aberrant thinking!
    – Polish writer in 2014 said Putin is much more primitive, crude than the Mephistophelean Andropov; compared to today, the Russian propaganda and subversion of the West in the Andropov era showed evidence of great sophistication and scholarly analysis, the KGB smart cultured people who carried out this work; meanwhile Putin started out as a mid-level KGB thug toward the tail-end of this era, due to his lack of sophistication and crudeness he managed to turn Ukraine away from Russia in 2014, giving Ukraine an unprecedented opportunity for real nation-building

    – Prof Mearsheimer –

    – he is often in Moscow and heavily promoted by Russian propaganda channels, especially at critical times for the Kremlin’s geopolitical plays; evidence of long planning by Russia that his began reappearing on the web months before there was even talk of war; his articles are being republished after first prominently published in 2014, when he wrote things like “Why Crimea is the West’s fault”, he is being cited as an academic authority on Russia and Eastern Europe; but he is not an impartial observer, his arguments are prescriptive rather than descriptive
    – Mearsheimer appeals to ‘realpolitik’ and refers to Machiavelli to argue that Ukraine must be in Russia’s sphere of influence because Russia wants it so.
    – Olavo’s book points out that Machiavelli’s cynical political prescriptions did not lead to success, he died alone and impoverished; ‘realpolitik’ is a trendy superficial theory used to mask and justify brutality
    – Mearsheimer in Beijing said that the US must withdraw from eastern Europe, this is another indication that Russia sees the mere existence of independent states on its borders as a provocation

      1. Jeff, do you think there would be any value in Dr. Cernea trying to contact Archbishop Vigano privately and establish communication with him? Her Catholic bona fides are impeccable, and she is a product of the Eastern bloc. If she could in any way modify his position by her input, it could be very helpful.

  28. Part 2 – notes on Dr Anca Cernea’s discussion of the war in Ukraine

    –Western ignorance of Russia–

    -America is at a disadvantage to the rest of the world because many people outside the West understand American language, culture, politics, vulnerabilities etc. but Americans know very little about Russia, the Arab world etc. Americans cannot conceive how much they are being lied to, and how many resources Russia and China pour into manipulating their perceptions of the world.
    – the brilliance of the “Blame America first” argument is that it exploits Christians’ self-critical tendencies, so the argument goes “Russia was fine until liberalization and American cultural influence destroyed Russian society and its morals.” Cernea says to those Christians “Do you actually know what life in Russia is like, the level of moral decay it is experiencing? Widespread prostitution, abortions, drug use, decline of family life. Religious practice in Russia is almost non-existent, only about 2% go to church every week. This % is very low compared to the rest of the world.” But Christians in the West admire the supposed Christian traditionalism of Holy Mother Russia. The decadence of the West is like a nunnery compared to the decadence of Russia.
    – the tendency of many Westerners to place the center of world evil in the West, eg in Davos. Between Fauci and Biden and Xi, which one of them has the authority to command the Wuhan bio-weapons lab to release a deadly virus? All the suspicions and conspiracies about the coming world government are directed at the West, Russia and China are curiously absent from all these considerations.

    –The Russian character–

    – Cernea discusses an article written by several people, one a psychologist, comparing Russia’s actions in the international community to that of a person suffering from borderline psychopathic personality; such a person always has the sensation of being betrayed, cornered, or abandoned; in a group setting the borderline psychopath is given a lot of lee-way and treated with more sensitivity to avoid violent outbursts, this is the way the international community treats Russia, the emphasis is always on “We must not hurt Russia’s feelings, we must not humiliate Russia”; this form of psychological propaganda was being pushed since the ‘fall’ of the USSR, “We must prevent the break-up of the USSR. We must support Gorbachev or the hard-liners will come to power.”
    – The behaviour of the international community absolves Russia of any responsibility for its actions. The West is always to blame. At the same time, Russia behaves like it is the only country allowed to have agency while other nations must bow to its will.
    – almost 200 years ago Marquis de Custine described the character and customs of the Russian people, it exactly describes the behaviour of Putin and Stalin; Custine warned that what will eventually burst forth from the Russian soul will be monstrous and terrifying

    -the reason Russia was relatively quiet when Trump was president is not because of fear, but because Trump was seen as unpredictable. There was always that 5-10% chance he would make good on his word. The US strike in Syria in 2017, which killed a few hundred Wagner mercenaries, earned Trump some respect.

    –Fake nationalist agitation in eastern Europe —

    -example of nationalist agitation by Russia. Hysterical reaction by some to the idea of NATO stationing troops in Romania, seen as a violation of sovereignty. No logical calculus, NATO is there to defend the country from a Russian violation of its sovereignty. If Ukraine were in NATO those same people would complain the NATO troops are violating Ukraine’s sovereignty, but Russian troops violating its sovereignty are ok.
    – Moldova is very vulnerable right now, almost completely disarmed; it wavered too long bt Europe and Russia, had some weak or pro-Russian leaders, did not get enough support from Romania and the US/West, Germany and Russia opposed it getting closer to the West; Moldova was encouraged to be ‘independent’ ie follow its own ‘Moldovenist’ political culture (whether Stalinist or something else it didn’t matter) and refrain from engaging with the West; the result is a completely disarmed country between Ukraine and NATO

  29. There’s one thing I have a hard time reconciling here. Russia is the only nominally Western country to have a law anything like this one:

    In 2020 they wrote a ban on same sex marriage into their constitution. I’m sure you’ll find issues with the 4channers commentary, but to me this picture from a Donbass Kindergarten strikes me as realistically genuine:

    There’s a line from some play, “you misunderstand, there is not good and evil here, there is no good here.” A lot of human conflict is actually between bad guys and worse guys. And my gut says that the people exposing American children and Donbass children to that kind of degeneracy have to be the worse ones.

    1. It is appropriate for a Russian to consider his country’s interests, and to favor Russia. It is appropriate for Americans to favor America. This is one of our duties. At the same time each country has evil people, often very powerful people, who are sometimes in charge. Speaking out against those people is the duty of the citizens in each country. The extent that the citizens do this, is the measure of the resistance to evil in each. The extent to which the government kills those who speak out is the measurement of the evil in that government. Humanity is full of error. Those who only regard the safety of their country if it is perfect are themselves committing a sin. S country is not merely the bad within it. There is also good that should be preserved. Desertion from duty is betrayal. In the West, people have very little patriotism and readily desert. It is like saying. “My child is evil so I encourage his enemies and take their side against him.” This is especially bad when those enemies are even more wicked, and when they seek your destruction as well. Nothing here is simple.

      1. While I have no problem with the truth of your statement, I am reminded of the many who die for speaking out as the many that do so have only words with nothing to back them up. On the one hand, Ukraine is fighting physically to back up their words. Many here in America wish to do likewise and have the means to persevere. I have the feeling that many on this blog have reservations in that regard. The only ones going kinetic are the bad guys. When do we?

      2. The left dares to use violence because their words have prevailed. Their anti-values have spread to the masses and they have taken over the institutions of our society. We need brave souls who will speak truth to power. Without them there can be no positive change. Most of our people today, if they engaged in violence, would be directed by the the pro-Russian ideas they have unthinkingly absorbed. They would fall immediately into a trap. Ten people with clarity and the right words are worth more than 10,000 muddled people with weapons. First get the ten people, the rest will follow as a matter of course.

      3. By way of an afterthought, our opposition has had several decades to galvanize their people to action. Even if we have ten on our side to speak out, I fear there is not enough time to mobilize before all heck breaks loose. Then it will be nothing more than a crap shoot.

    2. Ryan: In practice, I am not sure that the view of the average Russian in the street regarding the pink mafia is all that different from the average fellow in the west.

      Take a look at these interviews. I am actually not that surprised at the majority responses from the people answering. I think there was only one person who was unequivocally against sodomy based purely on moral, Biblical grounds. An older lady, presumably with no firm moral convictions of her own and I would presume an atheist or practical atheist, seems to judge her moral stance on the prevailing ideas floating around at any given time, ie moral relativism.

      All of this squares perfectly with Dugin’s philosophy of engendering a future gnostic utopia where androgyny will be the prevailing ethos.

  30. Jeff, do you have any advice on where to go? I know you’ve said no place is safe and to remain among your people, but are some areas potentially safer than others, either inside or outside the US? Mountain ranges?

  31. “Many businessmen were compromised, like Bill Gates of Microsoft.”
    Mary Maxwell, as in Robert Maxwell, as in Ghislaine Maxwell …

    Trump marching Lockheed chiefs up to remark on the danger of tech theft and the stealth capabilities of the F-35 was pointed, “It better be invisible …” R&D is in the Levant, Intel is in the Levant — none of any of it is secure to military standards, and too many subcontracters converged by their dedicated industrial espionage detachments; the scalpel to Red China’s cudgel. Dual loyalty reps are overwhelmingly Democrat (dozens), and since LBJ Republicans provide zero pushback for dispensationalist millenarian reasons. To the extent this is endemic after Rumsfeld Doctrine privatization, there is no meaningful civilian or military oversight action to counter it and no financial incentive not to deploy Broken Window Fallacy nescience:

    DEF CON 23 – Chris Domas – Repsych: Psychological Warfare in Reverse Engineering

    The Fourth Man: The Hunt for a KGB Spy at the Top of the CIA and the Rise of Putin’s Russia, Robert Baer (May 17, 2022) is a timely vindication of Angleton’s mole hunt (why is Kissinger’s protoge PsychWar specialist Pieczenik allowed to declaim “We put [Putin] there.”) … The criminal profile of the most egregious traitors to the Republic from the Rosenbergs, Karl Fuchs (Manhattan Project), Hopkins & White, Silvermaster, and more recently Pollard and Charles Lieber out of Harvard-Wuhan — all fit certain characteristics; pearl clutching on the count of the ethnoreligious peccadillos predisposing these people are irrelevant with the stakes this high.

    “From all this we can see that the communist bloc would not repeat Hitler’s mistake of starting a war prematurely.”

    Hillary’s blocked ascension was a bump in the road, and I believe they are not having the imagined cake walk. One of the Unrestricted Warfare authors came out against Xi’s belligerent rhetoric against Taiwan as undoing decades of long strategy several years ago … Able Archer 83 may have gone their way, but many more were passed up on the Western side assuredly. The civilian vs. martial law firewall is too hermetic, regardless of elite capture and corporate convergence. Bluffs will be called and the rotten edifice of this Sino-Soviet colossus America naively leveraged against European colonial powers will be shown to have the feet of clay it always had absent New World beneficence and 5th column graft.

    “In 1937 Hitler, seeing the approach of inevitable syphilitic paralysis, had no time to waste.”
    Armed Forces planning was for 1944. Then there’s the Mannerheim tapes, and the question of Soviet offensive dispositions and massed material 3x times the armor anticipated after Barbarossa lifted its skirts. “If not us, who? If not now, when?”

    “Japan was a fierce warlike country ready to commit national suicide to resist the Allies. After Hiroshima and Nagasaki they surrendered. What choice would there be?”

    There was a faction of the Emperor’s council adamant about not capitulating because either:
    — they used all they had (given their own experiments in this direction)
    — they were dirty fuel-air bombs (thermobarics developed and deployed against Russia extensively)
    — they expected a shipment of materials and plans that would accelerate their own project (U-235 [or 4] rather than surrendering to the first Canadian patrol it encountered desperately evaded until reaching American waters to surrender just that, with an incensed, betrayed Japanese officers contingent remaining aboard to commit seppuku in protest. The timetable for Manhattan Project based on the amount seized would’ve boosted it by at least 4 months. Probably negotiated for with Gehlen in Switzerland over the Paperclip talks)

    The use of nukes by non-Western powers signals the will and intent to genocide. The Legacy American fighting ethos that tamed the west is still there, and it will want blood, all of it. The alternative is these animals go and colonize other worlds with this insectoid ideology.

    “Why do you think Germany has no significant military today?”
    The Paris-Berlin axis cannot be allowed independent action any more than Berlin-Moscow. Splitting off Western Europe from America removes the necessary space and time for forward force disposition, and their Pinko socialistic mixed economies are ripe for more overt convergence. The huge shopping list Poland has after sending the Soviet era materiel east – including Abrahms tanks – is a welcome sign, when Bundeswehr generals lament having only “three weeks worth of fight” in them, ammo included.

    “If we Balkanize, we’ll be occupied and destroyed.”

    The territorial integrity of the United States is non-negotiable. But 3rd time’s a charm on a punitive expedition against Canada.

    “You deftly evaded my question above about the CIA training the Azov NAZIs”
    Israeli business mogul bankrolled their formation and training, furnishing an optical fait accompli perfectly slotted into the Russian war justification narrative. How odd–

    Regarding Mearsheimer — he’s a nebbish New Yorker urbanite with the psychological indiscretion to relate how he was “bullied as a child” and unsuccessfully deterred it while giving talks. Elite theory supersedes his fictional self-interested corporate entities’ “self interest” and his realist cachet is entirely unwarranted.

    1. Mearsheimer writes well, and political scientists are always open to writings that offer practical advice. The problem with Mearsheimer is that everything is 20/20 hindsight without real understanding. Reflecting on past errors is not proof of wisdom on one’s own part. It is not even proof that one has understood what actually happened. All his prognostications are vain. The test of wisdom is seeing what lies ahead, not pontificating on how others failed to see. The complexities of Chamberlain’s appeasement policy are rarely appreciated. What Chamberlain didn’t know, as novelist Robert Harris aptly pointed out in a novel that has been made into a movie, is that Admiral Canaris of German military intelligence had prepared Hitler’s overthrow in the event Germany invaded Czechoslovakia. But Chamberlain flew to Munich and gave Hitler a victory that stopped any move against Hitler by the generals. Canaris heard the news of Chamberlain’s flight to Munich during breakfast and had no stomach to eat another bite. This mishap shows that statesmen with the best intentions cannot always know the consequences of their actions. Policy is often made in the dark. Chamberlain did some things correctly because he acted on principle; but, lacking perfect knowledge regarding Hitler’s character and those who opposed Hitler inside the military, the British statesman unwittingly hurt Hitler’s domestic enemies. Real events are incredibly complex and we are always using over-simplifications to address these complexities. Mearsheimer has simplified and falsified history more elegantly than others, but he has nonetheless turned everything upside down. Arguing that NATO or the U.S. is the aggressor in Ukraine is more than misinformed. It is moral blindness. And this has very real, practical consequences.

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