Red Dawn is not really a movie anymore.

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I have interviewed Mr. D. Wang and associates, of Lude Media, whose organization acquired a 56-minute recording of a military-civil meeting in Guangdong province tasked with preparing China for war. According to Mr. Wang, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is financing Russia’s war in Ukraine. However, he says, Russia’s best forces are not being used in Ukraine. They have been deployed in the Far East, prepared for action against America.

According to Lude media sources, China will try to use nuclear blackmail and unrestricted warfare to collapse the United States while forcing Taiwan, Japan and South Korea under Chinese control. Failing this, China and Russia will launch a full-scale war against the United States. The Russian and Chinese fleets will be united – not in the same ocean – but by attacking the same continent, North America. The Russians will attack through the Arctic, the Chinese through the Pacific.

According to Mr. Wang, the lockdowns in China have been used to hide the deployment of mobile ICBMs and other weapons. Streets have been cleared and highways closed for this purpose. To avoid satellite detection, missile convoys have been disguised as medical or COVID convoys. Lude Media has reported that Russia and China have an agreement to invade and occupy North America, dividing the territory between them.

Lude Media has many contacts in China – people who believe in freedom and want to bring down the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Even as the CCP has declared a People’s War against the West, anticommunists in China have declared a People’s War against the CCP. They want to warn Americans about the China-Russia alliance. They want our leaders to know that we must resist the CCP at all costs. There can be no negotiating with Moscow and Beijing. America must not abandon her allies in Asia. If we fail to defend those allies, we will find ourselves isolated and economically broken.  


J.R. NYQUIST: According to your sources is the CCP mobilizing for war?

LUDE: Yes.

J.R. NYQUIST: Who is the CCP mobilizing for war against?

LUDE: The strategy here involves a very ancient Chinese tactic. It is encirclement of an enemy post in order to eliminate their reinforcement. So, the point they are encircling is Taiwan. And the support they are trying to fight back or eliminate is the U.S. [relief] force.

J.R. NQUIST: So, it’s basically a blockade?

LUDE: Yes.

J.R. NYQUIST. So, what would their first step be? Would China first put their navy out and say, “We are blockading Taiwan”? Is this the first step they will take?

LUDE: The first step is to put Taiwan in entrapment. So they will use all kinds of blockade. Total blockade.

J.R. NYQUIST: So, if aircraft bring supplies to Taiwan, they will shoot those aircraft down?

LUDE: If the U.S. forces want to break into the blockade the People’s Liberation Army will start shooting. If a U.S. force is scared off, or if U.S. forces are defeated, the blockade will hold. Then Taiwan’s situation will be desperate. Taiwan will see that America is not helping them. So, Taiwan would be very easy to take.

J.R. NYQUIST: They’ll run out of food?

LUDE: Yes. This is actually – like we talked about yesterday – this is total psychological warfare; because inside Taiwan there are also forces like the Kuomintang (KMT), that are working with the CCP. Okay? If the U.S. forces cannot fulfill their promise to defend Taiwan the opposition party (KMT) will say, “See, we told you the U.S. cannot be trusted. So now let’s work with China, work with CCP.” So that is the danger we are facing here.

J.R. NYQUIST: I understand that Japan has told the United States that Taiwan’s security is a very high vital interest of Japan. So how does Japan figure into this scenario?

LUDE: The new militarism of the Japanese – this is something the CCP will all focus on; because, for example, if they start a conflict near the Senkaku islands they will say the Japanese provoked it. So then they will send out people in China to protest the new Japanese militarism so that they will have the moral high ground with the Chinese people to win support for this war. This is how they would plan to start this conflict.

J.R. NYQUIST: Are they unsure of the Chinese people’s support? Are they worried about that?

LUDE: You mean the CCP?


LUDE: In China there is a tradition for starting a war. If they need to start such a war, in every war in Chinese history they start with a “just cause.” They need to find a just cause to start this war so they will be fully supported by the brainwashed people in China.

J.R. NYQUIST: This sounds familiar – like what the Russians have done in Ukraine.

LUDE: Exactly.

J.R. NYQUIST: What is the relationship between the Ukraine War and what the Chinese are doing here?

LUDE: There are several differences between Ukraine War and what is happening here. First, Ukraine is [almost] a landlocked country which cannot be surrounded because Ukraine has adjacent NATO countries to its West. Second, Ukraine has huge strategic depth. This means Russia will find it difficult to take Ukraine as a whole. But Taiwan is totally different. Taiwan is an island, so it is very easy for a huge country like China to use its naval and air force to encircle and put Taiwan inside a blockade first. Second, Taiwan has barely any strategic depth. A large cannon can practically shoot across the entire island. So, if Taiwan loses support from the West, it is within the grasp of the CCP.

J.R. NYQUIST: Is Russia’s invasion of Ukraine a distraction from the Far East, to draw America away from the Pacific and Asia?

LUDE: In February I said there will be a war in Ukraine. Russia will invade Ukraine because of the agreement between Putin and Xi. But we are also convinced that this war in Ukraine will not be a full-scale war that shows the full potential of Russia’s military force. The Russian military force will need to focus on a future conflict in the Far East.

J.R. NYQUIST: So, Russia’s best forces are deployed secretly in the Far East?

LUDE: Absolutely, because Xi and Putin are working together on this. So, the strategic depth of their union is much bigger than anything we have seen in history. It is greater than the Soviet Union had in World War II. It is not like one country is attacking. It is global in scale. For the Russian military force, the tip of their spear is, first, their ballistic missile submarine force which is not seen in the Ukraine War. Second, their intercontinental ballistic missile force which is also not used in the Ukraine War. And this will play a major role in the future conflict in the Far East and Pacific.

J.R. NYQUIST: Will the Russians move their Northern Fleet across the Arctic to the Pacific through the Bering Strait?  

LUDE: Because the Arctic Ocean will be another hot spot in the future, I don’t think the Northern Fleet will be moved to the Far East through the Bering Strait. The Arctic Ocean will be a point of interest for the U.S. and Russia in the future.

J.R. NYQUIST: In 2018 Russia conducted the Vostok 18 exercise[i] with Mongolian and Chinese troops. It was – as I recall – simulating a nuclear bombardment of America followed by what looked like a practice invasion for Alaska. Do you recall that?

LUDE: Back in February when we talked about Russia’s strategy, we mentioned in our program that Russia was – and had been – interested in taking Alaska in the future, because the strategic forces in the Far East just prepare for that.

J.R. NYQUIST: And I imagine they would attack northern Canada as well.

LUDE: Yes, absolutely, and, for China, in the intercontinental ballistic missile force there are two units – two bases – in Mohe China – in the northern part of China, on the border with Russia. These two bases with their DF-41 ballistic missiles can reach as far as Washington, D.C.

J.R. NYQUIST: Last summer the Russians practiced an attack on Hawaii, if you remember.

LUDE: Yep.

J.R. NYQUIST: We see the Chinese military preparing, we read the transcript of the 56-minute meeting, we read about over 900 ships to be loaded with military equipment, we read about 64 ro-ro ships of 10,000 tons. If they are going to besiege Taiwan instead of invading it, what islands are they going to invade with those ships?

LUDE: The target of the Chinese force – what they are mobilizing for – are the islands of the second island chain, from the Solomon Islands all the way north. All these will be their strategic points of interest in the future conflict.[ii]

J.R. NYQUIST: So that’s Guam? – Does that include Guam?

LUDE: What they are going to attack is not every single island. Remember, this strategy does not operate in the military domain by itself. It is like a multi-domain conflict they are planning on. Domains will be, like economy, like politics, like the fifth column inside the U.S. to stir things up and cause social turmoil and unrest … to cause destruction to the society and social structure…. They will use the American system to attack America; because if we have a strong protest inside the U.S. against a war in the Pacific the government will probably not be able to do much; so, this is something that they are planning. So this is not only coming out of the military domain. It is not just war they are thinking about. This is a multi-domain unrestricted warfare, using all the things they can think of. But, [exploiting] the psychological side of warfare is what they are trying achieve by using their forces.

J.R. NYQUIST: So, will they be using the classic Chinese “fight-fight, talk-talk” method of advancing?

LUDE: The China-Russia strategy here is, first, a global strategy of depth. Second, it relies on unrestricted warfare; so, what they want to do is to bring down America, bring down the U.S., like what happened to the Soviet Union. When the Soviet Union collapsed there was no war.  Not a drop of bloodshed; but the whole system just collapsed from within. They are trying to achieve this kind of effect in the U.S. by turning one party against another; turning one ideology against another….

J.R. NYQUIST: President Biden is collapsing our energy supplies by his policies. These policies have resulted in the closure of oil refineries and the Keystone Pipeline. Is Mr. Biden cooperating in this Chinese maneuver?

LUDE: I do not believe that Mr. Biden is working with the CCP. His closing of the refineries is for environmental reasons. It is not directly related to the China and Russia effort.[iii]

J.R. NYQUIST: This Biden energy policy is having a negative impact on the U.S. economy right now.

LUDE: Energy is not a huge issue because America itself is energy self-sufficient. But here China and Russia want to achieve, on the financial side, a loss of confidence in U.S. economy. This is something they have been trying to do for a long time.

J.R. NYQUIST: And, of course, Russia is using energy to try to break Germany and Japan off from the United States.

LUDE: It is a long-term scheme, Russia worked on for a long time, in Germany.

J.R. NYQUIST: Under what circumstances do they expect nuclear weapons to be used? Or are they just holding nuclear weapons in reserve in case things spiral out of control?

LUDE: First, the nuclear weapon arsenal of China has been prepared to do this; because the mobilization happens after the weapons are ready. That’s what we observe. Second, they already assured themselves the capability of reaching the U.S. homeland with their ballistic nuclear missiles. They are preparing this for their talks. This is a big chip on their table.

J.R. NYQUIST: So, they are going to try nuclear blackmail first? Is that right?

LUDE: This is similar to the Cuban Missile Crisis back in the day. This is not like North Korea saying, “Hey, I got nuclear weapons, I can reach your homeland.” Here China and Russia – the CCP and Russia – they already demonstrated that they are capable of doing this. And then they use this as nuclear blackmail. So this is much more powerful than the nuclear blackmail by North Korea who wants more resources.

J.R. NYQUIST: Because the threat of nuclear war from Russia and China is more credible?

LUDE: Yes. That’s right. This is a very credible threat.

J.R. NYQUIST: The Russian generals have a theory they’ve held in private. They call it “the axe theory.” It’s the theory that, if you are going to war, you use your most terrible weapon first; so that it is very important in a nuclear war to strike first.

LUDE: First, the axe theory will be very effective for the opponent who has no retaliation ready to be deployed. So, the Russian axe theory is effective against smaller countries. But the U.S. has a nuclear triad which is capable of full-scale nuclear retaliation. So, they will be very careful about launching a preemptive nuclear strike. The CCP’s strategy is that first, they will show the Americans that they are capable of this kind of strike.

J.R. NYQUIST: Will they attack a smaller target, then, as an example?

LUDE: If the conflict starts, the U.S. fleet could be a target of their tactical nuclear weapons. This is a combination of different domains of warfare. This is a threat, and a show of forces is part of the scheme here.

J.R. NYQUIST: India is going to be alarmed by this. They have a large border with China and they are a nuclear power. Will the CCP have a problem with India?

LUDE: We know that the Quad in the Asia-Pacific – U.S., India, Japan and Australia – this is a very strong alliance to make India feel safe. But if this Quad system collapses, [then] India is facing China by itself and a lot of things are going to change. Russia is popular in India. [India will then align with China and Russia.]

J.R. NYQUIST: In our previous conversation you mentioned that China has built weapons plants that are producing tanks and other weapons for Russia in Mongolia.

LUDE: Inner Mongolia. They have there a subdivision of Norinco Company.[iv]

J.R. NYQUIST: Inner Mongolia – in Northern China.

LUDE: It’s a province of China.

J.R. NYQUIST: Yes, that’s northern China, by the Mongolian border.

LUDE: It is grassland and there are several cities there. Norinco has several cities there.

J.R. NYQUIST: Are they building Russian tanks or Chinese tanks?  

LUDE: In Inner Mongolia, First Machinery Group Corporation – this is the name of it, owned by the Chinese government – a subdivision of Norinco company and it is making tanks and armored vehicles both for the Chinese military and the Russian military.

J.R. NYQUIST: They are not making T-14s, are they? – The Armata?

LUDE: I don’t think Russia shares that with anybody.

J.R. NYQUIST: How is China masking or hiding its military preparations from the United States? The U.S. must know if they are moving missiles or getting ready for nuclear war.

LUDE: This is related to the recent lockdowns in China. So, they lockdown cities, they lock the people inside so nobody is on the street. They also closed many highways…. Then they will use military convoys disguised as medical equipment or COVID-19 related supplies. They disguise their military equipment – like missiles and things – as this kind of civilian convoy so it can be shipped around without too much notice.

J.R. NYQUIST: How are they going to safeguard their military communications against the NSA? Won’t the Americans discover this mobilization by monitoring their communications?

LUDE: What they are using is, actually, the civilian [communications] equipment. And they are also using civilian frequencies to communicate with these convoys. But, what they use is a codename system, so that, for example, a missile can be codenamed after a certain kind of vegetable….

J.R. NYQUIST: So, “bring me some carrots” means bring a missile.  

LUDE: Exactly. Also, they say “how many bags of carrots” to bring. They have a codename book [which] they hold, for example, [they might say], “We are going to a certain supermarket which is a place they have on their codebook. So this is very confusing for whoever is trying to monitor them because they will have no idea what they are talking about.

J.R. NYQUIST: So, we are really in trouble when they are asking for sweet potatoes in Shandong. [Laughter.]

LUDE: They use the civilian bandwidth to communicate this. What China has experienced is that the U.S. does not have the capacity to monitor all the civilian communications in China. So they can hide this kind of communication in a very clever way.

J.R. NYQUIST: Is it true that China is financing Russia’s war in Ukraine?

LUDE: On February 4th I explained in my broadcast that Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin signed a secret document to become military partners. So after that is signed the CCP and China has been funding Russia’s invasion into Ukraine. Putin needs this kind of guarantee to even think about starting this war.

J.R. NYQUIST: And is there some place where the Chinese and Russian generals meet to coordinate? Is there some secret center in Inner Mongolia, Siberia, Mongolia – somewhere they are coordinating this?

LUDE: We have not paid attention to how they are communicating, only the content. Remember the military unit that carried out Bucha massacre in Ukraine. That unit was from the Far East. It was based within 100 kilometers from the Chinese border. That base is where the Chinese and Russian military work together. The troops in that division or unit all speak Chinese. In 2021 there was a joint military drill in China. This unit, the 64th Armored Division, was brought to this drill by the Russian military. This is a well-known unit to the Chinese military.

J.R. NYQUIST: About the leadership of Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin. People blame them for what is happening. Are these personalities responsible for this, or is the Communist Party and other collective leadership groups following a long-range plan?

LUDE: In China the political system is different [when] compared to the Russians. So in China it is a centralized authoritarian dictatorship – which means that if we talk about Xi Jinping we are talking about the whole Chinese government. In this government, in the top brass of the military, there is very small chance that they will work openly against Xi Jinping; so if Xi wants something done everybody will be jumping on that same boat.

J.R. NYQUIST: China is Marxist-Leninist. What about these other Marxist-Leninist countries like Cuba, Venezuela, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, North Korea, etc.? Peru now has a Marxist president. A former Marxist guerilla may win the election in Colombia.

LUDE: Back in the day, there is, probably you know, there was the Communist International. After the Soviet Union collapsed China took over as the leader of the International. It is not like an openly declared title; but China as the biggest communist country and it assumed leadership of the Communist International. They have built off of that.

J.R. NYQUIST: I heard that communist governments in Southeast Asia were informed that China and Russia were planning to go to war with the United States in the not-too-distant future and that they had to get ready. I heard this two years ago.

LUDE: That is for sure. We can verify this information, actually.

J.R. NYQUIST: You got hold of this amazing recording, the 56-minutes from the standing party meeting in Guangdong which mentioned an American counterattack against Chinese strategic targets in Guangdong. Are they expecting to be hit by nuclear weapons from America?

LUDE: Yes, that is for sure. The Chinese government of the CCP do not really care about its people’s lives. They just use people as their shield. They use people as a resource. If they get hit with nuclear weapons and millions die, they don’t even frown on that.

J.R. NYQUIST: And I understand, when you released the recording of that meeting, when you did that, people were arrested and killed?

LUDE: There are 40 people being investigated right now. This has already [warranted] martial law for these people already.

J.R. NYQUIST: When you look into the CCP system, they look into you. So, if they get hold of one of your sources, they can flip him and feed you false information? How do you avoid taking on false information?

LUDE: From your description I can see that this is very common way that the CIA works against the former Soviet Union and the KGB works against the Americans back in the day; but we are using a totally different approach. The CCP is declaring a “people’s war” against the West. We, at the same time, also use a people’s war against the CCP.

J.R. NYQUIST: Have they ever tried to feed you false information?

LUDE: Absolutely. One hundred percent.

J.R. NYQUIST: They must really hate you. Are they coming after you?

LUDE: Yes, absolutely. They have tried that many times.

J.R. NYQUIST: So, how will we know when this war is going to start. What are we looking for?

LUDE: The time frame depends on several factors. First, negotiations between China/Russia and the U.S. If these negotiations go very well, they will come up with a [new] borderline in the Pacific. They will then reach an agreement. In that case we will probably never see a war. If the U.S. does not back off from Taiwan, from the first island chain, and if the U.S. totally disrespects China and Russia’s demands, then China and Russia will start carrying this [war] out in two or three months. But “carrying out,” just like we mentioned, is a talk and fight and talk and fight – this kind of theme. They will use all different kinds of warfare, in all domains, to achieve their strategic goal. They will be talking as they go.  

J.R. NYQUIST: So, [just to be clear], there will be a blockade of Taiwan and there will be all kinds of talking.

LUDE: First, they will block off Taiwan from air and sea…. And then they will use this as blackmail to force the U.S. out of the first island chain. Push them back to second island chain. If the U.S. does not agree with this kind of demand, there will be a war. There will be military conflict. If the military conflict goes well for the U.S., then it is a different story. If it does not go well for the U.S. then they will keep talking. All these things will happen at the same time.

J.R. NYQUIST: So they have contingencies.

LUDE: Yes, exactly.

J.R. NYQUIST: So they want Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan to be in their sphere of influence, under their side of the Pacific.

LUDE: Yes, exactly. They want Taiwan, Japan and South Korea under their control. This will be a huge blow to U.S. technology and economy. These three countries are critical to semi-conductors, electronics, motor vehicles, and even military. If the U.S. is pushed out of the first island chain these countries will fall to China and it will be a disaster for the U.S.

J.R. NYQUIST: What about Australia? Does it count at all in their strategy?

LUDE: The Australian election just finished and Labor Party took power. This can be tricky down the road for U.S. diplomacy. There are certain key players in the Labor Party, which is very close to the CCP, and this is what the CCP wanted. I have some communication from Australia; so, back in April, a source declared that Labor is going to win the election.

J.R. NYQUIST: Interesting. Is there anything I’ve missed that you would like to add?

LUDE: I want to warn the U.S. political elites that there is no room to give. If the U.S. loses Taiwan, South Korea and Japan, the supply chain to the U.S. would break, it would be a disaster. The economy would be a disaster. China and Russia would then start stirring things up in the U.S. This defeat will set the U.S. back a hundred years.

J.R. NYQUIST: If there is a breakup of the United States, or any weakening, the Russians and Chinese – I assume – will send troops to the United States.

LUDE: Yes. Red Dawn is not really a movie anymore.

J.R. NYQUIST: They would be welcomed by some people in California, I think.

LUDE: The dictatorships, they play a psychological trick. One of their main skills in history. Xi and Putin are no exception. If we, the Americans, are ready – our leaders, our Congress – are ready to take them on, there is only a small chance they will prevail. If we try to trade space for peace, that will be a disaster.

J.R. NYQUIST: I knew Col. Stanislav Lunev, the highest-ranking defector from Russian military intelligence. He was at a meeting of the Russian General Staff before his defection in the 1990s. It was about the secret coordination of China and Russia in a future war; and [he said] they had divided North America so that China would get the lower 48 states while Russia would get Alaska and parts of Canada. Have you heard anything like this from any of your Chinese military sources?

LUDE: Yes, we talked about this plan in our program.

J.R. NYQUIST: And do you believe in the authenticity of this secret speech of General Chi Haotian that he gave about twenty years ago, when he was Defense Minister [of China], talking about using biological weapons to “clean up America” while making their war preparations seem like they are aiming at Taiwan when it is really aiming at America?

LUDE: Back in Mao’s days, forty, fifty, sixty years ago, they have three major weapons. The first is the nuclear weapon. The second is the biological weapon. The third is the infiltration weapon.

J.R. NYQUIST: It sounds like nothing has changed. Thank you very much for granting me this interview. This has been very informative.

Notes and Links

[i] Vostok 2018 – Wikipedia.

[ii] Technically, the Solomon Islands are far past the second island chain.

[iii] Mr. Lude evidently does not know that global warming was set in motion by Soviet officials in the early 1980s.He assumes Biden sincerely believes in combating global warming by choking off energy from the U.S. economy. I believe such energy policies are integral to Russian strategy if not Chinese strategy.

[iv] China North Industries Corporation.


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240 thoughts on “Beijing’s War Plan: An Interview with Lude Media

  1. Jeff – how “real” do you think Mr. Wang and his group are? Do you think they have real insights, real sources close enough to glean real intel – or are they feeding confirmation bias? Perhaps phrased differently – If you were in Angleton’s shoes, and Mr. Wang were in Golitsyn’s shoes, would Mr Wang be “the real deal”, in your estimation?

    1. Since I have a very small readership and no following, why would they go to the trouble of framing disinformation for my narrative? Would they be doing this if I were off target? No. Would they be doing this if I were on target? Why reinforce a truthful narrative? That would be stupid. Since I am not considered credible by the Establishment, what would they hope to gain? A plausible motive is needed. As far as I can tell, this is too far out if the way for witting disinformation. Take it as raw intelligence — accurate or inaccurate. Events will either unfold as predicted or not. The proof will be in the pudding. If they blockade Taiwan then we have an oracle.

      1. Thank you, Jeff – you landed pretty much where I did. Particularly regarding Taiwan – I have always thought that the Taiwan prize for China is the infrastructure not the reunification. The ability to capture all that economic value intact seems the sensible goal, even if Evil. A conventional PLA attack on Taiwan would be counterproductive. A blockade would be relatively easy for the Chinese. If the Taiwanese people prove to be too rowdy and refuse to settle down for enslavement, a lethal bioweapon could be safely introduced to the island to eradicate the people with little chance of escape. Once the island is a ghost town, loyal Chinese from the mainland could be moved onto the island to run the factories, etc.

        I do not think the Chinese leadership would hesitate a single moment just because of “international outrage”. Making an example of Taiwan would go a very long way to bringing Japan and South Korea into line, swiftly. If China moves against Taiwan in any way, I will be convinced that WWIII is genuinely upon us, and regardless of how the US leaders and the rest of the world choose to react, there will be a “New Normal” for this planet.

      2. Please watch your back small following or not. Your knowledge and historical wisdom are valuable…I’d even go so far as to say irreplaceable. It has taken a lifetime for me to understand how rare an analytical mind is. (I thought everyone saw things as I did, or would get there eventually. Not so.)

        Thank you for what you do. Thank you for writing. Be safe, things are getting very dangerous.

      3. Oh yes. Things are getting dangerous. We are under attack, and it is occurring on many levels. Unfortunately, our people are not figuring it out. The government is failing. The media has decided on a path of entertainment. There seem to be only a few people on the periphery who’ve figured out anything. Eventually everybody will see. And that will have to suffice.

      4. i dunno. the point where you start getting spear phishing emails you know someone is listening to you. i consider it a successful measure of political influence when some cloak and dagger guy offers you a free dinner or honeypot gal. i haven’t met the latter conditions but if i recall correctly, you have.

        i’ve heard credible thinkers lament that there are no great geniuses among our generation. they’re not, by large, publishing ground breaking political science papers and etc. i don’t think they need to anymore. the internet makes transmission of ideas (influence) to a “genius collective” so trivially easy that we don’t need to bother publishing papers, papers fewer people would read than a comments section, for intellectual simulation. we don’t often see how far and wide good ideas travel.

      5. Unfortunately, most people do not read serious books. All that we are seeing has been long in coming. Most people readily believe disinformation. You have to correlate information to a correct larger context. Most people get some facts. They plug them in backwards.

      6. My comment referring to global elites, is the few that run the globe (off world intelligences). Just like there is little difference between a republican or democrat, there is little difference between a capitalist and communist. The real leaders that are driving the narrative and the course for humanity have done so since the beginning. The puppets are Bidens, Xi, Putin, who believe they will be saved. What is coming in terms of wars and depopulation will continue on course and as planned. It will not be altered. The factions at the top that control the narrative do so with ease that a cat plays with a mouse. The best we can do is get to a safe area with like minded people.

      7. Off-world intelligences? From what planet? For what reason? Have you regular contact with extraterrestrials? Have they told you about their plans? If so, why would they tell YOU or those you rely on for your window on reality? Evidence? Proof? Reason? And why, if they wanted to make burgers out of us, didn’t they destroy us thousands of years ago when it would have been much easier?

      8. There are different levels of sheep on earth. You happen to be of a higher caliber sheep but still a sheep. Nearly everything people believe is a false narrative. There has been a pre determined timeline for depopulation set in stone for 50 plus years. I am not going to tell you when it occurs but we are nearing that point. The elite puppets have known this date for a long time. They have rationalized implementing this plan similar to a CEO downsizing a company. Sacrificing the masses to save the entity. Same principle with Earth. There will be wars in the near future which will aid in the plan. Wars, however bad, would never achieve the depopulation necessary. Wars are most
        beneficial in creating a narrative of limited resources and inflation which will drive starvation, control populations, and lead people to camps. It will be a similar replay to WW2 just on a massive scale. There is little anyone can do to alter what is coming. There will be survivors who prepare and are in the right locations.

      9. You are so clever. I have spent my whole adult life studying politics and I never discovered this fifty-year strategy to eliminate most of the human race. How did I miss it? Since you are here to educate us, please tell share how you made this discovery. And tell us who invented this plan and why. And how did you find out about it? Enlighten us all.

      10. Jeff, thank you.thank you.thank you! I read this article yesterday and was blown away by the truth being shared but you cannot access this article from your blog! They’ve messed with it. I had to go to your twitter feed to get to this, if this makes any sense.

        Anyway, now I have a copy of it.

      11. I can access the article without any problem. Perhaps you have some software on your browser that is blocking you. Anyone else unable to see the article?

      12. I can see it on your blog AND on WordPress. Interestingly, The Epoch Times was down for several hours today. I’ve never seen that happen before. I’m wondering about DoS attacks and hacking attempts….

      13. I believe the previous comment may be referring to the Georgia Guidestones, erected in 1980, which state in one guideline/goal to “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.” This structure is made of granite making the phrase “set in stone” quite literal. Just a guess.

      14. I would disagree that you are unimportant. While your reach may be limited for now, you are probably the only anti-Communist voice that explicitly outlines a direct threat on the homeland with the most clarity. On all shows you appear on, you provide the starkest warnings. Diverting your analysis or blunting it would be very valuable, as the Communists never know who might be watching you.

        That being said, I do not fully trust this Lude. The fact that he thinks the destruction of American energy has to do with “environmental reasons” and not a clear, intentional Communist strategy is quite suspicious, as it is a core strategic goal of theirs. We will see if he is correct, but if he is feeding misinformation, it could be worth it to the Communists simply to make this corner of the Internet relax for a second and put our guard down. Similarly to how the Russians pretended to withdraw right before they invaded Ukraine. I also find the idea that the Comms would openly reveal their nuclear hand to Americans directly quite farfetched; yes, the Americans would not be able to build missiles in time, but there HAS to be a host of actions they could take in response to blunt such an attack. If such a threat was to be made, I imagine the attack would come almost immediately afterwards if the demands were not met. It’s the only way it would make sense.

  2. Here China and Russia – the CCP and Russia – they already demonstrated that they are capable of doing this.

    Do you recall, about ten years ago, a “mysterious” firing of a missile off the coast of California (San Diego I believe) that was fired toward China? At the time everyone was shocked and postulated it was the IS secretly test firing a missile. However, at the time, I recall some postulating it was China demonstrating to the US that they had the ability to strike the US from anywhere and stealthily.

      1. Do you really believe all those millions of stars in ur sky were put there so earthlings have something beautiful to look at. Since we are nearing the end of this experiment I will let you in on a secret. There are other intelligences. There are vast other intelligences much greater than you can believe. And why would we make hamburger out of you when we created you. You were created for many reasons which someday you might understand. So now you might understand that capitalism, communism, christian, jewish, Muslim, republican, democrat are all constructs of control implemented by your elite puppets for hundreds of years. Kind of how fraternities created rules for pledges.

      2. Oh my! You are writing about yourself as though you are an alien. Are you texting us from Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon?

  3. Yes, they would be “welcomed by some in California.” Many degenerates in California and these are the ones claiming to be “Christians” and having a bumper sticker with “Let’s Go Brandon” as well as “protesters” for commie BLM. No difference between the two groups. Both degenerates and many of them left California to Utah, Idaho, Texas, Florida, Tennessee, the Mid West. So essentially, all of America is filled with communist traitors, even in Maine where ten years ago there were no Chinese extracts, but now they are expanding…

    Feinstein is a communist tool and so is Pelosi. She sold off the Port of Long Beach. Their husbands are equally guilty and feeding off each other’s lust for greed irregardless the end result of the moral decay of America.

    I know Brits that sold off to the Chinese for PROFIT, meaning they have business partnerships (Kaity Waity’s family business is no exception) and thankfully, I am no longer friends with them. There’s no reason for me to convince them with facts when they are emotionally tied to propping up communist expansionism.

    I don’t mix with those that are compromised as I don’t want to be compromised myself or dumbed down seeing how many Whites in America, particularly in COMMIE CALIFORNIA are morally bankrupt and TREACHEROUS.

    Frankly, I avoid contacts with WHITES in general as many of them refuse to believe the Chinese as enemies whereas S. Indians and Sri Lankans are more reasonable to speak with. And forget about Hispanics/Latinos– they are unable to stay calm and get so EMOTIONAL and hyper-sexualized as Whites.

    There’s no way the Chinese, Vietnamese, Koreans, et Mongolian extracts would have economically, financially, and politically benefitted from world domination if it were not for the demoralized Whites in America and parts of Britain.

    Lude has it all backward when it comes to the sequencing of current events. It should be: The first is the infiltration weapon (demoralization thru media, films, press, social media, etc…). The second is the biological weapon (via the virus and jabs). The third is the nuclear weapon.

    I don’t believe the Chinese that are “against the CPP” because it’s the same deception tool Vietnamese (who originated from China) use. I think what these Chinese are actually saying that “we want to ingratiate ourselves and make you trust us, but meanwhile planning something else from what we are telling you directly…” So perhaps the Chinese military attack will happen all at once in different parts of the US or it could mean it could start from the South and North (as Canada is removing guns from its citizens)…

    A few of us left with a moral conscience and against the Chinese onslaught, WE WILL FIGHT be it the traitors from within or the invading commies.

    Thank you for sharing your talent and moral integrity.

    1. I have looked at the epoch times with suspicion since covid as they were the main whistleblowers with people dying in the street which turned out to be fake.

    2. “I don’t believe the Chinese that are “against the CPP” because it’s the same deception tool Vietnamese (who originated from China) use. I think what these Chinese are actually saying that “we want to ingratiate ourselves and make you trust us, but meanwhile planning something else from what we are telling you directly…”

      We anti-communist Chinese aren’t so excited to fight beside you, either. You seem to bring little to the discussion aside from bitterness, paranoia, and unabashed racism. Chill the fk out.

      1. Anthony Lu, the foul mouthed, why am I not surprised.
        How do you expect people to chill out if your ilk is bent on destroying the world’s population?
        When did it every become racist for people to defend themselves from invaders?
        Jeff was absolutely right in publishing the CHINESE invasion plan. CHINESE.

      2. Winifred: the invasion plan is from the communist government in Beijing. It is not the Chinese people doing it — any more than Biden represents the America people (unless you believe he was fairly elected).

      3. Jeff, if the Chinese people are “against the CPP” then how how do you account for the millions of Chinese military invading America?
        When we America fought against the Germans, did Americans APPEASE Germans? Why do you believe in appeasing Chinese?

      4. I am against appeasing communism. If being polite and gracious to a Chinese anticommunist is “appeasing Chinese” then I embrace such appeasement. All Chinese are not communists. And if the Chinese people are pro-CCP then why are twenty million Chinese languishing in the Loagai labor camps? Why does China require the People’s armed police to have tanks and machine guns? If the Chinese people love the CCP why is State Security so active in arresting and torturing people?

      5. If we do not want world communism to rule like Hell for a thousand years, we all must work together. And I should say that there is nothing more courageous than an anti-communist Chinese person, or any anti-communist living in a truly Communist nation. They risk their very lives and they know the true Communist face of evil, which we Americans can only see dimly through a dark glass.

      6. A Chinese person who is openly anti-communist lives with a target on his back. Here we see that anti-communism requires real courage.

    3. WINIFRED:
      I take issue because you erroneously attribute the negative traits of the Chinese communists with all Chinese. You make broad generalizations and are unable to comprehend nuance. A man of your years should know the world is not so simple. No doubt there are many communist sympathizers among the Chinese of this country. But there are also many who are here because they believe in liberty and freedom – many who are more than willing to fight to protect this country, in the hopes of restoring justice to China. Perhaps you would prefer we all be placed in internment camps, like the Japanese in WW2.

      If I use foul language, it is only when I deal with foul people. So once again: chill out.

      1. No people has suffered as much from communism as the Chinese people. One day they will destroy the communist party and Justice will be done.

      2. Mr. Nyquist, I truly appreciate the kind words. Your courage, dedication, knowledge, and humility are an inspiration to us all.

      3. A further thought. Despite being from California, I am not one inclined to ‘play the race card’ lightly. I have seen how it has been weaponized by the far left in this country, to the point of being a vague smear devoid of any content. But in this case, I felt it was apt. In any case, I apologize to Mr. Nyquist for engaging in this type of discourse on his forum. Passions were ignited.

        Onwards to victory.

    4. Jeff, aren’t the Chinese promoting communism thru their actions albeit the torture and killing against each other? I am not seeing modern Brits wanting to torture and kill each other for organ harvesting.

      Why do you think communism thrives amongst Chinese?

      How does an ideology exist without it being accomplished by people?
      Would communism exist if there were not any followers?

      1. Then ask yourself this: Would the present situation in America exist if it weren’t supported by the people. That’s a general term since many of us are opposed to the present situation. Even so, many here have been sufficiently indoctrinated to accept our present state of affairs.

      2. Our political indoctrination inclines us to believe in the myth of democracy — which says that the people rule, that the people are sovereign. It is a theory which has become something of a political religion. The truth, however, is that only small groups determine political outcomes. Rarely do we see mass public outbursts where the people hit the streets. These hurricanes can lead to revolutions, but they usually blow over if they do not lead to tyranny. A very famous study was published long ago by Robert Michel’s, titled “Political Parties.” Here is a link. — this political science classic shows that democracy is merely another way of organizing oligarchy. Here we find the outline of Michel’s “iron law of oligarchy.” All political systems are oligarchic. The only question is — who organizes the oligarchy. Max Weber famously said this was the core question. Oligarchies managed by the bourgeoisie (middle class) hold to the values of the bourgeoisie. Oligarchies formed by warrior aristocrats partake of the values and outlook of aristocrats. Oligarchies formed out of street thugs led by abnormal intellectual types (Lenin, Mao, etc.) have a criminal outlook. Each type of regime draws its characteristics from the small group of activists who compose it. Western societies, emphasizing freedom and commerce tend to be tolerant and pluralistic, yet there is still an oligarchy guiding the whole. If this group is infiltrated and corrupted with Marxists, or toxic ideas inserted by KGB/Comintern active measures, you begin to move away from tolerance, freedom, and the prosperity that attends free market systems. The problem with the bourgeoisie, as noted by economist Joseph Schumpeter, is that the ruling bourgeois groups are not militant or warlike and tend to compromise with more militant enemies and are liable to be tricked into business partnerships with them. This is documented again and again in the historical record. Jacob Burckhardt likened our modern capitalist liberals to the ancient Phoenicians, who inevitably could not maintain their political independence and were either submerged by the conquering Persians, Greeks and Romans or exterminated (e.g., Carthage). That is what is in the process of happening to us, because our oligarchy has a Phoenician outlook. Chesterton pointed to this fact many decades ago. Unfortunately, our conquers are not as benign as the Persians or Greeks. We face an exterminating Asian despotism, led by criminal types sporting “humanitarian” communist “theories.” The communists have infiltrated our elite and corrupted our intellectual classes. Sadly, most of our people have an inverted interpretation of reality. People tend to think that our capitalist elite, that gave us the best standard of living in the world, was always plotting against us and are now plotting to depopulate us. This nonsense passes for an interpretation today, yet this interpretation serves the Marxists better than anything. We are now ready for Revolution against our own system. The moment of right wing Bolshevism has arrived. There are very few “patriots” who are oriented to reality. The whole right is ready to succumb to false narratives fed to them by their enemies. This is possible because we have lost the talent for thinking and discussing. We have intellectually declined to the point where our recovery is doubtful.

      3. Interesting that this is all happening as we are in our fourth turning. Have you studied Strauss and Howes Generational Theory? I learned of your blog on John Xenakis’ website Generational Dynamics where your information is often discussed.

      4. I have read some of the “Fourth Turning” and found it quite intriguing. Time does seem to involve cycles. I give such ideas credit, though it is not an exact science.

      5. Thank you for the response. May I offer the following for analysis?

        I could never be accused of being a tactician. But a thought or two has crossed my mind. The Southern US Border has been non-existent for many years. Sure, we process and ship (at our expense) people from all parts of the world to various strategic cities for the benefit of our ruling elites hoping to destroy the American patriot. But the border is not defended. It would be a simple matter to do so if we were so inclined. And there is enough animosity among those of us who live along the border to participate in its defense.

        It’s easy for dictatorships to control populations devoid of self-defense. Fast forward to America. Good luck with gun control. You want civil disobedience? An uncivil war? Chaos? Martial law? You’ve got it…in spades. Make no mistake; it’s on the way in short order. Our government has set the stage for this to happen.

        Now, if I were China looking for an opportunity to come to America, I would consider the following. I would first send tourists to view all the important SITES and have them record everything on camera. I would have Chinese businesspeople ask to see how they might increase production effectively by touring various American companies (with cameras, of course). I would send students here at all levels of education and researchers doing advanced study in the universities who would become assistant professors and co-developers of grant projects. I would make sure the brightest minds are hired in critical fields to develop sophisticated technology that can be stolen. I would buy property and gain control of key infrastructure and have fifth column operatives become familiar with every facet of life and surrounding environment. They would be familiar with points of entry and travel complications.

        The last thing I would do is nuke key areas and infrastructure. Ports and cities are not quickly rebuilt. I would take down the power and communication grid and as much of the satellite system as possible. I would house shipping containers in various key locations for future access. I would use the ports for unloading equipment, but not until I had sufficient troops on the ground within the country. And I wouldn’t attempt putting boots on the ground until sufficient chaos existed in the country to cover my infiltration. I would send the troops in through the southern border after securing the bridges and the northern border. I would have war materials stockpiled in Mexico and Canada to prevent American scrutiny because I have good relations with both Mexico and Canada due to corruption and financial influence. I would use chemical warfare to advance my forces effectively. And I would deploy drones en masse for various operations. Prior to the main thrust I would take hostages from all the key elements of government and secure all media outlets. My main focus would be to cordon every key city and kill anyone trying to escape while laying siege to the metropolis.

        My next issue will deal with America’s response.

      6. Part 2
        America’s preparation and response to a Chinese invasion.

        This necessarily assumes that our leaders and military have the foresight to implement intuitive measures. The biggie is to stop all border crossings using emergency authorization. All those who have already crossed and have been processed should be deprived of the debt-ridden benefits funded by American taxpayers since real immigrants have never been so fortunate and had to work and assimilate into the society. I would care for the very young children, however, as they had no say in their plight. This plan will cause a foreseen hardship and lead to expected consequences detrimental to civil stability. However, if America chooses to kill the goose that laid the golden egg there is no longer a need to keep the gander.
        There is a limit to how much territory can be covered by military, police and border patrol. With that in mind, it might be a good idea to have volunteer assistance from border citizens since we are the first and immediate recipients of adverse consequences resulting from border crashing. I won’t detail methodology behind this operation as not to give away battle plans.

        Next, I would nationalize all foreign investments in America which is nothing less than their course of action toward us. I would then militarize all ports of entry and every water port. Cross the border to Mexico and see the heavily armed security on their side. They don’t mess around. What’s good for them is good for us.

        America has extensive surveillance capability. Instead of turning it against those who desire to save the country, concentrate on those who choose to destroy it. Use drone patrols around critical sites; and I don’t mean politicians. Guard infrastructure.

        Disband wokeism and gender perversion and eliminate all forms of teaching anything except proper education. Fire those who don’t comply. Finish the pipeline and continue coal, oil and natural gas production. Forget wind and solar since all the products are manufactured in China. Become energy independent again. Encourage wartime volunteerism and sacrifice.

        Tell the elitists their hour of glory is short lived should an invasion manifest itself. Unless they reconsider their options, they will reap their reward from both sides of the fence.

        This is a short list. But know that the American patriot stands ready, willing and eager to defend America. He is temporarily in survival mode knowing that it is a short-lived situation at best. I believe Russia would have no problem nuking the US, because they are interested in Canada northward. On the other hand, China needs the land; so, I think they will be more resourceful. However, I don’t see a good outcome in either case.

      7. Communists/Marxists knew if they infiltrated the schools, they could totally change our country in a short amount of time. Give everyone an “A” so you don’t hurt anyone’s feelings. Don’t reward excellence or applaud critical thinking skills. Teach them all to be followers, and to never, ever question authority!

      8. Jeff: “People tend to think that our capitalist elite, that gave us the best standard of living in the world, was always plotting against us and are now plotting to depopulate us.”

        I read people on the right who disagree with you that the “capitalist elite” is capitalist. They see the likes of Sergey Brin, Jeff Bezos, Tim Cook, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffet, and so forth, acting not like capitalists, rather acting like fascists (a type of Marxist socialism). This elite is seen as trying to destroy capitalism, not support it. This elite is also seen as connected with the Georgia Guidestones which seems to advocate a massive depopulation of the earth.

        The common people, who are fooled by appearances, see the evil that these people do (ship industry and jobs to China, impose unpopular social programs while opposing restrictions on the use of slave labor in China (Tim Cook), oppose energy development (Warren Buffet), call for population reduction through trickery or force (Bill Gates), and more) and see that these people are doing it in the name of “capitalism”, therefore they conclude that capitalism is at fault. Is capitalism at fault, or are these thinkers correct that the real ideological villain is American style fascist socialism?

        As for that “best standard of living”, how is that not increasingly a house of cards based on debt? A house of cards that’s already starting to crumble? Has the loss of manufacturing jobs compromised people’s ability to afford the lifestyle they desire outside of getting into debt? How long can the debt bubble keep growing before it pops?

        I agree that capitalism is the best economic system. But I wonder if the “capitalist elite” is really capitalist?

      9. They are capitalists in deed. Words are something very different. Capitalism bears no real allegiances except to money and the market.

      10. “Capitalism bears no real allegiances except to money and the market.”

        In other words, the law of the jungle.

        Those who call out the immoral elites as being anti-capitalist do so because they teach that capitalism has three allegiances—morality first, then money and markets. Without morality, capitalism dies.

        Many of the immoral elites are communists.

        I have no more to say on this thread at this time.

      11. Capitalism has had — in the Protestant countries, in the past — strong moral content, and rational content. But national allegiances have atrophied under the theory of free trade. Liberalism, which is the ideology that grew behind capitalism, has largely disassociated itself from national allegiances. There is this belief that we can bind people together into one world under liberal capitalism. The theory is that markets will bring people closer and ameliorate national differences while bringing the promise of peace through trade. It was even thought that communist countries could be converted into liberal capitalist countries through trade. Of course, there was the logic of exploiting cheap Chinese labor. That was uppermost. I was told 23 years ago, by the political adviser of a billionaire who was briefly interested in my work, that I should drop my work immediately. “What you say is true about Russia, China, and nuclear war,” he said after reading my book. “I know that the collapse of the Soviet Union was a fraud. A defector [name omitted] is one of my fishing buddies and he told me it is a fraud. But you will never sell this truth to the financial and industrial elite of this country. They want to invest in China and trade with China and Russia. And you cannot do anything political without them. So you are best off fighting communism on college campuses. We can fund you.” Honestly, I thought this was the most useless project imaginable. You cannot fight communism on college campuses unless you have a flamethrower and a bulldozer. And nobody would allow such a thing, so it was hopeless. So here we are today. When something could have been done — when resources could have been committed to prove the danger we were courting — people with heaps of money would not say a word — would not say boo about the things I posted to this website. Our capitalist elites are not communist as you imagine, just because a few noisy idiots like Gates or Soros are in bed with China. The story is a bit more complicated than you imagine.

      12. Winifred: “Why do you think communism thrives amongst Chinese?”

        The answer is that it doesn’t. What exists is a small group of armed thugs lording it over an unarmed populace. Just like in any other communist-ruled country.

      13. This is absurd and ignorant of how Communism works. The system can work with 90% of the people against it; it merely requires extreme brutality, violence, torture, and intimidation by the 10% to keep the other 90% in line. The system has succeeded all over the world by a slim majority achieving power and then implementing extreme brutality; do not think that we in the US are immune. An economic crash may be approaching and you may see just how frightening desperate people could get. Stop it with this absurd demonization of an entire people, the Chinese people are victims of Communism, as are any other people enslaved under this system. When you are tortured in a Communist cell, or have your entire family arrested, and have no due process, and a small band has absolute power, perhaps you will have more sympathy. The only reason we have survived so long in America is the legacy of our system, which is rapidly being degraded to the collapsing point.

  4. If the Chinese and Russians invade, they will have many veterans to deal with who know how to do things like make IED’s. People think if there invasion that we can’t counter the armor but we most certainly can. It will not go well for China in the lower 48 in my opinion unless nukes or chemical/biologic weapons are widely used.

    1. “It will not go well for China in the lower 48 in my opinion unless nukes or chemical/biologic weapons are widely used.” That’s exactly why nukes will be used. Biologics are too slow. The real biologic weapon of the last couple of years is the jabs, not the disease itself, and the jabs kill in the order of months if not years from AIDS. The war will be over before then. Anyways, more and more people are not falling for this latest scaremongering by our traitors about a new pandemic. All the chemical weapons I know of are too impracticable for wide application. So nukes it will be.

      Even if nukes kill off half of our population, will the CCP succeed? Would that not leave us about 40 million veterans and hunters to fight the invaders? Not counting many more gun owners? How well will it go for the CCP with those odds?

      1. Considering at that point that most people will likely be starving or dead, I don’t know. Will enough of us survive hunger so that we may face the invaders? What number of those 40 million veterans would still be alive three months after an invasion and the collapse of the supply chain? I fear food will be the primary weapon.

      2. I’ve said for a long time that “he who controls the food controls the people.” That’s why I, along with many I know, have way more than 3 months worth of food. Last night I talked with one of my “sources” for eggs if things get really bad. They have 60 chickens and a very large garden. They have some security, but I told them they better get a LOT more.

      3. “Considering at that point that most people will likely be starving or dead, I don’t know. Will enough of us survive hunger so that we may face the invaders? What number of those 40 million veterans would still be alive three months after an invasion and the collapse of the supply chain? I fear food will be the primary weapon.”

        Agree with CMS. There may be abundant will to resist but a lack of necessary materials: food, water, power, ammunition, transport. All hypothetical, of course.

      4. CMS: how long do you think the invasion will last? You wrote “three months” but I suspect that it will be over in less than a month. The three months will be a real challenge after the war.

        The last time the U.S. fought China was during the Korean War. We lost about 34,000 troops in that war. Sources I’ve heard from China say that the Chinese lost about 5 million troops. Now I don’t expect the loss ration will be that lopsided in a Chinese invasion of the U.S., but I openly question if they can get 5 million troops here. Secondly Americans will be fighting on their own turf and for their lives, both of which give material advantage in battle. Let’s say that they get 5 million over here, 5 million against 40 million spitting mad defenders who could cut off resupply to the Chinese means that the invaders could go hungry first. If I were in charge of a unit of snipers, I would have them target the field kitchens. But battles never go according to plans.

        The Chinese just made a propaganda film about the Frozen Chosin. The Chinese claim it was a victory. Well, it was in a way, in that they drove the marines back to the sea. But they sent in 10 divisions with the goal of capturing or killing the marines, anything less was a defeat. Chesty Puller told his troops “All right, they’re on our left, they’re on our right, they’re in front of us, they’re behind us… they can’t get away this time.” They fought their way to the sea and brought with them 100 thousand Korean civilians.

        I just don’t see the Chinese fighting with such spirit as did those marines. But many of the defenders will fight that way. The Chinese must invade in order to cinch their victory. I have a hard time seeing them winning after the invasion. Further, I see their defeat leading to China imploding.

        Just my 2¢

      5. I think the invasion will take far longer than three months. We have a large country and if they are invading from the west, they will have quite the task dealing with terrain and resistance along the way. The only way they make it quickly to the east is if they invade from there or they nuke their way through all major resistance from the west. Something tells me they want limited nuclear strikes here, not complete annihilation.

        Having been boots on the ground in Afghanistan in 2010, the terrain was a major problem for our heavy vehicles. We had to dismount a lot to clear terrain before moving vehicles through certain areas. A simple rifleman or two could hold up an entire company of soldiers in this difficult terrain and they did, many times. Now imagine the Chinese attempting to pass through the Rockies. Even if they went around, the terrain in the west is difficult so I think what wins or loses an invasion for us is the fight in the west.

      6. CMS: you are making assumptions which I think will not be the case:

        1) That the Chinese will be able to maintain their troops as a unified force, in spite of going through difficult terrain over a wide front.

        2) That the Chinese will be able to build and guard their own supply chains over the same territory.

        3) In spite of the above two problems, they will be able to make it to the east coast.

        My guess is that the Chinese might make it as far as the Mississippi, but they will already be running out of food, fuel and munitions before then. I expect that the shortages will hit the Chinese before a month is out. They can’t power their invasion on pixy dust.

        Meanwhile, American defenders will have support of the countryside.

      7. There seems to be a lot of static analysis regarding China’s potential ‘invasion’ of the US. In the world as it exists right now, the CCP would have a challenge to gather all of the materiel & men and resources needed to physically get to CONUS.

        Dynamic Analysis demands that we consider losses the CCP would likely suffer if we retaliate in-kind. Even a nominal counterstrike would degrade CCP capabilities.

        Personally, I am not sanguine that current US leaders would counterstrike with enthusiasm. However, I am confident the current resources at the disposal of the CCP will not be available for the mission of invasion.

        The point is – there are many factors that cannot be predicted with certainty at this time, with our current level of knowledge about true plans, resources available, etc.

        All that said, I remain convinced there will be a fight on CONUS that will touch every household. There will be tremendous pressure from our neighbors who are not fans of personal liberty to lay down arms and accept terms. A civil war to sort out the Leftists in our own country will be made even more horrific with foreign boots on the ground.

      8. Even if you blew up half of China and destroyed half their transport capacity, they would still have more than the Allies had to invade and conquer Hitler during WW2.

      9. The incredible shipping capacity of China as previously mentioned by Mr. Nyquist leads me to believe they will be able to accomplish your points number one and two with ease as long as they defeat the US Navy and eliminate or severely damage the US nuclear triad. If you recall, the Chinese have been stockpiling food for years. As long as they control the ocean they will run out of nothing.

        We just don’t have the manpower or equipment to resist China in a world where the US Navy ceases to be so let us all pray that if any of this information is accurate that we are able to cripple their navy with immediacy upon the start of a conflict.

      10. CMS: I’ve said this before, and will say it again, it’s not so much can the Chinese deliver supplies to the West Coast, but how many of the PLA can they spare from 1) keeping the civilian population within China pacified and 2) maintaining their face-off against India?

        I just read a figure on line that says that the PLA has about 3.3 million service members. Do they dare spare more than 2 million for their invasion? Do they dare draft civilians for non-combat roles? Do they dare bring anyone over who is not politically trustworthy? Politically untrustworthy support personal can stop tanks just as surely as weapons by stopping resupply of fuel, can the CCP risk that?

        Of course the PLA will use nukes, but will that be enough to compensate for their relatively small numbers? Will the PLA release weapons to illegal aliens here in the states? Do they dare? Will they succeed in fomenting civil war in the U.S.? I see time running out for the CCP, will they be forced to land under unfavorable circumstances?

        I don’t know if I personally will survive this war. But I see the Chinese chances of winning touch and go at the best.

    2. Armored land drones, and miniature swarms will become practical sooner than later. Holing up in the hinterlands won’t suffice. Modern insurgencies aren’t winnable without appeasement or ethnic cleansing. They’ve already pulled out the biologics, to middling effect. If their Last Men blink at the precipice of world historical grandeur, they must be put down once and for all time.

      These people are both evil and stupid enough to try it regardless of the costs, because they’re fundamentally gamblers. It’s only a question of whether or not COG and beyond level elements have written off damage mitigation and deterrence because of the 5th column’s ascendance.

      1. It’s the most complicated game ever played. Nobody has tried to do this kind of thing in a world that has become more fragile, more built up, more susceptible to catastrophic breakdown. The complexity of a world economy that sustains nearly 8 billion human beings cannot be understood by any strategist. Once you break some vital element you might not survive what you have set in motion. Talk about gambling. It is madness. An old-fashioned conventional war in Ukraine has got 40 million starving in Africa. Nobody has a clue how much worse this can get. You blockade Taiwan, you threaten Japan, you disrupt Far East commerce through the South China Sea — even worse happens. Nuclear war on a moderate scale will do almost nothing in terms of radiation. But billions could starve in the months that follow. The psychological and economic shock might strangle continents. Why? Because economics depends on expectations. Destroy expectations, destroy investment. Destroy investment, destroy the means to live and work.

  5. Awesome interview. Thank you for doing it!! There were some puzzle pieces that confused me that this talk helps me make sense of. The possibility of this war if we were a serious country is something we would be talking about in media and military and politics. Alas it is not. Yesterday I mentioned the possibility to a couple of friends, smart educated thoughtful people, as it goes, that China may attack the usa. They laughed in my face.

    The idea that China is a natural enemy and worry of Russia is so utterly unconvincing to me. Sunnis and shias work to kill Americans. Hitler and stalin worked together. How many times does this have to happen for people to get it? It seems to come from this reductionist materialist(??) outlook of americans. All they see is money and simplistic power concerns. What about ideology?? The idea of freedom from America is more dangerous to the kremlin than their fellow gangsters in beijing.

      1. That’s why the battle is first and foremost a spiritual battle—so that while they can capture, torture and kill our bodies, we can remain free in our spirits. Or in Christian terms, we are either slaves to God, warriors in his kingdom, a freely chosen path, or spiritual slaves to psychopathic men which leads to despair.

      2. Jeff: I think you misunderstood me. One way leads to self-control and freedom within the parameters in which we were created, the other to enslavement and despair.

        I have chosen freedom and hope.

        I have not chosen this fight against tyrants, they thrust the fight on me, but I will do what I can to finish it.

  6. So fifty years of the West’s SUICIDAL STUPIDITY is quickly coming to an INGLORIOUS end. We are like a fella in a coma who wakes up for a second just before his death.
    In that moment of desperation and horror I wonder; Has America got any sort of technology to overcome Chinese and Russian firewalls, hack into the people’s mobile phones, their internet, their mass media and tell them that their regimes are preparing nuclear war and warn that in such a case America will retaliate with her full force and that the great majority of them shall also die. Perhaps, it would trigger large size protests within Russia and China that could paralyze both regimes war preparations.
    It is truly difficult to grasp that the mighty American armed forces are not prepared for such an eventuality.
    However, observing the ABYSMAL stupidity of some 80% of my “fellow” Australian mates and the easiness with which they have accepted that our own recent “elections’ have also been falsified and stolen and their horrendous ignorance in respect of the world politics I tend to believe that we’re indeed coming to our end.
    The only hope is that the GENIUS of FREE HUMAN on the one side and the tendency of totalitarian regimes to make strategic and stupid mistakes will trigger some solution that will help us to somehow survive.
    Regards – Bogdan

    1. Justin Trudeau is an open enemy of old stock Canadians such as myself. I find it almost impossible to believe that he and Joe Biden are anti-oil due to environmental concerns; not to say your guest isn’t correct about what he is predicting.

      1. No leader in the world stays in power long unless they bow to the global elites who run the world. Putin, Xi, Biden, etc are all complicit in the upcoming war and it’s outcome. This has been the plan for more than 40 years.

      2. By “global elite” I assume you mean the capitalists. Putin and Xi are communists. They are working to overthrow capitalism and kill the capitalists. That is why there is going to be a war. Beijing wants to hang the capitalists and you apparently are in agreement with this objective. Have I understood your orientation?

      3. “But we have to wake up and clean house here at home.” Couldn’t agree with you more. In fact of the three major battle fronts– China, Russia, domestic–the domestic one strikes me as the most important. It’s hard to battle external enemies when constantly undermined by internal ones. But how to neutralize the traitors and saboteurs in a manner that doesn’t so weaken the country that we become much easier pickings for Russia and China? Can the ballot box and the jury box still be used to advantage?

      4. The gangsters in Beijing and Moscow, by their aggressive actions and threats, are giving us the tools with which we can show who is who domestically. One day soon, everyone in America will know how to judge correctly.

  7. I’m inclined to believe Lude’s intel, but there’s a small chance that he’s backed by some current out of favor faction in China (or at the very least fed intel by said faction). His analysis of situations may contain biases and misreadings even if his raw intel is real. He had a rather acrimonious split from one of his former associates, Guo Wengui, who had some interest low level intel several year back. But it seems that Guo either reached a deal with Xi or was a part of an overseas Chinese operation for Xi to attack his political rivals to begin with. Lude constantly hammers this point, but it very well could be that Lude is a part of some scheme as well and is a Chinese version of Garbo/Alaric.

    Though it would be hard for westerners to decode or interpret the information Lude provides, I would caution against taking his advice or analysis at full face value. If you actually listen to his twice a day Youtube broadcast, at certain points he has some rather odd suggested action items that make no sense given the political realities in the world. I found some of his suggestions a bit suspect or perhaps just naive. Regardless, it seems that people from China (including some rather high ranking CCP members) do feed him information, but truly independent corroborating intel must be separately obtained and independently analyzed. The information given to Lude may be highly selective and advances some who-knows-what agenda behind the scenes in China or even the US.

    The information contained in the tapes can be easily verifiable with on the ground intelligence and perhaps satellite imagery. At the very least, according to Lude, the leak of the tapes should have resulted in the execution or disappearance of several high ranking officials. Your intelligence contacts should be able to dig up some corroborating evidence somewhere. But yeah, if the tapes are real we could be in for a big one and what Lude has is only the tip of the iceberg of what the Chinese and Russians have been planning for decades ever since the end of the Cold War. Given the feckless nature of people at the helm in the US and Europe and the level of corruption and infiltration of the elites in the west, I’d give Xi and Putin around 40% odds of upending the US led post WW-II global order if they’ve already pulled the trigger on their plans as Lude claims. We may actually be facing the end of Pax Americana.

  8. This may be worth noting. Those two people who laughed at me when I said maybe China would attack us are also Americans who lived in China for over a decade. I asked them what is the real reason for the lockdowns. He told me that he has a friend who is a “high level insider”. And that “insider” told him the reason is this. There are two factions in China, one led by Xi, and one led by some guy (didn’t catch his name). And the anti-Xi party is purposefully overshooting the lockdown, making it insane and awful for Chinese people, all while publicly blaming and attacking Xi for the lockdowns. It seems to me this theory both is plausible, and is also too weird to be just a random idea. Maybe by some weird quirk of fate they heard something real. Maybe because they aren’t political, but just party guys, they could make a connection and hear something. Here is a video I just saw on Twitter for instance which shows China lockdown now drawing people out into the streets and agitating them and making them upset with their own regime (right before war?) that would seem to support this theory.

    1. “There are two factions in China, one led by Xi, and one led by some guy (didn’t catch his name)”
      Perhaps you are referring to Jiang Zemin, former General Secretary of the Party?

      1. Yep, that’s the guy.

        I lived among “Chinese” in America—the vast majority are here to escape the CCP. Yes, there are some infiltrators, who will come out of the woodwork in an invasion. The pro-communist “Chinese” that I met were mostly American born. However, most “Chinese” in America are city folk who would have trouble recognizing of which end of a gun a bullet comes out.

      2. It seems a great irony that many Chinese have come to America to flee the communists, but that their children, by virtue of being educated in American public institutions, have become indoctrinated in a similar ideology.

  9. Thank you for the informative interview!!

    This is all very worrying, yes Somalia is extremely close to us in Australia. I think we have already been heavily attacked by biowarfare and infiltration this has been fairly obvious for quite some time.

    The amount of sea ports China has built sent up red flags for me years ago.

    I often wondered why so much focus was on the “globalists” and “WEF/WHO” instead of China. It unfortunate that the future of all our children and grandchildren has been sold out by greed when our industry was sent off shore for cheap labor.
    I pray for us all, in the meantime each remaining day of peace is filled with more beauty.

    1. “Globalists” are the opposite side, the top level of global capitalist hierarchy, cosmopolitan bourgeoise, naturally they operate globally and don’t like national states standing in their way. I don’t say some can’t be compromised, but the idea that people like Rockefellers and Rothschilds (and their messenger Schwab) can be communists is too crazy, not even Golitsyn considered that.

      1. Schwab is so obviously an agent of the international communist conspiracy that I am embarrassed for you. Surely, you recognize one of your own.

      2. Commit, why does Schwab have a bust of Lenin next to his desk if he’s a capitalist? Is it a joke?

      3. The Rockefellers and Rothschilds have no nuclear missiles. Your Russian propaganda is embarrassing, just take what’s left of your dignity and go home.

  10. What role does Israel play in this unfolding history? Do they have historical interest in these power players?

      1. You see antisemitism in my comment? Nothing could be further from my thinking, or my heart. What will their reaction be to Americans being slaughtered? The country of Israel that is!

      2. Sorry about my reaction, but whenever someone interjects the Jews in a subject that has nothing to do with them — I wince. Often I have been accused of being a Jewish shill when I write about threats from Russia or China. Antisemites are outraged at the scandal of omitting their favored evil-doers from latter-day analysis.

      3. “The CCP is not a Jewish organization. ”

        Which provides an answer to his question. Pretty obvious where Israel would stand if there is China-US war.

      4. It’s petty hopeless, stupid and dangerous, the cognitive dissonance about the extreme supremacist thinking, the agenda’s and power of the satanists Sabbatean Frankist and Chabbad Lubavitch jews with the Rothschilds at the top. Their endgoal is first to destroy the West and cause armageddon in the world to hasten the so called coming of their messiahs. They follow their ‘holy’ books which are blueprints for world domination. They admit they invented communism, were behind the ‘Russian’ revolution and the bolsheviks. Putin, Medvedev and others are jews and bolsheviks and Mao was a puppet of Rothschild agents.The EU is their project and they infiltrated the USA completely and sucked it dry. There is so much information about all of this, they brag about it on camera and sites like and how they hate (loxism)and gonna destroy christianity and the white race. They think and say they are God’s chosen people and non jews ( gentiles, goyim) a waist product of the creation.

      5. There are shabbos goy in all groups. You are a representative of such a group yourself, Jeff.

    1. Russia has worked against Israel for decades. I believe the Communists are behind most of the BDS movement (Boycott, Divest, Sanction). My theory is because they are a fairly powerful democracy.

      Unlike America, Israel will not be caught unawares. Their very lives are rooted in war. The question is whether they can survive without the US. They have weaponry and agriculture, but are vulnerable on the energy front.

      I think they would use Iran to attack Israel. The bigger problem for them is if Israel realizes that Russia and China are against them. They are supposed to have advanced intelligence, so I can’t see how they don’t, but they are quite deferential to Russia.

      In the aftermath of a potentially successful Communist strike on America, however, I could see Russia/China being quite careful with how they approach Israel, as mutually assured destruction would be a quite realistic possibility, or at the very least a severe counter-strike by Israel. Israel also has a missile shield.

      If I were the Communists, after US, I would target Israel’s energy supplies. They are a tiny country and it would be very difficult to survive completely alone for a long period of time.

  11. If this is the gameplan, it seems to be at first glance to favor us. A blockade of Taiwan will give the US and its allies time to prepare the public for war and ready ourselves for a nuclear attack. We will not be as prepared as if we had years to do it, but at least our forces will be ready.

    The Chinese are stupid if they believe that they will undermine Taiwan or the US with mass protest movements against war. There has been a tremendous shift in the way public opinion works. It started thanks to Ukraine. Even leftists on Twitter and across the media now condemn the Democratic Socialists and far left Communists for supporting Russia, and the antagonism easily shifts to China as a totalitarian regime.

    US public support for Ukraine is in the 70-80% range despite the efforts of enemy propagandists such as Tucker Carlson or his leftoid counterparts. Support for Taiwan will be the same across the US and the entire world. And it is not only the USA that has nuclear missiles. Not even France will sit things out in the event of a global war. Only the Germans will turn traitor, as they are the most infiltrated and stupid of the Europeans. But who cares? They have no military and thus were not going to be of any help anyway.

    1. Yes Ricardo. I think you are onto something. The CCP does not understand us. If this is their plan, they are tipping their hand. We will fight them.

      1. Take a look at these comments on a NYTimes article “We Can’t be Ukraine War Hawks Forever” . I’ve collected my favorite comments which I believe reflect the opinion of the majority. It’s clear to me Democratic hawkishness is being driven by public opinion, particularly Congress (Biden opposed sending anti-ship missiles but now they’re coming anyway by other NATO countries, and his support continues to ramp up).

        The article:

        To explain the context: The NYTimes has bizarrely been pushing an appeasement line since just before Kissinger came out calling for Ukraine to surrender territory. This opinion piece is an example of it. The following comment is representative of the scorn its readership has responded to with such notions. Note the frequent comparisons to WW2.

        These are liberal positions. I’ve seen anti-NATO leftists as of late state that they were wrong about NATO and that military defense and the alliance is necessary. I believe Europe’s population is undergoing a similar transformation. Even Germany’s population is pressuring its Kgb controlled leaders, who must lie constantly to placate both them and Russia.

        I have also seen this moral clarity expressed in growing vehemence against China, recognized as Russia’s partner, as well as against Russia and China’s far left supporters.

        Russia and China foolishly believe the USA is filled with moral cowards. We might be wrong about a lot of things. Americans might be a mess and at each others throat. We might have a lot of degradation and moral depravity. But at the end of the day, most Americans are still American. And that gives me hope.

        Europe’s response has been wonderful as well.

        Richard Head
        Mill Valley Ca
        6m ago
        I am afraid we have no choice. Putin is a mad man and will not stop. He. is entrenched in Syria and the middle east, he is sending fighters to north Africa, he is determined to establish Russia again. He has oil and lots of cash. he has a nation that is obedient and controlled. He will increase his wealth by controlling Ukraine ports and commerce.

        He bitterly hates Democracy and wil continue to try and destroy it where ever it exists. No, he is very dangerous to us and the world. We have spent trillions on defense now is the time to use our investment.

        Wombat commented 12 minutes ago
        7m ago
        Very Ross, another piece of “academic pomposity”, admiring the problem, but not offering any solutions. A lesson worth remembering is that the US was dragged into WW2 after it was attacked. And NATO is about creating a buffer to imperialism in that sphere of the world. If Ross is absolutely sure that surrendering all or even part of Ukraine will end Russian imperialism and return the world to its prewar position OK. But I think the history of mankind should lead us to be very aware that we are potentially dammed if we do an dammed if we don’t. It’s easy to criticize the president from your armchair. I would like to hear how you would deal with the issue if you were president in your next article.

        Matt R commented 12 minutes ago
        Matt R
        Woodside, CA
        7m ago
        once again, Ross has shown how little he knows about anything. So, his thesis is the embodiment of Putin’s strategy: wait for the West to get bored and distracted. Then the West will talk itself into letting him have his way.

        Anyone who thought that Ukraine and Afghanistan were in any way, shape or form similar foreign policy items doesn’t deserve any forum to speak.

        Just another dogma driven conservative with a keyboard.

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        NJblue commented 12 minutes ago
        Jersey shore
        7m ago
        The use of the term “hawkish” to describe Western supporters of democracy in Ukraine is equivalent to Putin’s use of the term “nazi” to describe Ukraine’s democratic government, battling (another) Russian genocide on Ukrainian soil. Mr. Douthat engages in the rhetorical dark arts of authoritarianism everywhere, aimed at sowing confusion and preempting moral clarity. Don’t be fooled.

        Reply2 RecommendShareFlag
        Three Rivers commented 12 minutes ago
        Three Rivers
        S.E. Washington State
        7m ago
        We can foolishly hide and hope that putin doesn’t hurt us or do the right thing and stop putin now.

        Cindy Brandeau commented 12 minutes ago
        Cindy Brandeau
        7m ago
        What is the moral obligation to the Ukrainian victims of Russian atrocities? The author has been quite expansive on the morality of abortion, but on this issue, Ukraine, his calculation of moral obligation has gotten somewhat muddled.

        Reply1 RecommendShareFlag
        Michael E commented 12 minutes ago
        Michael E
        Vancouver, Washington
        7m ago
        Hawks? Hawkish? This is defense, not offense. Survival. You make some good points but reveal at the same time how confused you are. Blind spot a mile wide.

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        Steve commented 12 minutes ago
        7m ago
        Imagine if the French had said, on July 29, 1776, after Lexington and Concord, “we can’t be American colonist hawks forever.”

        It’s been 100 days. Gimme a break.

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        Michael commented 12 minutes ago
        7m ago
        “We can’t do this forever.”

        Why can’t we?

        B commented 12 minutes ago
        12m ago
        “Ukraine hawk”. Oh dear. Is that what I am? Really?

        So if I am appalled by Russia deliberately leveling cities, deliberately targeting schools and hospitals, deliberately forcing civilians into filtration camps in Russia, deliberately stopping food production in a breadbasket of the world and deliberately stopping shipments of that food to the world, then I’m a “Ukraine hawk”? If I am appalled by the systemic rape of women and children, targeted murders of civilians, looting of anything and everything including agricultural harvests and shipments, then I am a “Ukraine hawk”.

        The people who have in living memory actually been held behind an Iron Curtain- Estonians, Poles, Lithuanians, Bulgarians and others- these people know Russia. The Finns know Russia. They know that Putin is returning Russia to Stalinism. They know that if Russia will not stop.

        There’s now no free press in Russia. Really. Dissenters are being silenced. Schools are indoctrinating their children.

        There is a time for everything under heaven. There is a time for war and there is a time for peace. What time is this.

        Russia has the real choice between war and peace. Ukraine has the choice between war and annihilation.

        If you ever wondered what you would think and do in 1938 and 1939, then you know now, by what you are thinking and doing now. That’s not hyperbole.

    2. If they blockade Taiwan, and use nuclear blackmail to try to stop the U.S. from helping, and simultaneously strangle South Korea and Japan economically (can they do that?) — many in the US will be confused (as usual), and our leadership has shown it prefers the path of least resistance. The administration gave up billions in assets in Afghanistan, including an airbase, with barely a shrug. This is who we’re talking about. W/r/t Ukraine, Biden said maybe it’s not so bad if Russia does a “minor incursion.”

      The political machine in America is already gathering quickly so that anyone with a fighting spirit is deemed a terrorist. Major institutions are in lock-step – each national branch of government, democrat governors and most republican, too; plus, the major purse-holders, from Blackrock to Gates (owns majority of US farmland) to Bezos. It does not matter what a majority of citizens think, UNLESS we can organize. And every block has been put in place to stymie organization. Including, at a basic level, people’s ability not to be just totally confused. People may support Ukraine now – but that just means they support Ukrainians defending their own homeland. Most people don’t really even know why they think that.

      People in the US will remain confused until we are attacked directly. It makes sense that China/Russia would push us as far as they can to destroy ourselves while they build strongholds elsewhere using false covers and misdirection, so that when they do attack us directly, they are at their very strongest and us our very weakest.

      Does the additional context and contingencies from this interview mean the June – November likely timeframe for invading North American also is contingent and/or just one possibility?

      1. We cannot really know how people are going to react as things unfold. At some point America is going to pull together, and we are going to find better leaders. People have powerful survival instincts. I was surprised at the support for Ukraine in February through May. We are not holding firm on that, of course, because we are divided and confused. We need to understand who our enemies are and what they are trying to achieve. Once we have clarity on that our chances of survival go way up.

    3. You overestimate the Democratic base. If the machines started saying Ukraine was the enemy tomorrow, their base would start repeating it the next day.

  12. Jeff, Thank you for a very enlightening read.
    My question throughout your blog was ‘What of Australia’?, which you asked towards the end. The answer that the CCP has infiltrated the labour government was a bit subtle for me, can you expand on what you see may happen in this area?
    Also, Turkiye to me seems a bit of a wildcard. Do you have an opinion/knowledge on whether they would move to take the southern half of Cyprus if chaos ensues and they are given an opportunity?

    1. Yes, Turkey is a wild card. No way of predicting Turkey. And Australia might be, too. China will wreck her own economy in due course. Even if some military victories are scored, the whole mad scheme promises to backfire. That is very predictable.

      1. I see Turkey a potential “Judas” of NATO, they are in a dire economic situation, which may or may not spill over to a political problem. Also Erdogan is proven to be a type not to be trusted, and he has reasons to stick with NATO, to turncoat to Russia.

    2. PS — Australia is in a distant corner of the world. The major powers will be focused on each other. Australia will be pressured to surrender.

  13. Hmmm… he appears to view the USSR’s collapse as organic rather than a strategic sidestep. That’s a flashing red light for me.

    I do, of course, believe Anglo power will be degraded / defeated / distracted because we’re getting close to the time of the Gog-Magog war and the way must be made clear for the “kings of the east” through the drying up of the metaphorical “Great River Euphrates” (which in my view represents all that curtails the Eurasian hordes from rampaging across most of the earth).

  14. Jeff,

    What are your thoughts on the possible veto proof control of the U.S.Congress being able to deal with Russia and China ? I keep hearing “100 seat majority for 100 years” , but I see the California recall result, and the Georgia Primary result , and see a Draza Smith “Crusie Control” algorithm at work.

    There are dire warnings that the 2022 Midterm Elections will be disrupted and or manipulated to cancel the effort of obtaining “100 seat majority for 100 years” .

    Is there any way to put the real threat of the 2022 Midterm Election Disruption / Manipulation into the brains of the MAGA leadership and get them to hedge there approach ? They seem to totally discount what seems to be a trending pattern in critical elections that may prevent the USA from using the tools to effectively deter China and Russia ?

    The Energy tool would be first. Drive down the price of oil.

    It seems crazy to me that we would not prepare for another election steal – fraud – manipulation , that put us in this jam in the first place.

    Thoughts ?

    Solution ?

    Thank You for your work.

    All the Best,

    John Farrow

  15. Question- If they nuke us, how does the radiation affect their invasion? Do they wait & how long? Also, would it not be cleaner for them to simply EMP the grid in the fall, then invade the next year after most people are dead?

    1. Airbursting attacks create no fallout. Ground bursting is reserved for deep bunkers and missile silos. The fallout only effects areas immediately downwind. Radiation dissipates in 13-18 days. Radiation is not a serious problem for an invader.

      1. But bioweapons can be a definite hindrance to an invader.
        Unless of course, he is immune. Considering the calamity of the Covid vaccines/gene therapies, do you have a “gut feeling” on the use of such WMD?
        We know the Soviets had extensive plans for smallpox, ebola, and of course, anthrax, all weaponized.
        Presumably they had prevention/treatment/vaccines for these agents, but precious little is known about that, despite the recent scamdemic and the thought that such data would/should become more available. The Chinese wished to take it to the “next level.” Some feel the SARS-CoV-2 gene therapy may be part of that.

  16. During your conversation, Mr. Wang mentions unrestricted warfare. Does anyone really know what kind of advanced technologies exist today for unrestricted warfare?

    Countries around the world are terrorizing their own citizens with this Covid-19 virus and the push for mass vaccination. Then during the lockdowns, 5G towers were installed in many cities around the world. There are several correlating patents that describe advanced technology, which could be used for unrestricted warfare. It’s better to eliminate the enemy before he even knows there is a war.

    There is a patent named “Vaccine Nanotechnology,” Patent No.: US9,526,702 B2, that uses technology seemingly from a science fiction novel. There is also a Microsoft patent named “Cryptocurrency System Using Body Activity Data,” Patent WO2020060606A1. I never heard about these technologies before.

    I also want to mention America’s HAARP program and Russia’s Sura Ionospheric Heating Facility. Both these facilities experiment with modifying Earth’s atmosphere with high-frequency radio waves. There is a patent from 1976 called “Apparatus and method for remotely monitoring and altering brain waves.” This patent states “electromagnetic signals of different frequencies are simultaneously transmitted to the brain of the subject…” Patent no.: 3,951,134. This patent is 46 years old. If they could do this 46 years ago, I think we need to ask ourselves “what kind of unrestricted warfare technology do countries have today?”

    These days, reality seems stranger than fiction.

    1. These are difficult questions you raise. Much of this science is unclear, and the Russians have been active spreading hostile propaganda about HAARP. We need to treat claims about this program with caution. We need to ask questions about the vaccines and we need to avoid adopting risky strategies to counter biological attacks. The best defense we have is a healthy immune system. Big Pharma has been selling toxic pills and bad vaccines for a long, long time. Nothing new here.

      1. Thank you, I completely agree that good food and exercise are essential for health. Without our health, we have nothing.

        There is so much confusion and conflicting information right now.
        Shortly there will be food shortages, fuel shortages, power shortages, stock market instability, currency decline, increased inflation, and possibly war. I’m sure there are other things to add to the list, but I don’t want to be too negative. It just feels like “normal life” is coming to an end. In your book “The New Tactics of Global War” you said “People don’t realize once a society is hollowed out, it is easy to destroy. They don’t need atomic bombs for this; bombs only make the process that much faster. And if anyone out there thinks these bombs will not be used, I would like to know what kind of drug they are on, because they are not in contact with reality. The Russians are building new weapons of mass destruction and why would they not be doing this if they were not planning on using them?” It feels like American society is completely hollowed out and something evil is upon us. Change is scary when the outcome is unclear.

  17. Thank you for the interview Jeff! I thought it was very informative as well.

    I’ve been thinking about some of the articles I read earlier this year. This one was very eye-opening: “US Faces Nuclear Threats From China, Russia as Never Before” Admiral Charles Richard has been sounding the alarm for awhile but not many are listening.

    Then there was this from February 4th: “Xi and Putin Announce ‘No Limits’ Partnership Amid Deepening Standoff With West”

    A snippet from that article: “According to the English version joint statement released by the Kremlin, Moscow “reaffirms its support” for Beijing’s stance on Taiwan—the Chinese regime views the self-ruled island as its own territory to be taken by force if necessary.”

    We’ve been warned… but who is paying attention?

  18. Last time I checked, Lude’s English level was nowhere near what is being portrayed here

  19. What good is financing Russia when nobody can sell them anything under the sanctions? Can’t Russia simply build all the weapons it wants, as it’s a centralize economy in the first place? Even the Federal Reserve monetizes it’s own debt?

    1. Russia can build Soviet era weapons, but they have been cut off from modern tech and have no way of replacing the high tech tools and weapons they have now.

  20. Taiwan is a dinky little island compared to the continent which it hugs so tightly. They are armed to the teeth and could cause a lot of havoc until the get bombed into oblivion in short order. How influential to the World economy is Taiwan really, anyway? Besides, a former Taiwan president’s son was close friends with a former PRC president’s son, and they used to fly back and forth to visit quite frequently. I would hazard to say that Taiwan and China are not real enemies.

      1. They play the US off China for goodies. Actually, Taiwan in US Territory. The United States legally remains the occupying force. One more reason why China won’t attack Taiwan.

      2. Furthermore, the indigenous population is Polynesian not Chinese. Chiang Kai-shek invaded Formosa like everyone thinks that China will do to Taiwan. For the sake of peace, China and Taiwan ought to acknowledge Formosa as the legitimate nation state and abandon their claims.

      3. Nel: Good luck on making the communists in China peaceful. They are murderous criminals. Perhaps you missed the part where they tricked us into investing in their country. Now they have the military and industrial infrastructure to being WW3. Taiwan is only a pretext for war.

    1. “How influential to the World economy is Taiwan really”

      My understanding is that Taiwan is critical for our supply of advanced semiconductor products. Specifically, TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company). As LuDe (Mr. Wang) alludes to in his interview above (and as Steve Bannon is fond of repeating), losing Taiwan to China would have profound consequences for our domestic economy, to say nothing of our future military capabilities.

      1. Taiwan is important in semiconductors. Japan and South Korea are of enormous importance. Without these countries in our alliance, our economic position would be seriously weakened.

    2. I have heard there are many pro-communist elements in Taiwan. But I believe the current President, Tsai Ing-Wen, is a staunch anti-communist. (?)

  21. “Putin Warns Russia Will Strike New Targets If US Gives New Missiles to Ukraine

    Russian President Vladimir Putin on June 5 warned that Russia would strike new targets if the United States were to supply longer-range missiles to Ukraine.


    On June 5, meanwhile, Russian forces struck Kyiv, the capital, for the first time in several weeks, while Ukrainian officials said a counterattack on the main battlefield in the east had retaken half the city of Sievierodonetsk.

    Ukraine said Russia had carried out the strike using long-range air-launched missiles fired from heavy bombers as far away as the Caspian Sea, a weapon far more valuable than the tanks Russia has claimed to have hit.”

    It sounds like the war is far from over….

  22. “Schwab is so obviously an agent of the international communist conspiracy that I am embarrassed for you.”

    Schwab is a public face of monopolist capital. The great reset is supposed to cement their power, at the expensive of petit bourgeoise (I guess most of your audience and you). It is convinient to them to make you believe it is a communist plot, as you would oppose it anyway.

    They are trying to sell it as some kind of social justice project to the rest (unsuccessfully).

      1. For clarity sake let’s look at 9-11. We all can agree by now that western leaders (global
        Elites) were behind the attack. Ask yourself what was so important to accomplish to go to that level of obvious deceit. Was it really to go into Iraq because of a fear of Saddam Hussein? Was it for the control of more oil resources? Was it to have more control of the Middle East? The answer is No. Once you know why western leaders (or I should say global elites) had to go control that territory for a period of time you will gain a much clearer understanding of what is going on. And as Elon Musk says it all has to do with space.

      2. Another 9/11 truther.

        I was on a plane between Atlanta and Knoxville, TN back in 2011, and a guy who found out I was a professional engineer asked about the twin towers. Another guy got nasty when I explained the forensic engineering behind the collapse of the towers and told me I should not be discussing that on a flight.

        The reality is the fires weakened the steel (it doesn’t have to melt to cause the collapse), allowing the buildings to collapse. The strikes took place above the level of wet applied asbestos, which did not provide for proper fireproofing of the steel and the subsequent weakening from the fuel fires. The “huffing” heard as each floor collapses is a result of escaping compressed air caused by the collapse itself.

        The building authorities ordered the builders to quit using wet applied asbestos fireproofing.

        The terrorists made a good choice of what aircraft to hijack to do the dirty deed as it gave the fires maximum fuel to burn and maximized the weakening of the steel from the fires. Combined with fires and the aircraft strike, it took an hour to cause the buildings to collapse.

        It was not a controlled demolition as some engineers and scientists wish to claim. The buildings did not fall into their own footprint.

      3. Ohengineer: Thank you for writing this. I had a friend at the time who was an engineer who built very tall buildings and laid out this same explanation. It is difficult to imagine the weight these large buildings represent. The stress on any weakened support can lead to a catastrophic failure. As for political understanding: If you do not have the right political understanding, if you listen to enemy active measures, you are going to be misled. You are going to blame George W. Bush. You are going to blame your own leaders, your own society — and then which side are you on? Russia? All conspiracy theories today are diversionary weapons of those that want to divide and conquer us.

      4. Interesting ohengineer. I’m curious how you understand the collapse of Building 7. My understanding is that there was gold reserves below building 7, and that 911 was a major heist. By Russia of course.

      5. Jeff and Ohengineer: Though I have studied the natural sciences, I admit not to be a trained structural engineer. I read that there are many trained engineers who dispute your narrative of the collapse of the Twin Towers. So when I see disagreement among experts in a field outside of my own expertise, I tend to take an agnostic position, that I don’t know the answer. And in something like this, I lose no sleep because there’s no way I can add one whit towards solving the mystery.

        However, in looking at both sides, those who favor the controlled demolition have done a better presentation of their arguments. There are videos that seem to indicate a controlled demolition. There are claims that thermite residues were found in the ruins. There is both human and photographic witness that there were explosions in the basements and first floors of the towers long before they came down. All in all, in looking at both sides, it appears that those who favor a controlled demolition have a better argument.

        As for motive, I have no information, other than to note that the Bush family is part of the same communist leaning amoral elite as FDR (who wanted around 2000 American dead in Hawaii), Clintons, Obama, Biden, Klaus Schwab, etc.

        Based on the physical and photographic evidence presented, it appears that the theory of a controlled demolition is correct. But I’m not ready to argue in support of either position.

      6. Most of these alleged facts about thermite, etc., have long been debunked. You have to read both sides on these questions. Of course, people who are not passionately committed to proving a case are not going to spend too much time following people whose fanaticism leads to arguments, presentations and “facts” that no disinterested observer can reasonably keep up with let alone waste time with. As soon as you catch the Truthers making two or three errors, and you see how they refuse to admit their mistakes, you know you are dealing with a belief system. Dig deeper and you find conspiracy theory. An invincible circle of belief blots out all attempts at objective inquiry. Name-calling follows against anyone who expresses skepticism. This is unfortunate, and it is why I dislike even discussing it. I have had to delete some very angry, foul, personal attacks on me that were posted here since this subject came up. I have tried to have rational discussions about this subject with friends who are Truthers. They always get very very angry and contemptuous. Certain points are set down as articles of faith. It is not about facts, but a matter of fervent belief. We need facts that stand up and bear fruit over time. In my opinion, these folks have drawn the wrong conclusions. They ultimately link to things I have researched, and know they are wrong. The subject ends by touching everything. My argument is that China and Russia, together with their fifth column Allies, are the real danger. Truthers deny this. Some even embrace Putin as a Christian fighting the real bad guys. This is dead wrong.

      7. I’m asking a question to resolve my thoughts. If we ascribe fifth column subversion within our government and we acknowledge that much of what has transpired within our country is attributed to said CONSPIRACY, can we at least propose that our leaders are compromised by communism to the point that they are active participants in our destruction?

      8. To answer your question: Yes. Some of our leaders are working toward our destruction whether they fully realize it or not. Some of these people do not know the consequences of the policies they are following, others may know.

  23. We are already under attack. Let that sink in. We have a major head start. Use it wisely.

  24. Let’s not forget how Trudy, back in December 2020 wanted to invite Chinese troops in for winter training exercises in British Colombia, Canada but was shut down by the defense ministry.

    If I remember correctly 2020 was supposed to be the invasion year but was pushed back for whatever reason.

    So it begs the question, did Trudy invite them there knowing what was to take place? Or did he really believe they were there for ‘exercises’?

    Oh Trudy Castreau ,Oh Canada

    bill freeman

    1. Socrates would argue that Trudy did not know, or that if he knew, he supposed it would be a delightfully helpful thing for humanity.

      1. Your 35 years of political analysis has led you to believe the US narrative that a few Muslims and airplanes took down those buildings? Oh, we are suppose to believe building 7 was brought down in7 seconds because it had a few fires and not hit by a plane? Come on man. Either your a shill or just completely naive. I really like ur work but I losing my respect quickly here.

      2. You give me the choice of agreeing with you in all your beliefs or losing your respect. I prefer to lose your respect. My judgment on evidence differs from yours.

      3. BJ, please chill. Jeff is a political analyst He has years of political contacts to draw upon. He wisely avoids conspiracy theories. But he does not have a background in the physical sciences.

        I have a background in the natural sciences and yes, I have argued with Jeff where the political trails lead Jeff to different conclusions than what can be supported by the physical evidence. One can waste his whole life going down the rabbit holes of conspiracy theories, so I limit myself to the physical evidence. I avoid speculating beyond the physical evidence.

        So take Jeff political analysis for the value he can give us, and don’t denigrate him for things he may say that are outside of his field of expertise.

  25. I’d like to remind everyone of Anime, Sushi/Japanese food, Korean BBQ, and K-Pop. These cultural elements are extremely important to a large portion of Americans. It’s highly doubtful that even a collapse of America would stop people from wanting to protect Japan and South Korea. Taiwan could easily become a similar cultural staple in America. The diplomatic power of Chinese food and Chinese art can be transferred to Taiwan as the last acceptable part of China.

    This isn’t just fanciful thinking. For example, Thailand purposefully invented Thai food and spread it through the world for diplomatic leverage. Ukraine, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Georgia have not had similar widespread cultural leverage in America pre-war. Ukraine however has managed to use Polish leverage and Zelensky’s TV show on Netflix in addition to new cultural integration with America.

    1. “It’s highly doubtful that even a collapse of America would stop people from wanting to protect Japan and South Korea. ”

      What kind of adults watches cartoons? Agree, they will “want” to protect Japan.

    2. Much as I have enjoyed the abovementioned products of Japanese and Korean culture, I am skeptical that these would be sufficient impetus to motivate a response. They are conveniences and luxuries one may enjoy in peaceful times, but they are not essentials. I think a more compelling argument could be made for the high-tech products designed and manufactured in these countries, some of which could be critical to our domestic economy and national defense.

      1. All free nations, in Asia and Europe, Africa and the Pacific, North and South America, face a common threat. If we do not pull together we will be divided and conquered.

      2. I do agree that Japan and S. Korea are essential allies that must be supported. I was only expressing my skepticism that we would do so on the basis of their entertainment products and culinary arts.

  26. Jeff, great job interviewing Ludw Media. Question on Ukraine. Do the Pelosians and Bidents support Ukraine because of public support or something else? All the money we’ve allocated to Ukraine nearly equals the annual military budget of Russia. Isn’t it too much? I understand why we need to support Ukraine, but I don’t feel comfortable being on the same side as the Democrats. Help me understand. I see the Democrats as more aligned with Communists and the CCP. The communists are the enemy.

    1. Behind the scenes the Democrats are slyly pulling the rug out from under Ukraine. Some of the weapons are not arriving as promised. Appeasement of Russia is coming into play. It is popular to say you are in favor of the underdog. Watch what they do, not what they say. The Democrats are full of deceit. They said Trump was a Russian puppet. They pretended to be against Russia when Hillary and Biden and Obama had done all they could to help Russia and Putin. They are helping Russia even now, by giving lip service to a conflict without actually building new nukes or sending what Ukraine really needs.

  27. I believe main motivations for 9/11 false flag were definitely geopolitical, prevent American relative decline, secure its hegemony. Primary one was to increase defense budget, including space, (as PNAC neocons put it in their own document they needed a “new pearl harbor” to do so), introduce surveillance, no fly lists etc, which I believe was primarily intended against non Americans, make sure oil incomes are stored in dollars, try to expand to central Asia to prevent formation of Russia China Iran axis (that part failed).

    The pandemic, the great reset, war in Ukraine is just a continuation. Who are neocons?

      1. I don’t use the term neoconservative in ideological context. They are mostly foreign policy technocrats who tried to implement policy that failed. Though during the nineties could appear realistic.

      2. When you deal with neocons, you can’t get away from the ideology. What they do is a result of their ideology.

      3. It benefits a Communist mouthpiece to simply divert attention away from the real threat. They don’t care what terms they use – globalist, imperialist – as long as they divert attention away.

    1. Hard for me to believe smart rational folks can’t see through the false narrative of 9-11. If even our smart citizens can’t see it, than perhaps the US deserves what is coming. Btw I was in the north tower the morning of 9-11.

      1. Because I don’t agree with your conspiracy theory, I deserve to die? Who do you think our enemy is? I believe you are profoundly confused on this point. Do you think our enemy is Uncle Sam? Do you think it is capitalism? No. Our enemy is communism. The deep state is made up of Marxists recruited and brainwashed in our own elite schools. DAVOS is a communist front. The Kremlin and Beijing are communist. Raul Castro, Daniel Ortega and Nicolas Maduro are communists. North Korea? — Communist! South Africa and Congo, Nepal and Angola — communist! The last two chancellors of Germany? (Who do you think was pulling their strings?) The Mullah’s in Iran? Graduates of Moscow State University! Biden? Put into the Senate by Armand Hammer — a KGB agent! Obama? — Mentored by Frank Marshall Davis, a card-carrying member of the Communist Party USA! Who do you think George Soros really works for? Don’t listen to what they tell you. Follow their actions, their alliances, their money. The useful idiot Bill Gates is one of China’s favorite people. Gates doesn’t use China. China uses him! Who did 9/11? The leader of that attack, Mohammed Atta, was trained in a communist terrorist training camp in communist Czechoslovakia in 1987! (According to my Czech sources.) Alexander Litvinenko, the FSB defector, said that Putin was behind Al Qaeda and 9;/11. After he went public with his testimony, Putin’s agents poisoned his tea with Polonium 210. Read the verdict handed down by the British judge who looked at the classified evidence in the case. You want to tell me somebody else is doing all this to us? The communist movement is enormous. Its tentacles are everywhere. If there is one thing I am begging you to learn, for the sake of your own survival, it is — YOUR ENEMY IS THE COMMUNISTS.

      2. I agree on Obama, Soros, etc. I think you really miss the big picture. There is a bigger group that is going to be taking over which has been in the cards for a long time. Communist, capitalism, etc is irrelevant. The leaders of all of these groups know what is coming and are all playing their roles in the hopes they come out the other side.

      3. Big picture conspiracy theories involve special interpretations and grandiose schemes with fantastical plot lines. Factual proofs of these theories turns out to be elusive. The analysis is vague. The facts turn out to be innuendo. I have never been able to find any proof for these. I prefer talking about verifiable realities.

      4. Mr. Nyquist has presented a great deal of useful information in his response. I fear the intended recipient is simply not amenable to evidence that contradicts his preferred narrative, no matter how much evidence is provided. But the effort is not wasted, for others may glean much from it, including how obstinately some may cling to a vague, unfalsifiable position.

  28. We’ve been in the “grey terror” phase called by the Russians, ‘the overture’. Suvorov writes that there may or may not be a “pink terror” phase. Grey terror and move right into Red Terror.

    “Between the `grey’ and the `red’ terror there may be an intermediate period — the `pink’ terror, when active military operations have not yet begun and there is still peace, but when some of the best spetsnaz units have already gone into action. The situation is complicated by the fact that, on the one hand, Soviet fighting units are already in battle, but that, on the other hand, they are not yet operating in the name of the Soviet Union. This is an exceptionally risky moment for the Soviet high command. But he who risks nothing gains nothing. The Soviet commanders want to gain a great deal, and so are ready to risk a lot.

    A great deal has of course been done to reduce the level of risk. Only a relatively small number of spetsnaz troops take part in the `pink’ terror, but they are the best people in spetsnaz — professional athletes of Olympic class. Everything has been done to make sure that not one of them should fall into the hands of the enemy before the outbreak of war. A great deal has also been done to ensure that, if one of them should fall into enemy hands at that moment, it would be very difficult to establish his connection with any country whatsoever.

    The `pink’ terror may continue for no more than a few hours. But those are the most important hours and minutes — the very last hours and minutes of peace. It is very important that those hours and minutes should be spoilt for the enemy and used for the maximum advantage to the Soviet side. It must be pointed out that the `pink’ terror may not be carried out at all. It is used only when there is absolute certainty of the success of the operations and equal certainty that the enemy will not be able in the remaining hours and minutes to assess the situation correctly and strike the first pre-emptive blow.”

    Suvorov, “Spetsnaz”, Chapter 15 –

  29. Russia probably tried to encourage it by promising compliance and appearing weak at that time, does not change the fact it was an inside job. Neocons believed it was a smart thing to do, which wasn’t.

  30. Wow JR “It’s the most complicated game ever played. Nobody has tried to do this kind of thing in a world that has become more fragile, more built up, more susceptible to catastrophic breakdown” that is so incredibly true! This is the most high stakes poker game with a little chess at the same time. Everyone bluffing their way to an indefinite outcome. In all of history, I can’t think of any time where such uncertainty existed internationally. The wisdom of man is laid bare for what it is – the Emperors Clothes. Out of the ashes I hope can emerge

  31. Jeff, I’m wondering about your thoughts on this:

    “According to a statement by the department, a Royal Australian Air Force P-8 maritime surveillance aircraft was intercepted by a Chinese J-16 fighter during “routine maritime surveillance activity” in international airspace in the region on May 26.

    Albanese told reporters in Perth that the incident resulted in “a dangerous manoeuvre which posed a safety threat to the P-8 aircraft and its crew,” adding that his government has raised concerns about the incident with the Chinese government.”

    We know about the Solomon Islands deal… what are the Chinese doing in your opinion?

    1. Well I’m nothing close to JR but it appears they are trying to create fear in the region. They just met with all 10 leaders in the region and offered them ‘protection’ like the mafia would. The leaders all rejected it. They’ve been doing this kind of stuff to us for years, but now it’s happening to others and more frequently. It’s going to be very interesting to see how this plays out. Intimidation of the enemy beforehand is a classic tactic of war.

      1. Thank you, ItalianGhost! Intimidating an enemy makes sense, but what would China want with Australia?

      2. I guess the big advantage, if China was so inclined, would be a citizenry that has been disarmed.

      3. The CCP is playing an intimidation game. Threats are not usually good diplomacy. Such works against people under a dictator, but people outside the dictator’s country are going to react differently. Beijing seems to be making one mistake after another.

  32. Jeff, thank you for your many years of service as a strategic analyst!

    This morning on Bannon’s Warroom, Frank Gaffney seemed to have moved significantly in your direction regarding a direct kinetic war between the US and China, possibly within the next 90 days. He also suggested that a bypass of direct conflict with Taiwan, S. Korea, Japan, Philippines was a possibility, with China in league with Russia aiming directly at the American homeland. I do not recall that he used the word ‘invasion’, but the subtext implied it. The segment was fascinating.

    My question to you is should China attack and invade the homeland, do you think that they would use tactical neutron bombs/artillery to clear landing zones & population centers in invasion routes? Neutron bomb weaponry has been tested by China, I think in the 1990’s.

    Finally, is another appearance by you on Warroom in the works?

    Best regards

    1. I have not been invited for another appearance on the War Room. I think Frank is probably doing a good job carrying the conversation forward. I do not have any definite thoughts about Chinese targeting strategies should they invade North America. The only must-targets would be Strategic Command assets and our oil refineries. Those will be struck in a world war.

      1. My neighbor was Bill Gates for a long time. These people aren’t evil. They have more information about what is going to happen and they are simply trying to save themselves.

      2. Yeah, and as your neighbor y’all chatted it up over the fence and you got to be real good buddies. lol

  33. President Eisenhower had personally witnessed the devastation of Germany’s concentrated urban areas. Perhaps the “Eisenhower interstate highway system” was intended to promote suburban sprawl for civil defense purposes.

    Japan went after our military at Pearl Harbor and Japan lost. Our people rebuilt our military. I think the Reds will go after our people instead. Not only corrupt our people: they will kill our people. I think their first strike will primarily target the US civilian population. Which means that, thanks to the Eisenhower highway system and its suburban sprawl, the strike will have to be when as many people as possible are commuted in for work: on a weekday between 9AM Pacific time (12 noon Eastern time) and 5PM Eastern time. 5PM Eastern time might catch the most people on the road in their cars and more vulnerable than in their workplace buildings.

    The Reds might spare Washington DC and the state capitals because our government is so corrupted and counterproductive. The Reds will hit the cities with the densest daytime downtown populations, especially the most industrial cities.

    Just a guess but it might save lives to think of these things.

    1. The big cities are already zombies of soon to be zombies. It’s the rural areas to where the Christian anti vaxers have fled to from the cities. Russia would take out the ICBMs and submarines, along with NATO forces outside the cities in Eastern Europe with tactical nukes. This leaves the infrastructure intact, which China and Russia still value, Mariupol notwithstanding. Russia retaliated on Old Russia to demonstrate what happens when Ukraine attacks over the border, showing no sentimentality. Zelensky seems to prefer a country full of rubble to living under the rule of another country such as Russia which is as corrupt as Ukraine.

      1. Nel: You are a Russian propagandist. You believe the Russian lies. You blame the victims of Russian aggression even as they are being murdered. There are mass graves filled with Ukrainian civilians. How can you align yourself with the worst military aggression on the continent of Europe since Hitler? Look at a map. Russia guaranteed Ukraine’s border in 1994, in a solemn addendum to a treaty. LOOK AT A MAP! Shame on you!

      2. I am not what you say I am, and their is nothing in what i say to merit your aspersions. The Globalist US strategy would seem to be to pit the NAZIS against the Communists, then subjugate the entire World under a government no better then Ukraine and Russia, in not worse. I fully expect you to delete this comment, because you can’t win an honest debate.

    2. I think they would want to preserve our interstate highways. I forget which Commie said it, maybe Chi Haitian, but they talked admiringly about it. It would be massively useful for them to transport their troops on it.

      As for civilians, why would they do that in a first strike? Their biggest priority would be our missile warehouses, our ICBM’s, our airfields, radars, satellites, basically anything military that could stop them. I would not waste a single missile on civilians in the first strike.

      1. Think like the enemy. They have enough nukes to have some left over after taking out all the military targets they want to destroy. They want to kill off those people in cities that they deem excess, so why not use up some of those left over on those cities? Furthermore, seeing those cities go up in mushroom clouds will be “shock and awe” hopefully to dismay into silence those of us who would be willing to fight the invasion. Do you think that would work with American patriots?

      2. “Do you think that would work with American patriots?”

        That rather tickled me, R.O. The patriot would say, “Thank you. One less problem to solve.”

      1. Wasn’t there an exercise not too long ago that included the Russian, Mongolian, and Chinese militaries? I wonder if there is something afoot with these lockdowns not long after such an exercise.

  34. “When you deal with neocons, you can’t get away from the ideology. What they do is a result of their ideology.”

    followers of various ideologies, members of various cabals, would attempt for world domination, if they got an opportunity.

    it is true they are all Zionists, Jewish chauvinists, but I don’t believe they are agents of Israel, neither I believe they are Trotskyites.

  35. I don’t think the article tells the full story, does not tell who funds them and funded Strauss, who promoted them into positions.

  36. Thank you for this as it is very interesting. I found you about a year ago. Your insight is very helpful. It seems we are under attack from all sides to include our own government. Keep up the great work!

  37. Jeff :

    Very interesting interview with Lude Media.

    I have a question regarding nuclear weapons. I have heard that large fuel-to-air bombs have the equivalent power of a tactical nuke. I think these are called MOAB’s or Daisy Cutters. If these are so powerful then why is everyone so worried about nuclear weapons. And Russia’s huge advantage is in tactical nukes. And I guess the radiation factor is not nearly so much of a factor as most people think.

    Or is the real looming threat the large H-bombs. ( And Russia’s are not obsolete. )

    It would seem that we could stockpile MOAB’s. ( Or maybe we already have ? ).

    Anyhow I am willing to be schooled on this. Just a question that occurred to me.

    1. Tactical nuke is everything from tens of tons TNT equivalent to tens of kilotons. The bigger ones, if mounted on cruise missiles, is what makes difference.

    2. Yes. Vacuum bombs could be used in place of tactical nukes. Russia supposedly has stockpiled quite a few. I hear they are using some on Ukraine.

  38. The video that Lude exposed of the CCP shifting to war footing might be a distraction. We will want to be looking at what other plays Gog and Magog are planning . I believe Taiwan and Japan and N Korea will fold like this plan says . The crush is on in the USA just from a supply side shortage inflation issue . SpcOps Monkey Werx has been tracking what CCP has been doing with Cargo container ships , which confirms what these guys say about them being used for something other than cargo shipments in the guise of Covid Lockdowns !!!

  39. Russia China will not use Nukes or EMPs because they dont want the Cooling towers at the Nuclear sites going off line and a Meltdown happen leaving the USA radio active for 100 years . So this will be a Ground war .

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