In the fifth century storm upon storm out of the dark North swept away in a great deluge of barbarism all the civilization of the western half of the Roman Empire. From the Atlantic to Constantinople, and from the Rhine to the Danube to the deserts of Africa, all that was learned and cultivated, all that was artistic and beautiful, was overwhelmed in an avalanche of ruin in which not only the triumphs of architecture, literature, and art, produced by many centuries of a high civilization, but also those who could create such things afresh, were involved in one general destruction.

G.F. Young

Civilization is fragile. It can swept away in a very short time. In fact, Forces are gathering right now to sweep it away. Those who should have been defending our civilization have tended to join with the destroyers: politicians, professors, artists, writers, even scientists. They don’t seem to know what they are doing.

Although we are threatened with the nuclear arsenals of Russia and China, we are not threatened — as the Romans were — with “storm upon storm out of the dark North in a great deluge of barbarism.” We are threatened with a savagery of spirit and a barbarism of mind. We are threatened with that “coldest of all cold monsters,” the state. We are threatened with a perverted intellectuality. We are threatened with the self-deluded mediocrity of our “experts,” pundits and politicians We are threatened by fake science parading as “consensus” science (as if real science could ever occur without challenging the “consensus”). We are threatened by lies that remain uncorrected, corruption that is not properly investigated, and a cowardice that won’t rally.

A year ago last fall Nancy Pelosi said Joe Biden was going to be inaugurated president regardless. Well, he was. The Constitution is observed in theory but not in practice. When the Supreme Court overturns Roe vs. Wade the decision of the Court is said to be “illegitimate.” The ruling political party no longer cares for checks and balances, fair elections or the Bill of Rights.

Those without respect, without reverence, without piety, want to reorder society to their liking. They are careful to avoid the word “socialist,” but that is the system they want. They are against the free market. They oppose capitalism. They hate Christianity. They are trying to eliminate freedom of speech. But most of all, they hate America. They absolutely, down to their bones, hate America.

The country is said to be polarized between left and right. In fact, the left is becoming a totalitarian formation. Its goals and ambitions are no longer compatible with free speech or free elections. Socialism sees itself as more important than the rule of law, superior to republican institutions. Anti-socialism is counted more and more as an absolute evil, signifying racism, sexism and classism. Thus, the very basis for party competition under free elections is in free fall.

The left is becoming the victim of its own shadow, projecting its own dictatorial ambitions onto the right. This is plain for all to see. They talk a good game when it comes to democracy, but as Nancy Pelosi demonstrated in 2020, the actual vote doesn’t matter. Biden will be inaugurated “regardless.”

This situation cannot continue indefinitely. The country is getting tired of it, and the Biden administration has worn out its welcome. As the spell of each successive falsification breaks, however, the masses are vulnerable to new narratives featuring new falsifications. The country never seems to arrive at the truth. The shopping mall regime offers us pajamas in our favorite colors. The peddlers of conspiracy theory offer many flavors to choose from. You can blame the invisible Illuminati, the Jews, the Vatican, or the CIA. Who dares to name the real malefactors — the communists? You can believe a missile hit the Pentagon, or that Ukraine is the aggressor rather than the country that invaded Ukraine. You can believe the wicked American “military-industrial” complex is responsible for the world’s woes, or that 9/11 was an inside job. Buried underneath a great mass of nonsense the truth remains hidden: Russia and China are allied, they are coming after us, and the communists are their fifth column.

The Democrats pretend to support Ukraine in the war, but their support is token. For every artillery shell the Ukrainians fire, the Russians are firing ten. NATO pretends to increase its readiness for war, but NATO is not ready. On every side a demoralizing propaganda attends. We must overcome this. And only the truth will suffice if Providence is willing.

Greatness in leadership, argued Thomas Carlyle, is very simple. Those who are the instruments of Providence are effective only insofar as they see the truth of their time and are able to act in accordance with that truth. That this is a rare thing; for most men are the dupes of wishful thinking. As Gustave Le Bon famously said: “Mankind prefers fiction to truth.”

Therefore, if regard for the truth coincides with the work of Providence (as envisioned by Carlyle), then disregard for the truth guarantees a bungled course of corruption ending in defeat. Undoubtedly, this politics of ours is a politics of mediocrity and decline because it is a politics built on insincerity.

The avalanche of ruin we face today is not from barbarian tribes threatening to cross the Rhine and the Danube. The avalanche of today is the result of an inner emptiness and want of moral seriousness. Demosthenes held that the most persuasive oratory was ethical. Only by appealing to truth and justice can we turn the tide. Of course, an oratory of fake truth and fake justice can be heard on every side.

As a lover of art and culture, G.F. Young expressed what was lost in the collapse of Roman civilization in the fifth century. He did so as one who felt the loss deeply. He called what followed a night of “two hundred years” in which barbarians fought over civilization’s corpse. Then came the eighth century and Charlemagne, who brought forty years of flickering light. Afterwards there came another hundred and fifty years of battling as “the Mohamedans” swept out of Arabia with another deluge of war and pillage. “At length,” he recounts, “in the twelfth century the re-civilization of the West is begun by the discovery in Italy of the code of the Roman law.”

Two centuries later, a “miracle” occurs. Dante, Giotto and Petrarch appear. Great literature in the classic form reappears. We see the first rendering of the classical spirit since Boëthius penned that last meditation on truth, The Consolation of Philosophy. Young wrote: “out of the very grave of that old civilization of Rome, buried nine centuries before, comes the new inspiration, the Re-birth.” Thus began the Renaissance. The flower would bloom again.

But now, the flower of that greatest of all civilizations, known as “the West,” has withered. Barbarism makes itself felt as learning turns against the classical spirit — turns against beauty in art, nobility in manners, morality in daily life. The downside of the cycle comes again. A terrible battle approaches us in our decadence. Can we reform and revive our dying world?

The truth is the key.


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277 thoughts on “What is Lost?

  1. The communists are masterfully controlling the pendulum as it swings from left to right and right to left and no matter the direction it goes, each swing more crushing than the last. They know this – the communists – and they’re sitting back watching the pendulum swing knowing eventually it will run out of energy and die. Until then though, we will keep crushing each other so they don’t have to.

  2. Giving the sociopathic global subversives the benefit of the doubt, and despite the fact that all of their alarmist assertions are precisely the direct opposite of reality, there is one widely ignored fact. The Earth’s natural resources truly are limited. How long can they last as population continues to increase?

    Perhaps the Fascist/Communist tyrants have pushed bioweapons on citizens of all countries, shut down food production, slowed supply deliveries, ordered lockdowns, and driven small companies out of business, in order to prevent chaos from ensuing by deliberately creating a controlled collapse of the economy along with extensive depopulation.

    The human genome has been mapped, and landrace heirloom seeds have been stored in the remote far North, so to preserve Man and flora, just in case their replacements don’t work out. The key is to not take it personally.

    1. You’ve described well what seems to be the mindset of the “global elite,” as they likely see themselves (setting aside the avowed communists who may or may not believe this). You’ve also described, sadly, how many regular, modern, Western people see themselves and the direction of the earth. I know many people who, faced with how grim and corrupt things have become, and damaged and drained so many parts of the earth – they just slump back and think it would be just for us all to die. I was raised in that culture, and know it very well. It’s a resignation – an abiding knowing that life on earth would be better without us.

      My answer to that is God. Not just “God will save us” — but the difference in existential mindset of a person who knows we have a divine creator and that, importantly, we don’t, and CAN’T know everything. Whatever certainties we think we have about the limitations and trajectory of the earth, we have to remember that ultimately – we don’t know. The future is always open. The projections and prognostications of man always prove to be folly. We are here for one purpose, and that is to commit our energy to the service of life, truth, beauty and let God do the rest. Let that one thing be a relief – we don’t know what’s to come, not really.

      Communism has taught the Western mind that human existence is a blight on the earth. That we are wasteful, exploitative, cruel. To what end? It makes us small-minded, and obsessed with the material. Seen through that lens, virtue becomes measured by our smallness – how much can I reduce my “footprint”? Pretty soon, it will be deemed unethical – a necessary evil – even for us to breath at all. Then, it will be an unnecessary evil; real virtue will simply be to die.

      The result is quite arrogant and cowardly, isn’t it? This notion of “virtue” drives one to give up. To believe we’re better off dead. Sadly, so many people would read that an openly think, “yes.”

      But that is the difference of God. God created every hair on my head, and on yours, and has great plans for us. We are not here to kill ourselves or go quietly into that good night. I know that whatever evil seems to engulf us – God Is Good, and God is bigger, the alpha and omega, and I don’t know my own earthly fate, but the future is open, and my purpose is to carry on with courage. I know God is the answer, because I didn’t always have God, but now that I do, everything is different.

      1. Our piety, our feeling of caring, our sense of right and wrong, is a measure of God’s presence in our lives. Impiety, contempt for others or ourselves, and moral idiocy signifies our distance from God — our degree of separation from divinity (or Hell).

      2. You are so right. Many people tell us that there is substantial problem of “Overpopulation”. They are not always “Greens” and Climate ideologists.

        They can also be found in other camps and in real environmentalism.There not Global warming is the problem caused by man in first line, but the wind turbines that are supposed to save the Earth against Global Warming….But the criticism of devastation by man and so on is often extended widely.

        The irony is that, of course, You will never hear a creature talk in this way that is not human. Only man accuses himself.

        But without God, why we should save Earth? Or is then Earth our new GOD? A kind of naturalistic pantheism, but poorer. And inconsistent, when then theys build wind turbines everywhere.

        Or why should one be interestet in others? Without God, there is logically no limit for anything that is not determined by the physical laws. There is only physical law, no natural law given by a metaphysical power.

        But a problem of our time is, as others mentioned here, the lack of logic.

        That is why they build wind turbines….or kill unborn. Sometimes the unborn are no humans, sometimes they are, so what? Sometimes wind turbines are necessary despite of clashing great birds, sometimes they tell us that they do not even do this.

        And also many people of the Right – or they think they are such ones – are, as it seems, too lazy to read a little about history of NATO-Russia relations since 1990. So they tell us every day that NATO firmly had promised not to increase eastwards. They actually do not want to know that Russia encouraged NATO extension – probably seeking for influence.

      3. Marco Reese: Some years back (before the last years when there have been major flooding and disease damage to China’s agriculture) I traveled with some Chinese who told me that China was overpopulated. As we traveled through miles of forests, I commented, “If China is so overpopulated, then why are there these forests? Why haven’t they been changed into fields?” My hosts had no answer.

    2. “The Earth’s natural resources truly are limited.”


      Malthus was wrong…and Norman Borlaug…a hero every school kid should know…showed the way.

      Malthus was ignorant of the earth’s unlimited resource…

      …’human creativity’.

      1. There we have in Germany Mr. Max Otte, former leader of the foundation of the AfD, then leader of the “WerteUnion” (Rightists in the CDU-CSU), who was made Candidate for AfD for Presidential Election. AfD-Leader Meuthen then left AfD. Otte might be excluded from CDU, but he has been valued as a “conservative” man, but he is not, he is member of Atlantik-Bruecke, like Friedrich Merz, but blamed NATO for Russia invading Ukraine and told this to higher Chinesche officials. He calls himself a “philanthrop” like Soros does. He is also member of the leading comitee of “Oswald-Spengler-Society”, but Spengler was anti-Malthus!
        Otte said in 2019 in an interview “Wir sind einfach zu viele” (We are simply too much).

        There is hardly a person whom I reject more than this traitor and liar

  3. Jeff, have you ever read John Gardener’s “On Moral Fiction?”

      1. After reading this article, I think you’ll find in Gardner a fellow traveler of sorts. Best known for “Grendel” and “On Moral Fiction,” in the latter work he took aim at the post-modernists for losing their way and understanding of what art is. Much of what he said then is doubly applicable today as we see all genres of art hijacked by the Marxists to produce propaganda much in the same way a virus hijacks a cell to replicate itself. Gardner said:

        “True art is too complex to reflect the party line”

        and elsewhere:

        “Only in lament does the artist cry out, ‘Birds build but not I build,” and the lament points to how things out to be: art builds; it never stands pat; it destroys only evil. If art destroys good, mistaking it for evil, then that art is false, an error; it requires denunciation. This, I have claimed, is what true art is about-preservation of the world of gods and men.”

        I think it would stir your heart. As a fiction writer myself, the book gave me a renewed passion for the art and a fresh perspective on what I want my work to do.

      2. According to more than one source (i.e. Malachi Martin and Friar Michel de la Sainte Trinité) the Third Secret of Fatima (not realeased to the public) is about The Book of Revelation chapters 8 to 13. These talk partly about the seven destructive angelic trumpets tha signify the collapse of religion, particularly the phenomenon of the Post-Vatican II Council new religion, that as of late is associated with LGBT masses and an underground gay lifestyle subculture admitted by several os its hierarchical figures. Sister Lucia of Fatima (see her Interview with Father Fuentes), who wrote the Third Secret, said the Third Secret was concerned with a punishment associated with Russia to be put in effect by 1960. Thus the Vatican II new religion is the crumbling object the seven angelic trumpets continually destroy. And the proof the Vatican II religion means the Russian tiara substituting the papal tiara, is that Olavo de Carvalho himself noted, in a public talk (in reference to a book he was reading), that the soviet spies present in the Vatican II Council reported there was nothing for them to do in there, the very ordinary participants of the council were doing the spies’ job for them in ravaging religion. Of course the effects of the council were tragic according to some post-conciliar commentators and nonCatholics alike; the statistics and other qualitative details speak for themselves.

        Here is the part that concerns your analysis, Mr. Nyquist: the last three trumpets sounded by the last three angels are the famous Three Days of Darkness foretold by Blessed Anna Maria Taigi in the 19th century, other similar predictions having been made by people of repute among Catholics since then. These three days of darkness, according to Anna Maria Taigi, are to do with spiritual punishments coming from heaven, but also with temporal punishments coming from earth in the form of wars and revolutions. The Ucraine War signals the coming of these three days of darkness (which are not literal days, by the way, this being a symbolism); and the timing perfectly matches the Revelation chapters, for the three last trumpets begin afters the fourth trumpts obscured a third of the sun, moon and stars. The obscuring of a third part is a symbol for a gradual process, for duality means gestation, thus getting rid of the third part means a progressive effect; and that the obscuring is to gradually take hold, untill it reaches a momentum (three days of darkness or lst three trumpets). This fourth trumpt that obscures sun, moon and stars, means the obscuring or waning of the secular signs of religious authority; the loss of credibility of religious authorities, especially within the Post-Vatican II religion, having reach an unprecedented accumulation, as is well known. And to prove the three last trumpets stand for three days, all you have to do is take into consideration that just as the fourth day of the week is Wednesday whether or not you count the days from first to last or from last to first; the destruction of the trumpets corresponding to the reverse order as compared to the Genesis seven days of creation; both the Genesis creation fourth day and the Trumpets’ fourth day deal with the exact same object, namely, the sun, moon and stars. Other details can be given, but basically what is happening is that the three days preceding total collapse are approaching, and they are supposed to be fraught with wars and strange evils. The Revelation narrative is sufficient for one to interpret these events as meaning that the World as we know it will never return, and in fact has not been what it was for some time.

  4. Thank you Jeff for everything! Your words match the Lords as always. Lord have mercy on us, CLEANSE us of our sins…let the bones you have crushed rejoice. Create in us a pure heart, RENEW a steadfast spirit within us. RESTORE to us the joy of your salvation and a willing spirit to sustain us. In the words of psalm 51 we need a CLEANSING, RENEWING, RESTORING and we will be REVIVED by the power of God to up are game, stand up and fearlessly resist tyranny. Humans are useless without the power of God, and the power can only come through repentance, renewal and restoration in our relationship to Him. That is why they hate true Christianity with sound doctrine and try to snuff it out of everything-they fear what people filled with it’s power can do! You are an example of what that power can do! Thank you Jeff! God Bless you in all you do!

  5. Do you know what is lost? The ability of the people to think rationally. They don’t realize that they are brainwashed at all. They want the desired to be true. They interpret the truth on their own way, they defend Russia and the anti-US countries who are actually dictatorships. They believe in the propaganda without asking themselves whether what they read or watch is true or not. The situation is very bad and I despair. I study for political analyst and I want to expose the schemes of the global mafia groups (the Moscow’s intelligence agencies) and its proxy states around the world. Moscow and Beijing win and the West is in retreat. Unfortunately.

    1. It is unfortunate except that you will now have very important work to do in your chosen field. Do not despair. Go and do.

      1. I don’t have enough time to really dive deeply into things. That is why I trust the analysis of people like you, in whom I detect the ring of truth. Of course, I realize we are all only human, and prone to error, but you have honesty and integrity, and a willingness to know the truth no matter how scary it might be.

        I read the Bible a lot, and I have a good general understanding of history.

        I didn’t realize just how entrenched the distortion of reality is among conservatives until yesterday. I was reading an article by Larry Johnson on the Gateway Pundit. It sounded like something I could imagine Winston in the novel 1984 writing to make the Russians look good and noble, and the Ukrainians look like cowardly villains.

        There was a commenter named Natasha trying to state the reality of the situation, much in sync with what you say. She said she grew up in the USSR, and she knew the articles were wrong.

        The mockery and ridicule coming her way were relentless and sad. I created an account so I could second her statements, and share a little of what you have revealed, and direct people to your blog. I received the same scorn, though not as much as Natasha.

        I realize that some of them are Communist trolls, but Wow! So much muddying of the waters, and lies.

        Natasha commented that she was from Russia, and also has relatives and friends there and in Ukraine that she communicates with regularly, and she knows the narrative being put out by the “Right” is not true.

        Another commenter rebutted that he had relatives in both countries as well, and the Ukraine bad/Russia good/U.S.,NATO encroaching narrative is true.

        There is no way she could win in such a situation. But she repeatedly kept making the same factual comments. Because, she said, if Conservatives buy into these lies, then America is lost.

        God help her.

      2. Yes sir, it really is. I can only imagine how frustrating it is at times for people such as yourself, Trevor Loudon, who have put so very much into trying to alert people, or people like “Natasha” who have lived through that nightmare and are trying to show others what is up.

        If you are ever tempted to lose heart, don’t give in one iota. You have wakened thousands, who in turn I am sure have wakened other thousands. We might not be millions, but with all the lies and misdirection and general opposition, I think thousands is pretty darn good!

        Your efforts and work are certainly appreciated, and we never know if we may get some kind of reversal in our favor.

      3. That’s why I’ve been avoiding conservative websites lately. Even if there’s a worthwhile article somewhere, it’s not worth the aggravation of sifting through so much pro-Russian distortion of reality. And the comments are the most dispiriting, rarely do you see anyone professing to be a conservative with a grasp of the situation.

        One way I’ve thought of challenging the argument that “Russia invaded Ukraine to save the world from Klaus Schwab” is to push people to explain how this is achieved by bombing civilian infrastructure and razing whole cities to the ground. If Russia is really against Schwab, Soros, Gates etc. then why doesn’t St. Putin, formerly of the KGB, just send out a goon squad to assassinate them? Wouldn’t that be easier and save many more lives? The KGB has over the years made a point of showing the world that they can get to anyone, anytime, anywhere; they use the rarest (radioactive) poisons just to make it clear who did it. Not only intelligence defectors like Litvinenko, Skripal but now it’s Russian oligarchs who have been dropping like flies in the last months. But somehow rich plutocrats who hang out at Davos are beyond the reach of the KGB? Think about that for a second. And yet instead of sacrificing the lives of a few for the lives of many, St. Putin sacrifices the lives of many to maybe, in some convoluted way, get to the few at the top. There’s no explanation for this other than conservatives’ attributed reasons for the invasion are a complete fantasy.

  6. How is commenting history 1000-2000 years old breaking rules of this forum? Why my comments were deleted?

  7. It is a rare ability these days to see things as they are , not not as we would want them to be. If by
    God’ s providential hand we are to overcome this evil . Then we had best see things as they are. And then we can move to make the necessary changes to bring us back from the brink of our own destruction.

  8. Truth is sorely needed, and willingness to receive the truth.

    The public can’t force this. We just don’t have the info, the hidden proofs, or the professional skill to manage the consequences.

    I can only think the U.S. military can force it. They and their cooperating agencies and contractors must possess the raw material to expose and explain the actual state of affairs, with extensive documentary evidence on the most powerful malign actors in our midst. How could they not have the truth, when bad actors are so brazen?

    Effective mil communication to the public, by every necessary method and medium, could flip the switch, raising adults from “inner emptiness and want of moral seriousness” to… a justified resolve. Hard forensic communication could certainly produce deep psychological shock, then… resolve. At that point, the military would need to manage things overtly, and hopefully Constitutionally, to prevent… wildfire.

    Yet I don’t see how this could work, _after_ the midterm elections. These elections are still operating under the mail-in rules of Covid-19, plus most of the other “fortifications” we’ve observed since Nov. 2020. That plan is already in motion. If the result is definite loss of the Senate, Democrats can pass a stack of “end-game” laws (not to mention regulatory edicts) in January, to gut and paralyze the military, preventing the mil action they must surely fear.

    4 months to the election. What do you think: will there be a saving action, or not? Is the midterm really a Rhine crossing here? Is the military going to lay out the truth before the fatal moment, effectively, and break the barbarians utterly, or will they wait until it’s too late, and give barbarians the Capitol?

    1. It’s hard to know what the destroyers would dare to do next. They will try many things and succeed at some. But our military has been compromised — and they are forbidden to participate in politics.

      1. There’s good reason to think it’s compromised very deeply — and one break in the chain of command can neutralize an order.

        They’re “forbidden to participate in politics”, yes. And of course, citizens know the legal exceptions. We don’t need to spell them out. One might just discuss… downstream hypotheticals… in isolation now, for brevity, and because time seems very short.

      2. I can remember the military being so hot for civilian control they wouldn’t even vote. My father did not vote until he retired from the Air Force. The left, however, put paid to that idea as servicemen saw what the left was doing.

  9. All empires fall, it is the common theme through history, seems a new dark ages is just over the horizon…

  10. Your brand of Modern day Mccarthyism is a vain attempt at misdirection,though i think u may actually believe what u say , u play this game of the hand is quicker than the eye(the All seeing eye) cloaking freemasonry under the auspices of communism (what’s the difference?) The Republicans are just as communist as the Democrats is it possible for the bak of America mural to have trump ,Hillary,jeb bush and Obama standing on a checkerboard floor this was painted in 1994 Please explain that with communism

    1. Freemasonry is a hodgepodge of different groups and personalities. It is not ONE thing. Masonry has never had the global reach, sheer power and resources that communism has enjoyed. Look how communist active measures have BECOME the curriculum of our schools. Look how the program of the communist party is being carried out by the Democrats. Are you blind? The communist movement is backed by hundreds of communist parties, the KGB, GRU, Chinese State Security and PLA intelligence, Cuban DGI, North Koreans, Vietnamese, Venezuelans, etc. The biggest mafia on the planet is the one that controls the largest country, the most populous country, and many more countries — with 150 countries infiltrated at every level of society. This is all history, not some local Masonic gang that got infiltrated by the KGB because they are all so sophomoric and arrogant. Why you do not bother to know this, I cannot say. This is a personal problem of yours. It is a flaw in your character that you malign me without engaging in a course of study yourself. If you took truth seriously you would not treat these issues with such sneering off-hand mockery.

      1. Since freemasons operate in secrecy, you can’t claim you know they play no role. Many influential figures, including US presidents, and the founding fathers were freemasons.

    2. @Richy Rich McCarthy was right, and you are an imbecile. My guess is that you were rejected by a local Freemasonry Lodge and didn’t get to learn the “secrets” of the order. A requirement of Freemasonry is that you believe in God, and as a communist yourself, this is clearly impossible. What a sad little troll.

      My apologies for my disgust, Jeff. Morons like this just seem to ooze under the door no matter where you go.

      1. Only in the lower orders is a belief in god required. As one goes into 33rd and above, you must believe in the god of freemasonry. It has been known for a very long time that the true god of Freemasonry is Lucifer. The high orders of Freemasonry are participants in the denigration of the country and our freedoms. I am compelled to say that you are the typical ignoramus that has no knowledge of the higher orders and what they actually do. They thrive on the naivete of people like yourself and are glad to take your money to fund their subversive activities.

        Now you have two people to aim your misplaced disgust at.

      2. The non-communist world is a complex tapestry of differing beliefs, including leftist and pagan belief systems. There have been long wars fought between Christians — Protestant vs. Catholic, for example. We do not want these wars to recur. India should be a natural ally against communism, yet India is pagan. Japan is our ally against China, and Japan is pagan. Should we start shooting at them? I do not think that would be prudent. As for Freemasonry, there are too many separate masonic groups to count, many of them hostile to each other. As secret societies are secret, any discussion encounters the obstacle of what we do not know. Luciferianism is a belief that animates some or many of these groups. Would we say that George Washington was a dupe of Luciferians? I would prefer to have some kind of proof before deciding. Those who refer to Jewish-Masonic conspiracies, and trace them back to the Templars, etc., are also treading on difficult ground. Leaps are made, without proof. Theories of connections and coordination have filled many volumes. Maybe there is something there, maybe not. It is so terribly murky, yet many people are fanatically CERTAIN. I wish there was a way to untangle this complex history. There is a lecture series on Audible, by an historian, Professor Richard B. Spence, titled “The Real History of Secret Societies” I recommend it because the complexity and diversity of this subject is shown. He also explains what can be proven and what is not as yet proven. As this blog focusses on the most dangerous conspiracy of all — the communist movement — I am naturally challenged all the time by people who believe in a Jewish-Masonic conspiracy going back (some say) to ancient Babylon. As I have said before, this is a murky area. What I do know, for sure, is that many false stories, and questionable theories have been published as “Truth” in this area. This has turned me sour on the subject as a whole. I’d prefer to see proofs and leave well enough alone what is not provable. For example, Professor Spence has a section on Bohemian Grove which is very interesting. He describes them accurately and the origins of the group in Bohemia — from artistic groups who were comically imitating certain rites. He says there may well be some kind of serious occult belief system there, behind it. But he admits that the actual practices, and how seriously into magic they are, is difficult to determine. I have tried to learn as much as I can on these subjects, yet I am careful not to lump everyone together, or to make statements about the power or importance of any specific group without having good sources. I do not, also, that the KGB has been infiltrating these groups for many decades. I believe the KGB has shown itself to be more sophisticated and disciplined in its capabilities than the masons.

      3. When in doubt, I find myself thinking very pragmatically about conspiracies.

        I’m usually skeptical of any explanation that draws everything bad to one “root cause.” For example, environmentalists have long done this, pointing at different root causes (e.g., over-population, fossil fuels, capitalism, etc.), most of which boil down simply to humanity. Political partisans tend to do this – everything bad is because of republicans/democrats.

        So, it often seems both overly simplistic and unhelpful to stop at one root cause. When it comes to conspiracies – frankly there is a lot of evil swimming around us. Is Biden a Luciferian or a communist? What about Gates? What about Klaus Schwab? I know he’s got a bust of Lenin. Is that enough to make a conclusion?

        From a pragmatic perspective, I think, it doesn’t matter, and I don’t care. I can identify evil, and understand its ways. Know a tree by its fruits. On that score, yeah, I do think conditions are being laid for high-tech tyranny and enslavement, enforced under the banners of medical necessity, climate change and equity. Must we identify the ideology as communist, Luciferian, etc., to see it happening and understand that it’s evil? Should we parse whether Luciferians are influenced by (or are a subset), of communism? IMO, not necessarily. I think it’s possible to understand the threat of growing totalitarianism without sorting that out. But that’s not the end of the story.

        Here’s the pragmatic reason, IMO, it’s folly to obsess over secret societies and “global cabal”/”NWO” conspiracies – it fails to peek behind the veil to see the violence that underwrites power. Focusing on a “global cabal” erases the fact that it is still nation-state governments that control the weapons of war. The “global cabal” conspiracies never account for who has and controls the weapons. Violence, and the ability to direct it on a mass scale, is the REAL, unavoidable, fundamental source of power in the world. Cabal conspiracies substitute money for the sword; as if running a bank, or a tech firm, or even a government, by itself, can subdue a population, absent mechanisms of lethal violence. And so all of us conspiracy-minded people have to wonder – is it an accident? Is it an accident that while governments still build and innovate in war-making, the human population is chasing a “global” conspiracy? That in chasing down the depraved, satanic proclivities of all the major politicians and titans on the planet, we forget to chase down who controls the dominant armies and weapons? That we don’t notice which countries’ people have been groomed and ready for war – and which countries’ people are weak, sick and divided? Is it an accident we think Gates or Schwab has more real power than a national leader who commands a military?

        I might give more credence to the cabal conspiracy theory, if the nations’ governments, equally, had drawn down their military fighting forces, or hardened their homeland – or delegated military control to the UN. (I can hear the anti-globalists now: “but it’s coming! they will!”). But they haven’t have they? In fact, only the countries subscribed to the so-called “liberal order” think an act in that direction. (We must not confuse US military adventurism with actual readiness to defend the homeland or wage a WW.) It seems only communist governments are as nationalistic and militaristic as ever, when it comes to asserting and protecting national interests in a potential world war. Accident?

        It is the communist governments of the world that are steeling for war; that have amassed superior weapons; that have formed alliances and made plans; that, at this point, have even announced those plans. It is the communist governments of the world who benefit if the “skeptics” and “free thinkers” on the planet are busy obsessing over Western bankers, and self-fashioned tech gurus, and dirty, depraved politicians – all of whom sit on yachts and think a *real* WW would never happen because it would be bad for business. It is the communist governments of the world that benefit if we hate our own governments so much, we root for communist “heroes” in the mistaken belief they are fighting for our values (ie, Putin).

        So, back to pragmatics. If we’re talking power, we’re talking violence, and we’re talking war. Right now, the active war machines are aimed at us, the United States and the West, by communist governments. Are Gates and Schwab wittingly or unwittingly aiding that objective? The evidence says yes. Are they communists or Luciferians or useful idiots are hapless greedy capitalists, or all of the above? I don’t care, to the extent I can judge what interests their aims and actions are serving without having to settle it.

        I am willing to believe that most, if not all, Western corruption and depravity is attributable to communist infiltration and subversion. But I also don’t think that point MUST be settled if we focus on two fundamental questions (and I believe I am echoing points made by Nyquist here): Who controls the dominant means of violence (war), and (when it comes to corruption/evil), who benefits?

      4. Admittedly, I skimmed your response but I got the gist of where you’re going. You’re right, it’s evil we face and that face is in many forms. I want to avoid (out of respect for Jeff) a religious debate, but will say this…

        I follow a vlogger who has put out some really good videos using scripture to support his pistoling that the AC is going to come from those who believe they are defeating the cabal.

      1. The higher orders of Freemasonry are intimately involved in globalism and all the sewage that falls from it. They are not the only people, however.

  11. As I read this well written and heart felt treatise, I thought of my recent conversations with my millennial daughter and her friends, all of whom recently graduated from top notch universities (all with very good ‘grades.’) I find myself appalled that they do NOT know and do NOT understand what the founding father’s wrote (they can say the words ‘Constitution’ or ‘Bill of Rights,’ but they have no idea what the documents actually say). Their focus is the notion of this or that founder having owned slaves and bore children with said slaves; they focus on this and ignore all other accomplishments, however incredible and brave. They cannot discuss the issue of federalism without becoming emotionally irate over social justice issues. They do not know or understand the study of ‘Western CIV,’ (e.g. the don’t understand the significance of the multitudinous scientific discoveries in the 18th and 19 centuries) and, instead, focus on the oppression of native peoples during that time period. What they, these well ‘educated’ millennials, teach me is that the COMINTERN has been successful in attacking us from within, and, possibly doing irreparable damage to our culture. These kids are the offspring of successful doctors, lawyers and indian chiefs; they should be the next line of succession of western culture. They are NOT. They are something I don’t fully recognize.

    1. In 1977, I was assigned the History Dept. as my beat on the college newspaper. They were about to cancel Western Civ as a required course. The chairman of the department was a younger German fellow, angry as I’ve ever seen a professor. He invited me into his office and began an eloquent defense of teaching Western Civilization. I took notes and produced an article from that interview. The campus newspaper would not publish it. I changed my major from journalism to political science. I hated the subject at the time but believed I would have no choice but to learn it. To think that was more than 44 years ago.

      1. We live in the Southeast US; I was in college and grad school in the 70’s and didn’t see very much cultural cancellation. But then, again, I was taking chemistry, physics and advanced statistical analysis—-those guys didn’t have much time for the commie snowflake stuff. They probably do now.
        The concept of the Eloi, from The Time Machine, comes to mind.

      2. It began in the Humanities at first, from my experience, and was largely muted until later. Some of my journalism teachers we’re pretty far to the left.

      3. Even back then, so sick.

        Did you realize then that journalism was not merely base, but a highly developed weapon of political subversives? Or was there another deciding incident?

        One wonders how citizens like your classmates have been trained so thoroughly, and easily. Recently, I showed a friendly polisci adult the photo of Lyndon’s “Precinct 13” ballot box – the fake ballots that won him his Senate seat – and told the story. “The added names were in alphabetical order and written with the same pen and handwriting, at the end of the list of voters. Some of the persons in this part of the list insisted that they had not voted that day.”

        My friendly adult listener couldn’t admit there was anything of substance to the famous story, much less any precedent re Nov. 2020 results. It’s just unthinkable, literally, at least for Dem candidates.

        In your experience, are there any methods that work especially well, to crack the indoctrination of people like that?

      4. I look for the most glaring contradictions and the most ridiculous propaganda claims. The dying polar bears. The rising sea levels that remain the same. Notice, if you can, the notorious old pro-Soviet leftist who now poses as anti-Russian, or when Russia then agrees to send troops (last month) to support the communist regime in Nicaragua after Putin has been credited as a conservative Christian nationalist. Every lie they tell involves a contradiction. It sounds plausible only if you cannot see how absurd it is.

      5. “The rising sea levels that remain the same…”

        Hmm. Resolution of contradiction, and cognitive dissonance, is hard work. My Precinct 13 experiment tried to elicit cognitive dissonance, and failed. And that attempt was laser-focused on the present true crisis. I think tangential attempts, like highlighting climate contradictions, would waste precious time, now.

        I do think journalists produce contradictions intentionally. As Theodore Dalrymple said of Communist propaganda:

        “In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control.”

        As long as citizens are humiliated, or merely confused, they can’t act collectively in self-defense. Here again I feel a hard military communication effort is needed, soon, because no one else has the pro skill and tools to break through in the little time remaining. I wish it were otherwise, but… who else, really?

      6. There is truth in what Dalrymple says. My comment is: If you accept lies you are submitting to tyranny. It is a choice. How can we persuade someone who has already made this choice? To bow before untruth is self-negation. We must find someone who is not like this to converse with.

      7. This is in no way a reflection on you, Jeff, as I have great respect for you as do many patriots. It’s simply my opinion. If Ukraine is in the right in their fight, we should be also regarPerhaps it’s because I try to see all three sides – left, right and intellectual – that my thoughts run counter to many. If we side with the idea that Ukraine is actively struggling to ward off tyranny while believing it a better choice to verbally confront the evil within our own midst, then I find myself at odds with many. From my perspective, I see a country in such disarray that words cannot unify, much less alter, the unwashed mass of humanity in America. The brain dead will remain so. Meanwhile, others wish to revolt and throw off the shackles that bind them. Then, still others say we should reason on a higher level to educate the ill-informed. I’ve listened to some pretty intelligent folks many of whom are on this site and, while I can’t begin to compete with them intellectually, I can say that, with few exceptions, you, we, they are preaching to the choir. If I may be so presumptuous, here are my thoughts. Given the present circumstances here in America, one of several things will happen.

        At some point, the mass of braindead and distraught masses will begin to surge beyond the city boundaries into areas unfamiliar to them. This will result in many casualties that will awaken the patriot movement to arms. The country will then be in a free-for-all do or die mode. Martial law will be declared, and everyone will be fair game. This will give our enemies the opportunity to invade without nukes.

        Or the patriot movement will finally become fed up with waiting and begin the revolt. Except there are no leaders and no cohesion and any attempt to muster will fail.

        Or the government will begin door-to-door. This will result in some unwarranted deaths that may galvanize local communities to fight back. Once word gets out across the country, others will follow suit and the civil (or uncivil if you prefer) war will begin in earnest. Again, our enemies will see this as an opportunity.

        Or we could be nuked and thrown into a chaotic situation resulting in massive numbers of dead leading to an invasion force from our enemies. And, if not nuked, we could see chemical attacks or some other form of strike from within or without that will accomplish the same goal (chaos)

        Many in the patriot movement really don’t care how it starts; but it will start. The point I wish to make is this. We can’t vote our way to a better future. We can’t talk our way to one. And no amount of revolting, however revolting that may be, will not produce a better future. But that in no way negates that one way or another we are in for a rough ride. I’m not a defeatist and I am not inclined to roll over and die (at least not without a fight). I’m neither an optimist nor a pessimist. What will surely happen is reality and there is no way out of it.

        This is not a reflection on you, Jeff, as I have great respect for you as do many patriots. If Ukraine is right to fight, if we encourage others to do the same, should we not also do likewise? We wonder why others come here instead of cleaning up their own country. Yet we fail to do our own cleaning.

      8. Eddie, you make some realistic points. I would only say, the Ukrainians did not start their fight, it came to them. Then it began.

        I feel as I think you do. That it is almost inevitable that conflict begins between patriots and the rabble such as antifa. It also seems clear to me that this would be something our enemies and their useful idiots and willing accomplices in our government would want.

        However, how much farther can we let them push us? It seems to me we are being pushed into a corner. Just like this antifa scumbag shooting the people in Illinois, and all the other violent and criminal acts of leftist mobs. How much more can we take?

        But it’s like you said, we have no leaders able to lead a national revolt, and no cohesion of beliefs and ideas. I think the agents of misinformation have sown so many conflicting theories among Conservatives, that it may not even be possible to unite in large numbers.

        I read a book about the Russian Civil War last year, and it was amazing to me how the Whites could work together in unity, but most of their leadership were ambitious and jealous.

        I think that’s how it would be here.

        You know, I am all for fighting if and when it is thrust upon us, but without a return to Biblical principles in our society, I don’t think we have a chance to preserve our country. And that return must be on an individual basis multiplied by millions. We must return to a healthy fear of God and obedience to Him. That is the antidote for the soul-killing poison of the Communist system of lies.

      9. I meant to type, “how the Whites could *not* work together in unity, *and* most of their leadership was ambitious and jealous…”

      10. I got a chuckle the other day from a post by a leftwinger calling for a hundred idiots to hit small town America where the Christian gun nuts and anti-abortionists live. He called for burning their towns. I thought to myself, “Ya’ll c’mon down. We’re the sort of folks who’ll welcome you with open arms.”

      11. They won’t get away with it here where families have lived and built communities together for generations, and we all know each other.

      12. The country has to come together in some way or other, or we’re finished. Events will change the way people think. But we need to give them the words and concepts they otherwise would not have.

      13. A fortunate event, you changing majors.

        I was in college 1978-1983 for my undergraduate degrees, and as an engineering major I still had to take social sciences classes, taught by a rabid socialist/communist. Fortunately, my father taught me much around the dinner table as a kid, so I learned much about his time in WW2, the horrors of communism, what the Chinese were like, and most of all he taught me to think for myself. These things that parents talk to their children about inoculate them from all the nonsense spouted in college glorifying a nightmare. Sadly most parents do not have these talks with their children. Having said that, communist indoctrination in the schools has been going on for a long time.

        The other interesting thing is that I took Russian in college, and all of a sudden I get introduced to someone from Russia to practice Russian on by my teachers. The FBI later came by and interviewed me; the guy was someone they were watching and former Spetznaz. Later as a Navy pilot going through test pilot school, our class was the first class to be invited to the Russian embassy for a party. I didn’t go, but I always wondered if they were recruiting that way. We Americans have been playing with fire for a long time.

      14. “How can we persuade someone who has already made this choice?”

        I hear you. Yet I must remember that even a hardened criminal can be persuaded, with the right… methods. Can we talk about the methods?

        Thinking back, President Reagan persuaded a lot of compromised people, in his time. Some of his methods:

        “[President Reagan] directed his top national security team to develop a plan to end the Cold War by winning it. The result was a series of top-secret national security decision directives that:

        – Committed the U.S. to “neutralizing” Soviet control over Eastern Europe and authorized covert action and other means to support anti-Soviet groups in the region.

        – Adopted a policy of attacking a “strategic triad” of critical resources –financial credits, high technology and natural gas – essential to Soviet economic survival. Author-economist Roger Robinson said the directive was tantamount to “a secret declaration of economic war on the Soviet Union.”

        – Determined that, rather than coexist with the Soviet system, the U.S. would seek to change it fundamentally. The language, drafted by Harvard historian Richard Pipes, was unequivocal: America intended to “roll back” Soviet influence at every opportunity.

        Following these directives, the administration pursued a multifaceted foreign policy offensive that included covert support of the Solidarity movement in Poland, an increase in pro-freedom public diplomacy (through instruments like the National Endowment for Democracy), a global campaign to reduce Soviet access to Western high technology and a drive to hurt the Soviet economy by driving down the price of oil and limiting natural gas exports to the West.

        A key element of Reagan’s victory strategy was the support of anti-communist forces in Afghanistan, Nicaragua, Angola and Cambodia. The “Reagan Doctrine” (a name coined by syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer) was the most cost-effective of all the cold war doctrines, costing the United States less than a billion dollars a year while forcing the cash-strapped Soviets to spend some $8 billion annually to deflect its impact…”

        I note the secrecy of his Executive directives. Any directives operative today would also be secret.

        How much of our present crisis is real, and how much is stage-managed in a psychological war? I sift news for evidence of… methods.

        It’s hard for me to see any clear… patriot methods… in the media fog, but then again, it’s called “fog of war” for a reason, eh? So I continue to keep an eye out, should the fog break.

  12. Not paying heed or respect or indeed reverence for everything brought to us by our forefathers isn’t just dumb, but suicidal. Insane rebellion for rebellion’s sake only gets you that far. What comes after? The rebels of rebels will crush the whole circus, by brute force and without mercy, and then – what irony! – all these extravaganzas and all this rebellion will stop, giving way to an “everlasting” peace of the grave – of the mass grave, that is – where everything true, good and beautiful, in other words: civilisation itself, will have died.

    In late June I was for a week to the Austrian Central Alps (a journey which immensely refreshed me), and on the last day, standing in one of the most astounding churches of the city of Salzburg, there was a young couple, or so it seemed, that appeared totally out of place in this sacred space. For some strange reason I approached the young man (he was hardly 20) and asked him whether he had a smart phone (stupid question, near-everybody now has them, except myself and a few other diehards). He looked confused and said yes and whether he could help me with it in some way (at least, he was polite). I told him the reason I approached him was a spontaneous thought that if he had such a smart phone with him, he would actually have the whole worldwide web at his fingertips, and so I said to him, which confused him even more, that he should now or after he leaves the church, get into all the information and history about this church. His lame reply was that he lived in Salzburg anyway. He had his baseball cap on, back to front like a fool, and hadn’t taken it off! And when I finally encouraged him to take a photo or two diagonally through the columns towards the high altar, he would get amazing results. He tried and came to me, smiling like a baby and showing me his result: This buffoon had indeed made a SELFIE, if you can believe it, with the interior of this church serving as a meaningless background for his own braindead majesty!

  13. The socialists have gradually, slowly, little by little, been depriving the western mind of the capacity to reason and think objectively over the course of many, many decades. The Fabian approach that advocates acting via stealth and gradualism has worked brilliantly. Once the cognitive abilities of the mind have been hammered into pure dust, this has given rise to the subjectivist god taking root in people’s souls where feelings – and *only* that – are the epistemological guide from which people judge the reality of the world around them (not saying that feelings don’t have a role to play in the intellectual life of person – we are not robots after all, contrary to the tenets of the socialist/communist religion!).

    If a baby inside a mother’s womb doesn’t “feel” like it’s a human being to the mother, then it’s OK to murder him. If it “feels” like Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is a real Christian because of some vague comments about protecting minors against the pink mafia – never mind the human trafficking going on inside the country, or the fact that he believes in “man” and not in God (CNN Larry King interview) -, then heck, it must be so, Putin is indubitably the “Christian” messiah that is riding in a white horse to save humanity from the scourges afflicting the west. One of the most flagrant examples of Marxist revolutionary agitation via shamelessly manipulating people’s emotions were the George Floyd riots of 2020. Ultimately, the mindless mob – for that is exactly what they were, in all the pejorative sense of the word – were clueless as to what or who they were fighting against. Led by a few Marxist operatives living comfortably in air conditioned, spacious houses very much living the bourgeoise lifestyle, they shot themselves directly in the foot by burning down their own neighbourhoods all the while serving their masters like obedient slaves. If someone “feels” like getting injected with the “golden calf” (Dr Zelenko’s own words, RIP) of the experimental genetic injection will benefit his health and those of people around him, then doubtless the most logical and safest course of action is to roll up your sleeve and direct yourself to a *drive-through* to be injected with an experimental never-before-used genetic slurry with absolutely no medical follow up whatsoever. I could provide a million other examples. All discourse is effectively reduced to attempts to manipulate people’s emotions, and the target audience in a macabre display of subservience to man and not God seem to have offered themselves as willing propitiatory victims to the god of socialism. Arch. Fulton Sheen once said that we live in a “sensate age” and he hit the nail on the head, I believe. I’m pretty sure those were his exact words.

    1. “Sensate culture” was a term used to describe our culture — of memory serves — by sociologist Pitirim Sorokin. Perhaps the Archbishop was paraphrasing Sorokin.

    2. Identical riot spree in the late phase of the 2016 election as well. Xi’s rise and 2013 marked the Race War Incitement genre of films with the Planet of the Apes reboot, and things like State of Jones, The Purge, and others even more on the nose. They are fairly predictable at least.

  14. “They are against the free market. They oppose capitalism. They hate Christianity. ”

    Did you see the praise for Biden from China’s media after he blasted the gas stations? They said, “Now US President finally realized that capitalism is all about exploitation. He didn’t believe this before.”

    It made me sick! Thank you for the blog, Jeff. It was excellent!

  15. Gen. Robert Spalding: China & Russia’s Coordinated Plan to Take Down America
    (Man In America)

    1. Great interview! I’ve watched it twice to absorb as much as I can.

      Combined with the communism of China you get the tight knit cronyism that exists in many Asian counties. I worked and lived in Asia for many years and came to have a love hate relationship with cultures.

    2. Great insights on how dynamics within government – e.g., NSC v NEC, bifurcating “national security” v “economic policy” – have undermined the ability of US government and industry to identify threats and protect ourselves.

      But just like with many Bannon guests, eventually the question is asked, “so where does this go, kinetic war”? and the analyst/guest just says a simple, “no” and keeps going. Even though the logic they JUST LAID OUT demonstrates sustained, naked aggression.

      Why don’t these hosts ask, “if it’s not headed toward hot, open war – why not?” Especially since Russia already crossed the threshold. Why are these guests so certain? And why never any explanation, just “no” and a pivot (usually to Taiwan). I’d be really interested to hear what they say, if pressed. These are not dumb or insincere people. I’ve seen this happen several times, and keep wishing the follow up question would be pressed.

      1. Naked aggression is coming. Ukraine is being bombarded into rubble right now. Russia and China have no incentive to stop, and every reason to continue. Yes. A larger war is coming. It is part of a long-standing pattern, too. Nobody saw it coming but a handful of us. Perhaps Bannon suffers from normalcy bias.

  16. Richy Rich – freemasonry is an organization of cosmopolitan bourgeois. Marx himself opposed freemasonry. Freemasonry was and is illegal in all socialist countries, while it is the most powerful secret society in the capitalist world.

      1. Yes, some of them. Some, it seems, knew exactly what they were/are doing– like Obama, Hillary with Uranium One, current regime with Afghanistan $90 billion give away etc etc.

        When you recently offered the paradigm that the WEF is a front group for the Communist Russian/CCP axis and their global bloc of countries, so many scales fell off and pieces fell into place for me, more and more.

        And the first big slapping awake you provided for me was the kind response and parable you told after u were semi-accused of being a “globalist” agent. 😅 I will copy and paste your response for any new readers, it case it would be helpful, clarifying for them too.

        “I do NOT approve of Klaus Schwab or any of our Western leaders. I do not think they are nicer or better than Putin. This would be to compare apples and oranges. Our Western elitists are weak. They are fools. They have believed that Moscow and Beijing are their “partners.” They are the milk-giving cows of history, gladly giving their substance for Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping. The insincerity of Joe Biden’s anti-Putin stance is found in his cutting of the Keystone pipeline. This was done to empower Russia and weaken us. And even now, as war gets closer, Joe does not restore the pipeline. None of his measures against Russia can be trusted. Cancel Putin and Lavrov’s American Express cards? Really? That is nonsense. Russia has been carefully preparing to withstand sanctions for many years. Biden is a cow, Schwab is a cow. Mao Zedong said that the capitalist world is full of ambitious people who seek status and power for the sake of money. They do not seek power for what they can do with it (i.e., for taking over the world). Mao said, “Why sew up their pockets.” Become their partners and help them get rich, help them make the milk of capitalism. Then the communists will collect the cream from the top, arm themselves with our technology and ideas, and send for the butcher. A cow is a smart animal. You have to be careful when you call the butcher to come for your cows. A friend of mine once had a dairy cow he was fond of. One day he had to sell her for hamburger. He tried to be as gentle and careful as he could. But when that cow saw the meat wagon pull up she knew it was her turn. She jumped a five foot fence and ran away. He had quite a day chasing her. Now look at Schwab, Macron, Biden, Scholz. They are cows. Do they see that the meat wagon is coming for them? Maybe they do. Maybe they have been told not to worry. It is only made to look like the meat wagon, they are told, so that they can arrest Trump and other right-wingers as Putin sympathizers. But I tell you, the meat wagon is for them. It is for all of us, but it is especially for them. And if they have instincts, like my friend’s cow, they will jump that fence and run. Or they will turn and fight with whatever horns they have. That is my metaphor, and I believe we will see it playing out.”

    1. @MNTGAL

      And below that article about Putin bring the Red Army to Venezuela, the most upvoted comment by far is this:

      The Neo Cons and the Neo Liberals have sent Russia into the arms of China.

      Their “Christian nationalist” hero can do no wrong, and when he does, it’s all the fault of the “NeoCons”.

  17. I have thought of a historical analogy to our current situation. In the spring of 1968, Charles DeGaulle’s government in France was under siege by the radical left. For a while it looked as though the drift of the situation was in the left’s favor. But DeGaulle had an ace up his sleeve, or rather, in his pocket—–a French army armored division stationed near Paris. He put that division out of its garrison and on maneuvers, as it were. It sent a signal that if he in the end could not turn the situation around and restore order, then that armored division could. It worked, and much of the country in the end counter-rallied behind him. But today we have no leadership in Washington with an armored division backing them up.
    The U.S. military indeed seems neutralized from taking action no matter what. This is in part what kept Donald Trump in check vs. the proverbial deep state. He had no ‘Praetorian Guard’, as it were. And any true-blue genuine President dedicated to the preservation and progress of the country would nowadays need one. But there is no prospecive successor to Trump in view, and one much more effective and skilled, to establish, perhaps surreptitiously, such a guardian force—and one fully ready for literal battle. Thus is our doom additionally sealed?

    1. “This is in part what kept Donald Trump in check vs. the proverbial deep state. He had no ‘Praetorian Guard’, as it were.”

      He’s still alive, and kicking. Think it through.

      And we’d better have more than one proverbial armored division ready to reintroduce our own radical left to civility. Because if we don’t, November 2022 gets settled… very badly.

      “Democracy is like a train; you get off once you have reached your destination.”

      1. True, Mr. Trump is ‘alive and kicking;. But a lotta good that does us when *he is no longer in power*, when *he is still not in the White House* instead of pathetic Joe. For though he was very much thwarted and despised by the govenment establishment at large, he was still able, for example, to keep his energy policies in place. the first things PJ went after, and continues to. He still had some influence while in office, although not nearly what he needed, and with no ‘big stick’ of any sort to wield about. Also the southern border was not in anywhere near the condition during his Presidency that it is now. And I suspect he would have tried to shake up the Justice Dept. enough, had he been reelected, to help stem some of the crime increase we have had. But between the executive and legislative branches, Democrats have weaponized federal law enforcement as a de facto tool against select political enemies and opposition, whether perceived or real. That has become *their* Praetorian Guard, in effect. To do Democrats’ bidding in neutralizing anyone of notoriety in the Trump administration & not toeing their ideological line. You think orders are not being passed from the Jan. 6 ‘committee’ to the FBI regarding which unarmed elderly men to send heavily-armed SWAT teams after at 6 in the morning? Think again, as it were. All blessed by PJ without his even having to say so. Trump had not that degree and kind of command authority at Justice, unfortunately. They’ll do the same to, say, Rudy Guliani if they see so fit. It’s all building up, of course, to the big early morning raid at Mar-A-Lago to grab ‘orange man’ himself, fulfilling the ultimate Maxine Waters ‘get in their face’ fantasy. And if they don’t do it by early next January, they will still do it afterwards whether they are still in power in Congress or not. Because a Democrat will still be in the ‘king’s chair’ regardless. He (or she) will do what Pelosi, Adam Schiff, and RHINO-Democrat Liz Cheney demand.

    2. “He had no ‘Praetorian Guard’, as it were.”

      There were conspicuous and very late machinations on his part in the DOD with appointments and restructuring in the last gasp of his term, namely:

      Kissinger & others being booted from advisory positions;
      CIA procurement from military sources removed formally (made headlines at the time focusing on the funding element);
      SOF reporting to the Sec. of Defense, effectively minting it as a distinct military branch along with the others (and an actual former one replacing Esper, whom Milley passed the buck on with the heel dragging and threats over activating military to deal with the St. Fentanyl carnivals)

      Qultist adjacent conjecture offered these things up as JFK NSAM 44-47 sitting on the books all these years finally being acted on, to the end of recalling “all paramilitary activities” from the CIA, for all the good it did Orange Man coming so late.

      The Kushvanka problem is a deal breaker when the State Actor in question they lobby for is double dealing with the new Sino-Soviet block, and has since its inception. It will be intriguing to see whether or not the national self-interest and anti-Communist institutional favor has been removed in his next Presidential run with so much time, effort, and good will spurned in his reign; difficulties notwithstanding, things like clenching down on Big Tech’s war on his supporters in the digital dekulakification following his win were entirely within his power, yet were left dead on the vine.

      1. Trump seems to have good instincts, but he simply did not not know enough to do the job right. He brought in the wrong people again and again. How to fix this?

      2. Trump padded many a résumé of those who subsequently owe him a favor. Now he’s endorsing Never Trumper Neocon RHINOS.

      3. Trump speaks well, but his actions are what counts. Appointments are policy. Trump appointed and supported the wrong people, starting with his choice of vice president (I thought Pence was a poor choice based on his actions as governor of Indiana). Trump also gave us “Operation Warp Speed” that is maiming and killing thousands, if not millions, and promises to kill off maybe up to half of the U.S. population according to some researchers.

        Actions speak louder than words, and I don’t see Trump’s actions as being particularly promising.

  18. Jeff, you’ve long studied Communists and other Fifth Columnists active in the U.S. Could you note some of the more surprising, unexpected leaders? I mean, truly powerful, influential Fifth Columnists, whom few would suspect? It’s good to keep them on radar, especially if they’re commonly believed to be patriots. Thanks.

    1. I have my suspicions about one particular conservative pundit. I have only circumstantial evidence, so I cannot say publicly.

      1. Understood. And one doesn’t want to accuse without evidence, even in casual chat.

        fwiw, Joe Rogan flashed some colors yesterday. Who knows if he meant it, though. “Any press is good press,” for media darlings.

        I was looking higher up the food chain. Mil, intel, Senators, activist billionaires. The smart ones would cover their tracks well, at least in public, but if there’s a money trail, it usually leads to true loyalties.

      2. When Pat Buchanan ran for president, he was called a hypocrite and a NAZI for driving a BMW instead of a Chrysler which he campaigned that American’s ought buy. Not to put to fine a point on your point.

      3. In a documentary of the 1992 Primary race where Jerry Brown ran against Pat Buchanan and Ross Perot, Buchanan says (paraphrased):

        ‘Jerry Brown is wonderful. He’s a cross between Pat Buchanan and Ross Perot.’

  19. Western Rome was already defeated, before the barbarians swept out of the north. Rome was defeated by its own corruption. Education had been neglected (except among Christians and a few upper class citizens). Entertainment had been debased from studying and writing the classics, to bread and circuses. Society was soft.

    Likewise we have defeated ourselves. But unlike Rome, we still have a large number of people who have not fallen for the corruption, nor are they willing to remain passive in the face of an attack. I know I’ll do everything in my power to defend the Constitution and the Republic. I know I’m not alone.

    I would suggest that the “liberals” hate the Bible and its teachings most, more than any other hate. In so far as our Constitution, and especially the Bill of Rights, reflect Biblical values, that hatred of the Bible rubs off as hatred of our country. How many “Christians” follow the Bible? Many German “Christians” rejected the Bible, yet still called themselves “Christian” which so bedeviled the Nazis in their attempt to stamp out Biblical teachings, so likewise many “Christians” here in the States have rejected the Bible making it hard for the Bible haters to recognize who teaches the Bible.

    When a society is awash in lies, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act. The truth is still valued, only no one knows what is truth. When people know that they have been fed lies, they then cast about looking for the truth, hence the formation of conspiracy theories. Who knows? Maybe one of the conspiracy theories is the truth. But how many are false and lead astray?

    It seems that when one mixes Marxism with nationalism and a tad (at least) of racism, that that’s when there is war. Back in the days when the Soviet Union was openly Soviet, I remember complaints of students brought from Africa to study communism that they were treated badly because they were African. The Chinese people are openly racist, especially against Blacks. Look at how the Chinese government is treating Africans, even within Africa. When I was in China, I was called a “devil”, not a person. It’s those two countries, with that combination of Marxism with nationalism and racism that are threatening us with nuclear war instead of waiting for us to fall on our own to a local communist dictatorship.

    Jeff, you are a Jeremiah. Just as Jeremiah wept over his people and at the destruction that was to come, so you try to warn your people about the destruction that threatens us, with the hope, like Jeremiah, of averting it.

  20. What do you think the odds are that Russia is intentionally prolonging the war in Ukraine as economic warfare?

    They can’t outight take it over, they seem to have no real end in sight and yet if they wanted to, and as was originally predicted, they could have taken it in weeks. Do you think this is an honest mistep?

    1. Yes, when you look at the battles you can see that Russia really did bungle. But it’s not like they don’t hold most of the cards. And they are pounding Ukraine pretty hard. Kiev needs more supplies. I doubt they will come

      1. Communist governments establish laws so that their people know what is expected and they have a choice: obey and survive, or disobey and face penalties.

  21. Thanks Jeff for your expert commentary throughout the years. I’ve been following since @ 2001, read Golitsyn, Suvorov, Lunev etc. by your suggestions. …. Putin’s power, Biblical Prophecy & the ROC. Litvinenko’s ghost. I also switched majors from polly sci to Russian Language (late 70’s) & did my thesis on St. Sergius….{real Catholic}: that got me the black boot in D.C. No Langley, no Nsa…”they” were already goin commy. Nato v. SCO is not lookin good. If the Russkies bomb Glasgow, the rest of Europe will likely fold, leaving Ukraine, Poland, possibly polvorized, Bulgaria, Rumania & Egypt. I reckon Canada will fold as well. Certainly, they could pull a HEMP (whodonit-plausable deniability) NK, China’s fast train, satan2 or Iran and “game over” for @ 1 billion folk. Commies have killed more than what you think (100 million)…upwards of a billion, including Lenin’s intro of women’s lib & abortion with Gramci’s ghost. In either scenario, I reckon the “cogs” will duck n cover. Waiting for Taiwan, waiting for Israel. Yet don’t worry, be happy. You are only responsible for your own life lived well, like St. Joseph. Plus there’s always the chance that Jesus or the Blessed Virgin Mary intervene for “conversion of Russia”. It sure would be nice if nuke war & hemps could be averted. One can expect purgatory until @ tax date 2023. Later since “proletariet Mexican & US American’s are about par-level in morality,Christianity and guts, there will likely be a new republic, 91 states. I loved your interview w/ Dr. Li-meng Yang. She’s so cute, wanna save the boat people “wolwide”. May the Holy Trinity bless your endeavors & watch your six. Sincerely, DC’s Finest, Daniel Joseph Parrott McDonough. . . . . .

    1. You have been doing your own homework, then. Very good. This is how people find the proofs for themselves. And yes, it looks bleak. It always looks like the bad guys are going to win; but evil is a special kind of stupid. They’ll find a way to sink themselves.

  22. Thanks Jeff, for your expert commentary over the years. Like St. Joseph, you’ve done great work silently. I’ve been following since @ 2001 and read on Golitsyn, Suvurov, Lunev, Litvinenko, Gramci, Putin’s power, Biblical prophecy & the ROC at your suggestion. I also switched majors in the late 70’s from polly sci to Russian Language. Being a real catholic, did my thesis on St. Sergius, got me the black boot from Langley, Nsa. We all must embrace “the lilies of the field” since neither worry nor prayer can stop war. The reality is that SCO v NATO is not lookin good. The russkies may bomb, even nuke Glasgow, in which case the rest of Europe is likely to fold, along w/ Canada. Poland may get polvorized, and the Bulgarians, Rumanians and Egypt could prove “resistant”. The USA cogs would likely duck n cover… waiting for Taiwan, Israel. Another scenario is HEMP, (plausible deniability) from whence came thou…NK, China, USSR, Iran?? _ game over for@ another 200M folk. Atheistic communism has caused upwards of 1 Billion deaths, including Leninist induced women’s liberation of abortion. Don’t worry be happy! There’s always hope that “the conversion of Russia” may mitigate the effects of this war, though I expect “purgatory” until @ tax day 2023. . . Decent possibility of a 91 state arrangement w/ Mex-USA combined since both failing states have decent % of moral, Christian law abiding workers (proletarian folk). Plus there’s hope of intervention by Jesus, Mary or Joseph and may the Holy Trinity bless you work, watch your six and health. I loved your interview w/ Dr. Li-meng Yan. She’s so cute, wanna save the “boat people” wolwide.

  23. For anyone who’s interested, another interview with Dr. Cernea.

    The brutality of Russia is older than Putin and the USSR
    Dr Anca Cernea and Costin Andries – Mar 26, 2022 – interview in Romanian

    My translation of some of the main topics discussed.

    -Many palace coups in Russian history, but without a radical change from within the West will enthusiastically embrace Russia again if Putin is replaced, there will be Perestroika 2.0; the death of (imperialist) Russia has been declared many times and it never stuck
    -the captive non-Russian nations in the federation must be given their independence/allowed to decide their own fate

    -Denazification must be applied to the Russian people not just the elite; recent surveys show that ordinary Russians 86% support the invasion of other countries after Ukraine, **75% thought Poland should be the next country for helping Ukraine**
    -yes, they are being disinformed and subject to propaganda but up to the date of this interview as many as 15,000 Russian soldiers died, that means 15k families affected who would have an idea that the war is not like it is being portrayed by the Russian media, yet there is still overwhelming popular support for the invasion
    -This goes back to very old ideas that Russia must expand no matter what, no matter that inside it people are dying of hunger, the whole world must fear Russia
    -Important to understand that it is not Putin who is bombarding maternity hospitals, etc; yes, there is a military hierarchy but the lower-level commanders on the ground can choose not to execute civilians or hit such targets; the ‘just following orders’ argument was rejected at the Nuremberg trials

    ( intercepted communication of Ukrainian separatist talking about Russian soldiers – drunk, disorderly, shooting at each other and civilians)

    –Concerns about Navalny–
    -Polish journalist warned that Navalny is not the leader that those concerned about Russia should wish for, he is an imperialist, his mentality may not differ all that much from Putin; we should not want a more efficient, economically strong and less corrupt Russia where everything runs like clockwork, that would mean Russia producing high-quality armaments and running a more efficient war machine
    -Navalny says that Putin is not Russia, but opinion polls belie this; he also supported the annexation of Crimea and Abkhazia, he may want the same thing as Putin but with less corruption

    -Poles are aware that even in Germany denazification was only a partial success (eg a member of the AfD writes on twitter that Eu is on the verge of another world war caused by Poland)
    -The new refuge of a German national pride that has not been fully denazified – there exists a sense of national superiority and contempt for others, the idea is that Germans cured themselves of Nazism and therefore are more knowledgeable and in a better position to point out the Nazism of others (eg of Poles like former president Kaczynski)
    -This attitude has practical consequences as Germany is the de facto leader of the EU/Europe, Germany dictates and smaller nations must follow; Germany and France made Russia’s invasion possible, they ignored and ridiculed the warnings of Eastern Europeans

    Near the end there is a fascinating clip of a 2019 interview by Arestovici, advisor to Zelensky, very prophetic. (The subtitles are in English but partly blocked by the program name.) He said:

    -Russia will launch a large-scale attack, they will cause a lot of devastation to make Ukraine undesirable as a member to NATO; 99.9% probability that the price of entering NATO will be a war w Russia, if the war d/n happen and Ukraine does not get into NATO it will be taken over by Russia in the next 10-12 years
    -on balance best option is a major war w Russia that Ukraine will win, war of independence more desirable than being swallowed up forever by Russia
    -Predicts that Russia will try to take Kiev by siege, encircle the UA army in Donetsk, destroy key infrastructure, airborne attacks. The most critical years are 2020-2022

    Cernea and Andries comments:
    -Shows that Ukrainians knew what was coming and were prepared for it, they know why they are fighting, what they want to achieve, not in total panic
    -Interview shows that Putin did not suddenly go crazy

    1. Most AfD fellows simplly seem not to see that it is not the help for Ukraine – which could be stronger as in Poland it is -that causes higher prices and so on, but the so called “Energiewende”, made by the same people, partially, that made up Nord Stream and betrayed the Ukraine. (Schwesig and so on e. g.).

      So in their seek for strength and masculinity that many of those DDR-propaganda-victims, Stockholm Syndromers and so on does not have, and in their hatred against Poland and the Catholic Church a. s. o., I guess, they want to ally with the “Strong” “Man” Putin, who is far away enough – they think. And maybe they wish to divide Eastern Europe again. And build up a strong alliance against plutocratic jewish evil capitalistic oppressing USA.
      And they do not see that the forces who are responsible for so much evil in the world like abortion, sexualization, family destruction, centralization, greenwashing are the same who HATE America und the Occident- and that they are not “capitalistic” or “neoliberal” in the sense of the words, but socialistic and dirigistic.
      And it is not seen either, that abortionism in Russia is horriific, and that there is less substantial difference e. g. between Western Gallicanism, Protestantism, State Churchism and political correct Modernism even in Catholic Church here and KGB-Orthodoxy and Byzantinism there, and that Schwab called Putin a Young Global Leader, and that the fact that the much-hated Merkel made deals with Putin should be a warning sign.

  24. The clown world kaleidoscopic filter of bread & circuses can’t be maintained under economic stress; perhaps this is all beneficial to the end of shaking the rousable out that toxoplasmodic torpor obscuring proper Friend-Enemy distinguishment. Another “Burning Kansas” is never going to be tolerated in the USA . . . enormous self-restraint in the face of these tacitly sponsored ‘peaceful’ protests belies the fact. It is too soon, and their occluded schemings can’t wait for more favorable population replacement to take hold. Absent carrying off the biggest gamble of all they don’t have the morale to prevail, ‘conventionally’ or otherwise once Mao & Yamamoto’s dictums are acted on . . . The top levels of the ideologically committed prime movers would rather reign in hell, but everyone in between could be persuaded otherwise. It will be those ‘managerial elites’ getting atomized for lack of New Zealand silo bunkers along with the plebs, too.

  25. Sorry, but for the first time since beginning reading this great blog, I have to contradict:

    Late Antiquity was not at all a beautiful era. It was a time of exploitation.

    The Germanics, unlike the Mohammedans, brought a new sense for freedeom. The Roman Law contents the sentence, that what the prince likes, has to be law. This is not at all in any sense a germ of Western culture – mere, it is the germ of its decline.

    The Canonic law and the “Consuetudines” were the born of the West – and Scholasticism and Mysticism were Germanized versions of Philosophy.

    See Count Montalembert (History od the monks), Count de Tocqueville, the Reichensperger Brothers, Goerres, or Bishop v. Ketteler.

    So far, the so called Roman, i. e. Late Roman/Byzantinic Law is a servile law and is fundament of absolutism, gallicanism, state church – also the Reformators used it.

    Look at medieval cathedrals – they are the opposite of antique temples. The flower of Christianity was in the Middle Ages, never in Byzanz so far. Of course there are many exceptions, but the Church fathers, who partially looked at the Germans as a kind of purge, could not impede the state absolutism of the “dominate” even after Constantine.

    The Eurasian Ideology looks at Moscow as a §rd Rome. Actually, it is a 2. Byzanz

    Best greetings and wishes from Old Germany!

    1. The Original Thirteen States, were founded upon Christian Common Law. The Federalists, favored Roman Statutory Law. The US Constitution included Admiralty Law, for dealing with insurance claims do to Muslim Barbary Pirates raiding civilian American trading ships. Eventually, Admiralty Law was imported on land to deal with broader issues, thus widening the use of Roman Statutory Law over Common Law. Lincoln’s war was the death knell of Christian Common Law in the United States of America, with the imposition of illegitimate 14th, 15th, and 16th Amendments which were not ratified with a proper quorum, as the South boycotted the Fist Congress after Lincoln’s war. After the overturn of Roe v Wade, Justice Clarence Thomas foreshadowed that the 14th Amendment might be rescinded.

      1. Thanks! For I am, as I wrote, German and not American, these questions are not that familiar to me.

        The mentioned common law evolved out of the synthesis of canon law and Germanic common laws, espially the AngloSaxons. Despite of Reformation, it could stand longer there than on the Continent, even in Germany.

        In Germany Roman Law was used or abused by the Hohenstaufen against Estates and the Church.

        Here the act of Maximilian I. 1495 could be seen as the end of Common Law in general, not in detail

        The “nationalists” often talk about Germandom, but they do not have it. They follow Luther, Friedrich and Bismarck, they are centralists of Gallic attitude.

      2. I have to add that what we here call “centralism” is what You call “federalism”. “Federalism” means, for us, the opposite of that what it means in the USA.

    2. See also Count Montalembert, “The monks of the West), starting with an overview about the late antiquity terror system and the Germanic values and so on. The main part begins with St. Benedict and ends with St. Bernhard

  26. Jeff,
    I have learned so much from reading your column. Thank you for persevering to illuminate history, and presenting the patterns of thought and the concomitant actions of communists.

    Like others have expressed, I have become disheartened with certain other writers and speakers. A few blogs ago, I mentioned that Curtis Bowers aired an interview by the current head of Lyndon LaRouche’s group basically blaming us and NATO for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. I challenged this viewpoint in the comment section using what I have learned here, and a week later, Bowers made a special statement in his presentation that we should do our own homework; that he can’t vet all the people he has us listen to; that he doesn’t necessarily agree with what they are saying or all their past positions, etc. He didn’t admit he was wrong to air those lies, but I took that as a minor victory in the propaganda war.

    I wouldn’t have been able to do even that without what I have learned here. Thank you.

    There is another blogger with a wide audience named Jeff Childers who is similarly misguided and needs to be educated rather than spewing the Russian line. He is a prominent Florida lawyer and has been a champion against mask and vaccine mandates. He represents some J6 clients and in general I admire what he is doing in the fight against tyranny. But! He is wrong on Ukraine and he buys into the Russian propaganda. He writes a daily blog called Coffee and Covid. He is a master of sarcasm against government bureaucracy, but I wish we could open his eyes to the Russian machine so he could use his gift of gab there. He has a massive readership. It would be great if the Nyquist army could write to him. Commenting is pointless because there are too many posts and Childers rarely interacts; plus you have to pay to comment. But a few letters and articles sent to his law office may get his attention.

    The reason I bring this up is because this may be a way to influence the conservative influencers. A personal note from us with a blog from Nyquist may do more good than thought possible.

    1. We have the same problem in Europe and esp. in Germany.

      The German Rightist often think that our mass media and state tv is pro Ukraine and pro Israel, so one has to be for Russia or even for PLO.

      But actually, there is often a big “BUT…”. There is no real support for Israel, and also the state TV emphazed Russian interests a few years ago.

      Now the so called “Briefeschreiber” get a lot of opportunities to tell us that we extend the war by giving armour, that the war cannot be won by Ukraine – they say it for months…- and that we nmust act diplomaticaly and that wars cannot be ended by weapons.

      If the media were pro Ukraine, that would not be the case,I guess.

      The ideological camps are completely confused.

      There are state media journaists like Lueders, who make propaganda for Russia for years.

      There is the former chief of state security, partially a kind of FBI but only for political questions (“Verfassungsschutz”) Heiko Maassen, member of Christian Democratic Union,

      there are Greens like Antje Vollmer, member of the German Russian Forum, where also another state media journalist, Gabriele Krone-Schmalz, is, and some prominent Social Democrats.

      There is Manuela Schwesig, governour of Mecklenburg,SPD, who pushed Nord Stream 2 under the flag of “Climate protection”

      There are mere conservative authors like Matussek or the Swiss Roger Koeppel and his “Weltwoche” (Week of the World) ..

      The pseudo-rightist pseudo-oppositional “Alternative für Deutschland” (Alternative for Germany) is pro Putin, also the Socialist Unitiy Party, who calls itself now “Die Linke” (The Left).

      Our president Steinmeier was responsible for Gazprom deals in his time as foreign minister, our former chancellor Merkel, CDU, but with her roots in the communist DDR and never a real Conservative (like Orbán?!), either.

      There are a few rightist media and authors who may see what is going on and what lead to this war.

      So the “Junge Freiheit” (Young freedom), a weekly paper in Berlin, and “Achse des Guten” (Axis of Good), whose co-author Henryk M. Broder now cancelled his writing for the mentioned “Weltwoche” because of its Pro Russia Agenda.

      1. I have had articles published in the JUNGE FREIHEIT. The political climate in Germany is toxic. It is a hard struggle in Germany for genuine conservatives who know the identity of the country’s real enemies. The treason in Germany — as in other Western countries — is mind-boggling. Interpreting events today requires a lot of background knowledge.

      2. Ten years ago I myself believed what was told me about USA, Nine Eleven, Syria, Russia, Ukraine. Most of my former friends – I misfriended the last few weeks ago, I cannot have to do any more with this mixture of flat Antiamericanism, Cryptosocialism and Macchiavelism You find on the German “Right” – believed it and they may still believe, not only that one.

        And a bit of that was in me until the invasion – e. g that I had the idea that there were no treaties about NATO not to expand, but unwritten promises. I was negotiated with other things, Medievalism, Church history and so on. Then I began to research with the help of new facebook mates so that I found the books of Torsten Mann, You seem to know him. Hans Count Huyn, CSU, 1930-2011, was known to me as author about Russian danger, but I never read these books before, and I ordered some of them.

        It seems almost impossible to me that his warnings were NOT intentionally overheard.

        If one had wanted to know about Gorbatschow and Perestroika, one could have known. Some things are not that secret.

      3. Yes. The information is not secret. It is buried beneath a mountain of disinformation. If you believe any part of the disinformation you will dismiss the truth at first hearing.

      4. So I am negotiated deeper with Russian affairs for a short time, but I publish these things – in most cases without success. The secret Putinism is much deeper than one would mean. Whataboutism is part of all that.

        “ok, sorry for what is happening in Ukraine, if it is really happening, but everything has two sides, and what about Iraq and so on, where were you then?” in this way they argue

        Oh, I remember well the rallies against invasion of Iraq in 2003 in Germany. There even were school strikes with sitting blockades, however, not in the extension of today with our “Climate protests”.

        I remember the Antiamerican sentiments twenty years ago. And I remember that the war was over after three weeks and with much less victims. I remember that the installed regime was not eliminatoric, as Russian officials plan to destruct and reeducate Ukraine.

        But now the so called “Friedensbewegung” again runs against USA in a similar way so that one without knowledge might think USA and NATO had invaded Russia…

    2. Great idea! Many good people are being led astray by the carefully crafted Russian propaganda. If we could help folks see the pattern of disinformation built up over the last decade, we could break the spell of confusion that has been cast.

      1. Hey, Jeff. When will you collaborate with Diana West? I’m kind of surprised that you are friends who share immense knowledge of “the pattern of disinformation” communists have woven into the fabric of western society, but you don’t often interact.

    3. I shared Mr. Nyquists blog on the Gateway Pundit the other day, a few times. Also I kept emphasizing the fact he had so clearly made clear, i.e. that the Communists have infiltrated both the Right and Left in our country (and Europe), and they are greatly controlling the narrative to manipulate public thought, and cast Russia in a good light, and Ukraine as evil. (And many other things they manipulate I know, but the article being commented on was about Russia and Ukraine.)

      I got plenty of downvotes. Called a few names. One person said Jeff is a neocon. One or two told me to go listen to other bloggers or podcasters who are definitely dupes for Russia.

      I couldn’t even plainly type the link to the blog. The moderator(s) wouldn’t permit comments with the address to be posted.

      I had to type it as j…r…nyquist dotblog.

      I’m convinced many of them were trolls, but it was a pretty fruitless endeavor.

      I think I can see why Jesus said “Who hath ears to hear, let him hear.”

      You can lead a horse to water, but you cant make him drink. All we can do is direct them to this blog, share the info. If they have any instinct about truth and lies, no doubt in my mind they will realize what Jeff says is true.

      Otherwise, they just don’t want to know, and I say that’s on them.

      1. Johnson put out another article last night. I tried again to direct people here. There were actually several people calling him out last night.

        Something is definitely wrong with Gateway Pundit. The 3 or 4 articles I’ve read by Johnson don’t even have any substance. They use strong wording, sarcasm, and ridicule. He writes as if it is just a fact that Putin and Russia are right and just, and if you don’t see it you are a far left globalist supporting the likes of Sorod, Schwab, Biden, etc.

        Maybe that is why he puts out so many pro Russia articles. The high volume of articles in such a pretty short period of time might be supposed to make it appear that there is a lot of information supporting Russia, so there’s got to be something to that narrative.

        But the actual substance of the articles is laughable.

      2. I just came home to rest through the heat of the day, looked at Gateway Pundit, and he has posted yet another article. This time he seized on a report that some American special forces guys are training Ukranian soldiers. He goes into a long explanation of all the special forces group in our country, some of their history, throws in a little humor about the Marines. All seems geared to evoke pride and patriotism in the readers.

        Then he shifts to implying how just like in Vietnam, this is setting the stage for heavy American involvement that will cost much American blood.

        Boy, he sure got the commenters riled up with that article.

        I posted a rebuttal, and I imagine I’ll be seeing a lot of insults now.

        I got a pretty good zinger in on him last night. I said that I had read an article that Putin’s superiors decided to let a new doctor look into Putin’s supposed stomach cancer. After thorough examination, the new doctor stated he thought it was actually a severe case of constipation. They gave Putin a powerful enema, and it turned out that it was actually Johnson’s head stuck up Putin’s arse this whole time. Lol

        Not that it makes any difference. He probably doesn’t even read the comments. But I think ridicule is one of the best ways to respond to Communists, their shills, and useful idiots.

      3. Mr. Nyquist, I need to clarify. I mainly think the best way to respond to Communist mouthpieces and propagandists is with ridicule, *primarily in public situations or forums* when they are spouting their propaganda.

        This was planted in my mind when in school, when a bully was trying to ridicule or manipulate someone in front of others, making him look ridiculous seemed to get to him more than anything else, short if besting him in a fight.

        But this was solidified in my mind toward Communists- or at least their propagandists like Johnson- when I read Armando Valladares book, Against All Hope.

        In it, he recalls that the Cuban Commies sent a fatherly older man to meet with some of the political prisoners where Valladares was, and speak to them as a friend or grandfather in how good Castro’s Communist regime was. This was in contrast to the cruel conditions the prisoners had been existing under.

        One guy acted like he was really convinced by the old man’s drivel and false affection. He played along for several days, and all thought he was truly convinced by the old man.

        Then one day, the guy turned the tables on the old man, and made him look like a fool.

        This infuriated the older fellow, and caused a lot if mirth among the prisoners, thus cheering their spirits

        Plus the authorities quit sending the fellow.

        I think that if a smug, self assured, arrogant Communist can be made to look silly in front if others as he spouts his nonsense, it rattles him some, but it cheers some of the audience, and may make the scales fall off the eyes of some.

      4. I know it’s not the thing to do in many situations. Maybe not at all. But in a situation where they really dont care what you say, but are attempting to dominate the narrative and smother out all dissent, I figure there’s nothing to lose, and it makes for some good laughs at the Communist bully’s expense. I know it might be oversimplifying, maybe childish in a way, but if they can be made to think, that for all their bluster, all their arrogance, all their puffed up delusions of grandeur, that some people can just laugh them off, I think that could rankle them like nothing else. And may even make them question what they are believing and trying to spread. I think it should mainly be reserved for just that type, not for people who are just going along, but can be made to consider.

    4. This is what I would say to the Covid warriors.

      I understand your anger after 2.5 years of Covid insanity. But the brutal, unprovoked attack on Ukraine is a reminder that we in the West could have it much worse. There is still an enormous difference between soft tyranny and hard tyranny, between losing your job for refusing the shot and having thousands of missiles rain down on your city. The lockdowns are nothing compared to being trapped in a bombed-out city without food or medicine, or to being forcibly deported to a hostile country. People in the West still have a choice, they can resist, move to more conservative areas or opt for naturopathic medicine/supplements instead of corporate medicine. Meanwhile in Ukraine the war is inescapable, even areas that aren’t being bombarded are under enormous strain due to influx of refugees and Russia’s targeting of economic assets (fuel depots, grain storage facilities).

      Anti-Covid warriors still have a lot of freedom to speak and act to change the direction in which things are heading. But you are not helping your cause by behaving like your enemies, callously kicking people when they are down and promoting what amounts to an aggressive Russian and Chinese new world order while decrying tyranny at home. The enemies of the West and Ukraine are the same. Whatever Fauci’s involvement in the Wuhan lab, just remember that Covid came from a military-controlled high-level biological research lab in China. The WHO also does the bidding of China. Russia still has one of the largest bioweapons research programs in the world, unreachable to outside inspectors. The CCP and PLA don’t take orders from Fauci or Pfizer, but they can use them to cripple America and the free world. The West is becoming less free and more like Russia and China. Coincidence?

      Finally, consider this. Why is the same message on Ukraine/NATO coming from everywhere in the conservative/anti-Covid sphere? Because if the freedom fighters start supporting the same tyrannical regimes as the Left, then there is no one left to defend the West.
      Think back to March 2020, it took a long time until most conservatives/freedom fighters were on the same page and started actively opposing the narrative of the Covid deaths, social distancing, vaccines, treatment protocols etc. It took time for people to (re)discover the truth when bombarded with a relentless media narrative. Now conservatives are at the same point as in spring 2020, when the whole world was successfully blitzed by fearmongering propaganda. Only now the emotion that’s being manipulated isn’t fear, but hatred and contempt. Soon after the start of the Ukraine war, nearly all right-media outlets suddenly knew the ‘real’ truth and were marching in lockstep, condemning Nazis, NATO and the biolabs. Yet for the first few days the victim/aggressor seemed clear, just as at the very beginning Covid was portrayed as another flu-like virus and Fauci was telling people not to panic. But then everything became murky and the victim, Ukraine, became the aggressor, just as Fauci changed his tune and told people to panic and stay locked down until a vaccine was available. In both cases the truth was told at the beginning but then got buried in lies. These sudden 180-degree turns are reminiscent of totalitarian state propaganda. Now, just as with the official Covid narrative, there is an impenetrable echo chamber on the right regarding the war in Ukraine. And just as with Covid, the preponderance of evidence completely contradicts the right-wing media’s narrative. So then why is it so pervasive and who benefits? Think. If Pfizer and Moderna can buy up scientists and research journals, why can’t Russia and China buy up alternative/right media opinion makers? Why only own the Left when you can own both the Left and the Right?

      1. You are exactly right, Laura. We must not allow ourselves to be manipulated by enemies. The consequences of this manipulation could be catastrophic.

      2. “I understand your anger after 2.5 years of Covid insanity. But the brutal, unprovoked attack on Ukraine is a reminder that we in the West could have it much worse. There is still an enormous difference between soft tyranny and hard tyranny,”

        Exactly, Laura. I was and am in this camp from pretty early on. I was calling these “mandates” the literal normalization of dictatorship with nothing to do with “science” but pure dogma, so-called “vaccine passports” digital dompasses for a “health” apartheid regime, and the dehumanization of dissidents and the non-compliant as “plague rats” or “cockroaches” – literal vermin, shamelessly echoing all the worst parts of the 20th century, all of that. Anyone involved in pushing this garbage on the common proles without allowing for personal choice is a criminal against humanity (or at least complicit) and I will never stop saying this.

        Health freedom was and is a worthy cause, something I will never stop saying: However…as to your other point, let’s just say I know now EXACTLY how those union leaders in the 20th century must have felt at their confederates’ endless apologia for the Kremlin’s crimes against humanity. It’s jarring, to say the very least. And this was something that people on the right had been (rightfully, I might add) excoriating people like the loathsome Walter Duranty for many years.

        “Finally, consider this. Why is the same message on Ukraine/NATO coming from everywhere in the conservative/anti-Covid sphere? Because if the freedom fighters start supporting the same tyrannical regimes as the Left,”

        Yes, people hate, hate, hate, HATE when I bring up this apologia and how it’s literally identical to how so many Western leftists talked about the USSR and their countless crimes against humanity. The Holodomor? Nothing but “Nazi/Western” propaganda! Stalin’s genocides? They were “collaborating” with the Germans/Japanese/British/Martians! The figurative-and-literal rape/enslavement of Eastern Europe? Nothing but “Nazi propaganda!” They’re entitled to “revenge against Nazis!” (Never mind the fact that basically everyone from one end of Eurasia over to Korea/Sakhalin had very similar accounts of being “liberated” by the Red Army) Crushing Hungarian and Czech dissidents under tank treads? They’re just “fighting neo-fascism!” The destruction of Afghanistan to bail out the Kremlin puppet regime? They’re “fighting terrorists!” And on and on and on it goes.

        While there are of course, shills, paid or otherwise, and true-believing fanatics pushing these narratives, the fact that they’re literally recycled from the Soviet apologists should be a gigantic red flag (no pun intended) and hint that they have their origins in the exact same people for the exact same reasons.

        “Now, just as with the official Covid narrative, there is an impenetrable echo chamber on the right regarding the war in Ukraine. And just as with Covid, the preponderance of evidence completely contradicts the right-wing media’s narrative.”

        Yes, the tendency towards tribalism and the need to “own the libs” has only contributed to this fact. You can barely get a word in edgewise a lot of places: If you place any doubt at all on the propaganda emanating from the “pious Christian crusader” and “ex-” KGB savior, you’re a leftist, warmongering, white-hating, homosexual, neocon, Klaus Schwab-loving pedophile who gets his jollies from war and “just hates Russians.” Or some combination of these things.

        It’s like if you don’t sing the praises of Eurasia (Putin) and Eastasia (Xi) a lot of places, you’re automatically and reflexively tarred as for the emerging Oceania in the West. As if you can’t be against all three! Hence, my handle.

  27. Jeff I would say you are more like a David and have been born for such a time as this. You have the knowledge, understanding, skill, courage, conviction, integrity and strength that no President has ever had. You would be dedicated to what the people and this country needs right now without compromise.

    Just to have you up on the podium speaking whether you win or not would do so much damage to their agenda and expose evil like no one else has before. Your words would be like Davids stone that killed the giant-nuclear truth bombs going off to influence and wake up the masses, giving the blind eyes to see, rescuing those being led away to slaughter, setting the captives free, taking out evil giants one by one.

    Jeff you are the ONLY one who knows what to do, has not God kept you in the shepherds field for this very season? Has he not given you all that knowledge, understanding and discernment to use powerfully for his kingdom and glory? Jeff I know God would have to speak to you and confirm such a call as this but I believe you are the ONLY one who has what it takes to navigate through theses muddy waters as thousands of others would agree.

    Even though you would be walking through the valley of the shadow of death you know God is with you, fear no evil…it is more important how you live not how you die-is this not the hill to choose to die on?

    I have had to step out alone in faith to open my own Pregnancy Center and start a March for Life Las Vegas, fighting all the demons of hell- It was impossible! BUT with God ALL things are possible! God taught me not to depend on humans but Him alone-He is our helper period! He is all we need and He is all we have, and He is enough!

    Jeff for President of the United States of America!

    I am here for you, to work beside you, to support you, to stand and fight for you and life, liberty and truth! You are in my prayers!
    God help us all!

    1. Thank you for the kind words. But I hope I am not the only one who sees the problems here. There are many of us and we are growing in numbers. It is slow now, but as events unfold everyone will see what is true and good. (I hope and pray).

  28. 8 HOURS AGO
    Former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev invoked the possibility of nuclear war if the International Criminal Court (ICC) moves to punish Moscow for alleged crimes in Ukraine.

    “The idea to punish a country that has the largest nuclear arsenal is absurd in and of itself,” Medvedev, a close ally of President Vladimir Putin, said on messaging app Telegram.

    “And potentially creates a threat to the existence of mankind.”

    Russia on Tuesday claimed that some of the weapons the West is sending to Ukraine are spreading across the Middle East and ending up on the black market.

    Speaking in televised remarks, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that Ukraine had received more than 28,000 tons of military cargo so far, and some of the Western weapons were appearing in the Middle East.

    He did not provide any details to back up his claim.

    “In the hope of prolonging the conflict in Ukraine, the collective West is continuing large-scale arms supplies to the Kyiv regime,” Shoigu said.

    “According to information at our disposal, some of the foreign weapons supplied by the West to Ukraine are spreading across the Middle Eastern region and are also ending up on the black market.”

    1. Only 28,000 tons? A division in combat eats up 1,600 tons a day. In two days of fighting the Ukrainian Army should be consuming more than 28,000 tons. So if Shoigo is right, in more than four months of fighting, the West has supplied two days-worth of supplies to Ukraine. He might want to revise his numbers.

      1. Oh, I thought he said weapons. Maybe the guns are those plastic little Glocks?

      2. If they captured weapons, it would be the equivalent of 700 main battle tanks. I am very skeptical of such claims. This sounds like propaganda.

      3. A division in WW2 was estimated to average 800 tons per day. But in heavy combat, with constant artillery use and tanks using fuel in maneuver the use could double to 1,600 tons. To meet this requirement a current Russian division is assigned 300-400 supply trucks each able to carry 3-4 tons.

      4. Would you believe a hundred used pickup trucks and a pallet of Friskies Tender Vittles?

      5. Seems like Stingers are usually the main weapons which the US provides to the Taliban and Al Qaeda. How many of those weigh 28K tons?

      6. That’s quite an irony that a division eats the equivalent of 700 battle tanks per day. Imagine if a Division could acquire more than a quarter million battle tanks per year.

      7. You are misrepresenting my math. Per day it would be something like 40 tanks. A division could need that many replaced in a day’s combat.

    2. What I find most disconcerting is how Medvedev, again overtly threatens nuclear war. So many public figures are talking nuclear war, in much to casual a manner.

  29. I’ve seen people comparing the current situation to people trying to appease Hitler prior to WW2, not that Putin’s regime follows Nazi tenets (Dugin’s flirting with neonazis aside), I’ve heard a political commentator who considers himself Christian/Right Wing/Libertarian saying “go nuts” about what Putin wants to do to Ukraine, almost as if those people believe Russia, after completely conquering Ukraine, is going to declare to the world: that’s all folks, time to head back home, when the Kremlin mouthpieces are already accusing bordering countries of being “russophobic” and whatnot.

      1. How many invading troops does it take to hold captive territory per capita?

      2. By any estimation, does Russia feasibly have sufficient personnel to reassemble the Soviet Union and maintain order?

      3. Russia might conceivably manage to intimidate former Soviet satellites into evicting NATO and installing Russian operatives into leadership positions.

    1. @ Hank – I guess this was the plan in the 90ies, and they seem to miss their goal and that is why we now, every day, hear and read that NATO hat promised not to extend…..

      1. In 2004, Putin said Yes to an Ukrainian membership in EU. 18 years later now – UA is still not member.

  30. Maybe the question that is being asked is the wrong one. Instead of asking what will I lose, ask God who he will save. Remember God was willing to spare a wicked city if he could find 6 more righteous people in a time when the bar for righteousness was lower than ours. We wouldn’t have thought Lot or his daughters were good people. We would have called Lot a coward. But the Bible holds him up as an example of faith. Maybe the real truth is the only way to be truly righteous is through faith in the Son of Man. Everything that has happened over the last 2.5 years has been to make us lose faith in Jesus. Replacing faith in God where it should remain with faith in man.

    That Russia wants to expand her borders is not surprising and she is using a time of great peril in the west to act. But would it have been much different if Trump was in charge? I don’t think so, she would have gone southwards and fought a proxy war with Turkey rather than Germany. That in a way would have been worse as they could achieve their goals without sanctions. Do we in non-European countries really want to get involved in another Russian/German war to determine if the borders between east and west sit on the Dnieper or the Rhine?

    The issue for the United States and other western nations is are you prepared for the storm? Who is your anchor? If the storm hits are you prepared? Do you have spare oil? Have you been praying for your family, asking God for protection?

    1. The highly esteemed late Reverend Billy Graham once said:
      “If God doesn’t punish America, he’s going to owe an apology to Sodom and Gomorrah.”

    2. Maybe the issue is if USA or others want to let a new Hitler-Stalin-Pact be evolved between German SPD, SED and AfD and even others here and Putin there to divide Eastern Europe and establish Eurasia as a threat to USA…or not

  31. Jeff,

    Outstanding writing and reflection as always! I have read your book, “A Fool and His Enemy: Toward A Metaphysics of Evil” and am currently reading Diana West’s book, “American Betrayal”. Both books should be required reading for every American, especially for misguided conservatives. Your writings only make Diana West’s arguments stronger than ever Keep fighting the good fight. .

    1. I don’t know if “American Betrayal” has been discussed here, but I see Prof. Radosh examined a number of dramatic claims and judged them baseless. Did others find supporting evidence? So few bother to examine dramatic claims, in our current psychological miasma.

      “McCarthy On Steroids”

      “How Diana West’s new book, American Betrayal, spins a vast conspiracy theory without the evidence to back it up. ”

      “…Conspiratorial theories of history are easy to create once you are prepared to ignore the realities on the ground, or regard those who do take them into account as part of the conspiracy too. This is the path that Diana West has taken in her misconceived and misleading book…”

      1. @Lorem: Simply out of fairness, you should at least read the free sample available on Kindle of Diana West’s reply, entitled “The Rebuttal”. She goes through Radosh’s allegations one by one, and shows that not only that his accusations do not stand, but also that he was not making honest errors, and was intent, for his own reasons to blacken the reputation of American Betrayal by any means possible.

        I was in your position some time ago when I had only read Radosh’s hostile review, and thought that surely there was no comeback after that. I was entirely wrong, as I’m happy to admit.

        Jeff also waded through the controversy, and came out firmly on Diana West’s side, so if you don’t want to take the time to check, then you can’t think very highly of Jeff’s judgement. The substance of American Betrayal is of the utmost importance, and you need to find out for yourself, as far as it is within your intellectual capabilities, whether what she says in the book is true or false.

      2. If you actually read West’s book you will find that Radosh’s claims are baseless. He misrepresents her book. He builds a straw man. He attacks the straw man he has built. He engages in cheap name-calling.

      3. Now doing a deeper dive on work of Diana West.

        My head just keeps exploding. Blown away by the story of William Wirt (read about it here; the use of show trials – going so far back – as ritualistic sacrifice to sear into popular imagination the opposite of the truth. In America, just about the worst thing you can be is mocked.

        I grew up in SoCal in the 80s. I might as well have been part of some grand experiment in enculturating the Big Lie, cradle to grave (maybe I was!). Man, what a long strange trip it’s been.

      4. Yes. I read the transcripts of the Congressional hearings on Wirt. The left’s dishonest smear tactics were on full display.

      5. “I have written some essays on Diana’s work…”

        Thanks. I’d searched your site for the book title, but didn’t see particular material. Can you link the relevant essays?

      6. re: “American Betrayal”:

        Just to check one thing, something important: I considered West’s provocative uranium claim, as it was addressed by Radosh:

        “West also insists that Lend-Lease aid was a crucial ‘rogue operation’ orchestrated by Hopkins and the NKVD for the purpose of getting not only war supplies to the Russians, but ‘the materials that go into making an atomic bomb…up to and including uranium.’ (Her emphasis.)”

        Then I read through her “Rebuttal” preview,

        noticing that she didn’t make a substantive rebuttal of Radosh’s uranium points (at least, not there). To my mind, her uranium claim looks like an accusation of wartime treason, leveled not just at Hopkins, but also, by inference, at General Groves. I think. As Radosh noted:

        “General Leslie Groves, who was in charge of The Manhattan Project, signed off on the shipment, as has been well known for more than 60 years, because he feared that if he rejected the requests it would tip-off Moscow that uranium was a highly sensitive commodity, something he was certain they did not yet know.”

        West’s rebuttal (preview) mentions uranium, but doesn’t really rebut Radosh’s hard uranium points.

        What to say? I just feel we shouldn’t have to dig so hard to determine whether an author’s provocative book-selling claim holds water. — And who charges readers once again, for a rebuttal?

        West holds an English degree, and she wrote that book after the age of 50, when she should have known very well how to make a case in print, and how to proactively defuse criticisms that were sure to come. I’ll leave it at that; Jeff might have a comment.

      7. Diana was referring to Major Jordan’s Diaries regarding the transfer of nuclear project materials sent to Russia. Did Radosh impugn Jordon? Perhaps he did not dare. And I do not grasp the problem that you and Radosh see with presenting Jordon’s testimony. Do you dispute the truth of it? Apparently not. As I recall Diana did not level charges against General Groves inasmuch as she presented testimony demonstrating his negligence and Hopkins’s connivance. There are serious questions here. Surely you do not agree with Radosh that Diana’s questions are out of bounds; that is, questioning the propriety of sending uranium and nuclear-related materials to Stalin. Radosh writes as if this is perfectly fine. And do you expect me to swallow the absurd excuse: We had to give Stalin everything he needed to build an atomic bomb because he would have become suspicious otherwise. Please! Do we not know that Stalin is always suspicious? That Stalin’s agents had the run of Roosevelt’s White House? Why should we stupidly pretend that Hopkins was NOT empowering Stalin at our expense? What I find unacceptable are these children’s excuses: The dog ate my homework on communism so I did not know who Stalin really was, or that Hopkins had marched over to the Soviet Embassy to warn them that J. Edgar Hoover had discovered Moscow’s spies had already penetrated the Manhattan Project in 1943? Are we reading her text without recalling the entirety of the case?! How is Diana to blame if you cannot retain the facts she presents so as to form the larger picture? Taken separately and out of context everything appears to be nonsense. Well? Wasn’t there a betrayal? Weren’t there two Soviet spy rings in Washington then? Or was there three? Did the dog eat those chapters so Radosh did not read them? If you want to characterize Diana’s factual recollections as counter factual you will have trouble. Lend lease DID GIVE Stalin the materials he needed to build a bomb. This is a fact. Radosh tries to make this fact disappear. Why?

      8. Re Lorem comment: “What to say? I just feel we shouldn’t have to dig so hard to determine whether an author’s provocative book-selling claim holds water.”

        This is exasperating. For starters, the point about Uranium wasn’t a “book-selling” claim. That’s Radosh’s bias that you’re repeating.

        Otherwise, yes, we absolutely SHOULD have to work that hard. Want everyone else to do it for you? It’s not easy to sift through and determine whether contra views of history hold water and are correct. But that’s what we have to do to be responsible. If you want to be spoon fed, and not put in the time, that’s how we got here. People believe anything if it’s fed to them the right way. It takes a lot of TIME to read research that challenges common knowledge. It just can’t be done by reading the first 3-minute read that pops up on Google. If you can’t be bothered to put time in to the work that’s been done, don’t blame the work.

        It may feel like a good excuse to be “too busy” and think if someone wants to teach some thing new, it’s on them to produce a 5 minute version. But that’s just lazy. It’s not Nyquist’s job, or West’s job, to feed us bite size pieces. We owe them a huge debt of gratitude for doing the research and compiling the results. This attitude is just so disrespectful to people who spend DECADES meticulously working through evidence, and probably even more time working to present it. You find a “preview” of a rebuttal on amazon, don’t find a soundbyte on what you want, and complain you shouldn’t have to work that hard?

        Up to you. This is why people believe BS. They think their own knowledge is someone else’s responsibility.

        Here’s a bit more of the rebuttal (Part I), where she says a little more about Radosh’s objection on the Uranium point. I didn’t have to work all that hard to find it.

        I’m sorry if this response comes off as intemperate, I just find this so disrespectful toward honest scholars who dedicate their lives to the truth, and should not be expected to do all of our work for us.

      9. The most outrageous trick of Radosh was the false claim he made about Diana’s text. She supposedly wrote something untrue about Harry Hopkins. He gives a page number where it can be found. Diana complained she does not see it there. He gives a totally different page number. It was not there either. Radosh is shrewd enough to realize that most readers won’t check. What a nasty game he plays.

      10. “And do you expect me to swallow the absurd excuse: We had to give Stalin everything he needed to build an atomic bomb because he would have become suspicious otherwise.”

        re the unseparated uranium, I can believe what Gen. Groves said himself, because of his WWII role, responsibility, and clearance. I have no reason to think he was “negligent” in signing off on the shipment, where negligence suggests some slovenly mistake that led to disaster. Groves did debate Lend-Lease uranium with Congress, expressing his reservations, before eventually signing off. Conscious decision there.

        “Lend lease DID GIVE Stalin the materials he needed to build a bomb. This is a fact.”

        Lest the elephant get lost in the corner: I haven’t seen evidence that Lend-Lease uranium went into any Soviet bomb. This indicates that Groves’ assessment of their poor understanding was largely correct, at that time (early 1943). That does seem consistent.

        There’s no fact of any “Lend-Lease bomb”, right? No fact of Lend-Lease uranium inside any Soviet bomb, yes? I just want to get as clear as possible on that much.

        “All war is deception.”
        -Sun Tzu

        But again, this is Gen. Groves we’re talking about. Had West connected her WWII dots to make a treason accusation against Groves, she would have caught far more “heat”: i.e., many detailed rebuttals founded on a well-documented life.

        She didn’t connect those dots, nor did she explain why she didn’t.

        That said, I’m far more concerned about what’s happening in our time — actions that hurt us here and now. How many in power today have sold us out — to the CCP, to Russia, to any enemy agent with a dollar — while telling us pretty stories of patriotism? Such men need to be on the public’s radar.

      11. Diana does not accuse Groves of Treason. She credits him with trying to stop uranium shipments to the USSR. Read her book, not the slanders against the book.

      12. Yet you dismiss Groves’ own explanation for his uranium sign-off as an “absurd excuse”.

        1. So do you yourself think Groves committed treason?

        2. Are you chastising West for not making such accusation herself?

        3. And you refused to say whether there’s any fact — any real evidence — of Lend-Lease uranium inside any Soviet bomb. Obviously, if there’s no such fact, Groves’ “absurd excuse” checks out.

        Our enemies are happy to toss out contradictory, inconsistent stories. It’s all part of their destructive game. I oppose that, actively, and I expect the same of any other citizen. So give a clear and consistent story here.

      13. I do not understand? Why are you putting words in my mouth about Groves? Are you another of the countless trolls who come here to waste my time? This controversy is almost a decade past. I have to now reread all this obscure detail again to satisfy your inability to grasp that West’s thesis is correct about the communist infiltration of the FDR administration? After Venona this should not be controversial in the least. Why do you want to attack Diana West after Radosh already invented and lied about what was in her book? Now you try to twist my words? Have you bothered to read her book? Apparently not. You just read Radosh’s claims about it, read her response, and don’t as yet grasp what Radosh was doing. What kind of person twists every phrase and word to make the other person appear in the wrong? Why would anybody quibble with a thesis that is so well established by testimony and fact? You want me to crawl through the weeds? Okay. As I recall, Groves stopped the shipments of uranium after the first one. Yes, he made excuses for the first shipment. When people are embarrassed they make excuses. When I was in boot camp 44 years ago, my military trainers forbade me to make excuses under any conditions. So he was negligent because that material should have never gone out. He was responsible. But negligence is not treason. It is mere neglect. To his credit he corrected it. But that did not end the attempts to end-run him. And I never wrote he was a traitor, so why do you even suggest it is an issue? Are you dull-witted or just pulling my leg? And I never attacked Diana as you also suggest. And now you say I have to prove what the outgoing uranium was for. Oh no, the Kremlin wasn’t interested in making an atomic bomb! They just wanted to make uranium Christmas cookies.

      14. “[Gen. Groves] was negligent because that material should have never gone out. He was responsible. But negligence is not treason. It is mere neglect.”

        No, as I highlighted, he actually debated that shipment with Congress, before signing off on it, and for the reason given, explicitly. That’s not neglect, obviously. And since there’s no evidence that this uranium ever went into a Soviet bomb, there’s no new story here. THAT is worth knowing.

        “Lend lease DID GIVE Stalin the materials he needed to build a bomb. This is a fact.”

        Don’t write such click-bait. Organize your facts better, and present them concisely, effectively, convincingly. Set a standard for others, in all your text. Time is short.

      15. If I made some kind of mistake please direct me to the Congressional record date and House/Senate session in which Groves discussed uranium shipments to the USSR. I’d like to read about it. And I did not write any click-bait. You brought up this subject. You sided with a writer I know to be dishonest from reading his text.

      16. Here is Groves testimony to Congress on the uranium issue. It was from “Hearings Regarding Shipments of Atomic Materials to the Soviet Union during World War II, House of Representatives Committee on UN-American Activities, testimony of General Groves, Dec. 7, 1949. This testimony occurred several years AFTER the uranium went out to Russia — not before. Groves testified that there was continuous pressure on his organization to ship atomic materials to the USSR. Groves stated, “It was evident from reading the diaries that we didn’t want this material shipped, yet they kept coming back and coming back….” Groves added, “I believe it is fair to say that [General Wesson’s] … subordinates were fully aware that we did not want this material shipped abroad, and this continual pressure to ship it was certainly coming from somewhere.” Major Jordan testified it was coming from Harry Hopkins at the White House and that shipments of atomic-related materials did indeed go to Russia contrary to Groves’s orders.

      17. PS – I do not understand your arguments because Diana West’s case was that Harry Hopkins arranged uranium shipments to the USSR, went around Groves to get additional uranium from Canada for Stalin. It was, not about General Groves. It was about Hopkins. Diana does not attack Groves. As West pointed out in a Breitbart article, “There’s more evidence to consider, however. For example, after the war, Congressional hearings established the fact that FDR’s Lend Lease program sent the U.S.SR uranium, heavy water, and other atomic program essentials (including $13 million worth of aluminum tubes, which are necessary to “cook” uranium into plutonium). When the Manhattan Project’s Gen. Leslie Groves embargoed U.S. uranium stocks to prevent more such shipments, Lend Lease, it is also documented, circumvented the embargo by tapping Canadian stocks of uranium.” So there you have it. We sent them the specific materials to make bomb fuel. Is Diana West wrong on these facts? Is that what you’re saying. And please don’t bring General Groves back into the discussion.

  32. Dear Sr., what do You think about General Pinochet, Kissinger, Chicago Boys and China?

      1. Ok, what Is suspect to me is that the same Kissinger who forced the approximation to China, and who is mentor of Schwab, was the one who supported the Chilean regime. The Chicago Boys, Friedman and so on were for free trade?

      2. Kissinger did not support the Chilean regime. That is pure myth. At the time Kissinger mocked the strategic importance of Chile as “A dagger pointing at the heart of Antarctica.”

  33. By the way, are You familiar with the books of Kuehnelt-Leddihn, e g about “Leftism”?

  34. “It is not the army of a
    single conqueror like Alexander and Cæsar ; there
    are twenty kings unknown but intrepid, having
    soldiers and not subjects, accountable for their
    authority to their priests and warriors, and obliged
    by force of perseverance and audacity to earn a
    pardon for their power. They all obey an irresis-
    tible instinct, and unconsciously carry with them
    the destinies and institutions of the Christendom

    Please look at this – Count Montalembert writes avbout Roman Decadence and Germanic values.

    The true Right is found in Catholic Germanic Middle Ages – real diverstiy, anti-egalitarianism, as Kuehnelt marks out for Rightism. He admired Montalembert. I am writing a book about all this

    1. They just sent an excavator to knock down the remaining stones.

      Who does that at a crime site, same day, unopposed by police?


      1. Well, the guidestones were on private property, and had become very controversial over the years, did the owner of the property have it taken down himself?

      2. This is an excellent documentary about the stones.

        Dark Clouds Over Elberton (2015) complete documentary – YouTube

        This is an important documentary that provides a backdrop for much of what is happening today. Unlike Brad Meltzer who never reaches a conclusion, this documentary provides a definitive answer to an interesting mystery. That mystery has a direct bearing on today’s events. Listen carefully to the very end and you will understand. Read between the lines. Think.

      3. Update what I wrote above: the stones were originally set up on private property, which was still true the last time I looked at any information about them a few years ago, but that the county later bought the land. Apparently the owner (county) took down the rest of the monument as a hazard to safety.

  35. The Contemplative Observer, who comments here, and who has translated some of Jeff’s work, wrote a very thorough piece on this subject, under the title “The Georgia “Guide”-Stones: Signposts to World Tyranny”. I recommend this wholeheartedly, together with the rest of the articles on his site.

    1. Please post the link. I couldn’t find it. Thanks.

      1. I didn’t provide a link because I find that WordPress often blocks my comments, and the inclusion of links often triggers the algorithm. If you search for “the contemplative observer” you should find the site, and go to the articles page, then scroll down.

        But here, with the dots replaced by the word “dot” is the link to the particular page I mentioned:


  36. Going back to this week’s blog title, what will we lose?

    Let’s run a little simulation—the Soviets have nuked several of our cities as well as military targets. We have lost tens of millions of our population, if not a third to half. Let’s say we have beat back the invasion, leading to the collapse of the communist bloc. What would we lose? Would China still exist, or would they break up into multiple civil wars after seeing their vaunted PLA defeated? Would Russia effectively cease to exist? Will most of Central and South America sink back into its traditional petty dictatorships?

    Whole industries would have to be shut down. Within a few years, jet travel would cease. Our freeways would begin to crumble for lack of people to repair them. Many airports will become overgrown for lack of maintenance. If Taiwan remains free, we’ll still have access to chips, but all laptops are now manufactured in China. How many chip fabs in the U.S. would survive? Whole industries will be affected by lack of parts. Many factories will have to close for lack of workers.

    Some small industrial output could start up almost immediately with the machine tools preserved by hobbyists in their garages and barns. The main products at first would be repair parts. Would there be a customer base large enough to support more than small-scale manufacturing? With so much destruction, won’t the customer base be so impoverished as not able to purchase much output? With such a reduction of the population, how many fewer will there be of musicians, artists, writers? How much of higher education would survive? While I don’t expect us to return to life as it was in the 1800s, the technology to make certain high tech products has already been developed and can continue to limp along, for example the low-end, open-source Raspberry Pi whose latest models rival the performance of high end desktop computers of a decade ago, will probably still be made. Most of the internet running on fiber cables will probably be up in days. Transport of goods, including food, will be severely restricted.

    End simulation. How many have thought about what life probably will be like?

    1. If the war ends within a year, and we maintain our sovereignty, the standard of living minus a few luxury goods will be tolerable within five years. See H. Kahn’s study, “On Thermonuclear War.”

      1. If Russia were to launch a nuclear first strike against the United States, and if the US were to launch on warning, provided that we don’t have Brilliant Pebbles, then the US would lose more than a few cities, as would Russia and China. Arguably, cities are already not so important as they used to be.

      2. There are no brilliant pebbles. We never built SDI. Nuclear war is a war with bigger craters and more dead people. Russia has strong ABM defenses and solid civil defense. We have neither. They have more and better nuclear weapons and missiles. Ask yourself how this is possible.

      3. It just seems that your scenario is way overly optimistic. Especially in context of the fact that most Americans have received the mRNA shots, and US manufacturing, agriculture and small business has been eliminated under Covid. It would be tough enough to recover from the results of the restrictive mandates, let alone nuclear war, which would destroy far more cities than in the above scenario.

      4. Look at the date on H. Kahn’s study. Look at the lifestyles that existed at that time. How many people living today would be able to live that sort of lifestyle? I know I could, because I remember what it was like at that time. No TV. No air conditioner. The car I learned to drive in had to double-clutch from first to second, and had a crank for emergency starting. Many roads were just gravel or dirt. As a child, my family couldn’t afford hotels, so we went camping when we had to travel. My mother complained that the milk we got from the neighbor was too rich, so she took a cup or more of cream off the top before drinking it (I preferred it with the cream). The water from the well was hard. We had to do most of the maintenance around the house ourselves, so I grew up doing everything from concrete work such as for foundations to putting shingles on the roof and most things between. We were upper middle class and the neighborhood populated with professionals, not farmers. Yet this was our lifestyle six decades ago. Expectations then were not as high as today.

        People in more densely populated neighborhoods had piped in water and sewers, even gas, but those didn’t exist in our neighborhood. How many of those amenities will continue to work even five years after a thermonuclear war?

        By 2027 (assuming the war is this year) people could probably learn to live that sort of lifestyle. But many people will have to start learning.

        One humorous thing from that time was that we had a Hotpoint refrigerator and a Coldspot stove.

      5. Good grief, R.O. You just described my upbringing. Yeah, but that was actually the good life.

  37. Could the Georgia Guidestones be merely some whimsey on the part of a wealthy New Age advocate from the 1970s? Is there any link to the usual suspects like the Rockefeller family or other left leaning elitists of that time, the ones accused of supporting global government and the destruction of Western society and the Christian faith? This monument has generated a lot of speculation and conspiracy theories. The fact that no one has claimed it, while even Satanists and atheists will acknowledge their works has contributed to the speculation.

    1. This should give you the answer you are looking for.

      Dark Clouds Over Elberton (2015) complete documentary – YouTube

      1. Ha! Now we know why it was finally allowed to be destroyed! That was a great documentary. The left loves those guide stones…. I wonder what they would think if they watched that documentary and learned they were erected by a White Supremacist! lol

    1. War games in Latin America, elections in Brazil, a country much desired for its natural resources. Of course they want Brazil. Are they setting up a plan B in case of a electoral defeat? Sure Beijing and Moscow would greatly benefit, putting the whole Latin America into the fold of the red bloc.

      My dear Brazilians, join me in prayers for your country, only the Divine providence can help you.

  38. M-r Nyquist, before you close the comments section, would you answer my questions. I am curious what happens with the organized crime in Ukraine during the war when everything is devastated? I mean, the war would ruin their business empires, right? What is going on with the mafia during the war? Is it used somehow by Moscow against the Ukrainians?

  39. Guns of August?

    Iran, Russia and China and 10 other nations are reported to be holding military exercises in Latin America in August.

    Anyone confirm? Got this off the Anti-Ukraine Coalition ZOV channel on telegram. The Ukrainians are getting pummeled. This channel gleefully displays the seized western weapons, the destruction, and of course the glory
    of Russia ad nauseam. However it”s a good channel to monitor. Probably KGB run but maybe not because it’s very pro Russian nationalist .

    I found it interesting to read the reaction on the page after kaliingrad was
    embargoed. And they were furious. They speak on the channel as if WW3 is happening right now. It”s fueling their nationalism. The missile strikes on Belgrado whether false flag or not played nicely into Russia’s hands as well.
    Giving them a moral high ground for Russian domestic consumption and
    rally the people

    This is going to be brutal, but it’s game time. I really hope the people have the wherewithall to pull together. I feel that if an attack comes on our soil that
    may very well bring people together Like what happened during Katrina and so many other disasters . But, knowing that, the attack will be overwhelming and come at night maybe in November when it’s cold during election.

    Christmas eve when everyone is worn out from shopping and family dinners or New Year when everyone is wasted and it’s cold and snowy.

    Whenever it comes, this isn’t going to wait, this isn’t going to be magically wished away. It’s on the way, express delivery and very few people realize it.

    Be safe everyone

    -Bill Freeman

    1. Yes, timing would be the key. BUT…Katrina wasn’t that big of a pull together as you might think. And I really don’t see a better situation today among the brain-dead idiots running loose in the streets today. I see a lot of folks in the patriot movement pulling together – you know – those folks not highly thought of among some on this site.

    2. Bill Freeman: I think you named your comment appropriately. August is about the best time for military exercises. And war. I hope I’m wrong, would love to be wrong, hope it never happens, but I expect that the attack against the U.S. will happen at the same time at the attack on Europe beyond Ukraine. And that will be August. When the ground is dry and hard for tanks to maneuver. And the skies are clear for aerial bombardment.

      Are you ready? I’m not, but it’s too late. There’s a good chance I’ll be killed in the fighting. I hope to take as many of them as I can when I go.

      I fear that we won’t pull together until after the initial nukes arrive.

      1. @ R.O.,
        Ready, oh God no. I’m stuck in Peru, the country not Indiana
        When I cane here Peru was moving up. Had a vegetarian Indian resturaunt in the Andes mountain town of Huaraz. Partnered with a real good Indian chef and we did rather well Covid killed that one real fast because we catered to tourists.

        Now after covid and the new marxist president plus the trend here for authoritarianism they’ll side with China if pressed, so will most of South and central America. And that fits the authoritarians just fine. China doesn’t care how you treat your people they just want your resources and you never bad mouth them on the world stage.

        I’m in the process of trying to get the hell out, and I’m trying to bring a small family with me that literally saved my life in so many ways . They’re destitute and will probably starve to death before long if I leave them. A long story for another time.


        I really hope to return before there’s nothing left to return to.

        Stay Safe,

        -bill freeman

  40. Just saw this

    Weakening the US as much as possible before game time, I see. While
    feeding the dragon that wants to eat us. Reminds me of the story of the woman that nursed a snake back to health only to have it bite her.
    And the snake is like, what? Stupid woman, it’s my nature you should have known that

    More stupidity from brain dead Biden? No just more treason and selling us out to the dragon.

    1. And apparently to a Chinese firm that Hunter Biden invested in. Surely a coincidence. *rolling my eyes*

  41. On a lighter note, regarding the mysterious Georgia GuideStones, I have one question: where is Dr. Hari Seldon when you need him? 🙂

  42. Shinzo Abe shot (assassination attempt, gravely injured), the same day Boris Johnson finally drummed out. Just feels ominous.

    1. Oh no! Shot? In heavily gun-controlled Japan? This is bad. I thought he is doing the right thing.

  43. Shot in the back with a shotgun? Wonder if he was hit with pellets or a sabot?
    And the size of a shotgun and the relatively close distance, hhmm doesnt he have a security detail?

    I don’t know much about him, just read that he was a hardliner against China .
    Revenge or something else,? Time will tell .

    -Bill Freeman

  44. Look at the leadership of nations that support freedom: Boris resigns. The Israeli government dissolved until November election with a leftist liberal now in charge. Abe assassinated. Colombia elects a communist. Senile Biden in office. Freedom and democracy are on the ropes and western civilization is ready to disintegrate. Long life the farmers!

    1. We might need a kind of medieval mixed leadership with elements of kingship, nobility and family and so on, and next to the territorial parlaments also guilds and estates….

      but this has to be grow, it cannot be “made” in a few years as it has been tried, for example, in Portugal under a miitary dictatorship. Tentation of power is strong – and so we see quite problematic things in “rightist” dictatorships like in Spain (with much centralism instead of the old “fueros” for real), Chile, even more in Argentina,, also in Taiwan and Korea – all in all much less evil than North Korea, Red China, Kuba, USSR and others, but too “dialectic” responding to all that. Morality is no mass of disposition. So w e need a mixture of prayer and good deed.

      , or under de Gaulle (i would call it neobonapartism, it is as conservative as Napoleon III – not at all really),

  45. Has anyone been able to find out which “other ten nations” are going to participate in the Venezuelan war-games in August? I’ve looked at many sources, and none list the other participants. The fact that even Pravda doesn’t list them might indicate that the identity of the others is, for the moment, to be hidden from view.

    Presumably Nicaragua and Cuba will be there. If that still leaves eight other Latin American countries, then a significant open shift of allegiance will be evident. The most telling will be the participation of Colombia (too soon?), Chile, Argentina and Mexico (!).

    It might be that most of the remaining places will be taken by non-Latin American countries like Vietnam and Angola, in which case, there won’t be so many surprises.

    1. An interesting little snippet I found from News of India:

      37 Nations to Participate in Russia’s Army 2022 War Games

      Moscow, July 6 (UNI/Sputnik) The Russian Defense Ministry said Wednesday that 37 countries had confirmed plans to send national teams to the Russia-led Army 2022 war games. “As of today, 275 teams from 37 countries have confirmed their participation in Army 2022. Niger and Rwanda will take part in the games for the first time,” a statement read. The games will be held on August 13-27 in 12 countries: Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, China, India, Iran, Kazakhstan, Russia, Uzbekistan, Venezuela and Vietnam. A total of 36 military tournaments are planned, 12 of them in Russia, which will also host the Army 2022 international defense industry forum near Moscow on August 15-21.

      1. As far as who is participating in the “Sniper Frontier competition” I don’t know, but I found this:

        Last year Vietnam, Uzbekistan and Russia took the top honors. Some of the other countries participating in the 2022 IAG’s are Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Mongolia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia and Sri Lanka. Teams from Niger and Rwanda will take part in the games for the first time.

      2. May it be possible that one hears more about NATO maneuvres here than about such “games”? I guess this is a kind of training all around the world, from all around the world, many leftist countries within, and seem-to-be enemies as Armenia and Azerbaijan, It is groupeed around Russia and China as leading powers, it seems. There may be any kinds of military units on any kinds of terrain….

  46. Scary times! Did you see General David Berger’s comments yesterday about China?

    “Berger added that Chinese military capability is “on a very different level” than it was just 10 years ago, and that the Corps’ extant processes “were not designed with that in mind.”


    “To that end, however, Berger said that issues taken for granted when fighting terrorists would be anything but a given when fighting China. Foremost among those issues are logistics and the intensive art of ferrying troops and materiel when they are needed to be across an ocean while under constant pressure from Chinese forces.

    With that in mind, Berger said that the United States’ allies and partners would be essential components of national strategy, not just in terms of building a fighting force, but also in sustaining that force. In a potential conflict with China’s communist regime, he said, the United States would need to rely on nations like Japan and Australia to assist in maintaining supply chains and coordinating forces even as China sought to disrupt the nation’s ability to deploy its resources.”

    “Realistically, [China’s] going to challenge us back in our port[s] or beyond,” Berger said. “They’re going to try to slow our mobilization; they’re going to do everything that they can to slow us down as far back as possible.”

    It sounds good, but then he says they’ll “be ready by 2030”. That’s a little late. 🙁

    1. “On Wednesday, Reuters revealed that more than five million barrels of crude oil that were expected to be put into use in the US to bring down skyrocketing prices at the pump were instead sent to European nations, India, as well as China.”

      China! Think we’re being set up? 🙁

    1. The only thing I mean to know is that this would be more interesting for our “new Rights” especially here in Germany – AfD, and so on – than Russian brutality?
      If “they” wanted to help Ukraine fullheardly, and if they are the supposed liars as well – wouldn’t they try to let such things be unpublished?

      Why does the German weekly “Stern” makes an oppinion poll about if Germany should give heavy material? And publishes the result, with a little majority AGAINST?

      Why do Deutschlandfunk, part of the state media, gives a platform to Jakob Augstein? Why does, if I see rightly, does the weekly “Die ZEIT”?

      RND is described in German wiki:

      “ist die Redaktion für überregionale Inhalte der Verlagsgesellschaft Madsack GmbH & Co. KG. Deren größter Kommanditist ist die Deutsche Druck- und Verlagsgesellschaft, das Medienbeteiligungsunternehmen der Sozialdemokratischen Partei Deutschlands (SPD).”

      ” is the editorial staff for nationwide contents of the publishing company Madsack (and so on)., whose largest limited partner is the German Printing and Publishing Company, which is the media holding company of the Social Democratic Party of Germany…”

      So we see mainstream mere leftist private, state and party influenced media publish infos and opinions that damage and derail the defense of the Ukraine in different ways…

  47. I expect war to break out at any time between now and Nov. 1. But sooner seems more plausible to me than later.

  48. One thing I’ve noticed, Jeff, is you place a high value on “information”, simply because it is in some book written by somebody. Granted, you seem to follow with great vigilance the veracity of such claims, as born out by the unfolding of events after publication, but you seem to not give real weight to the possibility that the greatest misdirections and feints are in print, not in the casually passed around “conspiracy theories”.
    In fact, if the Marxists are this good at infiltration and misdirection, we must assume that they would build up a Jeffery Nyquist to be part of the mis-information, in some way. And we must assume, if they have succeeded in deploying tens of thousands of infiltrators globally, then at least at the hive mind level, they are considerably smarter than you or I. I find this unlikely. More committed for sure, never taking a day off, but not intellectually more capable. If they were they would already rule the world!
    None of this is to take away from your lifes work. Like I mentioned long ago: we are all kennel blind to one degree or another, and from 50,000 feet, most of us are just plain stupid. It is the stupid that give the authoritarians of all stripes their edge.

    1. There is a lot of disinformation in print. I don’t just pick sources at random. You have to test them, analyze them. Construct the right context and continually check and re-check.

      1. It would, in the same way, be possible that a commentary like above is part of derailing and misinformation. Because it underrates the danger

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