The books he carried were all thick and weighty, works worthy of an intellectual leftist – H.G. Wells, Marx, Marx and Engels, George Bernard Shaw. I cannot recall exactly. Clearly, Lee wanted it known that he did not waste time on light reading.

Paul R. Gregory[i]  

He was the right man, and he was prepared to do it. He was prepared to do a lot of things. It would have made no sense to contact him otherwise. His motive was bitter resentment.

Oscar Marino, Cuban Intelligence Officer

Fidel Got Kennedy First.

President Lyndon Johnson [ii]  

What we see today is a kind of madness, a kind of intellectual breakdown, appearing on all sides. In Tucker Carlson’s interview with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., we encountered this breakdown in the unthinking conspiracism of a Democratic presidential candidate. And now, with the Republican presidential debate of last Wednesday, we saw evidence of a breakdown on the Republican side. At the same time, President Trump’s conversation with Carlson (broadcast on Wednesday) struck a different note. Trump appeared to be sharp, sane, and sensible – even though his allegations of election fraud in 2020 are believed by less than one in three voters.

Why hasn’t the U.S. Justice Department launched an official investigation? Wouldn’t that settle the matter? Why not debunk Trump’s narrative and restore public confidence? But then, whose confidence would be restored? (Trump’s voters do not matter to the system.)

It is worth noting that Biden’s main challenger for the Democratic nomination, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., is the son of a famous U.S. Attorney General. Foolishly, the elder Kennedy opposed security rules that applied to appointees with communist connections. This was the first crack in the door allowing communists (after the McCarthy period) to flood back into government service in the 1960s. Of course, those mandates have further broken down, so the door has long been open to communist infiltration. And now the tables are turned. Instead of investigating communists in high places, the FBI goes after conservatives.

Signaling an ideological shift to the left, the Office of Justice Programs is now publishing pro-Marxist papers. One such paper, thought worthy of belonging on a Justice Department Website, states, “Marxism as a social theory refutes Carl Klockar’s 1979 criticisms of Marxist criminology, with particular attention to the concept of class.” The abstract goes on to emphasize Marx’s appreciation for capitalism’s “significant cultural and material achievements.” However, as Marx pointed out, capitalism needs a pool of unemployed workers to exploit. This “will increase the incidence of ordinary crime.” Capitalism then “brands the ordinary criminal as evil” with a return “to the moralistic, punitive justice model….”[iii] (You can guess where they are going with this. Not only is Sirhan Sirhan innocent. All criminals are unfairly demonized under capitalism.)

There are many other featured papers like this on Justice Department webpages. Given how crazy Marxism is, one might ask why Marxist nonsense is paraded on government websites in this way? A 2015 headline from The New York Post states, “Justice Department ‘staffed with Marxists and black radicals’: Missouri official.” The story is about Missouri Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder, who “asserted that the [justice] department was ‘staffed with Marxists and black radicals’ and defended statements he had made a day earlier accusing agency officials of racism.” Lt. Gov. Kinder accused Attorney General Eric Holder and President Barrack Obama of “incitement of the mob” by encourging disorder in Ferguson, Missouri following a police shooting. Think for a moment. Trump is accused of inciting a mob on January 6, 2021. Yet Obama and Holder could easily be charged with exactly the same thing. Why did nobody think to bring charges against Holder and Obama? The answer should be obvious. It is perfectly legal to incite a leftwing mob but illegal to incite a patriotic mob. “The Justice Department,” said Lt. Gov. Kinder, “has had an interest in fanning the flames of racial division since the first day Eric Holder took office. So has this president.”[iv]

Judging by outward appearances, the Justice Department is under communist management. Perhaps Trump needs to say, up front, that the Justice Department should be lustrated (i.e., purged of communists). Is this controversial? Does anyone want communists in the Justice Department? What argument can be made for allowing it? Anyone with sense knows that communists cannot take an oath, in good faith, to uphold the U.S. Constitution. Communists do not believe in the U.S. Constitution. They are politically committed to tearing it down. But even Trump does not make this point.

Furthermore, one cannot successfully oppose communism without explaining what communism is. One needs to explain, for example, that Russia is still ruled by communists, and so is China. One needs to explain that our Justice Department, CIA and Pentagon have been infiltrated by communists. Does anyone see how dire the situation is? Is anyone willing to talk about it? Trump skirts the edges, drops a few hints here and there, and scares the communists in the process. They are so scared they are attempting to put him in jail on false charges. So what does he have to lose by talking about communism in greater detail? Or does Trump have any details?

And then there was that reference to civil war in Trump’s interview with Carlson. Speaking of his own followers, the former president said they evinced passion mixed with love. He and Carlson both agreed that this was not an altogether good mix of qualities. Come to think of it, year after year the communists have advanced dispassionately, taking over the federal government. Meanwhile, the country has preferred a quiet life of work, shopping, and entertainment. So I wonder where one might find this “passionate” America Trump is talking about?

Kierkegaard wrote that a “passionate tumultuous age will overthrow everything, pull everything down; but a revolutionary age, that is at the same time reflective and passionless, transforms that expression of strength into a feat of dialectics: it leaves everything standing but cunningly empties it of significance.”[v] And so, having bypassed a revolution of tumultuous passion, we go along with a hollowing-out process. What is lost in this process, Kierkegaard anticipated, is character. From character comes passion which leads to morality and renewal. Men who are characterless, noted Kierkegaard, lack passion. They cannot renew anything. In fact, they do not know what evil is, enervated as they are by “a superficial, superior and theoretical knowledge of evil, and by a supercilious cleverness which is aware that goodness is neither appreciated nor worthwhile in this world, that it is tantamount to stupidity.”[vi]

Let us hope there are passionate people, and loving people, out there. Why would we want passionless, empty, people? Are we that addicted to our stuff, to the mirage of our prosperity? While Trump comes closest to saying what the problems are, he has yet to offer a comprehensive narrative that counters the enemy. Of course, that is not an easy thing to do. The communists have think tanks to work out their narratives. Trump is one man. Is he sophisticated enough to beat the communists at the narrative game?

In fact, the communists are trying to draw “conservatives” into their class-based narratives. And so, even Tucker Carlson, who has done good work in other areas, has latched onto such narratives. And in this battle of narratives, the JFK assassination is an important one for the communists. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., as an advocate and victim of such narratives, has been seconded by Carlson. As noted in Part One of this series, he has not come to terms with Lee Harvey Oswald’s role in his uncle’s death. He thinks Oswald was a CIA operative and not a communist.

Kierkegaard referred to a time in which, “All inwardness is lost … or else forms a colorless cohesion.” Walter Kaufmann, referring to Kierkegaard’s characterization, called it “the Age of Judas” where betrayal does not take place with a kiss – but with an interpretation. In this age there is no longer a difference between the creature and the Creator, the worshipper and God, the admirer and the admired, or the subject and his king. Everyone is a “polite equal.” Here is leveling at its most basic, where the hierarchical context of universal being has been lost entirely. According to Kierkegaard, “A father no longer curses his son in anger … nor does a son defy his father … [but] their relationship is irreproachable, for it is really in the process of ceasing to exist, since they are no longer related to one another….”[vii] One might say, in the case of Robert Kennedy, Jr., that a father cannot rely on his son to avenge his murder, or to hold his murderer responsible. Instead, the son evades responsibility by declaring the father’s most intimate associates guilty. This betrayal by way of interpretation, is Kennedy’s way out. He does not have to face assassination in turn if he refrains from confronting the real assassins – who might then come after him.

And so, we see, in miniature, how this Age of Judas involves betrayal – not with a kiss, but – with an interpretation. Thus, the assassination of JFK has become an interpretation-as-betrayal for the entire country. Here we find the nephew of the fallen president front and center. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., is an example of what Kierkegaard was talking about. Kennedy has become an apologist for assassins whose passionless course was the cold-blooded killing of John and Robert Kennedy. The nephew and son goes along with the present age, as a Judas in an age of Judases. If this sounds harsh, then I ask: What more can be said of someone who exonerates his father’s murderer while declaring the innocence of the guilty and the guilt of the innocent? To lay murder on the innocent is itself a crime, especially as anticommunists now stand in place of those accused, ready to be accused again.

Do you want communism to rule in this country, Mr. Kennedy? Then why don’t you speak out against it – against Antifa and Black Lives Matter, Red China, North Korea, and the KGB-man in the Kremlin? Why take up their favored narratives? (Especially when touching on your own father’s death?)

Meet the Oswalds

For those who knew Lee and Marina Oswald in the summer of 1962, the truth could not be more obvious. Lee Harvey Oswald shot and killed John Fitzgerald Kennedy. “Oswald’s biography reveals that he was a violent person,” wrote Paul Gregory, a friend of the Oswalds. As a child Lee and his mother “were expelled from his half-brother’s home because of his violent threats. His brother Robert Oswald noted a sadistic streak in twelve-year-old Lee when he took him rabbit hunting outside of Fort Worth.”[viii] When Lee’s first shot killed a rabbit outright, he pumped shot after shot into the dead rabbit. Robert began to worry about his brother’s mental state. He later told investigators, “I should have seen it coming.”[ix]

And what of Lee’s wife, Marina Oswald? “I have recollections of bruises on Marina’s face,” wrote Gregory. “Later, Marina said openly to her Dallas Russian friends that Lee was an abusive husband.” She tried to mitigate this abuse in her testimony to the Warren Commission, saying she sometimes deserved the beatings for making Lee jealous.[x]

One afternoon Gregory was visiting Marina when Lee came in carrying an armload of library books. They were leftist books, some of them by Karl Marx. Why did Oswald read such books? And why did Oswald keep a rifle in Ruth Paine’s garage? For what reason did Lee come to Ruth Paine’s home on a Thursday night, November 21 – the night before the assassination of JFK? It was a weeknight (which was not his pattern), and he came for one last visit with his wife, as if he knew it would be their last, at the house where he kept his rifle. Oh, how he needed that rifle. And why, that morning, did Lee Oswald leave his wedding ring in a bowl for Marina to discover? And why did he take his rifle to work, disassembled in a brown paper bag? Oh yes, on that fateful morning, people saw that bag. When asked, he told his ride to work it was “curtain rods.” And later that day, on hearing someone had shot the president from Lee’s place of work, Marina went to the garage and checked. No doubt, her heart skipped a beat when she found that Lee’s rifle was not in its place. Later she would even tell her children that their father – Lee Harvey Oswald – was guilty of assassinating President Kennedy. Would a wife and mother do that, if she truly thought her husband was innocent?

Another witness who knew the Oswalds was Ruth Paine, mentioned above. She took Marina Oswald into her home even as Oswald stashed his rifle in her garage (unbeknownst to her). Ruth Paine’s testimony before the Warren Commission was extensive. A few years ago, she was interviewed about her relationship with Marina and Lee.[xi] Ruth was asked if Oswald hated John Kennedy? No, said Ruth. Her recollection was that Lee thought Kennedy was “best president” in his lifetime. “I don’t think he was shooting at Kennedy,” said Ruth. “He was shooting at the office.”

Ruth broke down talking about Kennedy’s death. This was no play-acting. She felt badly. She was, after all, a clueless bystander who inadvertently helped an assassin store his murder weapon. Why was Ruth clueless? A better question might be, why was a young housewife, separated from her husband, helping a Soviet defector and his Russian wife? Ostensibly because Ruth wanted to learn Russian; because she dreamt of peace between the United States and Soviet Union. After the assassination, Lee Oswald’s brother Robert wrote negatively about Ruth. He did not like her because, “For a straightlaced ex-Marine (i.e., Robert), Ruth was too much of a hippie activist for his taste. He would later forbid Marina from moving back in with Ruth.”[xii]

Post Kennedy assassination, Ruth was dragged into prosecutor Jim Garrison’s office, when the New Orleans DA was trying to prove an assassination conspiracy theory. About her visit in Garrison’s office Ruth said, “There was a guy from Ramparts…” (A leftwing magazine that David Horowitz was co-editor of). To her credit, Ruth said the people in Garrison’s office were “nuts.” And what was her opinion of the Oliver Stone film about Garrison, titled JFK? “Garbage, pure garbage…. Terrible, terrible film,” she said.

It is interesting that Marina Oswald saw Lee only once after the Kennedy assassination. According to Gregory, who was present, “Lee warned Marina what not to tell the police. He professed his innocence, and assured Marina everything would be okay. His shaking voice told her otherwise.” Gregory says that Marina left the jail thinking Lee was guilty.[xiii]

The Cuban Connection

Was Lee Oswald part of a larger communist plot? Of course, we are supposed to laugh at anyone who places the word “communist” in front of the word “plot.” But is it laughable? According to Pedro Roig, “Oswald [first] made contact with Cuban intelligence officers while stationed at ‘El Toro’ Marine Air Base in Santa Ana, California.”[xiv] Nelson Delgado, a U.S. Marine friend of Oswald, testified that Oswald had admitted to receiving mail from Cubans and had developed contact with Cuban government officials in Los Angeles. This was prior to Oswald’s defection to the Soviet Union on 16 October 1959.

While in the Soviet Union, Oswald worked in the city of Minsk. Even if the KGB considered Oswald “mentally unstable,” he was nonetheless directed to enroll in Minsk’s Foreign Language School on Ulyanov Street.” This school was next to the KGB Academy in Minsk. Later, Oswald’s wife admitted that Oswald had “gotten close to some of the Cubans who were attending the KGB Academy.” Marina Oswald recalled that the Cubans “were outgoing and joyful…. Often played the guitar … danced so well. They were such fun.”[xv]

Among the Cubans who met Oswald in the Soviet Union, was Fabian Escalante (who later became a Major General of the Cuban Ministry of Interior). According to CIA investigators, in the early morning hours of 22 November 1963, Fabian Escalante flew from Havana to Mexico where he boarded a plane for Dallas, Texas. Later that same evening, Escalante returned to Mexico on that same plane, then flew back to Havana.[xvi] This was a detail the Warren Commission missed. But then, Lyndon Johnson wanted this sort of thing kept out of the record. He said so as he coaxed Earl Warren to head up the investigation of Kennedy’s murder. He told Warren that if things weren’t handled right, the country could end up at war with the Soviet Union. Of course, the real reason Johnson wanted to cover up the Cuban connection to Oswald was political. If the American people knew Kennedy was killed on orders of Castro, a strident anticommunist like Barry Goldwater might have been elected president in 1964.

On Friday morning, 22 November 1963 Florentine Aspillaga, an agent of Cuban intelligence, was engaged in monitoring American radio communications. On that morning he was given the following instructions from Havana: “The leadership wants you to stop all your CIA work … and listen to communications from Texas. He picked up amateur radio bands reporting the assassination of President Kennedy around 1:30 Havana time. According to Aspillaga, “It is evidence that Cuba had advanced notice that Kennedy would be shot.”[xvii] How did Havana know? Consider the following documentary, Rendezvous With Death, in which a former Cuban intelligence operative, Oscar Marino, tells his story:

Here we see Fabian Escalante himself….

And here is my latest video discussing this subject with Nevin Gussack:

Links and Notes

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171 thoughts on “Monsters and their Monstrous Nothings, Part II

  1. Thank you, Jeff, for another great article. I really hope that Donald Trump can clearly latch on to the threat of Marxism: from Russia, China, and elements in our own government. And I hope that he can articulate them well. But of course, he might sound too outré for many Americans. Your comments about RFK, Jr. are astonishing and, as regards to him, disappointing.

    RFK, Jr. stepped up in terms of the Covid vaccines, and Tucker also has done some great work, as you mentioned. But their blindness toward Marxism is deeply disturbing.

    1. I don’t trust Trump. I think he is part of the problem, not a solution. He makes sound bites that excite, but where’s the follow-up? He also appears to me to be rather shallow, without deep understanding.

      Is there any among the candidates who is serious? Who really understands the situation that we face? Or are we just screwed? That includes candidates all the way down the line, to the local offices.

  2. I meanwhile found Pres. Lyndon B. Johnson’s recorded conversations on the website of the University of Virginia’s Miller Center. In the days following the assassination of Pres. Kennedy, the new President spoke warmly to the widow of police officer J. D. Tippit, who happened to get gunned down by a Lee Harvey Oswald on the run (which incident led to Oswald’s apprehension). He had a very personal chat with Bernard Baruch, meanwhile 93 years old and of frail health, but as sharp as ever, inviting him very kindly to his ranch. He spoke to then-Congressman Gerald Ford, asking the latter to take part in the investigations of the murder. All these conversations demonstrate, as clear as the blue sky, that there was a general air of trust, a willingness to work together across partisan lines, and great focus on the part of everybody involved. One conversation, twenty minutes long and with excellent audio quality, sticks out: the phone call of Friday, November 29, 1963 (i.e., 7 days post-assassination) with FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover. The two men discuss in total frankness the various aspects of the crime, who to put on what was to become known as the Warren Commission and all the rest of it. And Hoover also says (transcript mine),

    “This angle in Mexico is giving us a great deal of trouble because the stories I have, this man, Oswald, getting 6500 dollars from the Cuban embassy and coming back to this country with it: We’re not able to prove that fact. The information was that he was there on the 18th of September [1963], in Mexico City, and we are able to prove conclusively he was in New Orleans that day. Now, then they changed the date, a story came in, changing the date to 28th of September, and he was in Mexico City on the 28th. Now, the Mexican police have again arrested this woman, [Silvia] Duran, who is a member of the Cuban embassy, and to hold her for two or three more days, and we’ve got to confront her with the original informant who saw the money pass, so he says, and we’re also gonna put the lie detector test on him…”

    J. Edgar Hoover carries on describing Jack Ruby, who killed Oswald, and Oswald’s fierce communist anti-Americanism and Fair Play for Cuba Committee involvement. He explains the three bullets, that three empty bullet shells were indeed found in Oswald’s sniper’s nest, his finger prints could be secured from the rifle and that tests had shown it was indeed possible to fire three shots within three seconds. Hoover also mentions the way Oswald made it out of the Texas School Book Depository. The whole story. Hoover then describes the difficulties in getting Marina Oswald to cooperate. He says this woman acted “very hostile”. He says she spoke “Russian, and Russian only” [which was later somewhat proven to be wrong in the interviews she gave to the press]. And she apparently demanded guarantees to be allowed to stay in the United States in exchange for her cooperation. It is then discussed that a bulletproof car might be a good idea for Pres. Johnson to have available for him and that improved security for Johnson’s Texas ranch was necessary.

  3. Regarding the Trump interview with Tucker Carlson, I am pretty sure I heard Trump say, “passion and hate.”

  4. The CIA.

    Back during the Cold War these people were hyper-anti Communists but more important to them than defeating communism was defending and protecting the CIA from domestic politicians who rightly believed The Company had to be reigned in. Too bad that wasn’t done even after the Church Committee discoveries because they’re back at it, toppling democratic governments and filling their ranks with communists no doubt. I have read books giving revised history on Watergate: Hougan, Colodny & Gettlin, Rosen (a John Mitchell biography), and O’Connor, “The Mysteries of Watergate.” I’ll get to Jeff Sheppard next.

    The CIA had a big hand in Nixon’s removal. “If anything happens to director Helms, all of the trees in the forest will fall,” said McCord, the CIA agent hired by CRP to handle security. The authors expose his secret agenda and what appears to be a deliberate botched burglary in June of 1972. Helms told POTUS he couldn’t have CIA files on the Bay of Pigs! Huh? When Nixon pressed, he received a redacted version of the files.

    That, my friends, was the agency when it was populated by anti-communists. Agency head Helms was a political liberal, nonetheless.

    Our government won’t let us read the results of the congressional investigations, so I am not interested in speculation on the JFK assassination. RFK, Jr., said his father wasn’t killed by Sirhan.

  5. I didn’t get part one in my email so I now have read it.

    Since RFK, Jr. is a subject in both part one and part two, I would like to know if Mr. Nyquist will comment on Kennedy’s statements where he objects to our constitutional rights being under attack by the Biden administration.

  6. “Trump appeared to be sharp, sane, and sensible – even though his allegations of election fraud in 2020 are believed by less than one in three voters.”

    Where do you get this? The stuff I’m seeing is that it more like one third don’t believe the allegations.

    1. Just to put my 2 cents in. I believe that there was election cheating in at least Michigan, Georgia and Arizona. And I think parts of New York , Chicago, Philadelphia and California have been a problem for a long time. And I can give you great detail on the cheating in Michigan. It has been covered very well in other media. That is the truth of what happened.

      I think Jeff may be talking about public perceptions about the election and not the truth of the cheating or not.

      1. Yes, I am talking about perceptions of fraud. Less than a third believe there was cheating that changed the outcome, less than half believe there was no significant cheating, and the rest are uncertain. Some conservatives do not believe there was significant voter fraud, like AG Barr. Thanks to Mike Lindell’s false election fraud narrative, the whole effort to investigate more promising leads was derailed. When you claim to have absolute proof of a stolen election and you have no such proof, you bring discredit to the whole idea.

      2. Ballot stuffing is so easy and tempting that in both sides of the Civil war most states forbade ‘mail in voting’. Millions of excess votes and strategic 1-sided dumps at the 11th hour in critical cities and districts were suspect enough to warrant auditing. Public polling is low thanks to DA capture heading off election lawsuits and a media (such that the token ‘conservative’ station Fox prematurely calls the election) in full fellow traveler agitprop mode.

    2. I found a rash of polls citing figures.
      A majority of 6 out of 10 Republicans believe the election was stolen. If you say a majority of Republicans, yes. But this does not make more than a third of the country. From everything I’ve read, roughly one third believe the election was stolen. This does not count people who are unsure. It depends how you ask the question. If you ask how many believe there was no fraud, you get less than half because many have no belief.

      1. I’m not a fan of the Gateway Pundit, but if charities were used to influence an election, and it can be proven, I suppose there should be an investigation. Right?

      2. Retired, Gateway Pundit is not trustworthy. By posting the lies they have on Putin’s war they have called everything they post to questionable.

        The fact that Lindell didn’t have anything to put up does not mean the massive mountain of evidence should not have been considered. No court, regardless of the judge, was willing to hear anything. Action such as that lead to only one place, the utter delegitimizing of the courts. They have shown both cowardly and corrupt.

        I understand the fear of dealing with the evidence if it shows the left’s candidate was not actually elected. I’m sure you remember the election of 2000 when Bush was “selected, not elected” and the left went bonkers. These days, they would probably engage in wholesale violence and kick off a civil war. That, however, is no excuse.

        Several articles I’ve read have placed the country at 63%, not just GOP. There are Democrats that have a very uneasy feeling about the 2020 and 2022 elections.

      3. I just reviewed several articles. I could not find one that said a majority of Americans believe the election was stolen. Do you have a link?

  7. Off topic, but since Prigozhin and his associates were killed in a plane by the Russian Gov, I think it’s safe to say that the Wagner mutiny was genuine.

    1. Probably. Everything about Russia’s internal politics is difficult to judge in real time. A few more data points and we will know more. It’s yet possible he was an inconvenient witness, and his death is required by the scenario. But then, it’s so crazy to kill him that way, you have to think the mutiny might have been real because that was crazy, too. In that case, Russia’s in real trouble. It’s all crazy.

      1. I was told by a reliable source that Prigozhin was on the plane, but I would rather talk to witnesses at the airport who saw him board. If I had to guess, I’d say he probably was in the plane.

      2. Such an interview would be a gamble for Putin. He would have to hit a home run. Carlson is likely to throw softball questions, but he might ask a damaging question. Could Putin take the risk?

      3. Well, I’m glad you perceive a strong risk for Putin. I was merely thinking it was an open door of opportunity for him to directly spin more deceptions, further ensnaring western conservatives into deeper delusional views of his true motives/ambitions. May it be, indeed, more harmful than beneficial if the interview goes thru.

        Also, these two articles were very helpful. Thank you. I partially recall an interview you gave once on this. You said Gorbachev was in TX on an anniversary of the murder, and there was a long list of possible conspiracy theories of who killed JKF. Could you share more details about that again?

      4. Yes. I was in Dallas in November 1998, the 35th anniversary of the JFK assassination. I gave a talk there, and someone in the audience had been present at the book depository JFK museum when Gorbachev visited. They had a big board with all the conspiracy theories listed there. The KGB was toward the bottom of the suspect list and Gorbachev pointed to it and said the KGB should be at the top of the list. “This should be here,” he said.

    2. I

      On Prigozhin, one more item. The Ukrainian government has said that the mutiny was a provocation. I assume their intelligence is quite good.

      1. That’s entirely plausible. One of the scenarios I’ve heard is that Shoigu had Prigozhin offed as it was the MOD types that caused the problems he had faced in the Donbas, and it was Shoigu and his ciricle that were the target.

        Supposedly, Putin had no knowledge of the plot, but I have a very hard time believing that one.

    3. He was falsely reported in the past as dead in a plane crash down in Africa. With the conduct of the ‘special military operation’, I wouldn’t put it past jumpy Moscow air defense getting buck fever after they turned off their transponder.

  8. In the 1996 Congressional testimony of Gen. Sejna he concluded that independent operations without the approval of the KGB and CP USSR leadership were undertaken at the individual’s risk and penalties were without any regard to justice and human dignity.

    There is no way that Moscow was not involved in JFK and RFK assassinations. Castro was evidently just the tool Moscow used – and this strict communist discipline is maintained to this day – so the voter fraud in 2020 was approved by the Kremlin, without which these petty communists inside the US government are not allowed to move a finger – or else they are exterminated without mercy.

    But then the role of the controlled opposition is self-evident – it would be a great folly to trust somebody as Mr. Trump when he already had the duty to act and opportunity to do so, when the evident cheating and voter fraud was taking place, and the set up before that, after what the long-term KGB asset Biden said publicly about the voter fraud organization they (him and the communists disguised as Democrats) put together…

    This video shows that Biden stated not only that it was voter fraud in his case in 2020 AD, BUT that it was in the case of Obama before that as well.

    So that alone should have served as the proof of evident criminal intent, which means high treason charge (and afterwards conviction), alongside the already known proofs of how the election fraud was managed by the democrats…BUT they would have never gone through with it if they knew that the courts, the US Congress and the media wouldn’t be on their side, which means sabotaging the effort to expose this communist fraud (treason) and punish all involved in it accordingly.

    Mr. Trump has visited the Kremlin in 1987 with Ivana, who has Czechoslovak foreign espionage file, and that she as emigre and not a real defector from communism (according to her biography) was even willing to go to Soviet Union with Trump, even though she knew she would run a very high risk of being arrested and considered as a defector by the KGB – so the communist connection to Trump, and then the factual accounts that he was very much interested in nuclear disarmament, when the Russians were violating all agreements they singed with the United States, that and much more about him…it only leads to the conclusive argument that he shouldn’t be trusted, which he has proven when he didn’t call Marshal Law and didn’t arrest the leading Democrats after the voter fraud of 2020, and after they sabotaged all the efforts to investigate it thoroughly, and that the fraud was cemented by the fraudulent certification of it by various members of Congress, despite the facts that there is serious evidence of voter fraud present.

    QUOTE: In November 1979 Ivana Trump went back to Czechoslovakia (!!!!!), bringing her two-year-old son, Donald Jr, with her. Her parents, Miloš and Marie Zelníček, picked her up at Prague airport.

    The StB discovered that Ivana was no longer a model and was now “helping her husband in his business activities” – designing the interiors of Trump-financed buildings. Donald Jr had two nannies – one American, one Swiss – and had recently fractured his leg. And: “Her husband is connected to the election campaign of the current US president [Jimmy] Carter”.

    The StB’s source was Ivana’s father. The note, typed up by Lt Josef Knopp, said the agency would give Mrs Trump “operational attention” during her stay in Zlín. Intriguingly, it was copied to the 23rd section of the first directorate in Prague, which was responsible for running “illegals”, or deep-cover agents abroad. Its most famous asset, Karl Koecher, was embedded inside the CIA. UNQUOTE


    QUOTE (extremely important):

    Under (Roger) Stone’s tutelage, on September 1, 1987, just seven weeks after his return from Moscow, Trump suddenly went full steam ahead promoting his newly acquired foreign policy expertise, by paying nearly $100,000 for full-page ads in The Boston Globe, The Washington Post, and The New York Times calling for the United States to stop spending money to defend Japan and the Persian Gulf, “an area of only marginal significance to the U.S. for its oil supplies, but one upon which Japan and others are almost totally dependent.”

    The ads, which ran under the headline “There’s nothing wrong with America’s Foreign Defense Policy that a little backbone can’t cure,” marked Trump’s first foray into a foreign policy that was overtly pro-Russian in the sense that it called for the dismantling of the postwar Western alliance and was very much a precursor of the “America First” policies Trump promoted during his 2016 campaign.

    “The world is laughing at America’s politicians as we protect ships we don’t own, carrying oil we don’t need, destined for allies who won’t help,” he wrote. “It’s time for us to end our vast deficits by making Japan and others who can afford it, pay. Our world protection is worth hundreds of billions of dollars to these countries and their stake in their protection is far greater than ours.” UNQUOTE

    Some of these are leftist media, BUT that is just the psychological tool of the most experienced KGB espionage services, as they publish the truth by already compromised or biased news-outlets, in order to discredit the truth beforehand so that people wouldn’t believe it, this gives their assets the additional cover.
    But the main reasons for Trump not to be trusted is the facts – the Chinese bio-weapon injection, which is not a vaccine, and how Trump extensively promoted it, of which, the results, are terrifying, including dead people in the thousands worldwide.

    Then his inaction when it became obvious that he didn’t loose the elections but that Biden and the rest of the communists did what they always do – voter fraud (extensive as Biden said).

    Trump had all the police power of the state, and the military, at his disposal, and the duty to use them when communist subversion is being executed, and he did nothing with it, he let it happen, and now he only complains about the damage Biden has caused, which again serves the communist strategy of demoralization, which is the essential objective of the KGB communist preparatory plan to conquer the whole world.

    Then there could be an argument why then Mr. Trump is under so many indictments now from the communists – and the obvious response is – they want him to look as their adversary, he even speaks about the United States falling into communism, but that is all there is (and they don’t miss a trick, he may even go to jail for a while, if necessary – for to demoralize the US population even more, and to incite into civil war). But there are no results otherwise, no indication that he would call the citizens to actively resist this communist takeover, so then the marks of careful controlled opposition are again detectable.

    So in closing – there is no remedy now, Kerensky and his folly is repeating itself in Donald Trump, and it may well be that he is not ideologically connected with them, but that is not the concern – the evil results is the main concern, worldwide communist rule and tyrannical enslavement.

    ONLY God can help out of it, as the ONLY time Russian Bolsheviks and their cohorts were fully defeated was in Catholic Spain in 1939 AD, by true Catholics. That is why the communist penetrated FBI is seeking more information and spies within such circles, even though today they are full of heretics and not true Catholics.

    (They are collecting lot of data on the anti-communist opposition, to use them in future political trials…that is the most dangerous KGB communist operation, and totally hidden, but they have done so many times before…they create a political “victim” and then collect data on those who honestly want to help that “victim” to defend himself…).

    1. No doubt the communists have tried to manipulate and influence Trump in the past. Do they control him? Such delicate matters with such a touchy individual, professional spies would not be too ambitious. Wives from communist countries, connected to the special services is very bad news. How did they get to be wives? What did they push for? A troubling question. Probably the communist bloc has influenced Trump in the past. Perhaps they have laundered money through his real estate ventures. The FBI did not investigate this aspect of Trump’s background. But any degree of influence or compromise can neutralize a powerful person, so they are unable to thwart Moscow’s plans. The cynical way Trump operates, with his unfulfilled promises and unserious assurances takes us to Kierkegaard’s statement about a process of “emptying out.” This point may be more incisive. I fear Trump has emptied out conservatism, building a right wing populism amenable to Russian disinformation. Is that fair? Trump is hard to pin down as he zigs and zags. He sounded pretty good in his Tucker interview. What can we conclude? As celebrity politician with a cult following he is a peculiar animal. His trade policies did hurt China, but the trade situation was always unsustainable in the long run. Now investment is flooding into the USA without Trump. How effective was he? Maybe he did some good. But he supported vaccines and damaging lockdowns. Trump is a mixed bag.

      1. There is no doubt that more thorough look at him wouldn’t fail to bring more of these facts out – but what matters is what the situation is now, and how did it happen, and so these facts about his connections, and how he was truly interested in nuclear disarmament, and his connections to Jimmy Carter’s campaign, which is another red flag, ALL of this brings in the cautious conclusive result – he cannot be trusted.

        He failed to have Barr hit with (criminal) charges for obstruction of justice, he kept that communist asset Fauci in his position, Trump had access to the DARFA (spel. ?) military data on the “vaccines” and Ivermectin, and the resulting disaster from these injections, so he had more data available than the ordinary person, including intelligence data (at least some of it that could’ve been trusted about the CCP involvement in the poison’s production).

        Yes, he zig zags, and quite a bit, which is another bad sign. Yes, he did lot of good, in the economic sphere, and getting rid of the red tape, BUT what does it all matter when he is not in the WH and a long-term KGB asset sits there doing evil ?

        So the results that are evil matter, not how they were achieved, but what evil they caused. And yes, it is very cunning, and yes, it comes from Moscow, they have decades of experience to do these things, they are experts.

        Trump and his case are being used for data collection also, that is the worst part, as honest people want to help him and yet all such data, money donations, messages, IP addresses, all of it can be collected and that is the objective – collection of anti-communist data for future political trails. Russians have done it before, many times.

      2. Regarding populism, I connect that to good things such as a SOVEREIGN America, policies that benefit Americans rather than foreign countries and their citizens, etc. What are your thoughts on populism? Good? Bad?

        Also, you know I listen to Bannon’s War Room program. I cannot say that I agree with him on everything, particularly his continuing love affair with RFK, Jr. But he seems to make a strong case that American tax dollars are going to Ukraine to pay for Ukrainian pensions and other personal luxuries that benefit oligarchs and leaders like Zelinsky. You might recall that one time I was not very nice about how Zelinsky should be treated, but then I backed off because I wasn’t sure I had enough evidence. Do you believe there is some truth in the allegations?

      3. I do not know where Bannon is getting his information from. I think his circle has Russian agents of influence in it. This is my sense of him. Also, he has flirted with the Russians in the past, like his secret November 2018 meeting with Alexander Dugin.

      4. I don’t trust anyone in Bannon’s circle on Russia. The so-called “alt-Right” is no better and the Hofts (The Gateway Pundit) have completely compromised themselves on Putin’s war and have rendered themselves as an untrustworthy source on everything. What they say may be true, but you’d better get corroboration before taking it seriously.

  9. One more quote:

    Trump’s White House ambitions did not make an especially deep impression on American voters in the 1980s, but foreign agencies took notice. Several months after Trump’s visit to New Hampshire, Ivana returned to her homeland, where the Czech StB continued to keep a close eye on her. StB agents suggested Ivana was nervous throughout the trip because she believed U.S. embassy officials were following her at a time when she was supposed to be meeting with Czech security operatives. Twice, the American ambassador to Prague, Julian Martin Niemczyk, invited her to visit the embassy. But Ivana declined.

    Meanwhile, the Czech secret police filed a classified report dated October 22, 1988, saying that “as a wife of D. TRUMP she receives constant attention … and any mistake she would make could have immense consequences for him.”

    In addition, the StB report made two noteworthy revelations. For the first time, it was clear that Trump had decided he would run for president. The question was timing. “Even though it [his presidential prospects] looks like a utopia,” the awkwardly translated report said, “D. TRUMP is confident he will succeed.” Only 42, the report added, Trump planned to run as an independent candidate in 1996, eight years hence.
    The damage done is what matters – not the intentions declared by the person, but facts and results…and so the main betrayal of the holy principle of the liberty of conscience, when allowing clearly communist pro-Russian KGB assets to take over the political power in the country by electoral fraud, that is what counts, and so these additional facts DO MATTER !!!

    There is NO doubt that Ivana was STB (KGB) asset, and that she was perhaps silenced (her death) because they didn’t trust her anymore to remain silent about it, especially now when so much attention is given to Mr. Trump’s situation…

    It is a communist criminal MAFIA and they don’t play around. They may even have data on Mr. Kennedy, so that he says what they want him to say about the death of JFK and his own father…(“it was the CIA and not the KGB via Castro”).

    EVIL TIMES ARE HERE and communist lies and liars work around the clock to destroy the existing order, nothing less.

      1. Fashion modeling out of Central Europe as trafficking/prostitution cover is Melania’s background as well (with some tangential Epstein relation). Trumps an odd enough duck that the USSR travels of Billary & Bidet and explicit verified Soviet asset investors are of greater interest at this time. Equalizing and transferring the Trump Derangment Syndrome energy back on to itself scrutinizing the left’s own daylight robbers on the Moscow & Beijing take is more efficacious.

    1. CONCERNED: These are disturbing points of interest. A person can be compromised by the most subtle things, and spies are known for subtlety. If your analysis is right, Trump is more vulnerable than anyone realizes. Certainly, the communists will want a compromised individual in the White House whichever party wins. This raises the question of election fraud. Was that the spontaneous work of corrupt local precincts? If Trump was undermined by the communists in 2020, wouldn’t that suggest a lack of confidence in him? (A lack of control over him?)

      1. The final result is what counts – and the back door for the communists (the Kremlin) to have it ALWAYS open, so that in the event that there would be an issue with their own main strategy (Biden and any replacement of his) they would have somebody as a suitable replacement who would be perceived as an honest person…this is the objective of the KGB strategy, to have all loose ends covered.

        That’s why the death of Ivana last year was SO SUSPICIOUS, as her connections withing the NYC Czech community was very well known, and so she must have been under surveillance just in case she would decide to become honest, which would be a major problem for Mr. Trump….

        Election fraud is not corrupt, it is the communist penetration of those precincts and then the protected coverup and sabotage of any fruitful investigation…that’s why they went ahead with it because they had all these loose ends covered (the case in Wisconsin is one of them for example).

        Mr. Trump also helped the Chinese communists with that huge agricultural agreement ($ 50 Billion) which in military sense is valued as preparatory aid for war, as much as China is getting ready for it and wants to hated American capitalists to fork over the supplies. The moral issue of it is also important – which Mr. Trump failed (or rather “failed”) to recognize – you do NOT supply communists with anything, because they will use it the more to destroy you.

        In regards to the election fraud – hypothetical question – if they have penetrated the whole network of election services, then they would have no difficulty to manage such an extensive voter fraud operation – and Biden spoke about “the most extensive voter fraud network in the history of American politics…”.

        The problem is for people to believe this that it is SO UNBELIEVABLE – and yet this is how the Russians and their worldwide communist cohorts managed it anywhere, worldwide. What would make the US unique ? They have done it already, and 2020 was not the first time most certainly.

      2. It does sound unbelievable; for how many thousands of people would it require to control an election. One must postulate virtual communist control of states and counties where election results are close. If Trump was controlled opposition, why would fraud be necessary? Rather, the Democratic Party machines in the most populous counties in battleground states could have engaged in ballet-stuffing and getting out the dead vote. We know this has been going on for years in Chicago, and in other cities. But this is a local phenomenon. One does not need to bring China into to. The picture seems unclear, and the evidence is unclear (because no systematic investigation took place). Election fraud that changed the outcome? I think it’s likely, but we need proof. Direct communist control of voting tabulation. Lindell failed to produce any proof. As most Americans remain unconvinced, we need proof.

      3. One factor from on high in 2020 (as opposed to merely local) was the unprecedented use of mail-in balloting — ballots rushed out as if by snow-blower throughout democrat/battleground states — which would allow garden variety, local “ballot stuffing” easily to be taken to the next level. Maybe to tip a whole election. The analogy I think of was the money-laundering scheme in Ozark: the drug-running casino owner hands out all its dirty money to locals, who then play and lose it at the casino, thus making the dirty cash “legitimately” earned revenue. With so many ballots in circulation and no one really verifying identity/chain of custody, easier to cheat on a grander scale.

        Why cheat in an election where you control both sides? Well it sews confusion and mistrust. Right now, both political sides think the other is complicit with foreign interests to the point of treason. Both sides think the other would and could fix an election. No one trusts ostensibly “neutral” or referee institutions to sort any of it out (e.g., judiciary, or investigatory commissions). What fun is it to control both sides if the populace isn’t suspicious of its domestic political enemies. So, leak/fix enough info that – in our current news echo chamber – each side gets enough “verifiable” or true information (lacking vital context), that it righteously believes its political opposition is compromised and untrustworthy. Let people who regard themselves as “plugged in” watch helplessly as our institutions fail to address any of it adequately or honestly. Of course, even the “plugged in” are blinkered re the broader context.

        I think about Bezmenov’s comment to the effect that a subverted society will be inundated with information but unable to discern what is true. Fixing an election even when you control both sides advances that aim. Honest people see bits and pieces but can’t put it all together – and like RFK and Carlson remain dangerously wrong or ignorant to vital facts/ context. Righteous passion is misdirected, evil is misattributed. From what I’ve learned of communism, sewing chaos is a tactic, and breeding mistrust in elections may do more to atrophy civic cohesion than simply owning whoever wins in a “normal” election where each side accepts the outcome.

      4. There is corruption and fraud that is not communist. Mayor Daley’s machine in Chicago committed election fraud in the 1960 vote. Nixon may have lost because of it. Daley was a strong anti communist. We also have fanatic Trump haters out there who are not communists. Some are fans of Marguerite Thatcher , like Claire Berlinski. So it’s a complicated picture. Who did what where? And why did they do it? Why did AG Barr do what he did? Let’s avoid painting with too broad a brush if we can.

  10. Jeff :

    I have heard many people say that “the CIA ” killed JFK or RFK – or did other nefarious activities. Do they ever give specifics ? Who in the CIA do they say was involved ?
    Or are they just vague assertions ? If specific, it would be interesting to look into the background of the nefarious individuals. Perhaps communist connections ?

    It makes me think of Shadowgate by Minnie Weaver. She is certainly not coming from a traditional conservative perspective. And many of her ideas are off base. But when she identifies people like Brennan and General Jones she is probably unknowingly pointing out people who are communistic or working in harmony with communist goals ( if not communist assets ).

    Any additional thoughts about people saying ” the CIA did it ! ”

    Maybe I am beating a dead horse.

    1. I have gone through several books while working in this, and the evidence for CIA involvement depends on a willful misreading of Oswald’s actions when he attempted to infiltrate a group of anti-Castro CIA-supported Cubans. Also, if Marino is right and Cubela recruited Oswald, you have the perfect communist intelligence play because Cubela was recruited by CIA to kill Castro, and so you’ve got the guy working for CIA being a double agent playing a double cross that gets JFK killed. You can see how this muddies the waters, and can be turned around on the CIA in more way than one. If you are CIA, you bungled badly. And the irony is, the Landsdale memo and other testimony proves the Kennedy’s approved Cubela to kill Castro. But he recruits Oswald who kills Kennedy instead. Wow. The CIA and Kennedy’s got played. Is it true? One has to consider all the testimony and see how it fits together.

    2. RE: Shadowgate, Weaver

      IIA Operations, ‘shaping the information battlespace’.

  11. Since you have written two yellow journalistic hatchet jobs on Bobby Jr, JR, I’m convinced that Kennedy is honest. Nevertheless, if he actually gets elected with those Internet connected Venezuelan voting machines, then I must be wrong.

    1. Hold on, Fred. What did I write about Kennedy that was untrue? You accuse me of doing a “hatchet job.” But I am only analyzing what the man said, and what it means. What facts do I have wrong? If my facts are right, then it is not a hatchet job.

      1. Your conclusions in part 1, about Kennedy advocating parole for Sirhan withholds Kennedy’s exculpatory reasoning that Sirhan had been brainwashed as a participant of the CIA program, MK Ultra, for one. Also, you deleted posted evidence that JFK was assassinated because he got Khrushchev to agree in principal to a joint, manned mission to Earth’s Moon, which the US Congress and the Congress of Soviets were vehemently against. That looks like the KGB and the CIA were both complicit in JFK’s assassination while the Soviets exiled Khrushchev.

      2. I don’t remember deleting that about Khrushchev and Kennedy, but it is pretty ridiculous. In your book, it seems that disagreeing with Kennedy is proof of having assassinated him. You have too many conspirators, and no evidence of anything at all. You still did not relate anything I said that was untrue.

  12. One uplifting comment –

    they ALL are safely on their way to Hell, Biden, Pelosi and the whole clan of communist Mafia, they will not escape, and even when they claim to be “Catholic”, as heretics they are excommunicated and cannot be absolved unless they take back absolutely EVERYTHING they have done evil, which seems as nearly impossible task – for example Biden will have to return all the money he obtained dishonestly, which seems like he would not be willing to do.

    God will repay them all, Christ Our Lord knows all they do and they will not escape.

    (Note – another connection of Mr. Trump to KGB asset is Soros and the $ 150 million loan Soros gave Trump for the Chicago Trump Tower construction…just a small detail but perhaps not insignificant, because if Trump was not friendly to them Soros would have told him to go elsewhere…as they are not helping people whom they don’t control.)

  13. Mr. Nyquist – please do understand there is no intention to take over your forum to post here so much, the only intention is to bring forward the alarming facts which are deemed necessary to realize.

    Read between the lines, otherwise it is a leftist outlet, but this looks very important – the Soviet Ministry of Internal Affairs (which is DOJ in the US, which means KGB foreign espionage most certainly).


    In order for Tamir Sapir’s biography to be complete, recollections of his classmate, Sergo Davlianidze, must be also mentioned. “We managed to be friends and also fight in the 60’s. My classmate from Tbilisi State School #45 was a boxing enthusiast, just like me. Who could imagine that he would become a businessman? He lived in a communal apartment near an Ashkenazi synagogue in Old Tbilisi, where all neighbors had to use the same water closet. Last time I saw Temur was in 1984 in Moscow, when he studied at Soviet Ministry of Internal Affairs’ academy. He already had his own business then and offered to provide me with foreign electronics and tech if I wanted to. UNQUOTE



    scroll down, the picture of Trump and his children with this Sapir is there. It is not the proof of him being their man, but that he had such KGB connections, besides Soros. And yes, the question is can he be trusted ?


    1. This is a good collection of links. Certainly, the KGB and its sister services want to snuggle with Trump. I think, in the Republican Party, agents of influence are snuggling on every side — with many candidates.

  14. I think we are headed towards a civil war but not like the last one of course. More of an information war. I just don’t see powerful people who are connected via multiple secret societies giving up power the way that left wing activists think they will give it up.

    1. The last one was not a civil war. The south could not have cared less about ruling the north, and all Lincoln cared about was forcing the south back into his raw deal. A true civil war is quit chaotic at the start. Then, as things shake out and each side obtains strongholds, things settle own into a more conventional war. The Spanish Civil War is a good example.

      1. Ohengineer: the South may have been able to secede peacefully, if they hadn’t started the hostilities. Because the South started an armed revolt, Lincoln was required by law to put down an armed revolt on U.S. territory, the same way that Robert E. Lee was sent to put down the revolt at Harper’s Ferry a few years earlier. By starting the fighting before the legalities were worked out, the South cut short the legal discussion on how a state may legally leave the Union.

        Don’t rewrite history.

        If the U.S. descends into a new civil war, it won’t be a clean cut as the last one. There will be pockets of one side against pockets of the other side. That would set up a perfect situation for a Soviet/CCP invasion of the U.S. That’s why we need to avoid a civil war if at all possible. That’s why communists are egging both sides to start a civil war.

      2. This is in reply to R.O.’s reply regarding the Civil War. Mr. Lincoln needed to produce the narrative that the ‘South attacked us’ to justify his illegal invasion of sovereign states that had peacefully seceded. This is why he peacefully abandoned all U.S. government forts in the Southern states except for Sumter. Had he allowed Sumter to be evacuated just like all the others, the Confederates would not have attacked. In hindsight the Confederacy should have just blockaded the fort and let the blame fall on Lincoln when his soldiers starved to death or went AWOL, thus preventing his ability to claim that the US had been attacked and therefore the Southern states must be invaded and conquered.

        In a Civil War there is typically a battle for the same territory, the seceding states in the War Between the States had no interest in taking territory from the non-seceding ones. To the best of my knowledge, the South never attempted to conquer Washington D.C. either.

        In the context of current events Putin has tried to frame Ukraine as seceding from Russia, when they have every right to their sovereignty.

      3. inspectorfoyle: Oy Veh! Don’t misrepresent history. This is not the place to argue all the history involved.

        The U.S. Constitution prescribes a procedure by which a new state may be admitted to the Union, but where in the U.S. Constitution is there a procedure by which a state may legally secede from the Union? I haven’t found it. Therefore, before the legalities were worked out, the southern states were still constitutionally and legally part of the Union. The South started the war before the legalities could be worked out. Lincoln had the responsibility to put down an armed revolt on U.S. territory.

        The situation with the Ukraine is very different. It was recognized as an independent country in 1919 only to be invaded by the Red Army and forced into the Soviet Union. In 1991 Ukraine regained its legal independence which was on paper recognized by the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union started its present war and invasion in 2014. This is not a case of a state trying to secede from a Union, rather that of a country that had been under foreign occupation regaining its independence, only to have to fight for its independence again as that foreign occupier tries to reoccupy that country.

        Don’t misrepresent history. The two situations are very different.

    2. Exactly why Russia is getting pushback. But we are infiltrated. Our defenses weakened. Our intelligence compromised. Billions of dollars aren’t much good in a war where you lose your deterrent in the first 40 minutes.

  15. Thanks for fixing the site, and I did get the email this round. Your analysis and the discourse in the comments is terrific this round. I read and still have JFK Jr’s book on Fauci. I commented some time last year on it on this site. I really like how he blasted Fauci in the book, and he backed up everything in the standard legalese fashion. However, when I was reading it, something didn’t feel right. He never blamed China or Russia. Everything was Fauci, and that was the focus. With your analysis it is much clearer. I’ve read quite a few books on the JFK assassination too; some even blame Lyndon Johnson. There’s another new book coming out on it to (I don’t want to mention the name here). Again, the author blames rogue CIA actors. It’s like author after author says the same thing over and over, but never calls out the duck in the room that quacks exactly like a duck. As always, thanks for the excellent essay and video.

    I’m reading Victor Kulish’s book now. However, Biden’s push for efficient ceiling fans blew me away more than any energy weapon could. Maybe there is another engineer on this site that can enlighten me? This is almost analogous to making a siphon more efficient, or maybe a more efficient bridge pin? I’m shocked that no scientist or engineer has called this out yet. Is this how things are today? It’s not science, nor engineering; it’s communist strategy and censored media dispensed by the most popular or powerful politician at the moment. A 20-40watt AC induction motor needs a law for improved efficiency (that would be ever so minimal if any at best), and it’s a priority! At least we now know intelligence, common sense and deductive reasoning are not a priority anymore. We sure are in deep dodo, if this is how things are going to be moving forward. May God help us.

    As an aside, if you ever run into a bind with WordPress, keep in mind that you can always host it yourself (you’ll still need a domain name provider though). Hopefully, it doesn’t come to that, but it’s easy to do with just about any NAS (network area storage) device available today. I host my own PHP site with a very small inexpensive NAS that only uses five watts of power, and I can easily run a WordPress site on it if I needed to.

  16. Great article. I love your psychological analysis of kennedy and how his interpretation is one of betrayal. Kind of insane to me how Conservatives—the very same ones who blame Democrats for being self hating—are so ready to blame ourselves for killing kennedy instead of russia and cuba. The more time goes on the more i consider republicans and democrats different sides of the same coin

    1. It’s getting scary, it’s almost like what happened at the end of the movie where Hannibal does the unthinkable. The only thing I can think that would be worse is if Russia ends up in a war with itself and our country does same thing. Then China moves in when it’s over or at least takes full advantage of the situation. That would be like the ending of the Hannibal the Cannibal. That most evil twist possible.

    2. Dan: Oh yes, Republicans and Democrats are two different shades of liberal. And if Voegelin is right, liberals are right wing communists. Conservatives are just really slowed down.

  17. There is one more and perhaps altogether the worst thing about Trump – he mentioned in several of his rallies that he (his administration) had rebuilt the US nuclear force, which is clearly not totally true, and yes, he used the word nuclear, military context, not the civilian use of nuclear energy.

    The links about the Georgian operative – this is perhaps one of the most damaging, as to have somebody who was evidently set up with KGB money, was able to leave Soviet Union (just like that, imagine !) and then drove a cab in NYC and “all of a sudden” become a billionaire just like that, and then he is involved, or his financial firm, with Mr. Trump, after he was already in contact with Russian and Czech communists, that of itself is sufficient to realize that something is seriously wrong, either with Mr. Trump’s judgment of the circumstances or with him in regards to dealing with evident KGB assets.

    QUOTE from Mr. Nyquist:

    August 28, 2023 at 6:04 pm

    It does sound unbelievable; for how many thousands of people would it require to control an election. One must postulate virtual communist control of states and counties where election results are close. If Trump was controlled opposition, why would fraud be necessary? Rather, the Democratic Party machines in the most populous counties in battleground states could have engaged in ballet-stuffing and getting out the dead vote. We know this has been going on for years in Chicago, and in other cities. But this is a local phenomenon. One does not need to bring China into to. The picture seems unclear, and the evidence is unclear (because no systematic investigation took place). Election fraud that changed the outcome? I think it’s likely, but we need proof. Direct communist control of voting tabulation. Lindell failed to produce any proof. As most Americans remain unconvinced, we need proof. UNQUOTE

    Again – Biden said verbatim “we put together the most extensive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics”…

    The only way to find out how many communists are there in the US meaning involved in this fraud, you would need to have access to their membership files, and these are safely in Moscow, so that is impossible to obtain. But consider the results, which required such a huge network of communist agents and operatives, and entire precincts in their hands, to pull this off.

    Well, Biden is ruining the country now and he had no such voting base at all, and in those 5 states, some had more votes than the actual registered voters, some had vote drops in thousands after midnight, after the pols were closed, and the machines and ballot stuffing and so on.

    The proof is also in the refusal of the courts to get into discovery and actually allow the lawsuits to go through, including the Scotus. It is the results that matter. And the certification of (at least) objectively doubtful election results, electors, on Jan 6, 2020, which is what should have been postponed and election investigation opened.

    And then the provocation from the Democrats, and how Pelosi stopped the procedure – objection to the results, and then when the protest was taken care of, then she, this horrible and communist connected woman, had opened the procedure under emergency rule, which didn’t allow the objections to be submitted anymore.

    So this is how they falsified the outcome, and then of course their sabotage of the audits, deletion of the hard drives and such like things to cover up the fraud. And the ballot boxes, and Georgia and Michigan surveillance videos, and how Bill Barr refused to investigate in PA, and so on. The 2000 mules, so there is more than enough to go on, and they have not done anything about it, the US Congress and Senate, and Trump had failed to do the right thing also – and he didn’t invoke the Insurrection Act and have all involved Democrats arrested and so on, military tribunals for treason.

    It is the failure to act when that was obligatory to act, in defense of the existing order, that is where all these people, including Mr. Trump, had failed, and it is not a coincidence, based on these additional details about Mr. Trump.
    Biblical reference ? Yes, there is one, and it pertains to these times, the last times:

    1 But of the times and moments, brethren, you need not, that we should write to you; 2 For yourselves know perfectly, that the day of the Lord shall so come, as a thief in the night. 3 For when they shall say, peace and security; then shall sudden destruction come upon them, as the pains upon her that is with child, and they shall not escape…
    [1 Thessalonians 5 : 1 – 3]

    Evil times are here.

  18. Kennedy had me at first because he seemed to recoil at the current administration’s violations of the constitution. Then he started his campaign and reminded me why I don’t vote for Democrats.

    Trump is clumsy, sounds clueless, and relies on cliches and I am not sure he can ever get good people to work for him. There are 20 people in congress that we are depending on to stop corruption in DC.

    I was on board with DeSantis until Bush/Rove showed up.

    Pence told us the American people “are not my concern” as he supported more money for the laundromat called Ukraine.

    The rest of them are wanna bees.

    So who is being endorsed by this blog?

    1. Word is that Trump want’s Kennedy as Veep, but China will scrub the votes as they pass through the CCP servers.

      1. If an evil American administration is pumping money in there, combined with Biden’s kickbacks, I cannot agree with you on this. These kids on both sides are being needlessly killed and I blame the evil people in our government. Don’t get too caught up in the theory that Russia is the Soviet Union and that trumps everything that is as plain and clear that the American bastion of freedom is under assault from within, and when we fall, so too do people everywhere. If you insist that America bashing as I have done doesn’t fit your theory, then I will go further and tell you that US and China will not go to war in spite of the talk because at heart, the two countries leaders are on the same page.

      2. If you do not support Ukraine with that one penny of your tax dollar millions of Ukrainians will be slaughtered and Russia will move on us with China.

      3. The Soviets are still deceiving us, ergo Ukraine deserves the hundreds of billions. The US under Obama’s control here today, wants me to believe that China or communist Russia are America’s enemies, is hard to believe when they all walk like ducks.

      4. Hi RETIRED. This interview is with an ex-Ranger who is now a war correspondant. He recently just got back from the Donbas frontline. He addresses your concerns regarding Ukraine. He is really in line with much, if not all, of what Mr Nyquist has shared about it. Sometimes, it’s clarifying to hear collaborating info from different sources, stated in a slightly different way.

  19. Going to the Moon, not in competition … but together!

    To add further substance to this major historical revision, we have the first-person testimony of none other than Sergei Khrushchev, Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev’s son, in the October, 1999 issue of American Heritage Magazine:

    “…that same August [1963], Kennedy sent Father a proposal about joining Soviet and American forces for a flight to the moon. He had first mentioned the idea in Vienna, in June 1961, but at the time Father hadn’t replied [emphasis added]….”

    This, of course, not only tosses into the ashcan of history all the “real-politic reasons” we’ve been given for Kennedy engaging in an expensive space race with the Russians — it raises profound political, diplomatic and economic questions regarding the President’s real, underlying motivations for going to the Moon at all!

    What was John Fitzgerald Kennedy really thinking?

    Obviously, from this documentation, and despite his repeated public rhetoric regarding American’s “winning the race to the Moon,” the President privately thought a joint lunar effort with the USSR was the only real way to proceed! Consistent with this analysis, the documents now reveal that Kennedy tried repeatedly to get Premier Khrushchev to go along with this radical idea; on the record, we have at least five attempts by Kennedy, across the three full years of his aborted Presidency — in secret NSC memos and discussions in the White House, and in equally clandestine diplomatic efforts with both Khrushchev, and even meetings with the Washington Ambassador from the Soviet Union, Anatoly Dobrynin — to quietly convince the Premier to undertake a joint manned mission to the Moon!

    It is clear from these remarkably persistent initiatives, long before his going public at the United Nations in September 1963, that the President in fact saw “a combined journey to the Moon” as vastly more significant and far-reaching than “achieving an American propaganda coup over the Soviet Union, by going there alone ….”

    And, in mid-November 1963, according to Sergei Khrushchev’s personal recollections — after literally years of determined efforts by the President to convince him to accept this 180-degree reversal of the then public perception of “an all out race” … Nikita Khrushchev finally did agree!

    Again, according to his son … this time on PBS:

    “… in the August of 1963, President Kennedy met with the Soviet Ambassador Dobrinyin, and then he spoke to the United Nations. He offered once more to join the efforts, and at that time my father was very serious. I walked with him, sometime in late October or November, and he told me about all these things. He told me that we have to think about this and maybe accept this idea …

    “He thought also of the political achievement of all these things, that then they would begin to trust each other much more ….”

    However, just days later … John Kennedy was killed.

    In 1999, Sergei Khrushchev looked back:

    “… the Cold War might have ended in 1969 … an American astronaut and a Soviet cosmonaut might have stepped onto the moon’s surface together.

    “But life turned out differently. In November 1963 John F. Kennedy died, and a year later, in October 1964, my father was removed from power. The leaders who replaced Father hurried to ‘correct his mistakes’ by giving a new impetus to the arms race and producing tens of thousands of tactical nuclear weapons. By 1989 the Soviet army had seven thousand nuclear cannon.

    “The Cold War was prolonged by twenty years [emphasis added] ….”

    This indisputable chronology now makes clear what Kennedy’s “secret agenda” — via a vis Apollo – really was from the beginning: not only the first, historic manned mission to the Moon … but a radical “end run” on the decades-long, hopelessly stalemated international situation vis a vis the Soviet Union. An imaginative attempt to diffuse — if not completely end — the long “Cold War” decades sooner than it eventually ended; to usher in a new era of unprecedented cooperation between the United States and the Soviet Union, beginning in space … literally on the surface of another world … but ultimately, designed to spread around this world.

  20. The time has come for me to part ways with this particular blog. I have been somewhat disturbed since I started reading or shortly thereafter, that we are being distracted away from the crimes that are happening right here under our nose. Everything is Russia, Russia, Russia! And that looks like the same strategy that we see right here in America.

    I do not side with Vladimir Putin, but I am just so sorry to see his boys dying as I am seeing the Ukraine boys die. I firmly believe that the great Satan, that is the Biden administration, and not the United States of America, is the real criminal behind all of this. I cannot emphasize that enough. You are the scholar. You have to prove everything that you write. I do not consider myself a scholar, and I have not the skills, nor the patience to track down every single fact that there is to make my point. But I have eyes to see and enough of a brain to comprehend. Knowing right from wrong, truth from lies, is enough.

    When I realized this, I thought about the intriguing theories on Russian deception and was chasing that shiny toy. We need to focus on the criminals that are running the United States of America.

    I’m not sure you’re going to print this, but at least I know that you will read it.

    1. Well, sorry to say, it IS “Russia! Russia! Russia!”, even though what you and most other people call “Russia”, is in fact an unchanged Soviet Union! LET THAT SINK IN, if you can! What was, and still is, the sole objective of the Soviets, the Red Chinese and all other communist regimes around the world, including all communist and socialist parties in the West? To crush, once and for all, the “evil, imperialist, capitalist oppressor” and realise, finally, their long-desired “era of worldwide democratic peace” – which will be nothing but an all-encompassing hell on earth. Who do you think gave America and the West all those commies? Where were they trained? Who financed them? Why did Bill Clinton, as a 23-year-old university student, travel to the USSR, in late 1969, at the height of the Cold War? How come Hillary Clinton turned from a 17-year-old Goldwater Girl in 1964 to a glowing acolyte of neo-Marxist strategiser Saul Alinsky later on? And why had Barack Obama as an ideological “mentor” during his entire high school years in Hawaii, a hyper-active card-carrying member of the Communist Party USA? The question isn’t whether the threat comes from Moscow & Beijing or out of Washington D.C., simply because there is no contradiction whatsoever in the threat coming out of all of the above. America is in a state of communist siege at the moment. Clinton was their clever inverted “John the Baptist”, while Obama was and remains indeed their inverted “Messiah”. Forget about Biden. Isn’t it obvious that Obama still runs the show in the U.S., even though he is himself a subordinate of Moscow & Beijing? And how can one so casually dismiss the fact that the combined military, economic and man power of the Soviets and the Chinese, as it stands today, constitutes by all means an existential threat to the survival of America and the free world? They’ve been working towards this outcome for more than a century, and – believe it or not – all those lefties in America and the West are softies compared to the iron cruelty that’s getting ready in the East to plunge the entire world into an age of darkness and barbarism! They know all about mass murder and have proved, again and again, that they are easily capable of killing people in the millions and hundreds of millions! And Moscow is still the headquarters of the World Revolution! So, if you have indeed read Anatoliy Golitsyn, read him again. All your isolationist sentiments ignore this one big elephant in the room: World October. World October at its final stage of implementation.

      1. You have said similar things as I. The American regime is corrupt. They are not interested in a favorable outcome for Ukraine as they are ideologically aligned with communists everywhere.

        Look at their thuggish actions in America.

      2. That sounds like a slogan.

        The American people are no more communist than people in communist nations everywhere. Their rulers are communists.

  21. Jeff Nyquist@10:58.

    US, Russia, China are all ideological allies. I don’t believe that the drama theater would end according to script if pro-Communists running DC were to actually defeat their Soviet ally. China agrees. Instead, let’s use Ukraine to make some people rich.

    Helping Ukraine win a war that they won’t win, instead of using the tax dollars for Americans in Ohio and Hawaii is what we want. Why prolong war, Mr. President?Nuland and her cronies like white death. Why shouldn’t this war be about deception? And race, while you’re at it? Racists do genocide best. I weep for my brothers in both of those countries.

    You did a good job selling the Golyitsn secrets to me. So it is that RUSSIA!RUSSIA!RUSSIA! is a way of hiding the Russian reset. It seems logical that ducks walk the same way, the regime in DC are communists, and the big 3 therefore must be secretly allied. Golitsyn would agree if he could take our temperature.

    Any sabre-rattling by China and Russia are head fakes. They won’t move on us because they know Obama and his puppets are giving our country to them. They will conquer the dollar because the small cabal in the White House-Kalorama, DC pipeline have our complete destruction planned. It wasn’t enough to change America; it must be destroyed, said their spiritual leader, Marcuse (Rufo, America’s Cultural War).

    1. The United States is not an ideological ally of Russia and China. We have hidden communists in the Democratic Party infiltrating the government. We need to wake the country to the danger, not give up and die. That just weak.

      1. The BIDEN ADMINISTRATION run by a cabal of criminals who do not have THE CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED, run the United States. The regime is ideologically allied with Russia and China, the latter because it has shown success in controlling billions of people; and Russia because the logical extension of the Golitsyn revelation is Putin, like Gorby, still remain as masters of deceit. What isn’t visible doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Worldwide class revolutions are still the goal. H the fundamental transformation of America started in 2009, so tell Vlad after my reelection I can work more closely with him. The Kalorama DC White House calls the shots. But do warn those Republicans, democracy dies in darkness. And boy is it dark in the imperial capital.


        “The US stands for democracy, not Chinese and Russian authoritarianism.” Did that little twat Blinken say this?


        Sure. The weaponized DOJ is real democratic.

        The election was stolen!

        Administration lackeys run color revolutions and manipulate elections everywhere. Nuland did it in the Ukraine. She had no business being physically present there amidst a democratic election? Where was election monitor Jimmy Carter?

        They democratically spy on us and kick down doors; they shoot to kill.

        Hoover, Nixon and their black bag jobs were pikers compared to Obama, Lisa Monaco, Norm Eisen, Jack Smith, Fanny Willis, and a cast of a thousand. And that’s not including the useful idiots who live next door to you who call normal Americans, extremists because they don’t believe in late term abortions, gender mutilation, and male pregnancies.

        Do you believe 81 million people voted for runaway inflation, the end of the petro dollar, open borders with little to no screening of who is coming in, Chinese land purchases all over America, now in San Diego near the air base?

        If you think 81 million people wanted this, then I’ve got an oil rig in Venezuela I want to show you.

        Your blog. You get the last word.

      2. Communism is a global movement. It is in all countries. Communists belong to every nationality. Moscow was merely a center for organizing communism, since control of that country as a base of operations has been critical. This is not about Russian nationalism. It is about communism. The collapse of the USSR enabled communists in America to extend their tentacles. With no Cold War vigilance, resistance to communism has collapsed. But the Cold War did not end. The subversion accelerated. Russia snd a China are United. They are preparing a wider war. Our domestic communists are sabotaging our societies.

      3. Agreed. The saboteurs are in power in the White House and all institutions.

        They are communists but they oppose communist Russia.

        Russia plays its role as bad communists but America can’t do that. American support for Ukraine has a funny way of becoming a communist victory in Ukraine. Our leaders will sell out in Ukraine. They won’t interdict China in the straights. Can’t do it. Commies gotta advance worldwide.

    2. Dear Retired, I’m afraid you don’t understand the very nature of the game. I have maybe just only 1% of factual knowledge Mr. Nyquist got to his disposal however I understand the strategics exactly as he does. If you think that the current Russia is not a continuation of the old Soviet Union you are living in a delusional world. First of all; How would you react and how would the so called “entire world” react if German SS or Gestapo officer was elected a German chancellor and began acting exactly as Putin does: murdering political opponents by their dozens, journalists, using radioactive isotopes as weapon of fear, poison, invading neighboring, independent countries, committing mass murder of civilians and constantly threatening neighbors with nuclear weapons? Obviously, there would be a never ending howl of outrage coming from all corners of the entire world.
      You have, evidently, forgotten that the Soviet Cheka, NKVD, KGB and finally FSB have murdered twice as many people as SS and Gestapo together.
      In the case of Biden’s criminal regime helping Ukraine to survive, it is classical case of one HYENA defending its kill against another Hyena. There are, certainly, no noble motives behind Biden and his cohort support for that country, however even the dumbest of his mob are slowly coming to the realization that even their own survival is tied to the survival of Ukraine.
      If Ukraine falls, there will be no stopping of the Russian/Chinese eternal alliance as their ultimate objective is destruction of America and the entire Western civilization for that matter. There is enough material available, even outside Mr. Nyquist’s blog to look into it and draw own, proper conclusion.
      For your knowledge, the current “constitution” of Russia actually envisages Russia as an inheritor and continuation of the old Soviet Union and that is also confirmed in the readaptation of the old Soviet national anthem.
      In my country of origin, Poland, we have NEVER had any illusions about the so called “perestroika” or restructuring and is ultimate purpose. If you were unlucky enough to have your best, most productive and most creative years wasted while living under the whip and the boot of the commune fascist regime as I have, you wouldn’t be having any illusions about that matter.
      Please, read something and learn something before you make another ignorant comment.
      Regards – Bogdan Jodkowski

      1. You misunderstand. I do agree with him that Russia is still communist. What I disagree with is he doesn’t accept that the American regime is undemocratic, unAmerican, imperialist, tyrannical at home, and pro socialist. The missing piece of the puzzle here is a critical examination of America, and this becomes demonstrably clear through Ukraine. This disaster was started by the Americans.

        “The US will not move NATO one inch closer to Russia,” said former diplomat James Baker. The neocons are killing American dreams but ask our men to die in foreign wars. Their sons get a pass.

        I find it ironic that American leftists of yesteryear are not demanding diplomatic solutions to war, and are not protesting in the streets about a 1960 style Vietnam involvement over in Ukraine today. Where’s John Kerry protesting against war? Oh, I see, once your ideological counterparts control power, then wars and jailing political opponents is okay.

      2. Retired: i have always said that communists are moving to take over our country. I repeatedly describe Biden as an paid agent of the communists.

      3. While I have accepted Nyquist’s basic premise about who they really are, I think we all have to ask the question:

        Do China and Russia have to destroy America when Obama working through a cutout president is destroying the country for them? It makes sense to take America this way instead of through conventional military means: just destroy it all ourselves.

        But why the war in Ukraine from the regime’s position? I did not say, “from the United States position.” There is a difference there that I’m trying to impress.

        The United States of America, its people, oppose communism, whether it be from Russia or China. The American regime is communist, and it therefore must have some deceptive reason for battling in Ukraine, and I cannot believe that it is it is for the advancement of freedom and democracy because they are systematically, killing, freedom, and democracy here in the United States.

      4. Read Chi Haotian’s secret speech. The testimony of defectors. I have offered analysis of major events. If you have better analysis and evidence, please do do. Ukraine broke from Moscow, that is why the invasion happened — and why Biden has reduced 48 billion in military aid to 17 billion in actual deliveries.

      5. No need for me to re-read the generals speech: I think it is real.

        I am pretty darn sure that Ukraine elected a president who was pro-Russia. I’m not going to type his name but you know who I’m talking about. I also sincerely believe that reports that the United States and Victoria Nuland instituted a color revolution in Ukraine to take control away from Russia and back to Ukraine.

        Biden is backing off on military aid to Ukraine. That makes sense.

        “My fellow Americans, we worked like crazy on behalf of our democrat brothers and sisters in the Ukraine, we manipulated an election to return control to a Ukrainian leader, and we invested hundreds of billions of dollars there to defeat the Russians, but today I announce that we have failed, and Ukraine once again is in the communist sphere.”

        Deception achieved.

      6. I visited your country of Poland, particularly the city of Kraków, back in 2005, shortly after Pope John Paul II’s passing and one year into Poland’s EU membership. I was stunned by the marvellous churches (first among them, naturally, St. Mary’s Basilica), impressed by Polish practicality and ability to improvise, and somewhat confused by the naturalness and humbleness of even the most beautiful among the women. I also witnessed a phenomenon from the old communist days where people still quietly helped each other out in an apparent spirit of passive resistance. As I continued further north into the country, I found myself on a train with compartments of 8 seats each rather than 6, so everything felt a bit tight, and I asked people, in English, whether there was much of a NATO presence to be felt since Poland joined the organisation in 1999. It was obvious that at least some of the passengers in that compartment sufficiently understood – but no one dared make a peep. People were still cautious like under overt communism. At Kraków’s Central Railway Station, I went to the international counter (where one would have expected a clerk who knew English) in order to change my reservation, but the lady there – a fat, ugly and hostile apparatchik like beamed over from the 1970s – simply refused to understand or do a thing. Finally, when I was about to embark the train back home – I wasn’t aware that the train was still being shunted back and forth well ahead of departure time – a man in civilian clothes, without saying a word, suddenly grasped my right elbow with an iron grip, KGB-style, and a very threatening look on his face. I told him where I was from and that he should immediately leave me alone, which he did. (The only more disgusting – and insightful! – experience I had ever had in this regard was an Aeroflot flight in the Yeltsin years from Delhi back home via Moscow. It was a truly Soviet experience…)

    3. You write that the Biden Adminstration, Russia and China are all ideological allies. But then why did Biden, who was okay with a small incursion in Ukraine, engineer a proxy war against his ally Russia? Just to make a few people rich, really? No geopolitical strategy at all? As if there are not a hundred ways that U.S. government policy can be used to make DC cronies rich without starting a war. Just look at the green/climate change industry and the way government funds and incentives are funneled to politically connected companies that claim to provide cutting edge green technology. That alone dwarfs the pittance in military aid that was given to Ukraine. And notice that Russia, China, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, South Africa etc. are also ideological allies. But none of those countries are at war with each other or giving arms to each other’s enemies. Only the U.S. is the odd man out because it is not really part of the Communist bloc. Despite Biden’s corruption and pro-Soviet past, he cannot change that.

      “Nuland and her cronies like white death. Why shouldn’t this war be about deception? And race, while you’re at it? Racists do genocide best.”

      So, the Biden Admin, the ideological ally of Russia and China, started a genocidal war against Slavic whites by cleverly manipulating Russians and Ukrainians into killing each other. Hundreds of years of history, Stalin’s genocide of Ukrainians, Russia’s initial invasion in 2014 and Ukraine’s desire to defend its people against current Russian brutality can’t hold a candle to Biden’s machinations. But of course, the term “white death” does not apply equally since non-white ethnic minorities are over-represented in the Russian army. And it’s Ukrainian civilians getting killed, not Russian civilians; arguably soldiers getting killed in high numbers is not a genocide, it’s just war. But anyway, your solution to what you perceive as the senseless white death in Ukraine is to let Russia take prime territory so that they can extend the genocidal war against other white east European countries, as they continually threaten to do. That makes sense.

      “When I realized this, I thought about the intriguing theories on Russian deception and was chasing that shiny toy. We need to focus on the criminals that are running the United States of America.”

      I think people who understand Jeff’s work would say that it’s the other way around. The shiny toys that distract the American public so that no meaningful changes are ever made are the constant headlines about Biden/leftist corruption, Trump indictments, election fraud, etc – a perpetual stream of outrage that riles people up but never follows through with any serious investigation. And without the truth being revealed issues like election fraud can never be settled so that the public can move on, and no political consensus can be reached about even beginning to fix America’s many problems. Meanwhile, unnoticed in the 24-hour news cycle, the Communist bloc (minus the U.S.) is steadily moving toward strangling the West of energy and vital resources, and ultimately of the ability to defend itself. Once that is done, Russia and China will have no more need for their lame U.S. “ally” and will proceed to dismember it as they see fit. What you see as a shiny distraction, the awareness that a powerful foreign enemy is planning to destroy the U.S., is actually the one thing that can cut through the political divisions and unite Americans of all stripes behind the goal of throwing out the criminals and traitors in office.

    4. Retired, it seems like what you are saying/asking is:

      If we agree the global communist regime has infiltrated our administration, including our President as a paid communist agent; and we also agree that communists (who control Russia and China) genuinely seek to defeat Ukraine, as part of a bigger strategy to advance communist control globally — then on what basis do we believe an infiltrated/controlled U.S. administration is *actually* trying to work *against* the interests of communism (China/Russia) in its support of Ukraine? Wouldn’t logic would dictate that an infiltrated U.S. administration must instead be advancing the communist cause with its actions, and perpetrating a deception through its support of Ukraine – because otherwise (if U.S. actions actually are designed to defeat Russia’s ambitions for Ukraine), that would be inconsistent with the agreed assumption that the current administration is an agent of communism.

      I believe this is a legitimate question. I believe the answer must be something along the lines as “it’s complicated” and maybe Mr. Nyquist does not believe our national defense is totally sold out, even with a compromised president?

      1. This can be answered simply. If Biden was too obviously an agent of Russia or China, and it became obvious to everyone, impeachment would follow. Even worse, Biden’s secret service detail could turn their guns on a President they believed to be a traitor. Serious investigations or violent protests might begin. If you are taking millions from China and Russia, you cannot be too obvious in helping them. You have to be low key. This is politics 101. Biden gave Russia several weeks to defeat Ukraine without lifting a finger. Finally, with Congress and NATO in a panic, Biden had to go along with aid for Ukraine. He can tell Moscow he is sorry, but he is not going to expose himself as a Russian or Chinese asset because they screwed up the invasion of Ukraine.

  22. You have doubled down on defense of the Warren Report. But from physical evidence and eyewitness accounts, it’s obvious that it lies and those lies have been corrosive to our body politic. If we rely only on physical evidence and eyewitness accounts, we are left with huge gaps in our knowledge. The physical evidence and eyewitness accounts don’t tell us who was behind the assassination nor a motive. In recognition that the Warren Report lied and the existence of those gaps, in marched all sorts of conspiracy theories, the wilder the worse. It doesn’t help that the Warren Report posited its own unbelievable conspiracy theory. How many of the conspiracy theories were planted by communist agents?

    From the physical evidence and eyewitnesses, other than the curious case of the Secret Service being ordered off the presidential limousine as it entered Dealey Plaza, there’s no evidence of CIA or other U.S. government involvement. Absent clear evidence from other sources, there’s no way to fill in those gaps. Speculation merely muddies the waters.

    For me personally, the conspiracy theories are speculation that can’t be trusted, so I don’t listen to them. But the Warren Report, followed by many other lies from the government, make it that I don’t trust the government either. Government lies have been real corrosive in my trust of the government and all its agencies—who is there to trust?

    Part of the corrosion is the blame-America-first crowd, which apparently includes RFK-Jr. If there was any “CIA” involvement in the deaths of JFK and RFK, it was from Soviet moles and spies. Yet the blame-America-first crowd completely ignores the role of the KGB and Castro but blames the U.S. government. Likewise any honest person with eyes should be able to recognize that the war in Ukraine is not a proxy war by the U.S. against Russia, rather it is a continuation of the war that Russia started in 2014 in its invasion of eastern Ukraine and Crimea, a war against brave Ukrainian patriots.

    Jeff, you have demonstrated time and time again that you are a science ignoramus. That if a Dr. Big Name Scientist, PhD + alphabet told you that “The sky is green, my calculations prove it” it appears that your answer would be “Yessir! Anything you say.” But science isn’t done that way. Science is based on actual, physical experiments. If experiments don’t show what Dr. Big Name Scientist, PhD + alphabet claims, then his calculations, model making and conclusions are nothing. The more you pontificate on poorly understood scientists’ claims, the deeper is the hole that you dig for yourself.

    However, your analysis of communists and communism is second to none. You are in a league beyond my knowledge. I thought I had greater understanding beyond many of my peers, and I do, but I sit at your feet soaking up knowledge from the master. You have met with the defectors, read their books and have contacts beyond what I have.

    You need to stick with your strengths.

    You insist that the killing shot on JFK came from the back. But every experiment that I have seen either were not scientifically rigorous (e.g. shooting a pumpkin) or gave clues that the killing shot came from in front. The scientific method determines whether or not an experiment is a scientific one. If you can find a scientifically rigorous experiment that shows that a shot from behind can give the results as seen on the Magruder film (which would surprise me), I will change my tune, but until then, I will stick with the science that the killing shot came from in front.

    An example of a scientifically rigorous experiment would be to take a crash dummy, replace its head with one the same weight and physical characteristics of a real head that can be shot resulting in a massive head wound in the back, have the dummy sit straight up with nothing bracing it above the waist, then shoot it from the same angle as theorized for a shot from Lee Harvey Oswald. Film it from multiple angles including from the same angle as the Magruder film. My prediction, based on science, is that when the bullet hits from behind, that the head will snap forwards, followed by the body.

    Then for good measure, replace the head then shoot it from the same angle as from the grassy knoll with the bullet entering at the upper right forehead at the hairline. Again video from multiple angles.

    This is the way to do a scientific study. Has one like this been done? I doubt it. If so, where are the videos from it? I don’t care if you can bring up a hundred PhD scientists, even a thousand, who claim that the shot came from behind. If they don’t have careful physical experiments to back up their words, everything they say is hot air. It’s well known in scientific circles, that if you torture the numbers hard enough, you can get them to admit to anything.

    And I don’t mean fake experiments like shooting a pumpkin.

    Crash dummies are designed to hold the head up the same way as do neck muscles, yet able to react to external stimuli in the same manner as a real human neck and head, therefore no need for bracing above the waist to hold the head in the proper position.

    You mentioned Ruth Paine. “A few years ago, she was interviewed about her relationship with Marina and Lee.[xi] Ruth was asked if Oswald hated John Kennedy? No, said Ruth. Her recollection was that Lee thought Kennedy was “best president” in his lifetime.” I’ve read the same claim from other sources. Which raises the questions, why would the Cubans have entrusted the assassination to someone who thought highly of JFK? Someone they concluded was unstable? Someone who would make an ideal patsy and thereby serve two roles— (warning, my speculation follows) take the focus off the real shooters, and remove an unstable agent from their rolls? That though he was not the trigger man, yet he had played a part in the assassination, enough to appear guilty and he knew it?

    I mentioned absent clear evidence from other sources, those gaps couldn’t be filled. You have filled in evidence from your sources that there was Cuban involvement. You also reminded me that the CIA is riddled with communist spies. That still doesn’t give us the identities of those who actually pulled the triggers. It clears the names of many falsely accused in crazy conspiracy theories.

    1. It’s not fair to come here and make arguments without citing established facts, without having done any homework — and taking up my time. If you are going to take up an argument, show something valid you can cite. Kennedy was shot from behind twice. Two investigations, more than a decade apart, examining the evidence, have demonstrated this. These people did a lot of work and were interested in what happened to Kennedy. There is no evidence that the Warren Commission “lied” or intentionally misconstrued evidence. That is the claim of countless conspiracy books. But do yourselves a favor and read Posner’s “Case Closed.” There was no disagreement among serious experts who investigated the shooting that Kennedy was shot from behind twice. Please name which investigator, for Congress or the Warren Commission, who thought this. Both the Congressional and the Warren Report concluded the shots came from behind. You write this unsubstantiated nonsense over and over. You have no citations, you evidently aren’t even interested in the facts. I am very disappointed at your unwillingness to read the source material yourself.

      1. Jeff: “It’s not fair to come here and make arguments without citing established facts,” That’s just the problem! You have not provided one iota of evidence, experimental evidence, that backs up your claims. Every video of “experimental evidence” that you cite provides evidence that the head shot, if not also another, were from the front. The whole event took place six decades ago, how many of the eyewitnesses are still alive, let alone able to testify, who at that time claimed that there was at least one shot from in front of JFK? You yourself admitted that a bullet entering a body will have a narrow entrance wound with a blowout of an exit wound on the opposite side, which is exactly what the MDs in the operating room in Dallas examining the body found. I saw a video (decades ago, I don’t know if that video is still available) of at least one of those doctors who were in the operating room making that claim. It’s from that MD that I got the specific information that the head shot had a narrow entrance wound at the upper right forehead hairline that resulted in the blowout exit wound in the back of the head.

        You cite “expert testimony” but not one iota of experimental evidence to back up that “expert testimony” which makes that “expert testimony” just a bunch of hot air. You admit that the Warren Report lied to cover up the KGB/Castro angle. If they lied there, what’s to stop them from lying elsewhere? Furthermore, the physical evidence belies much of what the Warren Report claims.

        I stopped looking at the JFK assassination decades ago when I realized how paltry is the physical and eyewitness evidence, and how conspiracy theorists were just rehashing that same paltry evidence, then adding their unsupported speculations. I now don’t know where to find some of the evidence that I studied at that time, or if it is still available. I didn’t obsess over that assassination because I know that I, as a single individual, without resources to do proper experiments like I described, without further information than what I had found, without connections, I have no chance of solving the mysteries surrounding it. Therefore, I didn’t keep the evidence that I had found because I considered my keeping the evidence a waste of time and effort. The only reason I bring up what I had studied is because of recent news.

        For me, the most important evidence that I had not known before is the solid evidence of the KGB/Castro connection. That blows those unsupported, speculated conspiracy theories out of the water.

        The assassination and the cover-up of the KGB/Castro angle is water under the bridge. What’s disturbing are the unsupported conspiracy theories (“The CIA did it” “President Johnson knew about it ahead of time” “President Bush was involved” etc.) that are widely believed today. To see someone who is running for president spouting those same speculated conspiracy theories is even more disturbing. Especially after he established his bone fides with that book on Fauci.

    2. PS – I do not insist the shots came from behind, all the experts who examined the wounds for the Warren Commission and then for Congress concluded this. Do some analysis for a moment. Are they all conspirators? Really?

      1. That’s the problem. I don’t trust the “experts” without corroboration. So far I have found zero corroboration for the “experts”. “Are they all conspirators?” What’s the evidence?

        On the other hand, you provide corroboration for the KGB/Castro connection. Therefore I find your evidence trustworthy, more trustworthy than that of the “experts”.

        Don’t blindly believe the ‘experts”, Not even PhD scientists. I’ve seen too much fraud in science for me to believe them without corroboration.

  23. Hi Jeff, this is not related to the post. But just want to bring this to your attention, seems quite concerning*. Melanie Jolly (Canada’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs) said that Canadian officials are planning on scenarios on America if the country shifts to being ‘far-right’.

    *Not like I believe that Canada would ever think of possible planning going to war on the US militarily lol, but most likely to sever ties of being an ally w/ us and possibly wanting to make us isolated in the global stage or some sort.

    1. Leftists have these crazy views, thinking people who believe in freedom and the Constitution are rightwing authoritarians because they aren’t socialists. This is all an intimidation game. Certainly, the left does not want to lose its control of certain institutions. And maybe they will turn authoritarian, even as they blame ordinary citizens, defending their rights, as authoritarians. We have to oppose these people politically, and responsibly, and win the argument to win the culture back. If we fail to do that, they will use guns on us — because they will have a majority on their side. If, at their high tide, they cannot get the needed support, they will retreat.

  24. “One needs to explain, for example, that Russia is still ruled by communists, and so is China.”

    Recent Times Radio interviews with intel persons* outright said “5th columnists and fellow travelers” but stopped short of saying Reds outright. It’s a race to the bottom with leftish Liberal-Progressives that see themselves in competition against the ‘autocrats’, and whether converged or proactive useful idiots the same rhetorical “Russian Nazis, Fascists!” et. al. poison pill performatively blocks conceptualization of the enemy or their stance vis-a-vis their own. This impotence must be made explicit, conscious, and redoubled in a way that underscores their culpability. The nomenklatura still firmly holds the formal and informal reigns of power in Moscow (Girkin’s “liberal oligarchic” coinage as against his own purported “nationalist patriotic” one; Willy OEM’s very recent Wagner Group interview gives a good lens from within from this angle)– why are we calling Soviets in Drag ‘nazis’? It’s asinine and the develping world’s rocketbrain surgeons will eat the old anti-imperial/colonial et. al. agitprop slop in the Red Army faction’s favor every time. What is this emotive token signifying in the enemies’ usages? Anti-communist, or otherwise against Moscow & Beijing, which will be conflated to resisting your own impoverishment at the hands of temporary benefactors of Lenin’s Rope.

    Catching Putin’s spies | Rear-Admiral Chris Parry*

    Why We Fight, Why They Marched – Exclusive Interview with Wagner PMC & Soldier, Wounded In Ukraine | Willy OAM

    “Trump skirts the edges, drops a few hints here and there, and scares the communists in the process. They are so scared they are attempting to put him in jail on false charges.”

    Power can dispense with formalities and even cleverness — they are both threatened and emboldened at once. The charges are sloppily composed, careless even … from the Trayvon lead in to the 2016 election to Year of Floyd peaceful protests, racial incitement has been the modus operandi of These people. The farce is itself a show of force that develops the internal unrest goals that gives foreign powers a freer hand abroad. It doesn’t have to stick necessarily when Lin Wood’s the only one getting disbarred and perjurers like Strozk & McCabe get prime time tv interviews:

    Uncivil Law live breakdown of the Georgia Indictment

    “Why would we want passionless, empty, people? Are we that addicted to our stuff, to the mirage of our prosperity?”

    The West is also in the institutional death grip of Forever Young Baby Boomers that for social and cultural factors (the most narcissistic generation in the history of the world) are quite content to “eat the seed corn”.

    “Thus, the assassination of JFK has become an interpretation-as-betrayal for the entire country.”

    They would sooner ‘disclose’ UFOs and extraterrestrials than release the scheduled JFK declassification (so much for that swamp draining), and they expect rubes to accept it without question. Fingering Cuba & Russia would galvanize the public in geopolitical inconvenient ways, God forbid!

  25. They are over and over the same kind of ignorant replies, the same MSM talking points, as if that was automatically the truth – it is an amazing phenomenon of human ability (or disability rather) to accept lies at face value without proper examination of them and what they actually propose to believe. Like the devil himself was directing these poor souls to accept his lies and forcing them to carry them out for others to swallow.

    When it comes to atheistic communism, these same people are capable of giving the communists the same benefit of a doubt that they give to others, even though the bloody history of communism spells their intention of the Russian planned tyranny and enslavement of mind and body in one big worldwide communist concentration camp.

    The worst part of this strategy is the intention to remove entire nations from their homeland and shuffle them around the globe, to create the psychological effect, the intended chaos and despair of mind and soul, so conquer their ability, of those who are the slaves of the communists, to resist.

    It seems that some people do not wish to learn, nor will they listen when they are informed that such like enemies of God, as the communist fanatics are, must never be dealt with in any other way but with overwhelming force, and perpetual isolation of them, never having anything to do with them, for otherwise it is the most certain ruin of all established order as these atheistic communist servants of Satan will ruin it, once and for all.

    This kind institutional blindness to the truth is what will kill entire nations, including the United States, because the psychology of the convenience of what they are lied to, by communist penetrated government and media, and the fraudulent terms such like lies espouse as genuine, to deceive the hearers, that of itself is truly criminal, as then there is no more remedy as this same institutional blindness, the “widely agreed upon worldwide opinion” that Russian communism is no more threat, is what they consider as unchangeable dogma and anything that will refute it, which is the truth and desire of genuine justice, as there was never any for the victims of communism and never served against the communist criminals, these same people who place themselves at the helm of proposing their own accepted knowledge and understanding for all to obey, they themselves have failed the truth and justice in the outcome.

    That is the summary of the problem, and much more can be added…but what for ?

    They have already made up their mind, the only thing that can change it, and it will be too late, is when they actually will have the be forced by VERY tragic circumstances to endure the first hand knowledge of the truth about communism, that it does not pay to be friendly towards such diabolically possessed servants of Satan, the Russian and related Bolsheviks…

    But they were warned before, they cannot claim ignorance anymore.

  26. Typo again –

    They have already made up their mind, the only thing that can change it, and it will be too late, is when they actually will have to be forced by VERY tragic circumstances to endure the first hand knowledge of the truth about communism, that it does not pay to be friendly towards such diabolically possessed servants of Satan, the Russian and related Bolsheviks…

  27. JeffNyquist@9:51.

    If the Biden Administration is communist, they must then be pro-communist in their policies and would also support worldwide communism. If it is a given that Russia is communist, the Administration would naturally be ideologically aligned with Russia and any “splits” must be fake in order to achieve some political or geopolitical purpose. Communists share the same goals. When our leaders say they disagree with Russians or Soviet style authoritarianism, they lie. We see here in America that “our democracy” has no meaning. A stolen election, criminalization for speaking about the stolen election, and impending imprisonment for challenging an illegitimate regime. Hardly democratic.

    Let me repeat, I am not contesting your general thesis that Golitsyn advanced back in the 80s. I think you are correct and the Russians are still communist. I am taking the next logical step and suggesting that there is a big giant ruse, a deception, going on in Ukraine. If Russia can execute a giant deception that they abandoned communism, who is to say that American leaders can’t pull off a deception of their own? I mean, communists, as J Edgar Hoover wrote many years ago, are masters of deceit. This applies to American born communists just as much as it does to Russian or Chinese born communist

    1. Retired: Whether Biden is merely a paid agent of communist power, or an ideological communist, he is not free to be openly communist. And he might be under their thumb, and happy to find excuses for slipping out from that control. You talk about deception. This is a problem for the communists, insofar as their own dupes and minions can turn the practice back on them.

      Most of the Federal Government, and most people who work in the White House, are not communists. Most are muddleheads. The real communists herd them like sheep. But sometimes the sheep won’t budge, and the party line gets tangled up in its own lies. So we have to be nuanced in our understanding of how all this works. The Russians, engaged in a deception game, cannot be telling everyone — especially their American “friends” — that China gets the lower 48 to build a second China (with all the Americans exterminated). The Russians cannot tell their “partners” in Washington that Russia has sold them out. Maybe, just maybe, some of our leftists have figured it all out. (Probably not, since their cast of mind would dismiss the speech of Chi Haotian as a forgery.) But, we simply do not know all the details here. And we should not be demoralizing ourselves imagining what those details are, especially when our enemy has made serious mistakes in their game.

      The communists in Russia and China have a difficult management problem. If too many people know their real intentions, the whole thing would fall apart. The left in America has long been regarded as “useful idiots” by the people in Moscow. So it’s never so simple as labeling the U.S. Government “communist.” That is incorrect. There is a sense in which Americans are culturally different. They are not Chinese or Russian, and do not always understand their partners’ real intentions. The U.S. Government has communist agents in it, and is being subverted in large part by the “useful idiots” Lenin laughed at. They could not do all this with agents alone. They need the dupes, from which the needed numbers can be provided. The problem is, these “useful idiots” have idealistic concerns, and many have become genuinely hostile to Moscow because of Putin’s religious and nationalist pretenses. Playing a double game has its drawbacks. And this is one. And it has produced real blowback for Russia. It is the kind of blowback Biden and others cannot gainsay. The law of unintended consequences often operates. You cannot go against your useful idiot constituency when Moscow screws up and fails to take Kiev at the outset. If the war had finished quickly the world would have shrugged and said, “Too bad. Business as usual should continue.” But that did not happen. The wheels came off the cart.

      So, in this context, it is inappropriate to begin a critique of my analysis by saying, “If the Biden Administration is communist….” No. An Administration represents thousands of officials and millions of constituents who are not communist. Consequently, you cannot do whatever you please, or whatever Moscow demands. It is not politically feasible. The Democratic Party is not all communist. There are a few communists manipulating a large pool of dupes. If we want to be precise, we need to admit that most people here are innocent in the sense that they have been “manipulated.” The policies they embrace will, if successful, get them killed. So, they do not understand what they are being led into. Since these folks do not want to die, we can rightly say they are victims of a communist deception rather than communists. To the extent they see danger, they will oppose Russia and China. And bribed leaders are not going to get them to kill themselves. If Biden and his inner circle push too hard in the wrong way, they destroy themselves and their hold on power. So we have to be clear. There is a difference between the manipulators and the manipulated. Communism is not an ideology, but a technique for obtaining total power. It is a scam, in effect, invented by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. And, of course, the scammers are partly taken in by their own scam. You have to have a better sense of how all this works, and how they advance their agenda, and why they need false narratives which appear to have nothing to do with communism. The psychology of socialism is not easy to analyze because there are so many moving parts. If Voegelin is right, of course, our liberals share the same vision of the future as the communists, but that is on the philosophical level and not the level of practical politics. The liberal becomes a reality-falsifying useful idiot, readily led by the nose, ready to believe false narratives. But he is not the guy pulling the strings. He is, rather, the puppet who dances on someone else’s string.

      In Russia and China they have an altogether different set of objectives than the socialists here in America. Our socialists dream of freedom and equality. Chinese communists dream of exterminating the land of the free and building a second China here.

      When you use expressions like “our leaders … lie” you are making such a broad generalization, you can then go on to say almost anything. Which leaders? Which lies? Who is a dupe and who is a communist? These are nuances, and they are important. You cannot play a game without understanding how the pieces work. You cannot say that all the pieces are rooks or bishops. You will not win the game if you misread the rules. Avoid beginning a sentence with “all.”

      Furthermore, America was not designed as a democracy. Let’s set that term aside. The people’s vote is only a check on arbitrary government power. The people are too large a mass, too ineffectual, to govern directly. The people are aroused only in an extreme emergency, and need an executive committee to think for them. That is how it has always been and will always be. The crisis we are in is older, and has deeper roots even than Marxism. There are other cross-currents here. Our republican system is breaking down because corruption, combined with communist infiltration, is breaking it down. This makes it vulnerable to takeover. The communists are in the process of taking it over, and this process is not compelte. If it were complete our nuclear arsenal would already be eliminted and the Chinese would be flooding in at a hundred times the rate they are now. I would be under arrest, or this website taken down. But that has not happened. The communists do not have full power. They can manipulate, and they can push us. But they have to be careful.

      As for Ukraine, you want to say “there is a giant ruse … going on in Ukraine.” How would you know that? Have you read books on the Maidan Revolution? Do you know any Ukrainians? Do you know people involved in the war? Obviously not. And you offer no analysis. You merely jump to this idiosyncratic conclusion that the war is fake, or a ruse, because you have learned about Golitsyn, and your imagination has gone over to wholesale paranoia. Now everything is a ruse. Everything is fake. You have left facts and serious thought behind in favor of using Golitsyn as a crutch. No. That’s wrong. You must know something about the subject before you can make that kind of judgment. Every major event does not reduce to fakery. That’s the error of “conspiracy theory.” It’s gnosticism, where the Devil always guides events and nothing happens organically, or according to Providence. Anyone who thinks as you do has misunderstood my analysis. I am not a conspiracy theorist. I am analyzing real events, and facts. And I am looking at testimony. I do not hear of an event and immediately decide what it means. I actually investigate the details first. It is inappropriate to reason backwards from your favored conclusion, and say, “Why can’t it be a conspriacy?”

      So you have green cheese in your house. You then ask, “Why can’t the moon be made of green cheese?” Wrong question. Bad analysis. This is not how proper analysis is structured.

      There are communist agents inside Ukraine, to be sure. But the war in Ukraine is not helping Russia or the communist movement. In fact, it has created a split in the left, where Russia has lost a degree of control over Europe (which is surprising). The Russian and Chinese communists are not ten feet tall. Crazy communist schemes are always backfiring. Nearly everyone thought Ukraine was going to fall to Russia. The Russian government clearly thought so, and we see the evidence in a hundred places that they thought so. No. The invasion was not a ruse. The Russians bragged that they could take Ukraine quickly, and they tried. They really did. But the Ukrainian people fought back. Go and read about the early fighting and how they stopped the tanks, how they butchered the Russian paratroopers. This is not some “big giant ruse.”

      Moscow’s abandonment of communism did not work as planned back in the 1990s. Many things went wrong, and they have been unable to reestablish the communist system without putting their power at risk. So the elite in that country has developed a kind of national socialism in the hopes of walking things back, gradually. Bringing Ukraine and Belarus and Central Asia back into the fold has been part of their plan, and that plan is failing. A kind decentralization took place, and the locals do not want Moscow running their lives again. And this is something we can take advantage of. Perhaps our European leftists would like to see Moscow fail, even though some are in Moscow’s pay. After all, who likes being under someone’s thumb?

      We have to be smart in our analysis. Not simplistic.

      1. Nobody ever made the case to the American people for the CIA training Azaov NAZIS in Ukraine and installing all those bioweapons labs there. The Fed prints money like toilet paper to spend on Ukraine, while Americans can’t afford both rent and food.

      2. I have a low tolerance for people coming here spreading Russian lies. I do not believe you have a reliable source for either of your assertions: (1) that the Azov battalion is a Nazi formation and (2) that the CIA trained them. And it is definitely untrue that the U.S. is spending enormous amounts of money in Ukraine. As a total of U.S. spending it amounts to less than a penny of your tax dollar, and it is money well spent to stop the advance of a country that is allied to China and determined to destroy us. If you do not understand that, you need to read this site from front to back.

      3. Congress bans arms to Ukraine militia linked to neo-Nazis
        BY REBECCA KHEEL – 03/27/18 1:42 PM ET

        A little-noticed provision in the 2,232-page government spending bill passed last week bans U.S. arms from going to a controversial ultranationalist militia in Ukraine that has openly accepted neo-Nazis into its ranks.

        House-passed spending bills for the past three years have included a ban on U.S. aid to Ukraine from going to the Azov Battalion, but the provision was stripped out before final passage each year.

        This year, though, the $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill signed into law last week stipulates that “none of the funds made available by this act may be used to provide arms, training or other assistance to the Azov Battalion.”

        “White supremacy and neo-Nazism are unacceptable and have no place in our world,” Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Calif.), an outspoken critic of providing lethal aid to Ukraine, said in a statement to The Hill on Tuesday. “I am very pleased that the recently passed omnibus prevents the U.S. from providing arms and training assistance to the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion fighting in Ukraine.”

        The United States has been aiding and training Ukrainian forces in their fight against Russian-backed separatists since 2014, and recently expanded that aid to include arms. The omnibus includes about $620.7 million in aid for Ukraine, including $420.7 million in State Department and foreign operations funds and $200 million in Pentagon funds.

        The Azov Battalion was founded in 2014, and its first commander was Andriy Biletsky, who previously headed the neo-Nazi group Patriot of Ukraine. Several members of the militia, which has been integrated into the Ukrainian National Guard, are self-avowed neo-Nazis.

        But a spokesman for the group has defended it, telling USA Today in 2015 that only 10 to 20 percent of recruits are neo-Nazis and that those people do not represent the official ideology of Azov.

        It’s unclear how much, if anything, from the United States has gone to Azov in the past.

        “The State Department should pressure Kiev to dissociate itself with this group and investigate whether any of our weapons or training have already been provided to them,” Khanna said in his statement. “This is just one of many reasons why lawmakers should be concerned about channeling huge amounts of weapons into this volatile conflict zone.”

        Last year, online posts by the militia’s news service showed members testing U.S.-made grenade launchers at a firing range. The posts have since been deleted, and the Ukrainian National Guard insisted in a January statement that the grenade launchers were not in Azov’s possession.

        U.S. officials have said vetting required under the so-called Leahy Law already prevents the United States from aiding Azov. The Leahy Law bans U.S. aid from going to groups when the “secretary of State has credible information that such unit has committed a gross violation of human rights.”

        But proponents of a ban specific to Azov say the Leahy Law did not preclude it from getting aid, since the secretary of State has never made such a determination about the group.

    2. “Most are muddleheads.” Brings me back to my college days. The student elite that I knew were mostly muddleheads, going aimlessly from feeling to feeling. Easily led by emotionally charged statements.

      I fear that describes all to many of our fellow citizens.

      Well written response, Jeff, well written.

      1. IQ of a feeling? LOL! Zero.

        They flitted from feeling to feeling, contradicting themselves or going off in weird angles, showing that they had no fixed anchor to their thoughts, no overarching Weltanschauung. Easily led by emotionally charged statements.

        That describes too many of our fellow citizens. That’s why Russian propaganda uses negatively emotionally charged descriptions of the Ukrainians (e.g. NAZIs) and positively charged emotional statements about themselves (e.g. anti-LGBQ+, Christian) to hook “conservatives”.

  28. There is the control of the government and its powers that the communists want to control at all times, and when there are setbacks, this same control is still held by the communists in charge – that is their rule, that has never changed.

    In Ukraine there are 2 aspects of the problem – one is the conduct of the government, and the media how that is reported, whether accurately or not, and then the ordinary people who suffer the consequences of that terrible war.

    Russia is communist and hasn’t been anything else but communist country for more than 100 years. So whatsoever they pretend to be is nothing else but communist dialectic deception.

    So when the Ukraine government is asking for help, to save the country from much stronger and still ruthless communist aggressor, to help them to fight the aggressor is matter of charity to our fellow men, which is a duty given by God to fulfill.

    Now that said, when this is misused by communist connected (KGB) assets to cause evil, to steal the money, to launder them for their own use, by backdoor blackmail tactics (as Biden has done it before – i.e. you kick back such and such amount or you are not getting anything), then the culpability is on both sides (one doing it, the other permitting it), although the victims are still the people of Ukraine.

    But this problem has a much higher aspect in it – God is testing all what they will do, so that when they themselves are brought low, when they have to suffer hardships and persecution, then they perhaps will remember how they were towards those who were before them persecuted and suffered hardships from evil communist tyrants.

    It is astonishing to have to explain this point as if it needed to be explained, but historically it is the same mentality (i.e. it is not our problem, we don’t care), as when the UK and France signed the 1938 AD Munich agreement with Hitler as if that was to help divert the war and it didn’t, and then these 2 countries and others as well were forced to fight the war anyway, as there was no longer any other alternative. You cannot appease tyrants, they will take more and more, and when it comes to communists, they are fanatics and cannot be trusted in anything, and must be always crushed, isolated, eliminated.

    And then the Yalta agreement with Stalin, which is by far the worst kind of betrayal of freedom and justice in the history of mankind, and then the fruitless hypocritical complaints from Churchill about the “Iron fence” – so there are consequences for such deplorable mentality…

    Biblical reference ? Yes, there is one (and more than one):

    To him therefore who knoweth to do good, and doth it not, to him it is sin. [St. James 4:17]

    And as you would that men should do to you, do you also to them in like manner.
    [St. Luke 6:31]

    All things therefore whatsoever you would that men should do to you, do you also to them. For this is the law and the prophets. [St. Matthew 7:12]

    This is why the war in Ukraine was permitted by God, to test the world about its godlessness and wickedness, so that when this godless world will have the need of Divine mercy and help, God will be silent…

    And the obvious fact that when the Russian Bolsheviks are more emboldened by crushing Ukraine (when they might use their nuclear weapons…), they will no doubt use them for that purpose of nuclear blackmail of anybody who would not obey their communist demands…

    And the apparent staged opposition of Biden and the EU socialists against the Russian communists, that is just another communist deception, because this way Russians will have the much needed propaganda tool to deceive their own people that the Western countries are evil and that any attack on them, including nuclear attack on the United States, is therefore justified… it is the communist side playing the controlled opposition, nothing else, but the victims are still the people of Ukraine (and whatever country comes next after that…and the whole world at the end, including the US).

    1. Whereas I never felt a devotion to Mary in my Catholic faith, the evil of Marxism, now up close and personal, has convinced me that the purpose of the Fatima revelations right before the Russian Revolution, were divine. What Our Lady told the children has been ignored by many. It’s worth saying the Rosary and worth getting an actual papal consecration of Russia as directed to the children.

    2. Military aid to Ukraine is what I am in favor of, and that is what I am discussing, and this aid is not in the form of money. It comes in the form of supplies, equipment and training. It cannot be laundered and is not being stolen. All the equipment is marked and tracked. Ukraine would not be winning the war if supplies and equipment were not reaching the front. Please do not quote scripture at me. Cite facts, please. Reason from established facts — not enemy propaganda.

      1. There is no information verifying this offhand statement about pensions that Biden made in April 2022. He made the statement prior to Congress passing a bill which had no reference to pensions in it, as I recall.

      2. PS – Retired. Your repeated and tiresome posts have crossed the line into harrassment. I have deleted a number of your posts. You have used the Lord’s name in vain, and you keep repeating the same tired objections. I have given your comments plenty of time and attention. I have other things to do.

  29. Seems the write up leave unexplored at all the story line of Judyth Vary Baker (Me & Lee). You will come away with a totally different perspective on Lee Harvey Oswald. Are you familiar with her at all? Interested in your perspective.

    1. Baker is a lunatic and Oswald obsessive. She even said there’d be a Lee Harvey Oswald action figure one day. Maybe, in saying this, she is really laughing at her fans. She’s the queen of the tinfoil hat JFK assassination buffs. She makes money out of people’s fascination with the JFK shooting by claiming to have been Oswald’s secret girlfriend. She offers no real verifiable evidence for this relationship (the evidence she brings forward appears concocted). But she does sell an absolutely ridiculous story about herself, as a 19-year-old, doing advanced cancer research to make a bioweapon for killing Castro.

      Please understand: The CIA did not need a bioweapon to kill Castro. We know the plan was to use a poison pen. The man tasked with killing Castro was Rolando Cubela, not Oswald. Judyth is just cashing in. And if the CIA was making a bioweapon to kill Castro, they would not be hiring a teenager and Lee Oswald to help make the weapon in someone’s apartment.

      And how exactly do you inject cancers cells into Castro, as if this would even work (which it would not). In fact, Judyth’s hoax is pretty slipshod. She says that sodium morphate is used by intelligence operatives to induce heart attacks. However, there is no such thing as sodium morphate. I remember this nonsense chemical was referred to on the TV spy show “Alias,” and is one of those spoofy spy-adventure fictions that you find on TV. Judyth must have been a fan of that show, thought it was real, and put it in her story.

      Judyth employs other “scientific” fictions. She also claims to have worked on the AIDS virus, but told Dutch media she was working on SV-40 (Simian Virus 40). As time went on she kept adding details to her story, to make it sound more convincing. But no sensible person would credit any of it.

      Is there any evidence that she had an affair with Oswald? She shows paperwork indicating that she worked at the same coffee company as Oswald. But that only proves she is a cunning opportunist. The witnesses she uses to affirm her story were connected with DA Garrison’s fraudulent investigations. Yet these witnesses, available to Garrison in the 1960s, never mentioned her as Lee Oswald’s girl friend. And this would have certainly been discovered if true.

      A journalist who looked into Judyth’s story became suspicious of the claim that she went on dates with Oswald with another couple, the woman being her best high school friend. Only, she could not remember her best friend’s name. Her story changes with time, especially as she presents new evidence. And that evidence is always suspicious.

      Judyth says that Lee Harvey Oswald was sent as a fake defector to the Soviet Union by none other than James Angleton. Of course, no fake defector program has ever been shown to exist in the CIA. Her story weaves all the big names into it. She practically ran into everyone who was anyone related to this subject. Probably she knows the Dealey Lama who lives under Dealey Plaza. She has obviously drawn it all from conspiracy lore. She even claims to have known Jack Ruby, who she knew as “sparky.”

      At one point in her bizarre narrative, Judyth was caught out when she said that Lee was planning to escape with her to romantic Cancun Mexico, where they would meet up at a fine hotel. The only problem was, Cancun had no fine hotels back in 1963. The place was just a bunch of sand dunes. To cover her tracks, Judyth claims an interest in Mayan ruins in the area.

      Aside from inflating her own accomplishments, Judyth claimed she was persecuted in the United States and ended up in Sweden, getting asylum. But in truth, she never got asylum in Sweden. This was researched and debunked by Glenn Viklund, who further dissects her claims here —

      So Judyth Baker is a confabulator. And lots of people believe in her. As Gustave Le Bon once wrote, people hate reality and love fiction.

  30. Jeff :

    Off topic.

    Do you think that there is any significance to the planned October 4th testing of the Emergency Broadcast System ?
    Do they know something that they are not saying ? Or perhaps just increasing readiness and communication as a prudent measure ?
    It seems to be good to me if the government is acting to test and improve their reaction to disasters.
    It is not done very often. So I wondered if you thought they got some information. I suppose possible threats – natural and man-made – are in the news every day.

    1. It’s does seem a little odd to me that a test of this size is needed; nothing short of nuclear war or virus outbreak (of which we have no civil preparation for) would warrant the entire country being notified at once. I would think this would cause dangerous panic for anything less.

      I already receive a notice of impending storms, floods, amber alerts, etc. And I’m sure everyone else does too, so the current system appears to work fine. I’m always skeptical of anything that requires a cell phone. I hope I don’t have to sign into an app to use my new efficient ceiling fan. I hope they don’t put a camera and microphone in it either. I heard lots of stories of this kind of thing already.

  31. The question Mr. Nyquist posted about Mr. Trump and why would it be then, if he is the controlled opposition, that they would still cheat on the election ?

    This is such an excellent question because it illustrates their evils – Biden was the one they wanted and so they had to make sure that he gets inside the WH, and as that was not possible by honest election, as he had no such support at all and Trump was getting reelected, they had to cheat to get the result done.

    Also, this serves the most as the demoralizing factor in the Russian strategy, which is a major factor as such, because when there is no trust or very little trust in the system of government and electoral process then the country is that much more vulnerable for communist takeover.

    That Trump would be elected he wouldn’t be able to do so much damage as they needed done, so Biden was the obvious choice, as the facts prove after nearly 3 years of his residency in the WH.

    They had to cheat, otherwise the damage wouldn’t be so fast and so effective as when Biden (Obama etc.) is holding the power.

    One more point – there is no categorical proof that Mr. Trump is the controlled opposition, BUT he has failed when he had the duty to act in defense of justice, and he allowed communist traitors to take over the government, that and his visit to the Kremlin in 1987, and connections to KGB assets and friendliness to communist tyrants, those are the red flags that just must not be overlooked. It is therefore a folly to look only on the economy and improvements, when the national security is still at risk and the existing order is being attacked by communists, and one plays Kerensky instead of being as Gen. Patton or Gen. MacArthur (or rather as Sen. Joseph McCarthy) instead.

    There is no true mechanism at the moment to remove Biden and his gang from power (as the communists control the legislature), that is other than Civil War, and there is no guarantee that that will be successful. It is truly a dire situation, but there is always solution…

    There is always hope in the mercy of Christ Our Lord, that is what keeps those who are truly His going, nothing else. And there is no more trust in men, as they fail or compromise on the truth, and then there is no more justice left, only the one that is Divine, from God, which will never fail, never miss.

  32. A new draconian law has just gone into effect Aug 25th that institutes extreme censorship of the internet on a global basis, “The Digital Services Act.”
    They have overreached with all their evil, wars, poisonings, laundering, trafficking & death and no body trusts them anymore, It’s all been exposed and they have to resort to brutality and death to keep control.

    Is it not obvious both sides work for the same satanic cult leader. What’s with the Masonic hand sign Trump was doing in the Tucker interview? Why is it so easy to so boldly use the appearance of evil?

    This same games been played for thousands of years. You can’t reason, negotiate or compromise with evil. You must cast it out!

    Do we still have time? I believe God and His promises never change. He can’t break His word or His promises, they are unchangeable.
    If we repent and turn from our sins of unbelief and compromise with evil TODAY and unite against this evil, God will stand with us.
    Thank you for all your time, courage and boldness Jeff.
    May God bless you and keep you,

  33. Freemasons have had similarities with the communists, and so there is not so much disagreement among them, BUT to insinuate that “somehow” the Freemasons (i.e. bankers etc.) would have any influential power over the communists, as the Russian deception long-standing strategy dictates to disseminate (mainly among the heretics who dare to claim to be Catholic, and they are disseminating this factual nonsense much more abroad), it is essential to remind oneself of the facts – Russian and related communists do NOT allow some masonic sect to dictate anything to them, and they don’t need their money, Russians fully control narcotic trafficking worldwide, alongside the Chinese involvement, and so they have billions from drugs and other evil enterprises, including KGB set up legitimate businesses.

    From the book Red Cocaine by Dr. Douglass (pg. 56)

    As Jan Sejna explained religions are viewed as an especially dangerous force within socialist countries and in all countries being prepared for revolution, given the conflict between Marxist and religious morality.

    [The attack on religion is at the core of the revolution: Gorbachev proclaimed on 15th December 1987, after all, that ‘there must be no let-up in the war against religion because as long as religion exists, Communism cannot prevail. We must intensify the obliteration of all religions wherever they are being practiced or taught’ – Ed.].

    Within socialist countries, the long-term – 50-year – objective was to eliminate the importance and influence of religions. Outside the socialist countries, propaganda, deception, diplomacy and intelligence services were to be used to destroy, influence or use the various religions. Within the Third World countries, religions were viewed as ‘temporary friends’ because they supported the revolutionary spirit.

    Overall, the principal directions of Soviet activity directed against religions were as follows:

    * To encourage leading religious centres to support the Soviet policy of peaceful coexistence.

    * To compel leading religious groups to deny their support for capitalism and to promote the idea that the rich countries must help the poor countries.

    – To support desired political, social and economic changes which will bring the Communists to power in the various targeted countries.

    – Through propaganda and deception, to show that socialism is allied with religious groups in the ‘fight’ for a better life generally.

    – To use religious groups to exploit and further disarmament – that is, to exploit the idea that it is against the will of God to kill people. [For the revolutionaries are content invoke God, of course, when it suits their purposes to do so – Ed.].

    – To build a mass psychological perception of nuclear warfare as signifying the end of the world.

    – To infiltrate the religious centres with the following order of priority:

    (1). The Vatican;
    (2). Moslems;
    (3). Jews;
    (4). Buddhists;
    (5). Reactionary sects.

    With reference to ‘reactionary sects’, Czechoslovak intelligence had three clerical agents within the Vatican in the late 1960s. They were located, Sejna asserted, within the sections responsible for foreign policy, finance and ideology. (Note – there were more of them in total, from other communist espionage services, which Gen. Sejna could not have knowledge of…)

    The Moslems were particularly important because of their role within the Middle East and Africa. One consequence of the Arab-Israeli War was that it enabled Soviet Bloc intelligence services to infiltrate all of the leading Moslem centres.

    The Jewish community was regarded as an especially important target to assist the Soviet Union to gain economic influence over the West, and as an especially important source for intelligence information, and as a liberal counterweight against right-wing forces. The most difficult religion for the Soviets to manipulate was Buddhism because divergent physical characteristics made the religious order difficult to infiltrate. Reactionary (conservative) sects, which were also anti-Communist, were regarded as having considerable political influence.

    These sects also desired to achieve control and power, which the Communist plan exploited. In 1967, the Communists had obtained inside information on, or influence over, by their estimate, in excess of 40 percent of the various sects and other religions.

    EVERY TIME somebody who claims to be “Catholic” and begins to talk about Masons, and implies the already disseminated conspiracy theory, the red flag goes up…

    Be careful, the bloody history of communism and the Church Teaching about communism has been explicit, and there is nothing worse than atheistic communism as that is the reign of the Antichrist at the end, nothing less, 3 and half years of diabolical evil the world has never seen before.

    Mr. Trump has used the communist clenched fist salutation many times before, and also, as the communists don’t like to wear a tie (to them it is a bourgeoisie custom, and also a sign how to recognize one another – without a tie), so Mr. Trump has been doing this in many of his public appearances, so if he is one of them, they wouldn’t be surprised when he speaks about communism…but would know it is the Party line of deliberate deception…

    1. This is an excellent comment. I might add that the biography of Julius Evola mentions an SS intelligence-gathering project against the Masons and other occult lodges of Continental Europe. In 1945 this project, which had assembled a large archive in Vienna, was captured by the Soviet Army when the city fell. This means Soviet intelligence had all the data needed to infiltrate and recruit Masonic organizations as satellites of the Eastern Bloc.

    2. I think most people totally misunderstand the danger coming from Freemasonry. They do not control the communist bloc. The communist bloc is at the top of the food chain. Freemasons do not have nuclear weapons or bio-weapons labs.

      The danger of Freemasonry is to the soul. The essence of Freemasonic thought is an empty deism – emptied of all content and spiritual life. It is modernism, materialism, scientism and the ” brotherhood of man ” ( of course without the fatherhood of God, as Vernon Johnson had said ).

      It is interesting to look back to when Hugo Black was Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. And a great majority of the justices were Masons ( all except for one ). This just happened to be when a lot of the decisions tearing down traditions and morality were pushed through. Coincidence ? Fr. Mitch Pacwa has spoken clearly on this.

      So if people are concerned with the moral and spiritual state of our society, they would be well advised to be be very wary of Freemasonry. If only military and kinetic attack, then Freemasonry is irrelevant. Word to the wise.

  34. Excellent article, Jeff!
    There appears little doubt Lee Harvey was involved in the conspiracy, but the laws of physics say he could not have possibly fired the kill shot.
    What remains of the Zapruger film clearly shows the shot coming from a completely different angle and direction.
    It would seem Kennedy had many enemies, so he must have been doing something right.
    I guess his main mistake was to underestimate the criminal blood lust of his enemies.
    Many western countries are now deeply infiltrated and infested with these vile communists, how does one go about cleaning the nest when they have taken control of the government, legal system, media, police and the military??? People are now being arrested for holding perfectly legitimate and healthy views, they are recording non criminal hate crimes, creating a police record that essentially means cancellation from most work places.
    I would say the answer would be a dose of their own medicine but they have made their own institutions resilient to subversion as they are no longer free……

      1. Okay, you won’t bother to read the evidence. So here goes. Please refer to Appendix A: The ballistics of Assassination in Posner’s excellent study, “Cased Closed.” Then look at the analysis of the Zapruder film on pp. 317-23. Poser clears up a lot of the common misunderstandings of the evidence. Scientific improvements have even allowed for more precision in analyzing what the Zapruder film shows. They can prove, for example, from the film, that Kennedy and Governor Conally were hit by the same bullet (Oswald’s second shot). It is also confirmed that Oswald’s first shot missed. In the Zapruder film Kennedy is hit in the head at frame 313. Many witnesses said the noise from the shots was coming from the School Book Depository building, and this can be seen in some of the photographs then taken, where people are turning and looking toward Oswald’s position. and there were witnesses directly below the window Oswald was firing from, and they heard all three the shots as very loud indeed.

        Posner explains in detail: “While almost all the doctors who treated JFK support the findings of the autopsy [that Kennedy was struck in the head from behind], their confirmation may not be as important as the studies conducted by subsequent panels of experts.” (p. 314)

        “The most detailed work was done by the [House] Select Committee. All nine forensic pathologists agreed that the beveling of the skull and the damage to the brain meant the small rear hole in the President’s head was an entrance wound. The exit hole was consistent with a wound caused by the two large bullet fragments found in the front of the President’s car.” (Ibid)

        “But if the President was struck in the head by a bullet fired from the rear, then why does he jerk so violently backward on the Zapruder film, which recorded the assassination? To most lay people, the rapid backward movement at the moment of the head shot means the President was struck from the front. ‘That’s absolutely wrong,’ says Dr. Micheal Baden. ‘People have no conception of how real life works with bullet wounds. It’s not like Hollywood, where someone gets shot and falls over backwards. Reactions are different on each shot and on each person.'” (p. 316)

        “In the case of President Kennedy’s head wound and the reaction on the Zapruder film the Itek Optical Systems did a computer enhancement for a CBS documentary. Itek discovered that when the bullet hit JFK, he first jerked forward 2.3 inches before starting a rapid movement backward.” (Ibid)

        “The backward movement is the result of two factors. First, when the bullet destroyed the President’s cortex, it caused a neuromuscular spasm, which sent a massive discharge of neurologic impulses from the injurred brain shooting down the spine to every muscle in the body. ‘The body then stiffens,’ said Dr. John Latimer, ‘with the strongest muscles predominating. These are the muscles of the back and neck…’ They contract, lurching the body upward and to the rear. The President’s back brace likely accentuated the movement, preventing him from falling forward. At the same instant the President’s body was in a neuromuscular seizure, the bullet exploded out the right side of his head. Dr. Luis Alvarez, a Nobel Prize-winning physicist, focussed on that to discover the second factor that drove the President’s head back with such force. Dubbed the ‘jet effect,’ Dr. Alvarez established it through physical experiments that re-created the head shot and extensive laboratory calculations. He found that when the brain and blood tissue exploded out JFK’s head, they carried forward more momentum than was brought in by the bullet. That cuased the head to thrust backward — in an opposite direction — as a rocket does when its jet fuel is ejected. Because the bullet exited on the right side of JFK’s head, it forced him to be propelled back and to the left, exactly what is visible on the Zapruder film.” (p. 316)

        Dr. Baden explained that by movement alone an observer cannot tell the direction of a shot. Baden said, “I have personally done thosuands of gunshot autopsies. There is no doubt that the bullets that hit John Kennedy, both in the neck and in the head, came from the rear. Nothing hit him from the front.” (Ibid)

        Since the people commenting here won’t read, or check the testimony of the foresnic pathologists, I copied out these sections referring to this for them. I am disappointed that some readers so stubbornly maintain false notions on this subject.

        I hope this puts the question to rest.

      2. Jeff, I don’t want to see desktop calculations and computer analysis. Those can be jiggered to produce whatever result that you want. As is said in science, if you torture the numbers hard enough, you can get them to admit to anything.

        What I want to see are actual physical experiments that accurately reproduce what are claimed, and I want to see their videos, as well as the background information that produced the experiments. I want to see it with enough detail that it can be reproduced by other researchers.

        So far I have seen nothing, absolutely NOTHING, that backs up the conspiracy theory that a shot from behind was the head shot that killed JFK. I mean physical experiments. Provide the physical experiments with their videos and I will change my tune. Until then, I stay with the science and witness testimony that the head shot that killed JFK came from the front.

        There is a concept in science called “irreducible complexity” where several things have to happen together:
        1) the bullet has to come from behind
        2) the wound produced on the back of the head by that bullet resembles an exit wound from a bullet from in front
        3) the head has to be attached to a neck that prevents the head from rotating and rolling backwards (the pumpkin test fails here)
        4) the neck must be flexible as a normal neck (another video I saw failed here)
        5) the head snaps backwards as in the Zapruder film
        6) the lack of a visible exit blowout wound on the front of the head
        If the physical test misses any one of these, it fails. Irreducible complexity.

        Oh yes, there’s a report that there was a shot that hit JFK in the back about a 20th of a second before the fatal head shot, which would explain that his body jerked forward at the time of the head shot.

        Then to add more complexity, set up a dummy, this one made of ballistic gel, set up in exactly the same distance and attitude as shown in the Zapruder film in the frame that shows the head shot, does the bullet go through the same angle as the one that hit Gov. Connolly? Then after hitting another piece resembling bone, does that bullet have as little damage as the “magic bullet”? Remember, you must have all of these factors dialed in in order to have an accurate physical experiment. Miss one, and the experiment fails.

        Remember, if you torture the numbers hard enough, you can get them to admit to anything. The same with any other desktop or computer simulation. So give me an actual physical experiment that hits all these points, and I will change my tune.

  35. Dear Jeff, thank you for the comprehensive and frightening clarification of how bad things are in the USA. But as a consolation I claim that it is much worse here in Germany. We have a communist cabinet of horrors here, which is deliberately destroying this wonderful country in all areas. And then here we have a right-wing party that criticizes the government but forgets, or doesn’t know, or doesn’t want to say, that all the filth and filth they denounce comes from their Russian friends. They want to kick the American troops out of Germany and rather go along with the Russians. And the stupid East Germans who danced on the Berlin Wall more than 30 years ago and were happy that the Soviets are gone want them back indirectly, because they want to vote for that party. I no longer understand my people. They are like a flock of sheep. I hope Deepl translated that properly.

  36. And the Gestapo files in Berlin which the Red Army captured…Mueller and the other officer (forgot his name), that of itself was a priceless source of NKVD/KGB blackmail of the entire Europe and even the US, of such like circles.

    These “masonic and jewish conspiracies” have been deliberately disseminated by communist agents all over these so called Catholic circles, and it has become as their tool to cover up for the KGB etc. operations…so every time somebody begins to say something like this one has to pause and consider where is this coming from, and most importantly why.

  37. It is fruitful to find the actual time to watch the interview with Mr. Gussack (half way through it now) – and one thing that is obvious from it – the more the people are godless the less they value the truth and reality, the less they are constrained by the necessity to observe it and obey it, this same foundation or principle of life, which is, or can be called the love of the truth.

    They do not possess the gift of it, they do not seek it, and when it comes to state the truth for the sake of the Truth, they have no remorse of conscience to fail in it, because to them there are no eternal consequences of failing to live the life of the truth.

    God. God is the truth, and those who don’t love the truth, or who live in apathy or indifference to it, they don’t love God, their own values are obscured and their philosophy of life is perverted, and they cannot help themselves but to continue to fail.

    After all, there is no foundation, no establish order in their lives to grant them the proper course, they have no set path towards the truth, and so it means nothing to them when they choose not to follow it, and they have no problem saying things that are contrary to it, for whatever reason they may have for it.

    So then the obvious frustration when they are faced with the choice to say what the truth is, and they choose not to do it, regardless of what reasons they may have, they are nothing but liars because they promote lies instead of the truth – and this is what is the resulting factor.

    There can be cited biblical references, but it is not necessary. Woe to them though, woe to them for being like this. No matter if the name is Kennedy or anything else, they all have to approach the judgment seat of Christ Our Lord, and they will be sorry there, nothing less.

    Mr. Nyquist, do not be disappointed, they have to answer for it no matter what intentions they may have, if they lie, they will pay for it regardless of why they lie.

  38. They’re all one and the same no matter the name. Just like in the days of Noah…is there even one righteous man that is not compromised?
    The only leader we need is one who will secede from these murderers day one.
    This has been going on since the 1940’s that we know of and everyone is still acting like an election will change things?
    God help us!
    Thanks Jeff

  39. Just another piece of the puzzle –
    Watters: Do you think the mugshot (of Trump) appeals to a Democrat base in any way?

    RFK Jr: I had a mugshot when I was arrested in Puerto Rico when I was doing a protest against the Navy..
    He said he sued the Navy and won. Why would anybody trying to hamper the US military in their mission and file a lawsuit against them ?

    Now it makes even more sense why he is still a Democrat and why he is saying the things accusing the CIA instead of the KGB etc. of murdering his uncle and father.

      1. Sounds like the environmental leftist activist, which is a communist front scheme.

        He shouldn’t be supported for president, and most likely he will not even get anywhere close to the nomination, that is probably reserved for higher positioned cadres.

        It is this association of his and the connections to such people, his willingness to attack the government when it is not necessary, for the leftist causes, and the lies about the CIA and so on. Either he is compromised or he is in on it.

      2. I’d like to think Kennedy simply has this philosophy, this point of view, which is off kilter. It is good to fight corruption, and sometimes big corporations are doing the wrong thing. And sometimes corporations sign on with communists and socialists. But Kennedy is attacking capitalism from the left. He is an anti-anticommunist. And that’s a problem.

  40. Just to ask – so he was objecting to the USN training dolphins for sea warfare – planting magnetic mines on bottom of enemy vessels for example ? Was this the case ?

    If yes, this may be of great significance, because then it would serve Russian and Chinese military espionage as well as any war effort or conflict, as then there would be no trained dolphins to accomplish this task – there was a documentary on this type of warfare, but memory doesn’t serve well to remember the details.

    It is true that Russian were (are) using merchant marine vessels for spying and perhaps sabotage as well, or to unload Spetznaz commandos for various ops, if necessary, so this way such ops would be more secure, as to intercept a specially trained dolphin carrying a magnetic mine is more difficult, specially at night.

    Is this possible, was this the case why Kennedy was suing the Navy ? It may be this is very important detail about him how it would help Russian and Chinese warfare against the US.

    1. If I recall correctly, Kennedy does not like some of the things the Navy has for tracking enemy submarines. Sonor can supposedly hurt dolphins and whales, because it messes with their hearing (which is a kind of sonar in its own right). I do not know if it really is a serious issue or not.

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