In becoming pragmatic, they become ineffectual.

Richard Weaver

I had the chance to interview Jimmy from Brooklyn, an anticommunist activist and researcher with expert knowledge on the Communist Movement. Jimmy appears on many talk radio shows, offering pearls of wisdom about communism. It was pleasure to hear him explain, in detail, how the communists operate.

Next is my discussion with Nevin about the Republican Debates and Trump’s interview withy Tucker Carlson.

The Politically Homeless Podcast

All the candidates in the Republican debate said something good, and many of them acted badly. Some of them said things that were ridiculous.

127 thoughts on “An Interview With Jimmy From Brooklyn

  1. Can’t wait to listen to the interview with Jimmy. He is a national treasure. God bless him (and you, Mr. Nyquist) for his relentless exposure of the Communist movement.

  2. This interview was great! I always enjoy listening to Jimmy from Brooklyn. And, I just went back and reread the interview you did with him Aug 2, 2021.
    I just wish there were references to some of the Communist writings he speaks of in this recent interview.

  3. Of course my comment was removed, because Nyquist gets his funding from the CIA

    1. Wow, Jimmy got quite a reaction. I have deleted a large number of harassing, hostile posts. The communists hate Jimmy’s clarity. And so do the antisemites, conspiracy nuts.

      1. Has the United States Secret Space Program, surpassed the Space NAZIS is super advanced weaponry? Do you believe that the US can defeat Russia in all out war, or do you feel that Russia will hold back out of a sense of fair play?

      2. This drumb beta of propaganda about Ukraine losing the war is advanced to kill all support for Ukraine as a lost cause. Russia’s only way to win is to convince us to sacrifice Ukraine. If our leaders get the green light, they will do it. Just watch.

    1. Yes. Isn’t it funny? I am virtually unknown, but I have so many detractors. Very odd. Why am I deserving of their time and efforts to discredit me?

      1. Remember, Communism died, and your theory is false, which is why there are so many mouthpieces here trying to discredit you. 🤪

  4. Given the amount of ignorance and deep sleep, even now, one really wonders whether we’ve already, once and for all, passed the point of no return, possibly a long time ago. Jimmy from Brooklyn certainly doesn’t exaggerate. He knows his stuff. First hand. And the further the Revolution advances, the less time, energy and relative calm is left for people in decision-making positions (that is to say: those few and ever fewer who haven’t been taken in by the Revolution) to study and eventually understand what should have been studied and understood a long time ago. The first half of the eighties appears to have been such a window of opportunity, with books like Jan Sejna’s We Will Bury You and Anatoliy Golitsyn’s New Lies for Old getting published and films like Red Dawn (I) being released, but the sudden switch in 1985 on the part of the Soviets (and the entire communist bloc) from their former rigid, oppressive model to apparent reform, liberalisation and democratisation, coupled with a most aggressive diplomatic offensive towards the West, successfully neutralised this whatever vague re-awakening of anti-communism. They duped Reagan, they duped Thatcher, they double-crossed Kohl, they “gloriously” auto-collapsed, and here we are. Prior to 1989/91, hardly anybody was willing to take the warnings of an impending fake collapse of communism seriously; now, more than thirty years later, still virtually no one realises such a fake collapse has ever taken place – and so everybody continues sleep-walking into catastrophe.

    1. I should have written, “…now, more than thirty years later, still virtually no one realises that this apparent collapse that indeed came to pass was just that: FAKE. It was a long-premeditated and well-prepared strategic ruse, a ruse also with colossal ramifications in that it killed all remaining anti-communism, both inside the communist bloc and, first of all, in the West. Want to get ridiculed, or worse, as someone who “tilts at windmills”? Be an anti-communist in the age of deceptive post-communism!

      In the end, however, once communism is fully in charge (should that ever happen, and it easily could as things stand), the outcome would be as former Black Panther Anthony Bryant described his unexpected and unasked-for experience in communist Cuba, where he defected to in 1969, but was treated as a spy and thrown into jail for more than a decade. Only in 1980 he was released and sent back to the United States, now a wise man and cured from his earlier communist delusions:

      1. Mr. Bryant is an extraordinary person. “Communism is a lie,” he says. They play a divide-and-conquer game. Here we are, decades later, and his message is more relevant than ever.

    2. A new kind of politics was invented by Lenin and his disciples. They took the process of this politics further and further. The present age — as Kierkegaard might observe — was the perfect environment for them; an epoch of arrogant, oblivious, and unserious people. What Metternich experienced as a feudal milieu of dull fellows gave way to a regime of impenetrable intellectual fantasy — cut off from understanding. A regime of blockheads who blundered into two world wars and general madness. From mental astigmatism to moral idiocy and then outright schizophrenia.

  5. Western “Marxism” is like medieval Church that banned peasants from reading the Bible. There are publishing houses of “Marxist” literature in America that publish everything except Marx. Only some degenerate 20th century philosophers, so called neomarxist, that were predominantly rabbit anti communist liberals.

      1. I live my whole life in a post communist country grew up on communist culture. There is absolutely no connection between the degenerate culture invented by Rockefellers and other capitalists to destroy the worker’s movement and actual Marxism.

        Also there is no evidence of connection between Zionist Robert Maxwell, who was buried in Jerusalem with honors, and communists, who were backing Arabs at that time.

    1. Marx’s insane ramblings are widely available in the west. You can also buy copies of Mein Kampf. Such literature has not come close to being off the market.

  6. That is a good line, “People see what they are prepared to see.”

    I first heard that in relation to wildlife conservation, but with my varied background I see it elsewhere as well. I grew up in the country, mixed woods and fields, so when I visited China I saw things that city folk don”t see. I jokingly say that my father never bought a home, he bought projects, so I have hands on experience in construction. I recognized the Chinese tofu construction. My training in college is as a scientist so I recognize when people don’t understand science (sorry, Jeff). I remember the watchtowers in eastern Europe from where the police watched the villages and workers in the fields, as well as those who traveled the roads, replaced in China with the ever present cameras. But I don’t have experience in reading crowds, because I’m a country boy. Even when I lived in cities, I avoided crowds.

    People see what they are prepared to see.

    When I lived in San Francisco, I was asked to see if I could find evidence that dead people voted. Within a few hours, I found dozens. All Democrats. That opened my eyes to other signs of voter fraud.

    When I lived in Germany, I learned that the top leadership of the Nazis were Marxists, but lied about it in public. Privately Hitler and his cronies thought they had achieved the Marxist “dictatorship of the proletariat” but sang a different tune in public as well as to lower levels of the party. So when their Marxist brethren in Moscow staged a “collapse of communism”, I was prepared to doubt them. When I learned more, my doubts were verified.

    But sometimes what we are prepared to see doesn’t happen. I was prepared to see Ukraine defeated within days, if not hours, after the Russian blitzkrieg. I’ve met Ukrainians and seen their intense dislike of their Russian occupation, I’m proud of how they have fought off this latest invasion. They deserve our support. More than what we have given.

    People see what they are prepared to see.

  7. Somebody just wrote about him being a classmate of Obama on Columbia University (class of 1983) and that he has never met Obama and that he suspects that Obama studied in Moscow in Soviet Union at their “sister school” – which opens up quite a bit of possibilities, because that could only be a cover story, but that such foreign communist assets were most likely stationed at the KGB Patrice Lumumba place, and it is understood that this is nearly impossible to confirm, but the writer says so directly that he suspected that Obama was in USSR, getting the revolutionary communist education…

    Setting aside the Sodomite perversion, which is quite a scandal as it is, this is one of the first times that somebody would suggest something like this, and of course, the deeds of Obama, which are reminiscent of the Party line all the way, are self-evident.

    Of course the connections to communist assets as Davis etc., are also confirmation of it, as the KGB doesn’t train somebody by proxies, when they can easily give the person a Soviet visa and invite him as “student”, as they did with Bill Clinton and others.

    Those were the time when America and the whole free world fell asleep, and that the detente with the Bolsheviks opened up their door to all communist assets and parties worldwide, not that they didn’t have it before, but that they didn’t have to worry that much about being caught in the communist subversive ops.

    Meanwhile they infiltrated the intel agencies and FBI and so on, and the fruits are visible today.

    Good interview with Christopher Story on the subject – don’t know where he mentions the infiltration of western intel agencies, but it should be there somewhere in it.

    The ONLY recovery is through Divine help from God, because humanly speaking the devil and his servants are not failing in destroying the existing order and installing communism worldwide…and there is only one way to obtain the Divine mercy, never through private heretical opinions about it.

  8. ADD : “Of course the connections to communist assets as Davis etc., are also confirmation of it, as the KGB doesn’t train somebody by proxies, when they can easily give the person a Soviet visa and invite him as “student”, as they did with Bill Clinton and others. ”

    Need to add – unless the KGB has to use proxies to train assets, meaning leadership assets…

    1. The Soviet espionage system prefered to have its agents come to Soviet territory for some period of time. There they were able to observe the prospective agent and assure themselves of his or her loyality and commitment. They also solidify the agent’s commitment by treating the prospective agent with kindness. Yet they do not neglect certain psychological observations. Here they determine how far this person might go, and what his or her uses might be.

      1. The communist parties in countries that were not friendly to communism, and this even before WW2, like Italy and Spain and Germany of course and so on, were sending their agents into the US to establish the networks and the Party leadership, and also the role of the “illegals” is quite a story itself, but GRU and KGB were doing it and still are no doubt, even though today there is no need as much as 40 years ago.

        Which means that they could fabricate any identity for their agents and insert them into any place of the western society, including the government and intel agencies.

        How many of their offspring are today inside the US government, legislature and law enforcement, that cannot be explained, as these agents are virtually undetectable, as many times they help valid identity of US etc. citizen, when or rather after that person was murdered by KGB and or related services.

        Once the person of interest is deemed non-recruitable, due to certain ideological or other obstacles, then they consider elimination, or public discredit. or criminalization in any way, including fabricated “mental disorder” record, which of course cannot be easily erased or nullified.

        Of course when that doesn’t work, physical liquidation is ordered and carried out.
        Then only God’s help prevents that evil to be achieved, nothing less.

        A source claimed that about 20 years ago the person was posting on Sean Hannity website forum, and began a topic “Democrats are communists”, and within 30 minutes the person’s computer was hacked, while still present on the website. So these measures of course are the proof of their carefulness what needs to be censored and what they allow to be published.

  9. I think you are misunderstanding Russian strategy in Ukraine war, they will simply continue this pace until Ukraine capitulates. They are not trying to capture territory. Time is on their side.

    1. They are trying to break down Western support for Ukraine so they can win the war and bring the entirety of Ukraine back under Moscow. It is quite clear.

  10. “How little imagination you have, and how little you know what life is for most people in most communist countries.”

    Decent people can have decent life in communist countries. Socialism rewards hard work.

    Compradorist capitalism rewards traitors and scammers.

      1. There is some corruption everywhere. There were serious restrictions how people could use money though. Ask yourself while working people are nostalgic for socialism while corrupted upper classes and parasites support capitalism.

      2. People nostalgic for socialism most often are not communist voters, they are often voters of some nationalist parties. Because everyone with brain understands national sovereignty is precondition for any future change.

    1. Pathetic Commvomit! Haven’t you read my post that I wrote few days ago about my experience when living in Poland under the boot and whip of a commune fascist regime? There is NOTHING positive about it. While I was trying to perform an honest work and living a normal life and experiencing the socialism/communism in practice of life you are living your PARASITIC life wading in fumes of your own delusions.
      Marxism/Leninism/Communism is nothing more or less than a strictly PARASITIC concept concocted by an eternal PARASITE Marx with the help of his cohort Engels and perfected by another eternal PARASITE turned abhorrent PREDATOR – Lenin.
      Marxism’s superficial complexity resembles a complexity of forms created by bats dropping in a bat cove where millions of cockroaches scavenge in search for any trace of organic matter.
      Followers of communism like yourself are just like those cockroaches. You are attracted to communism because it offers you a justification for your PARASITIC life and generates in your twisted mind an illusion that you are performing some useful duty.
      Obviously, commo-cockroaches especially the cunning ones expect from the prospective communist regime as a reward a place in its administration because its offers them also an easy life in a competition free environment.
      I remember that scene rather vaguely because I read Orwell’s 1983 many years ago when still living in Poland and the book itself was smuggled by someone from abroad. When Winston Smith was invited by his party boss to his villa, he was struck by the relative frugality of his life. And it was at that moment Smith realized that the maximalization of the personal wealth was not a primary objective of party members but the life in a competition free environment. They didn’t need to flash their wealth publicly because, in the end, virtually EVERYTHING belonged to the PARTY.
      Almost just like in Poland only slightly less brutal than described by Orwell in his epic novel.
      However, even in Poland they could exercise their brutality and even in theoretically trivial matters.
      In my post I described the grotesque story about the toilet paper, however there is an example from my own city of Zielona Gora.
      Normally, we would have one or, occasionally two sorts of bread and bread rolls. there were operating two or three tiny private bakeries around the city but one would have to que from the early morning hours to get anything there.
      One day a local cooperative opened a big pavilion they named “Chlebusik” for lovely little bread. And suddenly we would have a dozen or so sorts of bread, bread rolls, cakes, dairy products and other stuff.
      It has become such a sensation that the folks would flock from the entire city and surrounds to shop, admire and wonder.
      It was a proof that even a bit of an economic freedom could produce miracles.
      People have noticed that, started making comments and asking questions and the commies didn’t like that. So after six or seven months of operation “Chlebusik” was as mysteriously as suspiciously burned thoroughly down never to be rebuild and reopened.
      It was a clear message sent by the communist BEAST to the people: “Even if this is possible, you won’t have it.”
      Stop once for all spewing your nonsense that in communism decent people could lead a decent life.
      Regards from Australia

      1. Commit’s nonsense is offensive, as all untruths are. To speak untruth is a an obscenity. We think of white lies — that everything of this kind is like a white lie. But no. When important issues are at stake, the truth is what matters most. And Commit is a falsifier of reality. He has no intellectual integrity to write the things he does. Intellectual integrity is the most important quality of mind, just as honesty in general is a spiritual quality. One might say that Commit, as a typical communist blockhead, exemplifies obnoxious untruth in support of evil.

  11. QUOTE: Decent people can have decent life in communist countries. Socialism rewards hard work.

    The Kremlin must be very happy about such party line deception, the truth of the communist slogan “the ends justify the means” is thus confirmed, and much more.

    Of course this above communist lie can only be taken with the understanding of the word “decent”, which means communists, and those who agree with them, otherwise there is no change in life for the slaves that live there, the atheistic slave-masters don’t allow liberty of conscience nor decent life to those who don’t cooperate with the evil cause.

    1. People with anti communist views got a chance for reeducation via productive work. Compare it with America, where millions end up jobless on streets after 2008 capitalism crisis.

      1. People with anti-communist views were either murdered or sent for life to hard labor camps, including uranium mines (without necessary protective gear) in your native Czechoslovakia, now Czech republic.

        So yes they were re-educated by communist slave labor, locked up and treated worse than animals.

        Your communist lies are not worthy to dignify with answers but sometimes it is necessary to make an exception, of course your fabricated assertions are your own discrediting result, why it is despicable to propose anything so vile and evil as communist ideology and its practical application.

        Hell is full of communists, so that is where so far your overall destiny leads you. The devil is very glad to have such devote laborers, but when God intervenes, they will all of them regret the day they were born.

      2. That’s just nonsense, Commit. More lies. Communist labor camps were described by Solzhenitsyn as a massive crime. Employers in America have trouble finding good workers, and will pay good wages, and there are lots of ways to make money if you’re a working man. Such rubbish.

      3. That wasn’t capitalism, but the result of mercantilism. Most significantly, there the legalization of corporations was hotly contested. Trusts were originally the format to be dissolved upon completion of a predetermined project, whereas a corporation is immortal. The 14th Amendment grants corporations the same privileges as a person, but a person has an expiration date. True Capitalism is a principal advocated in The Bible.

      4. I remember the comment near the end of John Barron’s “Mig Pilot” describing Belenko. The USAF Officer called the USSR a moral junkyard. There is no better description of a communist regime.

  12. This was a previous blog post, interview I re-read after your most recent interview here.

    I also went back and listened to Jimmy’s interviews with Michael Savage some 12 years ago. I think he’s even called in to speak to Rush Limbaugh over the years as well. Sad that all those times when Jimmy called in, Rush never really understood the Communist strategies and mainly focused only on Republican versus Democrat issues and strictly the politics there in.
    I did find and purchase a used copy of the book
    “Covert Cadre: Inside the Institute for Policy Studies” that Jimmy mentioned while talking with Savage.

    Keep up the good work, Jeff.

    1. The problem with Limbaugh is that the views he broadcast were quite limited. Much of what he broadcast pointed to a very limited knowledge of what was actually going on. That was rather sad, given the pulpit he had, he could have done so much more than simply wag his tongue on superficialities.

      1. Again, as I pointed out in a comment earlier, “Rush never really understood the Communist strategies and mainly focused only on Republican Party versus Democrat Party issues and strictly the politics there in.” That was, and is, the case even today. Conservative talk radio (pick one) hasn’t a clue of the grand strategy of the Communists. It’s only a matter of voting for more Republican candidates/politicians…of which are bought and paid for by the same Marxists that conservative voters believe Democrat politicians are already.

    1. Because in free countries, the government doesn’t force strangers into home owners houses, except for New York in the case of illegal immigrants.

      1. Your fight. Those homeless are forever lost. You are losing the military industrial race.

    2. This is a joke, right?

      Oh I guess one is not counted as homeless if a farmer allows him to stay in his barn, or he squats in an unfinished, abandoned building, or sleeps on a park bench, as happens in socialist countries. The difference is that they’re not allowed to set up tents on the sidewalks, as here in the States.

    3. Because in America homelessness is one of the products of the policy of SOCIAL DESTRUCTION conducted by the communists who have infiltrated the so called “Democratic Party” long time ago. However, “Democratic Party” itself has ALWAYS been a political monster around which coalesced all the more or less openly anti American PARASITES.
      Look at the Detroit, for example. Henryk Sienkiewicz, a Polish writer and an author of a book “Quo Vadis” for which he received a Nobel Prize in 1905, visited Detroit in 1900 and was enchanted by it. He wrote: ” I have never seen such a vibrant, beautiful city in my life.
      I couldn’t even imagine that the ordinary people could live so well.”
      And it was still the time when nobody could even imagine that America could be one day infected by any sort of collectivism let alone by communism.
      Look at Detroit today. It has become a sewer of poverty and homelessness. And there is a simple reason for that: Detroit hasn’t elected a Republican Mayor for the last fifty years.
      So for the last entire fifty years Detroit is being “governed” by the PARASITIC, DEGENERATE, COMMUNIST “administration” representing a criminal syndicate “Democratic Party” is.
      This tragedy has struck many other cities as well and it has nothing to do with capitalism but has EVERYTHING to do with PARASITISM marching under the banner of communism/socialism and their derivatives like eco fascism, gendero fascism, femino fascism and so many others.
      Think about that

      1. Cycling through Western cities is quite educative in this regard. You see all those little propaganda stickers put on street signs and poles that you’d never be able to read from a distance, travelling by car. The radical-left underground is hyper-active everywhere. Once I read on such a sticker, “This quarter will stay dirty!” In other words, with their graffiti sprayed on house walls, first of all, they send whole neighbourhoods into ugliness and decline. And house owners can do whatever they want to paint the anarchic “art” over, the next day another act of vandalism has taken its place. And no serious public debate about this systematic, large-scale property damage. People now live with it. The communists love to undermine every order, every cleanness, every style and beauty. They only feel comfortable in an environment of dirt and destruction…

      2. Detroit is a good example. Once you apply communist principles to an oppressed group, militancy replaces hard work and crime becomes a principle in itself.

  13. Are you afraid of productive labour? I think it explains your anti communism more than anything else.

      1. I think you would enjoy the time in labour camp. Would help your intellectual development.

    1. Commvomit, the commies send to gulags, if necessary or just for sheer convenience, or even just for fun, morons like you as well…
      If you bother to grab Solzhenitsyn you will find hundreds of examples of that.

      1. Actually, Party members had a very high rate of imprisonment and forced labor. Also, execution. Why would that be? Because the Party members are the ones who could make trouble for the regime, so their activities are more subject to a paranoid reaction by a Stalin or a Putin.


    Wealthion addresses the “fourth turning” and new leadership coming from unlikely places. I’m sure many have heard this song, and it was included in the debate. Wealthion presents an interesting analysis.

    I am often reminded of the story of Gideon, especially during these times.

  15. Czechoslovak born Robert Maxwell, real name Ján Ludvík Hyman Binyamin Hoch – so this was discussed during the interview – interesting link –
    (Don’t know anything about this website).

    It may be worse than one can imagine, not only because of what it says about him:

    “A personal friend of Brezhnev…and of Andropov and Gorbachev” – cooperated with the KGB…etc.

    They don’t allow anybody inside the door without making sure that he can leave alive without full commitment.

    So now there is Epstein, and they are spreading (very carefully) that he was CIA, but Ghislaine Maxwell was the daughter of this KGB agent, or double agent, so now since they are not releasing the name of the perverts who were their customers, that means that the blackmail, i.e. communist blackmail, is full speed ahead.

    In some cases there might even be ideological consent also, but the blackmail safeguard is always sought by the KGB as a security. So where are the Epstein files now – Moscow ?
    No doubt, because this has the KGB operation marks all over it.

    They had to come up with more potent and also criminal blackmail tool than for example the Gestapo files the Red Army got in Berlin at the end of WW2, and so on. This seems like it is the case.

    1. A typo again

      “They don’t allow anybody inside the door without making sure that he cannot leave alive without full commitment. “

      1. Whitney Webb has written a 2-volume book on Epstein and his ties to intelligence, it’s ties to the mob, and the involvement of foreign governments and agents as well as the sexual trists and blackmail in high places.
        “One Nation Under Blackmail”. The first book details how the intelligence community started and their connections with the mob starting back during the World War. It’s a lot of names and organizations and at times it’s overwhelming to take it all in and understand the web of tangled ties between “good” actors and the “bad”. The second volume details the overall story that most people think of when they hear his name.

      2. The United States used the Italian mafia in World War II because we were invading Sicily and Italy itself. In the 1950s the USSR began a detailed study of organized crime. They determined that they needed to infiltrate and capture organized crime because it held the political keys — to corrupt officials, corrupt intelligence officers, corrupt police. Once they could tempt the mafia into making money with them, they had dominance in the organized crime area. Proof that the USSR accomplished its goals in this area can be found in David Remnick’s Pulitzer Prize winning book, “Lenin’s Tomb.” Toward the end of the book he interviews the head of the Italian parliamentary committee of inquiry into the Mafia. Here we learn that the three main Italian Mafia’s — the Neapolitan, Calabrian and Sicilian mafias — were allied with Russia; that Russia had become the capital of international organized crime. The problem with a project like Whitney Webb may be a failure to grasp which intelligence service is dominant, and which stands higher than the others in terms of controlling the information and the organized crime battlefield. Epstein would have become involved in all the intelligence services. But then, he would have been ensnaring them, too.

      3. I’m just into volume 2 in which she goes into his connections with retail mogul Leslie Wexner as well as Epstein’s link to espionage activity, the Maxwell’s (Robert, and daughter Ghislaine).

        Again, she is great at naming names and the connections but the information can be a bit overwhelming (for me anyway) and I have to put the book down and think and digest and write notes, a bit, before continuing on, lol.

      4. Off topic Jeff, but can you point me to any of your writings or essays or other sources that detail Gorbachev and his Green Cross International and/or the Soviet’s role in introducing the whole climate change agenda here in the US?

      5. It was actual Frolov, if memory serves, who was the editor of Pravda, who first outlined the global warming thing in around 1982, but it was almost certainly circulating in Soviet strategy think tanks long before that.

      6. Thank you, and I found your
        August 3, 2020 article on this. I’ve searched for this essay you mention and it seems it is actually a 310 page book.

    2. He was born in Ukraine. He was neither Czech nor Slovak. He consider himself Israeli.

      1. Maxwell – Ján Ludvík Hoch, his name is Slovakian and he was born in Czechoslovakia, in Eastern Slovakia, which at that time still belonged to Czechoslovak republic, before Stalin stole it at Yalta, alongside a big chunk of Poland and part of Romania, which then became Moldovia.

        Another lie from the communist provocateur.

  16. Except that she is being sacrificed for the cause, or rather that they left her to her own misery in jail, as that would still be too much of a lawlessness and they are not there yet, these communist forces of evil.

    Otherwise they fully protect their own from such and any prosecution, unless it is in the interest of the Party, and the person involved is required under Party discipline to fully submit to whatever that might be.

    It is truly a diabolically organized and run MAFIA, that’s why they are so evil. There is no other truly working remedy against them, and real justice, except with the extraordinary help from God.

    [Apocalypse 20 : 7 – 10]

    “And when the thousand years shall be finished, Satan shall be loosed out of his prison, and shall go forth, and seduce the nations, which are over the four quarters of the earth, Gog, and Magog, and shall gather them together to battle, the number of whom is as the sand of the sea. And they came upon the breadth of the earth, and encompassed the camp of the saints, and the beloved city. And there came down fire from God out of heaven, and devoured them; and the devil, who seduced them, was cast into the pool of fire and brimstone, where both the beast And the false prophet shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever.”

    (Gog is the tool, i.e. communism, Magog is Scythia = Tartary, which means Russia, the notation from the 1635 AD version says (from Ezechiel 38), – the kings and people of Scythia, a barbarous, savage and cruel nation, the offspring of Magog, son of Japhet (son of Noe) and St. Augustine noted that the numbers of Gog spread everywhere, especially during the Antichrist reign, and that at the end Christ Our Lord will destroy them all – by this extraordinary help from Heaven…)

    1. I was told that there is evidence that Hebrew language before the Babylonian Captivity was a syllabary like Japanese, not a true alphabet as the Greeks and Romans later made of the writing. Every consonant was followed by a vowel. However, unlike Japanese where the vowels are specified in Hiragana and Katakana, no vowels were preserved in Hebrew writing.

      Modern Israeli Hebrew is based on the vowels and pronunciations of medieval Hebrew as written by the Masoretes. The Masoretes invented a way of indicating vowels which they used to record how the Hebrew Bible was being pronounced in their day, after a thousand years of when there were no native speakers of Hebrew and its pronunciation was influenced by the languages Jews spoke.

      Many scholars dispute this evidence, and here is not the place to argue about it.

      Ezekiel 38:2 lists names of places, among which are R-S, MSK and TBL. Add vowels and we can get possible readings of Ro-aSa, MoSeKa and TiBiLi, names that sound suspiciously like names of places that we recognize today.

      Remember, this is disputed, but I find it intriguing.

      1. You are spreading a heretical propaganda, which serves only the communist cause, because they don’t want the world’s population to understand that it is the Russian Bolsheviks mentioned in the Holy Scripture and confirmed by Our Lady of Fatima in 1917 AD.

        It makes one wonder who you are and why you are here. So far you are only disproving established facts and muddy the waters, that is all your fruits…by which the tree is known.

        NO MISTAKE.

        Also the lack of proper authority to make such statements regarding the Holy Scripture, and misleading unfounded opinions that of course have no value.

      2. It was not a syllabary, but a true alphabet. It changed to the character set now being used during the captivity and subsequent diaspora.

        That Russia was originally Scythia is not disputed by anyone of consequence. The Scythians were also known as Magog. In Ezekial 38:2,

        “Son of man, set thy face against Gog, the land of Magog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal, and prophesy against him, ”

        Where Meschech and Tubal are today is something I don’t know, but it isn’t Moscow or Tobolsk as some have claimed. There is no doubt, based on the description of Gog and Magog, that what we know as Russia will be involved.

      3. Concerned, Scripture is the authority. It’s funny that you cite an heretical “authority” as your basis for calling R.O.’s post heretical propaganda. The Magsterium has produced much nonsense that clashes with scripture.


    The map in the back of the 1911 AD print of the Douay Rheims bible, Imprimatur John Cardinal Farley, page 310 – the map showing the ancient world and the probable settlement of the descendants of Noe, if you look carefully Moscow is visibly marked, and the word Magog is visible as well. It shows Russia, which back then was Scythia.

    Confirmed by Our Lady of Fatima…”Russia is the tool of Divine chastisement of this world, Russia will spread wars and persecutions of the Church, the good will be martyred, the Holy Father will have much to suffer (that’s not the impostor Bergoglio by the way), various nations will be annihilated…”

  18. “Maxwell – Ján Ludvík Hoch, his name is Slovakian and he was born in Czechoslovakia, in Eastern Slovakia”

    He was born in Carpathian Rus, it was part of Czechoslovakia but people there speak Ukrainian language, his native language was Yiddish. People of his kind, Zionists, felt no loyalty towards Czechoslovakia.

    1. Yet another misleading fabrication:

      If Maxwell was “Zionist” then he wouldn’t be frequently invited into the Kremlin, they don’t like people with religious beliefs, communist atheistic Mafia cannot stand somebody like that.

      In case of Maxwell there is indication he was most likely ideologically aligned with the communist cause, and KGB asset in UK and elsewhere, including Israel, and that the KGB or somebody else got rid of him because, what it looks like anyway, he was allegedly misappropriating the funds he has received, but again, this also could be the cover story of what in reality happened…which is very hard to determine.

      But that he died during a boating “accident” has been reported.

      The man was all for the 1968 Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia, and then his connections to Brezhnev, and ultimately Gorbachev, that makes him a person of interest in regards to the Perestroika Deception, and his daughter and Epstein as well.

      They, the KGB Kremlin, don’t want this kind of analysis come out, because then it uncovers their own strategy, but now it seems it is too late already due to the advanced stage of this strategy of worldwide communist takeover.

      1. He came to be known as the “bouncing Czech” for a good reason. His accident was intentional. When his death was reported, it seemed to be suicide.

  19. “He came to be known as the “bouncing Czech” for a good reason.” – he learned Czech language only in school. He wasn’t Czech. Jan Ludvik is not his native name.

  20. “That Russia was originally Scythia is not disputed by anyone of consequence” – Scythians were nomads, later became known as Khazars, nowadays call themselves Jews, ancient Slavs were farmers. The material culture of ancient Slavs was very different. Slavs in ancient times were known as Boii, their homeland is modern Czech Republic. Later expanded east.

    1. You just can’t help it…lying must become natural and it is obligatory for a communist, but they don’t know that since they don’t believe in God the devil controls them fully, which means that every communist is diabolically possessed and so no wonder they lie so much, but this is the supernatural reason – Satan runs their souls, they are in his hands, every single one of them.

      Scythians were nor they are Jews, and this is recorded in the Holy Scripture which makes the difference between Jews and Scythians.

      Poor soul, you are on your way and there is no help…

  21. Great – and unexpected – interview. Hoped you and Jimmy would compare notes on the JFK assassination a little on air and go a bit deeper into the Maxwell weeds & trafficking, maybe next time.

    Trump & Zelensky discussed cooperation on corruption in some of their calls. If it’s a choice between not airing out Panama Papers embezzlement and the Burisma/laptop material or being overrun by Russians (even if glacially) the threat of pulling aid out unilaterally would be a credible threat. Doubt the Eurozone can handle the burden by themselves after reneging on NATO 2% to bankroll social programs for so long (or the US finalizing the SOFR switch from LIBOR). The Republican field is unelectable panopoly of mediocrities. If there’s anything to watch for it’s Democratics pulling some Dark Horse candidate out of their hats, or RFK doing something effective like offering Sanders VP or a cabinet position, or Trump threatening to run 3rd party if he isn’t given the nomination.

  22. Commit has lived under communism his whole life and therefore cannot see that he is no longer a man. I have lived in the USA my entire life and I am witnessing a total communist  take over (CBDC’s are coming the 2nd quarter of next year) and with every fiber of my body I physically feel the rebellion mounting in me. I am a woman and I can’t even imagine what it would feel like to be a man and up against being stripped of everything that a man is born to be.  We are going to be living in a communist hell hole.
    Also, I just read in Epoch Times that in Texas a bill got rejected to prevent kids from accessing porn from operators of adult content sites based from Florida to the Czech Republic. So, Commit. it looks like the Czech Republic spreads filth around the world.
    Great interviews and thank you Jeff for educating us on the evil that is overwhelming this country.

    1. Pornography was illegal here before 1989, it exists only in capitalist countries. America is by far the biggest producer of pornography of the most filthy kinds.

    2. The most (in)famous pornographic movie of all time is called “Debbie does Dallas” was filmed in Texas. Often women with dirty past are biggest fighters against pornography. I don’t say it is your case.

      1. The 100 year plan for Communist to take down America from the inside by infiltrating and running everything from military, government, Hollywood, media, education, corporations, non-profits, open borders, pushing and celebrating all matter of sexual immorality, perversion and drug pushing on the Americans, taking God out of everything ect, to breakdown families and society in America so they could take over from the inside without a shot fired.

        Americans were born into this war and we have been fighting for our lives from day one, many are too deceived to know this.

        The way you perceive America is exactly the way your country has planned for you to perceive it…your invisible prison bars must remain invisible for you.
        Pray and ask God to give you eyes to see, ears to hear and a heart to understand what communism really is.

        Give us liberty or give us death.

        Thanks Jeff.

  23. A man is born to work his own land, his own business if he chooses, he is born to be creative and innovative. A man provides for his family and doesn’t rely on daddy government to do it for him. A man chooses where he worships. A man has freedom of speech and the right to defend himself his family and his home. And, freedom of movement.
    A boy is dependent and you as a socialist/communist are not a man.

  24. Says a freedom loving mom, granny and wife of a man. You proved my point you pathetic adolescent.

  25. It was my first time actually hearing from Jimmy from Brooklyn, who I’ve heard about, on and off, since starting to follow you and T Loudon. So very helpful and a great overview of the workings of communism! Another really synergistic discussion duo!

    Also, I really appreciated the discussion/analysis between you and Nevin regarding all the current Presidential contenders. Much good food for thought, pushing me to think outside my usual box. Also, in every article, I learn so much history down here in the comment section. Really grateful to have this site as a place to both ask about or just glean credible, vetted history from – or at least know it will be challenged/debated if questionable.

  26. Excellent interview with Jimmy from Brooklyn. You two should get together more often and discuss different aspects of the communist movement/conspiracy, it would be a great way to educate people who are curious about your work and it would provide much needed context to interpret the confusing and oftentimes contradictory (ie. Russia’s faux conservatism) narratives we are subjected to today.

    On a different topic, do you have any knowledge of how Ukraine is able to fly drones all the way from Ukraine to Moscow without the Russian air defenses spotting them until they are in the city? It’s this thing that makes me think the drones aren’t coming from Ukraine but maybe launched by Ukrainian partisans/Russian dissidents near Moscow. This post is a bit old, but Igor Sushko had the same idea. 7/29/23

    As for the assassination of Prigozhin and Utkin, as you said, it’s hard to fathom the inner workings of the Russian state. Per Jake Broe, it appears Putin is intent on wiping Prigozhin and Wagner from memory. The Russian government paved over a Wagner cemetery built by Prigozhin to honor those who died at Bakhmut. Putin definitely was not a fan of Prigozhin’s growing cult of personality. What’s left of the WG will be apparently absorbed back into the Russian army. Interesting that the plane crash happened almost 2 months to the day of the mutiny, and almost exactly 1 year after the daughter of Alexander Dugin, another outspoken ultra-nationalist, was killed by a car bomb. Even stranger that, if the mutiny was genuine, Prigozhin & co felt safe enough to travel back and forth to Russia when they were supposed to be in exile in Belarus. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that both seemingly contradictory narratives are true – that the mutiny was faked or exaggerated in order to draw out disloyal military commanders, and that Putin/Shoigu intended to off Prigozhin all along and the mutiny only provided the perfect justification for public consumption. And of course, the assassination serves as another warning to the ultra-nationalists who go too far in criticizing Putin. (Igor Girkin is now in prison on charges of extremism for calling Putin ‘weak’). As you said Russia is turning back into the Soviet Union, at least internally, and I’m guessing the nationalists who don’t understand the goal of the new nationalism and end up getting in the way have to be reined in. 8/25/23

    1. By fake mutiny I meant that Prigozhin likely received both directions to stage the rebellion and assurances from someone high up in the Kremlin/FSB that he would be protected in the aftermath. It’s possible Putin didn’t know about the mutiny beforehand given his vehement reaction. But after the rebellion Putin decided he had to go, so it’s even possible that another top Kremlin figure set up Prigozhin/Wagner Group to be eliminated.
      Of course this is all speculation. Unless some behind-the-scenes information is leaked about this whole affair we may never know.

    2. Good points, Laura. Since the collective leadership that underlies the regime are not nationalist or religious, the various stooges they have employed along the way are certainly expendable — especially when they overstep their role. The state interest is such that anyone’s death may be required at any time. The message is, “No independent voices.” Read from our script and die if the script says die.

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