The network of people disinforming Western opinion is very extensive. It includes the press of different and frequently divergent political orientations.

Jozef Mackiewicz

In his book, Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy, Joseph Schumpeter explained what actually happened in World War II. He said, people “will have to realize that what has occurred amounts to a surrender not much less complete than might have been expected from a military victory of Russia over her two chief allies.” Those allies, of course, were America and Great Britain. Schumpeter went on to attribute Moscow’s victory in 1945 to Joseph Stalin’s political genius. “Following events from that first master stroke — the ‘understanding’ with Germany — we behold a master’s handiwork. It is true that Stalin never encountered a man of comparable ability.” [1]

Joseph Stalin was the successor to Vladimir Lenin, founder of the first socialist state. Lenin and Stalin had insights that allowed them to transform Marx’s ideas into political reality. They fashioned a new kind of state, based on propaganda, deception, and terror. The calamities they brought to Russia were unprecedented in scope, yet their regime thrived on crises — on the worst possible outcomes for people in general. Or as Lenin famously said, ‘The worse the better.'”

Looking at the situation of Russia today, with Vladimir Putin’s failed invasion of Ukraine, the outside observer may ask whether worse is still better where Kremlin policy is concerned. Stalin won World War II through a series of spectacular defeats and enormous human losses, proving himself a true disciple of Lenin’s paradoxical dictum. Is Vladimir Putin also a disciple of “The worse the better”?

The political genius of winning by making everything worse is unique in history. Schumpeter wrote, “this only reinforces the case for a philosophy of history that leaves adequate room for the quality of leading personnel and for the special case of this — the quality of the leading individual. The only concession that realistic analysis can make to the ‘impersonal theory’ is this: An autocrat is, in matters of foreign policy, unhampered by all those considerations that distract the attention of a democratic leader.” [2]

Yet, a mediocre autocrat may not have the requisite skill. For him, worse may simply be worse. Perhaps, if Putin had the nerve to launch an all-out nuclear war he could prevail if the Russian people believed the West started the war. And then, the resulting economic collapse and general mayhem might not be survivable for the person largely responsible. Of course, Putin has threatened nuclear war in the most brutal fashion, but he has not used his advantage in nuclear arms. Why? Is it a lack of nerve, or is the Russian nuclear deterrent as poorly organized as Russia’s conventional arms?

In our theory of history, taking into account “the quality of the leading individual,” a shadow is now cast on Moscow’s strategy. Where great things have been accomplished on Lenin and Stalin’s model, Putin seems to have failed miserably. Yet, we should not be too hasty in discounting him. He has the same ace up his sleeve that Stalin had: Agents and friends in high places, in the West.

For all of his difficulties, Putin’s friends are eager to bail him out. And Putin has friends on the right and the left. I believe he has President Joe Biden, who has slow-walked Ukraine’s military aid. He has Tucker Carlson and Col. Douglas MacGregor, too (see below). Much of the MAGA movement has, strangely, shifted against Ukraine (which signifies a shift toward Russia).

It was Stalin’s friends in Washington who secured him the Lead Lease he needed to win the war against Hitler, despite his overwhelming losses. But Putin is not likely to receive any aid from the West. His aid, in fact, is coming from North Korea and China. What is needed is a cutting of aid for Ukraine. Perhaps Putin has friends who will do this for him. Perhaps they will rescue him. Yet, if we observe the military mutiny of early summer, and study how this was handled, Putin’s leadership does not inspire confidence. It does not, in fact, resemble Stalin’s leadership; for Stalin preempted his would-be mutineers by shooting them before they decided on a mutiny. One might say that all this needless shooting of military men, prior to World War II, was a terrible waste. Yet it fits Lenin’s dictum, “The worse the better.”

Schumpeter said that after World War II the nations of Europe were incapable of resisting Stalin’s Russia. They needed the United States to survive. And that is still the case. Europe does not have an adequate nuclear deterrent. If American sank beneath the ocean tomorrow, Russia would own Europe despite its troubles in Ukraine. It would be a case of nuclear blackmail, plain and simple.

There is a way of taking the United States out of the East European game politically. The only question is whether Putin is smart enough, and capable enough, to use his minions here — in North America — to accomplish that goal. Schumpeter said that America is a provincial country with a provincial outlook. “In the United States,” said Schumpeter, “foreign policy is domestic politics. There is indeed a tradition flowing from Washington’s advice. But it is essentially isolationist. There is no tradition and there are no organs for playing the complex game of any other foreign policy. When violently excited by propaganda the country may enter upon or accept an activist course of interference beyond the seas. But it soon tires of … the horrors of modern warfare, of sacrifices, taxes, military service, of bureaucratic regulations, of war slogans, of world-government ideals — and very anxious to return to its habitual ways of life.” [3]

Even though American forces are not engaged in fighting the Russians, even though the military supplies being sent are relatively trivial, a vast propaganda for giving up strategic ground is emerging on the American right. And it may only be a matter of time before the left chimes in. The only question is whether a shift in American support for Ukraine is six months off, or two years. Putin needs to be rescued in short order. His situation is growing worse by the week. Already Ukrainian forces are threatening the lifeline of his forces in the south of Ukraine.

The slogan for surrendering Ukraine will be similar to things we have heard before. Writing shortly after World War II, Schumpeter framed it this way: “Let Russia swallow one or two more countries, what of it? Let her be well supplied with everything she needs and she will cease to frown. After twenty years Russians will be just as democratic and pacific as are we — and think and feel just as do we. Besides, Stalin will be dead by then.” [4]

Indeed, Stalin is dead. And Putin is no Stalin. Yet, he follows the logic of the Stalin system. And this logic, may of its own, deliver him. Schumpeter insisted that Russia was not really socialist at all. It has always been a military autocracy, he said. It merely used socialism as a weapon to justify the buildup of this autocracy. Of course, the situation of Russia is more complicated than this. Even Schumpeter had to admit, “the communist groups and parties all over the world are naturally of the greatest importance for Russian foreign policy.”

Time will tell whether Putin can turn defeat into victory. Right now it does not look good for him.

In the following video, Douglas MacGregor’s pro-Russian line is debunked by an expert.

Critiquing Bad Information

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Notes and Links

[1] Joseph Schumpeter, Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy (New York: Harper Collophon, 1975), pp. 398-401.

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94 thoughts on “Socialist Victory and the Bungle Factor: Is Putin Worthy of Stalin?

  1. I’ve seen more than enough of Douglas MacGregor. I have no idea why he makes the claims he does, particularly when his claims are transparent lies. His conduit, Tucker Carlson, has been called a lie sack of s**t by Peter Zeihan and those that Carlson provides a platform are no better.

    Some otherwise reliable sources have reduced themselves to being no better than propaganda outlets. I don’t trust anything that comes from gates of Vienna, or The Gateway Pundit anymore for that very reason.

  2. I was just arguing with a pro Russian individual/Substack contributor who subscribes to the Republican Party….these folks have absolutely no clue as to the history of Marxist moves via various government agencies and bureaucratic agencies…As Jimmy in Brooklyn refers to…read “Covert Cadre” to learn eye opening Communist hooks in our various govt agencies. All you Libertarians? I was once one….but the ACLU?

  3. Thanks, Jeff, for this article. I look forward to your articles with bated breath. 🙂
    And thanks for the video by Ryan McBeth. I just watched it.

    This comment probably doesn’t hold much water, since anyone on either side of the aisle could say this, but when I watched Col. MacGregor’s interview with Tucker, I felt: “this man smells bad.” That is, spiritually or intuitively, he seemed off.

    I’m indeed disappointed in Tucker, since I’ve liked so much of what he has done. He also completely ignored the anti-women totalitarian Sharī‘ah Islam issues with Andrew Tate, which have been well documented at

    I have friends in the MAGA movement (of which I’m a supporter) that are utterly convinced of two things:

    1. Marxism is not a primary threat, and thus Russia and China are not an issue.

    2. The evils of the world are because of “the Khazarian Mafia” and an evil cabal pushing the WEF, etc.

    Besides the fact that the Khazarian Mafia idea seems to me to have far less documentation than it needs and far less proof than the documented atrocities of both Marxism and Islam, it creates a real feeling of anti-Semitism, which I utterly reject.

    And then, many on the right put the two points above together and declare, with no real evidence at all, that Putin and Xi are working with Trump to take down the cabal. And that the US Military is secretly supporting Trump and “all will be well, soon.”

    It’s a massive data dump of allegations that makes one’s head spin, mostly without any real documentation.

    Conversely, people like you are pointing to the facts that Russia and China, et al are revealing for all to see what they’re planning, doing, and have been doing. (For example, just look at the websites of the Communist Party groups.)

    But too many on the MAGA side simply can’t see it. It’s very frustrating.

    Thus: thank you always for what you are doing.

    1. Biden is not the only one helping Russia by hampering Ukraine.
      Tech billionaire Elon Musk says he prevented a Ukrainian attack on a Russian Navy base last year by declining Kyiv’s request to activate Internet access in the Black Sea near Moscow-annexed Crimea.
      …”If I had agreed to their request, then SpaceX would be explicitly complicit in a major act of war and conflict escalation,” said Musk.
      …”Both sides should agree to a truce. Every day that passes, more Ukrainian and Russian youth die to gain and lose small pieces of land, with borders barely changing. This is not worth their lives,” Musk said.

      Nice false equivalency between Russia and Ukraine’s reasons for fighting, as if it’s all about some meaningless patch of land.

      It is hard to shake the feeling that people like Musk and Trump, ie. maverick billionaires who were touted as the only ones able to save America, were pumped up on conservative media so many years ago for a reason. Between the ambiguous or outright pro-Russia stance of conservative opinion leaders like Trump, Musk and Tucker, and the strong tailwinds of Russian disinformation pushing from behind, the MAGA movement is close to veering into open support for America’s #1 enemy. This is the perfect opportunity for communist leftists to help Russia in Ukraine while keeping their hands clean. And even better, any sensible ideas on immigration, crime, Covid etc. adopted by the MAGA movement will also be discredited.

      1. It is amazing how the Russian and Chinese regimes get so much consideration in advancing their horrific schemes. Billionaires must quake at falling afoul of these killers.

      2. It does seem that Trump has not adequately articulated an anti-communist stance against both Russia, China. At the same time, the Left hates him with an all-consuming passion. So, I have a hard time believing that he’s even close to being on the side of Marxists, i.e. Putin and Xi. Every leader that runs for office has spots and controversies.

        Somehow, somehow, we have to elect a leader who IS clear and strong when it comes to communism, both at home and abroad.

        I hope that person is Trump.

      3. According to Ukraine, Musk’s crime is even worse. He didn’t just refuse to activate access. There was access, which Musk turned off in the middle of the operation, causing the drone subs to wash on shore. He did the same thing in Kherson, costing lives.

        Elon was outed by his toadie biographer, who supported the Ukrainian contention that it was shut down rather than not activated (though now that biographer is flip flopping). Musk is simply reframing it to protect himself, and also because he is a pathological liar.

      4. Interesting. Musk went into business with communist China at one point. So. he is under their thumb to some extent. If he pulls out of China he might turn out to be okay. But as long as he is beholden to China he is not going to be truly independent.

    2. Biden is not the only one helping Russia by hampering Ukraine.
      Tech billionaire Elon Musk says he prevented a Ukrainian attack on a Russian Navy base last year by declining Kyiv’s request to activate Internet access in the Black Sea near Moscow-annexed Crimea.
      …”If I had agreed to their request, then SpaceX would be explicitly complicit in a major act of war and conflict escalation,” said Musk.
      …”Both sides should agree to a truce. Every day that passes, more Ukrainian and Russian youth die to gain and lose small pieces of land, with borders barely changing. This is not worth their lives,” Musk said.

      Nice false equivalency between Russia and Ukraine’s reasons for fighting, as if it’s all about some meaningless patch of land.

      It is hard to shake the feeling that people like Musk and Trump, ie. maverick billionaires who were touted as the only ones able to save America, were pumped up on conservative media so many years ago for a reason. Between the ambiguous or outright pro-Russia stance of conservative opinion leaders like Trump, Musk and Tucker, and the strong tailwinds of Russian disinformation pushing from behind, the MAGA movement is close to veering into open support for America’s #1 enemy. This is the perfect opportunity for communist leftists to help Russia in Ukraine while keeping their hands clean. And even better, any sensible ideas on immigration, crime, Covid etc. adopted by the MAGA movement will also be discredited.

      1. Very strange, Lauraz, that your posts are going into a spam folder when they should be directly posting. And when I approve them they stay in the spam folder.

  4. Who would have ever thought that the endgame of this grandiose and insane project of world revolution would be a situation in which one side has stopped fighting (if it ever seriously did in the past) and the other side seems to implode despite an apparently overwhelming superiority in nearly every regard? On the other hand, one should never assume that this leopard – nay, pitch-black panther – has indeed changed, or lost, its spots. Before long, we will see whether the present leadership manages to infuse their undertakings with a strong dose of the old Soviet Union’s evil genius or whether they are lost out on the high seas, somewhere between agonising indecision and perhaps fear of their own strength…

    1. The Left has managed to control the minds of vast amounts of Westerners because of propaganda, combined with the failure of the West to thoroughly educate its citizens about the real evils of Marxism and Islam. Stupified in a soup of ignorance, the West is welcoming its murderers with open arms. Tragic beyond belief. But is there a chance for victory at the last moment? I sure hope so.

    2. Many historical Communist victories were attained by getting traitors inside the enemy forces to “stand down”, sabotage, or surrender. Think of how Mao won in China and traitors’ betrayal of the nationalists. The betrayal of the Vietnamese, of Afghanistan, of Eastern Europe by allowing Stalin to enslave them. This technique is their hallmark.

      1. That’s why Diana West’s great, great work, American Betrayal, is so valuable. She really put on full display almost a century of systematic treason! – And where did the wildest attacks against her marvellous accomplishment come from? From the so-called Right, and particularly from a radical Marxist-turned-“staunch-conservative” by name of David Horowitz. Surprise, surprise!

        Which fact, by the way, completely destroys the myth coddled by anti-semites that Jews are first of all Jews. This is nonsense! In fact, the formula should be: Communists (Jewish or not) are first of all communists. In other words, despite the fact that Diana West, a lady of the highest intellectual integrity who loves America, and David Horowitz, a wild Marxist radical who underwent, he claims, a quite mysterious change of heart and supposedly became a fervent conservative, are both of Jewish extraction, David Horowitz attacked Mrs. West and her book in the worst possbile way.


    G20 Summit Statement Avoids Condemning Russia For Ukraine War

    India hosts G20 leaders’ summit

    Reuters: G20 summit statement avoids condemning Russia for Ukraine war, calls for peace.

    NEW DELHI (Reuters) -The Group of 20 nations adopted a consensus declaration on the opening day of a summit on Saturday that avoided condemnation of Russia for the war in Ukraine but called on all states to refrain from the use of force to seize territory.

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi of host India announced that the declaration had been adopted on the first day of the weekend summit.

    The consensus came as a surprise as the group is deeply divided over the war in Ukraine, with Western nations earlier pushing for strong condemnation of Russia in the Leaders’ Declaration, while other countries demanded a focus on broader economic issues.

    Update: G20 countries agree nations should not use force to gain new territory – a major win for Modi amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine (CNN)

    WNU Editor: The big news for this summit was the admission of the African Union into the G20 …. G20 adds the African Union as a member, issues call rejecting use of force in reference to Ukraine (The Hill).


    Russia Hails G20 Declaration That Avoids Condemning Moscow For Its War Against Ukraine

    BBC: Russia hails unexpected G20 ‘milestone’ as Ukraine fumes.

    Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has praised a joint declaration by G20 leaders in Delhi that avoids condemning Moscow for its war against Ukraine.

    Russia had not expected consensus and agreement on the wording was “a step in the right direction”, said Mr Lavrov.

    The closing G20 statement denounced using force for territorial gain but made no mention of Russian aggression, prompting criticism from Ukraine.

    The two-day summit also inducted a new permanent member, the African Union.

    The 55-member bloc joins at the invitation of hosts India, one of whose key objectives while president has been to make the G20 more inclusive with greater participation of so-called Global South countries.

    The world’s biggest economies reached other key deals in Delhi, including one on climate and biofuels – although there was criticism of the summit’s failure to commit to phasing out fossil fuels.

    For the second year in a row, there was no official G20 “family photo”. No reason was given but reports say many leaders refused to be photographed, pointing to Russia’s presence at the summit.


    WNU Editor: The Kremlin is gloating …. Lavrov Gloats: West Failed To “Ukrainize” G20 As Global South Triumphed (Zero Hedge).

    US President Biden and other Western leaders are being criticized for their lack of support of Ukraine at the G20 …. Biden finds himself on the defensive after G20 leaders fail to rally around Ukraine (USA Today).

  6. U.S. General Mark Milley Warns Time Is Running Out For Ukraine’s Counteroffensive As Fall And Winter approaches

    Daily Mail: Ukraine has just 45 days to turn the tide in its counteroffensive against Russia before the onset of autumn and winter weather, observers warn.

    * US General Mark Milley said it would become ‘difficult to manoeuvre’ in the rain

    Ukraine has just 45 days left to make significant gains in its counteroffensive against Russian forces before the onset of autumn and winter weather, Western observers said yesterday.

    General Mark Milley, US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said it would become ‘very difficult to manoeuvre’ in the region’s autumn rains. Early in the summer, Kyiv began to strike at Russia’s defensive lines, intending to reach the Sea of Azov to split Ukrainian territory held by Russia into two.

    WNU Editor: Ukraine’s intelligence chief says the counteroffensive will still continue regardless of the weather …. Ukraine Counteroffensive Won’t Stop in Winter, Official Says (VOA).

    U.S. General Mark Milley Warns Time Is Running Out For Ukraine’s Counteroffensive

    Ukraine offensive could have only 30 days left – US Army chief — BBC

    Top US general says Ukraine has weeks before weather hampers counteroffensive — CNN

    Ukraine’s counteroffensive could have only 30 days left, says US military’s top general — Insider

    U.S. General Warns Time Is Running Out for Ukraine’s Counteroffensive — Newsweek

    Top US General: Ukraine has about 30-45 days for the offensive before weather worsens — Kyiv Independent

    CBS Sunday Morning interviews U.S. Gen. Mark Milley On The War In Ukraine

    Gen. Mark Milley (right) observes intelligence about the frontlines of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine at a global situational awareness facility in the Pentagon. CBS News

    CBS News: Gen. Mark Milley on seeing through the fog of war in Ukraine:

    No other American has been more deeply involved in the war in Ukraine than General Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. At 6:45 in the morning, he was about to have a call with Gen. Valery Zaluzhny, commander of Ukraine’s armed forces. “I talk to him every week, sometimes twice a week, three times a week,” Milley said.

    Three hours later, he took “Sunday Morning” underground, deep in the bowels of the Pentagon, into a top-secret command center where all the intelligence collected from the battlefields of Ukraine is monitored by his staff, who inform him on a day-to-day basis what’s happening in the current operations. Milley said, “The fog and friction of war is always present, but our information systems are pretty good.”

    WNU Editor: There were some errors in the above CBS report (see tweet below).

    George Barros
    The new
    report w/ Mark Milley is really good, but the map in the report needs some TLC.

    It shows the Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant and the Kinburn Spit as not Russian-occupied, which is factually incorrect.

    It also places Zaporizhia City in an entirely wrong location.
    1:39 PM · Sep 10, 2023

  7. Slightly off-topic: Last Friday, September 8, at Switzerland’s Lucerne Festival, a performance of Anton Bruckner’s great “Romantic” Symphony no. 4 by the Bavarian State Orchestra was interrupted during the symphony’s most delicate Scherzo movement by a couple of “climate warriors”. Conductor Vladimir Yurovsky decided to let them speak, after which the symphony was continued and brought to an end. The audience was less than amused.

    Every aspect of our lives is now under frontal attack based on this cooked-up fairytale of “anthropogenic global warming” (or “climate crisis”), which serves as a universal excuse for the Revolution to bring about, literally, “universal change”…

    Here is an undisturbed recording of that marvellous symphonic movement, played by Amsterdam’s Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra under the late Mariss Jansons:

    1. The entire symphony can be listened to here, this time with the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra under Sergiu Celibidache. The recording is of 1988. Celibidache takes unusually broad tempi, and yet what an experience:

    2. The communist movement is behind the climate change agenda. Interrupting a symphony orchestra mid performance is the measure if their culture power. This is a terrifying sign of things to come.

      1. I meanwhile found a few video clips of the incident on the website of the Swiss tabloid, Blick. As one watches them, one can’t help wondering whether this was a beforehand-arranged provocation. The conductor, who is RUSSIAN, didn’t seem surprised when the two climate monkies jumped up onto the podium and “glued” themselves to the rostrum, and no security in sight to show them out. The conductor then singlehandedly made a “deal” with the two activists by which he would allow them to speak and they in turn would then “allow” the orchestra to continue. The audience naturally protested and told the activists to get lost, but the conductor supported them AGAINST the audience, even shouting the audience down, in the good old style of Stalinist practice (!), and threatening to cut the concert short. So, this was clearly not just an appearance of two climate leftists interrupting a symphonic concert, but – pun intended – a concerted thing. Frightening stuff! But hardly anyone seems to realise what’s happening.

        The audience should have left the hall, every single one of them, but they didn’t (and God knows how many among them sympathised with the activists’ “cause”).

        Back in 2015, in an article titled “Green Is the New Red”, Mr. Nyquist wrote, “Once a decisive majority believes in global warming, capitalism is finished.” It appears we have now reached that critical mass…

  8. “… after World War II the nations of Europe were incapable of resisting Stalin’s Russia.”

    If only to forestall nuclear proliferation to the most prolific mass murderers since Genghis Khan, Patton was right on both counts: we fought the wrong enemy; we should have marched on Moscow (with both nukes ready at hand).

    “There is indeed a tradition flowing from Washington’s advice. But it is essentially isolationist.”

    Washington spoke not only of entangling alliances but Favored & Disfavored Countries in his farewell address— caution that fell on the deaf Anglophile ears of FDR whom opened the floodgates to Soviet convergence and more than any other man introduced the geopolitical moral hazard of a divided Europe. Red China fentanyl and elite capture methods were already perfected by Great Britain a more than century ago and we pay for it to this day.

    “a vast propaganda for giving up strategic ground is emerging on the American right.”

    ‘Reagan Conservatives’ such as Professor Gerdes are incapable of making the case persuasively to end the contest with prejudice per General Hodges correct estimations: long range ordinance immediately, level logistics to the point of starving out Crimea and hold it. No one is treating Catherine the Great’s summer resort peninsula as ‘existential’ in that Chain of Command, and nothing could precipitate regime change more quickly. Ukraine will never be secure with that open naval wound to the south. Apes of Gipperthustra care more for being invited to liberal house parties as “the good one” than pressing the issues.

    A Worsening Conga Line: Kenosha & Waukesha incidents; Communist run COVID response from WHO to CDC; The Afghanistan rug pull, Ohio phosgene non-response (compared to dud Hurricane Hillary in SoCal); kangaroo court show trials of a former President in conjunction with double jeopardy dodging wrist slap indictments on POTUS Jr. — what the legacy Americans see is a concatenation of worsening without remedy.

    To their minds if Afghanistan and the two decade project to bring ‘democracy’ (feminism and sodomy) can be dropped on a whim, so can Ukraine aid— how else is the other side punished? It’s winner take all politics, no ‘peaceful transition of power’, hence no downside to having existential leverage to induce Zelensky et. al. to surrender the goods on “The Big Guy” payoffs. Likewise the mainstream right has entered the “why not play the Heel” phase to their detriment with reference to Russia.

    Ukraine’s OPSEC and tight fistedness with intelligence along with the determination trust their gut over NATO ally strategic advice garnered them the successes in the Kherson rout and what ultimately became of the Bakhmut siege with Wagner Group (Surovikin is not present to administer the defense of his namesake line poised to unzip from Tokmak). With the bridges north of Crimea and over Kerch to the south east damaged and the rail line out of commission, there is only the highway to bring under artillery control (achievable within short range of the salient now). With the wet season coming to consolidate gains, even this looks to be untenable for the Russians to sustain …

    My fear is another round of Covid lockdowns a propos of even more dubious information primarily to impact US & EU economies to the degree originally intended before the start of the invasion; then they will have their aid cutting or limiting excuses. Pentagon estimates this week (30-50% probability) of the counter offensive’s success before January are encouraging. May they have an embarrassment of battlefield riches, God willing.

  9. I just posted this on my Twitter page, but let me please post it here as well:

    And it’s yet another 9/11 anniversary. – God knows why this excellent 2017 drama film, 9-11, starring i.a. Charlie Sheen, Gina Gershon and Whoopi Goldberg, was so heavily criticised. Maybe the reason was that it accurately showed how New York, and America as a whole, came together on that day of unprecedented horror, across all dividing lines, racial, social or any other. Certainly, the ongoing Revolution doesn’t want people to remember this whatever-brief moment of national unity as the objective is the exact opposite: division and disunity across the board…

      1. If you click on the link with the inserted period and then remove that period, you have the correct weblink and the video will show up over on YouTube.

  10. Mr Nyquist,
    To what extent is the Biden’s administration truly an enemy of Russia?
    It’s hard to believe that after years and decades of Soviet influence within the USA to hand over the country to people like Biden, they are now diametrically opposed to the force that propelled them to power. Everything seems to be being set up with a view to persecuting Christians in the West, and many conservatives are buying this narrative as you have been demonstrating very well.
    Thank you from Brazil.

    1. Yes, Edson. The whole anti-Russian pose by the political left in America is for show. Their Trump/Russia rhetoric helped to protect them at a crucial stage in the communist global takeover, as there was nothing Trump did they had not done worse. Biden is a prime example of an old friend of Moscow. Very old, and very well rewarded.

      1. By the way, I heard that Hunter Biden’s Burisma in Ukraine was pro Putin, and the Oligarches involved have not been touched by Biden. They are the only ones who did not suffer sanctions. Tsktsktsk…

      2. What I find disturbing is that certain people on the so-called right have taken Russia’s side. Richard Spencer used to be quite conservative and posted as “The Southern Avenger” but then over 5 years started posting utter nonsense that was little more than Putinist agitprop.

    2. Biden has been playing the Vietnam card in Ukraine, using unnecessary restraints and forbidding the usage of weapons to down assets over Soviet Russia. The Iwo Jima differential equation of firepower is quite simple, after all: Attack a formation of 10 boats with each a 50% of probability kill using a single boat attack of a PK of 50% 10 times, and you will lose your 10 boats by attritive firepower concentration.

      They perfectly know this! I am 90% sure this slow walking the armament and doctrine of Ukraine is deliberate. The dame arguments were used over a Vietnam and Korea that deemed McArthur a dangerous nuclear war monger. I am also pretty sure Truman nuked Japan to help Russia against Japan and to tell Stalin to build his own bomb, and not for the benefit of US forces.

      It is pretty obvious that if Russia had succeeded and Ukrainians welcomed them in greater numbers, Biden would have done the equivalent of shrugging shoulders like he shrugged them over Afghanistan, as all these people are demoralized anyways . Ukraine resisting for 3 plus day forced their hand. They lost their alibi.

  11. Trump is now heavily misleading the right like a false prophet.

    Trump mistake 1: baited and switched on by Russian embassy on the Cliintons. He should have called the FBi and ran an investigation on those unsavory characters, but, I guess, Putin and Russia were not bad people in their minds at the time after the fake fall of the Wall, Bush saying he has a soul and Hilary’s reset.

    Trump now larger mistake: baited again by Russia and about to be switched on over Ukraine, except this time a bunch of idiots following him are picking it up.

    These people are such amateurs, nay, lower than that. I could not stand the “new experts” of Covid moralizing me suddenly about civil defense against a virus when a few weeks before that they still were haranguing me for being a nutcase prepper with stashes of masks. I can stand less even more those “new experts” on the right who seem to wake up with a hang over.

    1. I forget to add that Bush II did the same thing. He lead the right in the war on Iraq against weapons of mass destruction, and when those Russian sponsored WMD convoys to Syria showed up, we were forbidden from stopping them. Then Bush II later joked about it being just a funny mirage or the weapons playing hide and seek.

      We had it and then he backed off.

    2. Yes, I can no longer support Trump as a result, and now I sense that his critics were right all along on him being a liar and a fraudster. I’ve also seen Trump tease stuff on Truth Social implying the Qanon conspiracies are legitimate… which is the stupidest thing you could ever possibly believe in.

      DeSantis has also flirted with Pro-Russian/anti-Ukraine positions, even seeming to wait on how the polls worked out to determine how Pro-Russian he was going to be.

      It doesn’t appear we have a Republican candidate to root for.

      1. I fear you may be right. I never trusted Trump, though I voted for him and defended him regarding the allegations he was a Russian stooge. There are several questions here. The enemy has corrupted our thinking and our economy, our government and our medical system.

      2. When Trump announced his run for the presidency, my first reaction was “Donald who? What does he stand for?” I ended up in the general election voting against Hillary and Biden, hoping that Trump would be better than those two.

        I think Trump sabotaged the 2022 Midterms for the Republicans by his endorsements. Of those that I saw, I didn’t think they were the strongest candidates. This is also a sign of the sickness of our times, in that the Trump groupies didn’t think for themselves, rather followed what the Pied Piper said. Right now I would rate him as controlled opposition.

        It doesn’t help that he has given public indication that he is a member of the Scottish Rite Masons and all that that entails. As concerns this discussion, another sign that he is part of the controlled opposition, not a real patriot.

        Just my 2¢.

  12. Dmitri Medvedev, deputy chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, has yesterday predicted (read: threatened) another 9/11, albeit a nuclear, possibly biological one. His “hints” aren’t new (he clearly has taken on the role that was formerly held by Vladimir Zhirinovsky), but they are getting shriller and shriller…

    1. Tacit admission they were behind 911…. And other poisonings. It is how they operate.

  13. Putin is just following the overall consent that was put in place by Khrushchev after Stalin was eliminated (poisoned), and this because the communist cause was suffering in its propaganda outreach because of what terror Stalin had implemented, and so what the situation is today with Putin is in this aspect incomparable with the Stalin’s era.

    But on the other hand, these are the same kind of communist criminals, it is truly state run Bolshevik Mafia and they will not deviate from their plan to conquer the world, no matter what setbacks and difficulties they encounter in the process.

    They have murdered and assassinated their opponents before, and then they realized that instead of having whole countries full of determined anti-communists, they have to create their own controlled opposition in order to hamper any genuine revolt and true resistance, before they begin to (visibly) with their communist terror.

    They will confiscate private property, including lands, farms, forests, and factories and so on, businesses of any kind, they will jail and even execute the original owners, they will make sure that all youth is “educated” with communist propaganda and that parents have no say whatsoever in it, and that the state controls every aspect of private and public life whatsoever. This is the diabolical design of communism.

    Putin is just the present time leader, but on terms of collegiality, not as Stalin.

    Russians are most certainly pretending incompetence in Ukraine in order to make believe that they could be defeated, and Russian army has even allowed losses to exist, om fact they don’t mind loosing soldiers in thousands because human life means nothing to the communist criminals, only the victory of their evil cause.

    Ukraine is being used to deceive the West into thinking that Russian military can be defeated but then there is no way of knowing what these communist criminals have in reserve and how vast the military potential truly is, as they were hiding their production and buildup for years, and evidently for this very purpose of strategic deception.

    So it doesn’t really matter if Putin is replaced and removed, there are others and perhaps even less known who can be placed in his place, but the overall strategy and goal remain the same – world communist tyranny.

    To avert this diabolical scourge is impossible without the help of God…and the only time Russian communism was defeated was in Catholic Spain in 1939 AD, after 3 plus years of bloody civil war, which was truly Holy Crusade against communism. But today this is nearly impossible to be repeated (the victory), as this world as in the state of general apostasy, and so God will not help, in fact communist worldwide rule is God’s punishment of this godless hedonistic world, the time of the Antichrist.

    Just see what the controlled opposition was back in 1998 – the link is from the ceremony of giving Congressional medal of honor (whatever) to the KGB ANC communist terrorist Nelson Mandela, personal friend of Fidel Castro (min. 40 and onward) – Gingrich compares this terrorist criminal Mandela to George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, and then calls Mandela the father of South African democracy…

    That was the time when the KGB had succeeded in their strategy to take complete control of the US Government, as then all such policies of friendly relationship with these communist criminals were made into the US Government codified foreign policy permanently.

    And Biden himself was in charge of the US disarmament policies and tasks in US Senate and onward, including under Obama, so there are no mistakes in this, as what policy of the state is there so unfavorable to active defense of liberty and justice as that of the United States in regards to Russia and China – i.e. communist subversion and takeover of the world.

    They set up these people to cause harm of active military readiness of the US forces, their wide acceptance of the Russian communist deception that communism is no longer threat, has been so widely disseminated, and without any real true evidence, so that today people will consider Russia as not the main (communist) adversary of the free world at all, and that the Russian strategy is nothing to worry about as to these deceived souls it remain localized still in the Ukraine conflict…they are blind and will only see when they are themselves somewhere in the KGB run Siberian or Chinese etc. Gulag…or dead…

  14. I respect Jeff very much and I think that obviously Russia wants Ukraine – but I am also not convinced that another purpose of this war is not to drain Western armaments. You can find what are clearly Russian agent commenters on YouTube who will gleefully gloat every time an expensive Western tank is destroyed by a cheap Russian drone. Their job is to mostly monitor YouTube videos and post pro-Russian propaganda comments, but they also tip their hand sometimes as they don’t believe Western intel analysts are reading and analyzing them. They are sending their worst soldiers and worst equipment and the West is sending its most expensive. And Biden will slow walk the replacement of those munitions. I am 100% convinced this is part of the Ukraine war, it may not be the only goal, but I believe it is definitely one of them.

    Here is a guy who almost certainly reads Jeff, and he believes something similar. He basically quotes Stanislav Lunev’s plan, but he also says China and Russia essentially have a window of time now to attack and invade.

    1. Perseus: My read is a bit different. Putin was hoping to get Ukraine in a matter of days, if not hours, with his Blitzkrieg. In other words, the fighting would be over before the West could react. That’s why he sent his paratroops, troops that are above the standard army, to take over Kyiv in the opening hours of the invasion. Well, we know how that worked out.

      I don’t think they are sending the worst equipment and soldiers, rather that their soldiers were poorly trained and much of the equipment was not up to standards thanks to the corruption that is endemic in communist countries.

      Is not the emptying of our stockpiles an issue that came up only after the war dragged on?

      But the Russians haven’t fired their big cannons yet, i.e. their tactical nukes. To stave off defeat, they will use them. NATO has warned that if the tactical nukes are unleashed, that will be considered the start of World War III against NATO. In order for that to be effective, then the tactical nukes will be used at the same time as the strategic nukes against the mainland U.S.

      To me, it appears that the Russian / Chinese federation has a window of opportunity to attack now. I don’t know why they haven’t done so already. If they wait until next year, many of the defense industries that are sitting idle now will be cranked up outputting munitions that will make it more difficult to be defeated. And unlike MacGregor’s claim, these will be updated munitions.

      I personally suspect the main reason for the delay is that problems in China have interfered with their preparations. That includes their recent floods. With so much of their food supplies destroyed, how long can they wait before their people revolt?

  15. Russians set it up this way, the Ukraine attack, to create a local war for themselves into which they are hoping they will entrap the EU and US, either by association (creating their guilt in front of the Russian people = i.e. opposing the progress/communist cause) or by direct involvement, and also it certainly serves as the demoralization tool of the US population, as the Moscow’s asset in the WH is all willing to play this game, or rather he has no choice but to play it, as the orders come from the Kremlin, even those from Beijing.

    What is the more damaging to the US national security is the loss of Bahrain AFB, which Biden was no doubt all willing to give up, so that Moscow and Beijing can have it back…as they control the Taliban… (it wouldn’t be surprising to find out if there are people from the Taliban who speak fluently Russian).

    That AFB was a truly strategic asset, based on its location, and so no wonder Biden gave it up and now the PLO CCP has it for use, and perhaps even Russians, if they’d needed it.

    There is no way out of this, as Russians hold the upper hand with their nuclear superiority, and they have no remorse of conscience to use it, if necessary. But meanwhile they will continue pushing the subversive strategy and order their communist assets to cause all possible harm everywhere, by evil laws, mandates, poisons and such like evil means, to cause chaos and distrust and civil unrest, if possible, and of course they would love to see a full scale civil war in the US (and EU etc.) so that the KGB penetrated governments and the communists in them can call the Red Army and its nuclear blackmail to the “rescue”.

    And not to forget that the use of UN “peace force”, as it was alleged in Canada during the truckers protest, shouldn’t be discarded, and of course there is no way of knowing what the percentage of communist infiltration in that organization and its “peacekeeping force” truly is. And the 87 thousand IRS recruits can also serve as the communist militia, because the communist penetrated government will make certain that no dissenters are hired…all for the cause, all for the cause.

    This is the price of unbelief and denial of the truth, and this Russian communist scourge is the consequence, and punishment. Hopefully when it begins some fortunate souls will realize the truth and amend, so help them God.

    1. Did it ever “live?” Russia long had the reputation of being untrustworthy in agreements. The Commies simply lived in that mainstream of Russian history.

      While Russia has a state, it’s purpose is destructive. That has never changed.

      1. I do not know that this is entirely fair to Russia. Autocracy is problematic in Russian history, but it is not Bolshevism. Those that argue Russia did not change significantly after 1917 are not fully grasping the communist movement as a religion. This includes many illustrious thinkers. Few can see the reality of communism as a machine of destruction.

      2. Russia did change significantly, but I don’t think it changed in any way that the very soul of the country changed. Bolshevism was an overlay that suppressed some things, but it also brought out much of what was wrong with the country in the first place. Under Putin, that hasn’t changed significantly.

        Russian Orthodoxy, in Russia, seems to be more of a cultural thing than an actual form of Christianity. Yes it has the veneer, but few are actually Christians. Kirill is just another KGB dog, and there is no telling how many priests are in the same boat. From what I have seen, much of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia have still not bought into the actual Russian version.

        Frankly, I’m not trying to be “fair.”

      3. A Russian Orthodox priest told me that it is on the order of 10%, a figure I’ve seen in a number of other places as well. Just because attendance is low, does not mean it isn’t a cultural thing. There are many people that call themselves Christian in the US, but never go to Church. The same thing holds in Russia.

      4. It’s an exaggeration. Serious Orthodox believers are not going to miss an Easter service. Furthermore, a country of ten percent Christians is not a Christian country. Russia’s present culture is not Orthodox, but secular.

      5. But then you can’t really measure how Christian Russians truly by Church attendance alone right, the whole Church infiltration done over there, how many folk wanted to attend a real service, then found out it was a KGB regime propaganda session and then never went back?

    2. Interesting question. The old Russia with all its traditions and feelings was devastated, leaving behind a residue that was thereafter exploited by the Bolsheviks. Today there are some genuine Russian nationalists, but their Russia is a shadow of its former self, needing many years to heal. The dark side triumphed. But there is a glimmer of light. Genuine Russian nationalists are saying interesting things. Yet, they are either headed for jail or exile — or actually in jail or abroad. But there is life in prison, in the exiles. The Russian language and Orthodox Faith survives to some extent. Is there a heartbeat? Yes. I think there is. Many Russians are silent and without a voice. But that voice might be heard some day, as the Ukrainian voice was heard. Solzhenitsyn made the mistake of forgiving the communists and KGB when there was no real repentance. He was old and fell for Putin’s game. So disappointing. In the end, one must be a realist. One must recognize which philosophy holds power today. The dark side of Russia has always been strong, which is the curse of Russian history. Yet, the light may yet shine.

      1. Today there are a lot of Russian “nationalists” calling Gorbachev a “traitor” (which if funny to hear after reading Golitsyn btw). A Dzerzhinsky statue was put back recently in front of the SVR

      2. Russian nationalism and Orthodoxy are bred into the very ” DNA” of who we are, nor are we anyone’s fool and this includes not being the fools for the Bandera either. Man proposes but God disposes.

      3. Here is an interview Solzhenitsyn’s widow, Natalia Solzhenitsyna, gave to France 24 television on the occasion of the writer’s 100th birthday in late 2018. Worth watching.

      4. Also, BBC Two had a 90-minute film documentary following Solzhenitsyn’s death in 2008, that was titled, “Alexander Solzhenitsyn: The Homecoming”. The film was about Solzhenitsyn’s return in 1994 to what he believed was now again Russia and his two-month train journey via the Trans-Siberian Railway from Vladivostok to Moscow. Maybe a decade ago, I found it on the internet and watched it, but it’s no longer there anywhere. Here is the BBC page that lists it, albeit as “not currently available”.

      5. This is a disappointing but understandable attitude. The old man did not have the energy to see through Putin. The changes in Russia were real insofar as the communists visibly gave up power. Yet they have been taking it back under a false flag oh so gradually. Persons of Soviet sensibility never liked Solzhenitsyn. Old age is not a friend to greatness.

  16. The problem with Russia and Bolshevism is that it is not localized in that particular country but that the moment Lenin and his criminal atheistic Mafia took over the whole country, they strove to spread this diabolical Bolshevik poison everywhere else, and that of itself became worldwide problem, worldwide issue of major importance.

    Now to expect that there will be some “miraculous conversion” of Russia is not founded on reality and on the actual extent of the damage these atheistic servants of Satan had accomplished – and this is because their educational system is still state run, atheistic, and thus it leads only to create more and more such perverted people as their leaders all are.

    Therefore it is evident that any kind of true recovery of Russia is impossible, and that so long as these horrible conditions remain, and they will remain as there is no substantial will nor serious means on part of the willing to remove them, and certainly there is not the essential help from God to do this either.

    The proof of this is evident – the military power of that country is truly oriented to that one goal and on communist ideological foundation only – the same goal Lenin and Stalin have envisioned – their worldwide conquest, worldwide victory of communism. Nothing less will satisfy them and nothing less will be accepted.

    But to say that Russia died in 1917 AD is also not correct, based on the proper distinction who in fact represents Russia – it is the ordinary people or the government ruling them ? The point is that Russian people have good heart, in general, their Catholic religion as they have learned it, the foundation of what they have obtained from their upbringing in their families, that makes the difference, but then there is the other side, which is what the communist state doesn’t allow them to be like, and it has been far too long to recover this particular damage, which is horrendous, and they cannot do it themselves, as they are faced every day with the same prohibitions, same conditions of communist slavery of mind, same all powerful state that will not tolerate any deviance from the set course the state maintains with its atheistic Bolshevik clenched fist.

    Russia has been separated from the Catholic Church for centuries by its schism and so that point is also, and more so, important, as God is not helping them to recover, and now their system of the state, way of life and overall mentality prevents this recovery as it is, because what is perverted cannot be restored without that perversion first eliminated, and that atheistic perversion is the way of life in Russia even today – no matter what the evident deceptive public appearances of the KGB criminal Putin show otherwise (him kissing the icons and crucifixes etc.).

    As much as one would wish and pray for their conversion, they are not helping it by their own contrary mindset and way of life. Just look at the old footage of the lines of people waiting to visit Lenin’s tomb in Red Square in Moscow, they are all devote communists, their faces show it, they cannot wait till they see their leader, all of them disregarding the fact that he was one of the world’s most evil criminals, and also Stalin himself etc.

    There is no recovery of a country when the acceptance of evil is their life, their daily compromise on the set values, set ways that only God does establish and the perverted mankind has no authority to remove or replace. And this is the true reality of Russia, the seat of Satan (the Beast) as it is (Apoc. 16 : 10 – 11):

    “And the fifth angel poured out his vial upon the seat of the beast; and his kingdom became dark, and they gnawed their tongues for pain. And they blasphemed the God of heaven, because of their pains and wounds, and did not penance for their works.”

    1. Being separated from the Roman Catholic Church is not an issue. The US rose to the heights it did as a Protestant Country. Majority Roman Catholic countries did not even approach the heights the US rose to. The Protestant Reformation was not a mistake.

  17. Appreciated listening to today’s archived, 3rd hour show. Insightful.

    And, comrade Biden continues to help out his foreign friends.

    We are stuck in the doldrums of political impotence, just watching our nation be torn apart around us on every side and every level. We are really at a Habakkuk type moment in history. But God….

      1. The horrors that are building and happening down in the Darian Gap and at our open border are my greatest and most immediate concern. It is fearsome what is being orchestrated with very evil and dangerous actors from around the globe and how they are being positioned all over America as a fifth column. And the explosion of human/child trafficking…..

        It can get so overwhelming, and then it becomes very challenging to obey Jesus’s command to “fear not” in Matt 24-25/Luke 21, as He succinctly explains the End Times conditions on earth and signs to watch for. We are obviously in the birth pang period– its so global in scope now, but He gave no time frame of how many years, decades, etc this period lasts. Also, THE Anti-Christ is not yet on the world stage- though there are many little antichrists– like there have been thru history.

        It keeps going back to the root of our nation’s problem is deeply spiritual. And, the spirit of communism/evil knows just how to optimally leverage human sin nature, weakness, fears, etc. That point has been made clear thruout this blog over the years, as well. This full-time intercessor, who has prayed for America for 30+ years, has some pearls of clarity, conviction, redirection, and hope that perhaps some may find strengthening, as well.

  18. In the German news today
    Now a statement made by an informant of the American foreign intelligence service CIA before an intelligence committee of the US Congress is causing a stir. According to the testimony, the service is said to have tried to persuade leading experts in connection with the epidemic to rethink their position.

    “Significant financial incentives” had been given to six scientists to change their minds about the origin of the virus. So said the whistleblower in his testimony before the committee. It’s also in a press release issued Tuesday by the Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic and Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. The piquant thing about this is not only the fact that there was apparently an influence on researchers, but that these were probably experts who were working for the CIA anyway. So did the CIA try to bribe its own analysts? And if so, to what end?

    According to the whistleblower, the scientific panel that the CIA had commissioned on the origin of the coronavirus included seven scientists, six of whom suspected that the coronavirus originated in a laboratory in China’s Wuhan province.

    “The CIA then allegedly offered the six experts the prospect of financial incentives to alter their test results and instead establish an animal origin for the virus,” the press release states.

  19. Solzhenitsyn was really clever. He had a discussion with Sakharov in 1968 and he attacked convergence. Sakharov wrote about him

  20. BTW, Ukraine successfully struck a submarine and a large landing ship that were in drydock in Sevastopol. No word on damage, but it looks severe from the photos and videos coming out and from how the Russians are behaving. There’s a possibility Elon tried to stop that assault… again. Tonight there was a worldwide Starlink outage which, allegedly, occurred just when the operation started. The fact the outage occurred is a fact, but whether it happened when the operation began I consider to be a rumor until confirmed by Ukraine. Nevertheless, a bunch of Ukrainian OSINT people are claiming it is true.

    Luckily, if Elon did indeed attempt to foil this operation, it didn’t seem to stop Ukraine, as the targets were obviously hit. The Russians claim Ukraine used both drones and cruise missiles, and supposedly the Russians intercepted all the drones (assuming they didn’t just drop from the sky without Starlink).

    This would be the third time we know of that Elon has interfered in military operations if confirmed. Third time should be a strike and this ***hole should be in prison, but Elon operates like he’s protected.

    1. I wonder if some element is Elon’s fear of assassination by Russian intelligence. He has stated quite openly that someone told him this was a real threat. I imagine it started with his rockets and providing competition to Russia’s space program. Keep in mind Obama shut down NASA and we were supposed to be dependent on them. Elon came out of nowhere. Then on top of that, he provided communication services to the Ukrainians. In many ways, he was probably not planned for and has interfered with their plans.

    1. Why would they put up a statue of a fanatical communist if they were no longer communists themselves? Why not a statue of Ivan the Terrible? Or some tsarist spy?

      1. There are statues of Tsar Ivan. But more importantly, the calumnies against him are being better understood as the propaganda that they are, including against Skuratov and the Oprichniks/Oprichnina. Day might even come for him to be canonized. Nobody is more lied against in Russian history, except perhaps Gregori Rasputin, who also might be recognized as being a saint and martyr.

      2. Rasputin was a name given to those so, poor that they had no sir name.
        Tsar Nicholas II, bestowed upon Gregory, the sir name of, ‘New’.

        Rasputin: The Untold Story
        Joseph T. Fuhrmann

        Based on long-closed Soviet archives and the author’s decades of research, encompassing sources ranging from baptismal records and forgotten police reports to notes written by Rasputin and personal letters

        Reveals new information on Rasputin’s family history and strange early life, religious beliefs, and multitudinous sexual adventures as well as his relationship with Empress Alexandra, ability to heal the haemophiliac tsarevich, and more

        Includes many previously unpublished photos, including contemporary studio photographs of Rasputin and samples of his handwriting

        Written by historian Joesph T. Fuhrmann, a Rasputin expert whose 1990 biography Rasputin: A Life was widely praised as the best on the subject

  21. Mr. Nyquist. I would like to ask your opinion. Do you think the following is some kind of version of the Scissor Strategy: In my country during the Covid many people saw restrictions making little sense, the danger of covid was overstated, and some people were worried about the vaccines because there was not enough time to test long term effects of covid vaccines.

    The thing is that Covid restrictions seemed to originate from China with help from WHO. I saw Robert Spalding and some others publish in Medium this article called The Chinese Communist Party’s Global Lockdown Fraud. But then again here in my Country it was Russian funded alternative media that raised all these topics about problems of Covid response. They gathered a number of followers.

    Then the situation changed: Russia tried to take Kiev by force and these same Russian influenced alternative media started to publish about Ukraine Biolabs, Ukraine corruption, bombing of civilians in Donbass etc. And I saw many people who courageously voiced their opinion about Covid restrictions etc. repeating all this Russian propaganda. They seem to speak about peace, but is all about not helping Ukraine to defend.

    It is almost like the plan was to have them be right first, and then turn the layout upside down, and have them be wrong in the second round. Almost everyone is echoing some kind of communist talking point.

    1. Ilmari: This is a very important question. I have tried to puzzle this out many times. The following seems obvious.

      There are certain touchstones here. First, the secret speech of Chi Haotian where the Chinese defense minister says the plan is to exterminate America and build a second China in the lower 48 states. The speech is authentic. Through contacts I met one of the Pentagon translators of Chi Haotian’s speech. They were able to verify that General Chi did give that speech. It is not a haox. There was a team of translators, in fact, and the one I spoke with was an enthusiastic student of Chinese culture and language. They were able to identify Chi through his unique language fingerprint (to borrow a metaphor). Speakers of Mandarin can be identified through their usage. Nobody uses this language in the same way. Through the repetition of certain words and phrases, a set frequency can be determined. By examining Chi’s previous speeches, the pattern of speech was a perfect match.

      About the speech itself: Chi Haotian proposed a biological attack on America and, very probably, on the West. This attack would kill, he said, 100 – 200 million Americans resulting in the collapse of the United States entailing a collapse of its nuclear deterrent and economy. The path would be open for total victory over the Americans. This biological attack plan needs to be kept in mind, as the COVID-19 pandemic was probably the first stage in this proposed biological attack. We are in the fourth year of a biological attack, during a lull period.

      The COVID global lockdown fraud does indeed, come from China. Furthermore, China needs to kill off its elderly population which, because of the one child policy, has put the structure of Chinese society out of balance. One child is tasked with supporting two adults, in terms of old age pensions, etc., and this has already begun to damage the Chinese economy, which is structured differently than the U.S. economy. Europe, Japan and America suffer from a similar problem, but not to the same extent. Ironically, China faces a severe demographic collapse. This collapse can only be met with totalitarian measures. And war can be prepared best under such measures.

      If we look at the pandemic response in America and Europe, a pattern emerges. With the exception of Sweden the West followed the Chinese lockdown model. Of course, the Chinese had gotten into our medical establishment. They had tied Big Pharma to their money and used economic blackmail to prevent any investigation of the pandemic’s true source. This, in effect, is a confession of guilt. You do not block an investigation, and threaten Australia (for example) merely for asking questions.

      Clearly, Chinese military intelligence has compromised Western government officials like Fauci, like the chiefs of the CDC and NIH. China has also gotten control of the World Health Organization. If you are going to initiate a biological war, wouldn’t you be busy infiltrating all these agencies, and compromising all these officials? Of course you would. This work has been ongoing for at least two decades if not more. The whole thing is done innocently enough. Tie everyone of importance to lucrative financial deals, then threaten those deals if anyone asks the wrong questions or says the wrong things. Very simple. Money talks but can also demand silence.

      Next, you have the vaccines. This is very secretive business, except where Pfizer lost a law suits and thousands of pages were released showing that China had a hand in making the Pfizer vaccine. This is frightening for a very simple reason. No biological weapon is good enough to kill 100-200 million Americans, There just isn’t any way to do this without getting exposed. But if a vaccination can be mandated for every arm, you can incapacitate or kill 100 – 200 million Americans as stated in Chi’s plan. This is the only approach that promises success. Could it be a coincidence that vaccines were preferred over anti-virals.

      The rules for vaccinating with a new and experimental medicine is very simple. If there is a workable anti-viral treatment, vaccines cannot be mandated. An alternative exists. Funny thing, that something irrational, something contrary to common sense and truth occurred. American and European officials, the American media, and the left in general, demonize any doctor — anyone — who proposes anti-viral treatments that would undermine vaccine mandates. What is wanted, said the Establishment, is a vaccine. Yet there were anti-virals that worked. I know this because I took anti-virals and stopped the disease in my own case. Even though a vaccine cannot be tested.
      Even though an enemy country, China, would naturally have a hand in making the vaccine. This latter fact would be a carefully guarded secret.

      Now we see Edward Dowd’s book, “Cause Unknown: The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 and 2022.” People have been dropping dead. Insurance companies are noting the excess deaths. And this is not due to COVID, as Dowd’s expert statistics show. It is due to the vaccines. How severe will the die-off be? We do not know. But the World Health Organization is acting as if further lockdowns and vaccine mandates are coming. Will the kill shot be administered in round two? Or has it already been administered and the generals in Moscow and Beijing merely wait for the crash of the West?

      This begs the question of Chinese and Russian war preparations, and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Russia remains at a high readiness because of the war. China is also converting ro-ro ships.

      Now to your question about Ukrainian biolabs. These were Soviet biowar labs bought up at the end of the Cold War by the Americans to keep former Soviet scientists employed so they would not go to Iran or North Korea and making something lethal.

      To your point. Yes. Russia is helping China by advancing the narrative that the West’s elite are intentionally poisoning or depopulating their own people. But ask yourself the question of who benefits? China and Russia did not use the Western vaccines (made in China, in the case of Pfizer). They stand to gain strategically.

      If more people start dying in the West, the Russians and Chinese hope to trigger a civil war in America and Europe. Look at Dugin’s recent statements to this end. If we blame out own leaders, we rise up and our own society is totally destroyed from within,

      Game over.

      1. Jeff would have US passively go along with all the infringements of the Bill Of Rights, in order to preserve the Union, even though the Comunazis have subverted both political parties and pulled up the ladder with rigged voting machines.

        We have to form posses under Common Law, and prosecute county elections clerks, along with State Governors and all the legislators in between.

      2. I would prefer something more effective out of you. If you do what you are proposing, you will be jailed by the government, as happened to many after 1/6. Your kind have already screwed everything up going off half cocked. You lost all the political battles out of incapacity and stupidity. How do you expect — with your half-baked ideas — to form armed groups to use common law to “prosecute” county clerks and governors? You will be arrested. You don’t even have a party organization, or significant cash at hand, or an army willing to fight. Politics is about organization. You have little or none; and you would not know how to use it if you had it. To make a Revolution Lenin said you have to have a political party with its own intelligence department, capable of going underground. Lenin was financed by Germany. Whose going to finance you? Russia? Yeah, right.

      3. Regarding this speech there is something strange, Politburo member Chi Haotian says “ Although we have passed the test of June 4, after our group of senior comrades pass away, without our control, peaceful evolution may still come to China like it did to the former Soviet Union. In 1956, they suppressed the Hungarian incident and defeated the attacks by Tito’s revisionists of Yugoslavia, but they could not withstand Gorbachev thirty some years later. “ Either Chi Haotian was not aware of the long range strategy and Gorbachev’s part in it, either he does not want the cadres to know, either the speech is fake.

      4. Chi is referring to Gorbachev’s reforms, which did indeed miscarry. Peaceful evolution, directed from above, by Gorbachev, led to real losses in Eastern Europe. This is a fact. Now we see that Moscow is using even more violence than Beijing used on Tiananmen Square to put things back into place. Gorbachev’s liberalizing concessions, in China’s view, were unnecessary and foolish. As Bukovsky’s CPSU documents show, Gorbachev’s reforms were a deception. Of course, the Chinese were kept informed of this, as Gorbachev went to Beijing at that time. They knew the facts. You can be sure Gorbachev explained his intentions as he extended his friendship. Yet the Chinese communists thought him a fool, as Stalin would have, and crushed their liberals. They never sought to imitate Gorbachev. The Chinese communists knew better than to attempt a controlled liberalization, or to replace the central committee of the Communist Party with a Presidential Administration. Gorbachev decided to let the reforms carry the bloc countries forward, with unintended consequences. Gorbachev thought the hidden communist structures could maintain control. But in Ukraine and elsewhere this control mechanism broke down. Please note: Under Brezhnev the system had become unwittingly decentralized because of Brezhnev’s neglectful style of leadership. When the center gave orders in 1991, the regions and Republics were indifferently obedient and a breakup of the Union was arranged. Golitsyn did not predict this as part of the strategy, though we can see some preparations were engaged for this in Transnistria, Abkhazia, etc. difficulties nonetheless multiplied for Moscow center. The regions gave lip service to communism, but they used the occasion opportunistically. All politics is local, after all. Gorbachev had failed, and defended himself by saying he had followed the plan. How to fix the mess? In China, they took a different path by holding firm against a fake liberalism that could feed real liberalism (see Poland, Ukraine and the Baltic States). The Chinese believe they acted correctly and are quick to say that the CPSU damaged itself by following Gorbachev. They are aligned with Russia, of course, but they believe Stalinism (overt Marxism-Leninism) must be the correct path. In Chi’s speech, he is not going to change the subject to go off commenting on a tactical disagreement over Moscow’s past blunders. This is a sensitive subject, especially for the Chinese Communist Party which undoubtedly harbors liberals of its own. (How does one purge them prophylactically?) what we hear in Chi’s speech is how they view Gorbachev’s reforms in China, and we do not know if all Party cadre present are cleared to hear about Russia’s internal process of controlled liberalization in the context of a long range strategy. This subject is probably reserved for the Politburo alone. Why should communists outside the Politburo be given such extraneous information? There was never any need to know. But the war plan against America, which requires every department’s leadership and coordination, had to be discussed at the level of caste just below the Politburo.

        If China opened the doors to any liberalization they’d loose control faster and more disastrously than Gorbachev did. The Soviet deception strategy was real. It’s effectiveness, in the Chinese view, was equivocal. They are aligned with Moscow as everyone can see. They are not following Russia’s false liberalization because such a thing can become a civil war — as we see in Ukraine today. This is a Soviet Civil War, with Ukraine breaking away. The communist party gave up its monopoly of power in 1991 and the USSR broke up, with planners imagining a more perfect mechanism of hidden control. But that mechanisms fractured over time. In truth, the Vertical of Power in the USSR broke down and had to be reconstructed by Putin on an ad hoc basis. Real changes happened as a result of a loss of control which made the overt reestablishment of communist power in Russia impossible. I have heard this analysis from the lips of Russian GRU and KGB defectors. Marxism-Leninism cannot be overtly reestablished in Russia because most people came to hate this nonsense which they rightly saw as part of a control system. The communists are pragmatic and very sensitive to the resistance they would encounter by overtly pushing the old ideology. Thus they grapple toward a new variant, unsuccessfully in turns out — since mediocrity has prevailed in their ranks.

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