Corruption enters society on a stream of ‘new’ ideas. Perversion gains admittance. The taint spreads. Venality and dishonesty are doubled — then redoubled. Immorality reigns. The honest man is punished for telling the truth. The legions abandon the frontier.

J.R. Nyquist, The Fool and His Enemy

As we approach the year 2022 it is appropriate to review what has happened over the past year and consider where we are headed. This discussion offers an overview that may offend and shock. I make no apology for that. Time is running out. It is time for all Americans to set their illusions aside. Name your enemy, See the big picture. Get clarity.


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128 thoughts on “Holiday Interview With Nevin

  1. Bravo, bravo, bravo! Such vivid, profound and essential discussion should be broadcast by every major television network! Sadly, not even the established conservative talk shows seem to bother giving Mr. Nyquist a (more-than-deserved) platform, which is not only a shame, but a scandal on top of it. America and the (once)-free world need his voice, now more than ever…

  2. Completely concur agree with TCO above. Absolutely brilliant, concise, and to the very sharp point.
    This broadcast should be heard on “conservative” talk radio. across the entire country, if not the entire world.
    The fact that it will not even be mentioned on a single solitary show illuminates the peril we are currently in and the failure by not only our leadership (what a joke) but that of “conservative” (another joke) media.

    [Jeff, have you ever considered contacting Lara Logan for an interview?]

  3. Great discussion.

    I hadn’t thought about how teachers laugh at the duck and cover stuff before. But I see you are exactly right. I remember seeing videos from the chemical plant explosion in china a few years ago. First comes the blast, then a few second delay, then the windows get exploded in. The exploding windows surely killed many people who didnt duck and cover

    It always gets my head spinning how people are *sure* Russia and China won’t get into nuclear war with us. They are totally impenetrable to logic and reason. A person doesn’t even need a sophisticated geopolitical study of these countries to get it though, just one glance at history shows its closer to inevitably than impossibility.

    1. Human beings have always lived under the shadow of war. With such terrible weapons as exist today, it is extremely foolish to berate oneself as evil while assuming foreign dictators who trample their own people are well-intentioned or “misunderstood.” Yet that is what we are inclined to do.

  4. Civil defense, protecting our people, is it not already too late? I read a year ago that the animal tests for mRNA injections resulted in 100% death rate among the animals. That if all the people who have taken the jab die, that means that we’ll lose 70% of our population to this bioweapen pushed on us by those connected to the CCP? Is not the attack really through traitors in our government, including Trump, to push the deadly jabs? The more I hear about those jabs, the worse they sound.

    I’m thankful I have natural immunity. No, I will not ever willingly take the jab.

    A couple of years ago, I visited the missile museum south of Tucson, Arizona, and talked with some of the young people visiting the museum. They were very uncomfortable when I mentioned that the leaders of the Soviet Union don’t believe in MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) therefore are willing to use nukes. “You need to think like them. Since they don’t believe in MAD, how willing do you think they will be to use nukes against us?”

    I fear the young people put my message out of mind as a bad dream.

  5. Jeff,it seems like you sweep Trump on the pile of selfaggrandizing grifters.But doesnt the Sulamani-incident suggest the complete opposite?.Assuming Trump himself is adequately protected,they might come after his children or grandchildren,right?He has skin,or more precisely:his own blood,in the game.

    Also I have a question about ground-/airburst.As I understand it,groundburst is the more dangerous of the two.Is this just because radioactivity (the contaminated soil that rises into the atmosphere) will spread over a greater distance,or is something else involved?

    1. The more I see of Trump, the more I come to the conclusion that he is not on the political right. Rather he seems to be a leftist, playing the part of the “good cop” vs. the radical leftist “bad cop”. I can’t put my finger on it exactly, but there’s too much that just doesn’t add up.

      1. I too, do not trust Trump. I was never thrilled about him running for office, until it came down to between him and Hillary. I did get excited, thinking he might actually do the things he had said. I still remember how grateful and relieved I felt, after the dust of election night settled and he was the president.

        I felt a strong sense of urgency, that he must hit the ground running, for four years did not seem like a lot of time to me considering the massive obstacles he had to overcome.

        I still remember how very disheartened I was when he began going back to the states that he won, and boasting about his victory. It seemed this bragging went on for some time- time that was infinitely crucial for beginning to turn this country around. I knew in my heart then, that nothing lasting would be accomplished.

        Now, I feel as you R.O. I feel that it’s almost a certainty that he is part of the strategy in taking America down. All the things he is doing and saying, and *not* doing and saying, make me feel disgusted every time I see another headline on conservative/patriot newsites, touting another Trump rally or statement.

        I cant make up my mind if he is a willing part of ushering in our final demise, or if his ego is just so big that he was maneuvered into playing the role of an able man for Patriots to pin our hopes on, and channel our energies, attention, and timeinto supporting and defending him.

        Either way, I see him as a big distraction.

        True patriots such as Mr. Nyquist, Ann Coulter, common people in the grassroots movements, were in the trenches long before Trump came along, and still are.

      2. I also have allways had my doubts about Trump.As a Euiropean however I must connfess to becoming increasingly enamoured.His plaasmoorde-tweet settled it for me,Our own politicians certainly wont stand up for the Boers..Then the fine people at Charlottesville,the Covington-affair and Rittenhoiuse.He seems to be at the right side of things.Then of course the energy-independence,the China-tarrifs and the border.,

      3. Trump did some good things. But he did not drain the swamp, lock Hillary up, or build the border wall. He ended up supporting Fauci’s vaccine solution for the pandemic. This was fatal.

    2. Roughly explained: If any part of the nuclear fireball touches solid objects (ground burst) it vaporizes them and charges them with radioactivity that will last 13 – 18 days, cooling into particles that fall downwind while emitting up to 20,000 rads an hour. This is what makes ground bursts deadly to downwind populations that have no fallout shelters. Regarding assassinations, if you do not feel the horror of that kind of murder, then you have not quite understood the pervasive nature of the corruption which has eaten away our institutions and our leaders. This kind of immorality is one of the most degraded, as it results in a general dehumanization that contaminates everything we touch — where laws mean nothing and people are routinely sacrificed to expediency. Look at the way this pandemic has been handled. The lockdowns and the vaccine solutions have failed at a great cost in lives and treasure. But these people have no decency. Better to let hundreds of thousands die than to admit the wrong therapies were applied. Better to declare oneself a hero and savior than admit the truth. People who murder enemy generals traveling to a parley will brag about procuring a vaccine that has killed or injured hundreds of thousands of people — without the slightest concern for the actual truth. Nothing in Trump’s behavior suggests “the complete opposite” of what I am laying out. All the actions we see point to bad character. Most of our leaders seem dangerous to me. They are dangerous because they are morally unsound. And we are being dragged down by a cynical contempt for truth and goodness that does not even feel ashamed of shameful acts.

      1. So will the airburst radioactiivity last shorter and effect a reduced radius?
        Dear Jeff,as you undoubtably know,the Southafrican premier Hendrik Verwoerd was murdered inside the paliament chamber.Presumably this was a communist plot.With no red hordes,as yet,at the Limpopo,how should the whites have responded?Assuming it woiuld have been immoral to lash out in blind revenge,let me just say their restraint didnt work out that great either.

      2. Compromising with communists never works. You have to create an effective counter-intelligence service to stop communists. You have to prevent communists from infiltrating your intelligence services and government. So far, nobody has figured how to do this.

      3. PS – long term fallout from air bust hydrogen bombs is not a serious concern. We have already been exposed to dirty atomic bomb atmospheric radiation at much higher higher levels than we would have in a a full-blown nuclear war today. Those levels peaked in the 1960s.

    3. Iran didn’t respond by threatening to kill Trump. that would have provided all the justification America needed to justify a massive destabilization and sanctions regime on Iran. What Iran threatened to do, and oddly failed to execute, is the murder of US generals on US soil.

      1. I never said that Iran threatened to kill anyone. I said it was morally wrong to kill an enemy general in that way. And I said such a killing invites retaliation.

    1. Our external enemy will let us destroy their fifth column here and do nothing? Really? Do you imagine they will just stop threatening us with war so we can conveniently deal with our internal problems? No. Our enemies are part of a large coalition that operates externally and internally in concert. You cannot just tackle one problem. You must address the WHOLE.

      1. I think the salient word in my comment was “before”….
        Thanks for the reply though.

  6. Hi Jeff, after watching your recent interviews, i have a few questions. Could a dire economic forecast become a setback or a greenlight to China go kinetic? By the information given, they may be pressed into a “all in” situation, just like in poker. Will they manage to have a hand better than ours?
    And about all those rising tensions here in the west, now with Finland and Sweden being dragged into, is Russia planning a military action or just another feint?

    Keep up the great work.

    1. I visited China a few years back, and at that time I sensed a hatred of the CCP and PLA among the Chinese people. For all intents and purposes, the PLA is an occupying army keeping the CCP in power, the people are disarmed. Because the people are disarmed in the face of an occupying army, they are quiet for now. But the CCP even fears the PLA, because if even the PLA is affected by an economic downturn, individual units of the PLA may turn against the CCP.

      A major economic downturn would be a green light for kinetic war, as an act of desperation for the CCP to remain in power. If the PLA wins, the people will rejoice. If they lose or do nothing, civil war within China.

      Would the PLA have the upper hand? I think initially yes. But once the shock and awe of the initial nuclear attack wears off, their green troops will face greater numbers of battle hardened veterans fighting for their lives, wives and children. Not counting hunters and armed civilians. But the PLA can’t win without sending in their troops. In this scenario, I see massive death numbers.

      When the dust settles, who will still be standing? Wars are unpredictable. My analysis is that the PLA will lose, but not before tens of millions of people will die.

      1. Thank you for your answer. So, according to your information, are they threading the same road the soviets did in 1983? On the verge of steamrolling Europe, but the CPSU didn’t trust their military leaders. An interesting thought you brought here.

      2. It does appear that they are treading the same road, only this time they are being driven forward by economic and other factors that were not present in 1983.

      3. i was born in Hong Kong and lived there for for just under 13 years.Admittedly as a priviliged ‘expat’.The place however,now is totally unrecognizable.,Visiting,one senses that something is not quite right..

  7. Lee Harvey Oswald was a patsy, he told the truth when he made the claim. The KGB thought he was pretty dumb while he was in Russia.
    Using the evidence of my own eyes watching the Zapruder film, Kennedy was shot point blank at the base of his skull on the lower LHS with the bullet exiting upper RHS, his wife Jackie appears to be the culprit. Other bullets missed or hit others in the vehicle.

    1. Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy assassinating her own husband! I’ve come across a number of “theories” over the years, but that one is certainly the most bizarre of all! Maybe you should seek a psychiatrist to deal with your exaggerated imagination…

      1. That poor woman had her husband’s brains in her hands. She was trying to stuff them back into his skull.

      2. Nov. 22, 1963, 2:38 p.m. CST, aboard Air Force One at Love Field, Tx. (two hours and eight minutes after the assassination of President Kennedy and minutes before take-off, with jet engines already running): Inauguration of Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson as 36th President of the United States. To his left, frozen in total shock and still in her same blood-stained Chanel suit, First Lady Jackie Kennedy!

      3. Watch this first-class documentary of 2006 on the JFK assassination, EVERYBODY! It was made, not in Hollywood, but by a top-serious German film maker, and it doesn’t promote “theories”, but digs up the undeniable, depressing hard FACTS:

        Rendezvous with Death: Why John F. Kennedy Had to Die.

      4. Years ago I saw a PBS documentary interviewing and chronicling Jacqueline after the death of her husband. i don’t think i’ve ever seen such convincing heartfelt sorrow in any documentary. If i remember correctly, the documentary also claimed that JFK told her he thought he might be killed that day, she begged him not to attend the parade. the idea that the US had intelligence of an assassination plot but failed to “connect the dots” seems plausible. the scope of the intelligence failure is a major part of the coverup itself.

      5. Here is what Lyndon B. Johnson, meanwhile out of office, said in a September 1969 interview conducted by Walter Cronkite (this crucial sequence was only made public in 1975). He clearly indicates the possibility of “international connections” involved in the Kennedy assassination, making sure at the same time he doesn’t say too much:

      6. I just realised that with Presidents Kennedy, L. B. Johnson, and Nixon, three consecutive presidents died on a 22nd (Kennedy, Nov. 22. 1963; Johnson, January 22, 1973; and Nixon, April 22, 1994 – the latter date, by the way, being Lenin’s birthday). Whatever this may or may not indicate (George Washington had been born on a 22nd), there had already been a similar coincidence at the beginning of the American Republic: Three out of the first five Presidents (John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Monroe) died on a July 4th!

      7. And let’s also remember the statement made on the day of Pres. Kennedy’s assassination by his predecessor in office, Dwight Eisenhower. As one watches this historic moment of a former President commenting on the assassination of his successor, one can’t help hearing between the lines – of course – the massive political dimension of what had just happened. One can see and hear how furious Pres. Eisenhower is! Furious merely at a “lone, crazed assassin”??? Eisenhower says the American people would not be going to be stampeded or bewildered; by a “lone, crazed assassin”??? Of course, everybody in the realm of power immediately understood where this was coming from (and intelligence was coming in the very same day to that effect). Pres. Eisenhower even draws a (very apt) parallel to the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in 1914, which triggered WWI, and then says (cryptically),

        “… But here, I just don’t know what happens. And we are a nation that where our freedoms are allowed or are observed in such a way that everybody is ready, I mean everybody is, you might say, capable of doing this if he is ready to put his own life on the line.”

        Yet, LBJ decided to keep the Soviet-Cuban background behind this assassination of the century concealed to avoid WWIII…

      8. World War I was not a distant memory then. I grew up with WW1 veterans all around. The memory of a world war triggered by assassination was still present to the mind.

      9. 22 is a master number in numerology. Masons are into numerology.

        What does it mean to see Master numbers repeatedly?

        They are messengers: If it’s an 11, trust your intuition more and your rational thinking less. If it’s a 22, there is an opportunity to do something big and you need to grab it. If it’s a 33, open your mind, there is a spiritual teacher reaching out to you.

        But there is more. From a symbolic perspective, the master number meaning reflects the ultimate expression and belongs in an entirely different realm; the ability to reach spiritual enlightenment (the 11) can become a reality in the material world (the 22), then lift others into enlightenment (the 33).

        They are a symbolic expression as well as a guide to reaching the ultimate freedom; the highest possible realm of existence: enlightenment.

      10. JEFF NYQUIST says:
        DECEMBER 31, 2021 AT 12:22 PM
        We should look more deeply into this.

        @ 12:22 ?

      11. Ahh the pumpkin test—was the pumpkin attached to a coil spring that has about the same flexibility as a neck? Where on the pumpkin did the bullet hit? In the test, did the bullet hit mid to upper part of the pumpkin, to simulate where the massive wound was on the back of JFK’s scull? What sort of hole did the bullet make? Little details like these can completely derail the test.

        I don’t trust anyone on controversial subjects, whether in books or on the web, unless he has good evidence to back up his statements. Oswald the lone shooter has been debunked long ago. But I have yet to see a conspiracy theory that holds water and is true to known facts. Well, I haven’t seem much of any conspiracy theory, because I turn them off when I see them going off into lala land. Those who stick with the facts end up where I end up, with “I don’t know.”

    2. You got that from the Zapruder film? As someone who has worked professionally with films and scanning, the Zapruder film is too low resolution to make such a determination. Further, other evidence argues against it.

      I wish Jeff wouldn’t say so much about the JFK assassination—it brings out too many arguments. There’s too much evidence that Oswald didn’t pull the trigger. That doesn’t mean that Oswald was innocent, just that he didn’t pull the trigger. Who did? I don’t know. I don’t have enough information to speculate. Did not Jeff admit that the CIA was infiltrated, even to its top ranks, by the KGB? Doesn’t that make their word KGB doublespeak? Can you trust a single word they made concerning the assassination? I can’t. Meanwhile, I don’t read the conspiracy theories—too much wild speculation, too few facts.

      1. Mentioning the JFK assassination is necessary. A whole alternate universe of paranoid theorizing rests on JFK assassination theories. The whole CIA-killed Kennedy idea was a Soviet active measure. Read the MItrokhin archive. It’s all there. Read Pete Bagley’s book on Yuri Nosenko. Read Edward Jay Epstein’s work. The assassination of Kennedy is intimately bound up with the Golitsyn material. There is no getting around it.

    3. I see that you have not actually studied this subject very carefully. The evidence against Oswald is crushing, and do not forget his murder of a police officer J.D. Tippit. This is why Oswald was initially arrested. And witnesses testified Oswald also brought the murder weapon to work that morning, disguised as curtain rods. In terms of ballistics, despite what you may think, Kennedy’s motions were consistent with a shot from behind. Just try experimenting by shooting a pumpkin with a rifle. You will find the same kind of action-reaction at work. But people will believe, uncritically, what they want to believe.

      1. But the evidence against Oswald being the shooter is also strong. Below are what have been called facts, not the result of speculation. Unless I’ve been lied to, these are facts.
        • When in the marines, he was a poor shot, with no record that he improved.
        • Yet he supposedly carried out a feat of marksmanship that a trained sniper with over 60 kills considered impossible.
        • He was positively identified four stories below the fifth floor drinking a coke within a minute of the shooting.
        • Witnesses to the Tippit murder described the killer as a heavy set man, Oswald was slight.
        • There was a skin test made on Oswald that can tell whether or not he had fired a gun that day, a test that came up negative.
        • Yet there’s evidence that Oswald was connected with the conspiracy, one being that he immediately recognized that he was the patsy, a thought that wouldn’t have crossed the mind of a completely innocent man.

        Other evidences that are suspicious:
        • Someone ordered the secret service men off the presidential limo as it entered Dealey Plaza. Who had that authority?
        • Witnesses in Dealey Plaza that day identified the shots as coming from in front of JFK.
        • The doctors, top trained and experienced trauma surgeons at the hospital in Dallas, observed and identified two entrance wounds on the front of JFK’s body. Oswald supposedly was behind JFK.
        • A photo tech who had access to photographs connecting Oswald to the shooting was able to demonstrate that many of them were fake. He wrote a book detailing his findings, of which I saw a pile of them in a book store. When I returned to the book store with cash to buy one of those books, the whole pile was gone. As a photographer, that book was of professional interest to me.

        Supposedly, all of the points above have been verified as facts, as well as a few more that I haven’t mentioned. Taken all together, they are not enough to serve as a basis for speculation. They are enough to prove the Warren Report false. I expect never to know what happened that day. I won’t waste my time speculating on the basis of such slim evidences. I’ve seen some snippets of conspiracy theories, enough to turn me off.

        Jeff has added one more fact, namely that the CIA was infested with KGB infiltrators. From bottom to top. Care to speculate the implications of that fact?

      2. You are reading out of conspiracy books. Every one of your points has been debunked by analysts and researchers. Please read both sides. If Oswald was a patsy, why did he murder Officer Tippit 45 minutes after Kennedy was shot? Watch the documentary film posted above. Read better books.

      3. Jeff: I won’t argue with you, but the first film below shows the secret service agents being ordered away from the president’s limo:

        The Zapruder film also shows that the secret service men were absent from their posts on the rear bumper of the president’s limo.

        The second film shows an interview with one of the doctors who treated JFK, near the end claiming that the bullet that killed JFK came from the front:

        These are two points not made by conspiracy theorists.

        I don’t claim that Oswald was innocent, rather that he was part of a larger conspiracy.

        I don’t want to spend the time backing up the facts I have been told, because I don’t see it as being useful. I didn’t believe the conspiracy theorists because I saw them as lacking evidence. You show evidence that Oswald was involved with the assassination, but the evidence that you also give indicates that Soviet agents within the CIA also took part.

        By the way, if you shoot a pumpkin with a pistol or a rifle that doesn’t just explode the pumpkin, the pumpkin reacts moving away from the shooter, not towards him.

      4. They did the pumpkin experiment for a television documentary in the 1970s simulating Oswald’s trajectory, using his weapon and angle. The effect was successfully recreated. They did the test multiple times. I do not remember if it worked every time. But the effect was possible.

      5. I have not read a single conspiracy theorist’s book. I’ve seen a few articles on line, which I found so flimsy based on hand waving and blurry pictures that I couldn’t see where they came from.

    1. She seems a bit, too, gleeful about her conviction, and is reported to be booking interviews.

      Does she expect a light sentence, or has she already spilled the beans, in exchange for a deal? Will she be sentenced to life, but secretly let out? Will she make it to the plastic surgeon before being offed?

      Or will she be out in six months to give a false narrative (LIE) for the interviews? If so, what propaganda might she be scripted to state? She’s not going to rat out the Clintons or the Windsors.

      1. Trump and the Russians. That’s it. It’s all about Trump and the Russians. How might that square with her being a Russian asset?

      2. Judge, Alison Nathan, appointed on recommendation by Democrat majority leader, Senator Chuck Schumer, just sealed Maxwell’s ‘Little Black Book,’ of clients.

      3. I’m guessing that Maxwell in pending interviews with media, won’t talk bad about the Clintons or the Windsors, but will dish on Trump. Epstein’s pilot testified that he flew Trump along with Epstein and under age girls…with their parents. What might she ad now that she’s no longer at penalty of perjury?

      4. As far as the Progressive are concerned, Trump is still worth talking badly about, and they are already concerned about the shelf life of Biden, and the viability of Harris. It may be a fool’s errand, but I’m betting that Maxwell has already traded information, true or not, in exchange for a rigged sentence. I doubt if she’d be worried about a libel suit.

    2. Portrait of American financier Jeffrey Epstein (left) and real estate developer Donald Trump as they pose together at the Mar-a-Lago estate, Palm Beach, Florida, 1997. Davidoff Studios/Getty Images

      President Donald Trump has sought to distance himself from wealthy financier Jeffrey Epstein, who is now facing charges of sex trafficking of minors and conspiracy, playing down their past relationship.

      Epstein, however, attempted to highlight his connections to the new commander-in-chief — and the first lady. After Trump was elected president, Epstein started claiming that he was the one who introduced Trump to then-Slovenian model Melania Knauss, The New York Times reported.

      1. Jeffrey Epstein Was a ‘Terrific Guy,’ Donald Trump Once Said. Now He’s ‘Not a Fan.’

        ImageDonald J. Trump with Jeffrey Epstein in 1997 in Palm Beach, Fla. Their lives intersected for decades before a falling out.

        Donald J. Trump with Jeffrey Epstein in 1997 in Palm Beach, Fla. Their lives intersected for decades before a falling out.CreditCreditDavidoff Studios/Getty Images

        By Annie Karni and Maggie Haberman

        Jul 9, 2019

        WASHINGTON — It was supposed to be an exclusive party at Mar-a-Lago, Donald J. Trump’s members-only club in Palm Beach, Fla. But other than the two dozen or so women flown in to provide the entertainment, the only guests were Mr. Trump and Jeffrey Epstein.

        The year was 1992 and the event was a “calendar girl” competition, something that George Houraney, a Florida-based businessman who ran American Dream Enterprise, had organized at Mr. Trump’s request.

        “I arranged to have some contestants fly in,” Mr. Houraney recalled in an interview on Monday. “At the very first party, I said, ‘Who’s coming tonight? I have 28 girls coming.’ It was him and Epstein.”

        Mr. Houraney, who had just partnered with Mr. Trump to host events at his casinos, said he was surprised. “I said, ‘Donald, this is supposed to be a party with V.I.P.s. You’re telling me it’s you and Epstein?’”

        In fact, that was the case, an indication of a yearslong friendship between the president and Mr. Epstein that some say ended only after a failed business arrangement between them. The full nature of their eventual falling out is not clear.

        But through a mutual appreciation of wealth and women, and years of occupying adjacent real estate in Palm Beach and on Page Six, the lives of the two men routinely intersected for decades — until the connection turned from a status symbol into a liability, and Mr. Trump made sure to publicize the fact that he had barred his onetime friend from his clubs.

        “In those days, if you didn’t know Trump and you didn’t know Epstein, you were a nobody,” said Alan Dershowitz, the longtime Harvard University Law School professor who later served on Mr. Epstein’s defense team when he was charged with unlawful sex with minors in 2006.
        Video player loading
        A registered sex offender known for his lavish lifestyle and high-profile connections to the rich and powerful, the financier Jeffrey Epstein is facing new charges that he exploited dozens of young girls for sex acts.CreditCreditRick Friedman/Corbis, via Getty Images

        Before Mr. Epstein pleaded guilty to the charges, and was mainly known as a reclusive, sweat-shirt-sporting billionaire who liked the company of young women, Mr. Trump spoke enthusiastically about their relationship.

        “I’ve known Jeff for 15 years. Terrific guy,” Mr. Trump told New York magazine in 2002. “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.”

        He also dismissed Mr. Houraney’s warning about his friend’s conduct.

        “I said, ‘Look, Donald, I know Jeff really well, I can’t have him going after younger girls,’” Mr. Houraney remembers. “He said, ‘Look I’m putting my name on this. I wouldn’t put my name on it and have a scandal.’”

        Mr. Houraney said he “pretty much had to ban Jeff from my events — Trump didn’t care about that.”

        Shortly before the 2016 presidential election, Mr. Houraney accused Mr. Trump himself of inappropriate behavior toward his girlfriend and business partner, Jill Harth, during their business dealings.

        The White House did not respond to a request for comment on Tuesday.

        But speaking Tuesday to reporters in the Oval Office, the president distanced himself from Mr. Epstein, noting that he “knew him like everybody in Palm Beach knew him.” But Mr. Trump added: “I had a falling out with him. I haven’t spoken to him in 15 years. I was not a fan of his, that I can tell you.”

        Mr. Epstein, who was charged on Monday in Manhattan with sex trafficking, is better known as a longtime friend of former President Bill Clinton’s than as a close associate of Mr. Trump’s. In fact, the relationship with Mr. Trump turned so toxic that Mr. Epstein at one point told friends that he blamed Mr. Trump for his legal problems with the Palm Beach County police.

        But while Mr. Trump has dismissed the relationship, Mr. Epstein, since the election, has played it up, claiming to people that he was the one who introduced Mr. Trump to his third wife, Melania Trump, though neither of the Trumps has ever mentioned Mr. Epstein playing a role in their meeting. Mrs. Trump has said that her future husband simply asked for her phone number at a party at the Kit Kat Club during Fashion Week in 1998.

        Mr. Epstein was never a dues-paying member of the Mar-a-Lago club, according to an official at the Trump Organization. But as a guest of a guest, he was treated like a close friend by the club’s owner and self-appointed headwaiter, Mr. Trump.
        ImageMr. Trump barred Mr. Epstein from his private Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach.
        Mr. Trump barred Mr. Epstein from his private Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach.CreditSarah Silbiger/The New York Times

        The two were photographed together there in the 1990s and early 2000s, Mr. Trump always in a tie, Mr. Epstein always without. And in Manhattan, they attended many of the same dinner parties, like the one that Mr. Epstein hosted for Prince Andrew, where the guest list also included Ron Perelman and Mort Zuckerman, among others.

        But longtime Trump associates played down their closeness, saying that was simply how Mr. Trump treated any guest at his club — checking on their steaks, bragging about his meatloaf, scanning the room for a better table so guests felt like they were getting special treatment.

        Since Mr. Trump’s decision to enter the presidential race in 2015, his aides and allies have been eager to minimize any connection to Mr. Epstein, knowing that Mr. Epstein’s relationship with Mr. Clinton would be investigated at a time Hillary Clinton was likely to be his opponent.

        Roger J. Stone Jr., the former Trump adviser, wrote in his book “The Clintons’ War on Women,” which was published during the campaign, that Mr. Trump “turned down many invitations to Epstein’s hedonistic private island and his Palm Beach home.” Once when Mr. Trump visited Mr. Epstein at his Palm Beach home, Mr. Stone wrote about the scene of underage girls he witnessed there.

        “The swimming pool was filled with beautiful young girls,” Mr. Trump later told a Mar-a-Lago member, according to Mr. Stone. “‘How nice,’ I thought, ‘he let the neighborhood kids use his pool.’”

        Sam Nunberg, a former campaign aide to Mr. Trump, said he raised concerns about the candidate’s involvement with Mr. Epstein before Mr. Trump officially began his presidential campaign. But Mr. Trump assured Mr. Nunberg that he had barred Mr. Epstein from entering his clubs after Mr. Epstein had tried to recruit a woman who worked at Mar-a-Lago.

        “Trump said, ‘I kicked him out of the clubs when this stuff became public, and I made sure NBC knew,’” Mr. Nunberg recalled.

        Mr. Trump appeared fully aware of what a liability his onetime Palm Beach pal had become.

        Mr. Nunberg said that in early 2015, he was beckoned into Mr. Trump’s office at Trump Tower in Manhattan, along with Corey Lewandowski, then his campaign manager, and Michael D. Cohen, then Mr. Trump’s private lawyer, after David J. Pecker of The National Enquirer had just left the building.

        Mr. Trump showed the two men a copy of a new issue of The Enquirer that had yet to hit the stands, with pictures of Mr. Epstein’s private island. Mr. Trump was gleeful about Mr. Epstein’s connection to the Clintons and hinted there would be more to come.

        Annie Karni reported from Washington, and Maggie Haberman from New York. Kitty Bennett contributed research.

        Oct. 28, 2002
        Jeffrey Epstein: International Moneyman of Mystery
        By Landon Thomas Jr.

        Epstein likes to tell people that he’s a loner, a man who’s never touched alcohol or drugs, and one whose nightlife is far from energetic. And yet if you talk to Donald Trump, a different Epstein emerges. “I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy,” Trump booms from a speakerphone. “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life.”

        But beautiful women are only a part of it. Because here’s the thing about Epstein: As some collect butterflies, he collects beautiful minds. “I invest in people — be it politics or science. It’s what I do,” he has said to friends. And his latest prize addition is the former president. In his eyes, Clinton as a species represents the highest evolutionary form of the political animal. To be up close to him, as he was during the African journey, is akin to seeing the rarest of beasts on a safari. As he put it to a friend upon his return from Africa, “If you were a boxer at the downtown gymnasium at 14th Street and Mike Tyson walked in, your face would have the same look as these foreign leaders had when Clinton entered the room. He is the world’s greatest politician.”

      2. The point is that despite Trump’s tripling down on his great achievement of the Warp Speed mRNA lethal injections, he’s likely to retake the presidency… unless, the Deep State can take him down, even if Trump is also, Deep State.

      3. It is not worth our time discussing Trump or his prospects in 2024. He lost last year and he had no recourse when it came to investigating election regularities. Nothing happened to fix any of the problems. All our “heroes” on the right blew themselves up and are continuing to blow themselves up. Why? Because they have not understood who is attacking them. They do not know how to think or work with facts. They are concerned with “narratives” instead of the truth. They have not learned to properly identify their enemy. Therefore, to make predictions about the election now, given the kind of crisis that we are entering, is unwarranted. Furthermore, the term Deep State is without real meaning. Who exactly is this? Every half-baked conspiracy theory can plug into your discourse when you use that kind of language. We had better start talking about communist infiltration of the country. So far, nobody will do that. From now on we are in a race against time. We have so many months left to name our enemy or we all die.

  8. Wow, I make my own observation on the Zapruder film and am immediately told to see a shrink….
    Never have, never will 🙂
    What I see is Jackie pulls him close, pops off the top of his head, tosses the gun behind his lifeless body while making a diversionary move over the back of the car to scoop up some brain tissue. You can even see a trace of the bullet heading upwards and offscreen if you look closely enough 2 frames at least.
    Watch for yourselves, I first noticed this when I watched JFK and they played the footage over and over, the head does not go back and to the side, the bullet bursts out of the top of his head.
    Oswald was behind them and may have been responsible for some of the other fast bullets flying in the moment, but Jackie completes the hit in plain view.
    Whether she was hypnotised like Bobbies Patsy, who knows, perhaps Oswald was hypnotised too..
    As for potential motive, declassified documents show President John Kennedy in 1963 warned Israeli Prime Minister Levi Eshkol that U.S. support for the young country would be “seriously jeopardized” if Israel did not allow the United States periodic inspections of Israel’s nuclear reactor to make sure Israel was not manufacturing weapons-grade nuclear material. In spite of his suspicions, he had no choice but to hire Myron Feldman, who acted as an Israeli spy in the White House, betraying JFK’s confidence to the Israelis. Jackie was a Jesuit. So there is motive and justification.
    Can someone answer this simple question for me, what is the difference between the CIA and MOSSAD?

    1. The difference is that the CIA is generally better funded and both the CIA and Mossad keep secrets from one another. I’d question how much cooperation there is between the two agencies under the Brandon Administration. How could Israel trust Brandon? Jonathan Pollock (if i recall the last name correctly) is a good reminder of the historically lacking trust and alternate agendas between the CIA and Mossad.

      1. Davies claimed that Jackie Kennedy was a Jesuit, which is bizarre — yet in keeping with his paranoid conspiracist mentality. You see, he evidently believes there was a Dealey Lama under Dealey Plaza orchestrating a firing squad that day. The Illuminati, the Jews, the Jesuits, the banksters and the Martians were all there. So many conspiracies, so little time.

      2. A friend of mine was a fine physician, who taught at a prestigious private medical school, got recruited by Social Security, then transferred dud to corruption to the Veterans, then while there he blew the whistle on the VA. He was thereafter blackballed in the US, beaten by police on both coasts, and so became a refugee to Canada.

        Canadian Immigration informed him that he had been diverted to Social Security by a Catholic organization that had infiltrated that agency, as well as the Veterans Administration, and that his wife was a member who had been giving his money to them.

      3. An affidavit states facts without drawing conclusions which are implicitly supported. At risk of not stating the obvious, subtlety may be missed.

        If the good doctor’s wife is a Jesuit asset, than why not Jackie O?

      4. I do not want this site used to advance discreditable conspiracy theories, especially when these include malicious accusations against innocent persons (like former First Lady Jackie Kennedy). I suspect Frank has posted here under other names. This is obvious, right? And now he posts too much, suggesting he is more than a demented hobbyist; and now he has taken to rubbing my nose in dirt. He and Davies may be the same person, or working from the same playbook, as both follow the same malicious policy. Why do they hate me so much as to spend precious time turning this discussion board into a sewer of disinformation? Readers should note the consistent and subtle campaign waged against me by these self-parodying individuals. And this raises certain questions: Who pays for these people to spend so much time? Why does this sort of thing intensify when I present something that resonates? At the very least, false conspiracy narratives must be propagated as if I might approve of them. (But I detest them.) An Army of narrators — of converts and influencers goes to work — with crankier than usual nonsense, right here (of all places). Why? Pretty soon the reader forgets what I said altogether and is left with something remarkably close to the mainstream view; namely, that the communists are not the real threat. That capitalism or Catholicism or America’s security establishment is the real threat; that everyone but the communists are driving the train of destruction. This is the narrative I struggle against, not because everyone named is innocent; but because the communists are so conspicuously guilty and somehow always overlooked as prime movers. My message is easy to drown out. Just as they discredited Joseph McCarthy, James Angleton, Anatoliy Golitsyn, and others, they cannot allow this straightforward and well-documented message to take root. Always, it must be adulterated with disinformation so that anticommunism itself will forever stink with the smell of antisemitism or racism or knuckle-dragging crankiness. Think about it. The conspiracy obsessions are familiar and disruptive if not diversionary. Who benefits from these diversionary themes? Moscow and Beijing benefit. Our domestic communists benefit. (Since these are never front and center as the central malefactors.) So I say it is a campaign which many have fallen for. Useful idiots are not only leftists. By posting obnoxious accusations against Jackie Kennedy here these influencers are slyly trying to bring discredit on me. Look, dear reader, at the kind of people who read Nyquist! He must be foul if these are the people who comment on his site! As you hate me so much, Frank, you have succeeded in setting off alarm bells. I have eyes to see and a brain to analyze. If you are not malicious, then you are the unwitting transmitter of malice. I need make no distinction between dupes and the originators of disinformation. Stupidity and carelessness is not an excuse I accept. If you advance my enemy’s propaganda line, you are on the side of my enemy. How else can I regard your presence here?

      5. Although, conceivably Jackie could have been brainwashed and the Jesuits might have been infiltrated by the KGB.

      6. Frank Jameson. No one in their right mind pays a kick of attention to your nonsense. You accomplish nothing. Maybe one day you will get a life and actually contribute something to society. Right now, you are just the equivalent of a turd that will not flush. Your life has got to really suck for you to spend so much energy posting wild nonsense here. Maybe tonight, you should make a resolution to get a life.

    2. Has anyone yet considered that a shot could have been fired from a UFO over Dealey Plaza?

  9. Jeff,

    First, a sincere thank you for your tireless and brilliant analysis for the last thirty plus years. Being Paul Revere in a country determined to sleep has to be one of the hardest rocks to push uphill. God bless you for not giving up and for having the courage to continue to speak out.

    What do you make of The Naked Capitalist’s argument and evidence othat the American/English super rich elites secretly threw their lot in with the Communists 100 years ago?

      1. Indeed. And yet I am thinking that when the West becomes more and more Islamized and Africanized, with the attendant and inevitable Third World conditions like ridiculous hyperinflation, rolling blackouts, super wealthy elites living in fortresses, and frequent military coups, etc.. that go with that, West won’t have Russians to blame. Not in the slightest. And we’ll deal with your Communists and all the other Modernists and God fighters too.

      2. Russia would be lucky if it could find noble leaders who strike a balance in all spheres. But they have aligned with China and Iran. Not an honest set of partners, profoundly corrupt and dangerous. I think Russia succumbs in its own way and only finds redemption through the Catharsis of system death — like the West.

      3. To Strannik: the Russians will deal with with OUR communists? So kind of you all. Thanks in advance.

  10. Jeff

    I,m still not sure what,s wrong with General Michael Flynn ? He says in his book that our enemies are Russia, China and the Islamists. That seems about right.
    But there may be things you know that you can,t talk about.

    Anyhow, hope you had a Merry Christmas and all the best in the new year !

      1. I don’t let myself forget Flynn at the dinner with Putin as a guest of honor alongside useful idiot Jill Stein. If I give Flynn the benefit of the doubt, he was only there to recruit foreign dignitaries.

      2. To my knowledge Flynn was working with Mike Lindell last year, and some people who believed the false election fraud narrative of Lindell were under the impression Flynn had endorsed that narrative behind closed doors. I could never understand this, that he could allow anyone to walk away with such a serious misapprehension. When a friend of mine warned Flynn about the narrative he pretended to know nothing about it. How could that be possible? It was not an honest answer. So, at bottom, I take a distrustful view of Flynn. Furthermore, he seems to know nothing of the enemy history, and is not a serious student of his own profession. And he did not write his own book.

      3. While Flynn may or may not be as squeaky-clean as some of us (including me) had originally believed, I still don’t like the way that those leftist partisans in DC went after him; nearly destroying his life and his reputation because of his connection to Trump and his administration.

      4. It has turned out rather strange. Why did they go after Flynn? And why has he played things as he has? Being attacked can change a person.

  11. Here’s a sincere question I’ve been waiting months to ask you: It seems a number of people I encounter actually believe that the US nuclear arsenal is irrelevant because we have secret weapons that are above and beyond what our enemies possess. Some super weapons. Would you please address this rather bizarre notion as soon as you can? I just don’t know how to respond to these people.

    1. NASA Mission STS-121 launched precisely five minutes after the first of several ICBMs were launched from North Korea at Honolulu. Russia says that a total of ten missiles were fired. These were proven Chinese design. That was not a missile test, rather a test of US defenses. The highly decorated high tech weapons expert, USN Captain Lisa Marie Nowak, was aboard Discovery, that day. That was the first mission ever launched by NASA, that the chief safety officer refused to authorize. In fact, there were pieces of foam that broke off, which have caused prior disasters.

    2. I started writing about the UFO question precisely because of this secret weapon angle, since there seems to be a connection. I have talked to physicists that have been part of secret weapon projects in the USA and Soviet Union (especially related to directed energy weapons). Yet there remain problems with this kind of weapon. A more important question: Have we harvested technology from crashed ET craft as alleged by several sources? I am disinclined to believe the Roswell crash allegations because it sounds like badly written science fiction to me. But there is a lot of testimony here. Sorting it is not easy. For example, Col. Philip Corso was a good man with a good reputation among my older friends who knew him. Yet he made incredible claims along these lines. Was this a disinformation op? Possibly. And now there is a bizarre addition to the story with Vallee co-authoring a book titled “Trinity,” pointing to a European source for the manufacture of the UFO “discs” — apparently made with terrestrial aluminum (probably made) by the Russians or the Germans. Truly Bizarre! The existence of secret fusion power generation and/or antigravity, partly developed by the Germans during the war, opens frightening prospects regarding secret levels of intelligence, governance and Cold War intrigue. Did the Russians and Americans acquire secret technologies from Hitler’s scientists other than jet engines and rockets? This is such a tangle of fact, disinformation, and speculation I have not been able to draw any direct conclusions. Here, psychological warfare has reached an incredibly sophisticated level of proficiency. Something is hidden behind all the maskirovka. What could it be? But even more disturbing, paranormal phenomena and technology are unmistakably associated with this subject; especially by witness testimony and by cryptic statements of government-connected persons and scientists. Even Soviet scientists were confronted by evidence for the existence of God and the supernatural, which had profound effects on their weapon projects because scientists themselves began to have paranormal experiences they did not dare report or discuss. Furthermore, the old argument between Freud and Jung appears to have been settled behind closed doors in the US military-Science establishment, with the public shut out on account of the frightening implications and danger of stirring up controversy touching on religion. Physics has shifted toward quantum weirdness as the more bizarre metaphysical suggestions of Plato and Aristotle have become strikingly credible. Whatever the pagan mystery religions taught, whatever we are to make of attempts to revive “secret knowledge” during the Renaissance, technology itself is hurtling us toward a fringe world of weapons and technologies that — according to Annie Jacobsen’s work — have led to horrifying and dangerous developments. People who work in this fringe science area sometimes suffer bizarre injuries from exposure to these new technologies. Many die within five years of their injuries, while a team of innovative doctors search for cures. (See Jacobsen’s book, Phenomena.) scientists have studied super psychics in the US, China and USSR. I knew one of these scientists years ago, and what he told me was shocking and frankly unbelievable. Of course, people can believe what they want, but defector testimony is clear. Remote viewing works and the Russians have used it successfully as have the Americans. What is most disturbing of all, and the hardest thing to accept from a scientistic perspective, is the extensive evidence for inter-dimensional intelligences (some being violently hostile to humanity). Pioneers in examining these questions include Carl Jung, Jacques Vallee, J. Allen Hynek, Dr. John Mack and the journalist John A. Keel. Are there secret weapons based on related discoveries? Yes. I think so. Do these weapons supersede nuclear weapons? No. More probably, they serve as a supplementary arsenal; for the nuclear missile remains the fastest and most reliable means to destroy a target anywhere in the world within minutes. Given a successful surprise attack, what weapon do you think could overcome it? In a few minutes a Russian missile launched from a submerged submarine can kill you and destroy your weapon. How will your weapon count against something so fast and reliable? Russia and China continue to develop nuclear missile weapons and surely know more about secret technologies than I do. Thus, I conclude that exotic technologies do exist but are not reliable or as efficient as good old-fashioned ballistics and thermonuclear detonations.

      1. Shooting the enemy with a laser sighted pistol, is like spraying the neighbor’s dog that’s crapping on your lawn. Energy weapons can easily target and hit an ICBM in an instant, should they exist. How else does the US \get the nuts to harass the Black Sea, as the EU directly tells off Putin?

      2. These weapons energy weapons cannot always cut through the atmosphere successfully. Distance is a factor. That is why a rail gun technology — which the Navy failed to develop while China deployed — is more promising as an ABM anti-air technology.

      3. Putin has threatened to shoot down US satellites. Does that include, Brilliant Pebbles?

  12. E.T.I.
    Blue Öyster Cult

    I hear the music, daylight disc
    Three men in black said, “Don’t report this”
    “Ascension,” and that’s all they said
    Sickness now, the hour’s dread

    All praise
    He’s found the awful truth, Balthazar
    He’s found the saucer news

    I’m in fairy rings and tower beds
    “Don’t report this,” three men said
    Books by the blameless and by the dead
    King in yellow, queen in red

    All praise
    He’s found the awful truth, Balthazar
    He’s found the saucer news

    Dead leaves always give up motion
    I no longer feel the motion
    Where prophecy fails, the falling motion
    “Don’t report this, agents of fortune”

    All praise
    He’s found the awful truth, Balthazar
    He’s found the saucer news

  13. In response to mr. Nyquist: fair enough in a sense. Consider though that I think 1979 is more important of a revolution than 1917

      1. It’s my own opinion, reflecting my views on Iran at least. One judges the corn by his own bushel, of course.

      2. I guess I cannot resist nibbling at this baited absurdity. Why would a Revolution in a relatively medium-sized country, like Iran, be more important than the Bolshevik Revolution — which impacted the politics of the world’s largest country with the largest population in Europe? — affecting World War II and provoking a Cold War last more than four decades? It is even possible that Moscow had a hand in the Iranian Revolution. The smaller event is probably a consequence of the larger. Your view is counter-intuitive.

      3. At the risk of not being sycophant enough, I’d say that Strannik is correct about the year, but in an even smaller country than Iran, in yet a more remote region of the World; Afghanistan.

        Why did Russia invade, and would the US still be there, if not for the economic collapse which preceded the plannedemic?

    1. In reply to mr Nyquist, on importance of 1979 versus 1917: spiritual ideas (albeit false and perverse, and not based on resentiment, either)as opposed to the materialistic 1917 revolutions (which were ultimately Bourgeois in nature!), will always have a greater and longer lasting effect on the world. Again, my opinion. And, not one shared by the powers that be, anywhere, to their lasting detriment.

      1. And I think too, that Russia is not, never was, and never will be, a country well recieving of Western Bourgeoisie ideas, even and maybe especially the Marxist affectation.

      2. Even if an idea emerges from the bourgeoisie, it does not mean that idea is bourgeois. It may be profoundly anti-bourgeois. Thus its appeal to Russians!

      3. To a point, mr Nyquist, as is often the case with what leftists call cultural colonialism, or as what Spengler called ” Psuedomorphosis”. The final forms of Petrine Westernization have taken strange shapes.

  14. Jeff, happy new year and also, not sure if you can comment, I had a talk with K.C. from the Hong Kong Independence Party today and in the conversation, he has mentioned that he is now suspicious that the CCP has been using the Hong Kong ‘Pro-Democracy/Democracy’ Movement to infiltrate the UK Government and he has voiced concerns that the UK Government know they are CCP spies and another concern K.C. has voiced is that he is very sure that the UK Government has been misled by elements of the Hong Kong ‘Pro-Democracy/Democracy’ Movement into believing Hong Kong people want the CCP to own the Sovereignty on Hong Kong.

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