In 1943 [Josef Mengele] was appointed by Heinrich Himmler to be chief doctor at Birkenau, the supplementary extermination camp at Auschwitz, where he and his staff selected incoming Jews for labour or extermination and where he supervised medical experiments on inmates to discover means of increasing fertility…. His chief interest, however, was research on twins. Mengele’s experiments often resulted in the death of the subject.


In the ongoing pandemic, America has the highest per capita death rate in the world. Who is to blame? According to Robert Kennedy, Jr., Dr. Anthony Fauci is to blame. In fact, Kennedy describes Fauci as a corrupt government functionary responsible for hundreds of thousands of unnecessary pandemic deaths. And all the while, says Kennedy, Fauci has been lining his own pockets, assuring big profits for pharmaceutical companies. Even more shocking, Kennedy depicts Fauci as an American Mengele – as an administrator who facilitated “barbaric and illegal experiments on children.”[i] According to Kennedy, “Dr. Fauci … has sanctioned drug companies to experiment on at least fourteen thousand children, many of them Black and Hispanic orphans living in foster homes. He permitted these companies to operate without oversight or accountability. Under Dr. Fauci’s laissez faire rubric, these companies systematically abused and, occasionally, killed children.”[ii]

Has Robert Kennedy unfairly slandered Anthony Fauci? Who in the media has risen to defend the little doctor against these charges?  So far, my Google searches turn up nothing – which is odd. We would expect Google to advance Fauci’s narrative by underscoring his defenders. Of course, Fauci does not need defenders. He stands atop a massive bureaucracy as the highest paid U.S. Government official – more highly paid than the President. He can destroy medical careers. He can enrich or bankrupt businesses. His power can be used to punish anyone in the medical field who crosses him. Yet now, at this critical moment, who comes to his defense? Fauci has been the media’s darling; yet instead of defending him, there is a deafening silence from the usual suspects. Few have dared to go against the little doctor out of fear. But now fear runs the other way.

When Senator Rand Paul attacked Fauci, the media defended the little doctor. But when Kennedy accuses Fauci of being a criminal of unprecedented brutality and corruption, the media acts as if nothing has been said. This is perhaps the most astonishing twist of all. Never have so many said so little about so much. Of course, mainstream media outlets will not advertise Kennedy’s book. They do not dare review it. Kennedy’s publisher, Tony Lyons, said, “I defy you to find a single case where the No. 1 bestselling book over a 16-day period has not been mentioned in one mainstream newspaper in the country. We pitched Bobby Kennedy to all of the mainstream media outlets: television, newspapers, and none of those places have even asked to see a copy of the book. So they don’t care about the content, and they’re not trying to refute any of the claims.”[iv]

What does this mean? The media will not add fuel to the fire Kennedy has started. Yet they will not defend the doctor. Why? Is the mainstream media paralyzed by the Kennedy’s name and the credibility of his charges? That must be the right answer, for Kennedy’s book is a bestseller and the information it contains has leaked out through various channels. So what does Fauci do? Does he charge Kennedy with libel? Does he defend his reputation in court? So far Fauci has not directly disputed Kennedy’s charges. Instead, he has attacked Kennedy.

On 22 December Dr. Fauci responded to Kennedy’s 934-page book, The Real Anthony Fauci, by saying, “It really is a shame that he is attacking me in my career… If you look at my career there are not a lot of people that would be attacking my career, but he seems to do that. It’s very unfortunate because I don’t think he is inherently malicious. I just think he’s a very disturbed individual. And I … don’t like to have to say that, but it’s very, very clear. And it’s a shame because he comes from such an extraordinarily distinguished family, many members of whom I know personally, and I was very close to Senator Ted Kennedy, who was such an extraordinary person and a real warrior for public health. And to have RFK Jr. just spouting things that make absolutely no sense.”[v]

Does Kennedy’s book make absolutely no sense? Unfortunately, Kennedy’s book explains a lot. Rather, it is Fauci’s response that makes no sense. And it is very, very clear that Mr. Kennedy is logical, convincing and knowledgeable. If Kennedy has his facts wrong then Fauci should take him to court. He should seek vindication. But Fauci does not do that. Why? Fauci says Kennedy is “a very disturbed individual.” How so? This is no proper defense, Dr. Fauci. It is, in fact, the kind of reply one would expect from a guilty criminal. That is how I read it. Or am I to understand that “America’s doctor,” Anthony Fauci, has become a psychiatrist? – that he can diagnosis Robert Kennedy as mentally ill and we are all supposed to bow down and believe? I see no evidence that Kennedy is “a very disturbed individual.” I see a 934-page book (updated Kindle version) full of footnotes and testimony showing that Fauci is a criminal. If only half the charges are true, Fauci should be put on trial, convicted, and hanged. Attacking Robert Kennedy, Jr. is beside the point. Fauci must defend his reputation by answering the charges. If he cannot, then the wheels of justice should grind him down.

I say again, Fauci’s answer to Kennedy is unacceptable. The media’s blackout on Kennedy is wicked enough; but Fauci’s reply is not the kind of reassurance the country needs. Fauci can only be vindicated by answering the charges. But he does not answer them; and so, the little doctor talks like a villain, reacts like a villain, with the smooth delivery of a villain. Fauci’s failure to forthrightly defend himself means that we cannot trust anything he says. We have every reason now to believe Kennedy and disbelieve Fauci.

The game is turning. If Kennedy’s charges against Fauci are true, and if the state does not punish the little doctor, decency would force us to dig up the last traitors executed under American law – the “atomic spies,” Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. Decency would compel us to sew them together with fresh body parts in the style of Dr. Frankenstein, revive them by running electricity through them, give them jobs at the Atomic Energy Commission, and apologize for executing them. It’s unfair to execute some traitors and reward others. Furthermore, the system is now obligated to establish Fauci’s guilt or innocence; for we have too much riding on this issue.

And there is one more thing: Fauci’s relationship with China needs to be thoroughly and carefully investigated. Given the threat of biological attack from China, we need to separate our medical labs and medical bureaucracy from Chinese nationals at every level. We must unplug China from our pharmaceutical industries and from our doctors, from our science and from the system that is responsible for defending us during a biological war; for the Chinese Communist Party is our enemy. And we must not lose sight of the ever-present danger of biological attack.

[i] Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democray and Public Health (Kindle, 2021), pp. 524-544.

[ii] Ibid, p. 540.

[iii] Ibid.

[iv] Publisher blasts ‘total media blackout’ of Robert Kennedy’s bestseller on Dr. Anthony Fauci – Washington Times

[v] Fauci Rips ‘Very Disturbed’ RFK Jr.’s Attacks on His Career: ‘It’s a Shame’ Because He’s a Kennedy (


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159 thoughts on “An American Mengele: Robert Kennedy on Anthony Fauci

  1. Finally, JR Nyquist offers solutions. As for all those whom remain silent, just following orders was a hanging offense at Nuremberg. How can anyone ever trust the medical profession, again? Kennedy’s publisher challenges anyone to find any factual error in the book. Draft Robert F. Kennedy, Jr, for President of the United States. Scrap the Venezuelan voting machines first.

      1. Psps:
        Dr Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA serum today states in interview that he works for a separate division of the same organization, that bought up lose nukes from former Soviet satellites, and that they are the ones who paid for research at the Wuhan lab, naively in belief he says, that China would be controlled. This interview is a blockbuster.

      1. He would be an honest President, unlikely to use Executive Orders to implement policies; the bailiwick of the Legislature.

      2. Alexander Hamilton said he would rather vote for Jefferson, with whom he disagreed on most policy issues, than for Aaron Burr. The reason? He viewed Jefferson as honest, while Aaron Burr was devious and underhanded.

        I don’t know much about RFK, Jr. but what I’ve seen of him appears to be honest. If the vote is between him and Trump, I’d vote for him, as I view Trump as devious and underhanded.

    1. Modernity has an obsession, tied to its origins, with the superiority of technique, and therefore of technicians. Lenin probably owed as much in his government to Henry Ford and other industrial revolution managerial gurus of that time, as he did to Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. The Cult of ” science ” so-called, of the ” expert”.

      I cannot but reject this new religion, while at the same time not being exactly in total agreement with critics of certain aspects of this Sect. How many, after all, reject Covid vaccines because they reject all vaccines and therefore they fit all information about the covid vaccines into their own anti vaccine bias?

      I cannot claim absolute surety on these matters in any case. But I am thinking that its likely that no matter what one believes, this plague is almost over. What comes after is probably in reality been a long decline, much as has been the case since about 1904 or so, masked by a measure of technology development. Now, even that is running out of steam. Who talks about ” Moore’s Law” now? No, it’s clear that many of our experts and technicians are moral and spiritual imbeciles.

      It’s all in God’s hands though, so one cannot fear too much.

      1. What you say is true. Experts tend to be narrow, unstable, socially isolated and subject to crowd psychology. Look at the Nazis as an example.

  2. “The Real Anthony Fauci”, by RFK Jr, is one of the most jarring books I’ve ever read. The evidence Kennedy presents, and backs up to the hilt, gives a real-time picture of one of the most ghaslty criminals in human history. The fact that Fauci is still walking around free might be the most terrifying thing of all.

      1. I have compared fauci too hilter a few times… Little men with grand illusions of greatness.
        Their following is almost the same too, people who feel i don’t know better than their neighbors works i guess…
        Non vaccinated are dirty bad people, jews are filthy etc . in fact i see alot of similarities, censorship, lies, bias media.
        Fauci does not defend himself because he does not feel he has too explain anything too mere people.

      2. Fauci is also in the position of being unable to defend himself. All he has is his silly assertions that have been falsified by the very data he hates.

  3. Is the report from the insurance guy in Indiana legit ? About excess deaths.
    If nobody has heard about it I,ll try to give more info.

  4. Sadly, I think Fauxi is protected from being held accountable, along with the likes of the Clintons, Obama, many sellout Senators and Congressmen, various governors, etc, etc, ad nauseam. I dont even know if we have authorities who know what justice is, or who have the iron will and sufficient protection to see it done.

    1. Case in point, Ghislaine Maxwell. There are reams and reams of thick documents which have been sealed; not just her ‘little black book’. So many high profile perpetrators. Will the victims ever get a crack at them?

    2. People have a way of being their own enemy, and Evil is terribly stupid. And there is an eternal justice at work as well in this world and the next.

    3. They are protected only because of the corrupt system that gave them birth. It would require a revolution to be able to bring them before the bar of justice.

  5. We in the medical community got our dose of the good doctor Fauci with the AIDS cluster from the 80s and 90s. RFK has an excellent section on this disaster which is still ongoing.
    And don’t even get me started on these repurposed drugs like azidothymidine (AZT) or “death-is-near”
    We (humanity) have already had one biological “attack” and the second may be ongoing as well, check the “evolution” of Omicron (moronic).
    Doctor Li-Meng Yan has been attacked thoroughly but I have yet to see real evidence to doubt her testimony.

      1. So for decades this creep has not only been on the loose at the highest levels of government but has been protected to the nth degree. Protected by who? Who does Anthony Fauci ultimately answer to after all these years? Yes, Fauci’s ties to China need to be thoroughly investigated, but I suspect there is much more to his traitorous sociopathic story than the usual communist suspects. Who has the juice to allow Fauci to deflect the most serious possible accusations for DECADES? Judy Mikovitz has said that Fauci is merely the US bagman for a sprawling bioweapons program–and she suggests it’s the people running him and his co-conspirators that need to be investigated.

      2. Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum, and the Rockefeller Foundation, seem to be above Fauci, but who’s above them; or below them, deeper down the rabbit hole from the very depths of Hell?

      1. Beagles and horses are uncommonly used in most medical research only because dogs as lab rats is unpalatable to US based animal rights lobbyists. Beagles actually make better research models than horses, primarily because, if i remember correctly, the Beagle’s body weight to organ size ratio is most similar to that of humans of any non-primate species or breed. the research isn’t sociopathic, it’s just objectionable because we’re unfamiliar with the use of dogs as human proxies for experimentation. Mind you, some research is so arbitrary or pointless in pursuit of the accumulation of knowledge for knowledge sake that it is unethical and maybe even corrupt to approve the grant proposals.

  6. Jeff, I have been reading lately about strange disappearances, especially those in remote areas, as are chronicled in the Missing 411 books. These cases, many of which involve strange anomalies with corpses and amnesia or strange memories on the part of surviving victims, seem related to some of the UFO phenomena you have previously discussed. I was wondering if you had any theories or ideas about disappearances such as these.

    1. Please nobody comment on this UFO on this article comments threads at this time. We need to stay on one topic that is Jeff’s article on Dr. Nazi. Or Dr. FauChina.

      1. The Navy says they’ve been swarmed with UFO drones. I wonder why they don’t shoot them down? I asked police officer about them. Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties’ Sheriff’s Departments operate super high tech drones. They fly low altitude, and appear as small Cesnas, but half a dozen of them were goofing on me, and up close, the wings retract and all I could see was a small black box, floating silently about thirty feed in front of me. The cop says he doesn’t know how they work. These are dead silent. There isn’t so much as a whisper of wind passing over a blade. Seems to me that the story about the Navy war ships being harassed, is just to make people believe in ET, in order to desensitize people for when they really show up in mass. I see these every night in Thousand Oaks, and used to seem them every night, in Montecito. These are extremely up scale, low crime vicinities.

      2. The first night in Thousand Oaks, they buzzed me, got down close, circled around, and hid behind nearby trees. Ever since they’ve maintained their distance. The first encounter in Summerland, next to Montecito, what looked like a Cesna came in an arced trajectory from the oil wells to the bench I was sitting on at Ortega Hill. It got about twenty feet away, with about a six foot diameter red headlight. Dead silent. No wings or marking visible. I talked to it, expressing impressed amazement. I assume they could hear me, but they didn’t talk back. The craft backed away, and circled low close to the ground around the other side of the hill. After that, they maintained altitude on subsequent nights.

      3. Ortega Hill, Summerland, to Tarantula Hill, Thousand Oaks,+244+Thousand+Oaks+Blvd,+Thousand+Oaks,+CA+91360/Ortega+Hill+Rd,+California/@34.1925214,-119.7565079,94353m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m13!4m12!1m5!1m1!1s0x80e83b41dc72eb7f:0x3ae28d31d6dd8be!2m2!1d-118.8732359!2d34.1789079!1m5!1m1!1s0x80e9120854e4ca5f:0x36091568237df70a!2m2!1d-119.6059439!2d34.4227371

      4. The Ventura County Deputy Sherriff as Thousand Oaks police officer, identified the drones as from either his department or SoCal Edison Power’s drones. These may or might not be what the Navy encountered, but it seems to me that the Navy wants people to believe that they are ET. If they are Edison’s, I suspect that they could be in adjunct with the US Department of Energy. The ones which I see every night, are most definitely not ET. However, genuine UFOs, often times appear, at the same time and place of known aerial phenomenon, such as meteor showers or missile tests, which tends to obfuscate the multiple diverse simultaneous sightings.

      5. To clarify, the drones which I see every night, appear as similar to small Cesna airplanes. They have red, blue, and white, blinking running lights. However, they are not good, old fashioned airplanes. As they descend, the wings retract or become cloaked by invisibility. Up close at low altitude, all the observer can see is a black box, about two or three feet square, with four tiny dim lights; white, green, red, and blue. These lights can become quite large and bright. There is no sound; not even the rustling of wind. With with wings retracted and no propeller blades visible or heard, how can it fly and hoover in place? If Edison and the DOE are involved, perhaps it’s some super advanced power source and anti gravity device? The running lights and low altitude flight paths is the tip off that it’s not ET. UFOs don’t seem to be too, concerned about safety regulations.

      6. One other feature of the drones at altitude. As they pass overhead, the belly of the expanded craft has several large white lights. As I’ve noticed on the face of a low close drone, the small box has four small lights which can become big and bright, so it likewise be with the belly lights.

        Jeff, how about calling Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties Sheriff Departments, for an interview on the subject?

      1. i can’t rule out alien visitation and abduction (i’ve seen a Black Triangle up close). yet, from what evidence i’ve seen to date, i’d expect a fear and stress induced surge in bizarre (e.g. paranoid schizophrenic) reports of anomalous events (delusions). this is a byproduct of the “mass formation psychosis” Dr. Malone talks about (via Dr. Matteis’ excellent lectures on crowd psychoses). The bizarre delusions come from the fraying of sanity in an insane society (how else do you make sense of the world but to interpret the un-reality of the present moment in the manner of a bad dream?).

  7. Excellent article, Jeff.
    FWIW, I am not paid by anyone, my views are my own, I do not know or have affiliations with anyone else commenting on your blogs, I have no mental disorders, no political affiliation and no specific bias for or against persons of certain religious faiths. I am of course writing this in response to a previous reply on an earlier article.
    I’m about half way through RFK’s book which as you say is thoroughly researched and sadly not as shocking as it should be, but I have been reading about many of these issues since the early 1990’s. The fact that Fauci elects to attack the man rather than address the well founded allegations speaks volumes. Is Fauci just another high profile “useful idiot”, perhaps, we shall see what happens to him once he has outlived his utility.

      1. Do we really need so many government agencies? Since civil servants can’t be fired, I say eliminate all government agencies, consolidate the functions under the master agency, and hire greenhorns to do the chores. If Russia and/or China have infiltrated, that ought to flush them out.

      2. one thing i noticed working in biological weapons research: a very significant and ever increasing number of our Primary Investigators, even a decade ago, were (mostly Asian) foreign nationals. the industry is hard up for quality thinkers with the right credentials such that it’s easy for the best and brightest of China to get jobs in these places. much easier than it is to infiltrate them directly into the intelligence agencies. most of the research jobs on level 3 bioweapons, in turn, would only require a Secret clearance or SSBI.

        i’ve seen reports saying that China worked on SARS-CoV-2 under level 2 conditions (to make research cheaper and accessible to lower trained staff). it’s hard to believe that other foreign nations wouldn’t be equivalently lax with safety protocols to compensate for reduced funding and lower regulatory enforcement.

      3. Not only our biological sciences, but many of our other sciences as well. I noticed this when I tried to go to graduate school, even undergraduate, that the Chinese were helped by the CCP while Americans struggled financially. Did you notice that those Chinese tend to concentrate in STEM fields? How many of those Chinese were urged to stay on as spies?

      4. That’s always the excuse for the State’s existence, as a coercive collective of interlocking bureaucracies and structures of violence, the enemy from without and from within.

      5. As an advocate of terrain theory, such an attack would have to come from direct poisoning of food water, air or contact. China has nearly unlimited access to all of these routes.
        I mentioned in a previous comment on your blog that I became sick in November 2019, just after receiving a batch of equipment and materials from China for my research some of which had a black oily substance coating it. I may have eaten food while assembling some of these products without washing my hands.
        Since banning Chinese imports to my business, there has been zero illness.

      6. From reading below I think you know that the size of the bureaucracy, Fed, State and Local, is a serious problem. The larger it is, the less likely we are to see anyone being brought to account for illegal acts and corruption. I don’t see anything changing short of a revolution, alas.

        A good POTUS would close the entire managerial apparatus and go through it with a fine toothed comb. If something is not allowed by the Constitution, it must be ended. The screams that will come from the left when that is done, must be ignored. POTUS does not need anyone’s permission to faithfully execute the U.S. Constitution.

      1. Re: ^

        JOHN DAVIES says:
        JANUARY 5, 2022 AT 6:33 AM
        Excellent article, Jeff.
        FWIW, I am not paid by anyone, my views are my own, I do not know or have affiliations with anyone else commenting on your blogs,

      2. Then I am baffled as to why you have decided to spend your precious time harassing me and promoting contrary conspiracy narratives on my site. I am not here to argue with every conspiracy theorist who comes along. Such narratives are very damaging to any attempt at understanding enemy strategy. I have studied conspiracy theories intensively as a researcher and found many analytical and factual errors in the conspiracy literature. To keep going over that ground with enthusiasts is very tiresome for me and diverts me from more time-sensitive work.

      3. Concerning conspiracy theories, they blossom when people are lied to. Especially when government spokesmen are the liars.

        Remember the “black helicopter” kerfuffle? People were actually scared by the conspiracy theories. Rush Limbaugh declared that anyone who claimed to have seen one was a kook. I joined the “kook klub” when I saw one so close that it more than filled the field of view of a seven power binoculars. I believed none of the conspiracy theories I heard. I assumed that government spokesmen lied………again. That was before it was revealed that those helicopters are Blackhawk Helicopters. Once the truth was out, the conspiracy theories about them ended.

        This is not a defense of conspiracy theories, because most of them are…well…kooky. But when anything that deviates from the official story, including the truth, when the official story is lies is defined as a “conspiracy theory”, how do we recognize the truth?

      4. While Rush was one of the good guys, his idea that simply seeing a “black helicopter” made you a kook was simply stupid. The black chopper thing died down because people began to realize did they exist, but when you got close, they weren’t black. The shade the Army paints them makes them look black when they get up and away from you. That fact was pointed out to Rush on his program, but he kept riding the horse and acting like an idiot.

    1. They can track you through your purchases, through your cell phone, through facial recognition technology. Nearly everyone has an address where the government knows to find them.

      1. Yup, they do track IMEI numbers through dumbfone apps. Even leads to the capture of some murderers. But this leads to the question should we all be tracked like criminals without motive or legal representation? Where is the respect for privacy? Placing a picture of your face online is akin to giving up a DNA sample or providing a fingerprint. ALL can be abused in a corrupt legal system.

    1. Out-of-control rocket stage is tumbling toward Earth
      By Katie Hunt, CNN
      Updated 1:05 PM ET, Wed January 5, 2022

      (CNN)Space experts are tracking a Russian rocket part that is set to make an uncontrolled reentry into Earth’s atmosphere within the next 24 hours.

      The Angara-A5 heavy-lift rocket was launched from the Plesetsk spaceport in Russia’s northwestern Arkhangelsk region on Monday, December 27. The launch was testing a new upper rocket stage, known as the Persei booster, according to the state-run TAS news agency.
      “It’s safe to say that in the next 24 hours it will be down but where, nobody can say, because in the window of several hours it will do several revolutions around the globe,” Holger Krag, the head of the European Space Agency’s Space Debris Office, told CNN.

      1. Putin last week made it clear he would not wait long for the written security guarantees he demands. He said he was not interested in negotiations, only results.

        “It is you who must give us guarantees, and you must do it immediately, right now,” he told a Western journalist last week at his annual news conference, when asked whether he would rule out invading Ukraine. “It is the United States that has come to our home with its missiles and is already standing at our doorstep.”

      2. Speaking with an East German defector who worked for the NSA, he seems to believe that Ukraine has always been part of Russia, and ought to remain part of Russia. He resents a perceived lack of respect for spheres of influence, calling it “un-gentlemanly”. I have to wonder how if Ukraine is Russian, that they have their own language. That’s a most significant cultural difference.

      3. The East German understands your point, Jeff. He thinks it would be best if all parties concerned, were to go back to respecting each other’s spheres, as we used to do. Putin did pull back Russian troops from the border with Ukraine, prior to his recent talk with Biden, but what if he were to pull his spy ships out beyond the international boundaries from the US? If he were to do so, should the US stay out of the Black Sea?

      4. Turkey and Romania and Bulgaria are NATO countries on the Black Sea. There are very few U.S. ships on the Black Sea and such deployments are token. There is not a substantial threat to Russia there. You also should realize that missiles from both sides place all positions on the map within minutes of attack. What would be destabilizing is placing nuclear weapons on ships deployed to the Black Sea. But the Russians have already shown bad faith in this area by putting nuclear missiles back on warships and attack submarines after both sides agreed not to do this. Russian treaty violations would make a very thick and disturbing book.

      5. It’s not clear if Putin made demand for immediate withdrawal of US warships from the Black Sea, to Biden, or if he only said that to the press. High pressure – ‘act now’ tactics, are usually a hustle, but if Putin genuinely feels that US invasion is immanent, only to be rebuffed by the US, do we really want to bet that Russia won’t establish credibility with a demonstration? Is Biden trying to get US nuked? He’s already trying to kill everyone with lethal injections.

      6. The United States does not have sufficient forces to invade Russia. America had ten fully mobilized divisions. Hitler attacked Soviet Russia with close to 300 Axis divisions. Putin has bragged that he could capture five NATO capitals in 72 hours. Poland’s recent war games show that they would be forced to surrender within days. Bulgaria and Hungary might well switch sides in a shooting war, or go neutral. You ought to look more closely at the actual balance of forces.

      7. Russia and China along with designated rogue nations routinely abrogate treaties, but expanding NATO to former Soviet satellites, violates in principal, the concept of spheres of influence. Ukraine defaulted on it’s treaty for US protection from Russia, by failing to deliver inherited Soviet nukes while retaining the accepted payment for them, but was it wise of the US to agree to protect Ukraine from Russia in the first place? Is that even feasible? So now that NATO is on the Black Sea, we throw caution to the wind, and antagonize Russia as if our unwise allegiances outweigh Russia’s nuclear arsenal? What if the United States were to withdraw from NATO, and form a new club of old Western allies, which respect traditional spheres of influence? Why not invite Central and South America to join the club? Would Venezuelans vote to join, if they didn’t have Hugo’s voting machines?

      8. Pete: Do you hold that so-called “spheres of influence” override the sovereignty of nations — the self-determination of free nations? So maybe Hitler could claim Europe as his “sphere of influence”? What principle here is the correct one? Countries like Poland and Romania, who have been bullied and oppressed by Moscow in the past, seek security with NATO? As sovereign states, isn’t that their right? Or does Russia have an inherent right to dominate them? So, there is a problem with your formulation, which only considers Russia’s security and not the security of countries unfortunate enough to adjoin Russia’s holy “sphere of influence.” Unless everything I have read is mistaken, Ukraine gave its nuclear weapons to Russia in exchange for guarantees from other nuclear powers. Who says otherwise? Please post a link. Russia, the UK and the US guaranteed Ukraine’s sovereignty in the Budapest Memorandum because Ukraine handed its nuclear weapons over to Russia. This was a joint memorandum between three nuclear powers. Russia is obligated by that memorandum and violated it by annexing Crimea. Furthermore, the U.S. has no mutual defense treaty with Ukraine. We have made no promise to defend Ukraine, but only to respect Ukraine’s sovereignty. Biden has only said he will react “decisively” to a Russian invasion of a Ukraine, which probably means sanctions or a downgrading of trade relations with Russia. There is no promise of military intervention on Ukraine’s behalf. Saying Russia will “pay a heavy price” is an economic threat. One must read the diplomatic language here carefully. Your comments, therefore, are based on false assumptions and misunderstandings. America is not provoking Russia unless you are referring to our stupidity and weakness. Aggressors are always provoked by weakness. At the first sign of weakness, aggressors start to drool over their prospective prey. Russia attacked Ukraine and violated Ukraine’s sovereign territory in 2014, violating the Budapest Memorandum. In terms of propaganda, Putin is now attempting to make a case for war to her own people in the event the ongoing pandemic crisis evolves toward economic breakdown, unrest or civil war in the West. It is important, from the standpoint of Russian strategy, that Moscow prepares to intervene in Europe, North America, or the Middle East should the West collapse. China is making similar preparations in the Far East and Pacific.

      9. Ukraine as party to the Budapest Memorandum would be entitled to US defense against Russia, but it’s my own personal view, that if Ukraine failed to surrender nuclear arms, then the contract is null and void. From what I recall, Ukraine accepted payment from the United States in exchange for nukes which thereafter they said that were lost.

        I’m searching for the original articles from long ago. I don’t recall the publications, but this brief summary supports the assertion as an assertion with facts not in evidence:

        Pyotr Simonenko, the leader of the Ukrainian Communist Party released a sensational statement on Wednesday. In his words, there were 2400 nuclear warheads in Ukraine, although the export of only 2200 of them was officially documented. Simonenko claimed that nobody knows where 200 Soviet-era nukes in Ukraine are.

        The official reaction followed the next day, but it was a rather weak one. Deputy chief of the Ukrainian Army Headquarters, Nikolay Goncharenko, declared that Simonenko’s statement regarding the disappearance of the nuclear weapons from the territory of Ukraine was absolutely groundless. The high-ranking military official stated that all weapons of the trilateral agreement concerning the execution of the contract for strategic offensive arms had been handed over to Russia. Ok, but how come the leader of Ukrainian communists counted 200 nukes? It seems that the nuke scandal will continue.

        Andrey Lubensky PRAVDA.Ru Kiev Ukraine

        Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

        Читайте больше на

      10. Ukraine is not entitled to U.S. defense against Russia under the Budapest Memorandum. It is merely a promise to respect Ukraine’s independence and sovereignty. As for Ukraine being a nuclear power, you are citing a communist politician spouting communist propaganda to justify Russian aggression — which is not credible. Even Russia has not claimed Ukraine is holding nuclear weapons. In fact, if Ukraine had nuclear weapons Russia might get real hurt trying to invade.

      11. The trilateral agreement signed in Moscow on January 14, 1994 by the United States, Russia, and Ukraine was seen as a significant Western success in disarming Ukraine of nuclear weapons. Under the agreement, the Russian Federation sent 100 tons of fuel to Ukraine for its nuclear power plants. The United States agreed to pay $60 million to the Russian Federation in support of that process. For its part, Ukraine agreed to transfer 200 nuclear warheads over a 10-month period.

      12. It’s not clear from the limited found articles, if the 200 missing nukes showed up and those are what the US paid for after they were declared missing, or if Ukraine agreed to deliver, but then lost the 200 nukes. Ukraine had more than two thousand, most of which were supposedly accounted for, and delivered to Russia.

      13. Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances
        From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


        According to Stephen MacFarlane, a professor of international relations, “It gives signatories justification if they take action, but it does not force anyone to act in Ukraine.”[18]

        Whether or not the memorandum sets out legal obligations, the difficulties that Ukraine has encountered since early 2014 may cast doubt on the credibility of future security guarantees that are offered in exchange for nonproliferation commitments.[21] Regardless, the United States publicly maintains that “the Memorandum is not legally binding.”[22]

        Ukrainian international law scholars such as Olexander Zadorozhny maintain that the Memorandum is an international treaty because it satisfies the criteria for one, as fixed by 1969 Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties (VCLT) and is “an international agreement concluded between States in written form and governed by international law”.[23]

      14. As JR Nyquist has written, the dissolution of the Soviet Union is a farce, and all the leaders of satellite countries remained in power, posing as if Democratic Capitalists. Accepting that at face, how can their be an independent Ukraine, which honors liberty and freedom for the people?

        It seems to me that Ukraine attempts to embroil the United States in a political controversy as the US out smarted itself, by assuring security that it has no intention of honoring. While this might be even Steven, it undermines US credibility and honor. The US ought to declare Ukraine fraudulent and therefore having entered into the Budapest Memorandum, a treaty, under false pretense.

        Respecting spheres of influence, is not about tit for tat or lack thereof; it’s about wisely minding one’s own business, and pursuing one’s own national interests. That cuts both ways. Let Europe pay market rates for oil. If Russia makes the price to high, consumption drops.

      15. The Budapest Memorandum is not a treaty (though one scholar has argued it us). For it to be a treaty under American law the Senate Would have to ratify it as such. They never did. American officials have always maintained that no commitment to defend Ukraine is intended by adherence to the memorandum. Washington has not been so bold. The Budapest Memorandum is “on security assurances in connection with Ukraine’s accession to the Treaty on the non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.” The security assurance to Ukraine id not an assurance to defend Ukraine. It is an assurance from various nuclear powers that they will not attack or threaten Ukraine. Russia claims it has not violated the agreement because Russia did not attack or threaten Ukraine with nuclear weapons. The U.S. commitment to Ukrainian independence and sovereignty is merely support for the principles of national independence and sovereignty. It is hoped that NATO’s ambiguous support for Ukraine will deter Russia from absorbing Ukraine and reconstituting the Soviet Union or Russian Empire. Make no mistake. Russia seeks to dominate Europe.

  8. These were attempted responses to Mr. Nyquist’s comment further above. Sadly, my responses didn’t show up where they were meant to:

    “They can track you through your purchases, through your cell phone, through facial recognition technology. Nearly everyone has an address where the government knows to find them.”

    1. Okay, Vladimir. Do you think that the tumbling Angara-A5 is Putin’s asymmetrical response he warned of?

  9. I really distrust “experts” whose thought and life don’t extend beyond one domain. They seem to lack any pretense or aspiration to wisdom.

    Even assuming basic competence, which I don’t, an expert would only be able to lay out some parameters and choices. It’s normal people like us who would then need to apply it to life and make value judgments. For instance, even assuming masks save lives, which I don’t buy, it doesn’t therefore follow that Fauci can order people to wear them; we would first have to make tough decisions about what we value and how we want to live (and die).

    In the case of Fauci, my hunch is that he is a clinical psychopath. I wonder what percent of these politicians and bureaucrats and Gates types are actual psychopaths.

    1. A larger number than one would want to see. They want Power more than they want Authority though, so it’s more likely to find them in the petty bureaucracies of both public and private sector organizations.

  10. In July, 20 Democratic lawmakers, including Elizabeth Warren, a member of the Senate Armed Services panel, wrote Biden reiterating “our call for an independent, outside organization” to “complete a thorough review of the technical feasibility of extending the life of the current Minuteman III ICBM missile before proceeding with a multiple-generation commitment to the Ground Based Strategic Deterrent.”

  11. Interested readers should check out Thomas Wigand’s last two (tomorrow three?) articles on Trevor Loudon’s New Zeal website.
    Like I have always said, it is “The Big Show” and there is no Deep State but only “The State.”

    1. ” Deep State” is an English term that suggests to me anyway that there is a hidden circle of control embedded within government institutions, different from the public face of a republic and its politicians and constitutional forms. But really that is the case with all modern states: I am thinking a feature, not a glitch.

  12. Jeff what is your take on the massive uprising in Kazakhstan? The government has been toppled and many of the elite have fled the country, but now the CTSO is sending “peacekeepers” to restore order, it is claimed

    1. Unless Russia experiences similar unrest, “Soviet” structures will be returned to power in Kazakhstan after Russian troops restore order. It is unlikely Kazakh rebels can defeat Russian troops. If Russia negotiates with the new government it will only be to gain time for planning and sabotage. Inaction could be fatal to Russia’s position in the region.

  13. Jeff, I posted an article from Mike Adams website on Tuesday but it not been displayed. It deals with info alongside with your current article.

  14. Jeff,I asked you about air- and groundbursts recently.This blast from the past deals with this and the mechanics of nuclear war more generally.I suspect many will find the presentation interesting.Had seen it before but only found it again a couple of days ago.

  15. I think you’re being to hard on Trump.See this video.I understand professionals brought in the music and cut the scenes just right..but still:…a child can pretty well judge character and this all seems to me very wholesome (especially the first 3 seconds)


      1. sorry,but the entire thing seems so wholesome,so innocent.I mean,i wasnt a Trump-supporter from the outset,but I was so sad when it seemed to be all over.Whatever the history his wife seemed very sincere.That was what I was wanting to say.I think you yourself said he was the only president to leave office poorer.Is he really a grifter?

  16. RO makes an interesting comment about the Chinese prevalence in the STEM fields.
    In my experience (this is going back to my university days in the early noughties), the Chinese students are very strong in the field of mathematics, but they are conversely very weak in their basic understanding of physics and even weaker when it comes to the application of their knowledge for innovation and creation of novel solutions.
    One of the problems with modern science is that they have abandoned the traditional principles of observation, testing, theorisation and proof. They start with mathematical theory then attempt to create the hardware, wasting huge amounts of resources in the process.
    This was evident when conducting project work with Chinese students, I ended up leaving them to the software programming and developing the competition winning sensor technology on my own. One of the Chinese guys had a massive ego and wasted time writing mathematical equations on a white board that were invalid, not due to solution of his theoretical equation, but due to his ignorance of basic physics. He never was able to produce a physical sensor that worked and I delivered a complete working module to plug into their software system.
    A great historical example of this principle would be that of the famous mathematician Renshaw Carson, who once claimed that he had mathematically proven the impossibility of FM radio transmission “static like the poor will always be with us”. After Edwin Armstrong proved him wrong by building the unit, Carson came up with the equations of operation.
    This is the primary reason I believe the Chinese have to steal others technology. Once stolen they are capable of modifying it, but as far as innovating the technology is concerned they are highly blinkered, long may this situation continue.

    1. Scientists to riff-raff: “Why should I care, in any way, if you are a slave?”

      A question about scientists as a psychological class; rather than discuss
      this particular scientist Anthony Fauci (again and again), why doesn’t Fox News
      or Rand Paul, back up a step or three and discuss scientists as a psychological class?

      Since Mr. Fauci will go, but scientists will remain.

    2. What John Davies wrote about the Chinese inability to innovate is true not only of China, but also to Japan, to India, the Islamic countries, in fact to the majority of the world. The big difference came with the Reformation. There were two things that the Reformation did to the thinking of northern Europe:

      • Go to the source. For most of the world, the way to learn is to go to the experts who will then teach what is to know. That often results in rote learning. But going to the source resulted in the scientific method which means to observe nature directly, look for patterns in the observations i.e. make hypotheses, test the hypotheses against more observations, if they pass the tests the hypotheses can become theories.

      • Think according to function, not form. Most philosophies and religions think according to form, including communism. Look back to the ancient Greeks—Plato and Aristotle for example—their emphasis on forms. But the Reformation said that action was more important than form, from the action of observing to Newton developing calculus to describe action in mathematical formulae.

      The Reformation way of thinking became institutionalized within research institutes, but as society turns away from Reformation philosophy, do we not also lose our ability to think scientifically? Will we end up with technology, that which can be learned by rote, but unable to innovate? I hope not.

      1. RO, my thoughts exactly but far better expressed.
        Chinese created paper, Europeans created the printing press.
        Chinese created fireworks, Europeans created guns and canons.
        Chinese built the great wall, now occupy Tibet and impose on Indio/Pakistan borders, yet still claim their foreign policy aligns with the aspirations of the great wall…..
        They are poor liars, I wonder if the above were innovated by captured Europeans 🙂

  17. I’ve read only part of RFK Jr’s book, and it’s obvious that Fauci alone, nor even with the help of Bill Gates, could never have pulled off the great evil that he has done, without being part of a vast conspiracy that includes Trump, Biden, the heads of big tech, MSM and so forth. As much as I hate to say it, it looks more and more that the only way to clean it up is war, Nürmberg style trials, then busy nooses and/or firing squads.

    As for the local news reporters on TV, it appears that they are so blinkered that they couldn’t investigate their way out of a paper bag. They just read the copy that is placed before them.

  18. Check your medical prescriptions, one of mine recently came in a new bottle. Was made by Epic Pharma in Wuhan Hubei China. I returned to my pharmacy stating I was concerned about drugs made in wuhan.
    I asked for the same pill made in Canada by another pharma vendor. They agreed and swapped the meds.

    1. Consider abandoning allopathic physicians and treatments altogether, while consulting with Naturopaths.

      1. Russian saying is that wise mans says he is looking for truth, while fool says he has found it.

      2. According to that Russian saying, is the “fool” wiser than the “wise man”, because he at least recognizes that there is truth that can be found, whereas the “wise man” in effect denies that there is truth?

      3. @Pete Reeter: You know what? There are some people who really do need their prescription meds, and for them, there are no effective substitutes, especially taking into account those “homeopathic” products, of which I personally would be very skeptical.

      4. Key word: ‘consider’. Ask the Naturopath if there’s an effective substitute for allopathic drugs, but China exports herbs, too.

      5. Sorry, Jeff 😳 Some people can be rather provocative, and one can get so involved in one’s own argument, as well as that of others, that one can forget how everything began.

  19. RO certainly gets me.
    Jeff one of your earlier videos, I forget the guys name, claimed that a magnetic pole reversal would cause all electronic and electric infrastructure to cease to work.
    This is patently untrue and should be combated.
    You can do this simple experiment at home, take a DC motor and set it running, even with a powerful magnet many thousands of times the flux of the earth nearby, the motor will continue to function. Your cell phone or computer will do the same in the presence of a powerful magnet. Do not expose magnetic based hard drives to powerful local magnetic fields as this could end badly.
    Navigational compasses would have to be recalibrated.
    If the earth suddenly lost it’s magnetic field all electrical/electronic devices would continue to function normally unhindered. This is how we receive data from space probes.
    Regarding Kennedy circa 1963 those were my observations from watching the video.

  20. Answering RO: ironically, yes. Fools are highly revered figures in old Russian culture, in a sense, and in the old days, could be counted on to tell the honest truth to the Elites. Think also, the role of ” Fool for Christ ” in Orthodox Christian theology, the Saint who is not regarded highly at all in the World…

  21. Regarding the Medical Prescriptions
    I take a drug for Atrial Fibrillation in the last 16 months.
    3 months ago it was filled with a different color capsule
    I asked if the Pharmacist if the new drug was from China.
    He said no but did not check on the bottle
    Initially I received the drug form Oceanside MFR in Canada
    The new prescription is manufactured by TWI Pharmaceuticals INC Taoyuan City Taiwan
    Kevin Taylor

  22. I apologize for the off-topic nature of this post, but this is something that I think needs to be noted and to be commented on. Anyway, I was driving downtown today, and I saw that a local business had placed a sandwich board, which read, “Happy Treason Day!”, outside its door.

    It was glib, I assume, but I was rather offended. What do you think, Jeff, of a sign like that?

      1. I think that is all that the board said. The implication, I guess, was rather oblique, but this shop also regularly flies the LGBTQ+ flag by its door. From that, I would hazard that whoever owns the shop is super Liberal.

  23. Jeff, so glad you wrote on Robert Kennedy’s book. Nothing is going to improve in this country or in other locked down nations until the evil compromised experts like Fauci, Dazak, Andrew Hill, go to prison. Recently a Harvard professor was found guilty of accepting bribes from China. I haven’t heard that he has been sentenced, but I am hoping he goes to prison. These corrupt people have to be brought to justice…nothing changes until we show them we mean it. I have read what one strategy could be for a small group of citizens. This group in which someone has experienced a vaccine injury or they are representing someone who died from a suspected shot, takes legal action locally. Meaning that, they would go to a local district attorney and ask that charges be filed against Fauci & company. If enough Americans would do SOMETHING, this would be a game changer. The state courts are independent of the federal courts. I think this is a strong action if the right people have the courage.

    1. Yes. Courage is important. Our system was founded on the right to petition government for redress of grievances without fear of punishment or reprisals. Right now people feel afraid. Reprisals are very real. That means using the courts, lawyers, using our state legislatures and governors.

      1. We need to sue in every county to scrap voting machines, and to require proof of citizenship in order to vote. Time’s a waste’n.

    2. The form that Jeff deleted is not a manifesto, but rather part of an online notice to be sent to government officials that they can be criminally charged at Grand Jury for Covid mandates. I didn’t write it, and the site has been culture canceled, I imagine because so many notices were sent to so many politicians, who don’t like it any more than Jeff does.

      1. I would prefer readers post their own thoughts, not advertisements for other sites or groups — or declarations, or threats or political tracts/programs.

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