That is something I absolutely reject. The shoot-to-kill order [in Kazakhstan], to the extent it exists, is wrong and should be rescinded.

President Joseph Biden

People have all kinds of odd ideas about the unrest in Kazakhstan. They seem to regard Kazakhstan as an independent country. But it is not. Kazakhstan is a Soviet republic masquerading as an independent country. As such, it is beholden to the Kremlin. In fact, its leaders are Soviet persons. And now that people in Kazakhstan have rebelled against their local government, the country’s leaders have turned to Moscow for security troops. If, by some strange turn of events, Kazakhstan succeeded in asserting its independence, Putin would tell us – as he said about Ukraine – that Kazakhstan “is not a real country.” No. It is part of Moscow’s “near abroad.” In other words, it is a colony of Russia.

I once spoke to an American contractor who worked in Kazakhstan many years ago. He accidentally stumbled upon a gulag there; that is, a labor camp of the old Soviet type. One part of it was hidden in a large unmarked building. He was escorted off the property and given a warning. Kazakhstan is not a free country. It is not independent of Moscow. And unlike Ukraine, Kazakhstan is too far away from Europe and America to get any real help. So, the unrest is unlikely to last. The Russians troops will ruthlessly put it down so that Kazakh troops won’t have to fire on their own people (which would be a dangerous expedient).  

Is Kazakhstan now a problem for Russia? Of course. Does it delay Putin’s plans against Ukraine? Well, we do not really know if Moscow seriously intends to attack Ukraine. The whole thing could be posturing. It could be a way of testing the weakness of NATO. So it’s hard to evaluate the full effect of the unrest in Kazakhstan. Right now we are told that over 160 people have been killed and almost 6,000 people have been arrested. But there is nothing here that troops and killing, and mass arrests, cannot solve. Probably there will be more arrests and more killings. After all, Government buildings were stormed and burned. The head of the secret police was dismissed from his job. Someone more competent will take over.

Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev was educated in Moscow. At one time he worked at the Soviet Embassy in Beijing. In essence, he was and remains a Soviet apparatchik. It is only natural that he has turned to Moscow for support and that he warmly thanks Putin for sending Russian security forces. We are told that Tokayev “ousted” his mentor, Nursultan Nazarbayev, 81 – a man who governed Kazakhstan when it was a Soviet Republic. Indeed, that is how little Kazakhstan has changed in thirty years.  In essence, the leadership cadre of Kazakhstan has not changed since Soviet times. The idea that China or the United States exert influence on the Kazakh government is not to be taken seriously. This is Moscow’s territory. The United States has no more influence in Kazakhstan than it does in Afghanistan. Landlocked central Asian countries might as well be on the dark side of the moon as far as the United States is concerned.

I have received emails from many readers asking if the CIA is behind the unrest in Kazakhstan. Such foolishness, if the CIA engaged in it, should not surprise anyone. Yet, if you were living in Kazakhstan, you would have plenty of reasons to hate the government without needing a CIA agent provocateur to incite you. Can the United States trigger a revolution in Kazakhstan? No. The local apparatchiks may offer new policies and a fresh look – for the sake of appearances – yet they need not offer real freedom to the people. Kazakhstan is a police state where the press is controlled and the economy is “managed” by bureaucrats. Nothing substantial is going to change. If any foreigners are found to be involved in the unrest, you can be sure the CIA will be blamed whether or not the CIA did anything. At the same time, President Biden may object to the Tokayev’s shoot-to-kill order, but such orders are very effective at stopping unrest.

As noted earlier, the troubles in Kazakhstan are certainly a distraction for Moscow. Perhaps the whole thing will prove to be a political “complication” for Russia itself. Russians are not happy with their government either. How to estimate the danger? Yet armed troops, properly led and prepared to fire on civilians, will usually prevail. People power is not the ultimate power in politics. Political power belongs to organized minorities who dominate a country’s institutions. When these are entrenched, it is difficult to displace them. Last year we saw unrest in Cuba; but the communist government in Cuba was not overthrown. People were killed and people were arrested. Totalitarian regimes are very efficient at this game. That is why we never want to see that kind of regime here, in America (and why some of us are very frightened by the government’s arbitrary use of power during he pandemic). Once a government assumes absolute power, the government is not going to give that power up without a fight.

The situation in Kazakhstan is a tragedy. It has happened because Kazakhstan is still a socialist country despite whatever changes occurred in 1991. We had better realize this, because a greater game is afoot. And we are losing.


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107 thoughts on “A Brief Commentary on the Kazakhstan Situation

  1. Even Australia today, isn’t much different than Kazakhstan, and New Zealand is nearly as bad. The big difference between those police states, and the United Sates’ police state, is that the people have the means to defend The Bill Of Rights, via the Second Amendment.

    The US receives the most toxic batches of mRNA serum vials, of any other country, and half the population or so has already voluntarily taken the lethal injections. The useful idiots are the first to be eliminated. For some vague reason, force inoculations are rare, but high pressure sales tactics would seem to be as if fair.

    The economy is deliberately being deflated, but realty and the stock market are artificially being inflated. The goal is wage deflation and the elimination of the middle class. Survivors of the lethal injections are to be left with little alternative than poverty. It’s like the effects of a neutron bomb, which selectively spares the infrastructure, while leaving people to die a slow, painful, lingering death.

    People need to be prepared to fend for themselves, and establish independent communities of trust worthy citizens, where they can grow their own food, and make their own cloths. Hopefully, military and police will be survivors who didn’t take the lethal injections, so will be like minded with the people.

    1. More likely, survivors will become ever more dependent on Government and large corporations, as small business becomes bankrupted. This is a test, intended or not, of the resolve of the survivors. Will they relinquish their principals for a viable social credit score and resultant privilege’s, or will they stand up to ever increasing pressure due to infringement of Rights?

    2. The military is being forced, illegally, I might add, to take the clot shots. years ago, the courts put an end to forcible anthrax vaccinations for the same reason that forcing the clot shot is illegal, it was experimental and having bad results.

      1. In the 60s Morocco was the test bed for the Vaccine passport. They had Hassan II impose it with the urge of French Institut Pasteur and WHO. It lasted until 1976. During that time, the locals who used Cannabis leaves as a medicine were told it was a drug and to give it up. Instead, pharmacies took the miraculous compound and patented cannabis under their pills and sold it back to Morocco. Medicine is the number one vector of fiendish colonization, and we are being subjected as citizens to the colonization treatment by our government, with its mercenaries on welfare and guarding poll booths. In a way, Wuhan virus is a Chinese colonization impetus too.

    3. New Zealand is part of Belt and Road initiative, straight up banana republic no better than Chinese owned Cobalt of Congo, enough said.

  2. My inclination is the CIA is not involved. If they are, it would be foolishness.

    It will be interesting to see how long the fighting goes on. The news is that many of the rebels have armed themselves. If so, it could be get quite bloody, with some cargo 200 headed west from there.

  3. Kazakhstan Denies US-Funded ‘Military Biological Lab’ Seized By Rioters After Russia Claims Potential Pathogen Leak

    MONDAY, JAN 10, 2022 – 09:31 AM

    Kazakh officials have denied that a US-funded ‘military biological laboratory’ was seized by rioters in the recent unrest, which has seen at least 160 dead since the violence broke out just one week ago.

    It is unclear whether the deaths, reported by the health ministry to state news channel Khabar-24, are primarily civilians or law enforcement according to the Daily Mail – however officials said on Sunday that at least 16 police or national guard members had been killed. Pictures of Kazakh secret service operatives killed during the unrest have also been released.

    According to Russian media, the biolab near Almaty – built in 2017 and used to study outbreaks of particularly dangerous infections – was ‘compromised,’ resulting in a potential leak of dangerous pathogens. Kazakh officials have denied the claim.

    The secret bio-laboratory funded by the US defence department – which has links to Russian and Chinese scientists – was also compromised in the disturbances, according to social media claims that it was seized.

    ‘This is not true. The facility is being guarded,’ said the health ministry which is responsible for the Central Reference Laboratory, in Almaty.

    Official Russian news agency TASS had highlighted alleged social media reports that it was taken over by ‘unidentified people’ and ‘specialists in chemical protection suits were working near the lab so a leak of dangerous pathogens could have occurred’.

    The laboratory’s existence has been controversial and in 2020 the country formally denied that it was being used to make biological weapons.

    At the time, the Kazakh government stated: ‘No biological weapons development is underway in Kazakhstan – and no research is conducted against any other states.’ -Daily Mail

    Of course, since the source of the claim is Russian state media, one should take it with the same grain of salt as any state-sponsored outlet (or their legacy media mouthpieces).

    As the Mail notes, “The airport, mayor’s office and secret services buildings fell briefly into the hands of rioters during a wave of protests backed by shadowy armed cells.”

    In 2018 there were reports that a new strain of meningitis which had leaked from the lab – which was similarly denied. According to officials, no US personnel remain involved in the lab’s work, which included studying Covid.

    The most recent controversy over the lab comes amid ‘growing intrigue’ over how the recent protests came to be organized, and which have been tamped down since a large Russian force was sent to the country. According to reports, ‘well-coordinated’ armed groups were operating alongside protesters over a hike in gas prices.

    Nearly 6,000 people have been detained following the riots, with a “sizeable number of foreign nationals among them,” the Mail reports. It’s unclear where these alleged foreign provocateurs originated from.

    Russia and allies Belarus have continued to pour troops and equipment into Kazakhstan.

    Kazakh authorities said earlier on Sunday that 16 police or national guard members had been killed in the protests that started on January 2.

    A total of 103 deaths were in Almaty, the country’s largest city, where demonstrators seized government buildings and set some on fire, according to the ministry. The country’s ombudswoman for children’s rights said that three of those killed were minors, including a four-year-old girl.

    The ministry earlier reported more than 2,200 people sought treatment for injuries from the protests, and the Interior Ministry said about 1,300 security officers were injured. -Daily Mail

    As we noted on Sunday, Among the boldest and eye-brow raising political moves by embattled Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev within the past days that grabbed international headlines was his ordering the arrest of Kazakhstan’s powerful former intelligence chief, Karim Massimov, on the charge of high treason.

    Massimov had served as the prior longtime strongman ruler Nursultan Nazarbayev’s prime minister and has long been considered his “right hand man”. Shortly after, a photo has resurfaced, currently subject of widespread speculation which shows Joe Biden and Hunter Biden posing with the now detained Kazakh security chief Karim Massimov, along with well-connected oligarch Kenes Rakishev.

    Hunter and Joe Biden pictured with Kenes Rakishev (left) and Karim Massimov (right)

    Where does this rabbit hole lead?

      1. I dont know how, but I see others do it. Of course, I see others post full articles too, but it’s not considerate of other readers. Maybe someone who posts links can tell everyone how to do it.

        I did share a couple before by typing in entire web address, but some are too long for that. I know there’s got to be a way to share a link.

  4. It is clear that Russian FSB through Gazprom provoked the crisis because of the increase of the gas prices in Kazakhstan. I don’t know for sure whether the Russians intentionally wanted to provoke the crisis or the crisis happens because of the Russian greed. Now Russian troops kill innocent people shooting them even with RPGs (it is true, by the way). GRU and FSB help Tokaev to consolidate his power by killing and arresting protesters. Now the Russian soldiers and mercenaries took over critical infrastructure including the places where uranium is extracted which could fall in the hands of KGB/FSB-controlled Rosatom which can help the Russian army to build new nuclear weapons. Gazprom and Lukoil already have a presence in Kazakhstan. Unfortunately, many people believe that USA is behind the protests to destabilize Kazakhstan and use it as a base against Russia and China which is a disinformation. Probably the Russians may want to unite Kazakhstan in United state (which will probably happen with Belarus too). And then Russia would target the rest of Central Asia, Afghanistan, Pakistan until Russia reaches the Indian Ocean where, like the KGB agent Zhirinovsky said once, the Russian soldiers would wash their boots. Sorry that my comment is so long, mr. Nyquist.

    1. This is an excellent post. Thank you. With recent Russian moves to bolster Lukashenko in Belarus and to pressure Zelensky in Ukraine, Moscow appears to be preparing for a new [Soviet] union state. Why pretend anymore? So a provocation in Kazakhstan could be used to justify a permanent Russian presence — as you suggest — thereby opening the other Central Asian republics to re-Sovietization. Since the nomenklatura remains in power throughout the region, the whole process could occur very quickly.

      1. You also have to take a look at what is driving the recent energy price surges.
        Market forces, Russians and other Western oil producing nations have suffered years of undervalued resources, so what is the market up to?
        Reacting to an engineered shortage of energy through planned divestment in fossil fuel and artificial incentives to invest in inefficient and costly Chinese windmills and solar. Other wise known by unthinking corporate morons as the “energy transition”.
        Problem is, it gets cold in Winter, especially in the Northern latitudes and at the coldest times (deep freeze high pressure blocks for example) there is little wind or solar available for multiple weeks at a time.
        Just as the major banks have been slapped on the wrists for price fixing libor and the metals markets countless times, they have committed the same crimes on the energy markets without the slightest admonishment, because we are dealing with orchestrated global delivery of UN agenda 21 and 30 as the primary driver for long term policy. Putin and Merkel had a very cosy relationship, most definitely both of them are involved. Take Markel’s opposition to nuclear and destruction of German energy security as a single example. Same policies are being implemented worldwide by traitors.

    2. Cui bono

      If the upshot is that Russia has cover (imputed moral high ground) for consolidating/strengthening its control of Kazakhstan and making it more conspicuous, well there you go.

      Still, I wouldn’t put it passed this administration to try to stir up trouble, even without realistic hope of success, to create a “distraction” for leverage in Ukraine. Of course it probably was inevitably futile, if it is true that fundamentals favor Russia w/r/t the Ukraine standoff. But a flailing administration like the Biden’s won’t be deterred by futility.

      Ultimately, a smart player sets up the pieces so that whatever the opponent does, they can use it. Russia may be reaching that point (or believe it is) with our current hapless regime and decadent leadership. From that perspective, whether Putin or the Biden regime fueled revolt in Kazakhstan, the move occurs in a context of Russian strategic dominance.

  5. Frustratingly, the events in Kazakhstan are a mere internal Soviet affair. The outside world can only watch, although, as with all things Soviet, the full story may well never see the light of day. By the way, to this day, near 20% of Kazakhstan’s population are still ethnic Russians. Worse, the chief language spoken everywhere, contrary to what they claim, is not Kazakh, but as ever: Russian; the Kazakh language being spoken, if at all, by the elder generation, and that is it.

    By moving the capital in 1997 from Almaty (in the southern border region to Kyrgysztan and China’s region of Xinjiang) to the formerly small central-Kazakh town of Akmolinsk (which he renamed to Astana), long-time Kazakh President (and already from June 1989, First Secretary of the Kazakh CPSU) Nazarbayev found a way to basically establish a brandnew (and awfully bombastic) hybrid capital without all the (hated) remnants of the Tsarist period that still exist in today’s Almaty (beside the inevitable brutal Soviet architecture built after 1917 there as everywhere in the Soviet empire). Also, as a clear sign of Nazarbayev’s own (Stalinesque) cult of personality, days after his resignation in March 2019, Astana was renamed yet again, this time to Nazarbayev’s first name, “Nursultan” (an Arabo-Islamic name meaning approx. “radiant Sultan”). He is said to still be in charge from behind the scenes, even though his successor, slightly more than a decade younger, is a tough Soviet in his own right, too.

    Is the fact that Russian forces are helping out the Kazakh leadership in stamping out the uprising and what this really means, seriously being discussed in the West’s media? Of course not. .

  6. On one of my travels, I once met a family from Kazakhstan with whom I had the opportunity to have a little (whatever noncommittal) conversation. I mentioned the obvious fact that there are still all these monstrous Soviet monuments around throughout the entire former Soviet Union and how disgusting they are. Their 20-year-old daughter, a student at some private university in the West, replied in flawless English, trying to explain there was no problem there in her mind: “You need to understand: We LOVE these things – because we ARE [present tense!] from a Soviet [she didn’t say: formerly Soviet] country!” My dear, how much I would have loved to kiss her from top to bottom for having said this! And it’s of course true: THEY ARE SOVIETS. There ‘s been no change, other than cosmetic! .

    1. A friend of mine who managed a novelty store out of passion as much as the need of a job, wanted to visit Slovakia, to see the old, Soviet monuments, because she likes kitsch. I told her that I’d wait for her in, Vienna.

  7. Is there a possobility that, these upheavals in the communist world, are a sort of an “internal testing”? Something along the lines of testing the resolve and loyalty of those satellite rulers? Something big may be on the works and there would be no room for “rogue despots”, Perhaps?

      1. There was an unrest in making, but they trigerred it intentionally at the right time by increasing the gas prices, before negotiations in Geneva.

      2. Clans of Oligarchs run Kazakhstan, as they do elsewhere, so there is much in this situation to be upset about

    1. You need to be very careful with Saker. The man is a Putinist shill and can not be trusted. While you can find bits of truth in his posts, you need to be aware of much else to be able to sift the facts out. He might be right in this case, but there are indications from other sources that point to what you think it is.

  8. This reminds me a little of the uprising in Iran a couple years ago. People on twitter said it was the end of the regime. It’s hard to tell on the outside, and who knows what it can snowball into, but I wondered if it wasn’t a “honeypot” so the regime could trap and kill all opposition.

    Given the effectiveness of totalitarian regimes in maintaining power, what type of attitude, strategy and tactics are best for opposing it? And for living and staying alive and having a decent life, while maintaining dignity?

    1. There are three basic choices. (1) An uncompromising attitude of opposition is best, (2) unless you want to live and be comfortable. Then it is important to join with the murderers — to become an accessory so that they will trust you. Or, (3) you can live quietly as they trample you down because you would not participate in their crimes and did not have the courage to oppose them.

      1. (4) Actively support decentralisation of resources, buy locally and work towards becoming self sufficient for they key mechanisms the state uses for control. Energy, water, work and healthcare. (5) Be prepared to barter or use and accept local currencies based upon work. (6) Join (7) Become a James Corbett subscriber… (8) Be prepared to live a more frugal lifestyle and turn down work when necessary.

  9. Been waiting for some commentary on this:)
    Right in the middle of the “belt and road”, copious oil and gas reserves AND some of the richest Uranium deposits in the world….
    A brief search “Kazakhstan soros” yields a definite CIA regional interest, I do not believe Soros to be a philanthropist, more of a front man philandering others dirty cash for influence. I do not wonder what they had on him considering his source of wealth and past indiscretions.

      1. Wouldn’t be surprised at all Soros has no real allegiances. Banning NGO’s would put a dampenr on his nefarious activities.

  10. Ah, looking at all of this through Western eyes…There is no real ” Kazakhstan “, even less than there is a real ” Ukraine “, in any real unitary sense. Why should any in these lands follow artificial lines drawn on a map 100 years ago by Vladimir Lenin? Do they correspond with the lines established by culture and language and faith, ethos and history and traditions? And yet some Galician Bandera morons want all of the Ukraine, the ” Ukraine ” that was drawn up in their atheism and in their anti Russian hatred by those freaks Lenin and Khruschev. And what does a common person really mean when they say they are a ” Soviet ” from a ” Soviet State?”. Not quite what you might think, obviously, since you’ll never meet less Bolshevist people than they are, for the most part. They mean a certain way of common life, known well before Bolshevik devils and idiots came to ” teach” the people anything.

    You all should have listened to Solzhenitsyn when he spoke about these matters, after 1974 and Vermont exile, not that you Zapadniks would listen, and leave our business to us. Because it is our business alone. Take care of your Bolshevik scum and we’ll take care of ours.

    1. You guys are doing a great job of taking care of yours. I see they’re in good hands.

      1. Complete results take longer to accomplish. In any case, banditry and militancy for Islam alike suffer defeat in this instance

    2. Losers often times have difficulty in accepting defeat. Some Havvai’ians declare that Havvai’i remains a sovereign kingdom, for example. Many of them want everyone to leave the islands, unless they are native Havvai’ians, but even the definition of that is in dispute. Laraza (The Race) wants California back in Mexico, but what race are Mexicans? There’s no demand for the Spanish to leave Mexico. What precisely is, The Race? Seems to me that after a generation has passed, any claim for what was lost in war is too, late. Reparations for American slavery, would seem to violate the principal of perpetuity, especially in light of modern equal opportunities. So many newcomers seem to long to take up the cause to fight the last war, rather than endeavor to work for a brighter future.

      1. That’s an excellent comment; but I have one question. Do we fight now or accept our lot in the next few years? Just curious.

      2. Use it or lose it. The Rights that Americans have taken for granted for so long, have been demonstrated to pale by comparison to the privilege’s that we have become dependent upon. In fact, nearly everyone, if not all, have long abdicated their Rights, as they acceded to privileges without even noticing. Now, it’s becoming quite apparent. It might already be too, late to turn back. Even if people could pay cash for land, and become self sufficient, what’s to prevent government from taking that land, crops, and livestock under long standing Executive Orders for FEMA to confiscate, like the British did to their Torrie supporters? Ought those capable not at least make the effort to try? Or would it be wiser to spy on friends, family, and neighbors in order to develop a sufficient credit score, in hopes of being permitted to live in a mediocre apartment?

      3. You are so right. Only problem is that any conflict that might ensue will never regain our founding principles. Those are forever lost. Such a conflict will necessitate a thorough house cleaning that borders on tyranny else the alternative is Mad Max syndrome.

      4. The mask mandates need to go, pronto. Vaccine passports should all be burned in the barbecue pit. People need to eliminate voting machines, county by county, and be rid of all incumbents. If we fail in these three tasks, you might as well take the lethal injection and hope to die quickly of blood clots.

      5. Our founding principals will always remain. They are God’s Law, which can never be changed. The Bill of Rights, is not a wish list. It’s the responsibility of the people to enforce these Rights. The Second Amendment states how. The Constitution is not open to interpretation. It is written as plain and clearly as possible.

        A ‘well regulated militia’ for instance, does not mean The National Guard. The term, ‘well regulated,’ at the time of the writing, simply means to be put in good order. There can be no inherent conflict within any one Amendment or with any provision of The Constitution.

        ‘Shall not be infringed,’ in context, means the Right of the people to bear arms so that they may organize themselves in sufficient numbers as to put any aspiring tyrants where they belong.

      6. I understand what you are saying except that the end result of a conflict now will leave loose ends due to the refuseniks that have gained certain wrongfully interpreted inalienable rights that have infected society in general. At some point they will have to be dealt with. So, the conflict will invariably never end. I see no viable solution other than eternal warfare. While I have no problem with such a conflict, I also see no good outcome.

      7. Shall not be infringed, is a notification of fact, not a plea to tyrants who try and talk you out of your Rights with the subtlety of serpents.

        Bust a move.

    3. I would be Ok with Ukraine expanding to its original boundaries pre-Lenin. Regions, such as the Kuban, would be incorporated.

      So far, you haven’t done much of a job taking care of your Bolsheviks. If you had, Putin would be no where near the levers of power.

    4. When a chick glorifyingly says she is a Soviet person before she is Kazakh, one can only believe it. It appeals to female youths to cuss out a patriarch father figure and embrace socialist pimping instead. The old Soviet recipe remains true and is alive and well, no need for the Biden CIA to fly the gay pride flag to appeal to that, as it is more like Biden’s CIA gay flag is part of the prostituted groupies of Kazakstan than fighting it, let alone running it.

  11. This past year, gun sales have set another record. Every time that there is a perceived threat, people go out and buy more guns. Sending welfare recipients door to door on make work programs to survey who has been vaccinated, won’t succeed in talking people into taking lethal injections, nor into handing over their guns, either.

  12. So the Feds are slapping together another agency. In light of vaccines mandated for government employees, they must really believe that zombies will result from the lethal injections, because those are the only survivors that they’re going to get for the job.

    The Justice Department is establishing a specialized unit focused on domestic terrorism, the department’s top national security official told lawmakers Tuesday as he described an “elevated” threat from violent extremists in the United States.

    Assistant Attorney General Matthew Olsen, testifying just days after the nation observed the one-year anniversary of the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, said the number of FBI investigations into suspected domestic violent extremists has more than doubled since the spring of 2020.

    “We have seen a growing threat from those who are motivated by racial animus, as well as those who ascribe to extremist anti-government and anti-authority ideologies,” Olsen said.

    The formulation of a new unit underscores the extent to which domestic violent extremism, which for years after the Sept. 11 attacks was overshadowed by the threat of international terrorism, has attracted urgent attention inside the federal government and at the White House.

    1. I wonder what the FBI are planning this time?
      Homelessness is mushrooming perhaps they will be labelled violent extremists too?
      Who controls the labels controls the cross hairs…

      1. In Arizona, house buyers are now being evicted. As most mortgage contracts have a force majeure clause, one might well wonder if that’s being ignored, or if nobody notices? Perhaps, when the Serif’s deputies come to the door, they say to the tenants, ‘tell it to the judge’?

        By the time they get to Court, they’ll have been out on the street for some time, and their house will be gone. Most people in their homes have guns. Most homeless don’t; …yet.

        For that matter, it’s difficult to imagine how deputies can remove people from their homes, any easier than it would be to go door to door, in attempt to confiscate guns. If evictions become prolific, deputies might be given orders to check the mortgage contracts for the force majeure, first, or Governors might wisely impose a moratorium until Covid mandates are rescinded, and people have been back to work long enough to resume mortgage payments.

      2. Certainly the DOJ is weaponizing its language in there. It sounds more like a barracks management language than anything respectful of presumption of innocence…

  13. Re:
    [ EddieHnatko says:
    January 11, 2022 at 4:20 pm

    I understand what you are saying except that the end result of a conflict now will leave loose ends due to the refuseniks that have gained certain wrongfully interpreted inalienable rights that have infected society in general. At some point they will have to be dealt with. So, the conflict will invariably never end. I see no viable solution other than eternal warfare. While I have no problem with such a conflict, I also see no good outcome. ]

    I don’t know who you mean by “refuseniks,” but the useful idiots who got the mRNA lethal injections and like telling people to wear a mask, are the walking dead. If they haven’t already died from blood clots in the heart, lungs, and brain, then they will soon exhibit symptoms of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Many are already per-cancerous. Those who survive those diseases, will eventually suffer from autoimmune diseases; probably within the next five to fifteen years.

    People simply need to hold Common Law elections under jurisdiction of, “The United States of America;” not to be confused with, “The United States,” as incorporated under the illegitimate 14th Amendment, which was shoved through under martial law, without a Constitutional quorum, as the South boycotted the first congress after Lincoln’s war. The useful idiots will be too sick and few to matter, unless the mRNA injections manage to create transhuman zombies.

  14. I saw on the political maps people were referring to when describing the unrest on Kazakhstan that the US had a military base in Kazakhstan? From what I remembered, we did not or ever had one there. I know we did have one in nearby Manas, Kyrgyzstan that was a logistical base for the GWOT. We also had a base on K2, Uzbekistan. I agree with you Jeff that the former Soviet Republics never escaped being under the Soviet Union. However, why the overflight and basing requirements all ready to support the GWOT? Weren’t we already in K2 and Manas before 9-11? Was it the Partnership for Peace in the Clinton years that facilitated these overflight and basing agreements?

      1. The Kirghizstan base was established to support the efforts in Aghanistan. Putin asked the Kirgiz regime to close the base as he didn’t like us having the base there because it was inside the old Soviet space. The regime uped the rent by a factor 3, as I recall, and we were able to support the troops through other installations, so we left.

  15. Pineland resistance movement?

    A friend of mine told me that when he was in the Navy, they received one entire day of training, where repeatedly, over and over again, they were told: “…and you WILL fire on Americans!”

    Only the vaxed would do such a thing, but they are about to fall of their own weight. Problem is that the US military will be decimated.

    1. That raises the concern, if the US Military gets killed off from the mRNA lethal injections, would there be anyone left alive in position to detect enemy forces on the way to invade or ICBMs headed to the United States? Now, there might well be enough unvaxed former US Military to fend off the Ruskies, but the Chinese out number US more than five to one. Americans might have the arms and ammo to do the job, but could they beat the odds?

      1. Jeff might be able to answer that, but there’s less than two million troops in all combined branches of the US Military. How big is the Pineland resistance movement, including the three hundred million gun buyers in the United States?

      2. A high percentage of the troops getting the clot shot may die from it. That will leave a goodly number still able to carry out their duties. The actual numbers, obviously, are not known at this point.

      3. The Israeli spy story is crap, however. For one thing, the Sampson Option is that if WMDs are used against Israel, they go nuclear, it’s not about reclaiming Jordon. This doctor is smart about disease, but she’s Hamas.

      4. The Chinese civilians outnumber U.S. civilians closer to four to one. But how many Chinese will be the CCP controlled fighting force that will be free to invade the U.S.? Remember, China is a country occupied by the CCP and their military wing, the PLA. My understanding is that the CCP, including the PLA, make up less than 10% of the Chinese population. Even though that makes the PLA the largest military force in the world, how many can they spare from their occupation duties within China and at the same time face off against India? Is that why traitors in the U.S. are so eager to decimate our military through the kill shots and removal from the military anyone who refuses to go along?

        Getting back to the subject of Jeff’s essay, I admit that my first reaction upon hearing about the unrest in Kazakhstan is that this is another CIA color revolution. Even if that is not true, the appearance is enough to incite a desire for revenge. If it is a color revolution, my next question was “Who in the CIA would be so stupid?” The other option is that this is a black flag operation by the KGB/FSB designed to strengthen their hold on the country.

    2. Robin Sage and the associated “Pineland Resistance” have existed as long as the U.S. Army has fielded Special Forces. Robin Sage is the graduation exercise that entails employing all the skills learned by our Special Forces personnel post training in their respective skill sets such as Communications etc. there is nothing unusual about this exercise.

      1. What in the exercise is the, Pineland Resistance, hypothetically, comprised of? Is it erroneous to assume that they are representative of patriotic American freedom fighters; private militia, as if they would be unlawful instead of prescribed by the Second Amendment? If so, why is that of no concern to you?

      1. Walter said that. I want to know who Special Forces thinks they are training against. Russian resistance? Is there a Pineland in Russia?

      2. There are scads of pine forests in Russia, in the taiga just south of the tundra. Nothing else grows there except pine/fir trees and associated undergrowth.

      3. Wow. Seems that the US Military has been planning to go to war against the American people for quite, some time. We’ve got them greatly out numbered and out gunned.


    The NATO-Russia Founding Act: A Dead Letter


    The insistence of some NATO allies on maintaining commitments made to Russia twenty years ago risks undermining stability and security in Europe.

    June 29, 2017

    In 1997, NATO and Russia negotiated and signed a founding act designed to guide relations by building increased trust, unity of purpose, and habits of consultation and cooperation. This political agreement—not a legally binding treaty—committed NATO to carry out its collective defense and other missions by “ensuring the necessary interoperability, integration, and capability for reinforcement rather than by additional permanent stationing of substantial combat forces” on the territories of the former Warsaw Pact states.

  17. I just listened to an Atlantic Council webinar on “Putin’s Endgame” and I’m still peeling my palm off my forehead.

    Here’s the range of participant takes:

    — Putin is bluffing on Ukraine and has put himself in a corner because he lacks the military capability to pull off what he thinks

    — If/when Putin cannot quickly suppress the revolt in Kazakhstan, it’ll be a blow to his projection of strength w/r/t to Ukraine (the panel convened several days before Putin effectively DID suppress the revolt)

    — Russia just wants a deal (compromise) so we should just delay by pretending to negotiate

    — Russia only responds to power so we should keep threatening sanctions

    — Russia is trying to expand spheres of influence and intimidate Europe as some sort of check (or display of strength) to China [WHAT??]

    — Russia thinks the US and West are weak right now because of Brexit and Hungary

    Absolute freaking morons.

    At the end, in response to a question about a U.S. “plan B,” they all chattered about the need to be able to control/leverage energy (YA THINK?) and to drag in actual military forces that could defeat Russia, but, gee golly, that takes a long time ……

    Our “best and brightest” are living in cultivated ignorance and arrogance. No acknowledgement of the devastating implications of the Afghanistan debacle; or the Biden decision to shut down energy flows; or the now OPEN alliance between Russia and China.

    1. Yes. Our best and brightest are not very bright. This was clear a long time ago. A certain posturing, as if one possessed “gravitas,” and a line of plausible-sounding drivel was all one had to have to advance from the ranks. What is odd is these people’s inability to imagine war. They literally do not see war with a peer adversary as possible. They imagine scenarios for minor conflicts over islands or brief conflicts in remote locations. They neither see nor grasp the power of modern weapons, neither do they see the strategic possibilities that exist because of weapons of mass destruction. I told a Russian defector once that American policymakers actually believe that nuclear weapons will never be used. He was dumbfounded. I told him they all believe in deterrence and the rational actor model. Nobody is crazy enough to use such weapons — they think. In reality, people who do not know that weapons will always be used are children in adult bodies who refused to grow up.

      1. In a similar vein, they project cartoonish thinking onto adversaries, never factoring in a modicum of strategic ability or foresight. These are mid-wits with foolishly high self-regard, incapable of thinking like their enemies – or grasping that enemies may have mastered how they think (it’s not hard).

        It’s so true they’ve mentally foreclosed the possibility of war. They’ve been playing in a sandbox and mistake it for the real world.

      2. That reminds me of a book I read several years ago called The Secret State, by Peter Hennessy. In it, he outlined the key points of declassified UK “War Books” developed by the British government in anticipation of WW3 during the Cold War era. An underlying assumption the UK government made (presumably in lockstep with all the other NATO governments) was that the Russian leadership would always act in a rational manner.

        It was also scary when, even in the 1970s and 1980s, the UK government was making lists of dissidents earmarked to be rounded up during the “transition to war” period and transported to internment camps on the Isle of Man, in an action the author described as the Secret State becoming the “take no chances state”. They always believed there would actually be a transition phase and no realistic possibility of a surprise attack, it seems, but the dissident list now intrigues me as my natural interpretation of it at the time was that it would have to be communists or those in their thrall, whereas if any list-making is being made now, it would probably be aimed at conservatives.

    2. Russian troops on the border of Ukraine were not supported by fuel, ammo, and medical lines. Putin recalled those troops, having after the fact called it an exercise. To me it seems that he was in fact drilling and posturing in effect to maintain a high price for oil, as well as drawing international attention to US patrols hypocritically characterized as provocation.

  18. Jeff, you have said sometimes that people who commit treason should be harshly punished, including capital punishment. Do you think the West has grown too lenient not only with traitors to the country, but with the most violent, cruel, wicked type of criminals, the repeated murderers, rapists, torturers and so on? Many states in the US have been banning the death penalty, and also allowing people on death row to get too many legal loopholes to avoid the punishment to the point the vilest of the people don’t get executed. The communists make sure that criminals are seen as poor victims of society. There’s the whole issue of death penalty sometimes getting innocents, but then if the law goes too easy on them, you have things such as criminals being let go from prison, going back to society and claiming more lives, raping and murdering again and so on, so being too soft also causes deaths, what’s your take on it?

    1. When we had corporal and capital punishment there was less crime. As capital punishment has declined, crime has gone up. Of course, capital punishment can be abused — and has been used against innocent persons. Do you trust the justice system in America? I am not hearing good things lately.

      1. Dancer In The Dark, is a fine cinematic feature, about an extremely rare hypothetical example of a death sentence.

        The premise is: ‘What if a retarded single mother who’s loosing her site and works a hazardous job for even a fully sighted person, and works a second job from home, in order to save money to get her son surgery so that he won’t lose his sight, a genetically inherited condition from his mother, and her landlord, a crooked police officer, steals her money, and feels so guilty that he orders her to shoot him with her gun?’

        The movie was commissioned by the European Union, in campaign against the death penalty in the United States. The movie was largely made in Washington State. This is the only movie that Bjork has ever worked in, and her portrayal as Selma is wonderful. Catherine Deneuve costars as her best friend Cathy and is absolutely marvelous as well.

        The only laugh line in the entire movie went right over everyone’s head.

        (to Selma in prison)
        Good news, Selma, you case has been granted an appeal for Wednesday.

        But you know they’re hanging me on Tuesday, Cathy.

      2. What business is it of the European Union how the United States enforces capital offenses, and what business is it of the United States, what Russia does in and/or to, it’s historical neighbors? What is our interest in Afghanistan, and does it justify fighting Russia for US privileges in Kazakhstan? Of course that’s not a current dispute, but despite the fake treaty with Ukraine, what is US interest there; containment of Russia, or competing with Russia for Ukrainian oil to the benefit of the European Union?

      3. I’m afraid if things continue the way they are, that capital punishment will be used on those who wont bow to corrupt mandates and policies of our corrupt government.

        May God keep us steadfast.

    2. Oh, people are getting shot for treason, but not officially so, and most of the time they are whistle blowers against Soviet organizations in America. The death penalty is not really a mean to deter people or punish criminals, although it is one of its effects, it is meant to actually control the government, give it a check and balance in a license it has. It is a bit like the idea of legalizing drugs in order to control drugs. It forces the government in a process it defends. One has to see it not from below under authority but from above, as authority mandating the government.

  19. I remember this schizo communist troll under the avatar of Cpt Krutov saying he dreamed of refounding the Soviet Union using Kazakstan aka Sovietia (little Soviet empire) as a starting point. It could very well be what is under way there. From Beslan to Chechnya and this so called muslim Kazakstan taking over Russia, I could see a subplot of actual Soviets acting as muslims taking over Russia into a new Soviet image. Let us not forget that Russians these days view Islam as peace just like idiot Bush Jr… . After all, Russia has become more and more Asiatic and less European, thus finishing off a transformation. Lenin said he would use Russia to conquer the world and that he “sh/+ on Russia”. Then you have a Siberian chick on YouTube who declaring herself Russian/Soviet thinking finds it however so funny and so cute when the Chinese, seeing she looks asian, happen to tell her that Siberia is Chinese then. Others have said he had an hallucinogenic mushroom in his desk, and that this was like the sort of god he used to plan his stuff. The whole communist Soviet thing reeks of drug and political like lead transformation. Maybe that is what the Soviets thought of Hitler too when allied with him, funny and cute he considers the Volga German due to Catherine the Great inviting German colonies there – colonies which were deported to Kazakstan later, by the way… and who are now migrating back to Germany,,,

    1. My T’ai Chi teacher was Chinese. He was born in Siberia where his parents were relatively wealthy farmers. He was a famous calligrapher and painter, as well as a physician. He wrote in arcane ancient characters. He fled Communist China for Taiwan, during the Cultural Revolution. Russia is Oriental; not Western. They are most, inscrutable.

      1. Kennedy was asking us to recognize that the world consists not only of democrats but also of autocrats, dictatorships, military regimes, monarchs and politburos, and the goal of U.S. foreign policy was not to convert them into political replicas of the USA. Kennedy was willing to put our political model on offer to the world, but not to impose it on anyone…

        JFK — Accept Our Diverse World as It Is
        July 23, 2021 by Patrick J. Buchanan

      2. Russia is Russia, it’s own civilization. Of course we have people who turn Zapad or Vostok, but at heart we are neither.

    2. Lenin was a black magician of sorts, some say he still is, with that mausoleum squating on Red Square with its suggestion of necromantic abomination and the most ghastly of occult rumors I won’t mention. Koshchei the Deathless always loses however.

      Good versus Evil fight across lines of the human heart though, and what often is meant for ill turns into something good.

      I don’t imagine many will understand, but consider this thought at least: does it not seem as if the Modern and Bourgeois world always generates the atheistic bolshevist type, as a natural consequence? Of course it does, such was its intent in the first place: the Titans, the Promethean and Luciferian type which rules today’s universe. The essence of Bolshevism not being the benevolent facade of Socialism, but rather the self willed materialist and autonomous godless man, the new ontological species revealed after the Copernican Revolution.

      Now, consider that the Russian civilization, in every way, is diametrically opposed to this iteration of fallen mankind in its very essence.

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