We adapted a technology whereby individual [ricin] protein molecules are encapsulated within a thin polymer shell, termed nanocapsules. These nanocapsules can effectively enter the cells, owing to the positive charge on their surface and release their [ricin] protein cargo due to the ‘proton-sponge’ effect…. One unique advantage of this nanocapsule platform is its flexibility. By altering the chemical properties of the nanocapsule surface, one can modulate critical factors such as cell surface affinity, immunogenicity, release rates of its cargo, circulation time and biodistribution.”

Specific elimination of Latently
HIV-1 Infected Cells Using HIV-1
Protease-Sensitive Toxin Nanocapsules [4]

The four authors of the above-quoted article are, Yang Liu, Jing Wen, Jie Li and Yiming Xie. I pass over, for the moment, the Chinese ethnicity of the authors. Their study was funded by the U.S. National Institutes of Health. The bio-warfare implications of this research should not escape our notice. The article was submitted for publication in November 2015 and published in April 2016 (available in the notes below). The article states that ricin toxin can be wrapped within a nanocapsule and used in non-lethal doses to target specific cells within the body.

If we dare to put on our strategic thinking-caps, we can see that a lethal dose of ricin[1] – or any other toxin – could be placed within a polymer shell just as easily. If such nanocapsules are configured for American vaccines by Chinese companies, what do we have? A potential mass casualty event, perhaps? And the Chinese are, indeed, involved in making vaccine precursors for the U.S. market. In this situation, might they add their own nanocapsule “secret sauce” to the vaccine cocktail? In fact, ricin toxin may not be sufficiently lethal under the circumstances.

Chemists may know best, but the ideal toxin in this scenario might be botulinum toxin, which causes botulism (a rare and serious condition). As far as toxic weapons go, botulinum toxin is inexpensive. The kill mechanism is simple. Botulinum is a neurotoxic protein that prevents the release of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine from axon endings, resulting in flaccid paralysis. This is a condition in which the muscles of the body progressively lose the ability to contract. The condition becomes fatal when the respiratory muscles fail, resulting in suffocation. Botulinum toxin packs a real punch. Only one nanogram per kilogram of the target person’s weight is needed to kill.

Regarding botulinum toxicity, there is a strange coincidence I discovered in the FDA Fact Sheet on the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. One of the side-effects of the vaccine bears a peculiar resemblance to botulism, noted as follows: “Guillain Barré syndrome (a neurological disorder in which the body’s immune system damages nerve cells, causing muscle weakness and sometimes paralysis) has occurred in some people who have received the Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine.” On first reading this I was struck by the possibility that there has occurred a misdiagnosis; i.e., that GBS has been mistaken for mild botulism, see note.[2] Coincidentally, Guillain Barré syndrome is identical to the early onset of botulism.

Readers are encouraged to peruse this suggestive July 2018 item: “Guillain-Barré syndrome mimicking botulism in early disease course.” Since the disease (GBS) can mimic botulism, are we seeing early indicators of something in the J&J shot? The item cited above begins with the following sentence: “A 42-year-old man, returning to Europe after a 2-month stay in China, reported cough and runny nose. Five days later, he developed neck discomfort and rapidly evolving weakness, spreading from his arms to the facial, bulbar and face muscles, and then the legs. He developed dysphagia and breathlessness, and was intubated in the emergency department. Cerebrospinal fluid showed mildly elevated protein.”

Did somebody in China use this 42-year-old visitor as an involuntary test subject? Of course, these are questions more suggestive than answerable. But I digress.

Returning to the question of using nanocapsules to deliver a fatal dose of toxin by way of a vaccine: Has anybody bothered to investigate these vaccines or the virus that brought them on? In part, yes. Consider, if you will, the research of Dr. David Martin. In the first four minutes of his interview with Stew Peters, Martin describes the Moderna vaccine as “a computer code uploaded by the Chinese into U.S. manufacturing to inject a pathogen stimulant into the American population.”[5] He does not specifically refer to nanocapsules delivering a fatal toxic dose. He points to the toxicity of the S1 spike proteins produced by the vaccines. The only indication I have found, so far, for the existence of nanocapsules in our COVID-19 vaccines comes from Dr. Robert O. Young,[3] who claims to have studied Moderna, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and J&J, under a microscope. If I understand his paper correctly, Young claims to have evidence of nanocapsules/nanoparticles being added to all four vaccines. Is Young credible? It would be nice to have more understanding in this area, but I thought it worth pointing out for others (better versed) to comment on.

David Martin’s Curious Assertions

Quoting from Martin’s interview with Stew Peters published on 20 July 2021, the background of the pandemic bears a peculiar twist: “We have collusion between … interlocking directorates inside of anti-trust law: We have Anthony Fauci at NIAID; we have the Director for the Centers for Disease Control in China; and we have Dr. [Christopher] Elias from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, all sitting on a board, all colluding to actually create, price-fix, and market direct this pandemic.” The collusion which Martin describes began when a group of scientists under Dr. Ralph Baric filed a patent for what they referred to as an “infectious transmision defective form of coronavirus.” According to Martin, this translates as follows:

In 1999 Anthony Fauci wanted to make corona virus a vector for an HIV vaccine. He wanted to use a virus as a vaccine. And, by the way, it sounds as bad as what I just said. It’s actually a bad idea.

What Facui wanted to do, in effect, was take a highly manipulable platform (i.e., the coronavirus), and “chimerically” alter that platform “so that he could get it to target human lung epithelium.” According to Martin, what Dr. Ralph Baric and his team did is “patent a whole bunch of variations of coronavirus which would make it more infectious to humans. And this is where … biological weapons [law] becomes important; because, if you’re building a thing to be more infectious to humans [even if justified for therapeutic use, it is still a weapon].” Martin then asked a pointed rhetorical question: “has there ever been, in the history of humanity, a technology developed under the guise of a ‘good thing’ that was ever used for a bad thing? Or am I just naive thinking that maybe, if you make a natural substance more toxic to humans, that’s actually a bad thing?”

When Stew Peters suggested the corona virus leaked from the Wuhan lab in 2019, Martin interjected his own idea of what happened. “I am the first to suggest to you,” said Martin, “that the same mainstream media that made it illegal to talk about the Wuhan leak … six months ago, and suddenly made it fair game to talk about again, is using a distraction about a leak. This is not about a virus.”

…the story of ‘where did it come from’ is actually a total misdirect. This is not … a virus … but here is the problem: … Nothing started in Wuhan. Nothing. As a matter of fact when you look at those first two weeks of January you see gene sequences that are seemingly uploaded from multiple locations.

Admittedly, I am confused by Martin’s presentation. He describes the virus as being engineered, then he denies the Wuhan outbreak. According to Martin, the first upload of a gene sequence happened in December of 2019 and predates, allegedly, the first patient with COVID-19. When Stew Peters then suggested the virus was merely the pretext for the vaccine, Dr. Martin agreed with him and made the following remark: “If I told you: Stew, it would be great if you just took this [vaccine] treatment because, maybe, one day, a bad actor is going to unleash some sort of … Chimera on us; you would go, ‘Nah, I’m not going to do it.’ And you wouldn’t do it because it would be a dumb idea.”

According to Martin, what Anthony Fauci represents is a dogma. He wants what Martin calls “industrial pharmaceutical management of the entire human population” as the answer. And as it happens, this mad agenda dovetails nicely with the agenda of the People’s Liberation Army bioweapons establishment. This is very curious, indeed, since the first Chinese publication on the Wuhan outbreak, submitted at the beginning of January last year, stated: “By January 2nd, 2020, 41 admitted hospital patients had been identified as having laboratory confirmed 2019 COVID infection.” The problem with this statement, alleged Martin, was that the virus was not isolated until the following week. Martin then asked, “How do you have laboratory confirmation of a thing that doesn’t exist? What time machine would be required?”

The outrageous suggestion, of course, is that an unprecedented “pandemic” hoax was staged as only the Chinese communists could have staged it (with the collusion of Dr. Fauci and others in the United States). The Chinese communists were, after all, the best equipped to start the ball rolling. A totalitarian state controls its people, controls everything society does. So the question arises: Did China fake the Wuhan outbreak? If the outbreak in Wuhan was not COVID-19, then what was it? Or have I misunderstood Martin’s claim that “Nothing started in Wuhan”?

Martin said that he likes “to stay in the fact pattern.” But at the 23:30 minute mark of the Stew Peters interview, he offered an uncharacteristic guess as to what is going on. “This is Dave’s hypothesis,” said Martin, referring to himself in the third person:

If you are going to soften the battlefield, if you are going to weaken an opponent, wouldn’t it be great if you could get the military in your opponent’s country to be the front line of injecting soldiers so that they become incapacitated? Wouldn’t it be a great idea to use our own laws, which turn our men and women in uniform into guinea pigs for industrial pharmaceutical abuse?

I am shocked to see that Martin’s “hypothesis” is rather close to my own. If Martin blames Fauci and Big Pharma as corrupt and bungling, he nonetheless points to China as the ultimate grim reaper. “God forbid, if there was ever a need to defend this country, wouldn’t it be great to know that you have actually injected a primer into the entirety of the military complex?” When Stew objected, by saying the goal was to inject everyone on the planet, Martin responded by saying the American military is necessarily the first target. It makes great sense, he added, that an opponent would upload a toxin “into the injection.”

Peters then offered an intriguing summation which may or may not be correct: “The entire program has been about [injecting] … a Chinese source computer simulated pathogen into the global population [under] the guise of a pandemic….” Here we see that Peters was actually describing a biological attack by the Chinese. Or have I missed something? There is a degree of unclarity when Peters talks about “globalists” wanting to “inject everyone.” But the vaccines used in the West are not used in China, or Russia, or Cuba, or any of the other “former” communist bloc nations that stand against the West today. Given this, Mr. Peters’s summation oddly affirms what this blog has argued; namely, that China has long intended to launch a biological attack on the United States, as outlined by General Chi Haotian in his secret speech.

Near the beginning of the Peters interview, Martin has his own way of describing the “vaccine” injection regime: “People think that part of a SARS-Coronavirus was turned into a vaccine. That is not true. A computer simulated synthetic, chimeric, computer-generated code, uploaded by the Chinese in January, was given to Moderna to put into an injection, so that your cells, in the case of the mRNA vaccines … would produce the S1 spike protein synthesis, not the actual virus….”

It was all done, claimed Martin, “to inject a pathogen stimulant into the American people.” Martin added that the officials responsible for this are “criminals.” He also pointed to the veterinarian who said the pandemic started “with a bat in China.” Martin also refered to erstwhile zoologist Peter Daszak, if anyone remembers, who joined with 27 other “scientists” to sign a statement of “solidarity with all scientists and health professionals in China.”

We stand together to strongly condemn conspiracy theories suggesting that COVID-19 does not have a natural origin. Conspiracy theories do nothing but create fear, rumours, and prejudice that jeopardise our global collaboration in the fight against this virus.

In working out this statement, Daszak reportedly emailed two scientists, including the aforementioned Dr. Ralph Baric who had advanced Fauci’s project in Wuhan with the Chinese. Daszak also thanked Anthony Fauci for “publicly standing up and stating that the scientific evidence supports a natural origin for COVID-19 from a bat-to-human spillover, not a lab release from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.” We now know all of this was a lie. But what kind of lie?

Every fact is only understood, in full, when the analyst has connected all the dots. As little as I know about biology, the case has more to do with Chinese grand strategy and secret police methods. I do not believe that Dr. David Martin has connected all the dots, but he has come across more than a few interesting insights. Before we can understand all this correctly, however, we must have clarity about the major players (i.e, the big powers). This is not easy for someone in Martin’s line of work. I am puzzled by Martin’s assertion that there was no COVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan (or have I misunderstood him?) My question would be: What, then, has been making people sick? The problem with anyone who analyzes facts today, is that of forming a consistent and coherent whole. And though he is not a strategist, or an analyst of China or communism, Martin’s dots may be a fair point of departure for our own analysis.

Martin says that he cannot comment on what the injections will do because he does not know what is in the “vaccines.” He says, quite correctly, that we are not actually looking at vaccines. The “vaccine” product is anything but transparent. They do not prevent infection. They do not prevent the spread of the virus. We can all see this, now. In fact, of the many people I personally know who have been “vaccinated,” most have contracted COVID-19. So the “vaccine” itself is a hoax. For what purpose? For whose benefit?

I object to the idea that this is primarily about money. Perhaps that is the motive of secondary or tertiary players. I do not believe that money was the motive of those who set all this in motion. Genocidal crimes may include financial incentives, but there are larger issues involved. The perpetrators could not hope to survive their crimes if they were only after money. Hacks or stooges might be manipulated by paltry monetary incentives, but not PLA generals or strategists aiming at global hegemony.

The domestic perpetrators of this fiasco, as stooges of China, are going to hang like the Nazi war criminals at Nuremberg, or they will die when our country is overwhelmed by the Red Chinese invaders. There is no two ways about it. They are shortsighted dupes who have unwittingly cut their own throats. As with the fiasco in Afghanistan, these people belong to a treasonous cabal. Nothing they do is honest. Nothing they do is actually intelligent.

Links and Notes

(1) Ricin is a carbohydrate-binding protein produced in the seeds of the castor oil plant. The median lethal dose for a mouse is around 22 micrograms per kilogram of body weight. The lethal dose for humans is 1 milligram per kilogram of body weight. The kill mechanism involves interference with protein synthesis, preventing cells from assembling various amino acids into proteins. More than twenty years ago I interviewed a man who was suffering from symptoms consistent with ricin poisoning. He was tested for poisoning at a major medical center. They said that they did not have the means to test for ricin poisoning, that he should get away from his girlfriend who had been identified as a spy working for an East European intelligence service. He had discovered that she was engaged in multiple romances with American officials in various agencies (i.e., USAF Intelligence, the DEA and defense contracting).

(2) Note: One thought regarding Guillain Barré Syndrome (GBS) in patients injected with the CoV-19 Johnson & Johnson vaccine, is that some other toxin may be accidentally released in the body of the patient after injection (a small portion of a larger dose which is held within the nanocapsules). I ask the question: Is GBS in these cases a misdiagnosis? Is the cause from premature release of botulinum toxin? I ask these and other “stupid” questions because there is no harm in asking.

(3) Dr. Robert O. Young, “Scanning & Transmission Electron Microscopy Reveals Graphene Oxide in CoV-19 Vaccines – https://www.drrobertyoung.com/post/transmission-electron-microscopy-reveals-graphene-oxide-in-cov-19-vaccines [Note: I cannot comment on the credibility of Dr. Robert O. Young, whose theories on viruses directly contradict mainstream science. Readers are encouraged to investigate his ideas and make your own evaluations. Young claims to have examined samples of the four vaccines under various magnifications. Is this study valid? I welcome comments. This is the only article I could find which suggests all four of the major CoV-19 vaccines contain nanocapsules which may house unspecified contents.]

(4) “Specific Elimination of Latently HIV-1 Infected Cells Using HIV-1 Protease-Sensitive Toxin Nanocapsules”

(5) Stew Peters TV interviews Dr. David Martin – Stew Peters: Interview With Dr. David Martin Where He Makes Explosive Claims Of ‘Patented Genocide’ (bitchute.com)

(6) In 2015 Dr. Ralph Baric, together with Dr. Shi Zhengli of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, published an article titled “A SARS-like cluster of circulating bat coronaviruses shows potential for human emergence,” affirming their attempts to generate “a chimeric virus expressing the spike of bat coronavirus SHCO14 in a mouse-adapted SARS-CoV backbone.” See, especially, https://www.nature.com/articles/nm.3985

(7) Website of Dr. David Martin: David Martin | The Wobble Effect | Putting Humanity Back into Humans – Quite unusual, including what appears to be a self-help book against self-help.

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    Kelly Higgins: 31-year-old Ohio woman talked into Moderna injection by her doctor, develops blood clots, myocarditis three days later:


    August 25, 2021



    Toxic epidermal necrolysis: 49-year-old New York woman develops life-threatening skin-rotting disorder one week after Pfizer mRNA injection:


    August 23, 2021

  3. Well Janelle, the reason I type in all caps most of the time IS because I am partially disabled and it’s easier for me to type write.

    By the way I just posted this little message using the voice recorder on my iPad which in turn I have to go correct mistakes because according to Apple, hillbillies like me in Appalachia have the most trouble using the auto voice command typing on the iPad.

  4. If the vaxx is the weapon, then it must operate like a timebomb and/or requires multiple doses. I believe the White House, the CDC and other creatures have already indicated that they plan a cute little system of vaccination booster shots every 6 months for what sounds like all eternity.

    I am not sure that a special little ingredient is necessary to kill us, however. From what I can glean (and I am not educated in such things, only reporting what I have read), It appears the spike proteins build up in the system, causing tiny bloodclots that can’t be detected in various vital organs. In the short term, people die of heart attacks or other strange complications. In the long term, it causes permanent damage and lowers life expectancy. Likely, if vaxx doesn’t kill you now, it’ll be the cause of your dementia later on down the line as you age. The vaxx also seems to cause some sort of dependency in its host and, once it fades, makes the individual even more susceptible to fatal infection. (In fact, I recall reading some scenario involving lab animals where the animals all perished of the disease they were vaccinated against, as if the virus had become much more fatal.) Throughout this process, the virus itself does not fade away, but becomes more dangerous as a result of these artificial conditions created by max vaccination. This makes the vaccinated a danger to the unvaccinated.

    Perhaps continual vaccinations/boosters will result in the cataclysm without the need of any hidden ingredients.

    1. My hypothesis is speculative and experimental. It leads me to suspect booster shots are necessary because the nanoparticles may be pushed out of the body after eight months to a year, and may occur before the decision is made to trigger the nano-device by signal. The mass casualty event must be sudden and not gradual and must be determinable by Chinese authorities. Otherwise, the harmful effects of the vaccine are too few and far between to bring military success without retaliation. This thing just isn’t killing people very efficiently, and slow death by auto-immune effects simply takes years. If China drags this out too much, Beijing will suffer severe economic sanctions; that is, people will turn against the vaccines, hold treason trials in which they learn the truth. Many of the cornered traitors will blame China and their testimony will be corroborated. A gradual rate of dementia or death by some large fraction of the population is only going to inflame the survivors to take extreme measures — even to nuke China and damn the consequences. (Revenge has its own unique psychology in a traumatized mass reaction.) If I am a Chinese general I want a guaranteed kill switch that takes out 60 – 80 percent of the enemy population in a matter of hours or days, if not seconds. Collapse would be sure to follow and would not be recoverable. What do you think?

      1. A signal? How could they kill everyone using a signal all at once? You mean like some kind of radio signal? I’m a little confused. Please tell us more.

      2. Nanoparticles can be configured to react to electromagnetic signals. They can also be triggered by chemical changes in the body when the body is effected by certain kinds of radio waves. I am speculating here, but this is the best technological approach if a toxin weapon is deployed through a vaccine.

      3. First, I will say that there’s the fairly new phenomenon called “Havana Syndrome(?)” that surfaced a few years back in Cuba, wherein several or more diplomats from the U.S. had started to feel certain symptoms, like vomiting, nausea, dizziness, etc. Some people had thought that it might have been some kind of high-tech weapon that was used on those officials. Very interesting theory, but who can really tell?

        Then there was the famous Russian “incident at Dyatlov Pass”, further back in time. Maybe some of you have heard of this, maybe some not. In the late 1950s, a group of nine young Russian students, who were also avid skiers, and were avid outdoors-men/outdoors-women, set out to camp and to explore a distant mountain range in the far Urals, near Siberia (I don’t know much of Russian geography, so I’m not entirely sure of where they had gone). Interestingly, the place that they were headed was called in the native Siberian tongue, “Dead Mountain.” This, however, did not deter the band of students.

        All nine people supposedly vanished in a very tragic, but also a really tantalizing mystery: all of their belongings were intact afterward, as if they had just gotten up out of the blue, and had walked away. Even more than sixty years on, no one really knows what had happened to them, although one theory does suggest that perhaps they had wandered into an area where the Soviet military was testing some kind of advanced sound- or frequency-based weapon.

        There’s a few different books out there on this topic, but the one that I had read was this: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/17557470-dead-mountain?from_search=true&from_srp=true&qid=owwXLitQJm&rank=1

        It was a very absorbing book, by the way, if anyone would be interested in reading it.

      4. In those secretive areas of Russia strange things happen and people do suffer injuries — from radiation, from new kinds of weapons. They tested a mind control drug on a village out there; the people started murdering each other and they had to send in troops.

      5. I think that, if I had to design a weapon and had the capability, I would do it as you describe. Does Chine have this capability? Are these nanoparticles actually present in the vaccines?

        On that note, I just remembered something: wasn’t there an old writer on WND who claimed that either the Chinese or Russians were working on nanotechnology as WMDs? It’s been so long since I’ve thought of him.

      6. Do we have a time frame for when the US military intends to have all its personnel vaxxed?

      7. Janelle, I think it came out that what they were experiencing is intentionally being targetted by microwave radiation.

      8. Success of Ricardo Galvan’s hypothesis would require the status quo to remain sustainable. By “status quo” I mean the infiltration by enemies (CCP) of U.S. political offices, bureaucracies, industries and other power centers for the purpose of destroying the United States and achieving the enemies’ own goals. This plan would require continued plausible deniability, e.g., that even when things get SO bad that everyone knows SOMETHING must be wrong — a decent enough slice of the American public still blame incompetence, greed, etc. enough that, with help of controlled-media, the narrative can hold.

        Mr. Nyquist, if I read your response correctly, your premise is that the status quo cannot hold if Red China is to succeed in its goal. You don’t seem to be saying they COULDN’T keep fooling the American public into genocide and slavery; you seem to be saying that maintaining the obfuscation necessary to keep people fooled simply would take too long. For national interests, they need a conquest in the near term. In short, drawn-out social disintegration isn’t the goal, they need us dead or weak, not fighting amongst ourselves and ungovernable.

        This seems to be the practical divide between the many who think what’s going on is a “globalist” plot likely spearheaded by the CCP (but transnational in nature), as opposed to those who think this is a sovereign-controlled (CCP) foreign attack. Re the former, if transnational globalist overlords are the drivers, then “coaxing” people into slavery while effecting a “slow kill” operation makes more sense. Under the “globalist” theory, the PROCESS of depopulation and subjugation is part-and-parcel with the end; i.e., transnational elites (obsessed with transhumanism, depopulation and global domination) are literally “training” us to give up freedom while killing most of us off. This dynamic does in fact seem to be going on.

        On the other hand (or at the same time), if the actual driver is old-fashioned nation-state geopolitics, then what we’re going through (which DID seem to accelerate with the frenetic coordination of a planned attack) looks a lot more like softening a target before sudden attack and invasion. And it cannot be lost here that, if that were the plan, it would make sense to misdirect suspicions toward a stateless, diffuse network of global actors who cannot be identified concretely and thus cannot be effectively opposed or resisted. One just feels helpless.

        When thinking about this, I often wonder why would China/Russia invade when infiltration is working so well. But then, it may well be a mistaken assumption that if the slow-kill/gradual-control model was working, why remove the mask with an all-out frontal attack. But the fact I can scarcely fathom such an event is seeming to be precisely the point.

      9. Infiltration by communists has already worked. The communists already have effective control over most of our institutions. China and Russia are not simply nation-states, they are part of a global communist movement with communist networks in every country. Few seem able to visualize the communist movement in terms of a revived communist bloc in league with leftist front organizations. The communists have spent decades infiltrating our institutions. Surely you can see this. It’s a matter of recognizing what you are looking at. My theory is not a nation-state theory opposed to globalist plot theory. My “theory” is not really theory at all. Look around you. Is what you see a “theory”? Communism exists as a movement across the globe: — fact. China and Cuba and Venezuela and North Korea and Vietnamese, etc., are communist countries: — fact. Russia is working with all those countries to build them up: — fact. The communists in the West have infiltrated and taken over the political process: — fact. Convergence on communist terms is all that remains. That is what the Great Reset signifies. Conclusion: the Cold War never ended, our domestic communists have used our victory sickness to emerge as a politically dominant force for “fairness” and “the healing of the planet.” White racists have to be put in their place. As for waiting on further infiltration, what is left to infiltrate? They already have everything: the schools, the corporations, the media and the government. So how do they cash in their chips? They set us against each other snd keep us focused on bogus conspiracy theories. They destroy our economy. They starve us and they poison us with the objective of exterminating the U.S. population because China needs living space. So it has all been set in motion even though we still have nuclear weapons. Why the rush? Because the Grand Solar Minimum is here, and it means China can no longer feed herself; and very soon the rest of the world cannot make up the difference. Is this clear?

  5. I don’t know about this David Martin fellow. It seems like he’s mixing a few established facts with a lot of questionable information and speculation. After listening to a number of interviews with slightly more “mainstream” (in the better sense of the word) scientists, I think it’s far more likely that the mRNA vaccines are an “immunological prime” for another yet-to-be released virus, “Covid 2.0” perhaps, that will devastate vaccine recipients but not affect anyone who has had the Russian/Chinese “vaccines,” or anyone who has natural immunity. All of the lab animals that died in the studies on mRNA or coronavirus vaccines died after exposure to new wild-type coronaviruses, if I’m not mistaken. So all China would need to do is release another wild-type version of Covid (under the guise of another “variant”), or perhaps one bioengineered to target mRNA vaccine recipients. And it sounds like China has no shortage of bioengineered coronaviruses, with all the experimentation going on!

    1. Under conditions of social distancing the rate of infection is too slow. Even if we look at Sweden, where no lockdowns occurred, less than 20 percent of the population has been infected in a year and a half! So it simply is not an effective method for killing an enemy. As the death toll climbs we will catch on to what is happening and the perpetrators will be interrogated, with everything pointing to Chinese active measures, bribery and blackmail. I would not want to be Chinese under those circumstances. War will follow, but China’s chances will be grim. The West will seek total revenge. Remember: We can make bioweapons even more effective than theirs.

      1. Then perhaps the immune systems of those vaccinated will deteriorate to the point where they cannot fight off any infections whatsoever. We’ve seen this with cases of cancer, shingles, flesh-eating bacteria following vaccination— all of these diseases are caused by immune system issues. I think this is a more likely scenario than nanoparticles triggered by some sort of HAARPian kill-switch. That sounds like science fiction. On the other hand, a lot of what we’re talking about now would have sounded like science fiction 50 years ago.

  6. With regard to the million-dollar question why all political leaders around the world (i.e., in the non-communist world) have chosen to succumb to this potentially genocidal operation, Diana West posted the following on August 23, 2021:


    Make sure, everybody, you watch Dr. Zelenko’s presentation to that Rabbinical court in Jerusalem earlier this month. Starting at the 28:30 time mark, he presents a very plausible theory about why our politicians won’t make a peep, and watch closely the reaction of one of the dignified Rabbis:


      1. Well, not every single poltician succumbed (though the overwhelming majority did). Shockingly, those who didn’t, are now dead (which seems like confirming what Dr. Zelenko implies)…

  7. Excellent info, CO.

    Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam, the Netherlands may actually be the lab o partial origin, who received it from Saudi sources.
    See this thread which includes links to W.H.O. documents.


    And this:

    The ATIP documents identify for the first time exactly what was shipped to China.
    The list includes two vials each of 15 strains of virus:  
    • Ebola Makona (three different varieties)
    • Mayinga.
    • Kikwit.
    • Ivory Coast.
    • Bundibugyo.
    • Sudan Boniface.
    • Sudan Gulu.
    • MA-Ebov.
    • GP-Ebov.
    • GP-Sudan.
    • Hendra.
    • Nipah Malaysia.
    • Nipah Bangladesh.

    “Nipah virus and Hendra virus are closely related paramyxoviruses that emerged from bats during the 1990s to cause deadly outbreaks in humans and domesticated animals.”

    “The fictional MEV-1 virus featured in the 2011 film Contagion was based on a combination of Nipah and measles virus.”

      1. You had called it, I think, before almost anyone. A few months ago, I had watched an interview that you had done, I think, in February or in March of last year (2020) with one of the guys from InfoWars (not Alex Jones). I enjoyed it, and it was very interesting, but I was struck most by the fact that here I was, watching it more than a year later; just when the “lab leak/release” theories were starting to gain traction in the mainstream news. There you were, then, saying that very thing. I was shocked.

      2. Well, there was a lot of confusion for many months about the “origins” of this “virus”. For my part, I had long believed that the Hubei lab was ground zero for COVID; I had never believed the “wet market” idea(s).

  8. Jeff, early in your article you state that botulinum is prepared from castor beans. In fact, it is ricin that is prepared from castor beans, which you say at the end of the article. Botulinum is a toxin produced by a bacteria.

  9. RICH told us here about this a few blogs back. I wonder if 5G might be used to activate the magnetic nano particles imbedded into human cells, to create trans -human robots? Maybe they are using the entire human race as guinea pigs in order to find just one ideal phenotype?



    RICH says:
    JULY 8, 2021 AT 7:32 PM

    After several hours of research into GO the last few days, and doing a deep dive into 5G early last year it is all coming to light.

    Dr Jane Ruby: She can confirm this research.

    GO ;GRAPHENE OXIDE) is contained in ALL the COVID Vax’s

    The reason for the extremely low temp was to suppress the magnetism.

    Though info into all this is still coming out, it appears that anyone that received an actual “COVID SHOT” , will not survive or at the least have severe health issues the rest of their remaining lives

    As evil and diabolical and a crime against humanity as this is, you have to admit that whoever developed this is an f’ing genius!

    A Mad Genius!

    And the Sheep lined up willingly 😳

    We know that the GO gets into every part of the body, Organs and the Brain 🧠

    GO= Metallic Nano Particles. This research started many years ago

    From MY research I don’t believe the Nano Particles are meant to “Control” a person , but kill them. I could be wrong.

    Early last year I took a look at 5G.

    I compared it to 3G, and 4G and found that as the technology increased, so did the amount of EMF (Electro Magnetic Frequency)

    Say 4G put out 55 EMF, well 5G was estimated at 300-600 EMF.

    My first thought last year was that 5G could be used as an “EMP” type weapon

    Now that the Graphene Oxide Info has emerged recently, imagine Metallic Nano Particles being subjected to 5G EMF Energy 😲

    Can you say “Shredded Organs”, and or frying the body from that type of Electro Magnetic Energy due to the Nano Particles that have been injected into the body heating up 😳

    We already know that high doses of EMF are not good for the body as is. Now 5G rolls out….

    5G is due to come online in several states July 21, 2021

    There’s more, but I think you get the evil picture. If you can, talk to Dr Jane Ruby.

    RICH says:
    JULY 8, 2021 AT 7:35 PM

    JEFF NYQUIST says:
    JULY 8, 2021 AT 9:59 PM
    “Several typical mechanisms underlying graphene (oxide) nanomaterials toxicity have been revealed, for instance, physical destruction, oxidative stress, DNA damage, inflammatory response, apoptosis, autophagy, and necrosis.”


  10. Long time reader first time poster.

    JR- Interesting scenario re potential Kill Switch.
    Two alternatives -I’d be interested to hear your comments re each if possible.

    1. We’ll call this kill switch plan B- Once vast majority of US military is “VAXXed” and there is early evidence a degradation in readiness- There is a surprise Nuclear strike. Objectives: Neutralize Navy Surface fleet/Air force/ Command &Control. Perhaps an EMP element would be useful here also- mass casualties ensue but critical infrastructure is repairable. (ie all the usual Mayhem)Thus we have a crippled infrastructure, crippled force structure, and weakened military personnel /populace with which to respond- works best in winter IMHO, with Covid / Vaxx injuries still running amok. WWIII commences on the enemies terms.

    2. Mass vaxxing continues, casualties mount, our (socialist) leaders ask for help from their buddies in China, Europe, etc. Its a world crisis, you see, and a global socialist/ communist hug fest is the only solution.
    National disasters are declared, blue helmets and Russian/Chinese soldiers ride to the rescue side by side, our venal politicians celebrate humanity coming together as one to defeat ‘Covid’- and as one we remain, with freedom defeated and utterly eliminated, while living under whose authority it takes little imagination to guess.

    I would say i doubt option 2 will work in the middle east.
    There will be no mercy for Israel from Her implacable enemies.
    Our current crop of politicians are still more than stupid enough to fall for this ruse anyway – believing no doubt that no matter how bad things get their Globalist/Commie pals will keep them pampered and protected, another brutal war in the middle east notwithstanding.



  11. I continue to be puzzled by the assertion that the virus has not been isolated according to Koch’s postulates. I believe that Martin himself alluded to the fact, if somewhat obliquely, in an interview with Reiner Fuellmich’s coronavirus human rights legal team. Yet in your post he refers to a chronological discrepancy in the “isolation” of the virus. A man in Alberta, Canada recently won a court case by demanding documentation proving isolation of the virus. The public health authorities could produce no such documents, and as a result, as I understand it, all covid restrictions in Alberta were lifted.

    All kinds of questions swirl around this mystery, including the reference to “viral load” correlated to level of infection. What virus, exactly? Not to mention the PCR “tests,” already discredited on a number of grounds. I am not one of those who use the failure to isolate this…virus as proof that nothing exists or that it is simply your garden variety flu. I simply throw this out there for consideration or comment by people more knowledgeable than I.

  12. I have wondered on several occasions if there might be something engineered into the virus or the “vaccines” that might make our military personnel particularly susceptible to some debilitating effect/s by interacting with some of the many vaccines they routinely are given in the normal course of their service. It would be interesting and informative to know if any scientists/medical folks have looked at it from that angle.

  13. Long time reader first time poster.- my apologies if this post is a duplicate-

    JRN- Interesting scenario re potential Kill Switch.
    Two alternatives -I’d be interested to hear your comments re each if possible.

    1. We’ll call this kill switch plan B- Once vast majority of US military is “VAXXed” and there is early evidence a degradation in readiness- There is a surprise Nuclear strike. Objectives: Neutralize Navy Surface fleet/Air force/ Command &Control. Perhaps an EMP element would be useful here also- mass casualties ensue but critical infrastructure is repairable. (ie all the usual Mayhem)Thus we have a crippled infrastructure, crippled force structure, and weakened military personnel /populace with which to respond- works best in winter IMHO, with Covid / Vaxx injuries still running amok. WWIII commences on the enemies terms.

    2. Mass vaxxing continues, casualties mount, our (socialist) leaders ask for help from their buddies in China, Europe, etc. Its a world crisis, you see, and a global socialist/ communist hug fest is the only solution.
    National disasters are declared, blue helmets and Russian/Chinese soldiers ride to the rescue side by side, our venal politicians celebrate humanity coming together as one to defeat ‘Covid’- and as one we remain, with freedom defeated and utterly eliminated, while living under whose authority it takes little imagination to guess.

    I would say i doubt option 2 will work in the middle east.
    There will be no mercy for Israel from Her implacable enemies.
    Our current crop of politicians are still more than stupid enough to fall for this ruse anyway – believing no doubt that no matter how bad things get their Globalist/Commie pals will keep them pampered and protected, another brutal war in the middle east notwithstanding.



  14. I’m thinking that many of the top brass has been warned to not get the shot. Any photo ops are faked. Any of them that actually contract the virus may or may not recover depending on their immune system. Our own immune system is the best defense depending on how strong and effective it is. Do not get the shot.

      1. Jeff, sorry for potentially overposting comments, but a recent host again on the Stew Peters show, who is a former Pfizer technical researcher explained some new thing she discovered. Mayo Clinic came up with a list of primary ‘breakthrough’ c-19 disease symptoms of those hospitalized. What she discovered that the list is basically the same set of symptoms of reported c-19 vax adverse reactions. If this is true, its possible majority of new ‘covid cases’ might just be immunity reactions caused by the vax.

        Worth watching on this: https://brandnewtube.com/watch/wow-former-pfizer-employee-quot-checkmate-game-over-we-win-quot_MD7yARYGcNfOb5d.html

  15. In Australia it feels like the CCP have already taken over our country.

    1. Yes it does. There doesn’t seem to be much opposition there in Australia, and the population is totally disarmed. We’re hoping to help our family there immigrate here, if they still can without being vaccinated.

  16. Jeff, not sure if you can comment in regards to the Grand Solar Minimum, Adapt2030 (David DuByne) just released this video on youtube talking about the impact of the Grand Solar Minimum on the food supply system:

  17. mRNA Vaccines: The Silent Weapon
    By Dr. Igor Shepherd
    August 28, 2021


    My seven-year medical studies in the Soviet Army under the Strategic Rocket Force sector included large WMD-oriented military field exercises. I learned tactics of global warfare, including weapons of mass destruction and their effects on populations and enemy forces. The Soviet Army had a powerful biological defense system, and to be a successful military medical doctor I was required to know more than traditional medicine—I had to stay abrupt on the combat of “silent weaponry,” because this type of covert biowarfare was crucial in extermination of enemies (peoples of western free nations) and globalizing communism.

    Under Soviet rule, biowarfare was set up to be carried out through either tactical or strategic methods. In a tactical event, the military aggressor would use bio-agents during ground battlefield against enemy troops. With strategic warfare, the civilian population would be the main focus for destruction. Bio-agents, as bomblets, would be dropped onto large populated areas using cruise missiles or through aerosol dispersal off aircraft. This type of silent warfare allowed the enemy to quickly take over a country’s infrastructure and economy, and incapacitate the population without a messy drawn-out military invasion.

    Americans should be concerned about silent warfare, because most nations, including the US, no longer follow the very Bioweapon Treaty that was put in place to protect the world and whole populations against maniacal bio-genocide.

    Worldwide Bioweapons Treaty Violations

    After WWII, Americans ramped up their bio-research in order to counter the Soviet threat, and weaponized both incapacitating and lethal biological agents. In 1969, President Nixon stalled the biological research program, allowing the Soviet Union to roll forward as the running wheel of WMD in the world. This caused the US to backpedal, and redirect billions to fund bio-defense efforts and projects related to biological weapons. As bio-production escalated worldwide, the threat to humanity once again caused a stir.

    That global threat is what brought about the 1975 Bioweapons Treaty under the Convention. It was established to prohibit the development, production and stockpiling of biological and toxin weapons. One hundred and eighty-three nations signed on, including Russia and China.

    Compromise started prior to the finalization of the treaty when Russia refused to sign unless the verification provisions were removed. The verification process was crucial because it would compel nations to identify the number of civilian facilities and allow regular inspections. Russia had no intention of sanctioning inspections inside their research labs or displaying their enormous bio-stash. The US and UK caved in to Russia’s ridiculous ultimatum, and allowed the treaty to remove the verification process.

    This move opened the door to lack of transparency and constant violations of the treaty, putting entire nations under constant threat. This is why it is important to understand that under this treaty gene-splicing and DNA manipulation used in the recent CRISPR technology and Covid-19 mRNA vaccines is illegal. All mRNA vaccine makers are in violation of this Biological Weapons Treaty, and getting away with it, thus allowing bioweapon development and production to move forward at the pace of a high-speed rail.

    mRNA Technology is Not New

    Messenger RNA technology in Covid vaccines is not new, even though our leaders have been spinning this mistruth since day one. The Soviets began developing mRNA sequencing almost four decades ago. They were the first to develop “designer” bio-agents under a classified program called Project Factor, one of many classified programs using recombinant DNA (rDNA) technology, known as DNA genetic engineering. Their gene-sequencing included messenger RNA (mRNA), and microRNA (miRNA), and carried the capability of creating horrific epidemics against enemy populations, even severe and debilitating multiple sclerosis.

    DNA is the molecule that contains the genetic code of organisms like plants, animals, and bacteria, and is the hereditary material in humans and almost all other organisms. DNA is in each cell in the organism and directs the cells on what proteins to make. Messenger RNA is naturally located within all of our cells and is in charge of carrying out messages from the DNA that lies inside the nucleus of the cell. In the nucleus, the proteins are made from the mRNA sequence in a process known as translation. Both DNA and mRNA are molecules within a cell that are known as nucleic acids. MicroRNA regulates many mRNAs, and equally, a mRNA is regulated by several miRNAs in the production of bioweapons.

    The molecules within the cells make up specific genetic codes for each individual’s life, and is the “instruction manual” in keeping the human body functioning properly. Our human genome is what makes the human species human, and gives each one of us our own unique and specific genetic code, which is truly an amazing wonder because everything from eye color to why we have thin or thick lips is locked up inside that code. If our code was modified in any way and genetically changed from its original version, then the chances of losing our humanness becomes a certainty. This is why bioweapons in the wrong hands can dramatically alter human life as we know it.

    Through lab-created modified pathogens, using rDNA and mRNA, Soviet scientists decided to rival God. By plugging genes and combining segments of DNA from one type of organism with the gene of another organism, they created more deadly, contagious, environmentally stable and pathogenic novel strains of the various microorganisms. These included multi-drug-resistant anthrax, genetically modified super plague, chimeric variations of smallpox, and German measles. They also found the way to effectively hijack the body’s natural immune processes by producing overstimulation of the immune system through the “reprogramming” of the human immune system responses to those manmade-modified external pathogens. The over stimulation of the body’s immune system was purposed to cause serious immunological reactions and remove the body’s responsibility to release antibodies when the body decided to do so. Once the immune system was continuously in overdrive and self-exhausted (similar example of self-exhaust would be like a cancer patient whose immune system gets depleted from chemo-therapy), the body weakened and became susceptible to mild infections, like a cold, and could no longer fight off infections. For the Soviets, this breakthrough became important “silent warfare” for mass destruction.

    Does this “reprogramming” of the immune system sound familiar? It should. The Covid-19 vaccines utilize the same mRNA technology of reprogramming the body’s immune system as Russia used in producing bioweapons for silent warfare against civilians. Unlike traditional vaccines, mRNA vaccines do not carry real pathogens, and works by “tricking” the body into thinking it is under attack with a real virus. The body becomes like a computer, and is instructed to develop the pathogenic proteins itself, “reprogramming” the human body to produce its own antibodies. The proteins become independent and do not gather to form a virus like traditional vaccines. The immune system then detects these viral proteins and starts to produce a defensive response to them. The final result, though, has altered the body’s natural responses, and dangerous pathological immune reactions are induced, including systemic inflammation and stimulation of auto-reactive antibodies, resulting in a cytokine storm or death. Worse, these harmful outcomes might not show up for months or years. This is why the initial side effects of many Covid vaccinated individuals were severe, and developed in days and weeks after the injection. The overstimulated immune system caused by the mRNA Covid-19 vaccines certainly blueprints Russia’s silent weapons of warfare.

    Silent Warfare

    The Covid vaccine companies insist mRNA does not alter DNA, but I do not buy it. They have their reasons for bypassing the traditional vaccine method and going with the bioweapon technology, and I do not think it has anything to do with ensuring the health of populations, otherwise they would have taken the time to follow proper testing protocols for their “new” vaccines at the onset, and not been rash in ignoring the abundant reports of injuries and deaths caused so far with the vaccinated. And so, should we blindly trust them after knowing mRNA technology was initially developed and used by the Soviets to harm and destroy whole populations? Should we trust them knowing there is no known proper gauge for short or long-term side effects and what fatalities might occur up ahead? Do we ignore the fact Covid vaccine ingredients use aborted fetal cells which could potentially initiate cancer and autoimmune system shifts within the vaccinated? Do we close our eyes to the toxic and non-biodegradable synthetic materials, such as polyethylene glycol (PEG), used to make the vaccines, knowing PEG’s cause disruption to cellular function and provoke severe neuropsychiatric symptoms in offspring?

    Should we believe our leaders when they insist these “secretly-patented” mRNA vaccines are safe, even after knowingly receiving reports that the Covid-19 vaccinations resulted in injuries and deaths caused by blood coagulation, pathological thrombus formation, Bell’s Palsy, cardiac disorders, heart inflammation, neurological mayhem, paralysis, Guillain-Barre’s Syndrome, and numerous miscarriages? The creators of the Covid-19 vaccines expect numerous injuries and fatalities ahead. You cannot mess with this type of bio-technology and be “clueless” regarding end results. This is why the pharmaceutical giants made sure they would be free of legal ramifications for harmful effects and deaths.

    The evidence of global warfare is everywhere—from the dictatorial global alliances being formed between nations, to the violations of civil rights, to the imprisonment of citizens inside their own homes, to the destruction of private businesses, to the extreme rules of mask wearing, to the cruel new laws denying unvaccinated Americans the right to work, eat at restaurants, or attend theaters—these are not normal responses to a pandemic, especially one with a 0.1% to 0.5% fatality rate. These are the responses of a communist despotism. By mandating these bio-vaccines, they are forcing us to play Russian Roulette, but instead of one bullet in the six-chamber shooter, there are five.

    The communist-patterned pandemic responses forced on free Americans is inconceivable, and I find it worrisome that our own American government and the US Department of Defense is knee-deep in partnerships with China regarding Covid-19 vaccine research and development. DOD’s bioweapon research and expert sectors, BARDA, DARPA, and DTRA, have all been heavily involved with the vaccine conglomerates, as well as China’s military, the People’s Liberation Army. To trust the health of our nation’s citizens to a country who is an active enemy of American ideals, and who cannot adequately secure their own bioweapon laboratories is treasonable.

    Messenger RNA technology, because it involves genetic engineering, can be used in any Covid or flu vaccine today for rapid global depopulation through sterility measures or immunological complications, for racial extermination, to modify human sexual composition and create non-genders, for behavioral modifications, or to undergo chromosomal integration or insertional mutagenesis, leading to random insertions of genetic codes into the host of cellular genomes (inducing tumors). The idea of vaccines as a dispersal method to annihilate or debilitate millions of people unknowingly, with their consent, is a brilliant strategy of warfare. The very means with which should help eliminate a pandemic and save lives is instead used as a “kill” device.

    Because the masses have accepted vaccinations as preventive medicine for decades, most would reject the possibility that a vaccine could be used as a bioweapon against them. Nonetheless, strong evidence of a global “coup” is piling up as more and more citizens become alarmed that this pandemic is less about health and safety, and more about the restructuring and destruction of our laws, economy, civil rights, and freedoms—everything that occurs during an enemy takeover, and not during a pandemic. And with no enforced treaty to protect civilians against biological weapons of mass destruction, silent warfare against all of humanity becomes today’s reality.






    1. Wow, what an article!

      I studied genetics at the university, though not as deeply as this author. When I heard that the “vaccines” contain mRNA, my first reaction was “Don’t take it.” “It’s the same as injecting oneself with a virus.” “They’re dangerous.”

      The hope for those who went ahead and took the shots is that the mRNA is usually used up in the transcription process to make proteins in the ribosomes. So if a person’s immune system is robust enough to survive the initial storm of blood clot forming spike proteins, he may yet survive though often at reduced functionality. For many, the spike protein production will continue until the person dies.

      Because the mRNA is used up in the transcription process, those who survived the initial shots are now being urged to get “booster shots”. On and on until the person dies. Oh the lies being told to convince people to take them.

      I personally don’t know a single person who “died of covid-19”. Because I’m a “supertaster”, I haven’t had the flu in years. Yet in February 2020 I came down with the worst cough in my life, intense pain over my whole body, a fever and some difficulty in breathing. But I was over it in about a week. Since then I learned that a quick recovery is typical of those who have the gene for supertasters. I now have natural immunity.


      1. I’ve heard multiple scientists state that the mRNA in these vaccines has been modified to be long-lasting and does not break down over time.

  18. We’ve gone from flattening the ‘curve’ to flattening the economy to flattening the citizens(in Australia & Europe thus far) What do you suppose our dear socialist leaders will pursue next?

    In my previous post I said these Socialist Western Leaders were stupid. I didn’t mean inept in pursuing their own Nations interests. They know exactly what they’re doing. They are batting for the other team.
    The stupid part is thinking they will still be players after the ‘glorious revolution’.

    As JRN has pointed out previously, the communist leadership is very paranoid. A mendacious, money-grubbing fool who turned traitor against his own people is the last person they would respect or place in a position of trust. They will be the first up against the wall, along with the other useful idiots, during the inevitable purge.

    1. Useful idiots ARE, first and foremost, idiots. That’s why they’re so useful to the communists.

    1. Wade, regarding this link you posted: I no longer trust anything I read in “Naural News.” Mike Adams proved himself mad when he went whole-hog for the Q-anon nonsense and preached it as gospel. Take anything he publishes with a MOUNTAIN of salt. Better yet, ignore him completely.

  19. Japan Suspects Contaminant In Moderna Vaccines Is Metallic, ‘Reacts To Magnets’

    Tyler Durden’s Photo
    FRIDAY, AUG 27, 2021 – 11:44 AM
    The Japanese Ministry of Health announced on Thursday that around 1.6 million doses of Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine have been taken out of use due to contamination in some vials that ‘reacts to magnets,’ according to a ministry official.


  20. ‘This Ends The Debate’ – Israeli Study Shows Natural Immunity 13x More Effective Than Vaccines At Stopping Delta

    SATURDAY, AUG 28, 2021 – 05:44 AM
    Dr. Anthony Fauci and the rest of President Biden’s COVID advisors have been proven wrong about “the science” of COVID vaccines yet again. After telling Americans that vaccines offer better protection than natural infection, a new study out of Israel suggests the opposite is true: natural infection offers a much better shield against the delta variant than vaccines.


  21. New COVID variant detected in South Africa, most mutated variant so far
    The C.1.2 variant first detected in South Africa is more mutated compared to the original virus than any other known variant.
    By TZVI JOFFRE AUGUST 29, 2021 14:47


    A new coronavirus variant, C.1.2, has been detected in South Africa and a number of other countries, with concerns that it could be more infectious and evade vaccines, according to a new preprint study by South Africa’s National Institute for Communicable Diseases and the KwaZulu-Natal Research Innovation and Sequencing Platform. The study is awaiting peer review.

    Scientists first detected C.1.2 in May 2021, finding that it was descended from C.1, which scientists found surprising as C.1 had last been detected in January. The new variant has “mutated substantially” compared to C.1 and is more mutations away from the original virus detected in Wuhan than any other Variant of Concern (VOC) or Variant of Interest (VOI) detected so far worldwide.

    While first detected in South Africa, C.1.2 has since been found in England, China, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mauritius, New Zealand, Portugal and Switzerland.

    The scientists believe that the number of available sequences of C.1.2 may be an underrepresentation of the spread and frequency of the variant in South Africa and around the world. The study found consistent increases in the number of C.1.2 genomes in South Africa on a monthly basis, rising from 0.2% of genomes sequenced in May to 1.6% in June and then to 2% in July, similar to the increases seen with the Beta and Delta variants there.

    The study also found that the C.1.2 lineage has a mutation rate of about 41.8 mutations per year, which is nearly twice as fast as the current global mutation rate of the other variants. The scientists stated that this short period of increased evolution was also seen with the Alpha, Beta and Gamma variants, suggesting that a single event, followed by a spike in cases, drove faster mutation rates.

    More than half of the C.1.2 sequences have 14 mutations, but additional mutations have been noticed in some of the sequences, suggesting that evolution within the lineage is ongoing, according to the study.

    More than half (about 52%) of the mutations in the spike region of the C.1.2 sequences have previously been seen in other VOCs and VOIs. The mutations N440K and Y449H, which have been associated with escape from certain antibodies, have also been noticed in C.1.2 sequences. The scientists stressed that the combination of these mutations, as well as changes in other parts of the virus, likely help the virus evade antibodies and immune responses, including in patients who have already been infected with the Alpha or Beta variants.

    The scientists added that further work is required to understand the exact impact of these mutations and to see if they give the variant a competitive advantage over the Delta variant.

    The study comes as a doctor in Turkey reported indications that a new coronavirus variant had been detected in the country, with tests detecting mutations that weren’t found in the current variants named by the World Health Organization (WHO).

    Dr. Lütfi Çamlı told Turkish media that while tests were conducted to detect the presence of variants around Turkey, doctors found a new variant with no connection to the other variants, reaching a rate of about 50%-60% of cases in the northern province of Rize. Çamlı stressed, however, that it is still unclear whether they have actually found a new variant or if it was just the result of false negativity in PCR tests.
    The doctor additionally stressed that it is normal for new mutations to emerge in an epidemic and that the mutations recently found in Turkey may not have any serious effect on how the virus functions. Çamlı called for further research and for the results of genomic tests of the samples carried out in Ankara to be released to the public.

    As of last Wednesday, the WHO had identified four VOCs and four VOIs. As of last Thursday, the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) had identified five and six respectively. A number of other variants have been designated for further monitoring.

      1. This may answer some of your questions. Sorry for the length. You can cut it short if you like.

        Much of what Dr. Shepherd said about the “COVID vaccine” is essentially what Dr. David Martin said during his 7/9/2021 interview with Reinhart Fuellmich of Stiftung Corona Ausschuss (Investigative Corona Committee Germany), except Martin is coming at it through tracing relevant patents and other related information for novel coronavirus from as early as 1999.

        See a transcript of Martin’s interview at https://archive.org/details/david-martin-interview-reiner-fuellmich-corona-ausschuss-7-9-2021

        or the video at https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/there-is-no-variant-not-novel-no-pandemic-dr-david-martin-with-reiner-fuellmich/

        [Note: the page numbers below refer to those in the interview transcript.]

        “[M]y organization was asked to monitor biological and chemical weapons treaty violations, in the very early days of 2,000 [sic], you’ll remember the anthrax events in September of 2001, and we were part of an investigation that gave rise to the Congressional inquiry, into not only the anthrax origins, but also into what was unusual behavior around Bayer’s Ciprofloxacin drug, which was a drug use as a potential treatment for Anthrax poisoning, and throughout the fall of 2001, we began monitoring an enormous number of bacterial and viral pathogens that were being patented through NIH, NIAID USAMRIID, the [US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases] program, and a number of other agencies internationally that collaborated with them. And our concern was that coronavirus was being seen as not only a potential manipulatable agent for potential use as a vaccine vector, but it was also very clearly being considered as a biological weapon candidate. And so our first public
        reporting on this took place prior to the SARS outbreak in the latter part of 2001 . . .” [p.3]

        “[U]p until 1999, the topic of coronavirus vis-à-vis the patenting activity around coronavirus, was uniquely applied to veterinary sciences. The first vaccine ever patented for coronavirus was actually sought by Pfizer. The application for the first vaccine for coronavirus which was specifically this S Spike protein, so the exact same thing that allegedly, we have rushed into invention, the first application was filed January, 28th, 2000, 21 years ago.” [p.2]

        “Anthony Fauci and NIAID found the malleability of coronavirus to be a potential candidate for
        HIV vaccines. And so, SARS is actually not a natural progression of a zoonetic [sic] modification of
        coronavirus. . . . in 1999, Anthony Fauci funded research at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, specifically, to create . . . an infectious replication defective coronavirus. It was specifically targeted for human lung epithelium. In other words, [NIAID] made SARS [a]nd . . . patented it on April 19, 2002 before there was ever any alleged outbreak in Asia, which as you know, followed that by several months.” “[T]his comes directly from a patent application filed on April 19th, 2002.” [p.2]

        “That patent issued as US Patent 7279327. . . clearly lays out in very specific gene sequencing, the fact that we knew that the ACE receptor, the ACE-2 binding domain, the S-1, spike protein, and other elements of what we have come to know as this scourge pathogen, was not only engineered, but could be synthetically modified in the laboratory, using nothing more than gene sequencing technologies, taking computer code and turning it into a pathogen, or an intermediate of the pathogen, and that technology was funded exclusively in the early days, as a means by which we could actually harness coronavirus as a vector to distribute HIV vaccine.” [pp.2-3]

        Here are a few other teasers from Dr. Martin’s testimony. I strongly recommend reading his testimony or watching the video. I’ve covered only 6 of 21 pages of testimony, and he tells his story like a thriller. It’s like a good science fiction story. Only it’s all too real.

        • The first SARS coronavirus-related patent was rejected twice because under 35 US Code Section 101, a naturally occurring substance cannot be patented. “[T]he patent office found 99.9% identity with the already existing coronavirus recorded in the public domain. . . . after having to pay an appeal fine in 2006 and 2007, the CDC overrode the patent office’s rejection of their patent, and ultimately in 2007, got the patent on SARS coronavirus.” [pp.3-4]

        • related patents granted included “the gene sequence of SARS coronavirus” and also “the means of detecting it, using RTPCR. . . . [the] problem is, if you actually both own the patent on the gene itself, and you own the patent on its detection, you have a cunning advantage to being able to control 100% of the provinance [sic] of not only the virus itself, but also its detection, meaning you have entire scientific and message control.” [p.4]

        • The there’s nothing novel about the “novel SARS-CoV-2 “. “[I]f you look at the gene sequence that is filed by CDC in 2003, again in 2005, and then again in 2006, what you find is identity in somewhere between 89-99% of the sequence overlaps that have been identified in what is called the novel subclade of SARS COV-2. [p.4]

        • “CDC filed the patent, on the SARS coronavirus in 2003, 3 days later, Sequoia Pharmaceuticals . . . filed a patent in antiviral agents of treatment and control of infections coronavirus. . . . Sequoia Pharmaceuticals, and ultimately Ablynx Pharmaceuticals [see next item] . . . became rolled into the proprietary holdings of Pfizer, Crucell and Johnson & Johnson.” [p.5] In other words, there is apparent collusion between CDC and the pharmaceutical companies.

        • “around the time when DARPA . . . [Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency] in the United States actively took an interest in coronavirus as a biological weapon. June 5, 2008, Ablynx, which . . . is now part of Sanofi, filed a series of patents that specifically targeted what . . . is the novel feature of the SARS COV-2 virus . . . . Specifically they targeted what was called the poly basic cleavage site for SARS COV, the novel Spike protein and the ACE-2 receptor binding domain which is allegedly novel to SARS COV-2.

        And all of that was patented on the 5th of June 2008, and those patents, in sequence were issued between November 24th of 2015, which was US Patent 9193780, so that one came out after the gain-of-function moratorium, that one came after the MERS outbreak in the Middle East, but what you find is that, then in 2016, 2017, 2019 a series of patents, all covering, not only the RNA strands, but also the subcomponents of the gene strands were all issued to Ablynx and Sanofi. And then we have Crucell, we have Rubeus Therapeutics, we have Children’s Medical Corporation, we have countless others that include Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in München, Protein Science Corporation, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, University of Iowa, University of Hong Kong, Chinese National Human Genome Center in Shanghai, all identifying in patent filings that ranged from 2008 until 2017. [p.6]

        Jeff, about the nanoparticle lipids:


        From Pfizer/BioNTech “vaccine”:
        BNT162b2 (Comirnaty®; BioNTech and Pfizer) is a lipid nanoparticle-formulated, nucleoside-modified mRNA vaccine for the prevention of the novel coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) infection.

        From David Martin [p. 10] on Moderna:
        March of 2019, Moderna “amended 4 failed patent applications to begin the process of a coronavirus vaccine development, and they began dealing with a very significant problem that they had, which was they relied on technology that they did not own. Two Canadian companies Arbutus Pharmaceuticals, and Acuitas Pharmaceuticals actually own the patent on the lipid nanoparticle envelope, that’s required to deliver the injection of the MRNA fragment, and those patents have been issued both in Canada and in the U.S. and then around the world and they’re world intellectual property equivalents. Moderna knew that they did not own the rights and began trying to negotiate with Arbutus and Acuitas to get the resolution of the lipid nanoparticle patented technology available to be put into a vaccine and we know as I made reference to before that in November, they entered into a research and cooperative research and development agreement with UNC Chapel Hill, with respect to getting the spike protein to put inside of the lipid nanoparticle. So that they actually had a candidate vaccine before we had a pathogen, allegedly, that was running around.”

    1. Jeff, I don’t understand why you think a new variant, bioengineered to target the vaccinated, wouldn’t decimate our military. You stated that, “Under conditions of social distancing the rate of infection is too slow.” But how would our military social distance in a combat situation? I don’t think they would be able to. This theory still seems very plausible to me.

      1. We are not fighting World War I here. The essential troops in our military are manning nuclear missiles bases. That is our deterrent, not ground troops.

  22. A bioengineered variant as transmissible as the delta variant – with a much higher rate of death for the vaccinated – would wreak havoc on the essential troops in our military – and everywhere else. If it could be engineered. Hopefully it cannot.

    But all of what we’re postulating may be pointless if the mRNA vaccines simply lead cause the immune system to go “haywire” in a matter of months or years. I do not envy those taking part in the experiment.

  23. Thanks Jeff for writing this essay! Yes its becoming more clear everyday. I am convinced much of what we saw early on from Wuhan in 2020 was intended for mass consumption by the west. And we really ingested the whole thing and were driven to complete and utter fear! A perfect set up for China preparing both the problem and the solution. I doubt very much the video ‘leaks’ perse we were bombarded with on alt media channels. The CCP seeded the world with—bad statistics, potentially false mortuary reports of non-stop incinerations running night and day (maybe they intentionally did turn on the incinerations to get the CO2 plumes that the satellites picked up), massively portable cremation trucks, ‘leaked’ videos of people dropping dead on the street (that researchers in the west said looked suspicious), people being filmed committing suicide by lighting fires to their homes but never showing the fires consuming the house, people being dragged out their cars and their houses to covid concentration camps, people being welded into their homes, images of gigantic disinfection trucks spraying who knows what over entire Chinese mega cities… And then there was the bat market story and the International Military Games that occured a month earlier providing a perfect cover. It was all so easy.

    Oh and by the way, the Chinese have come up with a potential treatment that neutralizes the effects of the c-19 injections–and the infamous potential ADE immunity overreaction. Will this become another vector?
    https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.07.13.452194v2 Here:

  24. The way I remember it is that the communist usually first try to gain control of the population before they start to kill great number of people with manufactured famines etc, while their propaganda machine is telling people the famine is natural, and people are focused on survival and there is very little chance to organize any resistance in that kind of desperate situation.

    Its much easier to resist mass killing before they have control. That is why I have hard time to believe they would actually try mass casualty event before the world revolution and establishing control over the world population. They want to be ready when survivors start to resist, right?

    I do believe that CCP released this virus on purpose, but for what purpose? The United States of America is standing on their way, so US military could be their target. Also they need to separate US from its allies, and all the vaccine are American right? At least I would guess thats how people generally view the situation. I dont have any better answers etiher, really. Just trying to wrap my head around this situation.

    They definitely want to divide people. Fan the flames on the both sides of the argument. I see it happening already. People are fighting over the safety of vaccines. Some defend them and others oppose. I dont take any vaccines, but almost all of my people around me have taken them, so of course I am worried about it. Anyways, thank you Mr. Nyquist for writing this article and bringing this information to the readers. People have right to know what is behind this never seen before push for the vaccines and we should keep striving for the truth.

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