Men in general judge by their eyes rather than by their hands; because everyone is in a position to watch, few are in a position to come in close touch with you. Everyone sees what you appear to be, few experience what you really are. And those few dare not gainsay the many who are backed by the majesty of the state.


Below are links to order some of my books. My new publisher in Brazil, Livraria Danubio Editora, has published selected writings from 2020-2021 under the title The Lies We Believe In: China, Russia and the Communist Revolution (As Mentiras Em Que Acreditamos: China, Russia e a Revolucao Communista). I am told that the translation is excellent. They even produced a commercial for the book:

For my English-language readers, The Fool and His Enemy is vailable on

For those who want to order the book that started it all, Origins of the Fourth World War, composed from my 1987-88 working notes, I still have 300 remaining copies (still in plastic wrap), preserved from the original Second Edition (1999). The book can be ordered through my PayPal account at and go for $25 (which includes Priority Mail postage). Be sure to include your mailing address on the PayPal order page.

And because we are soft, we evade the horrors of this reality by any means we can: ideological or chemical; with food stamps and video circus, with liquor and cocaine, with false sciences and false religions; denial oozes from a gutless culture that worships comfort and fashion.

J.R. Nyquist, “Origins of the Fourth World War”


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28 thoughts on “For My Brazilian Friends: As Mentiras Em Que Acreditamos

  1. Just a note, Steve Quayle mentioned your name during an interview recently; you are the go-to for current geopolitical issues.
    I own “The Fool and His Enemy;” I’ll need to get “Origins of the Fourth World War.”
    Thank you for the work that you do.

  2. Jeff

    I,ve been following your sites and on YouTube for many years. Regarding Brazil. I noticed recently that Allan Dos Santos had an article in the Epoch Times. Good for him ! He is somebody, like you, that deserves wider readership.
    Brazil is a big country both in area and population. And seems to have a lot of people on the right and on the left. Many similarities to the U.S.. Maybe the two countries can work together and learn from each other.

      1. Thank you for the correction, Mr. Fontana. I did not mean to sully Brazil’s good name in this matter. Yes, I was confusing it for Argentina; sorry about that.

        I am aware, though, that the two countries have numerous distinctions.

  3. Thanks for the info Jeff. I had the intention of printing some of your latest articles, this book will save me time and money. You and Mr. Olavo de Carvalho are too good for the likes of Allan dos Santos, Bolsonaro (and his god sons) and so many other Brazilian ‘convervatives’. It’s an ugly mess down here too, these people really thought that by changing the president the decades-long marxist subversion of the culture would change and everything would be better. Messianic, intellectual midgets.

    You, conservative, God fearing Americans, still have a LOT to lose, believe me. I could go on about Brazil, but it’d be in vain and would attract gratuitous hate from fellow brazilian readers .

    1. The disintegration of culture catches us all short. People simply will not educate themselves. America has very similar problems as Brazil.

  4. For what it’s worth, friends, I’m copying out below the remarks from a Facebook-page debate I’m engaged in regarding the vaccine. At the end, one person asks where I get my information. Jeff, I’d like to provide him links to the secret speech of the Chinese general and to any article you’ve written that includes Golitsyn’s revelations about the plans of China and Russia to invade. Could you kindly provide those links for us again?

    I think the conversation below is very telling. It shows where the public, liberal mindset is at present, and it’s scary. Read the remarks and see for yourselves. The discussion starts out when I rebuke an old friend, Donald, for mocking those who refuse to take the vaccine:

    GRETCHEN SAYS: My friend, you are the wrong side with this one. Vaccines are being forced on people against their will. In order to live, they must work, and in order to work, they’re being forced to take the vaccine. That is medical tyranny. No one has the right to tell someone else what they must do with their own body. Whether the anti-vaxers are right about the dangers of the vaccine or not, is immaterial. The bottom line is, people are being forced against their will. And THAT is not America.

    JON SAYS: Amerocentrism on full display. Still.

    GRETCHEN SAYS: Acknowledging that in a free country no one should be allowed to inject something into someone else’s body by force, is not being ethnocentric. It’s stating an obvious fact. I’m not ashamed of being an American. Apparently you are,

    HAL: You might technically be an “American” (whatever you consider that to be) but you are the WORST kind of American, the kind who confuses “freedom” with responsibility.

    GRETCHEN SAYS: Hal: Just, WOW.

    DONALD SAYS: Sorry, I strongly disagree, Gretchen. Smallpox vaccine? Did you get that? When 9 out of 10 people that come into the ICUS are not vaccinated, what’s the bottom line. My wife thinks that everyone who doesn’t want to get vaccinated should sign a pledge saying that they promise they won’t go to the hospital if they get sick, except if they have health issues that prevent them from getting vaccinated. As soon as our daughter can get vaccinated, we will do that. I have good friends who died from this disease. End of discussion.

    GRETCHEN SAYS: “End of discussion”? Sad to hear you close the door on the thinking of others, Donald.

    DONALD SAYS: You can discuss all you want on this, dear Gretchen, but I will not reply anymore, it’s pointless.

    RODNEY SAYS: “Medical tyranny” is just right-wing cry-baby talk and means nothing. Jessi has been required to take vaccines her entire life, and this is just performative whining. I’ve got a vested interest in this issue, because sociopaths who won’t take the vaccine have wrecked my business for the second time in two years, and this time utterly pointlessly. Require COVID vaccines for planes. Require COVID vaccines for jobs. 640,000 dead Americans is enough. Make room in the hospitals again for people who need them for medical emergencies, not preventable diseases.

    GRETCHEN SAYS: The vaccine is experimental, my friends. No one can claim to know the results of it long-term. If people want to take that risk and get vaccinated, that’s their right and their business. But it’s not our business to make the decision for someone else. And the risk isn’t only over the long term: according to the CDC VAERS website, the vaccine has caused over 13,000 American deaths. Check out the data:

    REBECCA SAYS: it’s a small sacrifice for the good of many.

    GRETCHEN SAYS: “A small sacrifice for the good of many”? Is risking your life a small sacrifice? And people declining the vaccine do not believe that taking it “helps the many'” anyway. They are concerned that a virus engineered in Communist China, and vaccines also partly engineered in Communist China, may work together to intentionally take down our nation. Who knows what the long-term effects will be? If the vaccines are a trojan horse, then in a couple more years, the unvaccinated may be the only ones left alive in this country. Check out this “fictional” scenario:…/a-very-short-fictitious…/

    REBECCA SAYS: I don’t believe that. I got my vaccines, and I will get a booster when able.

    GRETCHEN: Believe what you will. That’s your right. But don’t accuse those unwilling to make the same decision of being unwilling to make “a small sacrifice.” They perceive the situation differently.

    ELIZABETH SAYS: I couldn’t wait to get vaccinated. I’m disabled, and a nurse came to my apartment and gave me the shot. I’m eternally grateful.

    LAWRENCE SAYS: No one has the right to tell you what to do with your body. Unless it affects my body. And other people’s body. If Andrew Cuomo can’t touch another person, then you sure as hell have no right to get another person, or hundreds of persons ill or harmed for life …. Or die. The America you’re talking about is a fantasy, one in which some warped version of freedom, which has never existed, allows you to do what you want. America is a compact with other people and that compact has created some kind of mutualism and protection for others, albeit not always equally applied. In this case we are talking about equality for all, putting us on the same plane. Killing me is not an option for you.

    JERRY SAYS: Please be sure to let us know how your medical experiment goes, okay?

    GRETCHEN SAYS: Very dangerous rhetoric, Lawrence, saying my not getting the vaccine is “killing” you. It’s beginning to sound like the Salem witch trials here! “That witch put a curse on me. Kill her!” When you whip yourself up to believe, Lawrence, that the unvaccinated are “killing” you, that gives justification for you to kill the unvaccinated, now doesn’t it? All this rage, all this hatred, visible right here on this thread, from friends of my old friend Donald. If we keep going in the direction we’re headed in, sooner or later it’s going to lead to bloodshed. Tone it down, people! Respect other people’s right to choose!

    LAWRENCE SAYS: if I died from your lack of vaccination you will have killed me. Your misinterpretation of hateful rhetoric only reinforces that you don’t get it. You could call it manslaughter if that makes you feel better.

    GRETCHEN SAYS: And what about if I die from you being a carrier of the disease, in spite of your vaccination? Will you have killed me? You are the one who doesn’t get it. When you start talking about killing people, you are on dangerous ground. Is this going to get like Nazi Germany?

    GRETCHEN SAYS: And another thing, Lawrence. If your vaccination doesn’t protect you from my getting the disease, what is the use of your vaccination? I don’t buy into the propaganda that the non-vaccinated cause the diseases to mutate. We have been pushed, pressured, and bullied into accepting the vaccine to the point where half the population is more resistant to it than ever. How can we not be suspicious when that is happening? The disease came from Communist China. Part of the vaccine elements come from Communist China. China and Russia are NOT issuing the vaccine to their own people. Curious, huh? Communist China has the goal of world hegemony. They need more farmland for their people. High-level Communist defectors have said the plan is to invade America. But they can’t do that if half of us are armed and able to fight. Killing us off with an engineered pandemic followed up by a killer vaccine that only kills months after the injection, giving time for the whole population to get injected — now wouldn’t that be a genius stroke of strategy? That possibility is why people are resisting. And those who refuse to consider these things are risking their lives by taking the jab every bit as much as those who don’t take the jab, maybe more. We are tired of the lemmings rushing toward the edge of the cliff saying the rest of us are stupid for not joining them. Stop and THINK, people. Stop blinding trusting everything the media blares at you.

    DONALD SAYS: Dearest Gretchen, you can choose what you like, of course, but there are potentially deadly consequences to your choice. Will you agree not to go to a hospital if you get COVID?

    GRETCHEN SAYS: Why would I agree to that, Donald? Would YOU agree to that? Vaccinated or not, I am in as much danger from you, as you are in danger from me. We all can carry the diseases to one another. The vaccine is not protecting against the delta variant. Two of my vaccinated friends are now in the hospital, at death’s door. Whether or not people take the vaccine is not really the issue.The issue is the rabid attitude of some of us toward one another..

    JEANNE SAYS: Ha ha, sorry, Gretchen. Your thinking is so skewed! Ever worry about polio? No? Thank vaccinations! May you suffer the strength of your convictions!

    GRETCHEN SAYS: Because I disagree with you, Jeanne, you wish me to die of Covid? Hatred, Jeanne. You would have done well in Salem.

    Then Donald posts again, asking what’s the source of my information.

    1. Gretchen: Please link them to Chi’s secret speech. They are missing the whole story. Besides, they are irrational. If the vaccine works they are safe, right? But it does not work and we all know it.

      1. Gretchen, thank you for sharing this verbal battle with us. It’s very interesting. I am not on social media so I admire your willingness to engage those whose thinking is so mean and so faulty. It takes courage and faith to endure the abuse, but I think it’s a positive sign that they are asking for your sources. Maybe some of them will read, but don’t be surprised if it causes more confabulation and argument. They are trying to win an argument. You are presenting another perspective in striving for truth.

        It’s a good thing that we can how these people believe. They obviously believe the vaccine is a cure against the disease and don’t realize that it’s not. COVID 19 is not going anywhere. It’s endemic like the flu. Once that sinks in, maybe some light bulbs go off. Yet, we see that Covid 19 has a 99.7% survival rate and it’s preventable with Ivermectin. So, like you say, why are we trying to jab every arm with the shot? Since the government has misled us on so many things, I can’t see why anyone would trust without doing their own research. That’s what you are doing and it’s wonderful. By the way: quick fact: small pox survival is only 70%…. so there’s no comparison between the two. Polio’s death rate is between 2% and 10%, and it can cripple people for life. Keep fighting for the truth.

    2. Gretchen, there’s no way to introduce liberals to Jeff’s ideas. They’re simply too brainwashed. His essays present such a different worldview that there’s no way for them to assimilate the information. It’s an exercise in futility. They immediately label it a “conspiracy theory” and move on. Better to focus on spreading the word to people who are already conservative.

      1. It’s our Christian duty to show the love of Christ and show those who oppose what we stand for. We stand for the truth whatever and wherever it is. You may be correct that it is futile, but it’s like nursing ad addict who refuses to help themselves. You have to try. However, once your effort has been rejected, what does Christ advise? Matthew 10: 14 “Whoever does not welcome you, nor listen to your message, as you leave that house or city, shake the dust off your feet [in contempt, breaking all ties].”

      2. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t speak the truth. But we should start with simple truths, not exceedingly complex ones that will almost surely be disbelieved.

    3. Wow, that Rodney just said, in other words, “die by the disease or its vaccine, or starve to death”.
      He is the sociopath. But in the end he himself acknowledges it is a preventable disease. Indeed, for many people below 70 years old it is preventable: exercise, vitamin D, healthy diet and weight – which manny americans lack.

      Those posts remind me of that poem which says something like:

      The center cannot hold,
      The best lack all the conviction,
      While the worst are full of passionate intensity.

      But hey, they say, we are not in the middle ages. And people still to this day do not know how the Germans were able to extarminate millions of people…

    4. So sad to see people actually thinking this way. It definitely is scary. Fear has taken over their brains. They will comply with anything they are told, and condemn those of us who dont as selfish mass-murderers.

  5. Gretchen and all… i fight this kind of thinking on “climate change” threads all the time… its spooky…we are the minority now…

    You did a good job posting rational thoughts…

    1. Gretchen made a heroic effort to insert the needed skepticism into the vaccine question. Skepticism should be the rational default position on “scientific” questions. These folks drank the Kool Aid; or, as it happens, got the Kool Aid directly injected into their veins.

      1. Or bleach! Remember last year when Trump made that joke about injections, and our Leftists took it the wrong way. They went about for months afterwards yapping about how Trump was advising the poisoning of people.

  6. 2021, August 20
    Author: Robert O Young CPC, MSc, DSc, PhD, Naturopathic Practitioner

    Phase Contrast Microscopy, Transmission and Scanning Electron Microscopy and Energy-Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy Reveal the Ingredients in the CoV-19 Vaccines!

  7. Jeff, can you give me a link to the general’s speech? I don’t know where to find it on here. Also a link that includes what the defector Golitsyn said about a planned invasion. Also, what is the source of the general’s secret speech, if I am asked? How did it come to be public knowledge?

  8. K, I think we need to speak the truth wherever we can, whenever we can. As Jeff one time pointed out, for America to wake up to what’s happening, liberals and conservatives alike both need to wake up. Who knows what seeds of change we may sow by boldly speaking the truth, in spite of derision? If even one person is listening, and starts to question and think, that is a good thing, right? This is really our only hope of turning the tide against what appears to be coming. The hope may be slim, but it’s all we’ve got. We need to do what we can, and trust in God for the rest. If all the liberals ever hear is endless repetitions of propaganda. they haven’t got a chance. We owe it to them to at least share the other perspective.

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