I know mama. He was my dog. I’ll do it.

Travis, “Old Yeller” (1957)

Friends with blogs warned me not to offer a comment section. It was good advice they gave. But I started a comment section anyway. And it has been valuable at times. Only now there is a lot of growling and threats, and a big chunk has been taken out of me. And too much valuable time has been lost. So how do you shoot Old Yeller?

Believe it or not, I do not share all my thoughts with readers. Not every topic is fit for mixed company. Nevertheless, I have allowed a few insensitive posts that may not have been entirelly suitable for mixed company; for example, the extensive religious discussions in which readers post their own sermons, or quote scripture along with criticisms of other Christian theologies. This has been very destructive and I have deleted many posts and lost readers who thought I was wicked for opposing the “true gospel.” Just to make my position clear: I am not here to decide between Protestants, Catholics and Orthodox Christians.

In terms of tolerance, I am more tolerant than most. Sometimes I even play with trolls. I have frequently allowed posts that are offensive to me; that is, posts written by communists, or those who chamption Critical Race Theory. As a white guy, am I outrageed? Not usually. It is all grist for the mill. Sometimes an ideological enemy gives you a priceless gift; that is, when they admit what they are really thinking. On such an occasion you are empowered to make a point you never would have otherwise made.

Here is a rule to follow: Try not to take disagreements personally. Of course, If they call you a liar, or a shoddy journalist, or a clown, or a joke, then you must take it personally (because the comments are meant to be personal, and are calculated to injure you). But if they are simply expressing an opinion about Americans, or capitalism, or white men, or women, then try to look at it disapassionately. Question the premise you disagree with. See how they react to a carefully reasoned reply.

What apparently offended some of my readers over the weekend, was a remark shared by two men. They suggested women should not have the vote. One of our dearest readers took offense, interpretting this as an insult to female intelligence. Obviously, each sex has its own prejudices, its understandings or misunderstandings about the other. On reading the offending post earlier, I did not recall anything about women being called stupid. To reassure myself, I tried to check, but wasted three hours going through this monstrously long thread without success (because every time I got interrupted I had to start over). Evidently the offending remark was on a previous thread. Oh dear, and there I was, pressed for time. I could not go through another haystack looking for that needle. Please forgive my negligence, but the comment section is too large. It is too large for me to second-guess myself. I simply cannot find things. And this is not first time I have lost an afternoon.

Then we have this issue, which I ought to comment on. Should I delete posts that argue against female suffrage? I do not see why this kind of statement should be censored. It is an ultra-conservative or traditionalist commonplace to say women should not vote. Even Ann Coulter has made the case, saying that the left would not be in a position of power in America if women did not vote (because women tend to vote for the left). Is Coulter serious? One might ask whether the destruction of the country by the left is serious. And yes, it is. If women did not have the vote, we probably would not have had Clinton or Obama in the White House. For whatever reason, studies show that young women are more left wing than young men. In 2016 Trump won 52 percent of votes cast by men and only 41 percent of votes cast by women. Ronald Reagan also suffered from a gender gap of 8 percentage points.

In the United States, in the 1960s, women voted about the same as men. By 1980 a noticable gap began to appear. How do we explain it? Marxist/feminist indoctrination has taken place on college campuses. This kind of indoctrination is not going to work on men because it does not appeal to them. More to the point, women now attend universities in larger numbers than men do. Does that suggest women are less intelligent? Universities are for smart people, right? So Ann Coulter’s argument has nothing to do with sexism, or women being dumb. Ann wants the left to lose, and women are allowing the left to win. Woman are more easily swayed by leftist arguments. They are offered special goodies by leftism. Therefore, women vote for the left more readily. This is an objective fact.

My solution to this problem is more outrageous than anyone else’s. I do not propose to take the vote away from women. I propose to level all our universities, sparing the university libraries. And I propose to make all the professors into night janitors. All indoctrination at the universities stops. Women will return to voting in the same ratios as men. But my solution to the problem is as impractical as those who want to deprive women of the vote; because there is zero chance anything can or will be done to stop the left. They control all our institutions. We will see this play out soon enough.

Should I have censored the obnoxious posting on female suffrage when I read it upon waking Sunday morning? The person who posted the offending remark on women, and the Russian “monarchist” who agreed with it, have colonized my blog; and that in itself is obnoxious. But I allowed the comment because it is in keeping with traditionalist thinking. Why should I disallow traditionalists from posting their opinions when I have allowed communists and defenders of Critical Race Theory to post theirs?

This site has a commentary section for a reason. It was not to spare people’s feelings. In part, I am a polemicist. The dictionary defines a polemicist as “a person who engages in controversial debate.” Controversy is all about disagreement; prolonged, public and heated. The punchline follows: Is this an agreeable or a disagreable project to embark on? [Laugh track here.]

A Challenge to Readers

In my books, The Origins of the Fourth World War as well as The Fool and His Enemy, I argue that we are experiencing a civilization-altering spiritual/intellectual change. A New Religion is now displacing traditional Christianity and its adjunct in classical pagan teachings (i.e., Plato, Aristotle, Thucydides, Cicero, etc.). The New Religion inverts the terms of man’s existence. The New Religion inverts sexuality, rank order, economic principles and morality. The elimination of Christianity as the ruling religion today is strikingly similar to the elimination of paganism as the ruling religion during the fourth century (insofar as it portends the outright destruction of civilization itself).

Described in these terms, my theory is not a conspiracy theory. It is a theory of transition to mass death and destruction. The New Religion cannot produce its own civilization to replace the old. The communist movement, which leads the socialist left, promises only destruction and tyranny. To hide the truth about their policy, and to catch mankind unawares, the New Religion advances under false labels and false flags. The communists themselves, in Russia, Europe and North America, have dispensed with the word “communism.” Yet the thing being pushed – behind global warming, behind vaccine passports, behind the Great Reset – is communism. And it is not “democratic socialism” but Leninist socialism wearing a liberal disguise; that is, the disguise of NEP, Operation Trust, the Green New Deal and Critical Race Theory.

This controversial thesis of mine is rejected by most people on the right. They will tell you “the Illuminati did it,” or “the Satanists did it,” or “Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum did it,” or “the Rothschilds did it,” or “the malefactors of great wealth did it.” My thesis is nothing like theirs. None of the candidates listed by the favored conspiracy theories of the day can explain the last 104 years of history (i.e., since the Bolshevik Revolution). The work of the Soviet Union, the Communist International, the many communist parties throughout the world, has been ignored and described as a “failed experiment.” I say otherwise because I dispute the generally accepted narrative that the Soviet Union collapsed because communism “failed.” No. Communism changed its strategy. As Soviet strategist Georgi Arbatov said in 1988, Moscow’s new secret weapon was to “take away the image of the enemy.” And this is what they did.

When I opened the discussion section here on this blog, I was hoping that somebody would show why this thesis is wrong. Recently, a Russian national posted a video clip of the anti-Leninist ravings of former KGB officer Vladimir Zhirinovsky. He was speaking in the Russian parliament (Duma). He is the head of the Russian Liberal Democratic Party. Only there is a problem, because Mr. Zhirinovsky’s party was formed under the Soviet Union, under the auspices of the KGB itself. And his rant against Vladimir Lenin is a parody of anticommunism. He misstates facts. He bloviates. He plays the part of a buffoon. As we watch the video, we can see a bemused Dmitri Medvedev watching Zhirinovsky’s performance from the Prime Minister’s chair. Does anyone think Zhirinovsky is anything but a clown?

I know what things look like, superficially. After all, we saw Alexander Yakovlev – the ideology chief of the Communist Party Soviet Union – denouncing Lenin in 1991! The idea that communism was defeated, that Lenin was no longer an icon, was underscored by Soviet Russia’s leading Leninist! Ask yourself how this is possible. Why would a party and an empire intentionally pull the plug on itself? They had nuclear weapons. They had the KGB. They had the Red Army. And then, Boris Yeltsin stopped a coup by walking out and standing on a tank while his KGB bodyguard looked on passively. Do you really believe it was honestly done?

I have written many essays detailing the facts about this so-called “collapse of communism.” In all that time nobody wrote a detailed argument showing I was wrong. They just repeated slogans the communists had given them. In fact, those who warned about the coming fake collapse of communism – James Angleton and Anatoliy Golitsyn – were not dealt with by rational argument. They were libeled in books whose authors did the talk show circuit. They were dragged through the mud and called madmen by leading conservatives like William F. Buckley, Jr. But there was no rational argument against their true predictions of the future. Angleton and Golitsyn had been right. And now the end of the long range strategy is upon us.

Russia and China are now moving against us openly – in Afghanistan, the Pacific, Latin America and Eastern Europe. Even so, our conservative pundits are like blind men. They see the incompetence in Washington, yet they do not see the grand strategy that continues to unfold, step by step. We can still hear Sean Hannity and Mark Levin saying that “Reagan won the Cold War.” This slogan, however, is not an argument. It is not historically correct. It is a lie we learned from the communists. But nobody dares to re-examine it.

What do I have to do for someone to debunk me, once and for all? Is my thesis so contemptible, so improbable, that nobody dares to take the subject on? How does one explain Yevgenia Albats’s book, The State Within a State? Or Andrei Codrescu’s The Hole in the Flag? Or what about Mark Reibling’s Wedge, where we read of the 94 percent accuracy of KGB defector Golitsyn’s falsifiable predictions – back in 1994. And I must say, Golitsyn’s accuracy rating just went up another couple of percent since China and Russia joined their forces together.  Or did I just imagine the recent Japanese warning about Russian and Chinese forces practicing a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor a month or two ago?

The threat from Russia and China and our domestic communists is real. The facts I cite are true. Yet these facts are “damned.” That is what Charles Hoy Fort once called inconvenient scientific facts. Here we are writing of inconvenient political facts. And all these facts add up to one truth. It is the truth that my thesis points to; namely, the coming victory of the New Religion. Where is that writer, thinker, scholar who can show where I’ve gone wrong in this thesis? Come on, if you dare. What intellectual errors have I made? What “facts” have I gotten wrong? The only thing I have for my efforts is name-calling. But that is not a proper answer to a thousand articles and several books.

Show me the error of my ways and I will retire from this tiresome subject and do something else. Please show me that communism is not winning? Please show me that Russia and China are not working with all the other communist countries and the communists here in the USA. The comment section is open, for now – open for intelligent criticism, for challenges. What have I gotten so far? A Russian Orthodox impersonator sending me clips from an old KGB officer doing a hilarious parody of a Western liberal democrat as a half-baked, chauvinistic warmonger.

As the communists come to power here in America, watch how they forfeit whole regions of the earth to Moscow and Beijing. As the communists come to power here in America, watch how they pull down the statues of our Founding Fathers. As the communists teach America’s children, watch how those children cheer for socialism and despise capitalism. The United States is in the process of falling. Will you deny it?

Why are the Chinese cheering America’s retreat from Afghanistan? Why are Russian and Chinese troops in Venezuela? Why are the Russians building military infrastructure in Nicaragua? Why have the Russians rebuilt their military in such a way that they now have the advantage in Europe? Why have the Chinese built the largest navy in the world? And why would the American people elect Joe Biden to the White House when Joe Biden has always been a communist shill? – lifted into the Senate by the efforts of KGB agent Armand Hammer, the Council for a Livable World and other communist fronts?

Do you think it’s just an accident that Biden drop-kicked Afghanistan? I do not.

The commentary section will be limited to two days of postings and I will not tolerate massive postings from the same person. I do not write articles so others can write War and Peace in the commentary section.

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169 thoughts on “A Controversial Website with a Discussion Board? Are You Nuts?

  1. We thank you so much for your outstanding work, Jeff while still hoping for our survival. However, it looks like only extra terrestials can save us. Here in EUNUCHALIA and in SICKTORIA in particular, things are going from bad to worse. The last Sunday, our VICTAPO (Victorian Gestapo) used rubber bullets on the protestors for the first time and some people got injured. On 31th of August our trackies are planning the Australia wide strike so it looks like our EUNUCHS re beginning to wake up finally.
    It is also increasingly risky to distribute the leaflets that I print but we are determined to keep fighting.
    Regards – Bogdan

  2. Well said. Thank you Jeff for everything you do and for being a guardian of America.

  3. I’ve been dumbfounded by America’s decline into lawlessness, immorality, and socialism. It’s suicidal. Your theory makes sense to me, but only partially. It’s obvious that in addition to communists plotting our subjugation there are other dark forces at work. You named some of the faces of these dark forces: Klaus Schwab, Satanists, etc. I believe these are all visible tentacles of the invisible ‘principalities and powers’ revealed in Ephesians 6:12.

    1. I always thought of Schwab as a communist or fellow traveler of the communists. He has promoted communists in the past, and was educated by an select cadre of celebrity professors. As for Satanism and child trafficking, these take us toward more elusive storylines — as in the Franklin Coverup or Pizzagate. We never seem to get at the truth. In fact, there are dots connecting Jeffrey Epstein to Russian intelligence. Antisemites assure us he was an agent of Israel. Proof is hard to come by in the wilderness of mirrors, and speculation can lead us into tinfoil hat land. My suggestion is to look at the big formations: the empires and their intelligence services — the ever competent Russian GRU, the Chinese PLA intelligence, or the communist movement itself. To know these thoroughly is to foresee what comes next.

      1. You are spot on Mr. Nyquist about simply understanding the communist movement and the psychological and political motivations for their actions. Once a person does this, it’s easy to predict what they will do, and to recognize their handiwork. I think those turn to veer into unsubstantiated conspiracy theories are those who have not done the work to understand communists fully.

      2. “Oily,” as you characterise Klaus Schwab further below, I think hits the nail. His infamous enterprise, that he founded in 1971 (he was 33 at the time), was initially named, European Management Conference. He only renamed it into World Economic Forum in 1987, which was at the height of Gorbachev’s Perestroika campaign! Klaus Schwab also held several functions in the UN, in the 1990s, such as on the UN’s High-level Advisory Board on Sustainable Development and the UN Committee for Development Planning. Also, in 1998, he and his wife Hilde founded the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship. Klaus Schwab has been an advocate for “stakeholder capitalism” (which is simply a trajectory towards all-out communism) since the 1970s. He has never been anything but a socialist in a capitalist’s clothing.

        And Schwab’s “oiliness” eerily reminds one of other more than suspicious UN figures (well, the whole of the UN is suspicious) such as the meanwhile deceased “UN’s philosopher” Robert Muller (1923 – 2010), who was the personfication of fluffy New Ageism,and rigid, Stalinist communism fused into one. In his later years, Muller said in interviews, and I paraphrase, that if the UN can’t get the job (of global centralisation) done, then the EU should step in instead. There are also figures like Jeffrey Sachs, a great friend (like all the rest of them) of Chinese communism and a rabid advocate of depopulation. He is now, beside his other functions, “advising” a very much like-minded Roman Catholic Church in name only, which has been, ever since the election of John XXIII in 1958 and especially since the “pontificate” of Paul VI (1963 – 1978), nothing more than a socialistic sister organisation of these same United Nations!

        And what was, as he himself describes it, young Klaus Schwab’s “moment of epiphany” back in the 1960s? Meeting on a journey to Brazil, famous Marxist liberation theologian and “priest” Hélder Câmara (1909 – 1999) – Liberation Theology notoriously being pure Marxism with a mere Catholic veneer (which is how communism got its foothold in formerly pious and conservative Latin America, in the first place). In the end, it always comes down to this: It’s a small world, for the ideologically “connected” comrades-in-arms, that is…

        Watch this interview with Klaus Schwab, conducted by the Chinese propaganda outlet, China Global Television Network (CGTN). He IS a communist!

      3. I am glad you mentioned Hélder Câmara. The damage to the Church was real — and Liberation Theology is a Trojan Horse of the most obvious kind.

    2. Tom, I agree that we struggle against principalities and powers, not just against the Communists. The one is the tool or handmaiden of the other. Fortunately, the other side of the coin is that the forces of good are fighting alongside US. It helps me when I remember that.

      1. Yes but the Communists directly killed 100 million, are idedentifiyable and have direct control over WMD.

  4. Jeff, do you agree with the idea that this US driven Afghanistan debacle was an integral part of the Communist plan to cause further US-NATO divisions?
    And, if so, this reveals shocking facts about US leadership, military and political.

  5. So… the Right felt in their bones – their
    need for self-esteem – then did not use
    their reason …. honestly …. thereafter.

    Why did the Right feel a need for self-esteem?
    Why did the Right feel a need for self-esteem?
    Why did the Right feel a need for self-esteem?

    “So now we go to war, at least we won’t,
    have to travel overseas, this time.”

    “This Time”

    a Marching Song

    a rough draft 2021

  6. Mr. Nyquist, thank you for this post. So refreshing to read your rational and lucid posts. I may have some disagreements regarding the election, but we are so blessed to have you educating us regarding communism and what is happening in the world and some of the history which has been so misunderstood. Thank you for what you do. We need more warriors like you.

    1. Thank you. Hopefully we will have audits to find what happened in the election. Trust has broken down, perhaps, because massive corruption has taken hold of our country. Cheating in school has become rampant. Look at the recent mass cheating at West Point. What comes next? Science itself can no longer be trusted. Medical ethics are eroding away.

  7. Mr. Nyquist your analysis of historical communism Is correct and true, as you understand in-depth the internal psychological and political motivations of communists and their strategies which most others do not see.
    The only place you fall short is that you offer no solutions, which is like telling a dying sinner on his deathbed that there is no hope. In your paradigm and with your own internal restrictions you prevent the very salvation that is right in front of us.

    1. Everything depends on a public awareness of the common danger. Solitary persons cannot solve these kind of problems. Only organized groups with resources can offer “solutions.”

      1. Jeff, you convinced me about 25 years ago to consider Golitsyn, et al. You provided an excellent primer and launch point, from which I did my own research. It did not take long to conclude that your thesis was correct. During the life I have lived since there have been countless events, large and small, across all of society and around the world, that reinforce that conclusion. And yes – I do constantly check myself for confirmation bias to ensure I have not fallen into that trap.

        You must feel like Cassandra all the time, sir. I get it. The number of people in America who are mentally “capable” of doing the intellectual work necessary to rationally consider your warnings is a disappointingly small number. An even smaller group exists among those who “are capable” – those who “are willing” to do the work. My assessment of the “capable” and “willing” is not off-the-cuff. The Reds in America have indeed conquered all of our institutions and our society today simply does not produce young people who think – and we have several generations of such uneducated living among us. The overwhelming majority of our countrymen are under the Red influence of one sort or another, usually expressed as their entitlement to some good or service they have not earned that has been produced by or confiscated from a third party.

        It is what it is. We graduate another 3.7 million of these defective ‘countrymen’ from high school every year in America. If they are taught of Jefferson at all, they are taught that he was a slave owning racist and rapist to be reviled. The gap between their teaching of Jefferson and the notion of Jeffersonian Rightful Liberty is a chasm that will not be spanned in their lifetimes. It is beyond their ken.

        I mention the above as foundation to address your comment to Robert Malins. You wrote: Everything depends on a public awareness of the common danger. Solitary persons cannot solve these kind of problems. Only organized groups with resources can offer “solutions.”

        I’d offer a polite challenge to your assessment. I believe that our founding generation faced the exact same threats to freedom and liberty as do we today. They faced tyranny, as do we. Tyranny is tyranny, be it a King’s tyranny or that offered by communists, or muslims, or anyone else who believes that Natural and Constitutional Rights are violable in pursuit of their interests. Of course we face modern weapons and the rest of it, but the fundamental premise is the same: Tyrants demand that we bend knee, or else.

        Our founding generation not only faced the same fundamental threats to liberty and freedom, they showed us how to fight back and win. They gave us the blueprint to defeat tyranny. Our founders did not seek to directly engage the King who was safely out of reach across an ocean, tucked away behind castle walls and surrounded by armies of soldiers. Our founders squared up to the King’s fellow travelers, his henchmen, his useful idiots who were within reach. Our founders made it clear they would not bend knee. The speeches of Patrick Henry and the writings of Thomas Paine, et al, were important – but the simple reality is that it was beating the King’s men in the streets of the colonies, the burning of the homes of Useful Idiots, the destruction of the stores and businesses owned by Loyalists, and ultimately shooting his soldiers in the face that ended the King’s tyranny.

        And directly to your comment to Malins: It was in fact motivated and dedicated solitary persons who formed small groups that got the job done.

        It was not the masses of colonists who rose up. About 20 years ago I researched this tidbit myself by combing through archives from the colonies – at no point during the entire war did General Washington have more than 3% of the population under arms and in the field.

        Sir, I think you set the bar too high if you contend that we must “…raise public awareness of the common danger…” until such point as Americans begin to muster “…organized groups with resources…” to begin offering “solutions”.

        The average American today has no idea what liberty and freedom, as known in 1791, looks like. And worse, the average American today would shrink away from the responsibilities that come with such liberty and freedom. They “want” their unemployment checks more than they want to work. They “want” their video games and EBT cards to magically provide Big Macs. They “want” the low hanging fruit the Reds promise will come if they prevail. Winning the “hearts and minds” of the average American today is not possible – especially if we insist that they educate themselves to understand and comprehend what today has sadly become an abstract such as “Communism”. Sadly it is the vast majority of Americans of all political flavors who are intellectually stunted at the level of “Orange man bad!”.

        The upside is this: The overwhelming majority of people in the field with General Washington were not universally fighting for Jeffersonian ideals, either. They fought for many reasons, as men do in all wars. It is sufficient that a man believes his family is safer and better off if he fights, than not.

        You stated: “Everything depends on a public awareness of the common danger.”

        I would counter that the following is sufficient to raise groups to defeat the tyrants among us: “Everything depends on a public awareness of *a* common danger.”

        You are brilliant. You are correct, I believe, in most facets of your thesis regarding communism and the threats we face. But it is not a sine qua non that we need to educate a majority, or even a plurality, of our countrymen to understand why these threats are imminent – we need only convince a small number of serious Americans that everything they love is at risk if they do not stand up on their feet and begin pushing back – very soon.

        And I offer this to the women who read here: When your child scraped his knee you disinfected it and put a band-aid on it. *You* understood why it was important to do so, even if your child had no comprehension of germs, bacteria, sepsis. It was sufficient for *you* to know what was at stake, and what had to be done.

        Today, the material discussed here is no different. *You* understand the minutia and nuance of Jeff’s thesis. *You* understand what is coming and what it means for your families. *You* know ugliness is imminent, one way or another.

        It is when *You* sit your husbands and sons down and explain that it is more important to the family that they begin truly challenging the evil that is inbound than to continue earning a paycheck, that men will begin to find the motivation necessary to take action.

        Tyrants do not stop tyranting because you appeal to their better natures or go to the ballot box or ignore what they are doing. Tyrants stop tyranting, historically, when you shoot a sufficient number of them in the face.

      2. And therein lies the crux. All opposition is well funded while we are nothing more than skirmishers.

      3. So true. The only problem is that our media is almost completely controlled by the left, and a message like yours stands little chance to get widespread acceptance in the populace. We would be lucky to have 5% of the population that understood the things you say sufficiently and was therefore willing to act. But that equals 16 million patriotic Americans, which is approximately 20 to 30 times more than a communist government could amass on our soil in soldiers and police, if all their members were on the regime’s side, which they certainly would not be. Solving this historical mortal threat is possible if we start realizing and understanding that it is.

      4. This is why events are the key. We cannot move men unless we use events as leverage. The events that are coming toward us, are momentous.

      5. Jeff said: To have a serious shot at defense, we have to rally our people and resources. So far, we are empty-handed and without support.

        Malins said: The only problem is that our media is almost completely controlled by the left, and a message like yours stands little chance to get widespread acceptance in the populace

        I suggest you are both looking for prerequisites – to rally our people and resources, to establish widespread acceptance *before* any significant action can take place or succeed.

        Once again I look to our founding generation. It was one man who was responsible for mustering the other 70+ at Lexington (a great many of whom were related by blood and marriage). I suggest that there is already widespread agreement that “we will not vote our way out of this” by a sufficient number of serious people across America, who know that we will come to blows before this is over. I suggest they *are* rallied, and ‘resources’ are laid-in. Good luck finding a combat-effective firearm in stock anywhere in America. Good luck finding ammo to feed such firearms. The toilet paper and other shortages at the beginning of the COVID nonsense resonated with a great number of such people, and they have filled the gaps in the essentials in their pantries and basements. The serious among us have been watching, and quietly preparing.

        Somewhere out there, right now, are many John Parkers who simply have not yet walked to the green.

        It will take only one of them to do so, in the right moment, to take action, to be the catalyst that motivates the others to step off their porches. Remember the example of Lexington – one man walked to the green with 70 or so like-minded men. By the following evening the British were being harried all the way to Boston by several thousand armed and motivated militia.

        While we have no uniformed Red Coats to target today, if one watches the news it is clear that a great many serious Americans have already identified the people in their own communities who are the problem. They see the local politicians who are shuttering businesses, they see the busy-bodies who are forcing CRT and other nonsense on their children. They know which businesses are supporting the LGBTQ filth. They know who the bad guys are, and they know where they work and live in their own communities. And all of these local Reds are within reach. It is hardly a stretch to envision colleges burned to the ground by a few serious Americans who have decided that the academics shall no longer have a place to hide and practice their evil.

        The problem, of course, is that once this begins there will be no controlling it – it will be the fire of which George Washington warned. And it will run its terrible course and only end once it has burned itself out. I am not sanguine that what remains in the aftermath will much resemble ‘civilization’.

        I believe America is at that same moment right now as existed April 19, 1775. It won’t take much of a spark to fire off this powder keg. It will not come from the “Proud Boys” and their ilk – they are not serious people. It will be a moral man (or woman) who has decided that the safety of his family demands action. Then we will see if God still favors us…

      1. No Janelle, I have very high praise for Mr. Nyquist. His work has been one of the building blocks of my current understanding of the communist movement. I just think that his work is the very first important step in establishing understanding and motivation, but if it is left there it will be deemed historically worthless. I’m trying to discuss with other people what our options are, which we better figure out quickly.
        Now the definition of a troll generally is somebody who comes on a site and simply tries to stir up agitation without meaning what they say, simply deriving pleasure from the controversy. Please be assured, I mean exactly what I say, and would always rather be in accord with everyone. But my convictions of what is happening and what needs to happen will not allow me to do that at all times.

  8. Jeff you are the best! You are the consummate historian and very talented. You have years of articles proving you are over the target. Thanks for all the sacrifice.

  9. Jeff, thank you for your essay. I loved how you transitioned from our pillow fight on gender issues to your core thesis. My husband and I laughed aloud when we read your “final solution” for the universities! If only a divine hand could make that happen. Short of that, if we just stop sending our children there, maybe the leftist universities would die a more natural death. I have sent your information about Mike Lindell to some of my friends who are very very involved in election integrity in Texas and are on some type of regular video conference with the Lindell team. They are not the types to “drink the Lindell Koolaid” so I am sure they will read your work with an open mind.

    As a regular reader, I am very happy with your new guidelines. May I suggest that you state your guidelines in your footnotes on a regular basis so new readers will know is expected?

    Now, onto my response to your heartfelt excellent essay:

    You have persuaded me that your thesis is correct. I am a small business owner, so not an expert on these topics. This morning, I read that Homeland Security has identified the most dangerous people in our society as 1. Those who disagree with the COVID restrictions of lockdowns, mask mandates, vaccine passports, etc. 2. Those who believe that there was election fraud in 2020. In the past they have even listed people who pass out Constitutions. When I read this, have to believe that the government has been infiltrated by some major power—China or Russia– because that’s truly crazy thinking to believe these people are the most dangerous people in America….unless it’s because they threaten their own power and authority.

    The one question I have about the so-called collapse of Communism stems from a speech I heard from a guy named Roger Robinson, senior director of financial affairs on the National Security Council under President Reagan. He claimed that our government helped topple the Russian regime by persuading American and European banks to deny the Soviet Union access to capital. If you know anything about that, would you care to comment?

    Winston Churchill wrote, “If you will not fight for freedom when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”

    The Spartans at Thermopylae knew this. The fighting Jews of Masada knew this, when every man, woman and child died rather than submit to tyranny. The Texans who died at the Alamo knew this. The frozen patriots (suffering under small pox) of Valley Forge knew this. Freedom isn’t free. Thank you for spreading the word. I will do my part to keep sharing your essays.

  10. Sadly and tragically, whether we like it or not, Mr. Nyquist has been 100% correct all along. This is America’s own Bolshevik Revolution, and by extension the entire world’s “World October”. Stalin once said that the encirclement of socialism by capitalism would have to be turned around into an encirclement of capitalism by socialism before the World Revolution could succeed. We are right there. Nobody paid attention when underneath Gorbachev’s “charm offensive” the Soviet Union made it crystal-clear that perestroika was in fact the “continuation of the October Revolution”. And certainly none of those in authority in the West ever bothered reading Anatoliy Golitsyn’s dire warnings published way back in 1984, such as this one:

    “The communist strategists are now poised to enter the final, offensive phase of the long-range policy, entailing a joint struggle for the complete triumph of communism. Given the multiplicity of [communist] parties in power [throughout the world], the close links between them, and the opportunities they have had to broaden their bases and build up experienced cadres, the communist strategists are equipped, in pursuing their policy, to engage in maneuvers and strategems beyond the imagination of Marx or the practical reach of Lenin and unthinkable to Stalin.” (New Lies for Old: The Communist Strategy of Deception and Disinformation’; p. 327.)

    The most clearsighted assessment made during this passed turbulent week was probably the one by retired Commander of the British Forces in Afghanistan, Colonel Richard Kemp:

    1. Clarification: “Most clearsighted assessment” made on the big public stage…

      1. I’m not sure what you mean. I merely gave the links to these two parts of Mark Levin’s interview with Col. Richard Kemp. As you can see, I didn’t give a specific quote from what the Colonel said.

        But here’s Col. Kemp’s clear-cut conclusion with regard to what should be done about this dangerous “Commander-in-Chief” (see YouTube video above, beginning at the 4:39 time mark):

        “The U.S. government, the U.S. government, President Biden, humiliated the United States. He humiliated the United States Army. In my opinion – and I don’t say this lightly, and I’ve never said it about anybody else, any other leader in this position – people have been talking about impeaching President Biden. I don’t believe President Biden should be impeached. He is the Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces, who has just essentially surrendered to the Taliban. He shouldn’t be impeached. He should be court-martialed for betraying the United States of America and the United States Armed Forces.”.

      2. I wonder if there is any relation to the British anticommunist fighter Peter Kemp.

  11. Here’s the link to Roger Robinson’s talk. It’s about 55 minutes. He first discusses our secret strategy to bring down the Soviet Union financially by blocking their access to capital, blocking their access to oil field permafrost technology and forcing European companies not to sell that stuff to the USSR. Then he compares this to what is happening with us and China now. He gave the talk at Hillsdale College in 2019, one of the few universities that I would pay to send my grandchildren to. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gutkEBge55k

    1. I had posted an earlier comment, but I don’t see it. Just wanted to add, Jeff. I fully support your ideas and thesis. Just had a question about Roger Robinson. If you watch the talk, you’ll see it’s cram full of facts and figures and examples.

      1. I was told by a Russian defector that Roger Robinson’s strategy against the Soviet Union in the 1980s seriously hampered their plans. No doubt the perestroika deception was maintained snd adopted because of patriots like Roger.

  12. I appreciate the time and effort you pour into educating your readers. I am a mother to five. Sadly, I feel that the young adults in our nation have no idea what is happening in our country and abroad. Distraction is all around.

    -Conservative woman voter🇺🇸

  13. Jeff, thank you for all your hard work writing and managing this blog. At least we’re going to know what hit us because of your warnings. And I’m still not convinced that all is lost. The Lord works in mysterious ways, and is certainly capable of saving us again, should He choose to.

    Quick question— would you be alright with us starting a “J R Nyquist discussion & news group”— or something along those lines— on Facebook? I’m not sure I have the time to lead it, but I wanted to throw the idea out as a possibility, if someone else would like to step up. I would certainly join. Or if not on Facebook (because of privacy) then perhaps on some other forum. That way we could continue our discussions— just not on your blog. And someone else could moderate the discussion, instead.

      1. The way that facebutt works is you post your threads, and other’s comments get deleted by censors, unless the comments suit community standards, whatever those are supposed to be. It isn’t spelled out.

    1. K, if we get onto Facebook, we will get censored and shut down before we even know what hit us. I’m in a Facebook group of 30,000 people fighting the Washington State mandate that state employees must get the vaccine. It’s only been in existence a couple of weeks and already is about to be closed down by the dragons who run Facebook.

      1. Those are being shut down because they’re so large, and thus a perceived threat. I think we could probably fly under the radar. But I could be wrong. Perhaps we could simply name it, “Antifa and BLM supporters.” Then we could post whatever we wanted, and anyone reporting us would be banned. 🤣

      2. An undercover Covid Live Exercise Stasi baited me once. He was born and raised in Soviet East Germany and worked as private security for the NSA at Teufelsberg. I mistook him for a friend, before the virus hoax began. Then he and other sleepers started menacing me. Anyway, I forget what the issue was, but said, “What’s the matter with Americans? In Europe we just take to the streets.” I realize in hind sight that he was trying to get me to talk insurrection in order to entrap me. I don’t like crowds and I don’t join clubs. I’m never the one to start trouble. I don’t make threats. I don’t take crap. People need to defend their homes. Let the useful idiots and agent provocateurs, take to the streets, compete for the Darwin Award.

      3. Devil’s Mountain was created with land fill, so the name is not ancient. Is it really deserted now? How deep is the basement? Why is there a Space Monkey painted on the roof, and why does Google redact it? I’m reminded by the image of the Nazca Lines. Who is supposed to see it?

    1. K, I agree that Greyknight had some excellent posts, but as Jeff indicated, he “colonized the website” and commented way too much, thus helping create the problem that prompted the change in policy. Let’s please not encourage each other to over-post.again, or we may lose this blog forever.

    2. I did comment too much on the last article. I wasnt purposefully trying to colonize the blog, but that is what I was doing. I admire Mr. Nyquist, and this site, so I will not post excessively again. I scrolled back through the comments, and frankly I was embarrassed by how many posts I had made. I can see how it was obnoxious.

      And I’m glad Mr. Nyqust went easy on me, and did not boot me.

      I apologize to everyone for contributing to shortened comments time.

  14. Stunner! Expert says ‘FDA-approved’ Pfizer shot is NOT what people have been getting
    Claims feds are playing ‘little trick’ between ‘two separate vaccines’
    Bob Unruh
    August 25, 2021

    A U.S. Navy corpsman administers a U.S. Marine with the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine on Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, Jan. 15, 2021. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Rachel K. Young-Porter)

    In a much-trumpeted announcement this week the Food and Drug Administration said it was approving for general use the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.

    Americans have been getting Pfizer shots for months already, under an emergency use authorization.

    But an expert in the field says what reports have failed to include is that the vaccine approved by the FDA is not the same as the one that’s already been in use.

    It is Dr. Robert Malone who said during an interview on “The Warroom with Steve Bannon” that the vaccines are similar, but not the same.

    TRENDING: Biden deflects as reporter confronts him with poll showing Americans don’t think he’s ‘competent, focused or effective’
    Bannon asked, is the “authorized” vaccine now ready to be administered to patients?

    “It’s absolutely not available,” Malone explained. “The little trick that they’ve done here is that they’ve issued two letters, separate letters for two separate vaccines. The Pfizer vaccine which is what is currently available, is still under emergency use authorization, and it still has the liability shield.”

    He said, “The product that’s licensed is the BioNTech product which is substantially similar but not necessarily identical. It’s called Comirnaty … and it’s not yet available. They haven’t started manufacturing it or labeling it and that’s the one that the liability waiver will no longer apply.”

    He said. “So the one that’s actually licensed is not yet available and when it does become available it will no longer have the liability shield.”

    Malone is recognized as knowledgeable, as WND reported earlier on his status as inventor of the mRNA technology behind the COVID-19 vaccines.

    He previously warned that Americans don’t have enough information to decide whether or not the benefits of getting the shots outweigh the risks.

    Malone – after YouTube deleted a video interview of him discussing the risks of COVID-19 shots – told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson he’s concerned that the government is not being transparent.

    “I am of the opinion that people have the right to decide whether to accept vaccines or not, especially since these are experimental vaccines,” Malone said.

    “This is a fundamental right having to do with clinical research ethics,” said Malone. “And so, my concern is that I know that there are risks. But we don’t have access to the data, and the data haven’t been captured rigorously enough so that we can accurately assess those risks.

    “And therefore … we don’t really have the information that we need to make a reasonable decision.”

    In the government’s announcement this week boasting of the FDA approval of the “first COVID-19 vaccine,” it identified that as the “Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine,” which “will now be marketed as Comirnaty.”

    Acting FDA commissioner Janet Woodcock said the FDA “approval” “may now instill additional confidence to get vaccinated.”

    The FDA said the vaccine already has been available under the emergency use provisions.

    “Comirnaty contains messenger RNA (mRNA), a kind of genetic material. The mRNA is used by the body to make a mimic of one of the proteins in the virus that causes COVID-19,” the FDA explains. “The result of a person receiving this vaccine is that their immune system will ultimately react defensively to the virus that causes COVID-19. The mRNA in Comirnaty is only present in the body for a short time and is not incorporated into – nor does it alter – an individual’s genetic material.

    “Comirnaty has the same formulation as the EUA vaccine and is administrated as a series of two doses, three weeks apart.”

    The FDA also warned of side effects such as “fatigue, headache, muscle or joint pain, chills, and fever” as well as “myocarditis and pericarditis” and admitted “information is not yet available about potential long-term health outcomes.”

    However, a government vaccine information “fact sheet” on the issue specifically lists the shots as two separate objects.

    “You are being offered either COMIRNATY (COVID-19 Vaccine, mRNA) or the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine to prevent Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) caused by SARS-Co-V-2,” the sheet insists.

    Multiple times throughout the “fact sheet” the FDA refers to the two separately, despite claims that they have the same formula, and ingredients.

    For example, it explains, “This Vaccine Information Fact Sheet for Recipients and Caregivers comprises the Fact Sheet for the authorized Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine and also includes information about the FDA-licensed vaccine, COMIRNATY (COVID-19 Vaccine, mRNA).”

    It separately identifies “COMIRNATY (COVID-19 Vaccine, mRNA)” as the FDA-approved drug made by Pfizer for BioNTech and then the separate “Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine that is under emergency use authorization.

    The government insists, too, that the “COMIRNATY (COVID-19 Vaccine, mRNA) and the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine,” in fact, “have the same formulation and can be used interchangeably to provide the COVID-19 vaccination series.”

    They specifically are addressed differently, with one being “authorized” and the other “approved.” The FDA repeatedly mixes the two, carefully keeping in place the differences between “authorized” and “approved.”

    It explains both contain, “mRNA, lipids ((4-hydroxybutyl) azanediyl)bis(hexane-6,1-diyl)bis(2-hexyldecanoate), 2 [(polyethylene glycol)-2000]-N,N-ditetradecylacetamide, 1,2-Distearoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine, and cholesterol), potassium chloride, monobasic potassium phosphate, sodium chloride, dibasic sodium
    phosphate dihydrate, and sucrose.”

    Even in its question-and-answer stage on the fact sheet, it explains what happens if people choose not to get “COMIRNATY (COVID-19 Vaccine, mRNA) or the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine.”


  15. Alright everyone, I just created the group on FB, it’s called “J. R. Nyquist Blog Discussion Group.” I’ll approve anyone who joins.

    @TV Eyes thanks for posting that WND article, I missed that this morning. Shocking!

    Did everyone see this on Trevor Loudon’s site the other day?

    “China’s Next More Dangerous Bioweapon And How The U.S. Is Helping Them Build It”


    1. I still wonder why the US ever gave Saddam Hussein chemical weapons. Well, we did tell him not to use him, just like God told Eve not to eat the fruit from that tree. We armed and trained, three hundred thousand, Afghani Muslims to fight other Jihadis, and then we walk away, leaving Americans there to fend for themselves. Could this have been done as pretext for another military industrial bonanza, like Desert Storm? Does this question undermine Jeff’s thesis that China and Russia manipulate the US at every turn, or does it prove it to be so?

      from, Pale Rider

      1. We gave Saddam the chemical weapons because he was losing his war with Iran and we did not want Iran to defeat him and gain control of more territory from which they could threaten the Gulf oil. Arming Saddam, at the time, was preferable to fighting Iran ourselves. But then we destroyed our own position by invading Iraq in 2003. We always arm the wrong people, or shoot ourselves in the foot by intervening at the wrong place. We do this because we are unclear as to which player is on which side and how things actually work on the ground. Our enemies can always play off our clueless choices.

      2. Chemical weapons are weapons of mass destruction, which would be illegal for the US to use against Iran, unless Iran were to use them first. So then we gave WMDs to Iraq to use? Has China or Russia crossed that line?

  16. Just to clarify with regard to universities, there are more women nowadays attending then men, but men get the same indoctrination there. As far as religion and communism, Marx did make reference to Satan; perhaps poetically if not literally. You’re thesis Jeff, is credible, but it requires a testable component in order to become a theory. It’s no more or less substantiated than the view that Masons run the World. There is substantial evidence that Masonry is Satanic. They say that there’s no such thing as an ex Marine. When a Marine is discharged from the Corp, many join the Masons. The Marine Corp originated in a tavern which was a Mason’s lodge. The Temple of Set, a Satanic cult, is founded by retired US General, Michael Aquino, a military intelligence officer specializing in psychological warfare. Perhaps he’s Communist? Perhaps Communism, is Masonic? I don’t see that your thesis or what you call, conspiracy theories, are necessarily mutually exclusive.

      1. No, a theory has to include a testable component. Unfortunately, your thesis, is the same as Communism itself, in so far as it can not be tested in a vacuum. I did say that I find your thesis credible, though, did I not? I agree that we must be vigilant and defensive. Injecting our military with poison is a bad idea for one thing. All civil servants are being ordered to get the shots. This will save a fortune in tax dollars. I suppose private security guards will have to take up the slack when China invades.

      2. In social science a theory — to be scientific — a theory must be falsifiable. Therefore, IF you could show that communist structures, plans and concepts no longer guide Russian or Chinese policy — that some other set of ideas are used, then you could disprove my thesis; for example, if Russia actually developed rule of law and held free and fair elections my theory would be over.

      3. Social science is pseudo science. Debunkers are losers. Everyone debunks your thesis, and it proves nothing. My personal view, is that Russian and Chinese military and political leaders, must confess to be convinced Communists, or else be executed, but in practical terms, they are merely expedient. All major powers have a great many scenarios. None of the know what is actually going to happen. I don’t find it mere coincidence, though, that every country in the World mandates for citizens to wear masks which do not save lives as touted. Someone is pulling everyone else’s strings. If they can make us wear a mask for no good reason, then they can infringe on all other rights as easily.

      4. Social science is pseudo science? That depends. It is a big and diverse field of study. You evidently have not done much reading in the social sciences. Much that goes on in “hard” science is pseudo-science. Look at today’s climate science. Or virology.

      5. In any science a theory must be falsifiable.

        Jerry Pournelle (d. Sep 2017), on his blog, many times lamented that there is no scientific sociology. Having a PhD in both Psychology and Political Science (which he felt should be called Political Philosophy), hid opinion carries great weight. In my opinion, there are few “social scientists” that can regarded as scientists because they have whored themselves out for political influence instead of standing and searching for truth. Part of Jerry’s work for his PhD in Psychology was a computer program (written in machine language because there were no high level languages at the time) to invert a matrix which became part of a program meant to predict academic success. The work was done as part of a contract for the Navy as they had great interest in such an ability. The program was tested on one incoming class at the U of WA. It lit off a firestorm when several majors had no predicted failures and the results were released to the class. The work was ended because of the political implications for the university, but not before providing the fodder for Pournelle’s dissertation.

        This, alas, is just one example of what has happened in the so called social sciences. It has since bled over into the hard sciences. It has come out that much. if not most, of the “peer reviewed” science can not be duplicated. In short, much, if not most, “science” is fraudulent. This has very serious implications for the future.

      6. Back decades ago, when I studied science at a university, all that was required to have a scientific study was that it is based on observable phenomena, where the observations are repeatable. If patterns are noticed in repeatable observations, just mentioning that pattern is already a scientific hypothesis. The pattern doesn’t have to be measurable, nor even understood, just has to be noticeable by repeatable observation.

        The discovery of Lyme disease is a good example of science in action. A couple of housewives noticed a certain pattern of disease symptoms. They didn’t understand what they had found. Just their description of the pattern they had found, their hypothesis, was enough to set researchers on a quest to discover what the pattern meant.

        Any theory not based on repeatable observations is ipso facto not scientific. Did a guy named Napoleon conquer most of Europe two centuries ago? We can’t observe that today, therefore that’s not a scientific question. That’s a historical question, and the rules for history are different from those for science. Did dinosaurs die out 65 million years ago? Even the dating methods are based at least partially on inobservable presuppositions which invalidate the whole, therefore this question is also not scientific. Does the Christian God exist? By definition, he is inobservable, therefore this is not a scientific question.

        Social sciences exist, albeit harder to quantify and often plagued by fraud. Careful researchers can notice and describe patterns noticed in repeatable observations.

        What Jeff has noticed from repeated observations is that there are certain patterns connected with communism, how its disciples act. By the definition of science I was taught at the university, what Jeff has done is a scientific study of a certain subset of humanity. The ways to disprove his theory is a) show that he is working from a faulty set of data or b) that the patterns don’t exist. On both counts, Jeff’s observations are solid.

        But as Jeff has said, and I concur in spades, there has been a tremendous corruption of science since I attended the university. Some of just the chickens coming home to roost from corruption over a century old, some, like “climate science”, newly minted since I left the university. When someone says “science”, we no longer know what he means by that term.

    1. My understandings is that there definitely are secret groups and secret networks. Mr. Nyquist has also talked how communist movement is not composed of only communists: there are both the hidden inner circle and the outer circle composed of manipulated masses. And there has been many secret groups during the history and also public groups that have both inner and outer circles.

      But how much power can these secret networks really have over the people, if people are good and have integrity? In my country we see many politicians doing bad decisions and it is sometimes difficult to find out the reason, difficult to guess their motives and difficult to say whether they are incompetent, deceived by an ideology, corrupt or maybe part of some secret network.

      The real problem is that no one is held accountable and people just let them do these things. What Im most afraid of is the communist trying to corrupt the moral values of people, so people just end up willingly closing their eyes when bad things happen. And there is plenty of evidence. We know communist are doing that. Marxist teach that the end justifies the means.

      Also in that kind of environment secret networks have lot of power.

      I want to thank Mr. Nyquist for yet another great article. The communist strategy has many strengths, but it is bound to have weakness’s as well. Knowing your enemy is surely essential, and this blog is valuable and has abundant information.

      1. There are secret groups and secret networks. In the ancient world there was a Dionysian cult that was infiltrating the Roman Republic during the second century B.C. You will find an account of it in Titus Livius’ history of Rome. At first the Roman Senate was skeptical of the cult’s existence. When they realized how subversive it was, and how it had already gotten inside senatorial families, they aggressively went after these people and ruthlessly pruged it. Wise leaders, on seeing strange cults, know they are dealing with something with massive destructive potential. Igor Shafarevich writes about the Cathars in his book, “The Socialist Phenomenon.” Here was a cult that infiltrated to the highest ranks of medieval society, that also infiltrated the Catholic Church. It was a cult that hated the cross, hated Christianity, hated worldly existence itself. It was a socialist suicide cult which murdered untold numbers of people. If the Church had not initiated a Crusade against the Cathars, all of Europe might have been destroyed. Shafarevich shows similarities between this cult and later socialist cults. When we study Karl Marx, this same murderous rage underlies his writings. There is a dark spirit here. What I will suggest, in this context, is that the KGB was intensively interested in all secret societies and occult groups. They probably have the most extensive library, in Moscow, on occult subjects and groups. The Soviet secret police were undoubtedly tasked with infiltrating these groups with the objective of taking control of these groups for their own purposes. In James Heiser’s brilliant biography of Russian occultist Aleksandr Dugin, “The American Empire Should Be Destroyed,” we read how the KGB recruited Dugin by offering him a deal. “If we show you our occult archives, you will work for us.” Dugin could not resist this offer. Knowledge, after all, is power for such people.

  17. Hi Jeff:

    You recently had a voluntary payment/contribution method available on your site in the event a reader is interested in supporting your work.

    I’m not finding that at this time. Would you mind directing me to it? I hope it hasn’t been removed.

    Wishing you all the best.


    1. Jim, you went right past it as you scrolled down from the top of the article. If you go to the last paragraph of the article you should see it right below the last sentence.

  18. Thank you for your work. Until I began reading your articles a couple of months ago I had no idea that international communism had such a big role in everything that’s happening in the world and my country (Australia).

  19. Mr Nyquist, your work is far too valuable to expend vast amounts of your limited time on playing blog moderator. I appreciate the opportunity to interact with you and others via the comments section, but I fully understand that the freedom to comment seems to draw out the provocateurs and the mentally unbalanced in at least equal proportion to the healthy and beneficial commenters. I will continue to read the blog and support your work even if comments are completely turned off, but I hope they can be continued in a limited format.

  20. Mr. Nyquist,

    Previously (I believe in your interview with Mike Adams), you predicted an imminent kinetic attack on U.S. soil by China/Russia; I believe you cautioned to watch August. I would be grateful for any further thoughts on this. Do you think an invasion here is likely, and soon?

    Thank you sincerely for sharing your insights so liberally, when doing so takes such a toll.

    1. I had I information today confirming the movement of small numbers of a Russian Spetsnaz into Mexico. The deployment is very small and very slow- motion. It could be a training exercise or it could be the real deal. I have no clear information. Regarding numbers. It began earlier this year. The Mexican cartels have made an agreement with the Russian generals. Cash payment per soldier smuggled. They are involved in infiltrating these Russian commandos into the USA. I hope my sources are wrong. I fear these reports align with other information. So many other sources suggest war is coming “within months.”

      1. Thank you. Things have felt so frenetic lately, and then take the coincidental timing of the Afghanistan debacle/trap and FDA “approval” — triggering an immediate mandate for our service members. What seemed like rapid acceleration now seems like desperation, as if to meet a deadline.

      2. @Jeff Please do tell. What other telltale signs do you see? I would expect to see something catastrophic related to the vaccines, first.

        On a different note, I’d like to share something I’ve found:


        This is probably the article Dr. Lee Merritt talked about during her early interviews when she described a certain cat study (antibody-dependent enhancement).

      3. There was a vaccine technology that was developed to fight HIV. When you read about it, given what is happening, you will never agree to being vaccinated under present conditions.

      4. I will go and I’ll look into this failed HIV inoculation. Wasn’t Fauci involved with that somehow, also?

        Well, Mr. Nyquist, you may lose respect for me with this, although I hope not, but, full disclosure, I got two Moderna doses back in the spring. I didn’t originally want it, but I was kind of coerced to do it by my family–they threatened to kick me out of the house if I remained unvaccinated–true story.

  21. I’m perplexed as to why the commentators on this site would want to support the very company, Facebook, that is working to enslave us. May I suggest an alternative site that Diana West posts at which is Gab.com

    1. Even Jeff is on Facebook, or he used to be. A lot of us are, purposely sharing the types of stories that Facebook is working to censor. But if someone would like to start a Gab.com group, I’d probably join that one, too.

  22. Jeff: you wrote “A New Religion is now displacing traditional Christianity and its adjunct in classical pagan teachings (i.e., Plato, Aristotle, Thucydides, Cicero, etc.).” Is that not the heart of the matter? Yet have you not soft-pedaled it so softly that most people have missed it?

    I, from a theological historic viewpoint, see that the exchange started over a century before the communist victory in Russia. It started in the theology departments of the universities, no less. The poison spread from the seminaries to the pulpits to the laity. While this was not full-blown communism, it plowed the fields so that the communist seeds could sprout and thrive. If Barna’s surveys are accurate, only 6% of Americans are Christian, if even that, and in Europe fewer. Will we be like the elderly who told Solzhenitsyn “The reason this tragedy (communism) came upon us is because we as a people left God.”?

    What we need are Jeremiahs calling for us to repent, lest God’s wrath is poured on us. We need Ezekiel like watchmen to warn their fellows of the consequences of their actions. Instead we have preachers give us a soft, effeminate god who wouldn’t hurt a fly, who does all these nice things for us because he loves us, and that’s in the conservative churches. Other churches go off on wild flights of fancy about the future that can’t be found in the Bible. Then the liberal churches go off in their own ways. The end result in all three is that laity are bumps on pews, consumers, there to be entertained instead of present to be given marching orders for their tasks. Is it not past time for some real fire and brimstone teaching to wake up people?

    A new religion has largely displaced Christianity. One that has no absolutes for right and wrong. One that is infinitely corruptible. One that is primed for the wickedness of a communist dictatorship if its people are not communists themselves.

    Jeff, you are doing what you can. Please keep it up. Thank you for your efforts.

  23. You dismiss the Rothschild influence too easily. Who owns the central banks, who profits from the proliferation of communism and the ensuing chaos? Who bankrolled communism? Who does the WEF front for?
    The British used to use their (Rothschild) interbank agents in leu of their own intelligence agencies during the 19th and 20th centuries. Victor Rothschild, 3rd Baron Rothschild, ran the UK black budget intelligence operations.
    These are indisputable facts, yet you dismiss the Rothschild connection as a crank conspiracy theory while you have the other pieces in place.

    1. I dismiss the idea that the Rothschilds controlled Stalin, controlled Hitler, controlled Mao, controlled the Communis Bloc, control the strategic plan for destroying the West. A banker wants to make money. Why should he destroy his customer? The most common mistake in science is to confuse a cause with an effect. Let’s be careful here. What proof, what evidence, can you amass that the Rothschilds controlled Stalin, controlled the CPSU, controlled Lenin, Mao, Castro, Ho Chi Minh, and the communist movement worldwide. What makes you think the communists are beholden to a banking family? Why do you draw this conclusion when so much history suggests it is an overreach?

    2. New Zealand hopes to reopen by next year. Coincidentally, that’s where the Rothschilds live.

  24. Mr. Nyquist is spot on regarding women and the vote. Of course suffrage will not be repealed, but now only enhanced by the myriad Democratic Party ‘voting rights’ legislation efforts at both state and federal levels. Democrats know who their voting blocs are; Republicans are too often ignorant of theirs, a sizable number of them refusing to even acknowledge the rise of the Trump base phenomenon. But returning to the female vote itself, “I’m just sayin’ ” that it has to be judged largely by one thing: the results. And over the past century, the results—-economically and especially socially—-have not on balance been good, in the U.S. at least. Consider what *could* additionally have been said if suffrage had been enacted in 1910 instead of 1920, and that *would* have been that we never had (genuine) world wars until women had the vote. But surely a majority of women in 1912 and 1916 would have voted for Woodrow Wilson. So could we still lump World War I in as part of the ‘spoils of suffrage’? I think very much perhaps. Yet regardless of whether we could, we still have a possible World War III to go, so we can definitely line up *that* result (if it happens) right now, anyway. Which will only expose one ugly and unfortunate but afterwards irrefutable nail-in-coffin truth about suffrage’s ultimately negative impact: “Two out of three ain’t bad”. Seeming as women are the reputedly more compassionate, peaceful component of humanity (???), we have to ask: How is that?

    1. My grandmother was born in 1897 and lived to be 103, dying in 2001. I once asked her what she thought of getting the vote in 1920. She laughed at the question. I asked her who she voted for. She said, “Warren G. Harding.” She was a practical old Swede, raised on a farm near Paxton, Illinois. Her father knew horses and was very good with them. He said, by the way, that cars were “just a fad.” She had a sixth grade education but knew more history, had better grammar and spelling, than all the college undergraduates I taught at UC Irvine. She wrote the most beautiful letters in an elegant cursive hand and corresponded her whole life with cousins in Sweden (written in Swedish).

  25. I prefer to exist in a middle-spectrum society in regards to capitalism and socialism, but it seems to me that middle ground is increasingly unacceptable to corrupt corporate and big money/power interests. For one thing, smaller businesses of the past and present have been/will be overwhelmed thus put out of business by our virtual corp-ocracy. …

    Unlike a few social/labor revolutions of the past, notably the Bolshevik and French revolutions, it seems to me that virtual corporate rule and the superfluously wealthy essentially have the police and military ready to foremost protect big power and money interests, even over the food and shelter needs of the protesting masses. I can imagine that there are/were lessons learned from them — a figurative How to Hinder Progressive Revolutions 101, perhaps — with the clarity of hindsight by big power and money interests. They, the police/military/big-money, can claim they must bust heads to maintain law and order as a priority; thus the absurdly unjust inequities and inequalities can persist. …

    I see the first-past-the-post (FPTP) electoral system as just barely qualifying as democratic rule within the democracy spectrum, though it seems to serve corporate interests well. I believe it is basically why powerful money interests generally resist attempts at changing from FPTP to proportional representation electoral systems of governance, the latter which dilutes corporate lobbyist influence. American and Canadian governances typically maintain thinly veiled yet strong ties to large corporations, as though elected heads are meant to represent big money interests over those of the working citizenry and poor. Accordingly, major political decisions will normally foremost reflect what is in big business’s best interests. But don’t expect to hear this fact readily reported by the mainstream news-media, which is concentratedly corporate owned.

  26. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2021/08/25/hundreds-afghans-resettled-texas-florida-pennsylvania-arizona/

    I think that this action on the part of the Biden Administration is meant not only to turn these red and “purple” states over to blue. This is so alarming, but it is interesting, too, if one looks more deeply at the situation.

    See the states that are highlighted in this article–Florida, Texas, Arizona, and Pennsylvania–two of these, Texas and Florida, are rebelling actively against the Biden Administration’s policies, particularly with regard to Covid restrictions, and to illegal immigration. The other two states, Pennsylvania and Arizona, are having audits done in connection with last year’s general election.

    Sending Afghani “refugees” to these specific states has to be a type of punishment.

    1. I also think it is sinister. I think it is to break down, and harm society even more. Ann Coulter posted an article about a month ago about how a high percentage Muslims raping women in Europe are Afghan. (Of course, Muslims in general are detrimental to our country.)I cant remember who wrote the article, but if you scroll Coulter’s Twitter feed, you will find it.

  27. Back to the women vote topic … I was not taking the blog remarks personally, Jeff. I was not outraged because I’m a woman. I would have been equally outraged if posters had suggested that blacks or Jews should have THEIR voting rights taken away. Such suggestions are, at their core, offensive to humanity. The implication is that certain groups are inferior to others and unqualified to make decisions in affairs that affect their own lives and future. Such suggestions should never be tolerated. All of us should have been outraged.

    Ann Coulter is known for making outlandish statements intended to provoke and make a point. At such times she intentionally advocates something unreasonable just to force people to think, which I’m sure is what was happening when she said women shouldn’t be allowed to vote because they put liberals into office.

    I suppose then blacks also should have their voting rights taken away, because collectively, blacks vote liberal? Who of you folks would like to start advocating that blacks lose THEIR right to vote? But while it’s easy to see an idea like that as unacceptably racist, it’s not so easy for chauvinist males to recognize their attitudes as sexist, and equally reprehensible.

    Let me spell it out for you guys. It’s unreasonable to suggest that one group should lose its voting ability because another group doesn’t like how they vote. If we apply that standard, then liberals should take away the voting rights of conservatives, for the same reason. The whole principle of freedom of the vote is based on the assumption that equals have the right to equal representation in the running of their own government, because they are all equally affected by the laws that government makes. Voting is how we sort out our differences. To disenfranchise a certain group would be to destroy the very principle of voting. If that happened, we might as well officially declare our government a tyranny.

    Would anyone here like to outright suggest that women are unequal to men? That men are superior and have the right to dominate women, to make their decisions for them? Are any of us here that backward? Of course the sexes differ in their talents and abilities. But to deny that all human beings were created equal under God, is to deny the basic tenant our country was founded upon: “We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights …”

    Why does this absurd question, whether women should be allowed to vote, even come up on this otherwise intelligent forum? For two reasons: (1) unconscious personal bias against women—the failure of some men here to admit that women are different but their equal, and (2) biblical misinterpretation.

    Let me explain that second point. In biblical times, women were subservient to men, so some Christians think women should be subservient to men today. But is that reasonable? The people of the Bible also had slaves, but does that mean we today would be justified practicing slavery? Not all the practices of biblical times are appropriate for our world. Just read Leviticus carefully sometime, to get a dose of the practices and laws that would be completely ridiculous in our modern society.

    Yes, we need to return to traditional principles. We need to restore God and classical values into our thinking and lifestyles. Society is falling apart because it turned its back on these essential things. But that does not mean we should take up all the behaviors practiced in the Old Testament. That would be ludicrous. Theirs was a different culture.

    So what then is the solution to women and blacks putting Communists and liberals into positions of power? Not to take away their God-given right to make decisions regarding their own future—AKA, stripping them of the vote. What nonsense!

    The answer is to remove the influences that sell them the Communist propaganda: the liberals running the schools, running the media, running the government. If we educate enough people on what is actually happening, the public would rise up against the leaders who’ve betrayed them. INFORMATION—the spread of this crucial information that Jeff is disseminating—THAT is the answer.

    Incidentally, it’s offensive, outlandish notions like “women should be subservient to men” and “women shouldn’t vote” that turn many people away from Christianity. I’m sure they’re also turning people away from this blog, which is most unfortunate.

    1. I know a fellow — actually a small group of fellows — whose wives have left them and they have lost their children; in effect, their wives have alienated their children from the fathers and the courts have taken away the parental rights of these fathers. This is not discussed much, but it bears on a larger question. These men are reduced to out-of-sight sources of monetary support for women and children who despise them. And this is no joke. Of course, nobody feels the least bit sorry for these men (who make up an ever-larger segment of our population). There exists among men a kind of embarrassment about this, and a very real helplessness. A couple years ago a local tax official (female) in California told me there were men working full time jobs living in homeless shelters across the county because of no-fault divorce. The courts had so arranged the men’s finances that, after alimony and child support, they did not have enough each month to afford a residence for themselves. In fact, certain social service agencies have enriched themselves on the spoils of broken families and broken men. And this is nothing next to the many suicides. What man of modest means would, under our family courts, dare to get married or have a child? It is like playing Russian roulette with the revolver half loaded. I cannot see inside the marriages of these men who have lost everything. One rarely knows the truth about other people’s intimate relations. But I do suspect these men (as husbands) were non-dominant (in the physical sense). Thinking on this, and on the disempowerment of men in general, I recall the oft-heard complaint that there are no real men anymore. Note, as well, that “Fifty Shades of Grey” was a spectacularly successful erotic novel among female readers. One is suddenly knocked upside the head with the realization that very real sexual differences are being denied to the detriment of both sexes and to the advantage of communism (which has always sought the elimination of familial patriarchy). Ask yourself why. There is a very real competition for power here at the level of the family. And look who has won. THE STATE. Is not masculinity, in part, about dominance? Dare we suggest that femininity is sexually non-dominant? Or is there no biological basis for this idea whatsoever? Again, can we explain “Fifty Shades of Grey” in some other way? And if this is not terrifyingly complicated enough, why have we brought in the state? And do you feel comfortable with the idea of women being sent into battle with men? A four star admiral once made the case to me — with great emphasis — that women on warships has been a total disaster for the US Navy. He said it was incredibly destructive of morale, and disruptive of naval operations. He said some women would get themselves pregnant whenever they wanted to get out of a deployment. Replacements were not easy to find and movement on and off warships in distant locations is not cheap. Would it be fair to compare the admiral’s concerns to someone who said Jews and blacks should be kept off warships? No, because when we compare men and women we are comparing apples and oranges. Without venturing an opinion, I have seen enough to know that men are men and women are women. They are not the same. They are meant to complement one another. If man and woman is one flesh, why not give each couple ONE vote? And why not allow the larger, stronger, physically dominant partner to fight off enemies and serve as protector, especially since he instinctually is drawn to the protector role? Imagine now, if you say a man’s superior strength is mythical or that it doesn’t matter; that he is no longer sexually dominant. Have you unmanned him? And in doing that, have you lost something?

  28. Re Women’s suffrage : roughly 600,000 white men lost their lives in the Civil War.. Imagine how many more men and women with a Judaeo Christian upbringing would be alive today,eight generations later. How many more millions of white men and women would there be today,with a strong connection to the American frontier.and holding Christian values? The suffrage question would have been rendered moot. In regards to the other question, the slavery question. The Civil War did more damage to America than slavery ever could have. The democrat party was born out of the Civil War. They probably exhibited nascent socialist. communist tendencies back then. The Civil War marked the beginning of the end of American Christian culture. You add to that the mostly white casualties in WWI, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam, the total number resembles a genocide. Almost as if that was the plan all along. But ‘muh white supremacy’ doncha know.

    1. The Democrat party existed before the war of northern aggression. Jackson, for example, was a Democrat.

      Lincoln was our worst president. I hold this as he laid the foundation for the mess we are living with now. The same sort of people that were behind Lincoln then are behind the mess we have now.

    2. On female voting.After the allied liberation of the Netherlands in 1945,an expeditionary force was sent to the Dutch east Indies (Indonesia).The purpose was to quell the ‘nationalist’ rebellion and reestablish colonial control.And thus to provide safety to the white concentration camp survivers (who were the target of marauding gangs) and to ‘get the economy going again’.Btw:During the war my great grandfather,a former chief commisioner of the Batavian police,was interned and then tortured to death bij the kempetai.

      A country of just 7 million,devastated by 5 years of war (in the end people were consigned to eating flower-bulbs),somehow managed to foot an army of almost 200.000…about 10000 km from home.By any measurement this was an extraodinary accomplishment.And parallel to what was to happen in Vietrnam,they did not “lose the war”.As their (poisoned?) commander later stated:we were defeated by our own government.

      And now to the relevant part:popular surveys revealed that female voters were far less inclined to support the so-called police actions than their male compatriots (who after all were the ones conscripted and the ones dying).The difference was a full 14% percentage points.. .https://nl.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Indonesische_Onafhankelijkheidsoorlog&action=edit&section=6

      Im not saying that Holland should or could have held on to Indonesia.Folk-wisdom had however predicted ‘Indie verloren,rampspoed geboren’ (Indonesia lost,disaster foist.Indonesia forlorn,disaster born).And this is exactly how it turned out.As a nation we never recovered.And perhaps this is understandable.We after all forfeited our empire and now needed a rationale;enter white guilt,refugees,anti-racisme,islam-friendliness and all the rest.

      The bottom line is that female voters did in fact and quite undenialbly help sink the national will to resist.The rest is as we say history

  29. Jeff, if you wished to end the comment session I would not blame you. I continued to read at your original site after friends had recommended you can your original discussion board. There were some real weirdos that posted there. I would be disappointed if you did so, but would understand why you did it.

    1. That old discussion board did not have the ease of control of this one. I am giving it one last chance because valuable links and info also come here.

  30. How long before this is used against the west and here in America

    Here is a more complete list of US-supplied and left behind equipment list now controlled by Taliban:
    -2,000 Armored Vehicles Including Humvees and MRAP’s
    -75,989 Total Vehicles: FMTV, M35, Ford Rangers, Ford F350, Ford Vans, Toyota Pickups, Armored Security Vehicles etc
    -45 UH-60 Blachhawk Helicopters
    -50 MD530G Scout Attack Choppers
    -ScanEagle Military Drones
    -30 Military Version Cessnas
    -4 C-130’s
    -29 Brazilian made A-29 Super Tocano Ground Attack Aircraft
    =208+ Aircraft Total!!
    -At least 600,000+ Small arms M16, M249 SAWs, M24 Sniper Systems, 50 Calibers, 1,394 M203 Grenade Launchers, M134 Mini Gun, 20mm Gatling Guns and Ammunition
    -61,000 M203 Rounds
    -20,040 Grenades
    -Mortars +1,000’s of Rounds
    -162,000 pieces of Encrypted Military Comunications Gear
    -16,000+ Night Vision Goggles
    -Newest Technology Night Vision Scopes
    -Thermal Scopes and Thermal Mono Googles
    -10,000 2.75 inch Air to Ground Rockets
    -Recconaissance Equipment (ISR)
    -Laser Aiming Units
    -Explosives Ordnance C-4, Semtex, Detonators, Shaped Charges, Thermite, Incendiaries, AP/API/APIT
    -2,520 Bombs
    -Administration Encrypted Cell Phones and Laptops ALL operational
    -Pallets with Millions of Dollars in US Currency
    -Millions of Rounds of Ammunition including but not limited to 20,150,600 rounds of 7.62mm, 9,000,000 rounds of 50.caliber
    -Large Stockpile of Plate Carriers and Body Armor
    -US Military HIIDE, for Handheld Interagency Identity Detection Equipment Biometrics
    -Lots of Heavy Equipment Including Bull Dozers, Backhoes, Dump Trucks, Excavators

    1. And this is the withdrawal plan that was not totally-effectively
      resisted by the highest USA military authorities?

      Do tell.

      What name will be given this hurricane of Treason?

  31. Would you prefer that we all be an absolute agreement at all times and continue down the path of losing our nation? Of course I stir the pot, looking for the ingredients that will give us the success we need and reclaim our society. I am not ashamed of that in the least! Mr. Nyquist‘s theories and writings by themselves can do nothing to stem the decline of our nation. They are incomplete, though they very successfully make an important first step in securing context and full understanding of the enemy. But that alone cannot help us, so I stir the pot for the next ingredient that will make the stew complete.

    1. messaging to Robert M.

      “People prefer the idea of self-sacrifice, to be their own idea.”


      “”Let” women keep the vote, then figure out a different way
      of paying certain costs.”

    2. Well, Maligns, you basically just admitted to being an agitator by saying you are “willing to stir the pot.” As I told another poster in a previous thread, a flip attitude such as yours is a real turn-off to others.

      This “stew” you seem so intent on “making” is composed of horse-crap.

    3. Robert Malins: instead of just verbally sniping from the sidelines, why don’t YOU suggest a plan of action? Do you have a red line to suggest?

      Remember, if your plan contains anything seditious, it will be removed immediately, and if it were up to me, you would be banned permanently from ever commenting on this list again. If your response has anything seditious, better yet don’t post it.

      For the men at Concord Bridge, their red line was being fired upon with live ammunition when they refused to obey an illegal command.

      I don’t think you have a plan. I don’t think you have a red line. I think you are just an agent provocateur from a three letter agency trying to entrap us. You may deny it verbally, but your actions betray you.

  32. Just came across this January 2014 photograph of current White House press secretary Jen Psaki. This picture was taken in Paris (not Moscow!) showing her in her function at the time as spokesperson of then-Secretary of State John Kerry, along with her boss and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and his speaker. Take note of the Russian cap Ms. Psaki has put on and enlarge to see up close: That Red Star on the cap is a Red Star complete – of course – with the Soviet Hammer & Sickle. And she visibly LOVES it! What a lovely Bolshevik!


    1. A Red Star, but instead of the regulation gray ushanka, she’s wearing a pink one to show that she’s an LGBTQ+ ally (and therefore an up-to-date Marxist).

      1. Instead, she’s become a Bolshevik. I guess she enjoys the power that comes with it…

  33. Arizona attorney general to Maricopa: Give up election information or lose state’s $700M
    by Paul Bedard, Washington Secrets Columnist | | August 26, 2021 11:01 AM

    In a major escalation in the fight over Arizona’s Maricopa County’s refusal to comply with a Senate election audit subpoena, the state attorney general’s office ordered the county to give in or lose its state funding, which provides nearly a third of the county’s budget.

    Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich said that the county, America’s fourth largest in population, is violating state law by not complying with the Senate’s request for routers in its 2020 election audit and review of former President Donald Trump’s loss.

    In his ruling shared with Secrets, Brnovich said, “Maricopa County Board of Supervisors is in violation of state law for failing to comply with the Arizona Senate’s legislative subpoena related to the 2020 election audit. If MCBOS does not change course, the AGO will notify the Arizona Treasurer to withhold Maricopa County’s state-shared funds as required under the law.”

    According to county and state estimates, the state provides about $700 million a year to the county, over a quarter of its $2.7 billion budget.

    Brnovich’s investigation of the county’s actions began earlier this month.

    In a statement, Brnovich added, “We are notifying the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors that it must fully comply with the Senate’s subpoena as required by the law. Our courts have spoken. The rule of law must be followed.”

    The state, which Biden won by just 10,457 votes, has been ground zero for the national election audit effort.

    Arizona Senate President Karen Fann and Arizona Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Warren Petersen have pressed the county and Dominion Voting Systems to produce routers, traffic logs, mail-in ballot envelopes, and other information in their investigation. The county has refused.

    Brnovich, a leading GOP Senate candidate, gave the county 30 days to comply.

    He and state courts have repeatedly backed the state Senate’s subpoena powers.

    The memo detailed the issue this way:

    Today’s decision stems from a ‘SB 1487’ complaint filed by Senator Sonny Borrelli under A.R.S. § 41-194.01, which authorizes any legislator to request the Attorney General investigate a county or city alleged to be in violation of state law. On July 26, 2021, Arizona Senate President Karen Fann and Senator Warren Petersen (Senators) issued a subpoena to MCBOS related to the Senate’s audit of the 2020 election. The Senators requested six categories of items for production by August 2, 2021, including routers, splunk and network logs.

    MCBOS objected to the requested information, and to date, has not provided all of the subpoenaed materials. Moreover, in its response to the AGO, MCBOS failed to explain why it is not required to comply with the legislative subpoena. Its only response was that the Arizona Senate is not currently in session, so MCBOS could not be held in contempt.

    If MCBOS fails to resolve the violation within 30 days, the AGO, in accordance with state law, will notify the Arizona Treasurer to withhold state revenue from Maricopa County until MCBOS complies.
    Meanwhile, Brnovich said on a related issue that he has not seen any results from the Senate’s audit of the election. “The Arizona Audit of the 2020 election is still underway. At this time, the AGO has not received any report related to the Senate’s audit, but stands ready to review the official findings and any information submitted after a final report is completed by the Senate,” said the memo.


  34. Jeff, I have always waited for your next article with great anticipation and I hope you do not let them run you out of having a comment section. It enhances, for the most part, and fleshes out more with discussions that of your initial article. A 2 day window seems appropriate to contain the comments. Lately, they have come for you; much like they come for everyone who dares find the truth in this insanity. If they cause enough chaos they hope to run people away from you and your work.

    Critical thinking is all but dead. When my children ask me why we didn’t retrieve the American citizens and Afghan allies first, as well as all the machinery and weapons, before the majority of troops left and yet no one in the press has the courage to ask this simple question to our feckless fake President, you know things are dire. Afghanistan was a gift to China and 13+ heroic Marines and innocent citizens paid the price. It will probably even get worse. It is time to stand now, fore who could trust such brutal disrespect for our Nation and her People? Our government did this and it was deliberate.

    The 800,000 troups told they have to vaccinate need to stand their ground. The employees told they have to vaccinate need to stand their ground, the healthcare workers, doctors and nurses, need to stand their ground. They can not force a Nation to her knees if we stand our ground. Communists always show their hands when faced with defiance. A narcissist will always expose their true nature when their narcissistic supply finally awakes. Perhaps the Nation needs to see and feel their true brutality before it can truly awaken? Fear will only prolong the disaster and chip away at the strength we still have left. The wolf can pick off the weak one by one but if the entire herd turns upon him he is doomed.

    Stay strong my friend, keep speaking your mind. This insanity is meant to wear us all down. The more truth you expose, the more you will be a target. Only a complete fool, or a bought-off player, can not see the growing threat from these Communists. If we do not stand now we may not be able to shortly. The window forever gets narrower with each passing day.

      1. That moment was needlessly created. Trump had already announced to pull out by May. He said he would have done as LIVED100LIVES just said; first evacuate Americans, then weaponry, under cover of troops to leave last. Retreat? We should have nuked it of ignored it.

    1. The troops will not be forced to take the mRNA sludge. There’s a new antibody out. They’ll probably be given the choice to take that instead. Yawn. Biden created a crisis as pretext to send half a million U$ troops back.

  35. Jeff, I left a comment 17 hours ago that still is not appearing on the board. It continues to say “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” Lots of comments from other folks have posted here since. Is there a glitch, did you not see the comment, or is something wrong with the comment and you’re ignoring it?

    1. Gretchen: I had earlier approved your commentary and it bounce back to unapproved. This glitch has happened a few times before. I just approved it again. Will recheck now.

  36. I assume you are very familiar with The Fate of Empires by Sir John Glubb. Valid, though basic, description of the rise and fall of historical empires? It seems to me like America, though not a traditional empire, rather an unusual empire and world superpower, is fitting in rather well with the profile of the empire that has peaked and is on its way down as described by the author. His writing from 1950 regarding the marks of a society on the downward slope reads like the headlines of US newspapers today. Of course, he witnessed the decline of Britain from its peak and the early downward slide in its own empire as we seem to be witnessing in my lifetime (I am 60)

  37. Mr. Nyquist, I would not even dare to argue away your position. The evidence is all around us. Yes, we have been greatly deceived and not seen this coming (many of us). I would love for you to be wrong, but can’t see that. It is strange that there has been no real opposition to all this spread of communism, despite what we would like to think. My guess is the Devil himself must be a communist and that is why it succeeds the world over.
    At least for now…
    I put my faith in the Bible and the God of the Bible. The enemy will have a time to glory, but it will be short (in the grand scheme of things). It will no doubt be horrible, but he doesn’t get an endless amount of time. I , for one, appreciate your insights and articles. I always learn something and am amazed at things I should have known, but did not. Thank you for all that you’ve done. I trust you’ve woken many of us so we won’t be completely shocked when the curtain comes down.

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