As one views modern man in his innumerable exhibitions of irresponsibility and defiance, one may discern, if he has the courage to see what he sees … a prodigious egotism.”

Richard M. Weaver

The West’s decline into “fragmentation,” said Weaver, owes much to an inner disintegration of soul, an egotism without any sense of proportion. Weaver then quoted Plato’s statement that, “the excessive love of self is in reality the source to each man of all offenses; for the lover is blinded about the beloved, so that he judges wrongly of the just, the good, and the honorable, and thinks that he ought to prefer his own interest to the truth.” With these words the ancient philosopher has given us an insight into the collapse of empires and the fall of mighty men; and also, an insight into the fall of a pillow salesman from Minnesota named Mike Lindell.  

In the days following his Sioux City symposium extravaganza, Mike Lindell has turned into a raving madman, lashing out at anyone who disagrees with him. How do we explain Lindell’s self-destructive behavior? Has he shown such behavior in the past? As a gambling addict? As a crack cocaine addict? Has politics become yet another addiction for this addictive personality? What are we to do with Lindell as he careens dizzily into unreality? One thing is certain. We must not follow him there.  

Many of us thought Lindell was well-intentioned; but the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. Many of us thought Lindell was honestly taken-in by the swindler, Dennis Montgomery; but then we are forced to admit the adage that “you cannot cheat an honest man.” Many of us thought Mike Lindell was a loyal patriot; but he and his side-kick Brannon Howse are slandering and maligning an ever-expanding circle of patriots, truthtellers and good-faith bearers of bad news.

When detective Mike Zullo and I attempted to warn Lindell that he was being swindled by Dennis Montgomery, Mr. Lindell called Mr. Zullo on the phone and chewed him out for two straight minutes – refusing to hear anything Mr. Zullo had to say. Being a former police detective, who had invested months of his own time, Mr. Zullo had much to tell Mr. Lindell. But Lindell would not listen, though he would have profited beyond measure by doing so.     

Zullo and I worked to warn Mr. Lindell because we believed Lindell was a reasonable and honest man. To our regret, Mike Lindell could not recognize the truth if it crawled up his nose and ate out his brain. A real leader is one who can see the truth when others cannot. Lindell, however, has proved to the country that he is unable to tell truth from falsehood. We have also learned that questioning Lindell is Lèse-majesté. His money, indeed, has purchased a small army of “investigators” and “experts.” They earned their pay by failing to correct three crazy assertions: (1) that in August Lindell was going to win before the Supreme Court, nine to nothing; (2) that this would return Donald Trump to the White House; (3) that this was possible because Lindell had acquired and verified all the packet captures for the whole November 3rd election.

All three of Lindell’s assertions were absurd on their face for the following reasons: (1) The Supreme Court is in recess until 4 October 2021; (2) There is no precedent for overturning a presidential election once a new president has been sworn in; (3) It is impossible for a civilian to legally acquire all the packet captures from the November 3rd election.  

Nearly everyone who attempted to warn Mike Lindell has been taken to task, either by Lindell or his yapping dog (Brannon Howse). Others, who dared report the truth about the cyber symposium, have been maligned and slandered. Just to name one: IT consultant Josh Merritt has been vindictively assailed by Lindell as a “traitor” to America.  

On Tuesday I spoke with Tom Trento and John Guandolo. All three of us were publicly chastised by Brannon Howse during an ill-omened Friday the 13th radio broadcast. Incredibly, Howse berated us because we were allegedly wrong about the dangers of going ahead with last week’s symposium. Gaslighting his audience, Howse claimed that we had acted shamefully, that we were “useful idiots” on the right. In retrospect this was high praise coming from a “useless idiot” in the wrong. In order that he does not gaslight his audience (once again) by saying I have misquoted him, I have linked an audio recording of his Friday the 13th program in the notes below. Here is what Howse said about me:

Shame on Jeff Nyquist. We should have never given him a platform. It’s amazing the people we’ve given a platform to over the years that turned out to be not what we thought they were. But, you live and learn; and it’s hard to see through people; but, Jeff Nyquist, big disappointment. Quoting me in articles, lying. He wasn’t even quoting me correctly. And he was quoting private conversations. That’s a trashy journalist. That’s not even a journalist.

I am gratified that Mr. Howse failed to notice my real faults. Yet Mr. Howse needs to explain his grotesque hypocrisy; for three days after decrying my alleged misquotation of a private conversation with him, Mr. Howse aired the private conversation of IT consultant Josh Merritt before a live TV audience. In a back-and-forth discussion, Lindell and Howse commented on Merritt’s use of foul language in a conversation not intended for television. Howse even complained of how he had to clean up the recording for broadcast. If, indeed, I am a “trashy journalist” for outing Mary Fanning and Brannon Howse’s slanderous whispering campaign against detective Mike Zullo, then what are we to think when Howse maliciously broadcasts a man’s private telephone conversation with a running blow-by-blow commentary?

Yet even so, Merritt’s sincerity was obvious to every discerning listener. By comparison, Lindell and Howse’s misrepresentations were painfully inept. Merritt’s words, even as they were decried by Lindell and Howse, rang true. Merritt said that Lindell’s vaunted packet captures were bogus. When Merritt broke the news to Lindell at the symposium, the pillow salesman refused to believe him. After all, Lindell would have been compelled to honor his promise to pay out $5 million dollars. Naturally, he wasn’t ready to part with his money. Yet, if you make a public promise in front of a hundred million people, you’d better be prepared to honor it.

To Lindell and Howse there is only one thing to say: If you were going to gaslight us, gentlemen, you should have shown more skill. What kind of idiots do you think we are? We are not members of a cult who are bound to believe that last week’s symposium was a glorious success. We were never fooled by Montgomery, as you were. And neither were those polite politicians who do not want to tell you, face-to-face, that you fell on your face. Furthermore, it would be best if you quit the field before you do even more damage to the country and to yourselves. Once more, it is good advice I give – and free. I am afraid, however, you will once again go against my advice. I am afraid that you both have decided to brazen it out, and pretend you were not fooled – alleging you still have the vaunted packet-captures. In this matter I must offer another warning. Lies have a limited lifespan. When you are caught in a lie, it does you no good to cast light upon it while saying it isn’t so. And when you are given accurate warnings, it does you no good to cry shame at those you should have heeded. And when you are dressing someone down for an alleged offense, it is stupid to turn around and commit that same offense for all to see.   

And I must say, again, that I am gratified that Mr. Howse missed my real faults. Oh yes, to my everlasting shame I do not turn the other cheek. I hit back, Mr. Howse. And I can hit harder than you, having nothing to lose. So think twice before you call another man a “joke” and a “clown”; for I investigated Dennis Montgomery when you did not. I investigated back in January because I was afraid you were walking into a trap. I got involved in this subject out of concern for you; that is to say, I was a fool for thinking you cared about the truth. And so, I sought to protect your reputation by diligently researching the source of these packet captures. I warned you in early February about Montgomery. And for my reward in trying to protect you – ungrateful blockhead that you are – you not only disregarded my warning; but you slandered Mr. Zullo. And now you say that I am a “Joke” and a “clown.” And yes, I am a joke and a clown because I trusted you. I believed in you; and I did not let you down. You let me down. And you know what? I should have seen that coming.

The bottom line, Mr. Howse, is simple: When you veered away from the truth, I veered away from you.

Notes and Links

Lindell Declares all-out war on Fox News –  

Lindell says Trump will return to White House in August –

Supreme Court Calendar and Lists –   

Mike Lindell bizarrely airs ‘confession’ from his own cyber expert – Mike Lindell Apparently Streamed A ‘Confession’ About Symposium’s Lies (

Brannon Howse assails Trento, Guandolo and Nyquist, starts during 9th minute of broadcast –

Jeff Buongiorno on Mike Lindell –

Pillow fight! Police release photo of man suspected of assaulting CEO Trump supporter Mike Lindell at South Dakota cyber symposium –


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410 thoughts on “The Pillow Fight: Part I

      1. I had a run-in with Howse some years ago. About 2009 or 2010. I made a factual statement on Calvinism and I was banned from World View Weekend (that parts of it has roots deep in gnosticism). He has a very strong fear of the truth and will diss anyone that dares disagree with the narrative he has internalized. Frankly, I trust nothing he has to say without being able to corroborate it from other sources.

        For some reason I am not able to log onto WordPress through you blog using Brave. Pale Moon works, tho. Other sites give me no trouble at all. It’s strange to say the least.

      2. The Apostle Paul himself was called the “Apostle of Heretics” by, I believe, Origen (but it might have been Tertullian). Origen actually wrote a refutation of the “Gnostic” view of Romans 9, imagining the pre-existence of the soul in order to explain away why God treats Jacob differently than Esau (pre-existent works). This would later become a big thing for the Mormons.

        The Gnostics were certainly “Calvinists” from a certain point of view. I forget which one of the Gnostic founders it was, but one of them claimed succession from Paul on the grounds that their teacher had been a disciple of the Apostle. Marcion considered himself a follower of Paul and put together the first canon of the church, which consisted exclusively of Paul’s letters.

        This isn’t Paul’s fault and doesn’t take away from his teachings. If you read him, you can’t help but become a “Calvinist.” Just ask Augustine! Though in the days of Calvin or Luther, they would have called them “Augustinians”

      3. In what sense is a Calvinist a Gnostic? People who believe the creator of the world was a Demiurge, that the world is therefore evil, may be classified as Gnostics. Calvinists believe no such thing. Or was I asleep in my confirmation class?

      4. Re: Gnosticism and “Calvinism”

        The Gnostics (or at least the ones Origen was arguing with) believed in Predestination and Election, though they obviously go to lengths not agreed to by modern day Calvinists. They interpreted Romans 9 and other texts in the same way Calvinists do, denying the free will of man, upholding Sovereign grace, affirming the predestination of the Elect and the Reprobate. Origen, in his attempts to refute this, as mentioned before, upheld free-will by imagining the pre-existence of the soul, and argued that Jacob was righteous in the pre-existence while Esau was not. This was his way of answering the problem raised by Romans 9 and the Gnostic’s perspective of it.

      5. Just by way of thinking – if one believes that God the creator can do anything – a stretch of the imagination might assume He is able to see the future and the past – even travel between them. And though all mankind is a product of both good and bad DNA each individual succumbs to one side or the other – that being known beforehand by God and, as such, one may be predestined to salvation or rejection by the all-knowing Creator. We, however, cannot know the outcome of an individual in like manner and are therefore commanded to seek the salvation of everyone. Therein lies the sticking point. Most especially today.

      6. Haha. I wouldn’t really know. It was just something that popped into my head.

  1. Great job, Mr. Nyquist. Dont beat yourself up over trusting Howse. You are faithful to those you believe are true. Just as Jesus treated Judas as Judas presented himself, and He even knew Judas’s heart.

    I myself thank you for trying to help these men who presented themselves as patriots. Thanks to your diligence, now we know they are not patriots.

    They be blind, leading the blind.

    Thanks for helping us to see.

      1. The truth never is, as you are all too aware. But those who want the truth will appreciate you even more.

      2. Not only will truth lovers appreciate you more, but you serve as an inspiration to others to get to the truth of a matter, and not be afraid to say what needs to be said.

  2. What a disaster for Mike Lindell and anyone (still) connected to him. I do believe his intentions were good in the beginning, but did he ever get railroaded by his own tunnel vision. He was clearly way out of his league on this.

    1. Clashes of opinion are natural and inevitable in a free, pluralistic society. America at least retains the ability to accommodate such clashes more than my homeland, Canada. If you compared the two lands, you would see that in Canada, freedoms are at the discretion of the government; in the U.S. of A such freedoms are graven in stone…

  3. I wonder how many other public figures who made big promises that eventually fell through were being manipulated in the same way. This has served as an excellent example of the methods employed when this happens. Outstanding detective work!

    1. It was Zullo’s detective work, not mine. My investigation depended on him. These two — Lindell and Howse — are acting as bullies. A very large audience heard Howse denounce me as a liar who misquotes people. My reputation for truthfulness is all I really have. He has damaged that reputation before an audience a thousand times larger than my own, and I do not have the resources to seek legal remedy. All I can do is defend myself with words. I cannot pretend my words will equal his reach. But the truth, in the long run, will come out. It fell to me to write these awful things that nobody else would dare to write. I believe that Lindell and Howse are doing great damage to the country. I am not so important compared to that, so if this painful piece of writing harms me further but encourages others to stand up to them, then it will have been worth it.

      1. Many of those listening to Lindell and Howse probably have never read any of your works. If even one of them takes the time to search the Internet to find any of your works, and reads them they will see truth being presented which most do not want to see or hear.
        Storytellers get a lot of attention because they are entertaining, not because they are telling the truth.
        Those telling the truth receive far less attention because they are not entertaining. The truth is meant to learn from, something far too many are not interested in.
        Being entertained is all most want.
        Learning is too dull and boring.

      2. I would never have read American Betrayal had it not been for the assault on Diana West.

      3. Filing suit in Federal Court is not rocket science. Any good writer, such as yourself, is more than capable. Filing fees are about $400 if memory serves, and the indigent can petition for fee waiver. That being said, what you have asserted might well be counter sued. Either side can request a jury.

  4. Mainly a reader, not much of a poster, but you have my prayers/support also in trying to get to the bottom of all of the escalating craziness. Viva Christo Rey.

  5. Jeff I could have told you Lindell was a shyster from the beginning. How did I know? That cheezy jewel tone shirt he wears on his commercials. It was the tell. Nobody respectable still wears those. Sometimes it really is that simple.

    1. As i’ve said before, I would not trust these types to be security guards for an empty warehouse. This man has made a whole career well before this of fleecing the Fools. And now he’s been trying to hang noodles on people’s ears and likely make money doing that too. Some people think that there is no such thing as negative publicity, and perhaps they are right. Fools are everywhere, because it is easy these days to be lazy and not think.

  6. I was doing a quick internet search on Howse and found that a few years ago he tried to blemish pastor John MacArthur’s reputation using the failing memory of a 96 year old man during a phone interview. If you read the article, you’ll see it was shown that Howse masked his own voice during the interview. Hmm.

    Lindell got himself involved with the wrong folks, and now his pride and tunnel vision prevent him from seeing the truth. I am not surprised by the results from the symposium, but I am very disappointed by Lindell’s reaction. You always have my respect and support, Jeff, and I have been trying to educate folks in my circle who were so invested in the claims by Lindell and his team, as to the real truth.

    1. The tragedy is that politics is complicated and people are being misled in so many ways. This business of slandering others, especially in the name of a false narrative, has to be put down.

  7. Hmm, I’m having trouble posting on here. Will try without the link. If you search for an Epoch Times story called “If you live in Taiwan, time to worry,” that is the article I’m referencing.

    Here’s my previous post:

    Jeff, did you happen to see that Biden had used the withdrawal from Afghanistan as a pretext to move the lone remaining US aircraft carrier in the Pacific, the USS Ronald Reagan, away from Japan (and Taiwan), clear out to the Indian Ocean?

    “But the United States has also pulled its long-range bombers (B-52s and B-1s) out of Guam and has taken few steps to reinforce U.S. forces in Japan and Okinawa. The single U.S. aircraft carrier in the Pacific, the USS Ronald Reagan, has been redeployed to the Indian Ocean, removing a formidable capability from the area. These measures, especially Guam and the redeployment of the Reagan, represent dangerous Biden administration concessions to China.”

    1. Yes, I saw that they moved a carrier out of the Pacific. In this I am most worried about the shaken confidence in America’s promises to defend. This is directly related to dollar strength.

  8. OK, I figured it out, it wasn’t letting me post it because it was a mobile link with an “m” at the front of the url.

  9. Sad that patriots have tied themselves up in foolish knots trying to prove the fraud in the 2020 election, when so much of it was patently obvious in the form of vote-by-mail, big city ballot-stuffing (looking at you, Atlanta), ballot harvesting, and over-adjudication of ballots, to name a few.

    Yep, the Left did what it needed to do to win (“by any means necessary…”).

    As I’ve posted here before, there were so many contra-indications to a Biden victory in terms of bellweather counties, the record low # of counties won by Biden, improbably high turnout in many areas, the GOP’s state legislative gains, and 12 seats picked up by the GOP in Congress, none of which have been adequately explained.

    Too bad Lindell turns out to be a quack.

    1. I agree that this election has to be audited with an eye to the ground game. Mail-in ballots offered an easy opportunity to cheat. Trump knew this and worried about it.

  10. Hey Jeff, I am sorry that you have to go through this. It seems to be a “hill upon which we should not die.” Is there a way that you can wash your hands of this situation? Have you been slandered beyond repair? I would walk away. Your work on things that “matter” is vital at this time in history.
    Mike Huckabee has quoted from some of the findings at the “Symposium.” It may be that some good has come from what we consider a “rotten tree.”

  11. Mr. Nyquist, chin up!

    You did the dirty work few others would ever do – go against not only the serially shady Fanning and the conman Montgomery, but also the useful idiot generals that aligned themselves to this obviously bogus narrative.

    Sharon Rondeau and Mike Zullo also deserve tremendous amounts of credit. They were saying unpopular things more than a year ago – about the original BS story, the ‘Hammer.’
    You’ve gained me as a reader, and I am thankful for people like you.
    When you look at this whole grift and order the culpability, I think it belongs like this:

    1. Dennis Montgomery – the originator of the fraud
    2. Mary Fanning Kirchhoefer – the fork-tongued lying deceiver, hiding behind her husband’s law firm, who was as tunnel-visioned and incurious as Mike Lindell. Took the bait from Montgomery and turned hollow confidence into a high art.
    3. Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney – Nothing should be assumed of his character… he should have know better. I used to trust him, now I would if he’s always been a plant … ?
    4. Brannon Howse – Talk about a useful idiot. (And a destructive moron, and a plain old moron as well.)
    5. Mike Lindell – It’s hard to hate him too much. He’s just ruined his credibility and his empire. It’s one thing to be wrong, it’s quite another to double and triple down when presented with evidence…. and even another to slander those who try to help you!

    Rather than these miscreants creating a blacklist, which apparently includes you and Tom Trento – wear it like a badge of honor, like getting written up by the SPLC – they should blacklisted. Read out. Excommunicated. Ignored eternally.

    Keep going – please! Align with Trento and Guandolo and expose these clowns (especially Numbers 1 & 2).

    PS, the writers at barryclark . info must have been threatened to remove all their exposes… apparently Kirkland & Ellis got to them. Incredible that a law firm is suffocating routine journalism. Why aren’t we allowed to know the background of Fanning? What about Alan Jones? What rock did he crawl out from under?

    Who are the fascists now?

  12. The Lindell thing is a sideshow compared to the present global strategic crises. Let’s refocus.

      1. Steve Bannon is what passes for a conservative guru these days, quoted as having read Evola and Dugin among others, smart man. Called himself a ”Leninist” once as I recall, Probably just in a sense of treating politics as a form of war, not in a Leftist sense. Has a seemingly genuine concern over China;

      2. I have read Dugin and Evola. The later is as fascinating as he is exasperating; a true iconoclast. Classical liberal thought and its enemies deserve careful study and I believe the debate is far from over for both sides.

    1. It’s important to note here that Breitbart (the website) and Bannon are on the grifter side of Conservatism Inc. During the primary with the Republicans, they were essentially an arm of the Ted Cruz campaign but didn’t have the honesty or decency to announce it. Their weekly polls (which Trump always won) were used to mine voter data for Ted Cruz. They also promoted a fake Conservative Ratings website and used it as factual in their non-opinion pieces. Naturally, Ted Cruz was listed as the most conservative candidate of them all. I actually got personally insulted by several editors when I pointed out that their ratings on Cruz on such things as immigration were not technically accurate: Cruz had supported vastly increasing Green Cards and H1B1 visas. He opposed “amnesty” too, but only insofar as it was defined as “giving them the vote.” He was in favor of permanent legal status going back years and even to just a few short months before he declared his candidacy. (All of this was white washed by Breitbart.)

      I can’t remember when Bannon left Breitbart (it might have even been before the bad behavior described above), but whenever he left, he took with him his shared cunning and dishonorable methodology. Primarily, this manifested in making himself appear more vital and important to Trump than what was actually true. I recognized it immediately since it was always Breitbart that was pushing a narrative of Bannon being the sole conservative voice fighting against the leftists in Trump’s ear. While I think Trump listened to Bannon, Bannon went so far as to claim he was essentially the sole reason why Trump was doing so well. He even went crying to the enemy media to attack Trump once things began to look bad for Trump after some particular scandal (there were so many I can’t remember which one made him go turncoat). Bannon was removed and then Trump beat Hillary without him.

      If Bannon was what he claimed to be, I don’t think he would turn traitor and go straight to the media to help them write their books and publish their defamatory articles on Trump. Bannon is just a grifter, and probably the first clue to his grifter status should have been one look at his appearance: he seems to be a drunk and looks quite terrible in many photos, especially those during the campaign. O

      1. Michael Wolff got much inside information from Bannon for his “Fire and Fury” book, which greatly angered Trump. Famously, with regard to Bannon’s manner of dress, Trump used to complain about his refusal to wear a suit and tie when Bannon worked in the White House.

      2. I have to disagree here with the original poster. IMO, Breitbart is not a “grifter” outlet of Conservatism. It is, arguably, one of the best Conservative online news publications out there now. One of my favorite journalists, John Hayward, writes for them. He’s actually the real reason that I went over to in the first place.

  13. Here’s a simple one…
    When something is called “Absolute Proof” and there’s no such thing – when the so-called ‘proof’ itself was never even presented because the conman had another well-timed stroke, and the most we know is that not only ‘cyber expert’ could validate any of it…

    Then the Cyber Syposium wasn’t a ‘huge success’ – as Howse says – it was an Absolute Sham and embarrassing failure. Anyone continuing to listen to Howse, Fanning, Lindell, or their acolytes is a willing dupe. Oh well, there are many such people and they’re on both sides of the aisle.

    Remember, according to Lindell this was irrefutable. Now, the best they can claim is that the snake oil got people in the door, where they heard from more credible experts about what is much more likely to be real fraud. But that’s not what we were promised. We were promised a coup de grace. Way to move the goalposts. Howse should get a job as a weatherman.

    Having listened to the August 13th broadcast, Howse strikes me as inept as Jeff Sessions, as gullible a 3 year old, and as slippery as a teflon banana peel dipped in Crisco.

  14. Sometimes it’s best to ignore bad actors. A Nobel prizewinning physicist who had been libeled, told me that himself. You haven’t ignored them completely, but maybe your rebuttal is enough, and it’s time to start ignoring them.

  15. Here’s the thing about conmen, what constitutes their greatest strength:
    The deeper you get involved, the more embarrassing it is to extricate yourself. The psychology demands that the mark double down (or face an unpleasant crisis).
    Give Montgomery credit for the acuity with which he plies his craft: he’s got Lindell on the hook for millions and millions…. and more ardent than ever.

  16. Thank you for your posts. Some of us look for answers. Sometimes we get sidetracked. Some things are obvious without the need to prove. Others require an inquisitive mind and a shovel. Many folks often cannot fathom either. I don’t mind being wrong; but I do mind not knowing.

  17. “The guy is so out there, and he’s so narcissistic that everything he says is about him,” Webb said. “So, he follows his own meandering river in whatever he wants to do and expects everyone to follow him, and when they don’t, they’re just wrong.”

    I don’t agree with the author’s opinion that Trump’s election allegations of fraud was a conspiracy. I witnessed the election fraud directly at the polls and from what I could tell, the fix was in from the beginning. Luckily, I was in the right position to provide actual evidence to the Trump legal team.

    Today, we need relentless, driven people that thrive off the negativity like Lindell to wake up the complacent Americans to right this ship. Most would not be able to handle this defeat nor the intense media scrutiny. Even though he went about this the wrong way, he has refused to give up. Not many would take this crusade on and risk their livelihood, especially for someone they barely know. Hopefully, he will learn from his mistakes and be better prepared.

    A side note: Mr. Nyquist, excellent essay. In FACT, all of your essays are well researched, supported by evidence, very articulated in a current trajectory in the state of this country and the world.

  18. Thank you for fighting for the truth! Long before you did your research I also did some and came up with the same conclusion that Montgomery/ Fanning are frauds. Unfortunately Mike and Brannon will be discredited because they failed to do due diligence like you did. You just confirmed my suspicions. Thank goodness the symposium also had other evidence of fraud. I just truly hope that the symposium doesn’t short circuit the true boots on the ground audits. Me thinks Mike protests too much to not even hear you out. It would be to his advantage…..

    1. Much more has been discovered on this topic during the past month; but we are still developing the information. Everything you learn about a game like this takes time to develop as one discovery leads to another and you scratch your head wondering what it means.

    1. I was able to listen at
      as well as download the linked files and listen to the mp3 using a media player (on a MAC).

      Many thanks, Mr. Alex.
      It really is an unbelievable situation we currently find ourselves in regarding climate, weather, and the incredibly big lie (another one!) being promoted around the world while we are actually on the verge of a potentially historic minimum that may make the “Little Ice Age” seem like a cool summer breeze and could quite possibly be the onset of a full glaciation. While there is considerable debate about this last point, no substantive evidence exists to prove it is not a threat at this time.

      1. In my correspondence with UK scientist Valentina Zharkova the good news is that full on Ice Age is yet hundreds of years away, as shown by her team’s long years of research. This GSM will last 33 years, with a return to warming around 2053.

    2. Thank you Alex — and thanks for helping to connect me with Valentina Zharkova. She has corresponded with me snd answered many of my questions. I intend to write a long piece on the Grand Solar Minimum. A very important subject.

      1. While no one sane is rooting for the glaciation, Zarkhova admits potential errors of a “few hundred years” due to the Vela Junior supernova impacting carbon dating accuracy.
        And, “on top of this increase of the baseline terrestrial temperature, there are imposed much larger temperature oscillations caused by standard solar activity cycles of 11 and 350-400 years and terrestrial causes.”
        As far as the arguments posed against Zarhkova’s conclusions concerning the distance between the earth and sun, time will certainly tell, but there are significant problems with the orbital mechanics explored.
        I simply have to return to Brown, who stated we are already 8k years past our climate optimum which is a conclusion I find to be accurate, well reasoned, and significant.

      2. Jeff, not sure if you can comment, are you interested on interviewing David DuByne (Adapt2030), I can ask him since he is on my facebook.

      3. Jeff, please, before you write your article, also look into Ben Davidson’s work. He disputes Zharkova’s work and has a very compelling, yet alternative take on what is in store for us weather-wise. We are not entering GSM, at least not this solar cycle. We are, however, facing an accelerating collapse of earth’s magnetic field and a magnetic field-shift which could have other effects on our weather that could create some serious problems. the site is and he has been researching the shift, the 12,000 year cycles, and much more.
        He backs up his assertions with a great deal of peer-reviewed research, all of which he links in his daily morning videos. It’s worth your time to analyze his work, then write your article.

      4. Jeff not sure if you can comment, before looking into Ben Davidson’s work. Lee Wheelbarger who talks about the Grand Solar Minimum made this video earlier in the year:

  19. Jeff, I continue to appreciate you and your work. Regardless of whether or not our fellow citizens thought the election legitimate, more and more erstwhile Biden supporters are having buyer’s remorse. The Washington Wormtongues will continue to whisper evil counsel on behalf of their Mordor master. Time to reassert the 9th and 10th amendments and start grabbing the steering wheel from D.C.

    1. I am planning to write about the Afghan situation next. I know someone closely involved in rescue operations and learned yesterday how many lives are at stake there. The scale of this tragedy, brought on by an incompetent American administration, is staggering.

      1. Jeff, perhaps you can comment, from what I’ve read (and inferred), Biden intentionally abandoned tens of thousands of Americans in Afghanistan, not to mention billions of dollars’ worth of armaments (firearms, tanks, planes, etc.), and likely was blackmailed into doing so by the Chinese. Since Afghanistan is strategically important for China’s Belt and Road Initiative, it helps them greatly to have US troops gone. And as you mentioned, the defeat will further weaken the American dollar. Apparently Russia and China are so friendly with the Taliban that they’re now writing talking points for their press conferences. What we’ve witnessed is a de facto communist takeover of Afghanistan. I’ll be interested to read all your thoughts in your upcoming commentary.

      2. We have groups coming together, working day and night, to evacuation friends and allies from Afghanistan. Their task seems almost impossible. The Taliban is preparing a massacre of those left behind.

  20. Mr. Nyquist, I got a big kick out of your posts about Mike Lindell. Funny story, I bought Lindell’s book for my wife (a lover of biographies), attracted by his Christian testimony. I got a $25 gift card with it and that covered the cost of the book. Only problem, I didn’t really want to buy anything from My Pillow and when I tried to use it, the code didn’t work. Anyway my wife, who is one of the most perceptive people that I know, was super unimpressed with Lindell’s story. As Christians familiar with many genuine conversion stories, she was sort of disgusted with his telling of his story as the sordid part dragged on and on and she could not detect the exact moment where his conversion took place. I am not saying it did not, it was just not clearly detectable in his story. I just read your post above to her and she laughed cause it so resonated with her perceptive insights into the guy. On the other hand, I am sorry to see someone who claims to be a Christian, making an ass out of himself on a national stage or any stage for that matter. Keep up the good work. I get a lot out of your writings.

  21. Mr. Nyquist, you asked me;

    ”Where did that expression about noodles come from? ”

    ”You’re trying to hang noodles on my ears”…

    It’s a saying that has been one of my favorites for years now. a person with noodles hanging from their ears won’t see them, but others can and will laugh at them; they’re being fooled, and in a particularly silly and even grotesque manner. Nobody wants to be fooled and humiliated in a silly and grotesque manner.

    Or do they? I wonder sometimes.

    Such is this whole nonsense about the US 2020 Presidential Election. Whether legitimate outcome or not, the result was legitimated both by the elites and by the people. What protest there was, was ill-timed, foolish, and served to blacken everyone associated with the protests. Same with this Pillow guy and the other clowns still fighting about the election; they look like idiots, morons, schizophrenics and losers.

    2020 is not important any longer. 2022 and 2024 are, as elections. I do not have answers, being a Monarchist I do not think that there are any good ones. But maybe this has to get out of people’s system before they think of alternative answers.

    1. The question of the breakdown of Republicanism is intimately connected with moral and I intellectual decline in the larger society. A failure of leadership is in evidence, and it is accelerating as we go along. It is accompanied by rising arrogance together with rising incompetence. Our Vice President is the poster girl for this. One thinks back with trepidation to the slow breakup of the Roman Republic and the terrifying dictatorship of Sulla. Even this expedient — as evil as it would be — does not exist for us. The future is like an abyss into which one simply falls. But how far is the drop?

      1. I, more than many people perhaps, am tempted to think that we are very close to the End Days. But I do not give in to that temptation. Therefore I look for a natural level, a natural cycle, in which there is a drop that doesn’t go all the way back to the stone age. People will be forced by circumstances to grow a brain. People I know during the collapse picked mushrooms and wild berries in the forest to eat to not starve. Others ate dogs and cats, who knows what else. people banded together even more than usual to survive. Did things they never thought they’d have to do, for their families, God forgive them.

        Maybe you do not want a Sulla or say the possibility does not exist, but if something horrible happens God forbid to your country, I think that there will be a grey and unsmiling man or men from the national security/Military industrial complex to act as the adults in the room. Serious people.

        You might think it absurd or crazy, but before that homeostatic mechanism kicks in, you might find yourself talking about a ”President Lindell” someday in a few years, a ”man who did his best to save America by helping President Trump salvage his Presidency”, who ”now is stepping up to take on America’s enemies foreign and domestic”. A dangerous embarrassment, yes? And all from the ”Right”, too.

      2. President Lindell is not possible. The deficits are too great. The incompetence too all-encompassing. Crises call forth great leaders while clowns are always swept away. Greatness was, I believe, correctly described by Thomas Carlyle. It resides in the ability to actually see. And then to stand by the resulting insight. Providence uses fools, of course — but only as placeholders or instruments chastisement.

      3. There is a dictator coming that will outstrip the evil done by every dictator before him. Bible prophecy deals with the issue and things are coming together to set the stage for the one Revelation calls “The Beast.” There are people actively working to bring that situation about.

      4. Ohengineer: there’s a principle called “Scripture interprets Scripture”. “Beast” in Revelation is not interpreted. In Daniel, “beast” refers to political systems, though once to Alexander the Great because he was the political system. So using the principle of “Scripture interprets Scripture”, the “beasts” in Revelation refer to political systems, not individuals.

        As for the number 666, it appears three other times in Scripture—once connected with the name “lord arises” and twice connected to King Solomon, known as much for his wealth and apostasy as for his wisdom. So the political systems mentioned in Revelation will have apparent wisdom, connected with wealth and apostasy.

  22. Mr. Nyquist, you said;

    ”I have read Dugin and Evola. The later is as fascinating as he is exasperating; a true iconoclast. Classical liberal thought and its enemies deserve careful study and I believe the debate is far from over for both sides. ”

    Evola is indeed exasperating. It would be as easy to dismiss him as a mere Fascist as it would Heidegger or Schmitt, but one doesn’t abolish mathematics because the Devil says ”2+2=4”.

    Evola is interesting in his hermeticism, which is indeed very old, his expression of it. I learned of him initially via my reading of the life and death of his friend Corneliu Zelea Codreanu, and was quite intrigued.

    Dugin? He is right where he is obviously right, from a certain perspective, but too much of what he says to me is like what is (to use another one of my favorite expressions) ”from under the dog’s tail”.

    1. Vladimir, let me see if I can use your two idioms correctly: it definitely seems that Lindell and co, do not mind having noodles hanging from their ears as they espouse that which came from under the dog’s tail, lol.

      1. Lol, pretty close :-). I know this may sound strange, but I do adore eccentric and foolish people, even the mad, maybe even especially them. God love them, but sometimes they are like the ”canary in the coal mine”, sense things that regular common people fail to notice at first, animals and children too are that way.

        Everybody knows that the 2020 US Presidential Election was stolen, everyone. But the crazy people filled the vacuum of those wanting to do something, even if stupid. And damn it was very stupid. Some of it amazingly glorious and very messy, but kind of stupid.

        But just as the Underground Man in Dostyoevsky’s story says, man refuses to be a piano key. He will go against something even if it’s the right thing to do, if he thinks his freedom of action is limited by it.

        At some point though, people have to be adult and serious and do the right things if anything is to be salvaged of a decent life for most people.

      2. Vladimir, while Lindell’s bullheadedness was foolish, and now his state of denial is doubly foolish, there are some who are going about this the right way with audits, and citizens demanding audits. That is the only correct way.

        Also, there were many people who swore affidavits that they witnessed fraud. Of course, our criminal judiciary dropped those cases one by one, and the gutless Supreme Court refused to hear the challenge by some 20 states, which was a very good way to go about challenging this.

        With everyday citizens, and the lawsuit by the states, there was logic, seriousness, and courage. The main silliness was Lindell and, in my opinion, Trump encouraging him. And also the Q bs.

        The average citizens are kind of like the Scotch commoners in their protracted war for independence from England. A large mass of the people clearly understand there was major fraud. People do everything they can to challenge it in legal ways. But like the Scotch of old, we are constantly betrayed and sold out by our so-called leaders.

      3. Also, if we cant somehow rectify the fraudulent election, I dont think 2024 even matters. But even if we could do something about the election, we must have changes in society and government on a much deeper level. Every year, we are churning out thousands and thousands of people from high schools and universities, who at the very least are ill-equipped to understand and change the trajectory of our nation. And at the worst, they have been trained to hate and eradicate the traditional heritage of America.

        They have not been taught responsibility toward God and their fellow man. They appreciate nothing. I speak of the vast majority, not all of them. But I believe we passed critical mass a long time ago.

    2. Yes. You have grasp Dugin’s smelly underpinnings. As with the West, there is a crisis of ideas in Russia which has to play out one day. It is impossible that Russia should live in this halfway house between faux tradition and NEP Bolshevism. Only genuine insight can produce a lasting adaptation for Russia. An administrative hybrid system, through secret police management, is a dead end (however creative the managers may be). True cultural revival, as you know, can only occur through a spiritual/religious revival. It must be organic, not state managed. It must develop out of the situation, which is steadily moving toward a military crisis. We wait to see where this leads, each side helpless before the unknown intentions of Providence. In the West we are compelled by events. One crisis leads to the next. And the mechanism for return is not clear. Evola, as you say, cannot be dismissed any more than Schmitt because there are inconvenient truths we must not deceive ourselves about. In Europe I wonder if monarchy will assert itself, or a sudden turn to Catholicism or fascism or a new kind of nationalism.

      1. Like T.S. Elliot, I am ”shored up against the ruins”. People do what they must under the pressure of the situation collectively, and in the interim use the past in strange ways that show they do not grasp the original intent of the planners of old. Perhaps that is best, I might add. I know the original sin of Russian Orthodox Commonwealth very well, the ”Raskol”, or Schism. We heal that, everything else will fall into place. Old Russia, Moscovy.

        Europe I think is headed for a kind of Neo-Fascism and reactionary Monarchism, probably linked to a renewed and reinvigorated Papacy. Hard to see that now, it’s true, but it’s what I sense. Don’t necessarily like it, but it’s what I suspicion as happening.

        Perhaps it’s the romantic in me that favored the Old South in books and film, but that spirit too is bound to have a revival I think as well.

        I think we’re seeing a disintegration of Modernity (not necessarily technology) as a complex of philosophies, and a reversion to the natural, the norm, around the world.

      2. The Russian Orthodox Church is organically unable to lead any sort of spiritual recrudescence in Russia. A large number of the clergy were KGB agents and are still compromised and working with the Putin regime. Russia became a moral junkyard under the soviet regime, and things have not improved.

      1. I knew a Ukrainian who had connections to Dugin’s circle in the USSR and told me they were enthusiasts of A. Crowley’s writings on Magick. There is a detailed biography on Dugin which recounted his recruitment to the KGB based on his occult interest.

      2. I had read a book once that was about the early origins of the Nazi Party in Germany, post-WWI. This book made claims that Hitler had ties to German occultists, and even perhaps to some psychics. The secret society names were, allegedly, Thule, Vril, and the people of the Black Sun. I don’t know if I believe any of this, but it was really intriguing.

      3. The Masons along with discharged Marines, are behind the Covid Live Exercise.

  23. Mr. Nyquist, concerning a ”President Lindell”, I think you’re probably right, there is a limit where pure incompetence is not possible at the top, unless one is a placeholder or a brief chastisement. You and I are not Populists or Democrats, so I think we can understand one another on that at least. I think that by 2024, the American people will understand leadership a little better.

    Speaking then of as you say a ”revived Catholicism”, it’s the same situation; leadership. I assure you that today there is some prelate (with other clergy and laity behind him) out there who absolutely will take everything back to the Papal Church before 1958, indeed to the 1200’s. And he will do it if for no other reason than the nature of the office of the Pope himself as it has developed. There was the Modernist temptation, specific to this brief era of people born around 1914-1989, and it is now fading. Dostyoevsky himself in his writings suggested that the Roman Church would take up the worldly concern of Socialism and all that. But these men now are old, and very out of touch; they have been forced to wait too long, could not carry out their revolution quite as they had hoped.

    1. Half of all Catholics voted for the socialist abortion supporters Obama and Biden. Reform in R.C. is needed at the pew, the leadership won’t even censure itself. After WW3 there will be Reform. As far as the wisdom of Russian people restoring a Holy Monarchy? The forces against that have had 100 years to consolidate power. Keep dreaming.

      1. Those ”forces” you mention have had power drain from them considerably in that same 100 year period. They are practically mummies. Depending on which polls,a good one-third to half of the Russian people want a return to the monarchy, although not necessarily the Romanovs.

      2. Those forces will climb in power until Christ comes again you troll. These are the same forces behind every leader of Russia since Lenin. The same ones backing the false Chrstian Putin. Discussion with you is pointless. You are spreading disinformation.

  24. Vladimir is taking over again. Please sit down and shut up. Jeff, you kicked this guy off the blog once, and now you let him start running the discussion again? Please don’t let him ruin your blog for all the rest of us.

    1. It takes a lot of nerve to go on another person’s website and tell them and other people who they can talk to or not talk to, and tell other people to ”shut up”. Perhaps you can explain exactly what your problem is with my talking to Mr. Nyquist and others here? I’m not ”running the discussion” i’m having a conversation. Perhaps you could be positive about it and join in with your own opinions instead of having the appearance being some kind of weird authoritarian ”mother” of another person’s website essay comment section; ”Gretchen”.. I cannot for the life of me understand your irrational and emotive animus towards my discussing some difficult and complex issues with educated and highly thoughtful people. Disagree with me and what I say if you must, but I think it’s mr. Nyquist who determines if my comments have value being here and are worthy of discussion not you. Is it an ethnic problem? Historical? Religious? It seems a bit odd to me, but I don’t know you, just as you do not know me. Try to be less judgemental, please.

      1. Over the past few months, several of you at different times have been very “posty.” Probably because something being discussed resonated with you. I don’t think any of Vladimir’s postings are scandalous or morally dangerous, I enjoy the cultural history references about Russia, And more often than that his postings as do Mr. Nyquist’s, stimulate thought. I think Mr. Nyquist runs a very charitable blog. And I am here because most of what is discussed is very edifying. Now though, I feel like a schoolyard teacher watching a fight at recess If you don’t care for a particular person’s postings, Then Ignore them. If someone is a troll then God will take care of it.

      2. Yeah he’s the same Vlad from the last few articles that was banned, IMO he goes back to the final the last “The Final Phase Forum” Bulliten Board.

    2. Why is everyone so threatened by Vladimir? Just ignore him. Occasionally he has an interesting perspective, the rest of the time, we can simply choose not to engage. I don’t think he should be censored unless Jeff is absolutely certain he’s some sort of operative.

      1. I refuse to read anything he posts under any of his known guises, so for me at least, he’s wasting his time. Russia is a morally bankrupt state, and I’m indifferent to its history, culture or anything else positive anyone might have to say about it. Its leadership wants to bury all of us and has the means and growing confidence to at least attempt it. For m, that’s all I need to know about Russia.


    Comprehensive information about the crisis in the Catholic Church.

    There are silver linings in the lockdown situations. One is the rise in homeschooling, which, according to a recent article on the Epoch Times, has reached a “tipping point.” This also leads to a strengthening of family life and Christian values learned at home. A return to Christendom is the solution to counter this Revolution.

    Thanks for the link to Michael Matt’s video. I didn’t know what the connection was btwn the Vatican and Davos. I feel less and less surprised each day with the “spaghetti dish” of connections btwn the players.

    I read an article on Lew Rockwell yesterday explaining the Taliban’s connections with Russia/China. Not surprised.
    God bless. Viva Christo Rey.

    1. Conservative Catholics are under the mistaken impression that they can revive Catholicism. In truth, all they’re doing now–especially after Francis’s destruction of the Traditional Mass–is doing what Protestants like Luther once did: they’re going back to the “original sources” and essentially separating themselves from the Pope. In this case, their original sources just happens to be bonafide Catholic tradition. Their separation from the Pope is also in a less official way. One prominent blog states that the previous Pope did not actually resign and, therefore, Francis is illegitimate. Others still regard him as Pope but treat him as a demonic enemy.

      No restoration of this traditional Catholicism is possible, whatever the case. 2/3rds of the Bishops are homosexuals, pedophiles or Marxists. The Pope himself promotes every person he finds who has a shady past, including a Bishop who was caught in a stuck elevator with a “rent boy,” as it was termed in Italian papers. These people represent the core of the Church’s leadership. They run the seminaries which are producing literal gay networks across the world (the Church Militant website has done an excellent job in documenting these networks). They decide what is doctrine and make all the decisions.

      In a perfect world, some vigilante would just show up and kill them all. Or maybe God would do it. Alas, the conservative Catholics will have to hope that WW3 does it for them.

      In any case, Conservatives and right wing people in general (“right wing” including Libertarians and even extremists, for the sake of brevity, since they all follow the pattern I am about to lay down) look at old forms of things and think they can restore them to fix the world. Some go the Catholic route. Vladimir is of the Russian Orthodox species, and there are even some in the US who embrace Russian Orthodoxy, because they see it as a non-liberal Catholicism. The Calvinists have seen their own “revolution” and a tremendous surge in recent years, a surge I have seen personally. Again, driven all by conservatives in search of old things, stable things, with rules and hardness. Still others are turning to Paganism and foreign religions. There is a Guru who flirts with the extreme right wing (even the white nationalists) and teaches Hinduism, what he calls Sanatana Dharma, and speaks of reforming the world with his religion and the emergence of “Dharma warriors.” Again, this attracts right wing people in search of the old, the stable, the venerable, hoping to find a solution and an escape from the present collapse.

      The problem though is that for any of these old forms to work, everyone has to embrace them. You can’t have your Catholic counter revolution unless your counter revolutionaries are actually all Catholic. This will never be because the Catholic Church, as it exists, simply won’t cooperate with the revolution. You can’t have your counter revolutionary Calvinist army unless they’re all Calvinists, and this cannot be because Christian doctrine, by nature, is divisive and people are prone to creating sects (this goes for the Catholics too). You can’t have your fascists, your white nationalists, your Hindus, your Vikings, your whatever, unless everyone is on the same bandwagon.

      I think the only hope for us is old fashioned American patriotism, at least in the USA. None of this BS about religions or complicated ideologies will rise up and move the people. What will happen–if we don’t all die–is that Americans will be driven to the wall and will either fight back or die, and they will do so under the American flag, not the Pope’s, not Monarchy, not the Vikings.

      1. Can old-fashioned American patriotism be separated from those religious denominations that built the country? If so, what are the practical limitations of political/religious ecumenism? Could Muslims or “Vikings” be included? Or does a descent into religious idiosyncracy prevent unity? I cannot imagine Islam fitting in. Mormons seem to have inserted themselves, though many do not regard Mormons as Christians. If we adapt a strict political creed that ignores religious differences, does this weaken the solidarity of the community thereby affirmed? It seems to me that the danger from the left is great enough to establish unusual alliances between very different creeds. Otherwise, not sure how this works.

      2. Time to jump in again for what it’s worth. After a Christian upbringing of sorts and a number of years exploring the many denominations via attendance of services and Sunday school classes, I decided to limit myself to biblical reading and study for direction and inspiration. All religions and their various sects/denominations are, by (decree ?) exclusive clubs that cannot be altered without destroying the original intent of the organization as evidenced by our alteration of the the founding documents of America by way of example. That is why there will be a sifting of convictions throughout the world in the days ahead.

      3. Re: JNyquist

        We actually have seen an “ecumenism” of sorts. With Trump, we had the Hare Krishnas dancing at MAGA rallies (if you look at right-wing Indian publications or YouTube Channels, they are all heavily Pro-Trump). We had Trump commanding the endorsement of conservative Catholics (see, for example, Church The Prosperity Teachers, Pentecostals, Apostolic goofballs with all their prophecies and spiritual gifts, all on Team Trump. Most of all, we had the common people who were not necessarily concerned with religion–though they may be religious–or ideology, but who were behind Trump all the way.

        And keep in mind, Trump only had commonality with the common people. He’s not Catholic. Isn’t much of an Evangelical, though he embraces them all. He’s not a Pentecostal or a megachurch leader. If Trump was similar to anyone, it was to various Bruce Willis “every man” characters played out in movies! And yet, somehow, he was embraced by all as one of their own.

        The unifying factor I think was Trump’s personality and his willingness to fight, but also the feeling that Trump was returning the USA to a place of former glory. I also think that he was expressing things that were deep in everyone’s mind, but which no one else was willing to say.

        Can old fashioned American patriotism be separated from those denominations that built the country? Well, are most people concerned with their specific denomination building the country? I think polls have shown that the average American doesn’t really even understand the basics of their own religions. They can’t define the Trinity. They’re loose and mushy on the specifics of salvation. I bet that, in the political realm, they know even less about the Constitution, the political parties or on the various different theories on how government should be run.

        What they DO know is a common culture, a sense of being American, an innate sense of right and wrong. Hollywood has distorted us to a great degree, but there is a certain American Spirit that undergirds everything and can’t be systemized or explained like an ideology. There is a certain subset of people who look at various ideologies/religions, like Catholicism or whatnot, or Libertarianism, or whatever system, and they make it into a very serious thing, and all the world must conform to it. And if you’re not in the club, then you’re an enemy. And they think that this system is the only way anything is ever going to change for the better. But the average person doesn’t think like this.

        Do we need to establish a “strict political creed”? Did Trump do so? He had support of a lot of different factions who had some differences.

      4. American Patriotism is Masonic. The Bill Of Rights, is Christian fundamentalist.

  26. ”Greyknight” I think that I can understand your concerns and the course you wish to take for future elections, and God knows what’s best. I think we’re all in for some rough journeys i’m afraid, especially if we set out without Him with us.

    1. Vladimir, I agree. All we can do is trust God and be faithful to Him. Times are about to get rough.

      1. It’s not easy when I see all the hatreds and misunderstandings and paranoia, and ignorance. It’s disheartening.

  27. Looks like this has become Vladimir/Pilgrim’s blog (again).

    Somewhere, V. Putin must be smiling.

  28. Mr Nyquist what are the Svengali methods of Dennis Montgomery and Mary Fanning that produce a situation where an otherwise knowledgeable and astute person such as J. Kirk Wiebe, retired legendary NSA senior intelligence analyst, cyber expert and whistleblower ADMITS He is AWARE that Montgomery has provided no traceable Cyber Packet evidence for substantiating 2021Election Fraud at the Lindell Cyber Symposium…Yet And Stiil Wiebe Defends and Justifies the Importance of Protecting Dennis Montgomery from Legal Jeopardy AS Being Far More Important than Preserving and Protecting the American People from Tyranny.

    Wiebe is Amply Aware of abundent reports that Montgomery is a lying dog, a con artist, and a philanderer.

    Wiebe’s philosophy is “Be that as it may; Still Dennis Montgomery is a Genius, with a Security Clearance and I KNOW THAT ANYONE THAT HAS a SECURITY CLEARANCE MUST HAVE INTEGRITY and
    IS A-OK in MY BOOK!

    What WORLD is Wiebe LIVING IN Mr Nyquist?

    Does he Live in the Same World That John Top Security Clearance Brennan, James Top Security Clearance Comey, Andrew Top Security Clearance McCabe, Edward Top Security Clearance Snowden, and CIA EngineerJoshua Adam Top Security Clearance Child Pornographer Schulte live in?

    How are Montgomery and Fanning able to persuade people to Major in the Minors and Do Their Bidding?

    As regards Fanning’s operational methods… Here is an anonymous First Hand report that I received for your perusal and comment Mr. Nyquist

    I took my troubles down to Madame Mary Fanning Rue
    You know that gypsy with the gold-capped tooth
    She’s got a pad down on Thirty-Fourth and Vine
    Sellin’ little bottles of Love Potion No. 9

    I told her that I was a flop with chicks
    I’ve been this way since 1956
    She looked at my palm, and she made a magic sign
    She said, what you need is Love Potion No. 9

    She bent down and turned around and gave me a wink
    She said, I’m gonna make it up right here in the sink
    It smelled like turpentine, it looked like Indian ink
    I held my nose, I closed my eyes, I took a drink

    I didn’t know if it was day or night
    I started kissin’ everything in sight
    But when I kissed that cop down at Thirty-Fourth and Vine
    He broke my little bottle of Love Potion No. 9

    I held my nose, I closed my eyes, I took a drink

    I didn’t know if it was day or night
    I started kissin’ everything in sight
    But when I kissed that cop down at Thirty-Fourth and Vine
    He broke my little bottle of Love Potion No. 9

    Love Potion No. 9
    Love Potion No. 9
    Love Potion No. 9

    1. Note to Cicero: I was on the receiving end of Fanning and Brannon Howse’s push to sell Montgomery in January. I never talked to Montgomery, but Mike Zullo says Montgomery is incredibly persuasive because he is “endearing.” Fanning uses a combination of flattery and threat. She attacks anyone who questions the narrative, so it is clear how you will be regarded if you fail to support it. If you go along you are a hero. If you question it you are a bad guy. Manipulative people, who do this sort of thing, are not my cup of tea. I allow that people think differently than I do. They have to make the same allowance for me.

      1. I think that people, in general, who fit the description of “incredibly persuasive and endearing” are the most dangerous, because it is so easy to be taken in by them. People like this seem, at least for a while, almost genuine.

      1. I wouldn’t be surprised. The independent guy who made the vid, didn’t really have as much to say as I thought. Sorry I didn’t view the entire thing before posting here. Still, it seems like there’s plenty of evidence to indicate fraud, even if there’s no proving who did it. The problem is the Smartmatic / Dominion voting machines, mail in ballots, and no ID requirements.

      2. We have to have a better system for voting in the USA. The problem is, the ruling party doesn’t want honest reform and the opposition party is stumbling.

      3. @JRNyquist: “Doesn’t Bannon get advertising revenue from Lindell?”

        If so, very interesting. Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive. Here’s Walter Scott, again.

      4. I have seen so many conservatives shifting their narratives to accommodate donors and advertisers. But the worst corruption of thought may stem from the public. To summarize: they would like a redo of Old Yeller. We really haven’t the stomach for shooting the best dog in the West, and so we let Yeller foam and rage. We love Old Yeller, after all, and would never shoot him for being bitten by a hydrophobic critter. So what if the kids get rabies? It’s all about love. And Old Yeller is a box office hit. Three hundred millions worth.

      5. Yes, I’ve seen their ads on Bannon’s show, War Room, as recently as a couple weeks ago. I actually commented to the person watching with me, “This is a good show, I don’t know why they have these ads from this guy.”

      6. Yes. Except they did not allow Lindell to shape their content and dictate to them. So he took $1 million per week in advertising revenue from them in retaliation for not running his political ad.

  29. Old Yeller is like how back in 2004, John Kerry accused Republicans of cheating him with Smartmatic voting machines, when he ran for president. How come nobody brings that up?

  30. I did not watch one second of Mike’s endeavor. Not that he doesn’t seem to be a nice man, I know people personally who have worked for him, but because slicing at the air after a stolen election is only going to take us all backwards. They won that round…..period…..and it is going to be near impossible to remove the “wasted oxygen” occupying the White House in regards to proving election fraud.

    “There is more than one way to skin a cat”.

    I would let Mike go, he either sinks or floats on his own ship at this point. He is bread and circuses for those people hung on election fraud. Mike is a planned distraction to any real avenues of salvation for the US.

    The real puzzle is the DELIBERATE disaster of Afghanistan. Lara Logan’s take on this is by far the most logical. They wanted to leave Americans and faithful Afghanistan citizens behind, they wanted a large cash of weapons left behind. They wanted the exact situation that played out. Biden is an old feeble fool but the people pulling his strings are not. How beautifully played to let the old goat appear to be responsible for such chaos. Whether it serves to embarrass us on the global stage, deteriorate trust among our allies, destabilize with another mass infusion of fresh refugees, maybe many more reasons yet hidden, or all of the above. We just moved to another tier in this horrific debacle of America’s planned destruction..

    1. The globalists in charge believe that money is the best weapon. Pat Buchanon makes the point that the Taliban’s money is in the United States, just like Iran, China, Russia… VPPence said Biden simply didn’t want to honor a deal already made by President, Trump, so he missed the pull out date. That’s why the Taliban invaded after a cease fire.

      1. And now the mineral wealth and the resources of Afghanistan will fall into China’s hands, and they won’t have had to do a stitch of work to get these things. How fortunate. *sarcasm*

        This development is extremely dangerous as well as very upsetting. Control of that natural wealth could have stayed with the U.S.! We shall rue the day, as the old saying goes.

        Also, look at the photo at the top of the article–it’s like a grim parody of the Oval Office.

      2. One scenario could be that by pulling out of Afghanistan before evacuating Americans, and Blackhawks, before US troops, was intended to create a crisis, which would necessitate a large scale US invasion, to revive the US economy. This would not dilute US troops Worldwide, as if China or Russia were to start war, we would not do battle conventionally, anyway.

    2. • the US military corporations wins because all of that equipment left behind has to be replaced
      • the US government wins because it has a new well-armed bogyman to fight
      • the christian west loses because its another enforced migration of thousands or millions of displaced muslims (some of which are not freedom lovers).
      • russia (probably) wins because it probably supported the Taliban just as it did the Arab Spring and forced emigration to europe of muslims–I hope Jeff you will provide some insights into this
      • globalist win in further forcing western nations to welcome more cultural enrichers
      • American taxpayers lose because all of the wasted money thrown down the crapper

      1. Our enemies are not bogeymen. And in the end, all the above lose because the whole world goes into the abyss when America goes down.

      2. I’m not an avid believer in the whole Q(Anon) phenomenon, but what you have said here, Mr. Nyquist, closely echoes something that I had read last year on On 10/30/20, so, right before the general election, an entry stated, “If America falls, the world falls.” That dark, prescient phrase has stuck with me ever since; I definitely agree with it.

      3. It is strategically likely that the fall of America would result in the collapse of the entire West. There may be some unusual combination of events that makes it otherwise; but I would not count on it.

  31. Jeff, if Diana West’s thesis is correct, that America was thoroughly infiltrated pre WW2, do you think it is likely that Russia has been literally running the US government at almost every level in every department at least since the fifties?

      1. Indeed. Russia barely manages to run it’s own government on every level in every department, much less the labyrinthine maze of agencies and programs of the US government.

  32. Well, no easy answers from you, I see, Mr. Nyquist, RE the Old Yeller example…reminds me of my English major days when a beloved professor would challenge me to consider the topic at hand more critically. At the time, I would be frustrated, but later on, I would appreciate their constraint.

      1. @JRNyquist: I write creatively in my spare time, so I do tend to use my imagination a lot of the time 😉

        The latter part of my previous post, wherein I had made an analogy about a professor, was meant to be a compliment, not sarcasm, by the way 🙂

    1. Janelle LaTrouvere, I think Old Yeller is Lindell. The people who dont want to put Old Yeller down because he is such a great dog, is the public who continued to support Lindell’s claims for the past several months, even though he has not showed the absolute proof he says he has. The money he brings for folks like Bannon, is like the 300 millions Old Yeller brings in.

      Mr. Nyquist, is that what you meant, or do I need to do some more thinking?

  33. @GreyKnight: Thank you for the explanation; I appreciate the insight. I had never watched nor had read “Old Yeller” before, so I hadn’t been familiar with the plot, or with the characters. I had known that Old Yeller was a dog, that was about it, tbh.

    1. The movie is good, but as always, the book is better. You’re welcome, I hope it didn’t seem like I was trying to butt in. Just wanted to see if I actually got it or not.

      1. Even good for old boys to read a book like that sometimes. It takes you back to a simpler time for an hour or two.

  34. Not really. I had to think about it for a few minutes when I saw it.

    Carlyle’s book on the French Revolution arrived yesterday. It’s very tempting to start reading it, but I am on Live Not by Lies right now.

    Mr. Nyquist, The Fool and His Enemy is just as good as Ideas Have Consequences. You have a way of packing a punch with each sentence.

    I’m very glad I found your site. Your blog is the only one I have ever read. I do read other sites such as Conservative Treehouse, Gateway Pundit, Pamela Geller, but yours is the only blog. I get a real feeling of genuineness, honesty, and good sense from you, and pick up good thoughts and info from your readers as well.

    Plus it has encouraged me to get back to reading more. Your work is an encouragement to me, and I’m sure to many others.

    I hope everyone will support your work on a regular basis. You are a rare find. I’m not trying to flatter, I just want you to know that you are greatly appreciated.

  35. >>>Many of us thought Lindell was well-intentioned; but the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. Many of us thought Lindell was honestly taken-in by the swindler, Dennis Montgomery; but then we are forced to admit the adage that “you cannot cheat an honest man.” Many of us thought Mike Lindell was a loyal patriot; but he and his side-kick Brannon Howse are slandering and maligning an ever-expanding circle of patriots, truthtellers and good-faith bearers of bad news.<<<

    Jeff – I believe you have been correct about most of the story with Mike Lindell… I did not like it at first, and I think many might agree with me, but you did indeed try to warn Mike, and everyone else, what was going to happen. Having said that, my only disagreement is with the adage about not being able to cheat an honest man. However, I do believe that honest people fall prey to cons all the time. A great deal of America did, myself included, with regard to the cyber symposium.

    Are we dishonest? I don't believe so. I think we WANTED to believe, because we are so dismayed by the election fraud that did occur and everything else that is collapsing in our once-great nation. I do believe election fraud occurred at levels that are almost unfathomable, and much of this was presented at the symposium, which helped it not be a complete disaster. It has also had the effect of motivating many to demand full forensic audits in their own states, which must be done.

    The simple fact is people don't want to believe that they are, were or might be victims of conmen, and will lash out at anyone who brings their lack of discretion to light. If Lindell were a democrat, he wouldn't care, as democrats are by and large without shame, but he is a patriot, and the embarrassment at this point must be overwhelming.

    1. I am not sure you were cheated in the same sense Lindell was. Did you lose money? Sources are telling me that Lindell gave Dennis Montgomery $3.3 million. Do you think you would have parted with such a sum if the recipient had a reputation for serial fraud and was known as “the man who conned the Pentagon”? I think there is a self-dishonesty inherent in someone who takes the word of a known swindler and pays him that much money — assuming it is true.

  36. Onengineer, you said;

    ”The Russian Orthodox Church is organically unable to lead any sort of spiritual recrudescence in Russia.”

    It’s the only Institution that can, not being entirely human but founded by Christ Himself as His Church. You may not be used to hearing people contradict your own musings on things, but such is life.

    ”A large number of the clergy were KGB agents”

    Funny thing is, they are all very much Capitalists today, those same gentlemen, today. And they are really big on union with Rome, strangely enough, and suspiciously so. In other words, highly adaptable.

    ”and are still compromised and working with the Putin regime.”

    The Church always tries to work as harmoniously as possible with very temporal regime under the sun, for the good of souls, and comprised of sinners of course. Specks and Beams.

    ”Russia became a moral junkyard under the soviet regime, and things have not improved.”

    Did it not? Sounds like Pharisee talk to me. Russia is not deluged with Communist tripe these days, but instead with the kind of tidal wave of immoral Western filth and pornography and degradation that swamped the country after the collapse and the opening to the West in the 1990’s. I know you will not believe it, but common people in Russia were indeed more moral before the collapse than after. We were so naive, we did not think the Western people would take a dump on our very souls and cover the land with the very excrement that is killing the West too. First thing Yeltsin did, very first thing, was to de-criminalize sodomitical acts, for example.

    And mr Nyquist, you said;

    ”This is true. The fish, as it were, rotted from the head.”

    Well the Head is Christ, in whom there is no darkness as far as my own faith leads me to believe. There may be at one time or another many bad ”Orthodox” clergy, who are actually heretics who are expelled from the Church. The last problem began in the 17th century, it will be resolve.

    1. Do you really think a Church headed by State Security agents is actually headed by Christ? Surely, the Church you seek has moved to another set of people and buildings. Not the ones with the “official” label.

      1. I tend to think these days that those who still hold to the traditional ways of Orthodox Christians, the so-called ”Old Believers”, Starovery, are in the right. Solzhenitsyn and Sharefevich thought so too, among others (Dostyoevsky hinted at it as much as he dared, because of the official Romanov censors and his friendship with Podbedonostyev the Romanov’s Oberprocurator), and that the Schism must be ended, for the sake of the whole world. So no, I am not very ”official”, but I do not doubt the sincere piety of those Christians who are going to the official temples. It’s perhaps a start for them. I have many reasons therefore that go back long before Bolshevism, to be mistrustful. God is merciful, more merciful than I would be perhaps.

      2. What is a Church when led by the enemies of God? This question now afflicts Catholics and Orthodox, and many Protestants. We must go deeper to discover what is happening.

      3. An example of what I’m speaking of in ”Old Believer” Worship. It is not in Russian, but Old Slavonic, which is closer to modern Bulgarian than Russian, but still quite understood;

    2. He Blames Russian post Soviet moral collapse on Western influence. Nice try.

      1. Seems to me that based on your comments you are emotionally invested in the moral turpitude of an entire people, and no contrary facts will be allowed by you. Unlike Mr. Nyquist, who has not only the intelligence but also good grace to see things as they are for the most part, you shoehorn reality to fit your malevolent worldview. By your personal attacks on me, you show yourself as bereft of ideas and incapable of coming up with serious rebuttals.

        The moral collapse is something you are projecting, people in Russia really are getting their act together, but perhaps that too is a reason for you to hate us, if we do succeed? Fact is, I do blame Russians for being infected with bad Western ideas such as Marxism, but also falling prey to the stupidity of Western ”Enlightenment” era philosophy. Post-Communist Russia now is bombarded with Western style but home grown trash, which anyone in the West knows is difficult to fight. Rap is stronger than Lenin. Butt s and Boobs on television more powerful than Stalin’s ghost. Drugs stronger than dreams of international revolution. But, God is stronger than all, and Russia will awaken greater than before after the 20th century Democide of over 100 million Russian lives. Even Zhironovsky gets it now, debating Communists in the Duma;

        Here he talks about Lenin’s hatred of Russia;

        A hatred that you and your blood brother Lenin share!

        No, your position is a sick joke, funny almost if the pathological paranoia and hysterical hatred didn’t make it sad. Christ enlighten you!

      2. Russias moral collapse started long ago. It’s continuation under the wisdom of the Russian leadership can’t be blamed on the West. I think it had something to do with communism. I don’t hate Russians but you like to label anyone that has anything bad to say about her as a paranoid Russaphobe. I wonder how long before Nyquist “bans” you again. I’m taking bets on your next handle.

  37. Things like this whole Mike Lindell controversy are an unfortunate distraction. The central problem remains: there is no replacement for Donald Trump, only one much more effective. Mr. Trump came along and grabbed ahold of the Republican Party and did not let go until after a re-election defeat forced it out of his hands. He may still wield some influence, but it has certainly waned. Now the Republicans flounder under a feckless Mitch McConnell, and the yippy RHINO likes of crying wuss Adam Kinzinger and defacto Democrat Liz Cheny. The leadership void is vast. There is no Republican who will unabashedly stand up and flex verbal muscle enough to absolutely and uber-effectively scorch-earth flamethrow Biden/Harris/Pelosi/Fauci to the extent of not only getting their attention, but genuinely terrifying them and their lackey media. That is who we need now, and that is what so many people would rally around. But there is no senator, no governor brave enough, or skilled enough, to do so. No one to electrify us, no ‘grey champion’ to galvanize a whole new movement, one greater than the Tea Party, the Trumpists, and erstwhile Reaganites combined. That is who and what is needed now. One might wonder if he/she would literally survive the establishment’s certain consequent wrath. Nonetheless, the *need* for one such person unfortunately echoes to an empty chamber.

    1. I suppose all the institutions would move to crush such a person. They would send agents to befriend and beguile. They would trip him up. Flatten him.

  38. Mr. Nyquist, you said when speaking of the enemies of God and man alike;

    ”What is a Church when led by the enemies of God? This question now afflicts Catholics and Orthodox, and many Protestants. We must go deeper to discover what is happening. ”

    Obviously for many there is an Eschatological dimension, an Apocalyptic dimension, to what is happening. I resist that notion, because I want to keep my head about me and not be deceived. However I am not blind to the possibility, as we have been in the ”Last Days” since 33 AD.

    One of my concerns is that the son of perdition will be one who is disguised as a liberator from the evils of secular modernity and progressivism. The evil one already has the wicked in his train; to seize the ”good” (or as much as he can seize them) he needs to promote that which has the aura of godliness, morality, and the natural social virtues, without the substance thereof.

    1. Did not the Antichrist appear in Russia, in 1917? — in the form of Bolshevism? And has not that Antichrist clothed itself in Russian Orthodoxy? And are not the Old Calendar Greeks the true Orthodox — refusing to associate with Kremlin Orthodoxy? Can you really argue with the stand taken by those few brave priests in the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, who forfeited church property and money to avoid communion with the Moscow patriarchate?

      1. Dear Mr. Nyquist, the ”spirit of Antichrist” has been with us in the world for a long time, so do not fully identify it entirely or exclusively with Bolshevism (although that has been one very overt form). As for the ”official” church of what might be called ”world orthodoxy” (which is not Orthodox, but is conforming to the spirit of error), it is intimately linked to the today’s Vatican in significant ways.

        The so-called ”Old Calendar” Orthodox (called ”Old Calendar” by their opponents, as if the only problem they have with the official structures is the new liturgical calendar of 1921) including the ROCOR clergy who won’t abide by Patriarch Kyrill, are indeed, with the ”Old Believers”, the Remnant that is in the world. I know these Clergymen and Laity, I’m one of them, with them.

        But… The Apostolic Church, guided in the Holy Spirit and with the aim of salvation and not anathema as much as is possible, always gives the erring time and opportunity to repent and return to the Christian faith. I with others seal myself off from them, knowing their errors are already condemned. If and when the time comes for their formal and final judgement of Anathema, I will with heavy heart accept that and take my own actions accordingly. As it is, numerous Anathemas have already been proclaimed;

      2. The Man Of Sin is revealed by the signing of a peace treaty for the protection of Israel, by and between the dictator of Europe and the leader of the one World religion; the two Beasts, The Antichrist and the False Prophet.

  39. ”Ricardo Galvan”, you said;

    ”What are your views on Dugin as an alleged Satanist and Occultist? I’ve heard these claims but have not verified them.”

    If I may answer to the best of my ability (not sure if your question was addressed to me or not), I do know that Dugin was hanging out with a group of marginal freak intellectuals who (in a very transgressive un-patriotic and un-russian way) obviously admired the SS and Third Reich and other Fascistic figures, and who engaged in Crowleyite ritual sex magic and such things. To me that suggests un-natural acts between men and other men among other things, by the way, which is pretty much a requirement for that sort of depravity. It is claimed by his supporters that he and his family was of the Edinovertsy, ”Old Believer” supporters of the official Church, but one little detail makes that highly unlikely to me; Old Believer adult men do not shave their beards, ever, unless drafted into military service maybe (funny, never heard of Dugin’s record in the military, when all able bodied men serve at least two years) whereas Dugin has only had a beard in pictures since about 2000, if I’m not mistaken. He definitely knows the occult, he’s very well versed in that from what I can tell. Maybe he’s changed, I try not to judge people overly much even though that’s my natural inclination, but I don’t trust him.

  40. Mr. Nyquist, you said concerning ”Notes from the Underground” that;

    ”The man from underground. He emerges into the open now. He surfaces. Yes.”

    You might like this one man theatrical monologue, a play of ”Notes from the Underground”;

    When I see it, I am struck by how un-russian the Underground Man is in the story, how unlike regular Russian people. An alienated Modernist intellectual egghead, the kind of crooked timber that almost murdered the 20th century.

      1. Isn’t it interesting though in this modern world that probably everyone knows someone, from the book or the play, like the spiteful and alienated creature in their personal circles?

  41. Why do some posts not have a reply button? Is that moderator controlled?

      1. Bedlamsbard1, if you download the Wordsmith app, you will have it. Also you will have a reply button under each comment. I just downloaded the Wordsmith app about a week ago. For awhile, I was just going to the JRNyquist blogsite, and it sounds like that is what you are doing. Download Wordsmith

  42. Mr. Nyquist, you asked;

    ”Zhirinovsky? The former KGB officer whose party was formed under the USSR? ”

    Yes, the same. Now, is anything that he openly said in the Duma untrue?

    And you must admit, it is all Anti-Communist statements of fact.

      1. Mr Nyquist, I showed videos of Mr. Zhirinovsky utterly trashing Communism and it’s Idols, repeatedly, while speaking in the Russian Duma. That is, given that what he said about them is entirely true, he presented hard facts. Now, I am not interpreting this information for you, or even debating what you’ve said about Zhirinovsky, so I leave it up to you to determine what this information means. He is not a woman that I should love him, I think he is a coarse man with no verbal filter, but what of his clearly anti-communist statements? Surely they mean something and cannot be simply dismissed by dismissing him.

      2. I believe Zhirinovsky’s role is to serve as a safety valve outlet for angry hotheads who want to sound off, as Russia is full of such men. They reckon he speaks for them and serves as a reminder to Putin not to get soft. When, in fact, his actual role is to help maintain the status quo.

  43. ”Bedlam’sbard”, you said;

    ”Russias moral collapse started long ago.”

    Interesting, because I said as much and the historical reasons why. But again, people in glass houses… I suppose you like living in a land where the LGBTQ agenda is vigorously promoted even under ”conservative” Presidents, for example?

    ” It’s continuation under the wisdom of the Russian leadership can’t be blamed on the West.”

    The irony being, that they the leadership are for the most part, some sort of Westernizer. They haven’t approached peak Liberal absurdity though.

    ” I think it had something to do with communism.”

    Communism didn’t help. Look at Zhirinovsky’s videos again, where he says the Bolsheviks killed most of the good people, the best and brightest too. But then, that doesn’t fit your narrative very well either, does it?

    ”I don’t hate Russians but you like to label anyone that has anything bad to say about her as a paranoid Russaphobe.”

    Russophobia is an ”acceptable” outlet these days for people that otherwise would be tempted into Anti-Semitism or some other grotesque xenophobia or racism or religious prejudice. You hide behind Mr. Nyquist’s work (aside from its merits) in order to indulge in it. For you and people like you, nothing Russians do is enough; we are like ”Orcs from Mordor” who should just lay down and die, and let other peoples take our lands. No conspiracy theory about us is too wild, too implausible to people like you, we’re behind everything, the external locus of evil in this world. Demonizing us justifies our future slaughter, just as with Hitler and his minions.

    ”I wonder how long before Nyquist “bans” you again. I’m taking bets on your next handle.”

    Hmm, a man says something uncomfortable to another, and one is positively slavering at the jaws to get them banned. Why is that? Because you know I’m right.

    1. “You hide behind Mr. Nyquist’s work (aside from its merits) in order to indulge in it. For you and people like you, nothing Russians do is enough; we are like ”Orcs from Mordor” who should just lay down and die, and let other peoples take our lands. No conspiracy theory about us is too wild, too implausible to people like you, we’re behind everything, the external locus of evil in this world. Demonizing us justifies our future slaughter, just as with Hitler and his” etc.

      You have no basis for atributing any of those beliefs or characteristics to me, fine gentleman . BUT FOR ANY VETERANS OF TFP BB – here is another tell by good ole VLAD. This “Orcs from Mordor” comes from a poster on the last TFP board. Someone whose handle was Szygyz or something like that. I think he was German. Any other VETS remember the guy? So this reference shows that Vlad or a member of his team is a dinkle berry from the last site(and we had a Vlad). A prolific poster(s)!

      1. The guy that used the phrase “Orcs from Mordor” was quite derisive of the Russian people as well of its leadership whilst attributing most of Soviet Russia’s military and technological successes to Ukrainians. Now that I’m recollecting the “Orcs from Mordor” guy was Ukrainian wasn’t he?

  44. Mr. Nyquist, you said about America that;

    ”Our enemies are not bogeymen. And in the end, all the above lose because the whole world goes into the abyss when America goes down. ”

    America is, whatever an internal or external critic of her may say, is one of those necessary nations, without which the forces of Barbarism would cover the world.

    Her Capitalism, while an imperfect human system full of imperfect people, actually uses that imperfection and produces better socio-economic outcomes than any utopia ever devised by man possibly could.

    Her Republic, while flawed as I believe being a Monarchist, is still nonetheless set up as a ”Res Publica”, for ”the common good” of her citizens, representing the rule of Law, not the whims of mere men.

    These things are important and have meaning. It is a framework, both for good and for bad, that requires a good and virtuous citizenry. It’s a revolutionary concept and thus in my opinion flawed, but it has the merit of still understanding human nature. American revolutionaries were not entirely composed of bad men, crazy men. They were very often people any nation would love to have serving their country as citizens.

    No sensible patriot of any country worthy of the name, can possibly genuinely be Anti-American or wish her slide into the abyss.

  45. Guys, if Vladimir is some sort of Russian intelligence operation, at least we’re keeping them all busy and away from other more important work, subverting the democracy. We’re too smart to be fooled by their propaganda. But in all seriousness, Vladimir, do you ever sleep? Not to mention work?

    1. Ru Int Op? Doubt it. Just one of many trolls setting up shoodly made and maintained bridges along Jeff’s lands.

      1. What if Vladimír is a Russian traditionalist who is intrigued by this site and is working out his own doubts? Everyone is saturated by the stereotypes and propaganda of a certain way of seeing. The challenge is to see the world truly. Even an enemy can help you to see, if you know how to learn from him. — if he is an enemy.

  46. Jeff after 20 plus years of exp with boards associated with your work, I had my fill of Vlads.There have more than enough. Nothing new for me here. He’s been disingenuous enough for me. Might be fun for or educational for some. Note I’m not asking for him to be banned. Let the games continue.

  47. Mr. Nyquist, you said;

    ”What if Vladimír is a Russian traditionalist who is intrigued by this site and is working out his own doubts? Everyone is saturated by the stereotypes and propaganda of a certain way of seeing. The challenge is to see the world truly. Even an enemy can help you to see, if you know how to learn from him. — if he is an enemy.”

    Thank you for your courtesy, even if sometimes we may find ourselves in disagreement, even vehement disagreement at times, it is necessary I think to be gentlemen.

    1. He banned you once for your ” nonsense” his words on the thread he banned you. He’s allowed you back for further observation apparently. I never saw him retract his reasoning for the ban. I guess it’s troll season still, Ill try to observe its behaviors or mutations.

  48. Mr. Nyquist, you said of Mr. Zhirinovsky and his Anti-Communism;

    ”He is supposed to do that, while making a fool of himself. ”

    I had considered that as some kind of possibility. Nonetheless, it also would then mean if so, that these people do not hold their Idols in high regard, nor are they concerned overly much about being damned in the eyes of posterity. It would mean that these people are cynics, kind of nihilistic, flexible opportunists and mercenaries.

    I can think of numerous reasons and intrigues for that kind of state of affairs, and none of them make republicanism look very well generally speaking.

      1. Ah, as I’ve said before, the people are not fooled ever, and know the truth of all these matters more than anyone on this Earth, collectively more than individually of course, because of fools. The people know where the dog is buried, so to speak.

    1. In fact, it resembles the absurd carnival of mr. Lindell and company, does it not?

  49. Most of you guys are a lot smarter than me, but I would like to out in my two cents on Vladimir. I have never commented on a site, and do not have experience sorting out trolls. I had no idea until Mr. Nyquist said it, that people actually get paid to troll sites all day. I personally am not totally sure about Vladimir. He could be an enemy, but I get a gut feeling a lot of the time that he is sincere, though I dont agree with a lot of what he says when it comes to defending the Communist aspect of Russia, or saying the West corrupted Russia.

    I think that all societies, being made up of men, who are born with sin natures, corrupt themselves. Especially when they reject the God of the Bible, as did the Bolsheviks, as did European intellectuals, and as American intellectuals finally did.

    After this, What does the Bible say that God does to them? He gives them over to a reprobate mind -a mind void of judgement. A mind that doesn’t know right from wrong, or as God told Jonah about the Ninevites, “persons that cannot discern between their right hand and their left hand”.

    The more people persist in refusing to acknowledge their Maker, the more inverted their reasoning will be.

    Now, I am sure that Communism corrupts societies in order to weaken and conquer them. I am convinced the Soviets have actually had a hand in the corruption of the West, to be honest. But that corruption was already there in the men of the West’s hearts, and without a return to their faith in the God of the Bible, would have plunged them into the abyss, regardless of Soviet strategy.

    I could be totally wrong about Vladimir, but I have to lean toward giving him the benefit of the doubt. My gut could be wrong, but I feel that he is sincere. If he is an enemy, I have still learned from some if the things he has said.

    Shoot, the Muslims are my enemy, but I tend to agree with them on not letting women vote, 🤣🤣

    1. Greyknight, I appreciate your comments and your honest sincerity.

      Most Russian intellectuals abandoned God after being exposed to the influences of the French Revolution and Napoleon, and brought it back from Paris and Europe. In fact, there was a revolt of officers called the Decembrist revolt, which was put down harshly. That being said, most common people still believed in the God.

      I recall you saying something about the Scottish people; and I recalled that many Scots immigrated to Russia to enlist in the military;

      Anyway, you would discover that Russians are about the most innately ”conservative” people there are, life is too hard for stupidity and foolishness.

      I don’t think women should vote either, lol. It is a man’s world in Russia, but woe to the man who crosses a woman too much 🙂

      1. “Hell hath no fury…”

        It should be a man’s world. Women have the most valued position of all, in being wives and mothers. They have an intuition that their husbands should listen to. But men should be the ones who run the country, not women. And not just any man, but men who own property be it ever so little. Men with a vested interest in the affairs of the country, who stand to lose a lot in different ways, if the country is governed foolishly.

        Also, men who are manly, not effeminate.

    2. I have a similar view concerning Vladimir. I think it is possible that he was legitimate. It is important to remember that, to many people, it is not obvious that Russia remains communist. This is not meant to detract from the arguments made on this site, only to prevent us from falling into an echo chamber where we assume our conclusions are the obvious ones.

      1. Most people in Russia and America do not understand communism or what happened in 1989-1991. Everyone was given slogans which colored public perceptions.

  50. Mr. Nyquist, I wanted to ask you what you thought of the copy of the alleged interrogation of Christian Rakovsky by the NKVD;

    I do not know what to make of it; because for one I know that while Spanish Fascists did fight on the Eastern Front in the Great Patriotic War, I do not recall their Blue Division being in the Leningrad area (where it’s claimed a Spanish soldier found the file on a dead body during the siege of Leningrad).

  51. Also, I appreciate Bedlamsbard1’s vigilance. We can never be too careful about folks. I appreciate he isn’t calling for Vladimir to be banned as well.

    1. Scroll back up and see what I said about Vlad likely being a holdover from the last Bulletin Board where Nyquists readers gathered to talk. Some of us here have been talking to each other on boards for as far back as 20 years though I recognize only a few handles. But Vlad is bringing himself into remembrance.

  52. Greyknight, you said;

    ”“Hell hath no fury…”

    It should be a man’s world. Women have the most valued position of all, in being wives and mothers. They have an intuition that their husbands should listen to. But men should be the ones who run the country, not women. And not just any man, but men who own property be it ever so little. Men with a vested interest in the affairs of the country, who stand to lose a lot in different ways, if the country is governed foolishly.

    Also, men who are manly, not effeminate.”

    Cannot disagree in the slightest. And this was the way for most of the history of the world. In the hard times that are coming, it will be the way once more, everywhere. In prosperous times, it is easy to be tempted to be indulgent, give in in gradual small ways to little foolish changes, until one finds everything in disorder. In true Orthodoxy, rule over a nation by a woman is illegitimate, sorry, I cannot change that even if I wished, so I accept it as true. People may mock that a growing number of people use the ”Domostroy” as a household guidebook for good prosperous living, like I do, because of their modern feminism and other nonsense they hate it. Oh well;

    It was written during the reign of Tsar Ivan Grozny in the 1500’s, but it’s Aristocratic and Heirarchical truths are timeless.

    1. Haven’t you listened to, or haven’t you watched, any of his interviews, past and present? I must say that you do come off as rather ignorant in this matter.

      Let me, therefore, inform you: Nyquist has said numerous times to many different people in these interviews that pathways, such as the occupations which you list in your post, have been, unfortunately, blocked to him by Communist intervention, because he would not be seduced to their cause(s).

      1. Didn’t mean to offend anyone. Not ignorant. Only rusty. I found his blog by accident while researching Marxism. I used to have a good grasp on the Soviet military. I am trying to learn as much as I can as quickly as well as watching Nyquist’s past videos I found on the net. They are quite fascinating and give me a much better background to thoroughly understand his research of today. Also, I have found his blog to be quite informative and it has filled in gaps for my own research.

        I am well aware of Communists blocking. I completely get it. It is a shame to be honest. We need people like Nyquist and other brilliant minds in leadership roles of the intel community. Mr. Nyquist you are a leader, and a brilliant mind. Your pathway is just a bit different than the way you had planned. You are awakening people and making a difference. These things take time. We all have a plan by God.

        I had my long career in one of the alphabet agencies ended by a Marxist. From my experience, they are very deceptive, manipulative, narcissistic and dangerous. Once they have the brass under their spell, there is no stopping them. They will destroy anyone that gets in their way. They are masters of the Art of War.

      2. So interesting to hear from you, MinusXero. It is surprising when you first realize that actual Marxists can control your career opportunities in America or get you fired. Please feel free to email me at – in so many ways we are late in terms of organizing people and comparing notes. It is happening more and more. As people come together and compare stories, we get a better sense of the mapping here. Good guys, bad guys, clueless guys, etc.

      1. Nevertheless, you have such unique, valuable insights that deserve to be heard and to be acknowledged. I am glad that you keep on writing and keep on speaking even when you are faced with formidable opposition. Also, you, Mr. Nyquist, must have tremendous integrity, to refuse to be bought off by these Leftist snakes in the grass.

        Your lecture, which the previous gentleman had posted, is extraordinary, and is gripping. I had found videos of it independently of his post here. The fact that the audience had laughed when you had said, “we are too busy shopping and having fun,” reveals just how cosseted we are in this great land of ours.

        I watched through to the Q and A period, and that first man who spoke was so incredibly rude and very aggressive towards you. I’m very surprised that the event’s moderators let him talk for as long as he did. In addition, I’m kind of amazed at how you had kept your cool under the abuse from that guy and from others who spoke during the session.

      2. It is very difficult, in the current environment, to write and talk about certain realities because people think they already know the truth by reading a few conspiracy books. Going to my own mistake at the time, I thought Obama’s presidency was the end for us. I could not understand how the communists would not have used that presidency to finish us off; but the communist Chinese and Russians needed more time to strengthen their military position. You can see what Biden is doing to further this end, since he and his masters are calling the tune in Washington. So everything takes longer to play out. You see the biological attack and the communist power grab. You see the beginning of the collapse of our strategic position in South Asia. Biden is secretly the creature of our enemies. A very large number of Americans, however, do not want to admit that Russia, China and global communism are the main enemies we must oppose. Many are hostile to this view because they have been trained to think that their real enemy is found among elite Western capitalists. Of course, communists teach this exact same concept. So what we find is a right wing form of Marxism under the guise of conspiracy theory. For example, Russia and China very much support the idea that 9/11 was “an inside job.” This is one of many false narratives they support. We are constantly being fed false narratives, which are designed to move us away from the truth while leading us to focus on the wrong things. Mike Lindell’s false narrative, for example, is doing tremendous damage to the country while sabotaging the election audit process. Ask yourself: how can we achieve genuinely positive results when our narrative is mistaken? How can you unite a party or a country with a false narrative? There is a way, of course, to unify a country on a false basis. You might ask why I would be opposed to such a method. What works is all that counts, right? Well, that was Hitler’s reasoning when he unified Germany under a false narrative in the 1930s. In practice, when you seek power and public agreement with a false narrative you have to destroy anyone who wants the truth, anyone who asks questions, and anyone who gets in your way. You become an enemy of those very things that are the basis of human dignity, freedom, goodness, truth and justice. If your narrative is not about truth, you can never admit when you are wrong. You will then slip further and further into falsity. I do not care so much about power. I would rather know what is true and pray that power abides by it. But power and wealth and celebrity do not always abide by the truth. And if you seek the truth, when wealth and celebrity are against it, you will be misunderstood and maligned because lies are effective shortcuts for people seeking power. To call out the lie is to be odd man out. Power and celebrity and money seem to offer more powerful arguments than truth. Lindell has a lot of money. He has celebrity. When someone like that — or his media associate — goes to crush you, I can assure you it is very damaging. Doors close and people walk away from you. But one truth outweighs the entire world. I am trying to understand that one truth through the fog of war. That fog of war is all around us and people have to decide who the main enemy in that war is. It is very grim to say this, but we are not figuring this out in a timely fashion. And while Lindell points to one of our main enemies as “hacking” the election, his facts are wrong and his data comes from a serial fraudster. He promises, in the long run, to discredit his own cause and assure that the country cannot come together on the only true ground of agreement; that is, the truth. We cannot convince Democrats with a false election narrative because they are predisposed to see the problems with it, while true believers on the right simply get taken in by false promise after false promise. You cannot — you must not — have leaders like this. But we do. This is what we call leadership now. And someone like me is never going to fit in with people like this. Curiosity about the truth is not welcomed by people who want to cut corners, or who are motivated by envy, or the desire for power, or who are unwilling to read and study. Under current circumstances those with serious money and celebrity would never support someone like me (and so, I am not supported). That is a fact with which I am very well acquainted. If an honest and intellectually clear leadership was even possible today, we would be living in a different country and we would already have better leaders. As for the keeping my cool, nobody is ever persuaded by anger. The article at the top of this thread does have anger in it because I am done with trying to persuade Mr. Howse and Mr. Lindell. I have no interest in persuading them. They are not persuadable and so I oppose them in principle. If that sinks me, so be it. I couldn’t care less. How this plays out is a test of whether or not I have been wasting my time with this blog.

      3. Perhaps not, but you’d make a wonderful Grand Vizier! The man behind the curtain, as it were.

      4. @JRNyquist: I say this sincerely; it has been a great pleasure to interact with you, if only through these comments, brief though it has been. You have been very responsive to many of my comments, which is something that I deeply appreciate; as oftentimes on these threads, people just tend to talk amongst themselves.

        It’s just that I really enjoy speaking to you, whether it is on foreign affairs or on philosophy, or if it is a political debate. Frankly, it’s become hard for me to imagine not being able to hold a conversation with you, because, of course, eliminating the comments section means a lack of access.

        I want, therefore, to invite you to comment as often as you’d like on my blog when I get it up and running, which will likely be very soon. I would not like to lose such an intriguing, accomplished, and intellectual conversational partner as yourself.

      5. I am toying with shortening the length of time comments are open. Be sure to note my email address in the “contact us” section of this blog. I am sometimes overwhelmed there as well.

  53. Someone I havent seen post in awhile is Bogdan the Aussie. He is Polish, but does he live in Australia? Bogdan, if you live in Australia, how are you holding up with the craziness from the government taking place over there?

    1. Dear Greyknight, thank you very much for mentioning me. I’m indeed Polish and I live in Melbourne in EUNUCHALIA which has, unfortunately, become one of the worst places to live in the world. It’s simply beyond description what is happening here right now. When migrating here I would never, in my darkest dreams, envisaged that anything like that would be EVER possible. This is the result of symbiotic relationship between the DEMON (the current federal and local regimes) and the Aussie MORON who eternally votes for them.
      I’m also one of the greatest supporters of Jeff whom I read for the last fifteen years.
      I comment rarely because I’m doing my own, very intense fight here “DOWN UNDER” mostly producing, printing leaflets and distributing them around Melbourne when it is physically possible.
      I’m also a bit reluctant to post here as my English is entirely self taught (I began learning it when I was already 34) and thus far from perfect so it is sometimes very difficult for me to produce any longer comment.
      Needless to say that such an activity has recently became almost as dangerous as in my former Poland under the boot and the whip of a commune fascist regime.
      Quite frankly, I’m very pessimistic about our future right now, however, it doesn’t mean that we should give up on our fight.
      Regards to you and Jeff – Bogdan

      1. Please keep us all updated here on Mr. Nyquist’s blog. Your English is very good. I will be praying for you. If you can get out of that hellhole, or want to start making arrangements, email me at I’m positive I can help you settle in Alabama. Other people on here may be even more able to help you, but I at least know I can. I hate to hear this. I hate to see the videos and updates of what is going on there.

      2. Bogdan’s story reminds me of another former Polish citizen I had heard about not that long ago. Maybe some of you even know about this woman, because she was interviewed on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” several months back. I can’t remember her name, but she had left Poland decades ago when it was still held hostage by a Communist regime.

        She came to America, and she settled in Michigan, and in subsequent years, she ran a successful restaurant there. When Covid reared its ugly head last year, she opened her restaurant, and she loosened restrictions on it, openly challenging Governor Witchmer’s “emergency” orders. She was arrested for this act of “rebellion,” but thankfully, she was released a short time later. It’s so terribly ironic–she escapes Communist repression, only to be thrown into a situation like this.

      3. I remember that. How about the Polish pastor in Canada, who refused to close his church doors, or to quit feeding the homeless? The Polish remember life under Communism.

      4. Thank you for reporting in from Australia! We are seeing some terrible video images from down under. It looks dark on every front. Hold fast if you can.

  54. Women should not be allowed to vote, Greyknight? I expect that kind of stupidity from Vladimir, but from you? Jeff, I am leaving this blog. I may check back in a month or two to see if it’s any different, but your work is being railroaded and corrupted by ignorant posters hell-bent on steering discussion away from the issues you come here to bring to light. If I, for years an avid reader and supporter of your work, can no longer stomach the discussion, how many other people are dropping away from visiting here — people you wanted to educate to the truth but who now cannot find it, buried as it is beneath irrelevant conversation. And what woman will read here, when you allow sexist comments that are stupid and offensive?

    t don’t care if Vlad is a troll or not. I care that he takes over all discussion and pushes out the free exchange of ideas from others who would like to start discussion of something other than the Church and Russian orthodoxy. For God’s sake — the Church and Russian orthodoxy? Who cares? He is not here to “work out his doubts,” as you so generously suggest. He is here to “educate us all,” as he so arrogantly announced upon his return.

    I no longer have time to scroll through the comment section every day, hoping to find fragments of thought that are fresh and new from other thinkers. Now every discussion is driven by Vladimir, what he thinks, and what he wants to “educate us on.” You have so much to offer, so much of import to say, but you’re allowing one man to take over your blog — someone the rest of your readers are leaving on account of, or at best, are sticking around and “tolerating” out of respect for your right to run your blog the way you see fit.

    Goodbye, and maybe I’ll see you all again one day. Gretchen over and out.

    1. Gretchen, I did not mean it in a bad way against women. I just think it disrupts the natural order of things. As I said, women have the most important role of all in guiding the home, seeing to it we have well raised generations. Men should give regard to the intuition of their wives. But men should be the ones running the country. But men should be men, forthright, with integrity and honor, and should treat their wives with respect as well.

      I probably should have kept that thought to myself. I said it in a way to be a little humorous in the point I was trying to make.

      Even though that is what I think, women’s right to vote is not going anywhere.

      I’m not trying to steer conversation away from Mr. Nyquist’s main topic. Conversation just takes different courses after the first several after an article, with so much happening.

      Please dont leave Mr. Nyquist’s blog on my account.

    2. Actually, you have a good point, Gretchen. Maybe we should try to keep the comments more in line with the article. At least not stray too far out of the logical bounds of the article.

    3. Here is an argument to close the discussion section and end this blog altogether. I do not understand why people post so many irrelevant things, or why the posts are rarely on topic. And it takes too much of my time. Perhaps I should close the comments altogether. They are counterproductive. For every person who registers a complaint there are a thousand who silently agree — if not more.

      1. Jeff, this is your blog. Run it as you wish. As a subscriber, I enjoy the comments except when commenters try to take it over. Perhaps if the silent majority would be less silent and blast the offenders, it would shame them into greater self-control.

      2. I bet. But I, for one, would miss greatly your voice and your words. I really enjoy your work, and I look forward to reading your new articles.

        Just a suggestion here, I don’t even know if WordPress allows you to do this; but perhaps you could put a “character limit” on comment posts? Then people wouldn’t feel the impulse to write novels out of their opinions.

      3. @JRNyquist: I apologize if I had sent you on a wild goose chase with my idea(s) about shortening people’s messages. I didn’t mean for you to waste your time; I was genuinely trying to help you improve your comments/forum section.

    4. Gretchen, although you say you seek the “free exchange of ideas from others,” it seems you really don’t want to hear provocative ideas that offend you. This is the same approach to “tolerance” and “inclusiveness” that has captured all of our universities — wholesale banning of non-PC views.

      Rather than stop your ears and run away, may I suggest you simply respond with winning arguments? There are of course many good ones for women to participate equally in our representative democracy.

      As for Vladimir, ah well, it’s Jeff’s blog, not mine…

    5. Dear Greyknight, thank you very much for your prompt and so friendly response. I shall consider your noble proposal, however it won’t be easy to move from here as I have family in Melbourne. Also, being seventy it is difficult to rearrange your life in such a dramatic way.
      Also, please, read my post at the end of the commentary section about my experience from my life back in Poland many years ago.
      Regards and greetings – Bogdan

      1. Yessir, I read it earlier. I know there would probably be a lot of difficulties, but if it’s possible, and if you would like to try, I know with God’s help we can make it happen. I know people who would chip in to provide funds if needed. It seems so silly to make that proposal, in this kind if setting, but I am willing and felt I must offer, and I am dead serious.

  55. Mr. Nyquist, if you think it is for the best to keep from offending women readers, then please delete my posts.

      1. I am not one to tell you or anyone else what to do with your own blog, but I’m of two minds on this. I do enjoy some aspects of posting here, particularly intelligent back and forth with you and other posters, but at the same time the overall negative response to my posting here is a drain. I disagree too much I guess, but the ”bottom line” is that I really don’t care to post in the discussion section anymore. My views are not democratic, so I find no reason or pleasure to subject those views to just another kind of ”popular vote”. I certainly never intended to contribute to any distraction or disruption of anyone else’s views, however. Whatever our disagreements, I wish all of you well, and beg for others to be mindful of everyone else’s common humanity. God bless one and all, farewell.

      2. Jeff, rather than eliminating comments altogether, how’s about the alternative of a strict rule that comments must be on-topic?

      3. Mr. Nyquist, I will try to stay on topic better for however long you keep the comments section up. I know there will be things I would like to ask you sometimes that may not pertain to a current article, but will be along the lines of what you discuss in general. I hope I have not caused you trouble.

      4. I hope you reconsider.Really appreciate your willingsness to engage with the readers.And athough they sometimes do distract,the comments also provide the opportunity to explain and further explore.

      5. I disagree, I greatly enjoy the discussion section. I like reading Jeff’s responses to people’s questions about as much as his actual articles. I’ve also learned a great deal from some of the off-topic comments. I view these threads as an ongoing discussion— anything relevant to any of Jeff’s previous articles is fair game, including the Marxist takeover, the Grand Solar Minimum, the decline of civil society, etc. I also really appreciate some of the news stories that have been linked to here— stories I never would have heard of otherwise. However, I will say that I’d probably be more productive if it weren’t for the comments section! 😅

        One other thought— it’s nice to hear from a few people each day who actually understand what’s really going on in the world! It can be a bit lonely knowing the truth.

  56. I wouldn’t worry about Gretchen. I’m a woman and was not offended. In fact I agree with your comments completely, that in general, voting is best left to men. In my view, society really started to go astray when women began voting and working outside the home. Obviously this is not a popular view, and I don’t usually express it to anyone else, but it’s my true opinion. Every woman my age that I know is too easily led astray by the mainstream media’s emotional manipulations. I hate to say it, but my lady friends are exceptionally gullible and fickle, more so than the men I know. The only people I know in my generation who aren’t being led astray by the propaganda, all happen to be men. There are a few exceptions to this, a few women who see through the mainstream propaganda, but those women are into conspiracy theories and are frequenting sites like Infowars, so still very misled in my opinion, just in a different way. They’re simply being influenced by a different stream of propaganda. In order to find the truth, you have to read widely, both conservative and liberal sources, and put together the pieces. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem that very many women my age seem to have the initiative or ability (or perhaps patience and interest) to do this. Sadly for our country, because by and large, they’re the ones voting for liberal Democrats.

    1. Ann Coulter has a similar viewpoint. Richard Weaver says the breakdown of distinctive roles for male and female goes hand-in-hand with a larger disintegration and decline. The fall of the birth rate is perhaps the most terrifying indicator — leaving us with the need to import people into the West who do not share our heritage or values. As Western people we are not replacing ourselves. It is a trend toward extinction. This trend may be connected to feminism. For writing this I will now be accused of racism to the bargain.

      1. I caught Weaver’s allusion to this, and have seen Ann Coulter refer to it many times as well.

  57. I award a full point for that masterful take down, Jeff !

    I never understood why any private business would involve itself in politics or “social causes”. The purpose of business is to make profit. Alienating half your customer base unnecessarily is counter productive as well as counter-intuitive.

    The world has become nuttier than squirrel scat.

    Keep swinging, slugger!

  58. Pillow fight indeed. Let us not succumb to snowflake-ism. It is one thing to agree to focus comments more directly on posts as a way of disciplining and advancing discussion; it is another to constrain them for fear of micro-aggressions. As a Catholic, I have been “offended” a number of times, whether directly or by implication. As Gretchen might say, who cares? I vote* no to any form of censoring, self or external, for the sake of political correctness.

  59. I echo Gretchen’s comments. Really, did you intend to alienate half the population, Grayknighty? The Taliban would welcome your views in Afghanistan.

    I also agree with Gretchen there are too many long winded off topic comments by Pilgtim/Vladimir. I will miss her insights.

    Here is one of my favorite quotes that maybe will help us.

    The Four Stumbling Blocks to Truth by Roger Bacon, 13th century
    I. The influence of fragile or unworthy authority.
    II. Custom
    III. The imperfection of undisciplined senses
    IV. The concealment of ignorance by ostentatious of seeming wisdom.

    1. If men were the men they were supposed to be, and weren’t caught up in themselves, but were giving of themselves for their families and country, whether in the running of the country, defending their families, sacrificing for their families, fighting the wars, then I think you would see what I meant. Unfortunately, most men dont strive to be the self-sacrificing servant/leader they were created to be. So I understand why you could take offense. But none was meant, and I will cease from this topic and stay in line with the articles.

  60. The implication that women are inferior to men and incapable of making rational decisions does not deserve an argument in response, anymore than a Jew should have to defend against a comment that he’s a monster by virtue of being a Jew. I am not ignorant by virtue of being a woman. I should not be kept from having a voice in the proceedings in my republic because I don’t have a d**ck between my legs.

    If a “free exchange of ideas” includes allowing people to post that women are too stupid to vote and should be second-class citizens, then by all means, let’s opens the doors to all manner of stupidty. Why censor posts that claim Jews are monsters or that blacks are ruining the country? That’s hardly fair to the Jew haters and racists, now is it, if the sexists are allowed THEIR “free exchange of ideas”!

    Jeff, there’s no need to close down all discussion — just to stop it when it starts to veer off the tracks.. Before Vladimir, the discussion section was great — interesting and stimulating. But a discussion moderator needs to truly moderate, or a blog can become a runaway horse. If one person starts dominating the conversation with pages and pages of posts every day, he needs to be told he can only post three times a week, or something to that effect. That isn’t censorship — it’s controlling the discussion so all voices can be heard. It’s just a matter of better management. Don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater.

    I’m monitoring this blog for another day or two to see what the response is to my earlier post, in a last-ditch hope that things will change here.

    1. I surely did not mean it the way you took it. Please see what I just posted to ladyfromlibertygarage. Ann Coulter is one of the smartest people around, and she thinks the same.

      1. She’s not. But look, I dont understand why that made you so angry. I’m not saying that you are stupid or inferior. But isn’t it clear that each sex has different strengths and weaknesses, and God-given places to fill?

        But I believe women have taken certain roles, and even been thrust into certain roles, because the vast majority of men have abdicated their responsibilities, and do not conduct their lives as men.

        I’m not saying that husbands should disregard the good sense God gave their wives either. They should consider what a wise woman says. Remember the account of Abigail and David? Abigail’s husband Nabal was a churlish, rash, arrogant man. But his wife had coolness of head and wisdom. God wound up taking Nabal’s life because of his foolishness, and David married her.

        I’m not going to grovel, or retract what I said, but I do believe that modern men’s self-centeredness and weakness has caused many unnecessary roles to be filled by women, and that contributes to the great imbalances in our society today.

        I truly bear you no ill will, and do not think you are inferior to me, and hope you will continue posting your insightful contributions.

      2. I will shut up about it though, and if you want the last word, it is yours.

  61. This has been a healthy discussion. That was a very good analogy, Gretchen. Generally, I try to limit myself to one comment per blog if I comment at all. I have violated that self-imposed rule this time. 🙂 but I had to speak up on the topic of free speech. As others pointed out. some simple guidelines and limits for posting comments might be in order as a healthy structure helps all of us to be better thinkers. Maybe closing comments after a certain total number would allow Jeff to sleep in peace. It’s up to Jeff though. My final thought is this the free exchange of ideas is necessary to get to the truth even if some of our thinking turns out to be faulty, it’s up to the rest of us to point it out. The 4 Stumbling Blocks to truth are a good rule of thumb for sniffing out lies. Gretchen, please don’t leave. I think we have gotten the point. Greyknight, I appreciate your response to my comment.

    Jeff, looking forward to Pillow Fight, part II.

  62. I’m not actually a fan of Ann Coulter’s, but I do agree with her on that. Perhaps in previous generations, women were well-educated enough to see through the propaganda. But in my generation, the women are sadly almost entirely brainwashed. I should know; I was one of the brainwashed for many years. It’s a miracle that I was able to finally see the truth.

    1. For Pete’s sake, could we refrain from dumping 51% of the U.S. population in the same bucket?

  63. Jeff, I can’t find the original thread, so I’ll post this here. With regard to your coming article on Afghanistan, have you thought about having it published on WND or in the Epoch Times? I feel like many people are becoming a lot more open to the idea that foreign actors are harming our country in various capacities, and putting the pieces together as far as what happened in Afghanistan might be a great way to draw them in to your audience.

      1. Less constrained certainly, but writing for other sites occasionally in addition to maintaining the blog would get this extremely important information out to tens of thousands of more people.

      2. I do occasionally write for other sites. Last year I was the first person to suggest that COVID-19 was a bio-weapon. Epoch Times published the story and Zero Hedge discussed it. My article was published in January 2020.

  64. Mr. Nyquist, what do you suppose was the point of Trump playing the clip of George Scott’s Patton speech, in Alabama last night? I have a brother who lives in that area, who tried to get me to go to the rally, and I told him that I think anyone who went was stepping into a potential trap set to go off later. I saw some comments on Twitter where people were saying they hoped FBI agents were there taking tag numbers, etc. My feeling all along was something like that.

    Either Trump is so full of himself, he was equating himself with Patton, or he was trying to stir up the fighting spirit he knows many Alabama natives have, or he is playing a part in setting people up to be arrested similar to Jan 6 folks. I see no other options, and figure ut is either the 1st or the 3rd.

    1. I do not understand Trump’s use of the Patton symbolism. The left controls all the institutions, including the Department of a defense. Every word Trump says is now taken out of context and may be used against his followers. Does he realize how dangerous the situation is? I want someone who explains his position and his strategy better so I can understand the trajectory. On January 6 Trump walked into an ambush, and what could any of us say? He was blotted out by the media and by social media. The leftists who control the state are setting up something larger — you can see indicators. How do we see around the next corner? Lindell is probably going to play a part in what unfolds; that is, if he continues on his present path. Has anyone noticed how beholden the right is to a handful of people who have gained celebrity status through TV? It troubles me.

      1. I have told people since the election, that I feel what they are doing now is laying a net around all of us, and whenever they feel the time is right, they are going to suddenly draw it closed.

        Mr. Nyquist, I know you have a heavy load with all you do with this blog. I am sorry if I caused you any headache with my comment on women voting and all the ensuing comments. I hope you will keep comments open for another article or two and see how it goes. I myself will stay in context of your articles.

      2. Agree with you. I apologize for going off topic. I am new to the blog. Lesson learned. It won’t happen again. Also, I tried through channels to get YOUR info to Lindell, but to no avail, it was ignored.

        Why is Lindell obsessed with all of this? It makes no sense in why someone would risk it all to save someone they barely know. It isn’t good to mix business with politics.

      3. MinusXero: I do not fully understand Lindell’s motives. I know that Dennis Montgomery is a very convincing con man. I also know that Mary Fanning and Brannon Howse were pushing this narrative hard. They have both taken credit for getting this narrative to Lindell, and, from my personal interactions with them, their presentations took a suspicious turn in late January. For example, they had always left all the bad stuff out about Montgomery, never mentioning his checkered past. Why? And when they were trying to sell Montgomery as the source of the data, they made him sound like a hero when he was not. Then, later, they claimed the information was coming from multiple sources and would not talk about Montgomery, pretending it had nothing to do with him. I thought they were gaslighting me. I simply never took this bait and switch seriously. Was I supposed to believe that Montgomery had all the data one day and then several people were providing it the next? Perhaps they thought I was stupid. It was insulting, in fact, to be gaslighted so outrageously. It left me permanently suspicious of their motives. So I broke off communication with Fanning and Howse when I realized this was a scam and they were enabling it. I have phone records, texts, etc., if they ever want to challenge me on this, go ahead and make my day. If Howse tells people I misquoted him, I have his texts. If Zullo wants to collect damages, I am also a witness. Is it shoddy journalism to quote a private communication? When that communication is part of a whispering campaign to destroy the reputation of a retired police detective, I think I had an obligation to defend the victim and to warn Mike Lindell. It was all very disappointing since I had thought Howse and Fanning were patriots. No facts or research I brought to them on Montgomery would be accepted or discussed. They would simply slander my sources on Montgomery — personal or official. Why would they do this? Also, Fanning’s prevarications convinced me she was not merely duped by Montgomery. She was playing her own game of misleading people. Of course, I suspect that Howse made book off Lindell. Fanning’s motives completely baffle me. She is a mystery.

      4. Yessir, I have noticed that the right seems to have set certain people as idols for our cause, and I hate it. Number one is Trump, and I have actually come to almost loathe him. The rally in Cullman, Alabama, trying to equate himself with Patton, or either rile people up and get them in trouble with the FBI, has put the final nail in that coffin for me. We have no true leaders on a national level.

    2. I’m not an American and i live in Europe,so maybe you would pardon my iinorance.But in what way is Trump ensnaring his rally-attendees into a fbi-trap?Could it not be said,bearing in mind revolutionary theory,that its important to have a ‘ground game’,to have a ‘popular street presence’?And isnt Trump facillitating this requisite with his rallys?Just wondering..

      1. Anon, I am pretty ignorant myself on revolutionary theory. I’m just basing this off of the fact of what took place leading up to, and on, Jan6, the insurrection that wasnt.

        Trump called for people to be there. He even went so far as to say “it will be wild”. Because of him, thousands of Patriots showed up at DC, and got involved in the excitement at the Capitol. I’m not sure exactly how many, but over 500 have been arrested by the fbi. Some are still sitting in DC jail, without bond. They have been stripped of all their rights. All because of Trump calling people who were concerned about the nation to be at D.C., making it sound like they were going to take the country back.

        He will never have more authority then he did that day, as president, and yet, now he’s running his mouth, stirring people up, acting like he can do something. He’s allowing people to believe that there’s a possibility he will go back in.

        Based on these things, I can only conclude that he is so full of himself that he enjoys all of the almost worship of him, and is oblivious of what he is causing to happen, as he plays with people’s emotions. Or either he knows full well what he us doing, and is playing a part in setting up a lot of concerned, patriotic citizens.

        I’m no expert, nor privy to some secret information. That’s just what I think based on what I see happening.

      2. It just seems like he is playing a part in setting people up to do something they will be arrested for. Just like what took place in the aftermath of January 6, how so many people who were there have been arrested by the fbi. The screening of the Patton speech at the rally in Cullman the other night, with its potential to help raise the level of people’s emotions, at the very least was very irresponsible. But I am starting to wonder if it isn’t all on purpose.

        Also, maybe he is drawing Patriots to these events, and someone is taking notes of who is there. Because I really cant see any good that these rallies do.

        Maybe I’m wrong, but I’m suspicious of him. I can’t help it.

      3. I meant playing a part, whether conscious or unconscious of it. But at this point, how could he be unconscious of the effects that his words and actions are having on people who are getting more desperate with every passing week under the current regime.

  65. Hi Friends, as Jeff is signalling closing the comment section I’d like to use this as an opportunity to share my personal experience from the time when I was still living in Poland under the boot and a whip of a communist regime there because, I believe, is hugely relevant to what is happening in America and the so called “Western civilization” right now.
    This is an experience of a desperate man in the most desperate situation imaginable and of a man who sees that we are finding ourselves in the same desperate situation again.
    On the 13th of December 1981 the Polish communists imposed martial law to crush the Solidarity freedom movement. Few days later, they massacred protesting miners in the “Wujek” (Uncle) mine in the Northern Silesia. As great number of my friends I became convinced that it would trigger a civil war in Poland.
    Because I was holding the rank of a Lieutenant of reserve (In Poland every man had to go through a military training) I became also sure that I would be drafted back into a military service to quell the protests.
    In that fateful moment i made a decision that I would try to keep quiet and maintain a low profile to avoid unnecessary trouble, however, if I would be given the direct order to shoot at the protesting people or witnessing such an order given to someone else in my presence, I would shoot my commanding officer and then shoot myself to spare my family the persecution from the revenge-thirsty communist fascists.
    You can only imagine how I dreaded such a scenario and how upset my wife was when I told her about my resolve.
    Fortunately, this horror hasn’t materialized as the leadership of the Polish Catholic church launched statewide campaign to calm the Poles down thus preventing any major bloodshed.
    later we also learned the the anti communist forces represented by Reagan, Thatcher and John Paul II were already at work to destroy communism and that gave us a bit of hope for the better future.
    I’m not writing this to present myself as a some kind of a hero or a tough guy because I’m not. I don’t know how I would be acting in the real situation, what I would do if I was arrested and tortured both physically and mentally.
    It was just a conscious decision made by the human being who had to make the choice; to preserve your body and lose your soul or lose your body and save your soul. I’m making that statement as someone who, generally, doesn’t believe in God’s existence but who at the same time doesn’t reject Him.
    I also share this my experience because, as I pointed out that in the beginning of my rant my American Friends (and not only) will be facing such heart breaking choices very soon.
    Regards and greetings from Aussie – Bogdan

      1. To solve the comments problem, you should do as I did when I ran a blog: simply ignore 99% of the comments and selectively reply. I’ve actually always been surprised that you take the time to read every post. It is impossible to keep it up ordinarily. Readers will understand if individual questions go unanswered.

  66. Jeff, I think it is a mistake to close the comments, not as big a mistake as closing down the whole blog, but still a mistake.
    The best thing about the old Final Phase boards was that you didn’t have to moderate them, the worst thing about them was your lack of regular comment.
    Perhaps there is a happy medium here, there, or somewhere.
    Irregardless, your timely and complete responses to questions and comments on this blog sets it apart from others, where the writer rarely if ever interacts with the participants.

    1. Guess why the old forum was shut down? Trolls, spamers, page long posts off topic by a few people with pet issues. Does anyone here fit those descriptions? WW didn’t have the time to moderate. Similar pattern. Vladimir was at the last TFP forum as well. His tell was quoting a poster there referring to Russians as “Orcs from Mordor”. He also labeled me a paranoid Russian hater, a brother to Hitler and Lenin.

      1. Does anyone remember the fellow who apparently believed that he was the re-incarnation of Jesus Christ? He didn’t state this on the forum right away, and I forget how it came out. His name might have been “Spirit of Truth.” I ran into him, years later, in the comment section of an article that had been posted on Drudge and ended up emailing with him.

        He pointed to a number of things that proved his divinity as Christ in our conversation, including a very small birthmark on his hand, which he said is from where the nail had pierced him. As it happens, I also have a birthmark on the same spot, except mine was far bigger than his and covered in hair that is darker and thicker than anywhere else. I told him that if his birthmark is evidence of his Christhood, that my claim is better due to my birthmark’s size. He stopped responding to me after that!

      2. His name was Jay Adams. He passed away a few years back. He was not entirely sane. I began corresponding with him in 1994. He was very angry with me when I delayed publication of my book to 1998.

  67. So if it’s no longer troll season and Jeff closes the blog will the troll have collected his toll? Nice work!