We owe it, therefore, to candor and to the amicable relations existing between the United States and these other powers to declare that we should consider any attempt on their part to extend their system to any portion of this hemisphere as dangerous to our peace and safety.

The Monroe Doctrine, 1823

According to Marcell Felipe, the protests in Cuba are “a rejection of socialism and communism.” In the United States we are told a different story. It is, they say, all about COVID-19 and vaccine availability. What is the truth? Marcell Felipe says, “No one is protesting COVID-19. People are asking specifically for freedom.” People are chanting, “Down with the dictatorship!”

Last Sunday I joined Nevin Gussack’s Populist Roundtable Podcast to discuss the situation in Cuba and related issues. As it turned out, we spiraled off topic to discuss (at our peril) communism’s emergence into the U.S. Democratic Party.


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283 thoughts on “Interview on the Cuba Revolt: Should America Intervene?

  1. It is quite ironic – and heartbreaking – that, while in places like Cuba the people are finally finding the strength to stand up against their long-term communist tyrants, America, subjugated by a communist regime of her own, is incapacitated and neutralised. Everbody is now standing on their own. The United States can’t and won’t come to the defence of anyone, as Moscow & Beijing are getting ready to carve up the globe among themselves…

    1. America retains its strength. It’s constantly been counted out, since before 1917 and its involvement in European affairs and it constantly emerges stronger than it was before.

      1. As recent events in Afghanistan have so magnificently illustrated! America will first have to rid herself of this terrible and life-threatening Bolshevik regime in D.C. before we can speak about any kind of national revival. If you haven’t yet read Mr. Nyquist’s reference work, Origins of the Fourth World War, do so now! If you have read it, read it again! You see, big talk is easy; understanding is a different matter. I suggest you grow up, cut back your ridiculous long hair, and perhaps stop chasing after “chicks” and find yourself a proper wife instead… .

  2. I found this interview independently the other day on Youtube. It was excellent.

    I like Mr. Gussack; he’s very interesting, and he seems very astute regarding foreign affairs, as well as regarding politics. I’ll admit that I don’t know much about his background; I am going off of my observations from watching a few of his broadcasts.

    And you, Mr. Nyquist, were endlessly fascinating and eloquent 😊

  3. I always figured on Fidel Castro being like his original hero Mussolini, a Fascist at heart, and likely winding up like him. But Raul Castro his brother, he always was a genuine article Marxist-Leninist and I suspect the real brains of the operation. I wonder if the sanctions and embargoes strengthen them or weaken them? I don’t know. It seems only fair at any rate that America apply the ”Monroe Doctrine” in her backyard, as any Great Power would be expected to in theirs.

    1. The one great power of the Western Hemisphere is at a disadvantage should a coalition of enemies infiltrate the Caribbean basin. The countries of the region are easily subverted — and this has been accelerating in recent years. We have seemingly ceased defending the hemisphere. The long term prospects for the region are grim. The communists are pushing very hard.

      1. Jeff, this is a bit off-topic, but if you don’t mind, could you please comment on this article below. This expert keeps naming the World Economic Forum and IMF as being behind some of the psychological operations surrounding the Covid mass hysteria. Do you agree? Are those organizations being run by international communists? Or do you think this whole vaccination propaganda campaign is being ordered straight from Moscow/Beijing?


      2. The problem with such analysis is that the WEF and IMF do not have intelligence services and political parties led by operatives and fellow travelers with a century of subversion behind them. It is the old problem of analysis: confusing a cause with an effect.

      3. Pilgrim, Brazil’s situation isn’t so great. Bolsonaro is conceding on many things, for example: he removed several people who were very loyal to him and to conservative policies from ministries and put new ministers who have always been buddies with the left, they call themselves “center” but they do not diverge from the left on policies at all, and we don’t see some of his election promises getting any sort of advancement at all after those changes. Some will claim he’s just negotiating when he purged this group of loyal, more conservative minded people, but I don’t see what he got out of many heads of allies he offered to the establishment on a silver platter.

        There’s a crowd that behaves in an eerily similar fashion to the Q crowd from the US, constantly saying that we have to “trust the plan”, Bolsonaro is doing “4D chess” but I see that as a diversionary tactic to blind the people on the right to the truth that the left has dominated him. We have a Supreme Court that is dictating politics, interfering with how the federal government does things, going against the constitution, and he’s not really calling this for what it is. He has asked people to go to the streets in protest against certain measures, it’s clear he still has a lot of support but he’s just not pulling the trigger when it comes to making the law to be followed by his enemies that are tearing the constitution apart right in front of him.

        Certain people around Bolsonaro are clearly compromised. The vice president Hamilton Mourão is pretty much a vassal of China. He has said that Brazil has an “inevitable marriage with China”. Bolsonaro during his campaign openly said that he was worried that China wasn’t merely buying in Brazil but buying us out. Mourão also said something very telling very early in Bolsonaro’s term, regarding some unrest in Venezuela’s dictatorship, that it was good that the population was disarmed because or else they would have a civil war. Bolsonaro has always spoken out against gun control. There are other people from the Armed Forces that also showcase they are overly friendly to China, to put it gently, the question is how much of the Armed Forces of Brazil have been mentally dominated by China and other local communists.

        Some people say he can’t act or else he’ll be impeached, but he hasn’t done anything to be impeached. I understand he cannot perform miracles, but some of his ministers are clearly going against his election campaign promises, he used the word communism during his campaign and how we shouldn’t go that route, but his minister of human rights is endorsing communist type feminist laws such as one aimed against people who commit “psychological violence” against women with very subjective text, the very same minister also wanted to punish people who committed “political violence” against women, ie. let’s censor people who make memes of female politicians on the web.

        There are other instances of members of the government going against Bolsonaro’s conservative political campaign, his minister of health recently approved a peculiar project that came from certain “health councils” that are entirely dominated by the left, in it there’s a proposal for abortion, the socialized health system to provide the trans genital mutilation surgeries and many other projects of the left as affirmative action and whatnot. After being pressured by people on the internet, the minister made a short video saying he had to give his approval because the law says so, but he was lying. He ended up taking a neutral course of action by removing his approval but not revoking the project entirely that he could have done. The issue is that he keeps putting ministers who do the opposite of what he says so at one point one wonders if there’s malice coming from the president in this, because no president can be so blind to proclaim he’s against draconian anti CCP virus measures then put multiple ministers who are for those measures.

        Bolsonaro is doing a lot of bravado, saying that the populace won’t tolerate abuses, and doing so many empty threats that his enemies in the Supreme Court, left wing parties and media are openly saying all he has are bluffs and he will never do anything anyway, he’s very demoralized. It has got to the point that the theory he’s just distracting the masses with this empty threats behavior while his enemies double down on his supporters with judicial harassment and even some got jailed for criticizing the judges of the Supreme Court is coming across as believable to me, because what he’s doing only incites the left and makes things end up worse for everyone.

        it’s a very bizarre experience how a government that has (or had since some people are growing tired of the inaction) so much approval is on its knees to the communists.

      4. Sorry to hear all this, Marcelo. I see a lot of similarities with how things played out when Trump was in office.

  4. This is what happens with a country controlled by FSB, GRU and SVR. It becomes a dictatorship, its own special services and armed forces are trained and controlled by Kremlin and other Kremlin’s proxies which work together with the Russians. This dictatorship receives weapons from Russia, Russia grabs the oil, the gas and the gold and the minerals, then it receives investments from China which wants to colonize the local economy and then this country becomes a sponsor of terrorism, drug traffickers and mafia bosses.

  5. The solution is always to admit more immigrants. Problem is that secret agents pose as freedom fighters. Is the US worried about Russia defending Cuba? We force Cuba to take rent payments for Club Gitmo. How hard would it be to take over that island? I suppose we don’t just to show we are nice guys who don’t invade, but aren’t we provoked? We got them more greatly outnumbered than China has US.

  6. Jeff, I’m not a troll and I am not mocking you but if you don’t want me to say what I am really thinking… all right. I won’t post here again. I thought I could express my opinion here but obviously I was wrong.

  7. Just thought you would like to know that Glenn Beck did a special program on Cuba last night. He interviewed newly elected Congresswoman Salazar who represents Miami. She was saying that tech companies have offered to help supply internet to the island. All they are waiting for is a nod from our gov’t. It was also interesting to learn that the phrase “fatherland and life” came from a rap song released this past February by two Cuban musicians. It was a play on the country’s motto “fatherland or death.” Both musicians have been arrested and disappeared. Glenn promised to talk offline with Congresswoman Salazar to see what help The Blaze can offer.

      1. Appreciation for Anton Bruckner, shows sophistication as well as taste. I understand how you were cheated out of an academic career, as was I. Consider it a badge of honor. As for myself, I proved two professors to be fraudulent’. one of them was fired. Next thing I knew, I became academically dismissed, and assaulted by two security guards who failed to properly identify themselves as sworn peace officers. That’s why when I put them in the hospital, I wasn’t charged with a felony. The called themselves, “Public Safety”. I wasn’t well versed in the French Revolution, so had no clue as to what that meant. The term was not much yet in use when the incident forced my student loans into default, and I ended up on the street. I exhausted all avenues for petition of the university, accrediting boards, and US Department of Education, all of whom acknowledged my complaint, but not the substance, thereof. They would not even approach discussion of the names of the professors. As my loans are still in default, the statutes of limitations have not run out for me to sue the university, and just before the Covid Live Exercise, began, I read a book at the public library that correctly states that rehabilitation of student loans can be negotiated down to five dollars per month. The collections agency demanded $800 per month for nine months.

        I still have an award of $18K to compete an undergraduate degree, and now that the public libraries have finally reopened, I have regained Internet access.

        Lucky you.

        I have been to a number of colleges and universities, and they all now wear black uniforms, and have renamed their departments to Public Safety.

        As one of the leading members of the insurrectionary Paris Commune, Robespierre was elected as a deputy to the French Convention in early September 1792 but was soon criticised for trying to establish either a triumvirate or a dictatorship. In April 1793, Robespierre urged the creation of a sans-culotte army to enforce revolutionary laws and sweep away any counter-revolutionary conspirator, leading to the armed Insurrection of 31 May – 2 June 1793. Because of his health Robespierre announced he was to resign but in July he was appointed as a member of the powerful Committee of Public Safety, and reorganized the Revolutionary Tribunal. In October, after Robespierre proposed in vain to close the convention, the Committee declared itself a revolutionary government. Those who were not actively defending France became his enemy.[7] He exerted his influence to suppress the republican Girondins to the right, the Hébertists to the left and then the Dantonists in the centre.

      2. Mr. Nyquist, will you recommend a couple of good books about the French Revolution for me? In college, one of my history professors taught a course on it one semester, but like a fool, I did not focus on it as I should have. My professor seemed to find the roots for Communism and other Leftist ideas in the French Revolution. I remember some of the things he taught, but sadly have forgotten much.

      3. “Bruckner’s music has no need to go anywhere, no need to find a point of arrival, because it is already there.” (Deryck Cooke, musicologist)

        “Bruckner does not seek God; he has found Him. He is content to praise God; then, his devotions over, he enjoys the ‘Heimat’ of his Scherzo, which he does heartily, not like Mahler, looking back nostalgically to a lost innocence and world of ‘Wunderhorn’.” (Neville Cardus: Composers Eleven)

        “Although many of the anecdotes about his naivete and self-effacement can be dismissed as ‘petite histoire’, his deep humility, piety, and personal integrity made him the most noble figure of nineteenth-century music.” (Rey M. Longyear: Nineteenth Century Romanticism in Music)

        “Throughout his trials, Bruckner was sustained by his profound Catholic faith. So devout was he that students recalled his interrupting classes to kneel at the sound of the Angelus bell from nearby St. Stefan’s Cathedral. He touchingly dedicated his Ninth Symphony “To my dear God.” (Baltimore Symphony Orchestra program notes)

      4. @JRNyquist: “The French Revolution has many important lessons.” I totally agree. Long have I thought it to be one of the most interesting historical periods, probably because it was such a unique and such a dramatic time. Dickens was so right when he wrote in “A Tale of Two Cities”: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” It really was.

        Was the French Revolution the first instance in history of socialism being imposed on a population?

        AUGUST 13, 2021 AT 4:27 PM ]

        Nice presentation!

      6. Re: [ JANELLE LATROUVERE says:
        AUGUST 14, 2021 AT 1:54 AM

        Was the French Revolution the first instance in history of socialism being imposed on a population? ]

        “…In October, after Robespierre proposed in vain to close the convention, the Committee declared itself a revolutionary government. Those who were not actively defending France became his enemy.[7] He exerted his influence to suppress the republican Girondins to the right, the Hébertists to the left and then the Dantonists in the centre.”

        Seems to me that just as Trump was the one who dictated for the untested mRNA to become available, it’s others who have taken the lead in trying to force it on everyone. Ironically, Trump’s political enemies have sealed their doom, by themselves being vaccinated. It becomes a matter of telling everybody what to do, to the point that even liberals are now objecting to mandates. People were told that if only they were to be vaccinated, that then they could dispense with the masks, but ha, ha, now even vaccinated have to wear masks, again.

      7. @ZT: I did not ask for your opinion; I had asked specifically for Mr. Nyquist’s when he had a few convenient moments. He is greatly read, and is educated, in history; you, I am not sure. It would seem to me that you are a dilettante, and I have long had no respect for people like that. In fact, they annoy the heck out of me; they always have. And then you leave a bizarrely, and frankly, inappropriately, long message. In addition, you give a quote without a source or citation. In my experience, that is a cardinal sin in academic circles.

        Well, sir, you also have the gall to, at the conclusion of your statement, twist it back to some inane screed about “the vaccinated”? This is some bilge about which you should be ashamed of yourself for posting on a public forum.

        With this post, I have broken my own rule, “don’t feed the trolls.” Shame be upon me, I suppose.

      8. Sometimes it’s interesting to watch the trolls play their more sophisticated games of mockery. We can definitely learn from these antics. Here we have an attempt to gaslight us while we are subtly mocked, so that basic understandings are inverted. This is, in a way, a very sophisticated spreading of confusion. And so much effort was put into it! And even subtle humor. Direct confrontation doesn’t work for them here; so they perform “tricks.” Good to know.

      9. I know you were speaking to mrs Latrouvere, but I am learning as well. Vladimir had me fooled for a little while. I had question marks in my mind about him , but I wanted to believe he was a man who loved his country to the point of being blind to its evils. And when he would make all kinds of references to philosophers and such, of course it was topics or ideas or people I wasnt familiar with. But the more I read, the more nonsensical it began to seem. Then, when you drew him out, it was plain to see. I have wondered if this ZT isn’t the same troll.

      10. @JRNyquist: Here you give a very intriguing analysis of the ZT “troll”‘s postings. I would not have thought to break them down like that.

        Also, I don’t usually get on my high horse like that, so to speak, and perhaps I had sounded rather haughty, yet the French Revolution is near and is dear to my heart. For me to see a dabbler like that guy talk about it briefly, and then for him to use that topic as a Trojan horse in order to shoehorn in his true, toxic point, gets my back up, figuratively speaking.

  8. Hi Jeff, it does not concern directly to the article, but I ask:

    – Can the Catholic Church be a deterrent to world communist revolution and war? Given the Holy See’s structure, size, foreign relations, etc. is it possible that we could witness a renewal of the christian practices and cultural relevance worldwide?

    I mean, we are talking about some 1 billion cathlolics plus some hundreds of millions of other christian denominations. Could a new Pope bring us any hope in the near future?

    It is clear that the material issues we face today are a reflection of a spiritual warfare.

      1. The Foundations of Aleksandr Dugin’s Geopolitics: Montage Fascism and Eurasianism as Blowback
        Grant S. Fellows
        November 2018

        This thesis is an examination of Aleksandr Dugin’s The Foundations of
        Geopolitics, of which I have translated important sections into English and these
        are included as an appendix. Despite the importance of Foundations of Geopolitics
        to Russian strategic thought there has not been a translated edition published in
        English. This work was published in 1997 and has been quite influential for Russian
        political and military leadership. I strive to provide context for the setting in which
        Foundations of Geopolitics was created through an analysis of the social and
        political conditions that existed in Russia while the text was being written, as well
        as how and why it came to achieve such influence. T


      2. In Foundations of Geopolitics, Dugin calls for the United States and Atlanticism to lose their influence in Eurasia and for Russia to rebuild its influence through annexations and alliances.[2]

        The book declares that “the battle for the world rule of Russians” has not ended and Russia remains “the staging area of a new anti-bourgeois, anti-American revolution”. The Eurasian Empire will be constructed “on the fundamental principle of the common enemy: the rejection of Atlanticism, strategic control of the USA, and the refusal to allow liberal values to dominate us.”[9]

        Military operations play relatively little role. The textbook advocates a sophisticated program of subversion, destabilization, and disinformation spearheaded by the Russian special services. The operations should be assisted by a tough, hard-headed utilization of Russia’s gas, oil, and natural resources to bully and pressure other countries.[9]

        The book states that “the maximum task [of the future] is the ‘Finlandization’ of all of Europe”.[9]

        In Europe:

        Germany should be offered the de facto political dominance over most Protestant and Catholic states located within Central and Eastern Europe. Kaliningrad oblast could be given back to Germany. The book uses the term “Moscow–Berlin axis”.[9]
        France should be encouraged to form a bloc with Germany, as they both have a “firm anti-Atlanticist tradition”.[9]
        The United Kingdom, merely described as an “extraterritorial floating base of the U.S.”, should be cut off from Europe.[9]
        Finland should be absorbed into Russia. Southern Finland will be combined with the Republic of Karelia and northern Finland will be “donated to Murmansk Oblast”.[9]
        Estonia should be given to Germany’s sphere of influence.[9]
        Latvia and Lithuania should be given a “special status” in the Eurasian–Russian sphere.[9]
        Poland should be granted a “special status” in the Eurasian sphere.[9]
        Romania, North Macedonia, Serbia, “Serbian Bosnia” and Greece – “Orthodox collectivist East” – will unite with “Moscow the Third Rome” and reject the “rational-individualistic West”.[9]
        Ukraine should be annexed by Russia because “Ukraine as a state has no geopolitical meaning, no particular cultural import or universal significance, no geographic uniqueness, no ethnic exclusiveness, its certain territorial ambitions represents an enormous danger for all of Eurasia and, without resolving the Ukrainian problem, it is in general senseless to speak about continental politics”. Ukraine should not be allowed to remain independent, unless it is cordon sanitaire, which would be inadmissible.[9]
        In the Middle East and Central Asia:

        The book stresses the “continental Russian–Islamic alliance” which lies “at the foundation of anti-Atlanticist strategy”. The alliance is based on the “traditional character of Russian and Islamic civilization”.
        Iran is a key ally. The book uses the term “Moscow–Tehran axis”.[9]
        Armenia has a special role: It will serve as a “strategic base,” and it is necessary to create “the [subsidiary] axis Moscow-Yerevan-Teheran”. Armenians “are an Aryan people … [like] the Iranians and the Kurds”.[9]
        Azerbaijan could be “split up” or given to Iran.[9]
        Georgia should be dismembered. Abkhazia and “United Ossetia” (which includes Georgia’s South Ossetia) will be incorporated into Russia. Georgia’s independent policies are unacceptable.[9]
        Russia needs to create “geopolitical shocks” within Turkey. These can be achieved by employing Kurds, Armenians and other minorities.[9]
        The book regards the Caucasus as a Russian territory, including “the eastern and northern shores of the Caspian (the territories of Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan)” and Central Asia (mentioning Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan).[9]
        In East and Southeast Asia:

        China, which represents a danger to Russia, “must, to the maximum degree possible, be dismantled”. Dugin suggests that Russia start by taking Tibet–Xinjiang–Inner Mongolia–Manchuria as a security belt.[1] Russia should offer China help “in a southern direction – Indochina (except Vietnam), the Philippines, Indonesia, Australia” as geopolitical compensation.[9]
        Russia should manipulate Japanese politics by offering the Kuril Islands to Japan and provoking anti-Americanism.[9]
        Mongolia should be absorbed into Eurasia-Russia.[9]
        The book emphasizes that Russia must spread anti-Americanism everywhere: “the main ‘scapegoat’ will be precisely the U.S.”

        In the United States:

        Russia should use its special services within the borders of the United States to fuel instability and separatism, for instance, provoke “Afro-American racists”. Russia should “introduce geopolitical disorder into internal American activity, encouraging all kinds of separatism and ethnic, social and racial conflicts, actively supporting all dissident movements – extremist, racist, and sectarian groups, thus destabilizing internal political processes in the U.S. It would also make sense simultaneously to support isolationist tendencies in American politics”.[9]
        The Eurasian Project could be expanded to South and Central America.[9]


      3. Teufelsberg, if your “good professor” actually believed the term “geopolitics” is anti-Semitic, then the man is a fool. It’s more likely that he was gaslighting you and had a hidden agenda that you didn’t catch.

  9. The Keys of This Blood
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The Keys of This Blood is a 1990 non-fiction geopolitical book by former Catholic Jesuit priest Malachi Martin.

    Martin wrote this book as a geopolitical and georeligious analysis of the last decades of the 20th century. He identifies this period as the millennium end-game for a new world order, which has three main contenders. It will establish the first ever one-world government. Pope John Paul II, Mikhail Gorbachev, and international business leaders are in competition to establish this one world government and that this competition will intensify around the turn of the 21st century (around 2000). The book further claims to be an inside account of what the pope is doing to win this geopolitical struggle and how he played an instrumental role in the collapse of the Iron Curtain.

    Martin identifies the three main players vying for world domination in the world today and thus lays the ground for his historical analysis: materialism with the East and West in their communism or socialism and capitalism or liberalism, which he places on one side together, and the Roman Catholic Church, the only truly geopolitical spiritual organization in existence today. One of the two sides must win, for they cannot coexist.

    Martin introduces the concept of superforce in the book. Superforce is the unofficial name given by Martin for a more or less formal group of people within the hierarchy of the Catholic Church (82). Martin claimed that this superforce is a sort of ecclesiastical version of a hostile corporate takeover team and that it was made up of churchmen of such rank and power within the Vatican and at key points of the hierarchic structure that they controlled the most vital organs and sinews of that structure, worldwide. The goal of this organisation consist in a fundamental shift in church teachings.[1]


    1. The Wikipedia article makes unfortunate use of the derogatory misnomer, “Geopolitical” which is an old anti-Semitic term.

      1. ”Geopolitical” is an ”old anti-semitic term”? That is news to me for sure.

        And Malachi Martin was a huge disinformation artist for many decades, himself living quite the double life after being laicized. That’s not to say that his works don’t have nuggets of information in them, but that discernment is very necessary in reading them.

      2. I am not sure that it is anti-Semitic, since the Soviets had a department that dabbled in the theory in the 1920s. It was adopted by Hitler from Prof. Haushofer. Rudolf Hess was a student of the professor.

    2. If your professor actually believed the term “geopolitics” was anti-Semitic, then the man was a fool. More likely he was gaslighting you and has an agenda you simply didn’t catch.

      Yes, Mr. Nyquist knows more than your “good professor.” I’ve too often seen people with a Ph.D. were overeducated fools.

  10. Jeff, all the buzz for the past few days on China has been about their new “zero-Covid” policy that caused them to shut down a major port. Do you think they’re trying to get the rest of the world to follow suit in adopting new “zero-covid” policies, that would again shut down commerce for long periods of time? Much in the same way they modeled lockdowns in their major cities early on, and the rest of the world followed suit. Parts of Australia already seem to have adopted this “zero-Covid” policy. Currently Sydney is locked down until October, with residents sadly only “allowed” to travel 5 km from home. Sydney seems to be under complete Marxist control at this point. We have relatives there who are about ready to move (or perhaps flee— not sure it’s legal for them to leave right now)!

    1. I do not know about other countries following China’s example, but I think it is China is using Covid to tighten its screws on a restive population.

      1. One of the few good professors I had told us not to use the term, Geopolitics to describe international relations, in his Geography class, because it is an anti Semitic term.

  11. H.R.4980 – To direct the Secretary of Homeland Security to ensure that any individual traveling on a flight that departs from or arrives to an airport inside the United States or a territory of the United States is fully vaccinated against COVID-19, and for other purposes.

    DHS Bill to Set Up Internal Checkpoints to Check Vaccination Status?

  12. Mr. Nyquist, you stated;

    ”What do you mean by accusing him of disinformation? Please be careful about slandering people. ”

    Perhaps I have gone too far in that, you’re right, I can’t know all his motivations, as with anyone. But there were aspects of his life and work that were very problematic in my opinion.

    1. I’d also like you to please be more specific. I’m not saying you’re wrong. I read the book and was a fan of Fr Malachi in Art Bell interviews, but it’s been awhile. I just recall from The Keys Of This Blood, that Dr Martin asserted a global competition between the United States, Russia, The European Union, and The Vatican, for World domination, irrespective of the faulty synopsis above.

      I personally know a top physician who was blacklisted by Jesuits who have infiltrated the Veterans Administration, and the Social Security Administration. The good doctor was a whistle blower, vindicated by the resignation of Secretary Shinseki, who gave his press conference at the Jupiter, Florida VA hospital where the whistle blower resigned under duress.

      1. Wow, I can’t even find an article with quotes, let alone the video of Shinseki’s resignation press conference at the Jupiter, Florida VA hospital.

        I recall that he said, to paraphrase if not an exact quote: ‘There is a culture of corruption here. I tried to fix it, but couldn’t, so I resign.”

        I find articles that report the resignation, but no coverage of his press conference, or any interviews with him, or any direct quotes. All seem to have been scrubbed from the Internet.

      2. Judge orders DoD to stop requiring anthrax shots

        By: Robert Roos

        Dec 23, 2003 (CIDRAP News) – Stating that US soldiers should not be used as “guinea pigs for experimental drugs,” a federal district judge in Washington, DC, yesterday granted a preliminary injunction against the Department of Defense’s (DoD’s) mandatory anthrax vaccination program.

        US District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan concluded that Anthrax Vaccine Adsorbed (AVA) has never been specifically approved or labeled for use against inhalational anthrax, the main aim of the military vaccination program, as opposed to skin anthrax. Consequently, service members should not be vaccinated without their informed consent or a presidential waiver of the informed-consent requirement, he said.

        “This court is persuaded that AVA is an investigational drug and a drug being used for an unapproved purpose,” Sullivan wrote.

        The ruling notes that Congress in 1998 forbade DoD to require troops to take INDs or drugs not approved for the intended use without the troops’ informed consent.


      1. To ”Reuben G.”…Well I am not one to slink away and not be honest when I am likely wrong about someone. I am by no means a Roman Catholic, but funny enough perhaps, if Fr. Martin got closer as he got older to the Apostolic teaching and Fr. Feeney on EENS as your link indicates, then he was much better than I expected him to be, if so.

  13. To ”ZERSETZUNG TEUFELSBERG”, On your posts about Alexsandr Dugin; he’s no ”traditionalist”. He’s no real ”Old Believer” Orthodox Christian, and he’s no ”Russian Nationalist”. He is far too much of an Esotericist in a very specific way, in his thinking and inclinations, to be any of those things. Nor does he have the influence that he and his enemies alike claim for him. There are ”tells” that give his game away.

    1. Okay, I haven’t even read it, and wouldn’t know what to expect. You say what you think that Dugin and Martin are not, but you still haven’t begun to specify what you think they supposedly are. Care to try, one more time; Jeff permitting, of course.

      1. ZT , No serious Russian Nationalist would suggest giving the Kaliningrad Oblast back to the Germans after all the Russian blood spilled in the Great Patriotic War, to give an example of Dugin’s foolishness.

        But Dugin also says rightfully that China is a serious and even mortal threat to Russia. Yet says some very strange things as a solution to that problem…. No serious Geopolitician would suggest belief in China just peacefully and voluntarily ”giving” Tibet, Outer Mongolia, and Manchuria to Russia in return for lands to the south of China, as he suggested. it remains for the serious to understand what Dugin is if he isn’t a Russian Nationalist yet pretends to be.

        ”Eurasianism” is not Russian Nationalism.

        As for Fr. Martin, Fr. Martin had a certain role during the Second Vatican Council, which should have set off warning bells to his future traditionalist Roman Catholic readers, to exercise some discernment and caution, but apparently they did not, with most. If he was untrustworthy to their cause back then, why is he trustworthy about it later when he wrote as if one of them?

      2. You should also realize Fr Martin was a younger man when the council happened, and had less wisdom than he did later in life. I know you would have done the right thing if you were present at that time and place, but he wasn’t perfect. He certainly did more than most to fight the good fight.

      3. Mr. Deviltown: Why are you trying to use my site to bait Catholics? I have deleted some of your posts already. I don’t need trolls like you. This site is not a platform for attacking various religions.

  14. If all the churches Catholic and Protestant alike would stand for people’s right to worship GOD and if the people of these churches would speak UP, governments around the world would have to back down from all these restrictiive measures. They can’t arrest all of us at the same time. (By the way, I am playing Bruckner while writing this. It’s very good.) The people of Cuba for goodness came out en masse. What’s wrong with US? Lord, if we can get internet to those people, maybe they can lead us back into the light. There is a new book by Carol Roth, The War on Small Business. I suggest everyone in this blog take a look at it. Churches, believers, and small business owners can save this country.

      1. To Reuben G.:

        The recording referred to by Mr. Nyquist is also available from amazon.com (and don’t miss the reviews that have been written there):


        The great Maestri of Bruckner interpretation, however, you will find first of all in Günter Wand (NDR Radio Symphony Orchestra), then also Bernard Haitink (Concertgebouw Amersterdam), Eugen Jochum (Staatskapelle Dresden), Michael Gielen (SWR Symphony Orchestra Baden-Baden & Freiburg), as well as Claudio Abbado (Vienna Philharmonic and other orchestras) and Carlo Maria Giulini (mainly, Vienna Philharmonic), Günter Wand’s Bruckner sticks out, as Wand doesn’t add exaggerated pomp and “solemnity” and “frankincense” to a music that is already majestic, solemn, and, if you will, sacred. Also, his tempi do not allow extreme arbitrary rubati, as one gets with conductors like Lorin Maazel, Sergiu Celibidache and so many others. So, as a first and valid step into the authentic world of Anton Bruckner, I would greatly recommend you to get yourself the complete Bruckner Symphonies 1 – 9 (without the Symphony nr. “0”) with Günter Wand and the NDR Radio Symphony Orchestra! Wand’s interpretations unveil Bruckner in all clarity, transparency as well as innocence and humility! If you have little background in classical music, I would at the same time encourage you to also go back to Schubert, Beethoven, Mozart, and Haydn (what is known, in English terminology, as the First Viennese School)!

        For a personal note, I myself was born and raised in the very city of Linz, where Bruckner had started out, first, as an organist and then as a composer, before he went to Vienna. I learned the piano over a decade (not at the conservatory, unfortunately), and, with regard to Anton Bruckner, (whose music had surrounded me from my early childhood like that of Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert), I still vividly remember that memorable evening (I was 18) when I first activated my newly purchased stereo set (that included a pair of JBL L-19 loudspeakers!), and the record I first placed on the record player was Bruckner’s 8th Symphony (with Bernard Haitink and the Concertgebouw). During the third movement, the elegiac Adagio, my parents and I – indeed solemnly, while silently listening to Bruckner – opened a bottle of Italian Lacrima Christi, celebrating the event. It was an unforgettable moment.

        The universe of classical music is full of wonders, Bruckner being one last climax, before it all began falling apart, from Mahler’s grotesque symphonic “montages” to Schönberg, the “prophet” of atonality, and all the rest of them; hardly anybody ever wanted to listen to their sterile “art nouveau” anyway. Ironically, it was mainly in the “New World” that tonal music was still “acceptable” to be written (George Gershwin, Samuel Barber, Leonard Bernstein, and so many more gave the world absolutely precious works).

        But, talking about “wonders”, it only takes a look back to an 8-year-old Mozart (well, he was a once-in-a-millennium genius, of course): His First Symphony in E flat major, K. 16 (again, Mozart is only 8 years old) already contains the full spiritual depth of the grown composer of the late symphonies and concertos, of the Magic Flute and certainly of the Requiem (audible in this symphony especially where he modulates to minor keys). It’s an absolute miracle what Mozart produced here as a child of eight years. As the Austrian conductor Karl Böhm /1894 – 1981), a Mozart specialist, said in this regard:

        “Schubert once said to a friend, ‘Do you know any jolly music? I don’t.’ And, you see, Mozart, although he wrote all of his symphonies in major keys except for two, which are written in minor keys, to me his entire oeuvre is charaterised by a deep sadness, Also, I can’t laugh during that famous drinking duet in the “Entführung”. To me, there’s always a deep sense of seriousness involved. I find it completely wrong to view Mozart’s music as ‘romantic’ or ‘sentimental’. Mozart had the gift to ultimately express the whole spectrum of human passions in music, but one thing he wasn’t: He was never sentimental. And it is unbelievable, I have recently conducted, for recordings, a whole number of symphonies for the first time, among them the First Symphony K. 16. Mozart composed it at the age of 8 years when he was in London. It is unbelievable: When you play the C-minor Andante [the second of the three movements], you can really see the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse before you. All the sadness of the Requiem [which Mozart famously wrote in his death year, age 35] is already there! From this I conclude that Mozart came to this world as a beacon for whole centuries to come and as already spritually complete!”


    1. There is a recording of Bruckner’s 9th that is amazing. They figured out lost sections of the symphony and Simon Rattle conducts with the Berliln Philharmonic. Definitely get a copy if you can. Mine is from Itunes. You won’t be disappointed.

      1. Here is Sir Simon Rattle explaining this reconstruction project of the incomplete final movement of Bruckner’s 9th; recorded back in 2012, when he and the Berlin Philharmonic performed this completed version in London, Vienna, Amsterdam, Cologne, Madrid, and Barcelona:


        Also, here is a phenomenal interview with German conductor Günter Wand (1912-2002) about Bruckner, held months before his death. Wand was a lifelong Bruckner expert and probably one of the most underrated conductors ever (sadly, German only, without translation option):

      1. We improve ourselves by victory over our self.
        There must be contests, and you must win.
        Edward Gibbon

        We improve ourselves by victory over our qelf.
        There must be contests, and you must win.
        Edward Gibbon
        (improved by “Anon-who-is-without-enough-coffee”)

      2. The fruits of Communism are too sweet and plentiful. China the Great Motherland proves Communism’s grand superiority on the global stage. Mr. Nyquist obviously agrees.

  15. I watched this discussion on Monday and I just want to say, I really enjoy the fascinating discussions that take place between Nevin and Jeff when they get together. I hope to see more going forward.

  16. Mr. Nyquist, you asked me concerning Fr. Martin;

    ”Is it fair to judge the mature man by his youth?”

    Now, that is a good retort, one I can understand myself from personal experience.

    Besides, the age of the Internet now makes it possible for many to assume a kind of camouflage or even alternative identity, to either express views which are unpopular or difficult for them to express otherwise, or to pretend to do so. That being said, it’s hard to be too irate with Fr, Martin.

    Which brings me back to Cuba. I suspect Cuba is one of those places that is a mass of contradictions where little is exactly as it seems; on a surface level Roman Catholic but the home of Santeria. Officially Communist but home to Guantanomo Bay (which has never been threatened), and so forth. And that’s without getting into the Castro brothers themselves. There’s much more going on here, and it probably ties in quite nicely with the JFK assassination among other things.

  17. Back to the subject:Cuba.Isnt it true this Russian proxy suffered an ignominous defeat in Anglola?It didnt help the Southafricans much though,who were left hung out to dry.First cynically wrongfooted and then expediently disowned by Reagan/Bush.Repentance is good for the soul;shouldnt Americans acknowledge their unspeackable treachery?Not that i’m holding my breath;its lost on them that they are presently getting exactly what they thrusted upon others…upon their most loyal friends:anti-white,communistic terror.

    1. The entire World is currently subject to God sending them a Strong Delusion. Not everyone is falling for it.

    2. Angola’s ruling party is still Angola’s ruling party. I’d say Cuba’s intervention worked. That and getting rid of Jonas Savimbi.

  18. Jeff, in one of your recent interviews you mentioned offhand that analysts who work for the CIA disagree with your prediction that China and Russia will eventually launch a “first strike” kinetic war against the United States. Do you know why exactly they disagree with you? Do they believe the communists’ plan is to foment a communist revolution here, alleviating the “need” for a first strike?

    If Russian and Chinese military leaders revere Sun Tsu, who said, “To subdue the enemy without fighting is the supreme of excellence,” how can we be sure that their entire strategy isn’t simply to exterminate US conservatives by wielding our own government against us? Perhaps the vaccines are simply a tool to subjugate us and nothing more.

    However, after reading General Chi Haotian’s speech again today, I will say that it does seem to fit the narrative of vaccines being a bioweapon perfectly. On the other hand, these are the words of only one retired general, and they certainly seem very derogatory toward Russians, as well!

    1. CIA analysts tend to disagree with the way I view Russia and China — as jointly working for our destruction. This is not to say they believe an attack is impossible. Why would they have jobs if it was not possible? Why would we have a military in that event? The CIA was originally tasked with predicting future attacks.

      1. “— as jointly working for our destruction.”

        Q.: What reasons would out-weigh Russia and China discarding
        a main route to victory?

  19. I read a good book written by a man who survived Castro’s imprisonment. It is titled, Against All Hope, by Armando Valladares. I’ll probably read it fir a third time after I finish a few other books I have ordered that I have seen Mr. Nyquist, and others on this blog refer to.

    Anyone else familiar with that book? If not, I highly recommend it

      1. Yes maam. It is a good book. It’s written from the personal perspective of Mr. Valladares. He shares stories of other prisoners as well. You also get some insight on how the Communist takeover of Cuban society played out after Castro took power. I’ve read it twice, but it’s been a few years. I definitely plan to read it again soon.

        And thank you for your recommendation of the book by Carol Roth. I own a small business, which thank the Lord, has not been affected by the virus fallout…yet. I am going to order the book.

  20. It’s amazing that they could disagree, given all the evidence, including so many very convincing direct quotes from defectors! I don’t understand their complacency at all. I can’t imagine they’re not waking up at this point, with all the joint military drills between Russia and China and all the renewed hostile rhetoric. Our defenders were asleep at the switch! Jeff, you seem to be one of only a few people in America who truly understands what’s going on. So very sad that our country has been completely deceived.

      1. ”Happy Analysis”, is what I would call it, analysis that is biased towards not rocking the boat or upsetting the status quo. I wonder what such people make of the news in Afghanistan?

  21. Jeff not sure if you can comment, I was reading some news on Hong Kong mainly from the Sydney Morning Herald and New Zealand Herald, something they have refused to report on is that the 2019 Hong Kong Protest was actually a key sign that the Chinese Communist Party was taking Hong Kong back. Since it is getting close to the 2nd anniversary of the Chinese Communist planned provocation in Hong Kong, they have already dismantled the education system and justice system which the British built. When I called the editors at the Sydney Morning Herald and New Zealand Herald to tell them what had happened in Hong Kong was in fact a pre-planned move by the Chinese Communist Party to take Hong Kong back early, the response I got from the editors was ‘what I am saying is a conspiracy theory’.

    1. If it is only a conspiracy “theory” then how did you know about it in advance? For you called me on Christmas Day 2018 to report that it was coming. Prediction is science, and a successful prediction is not a theory.

  22. “Is it fair to judge the mature man by his youth?”

    I’m just going to quickly peek from behind the berm here (I’ve been working hard to try to keep my head down) …

    Jeff, many years ago, you gave me a call and we talked for a bit about the likelihood of a Red Dawn attack on America vs. a longer range incubation of native-born infiltrators. At the time, post-“glasnost,” VERY few recognized or acknowledged any ongoing Marxist risk. But to your everlasting credit, you seemingly singlehandedly kept that warning flag flying to rally the discerning.

    You sought my input because, as a young, Cold War-era intel analyst, I had a certain perspective that you found interesting. I was young, bright-eyed and potentially impressionable in the minds of those who recruited and hired me, but alas, it turned out that I was not buying the foolishness the agencies were selling, so my stay inside was limited. I sometimes wonder about my youthful eagerness to blindly enter that hall of mirrors in the first place.

    Here we are today and clearly we have seen the enemy and he is us. Though some communist-power military intervention is always a possibility, by now we are facing a greater military threat from within.

    Keep fighting the good fight, sir.

    1. Oh yes, the Marxists have taken over. It’s mind-boggling. There was no real reaction from the right to stop it. Everyone was too comfortable and weak-minded. The right wanted to claim victory in the Cold. Their native dishonesty has now caught up with them. Even now the poor fools refuse to connect the activities of our American Marxists with the war preparations of the Marxists who supposedly turned to capitalism in Russia and China. Idiots! I knew Marxists in graduate school. And I knew the CIA was hiring them as far back as 1987. Reagan was president then. What a farce! Of course, as you say, I did not then know that they would gain such a hold on the country that they would outright control the armed forces, the intelligence services and the FBI; that that they would allow election fraud and use private corporations to stifle free speech. Now it appears, if we successfully challenge their totalitarian stranglehold, the Russians and Chinese will back them with weapons of war. Incredibly, these folks do not accept the fact that they have already been double-crossed by their Marxist pals in Beijing and Moscow. Colonel Stanislav Lunev referred to the division of spoils agreed to by Russia and China after the Cold War ended. There is not going to be a United States of America when this thing plays out. The idiot Marxists here are going to get the proverbial knife in the back. For thirty years everything hung on the stupidity of the American left and the stupidity of the right. Each form of stupidity was crafted to blind the participants to their pending fate. These fools have literally defeated their own country and quite possibly they have unwittingly killed themselves and the rest of us to the bargain. I had expected less stupidity and blindness. But hey, everybody makes mistakes. I was naive in thinking that if I could see the truth, then millions of others could see it. No. They are quite incapable of truthfulness. To stop the enemy now will cost millions of lives and our chances are not as good as they once were. It is a desperate situation.

      1. Mr. Nyquist, I think you’re so right on with this! It’s awesomely incisive! To quote J.R.R. Tolkien, who is one of my favorite authors, indeed, “these are evil days.”

      2. The desperation is in your mind’s insistence on seeing grand conspiracy rather than naturally evolving ideals in American culture. You’d rather call America’s youth brainwashed and stupid than bold and resilient. You see the world ending because the stranglehold of white Christian dominance is weakening here, which equates to extinction for you because without majority control your persecution complex makes you fear eradication. What you don’t understand is that the youth of the future don’t care about your religion and have no plans on persecuting you for it. Why are you so certain that they will?

      3. Mr. Nyquist, before you obliterate this foolish person in your handy way, I would like to put in a brief reply.

        Radiofort, please dont tell me that you think the majority of America’s youth are bold and resilient. If you believe that, then you must be one of those who grew up getting participation trophies.

        And frankly, what you refer to as white Christian dominance is what made this country great. I myself will never apologize for white, Christian men founding this country.
        Someone has to dominate. I sure dont want to see Muslims or atheists dominate.

        The majority of youth have no plans to persecute??? Who makes up Antifa and BLM, and what do they do???

        You are a very delusional person.

      4. And I definitely hate to see idiots like you dominate. If you come to my neck of the woods, you will learn some very harsh lessons.

        Western civilization is almost gone, but we may have some Alamos and Thermopylaes, some Jotapatas and Masadas to show your kind. We may have some Lees, Jacksons, Forrests, and Stuarts waiting in the wings to show you a thing or two before we go down. I’m telling you, many of us will not go down so easy by conventional fighting. Oh no, sir. You can take your cheap talk back to the Dollar Store.

        You really arent worthy of a reply from someone like Jeff Nyquist.

      5. I’m sorry if I am speaking foolishly, Mr. Nyquist. I just cant help but imagine an Antifa person on the other side of Radiofort’s phone or computer screen.

      6. Radiofort: Your criticisms are misplaced. I am not concerned with religious issues here. You are blind to the danger from Russia and China and Marxism. Sadly, your ideas are a delusion. This is not entirely your fault, of course. All the same, you are hardly disposed to clarity. So I just tell you honestly what I think. If I was a fearful person, or after political power, I would have a very different agenda and would not be writing these words. Ask yourself what kind of rewards you ought to seek. Do you want knowledge or “success? Which do you think is the lucky choice? I say Knowledge is the right choice. And when the country comes apart and has no food, and the Chinese come for the land after the collapse of our military, you might — just maybe — begin to understand what I’ve been trying to tell you. It really hasn’t anything to do with religion, or conspiracy theories or a persecution complex. Mine is straightforward political and military analysis. It is about history, great powers, and new forms of warfare; and a clash between the old religion and the new religion. That is what I write about. I have always known that people in a comfortable shopping mall society cannot hear what I have to say. That is why I like to quote Kierkegaard and Nietzsche. People in the 19th century didn’t care for their insights either. I knew long ago that very few people would understand what I am trying to say. I put all that in a book I wrote between 1987 and 1992. I was very young then. Oh yes, I was young. And so I know what you think because I was educated to think like you, only it was an earlier iteration of what you think. But somewhere along the way I chose to see the world for myself. It was not easy or pleasant. But it was an adventure. So, contrary to your comment above, I am not here preaching “Jesus Saves” to you, or worried about Christian dominance. Christ’s kingdom was never of THIS world, and those who think otherwise are not terribly self-aware. And I am not desperate, as you claim, because I have clarity. Furthermore, my larger analysis would be the same if I were a Hindu or an atheist. As people here know, I quote atheist and pagan thinkers as much as I quote Christian ones, because insights can be found — relating to THIS life — from a surprisingly diverse crowd of thinkers: Like Gustave Le Bon and Vilfredo Pareto, who were not religious; or like Richard Weaver and Eric Voegelin, who were; or from pagans like Polybius or Cicero. They all interest me despite their philosophic differences. Each tells me something vital about the world. There is wisdom in all of them. But you and your kind are not at all wise. Your thinking is a mishmash of shifting nonsense — refined and reified. You live without any real awareness of the past, enveloped in the fog of an arrogant presentism. You are a Provincial whose province is the Here and Now — without real personality or its attending memory. You just have slogans — these Hand-Me-Down ideas. In fact, they are not really ideas, but ideological substitutes for someone who is cut off from reality. It is all very unfortunate for you. Therefore, you cannot relate to the idea of having one eye on eternity, as contextual grounding. You know, of course, that we are all going away. And you cannot deny it; yet you also cannot reconcile yourself to it. The world matters to some extent, if you hold on to that one true context. Then everything falls into place, philosophically and spiritually. But you are not ready for this. So you cannot see what is real. This means you are headed for a terrible shock. Everything you now think is, in essence, untrue. That means you are lost. I don’t like the idea that your humanity is going to be degraded to a very very low level until you wake up. So, as I read your misguided reproaches to me, there is only one answer I can make. Nothing you have written above touches me in the least. You just do not understand, and you are militant about it. You have very poor insight. It is not surprising that you are also self-destructive. So tell me: what is it I don’t understand? You say that the youth of the future have no plans for persecuting me. But I am not worried about myself. I am worried about YOU. These words of rescue are all I have to offer. And I am sorry if they cannot reach you. So I write for someone who comes after you.

      7. What are you even talking about? You’re already fighting a war that never needs to happen.

      8. Greyknight is fighting a war. You overanalyze literature and philosophy of the past in order to paint your picture of grand conspiracy that you’ve been nursing since the 80’s. There’s no great mystery or profundity to it. You’ve found a path of logic that comforts you against the reality of humanity—that we are changing into something beyond what we’ve always been—and so you stick to it. I’ve written 3 paragraphs and you act like you’ve read my life story, knowing me to be an enemy. You’re flat out wrong about that, but you speak as if we may as well duel to the death right here and now to speed things up. You belittle me for trusting that God isn’t so cruel as to build life as a torturous game of misery to play out over and over again. Your God is cruel, mine is loving. We will never know each other’s God, but we have a choice: work together or fight to the death. I greatly prefer the former. Do you?

      9. Radiofort, my second reply was foolishness on my part. Try to take in Mr. Nyquist’s advice to you. I do not know the details of your life’s story, but I know you have been deceived. But you dont have to stay that way.

      10. Radiofort, I know it’s not the purpose of Mr. Nyquist’s page, but I would tell you, Jesus does save, and will reveal Himself to you if you ask. I am sorry for the second post I made to you. It was plain silly.

      11. I never said anything about fighting YOU. Why do you think we are enemies? Are you a communist? If you are, then please say so. — for the sake of clarity.

      12. Radiofort, the best that can be said in your defense is you are deluded moron. To you, anything that goes against the narrative you have internalized is a conspiracy theory. The world does not work that way.

      13. Jeff, I am not a Communist. Although, I am not an Anti-Communist either. And you have made it abundantly clear that you group me in with the enemy. So as much as you don’t want to believe it, you are fighting me. Your acolytes are preparing themselves to fight me. They’re convincing themselves that fighting me will be necessary and righteous in the near future. They use your words to justify this. And despite your bawdy claim of “areligious” philosophy, there is a unanimously Christian slant to your morality. When Christian America insists on a violent future, you’ll have invited plenty of it, whether you admit it or not.

      14. Radiofort, do you not realize, the very ideology you are following, will not rest until true Christianity is eradicated? Your ideology cannot tolerate it because it is ultimately driven by the deceiver of this world, who desires only to steal, to kill, and destroy. Folks who think they may have to fight, such as myself, only think that way because we see that there is no “live and let live” in the Communist mindset. Though you say you are not Communist, yet you have bought into the lies they sow among us.

        And surely you realize America is not a Christian nation. As Mr. Nyquist told you, Christ’s kingdom is not of this world. However, America was founded by godly men on Biblical principles. But we left those principles long ago. There are some true Christians left, among all denominations, who have trusted Christ to save and forgive them in America, but America is not anything that it was at the beginning.

        You’ve got to quit being so sensitive, feeling like Mr. Nyquist is fighting you, simply because he is revealing facts to you that you have been conditioned to believe are hostility toward you.

      15. I don’t know who you are. I don’t know what you really think. For some reason you are accusing me of wanting to fight you. Why would I want to fight someone who is not threatening me? Am I right in saying you do not want to fight me? — or is there something you are not telling me? I am opposed to communism because the communists are like the Nazis. I assume you would oppose Nazis, right? The communists have arrested, killed, and oppressed more people than the Nazis. And just as I am anti-Nazi I am anti-communist. The communists constitute a threat to our liberty and to our country’s survival. Do you see that? If not, I intend to enlighten you — not fight you. My goal is not to drive you into the arms of the communists. I want you to realize who your real enemy is. I want you to see the invasion army being prepared by China. I want you to see that our country is being disarmed in advance of its destruction. And last but not least, when we are all facing death together, I want you to realize — in your own mind — that I was your friend and not your enemy. I was trying to warn you all this time. My studies and training tell me we are going to suffer terrible things as a country. I do not see any awareness of the danger sufficient to avert it. Truth be told, an attack has begun already. Just look at this pandemic and our incompetent reaction to it. Do you think our country’s enemies have not foreseen our weakness? And they have also worked hard to turn us against each other. You seem convinced that your primary enemy is here in America in the form of people who think differently than you. But you are mistaken. In political terms, I believe in what Richard Weaver called “the last metaphysical right.” That is the right of holding private property. And I believe in the other metaphysical rights as well, and the corresponding duties. I believe in small business rather than big business. Is this something you can tolerate? Perhaps you are willing to tolerate Christianity, too. If so, then why would there ever be a fight between us? We believe in your right to hold property and live in peace. Don’t you believe in ours? If not, please explain. I have consistently opposed the idea of Americans fighting Americans — for over twenty years. My concern has always been with a foreign invasion. If you do not see the danger, you soon will. Americans are largely soft and effeminate, confused and poorly informed. A foreign-born friend told me the other day that Americans are over-fed and under-read. Do you see this? In possessing these traits it does not matter if Americans are Christians or non-Christians. They are mostly soft. And right now Christians are feeling afraid of rhetoric like yours. They sense your hatred of them. In this they have more to fear because the government seems to regard them as internal enemies (like you do). Please assure your Christian countrymen that you mean them no harm. That will, reciprocally, produce a similar assurance from the Christian side. Do not reply with further accusations. Here is a chance for peace between one side and the other. The ball is now in your court.

      16. Thank you for the opportunity to respond. I’ll try to cover as much as I can as quickly as I can. Working backwards, know that I take any and every chance for peace with great seriousness. Unequivocally, I assure every Christian in the country (and beyond) that I mean them no harm. I would literally sacrifice my own body to defend a Christian facing unwarranted violence. In fact I have done this very thing multiple times in the past. The situations have always dissolved once would-be assaulters are reminded there are those among them willing to confront them against Christian persecution. On the Left, there are many, many like me. Religious freedom is a cornerstone in the entire structure of moral standing on the Left. Please believe me when I say this. Our abhorrence of religious persecution of Muslims IS THE EXACT SAME as our abhorrence of religious persecution of Christians. Leftist aggression towards Christians stems largely from a better and personal understanding of Christianity by the aggressors (many were raised Christian), and the historical marriage between Christianity and American government. Understanding and embracing this fact is at the heart of any peaceful way forward for America.

        Nonetheless, I am not at all ignorant of the anti-Christian sentiment on the Left. Allow me to lay out a concept I believe we all can rally behind: Extremism, in this case on the Left—political, religious, idealistic, philosophical—is always a counterproductive ingredient to a solution. Anti-Christian extremists are dangerous. They are unreasonable. They are volatile and increase the volatility of every situation. They should be challenged by others on the Left (not by the Right) to analyze their extremism and find justification within it, of which there is none, and subsequently abandon it. Otherwise accept relegation to the fringe, as most likely would, and continue to operate as extremists always have. Unfortunately, this is still the path most extremists will likely choose. There is little that can be done to negate this, outside of educating our youth of the future how to avoid extremist beliefs, as it is an ever-present aspect of human history. A more peaceful future for humanity must rely on our less extreme tendencies, and this concept must be reiterated regularly as we experience global events both good and bad. I will continue as if we can find agreement on this concept.

        Anti-Christian extremism, we can agree, is intolerable. Therefore, anti-Muslim extremism is also intolerable. An argument into whether Christianity or Islam is “more moral” of a religion is not helpful here. Condemnation of both Christian and Islamic extremists must be equal on both Left and Right. Atheistic extremists are equally ignored and disregarded. Religion can never be entirely disregarded in our politics. This idea is as impractical and dangerous as an Islamic or Christian extremist nation that required citizens to adhere to absolutes of a certain religion. Temperance from extremists, as we’re oddly enough seeing being exhibited currently by the Taliban in Afghanistan (whether they adhere to this temperance is yet to be known), is the way towards a brighter future.

        When talk of a brewing civil (religious) war in America increases as it has for a number of years now, I grow very concerned. I worry because this kind of talk comes largely from extremists on all sides. Leftist extremists drool over black/trans/Muslim persecution to defend. Atheistic/Communist extremists drool over exercising proletarian control of society. Christian extremists drool over the opportunity to correct the morally weak en masse. I hope we can agree that a uniform characteristic of an extremist is a willingness towards war. They prepare for war, immerse themselves in its details, and hold fast to social narratives that lead towards war; all this is done under an umbrella of their own personal beliefs. These voices, the extremist voices, cannot lead the conversations. They must be confronted and talked down often, and reminded that temperance is the only way forward. If they reject this then they must be ignored.

        Moving on, the third quarter of your statement claims “Americans are largely soft and effeminate, confused and poorly informed”. You fear foreign invasion due to this. I can understand your fear, yet I do not share it. Why could this be? Should I not fear a weak and scattered country of mine, if it is indeed so? Why would we differ on this point? Clearly our differences spring from our perspectives. What you see in homo/transsexuality, feminism, “Wokeism”, is weakness. What I see in these things is strength. You attribute my perspective to ignorance, I believe? Lack of education? Lack of understanding of history and literature? Correct me if I’m wrong. You must believe I see these things incorrectly because I am blind to “the truth”—the truth being the undeniable Evil within these things. “The truth” is that these concepts were created in order to control me. These concepts are hollow and malicious to all human beings of all time. If I simply accepted this “truth”, I would turn my back on these concepts and join the Right. I am not making accusations here, simply reflecting back what I’ve learned about you. You believe “the truth” about these things can be found in the past, which proves their weakness. The reason we disagree is because I believe the strength of these things will be found in the future.

        Technically I suppose we could both be flat out wrong, but it feels like one of us must be right if things are to wrap up nicely. Unfortunately, “wrapping up nicely” is something I’ve found drives me towards extremism, and so I discard it as necessary. This does not have to wrap up nicely. The good news is, we can both be right! We must view homo/transsexuality as neither the answer to society’s ails, nor the cause of them. We must view feminism as neither Evil nor righteous. On the other hand, if we can’t view these things as inherently Evil, then we can’t view the condemnation of these things as inherently Good. If we are to be fair, blanket condemnation of gays and trans people is extremist and juvenile. Christians must be talking each other down off their soapboxes. Christians must reduce the desire for violence against LGBTQ people amongst their own, as I do in confronting anti-Christian Leftists. Here I see a vast difference between our communities: I see the extreme wing of Christians still leading the narrative against LGBTQ and Civil Rights. Inversely, while you may disagree, I see the moderates of the Left in control of the Left. I see far more representation for Christians on the Left than I do for LGBTQ people on the Right. I see the Marxist/Atheist left as the extreme to be ignored. Therefore, I see unwarranted fear of persecution out of the Right. Any mass persecution Christians in America feel is simply from newfound representation of people their extremists don’t understand. The Christian extremists get extreme so the extreme Left gets extreme. And when the extremists own the narrative, we move towards war.

        Another reason I don’t see America as weak is the well-oiled machine of our military. For certain, there are ways to undermine America’s military strength and possibly even weaken the country enough for an invasion attempt. This fact has always been true. Yet…we still stand. Our military is the most professional destruction force on the planet. Countless minds ensure this fact every single day. Still, you fear success by the worst actors in the world by the most vicious means, which I understand. This type of threat exists and will always exist. But I have to ask, why don’t you have hope for success by the best actors using the most temperate means? To me it seems like your focus on the brutal past has jaded you into being unable to have any hope in a peaceful future. In addition, you fear the loss of the “last metaphysical right”, the ability to hold private property. Yet…you still own property. You currently have this right, which is why you fear its loss at all, yet its loss occupies your thoughts and helps mold your worldview on a daily basis. You must, incorrectly, believe that people like me want to take that right away from you. I trust that you don’t want to make being gay illegal, can you trust that I don’t want to make private property illegal? If we are capable of being friends as we both believe, we have to try and trust each other.

        My trust of your perspective is obvious in my investment in it. I do believe you could be right. I do believe humans are capable of the atrocities you flesh out in your writing. Obviously the atrocities of the past are well known, but your insight into potential future atrocities is extremely valuable as well. Still, I can’t help but read them like you have lost all hope. I feel like I am the one upholding any hope for the future, because your hope is gone. Your extremism has blinded you to the beauties of life that lie outside your understanding, where I believe hope lives. Almost everything you write lies beyond my understanding, yet I try to always keep it in my pocket. I harvest indicators that prove your truth as much as I do those that prove mine. In fact I used to be a Leftist extremist myself, but have purposely walked away from the extreme side, finding a comfortable yet stable position more towards the middle that hasn’t made me compromise anything I hold true, and has actually opened doors of peace and understanding with many people different than me. This is where my hope comes from. Temperance. Obviously fear can destroy hope in a flash, but here is where God comes into play. Do you believe God put us here to thrive off of our fear and hate, or our hope and love?

        I ask you one thing: If you find yourself feeling hopeless, take a step away from the extreme side. Even a small step will do. And if you do still have hope for the future, write about it. Write about where you see the ways out, and not just about how dark it is. Things always look more interesting under light from different angles. Your sincere and welcoming request for my opinion is much appreciated. I hope my words mean something.

      17. Radiofort: This thread will close soon due to the timer. We can continue on the next thread. You wrote to ask me: “why don’t you have hope for success by the best actors using the most temperate means? To me it seems like your focus on the brutal past has jaded you into being unable to have any hope in a peaceful future.” My answer follows: I see a growing military/political danger that nobody is competently countering. I have watched this for 34 years. It is pretty clear where this is going. We are going to suffer serious losses in people. In terms of weakness versus enemies, ask yourself if your ideas or values make you stronger or weaker versus your enemies. I encourage you to think deeply on this question.

  23. Jeff, what do you make of this news story?

    “CIA Weighs Creating Special China Unit in Bid to Out-Spy Beijing”


    If you can’t access the full story at the above link, this similar story is taken from the Bloomberg article:


    Also, what are your thoughts on what’s happening in Afghanistan right now? Do you think Biden has been intentionally making decisions that benefit Russia and China geopolitically (just as Obama did)?

    1. America is not succeeding against the Chinese because we have irresponsible leaders and bad ideas. Until this changes we will continue to retreat and suffer reverses.

      1. @JRNyquist: Yes, with our current “brain trust” who are in charge, I don’t think the tide is turning in America’s favor: https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2021/08/15/white-house-joe-biden-might-address-nation-next-few-days-afghanistan/


        With these conditions, we in the U.S. are super vulnerable right now. Going off of what I know of Western Civ., when there is a “vacancy” in leadership, it often leads to either of two outcomes: civil war or invasion.

        I have watched a few interviews where you had said that in our current era, invasion from hostile foreign powers is a real possibility, even a probability. A civil war would in reality be just a smokescreen, then, to get many Americans to focus on that, instead of the threat of an invasion by these Neo-Axis Powers. A tactic of misdirection, perhaps, but I still think that a civil war would be grave issue that would have to be taken seriously, as it would affect everyone here, deeply.

  24. Jeff, not sure if you can comment, New Zealand, Australian, European and etc media are reporting about the disbandment of certain groups in Hong Kong. But they are not reporting crucial details to readers hence they are missing the crucial events that took place around 2011 to 2019/2020. As early as 2011, the Chinese Communist Party leadership announced that they will no longer observe the Sino-Joint British Declaration and even said it is ‘paper only’, this was widely reported by Hong Kong media and 6 years later in 2017, the Chinese Communist Party announced it has ‘no longer any realistic meaning’, the Chinese Communist Party has taken Hong Kong early and according to some contacts on twitter who are still in Hong Kong, they are saying Hong Kong’s society is similar to the society Mainland China has and there are reports that the Ministry of State Security is now highly active in Hong Kong:



  25. The Biden White House appears to be in full on collapse. Even CNN challenging White House officials as “inept”, asking how they could have been so wrong about the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban, and asking how they could have ruined the withdrawal so terribly. They even corrected the attempt to blame Trump, saying “the issue isn’t whether we wanted to withdraw, but how it was done.” NBC, in the meantime, asking why Biden is going to wait a few days to address the nation. Afghanistan’s former ambassador questions Biden’s ability to be Commander in Chief. Leftist journalists noting the intense silence from many in this white house.

    If you even have CNN damning you on this, with leftists admitting this is a disaster, it must be pretty bad. Will Biden even still be President by the time Labor Day comes around?

    As far as this being intentional or part of some plot… No one would deliberately humiliate themselves in front of millions of Americans like this. This is just pure incompetence. The White House even posted a feeble picture of Biden, alone in his room, talking to people on Zoom, and then even outed some CIA folks in the process.

    It is just a complete and utter disaster for the Left.

    Meanwhile, Lindsey Graham and Liz Cheney are doing their best to point fingers at Trump. It will not work.

  26. ”Radiofort”, let me give you a message from my Russian heart, one who has seen the ruin the Left can place upon a Nation. Today is the Feast Day of Saint Blessed Vasiliy the Fool-for-Christ’s-Sake, the ”Exposer of unrighteousness”, and this is his Troparion we proclaim;

    ”Your life, O Basil, was true and your chastity undefiled. / For the sake of Christ you exhausted your body with fasting, vigil, with frost and the scorching sun, in snow and in rain, / yet your face was radiant like the sun. / And now the people of Russia come to you, glorifying your holy falling asleep. / Therefore, pray to Christ God that He may deliver us from pagan captivity and from civil war, / and grant peace to the world, and great mercy to our souls.”

    You would not do well where I’m from, unless you repented of your foolish talk, and that opportunity would be given to you. We know that you and your kind want to kill Christians, the land is rich with their holy martyr’s blood on account of that fact. To the Devil with your madness!

    1. Pilgrim, as I read through your posts, you sound awfully familiar to me. Have you posted on this blog under another name before? Like Vladimir?

      1. I am an honest man with no cause to lie. I feel that Mr. Nyquist and my fellow men have need of me here. I am Vladimir, and if Mr. Nyquist requests me to leave, I will, especially if my presence here would be the cause of scandal or anyone’s spiritual ruin in reaction to what I say, or don’t say. I only know what I know, and obviously, don’t know what I don’t know. I came back precisely because of rotten brains like ”Radiofort” and his Chinese ”Motherland”..

      2. Jeff, In hosting this venue for conversation which all too many tend to ignore, you proved a most genuine, beneficial public service.

  27. I hope and pray that God will allow the same spirit that animated Sir Richard Grenville, in Alfred Lord Tennyson’s poem The Revenge, to move all true Patriots in America, in all aspects of our resistance against Communism, against the spirit of antiChrist sweeping our nation, against lawlessness. Even if we are few in number, we can be as Sir Richard Grenville and his small ship the Revenge.

    After the Revenge had beaten back, I believe 53 Spanish ships of the line, Sir Richard Grenville said:

    “we have fought such a fight, for a day and a night, as may never be fought again.
    We have won great glory, my men.
    And a day less or more
    At sea or ashore,
    We die. Does it matter when?
    Sink me the ship, master gunner! Shoot her, split her in twain!
    Fall into the hands of God, and not in the hands of Spain!”

  28. ”Greyknight”, you said this;

    ”I know you were speaking to mrs Latrouvere, but I am learning as well. Vladimir had me fooled for a little while. I had question marks in my mind about him , but I wanted to believe he was a man who loved his country to the point of being blind to its evils. And when he would make all kinds of references to philosophers and such, of course it was topics or ideas or people I wasnt familiar with. But the more I read, the more nonsensical it began to seem. Then, when you drew him out, it was plain to see. I have wondered if this ZT isn’t the same troll.”

    So I will level with you and anyone else who cares to know. I am a White and Russian Orthodox Christian and Monarchist. I am very traditionalist in my thinking, which I pattern after the teachings of the people’s wisdom learned from the Christian faith, in works like the ”Domostroy”. Traditional patriarchal and heirarchical society, not Socialist pigsties. I have Icons rescued from the fires of churches burned down by the Bolsheviks, and memories handed down about the terrors of the God-fighting murderous maniacs, so I have no business with anyone like them today, anywhere.

    I don’t know about people like ”ZT”, although he writes like ”Trigo” to me. I am not an anti-vaccine person really. You and I and others are bound to have disagreements about politics and religion and modern life in general. I don’t agree with everything Mr. Nyquist writes or proposes. I do think his ideas apply fairly well to the PRC, to the Chinese, though. At any rate, I don’t like any modern republican government, anywhere, all of them have filled the Earth with lies and blood. But I do love my people and my land and i’ll defend them.

    That’s all I really have to say.

    1. Fair enough, Vladimir. When I said that you, Trigo, and ZT had things in common, it wasnt all writing style. Part of it was an attempt to have a large presence on the comment section. And it seems the comments often deflect from or undermine that which Mr. Nyquist says. Which, i probably post more than i should, but I mean you used to leave very many posts after each article.

      But what concerns me, is it seems you always try to deflect from anything Mr. Nyquist says about the Soviets, i.e. Russian Communists still being the masterminds behind the global Communist movement. Just like in one of your posts above, you put a big question mark on if Cuba is even Communist, by saying it appears Communist, but Guantanamo prison facility is there and hasn’t been bothered.

      That is what worries me. Surely you realize that he is not lumping the Russian people in with the Communists who happen to be Russian?

      Remember the article about how Russia -meaning the Russian government, not the people- is manipulating the Islamic invasion of Europe? Mr. Nyquist had a smorgasbord of sources backing that up, but you came in and threw all kind of doubt on it, but quoted zero sources. You know that he is an honest man, who has many sources, quite a few who are Russian I would imagine.

      I’m not trying to get in a big tit for tat. I really hoped you were what you said you were before, and continue to say you are. But when you cast so much doubt on what an honest man as Mr. Nyquist is putting out, how can you be an honest man yourself? Unless you are very confused?

      What I used to think, is that you are like me. I am from the South. I love my state, my land, my heritage. But I used to naively think all my fellow Southerners were as noble and brave as the leaders of bygone days. I couldn’t believe my own people, so to speak, could be as corrupt as anyone else in other parts of the country. But many are, and all I can do is accept it.

      1. I was probably a little confusing. The statement about Cuba being Communist, or maybe not, had nothing to do with Russian Communists, but was an example of you casting doubt on what clearly is, and has been so in Cuba since Fidel came to power. Why cast doubt like that?

        If you are who you say you are, then I respect that. But would an honest man go on another honest man’s blog -his property- and undermine and deflect from his main thesis at every major point?

      2. Vladimir, one more thing I must say before I get to work. If I am wrong, then forgive me. But I remember you saying one time, that you were here to remind people that the Russian people were not an evil people (not quoting you exactly, but just stating the gist of what you said). You didnt want folks to paint the Russian people with the same brush of the Communist Russian government. But now you say it is to help Mr. Nyquist against fools such as Radiofort. If I look at it from the perspective that you are here to sabotage Mr. Nyquist’s work, then you have taken advantage of the fact that he is a gentleman in that you present yourself as an honest, if misguided, soul. Because a man of truth, as Mr. Nyquist, cannot tolerate an obvious liar or fraud, but someone who he cant be totally sure about, it’s as if the benefit of the doubt must be given.

        If I believe you are here to sabotage the sight, neuter Mr. Nyquist’s thesis, then I would have to find it odd that someone like ZT shows up, dominating the comments section with nonsense, and you a former dominator of the comments section show up to rebut him, and and then an obvious fool comments, and you rebut him and say that ye are here to help Mr. Nyquist against *Chinese* trolls like Radiofort. Lol, no chance it could have been a Russian troll, but it had to be Chinese.

        Even if you mean well, is not the net effect the same? You are deflecting from Mr. Nyquist’s main thesis with your comments and implications.

  29. And to ”Marcelo”, on Bolsonaro’s problems in Brazil;

    This is why Monarchy and an Aristocracy should come back to Brazil (maybe Emperor Pedro’s family?), they would not have to deal with this nonsense, not being subject to running for re-election.

    1. “not being subject to running for re-election”— As much as we would enjoy an Aragorn type character ruling the world, it’ll never happen. There are no Aragorns, Gandalfs, or Fellowships of the Ring in any country on Earth. Good leaders are rare and they fade quickly, only to be replaced by a long line of mediocre or even criminal people, which is why “Monarchists” are just dreamers. I’ll also add that you’ve expressed hostility and justification for the persecution of Protestants. So the Monarchist’s dream is only a dream for some people. My Reformed adopted fathers, men like Luther, Calvin, the Puritan heroes who founded the USA, etc., would all be put to the torch despite their immense virtue and bravery. The Founding Fathers, not a single one of them being Russian Orthodox, would all be imprisoned.

      1. Russia is a very different place from the West. It is almost unimaginable without autocracy. Imagine confronting the Mongols as a Republic.

      2. A dispute, particularly from an Orthodox perspective, about Monarchy versus Republics, is not necessary in this thread, particularly when the issue is not so absolute. Take the example of the Princely Republic of Novgorod for example, or the Elected Hetmanates of the Cossacks,

        Now, as to Protestantism, sure, I do not believe it or Roman Catholicism to be true. Canon law in fact forbids ”torching”, and Orthodoxy did not have much contact with Protestantism in any case before the ”Raskol.”. I’m not big on religious coercion, but neither on having things get bad in the first place.

        Another issue, much larger than this thread. However…

        I will note then the person of Patriarch Cyril Lucaris, who apparently wrote a confession of faith of Orthodoxy which could be understood in the Protestant West which he had visited, fighting against various intrigues;


        A copy of the confession can be found here-I dispute some of the commentary, but anyways;


        I will add that I am very much what would be considered a follower in the East of Blessed Augustine; Pelagianism and Semi-Pelagianism are still very much errors against true Orthodoxy, condemned not only in the Council of Carthage but also the Council in Trullo once and for all ;


  30. Hi Jeff, this is a completely unrelated question, but I had to ask: What do you make of Justin Trudeau’s early call for a federal election? Anyone else who would like to share their thoughts is more than welcome to.

  31. Good morning Jeff it’s morning here in UK put on TV this morning seen what’s going on in Afghanistan I fear its not incompetence of us and u ks leaders that’s led to the take over of Afghanistan I fear its deliberate there’s a big agenda to this my intuition tells me so its the start of something very big and nasty and its coming to our doors would you please snalize the currant situation and keep the likes of me updated with what the next move may be thanks Jeff your a good soul we need your wise words

    1. Hear, hear! Also in the UK, I am worried that the entirely justified outrage that this historic reverse has evoked across the political spectrum will be somehow used to steer an agenda that ends up by perversely compounding the grievous damage it already stands to inflict on the fortunes of the entire Western world.

      1. In essence, the Biden regime took a dive and gave the Afghan people to the Taliban. Frankly, that was entirely predictable as Biden is not the most intelligent man that has held the office of POTUS and is worse than Lincoln could have ever hoped to be.

        While I seriously doubt that Biden is actually in charge, the people behind him are, to a person, as evil as we have ever seen to hold power in the US. years ago I was part of the commentariat at Neptunus Lex and it was pretty much agreed that if Afghanistan fell to the Taliban, it would follow us home. We are going to see, very soon, I think, if we were prescient. Others have been making the same prediction since then as well. I seriously think it is the way to bet.

      2. ..although I think ‘shameful and cowardly’ are not the right terms to describe a country which has always (way back before the arrival of Islam) been only marginally habitable, by a sparse population that found some kind of equilibrium along a tribal model, and whose physical realities of life would demand that they return to that situation the moment it was ‘relieved’ of the artificial and half-baked ‘nation building’ of the West, which would never have suited it and stood to destroy centuries of societal organisation which we would have done well to study carefully before barging in.

        We confused our legitimate strategic interest in stopping it falling into the hands of the Chinese, with an illegitimate interest in reforming their society, and ended up serving neither purpose successfully.

      3. I tried to reply earlier, but the post went into the bit bucket for some reason.

        The reason Afghanistan fell is the Biden regime took a dive. I don’t think Biden is in charge as he is so demented he doesn’t know what day it is. The people behind him, however, are as evil as anyone has been who held power in the District of Corruption. The UK is more vulnerable than the US because of the old imperial ties and people are in charge that are just as idiotic as anyone could be. The US will get theirs as well, but probably a little later than the UK.

        I was part of the commetariat at Neptunus Lex before Lex was killed in ’12. The consensus was that if Afghanistan fell to the Taliban it would follow us home. Others have been making the same prediction since. We will see how prescient we were in the near future. Events are moving quickly. I think we are about to see why the US is not mentioned in biblical prophecy.

  32. @Janelle LaTrouvere:

    On the French Revolution, I’m guessing many here are familiar with Nesta Webster’s books, written in the 1920’s. One extract still available from her work on the FR is, ‘The French Revolution And Reign Of Terror’ where she details the motivations and actions of the main perpetrators. It is plain to me that they anticipated the overtly marxist modes employed in the Bolshevik revolution ~125 years later. Unlike Jeff, I’m no expert, but the signs do seem to be there.

      1. Also, curiously, the notion of a ‘queue’. Astonishing what you pick up quite incidentally..

        All in all, the tale of the Reign of Terror is somehow even more horrifying than the Bolshevik Revolution – I had no idea how bad things were, and the depths of depravity practised by such a gallery of monsters, fools and egregious opportunists. The book doesn’t pull its punches (in a very measured, scholarly and calm way, which makes it somehow worse) on the mutability of the various mobs, and the manipulation of small minorities at the cost to the majority of having their wishes trampled on.

        Even if the explicit causes of the two revolutions were not so isomorphic, the resemblances in duplicity, ruthlessness, and the sheer considered inhumanity of it all are certainly parallel.

      2. As I recall Mr. Nyquist, the conspiracy of ”Gracchus” Bebeuf and ”Anacharsis” von Klootz was squashed by the Committee, the so-called ”Conspiracy of Equals” was already preaching Communism and ”free love”.

  33. ”Greyknight”, I just wanted to reply to some of the comments you made, and want to say that I appreciate your candor. It is hoped that you can appreciate mine. As I have said, I agree with some, but not all, of Mr. Nyquist’s thesis about the Communists. I do not go out of my way to get specific on what I disagree with, but I do try to emphasize what I know from my own personal experience. And what that experience is that I can say that the Russian land was almost completely looted by the Oligarchs after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Everyone was thrown out of work, there was near total lawlessness, people were starving, many people died, but it is rarely spoken of these days. Now a wealthy new Elite has all the power and the money in the land. And the problem of Chechnya and what it represents hangs over everything, like a dark cloud. Muslims have large families and Russians aren’t. Everything absolutely is about making money, just as before everything was about building a Socialist future. The same sort of people in charge, but different slogans and the same universal materialism. Everyone knows there’s a spiritual void though, even some of the Elites will admit it. The history is fought over, because the past is the key to the future. But most people are just trying to survive, like everywhere else I guess. Churches and monasteries are built, many of them all over the place, and people are reclaiming who they are and were before the dark 20th century. In other words, it’s complicated, it’s life.

    It’s easier to talk about other peoples and their problems than one’s own I think. Kind of like comparing the Old South and the New South of today might show a raw nerve, with Americans from the South.

    Where I do see an eerie resemblance to the research of Mr. Nyquist is maybe with the Chinese. I’ve never been there, I don’t know for sure and can’t say 100%, but they worry me, they do. Maybe it will be nothing; their demographics are a real problem for them. But that’s where the deception seems to be quite real, with them.

    But my biggest worry is with the Muslims, not the Communists. They cut their teeth on such things as ”Strategic Deception”, and lying to the Infidel is second nature with them. I honestly think that the Muslims are actually absorbing the revolutionaries and the leftists and other political malcontents, making them their allies in Non-Muslim countries around the world.

    If this kind of thinking means a basic incompatibility with what Mr. Nyquist is trying to show or prove, I can understand and leave gracefully.

    1. It is as you imply, Vladimir, it is up to Mr. Nyquist whether anyone can post here or not. Maybe a dumb redneck like me shouldn’t even be posting here. I just think, at the very least, folks shouldnt regularly be saying things that undermine, or detract from what a man committed to truth is posting on his own site, which he is only doing to try and help his fellow countrymen. That is all.

      1. Vladimir never wrote anything unworthy of fair and reasonable debate that I am aware, but sometimes Jeff will block or delete comments that others may or might not have had an opportunity to peruse, in order for him to not be banned from this venue.

        He’s like the judge who tells the jury to ignore testimony which they had already heard. Just like Mission Impossible, where should any agent should be caught or killed, the secretary may disavow and knowledge of their action.

        That and the fact that he’s majorly uptight and thin skinned, but seldom holds a serious grudge.

      2. ”Greyknight”, I have a commitment to Truth as well, and I genuinely have a desire to help. On a larger scale,that means seeing if there can be a common ground found between the two great white nations of Russia and America, before we get swamped and overrun by Islam, and Asiatic Despotism, by savagery.

    2. Gelb, are you sure you understand why Jeff banned you? Go back to his eviction notice and consider it in context. Notice, by the way, that he is letting you still talk now. Please come back and let us know what you have reconsidered about all that.

      1. The Chinese will just loot. They won’t do any policing. On the contrary, they’ll probably arm the Taliban and train them in camps, if they aren’t already.

      2. Looting the Chinese way: if there are natural resources to be extracted or crops to be produced, if there are strategic routes to be secured, or if equally strategic locations to be occupied, they will do thatwithout restraint now. The Chinese have notoriously practised economic colonisation in just this way throughout much of Africa, simply bribing or blackmailing their way into the continent for many years now.

        They do not generally bother much with political colonisation in what are often failed states already exhausted by warfare and debt, which is why some of their activities go unremarked by the Western public.

      3. With China as the World’s policeman, they will exhaust their resources including their troops while failing to sustain the effort, and then the United States can tend to defending it’s own borders for a change. Besides, the US Space Force has weapons far beyond what is publicly disclosed.

    1. – Which has been anticipated for many years. The US and its Western allies have always had a legitimate strategic interest in blocking China’s ambitions in Afghanistan. We should not have allowed futile notions of ‘nation building’ and all the rest of the clap-trap to mutate that understanding into a hopeless undertaking.

      We should have limited our actions to constructing some kind of cordon sanitaire around the relevant borders, and left the running of the country itself to carry on in whatever traditional form it had observed for centuries, however internally unstable or offensive it might have been to Western sensibilities.

      Even the British Raj eventually, and at some cost, learned that lesson there, I think.

  34. This is a reply to the post left by K this is just what my intuition is telling me k Biden and Johnson are enabling China to do there bidding

  35. I never heard the case made to the American people for being in Afghanistan in the first place, but now everyone is complaining that we leave. It’s not as if we had all that many troops there anyway. Most are there to train the Afghanis who do most the real fighting, if one can believe the media. So how come when US advisors leave, all of a sudden, the Afghanis drop the ball? I think they are playing US. Good riddance. Too bad about the people who have to endure the Taliban and the official Afghan government, but it’s their problem to solve.

  36. It was the Bush and Blair war on terror can’t you remember we were all brainwashed after 9 11

    1. When did Bush and Blair make the case for invading Afghanistan? I remember Bush 41 spent about six months garnering World support to invade Iraq, but then wasn’t it O’bama who pulled us out of Iraq and sent troops to Afghanistan without fanfare?

  37. Re: Afghanistan

    My two cents: A people that has no will to defend themselves from radical marauders is not worthy of American lives and treasure to do so for them. It has long been obvious that the whole nation has propped up by U.S. $$ and guns, but without any organic courage whatsoever (other than the Taliban of course). Twenty friggin’ years!!

    Therefore, the Afghan people deserve to return to a despotic, 7th Century A.D. life, and I shed no tears for them. How shameful and cowardly.

    1. It’s not quite that simple. Military analysts and Afghans say the problem was the military was utterly dysfunctional, despite Biden’s claims to the contrary. Wesponry, ammunition and food were being taken and sold, leaving soldiers literally starving or unarmed. Look at the generals with golden homes and the President who was propped up by the USA. Evidently, there was also no 300,000 strong Afghan army. It might have been only a quarter of that.

      We don’t know if they would have fought since they were incapable of fighting to begin with.

      1. Even the ARVN in South Vietnam fought better, under even less favorable circumstances. These Afghans were at least half in the Taliban camp, inside themselves, from the start. Can’t satisfy the human spirit with spiritually empty secular pablum.

  38. Jeff, not sure if you can comment, a Hong Kong twitter contact was discussing with me on Twitter that since the Chinese Communist Party has fully taken back Hong Kong, the phase of liquidation has begun, from what I was told many of the activists that were part of the Chinese Communist Party controlled Hong Kong Democracy Movement are now either in prison or have disappeared. When I told the Hong Kong Twitter contact, the end game or end phase is the most ugliest and painful to watch and then the Hong Kong Twitter contact asked what I meant by the end phase is the most ugliest and painful, I simply responded to the Hong Kong Twitter contact that the Chinese Communist Party has no more use for the Hong Kong Democracy Movement and their activists:

    An example of the liquidation taking place in Hong Kong

    1. China was in more noticeably in recession than was the United States, but China’s recession was largely due to the fact that credit had dried up, and Americans weren’t buying as much cheap Chinese crap on credit. Every time that China’s economy grows at a rate lover than 3%, China does something, Draconian. As Hong Kong being the most ruthlessly pure Capitalist society on the planet, and even HK couldn’t support China’s entire economy under recession, China seems to have seen no more point in tolerating a relatively free, Hong Kong, nor any reason to appease US demands for China to respect human Rights.

  39. Mr. Nyquist, you said;

    ”If I have made mistakes, he will catch them. If not, then he will have to agree with me. ”

    Fair enough, although i’m no pedantic, lol. I can ”agree”, with the caveat that I am already personally against things (for example) like what would be described as the ”Primakov Doctrine” in Russia, with regards to foreign policy (trying to preserve national sovereignty of a great power geopolitically, by balancing the West with the Muslim powers, the Global South, the Asiatics, and empowering them, may well be a self-defeating course of action, as Machiavellian and ”Realpolitik” as it seems). My views on the Monarchy and Aristocracy alone would preclude any Republican activity on my part in any case. Which leaves me ”only” a collective miracle of grace to inspire me.

    . My interest tends towards the philosophical and theological as it is however, especially the meta-historical sweep of the ages, the observing of the hand of Divine Providence throughout history, where trends seem to take the nations as a whole.. The influence in particular of the ideas which have moved mankind, seen and unseen forces at work.

    1. Pilgrim: I have a question for you. Recently one of Putin’s advisors said that China and Russia are winning the Cold War. America is behind. Why is Putin lining up with a China?

      1. Good question. Who is Putin’s advisor who said this? That context could be important. It’s quite possible-and I’m not being disingenuous-that such people are reflexive and reactionary products of the Cold War, akin to certain ”Neoconservatives” in the West. Amero-phobia, Russophobia. Old habits die hard with some I think.

        I think though that I have mentioned the possibly short-sighted ”Primakov Doctrine”. It is believed by some that President Putin initially wanted more peace, business, and mutual good will with the West, but geopolitics have gotten in the way. In recent years the turn to China and the East has developed. I am leary of them, but it’s not like I want war or a cold peace with them or anyone else for that matter. I would not ”line up” with China unless I saw a mortal threat elsewhere, like Stalin and Roosevelt and Churchill against Hitler and the Fascists.

        With that in mind, I found an interesting article on Katehon.com, which is pretty Duginist of a website, but differences in writers does exist. It’s from a ”John Grey”;


        He actually makes China seem pretty Fascist, with what seems to be a growing cult of Han supremacy.

        But I mentioned a reflexive Cold War mentality in West and East alike, and found these comments from the article interesting in light of your thinking about the same subjects;

        ”But the differences between Russia and China today are profound. Putin’s Russia is an authoritarian regime in which the state, though violent, is weak. Its spine is the former Soviet intelligence services; but sections of them are semi-privatised, some working in opaque collusion with organised crime. Amorphous private armies operate in Russia’s near-abroad and other zones of global conflict. Putin’s authority appears to be unchallenged in the Kremlin, but he exercises it with the tacit consent of oligarchs who in turn depend on his patronage.”

        ”There are signs of decay in the regime. An earlier phase of Putinism in which the population was controlled through “post-modern” media techniques and the management of apathy has given way to one that relies more on the threat of force. Nonetheless, the control of the population by the state is less comprehensive than at any time under the Soviet system until it began its slide into anarchy with Gorbachev’s liberalising reforms from the mid-1980s.”

        ”In 2017 the Kremlin declined to celebrate the centenary of the Russian Revolution, with Putin reportedly asking, “What is there to celebrate?” The view of some regime-friendly Russians that Putin, an archetypal product of the Soviet system, is an essentially anti-communist leader is not wholly groundless. Yet the core institutions and methods through which he governs are Soviet inheritances. The “little green men”, for example – Russian irregular forces that effected the invasion of Ukraine – were following the Bolshevik practice of maskirovka (deception). His cyber-warfare applies a similar strategy.”

        ”The fantasy of world revolution has long since been abandoned, along with the goal of transforming society, but the state through which Putin rules remains Leninist in its structure.”

        Very interesting article to me, different in some ways than what Dugin offers himself.

        I cannot say 100%, God knows. What I can say is that in the Liturgy I pray for ”right-believing kings and queens” over the Orthodox Commonwealth, not right-believing ”Presidents and Prime Ministers”, if you get my point, as I do not believe that to be something easy to do or try. I do not believe that conflict is desirable or inevitable between Russia and America, and that peace is possible, a peace which does not undermine but even strengthens the national sovereignty.

      2. Self serving. Putin’s advisor saying how Putin is getting good advice. Putin does have more experience as leader of Russia, than any US President is allowed to gain. Maybe Trump will return to be dictator for life?

  40. Jeff, maybe you should act now – I suspect someone is trying to get your blog deplatformed. Their conversation is veering in a pretextual direction, I think. Apologies if I’m just imagining things.

    1. I agree with the previous poster. This “ZT” person, I bet, is a paid troll who intends to “spam” this blog to drown out meaningful discussion of issues; to use an analogy, it’s like white noise. His posts, as I have remarked on before, are too bizarrely long and are too tangential to believe otherwise. After looking at several of his messages, he doesn’t strike me as an honest, well-meaning reader.

      1. Janelle LaTrouvere, I have been reading this comment thread way too much, lol. Because, I remember. Several posts

      2. Sorry, I accidentally hit the send button. I remember several posts up, ZT proposed Rob Roy as a person who would make a good leader for us. I dont know if you have read any Sir Walter Scott books, but Rob Roy was the title character in one.

        But I have a new name for him, from another Scott novel, seeing as you also thought of him as a court jester…Wamba, the fool in Ivanhoe, lol

  41. Definitely for the best. Actually, I found it kind of hilarious that he basically called me an “NSA spy”. Nothing could be further from the truth. I have no secret government contacts.

    1. @ZT: Since you’re all about “repeating gossip”, why don’t you have a listen to Missy Elliot’s hit song “Gossip Folks”? You could learn a thing or two from it, plus its music video is totally awesome 🙂

      1. ZT is very foolish and annoying. Have you ever watched a puppy annoy the crap out of an older dog, until the more mature dog finally gets tired of it and snaps at the pup? That’s kind of what ZT reminds me of- that little, annoying runt.

  42. Some people must have very boring lives, to actually get paid to troll good internet sites. Mr. Nyquist, I have finished reading Ideas Have Consequences, and am currently in the middle of The Fool and His Enemy. I thought Mr. Weaver’s book was very good, but there were a couple of bones I had to spit out. I plan to read it a couple more times. I didnt follow very well on his discussion of the semanticists, but I understood enough to realize he meant, that there were men trying to bring our language down to basically a “materialist” language, with no homage or reference to the metaphysical reality. Am I right?

    Your book is very well-written and enlightening. It is hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that there are people such as Radiofort, who cannot even comprehend one iota of the things you bring out in your book, or that Weaver does in his.

      1. Also, G.A. Henty’s historical fiction novels. Though written for boys, any age can enjoy them, and learn some history. Also by Scott, the Waverly series is very good.

      1. I need to read it a couple more times, but he puts words to the gut feelings, and thoughts I have about the days we live in.

        As do you. I never thought about the rise of all these crazy ideas in America as the New Religion, but that is exactly what it is.

        On Weaver, though the book was published in 1948, it could just as easily be written today. I wonder how he would describe the internet as another aspect of the Stereopticon?

  43. Mr. Nyquist, you asked me about Sergei Karaganov in this article

    ”Pilgrim: please explain this — https://www.rt.com/russia/530730-new-cold-war-opinion-kremlin-adviser/

    He is not a one-dimensional gray apparatchik out of the Cold War, as one can see from the article (for one, glad the Kremlin isn’t sending money to clients). This is what says about his views on China;

    ”When it comes to China, Karaganov dubs the relationship a “semi-alliance,” noting that it came about due to the West’s geostrategic failures. However, the political scientist warned against “selling the country’s sovereignty” to Beijing, repeating the mistakes of Europe’s close friendship with Washington in the past.”

    ”Karaganov is well-known for his favorable opinion of relations between Russia and China, and has pushed for a closer relationship between Beijing and Moscow.”

    “Knowing Russian history and the psychology of our people and political class, I think that we will not sell our sovereignty to anyone,” he added. “I also hope for the wisdom of the Chinese political class. If I were Chinese, I would never do anything against Russia.”

    So he knows the concerns and fears…

    This is what he says about Europe and America, the West, in the Article;

    ”Furthermore, China isn’t Russia’s only close partner, Karaganov stated. Moscow now has friendly relations with most Arab countries, Iran, India, and even with some European Union states, such as Hungary and Austria.

    “We are seeing a watershed. We will find out who will be part of ‘Greater America’ – like the US and Northwest Europe – and who will be on the side of ‘Greater Eurasia.’”

    “The big question is where Germany will end up,” he concluded, referring to the dominant NATO power that has embarked on the controversial Nord Stream 2 project with Russia, despite staunch objections from NATO allies and Washington.”

    Pure Geopolitics.

    He is a Eurasianist, who thinks that two (or at least two blocs) blocs will form; a ”Greater America” and a ”Greater Eurasia”. I do not know how to credit such talk, it’s wisdom or foolishness, being aware of the Geopoliticians but I’m not fond of Materialist Determinism in any form. Is it better than Marxist-Leninism?

    Maybe we’ll see it’s application.

      1. In any case the gentleman is aware of concerns among both politicians and the people about this Asiatic turn.

      2. And Mr. Karaganov, I might add, is on the Western Elites ”Trilateral Commission” and on the International Advisory Board of the Anglo-American ”Council on Foreign Relations.” That may say one thing to you, perhaps another thing to a regular average Russian patriot. Either way, a close embrace of Eurasia upon Russia? I am not sure that this will work out well for anyone.

      1. Exactly. Sold down the river by a bunch of avaricious imbeciles for one of the crassest of motivators: cash. What people will do for a buck–it’s astounding. Sometimes I wish that capital punishment in this country still involved hanging; that is the fate that these party puppets deserve.

  44. I’d just like to throw a few abstract threads out to you to comment on I feel unfit to comment as I am no high brow but here’s we go
    Do you believe everything going on is part of the great reset to bring in the new world order one religion lucifarien, a one world gov, depopulation,and a pan euraisuan state?
    I have listened to two separate shocking testomies online in the last couple of weeks one is by an American woman called Jessie Czebotar she claims to be from one of the top satanic bloodline families she says the world are run by theses families she says there are 13 bloodline families and one hidden one which she says is the Muslim brotherhood she says they want every Christian dead and we’ve all got to watch out for the third temple in Jerusalem being completed as the man who stands at the opening ceremony unbeknown to everyone except the chosen few will be the antichrist who will shortly after cause war as we’ve never known I know his identity she left clues he is from the line of David the biblical line I believe she’s kosher I darnt give the man’s name out on here as you all know him she says we cannot stop what’s coming to us all just try to survive she says there going to make our lives hell for the next ten years
    The other person I heard was a fella on the run hiding in South America he claims the Syrian war was an excuse for putin to knock down all the Syrian infrastructure and for the rich arab states to donate money to rebuild Syria full of smart cities which he says are already being built by the Chinese in China and Africa he says in ten years time Iran will be called greater persia as it will incorporate a much larger landmass he claims Israel will be gigantic taking Egypt and palastinisn land he talked at length about the belt and road project and how China for years has bought strategic ports he claims to know that there’ll be a universal currancy digital and you’ll get credits into your account every week for specific items food elec etc any credits you do not spend in that week will be taken from you so you can never save anything if you have a mortgage they’ll take your home off you you can live in it but the state will own it you’ll rent it and pay with your credits every month.
    To the comments of Jessie Czebotar she says the Chinese have a satanic bloodline family called Lee

    1. I should address this in an article. Please keep reminding me if I do not follow through. In brief: Your question touches on the occult and on certain cosmological theories which are connected to latter day conspiracy theories. Such theories can only be entertained if occult societies are viewed as the primary movers in the world. Unfortunately we cannot empirically validate secret things, especially if they are rooted in the dimension of mind or spirit. Some would even postulate an extraterrestrial dimension of planetary control. So our discourse, should it veer in this direction, would become purely speculative. Facts and evidence seem to fade away once we enter the dreamland of magical powers and invisible entities. I generally stay away from things that cannot be proven or credibly argued. If the Devil or secret blood lines, or aliens are controlling our destiny from the shadows, how could I ever know the truth? What I can comment on, in this matter, is the credibility of direct witnesses and the logical consistency of claims that cannot be empirically validated. Is there a link to these witnesses?

  45. Jeff, this stream is becoming unwieldy – I’m sure you only post when you have something significant to say, but the immediate significance of events alone is enough to put up a new post, so we (I!) can see the wood for the trees – and I really want to follow what is being said here.

  46. Yes Jeff there are links to these witnesses Jessie Czebotar has a website called Illuminate the Darkness. Com which I do not follow and also the other witness if I remember correctly is called Brenda o Connell and I think he has a channel on Brighton Talpiot talk he came on on an article posted on an article posted on before it’s news the man who posted it calls himself The Last Act

  47. I’ve also found just now a website for o Connell it’s Brendan o Connell targeted individuals. Com I’ve looked on it but it won’t let you access anything but go on it Jeff and scroll down until you see an article with the words in capital SITREP it’s hard to decipher but shocking about the ccp and what there doing

      1. When I had said this, I was mistakenly under the impression that you were talking about all of the Americans who are currently “trapped” in Afghanistan and who are waiting to get out. Those poor people have been on my mind a lot lately. The Taliban are not known for mercy or for compassion.

        It’s shameful the way that the Biden Administration is just ignoring them and their plight. And now they want to expedite the resettling of Afghan “refugees” who have no connection to the U.S. military, instead? It’s incredible to see where this Administration’s priorities lie.

  48. Jeff (or anyone else qualified to answer), I sent General Chi Haotian’s speech to several friends and family members. One of them came back and said they thought it seemed like it could be fake for three reasons. First, because of nods to a couple of conspiracy theories— the idea that the Israelis are engaged in genetic testing to find some sort of bioweapon against people of Arab descent, and a Bill Gates/George Soros globalist conspiracy theory. Second, he thought some of the concepts seemed too Western— he mentioned, for instance, the idea of a roundtable discussion, and wondered if that term was ever used in Eastern communication. Third, he thought it seemed almost like the plot of a bad movie for an evil leader to telegraph his long-term deception to so many people that his entire speech was able to be recorded and leaked to the Epoch Times. Do you know how the Epoch Times verified that this speech was genuine? Also, if you’d like to respond to any of these criticisms, I’d be interested to hear your thoughts.

    For those unfamiliar with the speech, the full text can be viewed here:


    1. People today do not have a very good sense of reality, or of evil. Your friends and family have led very soft and sheltered lives. I cannot relate to their expectation that the Chinese leaders are normal. No. These leaders are psychopaths. So what do they expect a psychopathic elite to sound like behind closed doors? These criminals administer the biggest political death camp system in history; they are conducting a genocide against the Uyghurs, they have crushed the Tibetans, and they supply forcibly harvested organs from political prisoners to the world! As far as originating conspiracy theories about evil capitalist tycoons, need I remind your friends and family that communism has generated most of anti-capitalist conspiracy theories in circulation today. That is — in propaganda terms — their stock and trade. Besides all that, there are details in the speech that were confirmed to me as authentic by a GRU defector who worked in China and had direct knowledge of future Russia/China war plans against the USA.

      1. I suppose that some may say that we in the U.S. are a decadent lot. So many people here seem blissfully ignorant of what happens beyond their own town, or beyond their own state, for example.

        You’re right, Mr. Nyquist, in that a lot of people today seem to think that hardships such as those that their ancestors faced generations ago died along with them, but that is not really true. Such mass traumas tend to occur in cycles, right?

        I don’t know if you’ve ever read it, but the book “Generations” by Neil Howe and William Strauss, illustrates this idea in a rather compelling way.

      2. Hmm, I do find it more than a bit odd that a retiring Chinese general would be making references to George Soros and Bill Gates. I wonder who his audience was. I’d venture to say that the average Chinese soldier has no idea who Bill Gates or George Soros is, but perhaps he was speaking to peers, not inferiors, who were familiar with Western globalists, or who had been propagandists. Still, his speech seems almost too Western-centric. Either he has an outstanding command of both Western and Eastern military history, or it was written by a Westerner. However, I have nothing else to compare it to. I’m unconvinced one way or the other.

      3. Chi was Defense Minister of China at the time of the speech. His listeners were the very top officials of the Communist Party, not common soldiers. They know more about America than most Americans. That happens to be their job. You have undoubtedly heard of Sun Tzu? One of his main teachings was to know your enemy. And they do.

      4. @JRNyquist: “We have just lived through an unprecedented era of plenty, in the luckiest place to be born”.

        I agree with this; we have, dare I say it, been blessed.

  49. Jeff, not sure if you can comment in regards to the Grand Solar Minimum, many people like Adapt2030 (David Dubyne) are warning about high food prices caused by adverse weather due to the Grand Solar Minimum, it also seems both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere are being affected as well:


      1. Temperatures will literally “fall off a cliff.” That is the statistical “consensus.”
        Whether this happens in 2023, 2025, 2028, or 2032 is irrelevant in the “cosmic” sense.
        But it is highly significant to the “Elites.”
        Remember General “Buck” Turgidson’s “Mine Shaft Gap.”

      2. There is another kind of shaft gap, now playing out with 10,000 Americans trapped in Afghanistan, and 4,000 Christian Afghans who are dead if they cannot get out. Who will ever trust Washington again?

  50. Morning Jeff I would like you and anyone interested to look on an article posted yest on
    Before it’s news.com
    The article is titled
    Gerald Celente The collapse has already begun, watch out for China. The biggest financial bubble is about to burst
    Read all the script first before watching any of the videos when doing this look out for
    And its not just china’s problem it is highlighted in blue click on it and watch the short video
    The next thing as I haven’t had time to watch all the videos is to listen to the second video down titled
    Who Really runs the world stick it out until the end as Mr Celente is very abrupt
    Jeff I wish your books were on amazon UK please look in to how you can get them on there your missing out on a Magor market

  51. Mr. Nyquist, you said of the ”shaft” in Afghanistan;

    ”There is another kind of shaft gap, now playing out with 10,000 Americans trapped in Afghanistan, and 4,000 Christian Afghans who are dead if they cannot get out. Who will ever trust Washington again?”

    Indeed. It reminds me at this moment of the relations between Hannibal and the Carthaginian Government. Carthage being riven apart by Oligarchical rivalries and political factionalism, Hannibal never received the aid he needed to dispatch Rome, for over 12 years he was forced to meander up and down Italy, and the Carthaginian government only called upon him to leave Italy when Scipio was practically at the gates of Carthage itself.

  52. Mr. Nyquist, you said;

    ”Chi was Defense Minister of China at the time of the speech. His listeners were the very top officials of the Communist Party, not common soldiers. They know more about America than most Americans. That happens to be their job. You have undoubtedly heard of Sun Tzu? One of his main teachings was to know your enemy. And they do. ”

    This remains basically true of any serious military, to regard even a potential Enemy as an Enemy, and even if the report of the speech turns out to be not altogether accurate or true or not. Schmidtt is very popular in China, I hear, and I think you know about his writings on the friend/enemy political distinction. Lenin too, is useful to them because of his turning of Clausewitz on his ear, where the dictum becomes ” Politics is the continuation of war by other means”.

    1. Carl Schmitt is a very important theorist. There are uncomfortably profound insights in his book, “The Concept of the Political.”

  53. @JRNyquist: With trolls like you have and like you have had, I’m starting to see why you close these threads after a week. It’s probably a wise practice.

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