We owe it, therefore, to candor and to the amicable relations existing between the United States and these other powers to declare that we should consider any attempt on their part to extend their system to any portion of this hemisphere as dangerous to our peace and safety.

The Monroe Doctrine, 1823

According to Marcell Felipe, the protests in Cuba are “a rejection of socialism and communism.” In the United States we are told a different story. It is, they say, all about COVID-19 and vaccine availability. What is the truth? Marcell Felipe says, “No one is protesting COVID-19. People are asking specifically for freedom.” People are chanting, “Down with the dictatorship!”

Last Sunday I joined Nevin Gussack’s Populist Roundtable Podcast to discuss the situation in Cuba and related issues. As it turned out, we spiraled off topic to discuss (at our peril) communism’s emergence into the U.S. Democratic Party.


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283 thoughts on “Interview on the Cuba Revolt: Should America Intervene?

  1. I’d just like to throw a few abstract threads out to you to comment on I feel unfit to comment as I am no high brow but here’s we go
    Do you believe everything going on is part of the great reset to bring in the new world order one religion lucifarien, a one world gov, depopulation,and a pan euraisuan state?
    I have listened to two separate shocking testomies online in the last couple of weeks one is by an American woman called Jessie Czebotar she claims to be from one of the top satanic bloodline families she says the world are run by theses families she says there are 13 bloodline families and one hidden one which she says is the Muslim brotherhood she says they want every Christian dead and we’ve all got to watch out for the third temple in Jerusalem being completed as the man who stands at the opening ceremony unbeknown to everyone except the chosen few will be the antichrist who will shortly after cause war as we’ve never known I know his identity she left clues he is from the line of David the biblical line I believe she’s kosher I darnt give the man’s name out on here as you all know him she says we cannot stop what’s coming to us all just try to survive she says there going to make our lives hell for the next ten years
    The other person I heard was a fella on the run hiding in South America he claims the Syrian war was an excuse for putin to knock down all the Syrian infrastructure and for the rich arab states to donate money to rebuild Syria full of smart cities which he says are already being built by the Chinese in China and Africa he says in ten years time Iran will be called greater persia as it will incorporate a much larger landmass he claims Israel will be gigantic taking Egypt and palastinisn land he talked at length about the belt and road project and how China for years has bought strategic ports he claims to know that there’ll be a universal currancy digital and you’ll get credits into your account every week for specific items food elec etc any credits you do not spend in that week will be taken from you so you can never save anything if you have a mortgage they’ll take your home off you you can live in it but the state will own it you’ll rent it and pay with your credits every month.
    To the comments of Jessie Czebotar she says the Chinese have a satanic bloodline family called Lee

    1. I should address this in an article. Please keep reminding me if I do not follow through. In brief: Your question touches on the occult and on certain cosmological theories which are connected to latter day conspiracy theories. Such theories can only be entertained if occult societies are viewed as the primary movers in the world. Unfortunately we cannot empirically validate secret things, especially if they are rooted in the dimension of mind or spirit. Some would even postulate an extraterrestrial dimension of planetary control. So our discourse, should it veer in this direction, would become purely speculative. Facts and evidence seem to fade away once we enter the dreamland of magical powers and invisible entities. I generally stay away from things that cannot be proven or credibly argued. If the Devil or secret blood lines, or aliens are controlling our destiny from the shadows, how could I ever know the truth? What I can comment on, in this matter, is the credibility of direct witnesses and the logical consistency of claims that cannot be empirically validated. Is there a link to these witnesses?

  2. Jeff, this stream is becoming unwieldy – I’m sure you only post when you have something significant to say, but the immediate significance of events alone is enough to put up a new post, so we (I!) can see the wood for the trees – and I really want to follow what is being said here.

  3. Yes Jeff there are links to these witnesses Jessie Czebotar has a website called Illuminate the Darkness. Com which I do not follow and also the other witness if I remember correctly is called Brenda o Connell and I think he has a channel on Brighton Talpiot talk he came on on an article posted on an article posted on before it’s news the man who posted it calls himself The Last Act

  4. I’ve also found just now a website for o Connell it’s Brendan o Connell targeted individuals. Com I’ve looked on it but it won’t let you access anything but go on it Jeff and scroll down until you see an article with the words in capital SITREP it’s hard to decipher but shocking about the ccp and what there doing

      1. When I had said this, I was mistakenly under the impression that you were talking about all of the Americans who are currently “trapped” in Afghanistan and who are waiting to get out. Those poor people have been on my mind a lot lately. The Taliban are not known for mercy or for compassion.

        It’s shameful the way that the Biden Administration is just ignoring them and their plight. And now they want to expedite the resettling of Afghan “refugees” who have no connection to the U.S. military, instead? It’s incredible to see where this Administration’s priorities lie.

  5. Jeff (or anyone else qualified to answer), I sent General Chi Haotian’s speech to several friends and family members. One of them came back and said they thought it seemed like it could be fake for three reasons. First, because of nods to a couple of conspiracy theories— the idea that the Israelis are engaged in genetic testing to find some sort of bioweapon against people of Arab descent, and a Bill Gates/George Soros globalist conspiracy theory. Second, he thought some of the concepts seemed too Western— he mentioned, for instance, the idea of a roundtable discussion, and wondered if that term was ever used in Eastern communication. Third, he thought it seemed almost like the plot of a bad movie for an evil leader to telegraph his long-term deception to so many people that his entire speech was able to be recorded and leaked to the Epoch Times. Do you know how the Epoch Times verified that this speech was genuine? Also, if you’d like to respond to any of these criticisms, I’d be interested to hear your thoughts.

    For those unfamiliar with the speech, the full text can be viewed here:


    1. People today do not have a very good sense of reality, or of evil. Your friends and family have led very soft and sheltered lives. I cannot relate to their expectation that the Chinese leaders are normal. No. These leaders are psychopaths. So what do they expect a psychopathic elite to sound like behind closed doors? These criminals administer the biggest political death camp system in history; they are conducting a genocide against the Uyghurs, they have crushed the Tibetans, and they supply forcibly harvested organs from political prisoners to the world! As far as originating conspiracy theories about evil capitalist tycoons, need I remind your friends and family that communism has generated most of anti-capitalist conspiracy theories in circulation today. That is — in propaganda terms — their stock and trade. Besides all that, there are details in the speech that were confirmed to me as authentic by a GRU defector who worked in China and had direct knowledge of future Russia/China war plans against the USA.

      1. I suppose that some may say that we in the U.S. are a decadent lot. So many people here seem blissfully ignorant of what happens beyond their own town, or beyond their own state, for example.

        You’re right, Mr. Nyquist, in that a lot of people today seem to think that hardships such as those that their ancestors faced generations ago died along with them, but that is not really true. Such mass traumas tend to occur in cycles, right?

        I don’t know if you’ve ever read it, but the book “Generations” by Neil Howe and William Strauss, illustrates this idea in a rather compelling way.

      2. Hmm, I do find it more than a bit odd that a retiring Chinese general would be making references to George Soros and Bill Gates. I wonder who his audience was. I’d venture to say that the average Chinese soldier has no idea who Bill Gates or George Soros is, but perhaps he was speaking to peers, not inferiors, who were familiar with Western globalists, or who had been propagandists. Still, his speech seems almost too Western-centric. Either he has an outstanding command of both Western and Eastern military history, or it was written by a Westerner. However, I have nothing else to compare it to. I’m unconvinced one way or the other.

      3. Chi was Defense Minister of China at the time of the speech. His listeners were the very top officials of the Communist Party, not common soldiers. They know more about America than most Americans. That happens to be their job. You have undoubtedly heard of Sun Tzu? One of his main teachings was to know your enemy. And they do.

      4. @JRNyquist: “We have just lived through an unprecedented era of plenty, in the luckiest place to be born”.

        I agree with this; we have, dare I say it, been blessed.

  6. Jeff, not sure if you can comment in regards to the Grand Solar Minimum, many people like Adapt2030 (David Dubyne) are warning about high food prices caused by adverse weather due to the Grand Solar Minimum, it also seems both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere are being affected as well:


      1. Temperatures will literally “fall off a cliff.” That is the statistical “consensus.”
        Whether this happens in 2023, 2025, 2028, or 2032 is irrelevant in the “cosmic” sense.
        But it is highly significant to the “Elites.”
        Remember General “Buck” Turgidson’s “Mine Shaft Gap.”

      2. There is another kind of shaft gap, now playing out with 10,000 Americans trapped in Afghanistan, and 4,000 Christian Afghans who are dead if they cannot get out. Who will ever trust Washington again?

  7. Morning Jeff I would like you and anyone interested to look on an article posted yest on
    Before it’s news.com
    The article is titled
    Gerald Celente The collapse has already begun, watch out for China. The biggest financial bubble is about to burst
    Read all the script first before watching any of the videos when doing this look out for
    And its not just china’s problem it is highlighted in blue click on it and watch the short video
    The next thing as I haven’t had time to watch all the videos is to listen to the second video down titled
    Who Really runs the world stick it out until the end as Mr Celente is very abrupt
    Jeff I wish your books were on amazon UK please look in to how you can get them on there your missing out on a Magor market

  8. Mr. Nyquist, you said of the ”shaft” in Afghanistan;

    ”There is another kind of shaft gap, now playing out with 10,000 Americans trapped in Afghanistan, and 4,000 Christian Afghans who are dead if they cannot get out. Who will ever trust Washington again?”

    Indeed. It reminds me at this moment of the relations between Hannibal and the Carthaginian Government. Carthage being riven apart by Oligarchical rivalries and political factionalism, Hannibal never received the aid he needed to dispatch Rome, for over 12 years he was forced to meander up and down Italy, and the Carthaginian government only called upon him to leave Italy when Scipio was practically at the gates of Carthage itself.

  9. Mr. Nyquist, you said;

    ”Chi was Defense Minister of China at the time of the speech. His listeners were the very top officials of the Communist Party, not common soldiers. They know more about America than most Americans. That happens to be their job. You have undoubtedly heard of Sun Tzu? One of his main teachings was to know your enemy. And they do. ”

    This remains basically true of any serious military, to regard even a potential Enemy as an Enemy, and even if the report of the speech turns out to be not altogether accurate or true or not. Schmidtt is very popular in China, I hear, and I think you know about his writings on the friend/enemy political distinction. Lenin too, is useful to them because of his turning of Clausewitz on his ear, where the dictum becomes ” Politics is the continuation of war by other means”.

    1. Carl Schmitt is a very important theorist. There are uncomfortably profound insights in his book, “The Concept of the Political.”

  10. @JRNyquist: With trolls like you have and like you have had, I’m starting to see why you close these threads after a week. It’s probably a wise practice.

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