Mike Lindell … could do so much good. He has got so much wealth. He could be our George Soros…. Instead, he is sinking millions and millions of dollars into these videos and this upcoming Symposium on alleged cyber-warfare from China. I fear … it is just going to be money down the crapper.

Cliff Kincaid

As the Lindell Cyber Symposium has begun, it is worth reviewing what we know in the midst of so much disinformation from right and left. Cliff asked me why Lindell’s information is not to be believed. I told him that the ultimate source of Lindell’s information, of course, is serial fraudster Dennis Montgomery. I asked Cliff, furthermore, that “If [China] wanted to change our election, would they do it so obviously that we could trace their computers back to their own country?” This does not make sense.

Post Script: From Backstage

The word from backstage at the Cyber Symposium in South Dakota is that the cyber experts are unhappy. Expert Robert Graham is reporting, on Twitter, “they are not allowing pcap experts to analyze this data.” The “proof” is not in the pudding. In fact, the whole thing IS A PUDDING. Such a shame. Such a waste of effort.

What should we make from Lindell’s claims?

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104 thoughts on “Absolute Proof or Absolute Fiasco?

  1. So the thrust is that deep state spooks try to discredit conservatives’ legitimate complaints of voter fraud, with manufactured evidence?

    1. It’s not always advisable to boil down an extremely complex topic to an oversimplification that is flimsy and far-fetched. Not a convincing way to position your argument.

      Also, these conspiracy theory buzzwords like “deep state spooks” get tiresome.

  2. If epic and actual fraud occurred through the mail in vote ballots, then our internal enemy might distract with a phony cyber narrative. General Mcinerney (sp) said our troops had raided a European server and confiscated proof of a foreign stolen election! What was that about?

      1. If a General who is seemingly very aware of China ‘s threat to America believes there was foreign interference in our election, could it be true?

  3. Mr. Nyquist, I was wondering if you might put something up about this symposium since it was starting today. Thank you, sir. The word you used in the interview with Kincaid -“dupe”- is exactly what had has kept sticking in my mind when I thought about Lindell. I checked Robert Graham’s twitter feed, and boy, is this a huge, tragic joke or what? How a man could go this long, making these bold claims, without being 100% sure that he had actual evidence, is beyond me. Seems like he is mighty foolish, or bull-headed, or something worse.

  4. I’m concerned about the source being Leadstories.com, since they are the source Facebook uses to “check” stories, and I think Facebook is not the most reliable source of information these days.

    “What they [The National Pulse] discovered was an organization [leadstories] staffed almost entirely by Democratic donors, half of whom had worked for CNN in the past. A quarter of the employees were recurring Democratic donors, TNP revealed, suggesting an egregious conflict of interest, given the story they’d flagged at the conservative outlet was about contributions to a Democratic presidential campaign.”
    (source: https://www.rt.com/usa/492294-lead-stories-factcheck-facebook-cnn/)

    I invested my entire day watching the symposium, and have so far found the guests and the details compelling. I have no idea about the analysis of the pcaps as they are not getting into that until tomorrow, which Lindell has indicated will be the main part of tomorrow’s programming. If the information he has is in fact bogus, it will most definitely be revealed and reported ad nauseum by every media outlet on the face of the planet. If it is true, expect crickets.

    We shall see what happens.

    1. Professorpreponomics,

      If Lindell’s info is bogus, which I am convinced is the case, I fear there may be far worse consequences than media ridicule. . I feel like it may be used as sort of “the straw that breaks the camel’s back” for our Leftist government to start really coming after people who have questioned/do question the election results. I say this because of the increasingly volatile rhetoric towards people publicly calling for audits, (as well as people opposing the coronavirus “vaccines”, covid mandates, etc). If this badly demoralizes those who question the election results, then I think the media and corrupt govt officials will really isolate and persecute the voices who continue to challenge the results.

    2. I am also very concerned about the use of leadstories.com as a link. I challenge anyone to click the link and then go to the fact check section. It seems to me that their take on things is reliably hard left whether on election integrity or vaccines or other issues. Honestly maybe I,m missing something.

  5. I saw some direct quotes of Mike Lindell, making some very sensible and well documented statements about discrepancies with the mail in ballots. So I think he is doing a lot of good.
    Not all of his info is about computers or cyber and not all of the computer stuff is based on Dennis Montgomery. And just because something is falsifiable doesn,t tell you one way or the other whether it has been falsified. Shouldn,t be used as evidence but unknown if true or false.
    I think the left is clever and is controlling our narrative. Instead of working hard and pressuring our legislatures to do an honest recount as in Arizona, we are bickering about Mike Lindell and Dennis Montgomery.
    The general public is not sophisticated. If Mike Lindell is criticized harshly by people like us, that equals criticism of questioning the election. In the minds of the general public and the media. Let,s stick to voting facts and issues. Not people and personalities.
    Gateway Pundit has done a good job of covering the broad spectrum of election issues. Check them out. I am beyond convinced by evidence that the election was stolen
    My two cents.
    Also are McInerney and Flynn crazy ? Did Ace Lyons make the statement about the Hammer and Scorecard ? It may be more or less than I think. But I have a feeling that Flynn is very sane and knowledgeable. And he knows exactly who our enemies are.

    1. Good points on this thread, covering different perspectives and considerations. I feel like some good, decent people have been chewed up and spit out while trying earnestly to unearth and display what actually went down. There but for the Grace of God …

      Frankly, at this point, I’m just bracing for impact every day.

    2. Lindell has offered a false narrative with very big promises. These promises cannot now be fulfilled. Negative consequences are likely to follow for future inquiries into the election. Pointing this out is not “bickering” about Lindell or Montgomery. I cannot imagine why, after all this, you should regard Flynn as “very sane and knowledgeable.” He has not shown any leadership in this crisis. I have waited my whole life for a leader who will speak the truth simply and clearly. As far as I can tell, he doesn’t know any truth.

      1. As an amateur-observer in Europe i obviously dont appreciate all the intracacies.But seeing his prior employment,he surely must be considered knowledgable.Also,to me at least,gen Flynn comes across as quite sane;level-headed,focussed and loyal.Lets not forget they came after his family,right?He could easily have levelled all sorts of blame on Trump.

        As far as leadership goes:dont you think it is something really special to have someone of his stature publicly taking ‘the side of the people’?It appears he also tried to goad President Trump further along.

        What Americans perhaps do not cherish enough is that they at least have a Mike Flynn.In Western Europe the political discourse meanwhile totally centers around percentages of deductable housing-taxes,’wellfare provisions’ and hospital waiting-lists.And needless to say the marxist cultural agenda.We are totally bereft of any discussion that might involve self-determination,self-purpose or national tradition and future,We dont have a Mike Flynn.

      2. We do not have a Mike Flynn, either; at least not the one you are describing. I don’t believe in fooling myself. Wish you felt the same.

      3. @JRNyquist: I wanted to say this about Gen. Michael Flynn: I don’t know if he is a “hero”, or not, but I felt horribly for him when the Liberals had unjustly persecuted him throughout the whole “Russia-gate” rigamarole. I was very glad, therefore, when Trump pardoned him last year, before he left office.

  6. R.O., I am not bickering with you or anyone else. I agree with you that there was a lot of election fraud, that favored Biden and detracted from Trump, or actually from the American people. I also value the Gateway Pundit.

    I’m not trying to smear Lindell either. But Mr. Nyquist has revealed too many facts, and raised some very valid unanswered questions regarding Lindell’s proof, that I can come to no other conclusion than that Lindell has greatly erred.

    I realize Lindell speaks of fraud issues besides the “cyber theft”, but this alleged cyber theft or switching of votes, is his Ace in the hole, his MOAB. if that falls flat, it discredits anything else he says, because it discredits him.

    And it will be open season on those who are engaged in more realistic, more attempts at finding out and exposing tangible evidence of fraud, i.e. the Arizona audit, and citizens in other states calling for similar audits.

    1. Greyknight

      It does appear that Montgomery’s information is incorrect. And assuming that to be so, Lindell should disavow that information.
      Will his support of Montgomery’s information discredit him ? Probably to some extent. Especially if conservatives join in and make a big issue of it.But I think that people will still appreciate the good sources of information at the symposium.
      But also Mike Lindell is not that important ( no offense intended ). There are many other sources who have presented good information on voter fraud and posted it openly on the internet in .pdf form ( Peter Navarro, Rudy Guiliani, Sydney Powell ). I have heard that Peter Navarro’s presentation is quite good. And judging by Steve Bannon working closely with Navarro that gives me a lot of credence about Navarro.
      As far as Lindell’s error about Montgomery causing it to be open season on those suspecting election.
      It’s open season anyway. It has been open season anyway. All attempts to discuss election integrity will be clamped down upon. Whether they are false information or true information. Look what they are trying to do to congressman and citizens who question the election results ( and the official vaccine narrative for that matter ). I saw a screen shot ( it says NBC news nightly ) ( if it is a real screen shot ) that shows that the DHS is going after those who question election results. Think about it. The DHS will label me as a terrorist for having an opinion on a topic.
      Anyway that’s all I’ve got. Good discussion.

      1. You are right, Tom Doyle. There are other people who seem to have more creditable, tangible evidence of voter fraud. And I agree, that it is already close to open season on our kind. Our enemies are going to come after us as soon as they think they have all their ducks in a row. I wasnt trying to be argumentative, I just really wished Lindell had thought it through some more, and heeded Mr. Nyquist’s attempts to warn him. I also agree, Lindell is not that important in the long run. At least he sold a lot more pillows to the working class Americans, (myself included), lol

    1. Apology accepted.

      I’ve done the same mistake in discussions online, so I found it amusing. I’m not the only one.

  7. Jeff, I am also concerned about the possible fiasco that Mike Lindell’s ‘symposium’ might turn into. However, I am struggling to think of an actual route whereby this could be achieved in technical terms, rather than the usual imposition of a baseless narrative to discredit the persons involved, rather than the data itself.

    There seem to be two potential technical options available to our enemies.

    Firstly, the data could be revealed as false, at some crucial stage in the proceedings. However, that would beg the question of who provided the false data, which could boomerang on the perpetrators if the person you identified was publicly exposed – his links to the instruments of the Deep State (or whatever) would be directly obvious, and simply confirm yet another conspiratorial action against the truth. One way of avoiding this would be to put up a patsy for the role – Mr Montgomery could say he was handed the data and accepted it innocently. It would then be a case of ‘he said, (s)he said’ with no possibility of resolution.

    Secondly, the data could be left as it is without questioning it as far as it went. However, it could be ‘revealed’ that these PCAPs that were so diligently unravelled by Lindell’s network analysts were only part of the story. I don’t know enough about this area, but suspect a case could be constructed and evidenced that those Chinese origins (obscured IP addresses I guess) were themselves spoofed by actors operating from elsewhere in the world – perhaps even from within the US itself. In that case, on the face of it again, this simply compounds and reinforces the narrative that there was indeed significant interference at the machine level.

    In order to counter this banana-skin for the current administration and its controllers and accomplices, it would be necessary to establish either that

    (a) the interference was in fact perpetrated by some highly organised right-anarchist group in order primarily to create the chaos and distrust we see today, rather than just stealing an election, or

    (b) that what was uncovered as evidence of a conspiracy was in fact evidence of a (successful) counter-insurgency operation that had compensated for an entirely separate, as-yet-unsuspected, interference on the part of Trump’s team to steal the election for him. Evidence for that ‘far-right’ conspiracy would then be produced, along with the justification for keeping the knowledge of it under wraps for so long, as having been necessary in order not to prejudice the round-up of these alternative conspirators (no doubt to include some important figures in Trump’s administration plus notable supporters)..

    I know this all sounds fantastical, even preposterous, but I’m just trying to game out the possibilities here, as an exercise.

  8. Cliff Kincaid (paraphrasing Lindell’s claims): This time, the evidence will be so overwhelming … that the Supreme Court is going to take up the case and rule 9-0 that the election was stolen from Trump.

    Repurposing two lines from a Lewis Carroll’s “Achilles and the Tortoise” dialogue, here is Lindell’s delusion, which would still apply even if his evidence was much firmer than it is:

    “Do I?” said the Supreme Court innocently. “Let’s make that quite clear. I accept A and B and C and D. Suppose I still refused to accept Z?”

    “Then Logic would take you by the throat, and force you to do it!” Lindell triumphantly replied. “Logic would tell you, ‘You can’t help yourself. Now that you’ve accepted A and B and C and D, you must accept Z!’ So you’ve no choice, you see.”

  9. This is a world-wide propaganda psyop which seems centered on maintaining power to implement this vaccination insanity.

    We have noted doctors and vaccine specialists like Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche all but begging the World to stop vaccinations, furiously presenting study after study to no avail on the growing facts that mass vaccination campaigns and lock down pressures on an active pandemic will breed variants resistant to vaccines and which could even over run natural immunities; a basically large mortality event; not to mention concerns on the vaccines’ safety.
    We have crazy policy pushed by these corrupt players. Select classes and a completely broken justice system, destructive labor, destructive domestic energy, destructive border, destructive policies etc.etc. meant to fracture the populous and weaken the Nation. Of this there is no doubt.
    As an above commenter said they are just “bracing for impact”, this is a true consensus of the gaslighting effect on the population, now unable to navigate through this sea of conflicting and surreal information slung at them in unending waves.

    A virus a fraction more dangerous than the flu has been used as a catalyst for the most draconian policies this Country has ever experienced. The facts are that it is much larger than a stolen election because those have probably been stolen for many decades. My gut tells me Mr. Lindell will be used to implement more fear to those who may resist. The rub is how miraculously an outsider was let in for four years, presenting good policy producing good results, only to be so theatrically ripped from the conscience of the American people. A shock to a Nation lulled to sleep by false security and an essential goldmine of a weapon to demonize and demoralize, which is a classic mainstay of communist regimes. One could argue that it was a planned fracture initially constructed to lay groundwork for a divided Nation. Race, political, and now medical status divisions, all concentrating the resistance to ever smaller and isolated numbers. Now we have family fractures between vaccinated and unvaccinated and I expect that pressure to greatly intensify quickly. If not for this very unsettling vaccination issue I would think our Country planning a strategic op on China and Russia.

    Is this population control in preparation for a solar minimum? Communist takeover with a soft destruction of the population before hard tactics are revealed? A wait and see attitude will of course answer many questions and present many truths but by then, of course, It will be too late.

    More draconian insanity released yesterday I believe………They are desperate to get a shot in every arm before the sht hits the fan. We all should be horrified by this.

    “Please note that the Philadelphia Board of Health has determined that persons 12 and older who can provide proof of their date of birth can receive a Pfizer vaccine without parental consent.”

    These monsters are “determining” a great deal.

  10. Trigo, why do you refer to those who agree with Mr. Nyquist as minions?

    The information was not merely “endorsed” by Montgomery, but was “given” to Lindell via Fanning. Montgomery is the source of the information, not an endorser of it.

    And it’s not “as if” Montgomery is suspect. He *is* suspect by the fraudulent acts he has committed in the past, and by testimony of others (such as his own lawyer).

    1. I have been deleting Trigo’s posts. He bears me ill will and I am tired of policing him. I have changed the site so that posting requires everyone to log in. I am afraid anonymity empowers people to act badly. I am pretty well done with his harassment, but there are plenty of others I do not let on. I cannot spend so much time baby-sitting I’ll-mannered adults. Everyone who posts here will be required to register. Sorry. That will give me better control to block people.

      1. I agree with this. My god, those jokers should not treat you so poorly. Dealing with them “is” a waste of your time.

        “Anonymity empowers people to act badly”– is that not true?

      2. People who dwell on lifelong resentments, become defective. They act badly because they have grown inwardly sour. Therefore, one must strive for good cheer. One must feel gratitude for the Earth, the Sun and the Sky. This strengthens us against those feelings of self pity that make the wicked who they are.

      3. “Looking diligently lest any man fail of the grace of God; lest any root of bitterness springing up trouble you, and thereby many be defiled;” Hebrews 12:15

        I have seen the results of these roots of bitterness springing up. There was a man who resented my family because my grandfather took a bold stand on an issue in our community one time. The man nursed a grudge for twenty years, and for most of that time, no one was aware. Then he suddenly began undermining my grandfather, and gossiping about him to others. When I became aware of it, I went to speak to the man, and his resentment was so strong he could not be reasoned with.

        The truth offends those who dont want to hear it, and you Jeff, deal in truth. I am grateful for your commitment to getting to the truth of what is happening in our country. Keep up the good work.

  11. Trigo, surely you realize that much more matters than just a public debate of the alleged fraud. And yes, I believe there was major fraud, but it must be proven, not debated. The stated point of Lindell’s symposium is to prove it. I hold no animosity toward Lindell. Our enemies are going to come after us sooner or later, regardless of the results if his symposium proves nothing. But he should have made certain that his “evidence” was solid, instead of taking Fanning’s and whoever else’s word for it.

    At any rate, I guess we’ll see what comes of it in another day or two.

      1. I am glad for that. Sometimes seemed he had a few screws loose. Maybe he was another personality of Vladimir, lol

  12. How did the whole thing happen? This is just my guess.
    Fanning was a birther. If you look at her website and her presence on Twitter, you can see an unhealthy obsession with Obama’s background, to the point of mania.
    ‘AbsoluteProof.mobi’ was registered in 2011… why then? Just a guess – it was going to be used when the ‘absolute proof’ of Obama’s foreign birth was found.
    Remember: Fanning met Dennis Montgomery through Mike Zullo (the lead investigator of Obama’s birth certificate). In 2011, so-called birtherism was a major issue in some right-of-center circles. I believe that’s where, ultimately, the name of Lindell’s documentary was adapted from.
    After meeting Montgomery, Fanning was sold. He told her everything she wanted to hear. Before the election, there was talk of ‘Scorecard,’ a program that ran on the supercomputer ‘Hammer.’ Then, miraculously, the (extremely questionable) election happened and there were too many statistical and historical anomolies to ignore. So, Montgomery goes back to Fanning and McInerney and says ‘Disregard talk of cheating by mail in ballot, etc. It wasn’t convention cheating that cost Trump the election, it was the machines! It was China!’
    The two of them (I presume) were sold right there and then. At some point down the line, Montgomery cooked up a load of BS data, just like he did for Joe Arpaio, and gave it to these two. Not having any background WHATSOEVER in cybersecurity or cyberforensics, they took the conman at his word. With McInerney’s credibility, this hoax spread throughout certain corners of the right, taking in others such as Mike Lindell (now infamously!), Steve Bannon, Gen. Vallely, and a number of others.
    Now the entire thing has blown up in their faces. It was always a fraud – Sharon Rondeau proved this more than a year ago in her exposes on ‘HAMMER’ and interviews with Zullo.
    Some people forget that the easiest way to fool someone is tell them exactly what they want to hear. Nine times out of ten, no matter how outlandish it sounds, no matter how much their gut tells them something is wrong, they’ll believe you because they WANT to believe you.
    And I believe that’s what happened here. I don’t blame the conman – that’s his nature. I blame old fashioned stupidity, laziness, and gullibility.
    As for what should happen to the people who perpetuated this hoax – they should be totally written off and read out of the political right. Clownish people like this shouldn’t be trusted with power.

    1. There is more to this, of course, but I cannot see through to the bottom. So many details are still coming into focus. The “will to believe,” as H.L. Mencken said, is a major factor in our “democratic” circus. But now we have a very sophisticated enemy making hay out of it.

      1. With the sole exception (for me) of Albert Jay Nock, it’s Mencken above all others that I find really understood the inherent idiocy in ‘democracy.’ Especially in the blind worship of ‘democracy,’ which is experiencing a reflourising like no time except perhaps under Wilson.
        The left writes of democracy is anthropgenic terms, as if it is a delicate flower that needs preserving from the carelessly trodding and stomping right. Every new day brings more articles about how Mr. XYZ is ‘threatening’ or ‘destroying’ or ‘undermining’ “DEMOCRACY.”
        A democracy is only as virtuous as its voters. They seem to forget that a year after the Americans elected FDR, the Germans elected Hitler. They also forget, and through their propagandists
        intentionally obscure, that fact that we’re not a democracy, but a republic. The students are no longer taught that the Federalist Papers make clear that our founders abhorred pure democracy. They certainly don’t know that the Athenian democracy was responsible for awful atrocities during wartime, all approved by their voting public.
        In retrospect, given the maleducation system in this country, is it any surprise that the people were fooled, yet again, by a conman?

      2. Not surprising. We need an element of aristocracy; that is, people who have real leadership skills. A political circus, however energizing, drives away people of sound judgment.

    2. In reply to ”Frances Masden”, I didn’t follow the ”birther issue” too much with Obama, but didn’t that originally come straight from the Clinton campaign during the democratic primaries in 2008?

  13. I believe you called this one correctly….


    I respect him for having the courage, but he needs to do his research and check out people more thoroughly as well as adhere to the warnings. Pride and ego got the best of him. Soon the courts may bankrupt him for trying to do the right thing. Sad overall.

    The Marxists don’t play by the rules, nor do they follow law and order unless it benefits them. They have a stronghold with the media, Hollywood, our Gov’t, the DoJ, Congress, the education system, the Unions, the Courts, and the military and soon a national police force. Litigation, playing by the rules and taking these issues to the courts only delays the inevitable. Marxists are evil. They have to be dealt with on their level or art of war.

    Where are the millions of American Patriots that talk a big game? Most of us have family, comfortable lifestyle, and so on, but we must stand up to this tyranny. Our freedoms are quickly vanishing. Prepping and hiding off the grid isn’t going to change anything. Once the Marxists win the mid-terms next year (b/c of the Migrant surge in Republican districts, probably pass HR1 and again, election fraud), we will see our country transformed quickly into a communist country. The clock is ticking….

    Mr Nyquist, you are an American Patriot that walks the talk. Great blog.

    1. Thank you. The enemies of America must be dealt with. Their game is complex, and they get a lot of mileage from people who do not know the score — who serve the wrong side out of ignorance. Ideas rule men, and we have let the wrong ideas rule over us.

  14. On Monday, I testified in the Texas Senate on SB1. I proposed an amendment that was adopted unanimously yesterday. It will make it easier for poll watchers to observe the signature verification committee process. This is a crucial step in the mail in ballots because it determines which ballots will be opened and counted. I am not trying to brag, but we all must find a way to make a difference and find solutions to fix our elections moving forward.

    I support Mike Lindell. We buy his products. I have not watched his symposium and probably won’t. I work and have a hard enough time keeping up with Mr.. Nyquist’s prolific writing which I enjoy so much. I also support Mr. Nyquist’s blog. How much I have learned!

    My point is both men are taking action. Mike Lindell may have been misled. I don’t doubt it. People in high places are often isolated and have a difficult time finding people who they can trust. But Mr.. Nyquist hasn’t access to everything Lindell knows or spoken to him either. The truth is real but not easily discoverable. They are both seeking it. That’s a great thing.

    Jeff, if I may call you by your first name, I would encourage you to offer to help Mike Lindell in some way after the symposium. He may be more receptive with the negative publicity to follow. Can you use Mary Fanning to introduce you to him?

    1. Sadly, Lindell was unable to provide the proof he had promised. Lindell trusted Dennis Montgomery when a cursory check would have shown Montgomery’s unreliability. This is frustrating. There are things here I am not free to discuss, but it looks like government assets may have been involved in trying to discredit Lindell. Socialism is empowering itself. We all have to be careful about information sources.

    2. Lady from Liberty Garage :

      Kudos to you for taking political action. I am too lazy. I should do more in the political realm.

      If this election can’t be overturned ( maybe it can’t ) perhaps we can improve the election process to make cheating more difficult.

      Not everything is negative. Catherine Englebrecht’s group True The Vote has been active for some time in improving elections. She has even met with Trump. She is a breath of fresh air. Also regarding reigning in executive powers. The Michigan state legislature has voted ( with enough votes to push it through ) that the Governor does not have the authority to unilaterally declare lockdowns. And I think law enforcement is on the side of the legislature.

      So improve the voting process going forward, support federalism, support the balance of powers ( legislative / executive / judicial ).

      Thanks for being a breath of fresh air. And for working to make things better.

    1. The Symposium is still being broadcast, but no PCAPs. Sadly, Mike Lindell was swindled. It is very apparent. We tried to warn him. I hope he will be honest about the people who tried to mislead us. We need the truth.

      1. I never did like Trump, but he was robbed. I don’t believe that China hacked all the machines. I think NSA did it. I don’t want Trump back, though, because he’s the one who authorized the vaccines to become available without testing. Ironically, it seems that vaccine freaks and antivaxers, are roughly divided along party lines, and it’s the Democrats who are going to be dying off the soonest and in bigger numbers. Most government employees are Democrats, so the savings in salaries will be a good thing, too. People will notice many celebrities, coming down with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, then a big resurgence in AIDS, all from the vaccines. I wonder what the media will chalk it up to?

      2. I’ve dipped in and out of the symposium, and it hasn’t been a total debacle. Of course, Lindell has egg on his face and has handed the left more ammunition, but the show took an interesting turn. There were a lot of presentations of other aspects of the alleged fraud, and apparently Texas governor Abbott was sufficiently persuaded by what he watched to back a full state audit. By the way, Bannon was never fully on board with Lindell’s allegations. He gave him a platform but never kept it secret that he was skeptical. In fact, early on, he went mano a mano with Lindell for some hours on Newsmax, I think. I didn’t watch it so I don’t know how it went, but I know it occurred.

        I do hope Lindell has learned something from this. God writes straight with crooked lines, and the net result of this symposium may be positive. I certainly don’t believe it has derailed the drive to get to the truth.

  15. Why would NASA hack the voting machines? Good riddance to that silly goose.

      1. I suppose the voting data transmitted from the machines might have bounced off a satellite or two, but NASA probably didn’t even put that satellite into orbit.

  16. For anybody curious about Dr. Frank, he’s a charlatan with a comical inability to understand the concept of overfitting. He’s been making ridiculously overfit election models for some time now. For example, check out:


    Key quote:

    “Well, I’ve been on record now for several years that the 2008 election will also be a Republican win…
    but the winner will only serve one term…”

    Nailed it!

    1. This is a very interesting find. I have been puzzling over Dr. Frank’s incomprehensible methodology. In social science statistics it is very tricky to interpret numbers.

  17. I don’t care if he’s a nice guy or not, is successful or not, &c., I don’t listen to Mike Lindell’s opinions, or his wild, rather dubious claims about last year’s general election. Those commercials of his are so ubiquitous on FoxNews, and they last for such a long time, that I find them (and him, too, by extension) incredibly irritating. I end up muting the TV when his commercial(s) comes on.

      1. Really? Well, while I consider myself to be very conservative, nonetheless, I would not vote for him if his name appeared on a ballot.

        I found it very amusing that time that you referred to Lindell as “the Pillow Man”. 🙂

  18. Court clears Project Veritas to depose New York Times

    [ One Times headline was “Project Veritas Video Was a ‘Coordinated Disinformation Campaign,’ Researchers Say.” Another was “Conservative News Sites Fuel Voter Fraud Misinformation.” The Times described Project Veritas as “deceptive” and part of a “propaganda feedback loop.” ]

    Turley pointed out the judge’s criticism that the Times was blurring the line between opinion and fact.

    “It is a common complaint as major news media yield to the ‘echo chamber’ model of journalism — appealing to the bias of readers or viewers in offering slanted coverage,” he said.

    The judge found that what the Times now calls “opinion” was “tightly intertwined” with other parts of the writings.

    Fight is over ‘defamatory attacks’ by reporters on investigative organization
    Bob Unruh
    August 13, 2021

    New York Times building (Wikimedia Commons)

    A court has cleared the way for Project Veritas, James O’Keefe’s organization that routinely does undercover reporting on a wide range of topics, revealing the secret agendas of corporations, to depose officials with the New York Times in a defamation case.

    An order from the Supreme Court of New York, county of Westchester, denied the Times’ demand for a delay in the court process.

    The publication earlier failed to have the case dismissed, and now wanted it suspended while it appealed that decision.

    But the court ordered that the Times’ “motion is denied without prejudice to defendants’ seeking a stay from the Appellate Division,” and scheduled a conference next month on the case.

    The ruling said, “Plaintiff will be substantially prejudiced by a stay. … As argued by plaintiff, New York courts recognize that ‘justice delayed is justice denied,’ and that therefore ‘some excellent reason would have to be demonstrated before a judge is asked to bring to a halt a litigant’s question for a day in court.'”

    In a report in the Gateway Pundit, O’Keefe said, “Ladies and gentlemen: Let the depositions begin. Stay tuned. We’re about to drop the first New York Times deposition any day.”

    The court had continued, “Here, having failed to convince the court that [Project Veritas’] case should be dismissed, [The New York Times][ also failed to demonstrate the extraordinary justification required for the imposition of the drastic remedy fo a stay pending appeal.”

    Weeks ago, the lawsuit was advanced by Justice Charles D. Wood, who denied the paper’s motion to dismiss.

    Completing this poll entitles you to WND news updates free of charge. You may opt out at anytime. You also agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.
    The judge, in his order, found “a substantial basis in law and fact that the defendants acted with actual malice, that is, with knowledge that the statements in the article were false or made with reckless disregard of whether they were false or not.”

    Now Project Veritas could interview, on the record, Times reporter Maggie Astor and executive editor Dean Baquet.

    Questions could include about the intent and motives of reporting on Project Veritas’ investigation of and documentation of election events in Minnesota..

    The Times called the Project Veritas investigation “deceptive.” The paper defended its reporting by calling it an “unverifiable expression of opinion.”

    But the judge said, “If a writer interjects an opinion in a news article (and will seek to claim legal protections as opinion) it stands to reason that the writer should have an obligation to alert the reader – that it is opinion.”

    Project Veritas said the Times “did not do so, and the court found this troubling.”

    The judge concluded that Project Veritas had shown “a substantial basis in law and fact that the defendants [The New York Times] acted with actual malice.”

    “We’ve made it past motion to dismiss in defamation lawsuit in Project Veritas v. NYT!!!,” wrote O’Keefe on Twitter. “We’re going to depose them on videotape and we’re going to win.”

    Constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley, a professor at George Washington University, said he plans to talk about the case in his law classes.

    “The New York Times obviously could still prevail in the case. However, it is now facing difficult months of discovery absent a reversal of this decision,” he wrote on his website. “The actual malice standard is a great protection for the media. However, once a court finds a basis for the allegation, a wide array of evidence become material including the confidential communications between reporters. … That can lead to drawn out litigation over confidentiality and demands for ex parte and in camera reviews by the court.”

    He noted that columnist Andrew Sullivan recently criticized the media for emphasizing narratives over news.

    “Indeed, we have discussed how journalism professors have publicly called for an end of objectivity in journalism as too constraining for reporters in seeking ‘social justice,'” Turley wrote. “This trend toward advocacy journalism has led to polls showing record lows in terms of trust for the media. The cost of the changing view of journalism may not only be in the loss of core trust but of core legal protections.”

    He pointed out the Times lost a similar case to former GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin last year.

    Turley noted the Times’ writers are accused of libeling Project Veritas by stating their opinions as fact in their articles.

    One Times headline was “Project Veritas Video Was a ‘Coordinated Disinformation Campaign,’ Researchers Say.” Another was “Conservative News Sites Fuel Voter Fraud Misinformation.” The Times described Project Veritas as “deceptive” and part of a “propaganda feedback loop.”

    Turley pointed out the judge’s criticism that the Times was blurring the line between opinion and fact.

    “It is a common complaint as major news media yield to the ‘echo chamber’ model of journalism — appealing to the bias of readers or viewers in offering slanted coverage,” he said.

    The judge found that what the Times now calls “opinion” was “tightly intertwined” with other parts of the writings.

    The judge wrote: “The court finds that the documentary proof and the facts alleged by Veritas are sufficient to meet its burden. The facts submitted by Veritas could indicate more than standard, garden variety media bias and support a plausible inference of actual malice. There is a substantial basis in law to proceed to permit the plaintiff to conduct discovery and to then attempt to meet its higher standard of proving liability through clear and convincing evidence of actual malice. Malice focuses on the defendant’s state of mind in relation to the truth or falsity of the published information. Here there is a substantial basis in law and fact that defendants acted with actual malice, that is, with knowledge that the statements in the articles were false or made with reckless disregard of whether they were false or not. Veritas alleged actual malice by providing facts sufficient to demonstrate defendants’ alleged disregard for the truthfulness of its statements. Accordingly, at this very early stage of the litigation, Veritas’ submissions were sufficient to withstand defendants’ motions, and further proceedings are necessary to resolve the issues raised.”

    Turley said the case “could prove a critical shot across the bow for many in the media that the blurring of opinion and fact could come at a high price.”

    “Notably, The New York Times argued that there was nothing wrong with articles because the reporters were stating their opinions. Project Veritas noted that the paper’s own ethical policies prohibit news reporters from injecting their subjective opinions into news stories.”


  19. You believe Mr Joe Biden received more than 81,000,000 legitimate votes?

  20. Wasn’t the vote certified by congress? I’m remembering something near 82 million for JB vs DT at near 75 million votes. DT number, plus 10 million over 2016 total. On its face, very difficult to understand. Don’t you agree?

    1. ”Thomas W Miller”, what should be understood is that the United States has had several sketchy elections in it’s history, a couple were clearly fraudulent. But if Congress certifies the election, that’s it, it’s done. The election was either legitimate, or if not, it was LEGITIMATED, fraud or not. A distinction that should not be lost on anyone who understands that the USA is a Republic, not a Democracy. If you don’t like the results of the election, impeach the politicians or wait until the next election, and in the interim ensure that the elections are as free of fraud as is humanly possible. Civil unrest or even Civil War is not a good option and should be avoided in general.

      And for God’s sake, elect righteous men to lead the nation. If you don’t see any in office or running for office now, find them, make them run if you have to. Let’s not pretend that the 2020 election was a battle of pure Good versus pure Evil.

    2. I have serious doubts about the numbers in this election. The mail-in voting left an open field for cheating. I think we need to audit this, if only to keep the country from splitting into hostile camps. Faith in free and fair elections must be restored.

  21. Mr. Nyquist, you said in response to my comment about righteous men leading America that;

    ”A righteous man would not dare come out of the closet now. He’d be hanged or ruined. ”

    It happens sometimes that a good and strong leader is approached by the honest representatives of the land and asked, even begged, to take charge, like Cincinnatus from Roman history was.

    1. Now you are finally making coherent, sense.

      The Bible doesn’t say to vote for the biggest egomaniac who seeks office, rather to find the most qualified, righteous man for the job, and to press him into service.

      That begs the question, though, who would you suggest?

      1. ZT,; ”finally”?

        I would suggest the one most qualified and righteous man, who not only absolutely refuses to do the job and has to be compelled to take office, but also honestly promises the most pain and suffering and death necessary to set the nation on course once he does take office.

        But a charismatic heavenly sign would be good too as hinting at divine favor, something like holding the ”Sword of Atilla”.

      1. Such a one is not likely to be of that class, at least not anymore. He’s probably retired (forced out or not) or in jail, or self-imposed exile.

      2. The Sword of Attila, also called the Sword of Mars or Sword of God, was the legendary weapon carried by Attila the Hun.

        The Roman historian Jordanes, quoting the work of the historian Priscus, gave the story of its origin:

        When a certain shepherd beheld one heifer of his flock limping and could find no cause for this wound, he anxiously followed the trail of blood and at length came to a sword it had unwittingly trampled while nibbling the grass. He dug it up and took it straight to Attila. He rejoiced at this gift and, being ambitious, thought he had been appointed ruler of the whole world, and that through the sword of Mars supremacy in all wars was assured to him.[1]

        The use of “Mars” here is due to the interpretatio romana of Priscus. Hungarian legends refer to it simply as “az Isten kardja”, the sword of God. Priscus’s description is also notable for describing how Attila used it as both a military weapon and a symbol of divine favor, which may have contributed to his reputation as “the Scourge of God,” a divinely-appointed punisher. As historian Edward Gibbon elaborated, “the vigour with which Attila wielded the sword of Mars convinced the world that it had been reserved alone for his invincible arm.”[2] In this way it became somewhat of a scepter as well, representing Attila’s right to rulership. The Scythians worshipped a god equated with Ares by Herodotus, which has led some authorities to speculate that it was adopted by the Huns.[3][4]


        The Martians (scientists)

        Planet Mars
        “The Martians” was a term used to refer to a group of prominent Jewish Hungarian scientists (mostly, but not exclusively, physicists and mathematicians) who emigrated to the United States in the early half of the 20th century.[1]

        Leó Szilárd, who jokingly suggested that Hungary was a front for aliens from Mars, used this term. In an answer to the question of why there is no evidence of intelligent life beyond Earth despite the high probability of it existing, Szilárd responded: “They are already here among us – they just call themselves Hungarians.” This account is featured in György Marx’s book The Voice of the Martians.




  22. At any rate, the strong and righteous leader that any nation in the modern world needs (not wants, but needs, nor will the moderns necessarily get one) considering how the modern world is on a spiritual and cultural level, is most likely to be an outcast of sorts, in some sort of external or internal exile from public life, maybe even in prison at some point. Precisely because He would have to be an Aristocrat in a Plebian age, a Hero in an age of Nietzsche’s ”last men”.

    But i’m sure that in an emergency, the servants of the elites that are in the permanent government would run to him in an instant when absolute destruction threatens them, they’d call on such a man to do their dirty work they cannot and will not do.

    And at some point it would be clear to the spiritually discerning that he would have the favor of Divine Providence.

      1. I have. There are people out there I’m sure who have the traits Carlyle speaks of in his lectures, but his replacement of Christianity by a religion of Heroes leaves me a bit cold. Except for this… I am a Barbarian at heart (civilization itself leaves me a bit cold), and thus I require a true Hero Religion, where My God is as Scripture says; ”a Man of War”. So my Hero is Christ Himself, my Religion is the Hero Religion of Christianity.

    1. Let’s draft, General / Secretary, Eric Shinseki for President of The United States.

  23. Too bad I can’t understand it and neither can other former GDR people who had to learn Russian instead of English. I had already asked Cliff several times to stop the translator function, unfortunately he does not do it. Therefore I repeat my request here now.

  24. It’s wise to be wary of enemy agenda’s, even if the peoples of other nations are captive to their own domestic government’s dictatorial whims, but we can’t dismiss out of blind loyalty to our own nation, the totalitarian inclinations of our own governments totalitarian actions.

    Case in point, the other night I was sleeping in the shrubberies adjacent to the Playboy Mansion, when I was awakened from a sound sleep, by a bag lady, yelling about the posts I made here the other day. How she became aware of those comments, and was able to attribute them to me, and how she knew where I was sleeping, is unlikely coincidence.

    I ignored her and played possum, until private security arrived, and parked next to where she had settled down. I managed to elude without direct confrontation, but perhaps I ought to have gotten into an argument with her, so that when police would arrive, I could learn her identity, file suit and through discovery, enjoin her agency. She was camped a hundred feet from my spot last night, so I moved to a predetermined alternate location.

    Their limited repertoire of behavior has become quite common in menacing harassment of me, since the implementation of the on going, Covid Live Exercise. I’m not intimidated, and won’t be provoked, unless physically assaulted, but I have learned the hard way that police never de escalate, the only escalate, so in self defense, their brutality will prove immediately more costly to them than worth continuing the practice to others who might follow my example.

    1. As I was writing the comments immediately above, my public library computer went dead for an instant, then came back up after about ten or fifteen seconds, without rebooting. Now this has occurred here to me, several times before, except that it doesn’t come back up, and I have to turn the computer off and restart the session. I asked a librarian the previous instance of this, if anyone else has complained about the problem, and he said this is the first time he’s ever seen it happen at all.

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