China and Russia are on the move, America is in retreat.

Cliff Kincaid

In this wide-ranging discussion touching on Mathew Lohmeier’s book, Irresistible Revolution. Cliff and I discuss the controversy surrounding the vaccine, the shifting positions of Turkey, Afghanistan, Iraq and Israel.

There is good news and bad news, says Cliff. We have a good guy inside our military, Mathew Lohmeier; but our military leadership is pushing Critical Race Theory.

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137 thoughts on “Discussion With Cliff Kincaid

      1. 23 And Me, Ancestry etc DNA Data is funneled to China for research 😡

  1. A “big surprise” is in store for vaccinated folks, MIT research scientist Stephanie Seneff warned.

    Seneff recently spoke out about mRNA vaccines such as the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna that are available in the United States right now. Seneff is a senior research scientist at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and author of the book “Toxic Legacy, How the Weedkiller Glyphosate Is Destroying Our Health and the Environment.” She also wrote a research paper with Dr. Greg Nigh titled “Worse Than the Disease? Reviewing Some Possible Unintended Consequences of the mRNA Vaccines Against COVID-19.”

    COVID vaccines that utilize mRNA such as the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna jabs use the coronavirus’ spike protein to “[teach] our cells to become autonomous vaccine production plants,” the World Economic Forum reported. It trains the bodies to recognize viruses.

    Seneff argued in a conversation with the RAIR Foundation (via WND) that while working with Dr. Nigh, they discovered a study in India on how “if you expose human cells in culture to the RNA from the spike protein, they will make spike protein, they ship it out in exosomes. And then if you expose the immune cells in the brain in another in vitro study to those exosomes, they become neurodegenerative.”

    Seneff posited that when these exosomes that carry the spike protein enter the brain, the immune cells in the brain, which are called microglia, consume the spike proteins and “cause brain inflammation, brain damage, neurodegenerative diseases.” She said, “Basically they hurt the brain very badly. I feel like the [COVID vaccines] are inviting a direct hit on the brain.”

    Seneff also warned that the spike proteins in COVID vaccines were designed to attach to ACE-2 receptors, thereby suppressing these receptors. The MIT scientist explained that the suppression of ACE-2 receptors “[cause] a lot of these other symptoms that we’re seeing, heart problems and blood problems, thrombosis, loss of platelets. All these things are happening in response to this shutdown of the ACE-2 receptor.”

    According to WND, Seneff “anticipates that there will be long-term damage that won’t instantly be linked to the [COVID vaccine].” She believes that auto-immune and neurodegenerative diseases will “take 10 to 15 years before manifesting themselves” in the bodies of those who chose to be inoculated.

    “We are in for a big surprise down the road,” she said.

    So what exactly are these auto-immune and neurodegenerative diseases that may be caused by the COVID vaccines? Seneff said believes that inoculation will cause an increase in “Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease (CJD), a prion disease (or protein misfolding disease) comparable to mad cow disease” as well as Alzheimer disease, “which people are getting at an increasingly younger age.” She argued that the “recklessly and haphazardly implementation of the vaccine roll-out” will cause major outbreaks of these and more diseases.

    For now, though, the known side effects of these vaccines are heart inflammation, which The Blaze reported last week were seen in more U.S. military members who were inoculated than it was first reported. A study that analyzed U.S. military who were vaccinated with an mRNA vaccine concluded, “While the observed number of myocarditis cases was small, the number was higher than expected among male military members after a second vaccine dose.”

    COVID vaccines were also reportedly linked to deaths and other injuries. In fact, the number of deaths and injuries caused by or related to the different vaccines prove that they’re just as deadly as COVID itself.

    1. “GRAPHENE OXIDE “ look it up!!! It’s in ALL the Vials 😲 , 99% supposedly

      1. Rich, nano graphene is being reported in a c-19 vaccine by one research group in Spain. To do good science (from a rennaisance and enlightenment perspective) numbers of other independent science laboratories need to confirm this before it means anything, otherwise it is suspect and non-proven. All that to say is if this is true, we are definitely living inside of the real life sci-fi matrix that exceeds any novel.

    2. We do have cases like heart attack or sudden limbs paralysis after taking the vaccine though the cases is low.Our gov say that the effects is not due to the vaccine,they also say that they have conducted investigation on the vaccine.As the vaccine is not mandated but voluntary,vaccine is approved on an emergency basis,we simply cant do anything.Victim cant sue pharmaceutical,gov refused to acknowledge that the vaccine is harmful and continue to push vaccine to citizens.I am also complex whether to take vaccine or not considering amount of faked news in MSM these days.

    1. Cliff is a true-believer in President Trump. What can I say! Cliff has done a lot of good work over the years. Since he was tolerant of my severe vaccine skepticism. I reciprocated by tolerating his optimism regarding our “scientific” establishment. At least we could discuss it in a civil manner. Given the censorship on YouTube. I had to frame my arguments with great care.

      1. Do you HONESTLY think Trump was that ignorant to not know what was going on 🤔. He wanted to be in the CLUB. He dreamed about it. He begged to be a “Globalist”.

        And to think even I was fooled until I woke up early last year (2020) though I still voted for him in November 2020.

      2. What does Trump understand? How deep are these leaders of ours? — does a puddle have depth? Does a reality TV star have profound insights? If not, then by what star has he been navigating?

      3. Mr. Nyquist, I believe that President Trump is a master of neuro-linguistic programming, from what I know of such things. He is not his ”persona”, his ”brand”, which is what we always see of and about him (and that’s by his design). America I think has never seen his like in the White House. I suspect that you might never watch professional wrestling, but Trump understands people, he really does, from the shared principles behind it as laid out and presented by his personal friend Vince McMahon (who owns the ”WWE”). Okay, this term might illustrate I hope;

        I’m not making a personal judgement of him,just as with other leaders, as to good or bad. I just know that he is in his enemies heads, and they’ve revealed a great deal of their lunacy to the larger world as a result.

        But still a Fox, not a Lion. Have you read Jean Baudrillaud, Mr. Nyquist? Spectacle and Simulacrum.

    2. I sure hope you are talking about “Kincaid”. JR is well read, and I hope behind the curtain JR is reading Kincaid the “Riot Act” to the “TRUTH” of what is really happening

      “Blinders Show Absolutely No Prejudice “

      People, be prepared in the near future for a “TOTAL SHUT DOWN “ as Cyber Polygon takes place tomorrow, July 9th, 2021

      As with Event 201 and COVID, Cyber Polygon is bound to collapse the US if not the world in a MASSIVE CYBER ATTACK!!!

      Food, Water, and ALL Utilities gone! Hope you are well stocked 😲

  2. We Have No Reason to Believe 5G Is Safe
    The technology is coming, but contrary to what some people say, there could be health risks

    By Joel M. Moskowitz on October 17, 2019
    We Have No Reason to Believe 5G Is Safe
    Credit: Bill Oxford Getty Images
    The telecommunications industry and their experts have accused many scientists who have researched the effects of cell phone radiation of “fear mongering” over the advent of wireless technology’s 5G. Since much of our research is publicly-funded, we believe it is our ethical responsibility to inform the public about what the peer-reviewed scientific literature tells us about the health risks from wireless radiation.

    The chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently announced through a press release that the commission will soon reaffirm the radio frequency radiation (RFR) exposure limits that the FCC adopted in the late 1990s. These limits are based upon a behavioral change in rats exposed to microwave radiation and were designed to protect us from short-term heating risks due to RFR exposure.

    Yet, since the FCC adopted these limits based largely on research from the 1980s, the preponderance of peer-reviewed research, more than 500 studies, have found harmful biologic or health effects from exposure to RFR at intensities too low to cause significant heating.

    Citing this large body of research, more than 240 scientists who have published peer-reviewed research on the biologic and health effects of nonionizing electromagnetic fields (EMF) signed the International EMF Scientist Appeal, which calls for stronger exposure limits. The appeal makes the following assertions:

    “Numerous recent scientific publications have shown that EMF affects living organisms at levels well below most international and national guidelines. Effects include increased cancer risk, cellular stress, increase in harmful free radicals, genetic damages, structural and functional changes of the reproductive system, learning and memory deficits, neurological disorders, and negative impacts on general well-being in humans. Damage goes well beyond the human race, as there is growing evidence of harmful effects to both plant and animal life.”

    The scientists who signed this appeal arguably constitute the majority of experts on the effects of nonionizing radiation. They have published more than 2,000 papers and letters on EMF in professional journals.

    The FCC’s RFR exposure limits regulate the intensity of exposure, taking into account the frequency of the carrier waves, but ignore the signaling properties of the RFR. Along with the patterning and duration of exposures, certain characteristics of the signal (e.g., pulsing, polarization) increase the biologic and health impacts of the exposure. New exposure limits are needed which account for these differential effects. Moreover, these limits should be based on a biological effect, not a change in a laboratory rat’s behavior.

    The World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified RFR as “possibly carcinogenic to humans” in 2011. Last year, a $30 million study conducted by the U.S. National Toxicology Program (NTP) found “clear evidence” that two years of exposure to cell phone RFR increased cancer in male rats and damaged DNA in rats and mice of both sexes. The Ramazzini Institute in Italy replicated the key finding of the NTP using a different carrier frequency and much weaker exposure to cell phone radiation over the life of the rats.

    Based upon the research published since 2011, including human and animal studies and mechanistic data, the IARC has recently prioritized RFR to be reviewed again in the next five years. Since many EMF scientists believe we now have sufficient evidence to consider RFR as either a probable or known human carcinogen, the IARC will likely upgrade the carcinogenic potential of RFR in the near future.

    Nonetheless, without conducting a formal risk assessment or a systematic review of the research on RFR health effects, the FDA recently reaffirmed the FCC’s 1996 exposure limits in a letter to the FCC, stating that the agency had “concluded that no changes to the current standards are warranted at this time,” and that “NTP’s experimental findings should not be applied to human cell phone usage.” The letter stated that “the available scientific evidence to date does not support adverse health effects in humans due to exposures at or under the current limits.”

    The latest cellular technology, 5G, will employ millimeter waves for the first time in addition to microwaves that have been in use for older cellular technologies, 2G through 4G. Given limited reach, 5G will require cell antennas every 100 to 200 meters, exposing many people to millimeter wave radiation. 5G also employs new technologies (e.g., active antennas capable of beam-forming; phased arrays; massive multiple inputs and outputs, known as massive MIMO) which pose unique challenges for measuring exposures.

    1. **GRAPHENE OXIDE **

      After several hours of research into GO the last few days, and doing a deep dive into 5G early last year it is all coming to light.

      Dr Jane Ruby: She can confirm this research.

      GO ;GRAPHENE OXIDE) is contained in ALL the COVID Vax’s

      The reason for the extremely low temp was to suppress the magnetism.

      Though info into all this is still coming out, it appears that anyone that received an actual “COVID SHOT” , will not survive or at the least have severe health issues the rest of their remaining lives

      As evil and diabolical and a crime against humanity as this is, you have to admit that whoever developed this is an f’ing genius!

      A Mad Genius!

      And the Sheep lined up willingly 😳

      We know that the GO gets into every part of the body, Organs and the Brain 🧠

      GO= Metallic Nano Particles. This research started many years ago

      From MY research I don’t believe the Nano Particles are meant to “Control” a person , but kill them. I could be wrong.

      Early last year I took a look at 5G.

      I compared it to 3G, and 4G and found that as the technology increased, so did the amount of EMF (Electro Magnetic Frequency)

      Say 4G put out 55 EMF, well 5G was estimated at 300-600 EMF.

      My first thought last year was that 5G could be used as an “EMP” type weapon

      Now that the Graphene Oxide Info has emerged recently, imagine Metallic Nano Particles being subjected to 5G EMF Energy 😲

      Can you say “Shredded Organs”, and or frying the body from that type of Electro Magnetic Energy due to the Nano Particles that have been injected into the body heating up 😳

      We already know that high doses of EMF are not good for the body as is. Now 5G rolls out….

      5G is due to come online in several states July 21, 2021

      There’s more, but I think you get the evil picture. If you can, talk to Dr Jane Ruby.

      1. “Several typical mechanisms underlying graphene (oxide) nanomaterials toxicity have been revealed, for instance, physical destruction, oxidative stress, DNA damage, inflammatory response, apoptosis, autophagy, and necrosis.”

    2. In re the graphene oxide Spanish researchers found in the Pfizer vial, reported by a commenter in the previous post, a 5G connection:

      “Everything that we have subsequently studied only further increases and corroborates the hypothesis that the supposed SARS-CoV-2 of the official version is precisely the graphene oxide. And that all the elements of protection, of supposed protection, that we have been given: masks, PCR tests, swabs, antigen tests and vaccine —the wrongly called vaccine— are precisely all those elements that will potentially cause the disease to develop in the future.

      “And why do I say ‘in the future’? When we studied the electromagnetic phenomenon we realized that graphene oxide has what is called an ‘electronic absorption band’. The electronic excitation, its magnetic resonance is precisely in the third bandwidth of the 5G technology, the one that is being tendered right now and that, remember, has been with us throughout the pandemic.

      “As absolutely everything started we have had three ‘nets’: The first is that 5G terrestrial antenna that never stopped being placed —because only the antenna operators worked— and that curiously 8 out of 10 of these antennas are placed near geriatrics and nursing homes, in their immediate vicinity, which has been precisely the most affected population. Another inner net: precisely of graphene, according to the preliminary report of the vial of this university. And an external net, which is the one used by space satellites to supposedly provide 5G coverage.”

      “Find out how La Quinta Columna discovered the connection between graphene oxide and electromagnetic fields” —

      1. Yes, a more in-depth example of the 5G – GO relationship. Thanks for adding that info

      2. this claim of graphene must be proved out by other independent research organizations. lets not take one group’s words and run with it. the story is already being tweeted-out as being more disinfo from right-wing nut jobs. not that I care what Twits say. Time for Mike Adams to prove it out.

  3. “I’ve taken the shot, and my family has taken the shot”

    Mr Kincaid, as a 27 year Biological Weapons Specialist, you are a fool!!!

    If you really knew what I know, you would have NEVER subjected yourself nor your family to an EXPERIMENTAL “SHOT”

    JR knows Mike Adams very well and Mike can confirm how deadly this experimental shot is. Sir, Rest In Peace along w your family 😳

  4. Jeff
    Can you update your thoughts on the situation discussed now that Bibi is gone and we have left Afghanastan?

    1. The vacuum will be filled by Russia in Afghanistan. Of course, her agents permeate the Afghan government. In Israel an unreal situation occurs. A government of misperception and bungling cannot last for long. Sometimes these folks have a talent for surviving. Time will tell.

  5. What is your opinion about the Chinese allowing couples to have 3 children now? In another video you stated that one has to look at moves, by countries, as moves on a chessboard. In my opinion, one of two things are at play. The Chinese are thinking of expanding to other lands, maybe territorial U.S. or they are expecting a loss of it’s citizenry.

    1. Could China be preparing for a massive die off, from vaccinations and 5G? Or is it that they fear the United States?

      Seems more like the vaccinations and 5G, don’t necessarily kill as fast as they cause brain damage. The active ingredient in Serotonin reuptake inhibitors, such as Prozac, is Fluorine. Hitler fluoridated the public drinking water of NAZI Germany. Did he do it for the children’s teeth?

      People have been lured off the land into the cities for work, and now are advised to work from home; social distancing. Reminds me of copper tops in the Matrix. The Global Cabal, is rebuilding Babylon for the power of uniting the people as one, but they don’t want the people to have the power. They seem to think that they can harness the power for their own device.

    2. The Chinese actually abandoned the one-child policy a few years back. But nobody noticed. As you realize, this is highly significant. It is one more signpost indicating that heavy losses are expected.

    3. I don’t think it will make a bit of difference. When the limit was raised to two, few changed their behavior. China is reaping the demographic whirlwind they sowed with the One Child Policy.

  6. This poor guy gave his entire family an experimental gene therapy “vaccine” and thinks its helping. I feel bad for him. I guess eating out at his favorite restaurant was that important. I bet after hearing everything you said about side-effects and afflictions showing up years later he regretted it though. People need to learn to think before jumping on the bandwagon with a major decision. It’s scary how many people do what they’re told without considering the consequences.

    1. What is most frightening if all: We do not know how bad the situation will get, or how soon — or what the next moves will bring. And there will be moves. One will follow the other. August is the critical month.

      1. What we do know is a large majority of the people getting the vax are dems and many of those are younger. They’ve proven time after time that they’ll sacrifice freedom for the feeling of security or safety willingly. I imagine what comes next is a push to get the rest of us vaxxed for “safety” (the fact they have been proven ineffective is irrelevant)
        Once majority of us are vaxxed I think that when our overseas friends will make their move. Whether it be a different virus/variant that reacts differently to the vax (we’ve seen all the different “more deadly” variants in the news lately), some kind of microwave weapon (we know the Rooskies have been testing them recently) to interact with the vax, or maybe just simply divide and weaken us morally so we don’t resist our new regime change.

  7. Those dying post-vaccine: Where are the

    Exclusive: Jane M. Orient, M.D., sounds alarm over lack of typical
    protocol with unexpected deaths

    Note: Dr. Orient is executive director of the Association of American
    Physicians and Surgeons, AAPS.

    In this age of supposed scientific medicine and a pandemic, we are relying
    on death certificates for statistics on the cause of death, even though they are
    known to be extremely unreliable.

    Thousands of healthy people are dying unexpectedly, but our public health
    agencies are assuring us that their deaths were not caused by the COVID jab.
    The toll of post-vaccine deaths has reached nearly 7,000, according to the
    Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS). It’s the best system
    we’ve got, even though it misses 90% or more of the actual events.

    But I have seen a report of just one autopsy. This patient had had one dose of
    the Pfizer shot and died four weeks later. Although there were no
    characteristic features of COVID-19, almost all tissues tested positive on PCR
    for SARS-CoV-2.

    A 45-year-old mother just died of heart issues and brain swelling, shortly
    after getting the COVID shot required before she could begin her job at
    Johns Hopkins University. There will be tears and flowers, but probably no
    autopsy – and no pause in the shots demanded for mothers and potential
    mothers if they want to work at JHU.

    1. Censorship, Propaganda, Distractions, Disinformation, and pure flat out LIES!!!!

      These people want you DEAD!! And you expect “Autopsies”?! 🤔. Time to wake up

    2. Trigo, my understanding is the one autopsy showed massive destructive affects of the vaccine spike protein.

  8. A definite and even radical anti-vaccination contingent here among some it seems. I recommend prudence and caution in this, but it is the sort of thinking that would have rejected the Polio vaccines had there been such a contingent around back then, not to mention the space program and manhattan project. Of course these pharmaceutical people want to make money, but something had badly rattled the Elites with regards to Covid-19, and there’s a real incentive to stop this plague. I believe that a Libertarian ideology is blinding some people, paranoia at strong state action in an emergency crisis approaches levels of the lunatic range.

    1. As radical as raising an umbrella when it rains. The Polio vaccine has done wonders in India, infecting >640K with a “novel” strain of debilitating autoimmune disease, hadn’t you heard? Incidentally, Polio was never eradicated, post vaccine it was renamed to ALS and motor neuron disease.
      Do you honestly believe humans landed on the moon in the 1960’s in a tinfoil spacecraft? Gus Grissom wasn’t convinced by the technology.
      Ever heard of the Bilderbergers? They have been superseded by the WEF.
      Globalist bankers have been plotting depopulation since the 1970’s, you don’t get into the billionaires club without becoming compromised. Global corporate hegemony is right there in front of your eyes should you choose to see.

      1. They landed on the moon alright. And if tinfoil is good enough for your hat, then it was good enough to get Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to the Lunar surface.

      2. Mr. John Davies, Polio and ALS are not the same, they do effect some of the same neural pathways in the brain. As for the rest…

        You’ve swallowed some very familiar disinformation and limited hangout operations. NASA for example has secrets to be sure, but these fairy tales only serve to muddy the waters.

      1. I may be replying out of order here as the right to reply is not available on each post. Couple of comments to address. ALS has exactly the same symptoms as Polio, I encourage you to go and research this fact if you’re not convinced. And Gus Grissom was related to me. People working for NASA were highly segregated in their tasks and management, they were fooled by the same fake as everyone else, just on different levels.

      2. Our large telescopes can see all those landers we put on the moon. When I was a kid, and they launched Apollo 17, I went out one night and could see an illuminated rocket exhaust trail — which looked like a giant slinky in the sky — stretching between the earth and the moon. The exhaust had expanded in the vacuum of space and was illumined by the light of the sun shortly after sunset. If you caught the light just so, the expansion of the exhaust in space was a strange sight. Here are the facts; The command module went to the moon with three astronauts. The lander landed with two astronauts. The astronauts walked on the moon. If those events had been faked the Russians — and others with large telescopes and advanced tracking devices would have quickly discovered the fraud. You do not know what you are talking about. Go away and stop posting nonsense on my site.

    2. “A definite and even radical anti-vaccination contingent here among some it seems.”

      I used to be pro-vaccine. But now am reassessing my previous position. It appears that many vaccines are not only not necessary, but actually harmful in the long run.

      Take the polio vaccine for example. Many years ago I saw a study that showed a decrease of polio cases had occurred over the 20th century in the U.S. even before the vaccine was invented. After the vaccine was developed, the percentage of cases increased and has remained steady ever since. Today, the major cause of polio is the vaccine.

      Then you have cases like Bill Gates experimental vaccine in India that resulted in tens of thousands of cases of polio (which they renamed to protect the guilty).

      I haven’t analyzed the data on all vaccines yet. There seem to be some that are necessary. But how many are necessary? I don’t know. How many are unnecessary? Too many. Part of the problem is that too many vaccines are being given.

      But these covid-19 “vaccines” are in a class all their own. Deadly. Having studied some genetics at the university, my first reaction upon hearing of mRNA “vaccines” was to recognize that these are dangerous. No way would I take one. Further, I warn others not to take them. Since then more data has come out, only strengthening my opposition to these “vaccines”. With an estimate of over 70,000 dead in the U.S. from the “vaccines” so far (based on an estimate that VAERS lists fewer than 10% of cases), these are already killing more than an honest accounting of those killed by the virus itself. And the long term effects? How many will die six months out? Nine months out? A year? Etc.?

      Please don’t conflate opposition to these “vaccines” with a “radical anti-vaccination contingent”.

      1. Gene therapy is a very dangerous thing in itself, let alone in relation to changing the body’s immune reaction. This should be common sense.

      2. Ahh yes, the person who has “studied some genetics at the university” is obviously the paramount authority on this subject. Dismiss the opinions of the graduates, the professionals, and the veteran scientists. Let us all trust the temporary student! Whose knowledge of the dangers of mRNA vaccines, while selective and incomplete, makes their warnings brilliantly invaluable. Thank you, R.O. for educating us all with your brilliance.

    3. The Scientific Method is still the most prudent approach. That means no vaccinations until proven safe and effective, by standard means established by the FDA, emergency waiver notwithstanding.

      5G and Covid vaccinations cinches the Zombie Apocalypse. The solution to that will be to eliminate the zombies by cranking up the 5G output voltage.

      Unless, Graphene Oxide should prove an effective chelation for Fluoride, however.

  9. It is a great pity that the interviews on Youtube with Cliff and Jeff always take place without the possibility of setting with subtitles. I had already written the request for it under the first video, unfortunately without success. In East Germany there are many people who unfortunately had to learn Russian and do not know English.

  10. Something that is often overlooked regarding 5G is that the frequencies used are at resonance with most insect antennae.
    Wipe out the pollinators and you have an immediate and long lasting food crisis.
    I meant no disrespect in my previous comment, but the guy clearly has his own agenda, one that I have no time for. I am not as diplomatic as yourself.

  11. Vladimir.
    As radical as raising an umbrella when it rains. The Polio vaccine has done wonders in India, infecting >640K with a “novel” strain of debilitating autoimmune disease, hadn’t you heard? Incidentally, Polio was never eradicated, post vaccine it was renamed to ALS and motor neuron disease.
    Do you honestly believe humans landed on the moon in the 1960’s in a tinfoil spacecraft? Gus Grissom wasn’t convinced by the technology.
    Ever heard of the Bilderbergers? They have been superseded by the WEF.
    Globalist bankers have been plotting depopulation since the 1970’s, you don’t get into the billionaires club without becoming compromised. Global corporate hegemony is right there in front of your eyes should you choose to see.

      1. Feel free to delete, it looked like the first instance disappeared, then reappeared later on after I had reposted.

  12. 1) Although there is circumstantial evidence that the virus was developed as a biological weapon and intentionally released, it is unlikely that it will ever be possible to secure unequivocal proof of that. Indeed, the virus might just as well have been manufactured as part of a project to create an HIV vaccine, or to do some kind of gain-of-function virology research. What can be proven unequivocally is that the virus was manufactured in a laboratory by using gene-splicing techniques – for what purpose, we shall never know. How did it get out of the laboratory? Given modern laboratory security measures, it seems highly unlikely that it escaped by accident. The people behind this have done something which is deliberately ambiguous.

    2) To state the obvious (but please bear with me), all viruses become less dangerous over time. This is because strains which don’t incapacitate people, which don’t prevent them from mixing with others, are transmitted more readily, are thus more successful, and will thus predominate over time. It follows that the the lock-downs, which have reduced the transmission of all strains, including the less dangerous ones, have slowed the virulence-reduction process considerably, and have therefore extended the duration of the pandemic.

    3) As pointed out by JRN, if the virus isn’t the weapon – basically, it isn’t dangerous enough to be useful as a weapon – then the vaccine must be. After all, if you were going to create a biological weapon, you would want one which killed, say, 30% of the population, not .04% of it. However, I understand that there is a general plan in place, globally, to vaccinate 70-80% of the population – including children, to whom the virus is virtually harmless.

    4) If indeed they do intend to kill us, or render us sterile, with the cure, then it is likely that various autoimmune diseases will be the mass murderers’ modus operandum (autoimmune cardiomyopathy, for example). Moreover, if the vaccine is their Trojan horse, I’m surprised that concerned virologists and biochemists from outside the burgeoning biotech industrial complex have, to date, failed to discover precisely what’s inside it – which, if found, could be demonstrated and unequivocally proven. Which would, of course, put an end to all allegations of conspiracy-theorizing. But even if the vaccine is just a bad vaccine, and not a biological weapon, we, none of us, need take it. Because the virus simply isn’t dangerous enough and we are not duty-bound to enrich biotech oligarchs.

  13. I’m from the government and I’m here to help. This jab is in your best interest. Elected officials are working hard every day for your safety. Just review the wonderful things we’ve done this past 18 months on your behalf. We have shut down the economy. Forced masks on you ( for your protection) closed the schools, refused to prescribe hydroxy and ivermectin,safe cheap drugs that have been used by frontline doctors to effectively treat COVID. The puppet was installed because we kept you from infection with mail in ballots. Billions have been spent on advertising to entice Americans to get jabbed. Trillions are in circulation for your benefit. Buy the way , we’ll be stopping by the house to help you make up your mind. Sounds like they really care. In fact we’re about to us global warming to get you to stop using that car of yours. That terrible green house that is destroyed buildings by collapsing them. So get the shot. It’s in your best interest.

    1. There are a number of possible false binaries and antipathies in your comments. I’m not opposed to either masks nor ivermectin, lock downs or Hydroxychloroquine. I think that the vaccines are reasonably safe all things considered, and that the COVID 19 threat, while very real, has been weaponized and politicized (and monetized).

      What do I think of the bigger picture of the issue? I think that if anything, Covid-19 disrupted a lot of the enemies plans, and was not what they believed it to be at first. What it was in the larger sense is the Hand of God at work in the world.

      1. They could be about it for months. The communists have changed their minds on war in the past. But this looks pretty serious. They started a process.

      2. But it was the hottest June evah!!!

        “Hotter than 2004, hotter than 1138 AD, hotter than 306 BC, hotter than 3816 BC and even hotter than the Younger Dryas.”
        “As a matter of fact, you would have to go back to when the planet earth was a molten rock (3.8 billion BP) to even get close to the June, 2021 “heat wave” and the extreme highs of July, 2021, well, they are already here!”

        I love these “Climate Change” folks, always good for a laugh.

        “Never lets facts or reality get in the way of your argument, or funding.”

  14. [ JEFF NYQUIST says: JULY 9, 2021 AT 11:39 AM
    My father worked with the Apollo astronauts. That is nonsense. ]

    As we further detail in our New York Times Bestseller, “Dark Mission: the Secret History of NASA,” these newly-published documents reveal that, within days of his ringing challenge to the American people, the Congress and the Soviets in Washington, Kennedy was actually, urgently, trying to sell Nikita Khrushchev (then head of the Soviet Union), at their first Summit in Vienna, on the daring idea of joint US/USSR space exploration programs!


    Going to the Moon, not in competition … but together!

    To add further substance to this major historical revision, we have the first-person testimony of none other than Sergei Khrushchev, Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev’s son, in the October, 1999 issue of American Heritage Magazine:

    “…that same August [1963], Kennedy sent Father a proposal about joining Soviet and American forces for a flight to the moon. He had first mentioned the idea in Vienna, in June 1961, but at the time Father hadn’t replied [emphasis added]….”

    This, of course, not only tosses into the ashcan of history all the “real-politic reasons” we’ve been given for Kennedy engaging in an expensive space race with the Russians — it raises profound political, diplomatic and economic questions regarding the President’s real, underlying motivations for going to the Moon at all!

    What was John Fitzgerald Kennedy really thinking?

    Obviously, from this documentation, and despite his repeated public rhetoric regarding American’s “winning the race to the Moon,” the President privately thought a joint lunar effort with the USSR was the only real way to proceed! Consistent with this analysis, the documents now reveal that Kennedy tried repeatedly to get Premier Khrushchev to go along with this radical idea; on the record, we have at least five attempts by Kennedy, across the three full years of his aborted Presidency — in secret NSC memos and discussions in the White House, and in equally clandestine diplomatic efforts with both Khrushchev, and even meetings with the Washington Ambassador from the Soviet Union, Anatoly Dobrynin — to quietly convince the Premier to undertake a joint manned mission to the Moon!

    It is clear from these remarkably persistent initiatives, long before his going public at the United Nations in September 1963, that the President in fact saw “a combined journey to the Moon” as vastly more significant and far-reaching than “achieving an American propaganda coup over the Soviet Union, by going there alone ….”

    And, in mid-November 1963, according to Sergei Khrushchev’s personal recollections — after literally years of determined efforts by the President to convince him to accept this 180-degree reversal of the then public perception of “an all out race” … Nikita Khrushchev finally did agree!

    Again, according to his son … this time on PBS:

    “… in the August of 1963, President Kennedy met with the Soviet Ambassador Dobrinyin, and then he spoke to the United Nations. He offered once more to join the efforts, and at that time my father was very serious. I walked with him, sometime in late October or November, and he told me about all these things. He told me that we have to think about this and maybe accept this idea …

    “He thought also of the political achievement of all these things, that then they would begin to trust each other much more ….”

    However, just days later … John Kennedy was killed.

    1. Wasn’t there a couple of big budgets passed last year; $2.7T + 2.5T = $5.2T? Have we seen the GAO accounting of where those funds went? Where did they go, The Space Force?

      1. In 1999, Sergei Khrushchev looked back:

        “… the Cold War might have ended in 1969 … an American astronaut and a Soviet cosmonaut might have stepped onto the moon’s surface together.

        “But life turned out differently. In November 1963 John F. Kennedy died, and a year later, in October 1964, my father was removed from power. The leaders who replaced Father hurried to ‘correct his mistakes’ by giving a new impetus to the arms race and producing tens of thousands of tactical nuclear weapons. By 1989 the Soviet army had seven thousand nuclear cannon.

        “The Cold War was prolonged by twenty years [emphasis added] ….”

        This indisputable chronology now makes clear what Kennedy’s “secret agenda” — via a vis Apollo – really was from the beginning: not only the first, historic manned mission to the Moon … but a radical “end run” on the decades-long, hopelessly stalemated international situation vis a vis the Soviet Union. An imaginative attempt to diffuse — if not completely end — the long “Cold War” decades sooner than it eventually ended; to usher in a new era of unprecedented cooperation between the United States and the Soviet Union, beginning in space … literally on the surface of another world … but ultimately, designed to spread around this world.

        A radical, imaginative diplomatic effort that ultimately, we now know succeeded … only to be killed by John Kennedy’s own, untimely death.

    2. You’re linking to the work of Richard Hoagland, who I believe to be a disinformation artist.

  15. Oregon plans to use National Guard to knock on doors and push the vaccine
    Posted on July 8, 2021 8:31 am

    Lane County Health Officer Jason Davis.

    EUGENE, Ore. — As Oregon considers ways to implement President Joe Biden’s door-to-door campaign to persuade unvaccinated residents to take the Covid vaccine, one tactic could be to send out the National Guard to neighborhoods.

    Oregon has reached the 70 percent vaccination threshold recommended by Biden, but that’s not enough, according to zealous public health bureaucrats.

    For more real news, see our home page,

    In the state’s fourth most populous county, which includes the college town of Eugene, National Guard members may be among the teams designated to persuade people to take the shots, according to Jason Davis, Public Information Officer with Lane County Public Health.

    “We’re looking to bring on a team,” Davis told, “that could be door to door.”

    Despite VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) reports of thousands of deaths following the mRNA shots, which are not conventional vaccines but experimental genetic therapy, state health officials consider it their duty to convince more Oregonians to take them.

    Some ‘would take a lot of convincing’
    Community groups are attempting to distribute the vaccine in remote area and persuade the ‘hesitant’ to change their minds in Benton County too.

    “There’s a spectrum as to reasons why people have not been vaccinated for Covid-19 yet. And they range from the extreme,” April Holland, Public Health Administrator with the Benton County Health Department, told “Some people are uninterested and would take a lot of convincing on our part to get a vaccine.”

    The call to action comes directly from Biden, who on Tuesday announced: “Now we need to go community by community, neighborhood by neighborhood. And off-times, door to door, literally knocking on doors” to get more people vaccinated.

  16. We will bury you!

    Nikita Khrushchev, in full Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev, (born April 17 [April 5, Old Style], 1894, Kalinovka, Russia —died September 11, 1971, Moscow, Russia, Soviet Union), first secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (1953–64) and premier of the Soviet Union (1958–64) whose policy of de-Stalinization had widespread repercussions throughout the communist world. In foreign affairs he pursued a policy of “peaceful coexistence” with the capitalist West.

    In May 1955, when Khrushchev made his first trip outside the Soviet Union—to Yugoslavia with Bulganin—he began to show his flexibility; he apologized to Josip Broz Tito for Stalin’s denunciation of Yugoslav communism in 1948. Later, in trips to Geneva, Afghanistan, and India, he began to exhibit a brash, extroverted personal diplomacy that was to become his trademark. Although his attacks on world capitalism were virulent and primitive, his outgoing personality and peasant humour were in sharp contrast to the image earlier Soviet public figures had cultivated.

  17. I’m always wary of anonymous message boards, but I think this is worth sharing:

    The fact that we are not being told what is in these vaccines and it’s being pushed so hard, yet identification technology such as Israel’s Green Pass are being discontinued, makes me think there is something really wrong with this vaccine.

      1. …and why are they in a freakin rush given they said “covid will be with us indefinitely.”. the rush aspect of the jab program is most troubling. everyone who has ears to hear and eyes to read between the lines should resist and warn others.

  18. Mr. Nyquist, regarding Mr. Hoagland;

    ”He is a deluded crank. ”

    He’s representative of something your latest essay touches on, he’s a ”Gnostic”;

    ”the secret They are hiding is out there, and with that secret knowledge I could revolutionize our understanding of the world, the whole universe”, such people are basically saying.

  19. Mr. Nyquist, with regards to my comment about Jean Baudrillaud, you asked me;

    ”I did not read it. Is it good? ”

    I actually mis-named the book; it’s ”Simulacra and Simulation” written in1981. Baudrillaud being French,he is subtle and enjoys a good if sometimes nebulous turn of phrase. Famous for the saying; ”the Gulf War did not happen”. Of course he was misinterpreted, because it was a total reversal of Clauswitzian thought, the first Gulf War. He is not a Gnostic, he just describes what he sees-I think;

    ”Simulacra” in his thinking are copies that depict things that have no original, or the original no longer exists or makes sense.

    ”Simulation” is the imitation of a process or system in it’s operation, not the process or system itself and it’s rational workings.

    ”Hyperreality” is a condition where what is real and what is presented but unreal are so fused together that the distinction is lost on people. The phrase of McLuhan; ”the medium is the message” is false.

    ”Signs” are what have ”Sign Value”. They are things that have prestige value and not necessarily material utility value, relates to Thorstein Veblen’s ”conspicuous consumption”.

    Now back to the Gulf War of 1990-91. Baudrillaud argued that the West lost any sense of the reality of war, when we inverted the dictum of Clauswitz of ”War is the continuation of politics by other means” or Lenin’s ”Politics is the continuation of War by other means”, to ”the continuation of the absence of politics by other means”. That it made absolutely no sense as a war, for any reason

    Thinking of President Trump I was reminded of all this. Did he level the ”fourth wall” and thus expose the unreality of modern Western politics? Or was he the very image of this process?.

      1. I can see where that would depend on the perspective of the observer of President Trump; therefore anything involving him requires a suspension of disbelief. Lacking the reality,we prefer the image in it’s place until the reality can be found-or so we tell ourselves. As it is,I find it significant that even the image moves it’s haters to a lunatic fury.

  20. It was quite upsetting to read the comments Jeff. I am so saddened and furious at the state we all find ourselves in. This deliberate flood of false information, half truths, and conspiracies, are only meant to hide the brutal truth from the masses. So effective has the Marxists/Communists been at tearing the populous apart and breaking all trust in every agency that what we see is a classic textbook example of NVS (narcissistic victim syndrome). The amount of mass gaslighting is staggering. People need to understand this tactic and be aware of its intentions and outcome to be able to shield yourself from its effects. I am somewhat of an expert in this and I can tell you that it is a very heinous form of psychological abuse used to destabilize a person and remove their ability to distinguish between facts/truth and falsehoods/lies.
    Here is a fairly good article about it.

    This tactic is being used by many different players simultaneously to subdue the masses from acting on destructive forces put upon our Nation. Gaslighting creates a detailed series of lies and portrays them as truths, calling anyone who questions the obvious falsehoods crazy, a fanatic, stupid, even racist etc. They are called anything that will stop the conversation and stop exposure of the lies. The person is then thrown into a state of mental chaos, knowing that they are fed lies but losing their confidence in their ability to distinguish between lies and truths; constantly being told that everything he perceives as facts are indeed lies. It is a mixed up crazy making scheme to either hide crimes or subdue a person or group from stopping the Narcissist/s agenda.

    The comments I read illustrates this inability to distinguish facts from falsehoods. By no means is this the fault of the people being gaslit as they are being flooded in Biblical proportions with false and misleading information that is almost impossible to sort through. It is hard to stabilize one’s self by trusting a handful of authors, political figures, friends and family because the mass of conflicting information is so vast and perpetrated by so many different sources all at once. Why do you think there has been a constant flip flopping on, for example, mask mandates. It is a deliberate attempt to destabilize people and make them unable to trust their own instincts and knowledge. Instead they become controlled puppets of a mask on-mask off ever changing mind game.

    People need to realize that it is of great benefit to the enemies, domestic and foreign, of the United States to have us divided and completely confused, afraid, and distrustful. A United American is the most powerful weapon on this planet and there are many who are greatly afraid and threatened by that. A united populous assures a strong and prepared Country and instills that strength and unity upon others who have fallen to nefarious control and lies around the World.

    Covid has been created as a fear catalyst and this vaccine seems, from the data I have greatly consumed, as potentially dangerous. How dangerous is yet to be seen. We do know that the very narcissists who are gaslighting the masses are also pushing this vaccine extremely hard which should make it suspect at the very least.

    It seems fairly certain that this virus was released intentionally and Jeff has laid out a good case based on coincidences that seem pretty damning to that assumption (Chinese New Year, initial Chinese travel bans, hydroxy being taken off shelves pre-pandemic, etc.)
    But here is some reality. If this is meant to kill us then it is already too late for a vast many and we will have to stand our ground and fight very soon for survival. Get yourself and family prepared, a years worth of food and water ( dried rice and beans are cheap) and means to protect yourselves. Communicate with neighbors and close family and create a co-op of support with like minded people. Nothing you do in preparation will hurt and it will give you a sense of peace and control.

    If this was a biological attack, think of it critically. If the US reciprocated it would mean the ending of all life as we know it. Do not kid yourself to think that America has not developed DNA specific biological weapons but to release them would mean certain nuclear response which would create a chain of disaster that would destroy us all. Such a deterrent, however, is positive incentive to stop China from outwardly attacking us. If we go, they all go, is the brutal reality of this war in this age. There should be peace in knowing that there are still some good people in high places who must try and get us through this strategic minefield, fighting enemies in every direction. It is the greatest challenge mankind has ever faced and we all must be calm and prepared. The time will come when all is revealed and people may need to act. Filling your heads with a flood of fear based propaganda does not feed your family, nor will it make you strong and prepared for whatever tomorrow brings. I am working hard on my job and hobbies, while slowing preparing as I can on my modest income. Faith is a powerful tool and I dwell on it daily.
    Pick a few trusted news commentators and keep positive and strong. Your instincts are your greatest guide. Laugh, love, and live your lives like there is no tomorrow. Tragedy has always brought out the best in Americans. I do not know how this will end but I do know the person I am, and am prepared both mentally and spiritually for whatever tomorrow brings. I hope and pray for pleasant surprises but I know God gave me a brain and body to use it, if need be, to defeat evil. God’s Blessings to you all.

  21. Mr. Nyquist, the information that you deliver when you speak on these programs is so incisive, and you are so knowledgeable about these topics, that when I watch, I am riveted. I am one who supports you and who appreciates your viewpoint.

    1. Thank you. Trying to explain all this is not easy, and the Establishment is determined to offer very different insights — which are quite problematic.

  22. You seem like the lone voice crying out in the wilderness, so to speak.

      1. Could it be possible that one of the reasons that China wants to invade the U.S. is for the supply of eligible, young women who are unmarried? This idea may be far-fetched, but these females may then be part of America’s “vast resources” that China is apparently very eager to acquire.

        China has very large gender imbalance among its younger population. I have checked statistics, and I have noticed that there are 30-40 million single/unmarried men between the “marriageable” ages of 20-40 in China at the moment. Many of these young men are having difficulties in finding women to marry, and they have resorted to procuring wives from neighboring Asian countries through often-unsavory means.

  23. Yes, my allusion was to raptio, i.e. “the Rape of the Sabine Women.” I’m a huge history buff, and I love ancient literature, so Euripides’ “Trojan Women” scenario was on my mind. But perhaps that is oversimplifying things.

  24. Mr. Nyquist, you had mentioned in your interviews and in your posts that the Far East has a different method of conducting warfare than the West does, past or present. I have had much more exposure to Western history and culture than Eastern history and culture, so I admit that I am relatively ignorant of China’s ways of waging war. They really would kill the majority of Americans to lay hands on this land? I know that is naive to ask, but it is hard to countenance an action so cruel and so merciless.

      1. I know. They seem to be firm believers in “the end justifies the means.” Would that expression be an example of utilitarianism?

  25. Mr. Nyquist, what is your opinion of Xi’s 100th anniversary speech to his “comrades?”

    The “rejuvenation of the Chinese people” seems to me a veiled reference to the potential invasion of the U.S., when they build the “new China” that you had discussed.

    1. The speech referred to communist principles expressed in terms of formulas. These have specific meanings which most Westerners do not know. Xi was careful in what he said. He could not say anything that would give the Party’s strategy away.

      1. This makes sense. Well, I guess he accomplished his aim, because when I read the text, a lot of it seemed bland, heck, even innocuous. I would imagine that if a casual Western reader looked at it, he/she might say, “I don’t know what people are worried about. Doesn’t seem that bad to me.” Westerners could be lulled to sleep again, figuratively speaking.

        When I read the speech, I was frustrated at how opaque the language was. Except for the repeated phrase “rejuvenation of the people,” which I mentioned previously, there wasn’t much that I could point to, where I could say, “ah, yes, if I read between the lines, I can see where this is going.”

      2. Communists use such vague phrases on purpose, which they explain to different groups in different ways. Rejuvenating China seems innocent to us. It carries a nationalist reminder of past colonialism to the average Chinese citizen; but to the high-level party member it signifies the confluence of Chinese nationalism and Marxist socialism. The latter includes the destruction of America — as the final step in Chinese rejuvenation.

  26. It’s revealing perhaps, that Mr Nyquist resorts to an ad hominin attack on that Dick Hoagland, rather than attempt an argument against his well referenced essay regarding JFK, Khrushchev, and a joint mission to Earth’s Moon.

    Contrast that to Vladimir’s praise for Hoagland, with facts not in evidence.

    Two members of the controlled opposition, in support of the Military Industrial Complex?

  27. NASA named the artifact at Cydonia on Mars, The Face. Hoagland merely told the public about it.

  28. I’ve cited his credible journalism. If you want to change the subject making unsubstantiated non specific assertions, it’s your credibility which is undermined by your own lack of diligence.

    1. I spent many hours listening to Hoagland talking about the face on Mars on Art Bell years ago. Even Bell ended up exasperated with Hoagland. This subject is off topic fir my site; I do not cover astronomy. Hoagland has proposed some outlandish theories, which I found to be unsupported and poorly argued by him. My opinion. Take it or leave it.

      1. I can never get back those hours I spend reading his ”research”and his essays, this Richard Hoagland, especially his ”Hyperdimensional physics” which were lifted off of certain scientists from the Soviet Union.

  29. This article and its photos are rather graphic, but I felt the need to post it because it makes my blood burn, so to speak:

    This happened in England, but I’m sure the U.S. will not be far behind with events and with programs like this. After all, “Drag Queen Story Hour” has sprung up in public libraries all across the country, from Spokane to NYC.

    IMO, this is just shameful, and children should not be subjected to such sexualized “teachings,” for lack of a better word. It’s crass and it is absolutely inappropriate. Four-year-olds, for example, shouldn’t even know what that kind of anatomy is, much less see a representation of it with their own eyes.

    1. This is very disturbing. We have been too tolerant, too permissive. We need some “stick about.” Few seem to suffer the consequences of bad behavior.

      1. I am thinking quite literally that sticks must needs be about. Some evil, especially evil plotted against the weakest and most innocent members of society, is only deterred or justly balanced by force or the threat thereof. A man is beaten severely by a group of other men, he reconsiders his life up to that point and thinks of alternative paths that don’t end-worst case scenario- in a pit in the woods with his hands tied behind his back and a hood over his head.

  30. You Jeffery, are the one who brought up the forbidden topic in response to the indisputable JFK – Khrushchev agreement for a joint mission to Earth’s Moon.

    1. I believe Vladimír mentioned it in passing. I just agreed with his evaluation. The corruption of our time is that we are all exposed to bogus information — and we are partly taken in at one time or another. I am no exception, but will amend my errors if someone is kind enough to show me the truth.

      1. Funny thing about the push to get us to believe in Aliens, aside from their religion of cosmic evolution, is that it has nothing to do with science whatsoever. The physicist Jacques Vallee and researcher John Keel long ago showed that the whole UFO/Alien phenomena was not extraterrestrial, but rather ”ultra-terrestrial” as Keel put it, or extradimensional,beyond our known realm. But these people cannot accept that for some reason,these beings MUST be ”Aliens from other worlds, the result of biological evolution somewhere”. I’m reminded by their superstition and credulity in deception of what Blaise Pascal once wrote; ”rejecting the miracles of Christ, they accept those of [Roman Emperor] Vespasian”

      2. I agree that Vallee and Keel were the most sophisticated of UFO researchers. And yes: The religion of evolution is ontologically materialist — an inversion of reality. So many problems there and all the “scientific” speculation it has inspired. Of course, going back to the Caesars, Vespasian allegedly turned water into wine. Another inversion. Yet imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

  31. President Kennedy made his proposal public at the United Nations.

    Allow me to provide an example of how Richard C Hoagland may be disingenuous.

    He condemns factions within NASA of hiding the truth, as he rightly states how NASA controls the data. NASA names the image of an artifact imaged on Mars, as, “The Face”. Then they say it’s just a trick of shadow and light. Subsequent imaging by NASA and foreign Space agencies, produce images of Cydonia from different angles at different times of day with varying angles of light, in effect enabling three dimensional confirmation of artificial geometry.

    Hoagland then rallies his audience to demand a manned mission to Mars. How does that hurt NASA? The public will gladly support more tax dollars for the agency, based upon assertions made by Hoagland, not them.

    Photographs are not admissible as evidence in a court of law, without a first hand eye witness who can testify what they saw with their own eyes, and that it is indeed as what is seems in the photograph. The Scientific Method is an even more stringent measure.

    How do we know that NASA didn’t fake the images in concert with foreign agencies in the first place? It’s not as if anyone can just go there and see for themselves, without paying taxes through the nose.

  32. One more,

    Hoagland dominated George Noory during their first interview together, advocating Project Prometheus, a nuclear powered spacecraft. He urged the audience to contact the White House to demand a manned mission to Mars, with it.

    When the DoD procured Project Prometheus, Hoagland deleted all mention of it on his Facebook page, and blocked anyone who brought it up.

    When the X-37B vanished from orbit during it’s maiden voyage, a high ranking Air Force officer claimed that they had no idea what happened to it. Shortly thereafter, it was widely reported that two armature astronomers sighted it in a new orbit around planet Earth. This was not confirmed by the Air Force or any professional astronomers. The original article of the Air Force officer’s denial, is scrubbed from the Internet, and microfiche at libraries.

    Nine months latter, when the X-37B returned to Earth, Hoagland went on Coast to support NASA in finding an supposed, arsenic eating bacteria, supporting silicone based life throughout the universe. No mention of the X-37B landing. The bacteria turned out to be falsified. NASA didn’t own up to it for years.

  33. Gary Leggiere Hoagland’s former yeoman, has independently garnered from RAW data of various probes sent to Mars, many more images of artifacts and geometric arrangements of artifacts; cities if you will. Can RAW data be falsified, I wonder? Don’t be put off by his bombastic style. Hoagland drove him nuts, but his images speak for themselves.

    1. Analyzing probe images from such vast distances is akin to reading tea leaves. Forgive my skepticism, but Mars does not have the size, atmosphere or proximity to the sun that would support life, let alone support a civilization that would build a face that would, millions of years later, be “smiling” up at one of our probes. Why would beings in the remote past waste their time in such a project — in such anticipation? Good grief, what you are talking about rings with the absurdity of a UFO cult. There are many ideas here that some people cannot resist believing. But belief has no place here. Proof is what we require and this is wholly subjective. Let me reiterate the facts, if facts can make an impression on your will to believe: A planet with one third the gravity of earth cannot hold sufficient atmosphere, and is so incredibly cold and forbidding that no vegetation has been found. The cosmic ray bombardment would slowly degrade any and all biological organisms living there. No complex species could survive in such an environment for long. The idea of terraforming Mars is nuts. The human body, at such low G would atrophy. Bones would lose their density. Muscles would waste. Here is a desert more formidable than the Arctic, without breathable air, a virtual vacuum, with sparse water, without protection from cosmic radiation. If this obsession is about finding ETs then you are back to square one. What can we really expect from ETs? Nothing substantial. Nothing verifiable. What? A few cattle mutilations? Rumors about alien bodies? But still, no proof. No solid proof in 73 years. How is this possible? Nobody has ever kept a secret so long. Indulge my irony for a moment: If there are deep space honey bees, and they have been buzzing the cosmos for millions of years, what is it to us? You can make up any story about them you want. Nothing here can be proven. Nothing will be proven. Nothing has been proven. It is a rumor that never dies. A modern myth of things seen in the sky. Look to it’s symbolic or metaphoric significance first. There is no pot of gold at the end of this rainbow. The fairies take whom they please. The Devils also take. These folk are not coming to the White House lawn. If aliens are real, they are not interested in a relationship. Whether it is the anthill in my back yard or the anthill on Zeta Retuculi, diplomacy is not in the cards. What are they to me, or me to them? If I call pest control or they call pest control on us, it is not terribly interesting. It does not tell us who we are in the greater scheme of things.

  34. Did you ever interview, US Navy Captain, Lisa Marie Nowak? She was the crane operator on NASA Mission STS-121. Why such an expert high tech weapons instructor to Navy fighter pilots was needed to operate a crane seems strange, except that the Discovery was the first launce of a Space shuttle that the NASA safety officer refused to sign off on, and it launched precisely five minutes after North Korea launched a nuclear tipped ICBM at Honolulu. Kim sent two more ICBMs, and half a dozen SCUDS all of which fell harmlessly into to drink.

    1. NASA outer her as the diaper lady. They didn’t wait for news to leak and defend her, they announced it an persecuted her. She faced a military tribunal where the judge ordered her not to talk about the case or she would lose her pension and go to prison. What would the phony story of chasing her husbands mistress across country have to do with the military? Seems more like she was running from the men in black.

      What really happened during STS-121, and why was she running?

  35. Jeff, please specify what you say is unverified. I’m not a mind reader, and I have referenced everything I stated, but for the part about Captain Nowak’s trial, which I found many years ago on Wikipedia, which has since been deleted. Otherwise, I ask questions and speculate about the men in black. I do not believe the allegations that she was chasing her husband’s mistress. That has never been substantiated. It was falsified by NASA.

  36. Mr. Nyquist, you said regarding this phenomena;

    ”I agree that Vallee and Keel were the most sophisticated of UFO researchers. And yes: The religion of evolution is ontologically materialist — an inversion of reality. So many problems there and all the “scientific” speculation it has inspired. Of course, going back to the Caesars, Vespasian allegedly turned water into wine. Another inversion. Yet imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. ”

    In my eyes and the eyes of my culture perhaps, ”imitation” veers into the realm of ”Poshlost”,of which we had a fruitful conversation.

    Some of this appears to be a sin against the True, the Good, and the ”Poshlost” is.But with our culture living almost entirely in ”Fairie” already, maybe we are also somewhat immune to the charms and false glamour of it’s latest manifestations…It has nothing on Baba Yaga or Koshchei the Deathless.


    If the United Nations is invited to the U.S. to perform an “investigation” on manufactured and trumped-up charges of “racism,” then it would be like America giving up its right to be a sovereign nation. Am I correct?

    The U.N., while having headquarters in the U.S. at New York City, is, however, similar to a foreign governing body, since its member-states are from around the world. Is this assessment accurate?

    This “invitation” by the current short-sighted, milksop of a Secretary of State seems to me to be potentially very destructive, counterproductive, and above all, like a passive relinquishment of American autonomy and dominion. I hope I’m not too dramatic in saying such a thing.

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