Conventional methodology tends to regard a secret source as reliable if the information it provides is broadly compatible with other information openly available; conversely, a source reporting information that conflicts with the generally accepted view of the situation in the communist world may be discounted or rejected. In the absence of disinformation, this methodology would be valid. But the Shelepin Report of May 1959 marked the introduction of a systematic program of disinformation.

Anatoliy Golitsyn, KGB defector

On 16 June a prominent U.S.-based Chinese dissident, Han Lianchao, passed along a rumor that Dong Jingwei, vice minister at China’s Ministry of State Security, had defected to the United States. The next day, Conservative media RedState claimed that Dong Jingwei had indeed defected to the Defense Intelligence Agency with information on COVID-19’s origins. China officially denies these reports and rumors. What is the truth behind this alleged defection? Here is my discussion with Cliff Kincaid on the subject.

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151 thoughts on “Did a Chinese Spymaster Defect?

  1. Aside from the deception, I’ve not seen anything from Russia or China for a long while now that suggests they are “so smart and cunning.” In fact, everything screams extreme incompetence. For example, the major factor behind China’s flooding problems and consequent loss of crop land is in fact caused by the nearly 9000 (or was it 90,000?) dams they have built–40% of which are abandoned and near collapse and can cause a cascade failure at any time that could kill millions of people. The dams were put in place for purely propaganda purposes. Literally because Mao was at war with nature and wanted to “conquer” the great rivers of China, as if he were symbolically conquering nature and God. The dams do not do what they were designed to do and, per experts on the subject, cause immense ecological damage and magnify, by several fold, the problem of flooding (meanwhile, China claims that they CONTROL flooding!).

    I think the problem is that we are in the middle of a war between mediocrities. The US ruling class, year after year, becomes more incompetent to the point that we now have a senile buffoon and a narcissistic idiot in the White House. They might have cunning, but they do not have real intelligence, hence why as soon as Communists come to power anywhere, everything goes to s*** right away and people starve to death. But their victory had more to do with the rot of the previous system than their own great prowess at anything.

    1. Underestimation of the enemy is the main reason why imperialism lost.

  2. Excellent analysis Jeff and Cliff! Thanks for keeping the “long view
    in front of the American citizenry. Bless you both!

    1. Guo is not a reliable person, but I am presently hearing chatter about a L4 Lab in Harbin (China). If they “accidentally” attack us again it means they are not afraid of our nukes. It means we lack the nerve to be taken seriously.

      1. I don’t know almost nothing about Guo, but I think he can be right. The invasion of Taiwan to divert World’s attention about the origin of the virus makes senses. Furthermore, the biological attack he says CCP is planning is not a “new virus” like Natural News reported it, but the release of a more dangerous variant of Covid-19. And to link this new version to China can be quite difficult since new versions are appearing all the time.

      2. I do not see why China would destroy her standing in the world for so small a prize as Taiwan. Something more significant is being targeted.

    2. Natural News should be shunned and laughed off the internet.

    3. As far as I know, the worldwide coronavirus pandemic was started by Russia!!! Primarily against its main competitors: the West and China.

      The same applies to Russia’s strategy in waging climate and psychotronic warfare.

      You will find out what the situation is in Russia in the following documents. Their author has spent several years in Russia on and off, and has gone where the ordinary Russian cannot go. But the texts are in Czech. A translator is required:




      I apologize in advance for any errors in my translator

      Best regards to all the good and the bad away!
      Peter Cibulka, +

      1. Petr

        Interesting. Do you have any more specifics about Russia being involved with the pandemic ? I wouldn,t put it past them.
        Also what is the nature of psychotronics ? Is it more of a technological way of. mind reading / influencing people ? Or are we talking about deep spiritual oppression from demonic entities ? Thanks for the interesting posts.

      2. This could very well fit in with the theory of graphene oxide.

      3. This is quite fanciful. If such technology were real, why hasn’t the CCP deployed it against the Chinese people? These mRNA vaccines are not being given to Russians or Chinese. Why? This analysis about graphene leads to more questions than answers. Mind control weapons do not work as described in these presentations. Have these people ever studied the history of mind control drugs? Apparently not.

      1. To answer your above question. I am not talking about mind control. I am merely asking a question using the evidence supplied, whether this graphene could be used simultaneously with a weapon. An electromagnetic weapon. From what I understand, Electromagnetic weapons are a type of directed energy which use electromagnetic radiation to deliver heat, mechanical, or electrical energy to a target to cause pain or permanent damage. Could this react with the graphene? This would potentially kill billions.
        Precisely why the Russians and Chinese aren’t giving these vaccines to their own people.
        I’m just asking questions. You have to wonder why people are being magnetised. Why?
        You are right though, this raises more questions.

      2. Such weapons could only be used to stupefy — to degrade intellectual function. What is a man who cannot think for himself? He is degraded. What use is he? If you control a mental cripple, what do you have? Nothing. Just a mouth to feed and no real means to feed him.

  3. Nice job, Jeff. We need to stand up to these bullies. One of my friends who was on the Houston City Council was gave me her grandmother’s lesson politics. Here it is. Simply, when in politics, you must assess your opponents. There are 3 types: puppies, fish, and snakes. If they are a puppy, they want to be your friend. They wag their tail and lick your hand. All they want is love and affection. They are the easiest to negotiate with. If they are a fish, you have to find out what kind of food they like and feed them. They will come around and support you, if you do. However, if they are snake, there is only one solution. You have to beat them with a stick. This is rather simplistic, but it sums it up, I think. Russia and China are two large hungry snakes. Let’s gather our sticks.

  4. I had Covid in 2019 late November, so while the Chinese new year may have been part of a second wave it was certainly not the first.
    I was working from home (15 hour days) and hardly went out at all that month, the ONLY connection I had to the outside world at the time was a bunch of equipment I ordered from China. I got sick within two weeks of delivery and it was bad enough to make me visit a doctor for antibiotics, the sickness had all sort of strange anomalies, apart from the lung inflammation and struggle to get oxygen, I had measles type rashes all over my body as I was recovering.
    I am convinced I was poisoned, my suspicion is some nano tech was concealed on the packing tape or on the carboard boxes.

  5. jeff….the common border between russia and china is what 3000 miles long…1.2 billion on one side…148 million the other…please explain why there appears to be no confliction if 700 million are dying one side.
    also ..should russia or china initiate a war with the west…whats to stop china betraying russia and invading.

    1. That’s similar to J Skousen’s theory, that China will stab Russia in the back during WW3 but I think there is a chance Russia might anticipate this and be secretly hoping China and the US take each other out,

    2. The deserts of Central Asia and Siberia cannot feed such a large population as China. Besides, China would not dare attack Russia, whose superiority in missiles and other armament is truly terrifying. China respects strength.

      1. What Russia/Siberia has is probably the greatest untapped resources in the world, and a geographic location that not only is about one-sixth of the world’s land surface, but is also absolutely essential to hold to secure the ”world island” for world government.

        But as you say, the Chinese respect strength. We do not want war ever again, but we are prepared to win it if it comes to it, if invaders defile our lands. Nor does Russia want China,that war would be devastating.

      2. “Sounds like you have read Dugin.”

        Or any other geostrategist like Brzezinsky, who btw proposed American expansion into Central Asia during the nineties.

  6. sadly jeff i have only recently found your site…however even in that small window of time (4 weeks)…and on reviewing as many videos as possible/nevin…
    I am troubled that you have never mentioned the jewish element…the infiltration…corruption etc..
    but just glossed over it.
    I enclose a link that you might possibly read that indicates the chinese are clearly of higher IQ/mental abilities…or whatever description you may flavour.
    my point being that infiltration has completely sabotaged education in the west…yet you dont mention it.
    Anyone remotely involved with recent history since ww2…is aware of the distortions, deceit, and manipulation of our hebrew friends …commonly labelled as khazarian mafia/sabbateans/frankists/…and recently zionists. i am impressed with your knowledge of russian affairs yet you ignore the bolsheviks.
    Please…have i missed something…kindly explain.


      “How much time he gains who does not look to see what
      his neighbor says or does or thinks, but only at what he
      does himself, to make it just and holy.”
      Marcus Aurelius

      For Nevin:

      “Dad claims that library science is the foundation of all sciences just
      as math is the key — and we will survive or founder, depending on
      how well the librarians do their jobs. Librarians didn’t look glamorous
      to me but maybe Dad had hit on a not very obvious truth.”
      Robert A. Heinlein, Have Spacesuit, will Travel

      Question – What does one do when political criminals are writing
      ( a lot) of books?

    2. In my studies I have found the obsession some people have with the Jews is riddled with ancient prejudices, tangled up with so many forgeries and false claims, that it is best to avoid. Those obsessed with such discourse are too narrowly focused on Jew-hatred to notice real enemies who are always ignored: like the Marxists in Beijing.

      1. Yes, and their system of thought and being usually doesn’t include taking
        any personal responsibility for the consequences of their speech.

    3. What you have is a case of’ ”Jew on the brain”,a form of hysterical paranoid monomania. That is what you have missed.

    4. It’s a mistake to lump all Jews together. The Jews are not the danger, the Talmud is. But only a small minority of Jews accept it as their Bible. Unfortunately, this minority is the most powerful. They are the international top financiers. The best way to describe it is the RAKOVSKEHO PROTOCOLS. I’m sure you can find them on the Internet somewhere. Or the books by the Jewish Canadian author Henry Makow ILLUMINATI volumes 1, 2 and 3.

      The problem is that in the current World War III anti-Christian war 2011-2038, in which one third of Humanity will perish, it is impossible to win against the Satanists (=Marxists + Islam) without these Talmudists. They will be the real winners of World War III in the end.

      So Mankind has suffered for many centuries under the rule of the Satanists and will suffer under the Luciferians from the end of World War III in 2038 until the war of “All against All” in 3797.

      Only after the year 3797 will the people filled with Love come into the picture. They are to own this planet. But the Satanists and Luciferians will not surrender and will eventually have their own planet of Evil, inhabited by their equals.

      I apologize in advance for the errors of my translator:

      Best regards to all the good and the Evil Ones away!
      Peter Cibulka, +

      1. Someone has written a post attacking the Talmud. I am exasperated by this. I do not want posts on religion — especially that attack Judaism or one of the main branches of Christianity. This is not a discussion board for mounting attacks on Jews, Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox, or others of good will who oppose communism. Commentaries on the central text of Rabbinic Judaism have no place here. Politics is controversial enough. Given my previous warnings against stirring up religious hatred, it is doubly exasperating for someone to claim that they have no animus against Jews after attacking the central theological texts of Judaism. That is like someone attacking the New Testament, prefacing his attack with the assurance that he has no problem with Christians. The fact that most people today are only nominally Jewish or Christian does not mean that attacking the primary texts of those faiths are not offensive. There has been tremendous ethnic and religious strife in history reflected in these ancient texts. As cultural Europeans we share the heritage of Judaism and Christianity, as well as the legacy of Greece and Rome. We are not going to refight the Reformation. We are not going to join Vespasian or Titus in the Jewish War, or discuss the collective guilt of Germans or Jews or the blood guilt of Colonel Custer’s great great grandchildren. The wars our ancestors fought against each other ended long ago. A new war has come and we are all in danger from a terrifying enemy (Marxism). This new war is not a continuation war involving Jews or Protestants or Catholics. If you want to go back to Northern Ireland in the 1970s, then get off my site and and wage your war from your own platform. Anything that divides us, or sabotages our purpose here, is not welcome. Anti-communism has largely failed because of the divisions which exist between traditional faiths (which possess keen insights into the wickedness of communism). The disagreements that exist between those who believe in God are trivial when compared with the campaign of the CCP and the Soviet successor state in Moscow to dominate the whole world by raising the Red Banner of socialist atheism. They have infiltrated and corrupted all faiths with the intention of creating a world without faith. The Christians and Jews of the West and the Orthodox of the East, have a shared history, a shared legacy which is threatened with extermination. We must show respect for each other and use a little diplomacy.

      2. But communism is not simply a political entity; it is fuelled by a Satanic force; you can’t beat that by secular or other normal means; you can’t get everyone on-side and awake to it and expect or hope we can all rally round and defeat it that way. For one thing, it is tailor-made for fallen, unregenerate men in a state of ultra depravity. So ignoring the spiritual side to it is like trying to treat tumour-based headaches with paracetamol.

      1. Yes Jeff, I was really enjoying your World War 2 series. I was curious to hear your view of the latter years of the war.

      2. Absolutely you should. I would be particularly interested in the info and opinions regarding “Ramsay,” or Richard Sorge.

      3. I believe we have a few thousand Simo Hayhas across the country.

  7. jeff you replied….”I have found the obsession some people have with the Jews is riddled with ancient prejudices, tangled up with so many forgeries and false claims, that it is best to avoid. Those obsessed with such discourse are too narrowly focused on Jew-hatred ”

    sadly jeff…i find this reply totally inadequate and almost insulting…the arguement you present marxist/leninist/ and all the other isms…do not do justice to history….the financing of the bolsheviks/schiff/morgan etc..a carriage of gold
    transferred across germany in wartime…balfour/aka rorhschild…edward 7th surrounded by jews…churchill…his mother jenny jerome….father…alledgedly edward 7th…hitler financed by jews..indeed “is hitler jewish’…the SS pink mafia…and today we are faced with a criminal mob, mostly jewish…that saturate the british government/house of lords…the american congress..trump surrounded by chabad lubavitchers….and Xi financed from the same tribe and you suggest its an obsession….please…

    are you a gatekeeper. ?..your answer is not only inadequate it doesnt even begin to establish the true financial powers playing their chess….please identify properly names…reasoning and logic…
    as you are aware Putin was raised within a jewish family and he identifies clearly with the lubavitchers.

    1. ”as you are aware Putin was raised within a jewish family and he identifies clearly with the lubavitchers.”

      This is absolutely false in it’s entirety. Where do people get this nonsense?

  8. My apologies if I missed it in the video, but what would be the point of sending a fake defector to say that the virus came from the Wuhan lab? Is it that the CCP would want the average citizen to believe that? To create fear in hopes it would cause an outcry against confrontation with China? With the information pointed out, it does sound bizarre that this person would pop up now and on a Fox news program. Wouldn’t most defectors be afraid of doing that?

    1. Yes, CO, you must have missed it. Jeff and Cliff agreed that the “defector” was most likely executing a limited-hang-out operation.

      Since the “bat soup” scenario (as Jeff jokingly called it) is now too widely disbelieved, the CCP doesn’t want the rest of the world to swing over to the scenario of the deliberate release of a biological weapon. So they’re trying to convince us, partly through this “defection”, that although the virus was man-made, and indeed developed at the Wuhan lab, its release was accidental, and the virus was not intended as a weapon.

    1. I read this link. Boris Yeltsin was a Jew? All Russian government ministers are Jews? I think you are going to say I am a Jew when I disagree.

      1. Boris Yeltsin is not a Jew, he was of a family of relatively recent lapsed ”Old Believers”, who tried to hide their former affiliations. Most people in the public eye cannot hide their origins very well, there are things which give it away. There are more than a few ethnic Jews in government, but for this person they are just trying to prove something they already believe in; Jewish world domination.

      2. This is something we have seen before: the obsessive antIsemite sees Jews everywhere. I was joking with him by predicting that he will call me a Jew, which has happened before. Whenever I am hit with these crazed antisemite lies, I am told that Stalin was a Jew, or Roosevelt was a Jew, or that the Rockefeller’s were Jews, etc. if they are famous and powerful, then these antisemites must say they are Jews. If I disagree, then I am a Zionist shill. Such a tiresome, silly game. We need to distinguish truth from lies. But antisemites have one answer for everything: “It’s the Jews!”

      3. Every now and again, I will read parts of “Saker’s” columns just to see what idiocy he has posted. The man spews Putinist propaganda and much of what he posts is risible.

      4. Interesting how you can see the absurdity of scapegoating Jews, and the mislabelling of people as Jews in order to make enemies of them, as a “tiresome and silly game”. You half-jokingly prepare to be mislabelled yourself “when you disagree”. Do you not see the similarity to the way you attribute the label of Communist in order to make an enemy of someone? Do you not understand the identical outcome of these actions? The result is a direct misattribution of the problem to a broad category of human belief.

        You condemn when this is done with Jews but you do it yourself every single day with Communists. You’re a hypocrite of the highest regard.

      5. This extreme anti-Jewish prejudice has a long history. You can find crimes and bad behavior in any group. Why do you magnify the Jews out of all proportion? Why are you so obsessed? If you studied history with care, and with humanity, you would revise many of your claims and retract your judgments about them. Dig into the details. The Protocols are a forgery. The claim that Stalin or Putin or Yeltsin are of Jewish extraction is worthy of ridicule. Your belief system has poor scholarship behind it. You have accepted inventions that feed your bias. Study both sides. Get rid of your preconceptions.

      6. The truth is that Putin is very weak on Israel, does not make him a Jew. The article is clearly nonsense, the only recent Jewish leader of Russia/USSR was Andropov, who was a hard line, principled, anti-Zionist.

  9. Mr. Nyquist, you said;

    ”Essential to secure the “world island.” Sounds like you have read Dugin.”

    I have, as we have discussed before. But it’s from Mackinder and Haushofer, the term ”World Island”, ”Heartland”, and all that.

    I do believe that Geography has an influence on development of course, the environment. But I am not a Geopoltical determinist any more than an biological or economic determinist. The mind is what is important.

      1. I have been different places, I am personally fond of Siberia the most

  10. mr nyquist/vladimir…thankyou for your replies to my questions…the age old derision and ridicule and name calling really establishes fact. i am delighted you have pidgeoned-holed me into one of your groups.
    Clearly, clouded thinking and labelling is more common than i thought…I wonder what david irving would have made of your replies.
    good luck to you both.


    2. Keith: We have not labeled you. You have stigmatized yourself by presenting us with false information. The spreading of antisemitic libels is a horrible hobby, however satisfying you find it. You believe in things that are untrue. Yeltsin was not a Jew. The whole Russian government is not Jewish. Putin is not a a Jew. Conspiratorial antisemitism distorts your worldview into a grotesque caricature of reality. It leaves you credulous, uncritical, and blind to key facts. David Irving may be a clever historian and writer, but his hatred of the Jews and his admiration for Hitler destroyed his reputation as a historian. The worst thing for a historian is want of objectivity and judgment. A close study of Hitler shows us a man obsessed with a antisemitism — a man whose hatred of Jews and Slavs led to his own downfall and the destruction of his country. Had he used his considerable talents to destroy communism without the murderous policies he followed, he would have successfully liberated the Russians and Ukrainians instead of brutally forcing them into Stalin’s arms. Hitler’s many errors breathed new life into Soviet communism, discredited ethnic nationalism and enshrined left liberalism by default. Hitler was a catastrophe. What Nietzsche said about Wagner is true about Hitler. “Wagner was not a composer. Wagner was an actor.” It follows, then: “Hitler was not a real statesman. Hitler was an actor.” His strategic thought was married to a paranoid misreading of history. Politically, what is most dangerous, is paranoia. Twenty percent of all homicides in the USA are committed by paranoid schizophrenics. It is paranoia that makes people dangerous. Here is the aspect of antisemitism, as the socialism of the unsophisticated, that is most problematic. I can tell you to check your facts and premises, but I know from experience that you won’t. You cannot prove the ideological assertions of Nazis and communists. Everything you see is tainted by confirmation bias. Such belief systems are expressions of despair and self-pity. These ideologies blame all problems on capitalism, on the rich or the Jews. Life is so unfair and someone must be blamed, someone must be shortened by a head. This is very satisfying to some people. Life and history are not so easily explained. We all have a dark side. We must be wary of enemies, of course; but we must face up to our own wickedness. It is wicked to place blame on the innocent.

  11. Mr Keith Adams has now got me convinced that Superman must also be a Jew – surely?

    1. Well I hate to say it but the creators of Superman were Jewish, and his actual name, Kal-El, is Hebrew for “Air of God”.

      1. I realise this is just knockabout fun at the expense of an antisemite, but just in case you happen to be interested, kal-el (קל-אל) is surely “voice of G_d”, not “light of G_d”. קל only means “light” in the adjectival sense of “not heavy”.

        If you want to look it up, you’ll find that the modern Hebrew spelling for “voice” is קול, but the middle letter is inessential, and just used to distinguish this from other words with the same two principle letters, and to assist in pronunciation.

      2. We have to be honest about Jewish influence on our culture. My father worked in Hollywood. Jewish influence was strong in that town. Consequently, there are positive and negative things to be said about this influence. Yet, our non-Jewish film-makers and pundits also contributed to our culture. Our civilization is in decline for many reasons. Let us all shoulder the blame; especially those Christians who are no longer Christian. To blame one group for all this is to omit the missteps of everyone else. Scapegoating one group for the decline of all is not honest.

  12. jeff…if you notice i have not written in any way anything of abuse…I notice your acolytes however resort to abusive comments…ironically I am not even speaking to them…I was addressing you and vladimir…lets move on …I am grateful for your last comment and I will read and reflect carefully your words.
    Now…as to my being ant-semitic….I cannot deny that I don,t trust them…and lets be honest they deserve severe inspection and there are an immense number of books which support this. The arguement…you are anti-semitic…case closed is intellectually extremely feeble. Its time all this politically correct rhetoric is disgarded and opinions accepted….As Opinions. The whole point of this blog is open discussion, not to label people. I made a mistake in my comment about Putin,s early days but this was based on the fact that his grandfather was Lenins cook and they were close until he died when Putin was 13. As you are aware the internet is a minefield of disinformation but also it has correct information…how is one to determine between them….only by discussion…not heated insults….If we cant openly discuss for example…..the hidden power of the chabad lubavitchers/sabatteans…then please explain. I have read extensively that they are indeed “a hidden hand”.

    1. I do not like labeling people, and I do believe in open discussion. I reply only because you seem open-minded. I have often been slandered by people who repeat the anti-Jewish libels that you have written here. I have been the recipient of malicious attacks because I will not embrace these anti-Jewish ideas. Forgive me if I expected the same slanders and malice from you. Of course, time is short and I have been in these discussions before — which take up too much valuable time. There are more important things to write about. I cannot take you through the scholarly literature to show how bogus your information is. I have written about this elsewhere. You need to do your own research. In ancient times, when most nations and tribes of the earth were polytheist, the Jews became a pariah people because they were militantly monotheist. In those days the Jews made up 10 percent of the population of the Roman Empire and two great rebellions — bloody uprisings — occurred in which the Jews rose against the legions. Tremendous hatred then existed between Jew and gentile because of this legacy of bloody religious conflict. When Christianity emerged as the ruling religion of the Roman Empire, the Jews were despised all the more as Christ killers. Read some of the sermons of St. John Chrysostom the “Golden Tongue.” He is not kind to the Jews. Read also the New Testament. You will find some severe criticism of the Jews — who are said to have demanded the crucifixion of Christ. A severe collective guilt was placed on the Jews by many Christians. Most Christians today do not believe in collective guilt. Hitler’s persecution of the Jews made the Christian world painfully conscious of its own unjust prejudices. This contrition was sincere, but the Jews know it will not last. And their position is not a comfortable one, despite their inordinate financial and cultural influence. This did not protect them from Hitler, and it will NOT protect them from the next outburst of irrational scapegoating. World war will come again, as it did in 1939. Because of the terrible effects of modern weapons, we have sought peace through an indiscriminate tolerance. Whereas we were too intolerant in the past, we have now shifted to the opposite vice. All peoples have traits. They have characteristic faults. From these come racial stereotypes and inter-ethnic hatreds, suspicions, etc. in modern society — in America and Russia especially — we have a long history of many groups under the government. For many centuries Russia managed through autocracy. America holds to democratic rhetoric by indoctrinating the masses with the lie that everyone is the same, that ethnic differences or hatreds or conflicting interests between groups can be ameliorated through denial. At the same time the Marxists are inflaming these differences through a program of reverse racism (Critical Race Theory). The left even denies the difference between man and woman. This is our route to autocracy, to a “democratic” tyranny through self-deception. In terms of your suspicion of the Jews, try and put yourself in their shoes. Think of the legacy of persecution they faced for thousands of years. They have a story to tell. For every complaint you have against them, think what they have suffered. Then you will have the full picture. History is not the story of how the Jews were evil and the root of all that is wrong in the world. No nation should bear such a calumny. Show me a perfect nation and I will show you a fiction. There are no perfect nations.

      1. Jeff …thanks for the reply and the time.

        Its evident that we will not agree on many things herein written…but as with all discussion, reflection is the key.
        My studies of the jewish question has been sincere because I needed to know how and why they have managed to accumulate so much power and changed history. Once again thanks for your time…regards and good luck.

      2. Mr. Nyquist, not to put too fine a point on it, but my Orthodox Christianity is such that I have no problems with what Scripture says, or what the Fathers like Saint John Chrysostom said, concerning the Jews. I believe it, and the history of Russia bears it out as persons like Solszhenitsyn and Sharefevich write, not to mention historical episodes like the ”Judaizer” heresy in 15th century Russia. There are modern day Jews who would consider this enough to write me and others like me off as ”Anti-Semites”, perhaps not as bad as others but…

        Nonetheless, they and no other person should ever be unjustly mistreated contrary to the rules of a common humanity. And tracts like the ”Protocols of the Elders of Zion” do nobody any good whatsoever.

    2. Mr. Keith Adams, you said;

      ”I made a mistake in my comment about Putin,s early days but this was based on the fact that his grandfather was Lenins cook and they were close until he died when Putin was 13.”

      Well, that is a mistake also.

      President Putin’s grandfather Spiridon was not exactly ”Lenin’s Cook” or even Stalin’s. What he was was a restaurant caterer (and not the only one) who could be trusted to provide good food for large groups of well-off patrons, and he had been doing this since well before the revolution… Few people in the West seem to know anything about the history of Russia, or places like St. Petersburg . Judge the corn by your own bushel.

      And Putin’s grandfather wasn’t a Jew, either, lest you get into that. I know that simply because of his name if for no other reason. Putin’s family probably descended from minor Russian nobility who had been serving the Russian State for some time, the Putyanins from the city of Tver. Typically if a noble had illegitimate sons by some common girl, they would sometimes shorten their Patrynomic (like ”Putyanin” to ”Putin”) to discretely hint at a relation, and help them along in their future careers somewhat, or not.

      And before you try to hang noodles on people’s ears and say something like Putin’s mother was Jewish, like some who ignorantly claim ”Shelemova” comes from ”Solomon” or some such nonsense, it doesn’t. ”Shelemova” comes from an old Russian word for a warrior’s helmet.

    3. You need to learn something. The tribe you belong to — the antisemites — have been very abusive to me. I have been slandered by those who repeat the anti-Jewish things that you have written here. I have been called a “Zionist shill,” a “Jewish tool,” a “traitor” — all by folks who talk exactly like you. So if you have received a cold reception from my readers, you need to understand how obnoxious your anti-Jewish fixation sounds to us; and how nasty your fellow “believers” have been. Your kind of thinking — your interpretation of the world — is linked to Nazi ideology. Adolf Hitler, who believed in a Jewish/Bolshevik/Jewish/capitalist plot, declared war on my country after our Pacific fleet was crippled in a Japanese attack. It does not matter why they attacked us, or why Hitler declared war. War is war and enemies are enemies. Fighting your kind of ideology cost many lives in my country and tens of millions more in Russia. It cost our French friends, our British friends, and it cost Germany because the heart of Europe was leveled as a result of Hitler’s paranoid thought process. For that matter, Hitler ordered the destruction of German infrastructure at war’s end — probably because of a secret deal he made with Stalin. Hitler killed quite a few patriotic Germans, persecuted Catholics and Protestants, Gypsies, Jews and Russians. If you want to know why your postings are so offensive to many of us, the reason is not far to find. Do you know what happened at Babi Yar? At Treblinka? Do you know what Hitler planned for the great city of Moscow, or what he actually did to Leningrad (St. Petersburg)? You must realize on what side of history you are placing yourself when you embrace antisemitic claims. The concept of “Jewish Bolshevism,” which you are inclined to promote, involves a double misunderstanding. All this carries a heavy burden of atrocity. Hitler believed that Bolshevism was “Jewish.” If you reiterate this claim, you are aligning yourself with people who are (even now) working with Moscow — and also working with communists in countries like Greece and Argentina. The Nazis and communists have one thing in common. They both hate my country.

      1. This ain’t your country man. It’s our country. All of us. And it has to be shared. You’re not special.

      2. You deny that I am American because I do not buy into your conspiracy theory. By this denial, you separate yourself from America’s Founding Fathers and their principles. America is the land of the free and the home of the brave. It is not the land of the crazy Nazi who thinks that Jewish cabalists are the root of all evil. You imply — under a cringing Anonymity — that America belongs to you and your fellow-travelers. But your kind will never rule this country. Your teaching can only divide and degrade this country. Stalin supported Hitler and called Hitler “the icebreaker of the Revolution.” You and yours are all icebreakers — here and now. It is no accident that Putin’s minions secretly support the Nazi underground around the world. Here is a puzzle-piece that belongs to Moscow’s strategy of uniting the white nations under the concept of “the one common European home.” Gorbachev, Yeltsin and Putin have all spoken of this objective. The neo-Nazi Conspiracy ideology dove-tails with Moscow’s larger strategy. Your backwardness and want of general knowledge blinds you to strategic reality. You cannot read the signs because you are blinded by a false political teaching. Antisemitism is being used to facilitate Moscow’s left/right convergence strategy, especially in Europe. Those who link everything to “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” and Jewish bankers are simply advancing communism through the socialism of the ignorant; that is, antisemitism.

  13. Mr. Nyquist, considering the political theory of the Three Empires, it is fair to say that only the Sino-Russian bloc has the capabilities of executing disinformation, infiltration and subversion campaigns against the others (the “Globalist”/Western bloc and the Islamic World), while the opposite hardly (if not never) happens, right? If such argument is true, then it is more than likely that Jewish individuals/institutions ended up being targets of subversion rather than themselves being the source of such. If we take someone like, say, Magnus Hirschfeld, I would rather look at what cultural circles he belonged, who were his friends among the Weimar intelligentsia and what books he was inspired by rather than exclusively the religious background of his family…

    Either way, these are my two cents as the layman that I am.

    As always, thank you for your brilliant content.

    Best regards,


    1. Yes. I agree with your approach. I would add an observation: Modern people are nominally Christian or a Jewish. Communists are rarely communists in name only. It is a sign of the times that materialist assumptions and socialist tendencies are “iimbedded in our culture.”

  14. The successful and total infiltration of the West by Soviet, Russian and Chinese Marx-Satanist intelligence services is directly related to the current successful and total anti-Western Russian climate war and the Russian and Chinese anti-Western psychotronic war. I have it worked out in two documents in English. That’s why a translator is required.

    + KGB General Boris Ratnikov, head of the Kremlin’s psychotronic defenses under President Boris Yeltsin:





    I apologize in advance for the errors of my translator:

    Regards all good to all good and Bad away!
    Peter Cibulka, +

    Peter Cibulka, +

  15. Vladimir…you inserted yourself into the original question I asked jeff nyquist….and your comment regarding Putin was respected and acknowledged by me as correct….since then my discussions with jeff have been ridiculed and scorned with no other purpose than to insult. Jeff however has taken serious time out to reply to some of my points. Now in an intelligent open discussion I think the various contributors realise that without freedom to speak and comment the whole purpose of discussion becomes pointless. Now I am grateful to receive more detailed information and reflect….but arrogant bullying and contemptuous dismissal which you supply are serious indications of someone in need of mental rehabilitation along with the rest of this blogs praetorian guard…..I am mildy surprised that jeff puts up with your nonesense (and the other clowns) and doesn’t install a serious moderator to prevent your froth arriving in print.

    1. “One clenched fist is here.” JRN

      Isn’t it about time for a “peace offensive”
      lasting a month or two … while Putin and
      others see what more concessions they
      can gather from the West?


      “You cannot have a proud and chivalrous spirit
      if your conduct is mean and paltry; for whatever
      a man’s actions are, such must be his spirit.”

    2. Perhaps I missed it, but there wasn’t anything abusive from Vladimir. He simply did not want you hanging noodles on his ears. By the way: I think you hung noodles on my ears, my nose, my head — all over. You need to grasp the abusive nature of these outlandish claims about Putin and others. These kind of claims enrage many of us here.

      1. Thank you, and well said. The truth is sometimes hard enough to bear without having lies involved. But on the other hand people like the lies that make it easier to blame ”the Other” instead of their noble selves…Schmidt says that we need enemies, as does Lenin I think.

  16. I don’t know about Jews and conspiracy. Personally, I like Jews. When I was a kid, my best friend was Jewish.
    About David Irving, I am strongly convinced that he is a man of great honor and integrity. He has stood up courageously for truth at great personal and financial cost. If he has no reputation among “historians”, that is because THEY are corrupt, not him. He has found people and documents undiscovered by other historians. An honest historian is a man of immense value (or woman).
    David Irving is a prime example. Another is Diana West.

    1. John Lukacs wrote a book a few years ago about ”the Hitler of History”, about how Historians have wrestled with the Historical study of the man. His own conclusions about David Irving and his research on Hitler, the Holocaust, and the War are that Irving (initially in the interests of historical objectivity) eventually crossed the line and cannot be regarded as a trustworthy or impartial historical researcher any more. In short, the guy is a Fascist, and possibly always was. I don’t doubt that some of his information is historically valuable, but I think at this point he was engaged in a trial balloon to see if the Western public could accept an at least partial rehabilitation of Adolf Hitler.

      1. I read some of Irving’s books. He obviously admires Hitler, seems to harbor National Socialist views, and was associated with more than one Soviet agent of influence. Irving wrote the history of the war we might have seen had Hitler won. Very odd character for an Englishman.

  17. I wish you all would refocus the discussion. I remember something that I learned from Jeff. Secret societies are by nature impossible to evaluate. Last week a friend of mine said. It’s the Jesuits behind the evils of our current political system. ” Now what about that? Is there any factual evidence about their role in global politics?

    1. In the 16th-18th century, sure, the Jesuits were very active in world politics, their activities were well known in places like Russia. But the main point to take away from that is that the Jesuits aren’t a ”secret society” and never were, they are generally a known quantity, just as the Nazis are, Islamists, Fascists, and the Bolshevik revolutionaries of course. Various Intelligence agencies too.

      But with a secret society, with most one cannot be sure whether they have or have not done anything at all. It’s easy to speculate in the absence of hard facts then.

      1. The Jesuits also feature in the history of Louis XIV, and in Macaulay’s History of England regarding King James II. Last I heard, the Jesuits have not swarmed the White House with the advent of our second Catholic President.

    2. I agree with Vladimir that there is not a secret threat from Jesuits.
      Just as a personal note I was taught in high school by mostly Jesuits. If there is a problem with Jesuits in recent times, I think it is that there is more than a normal percentage of leftists among Jesuits. Even liberation theology types.
      To be fair my favorite literature teacher was not a leftist. And Fr. Mitch Pacwa, somewhat famous, is not a leftist. Pro 2nd amendment, strongly anticommunist.
      In addition to leftism I think their erudition gives them influence out of proportion to their numbers.
      They are known for being learned. For instance Fr. Mitch knows 7 or 8 languages fluently, at least a couple of them ancient. In addition to knowing the Bible, Christianity, philosophy.
      So some Jesuits can be a problem at times. But I think it’s too much to say they are the secret source of the evils in our current system.

      1. Fr. Mitch produced a remarkable documentary a few years ago shown on EWTN exposing Saul Alinsky in his collaboration with progressive social activists in the Catholic hierarchy. When Fr. F. stated, “Joseph McCarthy was right,” I almost fell out of my chair.

        Yes, the devil got his hooks into the Jesuits, I am persuaded, through the sin of intellectual pride. Currently, they are in the vanguard of dismantling the Catholic Church and pushing the gay/LGBTQ agenda. There have been a few extraordinarily faithful Jesuits in current times, but they have suffered terribly for their “heresy” of resisting the leftist Jesuit mainstream.

  18. Jeff, I’m not anti-Semitic at all, in fact I have a great-grandmother who was Jewish. But I do have a question that could perhaps come across as racist— but it is not meant that way at all— I’m simply curious. My husband and I noticed something interesting as we watched several British and American documentaries on World War II recently. There were a number of signs in some of the footage where Germans seemed to be accusing Jews in Germany of being affiliated with communists. In fact, in some of his remarks, Hitler also accused the Jews in Germany of being allied with the communists in that country. Was this simply racism, or was there an element of truth to it? (Even more stunning to us was that one of Hitler’s generalfeldmarschalls, Paulus I believe, who led the siege against Stalingrad, in the end sent word to Hitler that even though Hitler would not allow him to surrender, he would not commit suicide, because he was a Christian. Suddenly we could see the fault lines of another conflict between misguided people believing they were acting in the name of Christ, and Jews. We wondered how much more we would find if we dug deeper.)

    This all is interesting because today, in this country, people are still making the exact same claim: that there are many powerful people, leading or playing pivotal roles within communists organizations in the United States, who also happen to be Jewish. My mother could give you a lengthy list, but three people who immediately come to mind are Soros, Kissinger and Chomsky. There are many, many more. Do you think this is chance, or is there something to the idea that Jewish people, especially wealthy Jews, do today by and large tend to be communist, as they were perhaps in Germany during World War II? If so, do you think it’s simply a product of demographics (Jewish people tend not to borrow, but to save, and generally do end up ahead because of this; and wealthier people tend to be more liberal)? Or do you think all these claims are racist, and just as preposterous as claiming that by and large, Christians tend to be fascist?

    1. There has been a great deal written on this subject. Solzhenitsyn wrote on it. Certain ethnic groups are over-represented in certain professions. You have stereotypes like the Irish cop, the Italian gangster, and the Jewish communist. There is a long and complex story for each stereotype, but the answer is not that communism is run by Jews, or dominated by them, or is their project. In Russia the Jews got into the government offices under the Bolsheviks when there was a strike of government workers. They had the literacy to take those places, and came to be over-represented through that and other twists of fate. Jews are diverse. Their religion suffered from the secularizing tendencies of modernity a little ahead of Christians. They were barred and blocked and persecuted. Hannah Arendt said they survived by being useful to the aristocracy and monarchies of Europe. All the better to be scapegoats, drawing fire for the powerful. Being stand-ins for the same. If they were kept out if certain professions they loaded into others. They could be right wing capitalists. They could be socialists. In America, 120 years ago the Jews in the USA tended to be conservative. Jews from the Russian empire — who increasingly immigrated from there to hear — were leftists. I do not know all the nuances

      Hitler’s use of antisemitism was complex. To discuss it is to invite misunderstandings. People want easy answers. History does not present that way. Ideologists do.

    2. Kissinger is not a Communist. Soros collaborated with the Nazis, and Chomsky is a special case (being a world renowned philologist, he famously proved that human language is impossible to have evolved from Animal communication, a strange position for a Communist to advance. He is merely a Socialist)

      1. Yes, there’s one thing that connects all three—their opposition to the state of Israel which hides a latent antisemitism.

        I don’t understand this, not being Jewish myself, but the Jewish people have been plagued by large numbers of Jews who are antisemites. Karl Marx, the grandson of two rabbis, was a prominent antisemite in his generation, a fact that leftists try to hide today. Trotsky denied that he was a Jew. J-Street and similar organizations are anti-Israel. I hear that the majority of U.S. secular Jews are latent antisemites through their opposition to Israel, a figure that includes many prominent Jews. This antisemitism makes the claim that Jews are trying to take over the world into a lie.

        To give a little event that shows this antisemitism: for years Chabad had been putting up a Hanukkah menorah in Columbus Square in San Francisco. It offended nobody except some leftist Jewish lawyers connected with the ACLU. They managed to get the menorah banned.

      2. The New Religion is Socialism. You cannot be an adherent to Christianity or Judaism is you are already committed to the New Religion of dialectical materialism (aka scientific socialism).

      3. Jeff has in the past presented indications that Kissinger has had links to the KGB. You would disagree ? ( Jeff can correct me if I am misrepresenting what he has said ).

  19. Mr. Nyquist, you said regarding the Jesuits;

    ”The Jesuits also feature in the history of Louis XIV, and in Macaulay’s History of England regarding King James II. Last I heard, the Jesuits have not swarmed the White House with the advent of our second Catholic President.”

    It is likely that they would not need to in any case, and a discussion of what they have done and what they have been capable of delves inevitably into more strictly theological matters. (They have all but revived the Pelagian and Semi-Pelagian heresies in recent centuries, whereas I have a soft spot for the ”Jansenists” in the West, the Augustinians like Blaise Pascal who held on to a greater role for grace. ‘Blessed Augustine’ we still honor in the East.)

    I will say that Stalin coyly asked about ”how many divisions the Pope had”,while Napoleon was asked a similar mocking question by one of his generals… To which Napoleon answered cryptically; ”treat him as if he commands 200,000 men.”

    Napoleon of course being the nephew of a Roman Cardinal, and despite his alleged anti-clerical tendencies, kept a specific Confessor nearby during all his campaigns (I have tried to hunt down that priest’s memoirs for some time, being the amateur historian I am), I think that he already knew the answer…

  20. Mr. Nyquist,you said;

    ”I must have read it and forgotten. Napoleon’s mother was quite the matron”

    I missed it until fairly recently myself. His mother really was something. I am also one of those people who-contrary to Marx-tend to not to mock Napoleon III overly much, as he was a remarkable person himself in his own right.

    What a family of adventurers!

      1. I’m sorry,I did inject Napoleon III into the conversation about Napoleon I and his uncle, Cardinal Fesch. Just to point out that the whole family was remarkable (and to show that Marx tended to have some rather German nationalist prejudices in a curious way, by his mockeries of Napoleon III)

    1. “D. C.” ( and Olympia )

      It’s simple, all we need is 6 generations in a row of all women
      valuing only intelligence, rather than those other attributes.

      But of course I’m just mumbling upwind into a Category 7

      The desire for liberty ( from other people ) is highly
      connected to intelligence.

      ( I AM being an optimist, it’s actually 11 generations. )

      700 million Chinese with I.Q.’s less than a 100.

      You know about less than 100 I.Q. people right?

      They can dress themselves, smile, drive a car,
      and join a group for protection. Always whatever
      is fashionable.

      And don’t get me started on “our” sports team.

      If you want to discuss liberty first look in a mirror.

      USA history going forward needs a national holiday
      where we all try to tell the truth, till it hurts,
      I suggest July 5th to July 3rd.

      And try to remember:

      The greatest man is he who chooses right with
      the most invincible resolution.

      The greatest woman is she who chooses right with
      the most invincible resolution.

      Anon. ( understandably )

      P.S. no, I'[m not Jewish, yes, as a group they seem
      somewhat admirable.

  21. M. Nyquist, you said about Henry Kissinger that;

    ”There is testimony that Kissinger was recruited by the GRU in 1945 when he was in Army intelligence in occupied Germany. ”

    Yes, from the defector Colonel Michael Goloniewsky. Of him, much could be said himself….


    “The Curious Case of Henry Kissinger”
    J.R. Nyquist, Feb, 2001

    “There is an unsolved riddle in the career of former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, whose successes were equivocal and whose rhetoric was unique for its twists and turns. Kissinger’s record is strangely mixed; for it was Professor Kissinger, the “hawk of hawks,” that talked Nixon into unilaterally destroying America’s biological arsenal in 1969. He prepared the way for Soviet nuclear superiority with the ABM and SALT treaties. He lobbied for a disadvantageous cease-fire agreement in Vietnam. He manipulated the collapse of Rhodesia, which afterward declared itself a Marxist-Leninist state. Then he misadvised President Ford when the communists once more broke the peace in Vietnam so that the whole of Indochina fell, with millions perishing in the aftermath. And finally, as if to sow even greater confusion into U.S. policy, it was Kissinger who lent intellectual legitimacy and prestige to Nixon’s China policy.”


    1. ”Mikhail Goloniewski” said that Kissinger was codenamed ”Bor” by Soviet intelligence, was an agent of theirs. But then he said a great deal of other things, and one must either cut the Gordian Knot of his stories and pick what one likes, or one accepts all of it. Sure, Kissinger is a curious bird, but it’s Sphinx’s riddle not liable to be solved soon.

    2. Decades ago, I read an article comparing the actions of two Jewish cabinet members of Nixon’s presidency during the 1967 Yom Kippur War.

      One, Defense Secretary Schlessinger: the first complaint the writers of the article had against him was that he was over confident at the beginning of the war (the same charge the writers had against the Israeli government), but once he realized how serious was the situation, he did everything within his authority to help Israel for which they praised him. The second complaint was that he had converted to conservative Christianity, in particular LCMS Lutheran.

      The second cabinet member was Kissinger. He worked diplomatically against Israel during the war. The Israeli government defied Kissinger to get their victory.

      The writers also interviewed the person who had originally recruited Kissinger for intelligence work. Turns out that man was a German and a conservative Christian. He and Kissinger had had a falling out many years previously and that there had been no contact between the two for years.

      I have also read of actions by Kissinger while he was part of the occupying army that pointed to antisemitic tendencies. So to read that he was recruited by the GRU during that period fits the pattern.

      1. You’re right, and Nixon wasn’t president in 1967. I goofed on the date. That’s what I get for not double checking before posting.


    “Defeat is Possible”
    Edward Geist 6-17-2021

    An excellent article linked in the David Pyne article linked above in an earlier post.

    “In 2019, analyst David Ochmanek of the RAND Corporation remarked that “In our games, when we fight Russia and China, blue gets its ass handed to it.”

    “If defeat is to be prevented, U.S. strategy and planning may need to think about all the different forms defeat might take so as to be ready for alternative kinds of conflicts and concepts of operations.”

    “Thinking about defeat is not merely taboo in U.S. strategic culture. It is illegal in some cases.”

    Jeff, “CRT” and “Mandatory Vaccination” inserted in to the US Mil will be more than enough to guarantee not just “defeat” but “early surrender” like before the first shot is even fired.
    Goal #2 of the 45 Goals?

      1. Don’t be too worried. There are a lot of moving parts involved, and plenty of awareness of what is involved;

      2. Jeff, what do you mean by, “Dragons belong in bestiaries”?

  24. Mr. Nyquist you said concerning Col. Goloniewski and Kissinger;

    ”Goleniewski’s security was compromised. Peter Wright speculated that he feigned madness to protect himself. Others said the stress led to a break with reality. There is plenty of circumstantial corroboration on Kissinger. This book below is telling. But also read H.R. Haldeman….”

    Frank Cappell,yes… There are certain things about Goloniewski in which I am not prepared to fully reject his stories. Namely a slightly corroborating story out of Poland and German troops in September of 1939.But also, he did mix his tales with lies in order to survive.

    Kissinger I do not know for sure, except that his turn to China was foolish for all in the long run.

  25. On Topic: Big Biz not your pal

    Copied off today’s Market Ticker, Karl Denninger’s site:

    “Is Microsoft better? Uh, no. The company signed a device driver that stole and siphoned off data, sending it to China. What have they faced for this? Nothing. It was “only aimed at gamers”, says Microsoft. Nothing like this has ever happened before, right? Well, maybe and maybe not. You can bet it’s not exactly popular to admit to such a thing, so…… yeah. Oh by the way, a driver by definition typically has access to anything in the OS, so if it wanted to it could steal things like….. encryption keys and passwords.” – Karl

    My Protonmail not secure? Anon. ???????

  26. A must watch!! I can’t type too much, but the vaccines are turning people in superconductors.

    Many are already aware of the work that the team of Spanish researchers that make up La Quinta Columna have been doing.
    They are the ones who have had the courage to get a vial of vaccination and send it for analysis to a renowned Spanish university through Prof. Dr. Pablo Campra Madrid, who is compiling and officializing the results in a report that promises to be more conclusive than the preliminary one he prepared for the general public early last week.

    Throughout the program it has blown everyone’s mind that between 98% and 99% of the content of the vaccination vials corresponds to graphene oxide. As they have been saying, this is not a vaccine but a dose of pure graphene oxide into the vein.

    More information on the scientists who have been researching this.

    The implications of this are phenomenal. Do the Russians and Chinese have a weapon that can utilise this superconductive state? Some sort of EMP?
    I’m just throwing things out there.

    I have been taking NAC for a few weeks now, I recommend others do too.

    1. SaintClare,

      “The results are also promising because needle-free, intranasal influenza vaccines possess superior logistical advantages over traditional injectable vaccines, such as easy administration with high acceptance for recipients and the avoidance of biohazardous waste.

      Co-authors of the study include Dr. Chunhong Dong, Ye Wang, Gilbert Gonzalez, Yao Ma, Yufeng Song, Dr. Sang-Moo Kang and Dr. Baozhong Wang of the Institute for Biomedical Sciences at Georgia State and Shelly Wang and Dr. Richard W. Compans of Emory University School of Medicine.

      The study was funded by the National Institutes of Health’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.”

    1. Thank you for that. I am taking NAC because I was ill last year at the beginning of the pandemic. Since then I have been unwell. I am starting to feel much better.
      Also flush Niacin after learning about Abram Hoffer, a pioneer of holistic nutritional/vitamin therapy.
      These 2 have been recommended as a protocol for Covid and also to repair damage from the gene therapy.

      1. Well said. Be that as it may, the crisis calls for new Bogatyrs and Saints, if greatness has not been exiled in our day. The old songs and wisdom keep the possibility alive, in remembering the old Bogatyrs and Saints, and also the Monsters they face (which do not change in their essence).

  27. Commit, you said regarding ”Imperialism” that;

    “Russian and Chinese lost?”

    ”they won.”

    All the ”Imperialisms” have lost,and are losing. The only ”Imperialism” that is winning is the Islamic one.

    Holy Russia will have to fix it, as is usual. But in order to do so, must return to being Holy. Some expect the coming Third Chechen War to be the trigger, who can say?

    But all these plots and machinations between East and West have only led to the reanimation of Islam as a threat to civilization. This is what I believe.

    1. “reanimation of Islam as threat to civilization”?

      Pray tell us why then the Chinese — latter renamed as Vietnamese committed genocide on the Cham territory (Muslims) in SE Asia then on the native Khmer Buddhist population (latter renamed as Cambodians) from the Khmer Empire, which was also invaded by Thai/Siamese (another Chinese ethnic group)?

      This was before communism became the Chinese excuse.

      The Chinese are killing the Uyghurs for organ harvesting whilst funding Muslim terrorism. It’s no surprise that they kill each other from the same race. It’s easy for them to kill when they are taught to hate as a child.

      Throughout history with other nations, the Chinese are known as barbaric– they invade, plunder, and murder without pretext. The Turks in Turkey, who invaded and committed genocide on the Christians claimed lineage from their Chinese ancestors: the Uyghurs.

      Then there are the Huns (from China) interbreeding with Germanic tribes and their invasions into Western Europe. Let’s not forget the German house that came to rule Britain, which started imperialism and colonization.

      Why is it that anywhere in the world a person visits, particularly in Asia/Europe, a country which was once Christian, Buddhist, or Muslim have been invaded and murdered by those of Chinese DNA?

      You don’t see Buddhists invading and committing genocide on other countries, do you?

      Thus, I don’t think this Chinese spy defected at all. He is used as a deception. It is part of Chinese culture to lie and to take advantage of another– they always want the upper hand and to be in control even if it means the suffering and/or death of another person. They do not regard human or animal life as sacred.

      The average American has no clue about the real Chinese culture and only see a deception of reality with the kung fu and takeout adverts on the telly. Perhaps by subliminal messaging.

      There’s no doubt, in my humble opinion that the Chinese want to invade America and they have many sympathizers, pro-China and communist Americans already in their pocket and/or breeding with them, particularly the so called Conservatives.

      There are no manners and respect amongst the shallow youth. The demoralization and glorification of movies and stupidity is rampant across America. There is a vast movement of anti-intellectualism and debate pushed by social media. American culture resembles more of Chinese culture than it does what American culture was 30 years ago.

      Once America falls, so goes the rest of the world.

      Americans turned their back on God and placed their tents towards Sodom and Gomorrah, but is there a sufficient number left (worth saving) with the courage and intellectualism to fight back the Chinese?

      1. Ideas have consequences, and our ideas have been the wrong ones. Our leaders are inferior men. Our people have become hedonists and Gluttons. Our church people are self-deceived.

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